mark__so many questions about nothing00:00
jacob__www.redpillorbust.com homies web sit help u out00:00
ikoniamark__: what do you actually want from this channel ?00:00
mark__i thit want to help out00:00
mark__but theres no point00:00
ikoniamark__: then don't00:00
viyyermark__, this might not be the best place to help out in programming00:00
falloreis there anything you have to do on a stock ubuntu 9.10 box to allow someone to SSH in?00:00
mark__sorry i respect youre efford00:00
gauravhow to get ubuntu offline restricted for karmic kola9.1000:00
srvthanks anyway, I'm gonna install Ubuntu on VirtualBox to see what that dagdum command was00:00
barcodehow do i switch from netbook-remix to the original desktop :/00:01
ikoniafallore: install openssh-server package00:01
viyyerdepending on the programming language channel might be cool00:01
falloreikonia, and that's not done by default?00:01
mark__can,\t emegine how you do it00:01
viyyermark__ ^^00:01
ikoniafallore: no00:01
mark__if you need help call me00:01
abstraktis there a program and or what program should i use to convert already existing video container files e.g. mpg or avi to a given codec type? e.g. convert mpeg1video to x264 and convert mp2 to libmp3lame00:01
gauravhow to get ubuntu offline restricted for karmic kola9.1000:01
ZykoticK9gaurav, many people have asked - and i've never actually seen a solution URE is different from "normal" packages00:01
viyyerany ideas about the installation demo's username password?00:01
mark__bey all00:01
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ikoniamark__: enough now00:02
ikoniamark__: help - ask a question, or be quiet please00:02
ZykoticK9abstrakt, if you're interested in creating mvk or mp4 files check out Handbrake00:02
abstraktZykoticK9, ok, i'm interested in kind of an all purpose converter if there is such a thing00:03
gauravwhen i pugin my headfone in karmic kola it doen't work00:03
gauravhow to make it work00:03
ikonia!sound | gaurav00:03
ubottugaurav: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:03
abstraktZykoticK9, and or just what exists out there that is like Handbrake for any and all other formats00:03
bigtom21485howdy everyone00:03
bigtom21485so i have the freq applet for my panel00:03
ibuclawgaurav, check sound settings, 9 times out of 10 it's mute - and you don't realise it ;)00:03
hetaumahi! how can I change the location bar to the editable form by default?00:04
jastorbha :P even adobes own libflashplayer.so is messed up ;)00:04
hetaumaon nautilus00:04
bigtom21485but after i force it to run at full freq. manually it goes back to half freq. after a few minutes or if i open another application it decides it doesnt need that much computing power00:04
bigtom21485i need to know how to force it do what its told not what it wants00:04
ZykoticK9abstrakt, Handbrake doesn't do AVI anymore (it used to), you might want to have a look at winff (but due to a current bug it can't do mp4 with AAC audio)00:04
bigtom21485i dont care baout battery life i have extra batteries00:04
jasuntoany tonido users here?00:04
erUSULabstrakt: ffmpeg00:04
usr13bigtom21485: Try a curb bit.00:05
abstrakterUSUL, ffmpeg will convert things?00:05
greezmunkeyabstrakt, there is such a tool, can't think of the name now though :(00:05
erUSULabstrakt: yes00:05
abstrakterUSUL, i actually am trying to get ffserver to work00:05
ZykoticK9abstrakt, winff is a gui frontend to ffmpeg - it's really ffmpeg with the AAC bug00:05
Superbestwhat is a keepass2.x compatible password manager?00:05
coiaxIs there a way of displaying all the uid on a system, using the Terminal?00:05
erUSULbigtom21485: "sudo cpufreq-set -g performance"00:05
bigtom21485urs13: what do you mean a curb bit? pardon my enthusiasm...in vista, windows scaling controller didnt do anything at all.  at least with this i get something :-)00:05
abstrakterUSUL, i got ffserver running, and i just tried to send a video to the ffserver feed using ffmpeg but i got "Unsupported codec for output stream" http://ffmpeg.pastebin.com/XxVpmb9p00:06
erUSULbigtom21485: stick that in /etc/rc.local (without the sudo)00:06
usr13bigtom21485: Was only teasing.  sorry.00:06
usr13bad joke00:06
ZykoticK9abstrakt, that's the AAC bug00:06
abstrakterUSUL, and i'm assuming it's obviously cuz the video i tried to send has a different codec than what ffserver is expecting00:06
bigtom21485erUSUL: how do i do that?00:06
ibuclawbigtom21485, tbh, the CPU will spend 90% of it's uptime life in idle mode - and force changing that may not be what you want.00:06
erUSULabstrakt: to get mp3 support you have to install libmame00:06
abstraktmame eh?00:06
erUSULbigtom21485: with a text editor00:06
bigtom21485usr13: i love linux I hate windows00:06
erUSULbigtom21485: gksudo gedit /etc/rc.local00:07
usr13bigtom21485: I'm quite a  linux fan myself.00:07
erUSULabstrakt: never used ffserver sorry00:07
gauravwhat is my root password i nver set it how to get in that00:07
erUSUL!root | gaurav00:07
ubottugaurav: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:07
abstrakterUSUL, hmm i don't see libmame in synaptic, i've got mediubuntu installed00:07
Superbestthis is weird00:07
Superbestubuntu just froze and only the xchat window is responding00:08
ZykoticK9abstrakt, it was a type liblame00:08
erUSUL!info libmp3lame000:08
abstraktahh i've got liblame00:08
ubottulibmp3lame0 (source: lame): An MP3 encoding library. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.98.2+debian-0ubuntu2 (karmic), package size 245 kB, installed size 444 kB00:08
SuperbestI can alt f200:08
abstrakterUSUL, yeah i've got libmp3lame already00:08
KalmiSuperbest, it is your window manager that froze00:08
abstrakterUSUL, ZykoticK9, the file i just tried to send apparently is in mp2 for audio and mpeg1video for well... video00:08
SuperbestKalmi, oh... so how do I restart it?00:08
KalmiSuperbest, try: metacity --replace00:08
abstraktis that still the AAC bug?00:09
erUSULabstrakt: and what command line are you using ?00:09
SuperbestKalmi, that worked, thanks00:09
ibuclawthose Xorg people should really bring back Ctrl+Alt+Backspace =)00:09
abstrakterUSUL, just ffmpeg -i foo.mpg http://myserver:8090/feed1.ffm00:09
gauravhow to use my headphone in karmic kola00:09
abstrakterUSUL, http://myserver:8090/stat.html reports that ffserver is up and running, awaiting a stream in the form of libx264 video and libmp3lame audio00:10
ibuclawgaurav for second time, check sound settings, 9 times out of 10 it's mute - and you don't realise it ;)00:10
abstraktor at least that's what i interpret the output of stat.html to mean :)00:10
barcodehow do i take UNR off :(00:10
abstrakterUSUL, but the video i just tried to send with ffmpeg is as i said mp2 audio and mpeg1video video00:11
erUSULabstrakt: then convert the source file first to that codecs00:11
gauravi check waht setting i used help me ibuclaw00:11
ibuclawbarcode, the window manager?00:11
abstrakterUSUL, yeah i figured, so i should use ffmpeg to do that conversion?00:11
barcodeibuclaw yes sir00:11
abstrakterUSUL, can you give me an example command line invocation to do that?00:11
erUSULabstrakt: yeah why not00:11
abstrakterUSUL, well i don't know why not, which is why i ask :)00:12
ibuclawbarcode, iirc, the packages you need removing are: netbook-launcher, maximus and mutter/clutter.00:12
erUSULabstrakt: ffmpeg -i file.mpeg -vcodec x264 -acodec mp3 file.avi00:13
abstrakterUSUL, ok thanks00:13
erUSULabstrakt: i dunno if the video codec name is correct see the output of ffmpeg -formats00:13
ibuclawbarcode, then replace them with: gnome-panel, metacity, compiz00:13
barcodeibuclaw instead of removing them is there a way i can "switch" from the original gnome to UNR and back?00:13
ibuclawbarcode, open up gconf-editor00:14
barcodeibuclaw alright00:14
erUSULabstrakt: is h26400:14
ibuclawbarcode, then browser to  /desktop/gnome/session/required_components00:15
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barcodeibuclaw, there00:15
ibuclawbarcode, and change "filemanager", "panel" and "windowmanager" as needed00:15
ibuclawwhich are: nautilus, gnome-panel, gnome-wm00:16
slickrickquestion about jamu.  my interactive mode no longer works, jamu simply doesn't got to interactive mode when i run it with switches -Mi00:16
barcodethey are already set on those :/00:16
Kalmiibuclaw, gnome-wm???00:16
_EldenHi, I've mounted an NTFS drive to share trough Samba, is it alright to remove "System Volume Information" and "Recycler" ?00:16
Kalmiibuclaw, ok... nothing00:16
gauravcan i set password for particular files or folder00:17
phiberoptik192you wont be able to remove that stuff, just leave it there00:17
abstrakterUSUL, ffmpeg -i Into\ The\ Wild.mpg -vcodec h264 -acodec mp3 into_the_wild.avi reports "Unknown encoder h264"00:17
papoamigos espero que no lo incomode con mi pregunta pero es algo muy extraño que me paso. tengo ubuntu9.10 al principio todo bien. me detecto el audio tarjeta de video pero de repente no lo hizo mas y no se por que me dirijo a comprobacion de sistema y nada sera que me podrian ayudar que pudo ver pasado soy nuevo00:17
ibuclawKalmi, http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/karmic/en/man1/gnome-wm.1.html00:17
sqwertleIs there a program for creating custom fonts in Ubuntu?00:17
Emanon!es | papo00:17
ubottupapo: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:17
feedmecerealDoes anyone have the a repository with the latest Firefox 3.7 that is NOT Minefield?00:18
Kalmiibuclaw, well.... he could replace it with metacity....00:18
ibuclawbarcode, once changed, require a logout / login.00:18
Emanonwelcome back DrDank00:18
erUSULabstrakt: correct it only has the decoder :/00:18
barcodeibuclaw, i didnt change nothing it was already what you said :/00:18
ZykoticK9sqwertle, you might want to check out fontforge (never used it personally)00:18
DrDankAlright.. Im a newbie.. Im trying to customize Ubuntu desktop.. I need some major help.. Im gettting frustrated.. someone mind helping me?00:18
gaurav can i set password for particular files or folder00:18
Kalmibarcode, try this: metacity --replace00:18
ibuclawbarcode, heh :)00:18
DrDankEmanon: , can I MSG you?00:18
Kalmibarcode, this is not permanent00:18
Emanonfeel free DrDank00:18
abstrakterUSUL, ahh, k00:18
DrDanksweet, thanks.00:18
erUSULabstrakt: as i said check « ffmpeg -formats | less »00:19
dj_segfaultgaurav: You can set the group of a directory and set a password on a group.00:19
sine`how can i change the computer name00:19
* ibuclaw wonders if UNR inits in the startup applications00:19
Emanonibuclaw: the launcher does00:19
Kalmiibuclaw, i guess it is started by ibuclaw00:19
dj_segfaultsine: man hostname00:19
gauravafter installtion i set swap area00:19
Kalmiibuclaw, i guess it is started by gnome-wm00:20
abstrakterUSUL, dude i'm reading the file00:20
japherwockywhat's the preferred way to remove grub entries?00:20
abstrakti just did ffmpeg -formats > formats.txt00:20
Yyharssargyhaellsine`, use gksudo gedit /etc/hostname00:20
mneptokjapherwocky: use the package manager to remove unused kernels00:20
japherwockymneptok: nice, thanks00:21
DrDankI have Compiz and Compiz Settings Manager installed. I have my settings manager configured the way I like.. In terminal i type sudo ccsm --replace and nothing happens.. How am I supppose to get these effects working? I had them working someone helped me earlier but I frogt how..w heN I logged out and logged back in it was back to normal.00:22
gauravhow can i run java program in karmic kola00:22
ZykoticK9DrDank, don't use sudo for that!  and the command to use compiz is "compiz --replace"00:22
DrDankooooh.. that could be the problem.00:22
Kalmibarcode, press Alt+f2 and enter this: metacity --replace00:22
dj_segfaultgaurav: Do you have java installed?00:23
DrDankZykoticK9: im still just learning. this is maybe my 5th hour inside ubuntu.00:23
DrDanklemme try that.00:23
gauravya dj i installed that00:23
YyharssargyhaellDrDank, only use sudo when absolutely necessary. Otherwise use gksudo or something similar.00:23
DrDankUhm, it says instance is already running..00:23
DrDankany suggestions?00:23
DrDankbut my effects arent working or anything00:23
dj_segfaultgaurav: what is the class name, and what package is it in?  Do you have a .jar file or .class file?00:24
DrDankI think i mighta got it, i used skill ccsm00:24
noobtasticHey all, I am in need of help finding a way to manually control fan speeds on my Dell Inspiron 1545. My fans won't run at all when Ubuntu loads, which is causing correspondingly high CPU temps (50-60C). However, the fans will run when I first power the laptop on, but right after POSTing and when Ubuntu begins to load they all shut off. I have tried using Gkrellm with the Dell I8k plugin, I8kmon on its own, and have tried googling a sol00:24
noobtasticution to this problem without success. My BIOS does not offer options to alter fan speeds, but it does offer an option to force the CPU to run on low performance settings - which I have used in an effort to stem high temps.00:24
noobtasticMy CPU is an Intel Centrino 2 P8700 at 2.53 GHz. All settings are stock (no overclocks of any kind, rather, I have underclocked it). I am running Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit.00:24
FloodBot4noobtastic: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:24
DrDankno such option --replace00:25
barcodescrew it, im a simple man ill just keep using fluxbox :'(00:25
Dr_Willisfluxbox is handy00:26
psusinoobtastic, try installing the lm-sensors package and see if that sees the fan controllers?00:26
DrDankwell I think i mighta figured it out. I just checked my apperance settings.. some how they got reset to NONE instead of Advanced.00:27
noobtasticI have, and it doesn't see anything sadly00:27
DrDankits working now.. lol00:27
DrDankterminal is FUCKED up.. cant even see the text in it00:27
psusinoobtastic, did sensors-detect find any pwm controllers?00:27
soreau! language | DrDank00:27
ubottuDrDank: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:27
YyharssargyhaellDrDank, this is a PG chat. Please watch your language. =D00:27
barcodeihow do i enable desktop icons on fluxbox? o.O00:27
psusinoobtastic, ohh, that's a problem00:28
aciculafluxbox doesnt do icons, needs extra programs to do that00:28
* barcode :'(00:28
aciculaon the desktopi mean00:28
aciculawell its a minimalistic wm, what did you expect00:28
barcodeso fluxbox != desktop icons?00:28
noobtasticI'll try again to make sure00:28
aciculawell the file icons you see in ubuntu are managed by nautilus00:29
histobarcode: there are ways to get icons you just have to run that app on start00:29
aciculabut getting icons in fluxbox will require some effort yeah00:29
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psusinoobtastic, do you have anything in /sys/class/hwmon?00:29
barcodehow would i do it/ o.O00:29
noobtasticLet me check00:30
aciculabarcode: id start with reading up on fluxbox00:30
histobarcode: rox00:30
histobarcode: rox is what fluxbuntu uses00:30
noobtasticYes, 3 folders: hwmon0-200:31
ZykoticK9barcode, idesk and fbdesk - are other options00:31
psusinoobtastic, try running this:  ls /sys/class/hwmon/*/device/pwm* in a terminal00:31
emxerhello world! hello everybody00:31
Emanon!hi | emxer00:32
ubottuemxer: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:32
emxerthnks my friend00:32
emxerwhere are you form?00:32
EagleWatchhi all...00:32
ZykoticK9emxer, do you have an Ubuntu support question?00:32
Spaztic_OneSo, I'm using ubuntu 9.10 and I am having difficulties with audio00:32
barcodesorry caps lock00:33
Spaztic_OneI have the "forbidden formats", so that isn't it.00:33
histobarcode: not if you want lightweight00:33
EagleWatchi seek for the cli command for the shutdown window!00:33
emxerI'm using ubuntu ultimate edition ;)00:33
Emanonsok barcode it's cruise control for AWESOME00:33
aciculabarcode: just using the ubuntu gnome or kde env is a lot easier00:33
histobarcode: I would just install rox and use that.00:33
Dr_Willisrox filer has a pinboard feature or other tools to get desktop icons.in fluxbox  Not too hard. - but theres a bug in that feature of Rox-filer thats in the repos. :()00:33
aciculaapt-get install ubuntu-desktop  or kubuntu-desktop00:33
erUSUL!info pacman00:34
ubottupacman (source: pacman): Chase Monsters in a Labyrinth. In component universe, is optional. Version 10-17ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 28 kB, installed size 160 kB00:34
histobarcode: or if you don't like flux you can use XFCE00:34
histobarcode: default ubuntu uses gnome00:34
Spaztic_OneI hear some crackle in the background of all music, MP3 or flac.00:34
Dr_Willisbarcode:  use the -> autostatic's ppa version 2.10 of rox   , and use 'rox-filer --pinboard=default' and you will get an Ok desktop + filemanager00:34
noobtasticNone found...hmm00:34
emxerI can help somebody00:34
rpgsimmasterHelp! Guys, I was just running Synaptic package manager, it was in the phase of downloading packages, my system froze (with the Capslock and Scrolllock icons flashing) and now when it reboots, Grub throws me into the shell!00:34
erUSUL!info pcmanfm00:34
ubottupcmanfm (source: pcmanfm): an extremely fast and lightweight file manager for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.1+svn20090607-1 (karmic), package size 489 kB, installed size 2008 kB00:34
Spaztic_OneIf I set my hardware to 5.1 (which it is capable of) I hear faint crackling instead of any music.00:35
Spaztic_OneI also hear no audio from flash videos (YouTube)00:35
zetherooin Karmic I never notice the update manager notifying me of updates being available ... and my settings are all good00:35
erinhey peeps  anybody use  weechat-curses?  can i get a pastebin of an example server in the irc.conf file please the  manual is confusing and t just listing the options is  seriously confusing to me00:35
Dr_Williserin:  i use it all the time.00:36
erin3.0 version?00:36
Dr_Williserin:  i suggest upgrading to the latest version 0.3.x00:36
erini did00:36
erinthe  file syntax changed now i got like  10 servers to add.  but the manual is confusing..00:36
Dr_Willisfreenode.addresses = "chat.freenode.net/6667"00:36
EagleWatchhi ppl!!! how can I call the shutdown windows from gnome?00:37
erinjust pastebin it00:37
rpgsimmasterCan anyone help me salvage a Wubi system?00:37
Flannelerin: Have you tried the quickstart? http://www.weechat.org/files/doc/stable/weechat_quickstart.en.html00:37
Dr_Willisthen freenode.whatever = "setting here"00:37
erUSUL!wubi | rpgsimmaster00:37
ubotturpgsimmaster: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.00:37
emxerI can help ypu00:38
nightsjammiesI'm having trouble getting just the eeebuntu .iso.00:38
erinwhat options?00:38
erinshould i set?>00:38
emxerYou need install the grub00:38
rpgsimmaster...emxer: My problem is a little bit more complex than that00:39
nightsjammiesI'm trying to d/l it in windows, and I keep getting the wubi installer or some crap like that..any help?00:39
emxertall me00:39
zetherooso it seems that Karmic does not update automatically anymore - true?00:39
aciculazetheroo: false?00:39
rpgsimmasterjust reading Wubi troubleshooting guide00:39
LADmaticCAis there a way to see my own avatar in a pidgin conversation window?00:39
rpgsimmasterMy question is also: how on earth does a system freeze obliterate my ability to boot ubuntu?00:40
emxerYour OS crashed?00:40
barcodei have to handtype everything for idesk? :(00:40
zetherooacicula: 2 people here ... using Karmic ... never get notified of available updates00:40
aciculazetheroo: there are some patches to fix problems, but not new software versions if thats what you meant00:40
rpgsimmasteremxer: I was running synaptic, it was *only* downloading packages, my system halted (scroll/caps lock both flashing), when I rebooted no more ubuntu... :(00:40
hgri891ubuntu not like dell optiplex 260 lol so i had to come to a new machine00:40
aciculazetheroo: check software sources if its set to periodically check for updates, and that the mirror these are fetched from work00:40
emxerin the grub line00:40
noobtasticrpgimmaster - where you updating? My brother's PC became unusable when his updates froze00:40
zetherooacicula: all checked and all good to go00:40
aciculazetheroo: try apt-get update && apt-get upgrade in a console00:41
ZykoticK9!enter > emxer00:41
ubottuemxer, please see my private message00:41
nightsjammiesDoes anyone know where I pick up the .iso without having to use the wubi thing00:41
aciculazetheroo: oh with the sudo00:41
Flannelrpgsimmaster: wubi is unfortunately less robust as a system than a regular install.  The whole system is wrapped up into a few monolithic files, which means its easier to screw up, etc.  (That said, I have no idea how easy or difficult it will be to fix it)00:41
erinand it wipes it when it dont work  bravo  weechat  bravo.  all my hard work..00:42
boodroscotchHi guys. I have a bit of a major problem here. i recently reinstalled Windows 7, and it knocked GRUB2 out as the main bootloader and put the default as NTLDR instead.00:42
zetherooacicula: that is not the issue ... updates come in when you manually request them ... the issue is with being notified that there are avaialble updates automatically00:42
Nickalairpg, i think it was a case of package corruption while installing00:42
rpgsimmasterFlannel: I was afraid of that; normally I run a standard Ubuntu install, but I've had to use a Wubi install in the last few days... unfortunately it would appear that it didn't like me doing that :P00:42
hgri891anyone no much about intel raid on an ich9r controlers?00:42
boodroscotchas a result i have a non-bootable Ubunut 9.10 partition00:42
acicula!dualboot | boodroscotch00:42
ubottuboodroscotch: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot00:42
rpgsimmasterNickalai: I would've suspected that, EXCEPT that it wasn't actually installing - it was still downloading00:42
rpgsimmasterNickalai: Oh wait, I see what you mean00:42
aciculaboodroscotch: look at the urls from ubottu, theres a guide on recovering grub there00:42
aciculazetheroo: im checking to see if its not fetching updates00:43
erUSUL!grub2 | boodroscotch00:43
ubottuboodroscotch: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub200:43
lucid_intervalrpgsimmaster: that should not have happened, and sounds as strange to me as it does to you. It could be a coincidence, with some hardware / kernel error occurring at the same time. In my experience, the vast majority of such hard freezes have been due to kernel issues or hardware issues.00:43
boodroscotchacicula: thanks a bunch. downloading the ISO right now ;D00:43
Nickalaihmmm. thatz interesting, thats a nice problem youve come across00:43
rpgsimmasterNickalai, lucid_interval: I've encountered such freezes before, usually related to running compiz... HOWEVER, they've never obliterated my ability to reboot before00:44
erUSULhgri891: fakeraid00:44
erUSUL!fakeraid | hgri89100:44
ubottuhgri891: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto00:44
rpgsimmasterNickalai, lucid_interval: I suspect my occassional freezes occur as a result of corrupted graphics memory in my system somewhere... but that still doesn't explain the inability to boot00:45
hgri891A client of mine has a computer assembled by NEC and they have set up the 2 500 gig hard drives into a raid and it is now broken, i looked online and found that it could have been caused by an external hard drive being plugged in before the machine was started so the raid controler tries to use the external hard drive as part of the raid and ignore the internal one which of couse lead to a failed raid00:45
hgri891now when the drive is unplugged the reaid does not repair00:45
Nickalaino it definitly doesnt00:45
lucid_intervalrpgsimmaster: also correct. I misread your orig post. Ability to REBOOT should not be affected. Only changes to installed kernel(s), bootloader and/or other (rare) low-levelc hanges, such as busybox, init, libc should affect ability to reboot.00:45
hgri891is there a way to gue this raid back together with ubuntu software raid00:45
zetherooacicula: Update Manager works when it's manually triggered to fetch updates ... that is fine ... but I have never gotten a notification telling me that updates are available ... as I did in previous releases of Ubuntu00:45
hgri891it is a stripe raid00:46
rpgsimmasterThe only hard drive writes that were happening were packages being saved to the hard drive... which makes this whole situation very weird00:46
rpgsimmasternvm, I'll start by mounting the Wubi partition, and seeing what I've ended up with00:46
aciculazetheroo: is it set to automatically install updates?00:47
aciculazetheroo: does running apt-get upgrade result in packages being suggested for installation?00:47
lucid_intervalrpgsimmaster: the only thing that comes to my feeble mind is th epossibility that some low-level graphics driver is grabbing the PCI/PCI-E bus and a "warm" reboot does not reset that. Can you (i know it takes a long time) try to differentiate between warm reboot and cold reboot (turn off, pull power cord out and try again)?00:47
LADmaticCAis there a way to see my own avatar in a pidgin conversation window?00:47
rpgsimmaster!!! question... the Wubi disk files are normally contained in C:\ubuntu\disks\... aren't they?00:48
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:48
rpgsimmasterI would appear to have a serious problem00:49
rpgsimmasterI just went into that directory - the folder 'disks' was listed00:49
rpgsimmasterI clicked on it00:49
rpgsimmasterit errored out00:49
rpgsimmasterand then the directory disappeared...00:49
boscophi. my usb pen drive doesn't get recognized by ubuntu. but the red LED on it is on00:49
hgri891can enyone pleas help with my problem?00:50
usr13boscop: sudo fdisk -l00:50
zetherooacicula: it is set to check daily for updates and to notify about available updates00:50
kostkonzetheroo, yes, now the update manager window pops up once a week for regular updates or every time there are secuirty updates. and there isn't a tray icon anymore.00:51
zetherookostkon: oh ok ...00:51
rpgsimmasterlucid_interval: any idea why my wubi disks file, and the disks folder might be pulling arbitrary vanishing acts?00:51
zetherookostkon: that would make sense ... I probably get around to manually checking for updates before the scheduled weekly time came00:52
rpgsimmasterespecially when they appear one moment, then disappear when I click on them?00:52
boscopusr13: http://pastebin.com/61aqW80n00:52
kostkonzetheroo, yeap. why not00:52
barcodeim not really use to linux, https://launchpad.net/desktop-switcher how do i install that?00:52
Ceidru_GothlyHullo, Ubuntu-people. I am setting up a new machine under 8.04 and I'm trying to get it to share a few folders with anther running 9.10. Both are 32-bit and on the same network. I've tried the SMB approach as the 9.10 was already set up to talk to a windows box on the network, but the 8.04 seems unable to get the shares list. I also tried ssh but the 8.04 tries for a half-minute and then reports a timeout.00:52
phillw_hgri89, as we have no idea of how the RAID was put together, your 1st port of call will be NEC00:52
zetherookostkon: no worriers ... that is what I was wondering ... if something like that changed ... ;)00:52
redAnyone know how to get HDMI + sound working in Ubuntu?00:53
hgri891it just says it is a stripe of 2 500 gig seagates00:53
redIf I plug my laptop which had windows in it to a TV with HDMI; there was sound straight on without much more than selecting a correct output00:53
hgri891but thank i will give em a call00:53
redunder ubuntu, i get no sound and i've tested all available outputs00:53
redthree of them being labeled  HDMI in em00:53
rpgsimmasterI am beginning to suspect bad sectors on my hard drive - the space is still listed as in use :S00:54
dlynesIs anyone around that's had experience with preseeding a ubuntu install?00:54
phillw_hgri89, if you pop over to ##devil I'll try and help - But I do not say that I can solve it, as it appears to be a anufacturer system00:54
FloodBot4brahim: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:55
boscopusr13: any idea?00:55
boscopusr13: it's a 1 GB pen drive btw00:55
pedro3005phillw_, this isn't my idea of fucking00:56
usr13Was plugged in when  you did sudo fdisk -l ?00:57
xivenHi guys00:57
phillw_dlynes, pre-seeding ?00:57
boscopusr13: sure00:58
usr13boscop: Try a different USB port.00:58
xivenThis may turn out to be a stupid question, however...I would like to remove a package using apt-get. However, when I try to do so, it prompts for the removal of a related package. Is there a directive I can use to instruct the aptitude system to remove ONLY the package I am specifying?00:58
dlynesphillw_, yeah00:58
xivenThe package to remove is usplash-ubuntustudio-theme, but it always wants to remove ubuntustudio-desktop.00:58
dlynesphillw_, to automate the install00:59
boscopusr13: didn't help!00:59
Ceidru_GothlyThe desktop thing is usually just a meta-package.00:59
dlynesphillw_, i'm guessing you've never done preseeding, if you're asking that?00:59
usr13boscop: What type of device is it?00:59
dlynesphillw_, it's like kickstart files, but you can fine tune it more than kickstart files00:59
boscopusr13: a simple 1 GB flash drive01:00
phillw_dlynes, if u pop over to #ubuntu-beginners  it's a) quieter b) more of us than questions01:00
xivenWell still, is there a way to tell it remove ONLY the specified package?01:00
PredakingI have 3 questions. What's the best way to get a vnc server to startup with ubuntu? NFS mounts in fstab sometimes don't mount unless I type mount -a. This is not ideal. What's the best way to correct this? I use nvidia drivers. The resolution resets upon reboot. I use nvidia control panel to get things setup correctly. Copy the configuration to my xorg.conf file but it still resets the resolution on reboot. Any ideas why?01:00
xivenI wouldn't even be removing it, if it would display correctly.01:00
usr13boscop: make & model?01:00
xivenIn fact, hold up..maybe the ubuntustudio developers can help me out with that.01:00
boscopusr13: no info on it about that, I got it from a company01:01
hgri891im there now01:01
hgri891sorry pigin had a hicough with the ammount of rooms in the list01:01
usr13boscop: lsusb01:01
phillw_dlynes, you can configure up the installation system anyway you want - this is used for sys-adminisatrators, but you have noe said how you want the script doing for you circunmstance.01:02
usr13boscop: and ... unlug it  and plug it back in while watching  tail -f /var/log/messages01:02
=== blueghost is now known as FQAss
boscopusr13: http://pastebin.com/pFg2T6tE01:03
ligeirinhomixsou novo01:03
dlynesphillw_, thanks...asked over on ubuntu-beginners...didn't even know about the channel01:03
dlynesphillw_, even if i had...wouldn't have thought to ask there, because I figured it was a more advanced question01:03
boscopusr13: nothing changed!!01:03
bigtom21485anyone know how to force my freq applet for my panel to run at 2GHz like its supposed to?01:03
bigtom21485if i wnated more battery power i wouldve bought an intel instead of an amd01:04
xivenHmm...no one is responding for UbuntuStudio01:04
steven_i need help01:04
boscopusr13: it just showed this all the time: http://pastebin.com/BJz4p7rr01:04
steven_i can not download agame01:04
bigtom21485usr13: who was helping me earlier with my processor scaling?01:04
=== FQAss is now known as FxQAss
bigtom21485usr13: i got off to eat dinner01:05
steven_i can not download a game and i have wine01:06
pedro3005steven_, which?01:06
steven_allods online01:06
wesDo a barrel roll!01:06
bigtom21485wes: lol01:07
haakon__What version of Wine do you use?01:07
bigtom21485wes: get the mashroom mario grows taller01:07
rjbhaving trouble with HDD, setup doesn't recognize it anymore, is there any free software to recover data?01:07
xivenAre there any package sets geared highly toward graphics/web/desktop publishing?01:07
bigtom21485xiven: use wine to run something from windows01:07
steven_pedro3005: the game is allods online haakon- i do not know how can i see01:07
xivenIf I am going to use windows I'll just use it01:08
xivenI run Ubuntu within a VM inside Vista.01:08
pedro3005steven_, sorry but AppDB shows that game does not work with wine01:08
=== FxQAss is now known as badApple
xivenThanks to Photoshop being Windows only, I've never been able to completely convert to Linux. Plus, sometimes things go wrong, so I have to revert to Windows until I can get it repaired.01:08
jastorhmm .. is it possible to remove stuff .. without apt wanting to download/install/upgrade various other stuff/replacement?01:08
woodyjlwdose anyone know if roadnav has been abandoned by the developers ?  have not seen any new releases or updates or anything in a long time01:08
steven_so i can paly it01:09
jastorheck .. ill rem everything in sources.list and remove it :P01:09
steven_pedro3005: ok what about d&d online01:09
xivenhey, any developers currently online?01:09
xivenI was talking to a couple the other day..don't remember who01:10
pedro3005steven_, that one seems to work01:10
jastorok ... now its just messed up :P01:10
pedro3005steven_, follow the tutorial on http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=17785&iTestingId=5063401:10
haakon__Yes, but which version of wine do you use?01:10
bigtom21485I wanna change the way my cpu runs so it runs 2ghz when i tell it to using the freq panel app01:10
bigtom21485if anyone can help me that'd be great :-)01:11
steven_pedro3005: i know that one dose but i cant get it to work01:11
haakon__I would suggest adding the wine ppa so you get newer versions, at least for playing games.01:11
pedro3005steven_, well, as I've said, follow the tutorial01:11
jastoris it so damn hard to remove ONE program/package? without apt wanting to uninstall/reinstall/upgrade/download/install other stuff? rem on all repos in sources.list atleast made it stop wanting to download replacements .. but it still wants to remvoe other stuff :P01:11
haakon__Have you done the apt-get autoclean thingy?01:12
=== sean is now known as Guest69794
jastorhaakon__: yea the apt cache is empty01:12
Guest69794I'm having an issue with file ownership01:13
haakon__jastor: Weird, I have no idea. What does Synaptic do? Does it throw a fit as well?01:13
stygianyoud probably have to use dpkg, jastor01:13
pedro3005Guest69794, yes?01:13
stygianthough i dont know its syntax01:13
jastorhaakon__: ill check..01:13
haakon__Guest, I'd sugest you run "gksudo nautilus" and browse to the file, and right clicking it, and from there select properties.01:13
haakon__The best way I can think of, if you need to take ownership of a file at least.01:14
xivenCrap! I removed UbuntuStudio's USplash theme, and now I am getting no screens found at startx01:14
haakon__xiven: Seriously?01:14
cafuegosudo chown username filename01:14
bigtom21485I have ubuntu 9.10 on a hp tx2525nr and I'm not getting any sound...before I updated, i had sound01:14
Guest69794I tried editing the properties, but it says I'm not the owner, I think that might be because I installed windows vista first01:14
xivenThat error seems to be caused randomly01:14
haakon__Guest: That's not it. ;)01:14
Guest69794bigtom, check for new drivers in the download center01:14
pedro3005Guest69794, what file is that?01:14
cafuegoNote that ownership on a windows disk doesn't work like that01:14
xivenOhh I bet I know why01:15
xivenI have to use VBox Graphics Driver01:15
bigtom21485guest69794: the download center? wheres that?01:15
Guest69794haakon, what do I try next then?01:15
pedro3005Guest69794, yes, as cafuego says, the file has to be on a linux partition01:15
jastorhaakon__: yea :P synaptic throws a fit as well01:15
Guest69794applications -> ubuntu software center bigtom01:15
AaronneyerHey guys, does anyone think they can help me out with a problem I'm having installing Ubuntu?01:15
dlvrDoes anyone know of a screen saver, or an alternate method, to switch workspaces at a set interval?01:16
haakon__The most likely reason would be that you're not the owner of the file. Root however can change the owner of any file, so in order to take control of a file you don't own, you have to elevate to root first. Graphically, you can just use nautilus, run it from a terminal or from <alt> + F2 with the line "gksudo nautilus"01:16
cafuegoGuest69794: If you need to be the owner of a file on a windows file system you'll need to play with the mount options for that partition. usually set the gid and fmask/dmask options.01:16
steven_pedro3005: it say to hit the blue run com. but there is not one01:16
Blue1how do I recover a linux install after a ubuntu install>?01:16
bpocockhello... having an issue with 9.10. it seems my F row functionality is inverted. Hitting F1 tries to connect to a projector, and hitting <function>+F1 uses the intended function of F1 for a program... is there a way to fix this?01:16
Blue1windows install01:16
Guest69794haakon what is the full command line?01:16
pkbestare there any good FPS games for ubuntu?01:16
