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semioticroboticHi all20:04
rudisemiotrobotic :P hello20:05
rudispelt it wrong20:05
semioticrobotici really should have chosen a better nick :)20:05
Red_HamsterXrudi, tab-completion. It helps. =P20:06
semioticroboticin this case, better = easier to spell20:06
rudioooh w00t, irssi has tab completion20:06
rudithanks Red_HamsterX20:06
dutchieofc it does20:06
rudi:( I didn't know that...20:07
rudibut now I do :D20:07
nisshhirssi is awesome!20:07
nisshhbest irc client20:07
rudinisshh: I agree20:08
rudijaminday: w00t :)20:08
* humphreybc stumbles into room20:10
rudihumphreybc: :) welcome welcome welcome20:10
humphreybci just woke up literally less than a minute ago20:10
humphreybcmy alarm didn't go off for some reason20:10
humphreybcsomehow i naturally instinctively knew to get up20:11
rudihumphreybc: what dedication!20:11
humphreybcwho's here?20:11
nisshhhey look whos up20:11
* dutchie is doing 3 things at once20:11
dutchie(as usual)20:11
semioticroboticthe project's rhythms and your circadian rhythms are merging20:11
* rudi raises hand20:12
humphreybcgodbyk here?20:12
* nisshh shakes head20:12
jamindayhumphreybc: welcome - i was just having a whinge about you sleeping in !20:12
humphreybceveryone have a geez at this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/Meetings20:12
semioticroboticwill be late20:12
titeuf_87he would get here later20:12
Red_HamsterXI'm here, but I'll need to go get groceries in a few minutes.20:12
humphreybcthat's okay20:12
humphreybck jamin could you kick the meeting off and start talking about freezes, i'll be back in a sec (need coffee)20:12
MootBotMeeting started at 15:12. The chair is humphreybc.20:12
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]20:12
humphreybc[TOPIC] Freezes/Important dates upcoming20:13
MootBotNew Topic:  Freezes/Important dates upcoming20:13
jamindayWell as everyone is aware we are almost at writing freeze20:13
jamindayand still a bit of work to do20:13
jamindayhumphreybc is planning to get a bunch of testers to start going over the manual20:13
jamindayand reporting bugs with our new form20:14
* jaminday is trying to dig out the link20:14
jamindayman my internet is super slow for some reason this morning20:14
nisshhjaminday: how do we (as writers) know if a bug has been submitted for our chapter?20:14
jamindayi think its still asleep as well20:14
jamindayhmm good question20:15
dutchiebug mail?20:15
nisshhwhere does the form data go?20:15
jamindaywe are still working on the form (still waiting for my net)20:15
dutchieit ends up in a google spreadsheet aiui20:15
nisshhok, and how can we get that spreadsheet?20:15
nisshhis it on the net?20:16
dutchiesomewhere ;)20:16
nisshhok cool20:16
jamindayyep hang on a tick20:16
MootBotLINK received:  http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dHRrYlR0Q0RMRXRTaXJuR2w0QjFUcXc6MA20:16
jamindaySo anyway, our plan is to have about 3-4 people start working through with a fine tooth comb over the next week and a bit20:17
jamindayI will be one of those, and so will humphreybc20:17
rudisounds good20:17
jamindayand here's humphreybc20:17
humphreybcso ya'll know about the plan for omgubuntu readers to test it?20:17
nisshhsort of20:18
rudisort of too20:18
rudinot clued up on exactly how its gonna work20:18
MootBotLINK received:  http://spreadsheets.google.com/a/ubuntu-manual.org/ccc?key=0AiussLy2MfjjdHRrYlR0Q0RMRXRTaXJuR2w0QjFUcXc&hl=en@20:18
humphreybcbasically come Monday I'll write up a post on omg asking for testers, direct link will be on the blog post for them to download etc20:18
jamindaythat's the spreadsheet for the form20:18
humphreybci'll point them to the form20:18
humphreybctesting/bug reporting by them will go on for a week (22 - 29th March) and during that time we'll try to fix bugs as they are reported20:19
semioticroboticnice ... i use Google Docs forms for a few projects, and they work quite well20:19
nisshhjaminday: is my google apps login the same as my gmail account login?20:19
humphreybcon Wednesday next week I'll give the manual to a few upstanding community members to test as well20:19
humphreybcnisshh: yup20:19
semioticroboticnisshh: typically, yes, but not always20:19
jamindaynisshh: yeah i think so20:19
nisshhok thanks20:19
jamindaytry it anyway20:19
