elkysomeone take a look at -monitor please?02:22
bazhangmagnus is mernilio04:50
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, rww said: !unforget mc44-#ubuntu-offtopic05:30
bazhangadditional requests for removing @lart and reinstating ^^05:39
bazhangdrizzt in +105:48
bazhang buttons >  The titlebar buttons have switched to the left during the development phase of Lucid. No need for alarm! The developers are testing this and listening to user feedback. The final decision about the position will be made after beta. Kindly be patient. For more insight , kindly read : http://www.ivankamajic.com/?p=28105:55
bazhangthoughts? though !buttons is already taken05:55
wgrantwindowbuttons? decorations?05:57
bazhangperhaps we should just wait until the decision is final, then include the gconf-editor method of switching them back06:03
elkyeyes on chelz, that's "google this" and "read that man page" in the past few mins07:52
bazhangalthough gaurav has been given the responses by several people (not defending him)07:53
bazhangwonder if abhinav means user in hindi; there are around 4 or 5 abhinav's in the various ubuntu channels08:38
ubottutheadmin called the ops in #ubuntu (bella-vampire is flooding and being dumb)09:12
Mamarokbazhang: or just a very common nane09:53
topyliabhinav bindra is india's first olympic champion (from 2008). i'm surprised to learn this09:55
Mamarokwell, the first only in 2008 is indeed surprising, with the amount of people in India one would expect more and much earlier09:57
Mamarokbut maybe the olympic diciplines are not very common in India and they are more into cricket and hockey09:58
topylithey have previous gold, but bindra is the first personal champion09:59
elkywhy is there a mc44 vanity factoid?11:12
bazhangI put it back?11:13
bazhangseveral folks, including ops from -ot have petitioned to have @lart removed from ubottu as well.11:16
elkyyeah, it's just a trollmagnet these days11:17
topyliit only serves as a tool for seveas to cause trouble in -ot11:18
elkyour biggest problem at the moment are certain ex-ops11:19
topylii don't think many remember it unless he reminds us about it. fortunately, he does so every 15 minutes or so11:19
elkydo we really need to get the ircc to pass a motion to actually do something about the trollitude he graces us with?11:21
topyliit does seem like ex-ops are pretty much utouchables. when i remove them, i get to hear stuff that makes me sad11:24
topylii would like them to adhere to higher, not lower standards than "regular folks" on channels11:25
elkyyou hear stuff that makes you mad because they know exactly what makes us mad.11:31
ChogyDanantonella jesefina is trolling.  It looks like the same person12:07
jussi01@unload Lart12:40
ubottuThe operation succeeded.12:40
jussi01elky:  ^^ :)12:40
b2p1mpI left a trigger for !time on and it caused me to get a ban from #ubuntu.  I have removed all remote scripts.  The ban had stated to fix the problem with the auto ad and ask in here for help.14:15
IdleOnecan you folks keep an eye on thyon in #ubuntu please. I smell troll14:27
IdleOnethank you14:28
jussi01b2p1mp: 1 moment please14:29
jussi01b2p1mp: Ive removed the ban, please remember to not enable talking scripts in our channel. thanks.14:32
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SaintSinnerThis is not my channel (there are admins only around). What a reason to redirecting me to here from #ubuntu-offtopic if I am normally trying to join to that channel?17:10
Tm_TSaintSinner: apparently some op wanted to talk with you before you can be let in17:11
SaintSinnerCan I pm to him/her/them?17:11
ubottuThe operation succeeded.17:12
SaintSinnerOr should everything be discussed here to avoid any source of confusion?17:12
Tm_TSaintSinner: here preferably, I'll see what was the case17:13
SaintSinnerI only can highlight bazhang and/or topyli17:14
Tm_TSaintSinner: apparently you refused to stop when asked17:15
topyliSaintSinner, if i remember correctly, bazhang knows you well. your ban is a result of recent behavior, which you refused to correct17:15
ubottuThe operation succeeded.17:15
topyliSaintSinner, oh yes. sorry for taking so long17:17
SaintSinnertopyli: What do you mean and does "@login" anyhow related to me/the problem?17:17
Tm_TSaintSinner: he just identified himself to bot and our systems (:17:18
