lamontCIFS VFS: Unexpected lookup error -26 <-- what's that mean?00:45
Sarvattsmb: mini 10v has a PIIX, but i've been using a patch on my aspire one whenever I build kernels for the past year and a half to quirk it over to AHCI mode - http://www.sarvatt.com/git/cgit.cgi/linux/commit/?h=AA1&id=b5a19a3fff2236e6f75c0b0c8931c34a45524c6604:01
Sarvattthat fails spectacularly with the PATA CFA SSD's in AOA110 models though :)04:02
MTeckok... I compiled this kernel and now I can't login with sudo05:36
MTeckthat's odd :P05:36
MTecknologyWhy does the generic config use NL80211_TESTMODE? The hint even says "Say N."06:41
MTecknologyJust curious why things like this are selected By default06:41
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czrhey all. was directed here by Ian_Corne from #ubuntu+1. trying to figure out the right way to get one small change from 2.6.33 to be included in the lucid kernel.10:27
czrbasically, hp mini 5102 (netbooks) have no connectivity with lucid kernel now. internal WLAN needs restricted drivers, and the internal NIC is not recognized by sky2-driver (there's a small patch that enables the latter at least).10:28
czrwhat would be the most correct way of requesting such a change to the lucid kernel?10:28
czrwell, I've made a bug report for now: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/54331410:46
ubot3Malone bug 543314 in linux "no connectivity (WLAN or LAN) with HP mini 5102 (netbook)" [Undecided,New] 10:46
dupondjeCan some dev check https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/543314 ?11:59
ubot3Malone bug 543314 in linux "Frequently used NIC (Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Device 4381) not supported" [Undecided,Confirmed] 11:59
dupondjeeventually I can make a debdiff if needed11:59
czrI volunteer for testing if necessary (I might be afk for a bit now and then though)12:00
dupondjeczr: i'll check if I can push a package to my ppa later today with the fix included so you can test12:02
czrdupondje, cool, drop me a privmsg if you don't mind12:52
IMoMcan I place a working kernel and modules from another distro on an Ubuntu install? the normal kernel has "features" I don't want and my other kernel works.  anyone tried this?15:37
IMoMor, is there a way to compile the Ubuntu kernel so it dosn't mess up my display ?15:44
BenCIMoM: we'd much prefer figuring out what about our kernel is messing up your display16:08
IMoMBenC,  so would I..  first, I am using a P3 with a VIA chipset.  the Video chipset is Chips and Technologies.  The kernel starts to load, still running through initrd before the root partition is loaded, looks like about the time the font changes where the screen locks up and starts to "white out"16:29
BenCIMoM: boot without splash on the kernel command line16:29
BenCsounds like an invalid mode is being set16:30
IMoMthat is what I do..  even single user mode16:30
BenCsingle user mode does it as well?16:30
IMoMyes.. event single user mode, I attempted to recompile the kernel on another P3 cutting out what I thought might be loading.16:31
BenCIMoM: is the system still alive? do you have a CRT (non-lcd) you can connect to the system?16:31
IMoMI do not have a way to get VGA on this.. :( or a CDROM.  but yes it is still alive..  I can Ctrl-Alt-Del to reboot16:32
IMoModdly enough, Fedora kernels do not work either.  but the latest CentOS does16:33
BenCIMoM: if you could (blindly) do "dmesg > dmesg.txt" and "lsmod > lsmod.txt" while it is in that state, and put those files up for me to look at, we might be able to get a little further (do this while booted without splash and into single user)16:34
BenCIMoM: what version of ubuntu are you using?16:34
IMoM9.04 I think..  I am attempting to install LinuxICE16:35
IMoMit will take me a while to reinstall on my laptop and transfer over to the problem box16:35
IMoMactually, I might be able to redirect to a serial to capture the output...16:36
IMoMlet me get it installed and I'll ping you..16:40
IMoMwon't take too long, its from a live CD16:40
IMoMjust confirmed 9.04, starting install process now16:47
BenCIMoM: so the livecd works without problems?16:54
IMoMBenC, I am not able to get a CDROM on the suspect box.  I have to install on another P3 and move the HDD over16:59
dupondjewhats a clean way to make an own kernel package ? fetch source / patch / make-kpkg ?17:00
dupondjeczr: you have 32 or 64 bit ?17:37
czrdupondje, 32-bit18:06
IMoMBenC, do you know if console over serial is compiled into the kernel?  18:12
IMoMdosent matter..  I got network connection.  didn't think of that before18:14
IMoMBenC, I was able to ssh to the box.. I have the files...  where would you like me to place them?18:47