rudinisshh: I would imagine so20:19
reventon_i'm editing chapter 7, when should i have final changes in by20:20
jamindayreventon_: the sooner the better20:20
humphreybcso on the 29th we'll *close* testing and that gives us two days before the 31st to fix up anything before writing freeze20:20
humphreybcthe writing freeze is going to be strictly enforced, we're not going to pull a Canonical here and break it20:20
jamindayeveryone keep editing your chapters, but as our small team of 'supereditors' (as in superuser, not superman) comes through we will make the final call about what stays and what goes for this release20:20
* semioticrobotic laughs20:20
rudihaha nice!20:21
humphreybcso that's cool20:21
reventon_so the 1st is the writing freeze?20:21
nisshhthat google apps login requires me to have a @ubuntu-manual.org email address20:21
semioticroboticjaminday: gotcha20:21
jamindayreventon_: yep20:21
humphreybc1st is when we start screenshotting like crazy people20:21
dutchienisshh: ask godbyk-android about that20:21
nisshhok thanks20:21
dutchieI understand Quickshot is nearly ready too?20:21
humphreybcso that's that, any questions on the important dates?20:22
humphreybcRed_HamsterX: Quickshot?20:22
semioticrobotichumphreybc: all clear20:22
humphreybc(Red_HamsterX might have gone grocery shopping)20:22
Red_HamsterXtiteuf_87 is more current on what's happening with Quickshot's UI stuff than I am, and that's what will need to be worked on over the next week.20:22
c7pso i guess after 1st April we won't face the problem of loss of translation, right?20:22
humphreybcRed_HamsterX: do you think it'll be functionally ready by the 1st April?20:23
Red_HamsterXBetween the two of us, we have most of the process flow working. We just need to couple everything, plug a few holes, and write scripts.20:23
titeuf_87quickshot should be almost ready now to be useable to take screenshots20:23
* humphreybc punches the air20:23
jamindaynisshh: you could at least see the form without a google apps login right20:23
humphreybcc7p: that's correct20:23
nisshhyes, i need a google apps login to view the spreadsheet20:23
nisshhnot the form20:23
humphreybchow are we going to package Quickshot?20:23
humphreybccan we make some nice debs?20:24
godbykOkay, I'm here.20:24
humphreybchi Kevin20:24
Red_HamsterXBy tomorrow, we should have a structure to let us start automating the process of launching apps and stuff.20:24
dutchiehumphreybc: quickly does that20:24
humphreybcdutchie: oh fantastic20:24
dutchie(sort of the point of quickly really)20:24
titeuf_87quickly let us make a ppa for it so installation will be simple20:24
Red_HamsterXI can dedicate a server to the project for the rush.20:24
humphreybca PPA sounds like a plan20:24
jamindaygodbyk: welcome20:24
Red_HamsterX(I've got 600GB/month of traffic on it, so it should be fine)20:24
* semioticrobotic gapes20:24
humphreybcRed_HamsterX, titeuf_87, just whatever you need to do to get it ready and usable by the 1st April20:24
Red_HamsterX(Not my home server, which we're using for testing)20:24
dutchieRed_HamsterX: heh, that 10x my xfer allowance20:25
rudip.s the wiki is looking really slick20:25
humphreybcrudi: thanks!20:25
* rudi thumbs up20:25
humphreybcokay so that's cool20:25
* nisshh agrees with rudi20:25
humphreybcoh i should probably change the topic20:25
humphreybc[TOPIC] Screenshots20:25
MootBotNew Topic:  Screenshots20:25
humphreybcAlright so Quickshot is going good20:26
Red_HamsterXProbably, yeah.20:26
humphreybcthat's awesome20:26
Red_HamsterXNot usable yet, but we should be able to make the deadline with something that'll work.20:26
humphreybcgodbyk, the screenshots folder in the main branch, is this just a placeholder for testing english ones?20:26
godbykThe server I'm hosting ubuntu-manual.org on allegedly has unlimited bandwidth.  Guess we could find out. :)20:26
Red_HamsterXWell, it's usable, but it's hardcoded usable.20:26
Red_HamsterXBbreak that and we're almost done.20:26
godbykhumphreybc: yeah, I just tossed that in there to test things.20:26
Red_HamsterXBreak the hardcoding, I mean.20:26
humphreybcgodbyk cool20:26
humphreybcso Red_HamsterX is the plan to store screenshots on your server?20:27
Red_HamsterXgodbyk, I'll write a proper setup guide/walk you through it when we're ready, then.20:27
