red@ setuid00:00
KWiersoinstalling the guest additions screwed it up, though00:00
underdevit loads, gives me the option to install ubuntu, and just idles00:00
redso weird >:/00:00
KWiersounderdev, try the alternate installer00:00
underdevKWierso: did it boot as a live disk, and you installed there00:00
underdevokay, good idea00:00
montcalmIs there a debootstrap-like too for ubuntu?00:00
penguin42montcalm: debootstrap should work in principal00:00
montcalmI've tried using it, but I can't figure out what would constitude a "base system" under ubuntu.00:01
montcalmwhat packages00:01
penguin42montcalm: Similar to debian, but if you then add ubuntu-desktop you should get all the gui goodness00:02
Majorastroanybody know a good free iso burner for win xp00:03
Mark___img burn00:04
montcalmI used to use a cracked nero. ;-)00:04
Mark___When I try to run os-prober I get an error ls; cannot access /var/lib/os-prober/mount/boot00:05
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bcjHas anyone else had problems installing Ubuntu 10.4 beta1 on VirtualBox?00:05
penguin42underdev just asked the same question00:05
Mark___so no one knows what's causing my issue00:06
montcalmI should give it a try.  Wat happens?  Does it hang?00:06
bcjunderdev: What are your symptoms?  When selecting any option from the menu on the install CD I just get a (non-flashing) cursor in the top left and nothing happens.00:06
marginoferrorbcj, yes, I know what your problem is00:06
bcjmarginoferror: ?00:07
marginoferrorThe package of virtualbox that ships with 9.10 will not boot beta1 without the acpi=off/noapic flags00:07
nhainesMajorastro: Infra Recorder is a Free Software burner in Windows.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto00:07
marginoferrorWhen you boot, enable those boot flags and it will work fine00:07
marginoferrorOr, update your virtualbox package somehow00:07
bcjmarginoferror: Cheers00:08
CharbeLi tried pidgin, empathy and kopete and i still can't connect to yahoo can anyone help ???00:09
Mark___Hello can someone help if not can you direct me to someone who can00:09
marginoferrorCharbeL, pidgin works fine for me00:10
marginoferrorCharbeL, what fails specifically00:10
marginoferrorMark___, I wasn't here for your explanation, what is the problem?00:11
KWiersookay, so vga=0 didn't work. Screen was still blank.00:11
CharbeLi donno marginoferror00:11
Mark___When I try to run os-prober I get an error ls; cannot access /var/lib/os-prober/mount/boot00:11
CharbeLdo i have to use the default server for yahoo ? (scsa.msg.yahoo.com)00:11
CharbeLwith port 505000:11
marginoferrorMark___, I don't know what os-prober does =x00:12
marginoferrorCharbeL, it worked for me without changing any of the default settings, including port 505000:12
* penguin42 is guessing it's trying to mount directoris and figure out what's on the machine - but is having a problem mounting his /boot00:12
* penguin42 notes this is a guess00:12
Mark___Probes the os I guess00:13
Mark___grub menu won't load brings me right into ubuntu00:13
penguin42Mark___: So, tell me about your machine00:13
CharbeLok marginoferror00:13
alex_mayorgaAny Mozilla Minefield nightly testers around?00:13
marginoferrorGrub menu worked fine for me.  I installed Ubuntu after Windows XP and it properly loads and gives me an option to load XP00:13
marginoferrorCharbeL, good luck00:13
KWiersoalex_mayorga, I run minefield on Windows00:13
alex_mayorgaKWierso: me too, at work, but at home I only have ubuntu and wanted to jump in too00:14
Mark___What do u want to know penguin4200:14
penguin42Mark___: Well, what OS is actually installed on it? Anything unusual about it?00:15
bcjmarginoferror: Turning off ACPI seems to have worked - thanks.00:15
coppro[16:37:37]<coppro>How do I report bugs on KDE? Trying apport-bug gives me a cryptic error about sudo00:16
Mark___Ubuntu 10.4 beta 100:16
Piciubuntu-bug $something00:16
penguin42Mark___: OK, that the only thing installed there? How's it partitioned?00:16
Picicoppro: ^00:16
copproPici: same error00:16
Picicoppro: What error are you getting exactly?00:17
coppro"This is expected as there is no "tty" allocated when running commands directly via ssh. Adding the "-t" flag will allocate a tty and prevent sudo from echoing the password."00:17
PiciWhat command are you ruinning exactly?00:17
coppro'ubuntu-bug' or 'apport-bug' (both have the same interface and result)00:18
KWiersocoppro, try "ubuntu-bug -t $something"00:18
copproapport-kde: error: no such option: -t00:19
penguin42coppro: Try running sudo -s  and then doing it in that shell00:20
coppropenguin42: Same error, but I've discovered if I specify a package on the command line it works00:20
copproso the issue is in the GUI selector00:20
copproI'm filing a bug for that too00:20
setuidcrimsun, You still about?00:21
penguin42coppro: It's always a pain when you have to file a bug about filing a bug!00:21
Mark___I don't have a grub menu.list file00:21
copproyes indeed00:21
PiciI didn't know until right now that it even gave you a little menu, I've always use ubuntu-bug packagename00:21
KWiersosetuid, any other ideas for getting my screen to display, other than setting vga=0? That didn't work.00:22
Xgatesso with the beta1 out should the boot up times be pretty fast? On my lappy it took 38 secs from grub to desktop, just wondering...00:22
setuidKWierso, You need to fix whatever the X driver is that is trying to load... the way to do that, is to get X to stop loading, and configure it from the CLI00:22
penguin42Xgates: The aim is for it to be fast - I don't know what the exact goals were and when it's supposed to happen though00:22
setuidSo just do that, and chmod 000 /etc/init.d/gdm and let it drop to a shell, then reconfigure00:22
Xgatessomewhere I was reading 10 secs. but not sure when we should see something in the testing phase...00:23
redsetuid: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba/+bug/54200500:24
ubottuUbuntu bug 542005 in samba "faulty symlinks on mounted samba volumes" [Undecided,New]00:24
redseemms im not the only one00:24
red1,5 hours of trying  enuff :p00:24
KWiersonot really sure how to configure X00:25
redill revert to upnp streaming for bedroom media meanwhile x)00:25
Mark___Please need help00:25
ResistolAnyone try 10.04 on a toshiba a135?00:25
ResistolHow has 10.04 been working in general?00:25
KWiersoit worked great for me in a virtualbox vm00:25
Xgatesnope but I'm running it on a emachines e627 lappy, runs quite nice00:25
KWiersountil I tried installing guest additions00:25
frekwResistol: except for some issues with ruby and gnome-panel it's been wonderful from me00:26
setuidred, Here's how I do it: http://blog.gnu-designs.com/yak-shaving-with-my-music-and-media-collection00:26
frekwpretty much switched completely from OSX to 10.0400:26
KWiersoand I assume it works fine installed directly on my machine, other than it not displaying anything00:26
XgatesI sure they are really going to give this thing a big cosmetic change over, themes, wallpapers, etc... so far not looking to bad....00:26
XgatesI sure hope they....00:26
setuidThey need less eye-candy and more function00:26
setuidPut back the features they ripped out for the oohs-and-aaahs00:26
penguin42Resistol: my karmic machine is an A100, I've not tried upgrading that one yet00:27
XgatesI don't mean Compiz crap LOL... just decent themes and wallpaper with some basics...00:27
_iTrollhey guys, I'm trying out a 2.6.33 kernel from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/ on karmic.  The latest kernel seems to be missing the aufs module which I need. Any ideas?00:27
setuidI've been running sawfish for about 9 years, hardly anyone uses it, but there isn't a single window manager out there that beats it in features or flexibiolty00:27
setuid_iTroll, Build it from source... Hang on, I have a blog post on how to do that00:28
Xgatessawfish LOL00:28
_iTrollsetuid: that would be awesome00:28
setuid_iTroll, http://blog.gnu-designs.com/building-custom-kernels-for-ubuntu00:28
Xgatesthat should be called dustfish by now hehe ;p00:28
setuid_iTroll, it's easy, and it uses the same dpkg mechanism00:28
setuidXgates, Nothing out there can replace it yet, so I stay with it00:28
setuidxfwm is close, but still missing a lot of things that sawfish does out of the box00:29
KWiersoso setuid, I'm not really sure what I need to do to get X reconfigured properly?00:29
Xgatessetuid: you know I really didn't know that sawfish was still in active dev LOL...00:30
_iTrollsetuid: great post, will try that.  Do you know if aufs is in mainline?00:31
DanaGI stick with Compiz.  I've tweaked it to be snazzy, but not excessive.00:32
DanaGExcessive would be "burning windows"... that one is ridiculous.00:32
KWiersoI wish I had a display manager :(00:32
Xgatessetuid: so what's sawfish giving you that you need that you can't find in other wm?00:33
KWiersoguess I'll go try to fix X00:33
Xgatessetuid: are you running sawfish in Lucid right now?00:36
setuidXgates, yes00:42
setuidXgates, sawfish with the zen theme (no titlebars, no window frames, no icons on the desktop, no docks, warfs or window bars/menus)00:42
Xgatesdid you open gconf-editor; navigate to /desktop/gnome/session/required_components/windowmanager and set the value to "sawfish".00:43
Xgatessetuid: look up :)00:45
DanaGargh, every time I start gnome-mplayer, it sets its volume to like 10%.00:46
CharbeLmarginoferror, it says error message : 1- lookup name has failed00:46
Mark___How do I add windows 7 to grub.CDs00:47
Mark___stupid iPhone00:47
JaymacMark___, have you tried: sudo os-prober && sudo update-grub200:48
XgatesI hope Ubuntu Dev is adding these mplayer patches:00:48
Mark___Trying that now Jaymac00:49
Mark___it just reboots the pc00:49
Mark___what do I do now00:50
Xgatessheesh when is mplayer ever going to release a final version, they have been on 1.0 for like 4 years00:50
Jaymacit should pick up win00:51
Jaymacin grub00:51
Mark___it does00:51
Mark___I select it and the pc reboots00:51
setuidXgates, to change my wm? I set it ~9+ years ago, and never touched it again... when I move systems, I move $HOME with me, and so the preference follows.00:53
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setuidIt is probably buried in gconf's registry or in ~/.Xdefaults00:53
Mark___onlys happends with 64bit version of 700:53
setuidI can't check right now because I'm fixing that very system00:53
Xgatessetuid: ok00:54
setuidLast night's Lucid update truncated a few hundred libs/binaries, rendering the machine unbootable00:54
XgatesI'll reboot and see if that gconf setting did it for me00:54
penguin42setuid: How's that recovery going?00:54
setuidYou don't need to reboot00:54
setuidpenguin42, So far, so good.. we'll see when the 'apt-get -f install' completes00:54
setuidThere were about 1,300 ;packages to "fix"00:54
longcatoh gnome is now fixed?  I was just about to say that the window close/resize icons are on the wrong size, and when i log into xdm, i get an xterm - gnome-session doesnt run00:55
Mark___it's a bug with grub 200:55
setuidMark___, What is?00:55
Mark___when you update grub to see windows 7 you get a infinet reboot everytime u select 700:56
setuidWhy would grub include a boot option for Windows 7?00:57
longcatwhy not?00:57
setuidBecause not everyone who runs grub, is dual-booting to a Microsoft OS00:58
Mark___so they should still fix the bug01:03
MindVirusI don't understand.01:03
penguin42Mark___: You're right it should add an item for your existing windows install and boot it - did you go through the automated options or did you hand select partitioning?01:03
MindVirusI'm running update-manager -d and it starts the upgrade to 10.04.01:03
MindVirusThen it disappears.01:04
MindVirusWithout even saying anything.01:04
MindVirusNo notice of any closing.01:04
Mark___What do u mean penguin4201:04
penguin42Mark___: When you installed ubuntu how did you tell it to partition the disk and leave Windows alone?01:04
Mark___oh automatic01:05
setuidpenguin42, Success... sort-of01:06
setuid46540 frames in 5.0 seconds01:06
setuid46117 frames in 5.0 seconds01:06
setuidNvidia driver is working, my user data isn't missing, and all I need to do is pick through some of the truncated (non-essential for booting) libs and reinstall them01:07
setuiddpkg -l | tail -n+6 | grep -v ^ii | wc -l01:08
setuidOnly 28 damaged out of 1,388 packages... easy to fix01:08
setuidhrm, something force-upgraded my gdm and grub on me... I purposely kept them back at grub (v1) and gdm (v2.20)... now I have to go fixing all of that. ugh.01:14
dylan-mAnyone here happen to know if the software-center reviews / ratings feature is going to land for Lucid?01:14
penguin42setuid: Well you're entire package system was pretty broken01:15
setuidYeah, whatever last night's upgrade did, smoked quite a bit01:16
* dylan-m wrong in the wrong channel. Blushes and hides somewhere :)01:16
setuidStill getting some python package crashing/tossing, but it's not important01:16
penguin42setuid: I don't think it was the upgrade itself that smoked it, I think it was the fact that you got a kernel crash just as it was doing it01:17
setuidNo, just the oppoisite01:18
setuidEverthing was working fine, as it has been for years, then last night I upgraded, something in the upgrade (while unpacking 'menu') hard-locked the system, I rebooted, and when it tried to boot, the kernel (any kernel) would crash and dump, trying to mount /01:18
setuidNow I realize, it was because most of the files in /usr/bin and /lib/ were truncated to 0 bytes01:18
WutzanHey guys, does anyone get this problem when loading off the live cd after a bit on the new boto screen it gives this error: "Unable to find a medium containing a live file system" and it completely stops loading. Any ideas?01:19
setuidThat wasn't something my system decided to do on its own, it was something that was caused by that upgrade and subsequent hard lockup01:19
setuidWutzan, bad burn01:19
Wutzansetuid: Okay, I will reburn it then. Thanks, hopefully that is what caused it.01:20
setuidverify the burn after you're done01:20
pPiter1Hi there! Please, may I ask for some help?01:20
setuidpPiter1, You just did...01:20
Wutzansetuid: Funny thing is that I did varify it, but it still gives that error.01:21
setuidWutzan, tried booting in non-X mode?01:21
WutzanNope, before I try that, I'll try a new cd.01:21
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pPiter1I`ve just encountered a problem, which is figured here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=e1ddc145e614dc179938aa4b6d62ea87&t=1374178  , but updating GRUB does not fix the problem... Can i do anything, or it is time to backup /home?01:22
huntHi, I use kubuntu 10.04 and I do not get sound in flash in any browser, can someone confirm this?01:23
JontheEchidnaworks for me (tm)01:24
penguin42hmm bed01:25
markd25how do i find out the name of my hard drive01:25
markd25like dev/etc?01:25
huntIn Ubuntu 10.04 it works for me too, I installed Kubuntu 10.04 just a few days ago and I tried it with konqueror, rekonq and google chrome...01:26
huntmarkd25: of your partition or of your hard drive?01:27
markd25you know /dev/ whatever it is01:27
underdevjust got lucid alt running on virtual box01:27
underdevi miss the orange :)01:27
underdevhas anyone got the guest additions working?01:28
huntmarkd25: yes and I asked you wether you want to know it of your hard drive or of your partition01:28
cozziemotowell I was a happy man for about a day.. first time in a very long time...my logitech web cam worked without a glitch...  now after the update no web cam :) i sure hope this works after release,,but I am not going to hold my breathe lol01:28
MindVirusI'm running update-manager -d and it starts the upgrade to 10.04 but closes without any notice. Pleas help.01:29
huntmarkd25: try the new disk tool, should be under system somewhere01:30
underdevw00t, guest additions installing after reboot :)01:30
markd25@hunt found it using fdisk01:31
MindVirusAny advice?01:31
markd25@hunt any idea why when i select windows 7 it reboots my pc01:32
underdevMindVirus: sorry, never upgraded from version to version before01:32
MindVirusunderdev: No problem.01:33
MindVirusDoes anyone have any idea?\01:33
MindVirusunderdev: You can change it.01:34
huntmarkd25: when you select windows 7 where?01:34
markd25@hunt at grub menu01:34
underdevrt, but i know that.  my mom won't.01:35
coachjis there a chance the alternate cd will work when the beta1 gives the init error?01:35
underdev9.10 was so good, i feared 10.0401:35
coachjzash u here?01:35
zashcoachj: mhm01:36
huntmarkd25: it doesnt boot into windows, but it reboots?01:36
markd25@hunt yes01:36
coachjzash: did u try the alternate cd01:36
underdevcoachj: yes, it's possible.  i couldn't install through desktop, but alt worked01:36
markd25@hunt its a known bug with grub 201:36
coachjunderdev: thks01:37
huntmarkd25: really? did never occur to me...01:37
zashcoachj: yes, but it just silently stoped at the bootscreen after a while (:01:37
underdevcoachj: i don't know if it will fix your specific issue, but it fixed mine :)01:37
coachjunderdev: the live cd hangs01:37
underdevcoachj: yup, that's what was happening to me01:37
huntSo does anyone know something about my flash issue, or does anyone have any suggestions?01:38
underdevcoachj: go alt01:38
coachjunderdev: burning now. did you have to change setting etc..01:38
zashcoachj: after successful install that is.01:38
ChogyDanhunt: not being able to boot windows is a flash issue?01:39
zashnot being able to boot windows is a feature, not a bug ;)01:39
huntChogyDan: no, earlier I explained, that I dont have sound in kubuntu 10.04 in flash...01:39
ChogyDano, I don't use kubuntu01:40
underdevokay, i looked in System->preferences->appearences, and i don't see an easy way to move the windows controls to the left like god and nature intended01:40
ChogyDanunderdev: talk to Some_Person01:40
Blue11underdev: easy01:41
Blue11underdev: http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side01:41
_iTrollguys, i am seriously confused.  In the 2.6.33 kernel package from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/ there appears to be on config option for aufs or unionfs, what gives?01:41
_iTrollno config option*01:41
underdevBlue11: right, sorry.  "let me google that for you"01:41
underdevi'm just freaking out01:41
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/01:42
Blue11underdev: well that worked for me.01:42
ChogyDanunderdev: https://launchpad.net/~stownsend42/+archive/light-themes01:43
underdevim sure my cries for a "classic" look-and-feel option under preferences would go ignored.01:48
underdevthis sux guys01:48
underdevthis is my worst fears realized01:48
Blue11how so?01:48
underdevi found, and i admit this is opinion here, that ubuntu 9.10 was desktop linux realized and refined01:49
underdevi talk it up everywhere i go01:49
macounderdev: try kubuntu ;-)01:50
macoeasy to get the window manager theme to look how you want with kde01:50
underdevmaco: i have, and prefer gnome01:50
macounderdev: which version?01:50
* maco hated kde301:50
underdevthe menuing system on kde has too much indirection, for instance01:50
underdevkubuntu 9.1001:51
Blue11underdev: well I haven't used kde since 3.5 they seem to have broke it in 4.001:51
underdevand i don't think a stock gnome is better than ubuntu desktop01:52
underdevthat's the thing01:52
Blue11i don't know what you mean01:52
macoindirection? click the K, type the name of the program you want01:53
huntOk I believe the flashissue might somehow be related to pulseaudio, when I set my default playback device to pulseaudio, I dont get any sound at all, wasnt it somehow that flash needs pulseaudio or something like that?01:53
underdevthe applcations/places/system set up is incredibly intuitive to me01:54
nigelbmaco: spreading kde love? ;)01:54
maconigelb: aye ;-)01:55
nigelbI should probably spread gnome love then :p01:55
underdevmaco: i don't hate kde, btw, and use many kde apps under gnome01:55
ShermanBoydI think the ubuntu-xen-server package is broken in Lucid01:55
huntI hate kubuntu for being so buggy ):01:55
macounderdev: well applications is the same, and "computer" tab is places, and then there's "system settings" which is like the gnome control panel...shows you all the stuff thatd go in "system" anyway01:55
* MTecknology considers upgrading some servers to 10.04....01:55
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huntAnyone out there who has sound in flash in kubuntu in konqueror, rekonq or google chrome?01:57
underdevhmm, not quite how i remember it, might have to install kde desktop and take another look01:57
macohunt: i think theres another package you need to use flash with konq, but i forget what01:57
underdevi did like the "control panel" in kde01:57
ShermanBoydThe following packages have unmet dependencies:01:58
ShermanBoydubuntu-xen-server: Depends: xen-tools but it is not installable01:59
ShermanBoydE: Broken packages01:59
huntmaco: well flash works well, just no sound... also, consider that I use 64bit01:59
ShermanBoydis this a Lucid bug?01:59
macoShermanBoyd: it likely means the repositories are mid-update02:00
macoShermanBoyd: wait a few hours or days and try again02:00
macohunt: yeah for sound i mean02:00
ShermanBoydmaco:  Thanks02:00
huntmaco: hm and that could be?02:02
macohunt: im not sure. i thought the package ended in -extra...02:03
huntmaco: kubuntu-restricted-extras? that should pull it, but it is intsalled02:04
underdevoh well, no more out-of-the-box happy from any OS...02:06
underdevkarmic, i will remember you well...02:07
underdevyou and NeXTSTEP, and... that's it02:07
=== booboo is now known as coz_
cozziemotomsg nickserv register delsignore cozirc@gmail.com02:10
Blue11i think you might need a / infront of that02:10
Blue11been there, done that!02:11
cozziemotoBlue11,  ok everyone ignore that lol02:11
cozziemotoit never happened02:11
underdevcozziemoto: enjoy your viagra spem :)02:11
Blue11i love it when people forward email along with like 150 other people, and you have a list of all the people on their spam email listing - -02:13
ShermanBoydBlue11: ino ino , BCC peeps02:13
cozziemotoBlue11,  ok got the email lol02:13
cozziemotoBlue11,  but I changed passwords02:14
Blue11LOL!  spam for the day.02:14
Blue11so were you around yesterday when the developers broke gnome?02:14
underdevgeez, openjdk too02:15
cozziemotoBlue11,  who me?02:15
Blue11cozziemoto: yeah --02:15
underdevcononical, you are KILLING me here02:15
cozziemotoBlue11,  no what happened???02:15
DanaGhmm, it seems like consolekit and rtkit and all that aren't designed for remotely-accessible systems.02:15
DanaGOr rather, the default settings aren't.02:15
Blue11cozziemoto: well the desktop would come up, with no taskbar, or desk icons02:15
cozziemotoBlue11,  oh geez02:15
cozziemotoBlue11,  seen that in the past lol02:15
Blue11cozziemoto: fortuneatly I still had terminal - so I wasn't totally lost02:16
cozziemotoBlue11,  that's cool02:16
cozziemotoI just hope my web cam works on release day :)02:16
underdevthey are really making an effort to kill the classic ubuntu lnf, not even an orange background installed by default?02:17
DanaGin fact, dbus is totally denying connection.02:17
underdevdid it suck?02:17
DanaG"connection refused"02:17
underdevwas it really that bad02:17
underdevi liked it02:17
underdevi thought it was the bees knees02:17
underdevand there is no going back02:17
robin0800Blue11: what is realy strange about that is that was the beta 1 cd so who the hell tested it and let it through02:18
underdevi not trying to b****, but im in mourning here02:18
DanaGorange and purple together CAN look good... but this default background looks like puke.02:18
coz_DanaG,  lol02:18
Blue11underdev what is the problem?02:19
coz_DanaG,   that vilot is nice but i would never have something like that on the desktop02:20
underdevaestetics, usibility, continuity02:20
DanaGcheck out even the win7 default backgrounds.02:20
coz_DanaG,  well I have "never" liked windows backgrounds lol  I used to put old mac wallpapers on windows :)02:21
coz_DanaG,  here is an old mac wallpaper I like   http://dl.dropbox.com/u/132551/Quantum%20Foam2.tif02:22
Blue11yeah I miss the old crap stained carpet in ubuntu02:22
underdevi've been working on my bash-fu, i should probably try making a classic lnf script02:23
DanaGhere's my flaming-red wallpaper: http://elite5472.deviantart.com/art/Shana-Wallpaper-Anime-8466196302:23
underdevwith a couple windows open, the purple desktop icon on the left, and a strip of pink on the right is profoundly ugly02:24
coz_eeewww  anime  lol02:24
underdev"show desktop" icon, i mena02:24
DanaGPurple showdesktop... yeah.02:24
Blue11underdev: what do you mean?02:25
underdevBlue11: default install ubuntu 10.04.  There is a garish show desktop on the bottom left corner, and a.. wuzzit called.. i can't remember the graphic arts term, but on the far left of the window is a transition from purple to pink.02:27
underdevfar right, i mean02:27
Blue11underdev: so change it, not stuck with it. I hated it, I changed it.02:28
tcsoccermandoes ipod touch and iphone truely work for lucid yet?02:28
Blue11underdev: didn't like the button layout, so I changed that too.02:28
Blue11tcsoccerman: dunno but my sansa mp3 players works keen! (and look ma, NO drm!)02:28
KB1JWQDUmb Unbutu question: Why does ctrl-alt-backspace not restart ?02:29
underdevwhich brings ubuntu, as a desktop experience, many steps backwards02:29
underdevits just another god awful linux desktop02:29
tcsoccermanBlue11> i can't say i like drm, apple, or any of their marketing evils, but i do love the ipod touch.02:29
underdeva lot of goodness beneath the covers... but damn, those covers...02:30
KB1JWQtcsoccerman: Indeed.02:30
Blue11underdev: there are many guis try another == somepeople like KDE you are not stuck with gnome02:30
Blue11tcsoccerman: one thing for sure apple will NEVER make the max ipad!02:31
underdevthis is all classic linux on the desktop shpeil, though02:31
tcsoccermanwhat do you mean by the "max ipad"02:31
Blue11tcsoccerman: maxipad02:31
underdevi have been able to go around saying, "OMG, karmic koala, you will freakin' love it"02:32
underdevits not the linux you remember from 199902:32
underdevthis is man, this is02:32
Blue11underdev: I switched from SuSE to ubuntu -- I prefer SuSE but novell is on the skids.02:34
tcsoccermansuse seemed old looking on the ui to me02:34
tcsoccermani like the more modern look of ubuntu.02:35
