Cogito1729Bodhizazen: well, I haven't yet been successful with unetbootin01:36
pedro3005hi Cogito172901:37
pedro3005what are you attempting?01:37
Cogito1729I'm trying to do a USB-only install of Ubuntu 9.10 on my ps301:37
Cogito1729I've tried a couple different bootloaders..01:38
Cogito1729.. but it's not recognizing the ubuntu installation.01:38
Cogito1729(during bootup, that is, it's not letting my initiate the install from USB)01:39
pedro3005Cogito1729, ah, sorry, don't know anything about ps301:39
Cogito1729pedro3005:  thanks for askin'. Have you any experience preparing ubuntu install on a USB (in general)?01:40
pedro3005Cogito1729, do you want to install ubuntu on the usb or use the usb to install?01:41
Cogito1729Pedro3005: Ideally, the latter01:41
pedro3005Cogito1729, and can you successfully boot from USB?01:42
Cogito1729Pedro3005: I followed the instructions on http://psubuntu.com/wiki/SetupPS3 to prepare the PS3... I can boot into a otheros command line.01:42
Cogito1729From there, I think I have to mount the USB and start the install01:43
Cogito1729But I don't know how to do that.01:43
pedro3005Cogito1729, hm, perhaps this little tool could make things easier for you http://www.netboot.me/01:43
pedro3005but it's a special ubuntu01:44
Cogito1729Pedro3005: Hmm. Let me see if I can find something on a  cross-search on netboot.me and ps301:45
pedro3005Cogito1729, probably not :/ it's not quite that famous01:45
Cogito1729Pedro3005: seems that way. I'd really rather not go with YellowDog over Ubuntu, but it seems there are more ps3-centric resources for YDL.01:46
pedro3005Cogito1729, maybe http://www.netboot.me/my/newconfig01:46
Cogito1729I think this is the same issue: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=124798701:51
pedro3005Cogito1729, try the solution there01:52
Cogito1729pedro3005: I was able to start the install, but ran into an error during hardware detection ... says "Your installation CD-ROM couldn't be mounted."02:02
Cogito1729pedro3005: of course, I'm not using an installation cd, I'm using a USB02:02
pedro3005Cogito1729, :/02:02
Cogito1729pedro3005: Haha, yeah, well ... that's the same issue reported by that thread I linked to. I'm making slow progress, but progress.02:03
pedro3005Cogito1729, hope you make it, but I can't be of much help02:03
Cogito1729pedro3005: I appreciate the support, man.02:04
Cogito1729Pedro3005: Do you know what KSDZ is doing in his reply to that thread?02:05
Cogito1729He's using "Gujin".02:05
pedro3005Cogito1729, I don't know what Gujin is02:05
Cogito1729pedro3005: okay, thanks.02:06
Cogito1729Hmm, maybe grub2 would work: http://rww.dreamwidth.org/3100.html02:26
pedro3005hello swoody02:27
yax51does anyone know a program that will allow me to use my computer as a wireless router? there is one for windows called connectify, but I'm looking for a linux one03:33
ShadowKnightHey, i was wondering how does the other os thing work on the ps3? is it worth it?04:02
Cogito1729ShadowKnight: I'm trying that out now.04:06
Cogito1729ShadowKnight: Xbuntu 9.1004:07
ShadowKnighthmmm okay then let me know how it goes im curious how that works04:08
ShadowKnighti wanted to back up my ps3 before doing it but i cant do it on my external hard drive.04:08
Cogito1729ShadowKnight: Why can't you backup? HD too small?04:08
ShadowKnightno it has way more than enough space i just cant seem to make it work. its a western digital mybook essential04:09
Cogito1729ShadowKnight: if you plug it into your ps3, can you see it from the XMB?04:10
ShadowKnightnope nothing at all from what i know let me double check04:10
Cogito1729Check your video / music menus. It should show up there if it's in a compatible format.04:10
ShadowKnightno its not up there. does that mean its not a compatible format? any way to make it so?04:11
