Laneybah, someone gave ghc6 back on armel00:17
Laneyit *will* *not* *finish*00:17
wgrantLaney: The one that has been building for 10 days now?00:18
wgrantP-a-s it out, if it's really not going to finish?00:19
LaneyI thought that had to be synced with Debian00:19
Laneyplus I hold out hope of getting it to work in a future revision00:19
Laneypeople just shouldn't mash the button when they don't know what they're doing00:19
wgrantWell, mass-givebacks are done occasionally.00:20
geserin what build state gets ghc6 on armel when you let the build kill because it got stuck?00:21
wgrantThe normal solution is so mark the build Superseded instead.00:21
wgrantThat way it can't be retried.00:22
wgrantIt's a lie, but an effective one.00:22
Laneyin Debian we have added a depwait on ghc6 >> -1200:22
Laneywhich is sort of the same thing00:22
wgrantDo you know how dead the buildd gets?00:24
wgrantDoes the build just hang, or does the slave actually stop responding?00:25
LaneyI guess nothing bad happens, or else I would have been shot00:25
Laney(but I don't know)00:25
LaneyI'm off to bed. Feel free to have that build killed, and stop it happening again.00:29
krisivesI made a PPA a while ago for Rhythmbox that just changed some debian/rules (to add a build flag) and the new updates for 10.4 beta updated RB taking away my version. What should I do?01:36
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lamontwgrant: yes, that was a db query.  and I've added a ticket to do that as a matter of monitoring03:34
lamontLaney: will it seriously not finish?03:34
lamontLaney: fwiw, I gave it back because there was some question whether it would finish or not, figured it wouldn't tie things up too much - armel has enough buildds to keep up pretty well03:36
persialamont: It might finish.  It might not.  It may take a couple weeks.03:36
persialamont: If you're looking, you might want to check the likewise-open and gedit builds on armel.  THey seem to be hung in a very odd place.03:36
lamontpersia: yeah - I was figuring we'd give it until (a) release, or (b) when I kill^Wretire that bit of hardware in a bit03:36
persiaBy "retire" you mean "put into a shredder", right?03:37
lamontpersia: pretty much...  nice shiny new hardware for me to play with next week03:37
lamontmeh.  channel slew.  sorry about that03:44
* bikeboy rips hair out at comments - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plymouth/+bug/537262?comments=all05:01
ubottuUbuntu bug 537262 in plymouth "plymouth pid missing from OMITPIDS and terminated by sendsigs - PLEASE NO MORE CONFIRMATIONS/COMMENTS" [High,Confirmed]05:01
bikeboyneed to be able to mark comments as 'general discussion' and 'bug fixing' or something05:02
bikeboyall the general discussion goes off the main thread05:02
bikeboylike how a wiki has the actual article, and the talk page associated with said article05:03
bikeboyto make comments as actually relevant, one would need a certain level of bug fixing karma05:03
bikeboyno comments would ever be actually deleted, in the interests of transparency05:04
bikeboy /end rant05:04
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leoquantusing launchpad, looking at related wiki's,every latest contribution to a wiki gives the username contributor, and scrolling over this name shows imho unnec. personal information as an ip-adres and a launchpad hpps linkage. is the normal?10:55
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lfaraoneI forget, is there a tool that automates / trivializes making releases on launchpad from the command line? I think I remember seeing something like this recently...14:02
jmllfaraone, maybe https://help.launchpad.net/Clients has something14:38
lifelesslfaraone: in ubuntu-dev-tools you can use lp-project-upload14:58
lifelesslfaraone: or, in lp:lptools, you can use lp-milestones, though it isn't [yet] a complete replacement for lp-project-upload14:58
Laneylamont: (about ghc6) one of the previous builds went on for ~2 weeks building the same module, so I doubt it15:14
Laneybut it's your hardware, leave it as long as you like ;)15:14
lamontLaney: heh15:14
lamontarm is about to have enough builders that I could leave jaboticaba at the task for the year without crying too much. (but I won't)15:15
Laneydares you15:15
persialamont: You may as well let it run for a while if you don't need the rack space right away.  I know there are local test builds happening, but no result has yet been reported anywhere I've seen (as to whether it ever terminates)15:21
persialamont: That said, if you have the ability to find out whether it's actually doing anything or just sitting there, that would be handy :)15:21
lamontit's more a case of "if I don't need the USB drive"15:22
lamontand I think I might not15:22
Laneya test might be to revert the compiler flags to what was used with 6.10.4 and see if they work15:22
persiaThat needs PPAs, or lots more local builds.  Rebuilding the compiler suite can take a while ...15:26
LaneyI asked for an armel ppa, but never got an answer15:32
persiaFrom what I hear, they are awkward and special now, pending the development of a good hypervisor for armel.15:33
dnjlhi, why i'm not allowed to access the source-site: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-application15:37
dnjlIt not oss or what??15:37
persiadnjl: There's a bug.  Log out, and you magically get permission to see it.15:38
dnjlui - its a funny bug... :P15:39
dnjlwell, if u suffix /+changelog or /VERSION this will work without logout15:41
persiaI believe it's only the list of PPA versions which causes issues.15:48
persiaAnd only for some PPAs.15:48
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sheldon hi, i cannot remove some packages from my personal ppa. I recevie this error  Unexpected form data Launchpad doesn't understand the form data submitted in this request.17:41
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ovnicrafthi folks, i am trying to fork a project in lp, but i dont find anything in UI for that, how i can do it?22:39
beunoovnicraft, you just push the branch up to a location22:40
beuno(a new location)22:40
ovnicraftbeuno, but i need clone in my pc first, i want to does it without it22:40
wgrantovnicraft: But to make changes you need to pull it down locally anyway.22:41
ovnicraftwgrant, yes its implicit but is better as user experience22:43
wgrantovnicraft: Why is it better? bzr get lp:fooproject; hack hack hack; bzr ci; bzr push lp:~wgrant/fooproject/barfeature22:44
wgrantAdding the web UI functionality would be: click click click click click; bzr get lp:~wgrant/fooproject/barfeature; hack hack hack; bzr ci; bzr push22:44
ovnicraftclick, get, hack push22:45
wgrantAs opposed to get, hack, push without the web UI.22:45

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