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duanedesignbug 53761008:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 537610 in ubuntuone-client "ValueError: Read limit must be greater than 0" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53761008:23
duanedesignbug 53728208:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 537282 in ubuntuone-client "Can't set up U1 services" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53728208:26
duanedesignhello rye. Have a good weekend?09:35
duanedesignconnection giving you a hard time this morning rye ?  :)10:41
ryeduanedesign, well, at first I was logged inv via ipv4, my router forgot that it has ipv6 link - reconnected. Then the power went off - router rebooted and forgot about ipv6 again (i.e. No route o_O).10:42
ryeand I am not good at kernel debugging, especially if it is 2.4 :)10:43
duanedesignheh, right10:43
ryeduanedesign, you know why there are no that much bug reports now?10:44
duanedesignhope you had a good weekend. Uneventful here, but sometimes thats nice10:44
ryeduanedesign, bug #538097 :)10:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538097 in launchpad "Apport cannot connect to crash database" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53809710:44
duanedesignrye: i thought it strange that there have been no new reports in a few days10:44
duanedesigni had two that i was looking at that i was gonna ask if you had seen before....10:46
duanedesignbug 53761010:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 537610 in ubuntuone-client "ValueError: Read limit must be greater than 0" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53761010:47
duanedesigni think the title might be decieving. There is another error in the log as well10:47
ryeduanedesign, you might now that better- if the package says Fix Released for a package but one build (i386) failed - should I file a new bug report or reply to existing one?10:47
ryeduanedesign - yes, I am checking that now - it looks like I have got this as well, but ignored for some strange reason thinking that my system is somehow biased10:48
duanedesignrye: yes there are a couple with that error10:48
duanedesignrye: i asked about the build failed question in #ubuntu-bugs to be certain.10:50
ryeduanedesign,  thanks!10:50
ryeduanedesign, hm, are launchpad-gm-scripts working for you?11:20
duanedesignrye: i was having trouble with the 'add tag' feature, but other than that yes11:25
duanedesignrye: are they not working at all?11:25
ryeduanedesign, here - nope... Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.9.2) Gecko/20100308 Ubuntu/10.04 (lucid) Firefox/3.611:25
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pfibiger`muffinresearch: ping12:24
muffinresearchpfibiger`: hi12:24
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olyhi guys are there any known problems with notes currently on ubuntu one ?13:35
olyI have not been able to access the notes tab in the interface for around a week now13:36
beunooly, a week sounds like a lot13:36
olyyeah hence why i am asking13:37
beunooly, do you get oopses?13:37
olyi only have one note with a single link in it13:37
olyyep one sec13:37
beunooly, you got that one just now?13:38
olyyes, i just this second went to the webpage and pasted it here13:38
beunorye, pfibiger, ^13:38
beunopfibiger, are oopses accesible yet?13:39
olynot a great loss, although the link would be handy at some point was kind of waiting figuring it will be sorted soon13:40
pfibigerbeuno: yes, but not at that url. we maybe have seen some still missing, but the major culprit of losing oopses has been fixed.13:40
pfibigerit ought be on buffaloberry within an hour, or early if manually synced.13:40
beunopfibiger, an hour sounds too long to debug on IRC  :)13:41
beunopfibiger, launchpad syncs them within minutes13:41
olywell there are probably others oops, as i have tried a few times to access the notes tab13:42
rye_great, my mission-control-5 segfaults  on a netbook13:51
rye_alevine, hi, so, is desktopcouch replication working for you now?14:19
rye_i.e. has anything changed?14:20
alevinerye_, everything seems to be "working" fine. let me take a look if I still don't have a notes db14:22
alevineby working I mean I can synchronize notes14:22
alevinerye, still just have users and management dbs in couch14:23
rye_duanedesign, btw, default upload/download rate should be 2Mbit14:33
* rye_ is reading backlogs to find alevine's log14:33
rye_alevine, could you please try restarting desktopcouch service (I fail to remember whether I asked you to do that or not) from the terminal14:34