godbykRed_HamsterX: awesome.20:27
Red_HamsterXI'm offering it as a backup, in case we hit the deadline and have to move forward with a development server.20:27
humphreybckk neat20:27
humphreybcso we're not hosting screenshots in an lp branch anymore?20:27
godbykIf we need to point to a different folder or organize the screenshots in another way, I can update the code to do that.20:27
* dutchie suggests screenshots.ubuntu-manual.org20:27
Red_HamsterXThe final screenshots will still be in Bazaar, as per ubuntujenkins' plans.20:28
dutchieCNAMEd or whatever20:28
humphreybcRed_HamsterX: cool20:28
Red_HamsterXThe temporary ones will be in a world-readable HTTP location.20:28
Red_HamsterXI'll create 'ubuntu-manual.uguu.ca' this week.20:28
humphreybcSo from the manual side, we need to make sure we have our list ready to go with good descriptions by the 1st20:28
Red_HamsterXSince that's a much cleaner name than what we're using for development now.20:28
Red_HamsterXYeah, the list and descriptions are critical.20:29
humphreybcokay, I think they're pretty much done20:29
Red_HamsterXWorking on titeuf_87's idea, I've started designing a system to store all of that on the server and let the client pull it as needed.20:29
* semioticrobotic nods20:29
humphreybcbut Jamin and I will be going through and adding more detail to descriptions and cleaning stuff up as we go20:29
Red_HamsterXSo we can add a last-minute screenshot easily.20:29
humphreybcBryan, can you help Jamin and I do some heavy editing?20:29
titeuf_87ubuntujenkins had a list already, although I don't know how complete it is20:29
rudisounds good20:29
semioticroboticI forget -- what's our filesize limit?20:30
humphreybcfor the manual?20:30
dutchieas small as possible I think20:30
humphreybcdutchie: +120:30
humphreybcjust however low we can go20:30
humphreybc"how low can you go"20:30
Red_HamsterXq85 JPEG looks decent in a PDF.20:30
humphreybcso looking at screenshots.log, we have 43 screenshots currently?20:30
nisshhlooks like it20:31
humphreybcI think we're doing PNGs20:31
godbykwell, plus the ones that are already in there.20:31
humphreybc1024x768 PNGs right?20:31
Red_HamsterXFor the distributed PDFs?20:31
godbyk1024x768 PNGs, yeah.20:31
Red_HamsterXWow. That'll be big.20:31
humphreybcHowcome we're using PNGs again?20:31
Red_HamsterXI figured it was just PNG for archival.20:31
Red_HamsterXAnd exporting as JPEG.20:32
godbykPNGs are supposed to have a nicer compression algorithm than JPEG for the types of images we have.20:32
humphreybcoh right maybe they become JPEGs when it's built?20:32
godbykSolid blocks of color get compressed big-time with PNG.20:32
Red_HamsterXIndexed PNGs, yes.20:32
reventon_for screenshots, are they all going to be lucid lynx?20:32
godbykWith jpeg, you get nasty artifacts.20:32
humphreybcreventon_: yup20:32
reventon_k just checking20:32
humphreybcokay so we're sticking with PNGs?20:32
Red_HamsterXI suppose we could batch-index the English screencaps and see what the result looks like.20:32
humphreybcRed_HamsterX: sure20:33
humphreybcQuality > size right now20:33
humphreybcsize is still important20:33
godbykHmm.. someone moved the website out from under me.20:33
humphreybcbut because we don't have to worry about getting this edition on the CD so much, size can wait till next release20:33
Red_HamsterXAlso agreed.20:33
humphreybcgodbyk that was Daker20:33
humphreybcit's now in lp:ubuntu-manual-website20:33
humphreybche set up a new project for translations20:33
humphreybcalso I was talking to Mark last night20:34
godbykRight, but since it's auto-updated on the server, it killed the countdown page and whatnot, too.20:34
humphreybcgodbyk oh that sucks. Oh well.20:34
godbykremind me to fix it later.20:34
* godbyk is back on topic now.20:34
humphreybcwill do20:34
humphreybckk so I was talking to Mark last night20:34
Red_HamsterXAnd now I must be off. titeuf_87, I'll get the dictionary stuff working when I get back, so you'll have functions to play with tomorrow.20:34
titeuf_87ok Red_HamsterX, take care20:35
humphreybcBasically I said to him we have two options for screenshotting, 1) Wait till very late in the cycle to capture screenshots when we know where the window controls will be for final, or 2) Start screenshotting soon and just guess where they'll be20:35
