akgraner:-/ yep00:06
elkyThere's a special place in the deepest reaches of hell reserved for that man. Really.00:07
elkyIdleOne, no less.00:10
elkyIdleOne, oh, you don't knwo who sam is.00:10
IdleOneelky: no idea00:10
elkya faux journalist who works for itwire.com. he's probably best described with a word I discovered via jdub: trollumnist00:11
IdleOnei guess he is a jerk00:11
elkythat's putting it mildly, but yes.00:12
valoriewhat did he post, elky?00:17
elkyI'm PMing the link to those who ask, who haven't found it via the itwire.com front page.00:18
valoriegeez, a FOSS gossip columnist00:21
valorieI guess we really are growing00:21
elkyoh he's been around for like forever00:21
elkypeople allege he used to be good, but um, I believe his fu has slipped00:21
IdleOnewell I read the article. First time I ever read anything from him and I am not familiar with Jono's comments or elky's blog post Sam is referring to. Seems to me like he is probably a jackass00:24
elkyhe's really no more a journalist than roy schetzowitz is. these days, his research is approximately on par quality wise.00:25
valoriehopefully people ignore the acid00:26
valorieanyway, dinner.....00:26
elkyif you go through his other writings, you can find the piece last week in which he decreed lucid unfit because "sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" complained about lack of root for the second part of that command.00:27
IdleOnewell if he understood what && does he may not complain00:28
elkyhe blamed the man pages for lying to him iirc00:29
IdleOne&& if and when and only when the previous command completes run following command00:29
IdleOnethe following command being an sudo command should ask for auth imho00:30
elkyyes, but that's not how "ive been using debian for fifty million years" genius boy interpreted it.00:31
elky(*not actually real quote, but sure as heck real attitude)00:32
elkyanyway, i'm tired of talking about him, lets move on00:32
IdleOneelky if I was you I wouldn't waste any more energy on it.00:32
IdleOneyou type faster then I do :P00:32
IdleOneok 3 things left to do today: 1) call the kids 2) eat something 3) go to sleep00:33
IdleOneI'll be back later :P00:33
* pleia2 hugs elky 04:54
elkypleia2, speeeecial place in hell for that guy, srsly.05:07
pleia2yeah, I don't think anyone takes him seriously anymore05:08
elkymy response to him was intended to make him seem as jackassy as possible, since I /knew/ he was going to do this.05:09
elkyhence it was not a plead, it was a stern directive.05:10
valorieonce he gets predictable, he'll lose readers even with his pot-stirring05:10
elkyoh, he's been losing readers since he before he lambasted the intern that swore in a blog post in the direction of stallman05:11
elkyand his recent outburst at matt garrett for quoting him... hilarious05:12
elkybut srsly, his best so far has to be the sudo gaffe late last week05:12
rwwI rarely see positive things in the comments on his articles. He doesn't have readers because people think he's a good journalist, he has readers because he generates controversy.05:12
rwwelky: His reply in the article's comments makes no sense :(05:13
elkyoh, he has a few fans. one tried to use my blog comments to spamzor his own blog around05:13
dholbachgood morning08:11
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AlanBellelky: http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2010/02/15/sam-varghese-got-it-wrong/ different subject, same trollumnist09:51
elky<3 adam williamson's response10:05
elkyi want one of those tshirts10:05
elkyi also belong to the elusive club that's also been trollumnist'd by sam's colleague10:05
rww"Varghese trolled me for ad money and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"10:06
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macoelky: and directhex's comment?14:16
elkymaco, yeah, but i see him say that in the actual site comments all the time14:17
czajkowskimaco: nice link the other day14:36
macoczajkowski: the ireland link?14:36
akgranerWoo Hoo new wireless card and now my computer can connect anywhere in my house - now if lightning doesn't take out the wifi receiver again this sound be a good day! :-)15:45
nigelbakgraner: great :)15:46
akgranerit's those little things in life that make me happy :-)  me gets back to my todo list - UW list will have about 5 emails hitting in about an hour  - finally - caught up :-)15:47
akgranerhey who all on the on the UW team is participating in a global Jam event?16:45
nigelbakgraner: depends, I'll be on IRC to help anyone who needs help16:46
pleia2I will be16:47
MarkDudeI will at Jono's event.16:48
* pleia2 has to work that day16:49
pleia2it being a weekday and all :)16:50
pleia2but I'll wander up to the berkeley one16:50
akgranerI was just thinking outload and before I took it to the list wanted to brainstorm  - maybe we as a team could pick an hour or so and hold an online jam?16:50
MarkDudeakgraner, some people are a little standoffish on bugs, but , maybe can help with trnslation. At least for Karmic, that language stuff was down the list16:52
akgranerI was thinking docs and we could clean up and add to our wiki's and stuff  - but that's just me16:52
MichelleQMike and I were just discussing Global jam16:53
MichelleQI think we're going to be hosting a doc. jam, but I'm not 100% sure when16:54
MarkDudeI have a small amount of moin skills & am willing to help with that16:54
Pendulumakgraner: did I just read correctly that our blueprint is done?20:25
Pendulumjust in time to start discussing the next one, eh? ;-)20:25
pleia2hooray! :)20:26
akgraneryeppers :-)20:26
akgranergot stick some stuff on a wiki then send out the email :-)20:26
Pendulumbtw, I'm sorry that I have failed to actually do my action item from the last meeting. have barely been able to use my right shoulder most of the time since :(20:27
pleia2mentoring docs20:27
akgranerPendulum,  no worries :-)20:27
pleia2I can jump in and help out more20:28
Pendulumpleia2: yeah20:28
pleia2I should have some time tomorrow evening to get a plan together if you'd like20:28
Pendulumpleia2: possibly (depending on what sort of shape I'm in)20:28
pleia2no problem, if you're not available I'll just toss my ideas in an email and we can go from there :)20:29
pleia2regarding t-shirts, this was created a while ago: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Ideas/TShirtDesigns22:19
nhandlerpleia2: You might want to update the design to fit in with the new theme a bit more22:38
pleia2none of these are my designs :) they are from last year22:38
pleia2was just a suggestion as a starting point for continued discussions22:39
czajkowskihttp://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Roadmap-M here is the suggested items for the next cycle. We can work on these at the next IRC Meeting22:58
MichelleQczajkowski: Area 4 is "Mentioning Program"...23:03
MichelleQerm...  what might that be, 'zactly23:03
MichelleQYou're fantastic!23:05
pleia2yes you are, darn it! :)23:06
MichelleQoh, sure you are.23:06
pleia2oh, I guess that should have been "dang"23:07
pleia2I fail at akgranerspeak23:07
MichelleQpleia2: need some drawl lessons?23:08
pleia2I think so! :)23:08
czajkowskiNN nutters23:12
MichelleQNN nutters?23:12
* MichelleQ blinks in confusion23:12
MichelleQoh, I need a nap.23:15
akgranerme too!23:16
MichelleQSee y'all in a bit - we're off to bathe children.23:16
akgranerUpdated Agenda for next UW meeting - http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/March2010/Agenda23:17
akgranerit's needs cleaned up a bit - but that is the easy part :-)23:18

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