verbalshadowSarvatt: thanks, i'll file a bug soon on the ati drivers01:47
bjsniderlibv, i read the phoronix story about this "greater modularization" but i don't see how the current system differs02:12
bjsniderisn't it already modularized?02:12
libvbjsnider: it isn't02:18
libvxserver is02:18
libveverything else isn't02:18
bjsnideri like how you're going directly around the developers to the users02:18
libvlibdrm is not just libdrm, it is also libdrm_intel, libdrm_radeon, libdrm_nouveau02:18
libvall tracked with a single version number02:18
bjsnideri don't know if you're right or they are, but your tactic is populist in nature02:18
libvi am the least populist X.org developer.02:19
bjsniderwell, you're encouraging users to use your git tree instead of main right?02:19
libvand with that, the least popular.02:19
libvi am doing this to prove my point02:20
libvpeople claim that what i am doing is utterly impossible02:20
libvand therefor try to shut me and my ideas up, and keep things in a broken state for everyone02:21
bjsniderwhat point are you trying to prove?02:21
libvthat it is not impossible, and that it actually makes quite a lot of sense.02:21
libvpeople can no longer use this clearly false argument02:22
bjsniderwhat are you trying to prove is possible?02:22
libvto modularize out the dri drivers from mesa.02:22
bjsniderwhy would that be desirable?02:22
SarvattRAOF: I believe you actually need to use the noaccel nouveau module option instead of xorg.conf now, think thats a relic of UMS03:54
RAOFSarvatt: I was wondering that myself, so I tested it :)03:55
Sarvattoh spiffy, sorry then :)03:55
RAOFI got a *wonderfully* slow X server, using ShadowFB.03:55
Sarvatti'm going to suggest they just disable Xv instead of completely disabling accel03:55
RAOFBut the Xv issue is not the only one - there's the corruption of the desktop wallpaper, too.03:56
Sarvattohh missed that, I need to stay away from bugs when I'm half asleep :)03:57
SarvattRAOF: didn't karmic have clutter 0.8.x that netbook-launcher used? i'm positive 0.8.x needed opengl 1.4 support and that person using savage in that bug had 1.204:36
Sarvattthey didnt lower it to opengl 1.2 until after clutter 1.004:36
RAOFI'm not sure.  Regardless, savage shouldn't be SIGSEGVing on glGetString (GL_EXTENSIONS); as far as I can tell there's a GL context bound.04:37
Sarvatthttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/netbook-launcher/+bug/467474 (sorry had to dig it up)04:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 467474 in netbook-launcher "netbook-launcher crashed with SIGSEGV in glGetString()" [Medium,Triaged]04:38
RAOFClutter certainly wasn't checking for 1.4 and erroring out if it didn't find it.04:38
superm1bjsnider, i'm here on and off, please ping with specific questions though06:02
pgranerbryceh: you about?16:26
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Sarvattanyone know a way to force firmware into the initrd if the module doesn't claim it needs it? want to figure it out for nouveau blob ctxprogs usage17:30
Sarvatthmm what to do about the nvidia-settings issue.. -96 and -173 can't load the X display configuration page in nvidia-settings because some of the extensions from newer drivers (NoScanout) aren't available in the older drivers and it fails to load17:41
Sarvattupstream ones work of course because they bundle the right nvidia-settings with the blobs17:41
brycehSarvatt, file a bug report and assign to tseliot17:47
Sarvattwant me to latch onto an existing or file a new one and dupe the others to it?17:59
Sarvatttheres a *lot* of others, would be faster to do a new one and dupe as i come across them if thats ok18:00
brycehyep that's fine18:01
Sarvattalrighty https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-settings/+bug/53919618:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 539196 in nvidia-settings "nvidia-settings X display configuration window doesn't work on nvidia-173 and nvidia-96" [Undecided,New]18:10