alevinerye_, I think you did ask me, and it didn't make a difference. but can you remind me how to restart desktopcouch?14:35
rye_alevine, python /usr/lib/desktopcouch/desktopcouch-stop14:36
rye_alecu, then killall desktopcouch-service14:36
rye_alevine, ^ ( alecu, sorry :) )14:36
rye_alevine, afterwards, from the terminal - /usr/lib/desktopcouch/desktopcouch-service14:36
rye_alevine, if that prints something - could you please paste it to some pastebin. If it does not, then filing a private bug against desktopcouch with desktopcouch-replication log attached might help14:38
alevinerye_, stopping works. When starting: RuntimeError: Unable to find file descriptors in /proc14:38
rye_hm, I wonder whether attachments from private bug reports are inaccessible ...14:38
alevinedo I need to sudo?14:38
rye_alevine, as, I start to remember, yeah - the regexp14:38
rye_alecu, no, desktopcouch runs as a local user, are you running it via sudo?14:39
alevineno I did not14:39
rye_alevine, ok, then summoning desktopcouch team...14:39
* rye_ summons thisfred_ CardinalFang 14:39
* CardinalFang arrives in a puff of smoke.14:40
rye_thisfred_, hi, question - desktopcouch fails to find listening port. Even while I was a Perl programmer, it takes a while to find out what that regexp for proc file means14:41
thisfred_sounds like a job for: SuperCardinalFang! :)14:41
rye_alevine, could you please find out the pid of beam.smp / beam of couchdb that is running the desktopcouch database?14:41
thisfred_(I know very little about the actual desktop parts of desktopcouch)14:41
alevinerye_, 555114:42
alevinei assume you want me to do something with that now :)14:42
rye_alevine, ok, now could you please post the contents of /proc/5551/net/tcp to pastebin14:42
rye_alevine, I have definitely asked you to do that in the past, but testing how pastebin can take data is also good :)14:43
alevinerye_, http://pastebin.com/jDDen1Uu14:43
rye_alevine, and the log file for our past talk is buried somewhere in irclogs14:43
CardinalFangrye, Hrm, send me the contents of your running couchdb's  /proc/NNN/net/tcp .14:43
rye_CardinalFang, this is affecting alevine, and his proc/tcp entries are here - http://pastebin.com/jDDen1Uu14:44
rye_ok, me is returning to the base, see you as a normal 'rye'14:46
CardinalFangalevine, Hi.  Paste the contents of "ls -l /proc/5551/fd" in a pastebin also, please.14:48
alevineCardinalFang, http://pastebin.com/wFyk9rXu14:49
CardinalFangalecu, so the first is 'desktopcouch-service' and the second is a 'beam.smp' or 'beam'?14:50
alecuCardinalFang, I'm sure you mean "alevine", right?14:51
alevinealecu, you must hate me :)14:51
CardinalFangalecu, and figure out why your IRC cleint thinks your name is "alecu', too!14:51
CardinalFangGot that, alevine?14:52
alevineCardinalFang, sorry. your question is over my head. I don't know much about couchdb or anything about desktopcouch14:53
CardinalFangalevine, You pasted two things.  Why two?14:53
alevinethe paste that rye sent you is the contents of /proc/5551/net/tcp, the one I sent you is the output of ls -l /proc/5551/fd14:54
CardinalFangalevine, Oh, wait, I see.  Sorry.14:54
CardinalFangalevine, pastebin looks different.  I thought there were two pastes.  The second is really another submission box.14:54
alevinepastebin changed their interface last week I think :)14:55
CardinalFangYeah, someone bought and rewrote it, I heard.14:55
CardinalFangalevine, Hrm, it works for me, using your data.15:00
CardinalFangalevine, let's open a terminal and run 'python'15:01
alevineCardinalFang, done15:01
CardinalFangalevine,  >>> import desktopcouch; desktopcouch.find_port()15:01
alevineCardinalFang, 3674515:02
alevinewas returned in single quotes15:02
CardinalFangalevine, Er, okay.  That's what I expected to happen.15:02
CardinalFangalevine, Maybe we should back up.  What is the problem you see?15:03
alevineCardinalFang, as a user, I have no problem. I can synchronize my notes correctly. But I think rye was worried about the fact that I have no notes db in my couch when I open it with futon15:04
CardinalFangalevine, okay.  I think I see how we got here.  What version of desktopcouch do you have installed?  $ dpkg -l desktopcouch |cat15:06
alevineCardinalFang, ii  desktopcouch                               0.5-0ubuntu115:07
CardinalFangstatik, Can you upload to 9.10?  Prob not, right?  I was sure this branch/release landed months ago.15:19
