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bogeyd6chan sure is quiet01:52
bogeyd6everyone must be off work01:52
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psyferrehey folks, does anyone know of a way to disable the automatic installation of secutiry updates?  I chose that without thinking during my installation and would like to change that...02:33
psyferremy googling has so far been foiled by a million results for the desktop edition =-/02:34
rohanroyHey all, I've setup a VPN on a remote server using PPTP and CHAP Authentication on an Ubuntu 8.04 Server. Here in California, I can connect to my VPN on my mac, and Windows XP machines. I'm trying to setup a virtual machine on my home server running Ubuntu 9.10 via VirtualBox, VM is running: Ubuntu 8.04 JeOS. I would like this virtual machine to have a persistent connection to the PPTP VPN. I've managed to set it up so it successfully joi02:36
rohanroyVPN, I can ping and traceroute properly to the VPN server and other clients on the remote LAN. However, I would like to have it so that ALL TRAFFIC is routed through the VPN tunnel. I'm following the information here: http://pptpclient.sourceforge.net/routing.phtml#automatic-setup However, I'm having difficulty getting it to work. Is there anyone here who can provide any help?02:36
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ubottuGuest97070, please see my private message04:35
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draikHello everyone. I'm trying to install tomcat on the Ubuntu server, but it doesn't seem to find java. I have downloaded/installed it on the server from the java.com site.05:15
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pda-php5-cli in lucid seems to have lost readline support.. where I should start to look into or report this?06:36
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kurosHi, I'm trying to install Ubuntu 9.10 on a PowerEdge 2500 server via PXE. It works fine until near the end, right after it installs extra packages, and it suddenly stops and displays a grey screen with a bunch of text on it.06:53
kurosIt has things lke /usr/lib/locale/en_us_utf/LC_IDENTIFICATION and /lib/id-2.9.so written on it. Does anyone know what is going wrong?06:54
MTecknologyWhy isn't the default umask 0027 instead of 022?06:54
pda-(re php5-cli/readline: I've submitted LP bug #543212)06:56
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sekyourboxIs anyone awake?  I have been fighting with wpa_supplicant for over a week now. I can successfully connect to my router, and then get an ip address with dhcpcd wlan0, but I cannot get DNS.. I can access anything from its ip address without any problems....08:38
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sekyourboxthis makes no sence08:42
jronnblomNew servers from DELL cant install Lucid 10.4 Beta since the driver for the RAID cards are still missing09:28
RoyK^jronnblom: is it in upstream kernel_09:51
jronnblomyes its in the kernel but not in the kernel that is used on the install dvds09:52
jronnblomWhat I mean is that the drivers is in the 2.6.32-16-server kernel which is used after install but the 2.6.32-16-generic that is used for installation don't have the driver09:53
sherrjronnblom: But are you using the server ISO? Surely the Lucid server betaa/ISO uses the server kernel?10:01
jronnblomsherr: yes I am using the server ISO but the installer uses the -generic kernel so no new DELL servers work with Lucid.10:01
RoyK^my servers on 8.04 have -server kernel without any manual hassle10:04
jronnblomOld server won't be affected only new ones using the Perc H200/H700/H800 series of RAID controllers10:05
RoyK^well, sure, but why would the server install use -generic kernel?10:05
sherrI have the server ISO and have had a look :10:06
sherrinstall/vmlinux contains :10:06
RoyK^but doesn't the generic kernel have all drivers?10:06
sherrSo - I gues it boots the generic but lets you install the -server after initial setup/update.10:06
