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dholbachpleia2, popey, nixternal: around?10:57
popeydholbach: ya11:01
dholbachTechnoviking: still there? :)11:01
dholbachI pinged sabdfl but he might be busy with other stuff11:01
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda only lists "Council election process, and standardization thereof" which should be resolved with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncil/Restaffing11:02
dholbachdo you know of any other items we should discuss?11:02
persiaI'll note that some of my email regarding developer membership was discussed at last week's TB meeting : those not seeing more discussion in email who have specific interest may want to review that log.11:04
persiaOut of that came an action item for me to repropose something different, which I'll be sending to the CC and TB in due course.11:04
dholbachthanks a bunch persia11:04
dholbachpleia2, Technoviking, popey: anything else?11:05
* dholbach will update the agenda and the team report :)11:05
dholbachmeeting adjourned - thanks :)11:07
czajkowskishort and sweet11:07
Technovikingcheers, back to bed :)11:08
* dholbach hugs you all :)11:09
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MootBotMeeting started at 08:00. The chair is NCommander.13:00
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]13:00
NCommander[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2010/2010031613:01
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2010/2010031613:01
persiaMuch better on that time thing this week :)13:01
plarsyay :)13:01
davidmG'day NCommander13:03
* NCommander pokes GrueMaster ogra ericm_ 13:03
* GrueMaster pokes back with a sharper, longer stick.13:04
* ericm_ pokes back13:04
NCommander[topic] Action Items from March 9th, 201013:04
MootBotNew Topic:  Action Items from March 9th, 201013:04
NCommander[topic] asac and JamieBennett to triage netbook-launcher-efl bugs13:05
MootBotNew Topic:  asac and JamieBennett to triage netbook-launcher-efl bugs13:05
GrueMasterthey are at lean training.  C/O13:05
NCommanderah, yes13:05
NCommander[topic] ogra to file a bug on LP not tracking bug links to blueprints or sending emails13:05
MootBotNew Topic:  ogra to file a bug on LP not tracking bug links to blueprints or sending emails13:05
plarsalso out, skip13:06
NCommanderall the other action items are ogra's13:06
NCommander[topic] Current Items13:06
MootBotNew Topic:  Current Items13:06
plarsso short meeting today! :)13:06
NCommander[link] http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile.html13:06
MootBotLINK received:  http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile.html13:06
NCommander[link] http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile-ubuntu-10.04-beta-1.html13:07
MootBotLINK received:  http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile-ubuntu-10.04-beta-1.html13:07
NCommanderburndown chart looking happier13:07
StevenKSorry about that13:08
NCommanderStevenK: np13:08
plarshmm, not the beta1 one13:08
NCommanderAnyone else have anything to say on the burndown charts, or can I move on?13:11
davidmNCommander, they look better then I expected so move on13:11
GrueMasterforward, hoa13:11
NCommander[topic] Kernel Status (cooloney, ericm)13:11
MootBotNew Topic:  Kernel Status (cooloney, ericm)13:11
ericm_I guess cooloney is on his biz travel to Beijing13:12
ericm_from dove POV, nothing really interested, Marvell has another several fixing patches but none of them addresses any LP bugs13:13
ericm_I've sent the git pull request to apw just now, together with a workaround for the audio crash bug in mplayer13:13
ericm_and hopefully we'll get a new kernel in several days13:13
GrueMasterThe mplayer crash was fixed in latest kernel.13:14
NCommanderericm_: can I move on?13:14
apwwill try and get you a test kernel today13:14
ericm_NCommander, yes please13:14
ericm_apw, thanks13:14
NCommander[topic] QA Status (GrueMaster, plars)13:14
MootBotNew Topic:  QA Status (GrueMaster, plars)13:14
GrueMasterI've posted some bullets on the meeting web page.13:15
plarslooks like someone already put some decent status there, thanks GrueMaster13:15
GrueMaster[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2010/20100316\13:15
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2010/20100316\13:15
plarsbig thing this week is beta 113:15
plarsplease help test images (if/when they become available)13:15
plarsspeaking of which... is there something we need to do to get the images to show up there?13:15
plarsfor armel that is?13:16
plarsoh wait13:16
plarsthey are now it seems13:16
persiaplars: It's often just a matter of timing, etc.13:16
plarsnm... odd that I didn't get subscription notification of them13:16
GrueMasterI asked yesterday, and they mentioned needing to do a respin due to an Ubiquity issue.13:16
plarsI am down to just my imx51 board, so anyone who has stuff to test on, would be very useful13:17
GrueMasterYes, interesting.  I didn't either.13:17
* GrueMaster also notices a netboot with 20081029ubuntu90?13:18
GrueMasterdate seems to be a bit off.13:18
NCommanderGrueMaster: looks like a QA tracker bug, i386/amd64 are the same13:19
StevenKnetboot's are built with the version number of d-i, not the date.13:19
StevenKSo it isn't a bug13:19
GrueMasterah, that would explain it.13:19
GrueMasterIn more critical news, I have narrowed down the bug on imx51 suspend.  It isn't a kernel issue.13:20
GrueMasterI tested several images since Alpha 3, and found that the image dated 0303 works, but 0305 does not.  The only relevant package that I can tell that changed was pm-utils, but that was a fix for nvidia only.  Doubt that it would make a difference, but I plan on testing it anyways to see.13:22
GrueMasterThe interesting part is that if you start with an image from 0303 and just run updates, it will still work.13:23
plarsGrueMaster: that's not completely true, at least in my experience13:24
NCommanderGrueMaster: ow13:24
persiaThat points at some difference in how the packages are configured during image build.13:24
plarsGrueMaster: when I got the new kernel, it broke for me, starting at the 0303 image13:24
NCommanderplars: GrueMaster: are you both testing on the same hardware revisions?13:24
plarsreverting to the one that cooloney gave us, fixed it for me13:24
plarsbabbage 3.0 is what I'm on13:24
GrueMasterSame here.  I'll test the new kernel on 0303.  I had thought that you reported the new kernel as working, but you had only been doing updates (hence my deduction).13:25
plarsI reported in the bug that the rebuilt kernel that he pointed to in the previous comment worked for me13:26
GrueMasteryes, that was what I thought.13:26
GrueMasterI had said that the same kernel failed for me, but I was testing off a newer image.13:27
GrueMasterAt any rate, it is a regression that so far isn't entirely kernel based.13:28
plarsclearly there's some more investigation to be done here, but I think we can work on that outside the meeting13:28
NCommander[action] GrueMaster & plars to investigate imx51 suspend issue offline13:29
MootBotACTION received:  GrueMaster & plars to investigate imx51 suspend issue offline13:29
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NCommanderanything else on the topic we need?13:30
ericm_NCommander, just wondering why there is no recent image on cdimage?13:30
GrueMasterNothing new to report on the sound issue with dove.  More testing is needed, and the new kernel patches "may" fix it.13:30
GrueMasterericm_: 20100316 isn't recent enough?13:30
ericm_GrueMaster, convince me with URL?13:31
MootBotLINK received:  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/cdimage/ubuntu-netbook/ports/daily-live/13:31
MootBotLINK received:  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/daily-live/20100316/13:31
plarsericm_: could be that you are looking under the old location?13:32
ericm_no more desktop? sorry I think I missed something13:32
plarsa few weeks back, desktop was dropped yes13:32
GrueMasterDesktop builds were stopped during the sprint.13:32
plarsin favor of netbook 2d launcher based images13:32
* ericm_ oops13:32
* ericm_ starts the downloading13:33
persiaUm, just as a side note, there may still be some leftover images, but they were *intended* to be dropped.13:33
StevenKSorry, I probably should have told the kernel guys that13:33
StevenKpersia: Can we spend some time tomorrow going over that?13:33
GrueMasterI thought they knew since they were at the sprint working with us.13:33
persiaNCommander: Could you action me to kill the rest of the leftover images tomorrow?13:33
ericm_StevenK, that's OK - my bad - because I'm still seeing desktop images maybe a weeks ago13:33
NCommander[action] persia to bring death to leftover images on antimony13:33
MootBotACTION received:  persia to bring death to leftover images on antimony13:33
persiaStevenK: Absolutely.  Sorry it slipped my mind today.13:34
persiaNCommander: It's beryllium/chromium/etc. I care about : more poisonous metals I leave for other folk, but sure.13:34
StevenKericm_: Where are you seeing those images?13:35
* persia is also curious, because a week ago there should not have been a desktop live13:35
StevenKIndeed, I killed it with fire13:35
StevenKpersia: Currently only chromium13:35
ericm_StevenK, maybe cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/daily-live/* - but I cannot remember the date, maybe back several weeks ago13:35
StevenKericm_: There's no armel there now :-)13:36
persiaStevenK: That wasn't true when I synced 12 hours ago, but sure :)13:36
persiaericm_: Several weeks ago, I'd believe.13:36
ericm_StevenK, persia, now I'm clear - thanks13:36
StevenKpersia: I just got defeated by the round-robin-dns-but-we'll-only-tell-you-one thing13:36
persiaAnyway, let's move on.  ericm_ will play with netbook images, and StevenK and I will fiddle scripts to make sure everything is clean.13:36
NCommander[topic] ARM Application status (JamieBennett, dyfet)13:37
MootBotNew Topic:  ARM Application status (JamieBennett, dyfet)13:37
persiaStevenK: Yeah.  I only see multiple names because I watch iftop during my mirror runs sometimes :)13:37
* NCommander pokes dyfet 13:38