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ryeHello. Having found about nVidia GPU overhearing with their proprietary drivers and experiencing substantial redraw slowdown with their latest version I decided to give nouveau a second try.18:25
ryeIs there anything particular required to set up to make it work with current lucid on GeForce 8400M ?18:25
* rye was here not so long ago running in circles, screaming and shouting about nvidia, blacklist and /usr partition18:26
ryeSo far - no nvidia modules installed, blacklist rules are removed. Plymouth is not starting up. With no other options, kernel modesetting is enabled and after X starts, it gives a static green-bars image18:28
ryewith kernel modesetting disabled (i believe that's nouveau.modeset=0) I can get to X, but the resolution is 800x600 on 1280x800 screen.18:28
ryeno xorg.conf is present, defaults are applied18:29
tjaaltonrye: nouveau only supports kms, so with nomodeset you probably get -nv or vesa?18:36
ryetjaalton, hm, vesa. Right18:37
ryetjaalton, ok, by default kms is enabled, so if I don't get it working then that's a bug18:39
tjaaltontry booting without splash18:42
ryeI mean is there anything I can do to get some useful debug info, I remember having nouveau working in the past... a week ago?18:42
brycehtjaalton, heya18:57
vishbryceh: hi , Bug #515548 , was due to a bug in the radeon drivers , afaik , nothing to do with the kernel , shall i revert the status that the automatic script set?18:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 515548 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "Radeon errors overflow in gdm logs. Makes root run out of space." [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51554818:58
brycehvish, have you tested it against the latest drm?19:00
vishbryceh: i havent tried the ppa , but i'm running the latest lucid kernel , with the xedgers ppa , which fixed the problem19:01
vishhavent yet tried drm ppa*19:01
brycehvish, don't need to test the drm ppa anymore, it's now in lucid19:02
brycehvish, mention that the -radeon from the xorg-edgers fixed the problem, and indicate the exact package name and date, since stuff in xorg-edgers changes day by day19:02
brycehvish, if you can identify the exact patch / changeset which solved the issue, attach the patch to the bug report.  That will up the priority on the bug report19:03
vishbryceh: ah , ok. so the status can be reverted? Sarvatt added the fix for the bug in xedgers ppa. now sure if it landed in karmic , i have mentioned the changes required in the comments 19:03
vishbryceh: comment 4 and 3 those are the patches we need to fix the bug19:04
brycehyes if you do those things set the status to Confirmed19:04
ryetjaalton, hm, the neighbor notebook with ATI Radeon - M52 [Mobility Radeon X1300] can't get to GDM as well, disabling with radeon.modeset helps.19:05
ryeis there any known regression that may make two substantially different kms-enabled devices to stop working suddenly (i.e. my Nvidia GF 8400m w/ nouveau and ATI Mobility Radeon X1300) ? Checking whether Intel netbook follows those two19:07
ryetjaalton, by 'can't get to GDM' i mean that for ATI the plymouth screen stays when X is supposed to be there. checking now with splash disabled.19:10
ryestarting w/o splash works for ATI, hm, plymouth is at 0.8.0~-1419:14
tjaaltonbryceh: howdy19:21
tjaaltonrye: probably something plymouth related then19:21
tjaaltonafk ->19:26
Sarvattwoohoo, super major r600+ improvement in -ati just landed, 10x performance increase in DFS which was the biggest complaint about those chipsets i've seen19:49
ryehello again, is "(EE) [drm] failed to open device" supposed to be in Xorg with nouveau?19:49
Sarvattflash uses DFS a ton and it was really slowing things down with KMS on r600+19:49
Sarvattvish: both the ddx and libdrm fixes for your bug have been in lucid proper for awhile, no need to use edgers19:50
