mhall119|workhighvoltage: http://www.qimo4kids.com/post/Illa-Desktop-Theme.aspx17:39
mhall119|workhighvoltage: when you've got a chance, I need to talk to you about packages for 10.0417:40
mhall119|workI know I've been slacking on them for Qimo17:40
mhall119|workif it's too late to get qimo-wallpapers and qimo-session updated and included in Lucid, I'd like to have qimo-games pulled from Universe17:40
highvoltagehi mhall119|work, joerg18:15
highvoltagemhall119|work: we can try, feature freeze is long past, but since they are quite simple packages that are mostly harmess we might be able to get a feature freeze exeption18:16
mhall119|workhighvoltage: if not I'll just use a PPA for this cycle, but I don't think qimo-games does any good being included on it's own19:06

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