humphreybcI want that guess to be an educated guess20:35
humphreybcso I asked him where they'll most likely be for final20:35
humphreybcand he said they'll probably stay on the left20:35
humphreybcso that's what we're going to do, on the 1st of April we're going to start taking screenshots of Lucid with the buttons on the left20:36
humphreybcif they change back to the right for final, well... that sucks20:36
Dakerhumphreybc, that's not me20:36
humphreybcDaker: did you not move the website out of main20:36
rudihow long will it take to capture all these screenies? estimated?20:36
Dakeri didn't remove anything20:36
jamindayhumphreybc: we could always update screenshots after release if necessary and release a revision20:36
humphreybcjaminday: ah yes we could20:37
jamindayas a last resort20:37
humphreybcor even just replace all the english ones after RC if the buttons move back to the right20:37
nisshhbut we should not have to, it may well confuse the crap out of new users trying to understand the manual20:37
humphreybcat 2000 screenshots as a working target, we would need to capture 68 a day to get all of them done in time for Lucid final20:37
nisshhif we release a revision half way through20:37
rudihumphreybc: I see, it's quite a process :O20:38
humphreybcnisshh: true, but we may have to do that. I think they'll stay on the left, so we should be okay20:38
humphreybcrudi: indeed20:38
godbykI think we can safely prioritize based on the languages that have the most translations at that point.20:38
humphreybcgodbyk: +120:38
reventon_he alluded to them contemplating added new features on the right, so i doubt they'll move them from the left anytime soon20:38
humphreybcwe'll take the top 20 translations and work down from there20:39
nisshh+1 too20:39
humphreybcif we get all 20 of those done, we can look at the other 3020:39
rudireventon_: I agree,20:39
humphreybcif not, the other 30 get english screenshots20:39
humphreybcso the next two items are about cutting things and filing bugs20:40
humphreybcthe cutting things thing applies to myself, Jamin and Bryan, and we've pretty much already discussed that20:40
* semioticrobotic nods20:40
humphreybcso basically as we edit the manual anything that is "beyond rescue" we cut20:40
* rudi nods20:40
jamindayis Bryan here?20:40
humphreybcyep, semioticrobotic20:40
* semioticrobotic raises hand20:40
jamindayah hehe sorry20:40
semioticroboticno problem :)20:41
humphreybcI would rather have a quality manual with less pages than a crap manual with more pages20:41
jamindayi couldn't remember your irc name20:41
=== james_w` is now known as james_w
humphreybcso, in saying that, anything that gets cut or anything that is not there in the first place, we need to add links to the community docs20:41
jamindaysemioticrobotic: are you happy to help out with that?20:41
humphreybcanything we can't cover on our own needs to be linked to the online wiki docs until we get round to covering it for 10.1020:41
rudihumphreybc: I concur20:41
humphreybcgodbyk I wonder if it's worth adding in a bug type "Reference lacking"20:42
jamindaysemioticrobotic:  it will probably be about 3 chapters each of really ruthless culling20:42
semioticroboticno, I don't mind helping at all20:42
humphreybcWe want to have references and links and stuff all over the place20:42
jamindaysome of us may not make it out alive20:42
nisshhjaminday: hehe20:42
godbykhumphreybc: I could add one for 'hey, this should be in the manual and isn't'20:42
godbykwe could use that to collect suggestions for the next edition, too.20:42
humphreybcthat way we will cover our ass if someone says "OH but you didn't talk about configuring the X server!!111!" and also we'll keep the docs team happy by sending people to their official docs20:43
reventon_i hope you'll comment on whatever you're cutting20:43
humphreybcgodbyk, yeah that sounds good20:43
semioticroboticjaminday: I can be ruthless.  No sweat :)20:43
thorwiljust to be sure: screenshots will be taken in full-color, non-indexed PNG format!?20:43
humphreybcalthough we'll get some pretty outlandish suggestions if the UF thread survey was anything to go by20:43
jamindayreventon_: yep we will - most of what is cut will be put in for the next release20:43
reventon_ok cool20:43