Blue1i installed windows after installing ubuntu, and want to recover ubuntu.01:17
wesquake live01:17
pedro3005steven_, what?01:17
pkbesti need something thats active wes... is quake live active?01:17
bigtom21485guest 69794: how do i get my cpu to run at 2GHz all the time?  i have athe ubuntu freq applet on my panel, and it has an option for running 2GHz, but it ignores my command to do so, and even in performance it doesnt go there very often which aggrivates me because i dont want a 1ghz computer i want a 2ghz computer01:17
haakon__for launching nautilus in sudo mode? sudo nautilus. Otherwise, as cafuego has mentioned, you can use sudo chown username filename01:18
jastorhaakon__: GNOME! openjdk ... python ..  xbmc .. various other stuff01:18
AaronneyerAnyone think they can help me out?  Here's my issue.01:18
AaronneyerI downloaded Ubuntu, burned it on a disc, and then installed it within windows.  It gets through fine and then it gets to where it needs to restart.  I restart, select Ubuntu from the OS's, and after a bit of text and the Ubuntu symbol, I get a black screen.01:18
xivenBlue1, all you need to do is boot up using a live cd, use the shell to mount the parition with ubunty and run update-grub on it01:18
jastorhaakon__: i know theese programs doesnt require the package im trying to uninstall :) because they worked perfectly fine before that ..01:18
haakon__If it's in a windows partition (NTFS) you'd have to change your mount options, which I don't know how to do.01:18
steven_pedro3005: the stie you told me to go to help out but one thing i donot have a blue run bottem to hit01:18
boscopI get an error: E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?" although it's not in use. I just killed apt because I need it to install gparted. how can I unlock that file?01:18
Guest69794Bigtom, I have no idea, sorry.  I just had a hunch you had the same problem as me because I just updated yesterday and my internet drivers weren't working and thats how I fixed mine01:18
Blue1xiven: ahh sounds easy01:18
xivenAlthough, you may need to run grub-install on the windows partition so it is in the MBR.01:18
haakon__What package ARE you trying to uninstall jastor?01:18
jastorhaakon__: exim401:19
pkbestany combat games other than quake?01:19
pkbestlike America's Army01:19
dlvryou know of cgywin?01:19
pkbestor BF201:19
phillw_haakon__, for launching any GUI programme, use gksudo, not sudo - you can screw things up big time01:19
xivenAlthough, that will cause the windows boot loader to come AFTER the GRUB loader01:19
dlvrorwhatever it's called now01:19
haakon__Sorry, man, I don't know how to do that.01:19
haakon__sudo from the terminal have always worked for me?01:19
b2p1mpdlvr: why cygwin?01:19
xivenOr, you could just modify boot.ini in Windows to have the option to boot the Ubuntu OS01:19
pedro3005steven_, what does it say?01:19
xivenAlthough, boot.ini doesn't make a bit of sense if you don't know what you're looking at.01:19
dlvrbecause i'm mistaken lol01:19
bpocockhello... having an issue with 9.10. it seems my F row functionality is inverted. Hitting F1 tries to connect to a projector, and hitting <function>+F1 uses the intended function of F1 for a program... is there a way to fix this?01:20
pwebster25I have had evolution with exchange-mapi and a bunch of -dev parts installed for evolution because of a crazy mapi setup at work.  I finally am able to connect to exchange normally again, so I got rid of the buggy mapi and other dev apps in synaptic.  However, now, when I open evolution it insists on restoring from a backup.  It gets to the "evolution setup assistant" I want to setup a new account but it forces me to choose a backup file 01:20
Blue1xiven: so the update-grub will only access mounted hdd's is that how it works?01:20
steven_pedro3005: what dose what say ? the downloader or the site01:20
dlvrtransgaming is what i meant to say01:20
pedro3005steven_, both01:20
pedro3005are you getting an error and what step are you at?01:20
xivenI think it will work with non-mounted device's too..but I don't remember how to tell you to do that lol01:21
jastorhaakon__: ohwell .. but regardless of what i want to uninstall .. is it possible to uninstall just the exact stuff i type after remove? without apt worrying about replacements or dependencies?01:21
haakon__Seriously, why is sudo from a terminal bad, except you don't get the neat graphical box, and also, I did mean to use gksudo in my type.01:21
xivenThe easiest way for me has always been boot a linux live cd01:21
bigtom21485Guest69794: I tried pulseaudio and that doesnt seem to work either how to i make sure its actually enabled?01:21
haakon__jastor: I don't know. I'm not an expert.01:21
dlvrDoes anyone know of a screen saver, or an alternate method, to switch workspaces at a set interval?01:21
jastorhaakon__: ok01:21
haakon__guest: Have you tried to open a terminal, and use alsamixer?01:21
Guest69794haakon! thank you soo much!01:21
pedro3005haakon__, it's something about the user01:21
=== zinox is now known as geek
phillw_Blue1, easy way to get control over a dual boot system --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=101470801:21
xivenAnd use the shell to mount the ubuntu parition, then chroot to it, and run update-grub, or grub-install if its not in the Windows MBR yet.01:21
b2p1mpBlue1: teh update-grub checks for boot files on partitions01:21
pedro3005haakon__, I forgot what it was01:22
wesinstall gentoo01:22
diogo_79is there alternative to wine?01:22
xivenphillw> Am I giving him good information, or do I need to re-read on that?01:22
Blue1b2p1mp: thanks01:22
fabio333diogo_79: crossover01:22
haakon__That was what I had to do to get my HDMI cable to transmit sound at least.01:22
pedro3005haakon__, but there is a reason as to why you shouldn't use sudo for graphical applications01:22
bigtom21485when i go to sound preferences and i go to hardware theres nothing listed01:22
dlvrdiogo_79: seamless mode in vbox or vmware01:22
steven_pedro3005: he to let you know ok this is what it says on my down load ok dndsetup.exe01:22
haakon__I'm not doubting you pedro, I just wondered if you remembered what it was.01:22
haakon__I can always google myself... ;)01:22
Guest69794bigtom download both hardware drivers01:22
pedro3005haakon__, it's on the UF somewhere01:22
phillw_diogo_79, yeah, but you have to pay for it & the votes are out as to if it is better than wine - why not make the free on better ?01:22
Guest69794just search in the software center hardware managers01:23
fabio333cedega also is a wine stuff01:23
haakon__cedega is the paid for version of wine or something wasn't it?01:23
phillw_@ pedro3005 you should not use sudo for graphical stuff !!!01:23
pkbesti thought cedega is no longer supported?01:23
pkbestI use play on linux01:23
pedro3005phillw_, yes01:23
haakon__playonlinux is a wrapper for wine though.01:23
phillw_gksudo   !!!!01:24
pkbestwhat game are you trying to play?]01:24
jastorcedega .. heh .. they wanted to get paid .. and in thoose games i tried in them, some even worked better in wine ;)01:24
haakon__It just adds options automatically. It's neat and good, but I prefer to do it myself.01:24
fabio333pkbest: try open transport tycoon deluxe01:24
diogo_79application virtualization01:24
Guest69794haakon, one more thing.  how do you change the login box in the startup screen?  I was able to change the background but not the box itself.01:24
diogo_79any tips on free produt01:24
pkbestfabio333, what?01:24
haakon__guest: I don't know.01:24
pkbestfabio333, why try to open it?01:24
haakon__Sorry, I've never had that wish.01:24
fabio333openttd best game on linux01:24
haakon__The best game on linux is Mines01:24
dlvrdiogo_79: virtual box is free01:24
jastordiogo_79: yes theres an alternative .. virtualbox and windows ;)01:24
haakon__Or maybe kSokoban.01:24
Guest69794thanks, haakon01:25
fabio333haakon__: nope is openttd01:25
pkbesti want to find a good combat game.. sorta liek combat arms01:25
pkbestor america's army01:25
Guest69794bigtom, any luck?01:25
haakon__fabio333: You're a heathen! >:( ;)01:25
xivenWell wth01:25
dlvrpkbest: check out cedega01:25
Guest69794did you try installing both driver packages?01:25
haakon__emacs tetris is also nice, because sometimes you need a break01:25
xivenWhy did removing UbuntuStudio's usplash theme take out xserver's screens..01:25
haakon__My guess, is that the xorg conf file somewhere depended on something being somewhere that removing usplash also removed.01:26
bigtom21485guest69794: I installed pulseaudio from the software center01:26
abstraktvirtual box is free, but the licensed copy of windows is not01:26
pkbestdlvr, cedega does not play well with those games as i have read01:26
abstraktvim > emacs > *01:26
haakon__abstrakt: Are you trying to rekindle the holy wars? :p01:26
Zettydoes jfs have an equivilant to dmask and fmask? (all i want to do is give the group rwx, i don't care about what the user has)01:26
Guest69794bigtom: which distro of ubuntu are you using?01:26
bigtom214859.10 x6401:26
abstrakthaakon__, noooo... who me?... never!</sarcasm>01:27
jastorabstrakt: doesnt running cedega or wine require some windows stuff to run? .. i thought micorosft had objections about such ;)01:27
haakon__M-x sarcasm01:27
bigtom21485Guest69794: 9.10 x6401:27
haakon__you mean?01:27
dlvrDoes anyone know of a screen saver, or an alternate method, to switch workspaces at a set interval?01:27
abstrakthaakon__, no i ditched emacs for vim years ago01:27
dbook82i want to copy a file to my language spec folder, but it won't allow me saying permission denied, but I'm  the owner, how can i fix this?01:28
AaronneyerDoes anyone know how I can fix a blank screen after Ubuntu splash01:28
abstraktand i did use emacs, hardcore, for many years... for the record01:28
boscopI want to make two partitions on my usb pen drive. what should I choose in gparted for format table? msdos? aix? bsd? it should get detected on win + linux01:28
Guest69794bigtom install hardware drivers (jockey-gtk) and hardware drivers (jockey-kde)01:28
jastorboscop: fat3201:29
jastorboscop: well .. you could choose ntfs .. but some pendrives mess up then01:29
boscopjastor: there is no option for that01:29
rjbhi my hdd seems death, i can't see any partition, any way to recover data?01:29
haakon__boscop: Go with FAT32 unless you need to have files >4gb on there.01:30
boscoponly those mentioned before + amiga, dvh, gpt, mac01:30
jastorrjb: dead how -.. physical? mft? partiton gone wrong?01:30
abstrakthaakon__, real tetris with actual graphics is even better :)01:30
rjbjastor: it is a physical error01:30
boscopjastor, haakon__: I'm talking about the format for the partition table01:30
bigtom21485jockey gtk was already installed which i found peculiar. im installing jockey-kde now.01:31
jastorrjb: depending on the extent of the damage .. yes and no01:31
rjbjastor: before boot makes some maxtor hdd makes some beeps01:31
haakon__In a way, but if you're trying to get some ridiculous prolog AI working, you're spending some 30 minutes C-v/M-v'ing the damned thing, and finally figure it out, then you don't really have the energy to do anything else than M-x tetris.01:31
=== i is now known as Guest95097
haakon__Also, I live inside terminals these days.01:31
boscopshould I go with msdos (the default)?01:31
bigtom21485guest 69794: jockey gtk was already installed which i found peculiar. im installing jockey-kde now.01:31
stovicekboscop, choose msdos for the table01:31
Guest95097can some help me01:31
haakon__Most likely msdos is the best one.01:31
Guest69794bigtom, it was on mine too.  just making sure.01:31
rjbjastor: what should i try? i have important information there01:31
abstrakthaakon__, because moving the mouse down to my launch bar to launch it is SOO much harder than M-x tetris </sarcasm>01:32
haakon__If you're not running an Xorg server, it actually is... ;)01:32
abstrakttetris kinda blows anyway these days compared to what's available for video games01:32
bigtom21485guest69794: its taking forever so i hope this is it :-)01:32
jastorrjb: is it a storage drive? or do you have the system on it?01:32
abstraktahh, ok well if you're living in the dark ages, then sure maybe that's good for you :)01:32
dbook82i want to copy a file to my language spec folder, but it won't allow me saying permission denied, but I'm  the owner, how can i fix this?01:32
orb01Hey, after installing timidity I get notifications that my soundcard HDA Intel stopped working, and I don't get any sound anymore.. How do I solve this?01:32
bigtom21485abstrakt: unless you have a console then you have sveral other choices if you have extra brain cells that you can sacrafice01:33
haakon__You use vim, you're in no position to talk about dark ages.01:33
Guest69794bigtom, no worries, it has a lot of drivers along with the ones you may need.01:33
fabio333orb01: pulseaudio issue01:33
rjbjastor: i have a win installation on it and all the data01:33
orb01fabio333: so I need to uninstall timidity again?01:33
abstraktconsole ftw, but console only for workstation = fail01:33
pwebster25Don't want to bug.  Did anyone have any ideas on my Evolution question earlier?01:33
abstraktin more cases than not anyway01:33
haakon__Seriously though, if I want 30 minutes to waste, I might as well play emacs tetris as anything else.01:33
fabio333orb01: killall pulseaudio01:34
haakon__Console for Emacs is pretty much all I need.01:34
abstrakthaakon__, well it's your life to waste :P01:34
jastorrjb: ok .. do you have any other harddrive on it with a system you can boot from? .. or any other computer you can do stuff on taht wont interfere with the damaged drive?01:34
haakon__Prolog doesn't have any fancy IDEs anyway.01:34
jastorrjb: if its a ntfs/fat32 drive id just download something like hirens bootcd01:34
haakon__It's not as popular as say... Java.01:34
orb01fabio333: it says no process found01:34
Guest95097if i open d&d with wine when it still in the download filer in says dll;C:/users/steven/Temp/is-LMT2K.tmp/PostInstallrunner.dill01:34
fabio333 orb01: sudo modprobe snd_hda_intel01:34
fabio333sudo rmmod snd_hda_intel && sudo modprobe snd_hda_intel01:35
rjbjastor: actually i have ubuntu 9.10, the dead sata hdd is slave disk01:35
haakon__Then again, Abstrakt, I don't spend my entire life inside a tty anyway.01:35
jastorrjb: ok01:35
bigtom21485haakon_: what is a tty?01:35
haakon__I usually use Tty2 for work, and have Tty7 as an xserver.01:35
abstrakthaakon__, neither do i... i spend most of it inside either GNOME or explorer.exe01:35
Guest69794bigtom what percent is your download at?01:35
orb01fabio333: rmmod gives error because it is in use, so I used -f, not sure if I was supposed to do that01:35
EdUbHi - I have a new Thinkpad with an Intel Centrino Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250 wireless card and cannot get it working.  I have filed a bug here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wireless-tools/+bug/537814 - Is there something more I can do, or should I post this in other locations?01:35
bigtom2148527% but im alos on wifi with 8 other computers.  family vacation.01:36
haakon__bigtom: Type Ctrl-Alt+F2 and see for yourself. To get back to your graphical screen, press Ctrl+Alt+F701:36
gamerif you install ubuntu with the alternate install CD and choose total disk encryption, does it erase (or at least fill with 0's) all the data on the HDD?01:36
rjbjastor: how can i see other disk's data?01:36
haakon__It's basically terminal only.01:36
abstraktwell anyway, i just setup a streaming video server with ffmpeg today...01:36
* abstrakt is quite proud of himself01:36
bigtom21485so does it disable the GUI (GNOME) or does it just make it invisible until im done with code? and why wouldnt i just open a terminal window?01:36
haakon__It's a personal taste type of thing. For those of all who are stone-ageish like me.01:37
jastorrjb: looking to see if theres any decent program01:37
rjbjastor: i made fdisk -l and i only see 1 disk01:37
xivenWell, if removing the usplash theme broke packages, wouldn't apt-get check report/fix it?01:37
haakon__bigtom: It runs at the same time.01:37
gamerif you install ubuntu with the alternate install CD and choose total disk encryption, does it erase (or at least fill with 0's) all the data on the HDD?01:37
jastorrjb: ok ..01:37
Emanonyou can have it do that gamer01:37
gamerEmanon: how?01:38
haakon__It's essentially an aesthetical choice.01:38
orb01fabio333: didn't fix it, same error, device doesn't work01:38
bigtom21485guest 69794: 30% but I'm on wifi (cable internet) with 8 other computers (family vacation)01:38
Guest69794bigtom yeah, that might take a while.01:38
Emanongamer there is an option in the encryption portion of the setup to wipe the drive with random data (i assume from /dev/urandom) before formatting01:38
xivenWould Xorg.log.0.log be latest, or would Xorg.log.5.log be the latest log file created?01:39
haakon__xiven: What does ls tell you?01:39
haakon__it should have some sort of timestamp?01:39
xivenlol..I always use dir..sorry01:39
xivenI'll check01:39
Emanoni just do a 3 pass before i reinstall (dcfldd if=/dev/(zero,urandom,zero) of=/dev/(mydrives))01:39
haakon__ls -c btw01:39
djdb4nightserver /irc.abject.net01:40
haakon__No wait, wrong argument. sorry.01:40
Emanononly takes an hour or two if i do all my drives at once01:40
haakon__xiven: I mean ls -l off course. Sorry about that.01:41
xivenYeah,  thanks.01:41
trinikronohey peps01:41
=== haakon__ is now known as _-haakon-_
=== _-haakon-_ is now known as haakon87
bigtom21485guest69794: still doesnt work01:43
haakon87bigtom, what was your problem again?01:44
* Ceidru_Gothly got the ssh to work, it didn't like the hostname but the LAN address worked.01:44
bigtom21485and if i go to preferences then sound it doesnt see any hardware at all01:44
haakon87Wait, bigtom, have you got ALSA installed?01:44
bigtom21485guest69794: if i go to preferences-->sound it doesnt see any hardware at all :-(01:44
bigtom21485guest69794 wtf is going on?01:44
rjbjastor: sorry i am back01:45
haakon87Bigtom, do you have any options you can select in profiles?01:45
dbook82some help please?01:46
Guest69794I'm guessing that your system doesn't have the drivers to run your speaker, and that the drivers are in the package you are downloading01:46
adantehi, how do i find the size of a device?01:46
haakon87dbook84: What do you need help with? :)01:46
Blakeif i were to get lucid lynx alpha, when its officially released will apt update me to the official release?  is it possible to do so or would i be stuck with "alpha" lucid lynx01:46
xivenAfter changing a setting in xorg.conf.new, I can go straight to startx, or do I need to call a  configure command?01:47
BoondoklifeBlake: You should have the current version when you update.01:47
dbook82haakon87 i'm trying to copy a file to my language-spec folder, i'm the owner but it tells me permission denied01:47
haakon87what command did you run?01:47
nzqrcis there a more general chatroom for help with bash and linux utilities?01:48
dbook82downloaded file to home folder and tried to copy/paste to langauge-spec folder01:48
bigtom21485haakon87: how do i check that?01:48
xivenhaak if that was to me, I didn't run any command.01:48
xivenJust used nano to edit xorg.conf.new on one line.01:48
haakon87It was to dbook8201:48
Emanon #bash nzqrc01:48
nzqrcthanks emanon01:48
haakon87dbook, you likely don't own the target folder.01:48
entropiusgah, silly java client. I have a possibly retarded question.01:49
haakon87If you want to do it by GUI, press alt+F2 and type in "gksudo nautilus" and do it from there.01:49
haakon87then you'll run it as root and you can do ANYTHING.01:49
entropiusI use ubuntu on multiple systems without a problem, but my mother (living in another state) just had a major Windows meltdown, and I had her install Ubuntu.01:49
dbook82haakon87 how can i change that, i'm the owner, like owner-owner01:49
Guest69794I have to go... GL bigtom!01:49
haakon87No, root is the owner.01:49
haakon87You're just one of the lucky people who can become root by sudoing.01:50
entropiusWhen she attempts to install multiple different packages (I had her try ubuntu-restricted-extras and openssh) she gets an "unable to find package" error. (Been doing phone support with her).01:50
entropiusI don't know how to figure out what is wrong without sshing to the computer, and I can't do that since she can't get openssh-server.01:50
haakon87You really don't want to change it so that you're the owner owner instead of root, but the way to do it is to right click the folder and use the properties tab.01:50
bigtom21485Guest69794: its done and it still wont work01:50
entropiusAny quick ideas what's wrong?01:50
haakon87That's enough rope to hang yourself with, so be careful. ;)01:50
bigtom21485guest69794: thanks01:51
dbook82haakon87 lol, tried that but it still wouldn't let me. so gksudo nautilus?01:51
haakon87Yeah. That way, you'll run as the highest owner of the system.01:51
boscopwhy doesn't chown work on /dev/sdc2 ?01:51
bpocockhello... having an issue with 9.10. it seems my F row functionality is inverted. Hitting F1 tries to connect to a projector, and hitting <function>+F1 uses the intended function of F1 for a program... is there a way to fix this?01:51
dbook82definitely dont wanna hang myself01:51
papohello friends hope that my question is not uncomfortable. well i am new to gnu / linux. and right now I have a problem when I explain all isntale ubuntu9.10 coached me quedo bien checkout system to detect the audio and me and the card. but a moment to restart my computer the audio disappeared not because they do not hear the horns and tried to Prodire be okay. please01:51
bigtom21485anyone wanna help fix a sound card thats not showing up??01:51
haakon87It will let you do ANYTHING, and it won't give you those friendly warnings.01:51
Emanonbpocock: is your function lock on?01:52
bigtom21485papo: what kind of computer do you have? my sound wont work either01:52
dbook82haakon87 still not letting me do anything01:52
bpocockumm, i have no idea if it is or hwo to check, just got this laptop yesterday, not used to dells01:52
haakon87Is nautilus displaying the "You're running in super user mode" warning?01:53
mat815What kind of sound card is it?01:53
bpocockthere doesnt appaer to be a function lock option on it though01:53
haakon87Wait, sorry, that's not on nautilus01:53
dbook82haak well i pressed alt+f2 then typed in gksudo nautilus and it asked for my password and i got nothing01:53
bigtom21485realtek hd audio01:53
haakon87You typed your password right?01:53
haakon87And you use GNOME?01:53
haakon87And thus nautilus as your file manager?01:53
dbook82yes ubuntu 9.1001:54
haakon87Then after entering your password, nautilus opened up?01:54
haakon87displaying the folder /root?01:54
haakon87did you type your password correctly?01:54
Dr_Williscompiz has a feature to show what apps are running as root. it can append 'root' in the title :)01:54
Dr_Williswhich is handy01:54
dbook82as far as i know, it didn't say incorrect password01:54
haakon87It won't, most likely...01:55
haakon87Try to run it again, if there's no prompt, then you've typed the password correctly01:55
dbook82lemme try it again01:55
haakon87It's weird, but true.01:55
jolarenHello. I'm trying to kill a process with sudo kill pid and killall nameoffile.. all runs successfully but the process is still running01:55
papobigtom21485 I have an Intel Celeron multimedia01:55
papo          description: Audio device01:55
papo          product: VT1708/A [Azalia HDAC] (VIA High Definition Audio Controller)01:55
papo          vendor: VIA Technologies, Inc.01:55
papo          physical id: 101:55
jolarenWhat am I doing wrong?01:55
FloodBot4papo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:55
papo          bus info: pci@0000:80:01.001:55
haakon87dbook82: What happens?01:56
dbook82now its not doing anything... you said gksudo nautilus right?01:56
haakon87I have a sneaking suspicion to why it doesn't work.01:56
mat815bigtom21485 have you looked at your logs01:56
haakon87Could you try open any folder at all?01:56
bigtom21485mat815: how do i do that?01:57
dbook82home folder pops up01:57
CopperredHello......one of my addon in Thunderbird.....is eating up my CPU up to 99%......any ideas on how I can identify which it is?   Like a system monitor but just on Thunderbird........01:57
haakon87Can you choose, help - about to see what your file manager is called?01:57
mat815System, Administration, LogFileVeiwer01:57
mat815on Gnome?01:57
dbook82yes nautilus 2.28.101:58
i531q00qCopperred:  If you dont have too many plugins installed, i would disable them one at a time01:58
Copperredok and see which is the bugger....ok thanks.01:58
papobigtom21485 you tell me your  can help01:58
haakon87And if you try to run just nautilus from the alt+f2 menu, does something happen?01:58
entropiusMy mom just installed ubuntu after her windows install died. I run ubuntu on several systems with no issues, but of course she (in another state) has problems.01:58
dbook82no it does not01:59
entropius or ask someone for help.01:59
entropiuswrong paste01:59
papohello friends hope that my question is not uncomfortable. well i am new to gnu / linux. and right now I have a problem when I explain all isntale ubuntu9.10 coached me quedo bien checkout system to detect the audio and me and the card. but a moment to restart my computer the audio disappeared not because they do not hear the horns and tried to Prodire be okay. please01:59
haakon87try typing it in a terminal, and see if that works?01:59
entropiusShe can't seem to install multiple different packages, which fail with a "can't find package" error.01:59
bigtom21485papo: no im very frustrated linux is supposed to be easy01:59
entropiusI've had her try openssh-server (so I can ssh and try to figure out what is wrong), ubuntu-restricted-extras (which is what she wants in the first place)...01:59
entropiusThis happens whether she uses the Ubuntu Software Center or command-line apt-get.01:59
i531q00qwho said linux was supposed to be easy? ;)02:00
haakon87Well, it's just a kernel... *starts flamewar*02:00
bivobigtom21485 linux is no different from Windows or Mac, theres a learning curve02:00
Emanonentropius you remind her to update apt-get?02:00
i531q00qentropius: you've checked that all the software sources have been selected?02:00
haakon87dbook, how did that go?02:00
dbook82ok it popped up the password prompt i typed it in and now i'm getting a unique-DBus Warning02:00
haakon87In the terminal?02:01
entropiusi531: I asked her to check. She says multiverse, etc. have been checked.02:01
haakon87Because you can ignore that... ;)02:01
entropiusas in sudo apt-get update? Does that need to be done on a new system?02:01
haakon87does nautilus display /root?02:01
i531q00qyep it does02:01
papobigtom21485 I'm really new that I'm a little left not what you mean hope you do not really bother bu02:01
dbook82nautilus hasn't come up02:01
entropiusHm. I'll have her do that. Never did that on my box. Do the GUI programs not do it automagically?02:01
=== rainofkayos is now known as SolarisBoy
Emanonhave her hit the refresh button or issue sudo apt-get update in a terminal entropius02:01
haakon87hm.. type naut and hit tab.02:02
haakon87No wait..02:02
bigtom21485papo: im new too i would ask someone more knowledgable02:02
haakon87Hit Ctrl+C a few times to kill the nautilus first.02:02
keyboardtalkHow can one make the ubuntu file browser display thumbnails for png images?02:02
haakon87And then type naut and hit tab for the autocomplete.02:02
haakon87if there's a slight misspelling it will correct it for you. :)02:02
dbook82ok, done02:03
haakon87did it complete to nautilus?02:03
haakon87does nautilus launch?02:03
haakon87(When you hit enter off course /pedantry)02:03
haakon87YES! This is good!02:03
papobigtom21485 good friends will thank you all so02:04
haakon87Close nautilus.02:04
haakon87And hit the up-button to display the last command (nautilus)02:04
wesinstall gentoo02:04
vlad003Does anyone know how to blank the screen from CLI? But come back when mouse moves?02:05
haakon87Now go to the beginning of the line, and add "gksudo " without the quotes02:05
haakon87so that the entire string of text is "gksudo nautilus" without the quotes.02:05
dbook82checkity check02:05
haakon87hit enter, and let's hope.02:06
mat815bigtom21485 are you using gnome or kde02:06
haakon87If not there's another way to do this, but it involves terminal work.02:06
bigtom21485mat815 i disabled the slmodem driver and now my sound works so good thing i dont send/recieve faxes02:06
dbook82o.O Eel-CRITICAL yadda yadda yadda failed02:06
Boondoklifevlad003: Are you refering to kicking off the screen saver from terminal?02:07
haakon87Alright, let's do this the old fashioned way.02:07
bigtom21485mat815 im using gnome for now until i get kubuntu which looks a little nicer02:07
dbook82-cracks kunckles-02:07
mat815you fixed the sound, good job02:07
haakon87what you need to know is the full path to the folder your file is in.02:07
haakon87Including the file.02:07
bigtom21485mat815 how do i get tablet pc functionality?02:07
vlad003Boondoklife: Kind of... When I close my laptop lid, the screen goes blank. There's no screensaver. just blank02:07
bigtom21485after all it is a tablet pc :-)02:07
dbook82its in the home folder02:07
haakon87type ls ~/ in your terminal02:08
haakon87that will list up all files there.02:08
haakon87See if you can find the file you want to copy.02:08
Boondoklifevlad003: Can you tell me exactly what you want to do?02:08
dbook82yes its there02:08
haakon87Good, then half our job's already done.02:08
haakon87Now, find the full path to where you want to copy the file to.02:08
iAcceptedim looking for a program i just added from Synaptic package manager its called 'eric' can anyone help me, Thanks.02:09
dbook82ok wait one02:09
=== screaminsemen is now known as i531qooq
bigtom21485who knows how to force frequency scaling to 100% when im running on battery?02:09
vlad003Boondoklife: Just turn off the screen from command line but have it turn back on when I move my mouse02:09
mat815if you want  you can check your logs by entering 'gnome-system-log' on a terminal02:09
Boondoklifevlad003: gnome-screensaver-command -a02:10
dbook82ok got it02:10
haakon87what's the full path?02:10
jolarenI will try to ask again.. Why can't I kill a process using "sudo kill processid" or "sudo killall nameofprocess"02:11
CAPcapim having an issue with the process gconfd-2 running at a high level and driving my cpu usage to 100 constantly. help02:11
vlad003Boondoklife: Thanks!02:11
haakon87and your file's full path is ~/something?02:11
Boondoklifevlad003: No worries02:12
iAcceptedim looking for a program i just added from Synaptic package manager its called 'eric' can anyone help me, Thanks.02:12
ardchoilleCAPcap: Are you using a rather large theme of some kind?02:12
haakon87then you want to try the command (without the quotation marks): "sudo cp ~/<filename> /usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs/<filename>"02:12
haakon87It basically means: "As the root user, copy the file from here to there.02:13
gbear14275anyone here do remote kvm management by gui?02:13
mat815jolaren try "sudo kill -9 processid"02:13
vlad003iAccepted: Is the package name called eric?02:13
rastaseandoes anyone know if there is a channel specific to ubuntu studio?02:13
haakon87iAccepted: just try to type eric in the terminal.02:13
gbear14275virt-manager in ubuntu seems very limited and am wondering about alternatives02:13
iAcceptedvlad003: i believe so02:13
vicsar 02:13
rastaseangbear14275: what issues are you having?02:13
haakon87dbook82: Does it work?02:14
iAcceptedhaakon87, thanks.02:14
CAPcapardchoille, not really. same settings as i always had before. but today i had some issues with my metacity not launching (which i didnt find out until i'd done a bunch of other things trying to get my window borders back). i removed GNOME and then reinstalled it and since then this has been happening.02:14
iAcceptedit's not installed02:14
iAcceptedi guess.02:14
dbook82do i need to specify where the file is coming from?02:14
wgrantrastasean: You mean #ubuntustudio?02:14
jolarenmat815: I did.. doesnt stop the process02:14
haakon87That's what ~/ means:02:15
dbook82ok wait one02:15
haakon87It means "In my homefolder"/02:15
ardchoilleCAPcap: That could do it. gconfd is the daemon that makes sure your desktop themes work properly02:15
rastaseanwgrant: is that a channel?02:15
steven_why cant i play runescape i download the jave thing02:15
wgrantrastasean: Yes.02:15
iAccepteddo you got the plug- in for firefox02:15
jolarenmat815: I'm totally out of ideas02:15
mat815jolaren, try "man kill" for a better explanation02:15
iAcceptedif that's what browser your using.02:15
haakon87"sudo cp ~/<filename> /usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs/<filename>" Is what you need to use, and you off course have to substitude <filename> for the filename... ;)02:16
haakon87It worked?02:16
gbear14275rastasean, I'd like to be able to configure a network bridge through gui...  looks like the newer virt-manager packages might have that capability but it seems like ubuntu never updates the package...  and I've tried finding ppa's that work but can't seem to get them working.  I guess my ideal fix would be if someone could either a) point me at a gui that is better than virt-manager or b) point me ot a ppa that will enable 02:16
vicsar 02:16
jolarenmat815: I have02:16
dbook82yes it did02:16
haakon87That's good to hear.02:16
steven_i domt know but yes i runinng fire fox02:16
dbook82arigato gozaimasu02:16
haakon87I was tearing my hair out... :p02:16
iAcceptedsteven_: then try to get the plug-in for it.02:16
haakon87But you seem to have some problems with gksudo though... Might want to reinstall it.02:16
dbook82now how do i fix the gksudo not working in alt+f2?02:16
haakon87I don't know.02:17
steven_how do i do that02:17
haakon87I'm sorry dbook82, I'm not a Unix wizard...02:17
dbook82can i find gksudo in synaptic package manager?02:17
haakon87You can just use the terminal.02:17
haakon87It's a lot quicker.02:17
mat815jolaren, how are you finding the process id02:17
jolarenmat815: ps -a02:17
CAPcapardchoille, anyways even after installing xfce, removing gnome, and reintalling all of the regular ubuntu-desktop I still didnt have my borders back. basically looked harder for some solutions and "determined" that metacity wasnt launching. so i added it to my startup applications manually and now i have my window decorations back (close maximize minimize and title bar etc).02:17
iAcceptedhaakon87: ty.02:18
haakon87you're welcom iAccepted.02:18
ardchoilleCAPcap: Mine did that until I removed compiz02:18
CAPcapardchoille, but now this is happening02:18
haakon87But yeah, dbook, you should be able to find it in synaptic.02:18
dbook82would that be something like sudo apt-get gksudo?02:18
steven_iAccepted: how do i get the plug in02:18
rastaseangbear14275: i know there are several different virtual machine managers. have you tried others?02:18
CAPcapardchoille, so if I should shut of compiz?02:18
iAcceptedsteven_: ummm i don't know let me try to find out for you, ok?02:18
CAPcapardchoille, ive never had a problem with it before but ok02:19
haakon87dbook82: to reinstall it however, just type this line into the terminal02:19
haakon87sudo aptitude reinstall gksu02:19
iAcceptedsteven_: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/browse/type:7        3rd one down.02:19
CAPcapardchoille, compiz is off, still maxing out my cpu02:19
haakon87Meaning as root, use aptitude to reinstall the package gksu (which is the one that has gksudo in it)02:19
gbear14275rastasean: no I was kinda hoping for some recommendations from the crowd02:20
jolarenmat815: logging out and loggin in again everytime really sucks02:20
=== sean is now known as Guest8665
Guest8665what is the command for running files as the owner?02:21
haakon87Guest8665: What exactly do you mean?02:21
CAPcapGuest8665, you mean as root? sudo02:21
haakon87You can use sudo to switch users.02:21
iAcceptedhaakon87: how do i do that thing where i talk to you and it shows up red on irc, or am i doing it now?02:21
Guest8665but sude something02:21
Guest8665not switching users owners02:21
sharrellsudo -u username command02:21
dbook82ok in the process and done02:21
nightrid3rgbear14275: hypervm02:21
Guest8665d something02:22
dbook82veilen dank for your help haakon8702:22
haakon87iAccepted: If I show up red now, then you just type <username>: something.02:22
haakon87You're welcome dbook.02:22
Guest8665I was guest 6 thousand something02:22
iAcceptedhaakon87: k so am i doing it?02:22
Guest8665you told me that before I just forgot ^-^02:22
iAcceptedhaakon87: k thanks.02:22
Guest8665d something02:22
iAcceptedsteven_: Did you get it to work?02:23
steven_give in onec sec ok02:23
haakon87btw, am I the only one who hate the <command> --help texts?02:23
iAcceptedsteven_: K.02:23
Guest8665sudo d something02:24