RoyK^the drivers aren't really related to -server or -generic10:07
sherrjronnblom: what RAID card? You are installing on RAID?10:07
jronnblomsherr: I have the H200 RAID card in my DELLS10:07
jronnblomand using RAID-110:07
RoyK^those are mostly for tuning10:07
sherrAnd installing OS on RAID-1 mirror?10:07
sherrWhat driver is the H200?10:08
jronnblomyepp, OS is on RAID-110:08
sherrOK, I didn;t know the initial server boot used a -generic with a different set of moduls to -server.10:09
jronnblomneither did I until recently :)10:09
RoyK^perhaps someone forgot to add that module to the generic set10:10
sherrjronnblom: maybe log a bug (check it doesn't exist already)10:10
RoyK^to install now, copy the driver out to a usb drive or something and load it manually10:10
sherrThanks - good luck!10:10
jronnblomI tried that and the USB key is detected as /dev/sda and when I insmod the driver the disks show up as /dev/sdb... So the installer writes the grub to the USB key.10:11
RoyK^heh - remove the usb key after copying the driver to /tmp ;)10:12
RoyK^that is, insert the usb key after booting up10:12
RoyK^that might help10:12
jronnblomgreat idea :)10:12
jronnblomThat would make it work and on the first boot you boot the installer and go into rescue mode so you can mount the partition and add the mpt2sas driver there (if the boot-image that is generated doesn't contain the driver)10:13
RoyK^I don't think you'll need 'rescue mode'10:18
RoyK^just press alt+left after choosing language/keyboard, and there's a console there10:18
RoyK^or alt+left/right10:18
jaypurdoes anyone use scp14:38
RoyK^well of course14:47
bogeyd6!anyone | jaypur14:53
ubottujaypur: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?14:53
RoyK^jaypur: what about scp?14:59
jaypurRoyK, i'm trying to move some files and it says can't connect to port 22, but i can't open port 22, so i'd like to change the port for scp....15:00
RoyK^scp uses ssh15:02
RoyK^if you can't use ssh into the box, you can't use scp15:02
RoyK^apt-get install ssh15:02
RoyK^on the box you're trying to transfer the data to15:03
jaypurRoyK, my ssh is configure to use port 101015:07
jaypurshould i change another port at ssh file???15:07
RoyK^scp -p15:07
RoyK^man scp15:07
RoyK^the are and the tee and the eff and the emm joins up15:08
jaypurlet me try15:10
jaypurRoyK,  scp -r -p 1010 /mydirectory user@myserver: serverdirectory15:11
RoyK^remove the space after :15:11
RoyK^better yet, use rsync15:11
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jaypuri'm trying to configurate somethig to upload files to my server15:12
RoyK^rsync -avP somedir somehost:/somedir15:12
jaypuri'm trying ftp too15:12
jaypurscp -r -p 1010 /home/jan/Imagens/tux.gif jan@jan-server:/var/www15:12
RoyK^why do you have ssh on another port?15:12
jaypurRoyK, because my internet provider blocks a lot of ports15:14
RoyK^oh. even ssh?15:14
RoyK^that's evil15:14
jaypuri've posted it my block15:14
RoyK^scp -p someport -r somedir somehost:newdir15:15
RoyK^should work15:15
RoyK^check first if you can ssh -p to that port15:15
jaypurRoyK, i can use ssh with port 1010, and i'm using nautilus -X on it... but i can't transfer files from nautilus_desktop to nautilus_server15:16
RoyK^I don't understand much of your language - is it portugese?15:16
jaypuryeah brazilian portuguese15:16
jaypuryou can traslate it by google15:16
jaypurit has an app at the right top15:16
jaypuri instaleed vsftpd15:17
jaypurbut i don't know how to add a ftp user or how to connect to it =//15:17
RoyK^just use scp15:17
RoyK^or rsync15:17
RoyK^less hassle15:17
RoyK^rsync uses ssh as transport15:17
jaypurbut do you know how to set vsftpd?15:18
RoyK^I use it a lot15:18
jaypuri think its better for me15:18
RoyK^but the manual is easier than asking me15:18
jaypuruse ftp...15:18
jaypurwhere can i find the manual?15:18
RoyK^I mostly use rsync these days15:18
RoyK^man vsftpd15:18
jaypuri've already installed and configured15:18
RoyK^that's a start15:18