underdevrt, sure.  there was just so many tasteful choices in karmic, so much worked together synergisticly02:35
underdevits like a good programming language, its not just the feature set, its how they work together...02:36
huntI dont think it is that bad, sure there are some things that dont fit, but it's still beta and it is the first release02:36
underdevits the aesthetic experience in total02:36
underdevhunt: i doubt these poor choices are going to change during beta.  This is cononicals new direction... and it sux02:37
Blue11underdev: but they give you the power to change things so it suits you -- so I don't really care - okay so they distribute it with buttons on the left (which I hate) so I switch it back.02:38
huntBlue11: you dont know if they'll gonna do that, its been said that it stays like this during beta, so it might be reverted in final02:39
ubuntu_ok, I installed the latest lucid and updated, and cannot for the life of me get a gnome desktop to work now02:39
Blue11ubuntu_ yeah known problem need to get today's updates02:40
underdevBlue11: rt.  uhm, i would put myself into the "intermediate" level user category.  So I *can* tweak a bunch of stuff.  I know the problems with openjdk, so can kill it and install the sun package, stuff like that.02:40
underdevits not going to stop me from using it.02:40
ubuntu_Blue11: ok, how can I get connected via the terminal?02:40
Blue11underdev: yeha I am intermediate as well -- http://www.pkill-9.com is my help site02:41
ubuntu_Blue11: when I boot up, I have no gui, so I switch to an alt tty, and can run commandline, but ifup ath0 is not longer working02:41
Blue11ubuntu_: ctrl+alt+f1 will put you at the terminal mode02:41
Blue11ubuntu_: eth0?02:42
underdevbut i was really believing that we were looking at the third major desktop OS here.  and now it just feels like another distro.  Esp the radical change in controversial directions.  Totally different lnf, which i am certain they know is going to turn a bunch of people off.02:42
ubuntu_Blue11: no, I'm wireless, but it seemed like ifup was no longer even working, didn't they change that a while ago?02:42
Blue11underdev: well the aesthetics can be changed --02:43
underdevrt.  that is true for any distro02:43
robin0800KB1JWQ: you have to set it up02:43
Blue11ubuntu_: I do remember a problem with them, but I don't remember the solution - I am running 9.10 on my netbook atm02:43
ubuntu_Blue11: I mean the way to get network up, I was thinking it was dhcp something or something?02:43
ubuntu_Blue11: ok, thanks02:43
Blue11ubunutu_ i think it's wlan0 iirc02:44
ubuntu_does anyone know how to bring up the network from command line?02:44
DanaGthat is so weird... it'll play smoothly... and then go broken-up, and then go smooth again.02:44
underdevoh well, i am the Charlie Brown of OSes.  Farewell, my sweet love...02:44
ubuntu_Blue11: hmm, it isn't the interface that I have a prob with, it is the actual command.02:45
DanaGer, wrong channel.02:45
tcsoccermanhas anybody here used monodevelop?02:46
ubuntu_hmm, no one knows the command to bring up the network when in a tty??02:47
Blue11ubuntu_: I think it's sudo ifup eth0 (or wlan0 if wireless)02:48
ubuntu_Blue11: ifup, so they didn't change it?  I was thinking it was different, perhaps it was a different distro.02:48
Blue11ubuntu_: i know that ifconfig -a shows the status of all devices02:49
ubuntu_Blue11: yep, just remembered that on, and you are right, my wireless changed, always was ath0, and now it is wlan0, lol, thanks02:49
Blue11ubuntu_: welcome owe me a coffee!02:50
ubuntu_Blue11: ok, I just tried, it to see if it works on livecd, and says, ignoring unknown interface wlan0=wlan002:51
Blue11ubuntu_: i've had some problems with livecd -- YMMV (your mileage may vary)02:51
ubuntu_Blue11:ok, I guess I can chroot in and update since I'm in livecd anyhow,02:52
ubuntu_at least I'm connected02:52
Blue11okay good luck02:52
SteilDumb: Forgetting to clear your browser cache. Dumber: Calling in IT guy to upgrade your computer. Fark: IT guy's mom gets you arrested on child porn rap. Happy ending: Supreme Court tells cops to suck it02:53
DanaG(and not really a fun amusing off-topic.)02:55
allquixoticDoes anyone know how to install fglrx 10.4a on Lucid beta? I did a full-upgrade from 9.10 and have never installed fglrx through the package manager before. I tried the "Hardware Drivers" app but it didn't find any drivers to use.02:57
Blue11here was dinner:  http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=3617260&l=7ba6165ed1&id=58436774702:57
Blue11but that's off topic too02:57
DanaGyeah, but not "bad" off-topic. =þ02:58
DanaGdang, now I'm hungry.02:58
allquixoticI'm a vegetarian and find that image repulsive... :-&02:58
bjsniderDanaG, what plays smoothly, then broken up, then smoothly again?02:59
Blue11allquixotic: well I'm not and I don't02:59
DanaGStreaming pulseaudio over the netgear wifi usb stick.02:59
DanaGIt's netgear fail.02:59
DanaGiperf on client:  0.0-61.4 sec  9.40 MBytes  1.28 Mbits/sec02:59
DanaGiperf on server:  0.0-65.8 sec  9.40 MBytes  1.20 Mbits/sec02:59
DanaGI wonder why they show a difference.03:00
WutzanHey, can anyone do a md5 check on their .iso for Kubuntu 10.04 beta 1 32 bit iso? I've downloaded the iso twice, and it's telling me the wrong md5 checksum.03:00
bjsnideri never got pulse streaming to work on wifi because of excessive bandwidth requirements03:00
Blue11bjsnider: sorry not running kubuntu03:01
ubuntu_Blue11: I think chrooting in was easier than trying to get the network up in tty, I wish I had thought of that sooner03:01
DanaGbjsnider: for me, it's not a PulseAudio issue... its a "netgear fail" issue.03:02
Blue11ubuntu_: that's a new one on me - I;ll have to remember thanks03:02
DanaGgoing iwlagn -> router -> ethernet -> beagleboard works fine. =þ03:02
ubuntu_Blue11: well, you still have to go through the trouble of booting livecd, but since I couldn't remember how to get the network up, I was already booting livecd03:03
allquixoticWutzan: 17cfc5ae866b12f7fc64719a01c7a3e803:03
allquixoticfrom http://releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/lucid/kubuntu-10.04-beta1-desktop-i386.iso03:03
allquixoticwhich seems to agree with the MD5SUM file in the repository03:04
=== RobertParr is now known as Sir_Konrad
WutzanSame as me, okay good. Thanks. My problem however is that I get "Unable to find a medium containing a live file system" when trying to boot the live cd. I thought it was the cd, so I changed it and reburned; same thing, so I thought it might've been the image, but it isn't...03:05
allquixoticWutzan: use a CD burning utility that can do a "verify" step (basically, compute some MD5 or SHA sum on the .iso and on the contents of the CD) and make sure it matches03:06
Blue11Wutzan: iirc there is a way to check the cd when you boot up...03:06
allquixoticthat way you can be *sure* it's not the CD03:06
WutzanI verified the image, and it says it's correct03:06
WutzanOn the cd03:06
allquixoticif your .iso's image matches and the CD matches, then you have the right bits, the problem is purely technical with the software itself (which is actually more likely since you've tried it so many times now)03:07
allquixoticeither that or you have one of those lovely CD/DVD drives that reads the wrong bits from the CD, had one of those once03:07
WutzanWell I only varified as a option after it burns, I haven't checked the checksum of the cd, how can I do that?03:07
allquixoticare you booting it from the same drive that burnt it?03:07
ubuntu_allquixotic: do you have a usb stick? you can create a bootable usb stick pretty easy with ubuntu, saves you the cd too.03:07
allquixoticubuntu_: not me with the problem, it's Wutzan :)03:08
WutzanYes, the same drive.03:08
ubuntu_allquixotic: oops, sorry03:08
allquixoticWutzan: the utility you use to burn it should have a Verify function which will compute the checksum of the CD for you right after it's burnt03:08
allquixoticmost ISO burners I've used (worth their salt) can do taht03:08
ubuntu_Wutzan: do you have a usb stick, you can make a bootable usb stick fairly easy with ubuntu, perhaps would be easier03:09
WutzanI use imgburn, by default it varifies the cd, which is did saying it was good.03:09
WutzanNo, I do not have a spare usb stick.03:09
allquixoticWutzan: ok, Imgburn is good, the verify step is reliable enough03:09
allquixoticI think it uses MD5 anyway03:09
allquixoticso your error03:09
allquixoticUnable to find a medium containing a live file system03:09
allquixoticsounds like an issue with Ubuntu failing to detect your optical media h/w03:09
Blue11ubuntu_: here's the recipe I used for a bootable usb stick:  http://pkill-9.com/wordpress/?p=5103:09
allquixotichave you been able to boot a previous version of Ubuntu with the same hardware?03:10
WutzanAnd this is the frist time I've ever had that error with a linux distro/cd, I've tried many distros of linux on this hardware with the same cds.03:10
allquixoticWutzan: what specific make/model of the CD/DVD/BD drive is it?03:10
WutzanI can't figure this one out.03:10
Blue11Wutzan: what did you burn the cd with (programme?)03:11
WutzanHold on, I'll have to find that out.03:11
Wutzanimgburn on windows.03:11
allquixoticor if you don't know that, but your computer is a pre-fab (manufactured) I can figure it out for you03:11
WutzanIt's a custom built computer.03:11
Blue11Wutzan: ahh I use nero for windows (also for linux)03:11
WutzanHow can I find the model of my cd drive?03:12
ubuntu_Blue11: hmm, I just use my Ubuntu machine and go to System, and I think Admin and USB drive creator or something like that, very simple03:12
allquixoticWutzan: from Linux, there are umpteen different utilities to do it depending on your distro... from Windows, the device manager03:12
ubuntu_Blue11: oh, looks like he is on a Windows box, I didn't realize that03:12
WutzanUnfortunately, I don't have Linux installed atm =/03:12
ubuntu_Wutzan: yes, that is what I was realizing03:13
allquixoticWutzan: Windows Key + Pause, Device Manager, CD/DVD Drives03:13
Blue11ubuntu_: no, this creates a bootable device that's installed linux..not the livecd on a usb03:13
allquixoticshould have some info in there03:13
ubuntu_Blue11: oh, right, I generally just use the livecd03:13
Blue11ubuntu_: yeah this way I dcan take to any computer and run linux03:14
ubuntu_Blue11: right, I don't really have a need for that, but there are the advantages of that.03:14
WutzanWindows says it's "HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H10n"03:14
Blue11ubuntu_: I used that when I was at my sisters in san antonio - worked very well03:14
DanaG1In comparison, using iwlagn to router, then ethernet to beagleboard... gives 20 megabits.03:15
DanaG1so yeah, netgear fail.03:15
WutzanMade by LG as it has their logo on the front03:15
Blue11ubuntu_: and also at my folks - but they are now running dual boot linux and windows --03:15
allquixoticWutzan: it's a SATA or IDE?03:15
ubuntu_Blue11: yeah, I don't travel that much, mostly just at home and office, both, Linux.03:16
ubuntu_ok, Blue11 I'm out of here, got it updated, time to test it out.03:16
Blue11ubuntu_: i don't either my folks are 50 miles away, so I am there about once a month or so03:16
Blue11ubuntu_: good luck lawrence of arabia finishe,d so going to watch that03:16
dodddummyhmmm, after the last update my micro sd card isn't automounting03:17
allquixoticWutzan: the Ubuntu hardware support pages don't list DVD/CD drives because they are generally implemented using standard-enough interfaces that specific hardware requires only tweaks, if any, to get working...03:17
allquixoticit _could_ be your IDE controller not detecting, though03:17
WutzanI figured since no Distro before complained about my drive03:17
ShawnRok, so i updated 9.10 to 10.04 alpha 3, and then when i ran updates earlier today, it told me it could only do a partial update and panel/nautilus did not load.  i found a fix by editing out the first line in nautilus.desktop file, but is there a way to update to get it fixed?03:17
allquixoticWutzan: have you tried Ubuntu 9.10?03:18
Blue11ShawnR: they released a bunch of updates today that fixed those -- yeah yesterday I could NOT run nautilus, and not desktop icons.03:18
WutzanYes, but to make sure I will boot into a previous version of Ubuntu with a old live cd, to varify that the drive works.03:19
ShawnRi try running update, but it still says it can only do a partial update, and then it says that all items are up to date03:19
ShawnRany way i can force it to update?03:19
allquixoticWutzan: if it works with a previous Ubuntu but not with 10.04, it's a hardware related regression03:19
allquixoticWutzan: it would be great to also get the exact make/model of your motherboard, or if you're using an external IDE controller, the make/model of that03:19
WutzanOkay then, I will try. Brb03:19
Blue11allquixotic: yup03:19
QQiShawnR: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:19
Blue11allquixotic: my netbook will not work with 9.10 netbook remix - had to install the backports to get wireless working.03:20
ShawnRi'll try that, thanks QQi03:20
DanaG1oh, and the pulseaudio stream itself.. is only 1.6 megabits.03:20
Blue11okay I'm off --03:21
allquixoticDanaG1: what chipset does that netgear use? Ralink?03:21
ShawnRshould i go back into my nautilus.desktop file and uncomment the first line?03:21
allquixoticI've had similar consistency/bandwidth issues with Ralink RT3572 but haven't touched a Realtek chip for ... a while :)03:21
DanaG1yeah, and if you did touch the thing after heavy use... you'd get literally burned.03:22
ShawnRwell, thanks for the help (even though i see QQi just left)03:22
DanaG1(heavy use under Windows... because the Linux driver can't even reach that point.)03:22
DanaG1... ndiswrapper counts as windows.03:22
DanaG1and ndiswrapper on ARM... nope.03:23
allquixotictouching the metal part of the USB connector on my Linksys WUSB600N is an "interesting" experience for my fingers :(03:23
DanaG1hot, or staticky?03:23
allquixoticat least I don't ordinarily have to touch my Radeon HD5970... could probably get third degree burns in seconds from that03:23
allquixoticDanaG1: very hot03:23
allquixoticmy room gets sweltering hot after a few hours of running the HD5970 near its TDP of 294W... it's a space heater that doubles as a GPU03:24
DanaG1hottest computer I have around was an Athlon XP-M 1.2GHz laptop.  In Windows, idled at 65C and hit 87 at load.  In Linux with dynticks, it idled at 50... still hit 87 at load.  Fan trip point was 75.03:24
allquixoticheh, HD5000 series cards can run at like, 120C (I forget the exact figure) and ATI calls that "normal" :)03:25
DanaG1I wonder what temperature it takes to cook eggs.  /me goes off to google that.03:25
DanaG1oh, and Athlon XP-M 1.2GHz: "critical" temperature is 90 C.03:25
allquixoticchips these days are made to sustain hotter temps without any hw damage, although I suppose running it as cool as possible is good for longevity03:25
WutzanOkay so I've successfully booted into Ubuntu 8.10 with this drive, therefor there is a bug or problem in the current beta with my hardware.03:25
DanaG1hmm, are they the same physical types of disks?03:25
allquixoticWutzan: can you figure out what your IDE controller is for me? or your motherboard?03:25
DanaG1and burned at same speed?03:25
WutzanMy Mother board is a ASUS p5k-v03:26
WutzanI don't know the IDE controller or even how to find that out03:26
allquixoticI'll find that03:26
allquixoticit should be listed in the specs for the board03:26
allquixoticlooks like you're on ICH903:26
allquixoticwhich is an extremely standard, well-supported part03:26
allquixoticunless ASUS has stripped the SATA controller and put some custom solution in03:26
WutzanI don't think that's the case03:27
allquixoticWutzan: lspci | grep -i ide03:28
Wutzan00:1f.2 IDE interface: Intel Corporation 82801IB (ICH9) 2 port SATA IDE Controller (rev 02)03:29
allquixoticrather: lspci -nnvv | grep -i ide03:29
WutzanWhat's the site where I can paste stuff in?03:30
allquixoticwhen you run it with `lspci -nnvv | grep -i ide' does it give you a PCI vendor/device pair?03:30
allquixoticshould be something like [xxxx:yyyy]03:30
allquixotichm, that JMicron says AHCI03:31
allquixoticso your AHCI (native SATA) is JMicron, but your real IDE controller is Intel03:31
allquixoticit would be interesting to see the boot messages03:31
allquixoticon 10.04 :(03:32
allquixoticI guess the boot messages on 8.10 would suffice, can you pastebin the output of dmesg?03:32
allquixoticit might be bigger than your console history, so do this: `dmesg > dmesg.txt'03:32
allquixoticand then open dmesg.txt in a text editor (gedit) and paste03:32
allquixoticWutzan: looks like http://cateee.net/lkddb/web-lkddb/ATA_PIIX.html ata_piix kernel module should support it, and CONFIG_ATA_PIIX=y is set in config-2.6.32-16-generic (the kernel you're using for 10.04 beta 1)03:35
git__i'm getting "unable to enumerate USB device"03:35
allquixoticso the problem is lower level than just "the modules you need aren't loaded"03:35
WutzanOkay, so is there anything else I can try?03:36
allquixoticit would be great to get dmesg from the 10.04 kernel running on your system, but unless you can install or boot a live disk of Ubuntu, you can't rightly grab that, without writing everything down or something, not practical03:36
allquixoticWutzan: what you could do is get a cheap 2GB USB stick (they go for under $20 USD usually) and write Ubuntu on that03:36
git__the gui doesn't show up when I boot lucid beta1 from my usb drive on my T4103:36
WutzanI found a usb stick with a gig on it, perhaps I can use this?03:37
Prettohow can i file a bug about messing .desktop files after update?03:37
WutzanWell mp3, but it should do the job03:37
allquixoticWutzan: 1GB is pushing it, I think the last utility I used said it wants 2GB... but there might be a way03:37
allquixoticthe CD image only needs 700mb but for some reason all the USB utilities want 2GB03:37
Prettothis is the second time i lost my desktop session after update03:37
allquixotictry it and see :)03:37
WutzanBecause it's extracting Ubuntu on it has a actually system I believe, not compressed like a live cd is.03:38
Wutzanas a*03:38
allquixoticWutzan: see if it will fit if you use http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ to put the Ubuntu 10.04 beta iso onto a USB stick03:38
WutzanFirstly I will boot back into windows, then try this03:39
WutzanOkay, what's the link I need for the usb stick?03:43
allquixoticjust download the (small) unetbootin utility, start it up, point it to your ISO, and point it to your USB stick03:43
WutzanYes, I've tried this before, I should manage unless it complains about the size03:44
WutzanOne thing to note is that the mp3 player isn't made like a usb stick would; It's a hell of a lot slower when transfering files03:45
allquixoticWutzan: as long as it is recognized as a USB mass storage device and your BIOS supports booting from those, we should be ok03:45
allquixoticalso provided it has enough space...03:45
WutzanYes, I've booted off of it for other things before.03:46
WutzanCould it poissibly be something with the type of cd it is? Because they're actually dvd's and cheap ones at that, I do have some cd's here, shall I try them as well?03:52
WutzanThough those dvd's have worked with every other distro I've tried03:52
allquixoticWutzan: if the same physical media type has worked before, there's no reason for it to not work with 10.04.03:53
allquixoticI'm still thinking something's fishy with the PATA drivers03:53
allquixoticand anyway, if your hard disks are on SATA, and SATA works, then you should be able to install from a bootable live USB stick03:54
allquixoticwhich would work around the problem so you can actually test the distro03:54
allquixotic and then you can help debug the actual problem03:54
WutzanYeah, I'm hoping that this usb drive will be enough03:55
allquixoticis unetbootin doing its thing atm?03:56
WutzanYes, it's currently stuck at the biggest file (filesystem.suashfs), I'm assuming this contains the actual system03:57
allquixoticcross your fingers :)03:58
allquixoticif unetbootin is really amazingly good then it will write the squashfs "squashed" to your USB disk, and it'll fit under 1GB :)03:58
WutzanJust taking a long time as it's very very slow03:58
WutzanI'm pretty sure all it's doing is copying it as it says the destination is the same file name as it's source03:59
MuscovyJust in case anyone's interested, I've done a remake of Ambiance's metacity to put the window control back to their traditional order/location, with artwork "fixes". https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Lucid/AmbianceMod03:59
WutzanAnd the file size is 632 mb04:00
allquixoticWutzan: yeah, unetbootin is smart like that, it just writes the magic boot sector to make it bootable04:00
WutzanThere is no way to boot this off a blank partition is there? Copy the file, create a entry into the bootloader saying it's a linux distro and point it at that partition?04:03
allquixoticI'm not sure of a way to do that04:03
KWiersoI've come to the conclusion that I have no clue why I can't get Lucid to display anything. The only things I can get to display are the text-only recovery modes. Ubuntu has loaded, as I hear the login/startup sounds. Just nothing displayed. Anyone have any ideas? I've tried doing dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, which didn't change anything. I've tried installing the fglrx drivers, but there's...04:04
KWierso...dependency errors I can't figure out how to resolve.04:04
allquixoticKWierso: I'm getting the same dep errors, I just installed it manually :|04:05
copproCan anyone else confirm that Amarok doesn't work at all?04:05
KWiersoany suggestions for getting *anything* to display?04:06
allquixoticKWierso: hmm, "Bullet Proof X" should display in low graphics mode when fglrx doesn't work. are you doing a clean install or an upgrade?04:07
KWiersoclean install04:07
KWiersoI don't have fglrx installed04:07
allquixoticwhat radeon card?04:07
KWiersoI'm assuming it's using the open ATI drivers04:07
allquixoticI don't think 9.10's open source ATI stack works with HD5000 at all, I have a HD5970 and haven't gotten it to do so much as draw a polygon... you need to use VESA to get X04:08
allquixoticVesa or xvfb04:08
KWiersohow would I do that?04:08
allquixoticKWierso: do you know how to change xorg.conf in general?04:11
KWiersoI know that it doesn't exist by default04:11
KWiersoand kinda what it does04:11
allquixoticKWierso: when you boot up, do you get the pulsing Ubuntu logo?04:12
allquixoticor is it a static image or similar04:12
KWiersoIf I choose the non-recovery mode option in GRUB, there's a little bit of text at the top of the display, then the screen blanks, and then my monitor times out and shuts off04:13
allquixoticsounds like KMS doesn't work either04:13
allquixoticwas gonna suggest using fbdev device but yeah, just try my (awful) instructions at http://tiyukquellmalz.org/blogs/blog5.php but replace fbdev with vesa04:14
allquixoticwhere I say "add the option single" just boot from the recovery console, it does that for you04:15
allquixoticthat minimal xorg.conf should work if you replace fbdev with vesa04:15
allquixoticsounds like HD5000 are going to be completely unsupported OOTB on 10.04, which is a real shame. ah well.04:16
KWiersoI just wish it would fallback to something04:17
allquixoticwell, it's not, so obviously something is very wrong... have you been able to do an update from the CD packages yet?04:17
KWiersoI go into the recovery console, and can run apt-get update and apt-get upgrade04:18
KWiersoinstalled ~200ish packages today04:18
allquixoticthat didn't help?04:18
KWiersofrom the beta install I did yesterday04:18
KWiersoinstalled an updated intel driver04:18
KWiersosadly, I do not have intel graphics04:18
allquixoticfor a possibly informative experience you might try running startx from the recovery console, before you fix your xorg.conf... it might spit out some error messages04:19
KWiersostartx just blanks the screen like it does when I don't choose the recovery mode04:19
DanaGallquixotic: there's a new fglrx out there on launchpad.net04:19
allquixoticcould help debug why "bullet-proof X" can't take that bullet04:19
allquixoticDanaG: yeah, but KWierso has to get to a GUI to install it.. or no?04:20
DanaGnope, it's a bunch of debs.04:20
DanaGlemme' paste the direct urls to pass to wget.04:20
DanaGhandy hint: links2 is a good text-mode browser.04:21
DanaGallquixotic: what architecture (32, or 64?)04:21
allquixoticI have it installed, it works great with a HD5970, but didn't know what packages to install04:21
KWiersoI'm x6404:21
allquixoticDanaG: oh, it's KWierso with the problem :)04:21
=== ShermanBoyd_ is now known as ShermanBoyd
allquixoticI just grabbed the .orig, the .diff.gz, patched, and did a manual build of fglrx.ko and manually copied all the files into the directory tree04:21
allquixoticold school style04:21
DanaGuse wget on those.04:21
allquixoticDanaG: any reason `fglrx' isn't a package in apt according to aptitude search? :)04:22
copproCan anyone else with Kubuntu confirm that Amarok doesn't work?04:22
DanaGIt's not actually on the repos yet. =þ04:22
=== dodddummy is now known as ericsraymond
allquixoticI'm using the -ubuntu1 version and it works fine, apparently -ubuntu{2,3} are just packaging changes04:23
allquixoticbut I'm using a heavily hacked install anyway, with a custom kernel04:24
DanaGubuntu1 didn't install for me.04:24
allquixoticI didn't try the deb04:25
=== ericsraymond is now known as dodddummy
KWiersotime to reboot and try this04:26
WutzanWell the mp3 player appearently doesn't boot, even with unetboot installing the files to it04:27
allquixoticWutzan: :(04:27
WutzanYeah, I guess I can't figure it out.04:27
allquixoticWutzan: try https://fedorahosted.org/liveusb-creator/04:28
allquixoticit might have a different process04:28
WutzanI will try04:29
WutzanSays not enough space04:31
allquixoticyou need 2GB :(04:32
WutzanDoesn't look like the beta will be on my computer any time soon04:32
allquixoticif 9.10 installs, do that and just use update-manager -d04:33
WutzanI could, but I've never liked updating my distros, I've always had problems with it04:34
allquixoticresist irrational habit, don't bias a particular method that failed in the past04:35
allquixoticI for one upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04 without any problems04:35
allquixoticthe cleaner your install, the better, too04:35