topylii was the one who forwarded you here from -offtopic. this was because you did not seem to like the atmosphere that we like to have in ubuntu channels17:18
b2p1mpty jussi01, no more talking scripts.  I shall /part this chan now17:19
SaintSinneratmosphere of "parents-programmers" which is maybe defined via the GuideLines which no one seems read at all.17:19
topyliSaintSinner, what's your take on this?17:19
topyliSaintSinner, did you actually read them?17:21
SaintSinnertopyli: Didn't read the guide lines of the channel? Taughted a controversial topic. Also, was a tenor of a conversation.17:21
topyliif we remove the ban, this will change?17:22
SaintSinnerStill sounds weird to me, but I agree to conform to it.17:22
topyliwell, that's how our channels work17:22
SaintSinnerYeah. I also start to work with databases as a second job, and with RTAI, well, at another plant in addition to my current job. Have to ask people. Actually, need these guys.17:23
topyliyou're unbanned. please do read the guidelines, but most of all, think about what they are trying to accomplish for ubuntu17:24
topylithanks for joining the channel and getting this done17:24
topyliSaintSinner, please try to join #ubuntu-offtopic to check if i succeeded :)17:26
topyliSaintSinner, hm?17:28
SaintSinnertopyli: I registered a nickname for my colleague's daughter saying there are many admins and there is no abuse/bad links allowed and "everything will be OK, there are many adult skilled in programming people whoa re actually parents in addition to all". So, relying to you guys, I would only say this cold tone brang a lot of misunderstanding out of a minor (maybe) problem.17:29
topyliSaintSinner, you were told wrong. you joined ubuntu channels, which live by the code of conduct17:30
topylii have removed the ban, so you can join #ubuntu-offtopic and leave this channel17:31
SaintSinnerI understand (now).17:31
topylihave fun :)17:31
SaintSinnerI joined to the channel, thanks.17:32
topyliSaintSinner, as this channel's topic says, this is only for issues needing attention by operators. yours is no more one of those, so you can /part the channel :)17:33
SaintSinneryes, I need to part the channel.17:34
topylifor the record, if i'm right this guy is well known trouble17:35
topyliin the past i mean17:35
Tm_Tperhaps, though nothing shows up with that cloak17:36
topylirealname is different17:36
Tm_TI were looking only by the cloak17:36
topyliusername, whatever irc calls it. i don't know irc, leave me alone :)17:36
Tm_Tunfortunately that ident/username isn't very unique17:37
topylitrue enough17:40
topyliso he got past this now, all is well17:40
ubottuIn ubottu, rocket16 said: What is your age?17:55
Tm_T1no, What is your age? is age of 183 human years18:08
ubottuhisto called the ops in #ubuntu (mane)18:32
ubottueremite called the ops in #ubuntu (mane)18:32
ubottueremite called the ops in #ubuntu (repo_man trolling)18:43
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)18:43
lorenzo_scusa ma io quando mi connatto a x chat xchè devo sempre digitare #ubuntu-it18:45
lorenzo_le vorrei già ronte sensa fare nnt18:45
Tm_Tlorenzo_: write /join #ubuntu-it18:45
lorenzo_write /join #ubuntu-it18:45
topylilorenzo_, si può essere vietato dal canale. Please join # ubuntu-IRC per raggiungere gli operatori italiani18:46
topyli/join #ubuntu-irc18:47
topyligoogle translation, i have no idea what that means :)18:47
ubottupepee called the ops in #ubuntu (repo_man)18:53
ubottutheadmin called the ops in #ubuntu (Jessi and isa are flooding the channel)20:00
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from h4ck3rk1ng)20:08
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from shazbotmcnasty)21:04
ubottushazbotmcnasty called the ops in #ubuntu (Erica-Cartman)21:34
ubottuActionParsnip called the ops in #ubuntu ()21:35
ubottuErica-Cartman called the ops in #ubuntu (shazbotmcnasty)21:35
ubottuIn ubottu, robink said: Clojure is a featureful LISP implementation that lives on the Java JVM.22:42
ubottuIn ubottu, robink said: Compojure is a web framework for Clojure.22:43
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Seveas--> Lonely-Troll (Lonely-Tro@ppp109-111-128-217.tis-dialog.ru) has joined #ubuntu-offtopic23:20
Seveas<Lonely-Troll> Hello, my favorite slaves :-D23:20
Seveas<Lonely-Troll> Whats going on a cotton plantation?23:20
Seveasspeedy removal needed23:21

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