RoyK^the config file has a lot of docs too15:18
RoyK^just read the manual before asking, please15:19
jaypurbut what's happening to scp?15:20
RoyK^you still haven't given us an error message15:20
jaypuraah sorry15:21
jaypurssh: connect to host jan-server port 22: Connection refused15:21
jaypurlost connection15:21
jaypurmy port 22 is blocked and i can't get it open15:21
RoyK^man scp15:22
RoyK^what does that tell you?15:22
jaypurssh: connect to host jan-server port 22: Connection refused15:23
jaypurlost connection15:23
RoyK^still port 2215:24
RoyK^didn't you say you were using another?15:24
jaypurscp -r -p 1010 /home/jan/Imagens/tux.gif jan@jan-server:/var/www15:24
RoyK^then why do you try port 22?15:24
jaypuris that right???15:25
RoyK^you didn't RTFM, did you?15:25
jaypuri've read something...15:25
RoyK^try the top line15:25
RoyK^about the options15:25
RoyK^it says something about port15:26
jaypurwhat? i know the problem is the port15:26
jaypurbut i don't know how to connect it on a different port.... 1010 is my ssh port15:27
RoyK^what does the manual say about port?15:27
jaypuri think it uses the same port of ssh?15:27
klaasI think its -P if I remember right :)15:29
klaasbut if you use the site more often you should consider a bookmark in ssh config15:29
klaasthat one is used by scp aswell15:29
jaypurklaas, right15:30
jaypurklaas, connected15:30
jaypurklaas, let me try, now it's right is -P15:31
* RoyK^ frouns15:31
RoyK^jaypur: please RTFM next time and don't ask others to do it for you15:31
jaypurnow i need to set the right directory :)15:32
jaypurklaas, :)15:33
viezerdman pages are SO handy, I wonder why nobody reads them15:34
jaypuryeaaah i got it!15:41
RoAkkirkland`, heya!16:47
kirkland`RoAk: yo16:47
RoAkkirkland`, hey are you gonna do changes to testdrive in this upcoming days?16:48
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kirklandRoAk: i uploaded about 2 minutes ago :-)16:48
kirklandyou have a merge, RoAk ?16:48
RoAkkirkland, well I already started with a first modularization, im 70% right now16:49
RoAkso I was wondering if you cool freeze the code for a few days so that I can finish16:50
RoAkso that I work on an up to day code16:50
RoAkinstead of having to merge your changes in my modularization :)16:50
kirklandRoAk: heh, sure16:52
kirklandRoAk: i should make any major changes between now and Lucid release16:52
kirklandRoAk: "shouldn't"16:52
kirklandRoAk: ie, it's basically frozen now16:52
RoAkkirkland, awesome then. I'm gonna merge your changes in my changes then and bomb you with question later today since I already have a few :)16:53
kirklandRoAk: cool16:54
kirklandRoAk: i'm not going to be around much; drop me an email with your questions16:54
RoAkkirkland, ok if not we can just discuss them tomorrow. Anyways, Btw... I'll also probably change the way the config is loaded and remove the code that defines the ISO list from there and put it on the main code16:56
kirklandRoAk: okay ... is there a better way of sourcing files in python?16:57
RoAkkirkland, that's what I was trying to investigate last night but I decided to first do an initial modularization and deal with that later. But yes, I was planing on reading the file and return a list with all the variables and values16:58
RoAkinstead of executing the file16:59
kirklandRoAk: hrm, why?17:00
kirklandRoAk: there's actually logic in there17:00
kirklandRoAk: i kind of like exec'ing the file17:00
kirklandunless there's a clearly better way17:00
RoAkkirkland,  yeah me too, but the problem if I exec the file inside a function and not in the global namespace, the variables are not longer to exist17:01
RoAki men, i tried executing the file in the function, and then try using the ISO variable at It wasen't recognized. It only works when it is executed in the global namespace17:02
hggdhyeee testdrive is getting a *lot* of attention :-)17:13
RoAkhggdh, that's my GSoC project :)17:13
hggdhRoAk, cool, good to know... I will wait for your code, then (also was considering factoring all the VM calls)17:14