allquixoticand my install is extremely dirty04:35
WutzanYou're one of the few then I suppose04:35
abhinavcompiz was broken due to proprietary ATI drivers not being supported yesterday - guess a fix got released04:36
Linux000Wutzan: I would say so too, I have never had a distro upgrade go well, from 8.04 to 8.10, etc...04:36
abhinavinstall went on (karmic>->lucid) for quite a while (long download time, 2622 packages). But went well apart from few glitches (gnome, compiz)04:36
git__that's my experience with Ubuntu, it's never an upgrade04:36
WutzanIt's rare that it works correctly, one thing I've always hated about Ubuntu, or any upgrading distro really04:36
allquixoticwell, either way, we need to see dmesg from 10.04 booting on your system to get a clue of why your IDE DVD-RAM isn't being recognized properly Wutzan04:38
WutzanI will look for a 9.10 cd04:39
allquixoticthat it's a chicken and the egg problem doesn't make it easier, but the fact remains, to debug further we need the system to boot on your hardware04:39
allquixoticas far as I can see, the only practical options are to upgrade from 9.10, or to buy a 2GB USB stick and use that04:39
WutzanI see a 3rd option, weither it would work or not, I'm not sure04:40
allquixotichere's a $12 USD stick that holds 4GB: http://www.amazon.com/HP-v100w-Flash-Drive-P-FD4GBHP100-EF/dp/B0018YHZPA/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1269146436&sr=1-304:41
WutzanInstall on a virtual machine, burn the whoel hard drive to a physical hard drive04:41
allquixotichaha... wow04:41
WutzanI've done this before04:41
allquixoticthat -might- work, assuming you don't go do something wacky like install vmware-tools in the VM04:41
allquixoticdo you have at least two HDDs?04:41
WutzanI will go for as clean as possible04:42
WutzanThe second hard drive was for installing 10.0404:42
allquixoticit sounds like something you could definitely try04:42
allquixoticinstall it in virtualbox or vmware and just copy the disk image over onto the empty disk04:42
allquixoticyeah, that has a chance of working... Ubuntu is more resilient to being moved across hardware than other OSes04:43
allquixoticexcept that the menu.lst goes off of UUID04:44
allquixoticit won't be able to find the UUID of your virtual hard disk on physical hardware04:44
HowDoImenu.lst isn't used in Grub2 though?04:44
WutzanHmm, I can't rememeber the program I used to burn the image to a hard drive, does anyone know of one?04:45
allquixoticHowDoI: it doesn't use menu.lst, but it does use grub.cfg. From my grub.cfg: search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set aa4e22e0-2ba7-4038-a04b-7951d0985ccd04:46
allquixoticstill using UUID04:46
allquixoticWutzan: depends on what virtual disk format you're using04:46
WutzanIt's with vmware04:47
allquixoticvmware has a utility that will actually convert a virtual machine into a physical one by transferring it using a nice GUI04:47
allquixotici think it's freeware (closed source) on their website04:47
allquixoticI'll go look, and you should do the same04:47
HowDoIDoes Virtualbox use the same virtual disk image format as VMWare?04:49
allquixoticVMware vCenter Converter Standalone says it does "P2V" (Physical to Virtual) but it doesn't say whether it does "V2P" (Virtual to Physical)04:51
WutzanWill try04:53
HowDoIAnyone know if the buttons-on-the-left thing has been decided upon yet?04:55
Dr_WillisNo idea.04:56
=== dabossbv1 is now known as dabossbv
Dr_WillisTHeres the various ubuntu news sites that are covering the 'topic'04:56
allquixoticWutzan: I just tried that and it doesn't support V2P04:56
allquixoticDr_Willis: from Muscovy: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Lucid/AmbianceMod04:57
allquixoticthat has the buttons on the right04:57
HowDoIAmbiance theme has several other bugs in it though.  I hope they get fixed in time04:58
Dr_WillisI fix the bugs.. by using some other theme..04:58
HowDoII won't use the Ambiance theme myself either,  but I bet most people trying out Lucid for the first time might04:59
allquixoticWutzan: does Windows let you "mount" a .vmdk file/04:59
WutzanI don't think so, but I think I foudn the program I used before05:00
allquixoticon VMware workstation 7.0.1 on Ubuntu (for which I have a license) there's a File menu option to mount or unmount virtual disks.05:00
dante123hi all, lost my gnome-panel and nautilus....how to fix it???05:00
allquixoticif the equivalent exists on Windows, then you just install Ubuntu, power down the VM, mount the virtual disk and use any of umpteen generic "disk copy" utilities (or even Windows' MMC computer management snapin) to do the actual copy05:00
abhinavdante123: did you update to the latest version of the packages ?05:02
abhinavdante123:  there was a bug till yesterday, got fixed sometime back. Try sudo apt-get update and then upgrade to see if it fixes05:03
allquixoticdante123: /join #vmware05:04
allquixoticdidn't mean to dante123 that :)05:05
* abhinav is away: Abhinav|away05:05
dante123thanks will try update05:05
* abhinav is away: breakfast05:06
dante123allquixotic, okay running sudo apt-get update....then what do I do?05:06
Traveler9hello there, my lynx installation kept on hanging on the splash animation screen, I did the "nomodeset" option, and now i'm stuck with "init : ureadahead-other main process terminated with status 405:06
dante123sudo gdm restart?05:07
dante123tried gdm restart, but get another error message.....update did work though05:07
allquixoticdante123: after an update you might have to reboot, depending on what packages were updated05:08
dante123abhinav and <allquixotic>, should I do anything after sudo apt-get update (like sudo apt-get upgrade)???05:09
allquixoticdante123: sudo aptitude update; sudo aptitude full-upgrade05:09
dante123both commands or just one?05:10
allquixoticboth, in that order05:10
dante123okay doing that...thanks for help btw05:11
Spaztic_OneWhat's the current ETA for Lucid?05:12
Traveler9any suggestions for the ureadahead terminated with status 4 thingie?05:12
allquixoticTraveler9: I get that error on boot-up, but it's not fatal; I am able to do everything without a problem.05:13
allquixoticThat you're receiving *only* that message suggests you have issues with your graphics stack05:13
Traveler9well, it sure is fatal here :(05:13
dante123<allquixotic> then do I just reboot when it is all done (currently doing the full-upgrade)05:13
allquixoticdante123: Yes, that's the safest way05:13
Traveler9well, there is a "could nog write bytes: Broken pipe" after it05:13
allquixoticSpaztic_One: check the release schedule https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule05:14
dante123okay, right now I am on another pc with the lucid lynx just prior to the beta1, can I use update manager for this one or do I do the same commands from terminal05:14
Spaztic_OneI'm getting a 503 from that.05:15
allquixoticoddly enough the wiki appears to be down right now, but google's cache of the page from march 19th says Lucid will go live on April 29th05:15
Spaztic_OneAh, alright, Thanks05:15
allquixoticthey usually release as late as possible on the month that the version number is tagged for, to give them time to fix last minute issues05:15
allquixoticsince it's 10 (2010) 04 (04 = April) they pretty much have to release in April05:16
allquixoticthey only have April 30th as a slip date if there's a critical issue on the 29th05:16
Dr_Willisthey can alwyas push it back :)05:16
allquixoticDr_Willis: no, that's Fedora :)05:16
Spaztic_Oneoh, cool. I didn't know that's how the Ubuntu version numbers were broken down / determined.05:16
Dr_Willisallquixotic:  Fedora always pushes it back :)05:17
Dr_WillisSpaztic_One:  thats a common  thing people never notice..05:17
allquixoticSpaztic_One: last two digits of the year, followed by two-digit month numeral starting at 1 for January... every 6 months on the dot05:17
Dr_WillisI dont see much Point in the version # system. Why not just use an actual date thats obvious then :)05:17
allquixotic7.04, 7.10, 8.04, 8.10, 9.04, 9.10... haven't you noticed the pattern? :)05:17
Traveler9allquixotic: would you reckon, if i installed 9.10 and did an upgrade from withint that version to 10.04, i wouldn't have issues with the ureadahead-halt?05:18
dante123okay that worked (although there is quite a delay before I get the panels back)...05:18
allquixoticTraveler9: I did an upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04 and still have ureadahead complaining, but it isn't a showstopper... whatever problem it has isn't slowing me down, it's just a nag message05:18
dante123<allquixotic> the pc I am currently on has a whole bunch of updates....should i run them....and will I likely have the same issue on this computer too05:18
allquixoticI think you're associating your problem with that message when in fact it's something unrelated05:18
Dr_WillisTesting out the always in Beta/changeing version #'s enlightment 17 right now. :) It has potential.05:18
Spaztic_OneYeah, I can see how it would be missed. Aldo, I did notice that there was a pattern, just never gave any thought as to what it might be from.05:18
Dr_Willisdante123:  the fix is in the updates now. So it 'should' update fine05:18
allquixoticdante123: getting updates is usually a good idea, and the beta is meant to be tested by end-users, so yeah, go for it05:19
Spaztic_OneAlso, I am new to Ubuntu as of about a month ago05:19
Traveler9hm okay, i'll try all bootoptions for a change05:19
dante123okay, should I do the system testing to help send report to developers?05:19
allquixoticdante123: it can't hurt anything, and on the off chance that you have hardware that doesn't work and the test provides meaningful information, it might actually help05:21
Starcraftmaztermaybe someone here will answer05:21
Starcraftmazterwhat type of partition table should i choose for my new HD?05:21
Starcraftmazterthe defauly is msdos, but that hardly seems ideal for linux05:21
Dr_Willisdos :05:21
Dr_Willisthat IS the standard  :)05:21
Starcraftmazterdoesnt linux have its own partition table system?05:21
Starcraftmazterwhich is better05:21
Dr_Willisits a partiton TABLE - not a filesystem05:21
Starcraftmazterwell ok05:22
Dr_Willistheres only like 2 i know of that exist.05:22
allquixoticStarcraftmazter: the DOS/IBM partition table is a gold standard that has existed since before I was born, and it is almost completely irrelevant in the actual operation of the system05:22
Dr_WillisI forget what the other one even is.05:22
allquixoticyou basically want to use that, period, because the other one is what Macs use, and I don't think you can install Windows side by side onto that05:22
allquixoticthe other one is GPT05:22
allquixoticGUID Partition Table05:22
Starcraftmazterdont care about winblows05:22
Starcraftmazterthis particular HD is purely for media05:23
allquixoticUbuntu does support GPT afaik, and if you only use Linux there's no reason not to use GPT, but there's no compelling reason not to use IBM/DOS partition table either, unless you have a disk whose size is greater than 2TB05:23
Dr_Willisuse dos then05:23
Starcraftmazteryeh mine is 1.505:24
allquixoticboth partition tables don't consume unnecessary disk space or CPU time; I imagine GPT consumes infinitessimally more CPU due to the increased overhead of the GUIDs, but you can't measure the difference probably05:24
allquixoticthe real difference is in the filesystem, not the partition table05:24
allquixoticLinux does have its own sort of "virtual" partition table that sits on top of IBM/DOS, called LVM2, and LVM2 has its own benefits and drawbacks05:25
allquixoticbut you still have to format the disk with an MBR underneath05:25
=== meatcar_ is now known as meatcar
Traveler9allquixotic: how hard is the upgrade from 9.10 to lynx?05:26
Traveler9or is it just select and click? :p05:26
allquixoticTraveler9: lol, all this time I thought you were talking about lynx the web browser... you really mean Lucid :)05:27
allquixoticthe shortname for 10.04 is Lucid, not Lynx05:27
dante123hey, i notice that when shutting down, it says "switch off" on lynx...but on a computer I just updated....it has shut down in the menu list...but when you invoke it up comes a window asking if you want to "switch off" ...what's with that?05:27
Starcraftmazterbtw, i was REALLY hoping 10.04 would have a better clipboard manager, one where it doesnt lose data if the application you copied it from was closed05:27
Traveler9aah sorry allquixotic :p05:27
allquixoticStarcraftmazter: that's actually a google summer of code project05:27
Starcraftmazterwhat is05:27
allquixoticStarcraftmazter: exactly what you just said05:27
dante123better clipboard05:27
allquixotica clipboard manager that doesn't lose data if the application you copied it from was closed05:28
Starcraftmazterallquixotic: do you imply such a clipboard manager does not exist?05:28
Dr_Willisdante123:  its more user friendly to say 'switch off' i guess. :)05:28
allquixoticStarcraftmazter: yes, and I also imply that the Ubuntu developers are trying to find a student to implement one this summer05:28
dante123i guess....05:28
Traveler9allquixotic: anyway, i'll try burning a 9.10 iso and upgrade from there to LUCID  :p05:28
Starcraftmazterwow, thats incredible05:28
Starcraftmazterwhy doesn't it exist05:28
Dr_WillisStarcraftmazter:  thers tools like gclipper and stuff..05:28
Starcraftmazterim sure windows can do it05:28
Starcraftmazterif those dirty microsoft peasents can do it, so must we!05:28
Dr_Willisthey keep history, sync the  clipbard and selectionbuffers and other stuff05:29
allquixoticTraveler9: `update-manager -d' from 9.10 will get you to 10.0405:29
Traveler9noted :)05:29
allquixoticStarcraftmazter: complaining about the non-existence of a feature will not will it into existence... certain things simply haven't been done, this is contributory development... things get done in the order that the developers (i.e. everyone and anyone) wants them done05:30
allquixoticif you want it so badly, do it05:30
Starcraftmazterif i was rich, and didnt have to study nor work - I would! honest :)05:30
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
allquixoticStarcraftmazter: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GoogleSoC2010/Ideas#Clipboard Improvements05:31
allquixoticI'm on the ubuntu-soc mailing list and nobody has applied to work on that yet, but usually there are so many people flooding the system with applications that the project admins have to prioritize the list of ideas by those that are most important, and assign a small subset of the projects to a student05:32
allquixoticbecause Google only gives out so many slots to each project05:32
allquixoticif you think that feature is really important then make sure the ubuntu-soc admins know, it "might" weigh in on how they prioritize the ideas05:33
Starcraftmazterhow can I let them know it best?05:33
allquixoticI can pretty much guarantee that at least one student will apply to implement that idea; the question is whether that idea will get prioritized05:33
allquixoticwell, join #ubuntu-gsoc or send a mail to the ubuntu-soc mailing list... post on the forums... there are a number of ways. but generally, you'll want to be constructive, patient, and don't sound too demanding or angry... you know what they say about honey and vinegar ;)05:34
allquixoticI'm sure that the admins don't just create the priority list in a vacuum but rather do listen to users' concerns05:35
Dr_Willis!info glipper05:35
ubottuglipper (source: glipper): Clipboard manager for the GNOME panel. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0-1.1ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 68 kB, installed size 632 kB05:35
Dr_Willis!info parcellite05:36
ubottuparcellite (source: parcellite): lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.2-1 (lucid), package size 46 kB, installed size 372 kB05:36
Dr_WillisHmm. I see a Nautilus pastebin tool. Nifty.05:36
allquixoticDr_Willis: glipper's project page says it has last released in 2007, I'm not sure if it's even relevant... and, it doesn't claim to support saving clipboard data once the app is closed05:37
holsteinHEY... the nautilus desktop border is gone :)05:37
MTeckI upated things today and rebooted - now I can't authenticate with sudo after reboot - anyone else see this?05:37
Dr_WillisIt has a history buffer. all clipboard items are saved last i used it.05:37
wgrantholstein: Yep, that was fixed upstream a while ago and uploaded to Ubuntu in the big batch that broke everything yesterday.05:37
Dr_Willischeck it out and see i guess05:37
MTeckI also updated the kernel and that could cause it - just curious where i should look05:37
holsteinwgrant: i was busy for a few days, and im just catching up05:38
Dr_Willisyou missed all the fun :)05:39
wgrantLucid was pretty broken for 12 hours.05:39
holsteini had enough time to get in and lose my gnome-panel for a bit05:39
wgrantAlthough it has caused me to spend today trying to speed up the things that made our fixes take so long yesterday, which may be a good thing.05:39
ddecatori'm glad to finally have gedit working again =)05:40
holsteinMTeck: i just sudo-ed succesfully05:40
MTeckholstein: after reboot after the days updates?05:40
drizzt_hi guys how can i fix my window buttons?05:40
Dr_Willisthe new FAQ #105:40
Hellowdrizzt_: What's wrong with them?05:40
MTeckholstein: thanks, i musta broke something else05:40
drizzt_they are in reverse order on the left but i use l-t-r language05:41
HellowThat's not a bug.05:41
MTecki'll see if I broke it in the kernel..05:41
drizzt_how to fix it?05:42
Dr_Willisdrizzt_:  i use 'ubuntu-tweak' to reorder them how i want05:42
Dr_Willistheres a few other gui tools.. and some command lines you can use also05:42
drizzt_whats ubuntu-tweak?05:42
Dr_Willisa tool05:43
Dr_Willistweaks all sorts of gnome settings05:43
Dr_Willisi have it and some other similer tools to do that task bookmarked at http://delicious.com/dr_willis05:43
drizzt_thats retarded why no gui to fix it?05:44
Traveler9on a very unrelatated note: how much swapspace would you guys recommend for a 6GB ram-owner?05:44
wgrantUnless you want to hibernate, or like to do some pretty horrible stuff with your RAM.05:45
Dr_Willisdrizzt_:  its not considered a bug I guess.. so they dont included a tool to change it back05:45
Dr_Willisthen again. it may or may not be the default.. so who knows05:45
Traveler9wgrant: let me put it the other way, I have plenty of diskspace.. i'm just worried that defining or not defining a swap partition would give a performance-hit05:46
allquixoticTraveler9: the amount of swap space you need depends on how much memory pressure you intend to put on your system. you could need 0 swapspace with 64MB of RAM, or you could need 2TB of swap space with 16YtB of RAM... it depends on your use case05:46
allquixoticlike wgrant said, hibernating is the only reason to need it05:46
ubottuEnabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto05:46
vishhmm :s05:46
Traveler9allquixotic: i don't see myself hibernating to be honest. linux is meant to be run nonstop ;)05:47
drizzt_where can i write that design team are clueless fags?05:47
wgrant!coc | drizzt_05:47
ubottudrizzt_: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ .  For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct .05:47
vish!language | drizzt_:05:47
ubottudrizzt_:: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:47
wgrant(although I would be tempted to not include the design team in my definition of 'Ubuntu community', I think we have to)05:48
vishwgrant: ;)05:48
DanaGthey're not community members... they're dictators.05:48
drizzt_still where can i reveal my feedback about design decisions?05:49
allquixoticthey're dictators whose every decision can be reversed by sheer willpower of the subjects, without any backlash or consequence05:49
vishdrizzt_: if you want to contact the design team , try the ayatan mailing list05:49
wgrantdrizzt_: The Ayatana mailing list.05:49
Dr_Willisyou aparently missed the messages about this nbot being a 'democracy'05:49
wgrantIt's a meritocracy!05:49
Dr_Willisand the feedback at dozens of web sites allready05:49
wgrantWhere merit is decided solely by the Lord himeslf.05:49
allquixoticif you want Ubuntu to work your way, then make it work your way -- this is the core of FOSS philosophy05:49
allquixoticit's perfectly fine to have a dictatorship where the dictator says "you can do it my way, or... you can do it whatever way you like!"05:50
allquixoticbecause most people _do_ take them up on the latter alternative05:50
allquixoticand are happy with that05:50
wgrantallquixotic: It's not easy to revert some of the changes, though.05:50
* vish has a hard time understanding wgrant , if he is supporting the meritocracy or refuting it ;p05:50
wgranteg. the tooltip change.05:50
Dr_Willisvish:  Yes.. :)05:50
bazhangvish not added that factoid yet05:50
wgrantvish: A meritocracy is good. Except deciding who has the most merit is awkward, and not working in the Ubuntu case.05:50
vishwgrant: +105:50
allquixoticwgrant: then groups of people who think the changes should be reverted should come up with an easy way of doing so for those who are less technically minded05:51
vishbazhang: could you plz poke someone to add it?05:51
wgrantallquixotic: We'd need to revert dozens of packages.05:51
vishbazhang: seems !buttons is taken , maybe !titlebuttons05:51
allquixoticdozens of packages for a tooltip change?05:51
copproI'd appreciate if the Ubuntu devs held votes on whether users would like to see a given change.05:51
copproAlso, what tooltip change?05:51
allquixoticwhat tooltips in particular are you talking about?05:51
wgrantVotes are not useful.05:51
vishcoppro: no votes :s05:51
wgrantTooltips on notification area icons.05:51
copprovish: that's my complaint!05:52
* vish misses the tooltpis :(05:52
allquixoticyeah, the tooltips for Rhythmbox _are_ gone, aren't they?05:52
allquixoticbut Pidgin's are still there :)05:52
vishallquixotic: gone05:52
allquixoticheck, even networkmanager's tooltip is still there05:52
vishcoppro: votes are highly biased  , only those who mostly care to vote , vote and those who are caring to vote are the ones against the changes ;)05:53
wgrantallquixotic: NM's is a bug, though.05:53
wgrantallquixotic: There just wasn't enough time to migrate it to the new system.05:53
vishwgrant: allquixotic: nm , is not part of the app indicators05:53
allquixoticwgrant: as in, the tooltip is going to get removed?05:53
wgrantIt is scheduled for killing in Lucid+1.05:53
wgrantallquixotic: Yes.05:53
allquixoticah, cool, I get to enjoy my nm tooltips in Lucid then05:53
* allquixotic does a dance05:53
copprovish: There are ways around that (such as forcing users to vote on a large number of issues at once); any vote has issues, but surely a vote is better than the Word of God?05:54
allquixoticoh well, I'll just be recompiling a lot of things in Lucid+1... I make my own custom rhythmbox (because I develop my own in-tree plugin for it that Ubuntu won't ship) already05:54
vishcoppro: the better way is taking the second advice of a non-canonical employee ;)  not votes though05:54
vishsecond advice from an usability expert*05:55
allquixoticyou know what they say, though. may the best distro win. if Fedora does it better, maybe they'll make it on top someday. distros are free to fail every bit as much as they are free to succeed.05:55
* coppro just weathers the storm over here in KDEland05:56
Traveler9allquixotic, just did update-manager -d, i now see the "nuw ubuntu relase '10.04' is available, and an upgrade button next to it, obviously i have to click that one, right? p05:57
allquixoticTraveler9: yes05:57
Dr_Williskde 4.4 has gotten MUCH better then when kde4 first came out..its very nice now a days05:58
Traveler9okay, crossing my fingers for not having a borked system :p05:58
drizzt_Traveler9, don't do this its buggu a s a c*p05:58
copproIt's improved a lot, but I never saw KDE 4.0 as being as unusable as some complained05:58
Traveler9drizzt_: the iso installation hangs, so this is my only option remaining05:58
copprospeaking of which, anyone here on Kubuntu?05:58
vishwgrant: seems yesterday's bug is still happening ?  > http://www.roaksoax.com/2010/03/data-loss-after-update06:00
Dr_Willisthe easrly versions - i had way to many issues with06:00
wgrantvish: I saw that, but it looks unrelated.06:00
Dr_Willisusing kde netboon on the Netbook i got.06:00
vishah , cool06:00
Dr_Willistesting out E17 right now06:00
DanaGwhat is that opendesktop thingy on kde netbook?06:00
wgrantI've grepped the archive a couple of times, and there are no more broken .desktop files.06:00
DanaGit shows people in Los Angeles as "nearby" -- that's 200 miles or so away.06:00
Traveler9must be bad tracerouting :p06:01
underdevhey cononical, in case you read this, i am actually crying06:03
underdevyou had a shot to make the 3rd major desktop OS06:04
underdevand you are becoming just another distro06:04
underdevi had high hopes.  I really did.  When everyone at my Clojure meetup had a mac, i could tell them as of karmic, i didn't even envy them anymore06:05
underdevand i meant it06:05
vish!who | underdev06:06
ubottuunderdev: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:06
underdev"Hey Cononical..."06:06
vishunderdev: well , mostly ubuntu community here :)06:07
nightsjammieshell all06:07
underdevi know, i know, i have no voice, i can effect no change.  I'm an american, and i'm getting used to it.06:07
nightsjammieshas anyone else in here tried installing the rhythmbox video plugin?06:08
vishnightsjammies: "video" ? is this something new?06:09
nightsjammiesI'm trying to get that to work06:09
nightsjammiesand I've followed all of the directions there, but I cannot get the video sub-headings to show up. Unless, do I need to reboot?06:10
kwiersoso yeah06:13
kwiersofinally got GDM to display06:13
kwiersohad to install that new fglrx driver06:14
kwiersothe display manager06:14
abhinavnightsjammies: Few questions : 1. Did this work in karmic (or an earlier release of ubuntu) ? 2. Any log files which might have something interesting ?06:14
abhinavkwierso: which driver did you use ?06:14
kwiersopreviously, I would boot up, and my screen would show nothing06:14
nightsjammiesUmm, I just came across it tonight. And where do I look for the log files?06:15
kwiersoa new one that was in launchpad06:15
nightsjammiesthe log viewer, or terminal?06:15
kwiersodon't know if it's out in a repository yet06:15
