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micahgasac: /usr/share/idl doesn't exist in Thunderbird06:57
ddecatorhaha, debuild built a songbird .deb =)06:59
micahgddecator: nice, can you propose a merge or push up to LP in a private branch of yours so I can see the changes?06:59
ddecatormicahg: once debuild finishes i'm going to test to see if it installs alright. if it does, then i'll do that. do you prefer a merge request or me uploading to my own ppa?07:00
ddecatorand it finished =)07:01
micahgddecator: merge request is fine to lp:songbrid07:01
micahgddecator: you have to push under your name first07:01
ddecatormicahg: alright, mind telling me real quick how i do that?07:01
micahgddecator: bzr push lp:~ddecatur/songbird/fix-songbird-daily-2010032107:02
ddecatormicahg: from the folder that has the .deb in it?07:02
micahgddecator: not the deb07:03
micahgthe bzr branch07:03
ddecatormicahg: so...the songbird folder or the build-area folder?07:03
micahgddecator: neither07:03
micahgddecator: you need to copy your changes back to the bzr branch that you created07:04
ddecatormicahg: ok, so in groundcontrol, go into the bzr folder labeled "songbird," copy all of my changes into there, and then push it?07:05
ddecatormicahg: p.s., it loaded fine ;)07:05
ddecatorand plays my music =D07:05
micahgddecator: great :)07:07
ddecatorand all of my information is still on there =)07:07
micahgI'm interested in the changes from 1.5 to 1.807:07
ddecatormicahg: alright, sorry, just not sure what all i need to do...so copy everything into that bzr folder or just replace the debian folder in there?07:08
ddecatormicahg: i really like the new look...actually fits the default lucid theme (purple)07:08
micahgddecator: copy your changes into that folder07:08
ddecatormicahg: so the .deb, dgb.deb, diff, all of it?07:08
micahgddecator: i.e. the files you modified in debian in the build-area07:08
micahgddecator: no07:09
ddecatormicahg: ah, so the debian folder, gotcha07:09
ddecatoraw, didn't save my ratings or playlists =(07:10
ddecatormicahg: hopefully i'm doing this right with groundcontrol...07:11
ddecatormicahg: it's uploading07:11
micahgddecator: I haven't used it so I don't know07:11
ddecatormicahg: request merge?07:12
micahgddecator: yes07:12
ddecatormicahg: should be done07:13
micahgddecator: nope you did that wrong07:14
ddecatormicahg: what's wrong?07:15
micahgddecator: did you copy the whole debian dir?07:15
ddecatormicahg: yes07:15
micahgddecator: that's the problem07:15
micahgddecator: you only needed to copy the files you changed...debian/tmp is where make install puts stuff07:15
micahgDiff against target:                166205 lines (+164087/-37) 279 files  modified07:15
ddecatormicahg: oops...07:16
ddecatormicahg: one sec07:17
ddecatormicahg: groundcontrol had me save the change, so i'll pull the latest branch and do it right this time =p07:17
micahgddecator: k07:18
ddecatormicahg: it says "these branches have diverged"07:22
micahgddecator: -push --overwrite07:22
ddecatormicahg: ok, i think i got it that time07:27
ddecatorstill buggy...07:31
ddecatorbut not bad =)07:31
ddecatormicahg: does it look like i did it right that time?07:37
vishddecator: simply close old bugs wher you havent heard back for more than 2 months ;)   sometimes closing the bug only pokes the OP to reply :)07:40
vishddecator: ex: Bug 39167507:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 391675 in firefox "Glitch between windows titlebar and top panel when maximized" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39167507:41
ddecatorvish: haha, i've just been following the "wait 4 weeks, ask them to reply, wait 2 more weeks, close the bug" idea from the bugsquad wiki =p07:41