Cogito1729ShadowKnight: Sure, you could reformat it. You'd lose all the data on there, though.04:12
ShadowKnightdamn wow that sucks actually, any other way? i dont think i have enough space on my comp for what is in there04:13
Cogito1729ShadowKnight: Do you have another HD or a USB key?04:14
ShadowKnightnope none of that.04:15
ShadowKnightI have about 400+gigs on that and i would have been able to put it on my computer but i partitioned the drive to install linux. my biggest usb is just 4gb04:15
pedro3005400gigs O.O04:15
ShadowKnightyea lol its a 1.5tb hard drive i have a lot of music videos and programs i have kept lol04:16
shahanI am in problem in ubuntu04:18
shahanWifi connection problem04:18
pedro3005hello ShadowKnight04:18
shahanpedro3005: yes04:18
ShadowKnightis there any way to partition the external hard drive so that i can format a part to be compatible?04:18
pedro3005shahan, ok, what's the issue?04:18
shahananybody here who can help me04:18
shahanpedro3005: wait04:18
shahanpedro3005: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9001958#post900195804:19
shahanpedro3005: check this04:19
shahanpedro3005: I just posted it04:19
shahanpedro3005: what can I do now?04:20
pedro3005shahan, tried using ndiswrapper?04:20
shahanpedro3005: what is it?04:21
shahanpedro3005: I didn't heared about it before?04:21
pedro3005shahan, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper04:21
shahanok...let me check04:21
Cogito1729ShadowKnight: how much room do you need to backup your ps3?04:22
ShadowKnightCogito1729: i would say about 80 gigs since thats how much my ps3 takes and its pretty full04:23
shahanpedro3005: hi04:25
pedro3005hi shahan04:25
shahanpedro3005: I have been suggested to download http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/misc/ndiswrapper-common04:25
shahanbut which file from this web?04:26
pedro3005shahan, so you got no internet access on your ubuntu?04:26
shahanyes...in windows04:26
pedro3005shahan, i see04:26
shahanpedro3005: so...what to do?04:26
pedro3005shahan, http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/all/ndiswrapper-common/download04:28
shahanpedro3005: wow04:28
shahanits .deb04:28
pedro3005shahan, yes, .deb04:29
shahanpedro3005: wherer you have got this link?04:29
pedro3005shahan, from the link you gave me?04:29
shahanpedro3005: !!!04:29
pedro3005shahan, what?04:29
shahanpedro3005: ok...help me to get this one also http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/net/ndisgtk04:30
pedro3005shahan, 32 or 64 bits?04:30
pedro3005shahan, http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/i386/ndisgtk/download04:30
shahanpedro3005: last one plz http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/misc/ndiswrapper-utils-1.904:31
pedro3005shahan, http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/i386/ndiswrapper-utils-1.9/download04:31
shahanpedro3005: ok...thank you very much04:32
pedro3005shahan, :)04:32
shahanpedro3005: can you tell me where you have got the link?04:32
shahanpedro3005: I have given the link04:33
shahanpedro3005: but there is a lot of files...04:33
pedro3005shahan, it's on the architecture box04:33
pedro3005just click yours04:33
shahanpedro3005: plz tell me the direction like left side down04:33
pedro3005shahan, left side down :P let me take a screenshot04:34
shahanpedro3005: yes...I hva gotten04:35
pedro3005shahan, http://i.imgur.com/oTGw4.png04:35
shahanthank you very much04:35
shahanpedro3005: let me test the files now04:35
shahanpedro3005: going to ubuntu04:35
pedro3005shahan, good luck04:35
shahanpedro3005: hope i will get u again04:36
ShadowKnightdoes anyone know if you could partition an external hard drive so that it could be read in a ps3?04:45
celthunderwhat format hdd does a ps3 use?04:49
ShadowKnighti have no idea to be honest. i have read it is FAT32? but not too sure04:50