abhinavkwierso: Also, are you running compiz ? Is that working ?06:15
kwiersoI've turned on "extra" effects06:15
kwiersohaving installed compiz yet06:15
kwiersogah, I'm tired06:16
abhinavkwierso: Ok. I haven't been able to get compiz running with the fglrx drivers (updated last night) :(06:16
nightsjammiesand just out of curiousity, how would I go about opening up an .so file?06:16
drizzt_how the app is called which adds new keyboard layout indicator?06:17
abhinavnightsjammies: .so can't be "opened" as a text file, it is a compiled binary in most cases. The app which adds keyboard layout is SCIM, IIRC ?06:18
nightsjammiesUnder system> preferences06:18
DanaGabhinav: sudo update-alternatives --config gl_conf06:18
nightsjammiesSo is it possible to run the .so file as a program then?06:18
DanaG.so is shared object -- like dll is in Windows.06:19
nightsjammiesbecause I d/l'ed libvisualizer.so, but I can't do anything with it.06:19
abhinavnightsjammies: It is used *by* one or more programs06:19
abhinavDanaG: Isn't that for nvidia ? I am on an ATI radeon 4200 (IGP) card06:20
DanaGno, they've made fglrx use alternatives, too.06:21
nightsjammiesso then I'll try and reboot then, just to see what happens.06:21
DanaGwait... you sure you have fglrx installed?06:21
DanaGlooks like it's not, to me.06:22
DanaGanyway, time for me to go off towards bed.06:22
DanaGSat Mar 20 23:22:24 PDT 201006:22
abhinavDanaG: hmm .. I did.. from albertomilone-proprietary-video-improvements-lucid.list (fglrx package)06:23
Dr_Willisone normally doesnt just download .so files06:23
Dr_Willisthey getincluded as part of other packages06:24
nightsjammiesanyone know what desktopcouch-service is?06:25
drizzt_i have nothing like SCIM running06:25
drizzt_how the app is called which adds new keyboard layout indicator?06:25
nightsjammiesdid you try what I said drizzt?06:27
drizzt_nightsjammies, what did you said?06:27
nightsjammiessystem> preferences> keyboard06:28
nightsjammiesthen click on the layout tab06:29
nightsjammiesdamnit, the new window closeout x is a pain to get used to..06:30
drizzt_nightsjammies, that app is gnome-keyboard-properties and its not running but indicator still present06:30
nightsjammiesokay. Thats the only one I know about.06:30
nightsjammiesare you talking about something to let you switch layouts?06:31
abhinavSo what's the new package name for the ATI proprietary drivers ? Does anyone have it working with Lucid ?06:31
drizzt_no i want to know the name of the process which shows keyboard indicator on notification area06:32
nightsjammiesoh. no idea then06:32
kwiersoI'm running ATI proprietary drivers06:32
kwiersoalthough Jockey says I'm not06:32
nightsjammiesI do know that I have an 'USA' in my notification area that allows me to switch between us and us alternative international06:33
abhinavkwierso: which package ? All the fglrx-* I have have unmet dependencies or no installation candidate :(06:33
nightsjammieswhatś jockey?06:33
kwiersojockey's the hardware drivers software06:33
kwiersoabhinav, I installed it from a launchpad.net build06:33
kwiersolemme try to track it down06:34
abhinavkwierso: I see this in lsmod | grep fg : fglrx                2352686  0 . This means I'm also using the prop drivers, right ?06:34
kwiersolsmod shows fglrx 2352686  39 for me06:35
kwiersoare you using i386 or amd64?06:35
Dr_Willisthe 39 i thought is somthing with how many other things are using that modiule06:36
kwiersotry to install these two packages: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/2:8.721-0ubuntu3/+build/1570405/+files/fglrx_8.721-0ubuntu3_amd64.deb06:36
kwiersoThey probably depend on some libqt stuff06:36
kwiersobut you're already in a much better situation than I was when trying to install fglrx06:37
abhinav:) I got one installed (package fglrx) from a 2rd party ppa - but didn't solve the compiz problem so I removed it06:37
copprohey, with mp32ogg gone, what should I use to convert instead?06:38
abhinavmaybe the drivers and the compiz issue are independent. I am now downloading the drivers from ATI's website.06:38
kwiersoATI website's aren't compatible with Lucid's kernel, last I checked06:39
abhinavkwierso: ok. I'll try the links you have sent (I think these were the ones I tried yesterday, or atleast from the same author). It showed up as "firegl" under jockey.06:40
kwiersothese were uploaded earlier today, I think06:40
abhinavyesterday/today depends on your timezone ;) I meant around 8-10 hrs ago06:41
kwiersoyeah, these were uploaded 12 hours ago06:41
frybyejust for information - the 10.4 beta 1 64bit just shot my win7 installation to hell and back - the changing partitions stage never ended - there was NO hardisk activity - i cold shutdown the system and then it reported "no operating system" thank goodness I had a complete image...06:41
vish I'm not able to removed purge this package via synaptic i get the error > E: linux-backports-modules-nouveau-2.6.32-13-generic: subprocess installed post-removal script returned error exit status 1      , how do i completely remove it?06:42
kwiersoI did have to run "aticonfig --initial" and "aticonfig --acpi-services=off" after installing them to get them to work06:43
kwiersobut I *DO* have Compiz working06:43
kwiersojust drew fire on my screen06:43
copproAnyone here on Kubuntu?06:46
copproDr_Willis: does Amarok crash for you?06:51
Dr_Willisive not triedit.06:51
copprocould you please? I'd like to be sure I'm not crazy06:52
Dr_Willisseems to work here06:53
Consul_Falxhello folks06:53
Dr_Willisi got no Muzak to play06:53
Consul_FalxDr_Willis: greetings06:53
drizzt_vish, you cannot06:53
drizzt_vish, you need to edit /var/lib/dpkg/status to fool your system that that package is not installed06:55
copproDr_Willis: Okay, thanks; the crash is on startup for me06:56
* vish checks dpkg06:56
wgrantdrizzt_: Not quite.06:56
wgrantvish: What is the error message before that?06:56
vishwgrant: FATAL : Could not open '/boot/System.map-2.6.32-13-generic' : No such file or directory06:58
vishit was an old kernel i had purged06:58
wgrantvish: touch that and try again.06:58
wgrantIf that still doesn't work, we'll poke another couple of places and fix it, rather than editing the status file manually.06:59
Nagatohello. can anybody help me to install sk98lin driver?07:03
vishwgrant: \o/ worked , had to touch that and another /lib/modules/2.6.32-13-generic  [even having it as file instead of a folder worked :D ]07:04
vishthanks :)07:04
wgrantvish: Excellent. Had that not worked, you could have altered /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-backports-modules-nouveau-2.6.32-13-generic.postinst to not fail.07:05
wgrant(that's not nice, but it's nicer than editing /var/lib/dpkg/status manually)07:05
* vish takes note for future ..07:06
wgrantEr, s/postinst/postrm/ in this case.07:06
vishooh , dpkg/info has nearly 8,000 files o.007:07
wgrantvish: It's all the file lists and scripts for every package on your system.07:11
vishyeah.. was funny seeing nautilus freak out for a bit ;)07:11
coppromine has 733607:12
ongolaBoyhi.I couldn't download 34 files from repositories when I'm using jigdo.Are there issues with this process ?07:12
frybyeHi - where can I find a ubuntu 10.4 64bit.vdi ??07:12
vishfrybye: there are no .vdi , they are virtual box files07:13
frybyevish - eh doooh - that is exactly what I AM looking for the virtual box image of 10.407:13
vishfrybye: you dont have that for download.. you get the .vdi once you install from iso ;)07:14
frybyeI just installed virtual box and it seems to want a *vdi and not an *.iso - I only have the iso...07:14
Dr_Willistime to read the vbox docs07:14
wgrantongolaBoy: That's normal, unfortunately. Once we release the beta and start updating packages again, the old packages disappear.07:14
Dr_Willisit can easially use .iso files to boot/install from07:15
wgrantongolaBoy: You'll need to use rsync (or perhaps BitTorrent) to fetch the missing pieces of the image.07:15
frybyevish that is what I thought but it seems only to offer using  a vdi and I cant find a way to installl the iso...?07:15
Dr_Willisyou tell vbox to  use theiso as a cd drive07:15
Dr_Willisand boot.07:15
ongolaBoywgrant: ok, thanks for your advice07:15
frybyedo i have to use a cd of 10.4 or can it boot from the iso file on the harddisk??07:15
Dr_WillisYOU CAN boot an iso file07:16
Dr_Willisits rather simple.07:16
vishfrybye: no , you *can* install/boot from iso and use in the virtual box07:16
frybyeDr. Willis - where is that feature in the virtual box menus pse.. not been able to find it...07:16
artinstartinctrl alt t is not bringing up the console in lucid lynx, how can i fix the uprade bug?07:16
Dr_Willisfrybye:  time to check the vbox docs. its ritht there on the settings tabs.07:16
wgrantartinstartin: Try just plain Alt+T?07:17
Dr_Willismake a new vm, make a hd.. point the cd virtual drive tobe an iso file07:17
frybyeok I will go look again... eh do I need to create a disk first?07:17
ongolaBoyI don't know the process by the way... How can I reuse my ubuntu*.tmp file to fetch last packages with rsync ?07:17
Dr_WillisYou can add a cd to an existing made vm if you want. .its not hard.07:17
frybyeto creat a disk it is asking for a *.vdi file...?07:17
artinstartinwgrant:i think i tried everything already. should i reboot and try again or is there another option?07:17
Dr_Willisits so simple to make it boot aniso..youwill slap yourself once youfind the setting07:17
frybyeit offers to set up karmic but I am after 10.407:18
vishfrybye: use the "New" toolbar button and it will lead you through the process07:18
wgrantartinstartin: If Alt+T doesn't work, switch to a text terminal (Ctrl+Alt+F1), log in, run 'DISPLAY=:0 gnome-terminal', and switch back to X (Ctrl+Alt+F7)07:18
wgrantartinstartin: You should have a terminal there waiting for you.07:18
artinstartinnow you're talking107:19
frybyeok sure that is what I have done but I always end up at where it wants me to select a vdi not a iso07:19
Dr_WillisYou are in teh wrong area then07:19
vishfrybye: where is that you get asked that?07:19
Dr_Willislook in themenus.. theres a 'mount iso' or somthing setting also07:19
Dr_Willisor check the docs.. they got a good manual for vurtialbox07:19
frybyewhen I go to new - it then offers a number of windows with at the end of the selection the vdi question but let me go figure a bit more - see you in a bit...07:20
Dr_WillisMake a HD.. then in the SETTINGS for that VM you set the optical drive to USE an iso file07:20
artinstartinwgrant: thank you very much07:20
frybyeI was of course already in the manual but there it all seemded to point to using a vdi also - let me go figure... till then brb07:20
wgrantartinstartin: Did it work?07:20
vishfrybye: you want to install windows or Ubuntu in the virtual box?07:21
frybyeDr_w - when trying to make a hd it demands a vdi07:21
frybyeI am running win7 as host and want to install 10.4 as guest in vb07:21
Dr_Willisfrybye:  you make an empty hard drive.. you tell it to use the iso for the optical drive.. it boots from theiso.. you do the install07:22
vishfrybye: you have to select "Create New Hard Disk"07:22
Dr_WillisYou are making it way too hard. :)07:22
vishfrybye: once that is done you can use the iso07:22
frybyehang on ... brb07:22
Dr_WillisYou will come back and say.. DANG that was SOOO simple. :)07:22
* ongolaBoy has find why he was stucked... :) dumb question He asked previously07:22
vishDr_Willis: seems he was trying with the "Use existing Hard disk" and obviously only .vdi /img are offered ;)07:23
Dr_Willislat i chwecked - vbox had a startup/make new VM wizard07:24
wgrantIt does, yes... it's pretty obvious.07:24
vishyeah , it is quite simple :)07:24
* wgrant rejoices at the return of the scrolly volume icon.07:24
Dr_WillisHit next a few times.. hit start...07:25
Dr_WillisIt then aks about an iso or cd...07:25
vishwhere ,where.. scrolly volume not working here :(07:25
wgrantYou need indicator-sound 0.2.1-0ubuntu107:26
wgrantIt appeared a couple of hours before the world began to end, yesterday morning.07:26
wgrantSo if you system broke, you should have it.07:27
vishhmm ,i have it.. i might need to restart the indicator07:27
wgrantYeah, maybe.07:27
Dr_WillisI bet he dosent see that little folder/green arrow icon :) to tell it to use an iso file.07:27
=== Nagato is now known as Nagato-Pain
=== Nagato-Pain is now known as Aidar-Nagato
vishwhy does it take time for a new kernel to appear in the updates?  even though it appears in the Lucid changes rss feeds?  is it the time to get NEWed?07:31
vishs/to appear/to be offered07:31
wgrantIf it's got a new ABI, it does need to be binary NEWed.07:32
wgrantWhich is only likely to happen on weekdays.07:32
XyverzHey folks. For the life of me, I'm unable to make lucid actually start eth0 without adding `/sbin/dhclient eth0` to my /etc/rc.local file.07:32
vishah ,gotcha07:32
XyverzI'm running lucid under vbox, and it works fine once I dhclient eth0... any ideas how to make this sucker actually start the network after booting?07:33
Xyverz(without the kludgery of adding it to rc.local?)07:33
Dr_Willisnot ttried lucid in vbox yet.07:33
Dr_Willisi never had to do that for other ubuntu releSes however07:34
Dr_Willisi wonder if the networking service is starting too soon/fast?07:34
XyverzI've not had to do it for any other releases either - either native, under vmware OR vbox.07:34
Xyverzgood question07:34
vishnetworking worked out of the box for me in Vbox07:36
XyverzI think it worked okay when I did the initial install... (of lucid) but after upgrading a few times (dist-upgrade) it requires a nudge.07:37
Xyverzat what point does networking usually get started?  I'm not seeing the link to the networking startup script in /etc/rc2.d07:38
Dr_WillisErr.. Upstart is used now07:38
Dr_Willisthe rcXXXX stuff is getting slowly phased out07:39
Dr_Willis see /etc/init07:39
Dr_WillisNo ideahow to move/delay networking.. ;) but it could beits waiting for somthing else...07:39
Dr_Willistheres getting to be less and less in /etc/rc2.d with each release07:40
Xyverzok, I've found the /etc/init/network-interface.conf file... looks like it uses net-device-added event. Where do I configure that? For some reason, it's not starting the eth0 device for me. I have a feeling it's just unaware that the device exists...07:45
XyverzI *do* have it configured in /etc/network/interfaces07:46
=== Xyverz is now known as XyverzAFK
XyverzAFKhmm.  for now I'll live with my /etc/rc.local kludgery... this *is* a beta release after all. ;-)07:49
zzz_I just installed the latest updates, and still cannot access my NAS drive. I get a message 'Opening "NASname"', and cpu goes to 100%. Canceling requires "gvfsd-smb-browse" be deleted manually to reduce cpu usage each time.07:51
rskzzz_ got a  bug # ?07:52
Dr_Willisnas drive isusing samba ?07:56
zzz_rsk: I'm not good at that, but I think it might be bugzilla #611584, which I found from another bug report "similar" to my problem which I think was referred from a launchpad bug #369194. I'm not very good at understanding bug reports.07:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 369194 in gvfs "gvfsd-smb hangs at 100% cpu when remote share goes offline while copying a file" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36919407:56
zzz_Dr_Willis: I think that's what it uses. Everything pretty much worked without me having to understand why initially.07:58
Dr_Willisyou could just mount the share manually07:59
Dr_Willisive alsyas foind the gnome file manager gvfs stuff flakey with samba08:00
zzz_Dr_Willis: To even begin access I had to reinstall "gvs-backends", and I don't know how to mount it manually. I've googled extensively, but found no other way to mount other than through the home folder using "go" and "Network".08:03
Dr_WillisYou havent looked very hard then. :)08:04
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.08:04
Dr_Willissee furst url there.08:04
Dr_Willisadd proper entry to fstab.  it will get mounted at boot08:04
Dr_Willisof course if the fileserver goes down in Mid copy of a file.. well.. thats not good08:04
Dr_Willisalso check out the smbmount command.  and in fact theres the fuse tools that can do samba also.08:05
Dr_Willisbut ive not used those in some time08:05
zzz_Dr_Willis: I just checked synaptic on a good and the bad systems, and found "Samba" installed on the good one and not on the bad one. I just installed Samba on the bad one and can now access the NAS drive. I guess Samba was deleted during the upgrade?08:11
Dr_Willisthat would be weird.08:12
Dr_Willisgiven that its a common service.. id think someone would notice that real fast08:12
zzz_Dr_Willis: Also, now "gvs-smb-browse" is running but showing no cpu time.08:14
zzz_Dr_Willis: During the upgrade to 10.04 I noticed it claiming that a number of files would be deleted, and I think some that I've had to install were on that list. Is there a record somewhere on the system that contains a list of all the files 10.04 deleted that I could use to compare to a working system to see if there are others I should install manually?08:17
Dr_Willisi rarely do upgrades.. so ive never noticed08:18
frybyere: it has been ages since I used linux - pse remind me (in 10.4 in a vbox) how I access the virtual cd rom from the terminal?08:18
Dr_Willisfrybye:  you mean IN teh os running on  vbox ?08:19
frybyethe v-cdrom is mounted08:19
Dr_Willisthen you access it as you would a real cd. /media/cdrom or whatever.08:19
frybyeright Dtr_W08:19
Dr_Willisso its in thefile manager, or /media/cdrom08:19
frybyeI have just forgotten my linux commands...08:19
=== Hellow is now known as dtab
Dr_Willisls /media/cdrom08:20
=== dtab is now known as Hellow
frybyewell i can access it with double-clicking the icon on the desktop but I need to run the "install linux additions" in sudo mode and so want to access via the terminal to do that...08:20
frybyeis all very basic stuff but I have just forgotten how to do it - been 6+ months since I used ubuntu last...08:21
Dr_Willisthey are in /media/cdrom08:21
frybyeand I am an old fart who forgets stuff..08:21
Dr_Willisor drag/drop them to your desktop or home08:21
frybyeok thanks...08:21
Dr_Willisand they MIGHT allready be in teh repositories08:21
Dr_Willissee the virtualbox guest packages08:22
Dr_Willisvirtualbox-guest-additions - guest additions iso image for VirtualBox08:22
Dr_Willisvirtualbox-ose-guest-x11 - x86 virtualization solution - X11 guest utiliti08:22
Dr_Willisor run them from the cd.08:22
frybyewhen doing a cd /media/cdrom it says - no such etc etc...08:22
Dr_Willislook whats there.. check spelling08:23
Dr_Willisor... drag/drop them to the desktop08:23
Dr_Willisand access them from the Desktop Dir08:23
frybyei cam access them in the gui with the file manager but dont know how to execute as sudo...?08:23
Dr_Willissudo command08:23
frybyein the gui there is nowhere to use a command ... eh I am not being understood here or not explaining myself well...08:24
Dr_WillisCOPY everything from the CD to your Desktop08:24
Dr_Willisthe cd Desktop08:24
Dr_Willisand run the stuff08:24
Dr_Willisthen you dont have to worry about the cd. :)08:24
Dr_Willisin terminal ->  sudo ./what4ever.sh    once you are in the riht location08:25
frybyein the terminal i see "Desktop" listed when doing "ls" but on doing cd /Desktop it doesent find it...08:28
Dr_Willistime tolearn some bash basics.. and how /Desktop differer from 'Desktop'08:28
Dr_Willis /Desktop is a full path and NOT the same as Desktop In the current Dir08:28
Dr_Willis /home/username/Desktop    vs /Desktop08:29
frybyeright I just rememberd that - have it now - that was where I was going wrong all along... thanks now I have it - that was the summ of all my problems... i think... brb08:29
frybyeok got them installed apparently - still dont know how to get the actuall ubunto window itself to full screen instead of a small ubuntu in a big black full screen... eh do i have to restart to get the guest additions working??08:34
ddecatorin vbox?08:34
frybyeDr_Willis: <-- has been helping so far... anyhows...08:35
ddecatori had that too before i upgraded, never did figure it out...sorry =\08:35
frybyeyeah I think I just have to restart the ubuntu in the vbox for the additions to work - the real full screen thing is part of the additions if I remember rightly...08:35
ddecatori believe so08:36
Dr_WillisYouinstall the guest addations. then need to restart the virtual machine08:37
Dr_WillisThe guest addons add several features08:38
Dr_WillisBetter res, auto-grabbing/release, vbox 'share' feature. and a few other things08:38
ddecatorthey didn't work with me for karmic, but hopefully they work better now =)08:39
Dr_Willisi tend to  use vbox in ubuntu - to run other disrtos :)08:40
ddecatori used it to test different ubuntu flavors and versions for bug testing =)08:43
Dr_Willisiuse it to test out live cds08:43
frybyehave not found a way to improve the resoloution setting....?08:45
Dr_Willistry the res tool I guess. Or check the xorg.conf  the thingshould be using a different video driver now08:46
Damascenewhat are the scanner tool in lucid?08:46
frybyeit is offering only 800 x 640 (VGA!)08:46
Dr_WillisI rarely run ubuntu IN virtualbox - so cant really tell the details08:46
Dr_Willisfrybye:  sounds like the guest addons dident isntall properly then.08:46
Dr_Willisfrybye:  does the mouse grab auto-release now?08:47
ubottuScanning software: XSane, the GIMP (GNOME), Kooka (KDE). For instructions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo and to see supported hardware: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsScanners - See also !OCR08:47
frybyehmm - thats a point - no it dosen't so I supposed the additions are NOT installed??08:48
frybyeor just now running?08:48
frybyee e e not running I mean....08:48
Damascenethanks Dr_Willis08:48
Damascenesimple scan is working :)08:49
Damascenegraphic >> simple scan08:50
Dr_Willisfrybye:  id say they are not working then. Or not installed08:51
MindVirusCould someone hook me up with their sources.list? I accidentally deleted it.08:53
Dr_Williswillis@server:~$ pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list08:54
MindVirusDr_Willis: Thanks. :)08:59
laumoniersomeone knows if there is a possibility to directly upgrade my ubuntu version (karmic) or i have to reinstall lucid linx???09:10
rwwlaumonier: upgrade from karmic to lucid, you mean?09:10
copproupdate-manager -d09:11
laumonieri write that in the console?09:11
laumonierok thank you for the command but09:12
laumonierit say this is still alpha version09:13
kermiachey ppl :) anyone tried to install lucid onto a 2GB usb stick? karmic used to work, but lucid is stating it needs 2.3 (or so) GB. Anyone else seen this?09:13
laumonieris it true because i want the beta not the alpha09:13
rwwlaumonier: the designations "alpha#" and "beta#" are just milestones in the Lucid update stream. If you do update-manager -d, it'll download the latest lucid packages, and you'll thus be running a beta1 system.09:16
laumonierok thank you09:16
=== kermiac is now known as kermiac_
zzillezzi can't mount any drives in kubuntu lucid beta 1 ?09:27
Dr_WillisYou tryed with themount command? Clarify the problem09:32
zzillezzcan't mount any drives in Dolphin09:32
zzillezzmy windows partitions for example09:33
Dr_Willistry with the mount command?09:33
zzillezzthat works yes09:33
Dr_Willisactually - i used teh ntfs-config command and made fstab entries for my windows disks09:33
zzillezzit also worked in previous alpha releases09:33
zzillezznot really cool for a 'beta' release ...09:33
zzillezzhmm, seems like it's a known issue09:34
ubottuUbuntu bug 528907 in kdebase "unable to mount disks in dolphin / hal permission denied" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:34
wgrantzzillezz: Betas are meant to be buggy...09:35
wgrantGoogle has just been lying to you.09:35
zzillezza bug like that would be expected in an alpha release, not in a beta release09:36
wgrantYou seem to have very arbitrary definitions.09:36
Dr_Willistechnically this is 'alpha 4' they just dcided to call it beta 109:36
zzillezzthe kubuntu site asks for lots of new users to try out the beta09:36
Dr_Willisthey skipped the name alpha 4 - to try to get more people using the stuff earlier09:37
Dr_Willisthe name alpha or beta.. mean very little09:37
zzillezzand 'lots of users' won't be able to mount their drives and think kubuntu is crap :-)09:37
wgrantIf you judge a piece of software as crap when it is in a real beta stage, you are a fool.09:37
Dr_Willisfile a bug, confifrm the bug help them debug.. thats the point of the whole alpha/beta/gamma/delta system09:37
* Dr_Willis agrees with wgrant09:38
zzillezzi don't think kubuntu is crap, not at all, why would i be using the prereleases then? :-)09:38
Dr_Willisbut ive seen TOOO many people with with the wrong idea in here the last few days09:38
zzillezzi just hope the bug gets fixed soon09:38
=== Blizzzek is now known as Blizzz
laumonierim not agree with you a beta version is reliable even if there are still some bugs.....09:47
czrhi there. would it be possible to get one small patch from 2.6.33 into the lucid kernel? It would be enable the embedded NIC to work in hp mini 5102. Now, the embedded WLAN isn't recognized either, that requires restricted drivers.10:18
czrjust asking what the proper way to request for this would be?10:18
czr(this is the change required: http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git;a=commitdiff;h=0f5aac7070a01ec757ed243febe4fff7c944c4d2 )10:20
Ian_Cornehmm, I'd guess a bug-report would be one way10:20
Ian_CorneBut i'm not sure it is possible10:21
Ian_Cornekernelfreeze was 11th of march10:21
czryeah. which was what I was thinking of10:21
czrbut it will be sad that lucid won't support any of these netbooks then.10:21
czrat least wired support would help, one can probably live with missing WLAN support until installation is completed10:21
Consul_Falxhello folks10:24
Consul_Falxplease, I have just fresh-installed Kubuntu Lucid amd64 on a centrino1duo machine ... my videocard is ati radeon mobility X145010:25
Consul_Falxfirst, my video output is distracted since the very beginning of the installation process ...10:25
Ian_Corneczr: I think it could be patched in tho, I seem to recall that they would backport changes10:25
czrIan_Corne, right. I guess filing a bug against the lucid kernel would be the correct way?10:26
Ian_CorneI think so10:26
Consul_Falxsecond, plasma notification applet doesn't catch pidgin echos ...10:26