jamindayso it's not that the content isnt important or valuable, just that there won't be enough time to polish it20:44
humphreybcthorwil: I think that's the plan, although Red_HamsterX and titeuf_87 are going to look into indexing. I don't know what indexing is in images20:44
humphreybcjaminday, semioticrobotic, instead of actually deleting stuff we should just comment it out20:44
humphreybcthen at least we have it there for the future to work off as a base20:44
jamindayhumphreybc: agreed20:45
dutchielatex provides the comment environment20:45
semioticrobotichumphreybc: okay -- actually, that was my next question: Where to put the stuff that's culled?20:45
thorwilhumphreybc: indexing means building a color table for a single image (or set of images). it's lossy and very bad for gradients20:45
dutchieor godbyk could hack something to include it on "debug builds"20:45
jamindaysemioticrobotic: yeah just leave it in20:45
humphreybcthorwil: do we have many gradients in our screenshots though?20:45
thorwilhumphreybc: yes. all over the place20:45
jamindayyou can use \begin{comment} and \end{comment} to wrap around it20:45
humphreybcthorwil: okay then20:45
humphreybci guess we won't be indexing them :)20:46
semioticroboticjaminday: sounds good to me.  shoot me a message with the chapters you'd like me to tackle20:46
humphreybcsemioticrobotic: you going to be around today?20:46
jamindaysemioticrobotic: ok - i will prob stick with prologue and chaps 1, 2 and 3.20:46
thorwilRed_HamsterX, titeuf_87 please make sure losless PNG screenshots are taken/retained. and if do use indexed png in the manual, make sure there's no additional JPGing20:46
humphreybcI was thinking I could start at chapter 9, work backwards, someone else starts at the prologue and works forwards20:46
godbykdutchie: I can.  Remind me later.20:46
semioticrobotichumphreybc: for another fifteen minutes, yes.  I'll be checking email later tonight (it's early evening in my part of the States)20:46
jamindaysemioticrobotic: would you prefer middle 3 or end 3?20:47
jamindayhumphreybc: ah sorry didn't see that20:47
humphreybcjaminday: ah that's a good way of doing it20:47
semioticroboticjaminday: end 3, since that's where I'm allocated as ditor20:47
semioticroboticer, editor20:47
humphreybcso jamin takes prologue/1 and 220:47
jamindayi can do 3 as well20:47
jamindayhumphreybc: you take middle 3?20:47
humphreybcjamin does prologue, 1, 2 and 320:47
humphreybcI'll do 4, 5, 620:47
humphreybcBryan can tackle 7 8 and 920:48
semioticroboticeasy peasy20:48
jamindaysounds good20:48
* nisshh says he will supervise20:48
humphreybcIf we can get most of the editing out of the way by Tuesday then that would be awesome20:48
reventon_when are guys going to start the superedit20:48
humphreybcmost of the "heavy" editing20:48
jamindaythis is not meant to be exclusive, but we figure having a small team doing the superediting will lend itself to consistency etc20:48
semioticrobotichumphreybc: I'll do my best to meet that deadline20:49
reventon_i just want to make sure i get my edits in before you guys do20:49
humphreybcsemioticrobotic: awesoem20:49
humphreybcsweet as20:49
jamindayreventon_: yeah no problem20:49
jamindaywhich chapter you doing again?20:49
semioticrobotichumphreybc: might need a chunk of Tuesday to finish20:49
humphreybcokay so that's all good. now, for those of you who aren't doing anything, start reading :)20:49
humphreybcread and file bugs :P20:49
humphreybcprobably best to use the form20:49
jamindayill put humphreybc on a leash to give you a chance20:50
humphreybcand when you read, start from the prologue and put your new user shoes on20:50
humphreybcso nisshh, dutchie, you guys can start reading :P20:50
dutchiewill do20:50
* dutchie puts on his pedant hat20:50
humphreybcgodbyk have we got a good hard link for the form yet?20:51
jamindayalso as i was saying earlier, if anyone notices their favourite paragraph they spent hours of writing is suddenly missing from the manual, don't fret20:51
humphreybcubuntu-manual.org/bugs ?20:51
godbykhumphreybc: not yet.20:51
godbykAfter I get the site fixed, I'll put the form there.20:51
jamindayit will probably reappear for the next release20:51
humphreybcgodbyk cool, could you get that done in the next couple of hours? :)20:51
humphreybcI'm going to start drafting the OMG post20:51
