wgrantso, I can publish indices for a PPA the size of the primary archive using NMAF in slightly over a minute.00:13
wgrantAnd it is querying very naively.00:13
wgrantSo there's no reason the primary archive publisher needs to take so fricking long.00:14
* wgrant fills the test archive up even more.00:16
lifelesswgrant: \o.01:44
jpdslifeless: .o/01:44
lifelessoh hai01:45
lifelessits late for me, must be mucho lato for you01:45
lifelessI'm told postgresql may want to use lmiror by selenamarie. 'may'.01:48
wgrantFor what?01:49
lifelesstwo things01:49
wgrantIt doesn't seem applicable to syncing WAL logs files, and I can't think what else it could be for.01:49
lifelessthey apparrently mirror old packages, and many plugin-like things, to getting into 10's of K of files.01:49
wgrantOh, right.01:49
lifelessand secondly yes, WAL files01:49
jpdslifeless: I imagine several people will want to, Debian and such.01:50
lifelessapparently if you config pathologically you get many many small log files and the mirror process for them to backup etc becomes terrible.01:50
lifelessjpds: Debian etc should be fit the profile its designed for.01:51
lifelesswhat interested me is whole new applications I didn't design for finding it close-enough.01:51
wgrantHmm, yeah, I guess for backup-like stuff it could work.01:51
lifelessthanks for the vote of confidence ;)01:52
wgrantI mean, I didn't see immediately how it would be useful for WAL.01:53
lifelessNeither did I01:57
lifelessI was like 'oh wow, you've a use for something I wrote? cool!'01:57
* wgrant beats Storm over the head for being too lazy.01:57
lifelessjpds: I think you should go to sleep. So you can relax tomorrow, so that you're relaxed and on the ball checking lmirror Monday.01:59
jpdslifeless: Good idea, look forward to it. :)02:01
* lifeless emotes positive self-interest vibes.02:01
* lifeless heads to the hotel02:06
wgrantCreating a hundred thousand fake packages with associated publications takes a while :(07:28
* thumper snorts07:36
magciusI'm uncertain with a lot of Zope stuff... do you guys like how abstract it is? It seems that a lot of getting Zope working is hooking up components.15:19
NCommanderHow do I start the entire launchpad test suite?16:57
lifeless bin/test.py, I think17:00
lifeless\make schema first too17:00
NCommanderlifeless: with no arguments?17:00
lifelessaye aye17:00
NCommanderlifeless: (I made some database changes, and I finally have enough RAM that I think I can complete the entire test suite before the heat death of the universe I already ran a few sections by hand :-))17:01
mwhudsongood mornign19:15
magciushey mwhudson19:40
mwhudsonlib/lp/soyuz/tests/../doc/buildd-slave.txt failed19:55
mwhudsonbecause some test expects19:55
mwhudsonerror: (111, 'Connection refused')19:56
mwhudsonand it got19:56
mwhudsonerror: (104, 'Connection reset by peer')19:56
mwhudsongmb, allenap: you guys _have_ seen ParallelLimitedTaskConsumer and related friends, right?20:12
* mwhudson restarting router20:19
mwhudsonheh heh20:52
mwhudsonseems to make chromium pretty unhappy20:53

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