dyfetWe have decided not to package canola2 for lucid13:39
persiaConsidering how many freezes are in effect, that's a good thing :)13:39
dyfetWell more to the point, parts of it are using entirely depreciated dependencies that we should not package either13:40
dyfetSo we may not be using it in lucid +1 either...13:40
ian_brasilbut if you have the 2D launcher you have the dependencies, no?13:42
persiaWe did get a different enlightment media player into lucid though.13:42
dyfetIt also uses etk13:42
* persia checks13:42
dyfetand epsilon13:42
NCommandermay I move on?13:44
NCommander[topic] ARM Porting/FTBFS status (NCommander, dyfet)13:44
MootBotNew Topic:  ARM Porting/FTBFS status (NCommander, dyfet)13:44
NCommanderOOo is almost resolved. ARM sent a revised patch which I need to test13:45
NCommanderchromium-browser is showing some odd platform specific behavior. Bugs filed13:45
NCommander(also a general bug with it in UNE)13:45
NCommanderdyfet: anything else to add?13:48
plarsNCommander: did you file a bug on the decoration/maximus issue?13:48
dyfetI had a small patch for squid ftbfs13:48
persiaYou fixed squid!  Excellent!.13:49
dyfetWell, I took Loic's suggestion...13:49
dyfetAnd made it into a patch :)13:49
NCommanderplars: yeah, its tagged une since its not armel specific13:49
plarsNCommander: great, I was going to offer if you hadn't already13:50
NCommander[topic] ARM Image Status (ogra, persia)13:51
MootBotNew Topic:  ARM Image Status (ogra, persia)13:51
persiaImages seem to be building, but are still a bit buggy.13:51
persiasquid was the last big missing piece on Monday (didn't check today)13:52
persiaI'm having an issue that I can't boot some recent images, but I think that's just me.13:52
persiaNothing else, unless someone else has something.13:52
NCommander[topic] Any Other Business13:53
MootBotNew Topic:  Any Other Business13:53
GrueMasterAre we going to have kexec this cycle?13:53
GrueMasterI believe that is what is needed for dual booting images, right?13:54
NCommanderGrueMaster: no13:54
NCommandernot unless something drastically changes between now and release13:54
GrueMasterIf we are not going to have a supported method for dual booting, I would like to suggest we remove the side-by-side installation option from Ubiquity.13:55
GrueMasterSince the only way to dual boot currently is with a lot of magic and a serial port.13:56
NCommanderGrueMaster: file a bug :-)13:56
NCommanderanything else, or can I close out the meeting13:57
ian_brasilUbuntu Liquid Update: I spoke with the upstream author of plasma mobile @ the Bossa Conference and he is happy for us to work on making it available in ubuntu :). He said an October time frame is realistic if we help out on Kwin and other issues. There is now an official initiative to break up kde libs http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/kde-maemo/2010-February/000059.html and we are participating on that too. We would like the standing item back and w13:57
ian_brasilant to have everything in-archive by the week of 3rd June, so we can play with Alpha 113:57
NCommanderian_brasil: woo. Sounds like we'll have a ubuntu-liquid-remix for lucid+113:58
ian_brasilit is not called remix now..just ubuntu liquid13:58
persiaWell, we'll see.13:59
NCommanderian_brasil: I thought it had to be called remix unless approved by the TB13:59
persiaWe'll try to make it not a remix, at least.13:59
persiaNCommander: No, it has to be called a remix unless it's a flavour.13:59
* NCommander notes persia would probably know the trademark policy better than I will13:59
ian_brasilok..either is fine by me13:59
persiaIt isn't yet clear whether that needs TB approval (although I think it ought).13:59
NCommanderian_brasil: we'll have something. What that something is called is $UNDEFINED13:59
* NCommander notices a running tread with platform related items, and names13:59
persiaNCommander: Not trademark, but anyway, yeah.13:59
NCommanderany objections if I close out the meeting?14:00
MootBotMeeting finished at 09:00.14:00
* stgraber looks around for a DMB meeting (and check he isn't wrong due to the DST change last weekend)15:04
persiaYou7re an hour early :)15:04
* bdrung_ is here and waits for it's beginning15:04
stgraberdoh, is the fridge lying ? I'm using the feed from it and it says it's time ...15:05
bdrung_persia: date -u returns Di 16. Mär 15:05:01 UTC 201015:05
persiaOh, cool!15:05
persiaThen it is now.15:05
cjwatsonthe DST change was only in the US15:05
stgrabergreat because in an hour I'll most likely not be online :)15:05
cjwatsonwasn't it?  at least not in Europe15:05
stgrabercjwatson: and Canada ;)15:05
cjwatsonthis week is Daylight Confusion Time15:06
persiaI just thought I remembered the meeting being an hour later local time, and since we don't have DST here, didn't expect any change.15:06
stgraberping nixternal, soren15:07
stgraberhmm, ok, let's hope they'll show up soon (also pinged geser in -devel)15:08
cjwatsonI can't get the agenda wiki page to load here15:09
cjwatsonoh, now that I say that, there it is15:09
stgraberwiki is extremely slow today (as in, worst than usual)15:09
stgrabershall we start anyway and hope the others will join ? (we don't have quorum)15:10
cjwatsonwe appointed geser as the chair, but:15:14
cjwatson15:41 <geser> I'm (if my university schedule permits it which I still have to look at)15:14
cjwatsonanyone contacted Cody?15:14
stgraberok, and I said by mail that I'd be fine being the chair for that meeting as well15:14
stgrabercjwatson: nope, can't find him onIRC15:14
cjwatsonI think we need to revisit the meeting schedule.  This doesn't seem to be working out.15:14
cjwatsonI don't see him on irc.canonical.com either15:14
stgraberlooking at the agenda, we only have membership applications to discuss and we have no quorum15:15
persiasoren was around not too long ago.15:15
sorenI'm afraid I won't be able to make the meeting today. An unfortunate combination of my wife's schedule at university, DST change, and day care pick ups has rendered today a bit of a planning nightmare for me.15:15
stgraberso we can either discuss them now and continue by mail or hope they'll show up15:15
cjwatsonsoren: ah well, thanks15:15
cjwatsonangelabad's application has one advocate comment, but that is for membership not for MOTU15:16
* persia goes to deal with the *extremely belated* outstanding action item.15:16
cjwatsonso I'm a bit confused15:16
persiaI think angelabad's application isn't complete.  If nobody objects, I'll contact him with some gudeance.15:17
cjwatsonI'm wondering if he applied for the wrong thing by mistake15:17
cjwatsonI don't object, I think that would be useful15:17
persiaI think he's under the impression one must be accepted before one may contribute much.15:17
stgraberpersia: agreed15:18
cjwatsonI don't think that, unfortunately, we can do very much with bdrung's application without quorum; it looks well-formed (although only one advocate), and he's well-known, but for a core-dev application we should discuss it with a quorate DMB15:18
persiaI'll agree with that.15:18
cjwatsonwasn't there a web site somewhere that one could use to help arrange meeting times?15:19
cjwatsonI forget its name, it had some kind of whizzy UI15:19
persiaThere was.15:19
stgraberoh, they have .com now :)15:20
persiaAnyway, doodle :)15:20
persiaSo, do we want to set up a doodle poll?15:26
* persia is doing so15:27
stgrabergreat, thanks15:28
cjwatsonis there anything else we can realistically do?15:30
cjwatsonoh, hello geser15:31
cjwatsonare you here or is that just your client?15:31
* geser is here, just arrived back home from work15:31
persiaWell then.15:32
persiastgraber: Shall we start?15:33
geseroh, the meeting didn't start yet?15:33
persiaNo, we weren't quorate15:34
cjwatsonalso I believe you're the chair - there was no point selecting another one until we had quorum :)15:35
persiaI thought stgraber volunteered for chair in an immediate reply to the minutes.15:36
persia(but I don't really care who chairs as long as it's not me again)15:36
bdrung_let's start15:37
geserI can do it (have do it sometime anyways)15:38
stgraber-n900_geser: I'd appreciate it15:38
MootBotMeeting started at 10:38. The chair is geser.15:38
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]15:38
stgraber-n900_a n900 isn't exactly fast to type on15:38
cjwatsonI've had worse phones for that, but yes :)15:39
geser[TOPIC] persia to gather votes from absent members by email15:39
MootBotNew Topic:  persia to gather votes from absent members by email15:39
geserwhat's the status of this? is it done or still pending?15:39
persiaI fail.  Hoping to get that out *during* this meeting.15:39
geserWhose application was this and whose vote is missing?15:40
persiacyphermox and nixternal,soren,cjwatson15:42
cjwatsonoh, really?  sorry I missed that15:42
* nixternal looks15:42
cjwatsonI don't have the context right now but happy to process by mail15:42
persiacjwatson: You weren't able to make that meeting, and I've been consistently failing to complain about it.15:42
geser[ACTION] nixternal, soren and cjwatson send the missing vote per mail15:44
MootBotACTION received:  nixternal, soren and cjwatson send the missing vote per mail15:44
geseris "Administrative Matters" in the agenda a real topic or only category title?15:45
persiaIt's a category title.15:45
persiaMail sent.  Sorry to not send it for so long.15:45
geser[TOPIC] MOTU application: AngelAbad15:46
MootBotNew Topic:  MOTU application: AngelAbad15:46
geser[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AngelAbad15:46
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AngelAbad15:46
cjwatson15:16 <cjwatson> angelabad's application has one advocate comment, but that is for membership not for MOTU15:46
cjwatson15:17 <cjwatson> I'm wondering if he applied for the wrong thing by mistake15:47
cjwatson15:17 <persia> I think angelabad's application isn't complete.  If nobody objects, I'll contact him with some gudeance.15:47
cjwatson15:17 <cjwatson> I don't object, I think that would be useful15:47
cjwatson15:17 <persia> I think he's under the impression one must be accepted before one may contribute much.15:47
cjwatson15:18 <stgraber> persia: agreed15:47
persiaand he's also not here15:47