Cogito1729ShadowKnight: yes, that's correct.04:50
Cogito1729ShadowKnight: But you'll have to reformat your drive.04:50
Cogito1729ShadowKnight: How much is onyour ps3? If you just need to backup your gamedata and setting, and not the media, you could use your 4gb flash key04:51
abhinavCogito1729: Are you sure it's a fat32 ? fat32 does not support more than 4GB files, right ?04:54
abhinav(4gB = size of file)04:54
Cogito1729abhinav: http://community.eu.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-3-Technical/Formatting-a-USB-Storage-Device-For-Use-With-The-PS3-A-Guide/m-p/464193405:00
* Cogito1729 is AFK. Back in 3 hours. 05:01
* abhinav is away: Abhinav|away05:05
* abhinav is away: breakfast05:06
shahanpedro3005: ohhh05:28
pedro3005shahan, yes?05:28
shahanpedro3005: r u here?05:28
shahanpedro3005: problem didnt' solved05:28
pedro3005shahan, did you install it?05:28
shahanpedro3005: when I installed ndwrapper05:28
shahanpedro3005: I started it...05:28
shahanpedro3005: but it looks for .inf file of my modem05:29
pedro3005shahan, do you have it?05:29
shahanbut didnt get any valid .inf file for it05:29
pedro3005shahan, it's probably on the CD05:29
pedro3005just extract the EXE05:29
shahanpedro3005: yes...I tried05:30
shahanwill I extract setup.exe05:30
pedro3005shahan, sorry man, but it's kinda late here and I can barely think05:30
shahanpedro3005: ?05:30
pedro3005shahan, yes try to see if it's in setup.exe05:31
shahanpedro3005: do u hve any suggestion05:31
shahanpedro3005: humm05:31
shahanI hve to go ubuntu again05:31
shahanits disgusting to go ubuntu then in windows and agin in ubuntu05:32
pedro3005shahan, :( sorry, i'm off to sleep05:32
pedro3005good luck05:32
shahanpedro3005: ok....05:32
shahanpedro3005: where r u from?05:32
pedro3005shahan, brazil05:33
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* nigelb waves to Silver_Fox_ 11:14
nigelbHaving a good Sunday?11:14
=== ShadowChild is now known as lukjad86
Silver_Fox_No worse than a usual day.11:16
Silver_Fox_Are you ?11:16
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VotebotPlease use "LOL", "OMG" and "ROFLCOPTER" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks12:09
nigelbok, no lag12:09
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geirhaHehe, sarcastic bot13:53
nigelbheya Silver_Fox_14:16
nigelbsorry about earlier14:16
nigelbwas on the phone14:16
Silver_Fox_Sorry for what?14:16
nigelboh, I didnt respond14:17
Silver_Fox_So,  are you having a good day nigelb ?14:22
abhi_navwhy nobody ask question here?15:56
pedro3005in soviet russia question ask you15:57
abhi_navis this timepass chat channel?15:57
pedro3005abhi_nav, :P no.. it's just a bit dead15:57
Silver_Fox_Is it?15:57
pedro3005it's meant for support15:57
abhi_navthen why nobody is here?15:58
abhi_navwhy we dont have a system to tell to newbies that this channel is for them?15:58
Silver_Fox_46 people are here :)15:58
pedro3005i put a link in my UBF signature15:59
VotebotPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic15:59
pedro3005occasionally, some people do come in and ask stuff15:59
pedro3005and we occasionally solve them15:59
abhi_navI see15:59
abhi_navWhat My suggestion is when some one ask a question, which he should ask here, in main channel #ubuntu, then we should tell them to come here16:00
abhi_navperhaps, what?16:01
pedro3005but this group needs improvement before being able to take that16:01
abhi_navwhat improvement?16:02
Silver_Fox_That would swamp this channel.16:04
pedro3005abhi_nav, well, not enough people dedicating to answer questions16:04
abhi_navpedro3005: hmmm ok16:04
abhi_navSilver_Fox_ hmm16:04
ghostofmybrain_is there a way to copy a file to two directories at the same time instead of recopying it?16:09
abhi_navyah some one asked16:09
pedro3005abhi_nav, so answer it :P16:10