haakon87Coming from Windows' cmd prompts, where the /? switch contains useful information, it's annoying that the --help switch only contains reminders for people who already know what they're doing.02:24
Guest8665haakon what do you use to run files as an admin02:24
haakon87If any GNU coreutils people are here, hear my plea, expand the --help texts! Please!02:24
mat815jolaren: kil -KILL pid or kill -9 pid will send a signal to cause an exit that cannot be blocked, if the process is failing in a loop it may not be receiving any signal, what is the process your trying to kill02:24
wgranthaakon87: You probably want to read the man page if you don't know what you're doing.02:24
wgranthaakon87: The usage strings provided by --help tend to just be a reminder.02:24
haakon87No, I'd want the info file...02:24
haakon87But yeah, the manpages own.02:25
steven_i dont know what to do02:26
CAPcapardchoille, I logged out and back in after shutting of compiz. gconfd-2 is no longer running up my cpu. thanks. sux that i cant have compiz on tho. i liked having it a lot. never was a problem before today :(02:26
haakon87but the --help strings should be slightly more informative IMO.02:26
iAcceptedhaakon87: sorry for bothering you so much, but how come i can't find python in my computer, i have it installed in everything because i heard that python was on ubuntu already.02:26
steven_<iAccepted> i dont know what to do02:26
haakon87iAccepted: open a terminal, and type python.02:26
haakon87Yes, guesT?02:26
iAcceptedsteven_: hold on.02:26
Guest8665what do you use to use files as an admin? it's like sudo dilimit02:27
haakon87sudo for terminal, and gksudo for gui.02:27
iAcceptedsteven_: did you press download now on the right of the 3rd one down?02:27
iAcceptedhakoon87: i did that and it gave me like 4 options.02:27
steven_then the slef exc. one02:27
haakon87And it's not called admins on GNU/Linux systems, but root. And root can roughly be translated as godmode = on02:27
haakon87iAccepted, could you copypaste the screen?02:28
haakon87Preferably on pastebin.02:28
haakon87Because of antispam measures here.02:28
Ed1somebody know where i can find info to install aion on ubuntu02:28
iAcceptedhaakon87: sure02:28
Ed1somebody know where i can find info to install aion on ubuntu ???02:28
Guest8665haakon that's not the one02:28
haakon87Then I don't know what you're looking for.02:29
haakon87http://pastebin.com/ for pasting text people. :)02:29
PredakingI have 3 questions. What's the best way to get a vnc server to startup with ubuntu? NFS mounts in fstab sometimes don't mount unless I type mount -a. This is not ideal. What's the best way to correct this? I use nvidia drivers. The resolution resets upon reboot. I use nvidia control panel to get things setup correctly. Copy the configuration to my xorg.conf file but it still resets the resolution on reboot. Any ideas why?02:29
Guest8665lol you told me one when I was guest 6 thousand something02:29
iAcceptedhaakon87: wait you want the text or sceenshot, if screen shot idk how.02:30
jolarenmat815: the process i'm trying to kill looks like this 2324 pts/1    00:00:23 newcs.x86_6402:30
iAcceptedon pastebin02:30
johndarcwhat's the best and safest way of updating ubuntu daily?02:31
johndarcubuntu-daily, I mean, the alpha02:31
haakon87guest8665: Are you thinking about "gksudo nautilus"?02:31
haakon87iAccepted: I'd prefer the text.02:32
wgrantjohndarc: #ubuntu+1 for Lucid support.02:32
iAcceptedhaakon87: http://yfrog.com/dyscreenshotmathewmathewp02:32
iAcceptedhaakon87: opps.02:32
haakon87iAccepted: You have launched python successfully.02:33
haakon87That's the interpreted.02:33
haakon87What exactly did you want to launch?02:33
haakon87which, in the screenshot you have launched.02:33
haakon87So what exactly is the problem?02:33
ArenI have a question regarding the soon-to-be released LTS version 'Lucid Lynx'.  If I want to separate the Ubuntu OS from my /home directory where I put all my files, what is the minimum hard drive space I should use for / to install into?02:34
iAcceptedi want to open the program python02:34
iAcceptedidk where to though.02:34
haakon87You already have that open.02:34
haakon87In the screenshot.02:34
wgrantAren: #ubuntu+1 for Lucid support, please.02:34
iAcceptedthe eric4?02:34
Arenwgrant, thank you for the redirect.02:34
haakon87do you mean an IDE for Python programming?02:34
johndarcAren, probably 4GB (minimum), I use 30GB though02:35
johndarcdefault installation is about 2.9GB from the live-cd02:35
haakon87just type eric4 in the terminal.02:35
haakon87off course you need to call exit() to get out of the python interpreter.02:35
gbear14275nightrid3r: wow... it support kvm?02:37
haakon87iAccepted: did that work?02:37
gbear14275nightrid3r: can't find much on what hypervisors they support...02:37
gbear14275great thanks02:37
ArenI can't seem to /join #ubuntu+1 to ask my question about Lynx...no error message nor attempt to join that room.  What am I doing wrong?02:37
kocmodpomI am attempting to install fftw-3.2.2 and am getting a lot of NOs on the ./configure and a couple warnings on 124 and 125 that I don't understand. anyone help please http://pastebin.com/G5Bgarbi02:38
iAcceptedhaakon87: wait i got this when i opened eric then tryed to open the python documentation. But what im trying to do is learn python..02:38
wgrantkocmodpom: Why are you trying to compile it manually? There is a package for it.02:38
iAcceptedhaakon87: http://yfrog.com/juscreenshot1sgp02:39
steven_<iAccepted> i give up02:39
iAcceptedsteven_: wait.02:39
haakon87iAccepted: you lack some docs. Nothing serious.02:39
iAcceptedsteven_: i found out why02:39
iAcceptedhaakon87: so how can i get them back.02:40
kocmodpomwgrant: I couldn't figure out how to do what you are asking02:40
steven_ok cool02:40
wgrantkocmodpom: Why do you want fftw 3.2.2?02:40
hub_capAre there any Evolution expert here?02:40
kocmodpomwgrant: it is necessary for xoopic02:40
haakon87reinstall python or google for the files and put them back in manually seems to be the best options.02:40
wgrantkocmodpom: install the 'libfftw3-dev' package.02:40
haakon87but I'm no python expert.02:40
haakon87If you wanted to learn swi-prolog I might be of more use. :(02:41
ubuntuhello, how please recommended webcam software for ubuntu karmic02:41
wgrantiAccepted: Install python-doc.02:41
wgrantubuntu: Cheese02:41
iAcceptedsteven_: check your message thing.02:41
haakon87thanks wgrant.02:41
kocmodpomwgrant: ah thanks! I will try that and then the xoopic install again02:41
haakon87and yes, cheese is nice.02:41
=== badApple is now known as blueghost
nfmHi, anyone here?02:42
wgrantnfm: Nobody.02:42
ubuntuwgrant : thanks, installing now02:42
haakon87No, we're all just bots trying to pass the Turing test.02:42
wgrantubuntu: np02:42
mat815jolaren: pts/1 does not sound like it is a program itself, it is more like a thread or a connection that may be associated with newcs try 'ps a for a better listing'02:43
nfmSo I saw a random comment on ubuntuforums that it's possible to use rpm in ubuntu02:43
haakon87by using alien, sure.02:43
kocmodpomwgrant: I am getting an invalid operation error02:43
wgrantmat815: 'pts/1' is the first open virtual terminal -- normally a gnome-terminal instance.02:43
wgrantkocmodpom: What is the exact text of the error message?02:43
wgrantnfm: Not really. Why?02:43
nfmYou can't just install rpm and go?02:43
enyawixis miro still working in ubuntu?02:44
nfmI was just curious. :)02:44
haakon87You *can* use alien and make rpm into a deb.02:44
kocmodpomwgrant: kocmodpom@kocmodpom-laptop:~/Downloads$ sudo apt-get libfftw3-dev02:44
kocmodpomE: Invalid operation libfftw3-dev02:44
haakon87But it's not recommended.02:44
wgrantkocmodpom: apt-get install libfftw3-dev02:44
nfmOk, thanks.02:44
kocmodpomwgrant: doh!02:44
wgrantnfm: As haakon87 says, you can use alien to convert an rpm into a deb, but it is strongly discouraged.02:44
wgrantnfm: Installing with rpm directly is a recipe for endless sorrow.02:44
haakon87calculating the sorrow for alien however, is merely np-complete.02:45
wgrantIndeed :(02:45
nfm@wgrant How much sorrow are talking? What's the worst that could happen? :P02:45
haakon87You know murphy's law?02:46
ultraparadigmOk,  Boxee = Fail!02:46
haakon87You're tempting it nfm, and that's not a good thing.02:46
nfmOk, I'm curiouser now than ever! I'm firing up a live cd and seeing what happens...02:47
ultraparadigmBoxee wouldn't run in windows, I figured, well the OS is crap and nothing works right anyway, but now it doesn't work in my Ubuntu either and nearly everything else works, even windows programs, and boxee still doesn't work.02:47
haakon87But if you really, absolutely must have something, and it's not available as a deb, or as source, then you can use alien. But most likely the package won't install properly and you have to spend some manner of time running around in a massive terminal FUBAR and removeing stuff by hand.02:47
wgrantnfm: In most cases packages will fail to install. In other cases they will overwrite things and make your computer explode.02:47
wgrantWell, not quite, but close.02:47
ultraparadigmI've never had a native program not run in Linux before.  Boxee = FAIL02:47
haakon87Not really explode, just force you to have fun with a recovery shell because rpm just got root and decided to add random stuff to things.02:47
enyawixUbuntu have kernel preemption turned on/02:47
nfmAll right, thanks guys (or gals?)!02:48
haakon87*have a painful memory of scheme and poor documentation not mentioning guile...*02:48
haakon87Oh well, I learned from that.02:48
vicsarhello all. i need help making my "Logitech Precision" game pad work in Ubuntu. Any volunteers?02:49
papoMostrar forma romanizada02:50
papohello friends understand that I am new to gnu / linux. ahorira truth and I have a problem with the sound when you install the system recognized me right. but then I stop sounding audio. and that I went back to mount the system thinking it was an update of packages that did. please I hope I can really help02:50
kramer3dhow do i add a path so that if i type in adb in the terminal, it works02:50
jolarenmat815: None of importance there02:50
haakon87What is adb?02:50
kocmodpomwgrant: oh yea, that was a lot easier, thanks! but I am still getting some NOs and warnings on 116-119 due to dfftw http://pastebin.com/ZVTXnY7e02:50
gbear14275anyone know of any ppa's that are keeping pace with the virt-manager package?02:51
kramer3dhaakon87: its a application i  have in a nother folder02:51
haakon87Because if it's just one program in a terminal, it's better to just use alias.02:51
gbear14275I can't find one that works02:51
kramer3dhaakon87: how do i do that02:51
papoMostrar forma romanizada02:51
papohello friends understand that I am new to gnu / linux. ahorira truth and I have a problem with the sound when you install the system recognized me right. but then I stop sounding audio. and that I went back to mount the system thinking it was an update of packages that did. please I hope I can really help02:51
gbear14275ours is over a major version behind02:51
haakon87kramer3d: Just open .bashrc, and on the last line, add "alias adb='<path to program>/<program name>'"02:52
kramer3dok thanks02:52
bigtom21485anyone know how to get rhythmbox to play mp4 acc's from itunes?02:52
bigtom21485without converting them to mp3?02:52
kramer3dhaakon87: how come editing the path didnt work02:52
kramer3di did02:52
kramer3dPATH = $PATH:\dir\02:53
haakon87That's WINDOWS syntax.02:53
Spaztic_Onebigtom21485:  I'm no pro, but I think all mp4s from itunes are protected and there isn't any way short of burning to disks and then ripping them again02:53
ultraparadigmAnyone know if boxee requires rtorrent?02:53
Spaztic_OneBut I could be wrong.02:53
kocmodpomAfter installing dfftw Why am I still getting some NOs and warnings on 116-119 from dfftw not being found? http://pastebin.com/ZVTXnY7e02:54
haakon87But after you've added the line to .bashrc you'll have to restart your terminal for the changes to take effect. Also, you should always keep a backup of the old .bashrc in case something goes wrong.02:54
bigtom21485how about someone leak the info from apple and i convert the songs to mp3's without wasting cd-r's?02:54
Spaztic_OneYeah, really...02:54
wgrantkocmodpom: You installed fftw, not dfftw.02:54
mat815jolaren: pts/#'s are process that do not stand alone, they are not able to be killed, wgarnt said that the pts/1 is a virtual terminal used by gnome and on my box pts/1 is a thread from anjuta02:55
wgrantOh, looks like that's a header in libfftw.02:55
kocmodpomwgrant: I thought it was the same?02:55
haakon87as for AAC in rythmbox, have you installed gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly ?02:55
bigtom21485how do i get my tablet pc to work as a tablet in ubuntu?02:55
bigtom21485and how about my webcam?02:55
kocmodpomwgrant: at least that is what my google search led me to believe02:55
wgrantkocmodpom: You probably need fftw2.02:55
wgrantNot fftw 3.x.02:56
haakon87Wait, kramer3d, I think I messed up. Sorry for that, I misread your comment about setting the path.02:57
kocmodpomwgrant, so I should try sudo apt-get install libfftw2-dev ?02:57
jieroHi, everybody, I have a problem about shared partition across karmic&lucid. Last night I installed Lucid seperate from Karmic, but I found a partition which I named "/media/disk" could not be shared, in both writing/readin, in between the 2 Ubuntu. Can anybody help me, please?02:57
kramer3dhaakon87: what?02:57
wgrantkocmodpom: Not sure -- look around in Synaptic.02:57
* wgrant has to go now.02:57
gbear14275I have a question... is there a way to donate to Canonical but with a caveat that the donation be used for a specific cause?02:57
papohello friends understand that I am new to gnu / linux. and truth right now I have a problem with the sound when you install the system recognized me right. but then I stop sounding audio. and that I went back to mount the system thinking it was an update of packages that did. please I hope I can really help02:58
haakon87Anyway, the proper way to do it is here: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/how-to-set-path-how-do-i-set-path-environment-variable-111204/02:58
haakon87And you were doing it right.02:58
haakon87Sorry about that.02:58
haakon87Also you have to export it afterwards.02:58
papohello friends understand that I am new to gnu / linux. and truth right now I have a problem with the sound when you install the system recognized me right. but then I stop sounding audio. and that I went back to mount the system thinking it was an update of packages that did. please I hope I can really help02:58
haakon87papo, could you please try to speak english without first going through google-translate?02:59
papohola amigos comprenderán que soy nuevo en gnu/linux. y de verdad ahorita tengo un problema con el sonido cuando instale el sistema me lo reconocio bien. pero de repente dejo de sonar el audio. y eso que volvi a montar el sistema pensando que fue una actualizacion de paquetes que hice. por favor espero que me puedan ayudar de verdad03:00
vicsarhello all. i need help making my "Logitech Precision" game pad work in Ubuntu. Any volunteers?03:00
Loshahaakon87: his english is adequate. He has the same sound problems that plague many people in 9.X....03:01
Myrtti!es | papo03:01
ubottupapo: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:01
haakon87Losha: It's painful for me to have to parse his sentences twice, first to English and then to Norwegian. It's probably a lot easier for you who're likely a native English speaker, but for me it's taxing.03:02
haakon87I don't mean to be rude or anything, but it's just a fact of life.03:02
kocmodpomok I have installed both fftw-dev & libfftw3-dev and am still getting warnings that ./configure cannot find dfftw and sfftw03:04
hoppeli bought an external hd which i can connect to my router. It runs an SMB server. I try to connect to it with scmblient //    but it says password for Password for [WORKGROUP\hoppel]:  and waits for me to enter something....i can't remember to have set a workgroup password and i dont know what that is...can anybody tell me where i get that from?03:04
=== traveller_ is now known as traveller
haakon87hoppel, does the manual talk about a password?03:05
haakon87It might be a standard thingie.03:05
hoppeluh i dont have the manual here...uh i'll try to get information if there is a standard password03:05
giacomo_cwhats a good way to play fullscreen games with compiz?03:05
giacomo_ci have gnome-do dockbar and it fucks up every full screen game03:06
Damouninstall gnome-do dockbar03:06
kocmodpomI have installed both fftw-dev & libfftw3-dev and am still getting warnings that ./configure cannot find dfftw and sfftw... anyone?03:06
wgrant!ohmy | giacomo_c03:06
ubottugiacomo_c: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.03:06
haakon87I think he wants to use both, Damo.03:06
Damokocmodpom: lpease do not repeat we heard u the first time!!!03:07
giacomo_coh woops, my b and the f-bomb03:07
haakon87ubottu, I think you just passed the Turing test. Congrats. :)03:07
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:07
haakon87Anyway, giacomo_c, have you tried shutting down the dockbar before playing and restarting it afterwards?03:08
haakon87If that works, it's a problem with the dockbar itself.03:08
giacomo_ci mean, is there a good way to do it?  or do i need to close gonme-do everytime i want to play a fullscreen game?03:08
kocmodpomDamo, sorry I am just frustrated of 2 days of attempts to solve the problem03:08
haakon87Probably not, have you checked the manpages for gnome-do-dockbar?03:08
haakon87If it has a section on it under bugs, then I have bad news for you.03:09
giacomo_cwell, i remember a few years back when compiz was newer and not integrated into ubuntu so much, it would mess up every full screen game03:09
giacomo_cnow, just the bottom of the screen kinda flashes, where the dockbar is03:09
TMK$1900 - I want to work for Leo geez.  He's good to his people.03:09
haakon87Yes, but if it's the dockbar that mess things up now, then the manpage might have something on it under the bugs section. In which case we immediately know that it can't be done.03:10
haakon87Until the magical update that fix the issue appears off course... ;)03:10
giacomo_cwell what im saying is, it's probably something with having a program running that relies on compiz while trying to run a 3d fullscreen game.03:11
giacomo_ci'll just close gnome-do when i want to play full screen games, that'll work03:11
soreaugiacomo_c: That is improvement in the linux graphics drivers03:11
giacomo_cwhat do you mean?  from back  a few years ago?03:12
giacomo_ci agree :)03:12
haakon87Personally I'm less than impressed that a simple app can break graphics that easily.03:13
haakon87But then again, that'll get fixed, and at least nobody is trying to hide what doesn't work.03:13
giacomo_chow long have you been running linux haakon87?03:13
haakon87Since 200703:14
soreauMore impressing I think, is that it all happens for free right before your eyes03:14
giacomo_cyeah, it's so much better than it used to be03:14
dbook82ok new issue, my rhythmboxisn't letting me read or burn cds, am i missing something required?03:14
haakon87soreau: I appreciate the free as in speech more than the beer thingy.03:14
haakon87dbook82, insert an audio cd and mount it, and see what happens.03:15
haakon87Might just be that your system doesn't automount cds.03:15
dbook82how do i mount?03:15
haakon87Open nautilus and click on the cdrom icon.03:15
wgranthaakon87: Direct rendering is hard.03:15
wgranthaakon87: But almost solved now.03:15
haakon87What do you mean almost solved? IIRC, Nvidia replace the bottom 3rd of xorg to get DRM working.æ03:16
vicsarhello all. i need help making my "Logitech Precision" game pad work in Ubuntu. Any volunteers?03:16
dbook82ok there is no cd rom icon i can find03:16
wgranthaakon87: The reasonably mature free 3D drivers (for Intel and ATI) have DRI2, which allows redirected direct rendering.03:16
haakon87But if Xorg gets that stuff working properly without Nvidia ra... consensual love to make it work, all the better.03:16
wgranthaakon87: Intel from Karmic, and ATI from Lucid.03:16
=== darkyy is now known as Darkyyy
wgranthaakon87: Which means that 3D applications run inside Compiz properly, like with NVIDIA, but without replacing the DRI stack.03:17
bigtom21485its only fun if its consensual, lmao03:17
haakon87Which is a good thing, belive.03:17
haakon87*I believe.03:17
bigtom21485if its not, then its rape, lol03:17
haakon87We're not supposed to use bad words, bigtom... >:(03:17
wgrantbigtom21485: Stop.03:17
bigtom21485sorry my friend with terrets borrow the computer03:17
bigtom21485im serious03:18
dbook82i don't think nautilus is even registering a cd rom drive03:18
bigtom21485the old bartender from boondock saints is my roommate03:18
haakon87browse to /dev03:18
adxpanyone know under what circumstances the output of df(1) will be out of date?03:18
haakon87is there something there called cdrom or cdrom0 or something like that?03:18
adxp(I just deleted a bunch of stuff, and the output is wrong -- wondering when it'll become right again)03:19
dbook82yes there is a cdrom under file system03:19
haakon87click on it.03:19
dbook82its empty03:19
haakon87Is the cd you inserted empty?03:19
wgrantadxp: It should never be wrong. How did you delete the stuff? Sure it's not in trash?03:19
haakon87Is it audio?03:20
dbook82its a music cd03:20
haakon87Does rythmbox recognize it now?03:20
kocmodpomwhat is the magic to installing a .deb file? or getting the .deb file to begin with?03:20
ubuntuhow to install Canon ip1800 series on ubuntu karmic?03:20
adxpwgrant: yeah, I rm'd it directly. It's an ext3 fs03:20
haakon87Is there a little eject button next to the cdrom icon?03:20
gbear14275ok I'm scared... gparted just gave me this message "The kernel is unable to re-read the partition tables on the following devices:03:20
gbear14275- /dev/sda"  I don't want to reboot because I fear I might not have a readable partition table...  how can I resolve this03:20
iAcceptedhaako87: i downloaded the python file in a .html should i download it as thhat or not?03:21
dbook82the silver aroow pointing up?03:21
adxpwgrant: du shows that the directory size decreased by ~20gb, but df gives same output as before the rm03:21
wgrantadxp: I suspect that you didn't delete as much as you thought you did -- sure they weren't symlinks or hardlinks?03:21
adxpwgrant: perhaps, though I don't *think* so...03:21
adxpwgrant: also, I seem to remember encountering this before03:21
adxpwgrant: during huge deletes03:22
b2p1mptry grub-update maybe03:22
wesIs there any way I can still use Ubuntu 8.04 after support has ended?03:22
itheoshey my webcam isnt working . i upgraded to karmic but it still doesnt work03:22
wgrantwes: It won't stop working, but you really shouldn't. Why?03:22
adxpwgrant: wait, I bet I know03:23
dbook82there's a silver arrow above and to the right of the cdrom folder03:23
ubuntuhow to install printer Canon ip1800 series on ubuntu karmic?03:23
adxpwgrant: I presume a process still has the file open03:23
KalmiHow to make ext4 safe for poweroutages? (I don't want it to zero out files)03:23
wesI can't reformat my harddrive :(03:23
haakon87like this? http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y227/KillaHaakon/Skjermdump-dev-Blagjennomfiler.png03:23
wgrantadxp: Ah, yes, probably, if it's one big file.03:23
haakon87please ignore the silly account name, I was a lot younger then and thought it sounded cool. Note to younger users: Don't try to sound cool :p03:23
adxpwgrant: several, actually, but I assume they were all open03:23
wgrantwes: Why can't you, and why is that a problem?03:24
kocmodpomok, simpler question where can I get cpp-3.4_3.4.6-1ubuntu2_i386.deb ?03:24
dbook82i don't even have that03:24
adxpwgrant: yep, back to correct output now03:24
b2p1mpwes: you have 2 hdd, or livecd?03:24
Kalmi!printer > ubuntu03:24
wgrantkocmodpom: apt-get install cpp-3.403:24
ubottuubuntu, please see my private message03:24
iAcceptedhaako87: i downloaded the python file in a .html should i download it as thhat or not?03:24
haakon87iAccepted I'm not the guy you should talk to about that.03:24
itheos!webcam > itheos03:25
ubottuitheos, please see my private message03:25
haakon87didn't someone suggest just installing python docs?03:25
EzeQLwhich language it it?03:25
haakon87Language is what?03:25
gbear14275anyone know how to check the mbr for errors?03:25
EzeQLyour system03:25
wgrantiAccepted: In your favourite package manager, install the 'python-doc' package.03:25
iAcceptedhaako87: yeah that's what i don't remember who.03:25
EzeQLwhich language are using03:25
haakon87dbook82, could you post a screenshot of your nautilus?03:25
wgrantiAccepted: It was me.03:25
ubuntuubottu : ok03:25
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)03:25
haakon87wgrant: could you help him out? You know more than me about python.03:25
haakon87Also, EzeQL, my system runs in Norwegian, Bokmål.03:26
wgranthaakon87: I'm trying.03:26
iAcceptedwgrant: synaptic package manager?03:26
haakon87thanks :)03:26
wgrantiAccepted: That works.03:26
EzeQLhaakon87, nice language xD03:26
dbook82workin on it... o.O03:26
gbear14275somebody please help... I'm afraid to reboot... http://paste.ubuntu.com/395427/p://pastQ03:26
kocmodpomwgrant, didn't work, but I found it on a download mirror03:26
wgrantkocmodpom: "didn't work"?03:26
haakon87The language is one of those things that make linguists come over and study us.03:26
DarkyyyHi everyone03:27
haakon87What language do you use EzeQL?03:27
kocmodpomwgrant: could not find package cpp-3.403:27
EzeQLhaakon87 : yes? why?03:27
b2p1mpapt-get update may help03:27
haakon87Why they want to study us?03:27
haakon87Basically, we have a bunch of really weird language quirks.03:27
gbear14275anyone?  please?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/395427/03:28
haakon87For instance, we have a system where the melody of the word change it's meaning.03:28
iAcceptedwgrant: k i think i got it,.03:28
EzeQLwow, haakon87 ... so pretty complex language03:28
haakon87Lammet and lamme would be transcribed the same into IPA, but will mean either lamb or paralyze.03:28
haakon87Which wouldn't be that weird, except that it's only found in Norwegian, Swedish and SE Asian languages.03:29
=== kristopher is now known as k-dawg
dbook82haak trying to use the take screenshot but can't figure out where the picture goes to03:29
b2p1mpi think im seing double03:29
iAcceptedwgrant: how do i get it in to my eric4 files.03:29
haakon87Your desktop.03:29
haakon87I think?03:29
b2p1mpdamn vid drivers03:29
b2p1mpsplit scrin03:29
wgrantiAccepted: Have you installed the package?03:29
EzeQLwould not be a problem to learn your language or Swedish for having a nordic girlfriend  :D:D03:29
will__question: how do i get beryl emerald themes to work on my ubuntu system as when i download them they it says there is no installation file associated to install it03:29
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:29
dbook82nothing on the desktop03:30
wgrantiAccepted: It should just work, then.03:30
haakon87EzeQL: Is this the great Cold North stereotype coming into play again?03:30
gbear14275am I worrying about this too much? http://paste.ubuntu.com/395427/03:30
EzeQLhaakon87: yeah!03:30
iAcceptedwgrant: well, would it automattically put it into the eric4 files.03:30
haakon87dbook82, when you select nautilus as the active application, and hover your mouse over it and whatnot, and press <alt>+PrintScreen, you should get a prompt that asks where you want to save.03:30
wgrantiAccepted: eric4 was looking for it in the standard location.03:30
dbook82ok got it03:31
iAcceptedwgrant: k then ill restart eric03:31
dbook82how can get it to you?03:31
frederick85hi my mum just bought an mp3 player is there some software for ubuntu to add songs to it03:31
jolarenfrederick85: i guess plenty all dependin on the setup03:31
haakon87Use a free image uploader, like photobucket, or if you don't have an account there, just spam 4chan with it or something, and post the link.03:31
haakon87Yes, EzeQL?03:32
wgrantfrederick85: For most players, Rhythmbox (the default Ubuntu music player) will work fine.03:32
iAcceptedwgrant: is /usr/share/doc/python2.5-doc/html/index.html the default location because it still isnt working,03:32
frederick85wgrant: i have rhythm box need to figure out how to use it for this task03:32
wgrantiAccepted: Try installing python2.5-doc this time.03:32
wgrantiAccepted: Which version of Ubuntu are you using?03:32
wgrantfrederick85: Does the music player not appear in the Rhythmbox sidebar?03:33
frederick85wgrant: no03:33
iAcceptedwgrant: idk.03:33
dbook82ok wait one03:33
wgrantfrederick85: Does it appear on the desktop?03:33
will__anyone know how to get emerald themes to work with my system03:33
wgrantiAccepted: System->About Ubuntu should tell you.03:33
ZykoticK9!emerald > will__03:33
ubottuwill__, please see my private message03:33
frederick85wgrant: it appears in places03:34
iAcceptedwgrant: 9.1003:34
wgrantfrederick85: Try just dragging music onto it -- it may not be directly supported by Rhythmbox.03:34
frederick85wgrant ok thanks03:34
wgrantiAccepted: OK, that explains it. Installing python2.5-doc might fix it -- python2.6 is the default version in Ubuntu 9.10.03:34
iAcceptedwgrant: K, ill try that.03:35
dbook82haak here ya go http://s929.photobucket.com/albums/ad138/47db82/?action=view&current=Screenshot---FileBrowser.png03:35
will__ubottu, can you private again03:35
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:35
gbear14275anyone able to tell me if its safe to restart after this error? http://paste.ubuntu.com/395427/03:35
ZykoticK9will__, i was the one who sent the bot message, do you have a question?03:36
xivenAppearantly one of the reasons why startx is failing is because it cannot detct VESA BIOS which looks to have something to do with VirtualBox03:36
xiven"VBoxVideo(0): VESA BIOS not detected"03:36
will__sorry, you said they dont exist no more right?03:36
guillehello, i just installed ubuntu 9.10 and it didn't detect well my monitor modes03:36
haakon87Well, the bad news is, that you don't seem to have any cd-rom working...03:37
gbear14275you know what would be fantastic?  Is if someone could tell me how to figure out if its safe to restart my machine after this message?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/395427/03:37
haakon87I'm sorry, but I don't know how to help you any further.03:37
will__i was writing let me break it down, if i download a berlyl emerald themes from GNOME-LOOK.ORG how do i get it to work, as i got compiz but it work before with it03:37
ZykoticK9will__, no it still exists, but it's not supported and you should avoid it if possible.03:37
guilleit is a lg flatron w2243s, and the best resolution is 1280 102403:37
dbook82gosh darnit03:37
dyekAfter a linux kernel package build with "AUTOBUILD=1 NOEXTRAS=1 fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic", the config file will be in debian/linux-image-<version>-generic/boot/config-<version>-generic. However, if the build didn't complete successfully, is there another copy of config file which will be copied to the location indicated earlier? (I need to double check the resulting CONFIG_* settings that might have caused modules to not be built...)03:37
guillehow do i get it to detect the other modes03:37
Boondoklifegbear14275: If it can not read your partition data then I would imagine the system will become unstable even if you do not reboot.03:38
ZykoticK9will__, do you have emerald installed?  "sudo apt-get install emerald"03:38
dbook82where can i go for further info?03:38
will__well i got compiz, but still managed to use bery emeralds with the 9.04 and they worked, is there a way to make the theme compatable with maybe human looks or a differnt GTK203:38
gbear14275Boondoklife: how can I check or fix it03:38
will__to give you more detail i got an alienware theme installed but want the carbon fiber window borders and maybe a carbon fiber title bar for windows03:38
iAcceptedwgrant: Thank you so much, i got it to work.03:39
ZykoticK9will__, emerald will replace the gtk theme03:39
will__no i dont, however if i install emerald will it interact with my others or crash03:39
guillehow do i get ubuntu to detect my monitor resolutions ??03:39
wgrantiAccepted: Excellent.03:39
ZykoticK9will__, if you want to use emerald themes you need to install emerald03:39
Boondoklifegbear14275: safest way would be with a livecd and fsck the disk03:39
will__so i will lose the gtk< alienware and the rest i installed?03:39
ZykoticK9will__, not sure03:40
iAcceptedwgrant: i hope i will be like you one day cause i barely know anything about ubuntu.03:40
will__if its a gtk theme?03:40
gbear14275Boondoklife: nothing I can do on the live system right now?03:40
ZykoticK9will__, you could try it and see?03:40
wgrantiAccepted: Well, I've been at it for quite a few years now, but it doesn't take long to get up to speed.03:41
Boondoklifegbear14275: not unless you are running on a different disc. But I am assuming sda is your system disc.03:41
gbear14275Boondoklife: it is :-/03:41
guillehow do i get ubuntu to detect my monitor resolutions ??03:41
Boondoklifegbear14275: I would just backup anything you are worried about while it is still reading just incase and then just reload with a livecd.03:41
haakon87guille, there should be a tool through the X-server settings program.03:42
haakon87At least the nvidia proprietary drivers have that.03:42
iAcceptedwgrant: I really wish i new about this sooner.03:42
Boondoklifegbear14275: but ideally you already have a backup... dont you ;)03:42
guillexrandr doesn't list the complete resolution list03:42
neighborswhat is a good command for displaying varions system information?03:42
Myrttineighbors: sudo lshw03:42
will__well is there a way to just change the title bar decor, example: when you download a theme it comes with PNG's that are set as they look for the title bar, can you add a different .png to that themes file so they will look different. if so where would i drop that picture.png file?03:43
guilledoes anyone know some irc channel where someone can help with xorg resolution issue03:43
Darkyyyhow can i install flash player for firefox on ubuntu 9.10 64-bit03:44
haakon87guille have you tried googling your screen? You might get the information that way.03:44
gbear14275Boondoklife: i have backups... although I don't have enough room to backup everything :(03:44
iAcceptedDarkyyy: Are you trying to get it for firefox?03:44
haakon87Darkyyy: enter "sudo aptitude install ubuntu-restricted-extras" in a terminal.03:44
haakon87That's the quickest way.03:45
guilleyes i have03:45
Darkyyyk thanks03:45
ZykoticK9will__, i've never dug that deep into themes, hopefully someone else has an answer.  But i think emerald will only do the title bar decoration, so perhaps it's what you are looking for.  Why not try it and see?  although, again emerald should be avoided if possible.03:45
iAccepteddarkyyy: do what haakon7 said ^^03:45
Boondoklifegbear14275: hopefully it is something small like a bad block that caused a minor error that can be fixed.03:45
haakon87Or you can search it from the software center.03:45
will__yea thats what im told and so far im avoiding it, i have to much on this system to afford a graphics crash03:45
will__but anyway, thank you for your help, much appreciated03:46
Freak007Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I think I know what the the solution to my problem is but I can't quite figure how to carry it out. The problem is Window corruption with older ATI graphics cards, which is the very last problem in the release notes for Ubuntu 9.10, if anybody can help me with that I would really appreciate it.03:46
Darkyyyhaakon87, thanks03:46
xighey, whats the unstable-repository for ubuntu 9.10?03:46
DarkyyyiAccepted, thanks03:47
haakon87You're welcome Darkyyy. :)03:47
=== eric is now known as Guest78971
haakon87btw, it will also install mp3 support and similar things.03:47
Kutakizukariguille, #xorg03:48
Guest78971anybody no how to use idjc?03:48
guilleit says "Cannot send to channel" :-S03:48
iAccepteddarkyyy, even though i didn't really do anything, ill take some credit.03:48
iAccepteddarkyyy, :)03:48
guillebut thanks03:48
DarkyyyiAccepted, maybe u can help here how do i install nvidia drivers and activate all the ubuntu effects03:49
haakon87Darkyyy, just go to Administration and choose Hardware.03:49
Guest78971anyone no how to use internet dj?03:49
haakon87It should search through and detect that you have an Nvidia card and offer to install proprietary drivers.03:50
haakon87After everything's installed you have to restart your computer.03:50
=== Guest78971 is now known as pwnkiller
pwnkilleranyone no how to use internet dj?03:50
Freak007Does anybody know how to, add the 'RenderAccel' option to /etc/X11/xorg.conf ,after you have created an Xorg configuration file.03:50