czrshould I use milestone beta1 for this?10:26
Consul_Falxand third, KWin is way too slow, but works10:26
Ian_Corne /join ubuntu-kernel10:26
czrIan_Corne, thanks10:26
knittlhi guys10:27
knittli have two packages on hold for weeks now10:27
knittldist-upgrade won't install them either10:27
Ian_Corneaptitude full-upgrade ?10:27
Ian_Cornebe careful tho10:27
Consul_Falxplease, anyone to attend my video issue?10:27
knittlIan_Corne: oh, cool10:28
Ian_CorneConsul_Falx: I'm sorry, not running ati 64 bit kubuntu10:28
knittlit will remove libparted-2.1-0 and 1.8-1210:28
knittlbut install libparted010:28
knittlis that safe?10:28
rwwknittl: yes10:28
Consul_FalxIan_Corne: is there a simple way how to detect how my videocard is doing?10:28
knittlgreat. thanks :)10:29
Consul_Falx3D acc, direct rendering, display method etc... ?10:29
Ian_Cornedid you install the ati drivers?10:29
Ian_Corneglxinfo gives information10:29
Consul_FalxIan_Corne: I'm on defaults right now10:29
Ian_Corneglxinfo | grep direct10:29
Ian_Cornedirect rendering: Yes10:29
Consul_Falxvu@ethereal-laptop:~$ glxinfo | grep direct10:30
Consul_FalxProgram 'glxinfo' nie je momentálne nainštalovaný.  Môžete ho nainštalovať zadaním:10:30
Consul_Falxsudo apt-get install mesa-utils10:30
Consul_Falxsounds like not there10:30
Ian_Cornewell, add mesa-utils then :)10:31
Consul_FalxIan_Corne: I'm slightly concerned about adding new things to this (obviously yet rather unstable) distro10:32
Consul_Falxbecause I don't know what are their purposes and effects10:33
* Consul_Falx is a fan, but definitely not IT positive -.-10:33
Consul_Falxcortex|sk: zdravim :)10:33
Consul_FalxIan_Corne: direct rendering obviously works10:34
Ian_Cornewell then that works :p10:35
Consul_Falxwhat is at risk of not working actually?10:35
Ian_CorneI don't know10:35
Ian_CorneWell, your gfx card driver steers the fans to that card probably10:36
Ian_Corneso that would be at risk :p10:36
Ian_Cornebut what is actually your problem?10:36
Consul_Falxa distracted video output10:37
Consul_Falxlike *snow* in old TVs10:37
Aidar-Nagatohow to check, does kernell support my ethernet controller on not?10:39
dupondjeAidar-Nagato: you have connection? you can also see with lspci -vv, it should show your ethernet controller, and the driver its using for it10:45
dupondjeor dmesg |grep eth10:45
* Consul_Falx tries EXA, if survived, am right back10:47
czrIan_Corne, reported the issue via a bugreport, ubuntu-kernel was silent.10:48
Consul_Falxah, I don't have xorg.conf10:49
Consul_Falxwhere can I then configure the display method?10:49
Ian_Corneyou shouldn't need one10:49
Ian_Corneczr: it's sunday morning :p10:50
czrIan_Corne, I demand 24/7 service! :-)10:50
czrwell, it's a low priority issue for me now. although NIC support would be nice (WLAN is just so slow :-)10:50
czrit's been many years since I've tried to install linux (any distro) on new hw. I normally at least wait for some 6-9 months before attempting.10:51
Consul_FalxIan_Corne: could you please tell me how to change the method from xaa to exa?10:54
Ian_CorneI don't know, sorry10:54
Ian_CorneI'd have to look it up10:54
dupondjeConsul_Falx: xorg.conf10:57
dupondjeadd:     Option "AccelMethod" "exa"10:57
Consul_Falxdupondje: I don't have any10:58
dupondjein /etc/X11/ ?10:59
kholerabbiHi, is it possible to upgrade from ubuntu 9.04 (jaunty) to the beta release?11:00
dupondjekholerabbi: ofcourse :) update-manager -d11:01
kholerabbidupondje: thanks :)11:01
leniosit works from 9.04?11:01
lenioshmm, update-manager -d will show a new version anyway, not sure which one11:02
kholerabbioh, wait, I will be using the alternate cd not a network11:02
kholerabbi.. right, I think it shows karmic11:02
kholerabbiI imagine I can upgrade to karmic and then to lucid but was wondering if I could just go straight to lucid11:03
Aidar-Nagatodupondje: lspci -vv shows my eth controller, but there is no driver or modules11:03
lenioskholerabbi, i don't think it's supported11:04
kholerabbiright.. I guess with all the grub/gdm/etc changes it's probavly best to clean install. Thanks for the chat :)11:04
kholerabbione last thing.. was thinking to install the beta on friend's machine. I know it's officially not for production use, but how stable are people finding it?11:06
Dr_Willisworks ok.. untill a update breaks the systems :)11:11
dupondjerunning it since alpha 111:12
dupondjeonly once really broke the bootup :) so its not bad :)11:13
czrkholerabbi, there might be some issues installing it as well :-).11:13
Dr_Williscompared to some of the things that happened last reelase.. this one has been smooth11:13
czrso it all depends on how willing to fix your friends system if the system doesn't work as expected?11:13
Dr_WillisThe broken gnome on Upgrade when Beta 1 came out.. was a big boooboo11:13
kholerabbiyeah... hmm. I could disable upgrades :)11:14
Fudgewhere do the bugs for the beta get posted?11:19
abhinav!launchpad | Fudge11:20
ubottuFudge: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/11:20
Fudgethank you11:20
Consul_Falxwell, I definitely need to configure xserver11:21
Consul_Falxwhere can I do that in lucid?11:21
abhinavConsul_Falx: what do you need to configure ?11:24
Consul_Falxabhinav: display method, refresh rate and maybe some other things later on11:26
monkey_dustslight inconvenience: the WEP key is not remembered11:32
dupondjeit should be :)11:34
dupondjeAidar-Nagato: what does dmesg |grep eth say ? and can you give output of lspci -vvv in pastebin ?11:34
dupondjesudo lspci -vvv :)11:34
dupondje!pastebin Aidar-Nagato11:34
dupondje!pastebin | Aidar-Nagato11:35
ubottuAidar-Nagato: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:35
Ian_Corneapt-get install pastebinit11:35
Ian_Cornelspci -vvv | pastebinit11:35
czrah, that's nice. I've often thought of writing a tool for that :-)11:37
dupondjeIan_Corne: there is a tool or what to pastebin it directly ? :p11:37
Aidar-Nagatodupondje: dmesg | grep -i eth shows only bluetooth11:41
Aidar-Nagatodupondje: http://paste.ubuntu.com/398727/11:44
dupondjeseems like your wlan is supported11:45
dupondjebut the network card indeed not :(11:45
almoxarifecan someone tell me how to get the sound applet back on the desktop titlebar, I have sound11:47
dupondjeIan_Corne: its the same nic as czr was spamming about :)11:47
dupondjemaby it would be nice to include it indeed if so many people are asking for it11:48
czrah, indeed.11:48
czrI also found out that some newer sony vaios use the same nic11:48
czrI added all crossrefs that I could found on the kernel bug that I submitted so that at least search engines could correlate something11:48
dupondjewhat bug nr ? :)11:49
Ian_Cornedupondje: yeah,11:49
czrdupondje, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/54331411:49
ubottuUbuntu bug 543314 in linux "no connectivity (WLAN or LAN) with HP mini 5102 (netbook)" [Undecided,New]11:49
czrdupondje, there's no clean solution for the NIC issue though at the moment. it would require small changes from 2.6.33 kernel being ported back to 2.6.32 that is used in lucid.11:50
dupondjewell thats a quite 'clean' solution11:51
dupondjethere IS a patch already in kernel, we don't have to produce it ourself :)11:51
Apache-33i heard that there is already lucid beta tried alpha2 and alpha3 didnt work with my ati card does beta work or still not?11:52
czrwell yes, but clean as per end-user standpoint, not kernel package maintainer standpoint :-)11:52
dupondjeI changed bug title btw, as its a big more clear now :)11:52
czrhmm. the bug was really about two issues11:53
czrwell, your call :-)11:53
dupondje1 bug 2 issues = not good :)11:53
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 2 could not be found11:53
dupondje1 bug 1 issue :P11:53
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)11:54
czrdupondje, agreed, but that's hindsight at my part11:56
Apache-33people does lucid beta work with ati cards?11:57
avardefine "work"11:57
ChogyDanApache-33: I think it is close11:57
czrbesides, if the sky2-issue would be fixed, the other one isn't really a big issue (since it depends on restricted drivers anyway).11:57
Apache-33<ChogyDan> u mean it doesnt right? just few months more and it will right?:)11:57
czrApache-33, "ati cards" is quite a broad definition.11:58
czras is "work".11:58
abhinavApache-33: compix doesn't seem to be running for me, but it does for a few people11:59
abhinavApache-33: but gnome and kde work, with the latest gnome/gdm fix in place.12:00
mauriim using kubuntu beta1 but dolpihn says : refusiong to mount device /dev/sda1 for uid=100012:00
abhinavmauri: there is some bug with mount. known issue. try to mount manually12:00
mauriabhinav: i supposed was because of my grups12:01
abhinavmauri: there is one open issue. saw a discussion here earlier. try manually, that might work. then it is not your group issue :)12:01
Apache-33<abhinav> tnx :)12:02
mauriabhinav: tnk12:02
monkey_dustslight inconvenience: i have to enter the wifi WEP key manually, it is not remembered12:05
avarHow do I find out what xorg package provides my video card driver?12:07
avarSo I'm guessing xserver-xorg-video-intel12:08
sulleWhere can i change the mouse sensitivity?, i have already done that in the settings for the mouse. But it is not enough.12:09
BUGabundojava bronkeness12:12
monkey_dustslight inconvenience: i have to enter the wifi WEP key manually, it is not remembered12:12
BUGabundomonkey_dust: wep? really ? really??12:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 543366 in azureus "vuze wont start" [Undecided,New]12:14
maurihow is it possibile to merge 2 pdf during a printing12:14
bazhangmauri, in lucid?12:15
mauribazhang: yes12:15
bazhangmauri, during printing no way, would have to be before printing I would imagine12:15
mauribazhang: ok...12:16
almoxarifeI upgraded from karmic and I lost the volume control applet, is there an easy fix??? I do have sound12:18
Dr_Williswhat do you mean by 'merge' exactly?12:18
almoxarifemauri: if merge mean incorporate then open office word processor can do it12:19
mauriAlanBell: ok12:19
mauriAlanBell: tnk12:19
sullemy mouse is extremley sensitive, anny ideas on how i can set it more down?. already set it on the settings for the mouse but it is still too much.12:22
* avar files a bizarre bug in 10.04: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/54336812:23
ubottuUbuntu bug 543368 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "Running `lshw -C video' causes psychedelic graphic distortions until logout (video included)" [Undecided,New]12:23
ChogyDanalmoxarife: you may just need to add it to your panel12:27
dubziiis it correct that ATI has released new drivers for beta 1?12:27
AlanBelloh tab fail12:27
BUGabundoup early BluesKaj12:28
BluesKajhi BUGabundo , just my regular get up , usually up at 8AM12:29
redavar: bizarre, my browser can't play that ;)12:37
redusually it would nag about missing a plugin12:37
redill just save and vlc :p12:37
monkey_dust1:40pm here12:40
yuger51hi i ve resently installed ubuntu-netbook remix 10.04 after installing windows 7 , installation was sucessfull and ubuntu is working flawless , but when i select "windows 7 " @ grub boot menu , it give me error i.e windows failed to start12:44
penguin42someone yesterday had the same problem12:45
busatahmm, is it normal that my nvidia drivers are "activated" but not in use? while desktop effects seem to work fine12:45
penguin42yuger51: Can you file a bug against the 'ubiquity' package - that's the installer12:45
busatawell, shown as that on the screen, but they do seem to work12:45
penguin42yuger51: And if you actually see an error when you try and start windows include the full text of the error12:45
jemarkyuger51, what is the exact error message?12:45
avarred: Yeah, it's a mpeg4 video12:47
yuger51"windows failled to start . a recent hardware or software change might be the cause . to fix froblem < repair bla bla bla > status :0xc000000f , info: the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible"12:49
yuger51penguin42: jemark ^^^^12:49
* penguin42 doesn't know Windows to fix that, but I would file a bug on the ubuntu installer12:51
Aidar-Nagatowho has got marvell yukon network card?12:53
penguin42Aidar-Nagato: I haven't, but I noticed this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/54331412:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 543314 in linux "Frequently used NIC (Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Device 4381) not supported" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:57
Aidar-Nagatohm... looks like i have this bug13:09
monkey_dustslight inconvenience: i have to enter the wifi WEP key manually, it is not remembered13:11
penguin42Aidar-Nagato: It looks like a few people have it and it seems like a simple fix to make so hopefully it'll get fixed quickly13:11
Aidar-Nagatoi hope it will work13:14
hifiimagemagick is not compiled against librsvg anymore13:50
hifithus, svg support in "convert" is broken13:51
Aidar-Nagatopenguin42: i replaced my sky2.c with this http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git;a=blob_plain;f=drivers/net/sky2.c;hb=0f5aac7070a01ec757ed243febe4fff7c944c4d2 what should i do now?13:54
Damascenehttp://damascene.byethost7.com/1917665617.mp3 google talk offline message sound strange13:54
Damasceneon vlc13:54
Damascenecould someone test it?13:56
Damascenewhite noise I guess13:59
boodroscotchHi guys. Just installed Lucid Beta 1. It's great except for one thing: X won't start. I'm assuming this is a problem surrounding my ATi card and fglrx. Any help/suggestions???14:00
Damascenetry ctrl + alt + F714:00
Damasceneif doesn't work try it with F1 then F7 again14:01
boodroscotchor do I have to renuke it?14:01
neglesaksHello. U installed Lucid Beta 1 yesterday on top of a karmic and the ubuntu-disk-utility was uninstalled. Now, palimpsest is gone, and so is my ability to mount hard disks in Nautilus. ALso, attaching USB 3.0 storage crashes my pc. Anyone with similar experiences?14:04
bibinouanyone got problems with the latest nvidia-current update ?14:04
BluesKajbibinou, did you elect to install nvidia-common as suggested by apt/aptitude when you updated?14:07
boodroscotchI need help Getting X and ATi drivers resolved.14:08
bibinouBluesKaj: no I use nvidia-common since karmic14:09
bibinouupdated after alpha 314:09
bibinouno problems before today14:09
BluesKajwhich nvidia card , bibinou ?14:09
bibinou"no screens found"14:09
bibinouso I guess it's a driver thing14:09
BluesKajok, drop to a tty , stop X  with sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop , install nvidia-current again14:12
bibinoudone and done14:12
bibinouactually I deleted xorg.conf and got a desktop14:13
bibinouI think I'm using mesa or some fallback14:13
boodroscotchwhenever I log in GNOME doesn't start. instead, I am given a terminal window14:13
boodroscotchand everything else just stops14:13
BluesKajbibinou, ok run sudo nvidia-xconfig14:13
bibinou"New X configuration file written to '/etc/X11/xorg.conf' " ?14:14
BluesKajyup, that's good14:14
BluesKajyou should could be ok now14:14
boodroscotchit worked on first boot'14:15
bibinouthanks !14:15
git__Has anyone encounter the "unable to enumerate USB device on port ..." bug?14:15
BluesKajboodroscotch, but you're able to boot into the login , right ?14:16
boodroscotchBluesKaj: yep, I am14:16
boodroscotchOh, and I don't have network access because nothing has started14:17
BluesKajyeah, boodroscotch I had that condidtion for a while , suddenl corrected itself after an update ..the wonders of alpha/beta releases14:18
boodroscotchproblem is, i don't have any network access at all since everything dependent on X hasn't started :(14:19
boodroscotchhow did you get an update?14:19
BluesKajboodroscotch, startx in the terminal or tty14:19
jason__do I need to do a update-manager -d if i have alpha installed?14:20
penguin42Aidar-Nagato: I'd try one of these daily kernel packages from here; it may work: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/daily/2010-03-15/14:20
leniosjason__, no14:20
BluesKajboodroscotch, run sudo apt-get update in the tty or terminal14:24
dupondjepenguin42: i'm trying to build a kernel with only the patch for the nic support :)14:24
boodroscotchBluesKaj: Thanks, I'll try that14:25
neglesaksHello. U installed Lucid Beta 1 yesterday on top of a karmic and the ubuntu-disk-utility was uninstalled. Now, palimpsest is gone, and so is my ability to mount hard disks in Nautilus. ALso, attaching USB 3.0 storage crashes my pc. Anyone with similar experiences?14:29
bibinouit's me again :(14:30
bibinouI get a low resolution desktop with nvidia-xconfig provided xorg.conf14:30
bibinoulike 640x48014:31
bibinouand i can't roll back to a previous driver it seems14:31
glaucoushello everybody!  how do I get lucid to stop spinning my fan all day long?14:35
glaucousno one?14:45
jason__what package provides the login screen14:58
jason__thank u14:58
muelliheya, is it just me or can't anybody load "kvm-intel" because of "kvm_intel: Unknown symbol kvm_vcpu_on_spin" with 2.6.32-16-generic?15:01
penguin42muelli: It's OK for me on 2.6.32-16-generic #25-Ubuntu on 64bit15:03
muellipenguin42: hm. weird. but thanks.15:04
penguin42muelli: You got the kvm module loaded first? Is it the #25 version you've got (from uname -a)15:06
muellipenguin42: yep, loaded kvm first and it's "2.6.32-16-generic #24-Ubuntu".15:06
* muelli probably needs to reboot soonish...15:07
penguin42ah, mine is #25 - I guess there's a slightly newer version here15:07
=== MenZa_ is now known as MenZa
monkey_duststill no codename for ubuntu 10.10?15:17
neglesaksnot heard any yet15:17
bjsniderkiller kangaroo15:18
bjsniderno wait, it would have to be m15:18
bjsnidermurderous muskrat15:18
monkey_dustMiserable Man15:19
penguin42manic minerbird ?15:19
bjsnideri wanted karmic to be killer kangaroo15:19
bjsniderbut whatever15:19
neglesaksmanic moose15:19
neglesaksmouldy muskrat15:20
abhinavdoes anyone have the fglrx non-free driver running with lucid ?15:22
neglesaksabhinav, as i recall, that was barred from lucid (iirc)15:23
neglesaksfor now, that is15:23
mssahi guyes15:24
abhinavneglesaks: around 10 hours back, someone claimed to have got it working. Tried that, and it's not working for me.15:24
neglesaksabhinav, I'm on nvidia myself, trying to test out the nouveau driver. but i've been hobbled by other bugs so far.15:24
bueroHi gdm is not starting every now and then, i drop to a console (I'm using lucid lynx updated nosplash) gdm starts without problems with sudo gdm-start afterwards. how can I find the problem which log should i look in??15:25
abhinavneglesaks: ok .. I got some dependency problems. probably better to wait a while then.15:25
mssahow is the nvidia support in the beta15:26
abhinavbuero: did you update to the very latest ? there were some fixes that went in 10-12 hours back15:26
abhinavsudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade15:26
mssaany one tried it15:26
neglesaksmssa, noveau, the oss nv driver, works mostly well. the updated nonfree binares are barred due to a problem in nvidias own code causing hardware damage to some cards15:26
abhinavquestion : should we enable karmic-backports in the sources.list ? It is uncommented right now15:28
bueroabhinav: yes I did a update 5min ago, I will see if its gone but I am in a session now where the problem occured and i thougt i could look, is it a known Problem??15:29
abhinavbuero: there were some problems with gdm not working. I do not know if there is a problem which causes restart. you can look into /var/log/gdm to to see what's going wrong15:30
bueroits seems to be a nvidia problem there is no screen found, funny that it works when started by hand though THANKS ANYWAY15:37
AnAntHello, the virtual console became wierd in lucid15:38
AnAntanyone having this issue15:38
AnAntthe resolution is OK, but only 80x25 chars of it is used !15:38
penguin42AnAnt: Seems fine here (just tried ctrl-alt-f1)15:43
AnAntpenguin42: what's the resolution ?15:43
AnAntpenguin42: in characters I mean15:43
AnAntpenguin42: did you try using the virtual console15:44
penguin42AnAnt: 67x24015:44
AnAntpenguin42: for example, running aptitude15:44
AnAntpenguin42: does that use the whole screen ?15:44
penguin42just tried ls etc and checked the output of stty -a15:45
AnAntpenguin42: can you try something like aptitude ?15:45
penguin42it's using the full display15:46
charlie-tcamine is too15:47
charlie-tcaNice to see everything on one page, too15:47
charlie-tca210 columns of aptitude is hard on my eyes15:49
penguin42you can never have too many columns15:49
AnAntso it seems the kernel is giving wrong reports about my tty !15:50
solid_liqcharlie-tca, why don't you increase the font size then?15:50
penguin42AnAnt: What does stty -a show for rows/cols ?15:50
AnAntstty size gives: 30 10615:50
charlie-tcaHow do I do that in the tty?15:50
solid_liqheh, someone is actually using weechat?15:50
AnAntI know that it was more than that15:50
charlie-tcaweechat is nice, at times15:50
AnAntand now, firefox isn't running either15:50
AnAntjust closes silently15:51
charlie-tcasolid_liq: how do I increase the font size?15:51
solid_liqcharlie-tca, terminal->change profile15:52
penguin42firefox has started having flash problems for me in the last couple of weeks15:52
charlie-tcaThat doesn't change the tty fonts here15:52
charlie-tcaIt only changes them in terminal15:52
BUGabundowoooooo got a 18.4" HP with quad core i7 to run Lucid :P hawt15:53
solid_liqcharlie-tca, oh, you're at an actual tty?15:53
charlie-tcaBUGabundo: WOW15:53
charlie-tcasolid_liq: yes15:53
solid_liqBUGabundo, nice.  my new lappy is only an i515:54
solid_liqcharlie-tca, there's a way to do it, but I don't remember exactly...  I know it's an option to the kernel (a modestring?)15:54
solid_liqcharlie-tca, slackware's docs may be the best reference for that actually15:55
charlie-tcaI see15:55
AnAntHello, I just upgraded to lucid beta from karmic, firefox doesn't start anymore and it doesn't give an error, how can I find out the problem ?16:07
AnAntI found that if I remove my ~/.mozilla/firefox/ , firefox works16:07
abhinavAnAnt: try safe mode16:08
AnAntabhinav: what's that ?16:08
abhinavAnAnt: from a terminal, firefox -safe-mode . also, what error do you get ?16:10
AnAntno error16:11
charlie-tcaTry removing the extensions and plugins and adding them back in one at a time?16:12
AnAnthang on16:13
BUGabundo2239% complete ubuntu startup usb-creator16:30
charlie-tcawell, at it least says complete...16:30
BUGabundothat's 'complete' as in progress16:31
BUGabundolike 50% complete :p16:31
BUGabundoat least if finined16:31
BUGabundothat 2k% was at 99%16:31
BUGabundoso some bad % calc at the very end16:31
charlie-tcasee, not so bad afterall16:31
BUGabundonow trying to boot that HP laptop from the pendrive16:31
BUGabundowith daily lucid16:32
AnAntcharlie-tca: mozillateam says that it is fixed in their daily PPA, so I'm trying now16:32
charlie-tcaand it worked, too?16:32
charlie-tcaAnAnt: glad to hear it16:32
BUGabundousb boot is GORGEOUSE16:33
BUGabundo_pink_ too16:33
BUGabundohow is nvidia CUDA support in lucid?16:34
adamplumbI'm attempting to boot the 10.04 Beta 1 amd64 livecd on my desktop and it doesn't get past the Ubuntu Splash screen16:34
adamplumbI have recently installed 9.10 on the same machine16:34
osfastso have i16:34
charlie-tcagive it a long time?16:34
BUGabundohumm now livecd test? just installer?16:35
charlie-tcaAlso, might have to hit Ctrl+Alt+F716:35
osfasti cant update my lynx :(16:35
adamplumbI'm wondering how I can help to get this fixed16:35
adamplumbthis is booting up into the livecd.  It shows the Ubuntu logo and the five dots are filled orange16:35
adamplumbctrl+alt+f7 has no effect16:36
BUGabundooh oh16:36
adamplumbi'm wondering if this could be an X related issue16:36
BUGabundocan't create partitions16:36
BUGabundoinstaller fail16:36
osfasthelp errors occur when updating cant verrify signature16:37
osfastpublic key not avalible16:38
adamplumbHow do I see the boot messages instead of the splash screen when booting the livecd?16:38
osfastil ask again later im hunry first16:39
mauriimnot able to place files in the waste. The system says that it is fullbut it is empty16:41
AnAntcharlie-tca: yup, it worked16:41
charlie-tcaadamplumb: I think hit right shift in the first 5 seconds after the splash appeared, but I am not sure it will work16:42
adamplumbhmm...well I changed the grub command in the boot menu and removed the "splash" keyword.  That seems to have gotten me to the livecd desktop16:43
mM94hello. anyone else getting those annoying dns hangs, like the ones in karmic?16:44
BUGabundosmarty pants MSFT and HP, create 4 primary partitions, making it difficult to add or change a partition to install LINUX :(16:45
mauriimnot able to place files in the waste. The system says that it is fullbut it is empty16:48
mauriimnot able to place files in the waste. The system says that it is fullbut it is empty16:52
penguin42BUGabundo: What the heck do they do with 4 partitions?16:52
BUGabundoboot, OS (win7), HP recovery, HP tools16:53
BUGabundoso I'm nuking recovery16:53
Ian_Corneand tools? :p16:53
BUGabundoand creating and extended partition16:53
BUGabundoI'm sure  new users trying to install from LiveCDs will NEVER be able to install Ubuntu like this16:54
penguin42BUGabundo: I'm wondering if you can create an extended partition that actually includes one of the others as a logical partition16:54
BUGabundopenguin42: they are all PRIMARY16:54
BUGabundoso I can't create a new extented one16:54
penguin42BUGabundo: Yeh but I'm saying delete one of them (remembering where it is), create an extended in free space, and then create a logical within it that has the same start/end as the original primary16:54
penguin42we've had a couple of people with failed win7 after install so far, but I doubt that was the cause16:55
BUGabundoI doubt HP extented BIOS would be able to start that partition later16:55
penguin42ah probably true16:55
BUGabundoso installer team should start thinking on ways to _fix_ this16:56
BUGabundoor else our new users will not be able to install16:56
mauriimnot able to place files in the waste. The system says that it is fullbut it is empty16:56
penguin42BUGabundo: It sounds like someone needs to have a word with someone friendly in HP as well16:56
BUGabundoand all other OEMs16:56