abhi_navghostofmybrain_ as per my knowledge you can copy multiple source, but to single destination16:11
abhi_navpedro3005: :D16:11
pedro3005ghostofmybrain_, hm.... well if you just want it all in one line you could use &&16:11
pedro3005cp a /path/ && cp a /another/path16:11
ghostofmybrain_that's what I wanted, all in one line. Thanks16:11
geirhaYou can define a function to do it. 2cp() { cp "$1" "$2" && cp "$1" "$3"; }16:13
geirhaThen, 2cp file /path /another/path16:14
ghostofmybrain_I'm not sure how to define a function. just put that in the command ien?16:15
geirhaYes. You can put it at the end of  ~/.bashrc to make it permanent16:15
geirhaShould make that function more safe first though.16:17
geirhaYou can't do 2cp * /path /other/path for instance16:17
geirhaThat'll overwrite files16:17
geirha2cp() { local dest n=$#; if ((n < 3)); then echo "Too few args"; return 1; fi; dest=( "${@: -2}" ); set -- "${@:1:n-2}"; echo cp "$@" "${dest[0]}" && echo cp "$@" "${dest[1]}"; }16:30
geirhaThere. That one should handle globs16:31
ghostofmybrain_cool deal thanks16:31
nigelbgeirha: that was fast work :)16:31
geirhaOh, I left two echos in there, so it will only print the cp commands, not run them.16:33
geirhaIf you paste that into a terminal, then run "type 2cp", it will show the function nicely identented, so it'll be easier to see what it does :)16:34
ghostofmybrain_I keep trying to kill this process and it won't ever end17:10
Silver_Fox_What are you trying to kill ghostofmybrain_  ?17:10
Silver_Fox_What is it ?17:11
ghostofmybrain_a command line browser17:11
ghostofmybrain_internet browser17:11
Silver_Fox_try:  killall lynx17:11
nigelbghostofmybrain_: ctrl c?17:11
ghostofmybrain_killall lynx didn't work17:12
Silver_Fox_Have you tried:  ALT + F2 and call the program "xkill" then click on the bad program ?17:15
ghostofmybrain_let me install that real quick...17:16
ghostofmybrain_xkill: unable to open display ""17:16
Silver_Fox_Run ps -aef .  Find the process ID17:16
abhinavghostofmybrain_: lynx ? try control c twice ?17:16
Silver_Fox_Then run:  kill -9 $processID17:17
abhinavghostofmybrain_: lynx (the browser) needs to consecutive cntrl-c's to quit17:17
ghostofmybrain_abhinav: that doesn't do anything17:17
ghostofmybrain_ah, kill -9 worked!17:18
abhinavghostofmybrain_: as Silver_Fox_ mentioned, or killall --regexp lynx17:18
ghostofmybrain_thanks to both fo you :)17:18
Silver_Fox_A little strange that killall failed.17:19
Silver_Fox_Did it through any kind of error from terminal ?17:19
ghostofmybrain_no, it didn't have any error17:20
ghostofmybrain_it simply didn't kill the prodess17:20
Silver_Fox_Okay,  thank you.17:21
* Silver_Fox_ goes to look into why that did not work as expected17:21
Silver_Fox_Ah,  looks like It could have been a parent process re-spawning17:23
lukjad86ghostofmybrain_ Are you there?17:37
abhi_navnice talkin to you all17:49
JoeWheelerHi guys18:17
pedro3005oh not lukjad8618:18
lukjad86Aw. pedro3005 :P18:18
* pedro3005 looks the other way18:19
cprofitthey guys... any way to change the windows controls back?18:27
DarkwingDuckcprofitt: from what to what?18:28
pedro3005i think he's talking about how on lucid it's on the left18:28
pedro3005cprofitt, it's somewhere in gconf18:28
cprofittok... gconf...18:28
cprofittstupid move by Canonical/Ubuntu18:29
pedro3005cprofitt, can't remember where exactly, google.com18:29
DarkwingDuckpedro3005: ahhh... I should look at the gnome in lucid but, seeing how I use KDE I dunno... when it releases my wife will upgrade her computer to Lucid18:29
lukjad86cprofitt Yeah, gconf18:30
cprofittwell... if I can get back to sanity by not using Gnome...18:30
lukjad86cprofitt I agree with you18:30
cprofittwhere in gconf-editor18:31
lukjad86cprofitt To tell you the truth, at the next upgrade, i'm switching to xubuntu I think18:31