pwnkillerdoes any one have time to explain to me how to install moonshine deskyop player03:51
=== toby_ is now known as Guest19528
Freak007 Does anybody know how to, add the 'RenderAccel' option to /etc/X11/xorg.conf ,after you have created an Xorg configuration file.03:53
ZykoticK9Freak007, Option      "RenderAccel"   "false"   -- under the "Device" section should work03:55
ZykoticK9Freak007, or "true" if that's what you want03:55
lwizardlDoes anyone know of a good program to create and print barcodes on a inkjet or laser printer ?03:55
haakon87lwizardl: If you search the software center there should be some programs designed for that there.03:56
haakon87hello neji.03:58
nejiim new to linux :O never used a IRC in my life either03:58
kocmodpomI am still having ./configure issues. Can anyone help?  http://pastebin.com/tjq7kRKC03:59
nejii feel so computer illiterate in linux world03:59
Freak007ZykoticK9: what exactly do I need to type, after I create the Xorg configuration file. I don't know how to access the different sections. I have tyred but I keep doing it wrong.03:59
ZykoticK9Freak007, sorry man I can't really help with that, best of luck man04:00
sigmab3tahey guys i am trying to get a newer version of a package than what is offered through the ubuntu repos, can anyone help?04:00
sigmab3taits actually a bit of a tricky situation, i am using ubuntu on the playstation 3 (so packages must be powerpc) and i need a newer version of libdrm04:00
sigmab3tathe ps3 port uses the repos at ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports04:00
ZykoticK9Freak007, if you just want to open the file "gksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf" will open the file in a GUI editor04:01
Darkyyywtf , i'm currently doing "sudo aptitude install ubuntu-restricted-extras"04:01
sigmab3tabut i can't figure out how to find the package i need there, anyone familiar with this type of stuff?04:01
Darkyyyand now the java agreement is stuck04:01
Freak007 ZykoticK9: Ok thanks, apprecite it.04:01
Darkyyydosen't let me click ok04:01
pwnkillerhello any one want to chat?04:01
ZykoticK9Darkyyy, try using the keyboard04:01
ardchoilleDarkyyy: press the tab key to go to the OK button?04:01
ardchoille!ot | pwnkiller04:02
ubottupwnkiller: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:02
pwnkillerahh yeah need support need to chat.04:02
nejiokey so i have past my first brickwall last night ... new problem i cant seem to choose a time position in youtube. Example i want to skip forward and it wont work what so ever04:03
ZykoticK9neji, does clicking in flash work at all?04:03
neji< linux newbie. i dont understand half of the terminology used in linux04:03
pwnkillerdoes anyone know how to get netflix to work with ubuntu04:03
nejiwell it will play the video04:03
haakon87It usually works for me, after clicking the video, using space to pause it and then space to resume playing it...04:04
haakon87You could try that.04:04
ardchoillepwnkiller: It doesn't, been there, done that. Boxee doesn't work either. Cancelled my account because of that04:04
nejiyeah but i cant skip forward or back =(04:04
bgvianycif I want to delete and directory and all its subdirectories and files in an FTP session, whats the fastest way to do that?04:04
ZykoticK9pwnkiller, was reading today only work around is running windows in a vm04:04
pwnkillernot even with moonshine or that windows media player clone or whatever itis?04:04
ardchoillepwnkiller: Nope04:04
zoidfarb@bgvianyc recursive delete?04:05
zoidfarbDoes anyone know if it's possible to install applications to a partition other than the root partition?04:05
pwnkillerhow do you install .tar packages?04:05
haakon87you untar them, and then follow the instructions in the readme file.04:05
zoidfarbpwnkiller, you can just extract them04:05
ardchoillepwnkiller: The first step is to check the repos and see if the app is there.04:05
zoidfarbtar -xvf or so04:06
pwnkillerok let me try that brb04:06
sontekanyone know how to verify if a .ssh file is valid? and each key is defined properly in it?04:06
zoidfarbpwnkiller, don't quote me on that command04:06
nejizyk is there anyway to fix my problem? how in youtube it WILL play the videos but i cant go forward or skip back04:06
sonteksomeone e-mailed me a key and I just pasted it into the file04:06
pwnkillerright k brb04:06
zoidfarbsee google/ man page, your synax may vary04:06
ZykoticK9neji, if clicking is working - i have no idea sorry, good luck04:07
sonteki'm talking about the authorized keys file04:07
ZykoticK9!tab > neji04:07
ubottuneji, please see my private message04:07
theadminHEEEEEEEEEEELP. My system thiks that "linux-headers-2.6.31-14 linux-headers-2.6.31-14-generic" are no longrer required, yet it's the only kernel i have installed... what the heck?04:08
nejiZyk i click on youtube video ...nothing happen only way to play start now is Spacebar04:08
haakon87for extracting from a tar, see the manpage. It's full of information you might find useful.04:08
zoidfarbmy main partition is nearly full, is there a way to install apps to another partition?04:08
ZykoticK9!tab > neji04:08
nejiprivate message how ...04:08
ZykoticK9neji, http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/clicking-in-flash-not-working04:09
haakon87neji, there's a list somewhere with the chatrooms you're in.,04:09
ZykoticK9neji, you can highlight me by typing Z-y-TABKEY04:09
haakon87One of them will be called ubottu.04:09
theadminAnyone? This is a serious problem04:10
pwnkillerMoonshine leverages the Windows Media capabilities from Silverlight,04:10
pwnkillerprovided by the Moonlight browser plugin on Linux, and the Firefox web04:10
pwnkillerbrowser framework to enable the playback of legacy embedded Windows04:10
pwnkillerMedia content on the web and local files on a user's desktop.04:10
pwnkillerIt consists of two components:04:10
FloodBot4pwnkiller: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:10
pwnkiller  - Firefox/NPAPI plugin that handles legacy embedded Windows Media mime04:10
nejiZykoticK9, oh thanks for info btw04:10
vicsar@all original question : hello all. i need help making my "Logitech Precision" game pad work in Ubuntu. Any volunteers?04:10
zoidfarbviscar, what's the problem with it?04:11
zoidfarbis it not recognized at all?04:11
ZykoticK9pwnkiller, moonlight doesn't work due to DRM of netflix (ps don't paste to channel)04:11
meowsusWould the the "industry standard" be for flash development in ubuntu?04:11
alkisgtheadmin: what do you get with this? dpkg -l 'linux*'|grep ^ii04:11
vicsarresolution: go to http://www.getdeb.net/04:11
vicsarand install jstest-gtk04:11
pwnkillerright but i want to install anyway04:11
vicsarfrom the repository04:11
meowsusWhat* would the "industry standard" be04:12
vicsarthank you anyways04:12
nejiZykoticK9, hey um that link the first line ddo i copy and paste to terminal? (also im running 64bit linux)04:12
ZykoticK9neji, i run 64bit too04:12
ardchoillepwnkiller: It'll be a waste of time regarding Netflix, but try this:  apt-cache search -n moonlight04:12
theadminalkisg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/395445/04:12
ZykoticK9neji, as long as your using the flash from Ubuntu it'll work04:12
vicsar@zoidfarb yes that was the problem. now i need know it is being detected04:12
haakon87meowsus: Emacs? :p Seriously though,  http://my.opera.com/area42/blog/2007/01/04/flash-devolopment-with-linux04:13
ZykoticK9neji, don't paste the $04:13
alkisgtheadmin: sudo apt-get install linux-image-generic04:13
itheoswhen i do this ----> sudo modprobe uvcvideo, i get this --->WARNING: All config files need .conf: /etc/modprobe.d/options, it will be ignored in a future release.04:13
nejiZykoticK9, okey thank you :) brb going to attempt this04:13
nopolenhow do you in salll win app in backtrack 404:13
itheosis it fine?04:14
pwnkillercoomand not found brb04:14
zoidfarb@viscar, try lspci , maybe04:14
meowsushaakon87, So it's either use flash in Wine or just a text editor?04:14
theadminalkisg: "linux-image-2.6.31-20-generic" - don't want this one, i don't really wanna to upgrade kernels04:14
ZykoticK9!backtrack | nopolen04:14
ubottunopolen: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)04:14
haakon87For development?04:14
zoidfarb@viscar, or also, plug it in and then run $dmesg | tail04:14
haakon87I'd go with Virtualbox and a Windows XP license, myself, but yes.04:14
zoidfarbviscar, and see iif it's being detected04:14
haakon87And Emacs is slightly more than a mere text editor... It can be used for anything. It'll run the X-Server in the end.04:15
haakon87However, nobody likes flash, so nobody wants to make something for it.. :(04:15
haakon87Off course, eclipse is an option.04:16
alkisgtheadmin: linux-image-generic is how the system is offering you new kernels. You could install an older version of it, but if you're really really sure that you never want to get a newer kernel, you can just do: sudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6.31-14-generic. That will mark it as manually installed, so that it doesn't get autoremoved.04:16
meowsushaakon87, yeah, i'm trying to do actual animation with it04:16
nejiZykoticK9, Hey so i got this text thing open up. npviewer am i correct so far?04:16
haakon87In which case, do you have a windows xp license? :(04:16
ZykoticK9neji, that's the file you need to edit yes04:17
nejiso i am typying this after TARGET_ARCH=i386?04:17
theadminAnother problem, i have 9 packages held back04:17
ZykoticK9neji, yup04:18
theadminbind9-host dnsutils libbind9-50 libdns50 libisc50 libisccc50 libisccfg50 liblwres50 sreadahead04:18
haakon87Flash sucks to begin with, so why would anyone of us want to touch it to begin with?04:18
theadminhaakon87: Youtube.04:18
haakon87Flash players you can get native.04:18
zoidfarbyoutube is supporting html5 video now04:18
haakon87But dev-tools?04:18
nejiyes youtube04:18
alkisgtheadmin: sudo apt-get install them, and pastebin the error message04:18
kocmodpomis solving ./configure issues always this difficult??? http://pastebin.com/nPYcwkFP04:18
zoidfarbFlash dev tools are mostly from Adobe04:18
meowsusMeh, i'm just trying to use it to create a stupid movie of a jungle that plays jungle sounds and a monkey swinging by for sdrecordingstudio.com04:19
debuggerWhat`s the relation btw Puppy Linux and Islam?04:19
ZykoticK9kocmodpom, it can be - that's why it's recommended you install from the repository and not compile things yourself (sometime it goes smoothly, not ofter)04:19
theadminalkisg: Hm, it worked. Really akward04:19
meowsusI'll be able to bang that out in flash, or a flash-like program, in a coulple of minutes04:19
pwnkillerhow do i find the directory containing the packages source code?04:19
zoidfarbdebugger, huh?04:19
ZykoticK9!ot | debugger04:19
ubottudebugger: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:19
debuggerI`ve banged some ugly chicks04:19
zoidfarbdebugger, neither one involves pork?04:19
debuggerare you insulting Microsoft?04:20
alkisgtheadmin: if you marked the linux-image manual, maybe that's why it now worked.04:20
zoidfarb!warn | debugger04:20
debuggerlol u mad?04:20
theadminalkisg: I see.04:20
kocmodpomZykotick9, there is no repository file for xoopic. I am on my own with no skillz.04:20
debuggerYOU ALL FUCKERS04:20
FloodBot4debugger: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:20
ZykoticK9!ops | debugger04:20
ubottudebugger: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!04:20
nejiOMFG! IT WORKS!!! ZykoticK9  thanks so much man :) 2yrs or 3 yrs ago i had linux =) i couldnt get youtube working so i went back to windows. Today you fix my main issue i had since the start04:20
debuggerFUCKING WANKERS04:20
zoidfarbare you 12 dude?04:21
pwnkillerhow do i find the directory containing the packages source code?04:21
itheosdebugger, ??04:21
haakon87Could someone please ban debugger?04:21
zoidfarbbanhammer time04:21
debuggerUbuntu is the dumbest fucking shit i ever saw04:21
haakon87He has a woodscrew loose.04:21
=== debugger is now known as lawl
=== lawl is now known as ololol
=== ololol is now known as debuggah
haakon87Thank you whoever banned him. :D04:22
theadminalkisg: Yahoo! (Altough google is better but that doesn't fit here), thanks a lot! You saved my system.04:22
alkisgtheadmin: you're welcome04:22
ZykoticK9neji, glad it worked04:22
haakon87Elky, maybe an IP ban should be considered if he jumps back in?04:23
zoidfarbcan you do a temp-IP ban?04:23
slacksterdoes "apt-get dist-upgrade" upgrade to the next release?04:23
zoidfarbslackester, yes04:23
elkyhaakon87, 2 diff people.04:23
jewrootNa dun.04:23
theadminslackster: Yes, however, the preffered way is "do-release-upgrade"04:24
slacksterzoidfarb: ok, I just want to upgrade the packages, but also kernel updates, but not the dist04:24
haakon87Yeah, you're right. my mistake,.04:24
slacksterwhat can I run?04:24
MobiusJedihow do i make myself root?04:24
nejiwell thanks a lot guys =) um is there a way i can save this channel for next time i want to join ? i am using Xchat(completely new to irc chats and such.04:24
haakon87MobiusJedi: What do you want?04:24
ZykoticK9MobiusJedi, why do you need root?04:24
jewrooti need root too04:24
haakon87sudo <command> makes that command run as root.04:24
jewrootgive me root on xubuntu please04:24
MobiusJedioh let me tell you. . .04:24
jewrootit says i need invitation =/04:24
haakon87sudo bash gives you a root shell.04:25
MobiusJedimy system won't boot up04:25
theadminhaakon87: sudo bash is a fracking bad idea.04:25
zoidfarbDoes anyone know anything about installing packages to other partitions?04:25
jewrootmy kernel failed to boot04:25
jewrootwat do04:25
theadminhaakon87: Use "sudo -i", not "sudo bash" as haakon87 said04:25
MobiusJediso, I'm attempting to edit etc/passwd file (backed up) to remove the user i just added04:25
zoidfarb"sudo su"04:25
MobiusJedicuz that was the last thing i did before it stopped booting04:25
zoidfarbwill give you a root prompt04:25
haakon87theadmin: If he wants to have root, then he should be told the truth. I'm a firm believer in "Enough rope to hang yourself with".04:25
ZykoticK9zoidfarb, i'm afraid that's a non-trivial thing to do, it's probably possible - but not worth the effort04:25
alkisgzoidfarb: you can mount another partition in a part of your file system. E.g. you could mount /home in another partition, or /usr or anything else. You don't need to do this on a per-package basis... You could also resize your partition.04:26
ZykoticK9zoidfarb, don't give that direction to people, it isn't supported in the channel04:26
slackstertheadmin: "upgrade-full" is apparently wrong syntax, how can I do similar?04:26
haakon87MobiousJedi: does the recovery shell work?04:26
wgranthaakon87, zoidfarb: Please recommend 'sudo -i', and not 'sudo su' or 'sudo bash' or anything else like that.04:26
theadminslackster: What exactly would you like to do?04:26
wgranthaakon87, zoidfarb: But avoid recommending anything like that except as a last resort.04:27
zoidfarbalkisg, my home is already mounted on a different partition04:27
slackstertheadmin: upgrade won't update the kernel.04:27
jewrootIs there a way to view porn on YouTube?04:27
slacksterI want to get all updates04:27
MobiusJedihaakon87: it tried to. . . I tried recovery on each of the 3 kernels i had04:27
alkisgzoidfarb: right, you could do that for other directories as well.04:27
jewrootIs   there    a      way    to     view porn on YouTube?04:27
theadminslackster: Are "linux-image-generic" and "linux-headers-generic" packages installed?04:27
jewrootIs   there    a      way    to     view porn on YouTube?04:27
zoidfarb!ops | jewroot04:27
ubottujewroot: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!04:27
theadmin!ops | kill the jewroot dude04:27
ubottukill the jewroot dude: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!04:28
Raiddinngo on PornTube instead04:28
slackstertheadminlet me check04:28
kocmodpomi'm audi 500004:28
haakon87wgrant: I did do that, and I did not mean to recommend that, he asked how he could achieve root. If he wanted a root shell, then sudo bash would be the correct answer.04:28
RaiddinnI need help installing koala04:28
wgranthaakon87: No, sudo -i is the correct answer.04:28
wgrant'sudo bash' is never correct.04:28
elkyRaiddinn, however accurate this is really *NOT* the place to discuss that.04:28
MobiusJedihaakon87: the first mildly successful recovery asked me to do fsck manually, which got as far as loading the startup splash, but every time I just got a mount error for sda104:29
RaiddinnI mostly just wanted to shut him up, sorry04:29
zoidfarbalkisg, but I've already got stuff in all those other directories, so I don't understand how I would move those04:29
=== WindPower is now known as WindPowdon
zoidfarbalisg, without major system breakage04:29
Raiddinnseriously though, as soon as I hit install my PC freezes when installing koala04:29
haakon87what exactly is so bad about it?04:29
alkisgzoidfarb: one way would be to move them from a live cd. But first, why are you not considering to resize your partition instead?04:30
theadminaargh, what on earth was the flash package?04:30
ZykoticK9zoidfarb, may i ask, how big is your root partition?04:30
haakon87theadmin: the flash support thingy?04:30
slackstertheadmin: no at least one of those packages is not installed04:30
haakon87ubuntu-restricted-extras have flash, mp3 and so on.04:30
theadminslackster: Install those both04:30
pwnkilleram i unmuted yet04:30
theadminhaakon87: Nah, mp3 is something i don't need04:30
theadminpwnkiller: Yes.04:30
zoidfarbalksig, zykotik9, I'm on a little eee netbook, it has two SSD drives, one 4 GB and one 16 GB. I have the 4 GB as my root, and /home as the 16 GB04:31
zoidfarbbut the 4 GB is basically full04:31
pwnkillerhow do i find the directoery containing the package source code04:31
zoidfarbI bought a 32 GB SD card04:31
Dougdoug4Hey. I'm on Ubuntu and I want to install Windows 7 over it. When I try to install Windows 7 it tells me it can only be installed over NTFS and that my filesystem or whatever is unrecognized04:31
Dougdoug4How do I fix this04:31
slackstertheadmin: linux-image-2.6.28-17-virtual is installed, I want to update to linux-image-2.6.28-18-virtual04:31
theadminzoidfarb: I don't think you can install anything on a SD card04:31
zoidfarband I want to install some non-essential apps on the SD card04:31
theadminslackster: Oh damn, i thought you have a generic image *facepalm*04:32
Raiddinnuse a win95 or win98 boot disk and Fdisk the partition doug04:32
zoidfarbtheadmin, you can boot/run your whole system from the SD if you want to. I've done it to play with alternate OSes04:32
ZykoticK9Dougdoug4, boot from a LiveCD and use gparted to delete your current install...04:32
theadminslackster: install "linux-image-virtual" and "linux-headers-virtual" then04:32
haakon87Dougdoug4: If you want to uninstall Ubuntu, just backup your personal files, and delete the partitions. This can be done with the Windows 7 install DVD.04:32
theadminzoidfarb: o_O04:32
slackstertheadmin: ok thanks04:32
haakon87You don't need a livedisc.04:32
Dougdoug4ZykoticK9, so your saying use my Ubuntu LiveCD, and delete my current Ubuntu installation with gparted04:32
Dougdoug4and ten install windows?04:32
kalmiDougdoug4, I am pretty sure you can delete the partition from the installer.... Click Advanced and Delete04:32
kalmior something like that04:33
theadminzoidfarb: Okay, i'm a noob04:33
slackstertheadmin: after that how do I grade?04:33
haakon87Dougdoug4: Windows7's installation cd have the tools you need on the installation disc,.04:33
slackstertheadmin: over the GUI it's easy..04:33
ZykoticK9Dougdoug4, against all my instincts, yes that's what i'm recommending to you04:33
theadminslackster: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"04:33
ae86-drifteri just changed my GFX card from an nvidia to an ATI card and i cant get it out of 'low graphics mode' i installed and enabled the ATI driver04:33
Dougdoug4wow ZykoticK9 way to call me an idiot04:33
alkisgzoidfarb: You'd better move the system partition to the 16 Gb SSD. You can copy partitions with gparted (from a live usb stick), but be careful while doing that, do a little reading first.04:33
kalmiDougdoug4, I have to agree with ZykoticK9 :/04:33
haakon87Dougdoug4, you went on an Ubuntu forum to ask for help about windows.04:33
haakon87Not to be rude but... He did help you, didn't he?04:34
Dougdoug4I went on an Ubuntu forum?04:34
Dougdoug4show me thE POST04:34
haakon87Sorry, a typo.04:34
zoidfarbthis is an ubuntu forum04:34
zoidfarbor, well, channel04:34
theadminalkisg: Correct me if i'm wrong, but how on earth can copying damage the data?04:34
Dougdoug4and I am most certainly not asking for Windows help04:34
haakon87Yes you are.04:34
Dougdoug4i'm on Ubuntu trying to figure out how to make my filesystem NTFS04:34
Dougdoug4i am most certinaly not04:35
haakon87"How do I install windows?"04:35
zoidfarb@alkisg, so you would suggest throwing "home" on the SD, and put the system partition on the 16 GB SSD?04:35
sqwertleIs there any SMS tool for Ubuntu that can both receive and send SMS?04:35
Dougdoug4i'm on Ubuntu trying to figure out how to make my filesystem NTFS04:35
haakon87Is essentially what you're asking.04:35
Dougdoug4i am most certinaly not04:35
Dougdoug4i'm on Ubuntu trying to figure out how to make my filesystem NTFS04:35
Dougdoug4i am most certinaly not04:35
FloodBot4Dougdoug4: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:35
pwnkillerhow do i find a directory containing a packages sourde code?04:35
theadminDougdoug4: "sudo apt-get install ntfs-progs && sudo mkfs.ntfs /dev/whatever"04:35
LoRezDougdoug4: why are you spamming?04:35
alkisgtheadmin: I didn't say anything like that. I just told him to be careful. For example, he might not be able to boot if he doesn't fix grub...04:35
haakon87He probably just hit Ctrl+v one time too many.04:35
alkisgzoidfarb: yes04:35
Raiddinnanyone know why I wouldn't even be able to install Koala even 1%?  I get a line across my screen with lots of different colors and complete freeze every time I hit install04:36
kalmisqwertle, do you need a gui tool?04:36
mneptokRaiddinn: corrupt disc image?04:37
haakon87Anyway Dougdoug4, you're asking how to make windows overwrite your Ubuntu partitions, this is a Windows problem. Had you asked how to make Ubuntu install over Windows, it would be an Ubuntu problem.04:37
theadminRaiddinn: A damaged disc04:37
zoidfarbalkisg, what do I do with my little 4 GB SSD then?04:37
alkisgzoidfarb: make it /home04:37
mneptokRaiddinn: m5sum it or run the media check from the boot menu04:37
theadminhaakon87: Dude. He just wants an NTFS filesystem. NOT windows.04:37
sqwertlekalmi: I would prefer one. I was hoping to find something similar to Konversation but for SMS04:37
haakon87theadmin: Nope, here's his original post: "Hey. I'm on Ubuntu and I want to install Windows 7 over it. When I try to install Windows 7 it tells me it can only be installed over NTFS and that my filesystem or whatever is unrecognized"04:38
zoidfarbtheoretically, you can install/run Ubuntu on an NTFS drive, right04:38
theadminhaakon87: Oh.04:38
theadminhaakon87: Guess i wasn't online during zat04:38
Freak007  Does anybody know how to, add the 'RenderAccel' option to /etc/X11/xorg.conf ,after you have created an Xorg configuration file.04:39
vlad003If I run "xset dpms force off" the screen turns back on after <1 sec. If I run it with sudo, it only comes back when I move mouse. Any idea why?04:39
kocmodpomok I can't even get a binary to install now, please help http://pastebin.com/KGJuRgZx04:39
hyperstream0x017 <-- what is this? hexdeci ?04:39
=== rainofkayos is now known as SolarisBoy
theadminhyperstream: You have some missing libraries, find em in Synaptic04:40
theadminpwnkiller: stop saying nonsense04:40
pwnkillerit's such a simple ?04:40
kalmisquarepeg, well... You could try wammu, but I don't think it is what you are looking for. But I don't any im-like sms sender.04:40
hyperstreamtheadmin, yeah, interested to know what language/thing this is exactly (first time seeing)04:40
kalmisquarepeg, +know04:40
theadminhyperstream: .so (Shared Object) is something like Windows' .dll04:40
almoxarifekocmodpom: there is a deb for sun java various versions, why not use it?04:41
=== cowboy is now known as Guest22712
haakon87His problem isn't that, it just seems that he can't access some things, such as /bin/ls04:42
=== titaniumbrella is now known as Carbonish
Guest22712Hello, I'm having some trouble getting my sound working on my HP laptop and ubuntu 9.10.  would someone be able to help me out?04:42
theadminalmoxarife: He might need the latest version for some weird reason04:42
=== Guest22712 is now known as shipwrecked
haakon87Some .so files.04:42
anirbanGuest22712: Are you using ALSA?04:42
kocmodpomalmoxarife, that is the problem? missing java? ok04:42
erickwhich is better avant or docky??04:43
shipwreckedanirban: I'm not entirely sure04:43
theadminerick: I myself think Avant is better, however it's a matter of taste04:43
kocmodpomso synaptic is program you have to install?04:43
shipwreckedanirban: this is the second laptop i've installed on and the other had no problem04:43
haakon87synaptic is a program that installs and keeps track of programs for oyu.04:43
almoxarifekocmodpom: I would use it unless you have some reason to not use it04:44
anirbanShptwrecked: Then, what is the problem? Do you hear a sound?04:44
shipwreckednope, i'm not getting any sound on this one04:44
ZenkerGood eveni'n everyone :)04:44
UbuntuNoobhow do i get my Netgear wg311v2 to work with ubuntu 9.10?04:44
anirbanShptwrecked: Then, is the Sound icon displayed in the top-right?04:44
MobiusJediI'm not having any luck here. . . what can i do to repair my kernel and/or check sda1 filesystem?04:45
shipwreckedanirban: yes, volume is all the way up04:45
theadminBleh, any help understanding where icons from the "system" menu have dissappeared?04:45
anirbanShitwrecked: Ok, then right-click it first...04:45
almoxarifeUbuntuNoob: you already on the wireless?04:45
alkisgMobiusJedi: boot with a live cd?04:45
kocmodpomhaakon87, ok I had never heard of it before yesterday04:45
haakon87theadmin: What do you see? Do you have a screenshot for us?04:45
=== LinoSP_ is now known as LinoSP
shipwreckedanirban: okok, go into sound prefs?04:46
theadminhaakon87: Well, can make one04:46
pwnkillerneed help sm1 pm me pls04:46
MobiusJedialkisg: lol, that's how i'm using my desktop right now04:46
anirbanShitwrecked: Now, go to Output tab,04:46
alkisgMobiusJedi: well, then why don't you run fsck from it?04:46
shipwreckedanirban: done04:46
anirbanShitwrecked: Is there any device displayed?04:46
MobiusJediI typed 'fsck' in terminal, did nothing04:46
UbuntuNoobhow do I get my Netgear wg311v2 wireless card to work with ubuntu 9.10?04:47
alkisgMobiusJedi: sudo fsck /dev/sdaXXX04:47
alkisgOr just sudo fsck..04:47
shipwreckedanirban: 2.  Internal Audio Analog Stereo and HDA ATI HDMI Digital Stereo04:47
MobiusJedialkisg: Oh! that helps04:47
kocmodpomso what is the command to install it (synaptic) make doesn't work04:47
theadminhaakon87: There. http://imagebin.ca/img/O-7shWm6.png04:47
zoidfarbshipwrecked, try this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20544904:48
bungis 2.4MB/sec between my ubuntu partition and my vista partition slow? seems slow to me, shouldnt it be 10 times that?04:48
MobiusJedialkisg: uh oh, "sudo: uid 0 does not exist in the passwd file!"04:48
anirbanShitwrecked: Well, select it and drag the Output Volume tab (top position) and increase it04:48
Spaztic_OneCould someone lend a hand? I have my problem outlined here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=143000204:48
xanguatheadmin: system> preferences> appearence04:48
Raiddinn@theadmin & @ mneptok I have the right checksum for the ISO image file for the ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso version, how do I know if it went from there to the CD correctly?04:48
alkisgMobiusJedi: erm, are you saying that you can't use sudo from the live cd?04:48
dante123hi all, just upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10 and my 1440 x 900 resolution does not show up when using nvidia driver.  I fixed this once before but cant remember how I did it.  ANy04:49
MobiusJedisadly, it appears so04:49
kalmi!sound | Spaztic_One04:49
haakon87theadmin: Go into preferences - appearance04:49
ubottuSpaztic_One: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP304:49
dante123any suggestions04:49
almoxarifekocmodpom: system>admin>synaptic04:49
saganbyte Is there some app on Ubuntu that I can use for video jockeying.. like it would take a audio stream in and have some way to sync the video to the audio04:49
theadminhaakon87, xangua: Thanks04:49
brjannMobiusJedi: are you chroot'd or something?04:49
alkisgMobiusJedi: which ubuntu version/flavor are you using exactly?04:49
haakon87One of those tabs should be what you're searching for.04:49
kocmodpomthanks almoxarife04:50
slackstertheadmin: thanks, the upgrade worked, and I am now on 2.6.28-18.  ;)04:50
MobiusJedibrjann: yeah, forgot i did that. reopened terminal, my user name is "I have no name!"04:50
theadminHm, something's broken there :D I removed evolution and it's still in the menu. Not a big problem.04:50
theadminslackster: Ok cool to know04:50
MobiusJedialkisg: my live cd is 8.10, trying to fix my install of xubuntu 9.1004:51
anirbanHello all, I am creating a new Channel on Wesnoth Strategies, please join, if you are eager, :)04:51
gbear14275does anyone know if I point both an ubuntu and debian install at the same /home if that would cause problems?04:51
theadminanirban: That's totally offtopic04:51
alkisgMobiusJedi: is your hard disk partition ext4 or ext3?04:52
theadmingbear14275: Yeah, settings and all04:52
itheoswhen i do this ----> sudo modprobe uvcvideo, i get this --->WARNING: All config files need .conf: /etc/modprobe.d/options, it will be ignored in a future release. is it fine?04:52
ki__Hello. I have two devices that were running mdraid on a previous distro04:52
MobiusJedialkisg: ext304:52
ki__i did mdadm --scan and it created and md104:52
anirbanVery Sorry theadmin, just thought that it might attract the interest of some. Sorry if I have offended the rules here, :(04:52
ki__but it doesn't look like devices are there.04:53
almoxarifeitheos: change the name of 'options' to 'options.conf'04:53
itheosok thanks let me try :)04:53
alkisgMobiusJedi: ok, I'm not sure what you did so far, but can you just reboot with the live cd and run sudo fsck or sudo -i?04:53
ki__My question is this: Do I need to run mdadm --create again to get the drives configured in a RAID 1 or can I use --assemble ?04:53
sqwertleIs there any sort of program that can receive/send e-mails with an instant messenger ui?04:54
MobiusJedialkisg: we'll find out!04:54
ki__sqwertle, IDK04:54
itheosalmoxarife, i still get the same msg04:55
vishalhow to on remote service on ubuntu04:55
sqwertleki__: Is that "I Don't Know" or?04:55
almoxarifeitheos: can you paste.bin it?04:55
theadminsqwertle: Yes, that means "I don't know"04:55
ki__sqwertle, Yes04:55
theadminvishal: huh04:55
itheosalmoxarife, the file is empty :D04:55
vishaltheadmin: ya m new to this04:56
techzgI was asked to upload a file to a server, given instruction are 'server' 'path' 'filename', could you please tell me how to do it04:57
mezquitalecan someone inviteme to #hardware please?04:57
kalmisqwertle, um... gmail?04:57
ZykoticK9!register > mezquitale04:57
ubottumezquitale, please see my private message04:57
itheosmezquitale, /join ##hardware ?04:57
theadmintechzg: Well, i belive something like "http://example.org/somefolder/somefile"04:57
kocmodpomalmoxarife, I installed java package but am still getting the same errors as before, missing libraries04:58
techzgtheadmin: is there a tool to do it? I do have the server path and directory paths but, no id and password.04:59
theadmintechzg: Sorry, can't really help with that04:59
mezquitaleZykoticK9, im already registered but the password is on my laptop04:59
kocmodpomalmoxarife, http://pastebin.com/Y0e2HDbg04:59
ZykoticK9mezquitale, ? it's just you don't typically need an invite, you just need to use a registered nic - thus me sending the bot message.  sorry man.05:00
almoxarifekocmodpom: you are trying to use 'make'?05:01
Zenkerdoes anyone know how to find the password i set for this room?05:01
theadminZenker: _this_ room has no password :/05:01
kocmodpomno, not for java or oopic.bin05:01
Zenkererr. the server or whatever i registered my nick name w05:02
theadminZenker: Ah, let me dig in the help05:02
Salec_hey guys does ubuntu server's installer support dmraid?05:03
theadminZenker: Hm. It actually seems that you can't recover it.05:03
Salec_i can't seem to install the grub when using ubuntu server but ubuntu desktop installs just fine05:03
ZykoticK9Zenker, if you use xchat - look in ~/.xchat/serlist_.conf05:03
Zenkerit wont be there, i guess ill just have 2 hope nobody decides to use zenker, i dont think i have anything 2 worry bout05:04
ZykoticK9Zenker, actually it is there in plain text next to B= for Freenode05:05
theadminMan that ain't secure05:05
kocmodpomalmoxarife, no i used sudo install05:06
MobiusJediI'm scared: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/YgLd6LCA05:08
ZykoticK9MobiusJedi, is that suppose to be an NTFS partition?05:09
theadminMobiusJedi: You just don't have fsck for ntfs05:09
MobiusJediIt used to be an NTFS partition, where my windows system used to be05:10
ZykoticK9MobiusJedi, then as theadmin said you just need to install the ntfs tools05:10
MobiusJedican i do that on live CD?05:11
ZykoticK9MobiusJedi, not sure, but probably05:11
Raiddinncan anyone tell me what /casper/filesystem.squashfs does05:11
ZykoticK9Raiddinn, you might get some details from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization05:13
theadminRaiddinn: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squashfs05:14
alkisgMobiusJedi: if you have an ntfs partition, you'd better check it from windows05:14
dm_Anyone using open office?05:14
ZykoticK9!anyone > dm_05:15
ubottudm_, please see my private message05:15
dm_I'm having trouble installing from a tar.gz anyone have a minute to help a linux newbie who has actually read some tutorials =)05:16
ZykoticK9dm_, why are you installing from a tar.gz instead of just installing from the repository?05:16
Spaztic_Onekalmi: before I go about doing anything that was linked to, how much of that is for people with no sound, and for people experiencing what I described?05:16
Spaztic_OneSo far, most looks like it is for people who are not getting sound at all.05:17
dm_Is it in the repository?05:17
dm_ALso, I'm sort of looking for something to learn how to install with05:17
ZykoticK9dm_, OpenOffice of course05:17
alkisgdm_: it's preinstalled, actually. You don't see it in your menus?05:17
ZykoticK9dm_, OpenOffice is HUGE i would find something smaller to play with05:17
dm_Well, I'm on a netbook so I'm running xubuntu05:18
Loshadm_: what ZykoticK9 just said...05:18
kalmiSpaztic_One, well... dunno:) Try ALSA, that can't hurt. PulseAudio used to have a lot of funny problems.05:18
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP305:18
theadminZykoticK9: Huge? Well... bigger then some of stuff, but huge? Meh05:18
dm_Does the size really matter?05:18
dm_Is it harder to install from a tarball for a bigger file?05:18
ZykoticK9dm_, it's all up to you05:19
LoshaSpaztic_One: I had good luck with http://www.ubuntugeek.com/fix-for-all-pulseaudio-related-issues.html05:19
ZykoticK9theadmin, i can't even think of a larger package then OOo05:19
MobiusJedialkisg: that's just it tho, I used the partition editor to delete ntfs and create ext3 and a swap so i could install linux (windows needed to be installed from scratch if i wanted to use it again anyway)05:19
dm_Well, I'm trying to "unzip" it through terminal, but it isnt creating a new folder that it is unzipped to. Should I be using the zxf or a different command?05:20
Raiddinnopenoffice is written in Java, right? not C?05:20
git__is there xchat screenlet?05:20
git__or irc screenlet?05:20
theadminZykoticK9: netbeans is 237 MB big.05:20
Loshadm_: use xvzf and you can watch it unpack...05:21
ZykoticK9theadmin, netbeans - gotta find out what that is ;)05:21
alkisgMobiusJedi: ntfs doesn't have open specs, so the linux driver for it is written using reverse engineering. I wouldn't trust any non-microsoft fsck tools for it (that's why I don't use it on linux systems).05:21
theadminZykoticK9: an IDE05:21
LoshaMobiusJedi: what are you trying to do again?05:21
ZykoticK9theadmin, interesting (i'm not a developer, and thus don't feel bad for not knowing it)05:22
dm_Losha: Thanks, I will try that out05:22
Guest24245I have a 1.3g file. Whats the absolute fastest way to share it? Dropbox takes forever.05:22
MobiusJedilosha: lol, make karmic 9.10 boot again without wiping the drive. . . don't have any space left to backup files05:22
mtx_initGuest24245: likely an ftp server05:22