hggdhDustin just added a way to call a previously created VM (this is the upload he just did); in doing so he preempted me...17:16
RoAkhggdh, VM calls are actually on my todays TODO list17:17
hggdhRoAk, cool. I will just wait, then :-)17:18
gbhambriDo any one have idea abt putting filters in syslog.conf file ?17:19
kirklandRoAk: interesting17:29
kirklandhggdh: \o/17:29
kirklandRoAk: hggdh: there's only one more change i really need to make before lucid releases17:29
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kirklandRoAk: hggdh: and that's a good way of determining the *next* release's code name17:30
kirklandRoAk: hggdh: such that 10.04 users will be able to testdrive 10.10, 11.04, 11.10, 12.04, etc.17:30
kirklandRoAk: hggdh: I'm going to ask the IS guys to create a file at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/iso.list which is just a find . -name "*.iso" or something17:30
kirklandRoAk: hggdh: but i'm open to other ideas ....17:31
RoAkkirkland, woulnd't it be just easier to change that in the settings?17:31
RoAki mean in the config file?17:32
kirklandRoAk: ah, but 10.04 will be frozen; don't want to SRU that17:33
kirklandRoAk: but yes, that's way i put that in the config file a few weeks ago17:33
kirklandRoAk: it was hardcoded in the script :-o17:33
RoAkkirkland, just leave it like it is then, since everytime the user will have to change that in testdriverc17:34
kirklandRoAk: i was thinking something like this:17:36
kirklandwget -q -O- http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/MD5SUMS | head -n1 | sed "s/^.*\*//" | sed "s/\-.*$//"17:36
kirklandRoAk: could you translate that into python, and have it set it to lucid on exception? :-)17:37
RoAkkirkland, ok will do it today17:37
kirklandRoAk: thanks, don't you think that would be a bit more dynamic?17:37
kirklandRoAk: so that Lucid's testdrive version will work with MM, NN, OO, PP .. ?17:38
kirklandRoAk: without us having to change the code?17:38
RoAkkirkland, indeed17:38
kirklandRoAk: great, thanks; okay, i gotta run17:39
RoAkkirkland, ok enjoy the day :)17:39
kirklandRoAk: cheers ;-)17:39
kirklandRoAk: drop that one merge in before your refactor, if you don't mind ;-)17:39
kirklandRoAk: adios17:39
RoAkkirkland, will do17:40
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LinuxAdminhi guys18:18
LinuxAdminI've got 2 servers for virtualization purposes18:19
LinuxAdminI want to have the possibillity to migrate VMs between fisical hosts18:19
hggdhkirkland, I guess having a +1 seed file somewhere is a good idea18:20
LinuxAdminbut now I'm not sure if I use NFS ou DRBD18:20
LinuxAdminwich do you advice?18:20
hggdhLinuxAdmin, you mean running VM1 on either hostA or hostB?18:22
hggdhand *not* copying the images back and forth?18:23
jronnblomGot Lucid to install to my new DELL by manually loading the driver from an USB stick. After the install I had to add the -server kernel instead of the -generic that was installed by default18:42
sherrjronnblom: That's good stuff. Did you have to mess with the initrd at all?19:18
sherrIt seems strange that the server install starts up with the -generic kernel though?19:18
jronnblomnope, it detected the card without problem19:18
jronnblommm, I agree19:18
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docta_vis there a good open source job scheduler for linux?19:30
dougskyou mean like cron or at ?19:31
VSpikeDoes ubuntu server by default save and restores iptables?19:32
klaasVSpike reboot & look? :)19:33
docta_vdougsk: like a batch job manager19:35
docta_vwhen you have a bunch of different systems and need to coordinate and pause or retry failed jobs19:35
dougskdocta_v: yeah I can see that, .... uhmm tivoli :D nah teasing, not sure, if you find something let me know.19:36
dougskdocta_v: you might get rancid to do something like you want.19:37