salty-horsehi. while upgrading to lucid via the graphical update-manager, the screen suddenly went black with graphical glitches on top, and a box popped up saying there was a problem with the graphics device (forgot to write it down). the keyboard and mouse didn't work so I couldn't confirm it. after restarting, I couldn't boot into a graphical environment, and the keyboard didn't work. I had to use the previous kernel in order to finish the pac16:58
salty-horsekage installation process (and now it's done) -- where should I report this?16:58
Ian_Cornehmm, BUGabundo I've found that installing ubuntu next to windows is never an easy thing for a new user16:58
bjsniderBUGabundo, the nvidia-current driver installs the libcuda shared lib and links16:58
=== ccooke_ is now known as ccooke
leonardo Hi people, I was using Debian Squeeze and had a problem after an update where I can't see all the screen. I tried everything but didn't find a solution. So I installed Ubuntu 10.04 and after an hibernate I have the same problem. The resolution config is ok, so I don't know what is the problem and how fix it17:06
shadeslayerwhere can i find skype for 10.0417:07
d4rkn3sshi at all, i have a question: is the gnome shell already inherited in the beta?17:14
monkey_dustshadeslayer, check http://packages.ubuntu.com/17:14
AnAnthow do I change the position of minimize,maximize,close buttons ?17:14
abhinavAnAnt: try a different theme ?17:14
AnAntI am using a different theme17:14
monkey_dustAnAnt, alt-f2 gconf-editor17:14
AnAntmonkey_dust: and ?17:15
nightsjammiesanyone else in here use an itouch with the new distro?17:15
monkey_dustAnAnt, apps > metacity > general > button layout17:15
d4rkn3ss@ all, can someone plz tell me, if the gnome-shell already exists in the lucid lynx beta?17:16
rskd4rkn3ss use packages.ubuntu.org17:16
d4rkn3ssrsk ?17:16
rskd4rkn3ss ?17:17
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
d4rkn3ssrsk, is this a website?17:17
rskthat is correct17:17
d4rkn3ssrsk, k, thx ;)17:17
yofeld4rkn3ss: it is in lucid, but not that useful from what I've heard17:17
d4rkn3ssyofel, k... do u know how i can open it?^^17:18
monkey_dustd4rkn3ss, check http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=gnome-shell&searchon=names&suite=lucid&section=all17:18
d4rkn3ssyofel, i mean the gnome-shell17:18
d4rkn3ssmonkey_dust, ah thx17:18
yofeld4rkn3ss: install 'gnome-shell' I guess, I never tried it myself17:18
d4rkn3ssyofel, k17:19
monkey_dusti tried it and did not like it17:20
d4rkn3sserm.. another question... did any1 try to install the beta in a virtual box?17:22
monkey_dustd4rkn3ss, you can just sudo apt-get install gnome-shell17:22
monkey_dustd4rkn3ss, search google foor Testdrive Ubuntu17:22
BUGabundoanyone knows what's needed to get finger print to work, at GDM?17:23
charlie-tcad4rkn3ss: yes, that is also done during testing.17:24
d4rkn3ssmonkey_dust, well... i've alrdy installed it... but i also wanted to install the vm-driver and... it didn't like that the hal has gone and doesn't do anything....17:24
skyjumperBUGabundo: thinkwiki.org17:24
skyjumperBUGabundo: it's not worth it, IMO17:24
BUGabundomy friend is asking for it17:24
monkey_dustidd, i've read that hal is no longer needed or supported17:25
d4rkn3ssbut it looks very nice, the new ubuntu :)17:26
nightsjammiesWhy is it that I can no longer drag folders like 'Home' from the Places menu to the top bar?17:28
nightsjammiesI can drag Apps though..17:28
mM94hello. anyone else getting those annoying dns hangs, like the ones in karmic?17:28
PhotoJimnot I, but I have IPv6, so not sure I'd notice them.17:29
nightsjammiesand what's an indicatorapplet and plymouth crash, and has anyone else had them?17:29
abhinavmM94: on bootup,  dhclient seems to not update resolvconf or something - so that everything is unreachable despite there being an ip address for the eth card.17:29
monkey_dustjust tried gnome-shell again and still do not like it17:30
mM94abhinav, is this something being worked on?17:30
abhinavmM94: not sure17:31
BUGabundoGRUB2 is translated!?!?!17:31
abhinavmM94: tried searching for a bug, but got pulled into something else. Don't know if a bug even exists17:32
mM94abhinav, i submitted a bug describing my issue last night. but I didn't have much info to add17:33
abhinavmM94: ok . yeah it's annoying, especially since I removed network manager, and now some people at my home who are linux-newbies won't know what to do when the internet doesn;t work :)17:35
nightsjammiesso are we supposed to update yet? or does doing that still break stuff?17:36
penguin42the break of a few days ago seems to have been fixed17:37
mM94abhinav, yeah i'm a newbie myself of sorts. Man i hope I can find out something. I dont wanan be stuck with jaunty forever...which never had this problem.17:38
nightsjammieshas anyone installed wine yet?17:39
monkey_dustnightsjammies, yes17:41
nightsjammiesdo you have any problems with it?17:41
abhinavnightsjammies: I have it installed, and working (upgrade from karmic)17:41
melis the software centre really slow for the rest of you guys?17:41
nightsjammiesbecause I get a Blocked: wine start/ unix error17:42
abhinavnightsjammies: ran picasa on it, which is pretty heavy, right ? no issues17:42
nightsjammiesand this: The file '/home/jason/Downloads/StanzaSetup.exe' is not marked as executable.17:42
yofelnightsjammies: if you want to execute a file it needs the 'executable' bit set, either check some nautilus file setting or use 'chmod +x <filename>' in a terminal17:44
nightsjammiesahh, I see. that page finally opened for me.17:44
nightsjammiesI see how to fix it now.17:45
nightsjammiesthanks :)17:45
Strife89Sweet, Beta 1's out. :)17:45
shadeslayerStrife89: welcome to the real world17:46
monkey_dustidd nightsjammies i have a wine error too17:46
Strife89shadeslayer: Please elaborate on what you mean.17:46
nightsjammiesnah, I figured it out. What's your error monkey?17:46
shadeslayerStrife89: lol.. i meant Beta 1 is out for days17:47
Strife89shadeslayer: Ah.17:47
Strife89I last checked ... 6 days ago, I think.17:48
nightsjammiesI need to see if I can get virtualbox to work today as well. anyone had any problems with that?17:48
Strife89nightsjammies: Virtualbox is working fine here (on Windows Vista).17:48
Strife89nightsjammies: Just disable ACPI when booting the CD (image) and you should be fine.17:49
monkey_dustok, problem solved using chmod +x blah.exe17:49
Strife89nightsjammies: Alternatively, upgrade Virtualbox itself.17:49
nightsjammiesdisable acpi...how do I do that?17:49
nightsjammiesI d/l'ed the latest version from the website.17:50
Strife89nightsjammies: You mean you downloaded Beta 1?17:50
nightsjammiesWait, maybe not. Hold on.17:50
Strife89nightsjammies: Or did you download it several days ago?17:50
nightsjammiesno, sorry. 3.117:51
Strife89That would be an Alpha, I think.17:51
Strife89nightsjammies: Read the topic for a link to Beta 1.17:51
nightsjammiesi wasn't aware they had a beta...bloody hell.17:51
nightsjammiesoh well, I'm installing it now. It'll give me something to mess with17:52
sullemy mouse is extremley sensitive, anny ideas on how i can set it more down?. already set it on the settings for the mouse but it is still too much.17:54
Some_PersonI still miss nautilus's toggle button17:57
Strife89This is gonna be a loooong download. :/17:57
Strife89Friggin' slow-ish DSL.17:57
Some_PersonStrife89: I have your same problem there. Just be patient17:58
abhinavStrife89: true that. Took quite a while yesterday, here in India. Was trying an update. If you're downloading the CD, try the torrent ?17:58
Strife89abhinav: The download is currently going at 129 KB/s; my top speed is about 150 KB/s.17:59
abhinavStrife89: I downloaded yesterday at an average of 35 :)18:00
Strife89I prefer to do large downloads on the collecge campus, which has a comparatively speedy connecting. Download speeds there can hit 2 MB/s.18:00
Some_PersonStrife89: That's fast for me. My top speed is 80 KB/s18:00
mikebeechamhi guiys...I've just upgraded to 10.04 and now my window titles are at a wierd placement witnhin the titlebar....where can I change this?18:01
Some_Personmikebeecham: You mean on the left?18:01
mikebeechamwell, about 1.5cm to the right of centre!18:01
mikebeechamthe windows controls are now on the left, like mac...which is fine18:01
mikebeechamthe actual title name is wierd18:02
Some_PersonActually, they're not like Mac. They're in a different order, which I hate18:02
mikebeechamit looks like it should be centered, but it's just off to the right of centre18:02
Strife89Is the new color scheme implemented in this beta?18:02
mikebeechamSome_Person: symantecs for now mate :D...I'm just looking to get my title name sorted18:02
mikebeechamStrife89: yes, two new schemes, Ambiance and Radiant18:03
Some_PersonBy default, the title should not be centered at all (unless you're not using the default theme). It should be aligned to the left18:03
mikebeechamSome_Person: I'm happy with that...how can I move it?18:03
Some_PersonI'm not sure. The titles are oddly not where they should be to begin with in your situation18:05
BUGabundolucid froze while installing packages with synaptic :(18:05
BUGabundonot good18:05
Some_PersonBUGabundo: ooh, I had that happen to me in karmic. That was hell to fix18:07
Some_PersonI never want to hear about libio-stringy-perl again (the package it was installing when it quit)18:08
mikebeechamin terms of the controls, you can move them around to your liking within gconf...I have mine set like mac18:09
Some_Personmikebeecham: Doesn't that make them look a bit weird though?18:09
mikebeechamdepends on what metacity theme you're using :D18:09
mikebeechamI dont really like the new themes, so I've gone back to Shikiti18:10
Some_PersonI like the new themes, but hate the new order. That's why I made a PPA that puts the order back to the karmic positions and fixes the new themes to look fine that way18:10
Some_PersonWhy not Mac order? It would have required me to edit even more PNGs18:11
mikebeechamto change the order, you only have to move a colon symbol and you're back to the right side of the screen!18:11
Some_PersonWith minimize in the middle though, not on the left18:12
mikebeechamI dont mind the new themes, but I'm a bit miffed that they didnt think as far as bacground to work with them18:14
Some_Personwhat do you mean?18:14
mikebeechamthere are no new background walls that fit with the two new themes...I would have thought that a complete UI overhaul would have included them18:14
deanusSome_Person, whats the url for your ppa18:15
mikebeechamI'm a designer, so I'm anal enough to think about these things!18:15
Some_Persondeanus: https://launchpad.net/~stownsend42/+archive/light-themes18:16
Some_Personmikebeecham: You don't like the default purple thing?18:16
mikebeechamIt's a really poor resolution18:16
mikebeechamI can see the gradient banding18:16
Imperionquestion: why is 3D rendering so slow? I'm only getting about 500 FPS on glxgears (Radeon 9600, radeon driver)18:18
* Strife89 throws out a link to mikebeecham and wonders if there's something that might fit. http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/60-most-execellent-ubuntu-wallpapers/18:18
Some_PersonThat file is still named warty-final-ubuntu.png, a holdover from the first release of ubuntu18:19
Ian_CorneImperion: 500fps18:19
Ian_Corneor per 5 seconds?18:19
Some_Personmikebeecham: The resolution is 1680x1050. Not high enough for you?18:19
mikebeechamStrife89: thanks mate....deviantart is also my best friend18:19
ZykoticK9Imperion, i don't think the issue is limited to ATI - I'm only getting 302 frames in 5.0 seconds with Nvidia - although windowed or fullscreen gives same result (3d games are working properly)18:19
Imperionbetween 400 and 500 FPS18:20
monkey_dustthe wifi WEP key is not remembered and must be entered each time, browser flash plugin is unstable and must be reinstalled each time18:20
mikebeechamSome_Person: which works for widescreen monitors, but but you can see the banding when you stretch it to  4x3 monitor18:20
Some_PersonAh, that's probably why I'm not noticing it18:20
Imperionfullscreen is unusually A HELLUVALOT worse18:21
Imperion$ glxgears -fullscreen18:21
Imperion428 frames in 5.0 seconds18:21
Imperion425 frames in 5.0 seconds18:21
Some_PersonThe only machine I'm running lucid on is a laptop with a widescreen display18:21
nightsjammieshow much hard drive space do you need for an xp system?18:22
mikebeechamnightsjammies: as in the OS only?18:22
ImperionZykoticK9, you sure there's no fix for this?18:22
Some_PersonOddly it's a 16:10 display instead of 16:9. I don't understand the reasoning behind that18:22
mikebeechamto be honest HDDs are so big these days that it's a minimal amount we're talking about...I think XP SP3 needs around 3gb storage space for everything it needs to do18:23
ZykoticK9Imperion, i haven't looked into it.  Just noticed yesterday, previously this was NOT an issue.18:23
mikebeechambut then XP is so crap compared to Linux these days that it's an academic discussion :D18:23
nightsjammiesOkay. Well, I'm gonna install xp on vbox, and I've only got about 30 gigs to work with..18:23
nightsjammiesnot if you own a damn itouch 3g it's not.18:23
mikebeechamthese are GORGEOUS: http://digitalshiva.deviantart.com/art/Density-15472288718:24
Strife89nightsjammies: What else do you intend to put on the VM?18:24
nightsjammiesthat's the only reason why I install vbox.18:24
nightsjammiesnothing, actually. It's sole purpose is for itunes.18:24
Some_PersonQuite ironically, I'm primarily a Linux user with a buttload of Windows licenses because I somehow got a Microsoft TechNet account without paying for it18:24
Strife89mikebeecham: Awesome find. :D18:24
mikebeechamwhy thankyou :D18:24
mikebeechamI do love my deviantart18:24
nightsjammieswhat's  technet account?18:25
Strife89mikebeecham: My favorites: http://strife89.deviantart.com/favourites/#Wallpaper-Worthy18:25
Some_Personnightsjammies: It's something you can buy that's probably very expensive that gives you more licenses for Microsoft products than anyone could ever need18:25
mikebeechamahhh....another lovely dA person18:26
mikebeechammy gallery: http://mikebeecham.deviantart.com/gallery18:26
Some_PersonFor example, I have the ability to install _each edition_ of Windows XP, Vista, and 7 on 100 machines18:26
Strife89mikebeecham: Feel free to look at my gallery. I like to think that I havve some good photographs. :) http://strife89.deviantart.com/gallery/18:26
abhinavnightsjammies: I mske do wit 10g, though 15 would be better18:27
mikebeechamnow, if I can just get Chrome to look right on 10.04 then I'll be happy!18:27
Strife89mikebeecham: That's an AWESOME gallery you have. :D18:27
Some_PersonThe ironic part is that I don't like Windows and only use it when I have to18:27
mikebeechamthanks Strife89...not done anything for a while18:27
ZykoticK9Imperion, in my case the slow glxgears fps is due to "VSync to black" once disabled in compiz+nvidia settings 301fps jumps to 27751fps18:28
nightsjammieswow, I could use something like that.18:28
ImperionZykoticK9, compiz is disabled here18:28
mikebeechamin 10.04, does anyone notice a lag when changing background images...seems very sloiw18:28
Some_PersonThe strangest part about it is that Microsoft claims I paid for it18:29
git__i like Microsoft Office18:29
nightsjammieshey, if they say you did, who's to complain?18:29
nightsjammiesand I already did a 10 gig space for vbox18:29
Some_PersonWell how is a 16 year old guy like me supposed to _buy_ a TechNet account?18:29
nightsjammiesI dunno...carefully, I suppose :D18:30
Ian_Cornenightsjammies: what not dynamic?18:31
Ian_Cornejust remember not to do a full format then, rather a quick format18:32
nightsjammiesbecause I'm only installing it to see if it works. When I ugrade my whole computer to lynx, then I'll do a 50 gig installation.18:32
git__i love the annotate capability of compiz18:32
nightsjammiesI only need to see if I can get it to work.18:33
almoxarifeafter upgrade from karmic I have lost the indicator applets for sound and beagle, beagled is running and I have sound, any ideas??18:33
Imperionanyone else have problems with their video card performance?18:33
Some_PersonI remember the first time I got desktop effects working on Linux. It was in ubuntu 6.10 (edgy) and I was using Beryl18:33
redalmoxarife: and you have tried clicking add to panel?18:33
almoxarifered: yes, not there18:33
Ian_Cornealmoxarife: you need to add indicator-applet18:34
Ian_Cornethe little envelope18:34
redthats what its called18:34
redfor me it wasn't there on default either18:35
redbut manually added & works well now18:35
Some_PersonNeedless to say, when I first used Windows Vista, Beryl on Linux made it seem far less impressive18:35
nightsjammiesplymouthd closed again..what the hella=.18:35
redI don't even have plymouth installed18:35
almoxarifeIan_Corne: indicator-applet is not an avail pckg18:36
nightsjammieswhat is plymouth?18:36
Some_Personnightsjammies: The new splash screen that seems to hardly ever work for anyone18:37
redred@kaliapullo:~$ sudo apt-get install indicator-appl18:37
redindicator-applet           indicator-applet-session   indicator-application18:37
redindicator-applet-complete  indicator-applet-sus18:37
redalmoxarife: perhaps try installing some of those18:37
nightsjammiessplash screen? you mean for logging in?18:37
Bittarmanred, ever heard of a pastebin18:37
Bittarmannightsjammies, that logo tha shows up when your booting18:37
Some_Personnightsjammies: The replacement for xsplash in lucid18:37
redbecause pastebinning 5 package names is a smart thing18:37
Some_Personred: You could make them all one line18:38
almoxarifered: sorry, found it and it is installed18:38
redi could, but then again all this yapping about is just as vain spam :p18:38
nightsjammiesum, yeah. that logo doesn't show up for me. Instead I get an ugly purple screen with ugly text.18:38
redbut good that you found it almoxarife18:38
almoxarifered: I meant that they were already installed18:39
redtry to apt-get reinstall packagename18:39
Some_PersonI think plymouth should be scrapped. It's about a month before the release and it still doesn't work for most people18:39
redand see if they appear on the add panel list18:39
almoxarifered: thnks18:39
nightsjammiesand what about my indicatorapplet crashing?18:40
redpanel apps crashing seems to be a totally random thing18:40
redlast I had five days uptime without single boom, and today already a few times18:40
redlatest updates also broke samba sharing, symlinks in the share no longer work :/18:41
DanaGI have plymouth fail to give me a boot logo.18:41
DanaGI should take a video of my boot process some time.18:41
Some_PersonI can't see every single problem with plymouth being found and fixed in only a mont18:41
Bittarmangenerally for me, plymouth shows up for about half a second before the login pops up18:41
redI can't see ubuntu lucid release being totally bugfree either18:41
charlie-tcaI don't know, seems like most of the problems are fairly common with plymouth18:42
redstill it's going to be stable enough hopefully :)18:42
Some_Personcharlie-tca: But are their causes related?18:42
Bittarmanseems pretty stable now for me, only problem I have is gnome-do occasionaly refusing to start, and the couch service randomly dying18:42
charlie-tcaI don't know how many are18:42
nightsjammiesI like gnome-do.18:43
nightsjammiesIt's one of the better apps around, imo18:44
Some_PersonWhat was wrong with xsplash anyway?18:44
Bittarmannightsjammies, yeah, im kinda lost without it now18:44
Bittarmanif its not running, i get all confused!18:45
charlie-tcaxsplash is still there18:45
ImperionARGH why must *actual* 3D acceleration be so NONEXISTENT?18:45
DanaG  * New upstream relase: (LP: #539011)18:45
DanaG    - Fix crop rotation18:45
DanaGanyone else just think of farms?18:45
nightsjammies I heard that there was something like it for windows as well, I even installed, though I can't remember what it was called18:45
Some_Personcharlie-tca: but it's no longer the default splash18:45
Bittarmannightsjammies, there is indeed. but im never in windows for long enough for it to make a difference18:45
charlie-tcasure is. It and plymouth work together18:45
Bittarmani only use it for flash18:46
Bittarmanas soon as that works in wine ill be dropping windows for good18:46
Bittarmanheck ill even pay for crossover if they get it working in there18:46
DanaGWine doesn't do surround sound..... fail.18:47
DanaGwell, not fail, but not very useful.18:47
Some_Personcharlie-tca: If that's the case, why not just screw plymouth and use xsplash on its own?18:47
charlie-tcaI don't know18:47
bcurtiswx_hey all, are parted and udisks supposed to be installable yet?18:48
nightsjammiesso does anyone in here know how I fix that whole plymouth crash thing, or replace it with something else?18:48
Some_PersonWhat's the advantage of plymouth?18:48
nightsjammiesparted is.18:48
nightsjammiesI just did that yesterday. Not sure about udisk18:48
Some_PersonHey, you can remove plymouth without removing ubuntu-desktop. I wonder what would happen if I did that18:49
charlie-tcanightsjammies: try removing plymouth?18:49
Ian_CorneI do that all the time, on my nvidia box18:49
Ian_Corneto see if it works :)18:49
Ian_Cornefriday, it didn't18:50
charlie-tcaI have removed both plymouth and xsplash to boot my system before18:50
bcurtiswx_nightsjammies: you can remove devicekit-disks safely?18:50
nightsjammiesI can? Don't even know what that is.18:50
nightsjammiesI just know that I used parted for my flash drive and it worked.18:51
Some_PersonWhat provided the white ubuntu logo back in karmic?18:54
Bittarmannew branding18:54
nightsjammiesbloody hell. I d/l'ed a DSL iso, and I can't even burn it to disk yet, because I only have dvds, and the computer is so friggin old, it can't read dvds.18:55
OerHeks1 2 3 testing Lucid, i am verry happy !18:55
Ian_Cornenightsjammies: don't have a USB drive?18:56
nightsjammiesI do, but the DSL I just d/led won't show up as an iso for some reason. I just tried that.18:57
rednightsjammies: you can just remove plymouth if u wish18:57
Some_Personnightsjammies: Go to the nearest Walgreens (or other cheap drugstore depending on your locale), buy a CD18:57
redu wont have a guy while booting but who cares :)18:57
nightsjammiesI guess I'll go and search.18:57
nightsjammiesMeh, my daughter is sick today, and I'm not taking her outside. I'll just get one tomorrow.18:57
nightsjammiesI guess I'll try and reinstall first, just to see what happens18:59
Some_PersonDid karmic use usplash?19:01
OerHeksi have an ancient nvidia mx420 64 mb videocard, and glx-96 gives me a 640x480 screen, and it says reconmended.19:02
BittarmanSome_Person, yes19:02
Some_PersonOerHeks: install nvidia-settings19:02
Bittarmanno.. xsplash19:02
Some_PersonBittarman: What provided the white ubuntu logo on black screen before xsplash came up though? usplash?19:02
malinenshi! I have 10.04 beta and 1080p monitor but I can choose only low resolution 4:3 resolution for my ati hd4850. any solutions? tnx!19:03
Bittarmani think so19:04
Bittarmanmalinens, check your xorg.conf19:05
OerHeksi turned back to the standard driver, wich gives me 1024x768, on a 1440x900 screen, i try again, Some_Person19:05
deanusmalinens, odd, I have 1080p and ati4650 and its fine with radeon oss driver19:05
Some_PersonOerHeks: If the standard driver works fine, just use that19:05
malinensI did not installed any drivers yet? do I need to do it manually?19:05
penguin42OerHeks: I'd check from a /var/log/Xorg.0.log whether it's using the driver you think it is?19:05
deanusmalinens, its the default driver used for ati cards.  already installed.  the fglrx driver, which would probably fix it for you, isnt yet available19:06
malinensI have pink box  with text "Mirror Screens" on top left corner and I can not access applications menu...19:07
Ian_Cornedeanus: I've read that it was prereleased to ubuntu?19:07
deanusIan_Corne, what was, fglrx?  its not installable, yet.19:08
redBittarman: saying to check your xorg.conf isn't really that helpful imho19:09
malinenssorry, it seems ubuntu detected very correctly my monitor but turned secondary monitor by default for me...19:09
redmalinens: got it to work?19:09
malinensmaybe this is bug... because by default it shouldn't turn on secondary monitor...19:10
malinensyes  :)19:10
nightsjammiesis there a DSL room?19:10
redit depends on your gfx card basicly19:10
redif its a VGA and DVI output card, chance is either of them is marked defauly by hardware19:10
Bittarmanred, often the available modes are listed there19:10
Bittarmanso yes, checking that first *is* helpful19:11
redsometimes, sometimes19:11
malinensyes, maybe it is because I have double dvi and no vga, but my monitor is vga with dvi adapter19:11
redthe detection is shaky at best19:11
Some_PersonThe detection works great for when I plug my laptop into the TV19:12
Some_PersonUnfortunately, Bug #390816 hurts me when I do so19:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 390816 in gnome-power-manager "external monitor output is switched off when closing the laptop-lid when gnome-power-manager is set to blank screen on closing" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39081619:13
malinensvery annoying maximize/minimize/close location for me, I think in previous ubuntus it was on right side...19:13
Some_Personmalinens: https://launchpad.net/~stownsend42/+archive/light-themes19:13
redSome_Person: same bug is default behaviour under windows :)19:15
Some_Personred: Maybe default, but it can be switched off. In lucid, it can't19:15
Some_PersonI've been using a piece of styrofoam to keep the lid from closing all the way19:17
Some_PersonIt's improvising and it's ugly, but it works19:19
Some_PersonWouldn't be the first thing I've improvised19:20
OerHeksi read somewher howto move the 3 buttons back > gconftool-2 --type string --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout "maximize,minimize,close"19:22
Some_PersonOerHeks: You're missing a colon, and anyway, that puts minimize in the middle19:23
AnAntis anyone using pbuilder here ?19:38
sullewhere can i find the new wubi.exe?19:39
sullefound it :)19:40
Some_PersonWhy do people use wubi?19:40
sulleWell, why not?. I was just helping a friend with his installation.19:41
AnAntI get an error with: $sudo pbuilder update --distribution lucid --override-config19:41
AnAntE: Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (2) on mountall19:42
AnAntwhat's that ?19:42
nightsjammiesweird question about make startup disk19:44