theadminGuest24245: Dropbox is slow :/ Try uploading to somewhere, best idea would be some filehost with ftp (QShare is one of those, for instance)05:23
alkisgMobiusJedi: what does the ntfs partition have to do with karmic being able to boot or not? If you have it in /etc/fstab, just comment it out...05:23
MobiusJedialkisg: so then, linux can't be trusted to delete NTFS either?05:23
LoshaMobiusJedi: it used to boot? What happened?05:23
Guest24245theadmin and qshare is fast and easy?05:23
alkisgMobiusJedi: deleting NTFS is an MBR thing, for which the specs are open.05:23
alkisgSo it's safe.05:23
Guest24245I will be sharing with someone who isnt too bright computer speaking05:23
kalmiGuest24245, never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes05:23
MobiusJediinteresting. . .05:23
theadminGuest24245: Fast... quite fast. Easy? Just register, connect to ftp.qshare.com with your name and password trough the menu, and copy the file to "uploads"05:24
LoshaGuest24245: burn it to a dvd and send the dvd...05:24
MobiusJediin file browser, sda1 properties says it's an ext3, but fsck returned the ntfs error on it05:24
theadminGuest24245: And as for downloading, it's just a link, there one has to click "Free" and "Download the file"05:24
Spaztic_Onelosha and kalmi :: I don't have either of the menus described. Kalmi, double clicking on the sound control doesn't bring anything up, and Losha, my sound config panel doesn't have that tab, or one that looks like it.05:24
Guest24245thank you theadmin05:25
MobiusJedikarmic booted yesterday. . . last thing I did was add a new user, restarted, wouldn't boot05:25
kalmiSpaztic_One, are you running ubuntu?05:25
LoshaSpaztic_One: that's ok, the menu part is for an earlier distro. Just skip over that part and do the rest...05:25
Spaztic_Oneyes, 9.105:25
alkisgMobiusJedi: what does `sudo fdisk -l` tell you?05:25
LoshaMobiusJedi: haven't you been working on this all day?05:25
Loshadm_: I prefer not to PM, so people can follow along. What isn't working?05:26
dm_Okay, I used that command, and it appears that it has been unpacked, but the folder never appears05:27
MobiusJedialkisg: says sda1 is HPFS/NTFS05:27
MobiusJediLosha: you remember well. . . I had a 4ish hour break for band practice tho05:27
Loshadm_: which folder should it have unpacked into? What happens if you open a terminal and type ls -l (that's all lower case Ls)05:27
alkisgMobiusJedi: and it's supposed to be ext3 and to have karmic in it?05:27
Guest24245theadmin the qshare website isnt loading05:28
MobiusJediyeah, still has all ubuntu's system files05:28
Guest24245this isnt a good representation of their speed, sir05:28
LoshaMobiusJedi: can you pastebin the output of 'sudo fdisk -l' for us?05:28
theadminGuest24245: Where exactly are you going? it's qshare.com05:28
Guest24245theadmin yeah thats where Im going05:28
alkisgMobiusJedi: how would you know that it has the system files? Are you able to mount it?05:28
MobiusJedioops, meant to do that too: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/tR4GgPDF05:28
Guest24245been loading for 5 minutes now and I have a really fast connection05:28
theadminGuest24245: Hm, loads in a few seconds over here usually.05:29
Guest24245try it now, if you would05:29
theadminGuest24245: Maybe a maintenace, damn them05:29
MobiusJedialkisg: i can read the partition, but can't write05:29
dm_Losha: When I type that, I see all my folders and files in my home folder. The tarball shows up, but the folder it unpacked into never does05:29
Guest24245im uploading to my own ftp05:29
Guest24245not too fast though05:29
alkisgMobiusJedi: while mounted, can you post the output of `mount` ?05:29
theadminGuest24245: Ah indeed, according to DFEOJM it's down05:29
alkisgAh, got it05:29
alkisgMobiusJedi: so, tell me if I'm right on this:05:30
Loshadm_: then either you got the unpack command wrong, or you're looking in the wrong place...05:30
Guest24245theadmin have any other alternative?05:30
Guest24245my ftp is slow as balls too. :<05:30
dm_Shouldn't it unpack into the "home" folder, or atleast the one the tar file is in?05:30
theadminGuest24245: There are a few i know, but they have too much ads on them and limit the speed05:30
=== Guest24245 is now known as aybabtu
LoshaMobiusJedi: you appear to have 3 different disks, only one of which has a linux filesystem on it (/dev/sdb)05:31
alkisgYour linux files are on /dev/sdb1, NOT on /dev/sda1. The reason you can't boot is because you're trying to boot from sda1...05:31
=== aybabtu is now known as Guest13742
alkisgMobiusJedi: on the second pastebin /dev/sda1 is *not* mounted. So you can't be seeing its files.05:31
MobiusJediwow, i've gotten my head turned around05:31
Loshaalkisg: that's how it looks to me....05:32
MobiusJedithat makes some sense05:32
skrapsmobius: dont run into anything, ;)05:32
Spaztic_Onelosha :: Thanks mate, folowing that seems to have solved it all.05:32
MobiusJediskraps: lol, thanks05:32
chrome hey kids05:33
dm_Losha: Shouldn't it unpack into the folder which the tar file is in. If not, can I point it to one specifically?05:33
LoshaSpaztic_One: here's hoping it will stay fixed. Some people have found sound fails again for no apparent reason later on...05:33
chromeI have an apple keyboard, I want the function keys to be function keys, anyone know how to do that? I want to use Fn+F11 for volume, for instance, instead of Fn+F11 for F11.05:34
Loshadm_: usually it unpacks into the current folder, but depending on how the filenames are arranged on the tarfile, they might unpack elsewhere. They may even overwrite some of your system files if they were packed incorrectly. That's another reason to 'start small'....05:34
MobiusJediok, now i'm running fsck on the correct part05:34
dinosaurvskittenI'm trying to find a simple (preferably command line) timer application that can keep track of how much time I spend on what. Ideally, all I'd have to do is type something like "start X" when I start doing X and then "stop" when I'm done. Then I'd have some log that tells me how long I spent working X, Y and Z over some time frame. Any suggestions?05:34
LoshaMobiusJedi: progress at last...05:35
MaxHRHello, I am testing a few distros for ease of use, first tested Mandriva One, as it included prop drivers and plugins on one cd, is there a similar install for ubuntu?05:35
Spaztic_OneLosha :: Ah, well, I'll make sure to pester somebody if that happens.05:35
LoshaSpaztic_One: we'll be here....05:35
chromedinosaurvskitten: doesn't sound hard to write.05:35
theadminMaxHR: Propertiary drivers are downloadable from the System - Admininstration - Hardware Drivers menu05:35
dinosaurvskittenchrome, yeah I just launched vim, I was just wondering if someone else had done it before me :p05:35
MobiusJedii know, right?05:35
chromedinosaurvskitten: I've seen time tracking apps from time to time, but I think most have a gui.05:36
theadminMaxHR: As for flash, Java and mp3 codecs... "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras" will give em to ya05:36
dante123hi all, I DESPERATELY need help.  I have just installed 9.10 and I cannot get resolution of 1440x900 to work with my Acer x193w and nvidia 9800 gtx+ although this worked under 9.04...05:36
MaxHRtheadmin: so they aren't included on the disc?  (I need all that on the media, as the computer being installed on is on dialup)05:37
chromedante123: have you installed the restricted drivers?05:37
Loshadinosaurvskitten: you could have a very simple one where 'start' is an alias for e.g. 'echo started $\* >> logfile' (I forget the exact syntax). The hard part is you have to always remember to type start and stop...05:37
MobiusJedidoes this tell anyone anything? http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/0wMYQzrt05:37
MobiusJedi(result of fsck)05:37
dante123I believe I have encountered this error before...but cant remember how I fixed it previously.....and YES chrome restricted driver is there but max resolution is not05:37
theadminMaxHR: No, it can't be on the disc cause not everyone needs it... And i've no idea how to put it on one05:37
alkisgdinosaurvskitten: e.g. `time gedit` will tell you how long that needed.05:37
chromedante123: try removing the xorg.conf and then run nvidia-settings after restarting X05:38
MaxHRtheadmin: are there any respins of ubuntu that do this?05:38
dante123I believe I added lines to the xorg.conf but cant remember and googling gets me a bunch of contradictory stuff05:38
LoshaMobiusJedi: yes, it tells me the filesystem is now fine. You should now be able to do a grub install using it....05:38
theadminMobiusJedi: It means you made a hard shutdown/reboot which corrupted the system05:38
chromesudo nvidia-settings, and don't merge the config when you save it out05:38
theadminMaxHR: Linux Mint is one of those05:38
MaxHRrighton, I will check into that, thx05:38
theadminMobiusJedi: Seems it got fixed though05:38
dante123chrome did that once and resolution is worse with only 640 x 480 and 320 something being choices05:38
alkisgMobiusJedi: cat you do: cat /media/disk/etc/fstab ?05:38
chromeLosha: haha, she could write it to .plan :D05:38
dante123should I uninstall restricted drivers first05:38
Loshachrome: ?05:39
MobiusJedimk... let's see05:39
chromeLosha: the start/stop thing.05:39
chdhow do I set my drives to automatically boot when ubuntu starts up? someone told me about fstab but I don't know how to edit it.05:39
MobiusJedialkisg: no such file or directory05:39
dante123chrome should i uninstall nvidia restricted driver first...and see if I can get 1440x900 without it first???05:40
alkisgMobiusJedi: mount the disk first, from the 'places' menu05:40
chromedante123: i don't see the point in doing that05:40
chromedante123: the hardware obviously works05:40
chromedante123: try running nvidia-xconfig05:40
Loshachrome: yes, any convenient file will do for holding the log, it's just lines of text. We'd add timestamps of course, which I forgot to do...05:40
MobiusJedialkisg: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/5vCLrN2X05:41
dante123chrome I ran nvidia-xconfig and got this:  VALIDATION ERROR: Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.05:41
dante123                  Undefined Device "(null)" referenced by Screen "Default05:41
dante123                  Screen".05:41
alkisgMobiusJedi: erm, why do you have /proc in it?05:41
alkisgAh, nm05:42
MobiusJediI couldn't even guess05:42
alkisgGo ahead and try to boot it05:42
MobiusJedik, catch ya on the flipside05:42
dante123schrome shall I do this first: sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:42
theadmindante123: Woah, hold that, that file might be important05:42
ZykoticK9dante123, perhaps move the xorg.conf rather then delete, then run "sudo nvidia-xconfig", then run "gksuo nvidia-settings" and it should work05:43
dante123I did backj it up first05:43
Loshaalkisg: the proc is a 9.X thing. I see it in my 9.10 fstab....05:43
theadmindante123: Okay, try then. Hope you know how to get it back if X crashes ;)05:43
theadminLosha: Hm, wasn't there in 9.0405:43
ZykoticK9MobiusJedi, why is / ext2?05:44
Loshatheadmin: dunno, must be new in 9.10. Something else to go wrong...05:44
chromedinosaurvskitten: http://blog.christopherpitzer.com/2009/timebook-command-line-time-tracking/05:44
chromedinosaurvskitten: looks exactly like what you're after05:44
dante123<ZykoticK9> did as you said....now what (nothing happened from what I could see)05:44
chromedante123: I got that too, when I ran it the first time.05:44
ZykoticK9dante123, did you restart nvidia-settings?05:44
tato_42will eye candy work in gnome05:45
theadminLosha: Have that too so i guess everything's fine05:45
theadmintato_42: Just turn on compiz and enjoy05:45
Zenkerwill someone help me with the make command?05:45
dante123<ZykoticK9> i ran sudo nvidia-xconfig like u said and then gksudo nvidia-settings05:45
dante123<ZykoticK9> now what05:45
LoshaMobiusJedi: did you do a grub install before rebooting?05:45
ZykoticK9dante123, and do you have the resolution that you want?05:46
LasivianWhere would I find details about why my machine hangs when I shut it down?05:46
Loshatheadmin: yeah, it's just for the proc filesystem...05:46
ZykoticK9dante123, no idea then, but with my step you should now be able to save to xorg from nvidia-settings without error05:46
theadminLosha: what on earth is it05:46
dante1231360x768 is max yet this acer x193w will do 1440x900....had it doing before fresh install of 9.1005:46
Loshatheadmin: the proc interface?05:47
theadminLosha: Doesn't tell me much :D05:47
dante123I believe that originally under 9.04 I had to put sync or refresh parameters in xorg.conf as well as some modeline comment05:47
dante123but I just cant remember.....darn05:47
Loshatheadmin: it's been around for a while, it's an interface to the kernel, rigged up to look like a filesystem. Do an ls in /proc and poke around (don't write anything there though)....05:48
dante123ZykoticK9 do I need to logout or restart for any of the commands you gave me05:48
ZykoticK9dante123, no - that just fixes xorg for nvidia-settings really05:48
Loshadante123: no backup then?05:49
Spaztic_OneIs there a way to increase the area in which you can grab a window to stretch it? It is currently a single pixel wide which is a pain to try and grab.05:49
theadminLosha: That's uber-complicated for me :/ Not much with Linux, around 1.5 years05:49
veebullanybody here use TurnKey Linux appliances?05:49
ZykoticK9Spaztic_One, alt+middle_mouse_button and click drag anywhere in window05:49
Loshatheadmin: it's pretty advanced usage, don't mess around in there....05:49
dante123<ZykoticK9> okay, i ran sudo nvidia-settings then saved the configuration file....now I think I have to edit it and add mode or modeline comment...this might be starting to come back to me.05:50
ZykoticK9dante123, well i can't personally help with those settings so best of luck05:51
MobiusJedidrat. . . same error I've been getting. failure to mount filesystem05:51
ZykoticK9MobiusJedi, is your root partition really ext2?05:51
LoshaMobiusJedi: I think you missed a step. You need to do a grub (re)install....05:51
dante123let you know in a minute if it works...thanks for help anyway....i MIGHT be back05:51
MobiusJediZykoticK9: yes05:52
ZykoticK9MobiusJedi, k just checking05:52
MobiusJediLosha: yeah, i was gonna ask what to do exactly05:52
LoshaMobiusJedi: what release is it again. 9.10?05:52
LoshaZykoticK9: ext2 isn't ideal, but it shouldn't matter for these purposes....05:53
Spaztic_OneZykoticK9: I was about to say "that only stretches the bottom part, and its not anywhere, it only works when close to the bottom" when I realized that "hmm, only close to the bottom... maybe the side will make that side move: lo and behold, it does. Thanks mate.05:53
LoshaMobiusJedi: that means you have grub2. Wait a second...05:53
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub205:53
ki__HELP! mdadm: Cannot open /dev/sdb: Device or resource busy05:53
ZykoticK9Spaztic_One, :)05:53
ki__its not mounted (checking df -kh)05:53
dinosaurvskittenchrome, timebook looks pretty neat, thanks!05:54
dinosaurvskittenchrome, I ended up using "/usr/bin/time -f "%e $@" -o time_log -a read" for now :)05:55
LoshaMobiusJedi: you need to go to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2 and follow section 7: Recover Grub 2 via LiveCD, except when they use /dev/sda1, you use /dev/sdb105:55
pwnkillerhey if i type into terminal make what should followit05:57
ZykoticK9pwnkiller, installing sourcecode?05:57
pwnkillermake + what im tying to install a program frm a tar file05:57
ZykoticK9pwnkiller, 1) ./configure 2) make 3) sudo make install05:58
theadminpwnkiller: Depends on the program. Read the included README05:58
pwnkillerjust make?05:58
pwnkilleri get an error msg05:58
Loshapwnkiller: the *exact* text of the error msg?05:58
pwnkillermake: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop05:59
theadmin...lol... I just did "cat ~/somefile | less" instead of "less ~/somefile"... I'm getting crazy with the console already05:59
theadminpwnkiller: Did you do "./configure"?05:59
theadminpwnkiller: Was it successful?05:59
Mariouxhi there05:59
MariouxI need to uninstall virtualbox, wich I installed from the deb package05:59
Mariouxanyone can help me?05:59
Loshapwnkiller: unlikely, since it didn't produce a makefile. Run configure again and paste the output to http://ubuntu.pastebin.com06:00
ZykoticK9Marine, do you get multiple entries with "dpkg -l | grep virtualbox"06:00
theadminMarioux: Sure, just sudo apt-get remove virtualbox... or was it VirtualBox...06:00
pwnkiller(libxul-unstable mozilla-plugin) were not met:06:01
pwnkillerNo package 'libxul-unstable' found06:01
pwnkillerNo package 'mozilla-plugin' found06:01
Mariouxtheadmin: I tried that... no result at all06:01
ZykoticK9theadmin, more likely virtualbox-3.106:01
Loshapwnkiller: I can't tell from just those lines if those are fatal errors, or just advisory warnings, but since you didn't get a makefile, I assume the former....06:01
Loshapwnkiller: are you trying to build mozilla?06:02
MariouxZykoticK9: no result at all with that command06:02
pwnkillerk i'll paste to the link above06:02
pwnkillerno brb06:02
ZykoticK9Marioux, then you didn't install with a DEB file i believe06:02
MobiusJediI'm confused on this step: Now you need to edit the /etc/default/grub file to fit your system06:02
jera_meeim newbie on using ubuntu06:02
MariouxZykoticK9: I've downloaded the .deb package from the sun virtualbox web page06:03
Loshapwnkiller: fine, I'll just sit here and try and guess which program you're trying to build....06:03
LoshaMobiusJedi: there's nothing you need to configure in there, just skip over that step...06:03
ZykoticK9Marioux, "apt-cache policy virtualbox-3.1" does it show as installed?06:04
jera_meemay i ask u something?06:04
Losha!ask | jera_mee06:04
ubottujera_mee: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:04
MariouxZykoticK9: no result at all06:05
Mariouxbut I'm seeing virtualbox running right now06:05
ZykoticK9Marioux, did you recently download this deb?  do you still have the DEB file?06:05
MobiusJediLosha: is this a problem? sed: warning: failed to get security context of /tmp/filek7Y6V6: No data availablesed: warning: failed to get security context of /tmp/fileGC2zvW: No data availableUpdating /boot/grub/menu.lst ... done06:06
pwnkillerk pasted http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/x4YhTRQa06:06
ardchoillelabyrinth1965: ok, you're here. You can ask any Ubuntu question here and hopefully someone will help you with it.06:06
MariouxZykoticK9: yes I do... its a .run archive06:06
LoshaMobiusJedi: /boot/grub/menu.lst belongs to grub1, not grub2. Which livecd did you boot?06:06
ZykoticK9Marine, that's not a deb!06:06
jera_meeanyone know how to use my integrated camera so i can take picture with it?06:06
pwnkillerintergrated cam use cheese06:07
MariouxZykoticK9: I know... I thought it was a deb package but it's a run06:07
MobiusJedi8.10, cuz that's what I have. . . are you telling me i have to track down a blank cd?06:07
ZykoticK9Marioux, then apt is totally unaware of the install!  you need to ask in #vbox how to uninstall then.06:07
Kevin_CruxHi somebody help me06:07
MariouxZykoticK9: ok thank you very much06:07
ZykoticK9Marioux, in future - use DEBs06:07
Kevin_CruxI'm new in the ubuntu OS06:07
MobiusJediUbNubs unite!06:07
MariouxZykoticK9: sure thanks again06:07
labyrinth1965I want to put MP3 music from my sansa player in Rhythmbox is there a way to do this.06:08
pwnkillerok pasted http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/x4YhTRQa06:08
jera_meehi kevin06:08
Loshapwnkiller: see this line "error: Package requirements (libxul-unstable mozilla-plugin) were not met" -- that's a fatal error, which is why you didn't get a makefile. You need to fix that before you can proceed...06:08
macolabyrinth1965: with the sansa plugged in, it should show in the sidebar in rhythmbox. click on it and you should be able to drag songs from the sansa to your library06:08
Kevin_Cruxhi jera I need your help06:09
dante123<ZykoticK9> got it working, I had to copy some lines from my other computer that has the same monitor with 9.10......here is my xorg.conf in case u r curious06:09
dante123hang on for pastebin06:09
ardchoillemaco: May I pm you?06:09
MobiusJediLosha: i can't make it work with 8.10 CD?06:09
Kevin_Cruxi need to install a lexmarz z647 printer06:10
ZykoticK9dante123, nice job - well done!  be sure to keep a copy of it!06:10
Kevin_Cruxwith ubuntu 9.1006:10
dante123will do thanks for help......06:10
LoshaMobiusJedi: no, I'm telling you that grub changed between 8.10 and 9.10. You *told* me you were running 9.10. The instructions for 8.10 are *different*. No wonder you haven't made much progress. Which is it?06:10
Zenkertheadmin r u there?06:10
MobiusJediLosha: sorry, I can be slow on the uptake06:10
linageedoes anyone know why lock and move are grayed out on my gnome panel on ubuntu 10.04? (how do I move things?)06:10
macoardchoille: yes06:11
Loshapwnkiller: since you won't even tell me what program you're trying to build, how am I supposed to help...06:11
pwnkillermoonshine, i'm sorry06:11
macolabyrinth1965: at least, thats how my USB-mass-storage type mp3 players work, and i believe the sansa is also a USB mass storage type player06:11
dante123http://pastebin.com/x6rb3p6v  <ZykoticK9>  I don't know which lines make it work....but I also added refresh rates from the spec page for my particular monitor06:11
dante123thanks for your help06:11
LoshaMobiusJedi: computers kinda need attention to detail ya' know... And I still don't know which version you are running....06:12
ZykoticK9dante123, it's probably the HorizSync and VertRefresh that are required06:12
harisundAnyone know a good camera server that I can use to stream images from my webcam constantly to some web page? It should be viewable even on computers that don't run Java ..06:12
linageeharisund: what do you need that for? lol06:12
dante123since it is working....should I just leave it or is there anything in there that you think is unecessary or redundant or perhaps not useful from a performance angel06:13
linageeharisund: NSFW?06:13
dante123angle I mean ZykoticK906:13
harisundlinagee: eh no .. just for fun.06:13
harisundlinagee: Home monitoring, maybe06:13
ZykoticK9dante123, i'd leave it - looks fine06:13
pwnkillerhello losha?06:13
linageeharisund: "home monitoring". is that what it's called now. lol06:13
dante123thanks nite then...nite all06:14
sje46I can't find how to make a static IP06:14
linageeharisund: is it for your home or someone else's? lol06:14
sje46and I can't find what the disadvabtages are06:14
MariouxI've found it!06:14
harisundGrow up linagee06:14
ajlsunrisei've got a question about c++06:14
* linagee is grown u06:14
Loshapwnkiller: type apt-cache search libxul and see if something suitable shows up. Same for mozilla-plugin (except there are so many plugins for mozilla, I don't know which it wants. Maybe there's something in the documentation?)06:14
MobiusJediLosha: live CD I have (using currently) is 8.10. I'm trying to fix 9.10 which won't boot06:14
Mariouxin /opt/VirtualBox theres a .sh archive06:14
Mariouxso you run cd /opt/VirtualBox06:14
ZykoticK9Marioux, nice06:14
Mariouxand the ./uninstall.sh06:15
ZykoticK9Marioux, i'd imagine you'll need sudo with that command06:15
ociugihelp! im having a problem with my samba i uninstall some program after that i got this message "Could not display "network:///"" how to fix this problem06:15
MariouxZykoticK9: yes, forgot about that06:15
LoshaMobiusJedi: not sure if it'll work, but you need to follow different instructions (fun, isn't it?) Please stand by...06:15
Losha!grub | MobiusJedi06:15
ubottuMobiusJedi: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.06:15
MobiusJediLosha: It's ALL fun!06:15
ardchoillelabyrinth1965: Did you see someone answer your question?06:15
LoshaMobiusJedi: ok, same rigmarole, only now with grub1:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub06:16
sje46well, anyways, my transmission isn't seeding, and someone told me that I should forward a port06:16
pwnkillerlosha can i pm you the readme file?06:17
sje46I didn't even know what a port was, so I look at some manuals06:17
LoshaMobiusJedi: See the section: The GUI Way: Using the Alternate/Install CD and Overwriting the Windows bootloader06:17
sje46and it says I need a static IP address?06:17
Mariouxkeep up the good work guys06:17
Mariouxcya later!06:17
=== kb is now known as Guest37637
sje46But I can't even figure out how to create a static IP address...because what I've found doesn't even work06:17
Loshapwnkiller: I s'pose so. No guarantee I'll be able to make sense of it though. Isn't there a repo version of moonshine you can install? So much less work if you can...06:18
ZykoticK9sje46, you should right now the name servers in resolv.conf "cat /etc/resolv.conf" to see them, then right click on the network icon in the panel and edit the settings for eth0 if you're using a wired connection, there is an option in there for static somewhere06:19
ajlsunrisei've got a question about c++. trying to compile source code and it gets to this line: 'cout << "hello"' and throws an error saying cout is an 'undeclared identifier'06:19
sje46zykes-, nameserver  ...also, I'm on a wireless connection06:20
indusajlsunrise, why is there a quote before cout06:20
ZenkerLosha there is no repo, i already tried this06:20
ZykoticK9ajlsunrise, perhaps you should ask in ##c++06:20
sje46ZykoticK9, that was supposed to be for you06:21
indusajlsunrise, yeah ask in #c++06:21
ZykoticK9sje46, that makes things easy then, it's your router06:21
ajlsunrisethanks. couldn't find it in the list06:21
ZykoticK9sje46, can you right click on the network icon on panel and find the settings for your wireless?06:22
sje46I'm there06:23
rabelaisis there any way to control a terminal that I don't have physical access to? (I didn't use screen on this terminal unfortunately)06:23
ZykoticK9sje46, see a IPv4 Settings tab?06:23
MobiusJediok, i'm tryin it the GUI way!06:23
sje46yes, ZykoticK906:23
ZykoticK9sje46, Method dropdown for Manual06:23
Loshapwnkiller: patience. The readme doesn't tell me much. I'm reading web pages looking for a way to install moonshine06:23
LoshaZenker: so how do people use moonshine?06:24
sje46 then I just add an IP address?  off the top of my head?06:24
bugaloohi there! I just buyed a conversor usb->ide (allows to plug an IDE harddisk on a usb port). I'm trying to make it work, but when I plug it, it recognizes the device (/dev/sdb) but it didn't recognize any partitions on harddisk. My dmesg is in http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/NHeaAS1K    if someone could take a look, thanks06:24
ZenkerLosha idk, im learning right along w pwnkiller :)06:24
Zenkeri was helping as well06:24
sje46I'm there ZykoticK906:24
ZykoticK9sje46, it will have to be a 192.168.1.X where X is the machine IP06:24
ZykoticK9sje46, netmask will be - and gateway
sje46ZykoticK9, so this IP would only apply for my laptop?06:25
Loshapwnkiller: Zenker: is this it? http://abock.org/moonshine/06:25
ZykoticK9sje46, yes06:25
sje46how do I find X?06:25
ZykoticK9sje46, make it up 35 for example06:25
jera_meehow to enable my integrated cam?06:25
Loshapwnkiller: where did you get the source code from?06:26
abhi_navbugaloo: same problem with me. i think check health of your hdd.06:26
labyrinth1965can i drag more than one at a time from sansa to Rhythmbox...lol06:26
Loshapwnkiller: Zenker: so can you install it from that site?06:26
sje46ZykoticK9, two digits, though?06:26
bugalooabhi_nav, my hdd works fine in another machine, usgin a "normal" ide connection06:26
chdhow do I run wireshark as root?06:26
ZykoticK91-254 are valid sje4606:26
Zenkeryou can only dl it06:26
bugaloochd, use gksu06:26
abhi_navbugaloo: hmmm06:26
Spaztic_Oneyou still present?06:27
LoshaSpaztic_One: yes, but a bit busy at the moment...06:27
Spaztic_OneAh, ok.06:27
sje46alright, ZykoticK9 , did it06:27
Spaztic_OneWhen you have a moment, and are willing to lend assistance, it would be appreciated.06:27
bugalooabhi_nav, did you get success with any hdd?06:28
ZykoticK9sje46, in a terminal try "sudo service networking restart" but it will disconnect you from IRC here!!!06:28
Loshapwnkiller: Zenker: ok, I've downloaded it and got as far as you did. Let me read some docs...06:28
abhi_navbugaloo: yes06:28
pwnkiller:) k06:28
=== cowok_setya is now known as ce_biasa
abhi_navbugaloo: :P06:29
sje46ZykoticK9, what will this do?  Also...is this also how I can change the password to the wifi router?06:29
ZykoticK9sje46, if it doesn't work - set the network back to DHCP/automatic06:29
sje46I know it probably isn't06:29
ZenkerLosha from what im gathering it needs moonlight and 2 know where moonlight is06:29
bugalooabhi_nav, how much time for "scanning" the hdd? is it much time? like minutes or seconds?06:29
abhi_navbugaloo: no. normal operatios.06:29
ZykoticK9sje46, it will restart your networking and thus switch to your new static settings06:29
kasunI have a problem regarding enabling microphones in ubuntu06:30
ZykoticK9sje46, password router - dunno depends on your router06:30
kasundoes anyone there to help?06:30
bugalooabhi_nav, thanks, I'm going to try another hdd06:30
abhi_navbugaloo: hmm best of luxk :D06:30
lucid_intervalSpaztic_one: what can we help you with?06:30
abhi_nav!ask | kasun06:30
ubottukasun: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:30
rabelaisis there a way to redirect a /dev/pts/X so it can be controlled elsewhere?06:31
sje46ZykoticK9, restart: Unknown instance:06:31
lucid_intervalrabelais: screen?06:31
ZykoticK9sje46, are you using karmic?06:31
Spaztic_Onelucid_interval: Oh, hello. I am having technical difficulties in regards to sound. I have currently gotten it to where multiple programs can output sound simultaneously, but it appears to have disabled my microphone.06:31
sje46ZykoticK9, I am indeed06:31
rabelaislucid_interval: screen will do it if I launched it ahead of time, I need something where screen wasn't launched06:32
ZykoticK9sje46, dunno why that didn't work?  guess you can try "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart"06:32
lucid_intervalSpaztic_one: did you try the simple things like ensuring recording volume is not muted under 'Capture' in Volume control?06:32
kasunthis is regarding to enabling microphones in ubuntu. I tried to skype in my laptop(hp dv5) but my earphone is not turned on. My webcam is on, but not earphone. Device is recognized and headphone mic is picked correctly. Any help regarding this?06:33
bugalooabhi_nav, another hdd plugged right now... still doesn't work :(06:33
Loshapwnkiller: Zenker: hmm, doesn't look good. Looks like a bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xulrunner-1.9/+bug/27395606:33
abhi_navbugaloo: ????06:34
sje46 * Reconfiguring network interfaces...                                          Ignoring unknown interface wlan0=wlan0.                                                                  [ OK ]06:34
indusis there any bad company 2 channel06:34
indusor ea channel06:34
sje46I didn't lose internet, ZykoticK906:34
abhi_navbugaloo: you are dual booting?06:34
ZenkerLosha ahhh i see, its for an olderversion of firefox i think06:34
bugalooabhi_nav, no06:35
ZykoticK9sje46, it also didn't work.  type "ifconfig" is your ip the one you set?06:35
abhi_navbugaloo: which company case is that? is it supported in linux?06:35
LoshaZenker: pwnkiller: the bugs been open since 2008. I think it's a ubuntu packaging error....06:35
infexionhas anyone experienced a problem with video playback in ubuntu specifically the hue seems to be messed up06:35
abhi_navbugaloo: mine is something like amtech (dont rememer exact) but it works06:35
Spaztic_Onelucid_interval: Oh, thats bizarre. It apparently got muted. Thank you. Now my current issue is trying to get Teamspeak 3 to recognize my mic while using ubuntu. It also isn't wanting to work with outputting audio either.06:36
abhi_navinfexion: try using vlc06:36
LoshaZenker: pwnkiller: libxul-unstable doesn't appear to be available for ubuntu...06:36
ZykoticK9infexion, are you using nvidia?  and do you have mplayer installed?06:36
ZenkerLosha pwnkiller perhaps thers a better program since the report ahs been unanswerd for so long06:36
techzgis there a way to know the execution time of a c program in milli-seconds in gcc06:36
indusis there any bad company 2 channel06:36
lucid_intervalrabelais: yes, u r right :-( do you want to do this repeatedly, or just this once ?06:36
infexionabhi_nav: I am using vlc06:36
indusas in the game bad company06:36
abhi_navinfexion: :-(06:36
bugalooabhi_nav, I have no idea, lol06:36
sje46ZykoticK9,   inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:  <--I used
infexionZukotick9: I am using nvidia06:36
rwwindus: For channel searches, use the `alis' services bot. Usage information: /msg alis help06:36
lucid_intervalrabelais: I mean, can you do a "setup" - e.g. with ttysnoop (http://www.linuxhelp.net/guides/ttysnoop/) and then use that subsequently on future occasions?06:37
abhi_navbugaloo: no idea? name of product and company is written on the box06:37
infexionI am getting a strange blue hue on all my videos unless I go in and change the hue to 0 for each video06:37
rabelaislucid_interval: just once...I have an important matlab process that I lost the display for...but the process is still on, so I just need to get access to the pts, save, and reboot06:37
infexionwhich is not a great way of doing things06:37
lucid_intervalSpaztic_one: first I gotta understand what teamspeak3 is :-)06:37
rabelaislucid_interval: it's just a rescue mission06:37
ZykoticK9sje46, there seems to be another problem with your network!  that wlan=wlan0 or whatever wasn't a good message.  Have you been trying various things to get this to work?06:37
bugalooactually, I can't find the name of company... there is only "usb 2.0 to sata/ide adapter"06:37
techzgis there a way to know the execution time of a c program in milli-seconds in gcc06:38
Spaztic_Onelucid_interval: Are you actually asking, or is that a subtle way of telling me to try and find someone else to help me? >.>06:38
abhi_navbugaloo: on the box, in the manual, etc etc somewhere? so that it wll be helpful to find out if it supports linux or no06:38
bugalooabhi_nav, but you see... it detects "anything"... did you see my dmesg paste?06:38
sje46ZykoticK9, uhhh...nopt that I know of.  The only thing I tried was change the port number for transmission06:38
ZenkerLosha thank you for helping :)06:38
LoshaZenker: pwnkiller: Ah.  apt-get install xulrunner-1.9-dev gets me past the first error, but now there are new errors. This could go on all night. Did pwnkiller give up?06:38
abhi_navbugaloo: give me the link06:38
bugalooabhi_nav, please: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/NHeaAS1K06:38
ZykoticK9sje46, i'd go back into the network settings and undo the changes we made if i where you.06:38
ZenkerLosha i think he may be awk06:39
bugalooabhi_nav, it seems to detect the hdd... but not the partitions... but i'm not sure about what I should see on dmesg06:39
LoshaZenker: awk?06:39
abhi_navbugaloo: i dont know about dmsg. but tell me if your hdd is listed in /meddia06:40
bugalooabhi_nav, it isn't06:40
abhi_nav /media06:40
lucid_intervalrabelais: so just this once :-( I guess it isn't easy - there seems to be a complex way using gdb - see here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/249703/how-can-a-process-intercept-stdout-and-stderr-of-another-process-on-linux06:40
sje46ZykoticK9, okay...I deleted it, I guess06:40
Zenkerlosha away from keyboard, but he isnt06:40
lucid_intervalSpaztic_one: nothing so subtle / complex. just googling for teamspeak306:40
pwnkillernop here!06:40
=== cowok_setya is now known as ce_sombong
LoshaZenker: pwnkiller: Ah.  apt-get install xulrunner-1.9-dev gets me past the first error, but now there are new errors. This could go on all night.06:40
bugalooabhi_nav, there are a few "usb" "usb1" usb2 on /media... but everyone is empty06:40
abhi_navbugaloo: add yourself to usb group. i dont remember the exact name of the usb group06:40
pwnkilleri'm here06:41
=== ce_sombong is now known as ce_jelek
ZykoticK9sje46, you should probably restart your system and verify everything is working correctly (i certainly hope it is)06:41
abhi_navbugaloo: that usb, usb1 etc are not partitions of your hdd?06:41
Zenkerpwnkiller how about Linuxmediaplayer?06:41
bugalooabhi_nav, they're all empty06:41
=== ce_jelek is now known as ce_vvvvvvvvvv2
rabelaislucid_interval: thanks for the point, I'll look around...it's a shame it's not easier to do, I thought retty would be exactly what I was looking for, but it turns out it's only fir i386....sigh06:41
=== ce_vvvvvvvvvv2 is now known as ce_12456
abhi_navbugaloo: no not empty etc that not needed. what i want is what they are?06:42
=== ce_12456 is now known as ce_okkkkkkkk
