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pounardis this the right chan to ask basic questions about lucid ?20:11
jpdspounard: Here, or #ubuntu+1.20:11
pounardjpds> ok, first one: can I revert the metacity buttons to be on the left? and can I disable notify-osd ?20:12
pounardthese are my only questions20:12
pounardand last one, can I get the legacy gnome sound applet ?20:12
highvoltagepounard: yes, you can move the buttons in gconf20:37
pounardwhere in gconf? I search a bit, did not found the place where this setting is stored20:37
highvoltagepounard: http://blog.daviey.com/blogroll/anything-but-the-buttons.html explains how you can do it with the gui gconf editor20:37
pounardok nice, thanks20:38
pounardno idea about my other 2 questions ?20:38
highvoltageoh I only saw 1 other question20:38
highvoltageah I see20:39
pounardoh, I asked the third two lines below the first one20:39
pounardI prefer the original sound applet, I'd be happy if I could use it again20:40
highvoltagepounard: nope, I guess there's probably a way to disable notify-osd, reverting to an older volume control applet will probably be less trivial20:40
pounardyou mean they did not packaged the gnome one ?20:40
pounardor patched it20:42
pounardthanks anyway, you saved me with the buttons on rights20:42
highvoltagegood luck :)20:45

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