statikCardinalFang, for that to go into 9.10 we would follow the SRU process. I can upload to karmic-proposed, yes. I probably need to do it not-today though.15:56
CardinalFangstatik, agreed, not urgent at all.  I'll review SRU checklist again.15:58
alevineCardinalFang, let me know if you need me to run anything else. the problem isn't urgent to me...but i'm here to help if you think you should look into it15:59
CardinalFangalevine, Okay, I think your desktopcouch-service will start, but not every time you run it.   There's a timing problem, that we have a fix for already proposed.  It has not landed in Ubuntu 9.10 yet, though it has in 10.04-pre.15:59
alevineCardinalFang, sounds good. is there a bug I can subscribe to so I can test when the fix is released?16:00
CardinalFangalevine, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/desktopcouch/+bug/465216  When that goes from Confirmed -> Fix Released for desktopcouch (Ubuntu) , it should be fixed.16:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 465216 in desktopcouch "desktopcouch-service crashed with RuntimeError in find_port__linux()" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:02
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alevineCardinalFang, great. I'll test when 0.5.1 comes to karmic16:04
alevinethanks for your help16:04
dpmhey dobey, another quick question on ubuntuone-client. This string seems to cause confusion to translators -> https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/ubuntuone-client/+pots/ubuntuone-client/ca/4/+translate Some people think it's a variable and shouldn't be translated. I've had a quick look at the code and if I understand it correctly, it can be translated as any other. Could you confirm that? And the second question is: would it be possible16:07
dpm to add a comment to the string, so it gets extracted and put in the template for translators to see?16:07
dobeyit might make sense to remove the <> there, and not use all caps.16:09
dobeya comment is fine16:10
dobeyi'm off to lunch at the moment, though :)16:10
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dpmdobey, yeah, that would sound fine to me as well. It's just a minor thing, though, and I thought I'd just mention it rather than opening a bug. Anyway, enjoy your lunch!16:28
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ryei believe <pre> is not a good tag for <monospace> in Tomboy. <tt> might be better. <monospace> is not block-level, it is inline element17:03
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tcoleagreed, generally you want block/inline agreement17:26
dobeydpm: well, bugs are good for tracking things, even if they are trivial. do you know if there is a bug on it? also, are you making a branch for it?17:36
duanedesigni imagine everyone is aware of this, just to be sure. bug 53723717:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 537237 in ubuntuone-client "ubuntuone gnome client poorly vertically optimised" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53723717:42
duanedesignoop, nevermind. Its been assigned :) needed to refresh the browser :P17:43
dobeywe are aware17:44
dobeyand it will be fixed soon :)17:44
duanedesignthank you dobey17:46
dpmdobey, I can do both, filing a bug and providing a trivial fix, no probs. I just want to always check first with the devs what they think and which workflow they follow18:03
dobeydpm: cool. if you've ever seen a tornado, that's pretty much what my workflow is like.18:04
duanedesignrye: does bug 537138 sound like a dupe of bug 53127318:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 537138 in ubuntuone-client "open applet, click connect, nothing happens, click on it again and crash" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53713818:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 531273 in ubuntuone-client "sync takes ages: 28 minutes for 1457 objects" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53127318:08
dobeyduanedesign: maybe, not sure18:09
dobeyduanedesign: yeah, it does seem like a dup18:10
duanedesigndobey: thanks dobey. Just trying to finish up on a few notes i made this weekend18:10
duanedesignhuh, im not seeing my /518:47
duanedesignlol, seems i have to do that at least once a day :P18:47
mesulaWhy does ubuntuone-syncd use so much CPU?18:56
dobeynot sure. we'd need more info to give you an exact answer. presumably there is a bug you're seeing, and it shouldn't be using that much cpu.18:58
mesulaIs it even actually doing anything useful?18:59
mesulaIt might have something to do with the fact that I just told it to sync up a directory containing 1.5GB of data.19:00