Spaztic_Onelucid_interval: Ah, ok. As I'm sure it matters (since it was how I fixed my earlier sound problems), here is the site I got instructions from: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/fix-for-all-pulseaudio-related-issues.html    Also worth noting, I'm using Karmic06:42
LoshaZenker: pwnkiller: apt-get install libglib2.0-dev gets me past the 2nd error. I now have a makefile!06:42
bugalooabhi_nav, I missed the point06:42
sje46ZykoticK9, okay, in a little bit.  thanks :)06:42
ZykoticK9sje46, :)06:43
LoshaZenker: pwnkiller: It built! I have no idea what to do with however....06:43
abhi_navbugaloo: if they are the partitions of your that ide-cum-usb hdd then your hdd is detected06:43
LoshaSpaztic_One: still got microphone issues?06:43
Zenkerlosha rofl, good job :)06:43
bugalooabhi_nav, I know... it seems to detect my hardware, but still can't mount it anywhere06:43
sje46ZykoticK9, this will change my external IP?06:43
ZykoticK9sje46, no - you can't change your external IP06:44
abhi_navbugaloo: manual mount it06:44
pwnkillerk will try06:44
* sje46 is confused. I can't?06:44
bugalooabhi_nav, how? there is no /dev/sdb1 or anything like that06:44
Spaztic_OneLosha: It was simply muted, but it is being recognized by Ubuntu, however, I am having issues getting other programs (though I have only tried one) to use it06:44
lucid_intervalrabelais: retty seems to be exactly what you need. I also couldn't find an amd64 deb. But the source debs are there - want to compile?06:45
abhi_navbugaloo: what about lsusb results?06:45
=== cpdstudio_ is now known as blueghost
bugaloo abhi_nav, Bus 001 Device 009: ID 152d:2338 JMicron Technology Corp. / JMicron USA Technology Corp. JM20337 Hi-Speed USB to SATA & PATA Combo Bridge06:46
Zenkerlusha so now we just type 'makeinstall' or is ther something else we need with that command?06:46
abhi_navbugaloo: no paste the whole result of lsusb06:46
rabelaislucid_interval: you're not going to believe it...but the guys that wrote retty actually used i386 bytecode in their application....*grumbles*06:46
Spaztic_OneLosha and lucid_interval :: I just tried recording using the "sound recorder" app. It works there, no problem. I am going to assume something somewhere in TeamSpeak 3 is causing, or find fault somewhere.06:46
bugalooabhi_nav, ok, just a sec06:46
abhi_navbugaloo: connect your hdd and check lsusb result and then remove your hdd and then check lsusb result. and be sure that lsusb detects your hdd06:47
indusrww, thanks and hi06:47
lucid_intervalrabelais: :-( *amazing*06:47
bugalooabhi_nav, with hdd connected: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/qs34Ksga06:47
LoshaZenker: pwnkiller: ok, that's enough moonlight for me tonight. The rest is up to you guys...06:47
indusbest is dmesg | tail for more mesasges bugaloo abhi_nav06:48
Zenkerthank you losha06:48
lucid_intervalSpaztic_one: I would also agree... the teamspeak 3 support FAQ doesn't have much that is enlightening me...06:48
LoshaSpaztic_One: run alsamixer and make sure you enable mic, mic1 and anything labelled capture...06:48
LoshaZenker: welcome!06:48
bugalooabhi_nav, http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/qAsYADMm  not connected06:48
pwnkillerty losha06:48
LoshaZenker: sudo make install...06:48
rabelaislucid_interval: that's ok...the gdb hack makes sense...I think I can pull it off06:48
bugalooindus, I tried... I just pasted my dmesg here06:48
abhi_navbugaloo: do what indus is saying06:49
indusno ,dont follow me blindly06:49
lucid_intervalSpaztic_one: did you read this: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=faq&cat=client&rate=47#howto_fix_alsa_problems06:49
bugalooabhi_nav, my first paste was my dmesg output06:49
abhi_navbugaloo: no not dmesg. its dmesg | tail see indus's last msg06:50
indusyeah the end of kernel messages with dmesg | tail06:50
bugalooalready did it06:50
lucid_intervalSpaztic_one: under that I saw the following: Telling ALSA your game only needs playback06:50
lucid_intervalNow, to enable your game to play sound you have to tell ALSA that your game will not need to record sound or anything - else ALSA will refuse to give your game the capability to play sounds, since TeamSpeak already has the rights to record, and no two programs should be able to. Issue these commands as root:06:50
lucid_intervalecho 'quake3.x86 0 0 direct' > /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/oss06:50
lucid_intervalecho 'quake3.x86 0 0 disable' > /proc/asound/card0/pcm0c/oss06:50
FloodBot4lucid_interval: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:50
lucid_intervalsorry for the "flood" :-(06:51
bugalooabhi_nav, indus, this is the output: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/zLpbRxwB06:51
indusdont use the q3 installer, its horrible06:51
induslucid_interval, use the ioquake3 installer for installing q306:51
recomhello there I looking for help06:51
theadminrecom: Ask the question straight away06:51
bugalooI'm following the dmesg messages, this is all I get when I connect the hdd06:51
induslucid_interval, http://ioquake3.org/06:51
nmvictoris debian the only linux that can run in my iBook which is a ppc?06:52
lucid_intervalindus: thx - was actually looking up for Spaztic_one06:52
techzgdoes 0m0.012s mean 0.012 milli-seconds?06:52
indusbugaloo, seems to detect fine, so what is the problem exactly ? doesnt show up ?06:52
recomi have intel board w/82945g and cant find driver to change resolution06:52
theadmintechzg: Err, 12 millisecs06:52
Spaztic_Onelucid_interval: I have not read that yet but will do so. losha: I checked, everything was good, as far as I could tell06:52
induslucid_interval, ok do forward him the link06:53
techzgtheadmin: ok06:53
silv3r_m00n1how to check graphics memory in ubuntu ?06:53
bugalooindus, yes... doesn't show up... there are files on this hdd, but I can't see it... not even partitions, like fdisk -l /dev/sdb doesn't show anything06:53
bugaloosilv3r_m00n1, you mean graphics about memory usage?06:54
abhi_navbugaloo: which kernel06:54
MrAlexandrohi. i am trying to upload a .ods file to google docs. but all my preferences are deleted once it is uploaded. formating seems non excistent. is there a prefered way to format the file before uploading it to google Docs? is there a convertion extention that will help keep the format of the file created in open office?06:54
bugalooabhi_nav, 2.6.31-20-generic06:54
lucid_intervalSpaztic_one: check out mesgs from indus - use ioquake3 to install q3 (http://ioquake3.org)06:54
silv3r_m00n1bugaloo: no , graphics memory or may be video memory .......like my intel motherboard has 256mb onboard graphics memory06:54
silv3r_m00n1bugaloo: so where do I check it06:54
nmvictoris debian the only linux that can run in my iBook which is a ppc?06:54
rwwnmvictor: There's a community-supported PPC port of Ubuntu. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ06:55
bugaloosilv3r_m00n1, hm... not sure... I'd look "lspci" and get the board model06:55
lucid_intervalnmvictor: AFAIK, yes. There used to be YDL - don't know if they still release stuff any more06:55
rwwabhi_nav: PowerPC. Old Macs, mainly.06:55
theadminnmvictor: Ubuntu is debian-based and has a pocket-pc release, so i think it will work for you06:55
abhi_navrww: hmm06:55
theadminrww: ppc is also pocket-pc06:55
lucid_intervaltheadmin: powerpc,06:55
rwwtheadmin: not when the message talks about iBooks, it isn't :)06:56
stevr1ithello. i have ubuntu Karmic, yesterday it did not started stopping looking for mounting hte partiotion with the home directory. at the moment using the laptop through ubuntu 9.04 ona flash card, live verison, can you help me to to find it and mount it again?06:56
theadminarrrrgh! How to make that stupid "Disable/enable touchpad" button work in Ubuntu?06:56
almoxarifehttp://goo.gl/2SS1 <-- god I miss the good ole days06:57
bugaloook... abhi_nav, see that... I just found on my syslog file> usbmount[10664]: cannnot execute /lib/udev/vol_id06:57
bugalooany idea what that means?06:57
almoxarifewrong channel, sorry06:57
abhi_navbugaloo: see if this helps: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/usb-to-ide-broken-harddisk-660660/06:57
nmvictortheadmin: lucid_interval rww , i hope i can have ubuntu or something else in my iBook, debian is let say 4BK, 4 releases before karmic in terms of develpment and updates, i think it lucks support so i just dont loke iit06:57
Spaztic_Onelucid_interval: I am not currently looking to run TS3 with a game or anything. I am trying to get it to run by itself.06:57
lucid_intervalnmvictor: but I can recommend Debian (and in particular Ubuntu) on the Mac. I recently installed Jaunty-PPC on a powerbook. Install was clean and easy. MOST things work (still having some issues with suspend).06:58
bugalooabhi_nav, it seems to be a bit more detailed than dmesg output: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/mPK4z6ir06:58
abhi_navbugaloo: see me lst msg06:58
infexionBack again and I still have found nothing useful about this video hue bug06:58
infexiondoes anyone know anything about it?06:59
nmvictorlucid_interval: thanks but i'll try ubuntu, debian just sucks!!06:59
lucid_intervalnmvictor debian lacks support *horror* :-) Ubuntu works decently on PowerPC. For some things (e.g. suspend, fiddling with keyboard mapping) you can look at the community documentation06:59
bugalooabhi_nav, reading06:59
recomi installed karmic koala today on intel board (45gccr) but display works only for 800x600. TIA07:00
abhi_navbugaloo: hmm i found more pages07:00
abhi_navbugaloo: it says that may be partition table is damaged07:00
abhi_navyah wrong channel i know07:00
theadminalmoxarife: Stop spamming will you07:00
lucid_intervalnmvictor: Debian (raw) may be beginner-unfriendly, or a bit conservative in terms of updates or a bit minimalist in terms of installer. but the core of debian is exactly the same as the core of ubuntu07:01
bugalooabhi_nav, but as I said... the hdd works fine with a ide connection on my desktop computer07:01
bugalooI'm trying to use it on my laptop07:01
abhi_navbugaloo: hmm07:01
bugalooabhi_nav, the first link you gave me... the guy didn't get a solution, right?07:01
nmvictorlucid_interval: i was even looking into how to install System rescue cd, Gentoos dist, if it meant having something07:01
abhi_navbugaloo: check hdd: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk07:01
lucid_intervalnmvictor: check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ07:01
Spaztic_Onerecom: Go to System -> administration -> hardware drivers. Is there anything on the list?07:02
theadminWhat on earth was this just now: "(10:00:53 AM) mode (+oooo FloodBot3 FloodBot1 FloodBot1 FloodBot4) by ChanServ" What kinda mode is that?07:04
Spaztic_OneThat is it setting ops to multiple users simultaneously.07:04
bugalooabhi_nav, I just installed the testdisk... it doesn't even detect the hdd on usb07:04
theadminSpaztic_One: Ah...07:04
recomi have intel board w/82945g and cant find driver to change resolution07:04
indusbugaloo, works in windows?07:04
abhi_navbugaloo: hmm them most probaly some setting with your that ide to usb case is wrong07:05
bugalooindus, I have no windows on my laptop07:05
Spaztic_Onetheadmin: Yeah. I don't know what it keeps doing with this plus and minus j though.07:05
recomi have ony karmic07:05
abhi_navbugaloo: check all connection and/or settins on and/or inside that case07:05
indusbugaloo, hmm i read in an above comment , this HDD WORKS in ide07:05
theadminSpaztic_One: lol yeah but it does that too often, used to it already07:05
bugalooindus, in another computer07:05
indusbugaloo, maybe hardware problem with usb headers?07:06
bugalooindus, I though so, but dmesg detects the hdd, and all other devices works fine, like pendrives or something :(07:06
Spaztic_Onetheadmin: YEah, I just dunno what the j parameter is. O is ops, v is voice m is mute (channel) but no idea what j is07:06
bugalooI didn't want to do that, but I have a free partition here, maybe I should install windows xp do try it only to see if it works :(07:07
indusbugaloo,yeah did you try manually mounting it07:07
Spaztic_OneUh oh. Looks like FloodBot2 has gone rogue.07:07
theadminSpaztic_One: And what is "5:10"?07:07
theadminSpaztic_One: Apart from equivalent of 0.507:07
=== jono is now known as Guest70636
bugalooindus, I can't mount it mannually because there is no device like /dev/sdb1 or anything like that07:07
Seveas-trainSpaztic_One: -J means join limit. 5:10 drive a calculation that sets the join limit07:07
indusbugaloo, ok try this, power it off, then restart pc, then after bootup07:07
Spaztic_Onetheadmin: Yea, again, no idea. I'd say a time, but its way off, as far as I can tell.07:07
indusbugaloo, power on etc07:07
ZykoticK9Spaztic_One, where you trying to get Q3 sound working?07:08
recomi installed karmic koala today on intel board (945gccr) but display works only for 800x600. Any ideas ?TIA07:08
bugalooI'll try it on another laptop using windows vista07:08
Spaztic_OneZykoticK9: Not that I know of. I'm having input and output issues with TeamSpeak3. I don't know what Q3 is.07:09
bugaloolet you guys to know the results in a few minutes07:09
abhi_navbugaloo: ok i am leaving. best of luck. bye. bye indus07:09
sine`yawn morning07:09
ZykoticK9Spaztic_One, i just saw people talking about ioquake and using the quake3 sound fix.  if you're aren't talking about Quake3 (Q3) then nevermind ;)07:09
Spaztic_OneZykoticK9: Ah, ok. Thanks anyways then. =)07:10
CloCkWeRXstupid user question: I'm told NFS is insecure (in that any machine can mount a server which is listening) - I'm reading about fstab and "sec=krb5p" mode at the moment - does that imply that the server can manage things (via Kerberos) much in the same way you'd manage ssh allowed certificates?07:11
amit1_Is it possible to install Steam and all the associated games in 9.10?07:11
CloCkWeRXany tutorials / ubuntu specific background info you'd all recommend07:12
Spaztic_Onerecom: I am researching, trying to find drivers for you, and currently Intel's site is being quite circular.07:12
bugalooindus, maybe it's an ubuntu problem :(   https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/usbmount/+bug/47848707:12
VigoIs it suggested to encrypt the /home folder and or do BSD Jails work in a like manner?07:12
mcgvachmm not all games but a select few07:12
theadminamit1_: Yes, use WINE (see winehq.org) but i can't gurantee the normal work07:12
ZykoticK9CloCkWeRX, no idea about the Kerberos part - but NFS can be configured to only share to specific IPs or IP ranges07:12
indusbugaloo, yes adding the line usb_device sometims works07:12
indusbugaloo, tried that?07:12
indusbugaloo, in modules07:12
recomi compile some drivers but no work07:13
bugalooindus, I didn't07:13
theadminamit1_: hl2, for instance, works sweeet, portal doesn't work at all07:13
=== exn is now known as vizzord
ZykoticK9Vigo, encrypted file systems have nothing in common to BSD jails - they are totally different things07:13
indusbugaloo, wait 1 sec let me ssee07:13
bugalooindus, I have usb_storage module on "lsmod"07:13
indusbugaloo, ah you have?07:13
VigoZykoticK9: Thank you.07:13
bugaloojust checked it07:14
indusbugaloo, hmm insmod usb_storage07:14
amit1_theadmin: so steam games like counterstrike source, insurgency mod etc work as well?07:14
bugaloousb_storage is already loaded07:14
indusbugaloo, did you try powercycling07:14
ZykoticK9Vigo, personally unless you do work for the CIA i wouldn't use encryption, but that's just me07:14
indusbugaloo, turn off the device, reboot, then turn it on when it boots to ubuntu07:14
theadminamit1_: check appdb.winehq.org for details07:14
bugalooindus, I'm trying in another laptop right now07:15
bugaloousing ubuntu 9.10 also07:15
bugaloosame problem07:15
Spaztic_Onerecom: A silly question, but, have you updated your system since you installed Karmic? It can be done here "System -> Administration -> Update Manager" If you have not.07:15
theadminI keep getting wireless signals from weird places, but i have NO WIRELESS ADAPTER attached... lol what the heck07:15
indusbugaloo, i suggest try this on  a friends windows machine07:15
VigoZykoticK9: I usually wipe the system every month and start over, no data is online that I do not want online, no CIA, but,,,,,,07:15
bugalooindus, going to do that right now :)07:16
indusbugaloo, maybe some buggy HDD07:16
Spaztic_Onetheadmin: Your computer is just that amazing.07:16
indusbugaloo, yes right now !07:16
Spaztic_Onetheadmin: =D07:16
Vigopoint taken.07:16
itheoshey what should be in the "/etc/modprobe.d/options" so that my uvc webcam works?07:16
indusbugaloo, is your nick an animal name?07:16
induslike big baloo07:16
sieIs there musca window manager in repos somewhere?07:16
bugalooindus, lol... no... it's a character in a child tv show, I think07:17
recomSpaztic_One: the system is up to date07:17
bugaloobut I'm not sure why the character uses it :D07:17
theadminSpaztic_One: :D07:17
recomSpaztic_One: In fact i download restrited07:17
itheosi did this --> sudo modprobe uvcvideo and got this --> WARNING: All config files need .conf: /etc/modprobe.d/options, it will be ignored in a future release. the conf file is blank. maybe thats why the cam doesnt work07:18
recomSpaztic_One: In fact i download restrited repositories and no luck07:18
theadminitheos: try "sudo mv /etc/modprobe.d/options /etc/modprobe.d/options.conf"07:18
macoitheos: its unrelated07:18
theadminitheos: (I think it just complains about wrong filename lol)07:19
itheos:D thanks07:19
recomSpaztic_One: On display preferences showme unknown07:19
itheostheadmin, thanks and the file is blank. is it right?07:19
recomSpaztic_One: xorg.conf was blank07:19
macoitheos: that there are config files that need to be renamed in future versions is all its saying. that does *not* affect the command you are doing now, it simply was a good context for it to give the warning. when you upgrade to the next version of ubuntu is when that change will be necessary, and the upgrade will do it for you anyway07:19
theadminitheos: Strange %)07:20
Bear10When i run X11 from CLI it says its not installed, yet im on Ubuntu Desktop07:20
Bear10and Synaptic says its installed, anyone got any ideas?07:20
bugalooindus, I'm really confuse right now, lol07:20
saurabhHi guys.. I have trouble getting my wireless to work.. this is my wireless device..saurabh@saurabh-laptop:~$ lspci | grep w07:20
itheosmaco, i upgraded to karmic this morning. same msg07:20
saurabh04:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g (rev 01)07:20
indusbugaloo, why07:20
sine`Ok im having trouble understanding the concept of these sources. Ive used linux before in the past and i know they are trees of source code but i want to install dosbox and it says i have to use universal which is allready ticked on the software sources tab07:20
bugalooindus, windows vist just detected my hdd, it said: installing... then: "successful. you can use your new harddrive"07:21
macoitheos: i think the future version where it becomes necessary to have .conf is lucid07:21
indusbugaloo, yeah windows rocks07:21
bugaloobut still doesn't show up on file manager07:21
saurabhI followed steps on http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/wireless-internet/159161-solved-wireless-ubuntu-9-10-lenovo-laptop.html07:21
indusbugaloo, lol oops07:21
Spaztic_Onerecom: I apologize, but I don't think I can help you. I will keep looking, but I make no promises.07:21
=== nbingham is now known as mrpinky
indusbugaloo, it doesnt ? then return the HDD and get a new one :)07:21
indusbugaloo, some problem with it iam sure07:21
saurabhbut my STI driver isn't getting loaded at boot time! :(07:21
Spaztic_Onerecom: There is probably someone here who can help you though.07:22
indusbugaloo, you mean, under my computer you cant see it?07:22
bugalooindus, I've tried 3 different harddisks... and I can use it on my desktop computer :(07:22
itheosmaco, 6 more months u mean?07:22
bugalooI don't believe this is a hardware problem with my hdd07:22
macoitheos: lucid comes out next month07:22
saurabhcan anyone help?07:22
indusbugaloo, you can use this on another comp? what make is this hdd07:22
basncyExcuse me ,I found a statement of "#define _GNU_SOURCE 1 "that appeared in the first line of a .c source file,but _GNU_SOURCE did not appeared in any other place.What is the usage of this line?07:22
theadminBleh! I'll repeat the previous question. How to get that stupid "Disable/enable touchpad" button to work under Ubuntu? Asus A6Rp, Karmic.07:22
recomSpaztic_One: thanks in advance. Any help is good. i'm all ears07:23
bugalooindus, I can use it on my desktop computer, using a ide connection07:23
indusbugaloo, whats an ide connection07:23
bugalooindus, but I'd like to use it on my laptop using the conversor07:23
bugaloodirect connection... hdd to motherboard07:23
saurabhHi can anyone help me getting my wireless to work on 9.10?07:23
itheostheadmin, it works in my laptop07:23
indusbugaloo, hmm ok seems complex07:23
indusbugaloo, never done it, maybe that  s the issue ?07:24
indusbugaloo, any diagrams or pics i can see?07:24
Spaztic_Onesaurabh: Are you currently using the machine that it is installed on?07:24
bugalooindus, I'm sorry... about IDE? lol07:24
bugalooIDE is like a SATA/PATA connection07:24
indusbugaloo,about the connectrion07:24
bugaloojust that07:24
VigoBear10: Laptop ?07:24
saurabh@spaztic: yes.. But through wired connection07:24
recomSpaztic_One.Yesterday I install opensolaris and works @ 100% but LOW very low07:24
indusbugaloo, its a usb hard disk then how do you use ide to connect ?07:25
Sovieton kmouth wheres the command for speaking texts07:25
theadminitheos: Hm... weirdness... Well, i have some food to eat right now, will be back soon unless something goues wrong lol07:25
injais there any way to install creative xfi drivers?07:25
ortsvorsteher!wlan | saurabh07:25
ubottusaurabh: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:25
indusbugaloo, anyways i have to smoke :) see you later07:25
bugalooindus, I think you missed the beginning of my problem.. it's not a usb harddisk07:25
bugalooindus, it's a ide hdd and I'm using a conversor usb->ide07:25
bugaloook, see you then07:25
saurabh @Spaztic_One: yes.. But through wired connection07:26
saurabhdidnt get u @ortsvorsteher07:26
pwnkillerhttp://ubuntu.pastebin.com/58P5BjyB someone tell me what i'm doing wrong07:27
ortsvorstehersaurabh, did you followed the link ubottu gave you? does it help?07:27
Spaztic_Oneortsvorsteher: I would just like to mention that online documentation did not help me when I was trying to get my wireless to work. I ended up just having to move my tower to a hard connection where the update managed to get whatever was needed. It started working as soon as it got all of the needed updates.07:27
saurabhsee I followed http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/wireless-internet/159161-solved-wireless-ubuntu-9-10-lenovo-laptop.html it addresses similar issue.. cause i knew its related to my broadcom wireless device..07:28
basncyanyone help me? I found a statement of "#define _GNU_SOURCE 1" that appeared in the first line of a C source file,but the _GNU_SOURCE did not appeared in any other place.What is the usage of this line?07:28
VigoBear10: I found a page on Jaunty and such that discusses that, still looking,,,,07:28
bugaloopwnkiller, did you try using root/sudo?07:28
vicsar 07:28
ortsvorsteherSpaztic_One, whas there somethin wrong in documentation?07:28
KutakizukariI'm trying to make a directory with command "mkdir ~/Sites/contrib/" but it returns "cannot create directory `/home/username/Sites/contrib': No such file or directory". What is going on?07:28
saurabhortsvorsteher:see I followed http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/wireless-internet/159161-solved-wireless-ubuntu-9-10-lenovo-laptop.html it addresses similar issue.. cause i knew its related to my broadcom wireless device..07:28
KutakizukariEven when I try it with sudo07:29
rwwKutakizukari: does ~/Sites/ exist?07:29
ortsvorstehersaurabh, does it work now?07:29
Spaztic_Oneortsvorsteher: no, it was that none of the suggested worked. I honestly have no idea why.07:29
pwnkilleryes... did you look at the terminal display i pasted on http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/58P5BjyB07:29
Kutakizukarirww, no do I need to make it first?07:29
rwwKutakizukari: either make it first, or use mkdir -p ~/Sites/contrib/07:29
rwwKutakizukari: (-p means "make Parent directories as needed")07:30
Kutakizukarirww, what does the -p stand for?07:30
saurabhortsvorsteher: nope. Seems like the driver is not getting loaded.. cause it does show in my system > administration > hardware drivers.. but its not activated and nothing happens even if i click on activate07:30
pwnkillerroot/sudo... thats the sudo command correct?07:30
bugaloopwnkiller, it seems to me you're using a user  "eric"07:30
Kutakizukarirww, thank you07:30
sine`whats the easiest way to mount a cd image, that img being ubuntu because i cant access it as a cd from the package manager as i install it via USB07:30
bugaloopwnkiller, ok... try "sudo make" instead "make"07:30
rwwubottu: iso | sine`07:30
ubottusine`: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.07:30
bugaloosee what happens07:30
ortsvorsteherSpaztic_One, and your system sees the hardware in lsusb/lspci ?07:30
pwnkillerk i'll see what happens07:30
saurabhortsvorsteher: I thought adding wl to /etc/modules would do it07:30
Spaztic_Oneortsvorsteher: Yep.07:31
ortsvorstehersaurabh, yes, this will be a part of the work...07:31
Spaztic_Oneortsvorsteher: It is PCI, btw.07:31
abraham_does anyone know how to fix no sound issue in 9.1007:31
ortsvorsteherSpaztic_One, and in hardware drivers are some drivers to activate?07:31
sine`hte mountpoint is that the name of the mount07:32
sine`or where it will virtually be07:32
sine`can i get an exampke07:32
Spaztic_Oneortsvorsteher: There were before I had Update Manager run, but currently, with my system updated, it only has a driver listed for my graphics card.07:32
ortsvorstehersaurabh, my wlan devices works in ubuntu 8.04 and i dont know you hardware details, so i cannot help. sorry. i also followed the procedure and it worked for me07:32
saurabhortsvorsteher: Ohh! so do i have to wait untill lucid is out?07:32
clrgsine`: sudo mount -o loop /home/user/cd.iso /mnt/mountedcdimage07:32
sine`sudo mount -o loop ubuntu.iso /etc/mnt/myvirtualcd07:32
Spaztic_Oneortsvorsteher: It is odd, but I'm not complaining as long as it works.07:33
sine`i was right is07:33
ortsvorstehersaurabh, i dont hope so. is your device blacklisted?07:33
saurabhortsvorsteher: 04:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g (rev 01) thats the O/P of my lspci | grep w07:33
theadminYeah i'm back07:34
saurabhortsvorsteher: how do i check if it is blacklisted?07:34
ortsvorstehersaurabh, did you look at the blacklist/whitelist? if not, have a look...07:34
saurabhortsvorsteher: No i didn't.. how to access it?07:35
sine`mount point does not exist07:35
ortsvorstehersaurabh, i looked at http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de if you are not familiar with german language, you have to find an english ubuntu forum07:35
sine`do i have to create a file07:35
saurabhohh okay.. so ur german :) i'll take a look at the english version :)07:36
GSF1200Sare all ssh connections encrypted?07:36
pwnkillerok didnt work07:36
clrgGSF1200S: Yes07:36
demonsporkGSF1200S, yes07:36
ortsvorstehersine`, for an mountpoint just create an directory07:36
vegai put pidgin in "startup applications", after next logout it gets deleted from the list, why?07:36
sine`ortsvorsteher: ok how do i do that in comand like mkdir ?07:36
ortsvorstehersaurabh, hope you find somethin07:36
GSF1200Sclrg, demonspork: cool, so I dont have to do anything.. Im new to ssh07:37
saurabhI hope so too! :(07:37
ortsvorstehersine`, mkdir mountpoint07:37
ortsvorstehersine`, change befor to dir where you like to create it, may you have to use sudo if the dir is under root07:37
bugaloopwnkiller, it says you have no "npupp.h" file. try google to find out what package provides it07:37
sine`can i not just do mkdir /mnt/mountpoint07:38
sine`rather than change to that dir07:38
Jon-Strange issue! I cannot access a certain Flash chat plugin on a website that I can access on the same computer running Windows 7. Other Flash websites do work alright, occasionally I do have some issue. The error I get from the webpage is here : http://pastebin.com/6n6Ftpiq  Really weird. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.07:38
ortsvorstehersine`, if you like, yes07:38
Spaztic_Onerecom: What is the manufacturer for your laptop again?07:38
ovidiuhow can i create/delete  files/folders on ubuntu?!07:39
rabelaisif I'm trying to redirect stdin of an application with gdp, should I use close/create or dup2?07:39
Jon-Whooopppss I am tired. That would be Java***07:39
clrgovidiu: Create a folder: "mkdir foldername" Delete a folder "rm -r foldername"07:39
theadminovidiu: The terminal way: create a folder: mkdir FOLDERNAME, delete: rm -r FOLDERNAME07:39
techzgon a gdb session on gcc, I typed 'break main' followed by 'run' and then 'next', the program is executing step-by-step. How do I make it to wait for my input for every step.07:39
alabd!touch | ovidiu07:39
alabd!rm | ovidiu07:39
ubottuovidiu: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal07:39
ortsvorsteherovidiu, mkdir rmdir or touch and rm , read the man pages07:39
indusbugaloo, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DebuggingUSBStorage07:40
theadminortsvorsteher: How on earth can touch work with folders?07:40
ovidiuthat's the only way?07:40
theadminovidiu: No, you can use the filemanager and right-click around07:40
ortsvorstehertheadmin, no way, rmdir can create files, thats what i said.07:40
Jon-Strange issue! I cannot access a certain Java chat plugin (web applet) on a website that I can access on the same computer running Windows 7. Other Java websites do work alright, occasionally I do have some issue. The error I get from the webpage is here : http://pastebin.com/6n6Ftpiq  Really weird. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.07:41
pwnkillerk thx07:41
ortsvorstehertheadmin, i gave mkdir, rmdir for folders and touch and rm thats what is needed for folders and files.07:41
wgrantovidiu: Does right-clicking on the folder and clicking 'Create Folder' not work?07:41
bugalooindus, ok, trying07:41
clrgovidiu: Press "Alt + F2" and type "Nautilus" and hit enter. That's the file manager. You can use it pretty much as Windows Explorer. Just right-click anywhere to create/delete/rename/whatever something.07:41
indusbugaloo, if at first you dont succeed, give up ! :D07:42
git__what is the best way to copy lots of files over to an external USB drive?07:42
git__"cp" only copies one file by one file07:42
clrggit__: Have a look at cp or crsync07:42
clrgrsync I meant, sorry07:42
git__i'm thinking of using tar gzip07:42
bugaloogit__, cp -R ?07:42
bugaloocp can copy so many files you want to07:42
clrggit__: cp -rp07:42
=== sean is now known as Guest63180
theadminAnyway, what on earth are "Examples" and "Templates" in $HOME after system install? They look useless07:42
Guest63180I need help running my broadcom eth1 card in moniter mode07:42
clrgtheadmin: if you don't like them, delete them07:43
git__when i use cp, my throughput is 2.5MB/s, compare to copying a big file at throughput of 18MB/s07:43
theadminclrg: Lol that's what i always do %) Just wonder what they are07:43
clrggit__: What did you use to measure the speed of cp?07:43
clrggit__: Try "pv filename >/mnt/usbstick/filename"07:44
clrggit__: That will show you the actual speed07:44
Guest63180how do I change my name?07:45
Jon-I cannot access a certain Java chat plugin (web applet) on a website that I can access on the same computer running Windows 7. Other Java websites do work alright, occasionally I do have some issue. The error I get from the webpage is here : http://pastebin.com/6n6Ftpiq  Really weird. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.07:45
theadminGuest63180: /nick newname07:45
clrgGuest63180: Ask your government.07:45
bugalooclrg, lol07:45
=== Guest63180 is now known as zeto
induszeto, WELCOME07:46
zetohow do I run my broadcom driver in monitor mode07:46
* clrg has to leave now. Train arrived at destination =)07:46
zetonot driver, card07:46
SAngeliHi. lately I am unable to upgrade ubuntu as always get this error:  W: Errore nello scaricare http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/p/pidgin/pidgin_2.4.1-1ubuntu2.8_i386.deb07:46
SAngeli  404 Not Found [IP: 80]07:46
SAngeliCan anyone please help?07:46
lunksSandGorgon, run apt-get update again07:47
wgrantSAngeli: Run 'apt-get update', or click the 'Reload' button in Synaptic.07:47
mtx_initsudo apt-get update07:47
Jon-I cannot access a certain Java chat plugin (web applet) on a website that I can access on the same computer running Windows 7. Other Java websites do work alright, occasionally I do have some issue. The error I get from the webpage is here : http://pastebin.com/6n6Ftpiq  Really weird. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it (I have a Java console window up I can dump things,...07:47
Jon-...interact, etc. This EXACT page works fine, just not on Ubuntu. Please help).07:47
lunkszeto, you should try on finding that info on #aircrack-ng07:47
SAngeliwgrant: this is another error I get when from console I run what you said: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?07:48
wgrantSAngeli: You have another package management application open.07:48
wgranteg. Synaptic.07:48
wgrantIf you have it open, just click 'Reload' in it.07:49
SAngeliwgrant: yes sorry07:49
SandGorgonhey guys.. I'm having a shell script problem. I have generated a list of ruby gems and I install them using cat gem_list.txt |  xargs -t -d '\n' -I@ gem install --no-ri --no-rdoc @ . I get error which can only be explained by the script taking "gem_name --version=something" as a single name instead of two parameters. could someone help debug this please - http://paste.ubuntu.com/395502/07:50
ranjanhello every body few minits back i did an mistake i remove all the control from the fire fox even though i remove the addrese bar to can any body on this network can tell me by providing me the un do command so that i can get bach the addrese bar any help would be of great help .. thanks in advance07:50
SAngeliwgrant: so, this command all it does it updates correctly the database when I have issues like this, right?07:50
wgrantSAngeli: Right, it pulls down the latest package lists from the servers.07:51
SAngeliwgrant: thanks. Good day to you07:51
ArdethianIs there a terminal command or script that enables you to upload images to Imagshack.us?07:52
VigoSandGorgon: I do not know, but it seems like a mix Releases, have you tried #ruby?07:52
Jon-I cannot access a certain Java chat plugin (web applet) on a website that I can access on the same computer running Windows 7. Other Java websites do work alright. The error I get from the webpage is here : http://pastebin.com/6n6Ftpiq  Really weird. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it (I have a Java console window up I can dump things, interact, etc. This EXACT page works...07:53
Jon-...fine, just not on Ubuntu).07:53
Spaztic_Oneranjan: Not sure if this is what you did or not, but try pressing F11. Pressing that key will hide / unhide the controls and address bar.07:53
Jon-ranjan: Right click on the gray space next to the File/Edit/... menus, select "Navigation Toolbar". Fix it?07:53
Bear10does ubuntu have a built in firewall?07:53
rwwubottu: ufw | Bear1007:53
ubottuBear10: Ubuntu, like any other linux  distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist07:53
ranjanjon: there are no such options i have already removed those07:54
snow_ruany en-en dictionary that I can apt-get install ?07:54
stchi all, after I did an upgrade of unbuntu 9.04 server and unknowingly the upgrade became ubuntu lucid. After booting the system, the boot sequence froze and prompted me with an error message "mountall : cannot connect to plymounth"... does anyone know what is is about !? and how to get round it !07:54
Bear10odd my port still isnt being picked up07:55
progesteroneQuestion: where can I download the source code of later Ubuntu kernel?07:55
rwwstc: Lucid support and discussion is in #ubuntu+1.07:56
Jon-I cannot access a certain Java chat plugin (web applet) on a website that I can access on the same computer running Windows 7. Other Java websites do work alright. The error I get from the webpage is here : http://pastebin.com/6n6Ftpiq  Really weird. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it (I have a Java console window up I can dump things, interact, etc. This EXACT page works...07:57
Jon-...fine, just not on Ubuntu).07:57
stcrww: thks07:58
ranjandoes any body know how to bring back the navigation toll bar in fire fox07:58
progesteroneranjan toll bar?07:58
damaguHey all. Just wondering if someone can tell me how to access one linux machine from another on the same network?07:58
theadminranjan: View - Toolbars07:58
theadmindamagu: VNC?07:59