johanbrrye, I've seen that when the kernel/libdrm/X versions are not in sync19:51
Sarvattrye: need more full logs to troubleshoot, could be a ton of things19:51
Sarvattregarding the drm failed to open device problem at least19:52
ryeSarvatt, ok, will make sure that I am running latest as of now19:52
Sarvattyou're using stock lucid not a PPA right?19:54
ryeSarvatt, hm... let me find out. I should not be using PPA, but that rang a bell19:56
ryeSarvatt, I have to apologise for the noise, again. Will file a bug against myself to check the origin of the packages installed. OTOH i verified that the packages in PPA do not work :)20:09
vishSarvatt: thats good to know  , thanks :)20:09
ryeSarvatt, with stock lucid packages I get usable GDM + Plymouth shiney20:09
* rye tries to set up multihead now. Silences himself for at least 30 minutes20:10
Sarvattwhat PPA were you using?20:10
ryeSarvatt, xorg-edgers-nouveau-lucid20:10
Sarvattoh, didnt realize that had my packages in it, guessing my hooks to blacklist nouveau and vga16fb arent working20:12
Sarvatti haven't tested it on nouveau at all so I have no idea if anything is screwed up20:12
Sarvattwife has had my nouveau laptop for the past few days :(20:13
bjsnideryeah, it's aaalll the wife's fault20:21
Sarvattso I think we need to change /lib/udev/rules.d/69-xserver-xorg-input-synaptics.rules to ACTION=="add|change", SUBSYSTEM=="input", ENV{ID_INPUT_TABLET}=="?*", ATTRS{idVendor}=="056a", ENV{x11_driver}="wacom"  or something for starters21:04
Sarvattto stop wacom from claiming all tablet devices21:04
Sarvattserial tablets of other brands should be covered by the pnp subsystem checks at the top21:05
brycehSarvatt, that'll make it fall through to -evdev?21:06
Sarvatthmm wait, need to look at some logs to see whats happening. TOUCHSCREEN and TABLET are seperate matches already21:07
Sarvattreally need to find a darn cheap touchscreen somewhere to mess with this21:08
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SarvattINPUT_TOUCHSCREEN stuff is getting shoved over to wacom for some reason21:11
* Sarvatt tries to find superm1's bug report again..21:12
brycehSarvatt, tjaalton:  I brainstormed some todo's that need done between now and lucid release, to help coordinate efforts...  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Projects21:13
brycehSarvatt, tjaalton: if you can think of things not on that list, let me know and I'll add them21:14
brycehand if there's any tasks you want to have ownership on, let me know that too (or just mark yourself the owner in that list)21:14
KiBi:W 721:20
KiBioops, sorry.21:20
Sarvattsuperm1: Dell actually has drivers for your devices touchscreen under ubuntu that just need updating to the latest ones with xserver 1.7 support, do you have access to the source package to update it?21:32
Sarvatt http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/driverslist.aspx?os=UD94&catid=-1&dateid=-1&impid=-1&osl=EN&typeid=-1&formatid=-1&servicetag=&SystemID=LAT_2100&hidos=LNUX&hidlang=en&TabIndex=&scanSupported=False&scanConsent=False21:32
SarvattLatitude 210021:33
Sarvattthats a deb package of the blob drivers I linked for you the other day, cant seem to download it completely to check it out though21:34
Sarvattbryceh: Investigate/develop way to override video settings when KMS is used (work with kernel team) -- I have been toying with that in my free time, I managed to get xforcevesa working partially by adding a check in initramfs-tools for it, blacklisting drm i915 nouveau and radeon modules if its there, and having the gdm init script exit1 so failsafeX is used when its on the command line21:37
Sarvattthe only hinderance I've had is actually making the blacklisting stick, late in the boot process drm/i915 is loaded even if its blacklisted21:38
Sarvattso failsafeX is working but its fbdev on top of KMS21:38