vishddecator: i use the last marked "incomplete"   and then see the 2 months :)07:41
ddecatorvish: fair enough, i'll start doing something like that, mainly just to prevent bugmail spamming (like i did tonight ;))07:42
vishddecator: is that 4..2..close in the wiki?  hmm07:42
ddecatorvish: yah, let me find a sec...07:42
ddecatorvish: see the "incomplete bugs without response from submitter" on the replies wiki page (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Responses#Incomplete%20bugs%20without%20a%20response%20from%20submitter)07:44
vishddecator: hehe , neat , thats shorter than 2 months \o/07:45
ddecatorvish: "more than 4 weeks" is what starts the gray area ;)07:45
vishddecator: ;) i use the last after 2weeks message at 2 months :)07:47
ddecatorvish: fair enough, i'll think about adjusting my methods a little =)07:48
vishddecator: nah , not a problem for me.. was just trying to save you the trouble ;)07:49
ddecatorvish: not a problem for you, possibly annoying for those subscribed to firefox bugs ;) at least while i'm doing clean-up...07:49
micahgddecator: as long as you're following policy, it's fine by me07:50
ddecatormicahg: i figure everyone is just deleting my spam like i am =p07:51
ddecatormicahg: btw, did i upload the branch right this time?07:51
micahgddecator: it says it hasn't been pushed ot yet07:52
micahgddecator: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ddecator/songbird/fix-songbird-daily-2010032107:53
ddecatormicahg: does that mean i didn't push it to lp right?07:53
micahgddecator: idk07:53
ddecatormicahg: i just used the bzr command you gave (groundcontrol was freaking out on me)07:54
micahgddecator: run bzr log -r109 -p | less and tell me how many lines it is07:54
micahgbzr log -r109 -p | wc -l <---is probably better as it will give you a line count07:54
ddecatormicahg: 24007:55
ddecatormicahg: should i try again?08:10
micahgddecator: idk, try pushing to something else under your name08:10
ddecatormicahg: huh...when i try to unlock it in groundcontrol, it says the lock is in use...08:11
micahgddecator: idk about ground control08:11
micahgtry the cli :)08:11
ddecatorlet me pastebin the error a sec08:13
ddecatormicahg: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/398648/08:14
ddecatormicahg: running that created a branch with the same problem (i deleted it)08:14
micahgddecator: can you pastebin the diff: bzr log -r109 -p08:16
micahgddecator: actually, email it to me...I need ot go to sleep08:16
ddecatormicahg: sure thing08:16
micahgddecator: that or get someone to help you with the branch08:16
micahgwaaaaaay past my bed time08:17
ddecatorwhoa, it's later than i thought...08:17
ddecatorhere is the other output: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/398650/08:20
micahgddecator: interesting, I'll review tommorrow08:25
ddecatormicahg: sounds good, thanks08:25
asachmm. thats odd. it built here12:22
asacdid they drop that post .3 ?12:23
BUGabundoasac: still no fix for FF3.7 not starting ??12:24
asacBUGabundo: chrisccoulson is your friend ;)12:25
BUGabundonot lately :(12:25
BUGabundoand what has chrisccoulson to do with it?12:25
asacBUGabundo: he is now taking care of firefox too ;)12:30
BUGabundoo k a y.....12:31
asacBUGabundo: what are your symptoms?12:36
asacBUGabundo: not starting?12:37
BUGabundobut other then that I'm fine :p12:37
asaceven with no extension?12:37
BUGabundonow in what concerns to FF3.712:37
BUGabundonot even safe mode works12:37
asacBUGabundo: what do you get on the console when running -safe-mode12:37
asacplease paste12:37
BUGabundonothing at all12:38
BUGabundojust a pop up12:38
BUGabundoFirefox-3.7 is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox-3.7 process, or restart your system.12:38
asacBUGabundo: so first run works?12:39