cjwatsongeser: if you also agree, let's action persia to do that15:47
nixternalcjwatson: +1 here on contact15:47
geser[ACTION] persia contacts angelabad about his application15:47
MootBotACTION received:  persia contacts angelabad about his application15:47
* cjwatson removes the blinkers and notices nixternal is here too15:47
nixternalw00t, my ninja skills are real!!!15:48
geser[TOPIC] Ubuntu Core Developer Application: Benjamin Drung15:48
MootBotNew Topic:  Ubuntu Core Developer Application: Benjamin Drung15:48
geser[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BenjaminDrung/CoreDeveloperApplication15:48
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BenjaminDrung/CoreDeveloperApplication15:48
nixternalbdrung_: hola15:48
* bdrung_ waves.15:48
bdrung_my applications lacks comments from asac and pitti15:49
cjwatsonasac: are you here for a quick comment on bdrung's core-dev application?15:50
persiaI believe asac to be unavailable at this time.15:53
nixternalbdrung_: how would Ubuntu benefit if you were to become a core-dev?15:54
bdrung_nixternal: the sponsors queue will be shorter. working on sponsoring main packages in my intention for applying15:55
bdrung_( http://overbenny.wordpress.com/2010/01/04/empty-ubuntu-universe-sponsors-queue/ )15:55
cjwatsonthe archive queue has a huge variance, btw, due to periodic semi-automatic processing :)15:56
geserbdrung_: so the only reason why the main queue got so long is because of lacking sponsors? or do you see other reasons too?15:57
cjwatsonbut yes, I'd definitely like to see more people working on the main queue15:57
cjwatsonbdrung_: I see mozilla-devscripts is in Debian; how has it been received there?15:57
nixternalwell, I now know what lilypond is. i borrowed some code from their kde client just recently because the code snippet i was looking for they had :)15:57
cjwatsonI like the look of dh_xul-ext, from a brief glance15:59
bdrung_geser: yes, there are not enough sponsors. the quotient between core-devs and patch supplier is worse than the quotient between motus and patch suppliers. core-devs have probably more to do than motus and therefore not enough time for sponsoring16:00
* jjohansen waves16:00
nixternalbdrung_: I see lucene2 FTBFS 7 weeks ago (2010-01-26), any reason why this hasn't been fixed yet in Lucid?16:00
persiaand we're out of time :(16:00
cjwatsonurgh, are we running into the server team meeting?16:00
persiaWe are.16:00
cjwatsoncan we extend by 5-10 minutes to get this done?16:01
cjwatsonjiboumans: ^16:01
geserbdrung_: how do you plan to make sure your sponsoring doesn't interfere with work from other core-dev?16:01
bdrung_cjwatson: mozilla-devscripts was brought to debian before i start working on it heavily. we use it for many extensions now.16:01
jiboumanscjwatson: server team meeting is tomorrow, last i checked16:01
jiboumanscjwatson: so please, go right ahead :)16:01
persiajjohansen: Which meeting is this?16:02
JFokernel team persia16:02
cjwatsonoh, kernel team16:02
cjwatsonsorry, failed to check the calendar16:02
persiapgraner: Can we have 10 minutes?16:02
bdrung_nixternal: i can't reproduce the lucene2 FTBFS. it fails due to a lack of network access. i tried it with disabled network, but it still compiles. help is welcome.16:02
cjwatsonbdrung_: we've clashed a bit regarding parts of the units policy, I know.  how do you plan to continue with the changes there?16:02
bdrung_geser: if there is a possible conflict, i'll try to contact the previous uploader16:03
nixternalpesky xml test16:04
bdrung_cjohnston: short: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=55417216:04
ubottuGnome bug 554172 in general "g_format_size_for_display() should use correct IEC units" [Normal,Unconfirmed]16:04
cjwatson(please fix tab completion :-) )  yeah, am subscribed to that, it seems to be making good progress16:05
cjwatsonyou're primarily interested in the GNOME bits then?16:05
bdrung_long: i try to get a solution in glib (probably introducing a set of new functions and deprecate the old function) and then port all apps16:05
* persia notices the kernel team meeting is 17:00 UTC, and breathes easily16:05
bdrung_cjwatson: i primarily concentrate on glib, because this library has the biggest impact and solving this lib blocks fixing the other apps.16:07
pgranerpersia: yea16:08
persiabdrung_: To what degree do you feel that teams that focus on groups of packages (e.g. kubuntu team, server team) should be granted authority over those packages?16:08
bdrung_cjwatson: i have a patch for thunar waiting for the beta release. kde uses IEC prefixes. therefore a change there isn't that urgent16:08
cjwatsonright - we're certainly getting to the point where I think those changes should be held off to lucid+1, but that approach makes sense in general16:08
bdrung_persia: regarding sponsoring patches?16:08
persiabdrung_: That would likely be an example that's closest to what you'd first encounter, given your declared future plans :)16:09
bdrung_cjohnston: safe patches to fix SI prefix abuse, but targetting lucid+1 for bigger patches (probably transmission)16:09
nixternalhehe, tab complete bites again16:10
bdrung_damn, that tab completion mistake happens to often16:10
* dholbach renames cjwatson to Kamion ;-)16:11
nixternalbdrung_: i think my last question is this...what is the current state of eclipse in lucid? (this might lead to another one maybe) :)16:11
bdrung_nixternal: we are only a few days away from releasing eclipse 3.5.2-1 to debian. we have to fix lucene2 and someone needs to let libjasper-java pass NEW. Then we can sync (or merge [due to xulrunner-1.9.2])16:13
bdrung_persia: i rephrase your question? do you ask, if the upload right can be transferred to one team (like kubuntu team) only?16:14
nixternalyou think that will get down in time to make it into lucid or it looking to be a lucid+1 deal?16:14
persiabdrung_: No.  I ask for your personal opinion about the level of coordination you expect to engage in when working on packages also maintained by such teams.16:15
bdrung_nixternal: definitively lucid. it will fix #453036. The source is now free of .exe, .dll, .so, .so.2, *.a, .sl, .jnilib, .jar, .class, and .zip files. Removing the .class files took us some time.16:16
* nixternal does a bit of a happy dance :)16:17
bdrung_nixternal: look at http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-java/eclipse.git;a=summary and you will see that we are actively working on eclipse16:17
geserbdrung_: and you are confident that eclipse 3.5.2 won't include new bugs that short before release?16:18
* persia will support that contention, seeing daily activity from bdrung on eclipse16:18
bdrung_persia: i have no clear image yet, but i will try to contact the teams (or asking them for doing the sponsoring themself).16:19
bdrung_geser: there is one issue that is not fixed yet, but i don't worry about bugs. 3.5.2 is a bug fix release (compared to 3.5.1) and the packaging has improved.16:20
bdrung_geser: the eclipse team has currently 3 active members and some more testers.16:21
bdrung_everything answered or did i miss a question?16:22
persiastgraber-n900_: You still about?  You said something about time limitations before.16:22
stgraber-n900_yeah, I'm away from the office16:23
stgraber-n900_but online on my cell :)16:23
stgraber-n900_(multi-tasking quite a bit)16:23
geseranyone still have questions?16:24
nixternalI think I have attention defecit disorder, and because of that, I multi-task for all the wrong reasons16:24
nixternalgeser: no more from me, I am good16:24
cjwatsonshall we proceed to a vote?  we all seem to be questioned out16:24
stgraber-n900_nothing that wasn't already asked16:25
* nixternal is ready to vote16:25
geser[VOTE] bdrung_ becoming a Ubuntu Core Developer16:26
MootBotPlease vote on:  bdrung_ becoming a Ubuntu Core Developer.16:26
MootBotPublic votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot16:26
MootBotE.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting16:26
MootBot+1 received from nixternal. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 116:26
MootBot+1 received from cjwatson. 2 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 216:26
persia+1 : I'm happy with historical patch complexity, and suckered because bdrung is so very active in so many of my favorite areas.16:26
MootBot+1 received from persia. 3 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 316:26
MootBot+1 received from geser. 4 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 416:26
MootBot+1 received from stgraber-n900_. 5 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 516:26
cjwatsonpersia: heh16:26
nixternalpersia: I agree...really liking the fact we are getting a much better eclipse than in the past16:27
persiabdrung_: My the way, you failed to include all your uploads in main in your application.  I found at least a couple more during review.16:27
persianixternal: I get the triumvirate of java, media, and sponsoring though :)16:27
geserwe are done with voting, right? or I did I miss somebody?16:28
bdrung_persia: that's a point for improving launchpad ;)16:28
cjwatsongeser: we're done - missing cody and soren today16:28
MootBotFinal result is 5 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 516:28
dholbachcongratulations bdrung_! :)16:28
cjwatsonapologies from soren, cody absent16:28
persiabdrung_: Welcome!16:28
nixternalbdrung_: welcome and congrats \o/16:28
nixternalnow just wait a second, frozen main :D16:29
geser[TOPIC] Select a chair for the next meeting16:29
MootBotNew Topic:  Select a chair for the next meeting16:29
geserwho volunteers?16:29
* nixternal 16:29
stgraber-n900_I do16:30
nixternalgimme next meeting date and time so I can put it in my alarm calendar16:30
nixternal2 weeks from today at 15:00 UTC right?16:30
gesernixternal: right16:30
geser[AGREED] nixternal to chair the next meeting (fallback: stgraber-n900_)16:31
MootBotAGREED received:  nixternal to chair the next meeting (fallback: stgraber-n900_)16:31
persiaI won't be able to make the meeting next week at that time.16:31
* persia cancels the doodle poll16:31
geser[TOPIC] AOB16:31
MootBotNew Topic:  AOB16:31
geserHas somebody something we need to discuss?16:32