godbykAs soon as you stop talking so much.  ;-)20:51
humphreybcthen I'll run it by you guys before I post it20:51
humphreybcokay so that's that... last thing on the agenda20:52
humphreybc[TOPIC] Website20:52
MootBotNew Topic:  Website20:52
jamindaywow fastest meeting ever20:52
humphreybcDaker, you still here20:52
humphreybcjaminday: might be under an hour for once!20:52
* semioticrobotic cheers20:52
nisshhno, never under an hour20:52
* godbyk marvels20:52
humphreybcalright so basically the website is going pretty good20:52
* rudi gasps20:52
humphreybcit needs translations at some point20:52
humphreybcand also the text needs to be finalized, so i'll do that this week sometime20:53
dutchieI can speak to Daker about that at some point too20:53
humphreybcI suggested to Daker to have a nice javascript/flash type thing where the main image on the front page fades between about 4 images20:53
humphreybclike http://www.kde.org20:53
godbykthere some javascript that was used on the do.davebsd.org site (or wherever gnome do's site is) to do just that.20:54
godbykwe can snag it.20:54
humphreybcfor this release, the four images can be the title page and then three pages from the manual to give a "preview"20:54
humphreybcgodbyk, awesome sounds good20:54
humphreybcin the future, each image will be title pages of each different version we release20:54
humphreybcie, Kubuntu Manual, Xubuntu Manual etc etc20:54
humphreybcso we'll have a super cool fading animation through our publications20:54
humphreybcapart from that, I don't think anything else needs to be changed about the website from the mockups?20:55
humphreybcanyone else have any suggestions for stuff to add/remove from the site for this release?20:55
rudisounds awesome20:55
semioticroboticHate to run, everyone, but I can't be late for a dinner date quickly approaching.20:55
humphreybcsemioticrobotic: Oooo fair enough, we won't hold you back!20:55
jamindayno probs, have fun semioticrobotic20:55
semioticroboticnice to meet with you all ... looking forward to the fast-paced coming week20:56
humphreybcoh btw20:56
semioticrobotictake care20:56
humphreybcsee ya!20:56
humphreybcalso, are we going to translate the credits?20:56
* semioticrobotic waves20:56
humphreybcie, the titles of people/section headers?20:56
godbykhumphreybc: I don't see why not.20:56
humphreybcbecause if we are, they'll have to be confirmed before writing freeze20:56
godbykThey should be getting translated with the rest of the manual.20:56
humphreybcmmk so this week I have to confirm the titles of each person basically20:56
godbykI am going to pretty up the credits section at some point, though.20:57
jamindayI will be Lord Jamin20:57
humphreybcwe'll do the final credits around RC20:57
thorwilhumphreybc: if/once all else is through, i could throw in something20:57
nisshhi will be overlord nisshh20:57
humphreybcokay so I have a rough idea how the credits would work20:57
humphreybcI'm thinking a section for the key people, their names and then their roles beside20:58
rudisounds like a good plan20:58
humphreybcand then underneath that we have something like Special Thanks where everyone else goes, and then Translators20:58
humphreybceither that or keep it similar to how it is now20:58
humphreybcwith sections for each "area"20:58
c7psounds good to me20:58
jamindayyep that seems fine20:59
godbykI figured we'd have the key people pulled out, if you want, then the authors, then translators, and then anyone else (not sure who else)20:59
humphreybcfor the Translators section I want as many full names as possible20:59
humphreybcgodbyk okay20:59
humphreybcand what about people who have done multiple stuff, should they appear in Key People as well as say, Authors?20:59
dutchiegodbyk: beta testers are in the "anyone else" category20:59
jamindayit could get difficult naming too many people20:59
godbykI was toying with the idea of having a colophon that lists the tools used to produce the manual along with the typefaces and the translators who translated that particular version.21:00
humphreybcgodbyk if it looks pretty and gives credit, I suppose that could work21:01
humphreybcI want to make sure that everyone who did anything gets in the credits21:01
godbykhumphreybc: I'll play with it a little bit after the meeting and send you some samples. see how it turns out21:01