Zenkerdoes anyone know if there is a way to install the logitech mouse software or an equilivant?08:00
ortsvorsteherdamagu, you can install ssh-server on the system which you want to reach08:00
ranjani nstalled compact menu and unslected the toolbar to show up.. so it is giving me some troble along with that ..08:00
wolfGreetings. It's 4 AM where I am. Excuse me for the typos. I am trying to get a validity fingerprint sensor driver for fprint. It's an external device that came with digital persona. Any idea?08:01
damaguThanks guys I'll give it a try. Cheers08:01
=== toruk is now known as duluu
indusubuntu should split to 2 channels08:01
Zenkerthe mouse sw lets you select what the buttons controll, in windows i can set the side scroll buttons to controll the volume, or change what the up/down wheel does etc08:01
=== wolf is now known as therian
bugalooindus, I'm soooo ashamed08:02
Spaztic_OneAre PS3 wireless guitar controllers (for Guitar Hero) supported out-of-the-box on Karmic?08:02
indusbugaloo, forgot to connect some wire iam sure08:02
Jon-I cannot access a certain Java chat plugin (web applet) on a website that I can access on the same computer running Windows 7. Other Java websites do work alright. The error I get from the webpage is here : http://pastebin.com/6n6Ftpiq  Really weird. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it (I have a Java console window up I can dump things, interact, etc. This EXACT page works...08:03
Jon-...fine, just not on Ubuntu).08:03
bugalooindus, not forgot to connect, but the problem was the power connector of the hdd  =x08:03
ArdethianIs there a terminal command or script that enables you to upload images to Imagshack.us?08:03
indusbugaloo, great08:03
therianHow do I get validity fingerprint sensor working?08:03
Spaztic_OneArdethian Why not just go to the website?08:03
ArdethianToo lazy for that.08:03
bugalooindus, yes... sorry about the wasting of time08:04
bugaloobut thanks a lot08:04
therianThis part/join thing  is annoying .08:04
Jon-Ardethian: Then spend 2-3 days learning bash and writing your own ;). Haha08:05
ArdethianLawl :P08:05
ArdethianOnly if you can't use it.08:06
Spaztic_OneI forgot, were the codecs for .WMV included in the "restricted codecs" pac?08:06
=== therian is now known as therianthrope
Jon-I cannot access a certain Java chat plugin (web applet) on a website that I can access on the same computer running Windows 7. Other Java websites do work alright. The error I get from the webpage is here : http://pastebin.com/6n6Ftpiq  Really weird. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it (I have a Java console window up I can dump things, interact, etc. This EXACT page works...08:07
Jon-...fine, just not on Ubuntu).08:07
=== roscogruen is now known as rosco
progesteroneQuestion: how can I check which distribution (http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/) latest Ubuntu use?08:07
wgrantprogesterone: Ubuntu *is* a distribution. What exactly do you mean?08:09
ArdethianProgrestone: http://www.ubuntu.com.08:10
Ardethian'nuf said.08:10
dyekHi! I added a bunch of CONFIG_* that I thought was necessary for Xen DomU support in Ubuntu linux-image kernel package in debian.master/config/i386/config.flavour.generic file. After "debian/rules updateconfigs" and created the .deb package, much of those added CONFIG_* disappeared from the package's config-* file. Are they disappearing because I added it to the wrong flavor config file? Or are they simply not supported by the kernel source from the pa08:11
dyekckage? I'm getting "Error: (2, 'Invalid kernel',..." when I launch the kernel as DomU. It seems to me that it is hopeless to try to recompile the Ubuntu kernel package hoping that it will fix the Xen DomU support. Does that sound correct?08:11
ArdethianUbuntu IS a distribution, maybe you mean the version.08:11
wgrantdyek: Mainline kernels do not have dom0 support. You can't enable a feature that isn't there.08:13
Elite_hi guys anyone feel like taking a shot at this ubuntu 9.10 32 bit with an ati mobility hd 5470 ref: http://forums.amd.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=310&threadid=12875208:14
dyekwgrant: I get Dom0 support in CentOS. I am trying to get DomU support in Ubuntu kernel. Debian kernel does support DomU.08:14
wgrantdyek: Using a horrible, huge, not-terribly-supportable set of patches that are not upstream.08:15
wgrantThere is work to get a pvops dom0 in the upstream kernel, but until then you are best to use another distro or Hardy.08:15
wgrantdomU support should be fine, though.08:15
Jon-I cannot access a certain Java chat plugin (web applet) on a website that I can access on the same computer running Windows 7. Other Java websites do work alright. The error I get from the webpage is here : http://pastebin.com/6n6Ftpiq  Really weird. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it (I have a Java console window up I can dump things, interact, etc. This EXACT page works...08:15
Jon-...fine, just not on Ubuntu).08:16
BlackDalekIs this possible? I have a laptop dual booting windows xp and ubuntu 9.10. I want to make a disk image of the windows xp partition, create a virtual machine in virtual box under ubuntu and use the disk image created from XP as the virtual machine's hard disk. Then I want to delete the XP partition completely. Will this work?08:17
wgrantBlackDalek: Windows can be very picky about hardware.08:17
wgrantBlackDalek: It might work, but it might BSOD or die in other horrible ways.08:17
wgrantThat's probably more of a Windows question than an Ubuntu one.08:17
stevecamwgrant, no08:18
wgrantstevecam: Pardon?08:19
stevecamwgrant, the windows installed on your hard drive will run your computers hardware, not the hardware that your emulator has08:19
Zenkerdoes anyone use moonvidea, i need to change the screen resolution setting but i dont know how or if its possible08:19
wgrantstevecam: As I said, it *might* work, but it might not.08:19
Jon-I cannot access a certain Java chat plugin (web applet) on a website that I can access on the same computer running Windows 7. Other Java websites do work alright. The error I get from the webpage is here : http://pastebin.com/6n6Ftpiq  Really weird. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it (I have a Java console window up I can dump things, interact, etc. This EXACT page works...08:19
Jon-...fine, just not on Ubuntu).08:19
wgrantI have had it go both ways.08:19
dyekwgrant: Not sure if I understand you. I am using a recent Xen Hypervisor package from gitco.de, which appears to be working. Debian's kernel works as DomU. It appears to me that Ubuntu's kernel is missing DomU support. Ubuntu kernel team discussed the problem here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kernel-team/2010-February/008716.html, but I tried that CONFIG_M586TSC and CONFIG_M686 aren't the issue. The issue appears to be something else -- probably08:20
dyekmaking it difficult to enable DomU support rebuilding Ubuntu's kernel source package.08:20
stevecamwgrant, it wont without heavy modification, and you would have to really know what you are doing as you would have to mess around with a lot of undocumented windows crap08:20
wgrantstevecam: Not necessarily.08:21
=== horndog_ is now known as horndog
damaguHey guys can someone tell me if it's possible to mount the harddrive of one machine from another via the network so that shows up in nautilus?08:21
meatbun◕ ◡ ◕08:21
stevecambut if you want to work it out try looking at some of the installation scripts on your windows cd08:21
wgrantstevecam: I'm not the one who wants to know this.08:22
wgrantdyek: You might want to ask #ubuntu-kernel.08:22
stevecamoh, who wants to know it08:22
wgrantstevecam: BlackDalek08:22
wgrantBut I have done it successfully without any extra work.08:23
wgrantIt really depends.08:23
dyekwgrant: Sure. Thanks!08:23
stevecamive never done it without any extra work08:23
Elite_i really need to get a working ubuntu for school etc... is there anyway truth to this : http://forums.amd.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=310&threadid=12875208:23
stevecamalways gives me BSOD's08:24
progesteroneQuestion: how can I know kernel version that latest Ubuntu is using?08:25
wgrantprogesterone: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux08:25
Zenkerwhere are the programs that install out of the repo stored?08:26
Jon-I cannot access a certain Java chat plugin (web applet) on a website that I can access on the same computer running Windows 7. Other Java websites do work alright. The error I get from the webpage is here : http://pastebin.com/6n6Ftpiq  Really weird. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it (I have a Java console window up I can dump things, interact, etc. This EXACT page works...08:27
Jon-...fine, just not on Ubuntu).08:27
progesteronewgrant Thanks .... where can I check kernel version"08:27
wgrantprogesterone: You should see version numbers on that page.08:27
oriCan someone tell me how to get the password window before the computer logs in?08:27
OerHeksprogesterone, open terminal > uname -a08:27
wgrantZenker: The files go to various locations on the system -- the actually programs normally appear in /usr/bin, but 'dpkg -L <PACKAGENAME>' will show you all of the files.08:28
wgrantori: System->Administration->Login Screen might help.08:28
OerHeksmain kernel = 2.6.32-16.25 03-09-201008:28
Zenkerty wgrant do you happen 2 know wher the moonvidea is stored?08:28
oriwgrant: thanx08:28
wgrantZenker: I've never heard of such a thing. What is it.08:29
wgrantDo you mean Moovida, the media centre software?08:29
progesteronewgrant OerHeks Thanks08:29
alankilaJon-: if I would have to hazard a ridiculous guess, I'd bet that the applet is misprogrammed and refers to a java package with wrong capitalization of the name, but it works because win32 filesystems are case insensitive. The error, after all, is a "class not found" exception.08:29
Zenkerwgrant its a media center, its in the repo's u should check it out, im trying to fig out how 2 change the res to 1366x76808:30
wgrantZenker: That would be Moovida.08:30
Jon-alankila: You've got to be kidding me. Anyway to check this in the open Java console?08:30
wgrantI don't know how to use.08:30
alankilahowever, this might be completely wrong because it's probably a .jar, which is a .zip, and all loading in such an archive ought to go through its own implementation of filesystem. But, as I said, it's a ridiculous guess.08:30
alankilaJon-: don't know.,08:31
Zenkerwgrant sorry, fat fingers i guess :)08:31
Jon-alankila: I guess I should be in some sort of Java forum not Ubuntu. Anything on freenode?08:32
Jon-forum.. fail. It's so late. IRC.08:32
=== matteo is now known as Guest75579
meatbunhow to check # of ppl in a channel or list everyone's name in a channel?08:33
Jon-I cannot access a certain Java chat plugin (web applet) on a website that I can access on the same computer running Windows 7. Other Java websites do work alright. The error I get from the webpage is here : http://pastebin.com/6n6Ftpiq  Really weird. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it (I have a Java console window up I can dump things, interact, etc. This EXACT page works...08:35
Jon-...fine, just not on Ubuntu).08:35
Polterge|stcan anyone in here tell me what ubuntu uses to make the wifi radio button work  ?08:36
Polterge|stwhich dependencies or which app rather08:36
alankilaJon-: unaware. I'd suggest just giving up with the applet, it's unlikely anyone here can help you.08:36
alankilabut if you are feeling adventurous, download it and study it08:36
Elite_ati mobility hd radeon 5470 help please08:36
Polterge|stin sidux I have wicd but I am wondering if there is a separate application that allows wifi radar to work in ubuntu or if it is part of network manager08:36
Jon-alankila: Great, so dual boot back to Windows everything I want to use this website. That's helpful..08:36
Polterge|stor possibly is it a library thing08:36
Jon-alankila: How would I download it? It's just embedded in a page.08:37
ivgenichalankila: and Polterge|st  Not right now, at night. They can help later.08:37
Polterge|stI was just curious08:37
Polterge|stI would like to get my wifi radar button working in sidux because it worked by default on the ubuntu cd and I am guessing it is maybe just a lib or dependency I am missing08:38
alankilawell, the webpage will refer to the applet's jar, so it's therefore possible to download it. If you know what to do.08:38
Polterge|stmost of the same stuff that ubuntu has is in the debian repos rather08:38
alankilaI'm outta here, though.08:38
Polterge|stalankila do you mean there is a jar for that ?08:38
hrmshhow are you?08:38
wgrantPolterge|st: Please ask in the Sidux channel, since it seems to be a Sidux problem.08:38
Polterge|stit isn't a sidux problem08:38
Polterge|stit is a linux problem08:39
Polterge|stin any other distro08:39
Polterge|stdon't be snobby plz08:39
Polterge|stthank you08:39
FloodBot3Polterge|st: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:39
wgrantPolterge|st: It worked fine in Ubuntu => it is not an Ubuntu problem.08:39
Jon-IT WORKS.08:39
FloodBot3Jon-: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:39
wgrantJon-: What did you do?08:39
Polterge|stwgrant your comments are being construed as classic linux snobbery STOP08:39
Jon-It hasn't worked all day, nor three minutes ago.. and now.. the same applet works.08:39
Polterge|sthelp or be quiet and let the adults speak08:39
wgrantPolterge|st: We can't effectively support other distributions here.08:39
Polterge|stI'm not asking you to08:39
Polterge|stI was asking a general linux question08:40
rwwPolterge|st: Then go to ##linux.08:40
wgrantYou asked for help with solving a Sidux problem.08:40
Polterge|stand the moment I mention another distro you get on your high horse08:40
rwwPolterge|st: This channel is for Ubuntu support. You don't have an Ubuntu support question.08:40
Polterge|stI thought ubuntu was linux for human beings08:40
Polterge|stfunny I guess I was mistaken08:40
OerHeksJon- it says 30-60 wait ...08:40
Jon-Polterge|st: They're fan boys. Get over it. In this case, I am on their side, but the way they bash Microsoft while banning people that say one good thing about Windows is sick.08:40
wgrantJon-: Stop generalising, thankyou.08:41
rwwJon-: I don't bash Microsoft, and Windows discussion in general is off-topic for this channel also, so...08:41
Spaztic_OneWhoever it was that asked about listing the users in a channel, you can use the command (assuming you are using an IRC client that supports it) is "/who #<channel name>" Obviously without the quotes and replacing <channel name> with the name of the channel. As a note, a channel this large might take a minute or so, possibly locking your computer up for the duration if the command.08:41
Jon-wgrant: I shouldn't be but I have seen it happen so often in the past few days to people. I will rephrase: replace "they" with "some of the ops here"08:41
Polterge|stJon-, my point is that what I am using is actual debian ... if anyone should be entitled to be a snob it would be me because my setup is much much much more difficult to setup and not as automated and in that case a bit of respect would be appreciated on their part. I was asking a simple linux question "about" ubuntu because it is a specific thing ubuntu does and I would like to know how it does it08:42
Polterge|stor which lib08:42
wgrantJon-: It depends on how inappropriate and off-topic the users were.08:42
Polterge|stif they cannot answer the question there is no need to disguise ignorance with snobby attitudes08:42
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
Polterge|stif you don't know then just don't answer08:42
Polterge|stsimple as that08:42
wgrantPolterge|st: We are not being snobbish. We simply cannot effectively assist with non-Ubuntu problems.08:42
Fudgehi I use alsa and movie player, how can I get a graphica equalizer for gnome?08:42
Polterge|stok I will repeat ... it is something ubuntu does08:42
wgrantSo you would be much better off asking in a channel that is more appropriate for your problem.08:42
Polterge|stYES you can help with that08:42
Polterge|styou can find out how it does it08:42
Polterge|stthat simple08:42
Jon-wgrant: Well, it was basically. microsoft bashing going on, user1 says something pro windows, user1 is told to take it to ubuntu-offtopic, he mentions they are allowing the microsoft bashing, he gets banned.08:43
wgrantJon-: unending offtopic conversation (like this) is not appropriate for this channel.08:43
Spaztic_OneIRC is fun.08:44
* Polterge|st raises an eyebrow08:44
Polterge|stok whatever08:44
Spaztic_OneEspecially in the wee hours of the morning.08:44
Polterge|stI'll find it myself since you don't know this simple thing about your own distro08:44
Jon-Forgive me, I didn't realise I should keep my mouth shut while I witness more and more OP-abuse in here. [Fine, I'll stop.]08:44
Polterge|stquite funny though08:44
wgrantPolterge|st: Hotkey handling is the polar opposite of simple.08:44
rwwubottu: appeals | Jon-08:44
ubottuJon-: If you disagree with a decision by an operator, please first pay #ubuntu-ops a visit. If you are still unhappy, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/AppealProcess for the steps you should take. If you feel the need to discuss the channel rules, please contact the ops on IRC or via the email address on the aforementioned page.08:44
Polterge|stit is simple if it is based on a jar or based on a lib08:45
Jon-rww: wasn't me just an observed action on another user08:45
Polterge|stthat's all I was searching for08:45
rwwJon-: Then please leave discussing that matter to the other user and the channel ops.08:45
ikoniaJon-: if you have a problem with any of the ops, please discuss it in #ubuntu-ops, not here08:45
Polterge|stI found some ubuntu guides and will look there and solve the problem just like I did with firestarter in sidux the other day, which was related to using a newer kernel than the one in stock ubuntu because of nf_conntrack instead of using ip_conntrack which is a totally diff story08:46
Fudgeafter which get a life ;08:47
hrmshwho here?08:47
ikoniahrmsh: 1400+ people are here,08:47
Fudgewow if everyone said me it woudl be pages08:47
hrmshhow are you?08:48
ikoniahrmsh: all, is well, you may want to check the topic of the channel with the /topic command08:48
Fudgehrmsh try to use peoples names when addressing08:48
Spaztic_Oneikonia: jeez, how many people are banned?08:49
=== Al|e|\| is now known as pierreghz
rwwSpaztic_One: 32108:49
Jon-Kids gotta learn to proxy.08:50
ikoniaJon-: enough08:50
warpiits fun, in pidgin, everyone gets its own color :)08:50
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:51
Spaztic_OneWell, 5 AM. I'm gonna catch a nap for a few hours. Night all.08:53
=== raar is now known as Guest15845
sqwertleI was attempting to compile some winsock code to test and see what my code::blocks comes equipped with out of the box and seem to have run into some problems that shouldn't be there. The code is at http://paste.ubuntu.com/395516/ (there should be nothing wrong with this) and the errors are at http://imagebin.org/88921 . I'm fairly certian I'm missing some files.08:57
keyhiveI lost my empathy / evolution notifier icon :(08:59
wgrantsqwertle: *win*sock is for Windows.09:00
wgrantsqwertle: But that's probably not the whole problem here.09:01
sqwertleIt's not09:01
sqwertleThere shouldn't be an error with a few things that have errors, that are unrelated to winsock commands09:01
wgrantIt looks like it's trying to execute it as a shell script.09:01
sqwertlewgrant.... then what does nix use? :(09:01
ddrjwhat web ui could i use for rtorrent? any recommendations ?09:02
wgrantsqwertle: Look around for UNIX socket programming tutorials.09:02
wgrantsqwertle: What if you give the file a proper extension?09:03
Elive_user85_eni need help09:04
Elive_user85_eni need help09:04
wgrant!ask | Elive_user85_en09:04
sqwertlewgrant: Yes, that would seem to do the trick09:04
ubottuElive_user85_en: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:04
Elive_user85_eni have an error 18 an some tines 1609:05
Elive_user85_enon ubuntu grub loading 1.509:05
Vigoddrj: I found an Un-Official site for that, still looking,,,,09:05
Vigoubuntu forums09:06
Elive_user85_eni run ubuntu 9.10an 9.04 but curintly ive been running elive :(09:06
Elive_user85_eni miss my ubuntu:(09:06
keyhiveHi!  I accidentally removed my evolution/empathy notifier in the panel, and I'd like to add it again.  Does anyone know where the binary lives?09:06
oinilhow to stop the gnome fish?09:06
Elive_user85_enright click an remove :)09:07
j0rdhi can anyone help me i keep getting this when i try to update via update manager09:07
j0rdE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.09:07
j0rdE: _cache->open() failed, please report.09:07
wgrantj0rd: Run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a'09:07
Elive_user85_ennop srry09:07
j0rddid that got this:09:07
Elive_user85_enI NEED HELP >:)09:07
oinilElive_user85_en: no it comes back again and again09:07
wgrantkeyhive: Right click on the panel, 'Add to Panel...', and search for 'indicator'09:08
j0rdSetting up initramfs-tools (0.92bubuntu53) ...09:08
j0rdupdate-initramfs: deferring update (trigger activated)09:08
j0rdProcessing triggers for initramfs-tools ...09:08
j0rdupdate-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-
j0rdCannot find /lib/modules/
FloodBot3j0rd: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:08
j0rdupdate-initramfs: failed for /boot/initrd.img-
Elive_user85_enYES IT COMES BAK09:08
ikoniaElive_user85_en: please stop typing in caps09:08
rwwoinil: log out and back in, or press Alt-F2 and type "killall gnome-panel", which should stop it and restart your panel.09:08
wgrantj0rd: Are you using Lucid?09:08
j0rddont think so09:09
wgrantj0rd: Where did you get a 2.6.32 kernel if you are not running Lucid?09:09
j0rdi tried to compile it but couldnt manage so i cleand up (i thought) and left it alone09:09
Vigoddrj: According to the Forums, I think Avalanche is the suggested one.09:10
wgrantj0rd: There's nothing left of it in /boot?09:10
Vigoddrj: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1411086&highlight=ui+rtorrent09:10
wgrantj0rd: And you're not currently booted into it?09:10
Elive_user85_enwats that link 4?09:10
j0rdno & no09:10
j0rdjust a post install script somewhere i need to trash i guess09:11
ddrjthanks Vigo checking09:11
indusbugaloo, you have spare power connector ?09:11
Vigoddrj: You are very welcome, I hope that helps.09:11
pwnkillerne 1 install moonshine?09:12
wgrantj0rd: Nothing in /var/lib/initramfs-tools about it?09:13
wgrantj0rd: How did you install it? A package?09:13
j0rdwill check09:13
j0rdi compiled source from kernel.org09:13
j0rdand a pappy seed09:13
j0rdthere is a file in init ramfs-tools should i trash it.?09:14
wgrantj0rd: Move it away rather than deleting, to be safe.09:14
j0rdwill do09:14
j0rdhave to go get my boy from kindergarden09:14
damaguCan anyone tell me how, if it's possible, to mount a drive from another machine on my network so that it shows up in nautilus?09:15
j0rdthanks for all the help, will try when back homne in 30 mins.09:15
j0rdthanks again.09:15
=== eric is now known as Guest82747
ZykoticK9damagu, you can't directly mount a drive across a network, but you could you NFS or SAMBA to share and then mount a drive09:15
johnny_buffalohello, I am in needs of some assistance. SOmehow I messed up my read permissions on one of my folders on my ntfs partion. now it is unreadable in linux and windows 7. The file is still there under folder perssion changes in parent folder when applying to subfolders09:17
johnny_buffaloneed some help recovering the folder09:17
damaguZykoticK9: will that make it show up in nautilus?09:18
Quan-Timejohnny_buffalo: thats a win7 issue09:18
damaguZykoticK9: so I can drag and drop files09:18
johnny_buffaloi just discovered09:18
Quan-Timein win7 you can take ownership of files, but i dont think ntfs-3g will alter permissions09:19
johnny_buffalobig problem09:19
ZykoticK9damagu, you can use nautilus with nfs/samba shares sure09:19
damaguZykoticK9: thatnks. I'll give it a try. Cheers09:19
johnny_buffalois there any chance i can recover this folder?09:19
johnny_buffaloi have access to the drive to mount it via ntfs-3g09:19
Quan-Timejohnny_buffalo: i wouldnt go editing anything critical thats on NTFS09:21
ZykoticK9johnny_buffalo, this really is a question best asked in ##windows09:21
johnny_buffaloaanyone else ever run into this problem?09:22
unregisteredi tried to assign myself a random ipv6 address using "ifconfig eth0 add addr". then I tried to ping6 that address from the very same machine. but the ping isn't responding. what am I doing wrong?09:23
xfactWhats wrong with Brasero? Whenever I am 'blanking' a removable disk, after that the disk drive completely disappearing when I am putting the disk in to my disk drive....? How to solve it?09:24
BigMike`` where are the channel rules posted?09:25
airtonix!anyone | johnny_buffalo09:25
ubottujohnny_buffalo: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?09:25
ZykoticK9BigMike``, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines09:25
unregisteredBigMike``: /topic is a useful irc command :)09:25
johnny_buffaloi don't think im gonna find a solution on this channel, but thank for helping me narrow it down09:26
ddrjwhat vnc server do you guys use for your ubuntu ?09:26
airtonixddrj, apt-cache search vnc | grep server09:27
ddrjthanks airtonix  checkin09:27
xfactAnybody has ever felt the problem of cd drive disappearing?09:27
airtonixddrj, personally i stay away from vnc09:28
airtonix!anyone > xfact09:28
ubottuxfact, please see my private message09:28
ddrjhow come airtonix ?09:28
BigMike`` i use remote dekstop09:29
airtonixddrj, its high bandwidth for the goals accomplished09:29
unregisteredairtonix: he did ask a question. then went for the desperate "Does anyone.."09:30
indusdoes anyone09:31
airtonixunregistered, which is why i didn't bother answering since both aspects of the question are incredibly vague09:31
indushas anyone wondered about splitting ubuntu int o2 channels09:32
orion_SuNError unmounting: umount exited with exit code 1: helper failed with:09:33
orion_SuNumount: only root can unmount UUID=3be5ae01-2929-4606-9852-bd7cde7a0be1 from /09:33
unregisteredorion_SuN: are you trying to unmount your root partition?09:35
airtonix!ot | |_ocke09:35
ubottu|_ocke: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:35
|_ockeairstrike, i know man09:36
|_ocke<-- banned09:36
airtonix|_ocke, who is airstrike ?09:36
|_ocketab complete failed09:36
* airtonix agrees09:36
|_ockeeither way09:36
airtonix|_ocke, do you have a ubuntu question ?09:36
|_ockeairstrike, yeah09:37
|_ockebut i doubt anyone can solve it :P09:37
|_ockei'm running 9.10 and it boots up to the login screen in full res with nvidia driver 99% of the time, but when i try to login with gnome session 95% of the time it tries to switch resolution (to the same resolution as the login screen) and it goes black09:38
|_ockenot standby, monitor still has power09:38
|_ockebut it doesn't show desktop09:38
|_ockeand if i ctrl-alt-f1 to get terminal it also doesn't work09:38
|_ockebut i can tell it switches cause normally caps lock works, but when i ctrl alt f1 caps lock does nothing09:39
|_ockeuntil i type in username then password09:39
|_ockethen it works09:39
|_ockebut no video09:39
ikonia|_ocke: hardcode the resolution in xorg.conf to a safe resolution and go from there09:39
|_ockeand no standby mode09:39
FloodBot3|_ocke: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:39
Vigo|_ocke: Does the MD sum checkout?09:39
|_ockeikonia, i've done sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg many times and at first it fixed it but the probability of video output has reduced dramatically now09:40
|_ockeat first it would not work like 1/10 times09:40
|_ockethen about half the time09:40
|_ockeand would always switch to ttyS009:40
ikonia|_ocke: don't use dpkg-reconfigure, just manually hard code it in your Xorg.conf09:40
eric__i'm getting a crapload of error msgs when i try to install moonshine... need help!09:40
|_ockethen later would only boot to video 1/10 times and switch to ttyS0 like 1/1009:40
|_ockenow it will never boot to video and never switch to ttyS009:41
=== eric__ is now known as eric__007
|_ockebut i can always use xterm session09:41
=== eric__007 is now known as pwnkiller
|_ockeand just run 'metacity &' then 'gnome-panel &'09:41
kindofabuzzi copied over my id_rsa.pub to my server but i keep getting Agent admitted failure to sign using the key and have to enter password.09:41
TommoPuppyhi, i'm having a very wierd problem09:42
|_ockeright now somehow it booted normally and i'm in regular GNOME but it's in 1024x768 and it won't switch to 1680x105009:42
pwnkilleranyone want to give me a hand pm me pls09:42
ikonia|_ocke: hardcode it to a safe resolution, see if that makes a difference, then move forward from there09:42
ikoniapwnkiller: discussion in the channel is better as people can help then09:42
|_ockeikonia, i forget the syntax09:42
|_ockethere is no resolution coded in xorg.conf09:42
ikonia|_ocke: look it up, it's not that hard, just add the lines you need09:43
ikoniaI admit it's a drag though looking it up09:43
pwnkillerneed help installing moonshine09:43
pwnkillerto many err msgs to list in chat09:43
ikonia!info moonshine09:43
TommoPuppyokay sorry had to get the dog to stop barking at the night09:43
ubottuPackage moonshine does not exist in karmic09:43
ikoniathat's frustrating09:43
TommoPuppyokay so i'm trying to install ubuntu on an old, crappy laptop09:43
pwnkillerwhats karmic?09:43
|_ockepwnkiller, karmic is ubuntu 9.1009:44
TommoPuppyi only have access to discs for ubuntus 5.04 and 7.04 right now. the only one i could start the installation process in was 509:44
ikoniapwnkiller: an ubuntu (9.10) release09:44
pwnkillerho i dl .tar09:44
TommoPuppyso i'm installing that old thing09:44
m00seomg...yer gonna make me turn off my nick flash with this moonshine moonshine moonshine....argggg09:44
|_ockeholy crap09:44
TommoPuppybut the disc drive is screwed up or something09:44
TommoPuppyso i can't install a boot loader09:44
wgrantTommoPuppy: You know that's almost five years old, right?09:44
|_ockebreezy badger?09:44
=== Mowiiii`Aw is now known as Mowee
wgrant5.04 was Hoary.09:44
wgrant5.10 was Breezy.09:44
TommoPuppyso i was wondering if i could install it later using another method09:44
|_ockemy first ubuntu distro was breezy09:45
* wgrant started with good old Warty.09:45
|_ockewell the first one that i ran exclusively09:45
|_ockeand gave up all other OS's for09:45
TommoPuppyyeah I know that wgrant. I'm doing a computer science course at uni and i need to install linux, but since my normal computer is down and my other computer hasn't got enough hard drive space to partition i have no choice but to do a quick temporary fix on the old craptop09:45
TommoPuppybut yeah do i HAVE to install a boot loader during installation?09:45
TommoPuppyor can i do it later?09:46
wgrantTommoPuppy: Have you thought about Wubi? That will let you install Ubuntu into a file on your Windows partition.09:46
ikoniaTommoPuppy: you would be very wise to do it during the install09:46
TommoPuppyI can't ikonia09:46
TommoPuppydidn't you hear me?09:46
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.09:46
TommoPuppyThere's a problem with my laptop or my disc09:46
ikoniaTommoPuppy: ok - so then you need to get that fixed before installing as a boot loader is essential09:47
kindofabuzz!usb > TommoPuppy09:47
ubottuTommoPuppy, please see my private message09:47
TommoPuppyi barely have a flash drive big enough to use ubuntu though. If I were going to do that i'd just get DSL or puppy instead09:47
TommoPuppyin fact, i might :/ since my craptop is pretty much doomed to not having a permanent linux install on it09:48
TommoPuppybut seriously, if i try to run the 7.04 disc it doesn't even start the livecd09:48
TommoPuppyit just says "unable to mount"09:48
TommoPuppyokay, so, i've erased the laptop hard drive and isntalled half a linux installation essentially since i can't install a boot loader09:50
VigoTommoPuppy: Have you tried the Minimal? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD09:51
kindofabuzztry the alt cd09:51
TommoPuppyif only this crappy computer were good enough to run a virtual machine09:53
inertialwhat should I use for encrypting removable disks?09:53
TommoPuppymy new computer would be though. maybe i should just install Puppy on a USB drive or something?09:53
ikoniaTommoPuppy: that's up to you, we are just here to help with ubuntu issues09:53
wgrantinertial: Yes. System->Administration->Disk Utility can probably help you with that.09:53
TommoPuppyyeah i know i kinda eneded up thinking out loud. sorry09:53
TommoPuppyi'm gonna go now. Thanks for your help.09:54
Shay27Hello , can anyone recommend me on good wiki engine for Ubuntu ? so i can create something similar to wikipedia on my server ?09:54
wgrant!pl | zsp209:54
ubottuzsp2: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.09:54
zsp2what the ?09:54
inertialwgrant: oh cool, when was that added?09:54
vegais there a working photo manager in ubuntu? (no, f-spot is not a working one)09:54
Vigoalt cd is also a good plan, the system or version that you trying is no longer supported or something, maybe that is why no-load...just guessing here.09:54
wgrantinertial: Ubuntu 9.10, IIRC.09:54
=== Che_ is now known as Guest7257
airtonix!language | TommoPuppy09:55
unregisteredShay27: you can use mediawiki which is what wikipedia uses. it used to be a pain to configure when I used it. there are lots and lots of different alternatives.09:56
ubottuTommoPuppy: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.09:57
TommoPuppyi didn't say anything D:09:57
ikoniaTommoPuppy: I think it was a miss-type, don't worry09:57
TommoPuppyunless "craptop" is a bad word. If it is, I'm sorry. :P09:57
JohnFluxHey all09:57
induscrap is ?09:58
JohnFluxCan I install linux from windows without burning a cd/dvd? and install to a proper partition, so I think not using wubi09:58
indusisnt it like a milder word for somethin more bad09:59
ikoniaindus: what ?09:59
ikoniaindus: that's not for this channel09:59
rwwJohnFlux: Do you have a USB stick you wouldn't mind using temporarily?09:59
wgrant!usb | JohnFlux09:59
ubottuJohnFlux: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent09:59
indusJohnFlux, try the software unetbootin.sourceforge.net it works better, install on windows, then it helps you download whatever linux distro you want10:00
JohnFluxthanks all10:01
JohnFluxhmm, maybe I'll just dig out a blank dvd :-D10:01
indusJohnFlux, why? does it seem complicated those links?10:01
karl_hungusany Dia users here?10:02
karl_hungusdo you guys know how to fix the dia's toolbox to the left side of the window?10:02
karl_hungusi want it to be like in windows, like this: http://ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=150130&d=126860106510:03
* karl_hungus ??10:04
ne1Could not display "computer:".10:04
ne1Nautilus cannot handle "computer" locations.10:04
napalcovHello !10:05
ne1Could not display "computer:". Nautilus cannot handle "computer" locations.10:06
ne1i removed and reinstalled gvfs but still its not fixed10:06
lao5hi! my brightness - bar cannot show up, anyone know why?10:10
lao5i use laptop , ubuntu 8.0410:11
iwobbleshi ppl :)10:11
lao5unfortunately, pidgin does not support images10:11
ubuntui want fix grub but when i type find /boot/grub/stage1 this erro appear :  error 15 :file not found  i type untill stage 1010:13
Xixsorry to ask this here, but which #room should I be joining to ask HTTP-related questions ?10:15
psycho_oreosapache if you're using apache daemon10:15
ikoniaXix: read the freenode website about how to find channels10:15
Xixpsycho_oreos: It's not about apache, it's about browser behaviour regarding HTTP caching headers10:16
ikoniaXix: check the freenode website10:16
ubuntuhelp me please10:17
abhi_navohh how funny ubuntu needs help!!!10:17
rwwdefault livecd username.10:17
psycho_oreosXix, not sure, I'd try asking in #freenode.. there's also a bot in which you can search for channels, but best to ask in that channel10:17
abhi_navi see10:18
erUSULpsycho_oreos: Xix /msg alis list *searchterm*10:18
Xixpsycho_oreos: I'm using Opera so I searched for "ht*" channels and there were only very few with 2-3 people in them10:18
ubuntuabhi_nav: >i want fix grub but when i type find /boot/grub/stage1 this erro appear : error 15 :file not found i type untill stage 1010:18
lilsnoopin karmic-koala, how do i install libssl and libssl-dev ??10:19
=== cs278| is now known as cs278|work
abhi_nav!grub | ubuntu10:19
ubottuubuntu: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.10:19
psycho_oreosXix,  more specifically you want help with opera no? it sounds more like opera related issue10:19
airtonixlao5, when you say "pidgin does not support images" what do you mean ?10:19