geserpersia: only the next meeting or all meetings after this one?16:32
persiageser: Only the next meeting.  I have to go onsite for a client.16:34
persiaAnd it's in two weeks, not next week.16:35
* persia grumbles about timespans16:36
MootBotMeeting finished at 11:36.16:36
nixternalpersia: when was the cyphermox app done, the last meeting?16:40
persiaNo.  A month ago.16:41
nixternaloh, ok, thanks16:41
bjfRoll Call17:01
* cking o/17:01
* smb is here17:01
bjfquick meeting with just the 3 of us :-)17:01
* kamalm o/ (Kamal Mostafa -- new guy starting next week -- I'll be sitting in today)17:01
bjfkamalm, Welcome!17:01
* jjohansen waves17:01
smbkamalm, Hi Kamal17:02
ckingwelcome Kamal17:02
kamalmthanks!  I'm very excited to be joining you.  :-)17:02
* ogasawara waves17:02
* manjo :)17:03
* apw waves17:03
MootBotMeeting started at 12:03. The chair is bjf.17:03
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]17:03
bjf[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Meeting17:03
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Meeting17:03
bjf[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/ReleaseStatus/Lucid17:03
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/ReleaseStatus/Lucid17:03
bjf# NOTE: '..' indicates that you are finished with your input.17:04
bjf[TOPIC] Open Action Item: Put out a Call For Testing for the .33 drm stack (JFo)17:05
MootBotNew Topic:  Open Action Item: Put out a Call For Testing for the .33 drm stack (JFo)17:05
bjfJFo, ^17:05
JFoBugs (Release Meeting Bugs / RC Milestoned Bugs / Release Targeted Bugs)17:05
JFoRelease Meeting Bugs (3 bugs, 5 blueprints)17:05
JFoBeta 1 Milestoned Bugs (45 bugs against all packages (down 29))17:05
JFo * 1 linux kernel bugs (down 8)17:05
JFo * 2 linux-fsl-imx51 bugs (up 1)17:05
JFo * 0 linux-ec2 bug (down 1)17:05
JFo * 1 linux-mvl-dove bugs (no change)17:06
JFoRelease Targeted Bugs (293 bugs against all packages (up 86))17:06
JFo * 28 linux kernel bugs (up 4)17:06
JFo * 2 linux-fsl-imx51 bugs (up 1)17:06
JFo * 1 linux-ec2 bug (no change)17:06
JFo * 2 linux-mvl-dove bugs (no change)17:06
JFoMilestoned Features -17:06
JFo * 0 blueprints17:06
JFo    17:06
JFoBugs with Patches Attached:115 (up 2)17:06
JFoBreakdown by status:17:06
MootBotLINK received:  http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ogasawara/csv-stats/bugs-with-patches/linux/17:06
JFowhoops :)17:06
JFoyes, I did put the call for testing out. there has been significant traffic on the issue from the X mailing list17:07
bjf[TOPIC] Release Metrics: (JFo)17:07
MootBotNew Topic:  Release Metrics: (JFo)17:07
bjfalready taken care of17:07
bjf[TOPIC] Blueprints: kernel-lucid-bug-handling (JFo)17:07
bjf[LINK] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/kernel-lucid-bug-handling17:07
MootBotNew Topic:  Blueprints: kernel-lucid-bug-handling (JFo)17:07
MootBotLINK received:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/kernel-lucid-bug-handling17:07
JFo== Blueprints ==17:07
JFo * I'm almost ready to present my findings on the X wiki debug pages and how I'd like to restructure the Kernel Team pages. I hope to send something on this to the list this week17:07
JFo * I am reworking the way the arsenal scripts gather and process bugs so that I can extend the 'reach' of the script deeper into the backlog. I'll probably do a rather intense round of bug processing during the lull after release freeze.17:07
JFo * I sent out an e-mail to the c-k-t list (meant to send to the k-t list) regarding a wiki page describing the rationale for automated bug processing. Please provide some feedback. I'd like to get this URL integrated into the arsenal scripts soon.17:07
bjf[TOPIC] Blueprints: kernel-lucid-kernel-config-review (apw)17:08
bjf[LINK] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/kernel-lucid-kernel-config-review17:08
MootBotNew Topic:  Blueprints: kernel-lucid-kernel-config-review (apw)17:08
MootBotLINK received:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/kernel-lucid-kernel-config-review17:08
apwDiscussion thread started on the remaining sub-systems and PATA/SATA driver stat17:08
apwus.  Should have patches for immediatly after Beta-1.17:08
bjf[TOPIC] Blueprints: kernel-lucid-kms (sconklin / apw)17:08
bjf[LINK] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/kernel-lucid-kms17:08
MootBotNew Topic:  Blueprints: kernel-lucid-kms (sconklin / apw)17:08
MootBotLINK received:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/kernel-lucid-kms17:08
apwWe are seeing a lot of issues with i945 and older graphics cards, which includes all the atom netbooks.  This is looking to be new occurance of the i915.powersave problems, we will disable powersaving for these 'older' cards by default.17:08
bjf[TOPIC] Blueprints: kernel-lucid-suspend-resume (manjo)17:09
bjf[LINK] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/kernel-lucid-suspend-resume17:09
MootBotNew Topic:  Blueprints: kernel-lucid-suspend-resume (manjo)17:09
MootBotLINK received:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/kernel-lucid-suspend-resume17:09
manjolooks like we are getting some useful information as a result of the patch to measure suspend resume times. I am currently looking at the suspend/resume bugs filed recently and trying to get a sense of any common elements we can find.17:09
bjf[TOPIC] Blueprints: kernel-lucid-apparmor-development (jjohansen)17:09
bjf[LINK] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/kernel-lucid-apparmor-development17:09
MootBotNew Topic:  Blueprints: kernel-lucid-apparmor-development (jjohansen)17:09
MootBotLINK received:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/kernel-lucid-apparmor-development17:09
jjohansenwell, the latest upstream push is sitting ready go out17:10
jjohansenI ran git-send-email this morning but apparently my smtp is broken17:10
bjf[TOPIC] Blueprints: kernel-lucid-boot-performance (apw, csurbhi)17:11
bjf[LINK] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/kernel-lucid-boot-performance17:11
MootBotNew Topic:  Blueprints: kernel-lucid-boot-performance (apw, csurbhi)17:11
MootBotLINK received:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/kernel-lucid-boot-performance17:11
apwThe ureadahead patches are with Foundations for testing.  Again we should have results in time for the first upload after Beta-1.17:11
csurbhicsurbhi ..17:11
csurbhioops ..17:11
bjf[TOPIC] Other Release Tasks: Lucid Audio Support (bjf)17:11
MootBotNew Topic:  Other Release Tasks: Lucid Audio Support (bjf)17:11
bjfNothing significantly new this week.17:12
bjfI'm several days into my als-driver bug survey and have looked at almost 200 bugs. I'm17:12
bjfbasicly going through them one by one and adding tags onto them. If they have not had17:12
bjfany action for more than a couple months I'm requesting a test of a dev image and the17:12
bjfmainline kernel. I'm pretty amazed at the number of bugs that have not seen any attention17:12
bjfsince their initial submission.17:12
bjfThe biggest buckets are "no sound at all" and "internal mic not working". There are a17:12
bjffew that look like upgrade isses, people running out and buying the latest HW expecting17:12
bjfit to "just work", etc.17:12
bjfI also see that there are a bunch of bugs that are "past expiration". I asked around17:12
bjfabout this and was told that the bot that ran around marking these "invalid" had to be17:12
bjfturned off because it wasn't smart enought and was invalidating bugs it shouldn't. I17:12
bjfwas told that a new status is being created "Expired" specifically for these bugs and17:12
bjfthat the bot would be smartened up. This work is supposed to happen this month.17:12
bjf[TOPIC] Other Release Tasks: Lucid Better Power Mgt (amitk)17:12
MootBotNew Topic:  Other Release Tasks: Lucid Better Power Mgt (amitk)17:12
apwthe release team has pretty much veto'd putting the pmutils functionality in as it didn't hit b-117:13
apwthe rest has been postponed due to workload17:13
bjf[TOPIC] Other Release Tasks: EC2 Lucid Kernel Status (jjohansen)17:13
MootBotNew Topic:  Other Release Tasks: EC2 Lucid Kernel Status (jjohansen)17:13
jjohansenworking on Bug #52720817:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 527208 in linux-ec2 "ec2 instance fails boot, no console output on c1.xlarge" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52720817:14
jjohansenHave confirmed that it isn't exhibiting under similar circumstances in rackspace cloud17:14
jjohansenI haven't made anymore progress on testing pv-ops17:15
bjf[TOPIC] Status: Lucid (apw)17:15
MootBotNew Topic:  Status: Lucid (apw)17:15
apwLucid remains at stable v2.6.32.9, though v2.6.32.10 is now available and will be applied once Beta-1 is over.  We have commited patches to expose the DRM backports version such that when v2.6.33.1 DRM patches we can tell that that has occured in bug reports.  We have also changed the default settings for the CDROM trays to allow direct removal of disks, userspace will handle this shortly.17:16
apwAll of the main kernels (linux, linux-fsl-imx51, linux-mvl-dove, linux-qcm-msm, and linux-ec2) remain unchanged from last week. linux-ti-omap was just accepted into the archive.  Anything which requires a kernel change will have to wait until after beta-1 and will have to pass the abbreviated SRU process (2 acks required).17:16
bjf[TOPIC] Security & bugfix kernels - Karmic/Jaunty/Intrepid/Hardy/Others (gnarl/smb)17:16
MootBotNew Topic:  Security & bugfix kernels - Karmic/Jaunty/Intrepid/Hardy/Others (gnarl/smb)17:16
smbDapper:      2.6.15-55.82  (security)17:16
smbHardy:       2.6.24-27.65  (security)17:16
smb             2.6.24-27.67  (updates)17:16
smbIntrepid:    2.6.27-17.45  (security)17:16
smbJaunty:      2.6.28-18.59  (security)17:16
smbKarmic:      2.6.31-20.57  (updates)17:16
smb - LBM       2.6.31-20.22  (updates)17:16
smb - mvl-dove  2.6.31-211.22 (security)17:16
smb - fsl-imx51 2.6.31-108.21 (security)17:16
smb             2.6.31-108.23 (proposed)[12]   0/ 1 verifications done (+0)17:17
smb - ec2       2.6.31-304.11 (updates)17:17
smbSecurity update is expected somewhen today (after some final tests)17:17
bjf[TOPIC] Incoming Bugs: Regressions (JFo)17:17