asacbut then it stops?12:39
BUGabundo$ firefox-3.7 -P /tmp/f12:39
BUGabundoseems to work12:39
chrisccoulsoni did see that once with FF 3.7 after it crashed12:39
asacso first start works12:40
BUGabundoseems so12:40
asacsecond start works too ;)12:40
asacit just took quit3e a bit until it stopped12:40
asace.g. the previous12:40
BUGabundotrying old profile12:41
BUGabundoMinefield cannot use the profile "3.7-4" because it is in use.12:41
BUGabundoTo continue, close the running instance of Minefield or choose a different profile12:41
BUGabundobut I have NO firefox of any version running12:42
asacwhy did you name the profile 3.7-4?12:44
asacis that a pattern you used before?12:44
BUGabundoI have way too many profiles12:44
BUGabundoyes it is12:45
chrisccoulsonBUGabundo, do you have a stale .parentlock file in your profile? i had that after FF 3.7 crashed, and I couldn't get it to start again with symptoms that sounded like yours...12:45
BUGabundo:~/.mozilla/firefox$ ls | pastebinit   http://paste.ubuntu.com/398746/12:45
BUGabundoI've got all my profiles since ff 2.x12:45
BUGabundo-rw-r--r-- 1 bugabundo bugabundo 0 2010-03-14 18:59 .parentlock12:46
BUGabundochrisccoulson: removing parentlock seems to work12:47
BUGabundoshouldn't those be automagicly removed?12:49
chrisccoulsonBUGabundo, they are if it shuts down normally12:49
* BUGabundo goes to update a bunch of addons now that 3.7a3 is supported by nightly tools 12:51
asacparentlock shouldnt become stale ;)12:54
asacmaybe worse to take a look here: http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla1.9.2/source/profile/dirserviceprovider/src/nsProfileLock.cpp12:54
asacso we have LockWithFcntl and LockWithSymlink12:56
asacoops have to run out for a bit12:56
chrisccoulsonasac - thanks for the pointer. i will investigate that next time it happens again13:08
chrisccoulsonasac - if you get a chance, could you please look over https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Specs/Lucid/FirefoxNewSupportModel/extension-list at some point13:16
chrisccoulsonfeel free to make changes where you think we should keep some extensions13:16
Milos_SDWhat is going on with Firefox 3.7 builds?13:52
Milos_SDThe last one was on march the 4th13:53
Milos_SDWhat is going on with Firefox 3.7 builds?14:38
Milos_SDThe last one was on march the 4th. :(14:38
mahfouz10 hours ago14:46
mahfouzoh, failed to build14:48
Milos_SDmahfouz, it's like that for about 17 days :(14:51
mahfouzyeah, something is broken14:51
mahfouzthey said they would get back to it when 3.7 is in beta14:52
mahfouzMilos_SD, you know you can get good builds from mozilla14:53
Milos_SDbut how to install it insted of this one? :)14:53
Milos_SDoverwrite all files? :D14:53
mahfouzjust download14:54
mahfouzand click "firefox"14:54
mahfouzyou don't need to compile14:54
mahfouzthe only problem is it might use your 3.6 profile cause it's called "firefox"14:54
mahfouzand not "firefox-3.7"14:54
BUGabundoMilos_SD: mahfouz please don't go out of official repos15:01
mahfouzgo out?15:01
mahfouzat least I don't go out with official repos :)15:01
mahfouzBUGabundo, so when will there be a workable 3.7 in dailies?15:03
BUGabundothat I don't know15:04
mahfouzdo you know when mozilla will go into beta1?15:04
mahfouzfor 3.7 i mean15:04
mahfouzanyway, I like 3.7, it's really faster for things like gmail15:05
BUGabundochromium is faster :P15:09
mahfouzchromium is slower than 3.7 for me when it comes to loading gmail15:10
mahfouzchromium is only faster because it has no real ad blocker :)15:10
asacchrisccoulson: I think we should read the code and see why this could happen15:25
asacbut ok ;)15:25
asacmahfouz: i dont understand why chromium should be faster as it has no real ad blocker15:28
