xivenHey everyone.01:01
xivenPerhaps you can help me with a little issue! The usplash boot screen for UB displays incorrectly, it overlaps itself and blotches out too. I've tried reinstalling the package but that didn't do the trick.01:02
xivenAny suggestions for fixing the problem?01:02
rastaseancheckin out the room here. downloading US now.02:16
rastaseandoes it work well for everyonE?02:16
tjingboemi get no sound from Totem11:43
tjingboemHow can i configure the soundcard?11:44
ShinkoGood Afternoon,  Does Ubuntu Studio work with RPC-1?18:54
rlameiroShinko: what is RPC-1?19:17
ShinkoIts a DAC Protocol19:57
ShinkoIt comes with the Roland Studio Package Pro19:57
ShinkoThe Card itself is the si-24 and via R-bus it connects to the mixer19:57
ShinkoI'm proably not even explaining it properly20:03
ShinkoOk Let me get my facts right!20:03
ShinkoThe RPC-1 is the actualy PCI Card20:03
Shinkoand it connects via the R-BUS cable to the Si-24Mixer.20:03
Shinkobut I don't know if the Digital Control Surface is supported inside ubuntu Studio20:03
ShinkoThat's what I was trying to find out.20:04
rlameirowell never used something like that20:05
rlameiroShinko: http://www.soundonsound.com/forum/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=347498&Main=34609720:06
ShinkoThanks alot!20:08
ScorcherAnyone around?22:31
ScorcherDoes anyone know if 10.04 is going to have easier setup of jack?22:32
rlameirodefine easyier jack setup?22:33
ScorcherLol well I can't get jack to work corrcetly.22:33
rlameiroit can be for alot of reasons22:34
rlameironot right permissions settings22:34
rlameironot support to the audio card22:34
rlameironot apropriated buffer and period setting22:34
rlameirocould be a lot of things22:34
rlameirotry to tell what isnt working22:34
ScorcherTru.   Just wish there was a easy step by step to get it working22:35
rlameirodid you read the ubuntustudiopreparation help page22:35
ScorcherWell I can get it to run using jack d.  But I tried to record something using hydrogen in ardour but it did not record22:36
rlameiroScorcher: did you routed the audio signals to the right places?22:36
rlameirouse qjackctl22:39
ScorcherUnder what screen?23:07
Scorcherhow do I route the signal?23:08
rlameiroope jack control23:09
rlameirostart jack23:09
ScorcherIs that where I select the soft ware?23:09
rlameiroand then on connections you can route the midi and audio hardware/software in/outs23:09
Scorcherah that's where I messed up at23:09
Scorcherok I ran some command yesterday that got jack to work, but the latency is 45.  I don't remember the exact commad, someone gave it to me.  How do I selct the right settings in qctrl?23:11
ScorcherIt was something like jackd -r -l hw:023:11
rlameirothas is a basic command line23:12
rlameiroits not good for starting23:12
rlameiroso your problem is not jack isnt working23:13
rlameiroyou dont know jack23:13
rlameiroyou should use qjackctl23:13
rlameiroit will facilitate your life a lot23:13
Scorcherok well I tried using the gui biut keep geeting xruns and software could not connect to the server23:13
rlameiroScorcher: use the setup to set the card parameters23:14
rlameiroand remeber this is no toy23:14
rlameirothis was thinked to be a pro software23:14
rlameiroso it will be a little hard at the beggining23:14
ScorcherOk which setup qctrl?23:14
rlameirobut whe you get to understand it23:14
rlameiroyou will love the power of it23:14
rlameiroits the gui23:15
rlameiroand you have a button saying setup23:15
rlameirothe setup you should test it23:15
rlameiroit depends on your sound card23:15
rlameirohardware and realtime system or not23:16
Scorcherthat's what I am saying.  I used it and I could not get the right settings23:16
ScorcherIll try.  And ill read the doc again23:16
rlameiroare you running on realtime?23:16
Scorcherthe kernal?23:17
rlameiroand do you have the realtime selected on jack setup?23:20
Scorcherthat's my problem uh?23:22
rlameiroyou need to test that things out23:22
rlameiromaybe that could be a problem23:22
Scorcherhow do I get rid of clicks and pops?  Try to get latency down23:22
rlameiroi dont know i use a realtime kernel23:22
rlameirofirst you need to get rid of the XRUNS23:22
rlameiroandthen tweak it to get the low latency as possible23:23
rlameiroplay with the perido and buffer numbers23:23
Scorcherhow do I see what sound card I have?23:41

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