humphreybcobviously we'll have to draw a line21:01
humphreybcie, if you fixed one comma and then buggered off, you might not get in the credits :P21:01
humphreybcgodbyk sounds good21:01
humphreybcbut anyone who did work that helped the project deserves recognition21:02
jamindayhumphreybc: agreed21:02
humphreybccool well I think that's pretty much everything21:02
* godbyk agrees21:02
MootBotLINK received:  http://www.foopics.com/showfull/b7500ad92d9d14e25695d680636198d321:02
humphreybcrudi, what are you up to? are you still writing stuff?21:02
humphreybcthorwil: OOo eye candy21:03
jamindaythorwil: i like21:03
dutchienumber 621:03
nisshhhow come we need an @ubuntu-manual.org email to access the bug form spreadsheet21:03
* humphreybc likes 6 too21:03
c7phow will you concetrate the full-names of launchpad users,as long as they have a nickname?21:03
jamindayi like 6 and 121:03
rudihumphreybc: I'm still writing and editing chapter7 whenever I get the change21:03
rudiI managed to update the Users and Groups stuff21:04
rudiso be inline with Lucid's GUI interface21:04
humphreybcrudi: cool. Leave chapter 7 to Bryan, Jamin and I, and you can start reading stuff and filing bugs when you finish writing21:04
humphreybcc7p, no idea21:04
humphreybcI guess we'll have to try to contact them and ask for their full name21:04
jamindayrudi: finish anything you were working on though if you like21:04
rudihumphreybc: Oki, cool :).21:04
humphreybcand if not, we'll just have to stick in their nick21:04
rudiSo, I should just pitch in wherever I can from hereon out?21:05
jamindayhumphreybc: maybe just send an email to the mailing list, and anyone you hear back from gets their real name in21:05
humphreybck well since the logo mockups are there, I think we should decide on one now21:05
c7phumphreybc, tha'ts a good idea21:05
humphreybcjaminday: yeah, we'll do a combination of both21:05
humphreybcwe'll worry about that later21:05
nisshhi like number 121:05
reventon_is there a master contact list? like of the writers/editors for each section, along with their emails, irc nicks, etc.?21:05
jamindayrudi: yeah, probably best way would be to start reading and filing bugs using the form21:05
humphreybcreventon_: not really21:06
rudino prob21:06
c7phave you talked about the manual's final title?21:06
humphreybcc7p yup we decided that ages ago21:06
* humphreybc likes # 7 too21:06
jamindayreventon_: once we get these credits sorted that will probably be our list21:06
* humphreybc staring at the logos trying to decide21:07
jamindayhehe same21:07
jamindayi like 4 and 5 too21:07
humphreybc7 is nicer and more minimilist/modern, but I'm not sure people will make the connection with a book21:08
nisshhi like 1, 4 and 521:08
humphreybcto me it could be a couple of colourful buildings, or two servers21:08
jamindaysounds like we can safely cut 2 and 321:08
humphreybcbut when you have the outline around it like number 6, it's definitely a book21:08
humphreybc1, 2 and 3 are out21:09
jaminday1 is out?21:09
thorwilhumphreybc: i see the same issues with 7. if the question is 6 or 7, it should be 621:09
godbykI prefer 6 to 7.21:09
nisshhyep, 621:09
humphreybcjaminday: yeah 1 was what thorwil came up with originally21:09
humphreybcokay 6 it is21:09
thorwiljaminday: 1 is out because humphreybc lives in fear of ninjas and sees a shuriken in it21:10
humphreybcthorwil, if you could polish up #6 and then send me it in different sizes, i'll put it up on the wiki/facebook/launchpad etc etc21:10
reventon_really? i think 7 is so much cleaner21:10
c7pfrom what i see the log is empty, can anyone tell me what's the manual title?thank you21:10
humphreybcreventon_: problem with 7 is that if you didn't see the text beside it, and if you didn't know what it was.... it'd be like what21:10
humphreybcc7p: "Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.04"21:11
thorwilhumphreybc: ok, will do that21:11
humphreybccheers thorwil, and good work :)21:11
thorwilyou're welcome21:11
godbykthorwil: Perhaps reduce the thickness of the border on 6 a bit.21:11
humphreybcthorwil: if you could get that to me today, then i'll do the re-branding in time for the OMG! post21:11
humphreybcalso, godbyk, can we get some flashy branding on the form?21:11
humphreybcgodbyk +121:12