asacor is that a typo?15:28
mahfouzI meant the acid test15:28
mahfouzchromium does not pass the acid test for me with ad blocker15:28
mahfouzit also hangs for me sometimes15:29
asacchrisccoulson: ffox 3.7 daily build also is ftbfs (read above)15:29
BUGabundofail to build from source15:30
chrisccoulsonasac, ok, i'll take a look at that in a bit15:30
mahfouzHunk #1 FAILED at 67.15:31
mahfouz1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- rejects in file browser/installer/package-manifest.in15:31
mahfouzPatch bzXXX_moz_app_name_inconsistencies.patch does not apply (enforce with -f)15:32
asacyeah needs to be rebased15:32
asachmm. seems tbird only fails on hardy, jaunty15:44
asacand intrepid15:44
asacguess i am using a _new_ cdbs feature ;)15:45
asacBUGabundo: is your ffox profile on nfs?15:48
BUGabundolocal disk15:54
sebnerasac: guess this is the perfect opportunity to switch to glory dh7 ;P15:55
AnAntHello, I just upgraded to lucid beta from karmic, firefox doesn't start anymore and it doesn't give an error, how can I find out the problem16:07
AnAntI found that if I remove my ~/.mozilla/firefox/ , firefox works, is there some log file to look at or so ?16:08
asacAnAnt: i think thats fully fixed in bzr now16:09
asactry daily please16:09
asacif not let me know16:09
AnAntdaily ?16:09
asacjust add and upgrade16:10
AnAntasac: that worked, thanks16:41
micahgchrisccoulson: anyways...could you please upload xul192-0ubuntu2 that's tagged?16:51
chrisccoulsonmicahg - yeah, i need to check to make sure i can upload that first16:52
micahgchrisccoulson: oh, maybe you can't...16:55
micahgbdrung: around?16:56
micahgchrisccoulson: maybe you can help me apply for a mozilla package group? :)17:03
chrisccoulsonmicahg - i think that's a good idea17:03
bdrungmicahg: now17:11
micahgbdrung: hi, can you upload the tagged xulrunner-1.9.2-0ubuntu2 update please :)17:11
bdrungmicahg: ask me in two hours again17:12
micahgbdrung: ok, thanks :)17:12
micahgchrisccoulson: BTW, did you know there's an #ubuntu-release channel?17:13
chrisccoulsonyeah, i don't normally hang out in there though ;)17:13
micahgchrisccoulson: k17:13
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asaci dont see a tagged 1.9.217:50
asaclet me upload 19217:53
micahgasac: k, thanks :)17:55
micahgasac: then I'll do final tests on fennec and prism and tag for release17:56
asacbtw tbird only fails hardy - jaunty17:57
asacbecause cdbs is too old there17:58
asacwill fix that and a few other things to make the sdk more complete17:58
micahgasac: k, should I assign the enigmail bug to you or chrisccoulson?17:59
asacmicahg: enigmail will be tough18:07
asaci tried it and it seem to still use INTERNAL API18:07
asacwhich isn broken with sdk approach18:07
micahgasac: that's not good18:07
jcastroasac: what are your thoughts on bundling the chrome ambiance and radiance themes?18:08
asacjcastro: what theme are we using atm by default ;)?18:12
jcastrono, the default bright blue upstream one18:12
asaci mean in general ;)18:12
asacjcastro: on our desktop ;) ... what is selected in Appearence there?18:12
jcastroambiance afaik18:12
jcastroshould I just file a bug?18:14
asacjcastro: talk to fta ;)18:14
asacwe can probably get that in, if we know how to properly package such18:14
ftajcastro, if you mean scrollbar, you'll need to do that in css, it's not a gtk widget19:13
jcastrofta: no I mean the general theme. The scrollbar one is an extension and probably isn't a good idea to ship it since it breaks some features19:20
micahgasac: gjs is ported with JIT disabled...some of the tests fail, do we need to worry about it?19:22
micahgasac: some of the tests fail with it enabled..it works fine with it disabled19:23