MootBotNew Topic:  Incoming Bugs: Regressions (JFo)17:17
bjfapw, go17:17
apwwhat is unverified in fsl-imx5117:17
smbapw, some build option there, lemme check17:17
apwwe need to slap #mobile if we're not getting feedback17:17
smbapw, They will get frightened by a security kernel replacing this17:18
JFoIncoming Bugs17:18
JFo328 Lucid Bugs (up 48)17:18
JFoCurrent regression stats (broken down by release):17:18
JFo==== regression-potential (up 2) ====17:18
JFo  * 88 lucid bugs17:18
JFo==== regression-update (no change) ====17:18
JFo  * 11 karmic bugs17:18
JFo  * 5 jaunty bugs17:18
JFo  * 2 intrepid bugs17:18
JFo  * 1 hardy bug17:18
JFo==== regression-release (down 2) ====17:18
JFo  * 54 karmic bugs17:18
JFo  * 22 jaunty bugs17:18
JFo  * 11 intrepid bugs17:18
JFo  * 4 hardy bugs17:18
JFo==== regression-proposed (no change) ====17:18
JFo  * 1 karmic bug17:18
bjf[TOPIC] Incoming Bugs: Bug day report (JFo)17:18
MootBotNew Topic:  Incoming Bugs: Bug day report (JFo)17:19
JFo* Today is another Kernel Team 'regression-' bug day. Thanks for working on these last week. I'll be looking at the schedule for the rest of this release and proposing more bug days to work out regressions to Pete for inclusion in the schedule. I anticipate that, as we move closer to the release freeze, we will probably do more than one bug day a week, but I want to see what the timeframe looks like before I propose that.17:19
JFo* I didn't get to schedule a community bug day today as I had planned. I will get things ready to hold another bug day against bugs with patches attached for next week.17:19
JFoany comments?17:19
* apw didn't see much in the way of announcement17:19
apwbut then maybe he doesn't read enough of his email17:19
JFoI need to do both an announcement and a wiki page17:19
apwwell the day is over here, so ... it needs to be yesterday17:20
JFobjf, can you make that an [Action] V17:20
JFobjf, can you make that an [Action] JFo to do both an announcement and a wiki page17:20
bjf[ACTION] JFo to send out regression bug day announcements on monday17:20
MootBotACTION received:  JFo to send out regression bug day announcements on monday17:20
JFothank you sir17:20
bjf[ACTION] JFo to do a wiki page on regression bug days17:21
MootBotACTION received:  JFo to do a wiki page on regression bug days17:21
bjf[TOPIC] Open Discussion or Questions: Anyone have anything?17:21
MootBotNew Topic:  Open Discussion or Questions: Anyone have anything?17:21
apw[ACTION] JFo to do all the work ...17:21
kamalmI'm starting to process the wealth of information at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/KnowledgeBase -- that'll keep me busy for awhile!17:21
kamalmI look forward to meeting you all in Brussels, if not sooner at the CELF/Collaboration summit in San Francisco in April.17:21
kamalmI officially start at Canonical on Monday March 22 -- can't wait!17:21
bjfapw, go17:22
apwno i had nothing ..17:22
manjokamalm, if you find mistakes in the wiki please feel free to fix17:22
* apw notes you are required to fix them :)17:22
bjfkamalm, will you be at colab summit?17:22
kamalmbjf, its undecided, but I live nearby so it would be easy for me to attend.  Hugh is looking into it.17:22
bjfkamalm, if so you will meet several of us, looking forward to it17:23
bjfthanks everyone17:23
MootBotMeeting finished at 12:23.17:23
smbThanks bjf17:23
ckingthanks bjf17:23
kamalmmanjo, apw: I actually did fix one "typo" in the wiki already :-)  Already mucking about.17:23
csurbhithanks bjf :)17:23
bjfkamalm, cool, are you on #ubuntu-kernel as well?17:24
* apw wanders off to #-k17:24
kamalmbjf, I am now ;-)17:24
SofanyaGood evening! i'm Novosibirsk Ubuntu TeamLeader.18:34
czajkowskiSofanya: you're a bit early for the LoCo council meeting18:36
czajkowskiSofanya: it's not till 8pm UTC18:36
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
cjohnstonczajkowski: about 11 minutes correct?18:49
czajkowskicjohnston: nope 1 hr 10 mins18:51
cjohnstonczajkowski: fridge says 1900 utc18:53
czajkowskiFridge is wrong18:55
czajkowski3td tuesday @8pm UTC is the loco council meeting time18:55
davmor2dst in the states has probably thrown it out18:56
czajkowskidavmor2: aye18:56
czajkowskiso it's gonna confuse people18:56
* czajkowski kicks the fridge18:56
ubottuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: March 16 2010, 18:57:1018:57
davmor2fridge.....werzzk werzzzk bang smoke18:57
czajkowskiGrabbing dinner, back in 1 hr19:01
czajkowskiUbuntu LoCo council meeting kicking off at 8pm UTC19:01
mhall119|workdavmor2: fridge says 7pm UTC19:22
mhall119|workDST in the states doesn't even come into play19:22
schultmc2000 UTC is what the wiki said - that's 8PM19:23
mhall119|workright, so fridge is wrong, but DST isn't to blame19:23
persiamhall119|work: There's a bug in the implementation behind the fridge that guesses DST changes based on the timezone of the location of the person last updating that schedule item, and tries to auto-update correctly.19:24
persiaFor folk that live in timezones, this is a useful feature.  For folk that mix timezones, this is a huge headache.  For teams that span timezones, this makes the tool essentially unusable 6-8 weeks a year.19:24
mhall119|workis there a paperclip that does that?19:24
mhall119|workreference to the annoying MS Office paperclip19:25
mhall119|workit was notorious for "helping" in the most detrimental ways19:25
johanbrpersia, most people live in timezones :)19:26
mhall119|workI only live in one19:26
persiajohanbr: Indeed.  I think that's why it does that.19:26
mhall119|workthough more and more, I find myself "living" in UTC19:26
persiaSome people don't.  More teams don't.19:27
mhall119|workI need a watch that will switch between 12hour EST and 24hour UTC19:27
mhall119|workpersia: people don't live in places with DST, but everywhere on earth is covered by a timezone, no?19:27
johanbrexcept the poles, I guess19:28
persiamhall119|work: But not everyone lives in a fixed location.  For some time I spent each week in a different country.19:28
persiaDuring that time, I scheduled everything in UTC, or it was impossible.19:29
persiaI'm sure I'm not the only person who has had a job like that.19:29
persia(and I strongly disrecommend jobs like that for anyone who thinks it sounds fun)19:30
dantalizingpersia: lies19:31
persiaIf you like.19:32
mhall119|workdantalizing wants to be a jet setter19:36
mhall119|workhe'll fly air-dan19:37
dantalizingnot anymore .. but had fun while it lasted19:37
czajkowskijust under 25 mins to meeting19:37
mhall119|workheh, now you're air-dad19:37
mhall119|workwith non-stop flights across the livingroom19:37
mhall119|workdantalizing: did you see our testimonial?19:40
dantalizingubuntu needs more nali19:41
mhall119|worktrue, we've had a nali deficiency lately19:41
czajkowskipopey: JanC itnet7 ping20:01
MootBotMeeting started at 15:01. The chair is czajkowski.20:01
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]20:01
czajkowski[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncilAgenda20:02
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncilAgenda20:02
czajkowskiwe'll start by working our way though agenda items and then onto the Approvals/ Reapprovals20:02
czajkowski[topic]Reapproval Process/Update20:03
MootBotNew Topic: Reapproval Process/Update20:03
czajkowskijust to let folks know we are working ou way through contacting the 30 named teams so far this cycle20:03
czajkowskiwe've been mailing teams and in contact with some to schedule more to be reviewed before May and we may have an extra meeting next week to fit some teams in20:04
czajkowskiif you are contacted please ack the mail you've recived20:04
huatssorry I am late20:05
czajkowskidoes anyone have any comments on the approval/reapproval process?20:06
MootBotLINK received: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/LoCoTeamReApproval20:07
czajkowskiis the list of teams we are contacting this cycle20:07
SandWormczajkowski: Novosibirsk Team is here if needed20:07
czajkowskiSandWorm: just give us a few mins20:08
czajkowski[topic] LoCo Contacts to update the IRC Ops page20:08
MootBotNew Topic:  LoCo Contacts to update the IRC Ops page20:08
czajkowskijussi01: ping20:08
czajkowski[link] https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat20:08
MootBotLINK received:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat20:08
czajkowskithe IRCC has asked us to mention this to all loco teams20:08
czajkowskiplease ensure your ops contacts are up to date on this page please20:08
mhall119|workczajkowski: is that the only place contacts are kept?20:09
czajkowskimhall119|work: I'm waiting on jussi01 to arrive to comment he was the one who asked for it to be added to the agenda20:10
czajkowskiwe shall move on and if he comes we can go back to it20:10
czajkowski[topic]LoCo Directory Access20:11
MootBotNew Topic: LoCo Directory Access20:11
czajkowskiso the love LD dev folks wated to get soe thoughts on this20:11
czajkowski[link] https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-directory/+bug/52680020:11
MootBotLINK received:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-directory/+bug/52680020:11
ubottuUbuntu bug 526800 in loco-directory "Allow more than team admins to manage events" [Wishlist,Triaged]20:11
czajkowskiDaviey: mhall119|work want to discuss20:11
Davieyit's mhall119|work's agenda point :)20:11
Davieymhall119|work: did you get the emails btw?20:12
mhall119|worktechnically it was dholbach20:12
* czajkowski peers are you both 20:12
mhall119|workDaviey: which ones?  my old email address is having problems, I'm trying to switch everything to gmail20:12
Davieyokay, this is regarding the events element mainly20:12
mhall119|workPM me if it's not related to this20:12
DavieyWho should have access:20:13
Daviey* Add an event20:13
czajkowskiperhaps ye can give a bit of background to this please20:13
Daviey* Perhaps approve an event20:13
Daviey* perhaps veto an event20:13
DavieyI'm sure everyone knows what the LoCo Directory is20:13
MootBotLINK received:  http://loco.ubuntu.com20:13
DavieyIt has the ability to add "events" for your LoCo20:13
mhall119|workthis originally came up when only admins could add/edit events for a team20:13
