j3rgHave u ever tried putting Arch Linux on it00:00
greezmunkeyLoki: gimp?00:00
Lokigreezmunkey: yes00:00
andrilnope not yet00:00
j3rgadril: oh ok00:01
andrilj3rg: i did come across this http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Wii_Tutorial    - once00:01
greezmunkeyLoki: First off, I'm no expert. Mainly I had some web work to do, and had no choice but to sit through it, bang my head on it, and so on. I spend a little time with it every few days or so, trying new things.00:01
xangua!anyone | Gran_Ger00:03
ubottuGran_Ger: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:03
kaolbrecGran_Ger, nautilus?00:03
bcjHas anyone else had problems booting 10.4 beta1 on VirtualBox?00:03
Lokigreezmunkey: ok I see, well then I will just have to try, trial and error^00:03
Gran_Geryes kaolbrec00:04
kaolbrecGran_Ger, gah. That's odd. Can you set the association to nautilus?00:04
shazbotmcnastybcj for karmic help go to #ubuntu+100:04
Mark___When I try to run os-prober I get an error ls; cannot access /var/lib/os-prober/mount/boot00:04
bcj\join #ubuntu+100:04
kaolbrecGran_Ger, and it still doesn't work.00:04
shazbotmcnastydoin it wrong bcj00:04
bcjYes I know00:04
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Gran_Gerthe first thing is that I don't know how to associate it00:05
greezmunkeyLoki, figure out how to set up an image first, size, colors, etc. Then go from there! All it takes is time.00:05
shazbotmcnastywhat is the file type Gran_Ger?00:05
ResistolI can't get 9.10 livecd to boot... it gets to the "try it without changing your computer" menu, then when I hit enter, i just get a black screen with a blinking cursor... any ideas?00:05
blendmaster1024so i downloaded a font from the internet. then i made a directory ~/fonts_life and did 'sudo ln -s /... ' i know what i did wrong, thanks for making me type it00:05
Mark___When I try to run os-prober I get an error ls; cannot access /var/lib/os-prober/mount/boot00:05
MFendoes anyone know a command-line way to print out "karmic" if i'm running ubuntu 9.10?00:05
Gran_GerIs the option Home Folder into Places00:05
Gran_Gerfrom the gnome-panel00:05
kaolbrecshazbotmcnasty, it's a folder :S00:05
CharbeLi tried pidgin, empathy and kopete and i still can't connect to yahoo can anyone help ???00:05
shazbotmcnastyi've seen this problem before00:05
MFenor "jaunty" for 9.0400:05
MFenin other words, a way to print the current release codename on the system where it's running00:06
LinuxGuy2009Resistol: If it dont boot id throw it away myself I had nothing but trouble with 9.10. Running 9.04 on desktop and 10.04 beta1 on netbook here.00:06
Mark___So no one knows what's cashing my issue00:06
ResistolLinuxGuy2009, it's not working with 9.04 cd either :-(00:06
shazbotmcnastyMark___, did you sudo?00:06
moonwget http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/current/install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz && tar xzf install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz && cp libflashplayer.so ~/.mozilla/plugins00:07
moonthats it00:07
moonwhat i look for00:07
Lokigreezmunkey: thanks for the help00:07
Gran_Gerwell, How can then associate the nautilus to the folder at the gnome-panel00:07
mcphailMFen: cat /etc/lsb-release00:07
Principittocan i burn a dvd to watch in my tv whit brasero?00:07
maX0any good nautilus replacements?00:07
MFenmcphail: yeah, but i have to | grep | cut which kinda sucks00:08
ResistolMy computer just froze mid partition shrink... the mouse still moves, but the clock says it's still 6 minutes ago... the HD activity light is flickering, shoudl I leave it alone for a few hours?  Or should I shut it off?00:08
shazbotmcnastyGran_Ger, right click a folder and put a check mark in "open folder"00:08
* mcphail shrugs00:08
mkquistPrincipitto: if its in dvd format,id imagine so00:08
Principittowhat is the dvd format?00:09
mcphailMFen: if you can't be bothered to type it, create a bash alias to do it00:09
mkquistPrincipitto: what format is it in... and can you dvd player play avis?00:09
MFenmcphail: that's not the point, i have to document it as a one-liner other people can run00:09
Gran_Gershazbotmcnasty, where?00:10