ftajcastro, there's no system path to store addons/themes (just user dirs), but upstream agreed it's a must-have feature19:33
mahfouzis it possible to remove this stuff?20:01
mahfouz(firefox-bin:1486): Gdk-WARNING **: XID collision, trouble ahead20:01
mahfouzmy .xsession-errors is unreadable :)20:02
micahgmahfouz: that's flash20:02
jcastrofta: is system themes/addons an existing bug in the upstream? I can keep a wishlist open in lp.20:11
ftajcastro, i'm not sure, i discussed that last week with upstream, but i didn't file a bug myself, i'm busy with work20:44
jcastrook cool, thanks20:44
chrisccoulsonhas anyone here used refdbg before?21:38
TomJaegerHi, so what's the deal with bug #512615 ?21:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 512615 in firefox "fonts are incorrectly rendered due to not using system cairo" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51261521:54
* micahg runs away21:55
TomJaegerSo am I to understand that you don't care enough about the bug to fix it?22:15
micahgTomJaeger: I do care...it needs more time than I have ATM22:16
TomJaegerHow is it going to be fixed? --enable-system cairo or patching firefox's internal version of cairo22:17
micahgTomJaeger: we need to get it fixed upstream either by mozilla or cairo22:17
TomJaegerSo it's not going to happen for lucid?22:17
micahgI can't say for sure22:18
TomJaegerwhat's wrong with system cairo?22:19
TomJaegerLet's face it -- the chances of anything happening upstream before lucid reaches hardcore freeze mode are essentially 0.22:26
micahgTomJaeger: yes, but since we're using upstream libs, we can get the fix after lucid releases as well :)22:27
TomJaegerHow long will this take, though?  In my mind, a year would be very optimistic.22:28
micahgTomJaeger: idk...it depends if we can prove how widespread the problem is...ATM, it's just Ubuntu with the issue AFAIK22:29
TomJaegeryes, because only debian/ubuntu is shipping with a patched cairo22:29
TomJaegerand for debian this obviously wouldn't be a problem since they can just patch away however they feel like.22:30
micahgTomJaeger: right22:31
TomJaegerThe issue comes up periodically on the cairo mailing list (last time in January), but no conclusion is ever reached.22:34
TomJaegerAnd even if this feature gets added to cairo master eventually, the result is unlikely to be backportable.22:38
micahgTomJaeger: one problem at a time22:40
TomJaegerThis is my point, though -- sorting all of this out will take a lot of time.22:40
TomJaegerJust to be clear, the decision that ubuntu will not enable system cairo (for fear that mozilla bump its cairo dependency in a point release) is set in stone?23:21
micahgTomJaeger: Not my place to say23:23
[reed]asac / micahg / fta: http://design-noir.de/log/2010/03/hit-by-a-really-nasty-bug-in-ubuntu/23:43
micahg[reed]: ??23:46
micahg[reed]: are you complaining or informing?23:47
[reed]dao hates lucid's default window control placement so much that he's basically threatening to resort to XUL-based title bar rather than native23:47
micahg[reed]: ah...I see23:49
asacTomJaeger: thats set in stone, yes. we need to get permission to patch in-source one. for that collecting links to relevant upstream discussion would help23:52
asacmicahg: i have a working enigmail ;)23:52
asacif you have x86 i can give you an .xpi to test23:52
micahgasac: great23:56
micahgasac: can I test?23:56
micahgasac: I'm on amd64 :)23:56
asaconly in x86 chroot then23:58
micahgasac: it won't work when you're done or right now?23:58
asacerr. that xpi wont work23:59
asacbecause its x8623:59
asacthe final result will work23:59
asacbut cant build amd64 atm23:59
micahgright, ok, I'll wait till it gets in archvie then23:59
* micahg is testing fennec23:59

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