dobeyi don't know what it's doing, aside from "something," based on the information you've recited :)19:00
dobeyhow many files?19:00
mesuladobey: About 8,500.19:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 531273 in ubuntuone-client "sync takes ages: 28 minutes for 1457 objects" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:01
dobeythat's probably what you're seeing then :-/19:01
mesuladobey: I guess it'll keep going all night, then...19:01
dobeyit's going to be a while, yes19:01
mesuladobey: I have a crappy Intel CPU. :(19:01
mesulaAnd I'm running Bittorrent and playing FLAC music.19:01
mesulaIntel P419:02
dobeyi'm sorry that you're hitting the bug. i hope we can figure out a solution for it soon and make it super fast.19:02
mesuladobey: The Services tab in Ubuntu One Preferences is all greyed out. :(19:15
mesulaI want to sync my bookmarks and contacts, too.19:16
mesulaOh, and my Tomboy notes.19:16
dobeymesula: tomboy is a separate thing, and we can't control whether it's synced or not from that. it has to be set up in Tomboy itself19:16
dobeymesula: and bookmarks and contacts are already synced by default. it's greyed out because the backend implementation for that functionality isn't complete (althouth it will be in the next few days, and will be in beta2)19:17
mesuladobey: Does bookmark syncing work with Midori. Also, it doesn't make it obvious it's referring to web bookmarks.19:17
mesulaIt could mean ebookmarks or anything else.19:18
dobeyno, bindwood is only available for Firefox at the moment19:18
mesuladobey: Firefox is stupid and isn't GTK and doesn't integrate properly with my lovely GTK desktop.19:18
mesuladobey: ebook bookmarks19:18
mesuladobey: Let's not confuse the users.19:18
dobeyFirefox is gtk+. But yes, it does lack some things.19:18
mesuladobey: Firefox doesn't use native GTK widgets.19:19
dobeyactually it does19:19
mesuladobey: Actually, it doesn't.19:19
dobey(unless you build it with qt)19:19
mesulaFirefox and Openoffice aren't actually GTK.19:19
dobeyin that case, neither is midori i guess19:19
dobeyopenoffice certainly isn't19:19
dobeybut firefox is19:19
mesulaWTF Openoffice isn't at all.19:20
mesulaMidori is.19:20
mesulaThemes and stuff always work with Midori and Abiword because they're GTK.19:20
dobeythe drawing code in webkit for widgets is almost exactly the same as the code in firefox for drawing widgets on the web.19:22
dobeyare you referring to firefox nightlies or something?19:22
dobeygtk+ themes work fine for me re: firefox19:23
mesulaIf something looks like a GTK app, doesn't mean it's a GTK app.19:23
dobeyno. but have you read the firefox code? :)19:25
dobeyjust because the ui is built with xul, doesn't mean it's not using gtk+ to actually do stuff, either. :)19:26
mesuladobey: Whenever I want to move my GTK widgets around to weird places on my screen or use some awesome themes, Firefox and OpenOffice don't do it for me.19:27
mesulaFor example, I like to use the Dust Sand theme and move my menu bars to the top left corner of my screen.19:28
dobeymove your menu bars?19:28
dobeywith the global-menu applet thing?19:29
mesuladobey: Yeah, that buggy piece of shit.19:29
dobeyok. well because firefox doesn't work with it also doesn't mean it's not gtk+. :)19:30
dobeybut anyway, bindwood is only available for firefox at the moment. there has been some work (by someone whom i can't recall the name of at the moment) to make a version for Chrome as well19:31
dobeyi don't know if there is any way to actually extend Midori in that way19:31
dobeythough it might be possible to haven a version for Epiphany19:31
mesulaI wish my 14 year old friend (who's a girl) would log into MSN so that I can arrange to walk her home after school tomorrow.19:31
mesuladobey: Epiphany sucks19:32
dobeyyes, well. i'm not here to argue about what one thinks is an acceptable version of a web vm. :)19:33
rye_nessita, do you mind if I comment on tree-deletion-when-prior-conflict with Needs Fixing? I am not a reviewer but it looks like the code will fail to protect users' data inside folders that were themselves renamed in to U1conflict - only filenames are checked20:55
rye_desktop+/chicharra team - when does a folder get renamed into .u1conflict one ?20:56
dobeyrye_: you can review the branch if you wish20:57
dobeyrye_: it doesn't matter what day you are nominally on-call reviewer for. you can review branches any time20:58
rye_rye_, erm, I believe I am not in a reviewer at all20:58
dobeyrye_: uhm, yes you are.21:00