DavieyCurrently only the launchpad team admin can add an "event"20:14
DavieyThis has been a problem for some teams20:14
mhall119|workrecently Jono has requested a change to allow any team member to add/edit events20:14
DavieySo to try and open it up, we need a method of controling and limited access - whilst still letting people do what they need to do20:14
huatsThis  is a pb we are facing at ubuntu-fr20:14
czajkowskihuats: yes I believe it was YoBoY who brought this to light20:15
* cjohnston has to bug an admin to add his weekly ubuntu hour..20:15
DavieyWell from today, andy team member can add an event regardless20:15
DavieyHowever, long term we feel there needs to be some control20:15
mhall119|workoptions we have discussed is using an additional launchpad group to specify a team that can manage events for a team20:15
czajkowskiI beleive it will effect only a few of the larger teams , but I'm not happy with it being a free for all for anyone and everyone to just create events20:15
JanCit's certainly a problem if only the team owner can add events20:15
mhall119|workand also an approval queue, where any member can add an event, but admins are required to approve them20:15
pleia2mhall119|work: I like the approval queue idea, then I can add/update events without having to nag an admin, but there is oversight20:16
DavieyDo the LoCo countil have a problem with recieveing an email when an event is added or modded?20:16
DavieyThis could mean a stack of emails eventually20:16
mhall119|workthe approval queue means possibly more work for a team's admins, but makes it easier for members to bring up events20:16
czajkowskiDaviey: aye it could do.20:16
Davieyczajkowski: Well for the first version, can the LoCo council let us know :)20:17
czajkowskiI would like to see it as a small sub group with each team or a person  being able to crete events, that way the admins dont have to get involed if they already know20:17
cjohnston+1 for czajkowski's idea20:17
czajkowskiDaviey: I can't speak for huats JanC itnet7 or popey  but I don't mind not for the begining, I can create  a rule20:17
DavieyI suggested to the Local Council - http://pastebin.daviey.com/N5Eu/raw/20:18
YoBoYczajkowski: calling me ? ^^20:18
MootBotLINK received: http://pastebin.daviey.com/N5Eu/raw/20:18
itnet7I think for the sake of timing, it would be fine to implement the way you are suggesting20:18
JanCwe use LP groups to control access to certain stuff on the ubuntu-be site, so if teh LoCo-directory would do the same, that would make things easier for us too20:18
huatsDaviey, not a problem either20:18
pleia2czajkowski: I still see that as creating a bottleneck, so instead of nagging team admins, I get to go to the event admins...20:19
mhall119|workwell it'll be open to any member until after UGJ most likely20:19
DavieyJanC: that sounds like a good long term idea, but for first release i would like to try and keep it simple20:19
czajkowskipleia2: thats why I would suggest only certain people being able to creae events and their events get automatically published20:19
Daviey(from a coding aspect)20:19
itnet7I think there should be a role added to each team though to allow the Team Contact/ and or admins flexibility to add members at their discretion20:19
pleia2czajkowski: ah, then maybe for other team members they can create, but it has to be approved?20:19
mhall119|workpleia2: alternately, we can have the approval queue, and allow a select group of non-admins approve them20:20
pleia2sounds good :)20:20
itnet7mhall119|work: that sounds good20:20
czajkowskimhall119|work: yes20:20
mhall119|workand is the concensus that this group should be a launchpad group?20:20
mhall119|workor can it be something internal to loco-directory20:21
cjohnstonWhatever is easiest to implement, plus easy for admins to modify... I would think20:21
czajkowskiso I think  moving forward the dev folks would like  to know if they go the way they've suggested here, we'd use it for our loco teams in creating events and encourage our teams to use it ?20:21
itnet7I think it's the best thing since sliced bread! :-)20:21
mhall119|workokay, so we will provide a list of users who can approve events for a team, and an approval queue20:22
* Daviey doesn't really mind how it should be. I'm happy for the LC to say "we want this", and for the LD hackers to implement that if feasible.20:23
itnet7+1 from me20:23
mhall119|workis there any opinions on managing this sub-group through launchpad vs through LD?20:23
itnet7I think that users of the sub-group should only have rights granted to the LD20:24
DavieyLP makes more sense.. although i think it's a less clean way overall :)20:24
czajkowskilets use the tools we have and use LP please20:24
mhall119|workitnet7: it would just be a group in LP, so it can be used however else is desired20:24
czajkowskiok are theree any other thoughts on this as I'd like to move on please20:24
mhall119|workDaviey: it means more work for us, but I'm okay with that20:24
mhall119|workthat also means we can use the team's mailing list to send notices20:25
Davieyso o clariffy this is a LP group of event-editors ?20:25
Davieyso a single team for all worldwide loco's?20:25
mhall119|workwhen we make this change, can we default the 'event-editors' team to be the loco team?20:25
jussi01Im sorry, Im here now.20:26
mhall119|workthat way no functionality would change until the loco team decides to20:26
czajkowski[agreed] LP dev folks to create a LP group for event-editors, default the event-director team to be the loco team.20:26
MootBotAGREED received:  LP dev folks to create a LP group for event-editors, default the event-director team to be the loco team.20:26
czajkowskiso moving on20:27
jussi01can we jump back to my item?20:27
MootBotNew Topic:20:27
czajkowskiRequest for loco ops to idle in #ubuntu-irc20:27
czajkowski[topic]Request for loco ops to idle in #ubuntu-irc20:27
MootBotNew Topic: Request for loco ops to idle in #ubuntu-irc20:27
czajkowskijussi01: you're up20:27
jussi01Ok :)20:27
jussi01at the ircc meeting there was a decision to ask the Loco's to try and get ops from their channels to idle in -irc. Ths improves contactability and co-ordination20:28
jussi01We also would like to request the Loco's update the contact information here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList for the same reason20:29
MootBotLINK received:20:29
MootBotLINK received: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList20:29
czajkowskimhall119|work: did you have a question for jussi01 re IRC ops list ?20:30
jussi01We need some help with communicating this properly to the loco's.20:30
czajkowskimhall119|work: ok20:30
mhall119|workoh, I just wanted to know if that wiki page was the only place contacts were listed20:31
czajkowskijussi01: ok well mentioneding it here and we shall mail it out also20:31
mhall119|workbecause people wanted that info in LD20:31
jussi01mhall119|work: at the moment I do beleive so.20:31
mhall119|workloco directory20:31
czajkowskibut I think it would be good for all LoCos to go with this suggestion from the IRCC20:31
czajkowskiso I'll add it to the mail I'll send out after this meeting20:31
czajkowskijussi01: any other comments on this ?20:32
itnet7It would be cool to have it in the LD20:32
jussi01czajkowski: no, we just need to make sure it gets to all the locos, and communicate that this isnt really changing anything, just making contactability and co-ordination easier20:32
czajkowskijussi01: gotcha :)20:33
czajkowski[topic] Approval/Reapprovals20:33
MootBotNew Topic:  Approval/Reapprovals20:33
czajkowski[topic] Russia Novosibirsk20:33
MootBotNew Topic:  Russia Novosibirsk20:33
SandWormwe are here20:33
SofanyaGood evening! I'm Novosibirsk Ubuntu TeamLeader, Ubuntu Wonam.20:33
czajkowski[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RussianTeam/NSK/ApprovalApplication20:33
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RussianTeam/NSK/ApprovalApplication20:33
czajkowskiSofanya: welcome20:33
czajkowskianyone else here from your team20:33
belcoi`m here )20:34
SandWormVadimkaNSK also20:34
MootBotLINK received:  http://nsk.ubuntu.ru/20:34
itnet7Nice Re-branding!!20:34
czajkowskiI do like the fact you've gotten the new colour scheme up and running on your site well done !20:35
czajkowskiSofanya: so can you tell me about your team, how you get things done, and organise events?20:35
SandWormSofanya has some trouble with english20:35
SandWormi'm team contact20:36
czajkowskiSandWorm: ok I dont mind who tells us :)20:36
SandWormwell. we have active jabber conference. we use it for coordination20:36
SandWormalso we have weekly meetings in sibsutis20:37
JanCwhat's sibsutis ?20:37
SandWormevery wednesday in the evening20:37
vadimkanskJanC, university20:37
SandWormJanC: SIBSUTIS - Siberian State University of Telecommunication and Informatics20:38
neswe are workink accordint program "Fre Software in Schools", installing Ubuntu on classroom machines and teach people to use it20:38
SandWormwe have some kind of a club there20:38
czajkowskiSandWorm: do you have any photos of your event?20:39
MootBotLINK received:  http://nsk.ubuntu.ru/index.php?page=fotootchet-klub-u-samovara-24-02-201020:39
Agafonovmy helping hand :)20:39
SandWormczajkowski: yep. we usually make photos at events20:39
SandWormrecently we installed an internet cafe in SibFair20:40
SandWormand have some plans for event, based on sibfair20:41
JanCyeah, that sounds like  a good idea for other teams too; provide other organisations with a cheap or free internet cafe20:41
czajkowskiAll of you have done a great job, I think we are ready to vote. Since we are using Mootbot give a second before weighing in please!20:41
SandWormas i counted we have nearly 5 events in sibfair, where we are going to take part20:42
czajkowski[vote] Approval of the Russia Novosibirsk LoCo Team20:42
MootBotPlease vote on:  Approval of the Russia Novosibirsk LoCo Team.20:42
MootBotPublic votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot20:42
MootBotE.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting20:42
belcoSiberian Fair is the biggest regional exhibition organizer in Russia20:42