lukjad86cprofitt Alt+F2 gconf-editor18:31
cprofittwhere in gconf-editor... which setting?18:32
phillwgconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string "menu:minimize,maximize,close"18:33
phillwsoz, i had to look it up !!!18:33
cprofittnot seeing the ability to change it to the right18:34
phillw@ cprofitt18:34
lukjad86Who here uses xubuntu?18:35
lukjad86cprofitt You know where ubuntu started to go wrong?18:35
lukjad86When they disabled Ctrl+Alt+Delete18:35
johnttorrentHello, Running Karmic and having problems mounting certain types of DVDS. I can mount cdroms and was able to mount a DVD+R, but I have two other DVDS that aren't recognized18:36
cprofittits the order of the objects in the string...18:36
cprofittgot it.18:36
johnttorrentGetting this error in dmesg "VFS: busy inodes on changed media or resized disk sr0"18:37
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xcrunner509did anyone install the new ubuntu 10.0419:21
phillwxcrunner509: I've been running it for a few months19:21
xcrunner509when it loads it shows the icon of everything correct19:22
phillwmy desktop is well cluttered, I haven't noticed icons displaying incorrectly; are there any types you are referring to ?19:23
xcrunner509well i just installed it and it show all of the icons but there are a few that i can only see the tips of19:24
xcrunner509is there a way to get a clear desktop19:24
phillwwhat shows on your desktop will be mounts of disks / partitions that you have, and the contents of your ~/Desktop directory19:25
Sword2318Any body how would i permently mount my windows drive19:26
xcrunner509is it supposed to have a tab bar along the left side19:27
phillwSword2318: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/mountwindows19:28
Sword2318Is ther any simple commond19:28
Sword2318New to ubuntu19:29
phillwSword2318: that's why i gave you that link, it does it nice and easy using GUI, if you want to do it by editing the fstab by hand, then there is alink at the bottom of that tutorial taking you there, but that is more complicated19:30
Sword2318Thank u philw19:32
phillwxcrunner509: i'm not in ubuntu 10.04 atm, I'm testing lubuntu 10.04. if you pop over to http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=377  that is the forum for Lucid, there's been a few changes in the last week, I need to get my 'main' 10.04 updated.19:32
xcrunner509ok thank you19:33
xcrunner509also my wifi isn't working how do i tell which type i have so that i can download the proper driver19:34
phillwxcrunner509: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=336  has the how-to's19:35
phillwthe second sticky19:35
ghostofmybrain_so I'm reading this tutorial,and I need to do "tar xfz" to something. What exactly am I doing? the "tar" is basically executing the tar file, right? what is the xfz?22:23
pedro3005ghostofmybrain_, I think that extracts a tar file22:23
pedro3005 -x, --extract, --get22:24
pedro3005           extract files from an archive22:24
pedro3005-f, --file ARCHIVE22:24
pedro3005           use archive file or device ARCHIVE22:24
pedro3005     -Z, --compress, --uncompress22:24
pedro3005           filter the archive through compress22:24
ghostofmybrain_ahhh, cool.22:25
geirhaThat's the wrong "Z" though. It's lowercase z (which filters through gzip instead of compress)22:28
pedro3005geirha, yes sorry :/22:29
geirhaThe version of GNU tar in Ubuntu though, detects compressions automatically, so you don't need the z.   tar xf file.tar.gz  is enough.22:30
romulus_hi everybody i'm looking for some help about how to use IRC, i'm a complete novice, i run Xchat gnome, that's all I know !22:33
celthunderwhat were you looking at in particular?22:34
celthunderbasic commands are22:34
celthunder/join #<channel> /part #<channel> /nick <new nickname> /msg <nick> <message>22:34
romulus_i can find the commands easily22:34