dobeyrye_: if you review something, you are a reviewer.21:00
dobeyrather simple really :)21:01
rye_dobey, I meant not in a @reviewers :)21:01
rye_not in @reviewers list21:01
rye_the third time it looks correct21:02
dobeyrye_: that's just the list of people who are on-call to do reviews for the day21:03
dobeyrye_: but like i said, you don't have to be in that list to do reviews :)21:03
seg|awaythisfred: hey, I just saw your gwibber bug report about couchdb21:43
seg|awaythisfred: let me know if you need any help. I'd really like to get a fix for that in for lucid21:44
seg|awayI suspect it's fairly trivial to accomplish21:45
thisfredseg|away: ok, I'll try tonight, but I may not have anything left. I'm explicitly not getting canonical time to work on this ;)21:45
thisfredyeah I've started on the branch. I figure if there were tests, it would have been 5 mins of work ;)21:46
seg|awaythe hard part is really making sure it doesn't break anything. :-(21:46
thisfredI'll see, if it's not much work, I'll add some tests, if not, we can leave that for later, if I can figure out how to make sure I didn't break stuff21:47
seg|awayIf you don't have time, I can help with the testing21:47
seg|awayhow far have you gotten?21:47
thisfredok, I figured I'd ask you for a review specifically anyway :)21:47
thisfredwell, I changed the views, which was trivial, just need to go through the code to see where the value was used, and substitude 'doc' for that21:48
seg|awaygwibber fortunately has a very active and vocal community of daily testers, so we will know almost immediately if something does break and we miss it21:48
thisfredor uglier but easier, in the big dict, poke the doc value into 'value'21:49
seg|awaythisfred: your report said that you could just use include_docs21:50
seg|awayif that's the case, you can just add that in the same place where we set the record limit in MessageStreamView21:50
seg|awayand that should cover like 90% of the cases where we actually need the doc21:50
seg|awayam I missing something?21:51
thisfredseg|away: yes, you can pass that as a keyword arg to the python-couchdb view, but then 'doc' is the key in the resulting rows, where before it would have been 'value' I think21:51
seg|awayoh I see21:51
thisfredthis is all from a not very stainless memory21:51
seg|awaythisfred: in any case, I think that it will be pretty easy to add it to view.options in MessageStreamView rather than having to add it to all of the execute_view invocations in the model21:54
thisfredyeah, I think that's what I21:54
thisfred'll do21:54
thisfredit can be prettified later21:54
seg|awaythisfred: where is the view data cached in desktopcouch?21:56
seg|awayI was under the impression that it was part of the actual db file21:56
seg|awaybut your bug report seems to indicate that it is separate21:56
thisfredit is:21:56
thisfredls -la $HOME/.local/share/desktop-couch/21:57
thisfredyou'll see a lot of dot directories, one for each db21:57
thisfredthat's where the 'indexes' live21:57
seg|awayah thanks. I didn't know about that before21:58
seg|awaydo those get synced with u1?21:58
thisfredthis is just the way couchdb stores them, not unique to d-c21:58
thisfredseg|away: no, luckily: the design docs do, but the view indexes are built on first call, and hence never, on the server21:59
seg|awaythat's good. We have enough trouble already with the network overhead of syncing the message db. ;-)21:59
seg|awayI should probably implement auto-compaction or something22:00
seg|awaywill removing the doc data from the views also make view computation less cpu-intensive?22:00
thisfredI'm not sure, it might22:01
thisfredauto compaction should come to d-c, since there's a daemon running for replication anyway, IMO22:01
seg|awaywe get cpu spikes sometimes when it's generating the views after loading a lot of new messages22:01
thisfredyeah, so it may be less expensive with smaller views, but I would expect it to affect memory more than CPU22:02
thisfredthat is without much knowledge of the internals though, so who knows ;)22:02
seg|awaydo you think that batch updating would help lower the cpu usage?22:02
seg|awayI'm currently just doing put_record in a loop, basically22:03
thisfredyes, that may certainly help, as the views would only need to be regenerated once22:03
thisfredthat, or hold off on calling any views between updates, but that's hard in a desktop app where the UI is making its own requests, probably22:04
seg|awayI think our monitoring might also be slowing it down22:04
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