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RUXAHi all03:59
RUXAcan any help me with setup my internet with CDMA Sky IM-6100 mobile phone?04:00
RUXAPlease help, It's very important04:01
persiaRUXA: Have you tried ou support channel, #ubuntu ?04:01
RUXAwriting on this chanel is wrong?04:03
persiaPlease do.  The folk there should be able to help.04:03
persiaNo, writing on this channel is fine: but this channel is about working with the Ubuntu IRC channels, not a support channel.04:04
RUXAI'am writing this my trouble, Ok?04:04
persiaYes.  If you describe your problem to the #ubuntu channel, someone should help you with it.04:04
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ubot4`In #ubuntu-si, miha said:   !bajdes is <reply> Bajdec je totaln car :D14:31
ubot4`In #ubuntu-si, bajdec said: !bajdec is <reply> Bajdec je star 14 let in nima pojma o linux-u :D14:32
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HundMy nick I'm usually use, have become available on Freenode. which I quickly took and I would like to get a new cloak now.15:07
erUSULHund: unaffiliated --> #freenode ; or a ubuntu memeber cloak ?15:09
HunderUSUL: Ubuntu Member cloak. https://launchpad.net/~hund15:09
erUSULok; wait for the apropiate people to show up15:10
* MenZa_ pokes jussi01, topyli, Pici, nhandler ^15:11
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nhandlerHund: You really should group the 2 accounts (you will need to drop the nick Hund first. Then read /msg nickserv help group). You can then change the account name with /msg nickserv help set accountname. We can then update the cloak15:13
Hundnhaines: Smart. Didnt think thar far. :)15:15
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