MootBot+1 received from itnet7. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 120:42
MootBot-1 received from czajkowski. 1 for, 1 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 020:42
czajkowskiI think you've done a great job so far, I think you need to work on your wiki page and add some more content to it regarding links to photos, but to come back soon20:43
huatsThat would be my opinion too20:43
SandWormok. we'll back20:44
JanCI think there are some great things, but like czajkowski says, maybe a bit more documentation would be appropriate20:44
Agafonovczajkowski: they do make many, many things offline20:44
JanC+0 from me20:44
MootBotAbstention received from JanC. 1 for, 1 against. 1 have abstained. Count is now 020:44
czajkowskiAgafonov: thats great but we need to see this on the wiki, we're not saying you're not doing anything, we just think you need to document it more on the wiki please.20:45
MootBotFinal result is 1 for, 1 against. 1 abstained. Total: 020:46
czajkowski[topic] El Salvador Re Approval20:47
MootBotNew Topic:  El Salvador Re Approval20:47
MootBotLINK received: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ElSalvadorTeam/ReapprovalApplication201020:47
JanCAgafonov: make a list of everything you do (or at least some more detail), and whenever possible add some links to photographs or such...20:47
itnet7Hey there El Salvador!20:47
AgafonovJanC: we do monthly reports :)20:47
czajkowskiso who's where from el Salvador20:48
czajkowskiAgafonov: we can discuss it after meeting but now we need to move on, please20:48
czajkowskianyone here from el salvador??20:49
JanCAgafonov: then link them from the approval page next time!20:49
ejvflorida up yet, did i miss it?20:50
czajkowski[agreed] take el salvador loco application to mailing list20:50
MootBotAGREED received:  take el salvador loco application to mailing list20:50
czajkowski[topic] Colorado, US LoCo Re approval20:51
MootBotNew Topic:  Colorado, US LoCo Re approval20:51
mhall119|workejv: not yet20:51
ejvsry :)20:51
czajkowskianyone from Colorado team  present??20:51
nerdynickNerdyNick here for Colorado20:51
czajkowskinerdynick: welcome anyone more with you?20:52
czajkowski[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ColoradoTeam/ReApprovelApplication20:52
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ColoradoTeam/ReApprovelApplication20:52
nerdynickNot sure as its the middle of the work day for us20:52
nerdynickSo where would you like me to start20:53
czajkowskinerdynick: in your application, what do you mean by Lack of timely responsiveness & support from the higher ups in the Ubuntu Community20:53
nerdynickDuring our planning of the TIE conference we kept having problems with getting response to questions we had about getting booth equiment20:55
nerdynickAs well as problems in attempting to get our website on the official ubuntu servers20:55
nerdynickie. colorad.ubuntu-us.org20:56
czajkowskinerdynick: can you explain what you mean, what kind of equipment, who were you looking for it from ?20:56
czajkowskinerdynick: did you log a ticket on RT ??20:57
JanCI never had problems getting a conference pack, but that only a box with some t-shirts, ballpoints, stickers, etc. -- maybe you expected more?20:57
nerdynickI personally was not the organizer of that event. So I do not know the contact. but the equipment we where looking to get is the Booth Equipment that is provided to teams as well as a batch of Pressed CD's as we where out20:57
nerdynickThe CD's would have been great to of at least had but where un able to get those from ShipIt20:59
nerdynickSo we ended up burning a few of our own. As doing a mini Edubuntu setup in a lab to at least let people experment and burn there own21:00
czajkowskinerdynick: was this for Karmic ?21:00
nerdynickFeisty & 1 other release21:01
nerdynickWe attended the conf twice21:01
czajkowskiwaht conf was this ?21:01
JanCTIE I suppose21:02
MootBotLINK received:  http://tiecolorado.org/site12.aspx21:02
nerdynickNotes during planning21:03
czajkowskinerdynick: so a question, what seperates your LoCO from a LUG ?21:03
czajkowskiyou mention more work with LUGS ?21:03
huatsnerdynick, Another question : how often do you gather with your team ?21:04
nerdynickAs the linux community itself in Colorado isn't the greatest in size and is very spreed out. We attempt to work with the local Lug groups in hosting events or at least attend a few of these to work a bringing new users on bord with Ubuntu21:05
JanCthat's a good strategy IMO21:05
nerdynickWe end up bringing a lot of our resources and knowledge to the Install Fests to help facilitate new users intrest in Ubuntu.21:06
czajkowskithats good to hear21:06
nerdynickJanC we figured it would be better to work with them and at least convert people to linux then work against them21:06
JanCof course21:07
czajkowskiI think we are ready to vote. Since we are using Mootbot give a second before weighing in please!21:07
czajkowski[vote] re approval of Colarado LoCo21:07
MootBotPlease vote on:  re approval of Colarado LoCo.21:07
MootBotPublic votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot21:07
MootBotE.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting21:07
nerdynickhuats we always have a release party and that tends to be our big group gathering and brings people from the west side of the state and the north end to denver/boulder21:07
MootBotPrivate abstention received. 0 for, 0 against. 1 abstained. Count is now 021:08
huatsok nerdynick thanks21:08
MootBotAbstention received from huats. 0 for, 0 against. 2 have abstained. Count is now 021:08
nerdynickbut tend to meet together at Clue, Blug, NCLug meetups21:08
MootBotAbstention received from czajkowski. 0 for, 0 against. 3 have abstained. Count is now 021:08
huats0 for me21:08
MootBotFinal result is 0 for, 0 against. 3 abstained. Total: 021:09
itnet7Sorry, I accidently voted privatley21:09
czajkowskinerdynick: we'd like to meet with you guys again and talk to ye about your team and review some stuff with you guys21:09
czajkowskijsut at present with you only here and not seeing much other activity we'd just like to chat some more21:09
nerdynickAlright, Is there anything you would like us to prep/plan and when/how would you like to do this21:10
czajkowski[agreed] follow up with colarado team via email21:10
MootBotAGREED received:  follow up with colarado team via email21:10
JanCI think we would also like to hear more about the problems with getting support for booths (whether you were expecting too much or something went wrong etc.)21:11
czajkowskinerdynick: we'll be in touch shortly ok, and we;re online a lot of the time if you need to ask us anything21:11
czajkowski[topic] Florida LoCo Team Re approval21:11
MootBotNew Topic:  Florida LoCo Team Re approval21:11
czajkowski[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FloridaTeam/ReapprovalApplication201021:11
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FloridaTeam/ReapprovalApplication201021:11
crashsystemsis this the part where I say I'm from the florida team?21:11
czajkowskijust to state, we will be able to vte on ye guys but are missing 2 team members and itnet7 cannot vote on ye so we are going to review and then vote here and on mailing list21:12
czajkowskiso who's from florida team21:12
maxolasersquadI am21:12
czajkowskiright so dantalizing and itnet7 can ye exlain how ye've done stuff since your first approval and what you've learned nad done ?21:13
dantalizingas the esteemed council is aware ... itnet7 is our loco contact21:13
czajkowskiyou've a lot on your wiki page so thanks ++21:13
dantalizingso i've been working with cjohnston and MichelleQ to prepare for reapproval21:13
czajkowskidantalizing: we're esteemed are we, we have met :)21:13
dantalizingcjohnston will be speaking for us21:13
czajkowskiok cjohnston you're up21:13
dantalizingczajkowski: its been awhile21:13
cjohnstonuh oh21:13
dantalizingand i wasnt including huats21:14
cjohnstonitnet7: thats not nice!21:14
itnet7*shudders* twice21:14
czajkowskioi come on foclk focus please :) 1 more team left21:14
czajkowskidamn lag21:14
cjohnstonWe have obviously been involved in quite a few things.. We have members involved in the UCLP, and Ubuntu Classroom online.. Offline we have worked with the Florida Linux Fest and starting a couple of ubuntu hours21:15
cjohnstonFor 9.10 we had a release party with about 60 people, and some really good food.. thanks mhall119|work and MichelleQ !21:16
MichelleQwe're working on planning Ubucon for ALF this year, too.21:17
cjohnstonWe also helped out with Atlanta Linux fest..21:17
cjohnstonand ^21:17
czajkowskianwhat issues if any have ye run into and had to deal with21:17
cjohnstondantalizing: I'll let you take that one21:18
dantalizingour main issues have revolved aroujnd organization21:18
dantalizingwe have many active contributors21:18
dantalizingand we try to make sure taht everyone can take part in creating a great ubuntu experience in their local areas21:18
dantalizingwhile still coordinating with the team21:18
dantalizingwe've managed this in a couple of ways21:19
dantalizingwe try to encourage local activity and, as cjohnston mentioned re: 9.10 release party, we try to bring everyone together every now and then21:19
dantalizingunless you want more21:21
itnet7We have developed some really good friendships along the way, despite our state being pretty stretched out21:21
dantalizingvery true21:21
MichelleQAnd I must say, the team as a whole has been incredibly supportive of my & mhall119|work's pet project and charity.21:21
itnet7Oh, and Nali said we Rock! :-)21:21
czajkowskiI think we are ready to vote. Since we are using Mootbot give a second before weighing in please!21:22
mhall119|workI'd also like to point out that our events have been gaining a good deal of gender and age diversity21:22
czajkowski[vote] re approval of florida LoCo21:24
MootBotPlease vote on:  re approval of florida LoCo.21:24
MootBotPublic votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot21:24
MootBotE.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting21:24
MootBot+1 received from czajkowski. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 121:24