Gran_GerI open nautilus00:10
shazbotmcnastyright click a folder00:10
shazbotmcnastygo to properties or whatever00:10
Principittoi have a movie on MPEG-400:10
mkquistPrincipitto: vob files00:10
PrincipittoO damn00:11
Principittoi have to change it first00:11
mcphailMFen: using grep and cut still equates to a one liner. If you are looking for a single command, there isn't one AFAIK00:11
mkquistPrincipitto: what kind of dvd player?  Some will play mpeg400:11
MFenoh well00:11
Principittoi have a sony dvd player00:11
Principittoi dont know wich model00:11
mkquistPrincipitto: u can try it00:12
Principittoi will try it00:12
mkquistPrincipitto: worst case u lose a cd00:12
ResistolAnyone in here have Ubuntu running on a toshiba a135?00:12
TrekResistol, what exactly is your issue with it?00:14
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Principittoill burn it ill se what happens00:14
LoshaResistol: I would guess either a bad burn, or an incompatibility with your hardware. Try again with the 8.04 live cd instead?00:15
Gran_Gershazbotmcnasty, Thanks!00:15
shazbotmcnastyit worked?00:15
shazbotmcnastyCool :)00:15
ResistolTrek, right now I've got a really messed up Vista installed on the a135, and I'm trying to put Ubuntu on instead - but I couldn't get the livecd to boot - when I select "try without making changes' i just get a black screen with a blinking cursor00:15
Gran_Geryes, I select the option Open with application00:15
ResistolAlso, in Vista I tried doing a partition shrink, and it froze... so I don't know whether to leave it alone for a bit and pray, or reboot and pray00:15
Gran_GerNow, How could happend this?00:15
TrekResistol, you have to give the darn thing some time to load, the blinky cursor screen is normal for a little while.  ANd also, in Vista, you cant shrink the active partition :P00:16
Gran_GerI mean, that the folder wasn't associated.00:16
TrekResistol, the CD will let you mess with the partitions as you install it, so just give it time to load up the livecd00:16
Resistoli gave it like 20 min00:16
Resistolno hd / cd activity00:16
sixofourwhat is some good video software for linux? i have an mp3 i want to upload somewhere but it needs to be a video format00:17
TrekResistol, perhaps you have a bad/incomplete CD?00:17
Resistoli'll try makin another00:17
TrekResistol: use a different image file (redownload)00:17
mkquisthow can a mp3 be a video without video?00:18
LoshaResistol: try 8.04 if you haven't already. It's very stable...00:18
sixofourmkquist:  you make a static image play the whole time00:18
Resistolhah holy shit the laptop just finished the partition shrink, and the clock updated00:18
ResistolI'll try burning 10.04 beta and give that a shot00:18
Resistolyou guys think if I install instead of "try without installing" it'll boot?00:19
LoshaResistol: if this is your first time with Ubuntu, you do *NOT* want to run a beta...00:19
intinautilus doesnt show the burn button00:19
intiwhat can i do00:19
mkquistsixofour: avidemux?00:20
sixofouri'll try it00:20
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xanguainti: use brasero00:21
mkquistResistol: might try another version00:21
Loshainti: I find brasero very buggy. Consider using k3b instead...00:21
caspixi need kinda help00:22
intiya brasero is buggy but i was hoping not to  get those programs cuz i dont have much space00:22
Losha!ask | caspix00:22
ubottucaspix: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:22
caspixdoes anyone here uses psi messenger?00:22
mkquistinti: i second the k3b00:22
Loshainti: then consider burning from the command line?00:22
Resistolwhat kind of problems have people been having with 10.0400:24
PiciResistol : Please join #ubuntu+1 for Lucid/10.04 support/discussion.00:24
caspixthe thing is, i saw on internet that psi can be used for few im's (msn, icq, jabber, irc, gtalk) but when i installed it, it seems it's only for jabber...now i dont understand that...i'd like to use it for all..anyone knows how to add those accounts? (ps. sorry for my bad english)00:24
dinobiskHow can I make ubuntu automatically turn of my screen, not just dim it?00:26