nightsjammieswhen I go to pick the iso, and click on it, it doesn't actually reflect in the main window...any ideas why?19:45
MasterFXi'm running 10.04 on my laptop now, but my battery icon appears and disappears all the time.... and I have no sound icon .....19:49
MasterFXany clues?19:49
nightsjammiesHell, I don't even have any icons/19:49
yofelMasterFX: the sound icon should be provided by the indicator applet19:50
Some_PersonMasterFX: Do you have indicator applet in your panel?19:50
MasterFXi have BT and wireless indicators... they are also in the indicator applet right?19:50
Some_PersonMasterFX: Wireless is not19:50
MasterFXi removed the indicator applet and removed it several times....19:52
MasterFXBT and power are always present....19:52
nightsjammiesare there any alternatives to the startup disc creator?19:53
crimsune.g., dd(1)19:53
nightsjammiesfor a flash drive, that is?19:53
OerHeksnightsjammies, try unetbootin19:53
nightsjammiesthat's the one I couldn't remember.19:54
OerHeksoke :-)19:54
nightsjammiesooh, and it's in the repos too..19:55
OerHeksfor ubuntu, use the synaptic version, windows use sourgeforge http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/19:55
nightsjammiesanyone in here know what a .daa file extension is for?19:58
mikebeechamso guys, is there a wiki that tells of whats new in 10.04?20:00
yofelmikebeecham: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidLynx/TechnicalOverview20:01
monkey_dustmikebeecham, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/02/ubuntu-1004-alpha-3-released-later.html20:02
mikebeechamyofel: thanks mate....I like to so far, but feel like there's more than I'm seeing!20:02
OerHeksnightsjammies, i think .daa is an image , not all burning software can handle it.20:02
nightsjammiesahh, not what I want then. Thanks much.20:05
mikebeechamguys, where do I find the 'MeMenu'?20:07
boodroscotchHey guys. I have an fairly recent ATi Card and GNOME won't start when I log in20:10
boodroscotchIt gives me a terminal20:10
boodroscotchand I can manually start GNOME from it but many applets are broken/missing20:11
boodroscotchAny help/suggestions? or should I nuke Lucid and stick with Karmic until the RC?20:14
pounardhello, I have 3 questions about lucid: 1) How do I revert my metacity buttons to be on the right? 2) How do I get the legacy gnome sound applet? 3) How do I get rid of notify-osd? If anyone can answer any of these questions, I'll be happy:)20:15
devilsadvocate_so i really need some help getting my sound back20:18
devilsadvocate_it stopped working all of a sudden20:18
devilsadvocate_aplay doesnt work either20:18
devilsadvocate_alsa finds my audio devices just fine20:19
crimsunhttp://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh , please.20:19
devilsadvocate_volume is turned up20:19
mikebeechamquick aesthetic question...is there any way to place the time and date next to each other, instead of on top of each other?20:19
ScotieDevil Where do you have sound problems, anywhere,20:20
boodroscotchwhy are the window control buttons (like close and minimize) on the left side now???20:20
Scotieme too, hope it will fix it after upgrade to lucid20:20
devilsadvocate_ http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=5a33c14e158c04ce84b4bcf136ebddc6e466a3e720:20
devilsadvocate_crimsun, ^20:21
devilsadvocate_Scotie, no sound plays, at all20:21
Scotieno, suddenly, don t know why20:21
crimsunSimple mixer control 'Master',0 Capabilities: pvolume pvolume-joined pswitch pswitch-joined penum Playback channels: Mono Limits: Playback 0 - 64 Mono: Playback 64 [100%] [0.00dB] [off]20:21
crimsunit's muted.20:22
ScotieAmarok crashed when download the sound20:22
devilsadvocate_so thats the last time i trust kmix20:23
* devilsadvocate_ tries to unmute with alsamixer20:23
nightsjammieshey, does amarok play videos?20:23
nightsjammiesand has anyone in here gotten the supposed video plugin to work for rhythmbox?20:23
Scotieno, really, perhaps ipod that sit i think20:23
step21hi, still trying to force gma x3100 to output to 1920x1080 ... did cvt 1920 1080; xrandr --newmode ...; xrandr --addmode ...; xrandr --output ... --mode ...; it accepts it, but it seemingly only switches to 1680x1050. and not even that really, because the bottom of the screen is cut of (taskbar)20:24
step21both screen and card support this resolution everywhere else20:24
devilsadvocate_crimsun, http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=c2aff379837d7a24294ea25dbb3a7a2e72e2968c : i still hear no sound. i unmuted in alsamixer, how i see if its muted in the output?20:24
devilsadvocate_yeah, the off changed to on20:25
boodroscotchOkay, that's it. No nautilus!?!?!?? going back to Karmic.20:25
devilsadvocate_so i'm presuming its not unmuted20:25
devilsadvocate_not muted*20:25
ScotieDid you check it with system checking20:25
DexterFhow do I get the window buttons back to the right side?20:25
monkey_dustDexterF, alt-f2 gconf-editor apps > metacity > general > button layout20:27
monkey_dustbut it's easier to get ysed to it20:27
monkey_dustysed = used20:27
DexterFI dont want to get used to it. it blows.20:27
monkey_dusti'm already used to it20:27
ScotieCan I get the Awn manager on the right side of the screen20:27
crimsundevilsadvocate_: install pavucontrol and check that you aren't trying to use the HDMI out20:28
nightsjammiesI've got Nautilus..20:28
crimsundevilsadvocate_: alternately, check pactl stat20:28
monkey_dustboodroscotch, no nautilus, what do you mean?20:28
devilsadvocate_crimsun, if it makes any difference, i heard the kde login sound when i logged in earlier. then later i played some bzflag and tried muting it, and assumed i muted it by pressing the hardware button (XF86Mute or so). after that, no sound comes out. i've been trying with aplay in the hope that if its a pulseaudio problem then that wouldnt affect aplay20:28
devilsadvocate_crimsun, checking20:28
crimsundevilsadvocate_: also, because you mentioned KMix, I presume you've configured Phonon (KDE System Settings > Multimedia) correctly to set PA to the highest/topmost priority?20:28
boodroscotchmonkey_dust: I think my Lucid upgrade was messed up.20:29
devilsadvocate_crimsun, yepi've also tried to 'test' each of the optionf from there, none of them produce any sound either.20:29
boodroscotchhalf my applets are missing20:29
Scotiereally, i am busy, whats happend20:29
boodroscotchGNOME/X won't start20:29
crimsundevilsadvocate_: so what's the output from 'pactl stat'?20:29
crimsundevilsadvocate_: pastebin, please20:30
devilsadvocate_crimsun, doing that tright now20:30
devilsadvocate_crimsun, http://pastebin.com/H3RyGVSu20:31
DexterFmonkey_dust: that was easy, thanks.20:31
devilsadvocate_crimsun, ok, it works now20:32
sulleIs here annyone that please can help me with my mouse sensitivity problem?.20:32
devilsadvocate_crimsun, in pavucontrol, the output devices volume was muted20:32
devilsadvocate_crimsun, how could this happen / where is this normally controlled from?20:32
crimsundevilsadvocate_: you pressed mute.20:32
devilsadvocate_i turned _everything_ on alsamixer all the way up :(20:33
crimsundevilsadvocate_: that doesn't make much difference20:33
devilsadvocate_crimsun, thanks, by the way :)20:39
* devilsadvocate_ gets somewhat panicky in the absense of artificial sound20:39
crimsundevilsadvocate_: np20:39
DexterFis there an rss reader that scrolls in a bar like KNewsTicker?20:44
dante123hi all, i keep getting asked for the keyring when first logging...how do I make it so that logging in invokes the keyring password20:45
sulleMy mouse sens is too high, i have changed it in the mouse settings but it is still sooo high that it is a problem to use it. Cant find a solution to this. Annyone here that can please help me?20:45
dante123desktop, laptop, or netbook sulle20:46
sulleDesktop dante12320:46
dante123have u tried a different mouse...just to compare20:46
happyhoboSo lucid is going to go through with the screwed up buttons?20:47
happyhoboMaximize, minimize and exit?  On the left side?20:47
dante123<happyhobo> it isn't that big of a deal....for netbooks it is actually a good idea as sometimes left side gets lost.....im sure it will be a configurable setting20:48
dante123sorry meant to say right side....when windows are larger than screen size20:48
happyhoboI didn't know that about netbooks.  I got the fix 2 or 3 releases ago.  My only wish for lucid is to have the mint menu as an option.  I added it myself and I really liked it.20:49
dante123i think there is too much crying about it from the "purists"....although I prefer them on right side too20:49
dante123mint menu?   you mean when u start up....for grub2?20:50
happyhoboI saved the gconftool command20:50
happyhoboNo on the panel20:50
dante123you mean that menu on bottom left corner......windows like.....from linux mint?20:51
happyhobothat menu in the top left or whereever you want to put it20:51
happyhoboYou came to the right place longcat20:52
longcati installed lucid and now when i log into gdm gnome-session doesnt run.  and if i run it manually i also need to start metacity manually too.  how do i fix these two issues?20:52
guntbertlongcat: did you update today? there was an issue yesterday20:53
longcati've been updating again and again but nothing.  i updated a couple hrs ago20:54
longcatcould be my mirror is lagged, but is the issue that was fixed my issue?20:55
longcatim using us.archive.ubuntu.com20:55
guntbertlongcat: not sure20:55
mikebeechamdoes anyone know how I can set out my panel clock so that the date is next to the time, instead of on top?20:56
happyhoboHi mikebeecham20:56
mikebeechamhi happyhobo20:57
salty-horsegetting this error in lucid when trying to mount my media player: Not Authorized: Remote Exception invoking org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.Authority.CheckAuthorization() on /org/freedesktop/PolicyKit1/Authority at name org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1: org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.Error.Failed: Action org.freedesktop.devicekit.disks.filesystem-mount is not registered20:57
longcatalso is it just me or are the window decorations that let you resize/close/etc now on the left side instead of the right?20:57
mikebeechamlongcat: correct20:57
mikebeechamnew design20:58
yofelmikebeecham: do you use KDE/gnome/xfce/... ?20:58
mikebeechamyofel: gnome mate20:58
* yofel hasn't seen the date on top yet in gnome20:59
mikebeechamat the moment, I have the date, then underneath is the time...and it's very squashed into the panel...I would really like to have it side by side20:59
yofelbut maybe they changed something since I last used it20:59
yofelhere in KDE the time is above the date20:59
mikebeechammine's always been like that20:59
salty-horselongcat, I filed a bug about this in gnome: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=56300321:01
ubottuGnome bug 563003 in general "no fallback icon since 2.25.X" [Minor,Unconfirmed]21:01
salty-horsenot that21:02
ubottuGnome bug 613522 in themes "button_layout conf setting should be part of theme engine" [Normal,Unconfirmed]21:02
longcatah yes that would be ideal, i was trying to find how i could change that21:03
salty-horsethat's easy21:04
longcatI think doing an autoremove removed more than I wanted.  Is there a package that tells gdm what available desktop environment options there are21:04
longcatgdm kicks me into a session with xterm and no window manager21:04
salty-horsesee: /usr/share/themes/Ambiance/metacity-1/gconf-settings.sh21:05
salty-horseset it to "menu:minimize,maximize,close"21:05
salty-horsebut note that the default new ubuntu themes don't look well with that set21:05
salty-horse(mentioned in my bug)21:05
longcatweird, themes call gconf directly21:07
DexterFlongcat: sounds to me as if somehting is broken or missing21:07
salty-horselongcat, they don't. that script is just there for nothing21:11
salty-horse(as far as my research led me to believe)21:11
salty-horseubuntu had probably set the gconf value (or executed that script) in some other package installation script21:11
Consul_Falxhello folks21:11
Consul_Falxplease, I need help in setting up X.Org for Kubuntu Lucid AMD64 beta1 ...21:12
yofelConsul_Falx: what doesn't work?21:12
Consul_FalxI have a centrino1duo laptop with ATI radeon mobility X1450 videocard21:12
Consul_Falxactually, all works well, but the video is visibly distracted21:13
Consul_Falx(so that It's really awful to use it in this state)21:13
Consul_Falxjust as I put the install CD into device and started the CD checksumming operation, the splash image used in that was flickery just as all other graphics before and/or after the installation were21:14
Consul_Falxupon compositional effects or video playback, the distraction is not any stronger than without that, but, it flickers all time21:15
Consul_Falxwell, and, actually, having now switched to a blank tty2, it flickers there as well :(21:16
Consul_Falxyofel: any advice?21:18
yofelConsul_Falx: can't help you as I don't have any experience with ati cards, you should wait a while, maybe someone else can. (and if not, possibly ask in #ubuntu-x if it's known)21:19
cryptkhere is what should be a simple question... if I want to install KDE into my Ubuntu 10.04 B1 install so that I can choose which one I want to use, what package would that be?21:20
cryptkI looked in synaptic but there are hundreds of packages with KDE in the name21:20
robin0800cryptk: kde-desktop21:20
yofelcryptk: install 'kubuntu-desktop' that will pull in everything that's needed by kubuntu21:21
cryptkok, and this shouldn't mess with my ability to use Gnome as I do now right?21:22
cryptkbut I should be able to choose one at the login screen?21:22
yofelcryptk: no21:22
cryptkno as in it won't mess with anything?21:22
yofelcryptk: you'll have to choose if you want to use kdm or gdm though during the installation21:22
robin0800cryptk: yes but the menu may be a mess21:22
cryptkhrm... I am confused now21:23
cryptkso is there no way to just choose one at the logon screen?21:23
robin0800cryptk: yes as I said21:23
yofelcryptk: there will be, but you'll have to choose one logon screen, kde and gnome haver different ones (kdm/gdm)21:23
cryptkahh, so I can install kubuntu-desktop and jsut choose then21:23
yofelcryptk: a prompt will appear for that21:24
cryptkI was confused by yofel saying I had to choose kdm or gdm during install21:24
cryptkso I can use the gdm logon screen but have it load into KDE21:24
robin0800cryptk: but at least in gnome you will find kde menu items21:24
yofelcryptk: sorry, both kdm and gdm will let you choose if you want to use gnome or kde after that21:24
cryptkok, gotcha21:24
yofelrobin0800: it'll be the same in KDE too (gnome apps in menu)21:25
cryptkso I can stick with my gdm logon screen and jsut choose KDE21:25
yofelcryptk: yes21:25
Consul_Falxcryptk: I wouldn'21:25
yofelConsul_Falx: why not?21:25
Consul_Falxt suggest using both21:25
cryptkreason I wanna try it is because I have always used gnome... haven't used KDE in like 7-8 years21:25
dupondjesomebody around that has https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/543314 this bug ?21:25
ubottuUbuntu bug 543314 in linux "Frequently used NIC (Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Device 4381) not supported" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:25
Consul_Falxyofel: system integration turned out to be an immense mess ...21:25
Consul_Falxnotification catching, composition cache, plasma applets start f.cking up ...21:26
gavintlgoldjust popping in to say great job with the chat integration and broadcast stuff. It's visually and functionally stunning!21:26
cryptkI also noticed that with 10.04 I tried installing like I always have.. use unetbootin to make a bootable USB stick with the iso image... didn't work21:26
cryptkhad to burn it for some reason21:26
yofelConsul_Falx: I have both gnome and kde installed, and the only issue I have noticed is that pulseaudio likes to make sound complicated in KDE21:27
cryptkyofel, so you are doing KDE and Gnome on Lucid?21:27
robin0800Consul_Falx: going gnome to kde is ok no idear about starting with kde and adding gnome21:27
yofelConsul_Falx: and yes, I once noticed nm-applet replacing knotify with notify-osd, but that's all that happened to me so far21:27
yofelcryptk: I do, but I use KDE most of the time, gnome is there if something breaks and makes KDE unusable21:28
cryptkbtw, one last question, I heard that HAL is completely gone in Lucid... is that right?21:28
Consul_Falxyes, another thing, upon having ubuntu/xubuntu desktop installed, one may not use phonon as backend in KDE21:28
Consul_Falxrobin0800: right, I installed gnome into Kubuntu, and had to reinstall -.-21:28
yofelcryptk: for gnome yes, but KDE and xfce still need it I think21:28
Consul_Falxkde uses hal21:28
cryptkahh, no bueno on KDE for me then... I always have issues with HAL and my mouse21:28
cryptkmakes it randomly stop working21:29
Consul_Falxand it has yet got some dismount error issues21:29
Consul_Falxbut lucid is yet far from stable :)21:29
cryptkI will hold off on KDE then... I can't use it if it still uses HAL... my mouse hates HAL (I blame it on the mouse)21:29
robin0800kde dosn't use the pulse audio sound server by default its not installed21:29
cryptkso far I like lucid... the purple threw me off a bit though...21:29
cryptkand the window title bar widgits being on the left is going to take some getting used to21:30
cryptkhuge thumbs up on the chat integration with the MeMenu though21:30
cryptkalready broadcastto facebook with it21:30
yofelcryptk: maybe you should just get yourself a kubuntu live disk and try KDE out there21:30
robin0800Consul_Falx: all my purples gone black and blue here21:30
cryptkyofel, I wish I could get it to work from my USB stick (much faster) but it wouldn't boot...21:31
robin0800cryptk:  all my purples gone black and blue here21:31
cryptkrobin0800, indeed, I will be changing the purple soon21:31
Consul_Falxif using compiz in attached gnome, KWin will draw some data from compiz cache, whence display unwanted graphics upon changing workspaces, opening desktop wall or other things ...21:31
cryptkI do have to say... if ubuntu could come out with a visually stunning appearance like Linux Mint has then it would be phenominal21:31
Consul_Falxmuch safer is to install kubuntu-desktop onto ubuntu, just as robin0800 said21:32
cryptkperhaps maybe in 10.10 we can have something really cool for the stock appearance21:32
Consul_Falxey, folks... could anybody please try to help me with my graphics issue?21:33
robin0800cryptk: perhaps they will put the buttons back21:33
cryptkand the favorites section (really the whole menu system) in Mint is great, I would love to see an option to use an "Integrated Menu" in Ubuntu21:33
deanusprefer it simple and clean http://imagebin.org/8981421:33
cryptkrobin0800, you mean the menu widgits?21:33
robin0800cryptk: no the minimize and maximise buttons etc.21:34
cryptkyeah, I have always called them widgits21:35
cryptkI like them on the right better also21:35
robin0800cryptk: mine are back on the right21:36
cryptkrobin0800, how did you move them?21:36
cryptkis there an easy way or did you graba  whole new window theme?21:36
robin0800cryptk: gconf -editor metacity general move the colon to be leadig and not trailing21:37
MuscovyRegarding window controls, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Lucid/AmbianceMod21:38
cryptkTHANK YOU21:40
cryptkbuttons back on right21:40
hackeronxserver-xorg-input-evtouch: Depends: xserver-xorg-core (>= 2:1.6.2) but it is not going to be installed < any ideas?21:43
cryptkthe more I check out the social features of Lucid the more I am impressed... some people put in some really good work on this21:46
avarwhat features? I was very disappointed in the toolbar/gwibber thing21:47
cryptkavar, that is what I am talking about, I can post to all of my accounts from right there, , click on the empathy icon (the envelope) and click on braoadcast and see all of the feeds21:48
cryptkthat last part is really nice21:48
hackeronFiled a bug :( < https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xf86-input-evtouch/+bug/54374021:50
ubottuUbuntu bug 543740 in xf86-input-evtouch "xserver-xorg-input-evtouch: Depends: xserver-xorg-core (>= 2:1.6.2) but it is not going to be installed " [Undecided,New]21:50
avarcryptk: Yeah. That's just gwibber which was neat. I was hoping for something more closely coupled with the panel.21:51
avarI thought "social by default" was a bit more than a single text field in a drop down menu;/ Something more apple-ish :)21:52
cryptkwell, would you rather the whole MeMenu be gwibber in a dropdown menu?21:52
kklimonda the problem I have with this textentry field in memenu is that it's not obvious what is it for.21:53
hackeronWait, HAL was removed in lucid? - What's the hardware abstraction layer now?21:53
kklimondahackeron: pure udev21:54
avarSomething a bit more polished. Like at least a countdown meter from 140 chars if I'm using twitter. or a textfield where I can see more than ~50 chars of the entire message21:54
avarAnd it doesn't launch gwibber by default, afaict I have to do that manually by putting it in startup items or something like that21:54
kklimondaavar: it's not going to show if gwibber isn't launched21:55
hackeronkklimonda: so say if I ran: $ hal-find-by-capability video4linux - before - what do I do now?21:55
avarkklimonda: I still get the text field even if gwibber isn't running21:55
kklimondaavar: it's a bug21:55
kklimondahackeron: no idea21:56
cryptkI like it though, there will always be some people that prefer something different but I think it is great21:56
hackeronanyone have any details about the HAL removal?21:57
Sado0oghello  need help21:57
kklimondahackeron: google for halsectomy21:57
hackeronkklimonda: thanks21:58
alex_mayorgaaudio died after switching users, is this known?21:58
hackeronalso, the default search engine was changed from google to yahoo? why??21:58
OerHeksyahoo pays more :-D21:58
yofelhackeron: canonical earned some money by doing that21:58
OerHeksto run all the update servers21:59
Sado0ogi have installed ubuntu 10.04 from windows7 .... when i reboot my laptop to login to ubuntu i got error message ?? why ??21:59
kklimondaalex_mayorga: what do you mean by die? you don't hear anything when you play the music on the new account?21:59
yofelSado0og: a) ubuntu 10.04 is still beta and has bugs, b) what error message do you get?21:59
Sado0ogi dunno   in startup   getting long message  and tell me to press TAB to get more info...and i only have a choice to type command  like  help  reboot ....22:01
hackeronalso, is 2.6.34 going to make it to lucid? - or are we stuck with 2.6.32 now? :(22:01
kklimondahackeron: no, lucid uses 2.6.3222:01
yofelSado0og: the command line starts with 'grub>' ?22:01
yofelSado0og: ok, boot manager fail :( I doubt i can  be of assistance here as I don't know how wubi works22:02
Sado0ogi don't want to install ubuntu from bios  ..cause i afraid it harms my win7 files  i got many there22:03
Sado0ogis there anyway ?22:03
hackeronkklimonda: well, it's beta, so we'll be stuck with it till the next release? :(22:03
histoSado0og: what?22:03
kklimondahackeron: what is beta?22:04
Sado0ogfor installing ubuntu from windows and get wotk ?22:04
histoSado0og: how woudl you install from the bios?  You mean install to the harddisk?22:04
hackeronkklimonda: lucid22:04
hackeronkklimonda: will a newer kernel make it in for the final?22:04
Sado0ogi meant boot from cd (sorry my english bad)22:04
histoSado0og: thats what wubi is for. Installing in windows22:04
kklimondahackeron: no - 2.6.32 is the version that both upstream and other distributions are going to support for a long time so it makes sense to use it in the LTS release.22:05
histoSado0og: you just download the livecd and run it from there. But you may want to use 9.10 or wait untill 10.04 comes out. You're runnign the beta version of ubuntu right now.22:05
Sado0oghisto :  i got error message  with command line start with grub22:05
Sado0ogok  i will wait22:05
Sado0ogwhen the stable version gonne be ?22:06
histoSado0og: 9.10 is stable rightnow.  I don't know why you are trying to run a beta version.22:06
hackeronkklimonda: I guess that makes sense :)22:06
Sado0ogi have 9.10  kuala22:06
Sado0ogbut i don't like the interface22:06
histoSado0og: and you are tryign to boot from cd?22:06
histoSado0og: or are you trying to install it?22:07
yofelhisto: he installed it using wubi but gets a 'grub>' prompt when trying to use it22:07
Sado0oghisto: i said i don't want to boot from cd.....i install from windows but got error message22:07
histoSado0og: ahhh also what is your native language?22:07
Sado0ogbut i choose english22:08
Sado0ogeverything in my pc english22:08
Sado0ogwin7 also english22:08
histoSado0og: well I was just going to suggest i'm sure htere is an arabic support channel but anyways. Let me find you the proper room22:08
Sado0ogi don't use arabic in my pc22:08
micahganyone else having issue with kvpnc on Lucid?22:09
histo!wubi | Sado0og22:09
ubottuSado0og: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.22:09
histoSado0og: you want to follow the troubleshooting link22:09
histoSado0og: second one.22:09
histoSado0og: also support for karmic is in #ubuntu this channel is for lucid22:09
Sado0ogi know22:09
Sado0ogi wanna support for lucid22:09
Sado0ogthats all22:09
Sado0ogi'm gonna wait for stable lucid22:10
Sado0ogbye ybe22:10
micahganyone else having issue with kvpnc on Lucid?22:11
pacejrHi, I need help. I did a update-manager -d to upgrade to lucid. It quit (long story) around the time packages were configuring.22:13
pacejrI did a dpkg --configure to finish configuring and then another apt-get upgrade.22:14
MuscovyWhat happened?22:15
DexterFhow do I change interface language after installation?22:15
pacejrWhat else does the upgrade need before I reboot? Update-manager thinks we're already at lucid22:15
pacejrI don't know if there are other things before i can reboot22:15
kklimondaDexterF: you can use system->administration->language support22:15
abe3khi, I've been testing 10.04 for a while and it seems stable, I've done an update today and the window manager (metacity) started to show window options to the left of the title bar instead of the right corner, is there any explanation to why that is happening ?22:15
avarDexterF: also to log in with a different language you have to log it -> use gdm22:16
kklimondaabe3k: it's a design change made by developers22:16