IMoMBenC, both files on in http://pastebin.ca/184840519:07
_iTrollhey guys, trying to use 2.6.33 from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.33/. This kernel appears to not include the aufs module, which I have on my standard karmic install, is that expected?  If so, is there a method for me to build this out of tree?19:09
crimsuninstead of
_iTrolljust the 2.6.33 based kernel linux-image-2.6.33-020633-generic_2.6.33-020633_i386.deb19:14
ali1234_iTroll: If you re-used the existing configuration, note that Ubuntu kernels build with debugging information on, which makes the resulting kernel modules (*.ko files) much larger than they would otherwise be. To turn this off, go into "Kernel hacking"; then, under "Kernel debugging", turn OFF "Compile the kernel with debug info".19:15
ali1234just noticed that on the kernel build page19:15
ali1234that's why we got huge kernel packages :)19:15
ali1234should read things properly :)19:15
_iTrollali1234: thanks, sounds good.  Still wondering if I can get away with getting aufs for linux-image-2.6.33-020633-generic_2.6.33-020633_i386.deb without rebuilding...19:16
ali1234possibly but packaging it might be a pain19:16
_iTrollali1234: not so worried about the packaging for this purpose19:17
ali1234having said that i'm not sure a mainline kernel will work for a livecd anyway19:17
_iTrollali1234: i've made quite a few with remastersys, it works fine.  However linux-image-2.6.33-020633-generic_2.6.33-020633_i386.deb is missing aufs.ko, which makes building a livecd with remastersys impossible19:18
IMoMsince BenC is busy, is there anyone else that would be able to assist with my kernel boot video problem?19:21
IMoMI have the same issue with the frame buffer disabled on boot19:34
_iTrollwhy do the kernels from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/ not contain any modules in /lib/module/`uname -r`/kernel/ubuntu ?19:39
ali1234because they're mainline?19:39
crimsunbecause they're mainline kernels.19:39
crimsunthat is, no Ubuntu sauce.19:39
_iTrollcrimsun: damn, I thought they were ubuntu sauced. that would explain a lot.19:40
_iTrolldoes there exist another source or ppa for newer ubuntu kernels?19:42
crimsunthe definitive sources are in git19:43
_iTrolli see19:44
IMoMare there any developers out there?19:52
crimsunclarify, please19:53
IMoMcrimsun, I seem to have a kernel issue that looses video while booting19:54
crimsunwhat graphics chipset?19:54
IMoMChips and Technologies F69000 HiQVideo19:55
IMoMI know...19:56
IMoMbut still, I have no terminal access 19:56
IMoMnot even single user19:56
mjg59Plausibly a vga16fb issue.?19:57
IMoMI don't see any errors in dmesg, all seems to be detected19:57
IMoMthe last thing I see on the screen is an audit message right after the nForce2 chipset detection19:59
IMoMI am open to any suggestions at this time, just to get something on the screen20:03
IMoMmjg59, i disabled the frame buffer on the kernel boot.. no change20:05
BenCIMoM: disabling splash doesn't disable framebuffer20:14
IMoMno, but vga=normal nomodeset and nofb should20:14
IMoMgot those from searching the forums and such...20:16
BenCI don't think those do what you want20:22
BenCdisabling framebuffer would be forcing vga16fb and vesafb to not be loaded20:22
BenCIMoM: if fb was disabled, you would not get a mode switch at all, and your text mode would be unchanged through out the boot process20:23
IMoMdid I mistype the option?20:24
BenCNo, nofb doesn't seem to exist and nomodeset appears to be a no-op20:27
IMoMI just tried vga=ask  and selected 0  no change20:28
IMoMwhat about fb=false ?20:32
IMoMtried it, nothing20:33
IMoMis there anything else I can try?20:52
IMoMshort of placing another disto kernel on there...21:07
SarvattIMoM: try blacklist=vga16fb?21:23
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dupondjehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/543314 => is there any chance to get it into Lucid ?21:24
ubot3Malone bug 543314 in linux "Frequently used NIC (Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Device 4381) not supported" [Undecided,Confirmed] 21:24
IMoMSarvatt, as a kernel boot option ?21:25
IMoMnope..  same result21:26
johanbrSarvatt, is "blacklist=" implemented by an ubuntu patch? according to the upstream kernel docs, it doesn't seem to exist21:54
Sarvattsee /usr/share/initramfs-tools/init and /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-top/blacklist21:57
IMoMdoes that suggest that it is not in the 9.04 default kernel?21:59
johanbrahhh, I see :)21:59
IMoMI am preparing a known working distro kernel and going to try that..22:08

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