dougskdocta_v: designed more for pulling switch configs inputting into cvs and implementing change tracking but you could modify the connectors to do at 2 minutes telinit 6 or something like that19:38
sherrVSpike: Ubuntu has a firewall system called "ufw" - see : man ufw (can save/load etc.)19:38
docta_vVSpike: firehol is pretty cool too if you need something more robust19:39
sherrdocta_v: I have heard good things about gearman (http://gearman.org/index.php). In universe.19:39
docta_vyeah gearman is pretty cool19:41
docta_vi think we're going to have to do some in house stuff.. it's just a big mess of batch jobs right now19:43
sherrdocta_v: what are the jobs doing?19:44
docta_vsome of them use gearman now actually19:44
dougsksherr: docta_v wow, that's quite cool, thanks for the tip.19:44
docta_vdatabase stuff mainly.. this is a medium sized web company i'm dealing with19:45
docta_vsome of it is fcron, some new stuff is gearman19:45
docta_vit would be nice to have some kind of dashboard where i could see everything but it's probably not feasible with the current state of things19:46
sherrProbably something you'll need to build :-)19:46
sherrfcron .. not heard of that before.19:47
docta_vit's like a slightly better cron19:47
VSpikeklaas: that's an option, true :) It's my gateway machine so it's disruptive, but yeah, that's plan B.19:47
VSpikesherr/ docta_v : thx, I have iptables doing most of what I want - was just trying to get linux-igd working19:48
VSpikeIt would be nice if imap used http as a transport20:02
VSpikeimap seems like something that would be handled better by a REST api20:03
VSpikeI'm on a high latency link, and all the imap clients seem very cavalier about dropping connections and then re-opening when needed20:04
VSpikeThe whole login/check capability/get folder status can take 10 seconds or so20:04
VSpikeAnd they do it every time I switch folder20:04
docta_vswitch to gmail... that's my advice20:07
docta_vor google apps20:08
docta_vemail is way too much of a pain imho20:08
brontosaurusrexis there something i can use as virus checker?20:09
jpdsbrontosaurusrex: clamscan20:09
brontosaurusrexmainly to check for win viruses?20:09
jpdsbrontosaurusrex: Yes.20:10
brontosaurusrexjpds: thanks, pain to setup or? (i would just like to scan few file folders once or twice a day)20:12
jpdsbrontosaurusrex: sudo apt-get install clamav clamav-data; clamscan <file-to-check>20:13
jpdsThat's about it.20:13
* jpds → supper.20:14
brontosaurusrexi'd do a cron?20:14
VSpikedocta_v: mm yeah, i do wonder about that. I quite like having control over my server though,20:24
qman__VSpike, pop3 has less overhead, but has the downside that it's a "deliver once and delete" system21:16
qman__even though it's slow, I like imap because I like to get my email on my desktop and my phone21:16
qman__and with it I can get all my messages with either, not just whichever happened to download the message first21:17
qman__but, if you only have one client downloading the messages for any one mailbox, pop3 will get the job done quicker21:18
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nosse1I have a U. server running karmic, but has been upgraded from previous version. I find "scrollkepper" among the obsolete packages in aptitude. However, if I try to remove it I need to remove a real bunch (79!) of packages, including update-manager.22:14
nosse1I'm sceptical to remote the lot, but I cannot understand why scrollkeeper is among the obsoleted ones if it is req'd by the system22:16
nosse1Got it... rarian-compat is a replacement for scrollkeeper22:21
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sherrnosse1: it's probably just an old "ubuntu-desktop" requirement. Aptitude can sometimes tell you why (aptitude why <package>)22:51
nosse1BTW: After the reinstall, the server lets the users log in before e2fsck is done checking the user's home drive22:53
DormantOdenhey, just wondering if having about 50 pop3-login processes normal...?  xD23:32
RoAkSoAxkirkland, ping23:49

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