humphreybcthorwil: try reducing the border thickness by about 10%21:12
godbykhumphreybc: I don't really know. I think they said I put it on our site inside a <frame> or something. I have to look at it again.21:12
humphreybcgodbyk okay neat21:12
humphreybcthat means we need to update the site header21:12
humphreybchow has Daker actually done the site? HTML/CSS?21:13
humphreybcsimple as replacing an image?21:13
thorwilhumphreybc: i'll be logging out soon, so all i could give you in less than 12 hours is what i have right now21:13
nisshhi saw some php in there somewhere21:13
humphreybcthorwil: send me the SVG and I'll have a play with it21:13
godbykhumphreybc: It's in php, html, css, .. Replacing the logo should be easy enough.21:13
* godbyk is relieved we went over the one hour mark.21:14
humphreybcthorwil: if I get lost in the world of Inkscape then no dramas, I'll just wait 12 hours till you send me the different size versions with a smaller border21:14
thorwilhumphreybc: nah, i prefer to retain control ;)21:14
jamindaywell i've gotta be off to tidy up the house21:14
humphreybcthorwil: haha okay then21:14
humphreybcas long as you promise that's the first thing you do when you get up21:14
jamindayhumphreybc: i'll be around a bit later hopefully21:14
* nisshh has to get sleep or will turn into a programming zombie21:14
humphreybcjaminday: okay that's all good21:14
jamindaybye all21:15
thorwilhumphreybc: sure21:15
nisshhi need some sleep cya later21:15
humphreybcsee ya nisshh, thanks for coming21:15
nisshhno probs21:15
humphreybcI'm posting the OMG! article to coincide with Monday morning, UK time21:15
humphreybcso that means I have a 12 hour advantage :)21:16
humphreybcI wonder if we should put the team logo somewhere in the manual itself21:16
godbykhumphreybc: there are some possibilities there.21:17
humphreybcwhere do you think would suit?21:17
reventon_maybe you could put in a back page with a faux barcode and the team logo right above that21:17
humphreybctitle page, bottom left, beside the team name?21:17
humphreybcreventon_: lol21:17
humphreybcI think that one would look quite nice beside the team name on the title page21:18
humphreybcin the corner21:18
thorwilgood night!21:18
godbykhumphreybc: well, I was thinking we could use it as a publisher's colophon, for instance.21:19
reventon_i'm getting a 403 error trying to download the manual pdf off the wiki21:19
godbykso if the book were ever printed, the logo would go on the spine and on a bastard title page.21:19
humphreybca bastard title page huh?21:20
godbykreventon_: yeah, the site got pulled out from under the server during the translations merge.21:20
* humphreybc is going to get the manual printed and bound by the University print shop for himself when it's finished21:20
godbykI'm working on it.21:20
reventon_ah, ok no worries21:21
* godbyk thinks we should upload 'em to lulu.com so anyone can get a printed and bound copy.21:21
humphreybcgodbyk yep, we can do that21:22
* humphreybc is actually getting kinda excited to see the final product21:22
humphreybcespecially all the translations and screenshots, fancy website... it's going to be kickass21:22
humphreybcand totally amazing for 4 months21:22
* humphreybc is expecting a huge amount of love from the community for our project after this21:23
humphreybcthat was meant to go in the terminal :P21:23
reventon_is there going to be an html version uploaded to the site as well?21:24
humphreybcreventon_: probably not for this release21:24
humphreybcbut it's on the cards for 10.1021:24
humphreybcgodbyk, could you also fix up the title page for tomorrow so when the OMG! readers see it they don't think what21:25
godbykyeah, I'll add it to my list.21:25
godbyklemme make sure I'm not missing anything:21:25
godbyktitle page, credits, website, ...21:26
godbykwhat else?21:26
humphreybcI think that's all21:26
godbykoh, yeah, bug form.21:26
humphreybcshould keep ya busy for the next few hours :P21:26
godbykdo I need to do anything re: screenshots?21:26
MootBotMeeting finished at 16:26.21:26
humphreybcI don't think so21:26
humphreybcokay meeting over, thanks everyone for turning up21:27
reventon_i'm off to get some food, probably see you guys in the main chan later21:28

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