Ritchieanybody here?00:15
_Techie_no were all out for lunch00:16
_Techie_just kidding00:16
Ritchieok then...00:17
Ritchiejust because I am desperately in need of some help00:17
RitchieI lost one of my foldern in Thunar and don't know how to get it back00:17
_Techie_have you checked the recycle bin?00:17
RitchieI tried to drag and drop a folder from my documents to the list of folders on the left side of the window (where documents, pictures, etc. is listed)00:18
Ritchieand boom, no folder...00:18
_Techie_anyone else care to step in??? its not exactly my area of expertise00:19
Ritchieit got it!!!00:19
Ritchiewhohoooo!!!! :D00:19
Ritchiesorry for disturbing with this question00:19
Ritchiebut all my university notes for this semester are there00:20
Ritchieand although I have a copy, the new things are not saved from this weekend00:20
Ritchieand that means hours of work..00:20
Ritchiewhich I don't really wanna do again :D00:20
RitchieThunar simply copied the files to Music :)00:20
_Techie_you dont have to apologise for asking00:21
_Techie_this is where i would say some wise quote about how a question never asked is a question never answered, but im drawing a blank00:22
Ritchiethank you anyway :)00:22
_Techie_no problem00:22
_Techie_anyway, time to install my new fans and cold cathode lights00:23
_Techie_catcha later00:23
Ritchiehave fun with them! :)00:23
pkbestanyone know or play a good FPS?01:20
Balsaqyo _Techie_06:06
Balsaqsaid hello06:09
_Techie_oh, i wasnt gone for that long06:09
Balsaqi just got here06:09
tontsa_does anyone know how to modify the right click menu?16:49
charlie-tcadid not you could?16:52
charlie-tcaDid not know you could.16:52
tontsa_hm.. there should be way in 4.6?16:53
charlie-tcaNot that I know of.16:53
charlie-tcaYou could ask that in #xfce, though.16:53
tontsa_oh well.. there used to be?16:53
charlie-tcaNot that I know of16:53
RedaxxxHow can I see what version of Xfce I'm running?17:23
tontsa_in the menu in info17:27
nikolamthat ^%$*^% LTS update17:41
nikolamand its idea of killing grub17:42
nikolamevery time I upgrade kernel on regular updates on LTS I have to set it manually17:42
nikolamIt screws (hd0,0) with something insane17:42
nikolamand puts UUID instead of root=/dev/xy designation17:43
nikolamI was standing and doing nothing 4 hours because of that17:43
charlie-tcagrub does?17:43
nikolamit basically kills grub with uuid and that changing device thing in menu.lst17:44
nikolamI can boou after booting from cd and manually editing menu.lst17:44
nikolamI imagine those ppl having server on it have.. alternate solutions, i suppose..17:44
charlie-tcathat would be the bug that keeps getting declared invalid because grub isn't supposed to be doing that...17:44
nikolamAs I know, it asks me during update, what to do with menu.lst, regarding new kernel update17:45
charlie-tcaServer people almost never will upgrade the kernel17:45
nikolamseems that selecting anything but "leave it there" scr.. things up in menu.lst17:46
nikolamcharlie-tca, I suppose they do upgrade in regular 8.04.x updates17:46
charlie-tcaWhat if you leave it there, then boot to recovery menu and update grub?17:46
nikolamthere wer dozen ofthose updates since lts came out17:46
nikolamnothing can boot17:47
nikolamsince there is no single item in menu that works17:47
charlie-tcaNo, server is all text based, and seldom will upgrade the kernel. They install security updates only, much of the time17:47
nikolami could invoke only grub cli17:47
nikolamI suppose 2.6.24-27 and previous are just security updates.17:48
charlie-tcaIt's like doing a sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade17:49
charlie-tcayou miss most of the updates then17:49
charlie-tcabut I think I do know the issue you are referring to.17:50
charlie-tcaThe good news is lucid doesn't have that problem17:50
charlie-tcaAnd, it is a direct upgrade from 8.0417:51
nikolamThats fine. i think maybe it would be clever not to upgrade from LTS to Lucid, but to do fresh install, I suppose17:51
charlie-tcaIf you want ext4 and grub2, otherwise it is just like upgrading each release17:52
nikolamor, I dont know, if I would do it anyway, maybe after clearing some disk space, I could do uograde to lucid now and suffer some testing in meantime :))17:53
subspiderhello everybody17:55
subspiderhello charlie-tca17:56
charlie-tcaHello, subspider17:56
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charlie-tcanikolam: just don't do it on a production server. It isn't quite there yet18:01
nikolamChanServ, well its my home machine that I was proud with beoing stable and everything18:02
nikolamI was just mentioning other uses18:02
charlie-tcaI know that one. I got mine up to 9.10 now, and will upgrade to lucid at RC testing18:03
nikolamSince I was on this LTS form the start, I had to fix that menu.lst several times and had about 2 kernel upgrades that werent ok and needed to wait half a day etc, trath my report18:03
nikolamClosed Ati driver stopped me upgrading to 8.10 and 9.0418:04
nikolamnow it suppose free drive catched up, will see18:05
paolohi, the two panels on the desktop disappeared after I rebooted.... what could be happened?18:41
charlie-tca!panels | paolo18:43
ubottupaolo: Did your panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panel | See also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XubuntuPanels | Want to theme your panels? See http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/18:43
paolothanks charlie-tca18:44
charlie-tcaYou are welcome18:44
nasrullahI am searching for a blog or website about xubuntu guide18:51
charlie-tcaExpand that, please. What is xubuntu guide?18:51
nasrullahyour help please18:52
nasrullahlike www.ubuntuguide.org18:52
nasrullahor  a blog18:53
Sysimuch of that works also for xubuntu18:53
Myrttiubuntuguide isn't itself recommended by the community, btw.18:53
charlie-tcaI believe we call it Xubuntu Help? click the help icon on the panel or Applications -> Help18:53
Sysigoogle is great guide..18:53
Sysiin xfce.org is also good information18:54
Myrttiubuntuguide tells you to enter commands without really expanding what they do18:54
nasrullaha nice ,blog18:55
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faron sorry everybody I'll learn someday...I just downloaded flashplayer 10.1 beta 3 from http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html   & it' sitting in xarchiver & now I'm lost.what do I do next ?23:32

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