Sarvattcouldn't figure out why it was happening, i think I might have to extend the /proc/cmdline checks in plymouth that check for single to not load if xforcevesa exists as well which would be easy21:40
brycehSarvatt, sounds like good progress though21:40
brycehSarvatt, do you want to take ownership of this task, or just be listed as a resource/contact?21:41
Sarvattsure, I think I can get it working soon but I dont have commit rights to the relevant packages so it might not be appropriate21:43
Sarvatti'm not sure if I'm going about it the right way, theres a whole lot of options to do it21:46
brycehok, I'll jot you down.  I'll be happy to take care of sponsoring where you need committing21:46
Sarvattwasn't sure about what arg to use either, just went with xforcevesa for now since that was around before21:49
tjaaltonbryceh: ok, mesa 7.7.1 and xserver 1.7.6 probably should be on the list. also wacom 0.10.5 which is hopefully released soonish21:50
brycehtjaalton, ok thanks21:53
Sarvattyeah wacom seems important, a lot of serial tablet fixes in it21:56
tjaaltonSarvatt: probably wiser to change the wacom udev rule not claim all tablets21:56
SarvattI would add xserver-xorg-video-ati to the list as well since it fixes the 100% cpu usage if any kind of flash is happening also on r600+21:57
tjaaltonbut like the old fdi file did, match the vendor id's (like for the serial devices now)21:57
tjaaltonyeah ati 6.13 too21:57
Sarvattjust the one vendor id match I pasted should be enough I would think, the other brands are serial ones matched earlier?21:57
tjaaltonbut that was for synaptics?21:58
sebnerbryceh: I guess there is no calender feature (visualisation of the tasks) planned?!21:58
sebnerbryceh: + for gtg21:58
SarvattACTION=="add|change", SUBSYSTEM=="input", ENV{ID_INPUT_TABLET}=="?*", ATTRS{idVendor}=="056a", ENV{x11_driver}="wacom21:58
tjaaltonwell you mentioned synaptics.rules, so got confused there :)21:58
Sarvattoh sheesh sorry!21:59
tjaaltonin that case yes, you're right21:59
Sarvattwas looking at synaptics kernel source and had it on the brain at the time21:59
jcristautjaalton: and xinput 1.5.1! it's critical! (ok, not really, just manpage updates) :)22:00
tjaaltonjcristau: good catch!22:00
tjaaltonbryceh: pinged whot about the wacom releas22:01
tjaaltonso I'll choose that from the list22:01
tjaaltonSarvatt: file a bug about that so I won't forget22:02
brycehtjaalton, ok22:02
brycehgot -ati too22:02
tjaaltonand assign it to me22:02
Sarvattthis ideacom touchscreen device I'm looking at registers as generic usbhid mouse/keyboard devices not a usbtouchscreen one, no wonder its bugging me out22:02
* bryceh waits for wiki to finish saving *whistle* *whistle*22:02
tjaaltonoh yeah there's that touchscreen task too, hope it's not multitouch :)22:03
brycehoh sorry, yes multitouch22:03
tjaaltonwhot posted an rfc about it today22:03
brycehwill fix once wiki is done saving22:03
brycehtjaalton, ah cool I'll check it out22:03
Sarvattxorg log booting with a touchscreen thats loading wacom22:05
* sebner feels slighty ingored by bryceh :p22:07
tjaaltonbryceh: it's far from being ready though, so maybe a bit volatile for lucid :)22:07
Sarvattoh ok the device has ID_INPUT_TABLET=1 in the udev log22:08
brycehsebner, sorry a bit busy at the moment22:09
brycehsebner, did you mean to ask on #gtg?22:10
brycehsebner, not sure what you're referring to, tbh22:10
sebnerbryceh: nah, I know that you are somehow heavily involved and did see you active here so I thought about shooting a quick question. Something like lightning,.. 22:11
brycehtjaalton, at a minimum we want to get it in a PPA.  But there is strong motivation to get it into lucid even if it introduces risk for us22:11
bryceh(in fact, this is one reason I'm getting the X stabilization work tasked out, so we can bring in some additional people to work on X so we can make more resources available for MT work)22:12
tjaaltonbryceh: oh well.. :)22:12
brycehtjaalton, yeah the concerns about X stabilization risks is known to pitti and rickspencer3 and hopefully this msg will flag them that you have some concerns here too22:14