=== ghostofmybrain_ is now known as ghostofmybrain
ghostofmybrainhehehe, cool22:34
celthunderthen what were you wondering?22:34
ghostofmybrainI never meant to have an underscore at teh end22:35
romulus_how to find the channels which could interest me22:35
celthunderxchat has a built in channel search thing too22:35
pedro3005romulus_, click on Server > List of Channels22:35
romulus_ok thanks22:36
romulus_but what is freenode22:36
celthundera network22:36
pedro3005romulus_, this network22:36
romulus_this is the source of all tche chans ?22:36
romulus_how to join another network ?22:37
celthunder/newserver or /server22:37
pedro3005romulus_, XChat > New > Server Tab22:37
celthunderone kills your current connection the otherm akes a new tab for a new server22:37
pedro3005 /server server.address22:37
romulus_ok and i find new servers on the web ?22:39
celthunderpretty much if you join a site and they have an irc channel they'll give a network a port and a channel22:39
pedro3005romulus_, you can check some out at XChat > Network List22:39
romulus_i cant find it i run a french version22:41
romulus_i've got the list of channels22:41
romulus_but not the list of servers22:41
celthunderpress ctrl+s22:41
romulus_it opens a window to save the conversation22:42
celthunderfirst menu option in the first menu22:44
celthundershould be a server list22:44
romulus_i got it22:44
romulus_so i can access any server from here22:45
romulus_i just need the name ?22:45
pedro3005romulus_, not all servers are on the list22:46
romulus_ok so how do i join a specific one ?22:47
LMAltnot sure if this is the right place, but can someone help with getting sound to my flat screen.  Here is what i have graphics card (GeForce 8400 GS), ubuntu (9.10), tv (vizio va320e). currently hooked up dvi to hdmi22:48
pedro3005romulus_, /server <sever>22:48
celthunderLMAlt, is your hdmi cable your outbound sound default/what your program is set to use?22:48
romulus_i must choose a server because of its geographic place no ?22:49
romulus_maybe there is a guide i should read22:49
romulus_my questions are very classical i guess22:49
pedro3005romulus_, no, you choose a server because of the channels in it22:50
romulus_thanks for your help22:51
ghostofmybrainhow do I copy multiple files to one directory?22:54
celthunderghostofmybrain, cp <anypattern that matches the files> <dir>22:55
pedro3005hello compiledkernel22:58
geirhaghostofmybrain: And an explanation of the patterns: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/glob22:58
ghostofmybraingeirha: ooooo, that's helpful. I've been doing it the loooong way23:01
ghostofmybrainso if I did cp *.zip directory, it will copy all zip files to the new directory?23:02
geirhaYes, all zip-files in the current directory, to the destination directory at the end.23:02
ghostofmybrainhaha, wow, that makes things way faster23:03
phillwghostofmybrain: you may want to pop over here and get the free book --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=105206523:04
geirhaIf you want to become even more efficient, I strongly recommend: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide23:04
geirhaThere's also a guide called Advanced Bash-scripting guide. You should stay away from that, at least as a beginner.23:05
LMAltcan someone help with getting sound to my flat screen.  Here is what i have graphics card (GeForce 8400 GS), ubuntu (9.10), tv (vizio va320e). currently hooked up dvi to hdmi23:05
LMAltIM me if you can help23:06
geirhadvi only carries video, you'll need a separate cable for audio.23:13
LMAlti do it goes from speaker on back of pc to AV on tv23:14
LMAltbut still no sound23:14
geirhaPlay some music, and cycle through all AV modes on the tv and check if you get audio in any of them.23:15

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