MootBot+1 received from huats. 2 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 221:24
MootBotAbstention received from itnet7. 2 for, 0 against. 1 have abstained. Count is now 221:24
MootBot+1 received from JanC. 3 for, 0 against. 1 have abstained. Count is now 321:24
MootBotFinal result is 3 for, 0 against. 1 abstained. Total: 321:25
czajkowskiok we shall take the rest of the vote to the mailing list and get back to you guys as soon as we can21:25
dantalizingthank you all21:25
cjohnstonthank you21:25
mhall119|workthank you21:25
czajkowskiis there anyone here from the Indiana LoCo team ?21:25
schultmcyes - SimonAnibal and I are here for Indiana21:25
czajkowskiok we shall start your re appvoal but we may take it to our mailing list21:26
czajkowski[topic] Indiana LoCO re approval21:26
MootBotNew Topic:  Indiana LoCO re approval21:26
czajkowski[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IndianaTeam/ReapprovalApplication201021:26
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IndianaTeam/ReapprovalApplication201021:26
czajkowskiSimonAnibal: schultmc welcome21:27
czajkowskiSimonAnibal: schultmc can ye tell us about your team please21:27
czajkowskihow you organise evnets?21:27
* czajkowski wallops her internet connection21:28
schultmcevents are typically organized via the mailing list or forums21:28
schultmcwe have some members who prefer forums and some who prefer email so we try to encompass both media to reach the broadest audience21:28
czajkowskithats a good idea21:29
czajkowskiyou don't have a website, is there a reason for this ?21:29
schultmcnot really, other than not having time to properly maintain a website in addition to the wiki21:30
itnet7Have you participated in any events recently?21:30
schultmcour most recent event was the Karmic release party21:30
schultmcwe're also working with the local LUGs to plan an Indiana LinuxFest but that hasn't yet occurred21:31
schultmcdue to geography, a lot of our non-release party potential events are centered around the various population centers where there are LUGs21:31
JanCdo you do anything outside the release parties?21:31
czajkowskiwhat problems if any have you encourtered and how have you delt with them ?21:31
schultmcJanC: we do support and troubleshooting via our mailing list and forums and are discussing holding events such as bug fixes and training sessions21:32
schultmcczajkowski: the main problem we've run into recently is lack of feedback from team members21:32
schultmcthe team leadership often has to make executive decisions since the members aren't saying yea or nay for a given idea21:33
czajkowskischultmc: yes I can understand that, it can be very frustrating21:33
czajkowskischultmc: so you have a team leadership, how does that work ?21:33
schultmcSimonAnibal and I independently came up with the idea to start the team and jointly handle leadership21:34
schultmcwe've tried to involve other team members in leading the team but there seems to be a reluctance to actually have others wear a leadership hat21:34
vadimkanskczajkowski, I'm looking at your discussion and i have no words to say! How that could be?! After an year of being registered on LaunchPad our team invited more than 100 people! We provided 5 events with regional meaning on our own initiative (and our region is NOT as small as German). And what do I see here? You talking about BALOONS, that not have been sent to the event.21:35
vadimkanskDon't you think, that at the moment you discouraged young initiative people from Syberia from doing something and dealing with you, foreign mature brotherhood21:35
JanCvadimkansk: can we discuss this later? (Indiana locoteam is up now)21:36
JanCschultmc: leaderschip => responsibility21:36
czajkowskischultmc: ys it can be hard, do you have IRC meetings, I've found people very helpful there to ake on roles,21:36
czajkowskieven roles such as loco team reports to share out the responsibilty of stuff within the team21:37
schultmcczajkowski: yes, we have monthly irc meetings and fortunately one of our members has been leading them recently when SimonAnibal or I have been unable to attend21:37
czajkowskithats great so there are others who are willing to step up, this is good to hear21:37
czajkowskischultmc: is there anything that we the LoCo council can help with21:38
schultmcwe welcome any suggestions that may lead to more activity from our members21:38
czajkowskischultmc: ok, well I can pop in and maybe help with a Q&A session and give some ideas, if that would help I can pp in at an IRC meeting or whenever you think would work best.21:39
schultmcthat'd be helpful21:39
vadimkanskА пофик. guys sitted in front of their computers till 3 PM to delight in this. Thank you very much. i'm go sleep21:40
JanCwe can do it and/or we can ask some people from other teams21:40
schultmcwe could also advertise our meeting some more to get better attendance21:40
schultmcit could also be a communication medium preference21:40
czajkowskischultmc: that might help and it helps to sometimes get more ideas from different people21:40
schultmcemail vs. irc vs. forums21:40
JanCschultmc: maybe also communicate it to the LUGs ?21:40
czajkowskiI think we are ready to vote. Since we are using Mootbot give a second before weighing in please!21:41
schultmcI'm president of the Central Indiana LUG and SimonAnibal is active in the FortWayne LUG21:41
czajkowski[vote] Re approval of Indiana LoCo Team21:41
MootBotPlease vote on:  Re approval of Indiana LoCo Team.21:41
MootBotPublic votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot21:41
MootBotE.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting21:41
schultmcI know we try and communicate LoCo events to both of those LUGs21:41
MootBot+1 received from czajkowski. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 121:41
MootBot+1 received from itnet7. 2 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 221:42
czajkowskiI think you're making a good effort and with a few tweeks could gain more folks helping you about, and I'll log into your channel and help where I can .21:42
schultmcthank you21:42
itnet7I think you have done a good job schultmc We are here for you if you need us21:42
czajkowskihuats: JanC ^^21:43
MootBot+1 received from huats. 3 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 321:43
czajkowskiok perhaps JanC has had to head we shall vote on email21:44
MootBotFinal result is 3 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 321:44
SimonAnibalczajkowski, itnet7, huat, Thank you for your time  and consideration.21:44
czajkowskiright that is our agenda covered21:45
itnet7SimonAnibal: no problem, good job!21:45
czajkowskidoes anyone have AOB ?21:45
schultmcyes, thank you and thank you in advance for helping expand our events21:45
SimonAnibalJanC, too21:45
czajkowskijust to remind folks you can poke anyone on the LoCo council for help, run ideas by them or if you have any issues.21:46
JanChm, it would be good to put a link to your forum and such on the reapproval page next time21:46
MootBotMeeting finished at 16:46.21:46
czajkowskiJanC: you came back, sorry21:46
schultmcJanC: sorry for the omission21:47
JanCit's also not really clear from that page what you did outside the release parties & 1 other event21:48
nesJanC: how can we communicate (informally) with you?21:49
JanCso +0 from me21:49
czajkowskines: all of the contact details for the council are here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil21:50
vadimkanski can't sleep21:56
Agafonovvadimkansk: deep night in siberia, you should!21:57
JanCvadimkansk: hello21:57
JanCvadimkansk: do you still want to talk to us?21:57
vadimkanskJanC, sorry i'm don't speek english21:59
vadimkanskJanC, yes21:59
vadimkanskJanC, Yes, I want but can not22:00
JanCvadimkansk: you wrote several lines in English already (with some errors, but that is okay)22:01
vadimkanskJanC, I was indignant attitude on the channel. ie obtained on relnuyu work nobody cares? only would report?22:02
vadimkansk*real work22:03
JanCvadimkansk: about the novosibirsk team, we just want a little bit more documentation of what is done, if you did a lot, it should be easy to put that on the wiki and come back for approval next month22:05
vadimkanskТ.е. молодые люди практически каждую неделю собираються и каждый месяц проводят мероприятия, а ту им показывают зачем работать, можно отчеты писать?22:06
vadimkanskIe young people almost every week and every month sobirayutsya carry out activities, and that they show what work, you can write reports?22:06
vadimkanskJanC, Ie young people almost every week and every month are going to have events, and that they show why work, you can write reports?22:07
czajkowskivadimkansk: every team does monthly report, it's a small action and shows what each LoCo team does22:09
JanCwell, not every team does, but it's useful when you want to go for (re-)approval22:09
vadimkanskczajkowski, there are reports22:10
JanCvadimkansk: so, put links to them on the approval wiki page22:10
JanCvadimkansk: we have to decide in a short time, we can't go search for everything ourselves22:11
vadimkanskХмм... Well here it is, I spend my time for nothing, you do not understand what I meant to say. you their decision now show why the guys do something, write contango! the main thing!22:13
JanC"contango" ?22:14
JanCreports don't have to be 5 pages long  ;)22:14
czajkowskivadimkansk: bullet points showin what the team does in a month22:16
JanCvadimkansk: in less than 1 hour of work you could probably have an approval page for next lococouncil meeting to be approved22:16
vadimkanskJanC, http://nsk.ubuntu.ru/index.php?page=bolshoj-kalendar22:16
vadimkanskJanC, Well, again, wait until 3 nights so that people over here mocked22:18
vadimkanskJanC, once something has got to do, a lot of work22:20
vadimkanskа ну вас всех все одно гугль траслате смысл не передает, жили без вас и дальше проживем. слава богу и без вас можно обойтись. варитесь тут. пишите, как классно у вас ковыряние в носу на вики описано. может ребята и рискнут еще раз прийти на апрув кто22:29
vadimkanskего знает.22:29
vadimkanskжаль что до вас главная мысль не дошла.22:29
vadimkanskgood night22:30

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