lilsnoopi tried apt-get10:19
Xixpsycho_oreos: no, Chrome actually10:19
psycho_oreosXix, then I'd search for Chrome10:19
Xixthough I'd be interested in all the browsers10:19
XixI did search for Chrome, nada10:19
airtonixXix, #httpd10:20
Xixsome empty rooms about Chrome OS, or Chromium (not the browser)10:20
pozicMy laptop randomly decides that the screen should stop displaying stuff and instead goes black, even when I am just displaying the console. I think this is some kind of power-management issue, but does anyone have a more precise idea of its cause. Is this a common problem?10:20
airtonixXix, also, have you tried checking the developer tools in chrome ?10:20
WACKLER1does someone have a good help page for soundissues except https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting10:20
lao5airtonix: i cannot send images by pidgin.10:21
Xixairtonix: yes, I'm working with them right now10:21
Xixthe tools say the cache headers are being sent, but the 3.2s delay in fetching the script tells me it's not getting the cached version10:21
airtonixlao5, than what you actually mean is that "pidgin does not support file transfer without configuration"10:21
ubottuUh, don't you mean !apt ?10:21
pozicIt makes me want to throw Windows on it, since at least I know it is certified to run on it (and this is coming from someone who wants to use a *nix derivative).10:21
airtonixpozic, i assume 1) your gfx card is ati 2) the drivers are the binary variety10:22
lao5airtonix: i dont know how to configure. could you show me? thanks10:22
airtonixlao5, no because unfortunatly i have not been able to work out how to get that part working either.10:23
lao5airtonix: i want to send images10:23
airtonixlao5, i suggest you use something like dropbox to share files10:23
WACKLER1does someone have a good help page for soundissues except for https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting tried everything there and still no beep10:24
lao5airtonix: i would try dropbox later.10:24
airtonixlao5, apparently empathy has better luck with filesharing10:24
Dan_EWACKLER1, did you look at alsamixer?10:25
bronto2lao5, if you are on statip ip, i would apt-get install lighttpd, then drop images to /var/www, then send a link to the user10:25
bronto2*static ip10:25
WACKLER1Dan_E you mean like checking if it's on?10:25
lao5bronto2: this is a good idea10:26
Dan_Eno to see if anything is muted10:26
itaihi, i have many gigs of folders containing mostly mp3, but some contain the occasional txt or jpeg, is there a command that will delete just txt and jpeg from within folders (that is , i wouldnt need to cd to each folder)?10:26
bronto2lao5, or ftp server woul work as well10:26
WACKLER1yep ... it's not that easy..10:26
madvirus420I have ubuntu 9.04 I want to insatll warsow 0.5. However, the ubuntu repo has warsow 0.42. How do I install warsow 0.5 ?10:27
airtonixlao5, just out of interest what protocol are you trying to share fiels with ? xmpp or something like msn ?10:28
ikoniamadvirus420: you have to request an update of the package from the maintainers on launchpad.net10:28
madvirus420ikonia: okay. any other way? a quicker one ?10:28
lao5bronto2,airtonix: i would mount the image on my webserver. pls wait10:28
ikoniamadvirus420: manually build it and ruin the dependeny tracking on your machine10:29
whitmanHi, if I connect to a windows share with Places -> Connect to server, is there any way to access that connect via the terminal?10:29
ikoniamadvirus420: or ask you self if you really need this exact version10:29
madvirus420ikonia: ok. thanks.10:29
airtonixlao5, i mean that since pidgin is a multi-protocol instant messenger client, you would be using a specific chat protocol...for example gmail is just xmpp.10:29
WACKLER1does someone have a good help page for soundissues except for https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting tried everything there and still no beep10:30
ne1Could not display "computer:". Nautilus cannot handle "computer" locations.?  i removed and reinstalled gvfs but still its not fixed10:30
erUSULWACKLER1: given that 90% of sound cards now are hda10:30
erUSUL!intelhda | WACKLER110:31
ubottuWACKLER1: For fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto10:31
WACKLER1I llok thta up thx10:31
pkpHi, i seem to have a problem. My network-manager-gnome isn't working. I want to know which file to edit the connections.10:31
pkpi eamn if i can edit the connections if they are stored in a file10:32
=== FeiRuoWa is now known as zz_FeiRuoWa
ne1pkp, /etc/network10:32
ne1pkp, there is a file interface10:33
erUSULpkp: right click on the nm-applet choose edit connections10:33
airtonixne1, nm-applet doesn't edit that file.10:33
erUSULpkp: or use gconf-editor --> apps>networkmanager>10:33
pkpne1, /etc/network is a directory10:33
tooth1hi - i am trying to write a twitter notifier for gnome - is there any api to the gnome notifier and if yes, where is it documented ?10:34
pkpertUSL, that is not displayed, will try gconf10:34
airtonixne1, concerning your computer:// -> have you tried using the guest account to confirm the problem exists across all accounts ?10:34
ne1pkp, there is a file interfaces10:34
ne1airtonix, no10:34
ubuntumy grub is install in /dev/sdc8 now what type for fix it?10:34
airtonixne1, also make sure the address you are trying to navigate to is actually computer:// and not just 'computer'10:34
ne1airtonix, let me see10:35
casinaroyaleIs there a way of seeing the functions being exposed in a shared library(.so file) ??10:35
ubuntumy grub is installed in /dev/sdc8 now what type for fix it?10:36
airtonixlao5, this might interest you : http://sourceforge.net/projects/fserv4pidgin/10:36
lao5i missed it10:36
lao5airtonix: thanks10:36
=== rainofkayos is now known as SolarisBoy
ne1airtonix, how can i update the address?10:36
ranjancan any body know how to use an .iso image file wile mounting on ubuntu os I nead it to vew some containt on that are present in it .. It is an study material and i manged to get it from one of my friend .. but it is based to run on windos based macine so does any body know's how to run it under wine .. in ubuntu10:37
airtonixlao5, or you can try using 'giver'10:37
airtonix!info giver | lao510:37
ubottulao5: giver (source: giver): simple file sharing desktop application. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.8-5 (karmic), package size 144 kB, installed size 440 kB10:37
ranjanany help would be of great help thanks in advance10:37
airtonix!info gnome-user-share10:37
ubottugnome-user-share (source: gnome-user-share): User level public file sharing via WebDAV or ObexFTP. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.28.0-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 592 kB, installed size 2076 kB10:37
lao5i have a lot to learn..10:38
airtonixlao5, lots of options here in the comments of : http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/3841/10:38
lao5airtonix: :)10:38
djjarai don't know how but i can't change to console with ctrl+alt+F(), anyone have some idea how fix? thanks10:39
ne1ranjan,mount it in archive mounter10:39
HaffeMan faltar lite här, man faltar lite där.10:40
ranjanne1 :: i have mounted in furius iso mount ..10:40
rwwubottu: se | Haffe10:41
ubottuHaffe: Svensk Ubuntu- och Kubuntusupport hittar du i #ubuntu-se resp. #kubuntu-se10:41
perhamhi everyone10:41
perhamI'm using ubnutu on a ps3. everything's fine except 1 thing10:42
ubuntumy grub is install in /dev/sdc8 now what type for fix it?10:42
JakesMy wireless device is Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN (rev 01) ... How do I enable monitor mode on it10:42
perhamI've connected my  a4tech wi-fi mouse and keyb combo and the keyb is working, but mouse is not working. what should I do?10:43
perhamI don't even know where to start10:43
WACKLER1I'm at a loss with my sound problems... maybe a reinstall would help?... but I don't wanna do that cause... undervolting took me likeâges...10:44
ubuntumy grub is install in /dev/sdc8 now what type for fix it?10:45
JakesMy wireless device is Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN (rev 01) ... How do I enable monitor mode on it...Tried # iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor10:45
erUSULJakes: maybe --> sudo iw phy phy0 interface add moni0 type monitor10:45
perhamanyone? :(10:45
ranjanne1 :: how to use it withrchive mounter a10:46
JakeserUSUL: Got this "nl80211 not found." on trying it10:47
erUSULJakes: what driver are you using ?10:47
ne1ranjan, right click it and mount with archive mounter. you can see the contents10:47
JakesRight now b4310:47
WACKLER1Could someone give me the commonds to reinstall all soundrelated10:48
erUSULJakes: :/ then i dunno...10:48
ranjanne1 :: ya got that .. but it is not being identified under wine10:48
JakeserUSUL: will madwifi work??10:49
Haeginhi, I have several things in cron that are running but aren't doing anything - any idea why?10:49
erUSULJakes: really dunno; works for me with a ralink card i thought b43 was compatible too10:49
ikoniayes ?10:50
ranjanne1 :: it is giving me an error msg plese insert the cd in your cd drive10:50
WACKLER1Could someone give me the commands to reinstall all soundrelated drivers...10:50
peturrrrrnobody can see what i wrie!10:51
ikoniapeturrrrr: what do you want ?10:51
ikoniapeturrrrr: people have responded to you10:51
peturrrrroh ikonia hello again10:51
WACKLER1peturrrr not funny...10:51
perhamwhen I run cat /dev/input/mice/by-id/usb-A4tech... and I move my mouse, I see the stream of data there, but it doesn't move the pointer. seems like  a gnome/ Xserver bug10:52
dgzhey guys, i experiencing strange sound lag on ubuntu 9.10 with my X-Fi extreme music10:52
dgzim wondering why :)10:52
Haegindgz: are you using pulse?10:53
dgzdunno what is Pulse10:53
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions10:53
dgzi just fired Quake Live / Open Arena and the sound lags about a second :(10:53
peturrrrrIm running Ubuntu, English language. Is there a way to run specitic applications in other languages? I know it's possible to donwload the translation files from launchpad.. but elderly people cannot do this and they don't want the complete system in non-english language.10:53
studentaloha ludziki10:54
WACKLER1ubottu I'll try thta thanks.10:54
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:54
dgzthe only thing I changed is installing nvidia drivers, everything else is default10:54
dgzso, I get it Pulse is not my default sound server, correct?10:56
pwnkillerhow can i make a virtual boot disk using an online bootdisk?10:56
Haegindgz: you are almost certainly using pulseaudio which is most likely causing the problems10:57
Haegingoogle for stuff related to pulseaudio and your card10:58
dgzalready did that, that's why i am here. ubuntuforums is completely useless for that kind of stuff10:58
dgzthere is also a mouse lag (not as huge as my sound delay, though)10:59
SandGorgonwhich fonts do you guys use on your Ubuntu desktop -  moved from Droid fonts to MgOpen Canonica... looking for something new11:00
erUSULpeturrrrr: install the apropiate language packages. then launch the programs setting LC_ALL=en_UK or whatever first11:00
Haegindgz: try turning pulseaudio off and switching to alsa to see if that fixes your sound problems11:00
peturrrrrerUSUL: Where do i specify LC_ALL=langCode ?11:01
dgzwill do that, thanks Haegin11:01
erUSULpeturrrrr: command line or make special launchers11:01
peturrrrrYes but there, is it a parameter?11:01
HaeginSandGorgon: I use terminus11:01
peturrrrrerUSUL: never mind, found it11:02
WACKLER1Installt pulse still no sound I think the Problem is in the Alsa Modul ... Pulse doe use that too doesn't it?11:04
WACKLER1Is there a way to reinstall Alsa?11:06
pozicairstrike: I use nvidia's proprietary drivers, but the same happens with the nv driver.11:10
WACKLER1DoesN't anybody know a easy way reinstall sound related Modules Drivers etc. ??11:10
induspozic, what happens11:10
HaeginWACKLER1: sudo apt-get install --reinstall alsa-utils11:11
jribWACKLER1: you should tell the channel your actual problem because reinstalling things rarely solves issues11:11
WACKLER1No sound... and tried like 5 ways to fix it....11:11
indusWACKLER1, what ubuntu version, no sound in which application , etc , what sound setup, speakrs or headphones11:16
dgzanother question, is there something like DX's DirectInput? I would really like to get rid of the mouse lag I have. My Razer Salmosa behaves like crap in 9.10 :(11:17
jesusmdgz, are you experimenting mouse lag on desktop or in games under Wine?11:19
jesusmi'm using a MX518 in 9.10 and is running fine11:20
Wackler1I'm at a loss with my sound problem.... can I reinstall Ubuntu without loosing my PHC-Kernel all of my W-Lan setups... etc? not realy eh11:21
thropeive got a scratched dvd-r - any way to check if it is ok or not (other than copying everything to hd)11:21
RAyNTag :)11:22
HaeginWackler1: give more information and we'll probably be able to fix it. This isn't windows - rebooting and/or reinstalling isn't a magic fix.11:22
StargazeWackler1, you can make a backup of home and/or make a separate home partition11:22
Haeginthrope: nope, image it and compare the md5sum of the image to that of the device would probably work11:22
ecmneed some h elp11:23
ecmneed some elp11:23
Stargaze!ask| ecm11:23
ubottuecm: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:23
Ardethian_Is there something like Task Manager on Linux?11:23
ecmi dont have wall paper in 9.10 i have black screen11:23
zetheroowhat does "sudo -H ./filename.bin"?11:23
StargazeArdethian_, it's calles System Monitor11:23
indusArdethian_, system monitor , menu >system>admin >system monitor11:23
ecmi just installed linux now11:23
zetheroowhat does "sudo -H ./filename.bin" do?11:23
ecmi had win 7 got rid of it and installed this11:23
erUSULArdethian_: System>Admin>SystemMonitor11:24
Dr_Willisecm:  set a wallpaper perhaps?11:24
indusecm, what graphics card do you use11:24
Stargazeecm, please your question in one line, so we don't have to scroll up to check what it was about11:24
indusecm, is system working fine11:24
ecmi have an raeson 925011:24
itheosempathy asks for a keyring. where to find it?11:24
thropeHaegin: i guess that'll take ages but i'll give it a try...11:24
indusitheos, its your system password11:24
itheosits not working11:25
indusi have already filed a bug about it11:25
indusstupid naming11:25
Haeginitheos: have you copied your home dir from a previous install?11:25
Haeginif so try your old password11:25
Wackler1Haegin  I got no sound what so ever... tried like 5 guides now. Still no beep. And the Error started between to boot ups without internetconnection updates or chnages to the system.11:25
ecmi had ubuntu 9.10 i removed and got win 7 and now i came back to ubuntu as win7 didnt have drivers11:25
itheosHaegin, no i did not. its my old password11:25
ecmnow all i have is an black wall paper11:25
indusecm, right click on desktop > change wallpaper ?11:26
Haeginecm: you can set a wallpaper by right clicking on the desktop in Gnome. Try that and let us know if it works11:26
ecmindus:didnt work11:26
HaeginWackler1: ok, what sound card are you using and what sound system are you using?11:26
itheosecm, your desktop is working? can you see the panels and icons?11:26
Wackler1alsa ... onboard intelsound card..11:26
Haeginecm: have you tried restarting nautilus as that manages the desktop in gnome?11:26
HaeginWackler1: ok, what model of intel sound card?11:27
indusecm, press atl - sysrq- k to reset display?11:27
ecmeverything works besides my wall paper11:27
ecmindus:thats confusing11:27
indusecm, ok11:27
Wackler1Haegin one sec looking it up..11:27
airtonixindus, why do you keep suggesting that ?11:27
dgzjesusm , only in games, but not in Wine11:27
ecmindus:wats sysrq?11:27
indusairtonix, what do you mean11:27
indusecm, nvm it11:27
dgzI am a bit picky, though.11:28
Haeginecm: if the rest of your system is working it's unlikely resetting the display will fix it.11:28
itheosecm, its a key on keyboard11:28
ecmwere is it?11:28
Dan_Eprint screen button on keyboard11:28
=== thrope_ is now known as thrope
itheosecm, search near pause key11:28
indusecm, which version of ubuntu are you using11:28
Haeginfor future reference it's the print screen key on most keyboards and is used in a series of keybindings that can reset your computer in clever ways that you almost certainly won't need to use most of the time11:28
zetheroois it possible to convert .deb to .bin?11:28
airtonixitheos, indus because more often than not. there wont be a single sysreq key and holding down the key combos required in other cases is like playing limbo11:29
indusairtonix, well, thats not my problem11:29
itheosairtonix, i just helped him find the key thats all :)11:29
airtonixindus, it is because when providing support you don't offer obscure rarely available options11:29
Haeginzetheroo: bin isn't a packaged format, it's just a binary so the answer would be not without a wrapper of some sort11:29
indusairtonix, how is it rarely available11:30
zetherooHaegin: is there a wrapper that can do it?11:30
indusall the machines  i work with have that key exactly there11:30
Haeginzetheroo: what are you actually trying to do this for?11:30
lao5hi! can gimp add a rectangle to some part of one picture? i am going to use rectangle to circle some part of the picture.11:30
Haeginlao5: yes11:31
lao5Haegin: how? thanks11:31
indusairtonix, iam not sure what you mean here, obscure ? rarely available ? isnt the process to restart display atl-sysrq-k11:31
Haeginlao5: select the area you want using the rectangle selection tool, border the selection to how thick you want the edge of the rectangle then fill the selection using the paint tool11:31
zetherooHaegin: I am trying to install IBM Lotus Symphony on my 64bit Ubuntu machine ... I downloaded the .deb package and the howto is referring to the .bin one ...11:31
Haeginzetheroo: ok, do you have the 64bit deb?11:32
nucc1hey, i want my webserver to serve a particular folder from my home directory, but it tells me "forbidden"11:32
Haeginzetheroo: if so just run "dpkg -i <deb file>" as root11:32
zetherooHaegin: no, there is none ...11:32
Haeginnucc1: check the permissions11:32
nucc1Haegin, what permissiosn should i give it?11:32
airtonixindus, despite what your experience is that single key is not on all keyboards... and when it is you have to actually hold all those letters down to acheive the same effect11:32
Haeginzetheroo: if they only offer it in 32bit versions then you'll need a chroot11:32
airtonixindus, *when it isn't11:33
zetherooHaegin: here is the info http://symphony.lotus.com/software/lotus/symphony/help.nsf/GeneralFAQ#1511:33
Haeginnucc1: you need to make sure the user that the web server runs as can read and possibly execute the files so probably chmod g+r -R <folder> for a start11:33
indusairtonix, ok ,what would you advice then?11:33
zetherooHaegin: i am at step 4 ... however its calling for the .bin file11:33
pozicindus: I get a random black screen for no reason. It is not the screen saver. Even when I am in console mode this happens and even when I am plugged into the grid.11:33
airtonixindus, far easier method is to just tell them to save documents and log out.11:33
pozicindus: (on a laptop)11:34
indusairtonix, well if display hangs?11:34
Haeginindus: if you are going to advise using sysreq keys you need to give more explanation. Resetting the display restarts X which will kill all the open programs possibly losing unsaved work.11:34
pozicindus: it happens with acpi enabled and distabled.11:34
purple_processornucc1: you may have to ad a apache <directory> tag to your vhost.conf... symlinks work pretty well to with the floowsymlink options11:34
zetherooHaegin: sudo -H ./IBM_Lotus_Symphony_linux.bin11:34
indusah yes right Haegin jumped on that one11:34
zetherooHaegin: can I just use the .deb that I have in the place of the .bin?11:34
ecmmy wallpaper isnt working still i tried alt - k -sysrq11:34
ecmi tried restarting11:34
Haeginzetheroo: and is the deb file the one it tells you to download?11:35
nucc1purple_processor, i have the vhost configured properly, i just think it is something to do with my home folder permissions11:35
indusecm, do you see available wallpapers if you right click on desktop11:35
ecmi did but none of them work11:35
Wackler1Heagin: can't find the command that gave me the card...11:35
ecmmy monitor is 1980x108011:35
HaeginWackler1: try lspci11:35
ecmits 1080p11:35
airtonixindus, apologies for publicly bringing to your attention.11:35
Haeginecm: it might be the gconf schemas though it seems unlikely11:36
Dr_WillisI always just use a nice solid color.11:36
indusairtonix, oh no not at all , i appreciate it :)11:36
zetherooHaegin: step 4 says to download the ISMP installer .. dunno what that is ... but the command to install is referring to the .bin package/file11:36
zetherooHaegin: can I use the .deb in the place of the .bin?11:36
purple_processornucc1: try making a softlink from web root to /home folder11:37
Haeginzetheroo: what is the deb file you have? is it libxkbfile1_1.0.5-1_i386.deb ?11:37
pozicindus: anyway, what I really just want is to control the bit which says whether or not my screen should display everything in video memory on full brightness.11:37
Wackler1Haegin 3)11:37
Wackler100:1f.5 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801DB/DBL/DBM (ICH4/ICH4-L/ICH4-M) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 03)11:37
zetherooHaegin: no, I am at step 4 ... I did everything else already11:37
pozicindus: that should be trivial, but in fact there is no such obvious knob.11:37
induspozic, hi ,sorry but dont know this one, could you please ask again in this channel11:37
zetherooHaegin: the .deb I have is the actual Symphony suite11:37
nucc1purple_processor, says 'forbidden' still11:38
indusall that chatter made me miss your question really11:38
Haeginzetheroo: ok, try running sudo dpkg -i <deb file>11:38
pozicI want is to control the bit which says whether or not my screen should display everything in video memory on full brightness.11:38
tjingboemi get no sound from Totem, but with Audacity it works fine. How can i tell Totem to use the soundcard?11:38
indusairtonix, are you an op ?11:38
lao5Haegin: thanks! a little horrible to me11:38
zetherooHaegin; so I should extract the .deb package ... can i extract it to anywhere?11:38
pozicindus: learn to use an IRC client if you missed it.11:38
lao5Haegin: but i dont know where to choose color.11:38
induswow great, thanks11:39
Haeginzetheroo: no, just install it11:39
airtonixindus, no just someone who has been here a while11:39
nucc1purple_processor, what possible permissions can i set on my home folder to allow the webserver access to stuff inside it, without being too permissive?11:39
Haeginlao5: use the paint tool and it'll give you colour swatches. just double click on one to change it.11:39
zetherooHaegin: oh ok ... so it does not make a diff if its .bin or .deb ... ?11:39
Haeginnucc1: try chmod a+rx to see if that works11:39
zetherooHaegin: I just don't want to break my system :)11:40
anicholsI've been trying for a few days now to get a certain USB device to work in ubuntu (hardy heron), but no amount of googling has given me a result.  Any ideas on how to make a "NYKO Airflo EX" work within Ubuntu for games played through ZSNES and the like?11:40
Haeginzetheroo: you'd need to install them differently. With a bin you run it, with a deb you use dpkg11:40
theadminnucc1: just make sure the group who owns it is same as server softawre group, and 770 it11:40
induspozic, good luck getting help with that attitude sucker11:40
Haeginanichols: what is a NYKO Airflo EX?11:40
nucc1Haegin, perfecto!11:40
purple_processornucc1: I would guess you only need read access to apache or all...11:40
nucc1theadmin, ubuntu's default home permissions deny all access into the home directory.11:40
Haeginnucc1: ok, so now it works you need to work out what permissions you need to be secure11:41
Stargazeanichols, try with usb-modeswitch, it's a daemon11:41
anicholsHaegin: It's a gamepad, similar in appearance to a PS2 controller, made for PCs, with a fan built into it to keep the hands from getting sweaty.11:41
HaeginI'm guessing you need to set the web user to be in the group that has access to the files and then make them readable to you, the group and others and writeable to you11:41
zetherooHaegin: how do you force clear a terminal window?11:41
nucc1Haegin, i can change the particular folder's owner to www-data, but without the -r flag on my home folder, it cant access at all11:41
anicholsStargaze: usb-modeswitch?11:41
Haeginzetheroo: clear11:41
Stargazeanichols, Synaptic gives a description11:42
Haeginzetheroo: or reset if you have funky characters messing it up11:42
zetherooHaegin: I did "man sudo" before and am stuck at the end of the manual11:42
Haeginnucc1: the -r flag makes it recursive so it effects the contents of the folder again11:42
Haeginzetheroo: press q to quit the man page reader11:43
nucc1Haegin, :) i meant the "read" flag for "all users"11:43
zetherooHaegin: oh thanks ... hehe11:43
nucc1Haegin, i didn't run the chmod with "-r"11:43
purple_processornucc1: Synlinks is the way to do it I think.. thats how I did it once, from memory...11:43
nucc1purple_processor, I am using virtual hosts, so symlinks don't apply.11:43
nucc1purple_processor, besides, a symlink will still run into permission issues.11:44
anicholsStargaze: I did a search on Synaptic for 'usb-modeswitch', and there are no packages available by that name...unless I'm completely screwing up how to look up something in the package manager...possible.11:44
Haeginnucc1: ok, that's because the web server runs as a user that doesn't own the file and isn't in the group that is set on the files so falls into the other category11:44
lao5Haegin: thanks again. i got it..11:44
Stargazeanichols, try searching for modeswitch, or switch11:44
nucc1Haegin, yes. and the home folder allows no access to "other" at all. that's why it was failing.11:44
Haeginlao5: no probs11:44
nucc1Haegin, so chmoding  "o+r" solves the problem.11:45
theadminnucc1: chown $USER:www-data $HOME && chmod -R 770 $HOME, something like this.11:45
anicholsStargaze: modeswitch = nothing.  switch = 272 packages....*sighs*11:45
nucc1theadmin, :) that is a bit dangerous :)11:45
theadminnucc1: Yeah kinda11:45
itheoshey my webcam isnt working till now. i have tried everything i could. but it doesnt work. can anybody help ?11:45
anicholsStargaze: Maybe it's something unavailable to HH?11:45
theadmin!es | CABALLOKII11:46
ubottuCABALLOKII: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.11:46
Stargazeanichols, i missed that part then, i 'm running KK11:46
nucc1theadmin, the problem is solved. the right way, IMHO. i just gave "others" read access to my home directory, and then i set the particular folder i wanted to serv with proper permissions.11:46
itheoscan anybody help please? :)11:46
nucc1theadmin, this way, my private folders remain private.11:46
zetherooHaegin:  dpkg: error processing symphony_1.3-1hardy2_i386.deb (--install):11:46
zetheroo package architecture (i386) does not match system (amd64)11:46
theadminnucc1: Uh, problem here, it will also be accessible by others locally11:46
anicholsStargaze: I'm staying with HH until LL becomes LTS, sorry.11:46
Stargaze!ask| itheos11:46
ubottuitheos: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:46
zetherooHaegin: I guess the .bin is probably arch neutral ... or something11:47
Haeginzetheroo: ok, you are trying to install a 32bit package on a 64bit system.11:47
itheosStargaze, hey my webcam isnt working till now. i have tried everything i could. but it doesnt work. can anybody help ?11:47
Stargazeanichols, i understand, i'm doing it from now on, too11:47
itheosisnt this asking?11:47
Haeginzetheroo: nah, from the instructions they want you to run it in 32bit mode using 32bit libs11:47
nucc1theadmin, lemme try making it merely "executable" by others. that should work too, i suppose?11:47
Haeginzetheroo: run sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture <deb>11:47
zetherooHaegin: yes ...11:47
Stargazeitheos, try installing cheese (it's the name of the package)11:47
itheosStargaze, i have it but it hangs11:47
nucc1theadmin, seems to do the trick too. and now, others can't read :)11:48
theadminnucc1: if folder has +x it can be opened but it's contents can not be "read" unless "+r" is explicitly set on some of them11:48
Stargaze!es| CABALLOKII11:48
ubottuCABALLOKII: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.11:48
theadmin!ops | rm -rf CABALLOKII11:48
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jpdsCABALLOKII: Hola.11:48
zetherooHaegin: ok ... looks like its installing ... still warns me though11:48
itheosCABALLOKII, bot?11:48
jpds!es | CABALLOKII11:48
ubottuCABALLOKII: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.11:48
Haeginzetheroo: it will warn you but the guide you followed got you to install the 32bit libs first so it should still work11:49
zetherooHaegin: ok it installed11:50
alinanyone knows how to install suExec on lighttpd ?11:50
abhi_navsystem is too slow what can i do?11:50
Wackler1Haegin don't wanna bother you... but no idea with the sound problem eh?11:50
HaeginWackler1: sorry, did you find out what card you had?11:50
Wackler1Haegin 3)11:50
Wackler100:1f.5 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801DB/DBL/DBM (ICH4/ICH4-L/ICH4-M) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 03)11:50
alinanyone knows how to install suExec on lighttpd ? and willing to help me ?11:50
itheosmy webcam isnt working till now. i have tried everything i could. but it doesnt work. the system can detect it but cant show it. can anybody help ?11:50
funalienHello :) I have got one question about keyboard layouts in Ubuntu's gnome. Instead of using US locale I prefer Polish, because it has both english and advanced polish symbols. So, I've removed english layout, but it appear again after the system reboot. How to finally remove that layout?11:51
zetherooHaegin: and it opened ... thanks a lot!11:51
theadminalin: Do not repeat, just wait for a while... Might be a good idea to search the forums during wait and repeat in ~20 minutes11:51
funalien* US layout11:51
Haeginzetheroo: np11:51
airtonixwhat are my options for another menu editor?  i feel that alacarte makes menu editing cumbersome...11:51
alintheadmin, I already did that ...11:52
zetherooHaegin: if a newer version comes out I should just be able to install the newest one and it should overwrite the old one ... right!?11:52
abhi_navhow to speed up my ubuntu system?11:52
theadminCABALLOKII: Sigh. This is an english channel! Spanish support in #ubuntu-es11:52
Haeginzetheroo: yup11:52
theadminabhi_nav: Take a look at what eats your RAM and CPU11:52
zetherooHaegin: fantastic ...11:53
abhi_navtheadmin: I have 2gb ram and most of the time only around 400mb is used11:53
erUSULabhi_nav: by new cpu and ram11:53
abhi_navtheadmin and cpu 2 ghz11:53
theadminabhi_nav: Strange.11:53
abhi_naverUSUL: its new only 1 and half year old11:53
HaeginWackler1: can you run " lsmod | grep snd " and pastebin me the output please11:53
Stargazeabhi_nav, search google for boost ubuntu11:53
abhi_navtheadmin: is it due to compiz high graphcs (because graphics card is not that much high) or heavy gnome?11:54
blinkizRed Hat has a web based tool called "Conga" to manage clusters. Does Ubuntu have the same tool? Searching for Conga in package manager returns nothing11:54
abhi_navStargaze: :-)11:54
theadminabhi_nav: Maybe compiz, try turning this stuff off11:54
abhi_navtheadmin: ok11:54
theadminOh... crap.11:54
itheosits a bot11:54
Stargazevamos a la playaaaaaaaaaa11:54
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theadmin!ops | CABALLOKII is flooding and does not listen to any instructions11:54
bupssshi all11:54
ubottuCABALLOKII is flooding and does not listen to any instructions: please see above11:54
DJones!es > CABALLOKII11:55
ubottuCABALLOKII, please see my private message11:55
itheosCABALLOKII, hola amigo :) thats all i know11:55
n8wguys do u also experience that the hibernation(suspend to disk) takes incredibly long time?11:55
airtonixn8w, no11:55
theadminn8w: How large is your swap?11:55
abhi_navn8w: its log but not incredibly11:56
DaemonFCDoes anyone know if there's a way to get the standard volume applet back instead of indicator crapplet's buggy, half-functional version in Lucid?11:56
theadminWith ~1GB of swap space it takes ~5 secs11:56
abhi_nav!lucid | DaemonFC11:56
ubottuDaemonFC: Lucid lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule11:56
airtonixDaemonFC, this channel doesnt support lucid11:56
DaemonFCI'd made the upstream GNOME session my default but they seem to have removed the standard volume applet totally11:56
n8wtheadmin:  ive got 4300mb swap n 4G of ram11:56
theadminn8w: Oh, then weird11:56
n8wive tried switching to "uswsusp",but no significant difference there...11:57
airtonixn8w, your swap needs to be at least 1.5 times the size of your real ram11:57
itheosairstrike, if its less than 1gb11:57
Haeginairtonix: only if you want to hibernate do you need more swap than ram11:58
n8wairtonix:  ye i know, i did some research on that n opinions r different from person to person11:58
airtonixitheos, note n8w just said "4gbs or ram"11:58
airtonixHaegin, yes.11:58
abhi_navi think 4gb is greater than 1 gb11:58
airtonixHaegin, n8w you need to be prepared for the situation that your swap is in use by apps11:58
itheosairstrike, i noted it. i said your rule of 1.5 or 2 times applies if the ram is under 1 gb11:58
airtonixabhi_nav,  >>> <n8w> theadmin:  ive got 4300mb swap n 4G of ram11:59
abhi_navstill not clear11:59
airtonixitheos, in any case.11:59
airtonixabhi_nav, note the "4gb of ram"11:59
n8wairtonix:  i think that as long as my swap is at least the same size as my ram i should b ok11:59
abhi_navI have 2gb of ram and ubuntu create swap of 5.7 gb12:00
abhi_navautomatic installation (not manual)12:00
solid_liqsecond time I've heard that in an hour12:00
n8wi mean, i can notice some difference while usin "uswsusp", but mostly in wakin up...but still its not like in w7...its damn fast there12:00
abhi_navheard what?12:00
solid_liqabhi_nav, what you just said12:00
alinanyone knows how to install suExec on lighttpd ? and willing to help me ?12:00
abhi_navi said that before too?12:01
solid_liqabhi_nav, no, someone else did12:01
abhi_navsolid_liq hmm12:01
solid_liqabhi_nav, I have 4GB ram and ubuntu created a 2.25GB swap (on 10.04 daily build)12:01
abhi_navsolid_liq so bad or good?12:02
techzghow to store the file names in a folder to a file on Ubuntu? As in windows its dir /a -> file.txt12:02
n8wsolid_liq:  ye?can u hibernate?12:02
airtonixsolid_liq, it would be a sad day when you attempt to hibernate with your ram full.12:02
Dr_Willistechzg:  ls > foo.txt12:02
Dr_Willistechzg:  or some variant of ls/dir/echo *12:02
indusi have 384 mb ram12:02
abhi_navand swap?12:03
Stargazedoes my laptop use battery power when it is suspended?12:03
theadminStargaze: Yes, however a lot less12:03
abhi_navyes ofcourse12:03
solid_liqn8w, shouldn't be able to but I haven't tried12:03
abhi_navbut very low12:03
theadminStargaze: If it's hibernated, then no12:03
* Stargaze is entitled to stupid questions12:04
techzgDr_Willis: Got it, thanks. A general question, is there a way to copy a user's nick name in an IRC room, rather than typing it.12:04
abhi_navyah. we know12:04
n8wsolid_liq:  ye, i dont think u will b able to12:04
theadmintechzg: Some clients allow doing so by some clicking12:04
techzgI use ChatZilla12:04
solid_liqtechzg, try tab-completion ;)12:04
theadmintechzg: Never used it, no idea12:04
theadminI just type-tab it out12:05
n8whmm thats funny, that app "uswsusp" is 2 years old n still works better than anythin in the newest kernel:D12:07
theadminn8w: o_O12:07
theadminStrange, never had any problems with new kernels.12:07
solid_liqn8w, the app doesn't actually do the work; it just tells to kernel to do the work12:07
psychuilHi there, i have trouble installing flash, can anyone help?12:08
theadminpsychuil: What Ubuntu version?12:08
n8wsolid_liq:  ok but still works better than those being in the new kernel:)12:08
psychuili think 9.0412:08
psychuilthe lastest one12:09
theadminpsychuil: Latest one is 9.1012:09
theadminpsychuil: Try lsb_release -r12:09
jimjimovichanyone have an idea why the killall command would not be found on ubuntu 9.10 server?12:09
solid_liqn8w, lol12:10
theadminpsychuil: do "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer"12:10
psychuilE: Couldn't find package flashplugin-installer12:10
jiohdipsychuil: use the package store and search flash12:10
theadminpsychuil: Are you on 32-bit or 64-bit?12:10
jiohdiits there12:10
rocket16Hello all!12:11
rocket16One thing, the 9.10 Network Manager consumes a lot of memory, why is it so?12:12
theadminpsychuil: Whatever actually, it's flashplugin-installer anyway12:12