* abogani waves10:50
aboganiCould anyone pinpoint me to meeting logs, please?10:50
aboganiScottL, jussi01: ^10:56
persiaabogani: They are at least embedded in http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/03/14/#ubuntustudio-devel.html10:58
ScottLabogani, persia, the meeting didn't happen as it was just me, rlamerio and quadrispro11:36
ScottLi am hoping to reschedule to include the two of you and stochastic (well, at least two of the three of you)11:37
persiaThat's a meeting, just one with low attendance :)11:37
persiaHard, since we're on three different corners of the world :)11:37
persia(and two of us have very odd hours)11:37
ScottLre: low attendance - i reall considered having the meeting to have them involved but there would have been very few answers to most of the questions asked11:38
ScottLi was going to wait a few days and see if I can get stochastic on line and ask him about his schedule, although I can also email him today as well, before trying to reschedule11:40
jussi01persia: you are incredibly weird, we all know that :D but yeah, scheduling meetings is hard.11:40
persiaTrue.  Having a meeting without input from artistic and technical leaders gets interesting :)11:40
ScottLbut barring his involvement, i see the two of you on IRC right now ;)11:40
ScottLoh, and jussi01 ...11:41
ScottLI would be extremely happy to reschedule the meeting a few days hence at this time if more people could be involved (hint: abogani, persia, jussi01 )11:41
persiaIt's 4:30am for stochastic.11:42
persiaAnd I'm a little surprised to see you about at this hour as well, given your normal apparent schedule :)11:42
jussi01ScottL: euro daytime/evening is pretty good for me11:42
ScottLpersia, actually, it's 6:42 in the morning, i'm late for work by my own driven, type-a personality11:43
ScottLi should have been at work 15 minutes ago and it takes me thirty to get there without dropping off any kids11:43
ScottLluckily, this week is spring break and the kids are off and my wife is on vacation to stay home with them so I will go in slightly early (not very early, mind you) every day11:44
ScottLbut back to the point, if stochastic is not going to attend then I propose somewhere around this time because of the people that are available11:45
persiaAha!  now I understand your hours better.  You typically start at a time that looks like UTC-4 (-3 now, I suppose), but seem to be up late enough to have maybe been in UTC-8(-7 now, I suppose).  Knowing it's UTC-5(-4 due to silly government regulation) puts all the pieces together.11:45
persiaHow much earlier gets really bad for you?  If we pull it forward an hour (about 10:30 UTC), we might catch stochastic at the tail-end of his day.11:47
ScottLfor the meeting I would try to move a mountain at this point (not having a plan greatly distresses my chi)11:47
ScottLof course, I would rather come to the mountain, than vice versa11:48
ScottL10:30UTC I could do11:49
persiaCheck how late stochastic is up then.  I have a fairly strong opinion that something like 11:00 UTC would happen to work just because of all our individually odd sleeping habits.11:49
ScottLI am going to leave for work now, I'll log on again in thirty minutes11:50
persiaHave a good trip :)11:50
aboganiIMHO meetings should be scheduled to meet with needs of "core" part of team...12:12
persiaabogani: Who is "core"?12:14
aboganipersia: This is the point: no one know. Who is the lead? Who is the core part of the team? I think, but it is only my opinion, that *before* we should know who are "essential" for the project and after we can do the right schedule for meeting (decide the best time for accommodate this part of the Team).  12:18
aboganiI know it seems very rough but we should live with priorities after all.12:18
persiaabogani: I agree with you.12:19
* abogani received an other kick in the ass just now.12:20
persiaThat said, I think ScottL is responsible for initating most of the traffic in this channel currently, so I believe he is best suited to identify the current core team.12:20
aboganipersia: And I suspect that stochastic seems to fit well the role of lead, right?12:21
persiaI believe stochastic is currently filling the role of artistic lead.12:22
aboganipersia: Don't be already assigned to Corry?12:22
persiaI thought he stepped back whilst he sorted out other parts of his life.12:23
* abogani go to give vent to rage for an other failed job interview.12:26
ScottL_abogani, persia, jussi01: if we were to have a meeting at 10:30 UTC (abouve two hours before right now) do you have a preferred day?  this week? next week?12:28
persiaMy preferred day is Tuesdays.12:30
