DanaG3 lines of error:02:05
DanaGbeagleboard console-kit-daemon[2018]: WARNING: Unable to load seats from file /etc/ConsoleKit/seats.d/00-primary.seat: File is empty02:05
DanaGbeagleboard console-kit-daemon[2018]: WARNING: Failed to acquire org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit: Connection ":1.150" is not allowed to own the service "org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit" due to security policies in the configuration file02:05
DanaGbeagleboard console-kit-daemon[2018]: WARNING: Could not acquire name; bailing out02:05
DanaGnetgear fail: wg111 usb adapter gets only 2 megabits per second, tops.02:41
DanaGthat is so weird... it'll play smoothly... and then go broken-up, and then go smooth again.02:45
DanaGit's not just bandwidth -- the stream is only 2 megabits, anyway.02:45
DanaGBut, if I wave my arm around the usb-wifi thingy, it dies.02:46
DanaGnetgear fail:   0.0-35.0 sec  5.18 MBytes  1.24 Mbits/sec02:52
persiaOh my.  Sounds like you're in a zone with heaps of interference.02:59
DanaGWell, it works fine going iwlagn -> beagleboard wired.03:00
DanaGit's just netgear fail.03:00
DanaGIt will play fine for a while, and then I wave my arms around the thing, and it starts dropping.03:00
DanaG... even after I move my arms away again.03:00
Baybalbcm is also a not favourable thing on linux03:02
DanaGrtl8187, actually.03:02
Baybalthere should be no problems03:03
persiaWell, it depends on ambient fields, but in general, it ought be safe.03:07
DanaGoh, and the LED on it "sputters" in time with the audio stream.03:08
DanaGIt doesn't blink... it flickers.03:09
DanaG1In comparison, using iwlagn to router, then ethernet to beagleboard... gives 20 megabits.03:15
DanaG0.0-1805.1 sec  1585 MBytes  7.37 Mbits/sec04:23
DanaGthat's a longer iperf.04:23
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