pacejrHow do you manually finish a dist-upgrade that failed?22:16
avarNo actually right -> left is the design change. It shouldn't go back again unles syou changed it.22:16
avarpacejr: How did it fail?22:17
abe3kkklimonda, so it isn't a bug ?22:17
abe3kkklimonda, how could I make them show to the right corner then ?22:17
MuscovyIf you don't like it, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Lucid/AmbianceMod is a mod I made to change it back.22:17
DexterFkklimonda: ah, been there, added "german", had no effect. didn't know I had to drag it to the top. not really intuitive22:17
kklimondaabe3k: there is some command you can type but I don't remember it.22:17
avarOr change it with: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stownsend42/light-themes22:17
MuscovyI've got it on the wiki page.22:17
pacejravar: The monitor went into standby and wouldn't come back no matter what I did. I had to remotely restart gdm22:18
avartry running it from the command-line?22:18
pacejravar: yeah, i tried the method using the server upgrade but it already htinks it's at lucid22:18
pacejravar: so it happily quits22:19
abe3kanyone familiar with the command line that changes the arrangement of the titlebar buttons ?22:19
abe3kI want them arranged to the right not to the left22:19
Muscovy https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Lucid/AmbianceMod22:20
kklimondaabe3k: if you can't find it you aren't really that desperate to change it ;)22:20
abe3kI'm right handed O.o22:20
MuscovyThat has the command, and, changes so the reorder doesn't break the design flow.22:20
abe3kMuscovy, I'll look into that thanks22:20
avarabe3k: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stownsend42/light-themes22:20
abe3kI bet the designer is a lefty !22:20
kklimondaabe3k: it doesn't really have anything to do with what hand is dominant22:21
MuscovyJust using the reorder command alone looks weird, because the shadowing behind the first button is a box.22:21
odinsbaneAwesome, just upgraded everything is working great, even compiz came on w/out a hitch.22:21
zerwasAnybody got Chromium from the repos and can tell if it uses the default theme with window control buttons on the right side?22:22
odinsbaneIt looks so nice I almost don't want to change anything.22:22
abe3kif I remember correctly the titlebar changes depending on the language being used as the default for the OS, if you're using an LTR language the buttons should be to the right and vice-versa22:22
abe3kbut I'm not sure22:22
Muscovyzerwas: It uses its own theme.22:24
MuscovyWIndow controls to the right, "normal" order.22:24
zerwasMuscovy> interesting. Thank you very much22:24
odinsbaneHow do I move the window controls?22:24
abe3khah, it seems that more people dislike this22:24
histowhy is there no partimage but there is partimage-doc?22:25
histo!info partimage22:25
ubottupartimage (source: partimage): backup partitions into a compressed image file. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.8-1 (lucid), package size 276 kB, installed size 968 kB22:25
abe3kwas this thing done by voting or the designers just decided to change it ?22:25
histoI can't get it22:25
DexterFkklimonda: now after re-login system is german liek I wanted it but the keyboard is wrong tho the applet says german. bug?22:25
odinsbaneI don't mind it yet, but if there is an easy way to move the controls, I'd like to know.22:25
MuscovyThe designers sprung it as a proposal. no one knows if it's final.22:25
kklimondaDexterF: no idea22:25
MuscovyOdinsbane: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Lucid/AmbianceMod22:26
abe3kMuscovy, Uh-huh]22:26
DexterFkklimonda: chose german agin, no its good. seems really a bug.22:26
odinsbaneMuscovy: saw it.22:26
* DexterF writes report22:26
Muscovygconftool -s --type string /apps/metacity/general/button_layout ":minimize,maximize,close"22:26
histoOkay its saying partimage is there but I can't get it22:26
abe3kwell they should've at least put the close button to the far left instead of it being far away from the window corner22:27
abe3kI would say someone really messed it up :)22:27
histoHow do i find the maintaner of a package?22:28
zerwashisto> packages.ubuntu.com22:28
yofelhisto: apt-cache show <pkgname> (look for the Maintainer: line)22:28
histozerwas: and is there a way to search packages.ubuntu.com because i don't know where its at.22:29
histoyofel: no maintainer line22:29
alex_mayorgakklimonda: I was watching a flash video on firefox, my wife had to quickly check her mail, so I switched user, after she logged off, my paused flash video has no sound22:29
rwwhisto: which package?22:29
yofelhisto: which package?22:30
histoits jacked up right now you can't install it22:30
yofelhisto: it has a maintainer line, and I can install it here, can you pastebinit the apt output?22:30
histoPackage partimage is not available, but is referred to by another package.22:31
histoThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or22:31
histois only available from another source22:31
histoE: Package partimage has no installation candidate22:31
rwwhisto: the maintainer is the MOTU team. See the right side of http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/partimage22:31
histoIts only 4 lines22:31
TehStatuZHas anyone ever managed to get Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas running?22:31
abe3kone more thing, I cant update these two packages from the update manager: parted, udisks, they're grayed out22:31
histoI have universe enabled22:31
kklimondaalex_mayorga: and what about sound in general? have you tried playing something else (not flash, for example music file)22:31
histoI don't get this.22:31
yofelhisto: are you *sure* that you have the universe repos enabled?22:31
rwwhisto: have you done sudo apt-get update recently?22:31
alex_mayorgakklimonda: all noise comes via flash here, I'm looking for something to make noise :)22:32
histoIs it in restricted universe?  everythign is checked enabled in the GUI but in sources.list the only thing that isn't is the restricted lines22:32
rwwhisto: no, it's in universe22:32
rwwand not backports22:32
alex_mayorgakklimonda: suggestions?22:32
BUGabundothere is no such thing as backport22:32
histoEverything else is enabled22:32
BUGabundoin +122:32
rwwhisto: again, have you done sudo apt-get update recently?22:33
BUGabundonot even Updates or security22:33
TehStatuZI am trying to get a game running in Wine/PlayOnLinux, but the game just keeps crashing. Anyone got experience?22:33
kklimondaalex_mayorga: aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Noise.wav22:33
alex_mayorgakklimonda: I know, firing up system testing ;)22:33
histoHit http://us.archive.ubuntu.com lucid/universe Packages22:33
historww: yes22:33
histoits hitting the repo also22:33
histoIs it maybe a problem witht he us repo?22:33
odinsbaneTehStatuZ: did the game ever work for you?22:34
rwwhisto: which architecture are you on?22:34
alex_mayorgakklimonda: got "Playing WAVE '/usr/share/sounds/alsa/Noise.wav' : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 48000 Hz, Mono" but I didn't hear anything22:34
kklimondaalex_mayorga: hmm.. you should report that then22:34
odinsbaneTehStatuZ: also did you check winedb they have a list of games/programs that are known to work well.22:34
rwwhisto: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/partimage/+bug/19872422:34
ubottuUbuntu bug 198724 in partimage "[amd64] partimage not synced or build" [High,Confirmed]22:34
alex_mayorgakklimonda: against?22:34
yofelah, that would explain it, I tried it on i38622:35
TehStatuZodinsbane, Its not working for me. And yes, i checked the winedb for the game. Its reported succesfull22:35
historww: I knew I wasn't going crazy22:35
odinsbaneTehStatuZ: is it a 3d game?22:35
TehStatuZodinsbane, Yes, it is.22:35
alex_mayorgathis is reportable too I guess, from dmesg "[19783.586723] gnome-screensav[11829]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f12f3f34a80 sp 00007fff125d1de0 error 4 in libGL.so.195.36.15[7f12f3e99000+aa000]"22:35
kklimondaalex_mayorga: do ubuntu-bug sound when you don't hear anything22:35
yofelwouldn't that be 'ubuntu-bug audio' ?22:36
kklimondaalex_mayorga: ups, ubuntu-bug audio22:36
odinsbaneTehStatuZ: what is your 3d card?22:37
abe3kwhen trying to update the "parted" package I get the following: " Depends: libparted0 but it is not going to be installed" what is the problem22:37
abe3kthis only happened once I've updated today22:37
zerwasMuscovy> could you show me a screenshot or tell me which theme is used? i can't test lucid here22:38
Muscovyzerwas: Sorry, more info?22:38
zerwasMuscovy> Chromium on Lucid22:39
yofelzerwas: afaik chrome should look the  same in ubuntu as it looks in windows22:39
MuscovyChrome looks the same in Lucid as Karmic/Jaunty.22:39
MuscovyUnless you manually tell it to use system themes.22:39
zerwasyofel> in Mac OS X for example the window controls are on the left side. And lucid has them on the left side, too, now. that's why i asked22:40
TehStatuZodinsbane, im having trouble locating the name of my videocard. Since im kinda new to Ubuntu, could you explain me how real quick?22:40
yofelzerwas: ah, well, I'm not sure what theme settings chrome would abide to tbh22:40
odinsbaneTehStatuZ: lspci should tell you.22:41
TehStatuZodinsbane, ATI Technologies inc Mobility Radeon HD 340022:41
zerwasyofel> keep in mind: I'm talking about chromium (which is in repositories), not chrome.22:42
alex_mayorgakklimonda: thanks on the tip22:42
odinsbaneTehStatuZ: you could try in #radeon, they might tell you to install the updated drivers.22:42
yofelzerwas: ah, sry, I don't make much of a difference there...22:42
inveratulois there a way to remove and reinstall aptitude safely?  I keep getting segfaults22:42
yofelinveratulo: that's known afaik22:42
kklimondainveratulo: it's a known problem22:42
TehStatuZodinsbane, Ill give it a try, thanks for your time.22:42
inveratuloyofel,kklimonda: th eonly bug report i saw was one that was fixed by using the "-q" option with aptitude, but unfortunately that doesn't work for me22:43
yofelinveratulo: oh? where does it segfault exactly?22:44
vistakilleranyone else has problem with suspend?22:44
histoanyone else get lines down the side of the background on both edges of the screen?22:45
inveratuloyofel: kklimonda: http://paste.ubuntu.com/398996/22:45
kklimondainveratulo: have you tried sending it to the launchpad?22:46
inveratulokklimonda: not yet, i wanted to make sure i wasn't a victim of my own collosal stupidity22:47
devilsadvocate_vistakiller, what sort of problem?22:47
vistakilleris not working :P22:47
abe3kwhy is "safely remove usb device" is actually not safe in ubuntu ?22:47
devilsadvocate_vistakiller, suspend behaves strangely here - it does not suspend when i shut the laptop lid, it just locks the screen. then when i open the lid and unlock it _then_ goes into suspend22:48
abe3kI mean I do it on all of my usb devices, but still the devices are still showing me that they are connected to the machine even if I do click on the safely remove device22:48
vistakillerto me is not working at all22:48
devilsadvocate_abe3k, they are connected but not mounted. thats how its supposed to work22:49
alex_mayorgakklimonda: the issue is now different22:49
histoGod these lines are annoying have a white line on the left and right side of the background image on desktop22:49
devilsadvocate_histo, the image aspect ratio is probably wrong. you should change the background color or set it to scale and crop or something of the sort (scale and crop is waht kde calls it)22:49
alex_mayorgaseems like the muted sound setting on my wife's session misteriously stuck when she logged off and passed onto my session that had maxed audio22:50
abe3kdevilsadvocate_, well in all other operating systems, the device completely gets disconnected, power wise22:50
alex_mayorgacan anyone try replicating it, please?22:50
Some_PersonUgh, I have a friend who keeps going on at me about an extremely minor bug he found22:51
abe3kdevilsadvocate_, mobile phone still charging, usb memory stil have LEDs glowing ... etc22:51
Some_PersonIt's so minor, I don't feel it's worth reporting22:51
inveratuloyofel: kklimonda: guys I think I fixed my segfaults, it was due to my stupidity.. trying to mount a bunch of temp fses:  any idea which I can keep? :http://paste.ubuntu.com/399000/22:51
devilsadvocate_abe3k, tbh thats how its always been, i dont know if one way is specifically better than the other22:51
yofelinveratulo: not sure, but a tmpfs for /var/log doesn't really make any sense to me, you don't want any log files after reboot?22:52
abe3kdevilsadvocate_, well what happens on my other OS is that the device completely shuts off, then I would remove it22:52
inveratuloyofel: this is on a work laptop that uses an SSD, keep logs is not really a priority22:53
devilsadvocate_abe3k, afaik the safely remove affair is just to make sure that you dont remove it /_While_ a read/write operation is going on. once you unmount the filesystem, that is the case (in the case of usb storage)22:53
histodevilsadvocate_: It doens't matter what image I pick or zoom or stretch etc...22:54
yofelinveratulo: tbh, mounting something like /var/cache/apt/archives as a tmpfs would make more sense, you don't exactly need the .deb files after you installed them, but I do like to have the logs here (I use a ssd too)22:54
abe3kdevilsadvocate_, I think you're right tbh22:54
abe3kdevilsadvocate_, it just feels better to pull out devices that are actually off :)22:54
histoNo one else has white bars?22:54
devilsadvocate_abe3k, personally i like this behavior because it lets me, for instance, charge something without connecting it / have drivers/so on22:55
devilsadvocate_histo, is it just with the background or do the panels also seem shorter than they should be?22:55
abe3kdevilsadvocate_, well, right now I have my phone connected to the usb, I've clicked the safely remove, but my phone is still showing me that it is connected and I have to detach the usb to access my phone files22:56
histoI just logged otu and back in and now they are gone22:56
histodevilsadvocate_: ^^^ its some sort of bug22:56
histoI have to figure out why conky has drop shadows around it now on my desktop22:56
yofelinveratulo: ok, using a tmpfs for /var/tmp doesn't do any harm to aptitude here. I won't try /var/log as that would probably crash the system logging services22:57
histoAnd it comes up when I pull up scale22:57
yofelinveratulo: (while they're running)22:57
abe3kisn't there any way of "powering down" the usb port for some time ?22:57
alex_mayorgakklimonda: got an extra id to test?22:58
devilsadvocate_abe3k, it does it by itself when the power drawn from it crosses some threshold, so it should be possible somehow. i dont know how, exactly22:58
ChogyDanyofel: why would that crash the logging services?22:59
abe3kok one more thing. when I connected the charger to my laptop the battery icon disappeared and I can no long see how much of the battery life is left O.o22:59
setuidAnyone know what happened to the volume manager in the most-recent few-days upgrades?22:59
kklimondaalex_mayorga: I have problems with session switching so not really22:59
setuidWhen I use my volume-up/dn buttons on the laptop, they do notihng22:59
abe3kor how far it''s been charged22:59
alex_mayorgakklimonda: nvidia related?23:00
setuidxev shows key events23:00
yofelChogyDan: I'm not sure, but they might try to access a file in /var/log that will vanish by mounting a tmpfs over it, and I don't want to risk that right now23:00
kklimondaalex_mayorga: nouveau related most likely23:02
ChogyDanyofel: I c23:02
ChogyDansetuid: btw, my volume applet is still working23:03
setuidChogyDan, There seems to BE no applet. What's it called?23:03
devilsadvocate_ChogyDan, i dont think tmpfs is a good idea for /var/log. one of the reasons its there is so that the logs can survive a full system crash and give clues to why it went down. iirc a tmpfs will clean itself on reboot / not be able to retriev information past pwerdown (i may be wrong)23:03
setuidWhen I launch gnome-volume-control, I see:23:04
setuid** (gnome-volume-control:20977): WARNING **: Connection failed, reconnecting...23:04
setuid...repeatedly in the terminal23:04
alex_mayorgakklimonda: odd, user switch works with nouveau on this end23:04
abe3ksetuid, did you try to kill it first ?23:04
devilsadvocate_something like logfs might be alright though23:05
ChogyDansetuid: it is part of the indicator applet, I don't really know how that works23:05
setuidabe3k, I see this: http://pastebin.com/3zUazi5g23:05
setuidEven running it as root, fails (under sudo)23:06
histoFigured it out window_type override worked.23:06
ChogyDandevilsadvocate_: my understanding is that tmpfs goes straight to ram, so by nature, it would clear itself on reboot.23:08
setuidabe3k, It worked 2 days ago, prior to these updates... so something in the most-recent 1,388 packages that were updated this week, changed it23:08
devilsadvocate_ChogyDan, so that isnt really a good solution if you do want to be able to debug some problems, of course, you can always switch it to a non-volatille fs if you do start having problems23:09
abe3ksetuid, do you have sound coming from your speakers ?23:10
setuidabe3k, Sure, when I use gnome-alsamixer to adjust sounds, they work, and sound works everywhere else23:10
setuidls > /dev/dsp also works23:11
abe3ksetuid, try running ;killall pulseaudio; sleep 1s;pulseaudio23:11
setuidabe3k, http://pastebin.com/TjDwn7pU23:11
setuidInstalling pulseaudio-module-bluetooth now23:12
abe3ksetuid, or try switching your bluetooth23:12
setuidI don't use bluetooth23:13
setuidHrm, now it works... had to install pulseaudio-module-gconf also23:13
abe3ksetuid, pretty strange :)23:14
setuidAnyone know where the most-recent isos are for all of the popular Linux distros? I want to build up a handful of virtual machines to test some code23:15
* setuid finds linuxiso.org and distrowatch23:16
MikeChelenyeah distrowatch23:16
* arand Was just going to suggest DW23:16
abe3kwouldn't ubuntu be soooo much cooler if you can select which apps you want in your live cd like slax.org :>23:20
setuidabe3k, roll your own23:20
Some_Person I was wondering if plymouth not working may  be a result of my continued use of grub-legacy23:20
* setuid doesn't get the point of plymouth23:21
setuid...and still runs grub, not grub-pc23:21
abe3kit's all about eye candy :)23:21
setuidplymouth works in like 2% of the cases it was designed for23:21
Some_PersonI'd reinstall usplash if it wouldn't force me to remove gdm23:21
setuidplymouth doesn't work if you encrypt your root fs, which I always do23:21
setuidusplash also doesn't work in the same case23:22
Ian_CorneSome_Person: have you tried xsplash?23:23
abe3kI'ld prefer always seeing whats going under the hood while booting :>23:23
Some_Personusplash has always worked for me, plymouth is just failing me23:23
Some_PersonIan_Corne: xsplash only works after X starts. Karmic used it in combination with usplash23:23
dtohi. is there any chance the newer wacom bamboo tablets will work with Lucid?23:23
Some_PersonIan_Corne: usplash provided the white ubuntu logo on black backround, while xsplash provided the ubuntu logo on brown background23:24
setuidjaunty always worked with my 1920x1200 console output, but Lucid refuses to work with the same exact grub config that worked fine with Jaunty23:24
setuidor Karmic23:24
Some_PersonSomeone did make an xsplash theme with the lucid logo, so that with karmic's usplash theme would probably work pretty darn well in my opinion23:25
Ian_CorneI find that it's not really helpfull jumping ship already23:25
Ian_CorneI stick with the proposed options and file bug reports if they're broken23:26
setuidUntil they get a usplash that works at higher than 640x480 with support for encrypted root filesystems (i.e. prompting for a passphrase at boot time), none of that is truly scalable.23:26
Ian_Corneand then if it's not fixed at release, switch23:26
Ian_Cornelike i switched back to pdigin in karmic23:26
thehampelmanany idea where i can get the font used in the new ubuntu logo?23:26
Some_PersonIan_Corne: Plymouth isn't any better though if it doesn't work23:26
abe3kthehampelman, it looks cool doesn't it :)23:26
setuidthehampelman, url?23:26
setuidYou could use 'whatthefont'23:27
Some_PersonI read it was custom made though23:27
thehampelmani tried, it didn't find anything useful23:27
Some_PersonI don't think a full font for it has been released23:27
thehampelmanya, good site - normally ;-)23:27
setuidWhat does this new logo look like?23:28
* setuid has over 13k fonts installed on his machine23:28
kklimondasetuid: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Brand23:29
abe3ksetuid, wtfff ? o.O23:29
setuidabe3k, I do a lot of font-matching/development/graphics manipulation23:29
abe3ksetuid, how long does it ttake to load something like saaaay, GIMP ? :>23:30
setuidabe3k, Not that long... I keep them all in ~/.fonts.original, and move the ones I need over as I need them, into ~/.fonts/23:30
abe3ksetuid, uh huh :)23:30
ChogyDananyone use enlightenment?  or openGEU?  how do I install it?23:30
setuidthehampelman, http://new.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/results?ch[0]=u&ch[1]=b&ch[2]=u&ch[3]=n&ch[4]=t&ch[5]=u&ch[6]=e&wtfserver=node4.ric.mf&id=00018aec4b9c07210007cab0000020a3&glyphcount=7&imageid=1830720823:33
setuidabe3k, desrod@talon:~/.fonts.original$ find . -type f | wc -l23:33
setuiddesrod@talon:~/.fonts$ find . -type f | wc -l23:34
abe3ktoo bad metacity still doesn't support multiple mice input with all this new xorg stuff :)23:34
setuidLooks like the font is called Soneri Sone23:34
Some_PersonThat first one's close, but not quite it23:34
Some_Personthe tops of the b and the t are different23:35
abe3ksetuid, thehampelman was looking for the new ubuntu font :)23:35
setuidSome_Person, Looks like a slightly rounded version of Soneri Sone23:35
setuidabe3k, That's what I just provided23:35
setuidSee the above url23:35
setuidIt thinks the ubu logo at the end is an 'e', but the rest of the font and kerning looks 95% match23:35
thehampelmanyep, a good start, thanks23:36
abe3ksetuid, would be cool if the "e" had a sharp corner like  the "u" and the "n"23:36
thehampelmanaccording to the wiki page we'll get the real deal sooner or later :)23:36
Some_PersonIf you cut off the non-existant 'e', the results are even better, but there's still no perfect match23:38
abe3kI think this is the actual font they've used in it23:39
Some_Person"Sone" and "Xenu Regular" are the closest by far23:40
Some_PersonI can't figure out which is closer out of those 223:41
abe3ksone for sure23:41
abe3klook at the "b" in xenu it's totally different23:42
setuidAnyone know if it's possible to concatenate some CD iso images together into one larger file, so I don't have to keep switching .iso images when I  build the VM out of them?23:42
abe3ksetuid, which vm are you using ?23:43
setuidVMware Workstation... been using that since 199923:44
abe3ksetuid, hmmm, I don't know about vmware but in vbox, you can make a list of mountable iso files and switch easily between them23:45
setuidI can switch them in vmware, but I want to make it nearly unattended install23:45
setuidSomething like cat disc2.iso disc2.iso disc3.iso > big-disc.iso23:46
abe3ksetuid, It wont work this way I think23:46
yofelsetuid: and the files from which disk should the big-disk boot then? (if you want the desktop + alternate cd use the dvd)23:46
abe3kyofel, he has manyy linux distros and wants to make a single bootable installer for all of them I think23:47
yofelI doubt that's possible...23:47
yofelyou would need a seperate boot manager to launch the installation for the distros on cd23:48
abe3kwell you can make a grub on an iso file, and choose which one to run from23:48
abe3kjust throwing suggestions23:48
yofelhm, possibly23:48
abe3kbut  you'll have to make sure the directories don't conflict and so on23:49
abe3kor even better copy the iso files as iso files and as grub to mount them and start ?23:49
abe3kI'm not sure if that'll work or not23:49
setuidyofel, it's concatenated, so the files on the first image cat'd, would be what is booted23:49
setuidI could just tftp-boot something and install it off of an NFS share on my network, sure... but that's not really scalable.23:50
abe3ksetuid, I think you'll be wasting time trying to figure that out other than just selecting another image :P23:51
setuidMost of the distros have a LiveDVD, or a 5-7-image iso set... they are not analogous23:52
abe3ksetuid, why don't you mount all of them, and just change the priority each time you boot ?23:53
abe3kI'm just sayin :)23:53
setuidI'm just trying to automate (i.e. remove human interaction) the process of building a full Linux distro, with nearly every possible package available....23:53
setuidi.e. the equivalent of what's on the cd set, NOT what is on the DVD23:54
abe3ksetuid, I'm afraid I'm all out of ideas, I didn't face your situation myself :)23:55
ChogyDansetuid: you want to build the whole archive?23:55
setuidChogyDan, Not build, just install everything that comes on the cd set for each distro23:56
setuidChogyDan, for example, CentOS is a 7-cd set... the CentOS LiveDVD is not equivalent23:56
histosetuid: debians repos are huge you understand that right?23:56
histosetuid: I'm confused as what you want to do?23:56
setuidhisto, I know, I am a mirror of one :)23:56
histosetuid: What do you want to do exactly?23:57
setuidhisto, See above... I want to automate the install of each Linux distro, with every package available -from the cd set- (not the full archive).23:58
setuidIOW, if I take that 7-cd CentOS set, and enable all of the packages from it, and install those (all dev packages, kernel development, tools, graphics, sound utils, etc.)23:58
lukushi - should the lucid beta be available yet?23:58
arandlukus: It is23:59
lukuswhen i do a dist-upgrade i get nothing - do i need to change any repos?23:59
setuidlukus, Boot one of the nightly iso images23:59
setuidlukus, If you're pointing to lucid repos, yes.23:59
abe3klukus,  I think it is23:59
kklimondalukus: you have yo use either update-manager -d or do-release-upgrade -d23:59
lukusah okay23:59
setuidlukus, Prepare for major breakage though, if you're going from a previous build to lucid23:59
arandlukus: From 9.10?23:59
lukusI'm on karmic at the mom23:59
setuidi.e. jaunty -> lucid, gutsy -> lucid, etc.23:59

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