jussi01ScottL: gulp. I dont know, its work time, so I can be there but participation is hampered by $ work12:30
persiaBut I have another meeting at 10:00 UTC every two weeks.12:30
aboganiScottL_: That is my _personal_ opinion: We should reduce the number of discussions points (splitting in two pieces) and so do the meeting as soon as possible.12:34
persiaScottL_: Anyway : what issues were pending a meeting?12:38
aboganipersia: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Meetings/2010Mar1412:39
persiaSo, JACK into main is mostly stalled by FeatureFreeze at this point.  The big bits are done.12:39
persialibffado went with it.12:39
persiaREVU is all next cycle.12:39
persiaforms change got done12:40
persiaWorth a fresh check of http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/multidistrotools/ubuntustudio.html12:40
persiastochastic should build a rocking website12:40
persiaplymouth theme to be uploaded once FFe granted.12:41
persiaNeed a tech lead.12:41
persiaNeed a project lead.12:41
persiaNeed a release manage.12:41
persiaOh, and we have kernel issues.12:42
persiaPersonally, I agree with abogani.12:42
persiaUntil we confirm our artistic lead and get a tech lead & project lead, meetings aren't so useful.12:43
persiaAnd without a release manager, we're releasing kinda by accident, which isn't sustainable.12:43
persiaProject lead is most important: the main requirements being 1) passion for Ubuntu Studio, 2) Strong communications skills, and 3) ability to gain Cory's respect.12:44
ScottL_I have to admit I LOL'ed at number three (but it's true, that's why I laughed)12:45
persiaFor tech lead, I think the requirements are 1) active Ubuntu developer, 2) time for Ubuntu Studio12:45
persiaFor artistic lead, I'm not qualified to suggest requirements.12:45
persiaFor release manager, requirements are 1) can attend relevant meetings and track IRC regularly, 2) can respond to requests reguarly, 3) can represent Ubuntu Studio-specific issues to the rest of the release team in a coherent manner12:46
ScottL_persia: what type of requests need to be responded to (number two above)12:46
persiaTwo kinds: 1) requests from developers / users about whether things need / should have freeze exceptions, 2) requests from other members of the release team or from the foundations team for changes needed to keep the release on-track.12:48
ScottL_persia: to answer your questions above about pending issues12:50
ScottL_I was hoping to discuss Luke's departure and how to distribute the work load12:51
persiaDistribution isn't going to work.12:51
persiaWe *need* a tech lead.12:51
persianeither crimsun or I is suitable for time reasons.12:52
ScottL_is that something that quadrispro can help with (I don't know his technical abilities other than he has something like 58,000 karma points in Launchpad)12:52
persiafabrice_sp and quadrispro aren't around enough (one hopes "yet").12:52
persiaCertainly, assuming that he wishes to do so, and steps up to do it.12:53
persiaI'm not fond of giving people grand titles because they say they want to do something, but rather because they have been doing something.12:53
ScottL_hm.  another point was hoping to get input from stochastic regarding website, but since he hasn't scheduled a meeting yet (which was presumably the first step)  for input then I'm guessing nothing is done yet (hopefully I'm wrong)12:53
persiaSo if he starts pushing fixes for the bugs, and starts chasing image conditions, and otherwise acts as tech lead, Im sure he'd be confirmed.12:54
persiaBut I'd hope that any tech lead would be confirmed by the project lead, and also some of the senior developers.12:54
jussi01often project lead and release manager are one and same.13:12
ScottL_I was looking at updating the applications list for lucid -> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Applications14:46
ScottL_and realized that about one quarter of the listed applications have udpates....yay!14:47
ScottL_i'll make sure the are also noted on the working release notes page14:47
ScottL_i was surprised (and somewhat shocked) that so many applications had new verision14:47
persiaAll praise the debian-multimedia team, without whose work we would be unable to produce what we do.14:48
rlameiropersia: YEAH!14:48
ScottL_persia:  I was looking http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/multidistrotools/ubuntustudio.html#outdatedinB17:03
ScottL_since there are apparently no Ubuntu changes we should be able to sync BUT we are in FF so,17:04
ScottL_should I file a sync request knowing that it will be delayed but probably irritate some people or make a reminder for myself to file them later?17:04
ScottLpersia, are you around?22:42

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