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jml"bzr ls" appears to download an awful lot.13:57
jelmerjml: I think it might grab a copy of the entire revision tree14:03
jmljelmer, ok thanks14:04
mohitrankaHi All16:06
mohitrankaWhich version of bzr should one use on Windows, for knit-repository?16:06
mohitrankaA remote collegue of mine is using 2.0.4, and seems like the repository format has changed, on 2.0.416:07
mohitrankawhat is the windows version of bzr with knit repository support?16:46
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cwhiibzr missing shows I have 3 extra revisions. How do I get them to launchpad.net? Details: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/248754522:50
pooliethanks cwhii22:51
pooliecwhii: answered there22:54
cwhiiSame error using bzr push bzr+ssh...22:55
pooliehow strange22:56
pooliei wonder if that's still an auto-22:56
pooliemirrored branch and therefore you can't write to it?22:56
poolieit's not a very helpful message if so22:56
poolieso yes, that's it22:57
cwhiilike maybe the lock error message actually means it is locked?22:57
poolieit means this branch is readonly to you22:58
pooliedespite being owned by you22:58
poolieand the reason why is that it's an auto-import branch22:58
poolieso what i would suggest you do is22:58
pooliethrough https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~cwhii/emle/2.022:59
poolierename that branch to something like 2.0-import22:59
cwhiiImport Status: Suspended22:59
cwhiiThis branch is an import of the Subversion branch from https://emle.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/emle/trunk.22:59
pooliethen push your own branch to ~cwhii/emle/2.022:59
pooliewhich will be a regular writable branch22:59
pooliebefore you do this, you might like to create a new emle-dev team22:59
poolieand push it to ~emle-dev/emle/2.022:59
poolieand then other people can have access to it later, if you want that23:00
edgimarI don' t know a lot about bazaar, but I wanted to find out the following:  if I have a "Decentralized with shared mainline" repository centrally accessible, is it also possible at the same time for it to be used in the "centralized" mode (where repo history isn't pulled)?23:00
poolieedgimar: yes, you can have some people with checkouts and some people branching off it23:01
cwhiiI have no clue. I am so confused with this. So, can you be very explicit.23:01
pooliefirst go to https://edge.launchpad.net/people/+newteam and make an emle-dev team23:01
poolie2nd go to https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~cwhii/emle/2.0/+edit and change the "name" field to "2.0-import"23:02
poolie3rd on your pc, in the branch directory, type "bzr push --remember lp:~emle-dev/emle/2.0"23:03
edgimarpoolie, so a checkout means no repo history.   I know that doing bzr clone bzr://path/to/repo will pull the history -- what must one do to just get the latest rev with no history?23:03
pooliebzr checkout --lightweight BRANCH_URL23:04
edgimarok, great.  thanks for the info.23:04
cwhiiemle-dev created.23:04
pooliehi igc23:06
igchi poolie23:07
cwhiipushed to emle-dev23:07
pooliesame answer here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2487545/how-to-get-local-bzr-commits-to-server/2489092#248909223:08
cwhiiSo, can I delete the ~cwhii emle since that looks like it is my personal repo and I really only want an emle developer one?23:11
pooliethe import? or something else?23:11
pooliecwhii: i suggest you do the "change series branch" step, #4 in my stackoverflow thing23:15
cwhii#4 in so.com done.23:15
poolieigc, can you help with the bug/question queues?23:15
igcpoolie: sure23:15
pooliecwhii: all set?23:19
poolieigc, actually i'll do the bugs if you do the questions23:19
poolieto avoid racing23:19
igcpoolie: ok23:19

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