rickspencer3what huh?22:14
rickspencer3bryceh, should you invite tjaalton to your pow-wow tomorrow?22:15
* sebner waves at rickspencer3 :)22:15
rickspencer3ironically, I am talking to RAOF about this atm22:15
rickspencer3hi sebner22:15
brycehrickspencer3, yep, sounds like Sarvatt would be good to invite too22:15
tjaaltonpow-wow?-) sounds like some commercial22:16
tjaaltonoh, indians22:16
brycehtjaalton, US colloquialism for "big meeting"22:16
tjaaltonbryceh: what time was that?22:17
brycehhaven't decided... tough finding a time where me, tseliot, and raof all are awake at the same time22:18
brycehrickspencer3, suggestions on a time?22:18
rickspencer3bryceh, hmmm22:19
rickspencer3with dst I'm all confused now22:19
tjaaltonthis is about more than just MT?22:19
RAOF7AM my time (2000UTC) seemed to work for last week's Do meeting.22:19
rickspencer3I think 1pm tomorrow will be 9am in Sydney and 10pm in England22:19
rickspencer3bryceh, maybe you can convince RAOF to do 8am and Jan to do 9pm?22:20
brycehtjaalton, yeah the meeting is for general X work, who wants to take which tasks, make sure we have everything covered22:20
brycehrickspencer3, ok works for me22:20
brycehmm, ok 1pm seems to be 2000UTC, 22:21
bryceham I calculating right?22:21
RAOFI'm happy to do 7am or 8am.22:21
Sarvattany time is good for me as long as I know beforehand, my hours are pretty flexible and I don't imagine it'd take too long so I could squeeze it in between jobs22:23
tjaaltoneither of those is fine by me, 2200UTC is getting a bit late22:23
RAOFDoes http://timeanddate.com/worldclock/meetingtime.html?day=16&month=3&year=2010&p1=240&p2=136&p3=137&p4=179 cover everyone?22:23
tjaaltonshould be in bed already :)22:24
brycehok 2000UTC it is.  google calendar meeting invite thingee coming right up22:24
brycehrickspencer3, got an email addy for Jan?22:25
rickspencer3bryceh, PM'd22:26
tjaaltonbryceh: btw, push your xserver changes to git ;)22:43
tjaaltonunless they are there already, haven't checked recently22:43
brycehinvite sent22:44
brycehtjaalton, pushed22:44
brycehI wish I understood why I continually fail to git push22:44
tjaaltondebuild -S -sa -i".git"; dput ../foo; git push origin ubunt, simple as that ;)22:45
tjaalton+u somewher22:45
tjaaltonnew shiny lenovo keyboard still making me mistype22:46
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KiBitjaalton: -i alone works fine in most cases22:52
tjaaltonKiBi: hasn't for me, and never bothered to find out why :)22:53
Sarvatthmm http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.1561122:53
KiBitjaalton: I think native packages need some -I in addition or something.22:53
KiBiAlways did for me; but nevermind :)22:53
SarvattI put DEBUILD_DPKG_BUILDPACKAGE_OPTS="-i -I.bzr -I.svn -I.git" in ~/.devscripts (someone here told me that trick)22:54
tjaaltonKiBi: yes, when packaging xorg. I need to check my settings some time22:54
tjaaltonSarvatt: they should have a 24" version too22:54
KiBiIt knows about much more than you need to type ;)22:55
tjaaltonyeah I know that but it still never worked. maybe some setting overrode it or something22:55
tjaaltonI'll try tomorrow :)22:55
Sarvattshould add .bzr to that :)22:59
tjaaltonit is, just not on that same line :)22:59
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Sarvatthmm ok so superm1's specific touchscreen is resistive and reporting as a tablet instead of a touchscreen, that makes sense23:57
bjsnider-i".git" ignores all subfolders with that name or just in the top level?23:57
Sarvattso the issue looks like, udev's idinput checks for BTN_TOOL_PEN or BTN_STYLUS and assigns it ID_INPUT_TABLET=1 if so, and doesn't check further down the list where it looks for BTN_TOUCH to assign ID_INPUT_TOUCHSCREEN=123:58
Sarvatt65-xorg-evdev.rules doesn't assign evdev to ID_INPUT_TABLET at all23:59

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