Trekcaspix, perhaps you should check if they have a support forum/channel?00:26
Picicaspix: From what I can see on their website, they only support connecting to jabber.00:26
xanguacaspix: try pidgin, empathy or kopete for multiple accounts IM00:26
caspixpidgin is not working how it should on msn to me00:27
happyhoboPidgin is the best IMHO but ymmv00:27
Trekcaspix, I use pidgin for everything, minus Facebook, and it works without a flaw.  I strongly recommend you try it00:28
Loshacaspix: I've never used PSI, but the google says it's a jabber client, no mention of any other protocols...00:28
sixofouravidmux only edits v ideos, doeswn't make them00:28
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happyhobo My armpits itch00:28
psycho_oreos!ot | happyhobo00:28
ubottuhappyhobo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:28
happyhoborofl I'm just fucking around00:28
Trek!language | happyhobo00:29
ubottuhappyhobo: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:29
snxsping ! psyco_oreos00:29
psycho_oreospong snxs :p00:30
happyhoboI'm in the wrong channel anyway.  I need to be in the +1 channel since I'm using Lucid00:30
snxsheh hows it going00:30
happyhoboNo one was paying attention to me anyways until I got weird then cursed.00:30
sqwertle##programming is pretty much dead so I'm going to ask here: I'm using "Beej's Guide to Network Programming" and trying to compile the first example on my machine. The code is at http://pastie.org/879129 and is fairly simple, but the output is not what I believe it should be, and is not the output given in the tutorial. I was wondering if anyone had an idea what was wrong with it?00:31
psycho_oreossnxs, alright I suppose, got issues here and there, you?00:31
Trek!ot |  sqwertle00:31
ubottusqwertle: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:31
happyhoboI stuck the mint menu on here and I want to know how to get rid of the mint logo00:31
Trekpsycho_oreos / snxs, please take private talk within each other to either PM or offtopic, thanks00:32
happyhoboI don't know why that's not the default menu for all gnome.  It00:32
happyhobo's modern and it works well.00:32
* psycho_oreos nods, apologises to Trek 00:32
snxsroger that00:33
greezmunkeysqwertle: INET6_ADDRSTRLEN??00:33
Trekgreezmunkey: answering sqwertle's question here is off-topic, I believe he is there right now00:34
NeezerI just plugged in a usb drive into my headless server. I want to back up my music and movies to it before I make some changes to the server. I'm not sure how to do that via ssh.00:35
yawkcan anyone try grab ikiwiki 3.14 and telling me if they're able to build anything with the package..00:36
mcphailNeezer: you will need to mount the drive first00:37
Neezermcphail, how do I do that?00:38
TrekNeezer: mount <device partition path>00:38
mcphailNeezer: how is the drive formatted (FAT/NTFS/ext3 etc?)00:38
dominickpastorei've got this line in a script run by cron: "ssh -q -N -R *:17564:localhost:22 remoteuser@mydomain.com &>> /home/user/log &" (with correct usernames, etc). the process seems to die immediately, and nothing goes to the log. does anyone know what's going on?00:38
Neezermcphail, I don't know...I just picked it up from best buy to do this....00:39
NeezerTrek, I don't know the <device partition path>00:39
mcphailNeezer: that's fine. It should work ok. Plug the drive in, wait for a minute and then check "dmesg" to see what device letter has been allocated00:40
bastid_raZorNeezer: if it is a blank drive then you won't have any partitions to mount.. you'll need to use gparted to format the drive first.00:40
mcphailbastid_raZor: I have never bought a drive which wasn't already formatted00:40
bastid_raZormcphail: weird.. every drive i've ever bought has been void of a format.00:41
Neezermcphail, I ran dmesg, and i ended up with a bunch of outputs....I have no idea what I'm looking for.00:41
sixofourtried avidmux and lives, are there any other video programs i can try that are not garbage?00:41
mcphailNeezer: there will be something near the end of the list mentioning "/dev/sd??"00:42
e_trevHave you tried OpenShot?00:42
sixofouropenshot? no00:42
e_trevMy video editor of choice00:42
e_trevIt's got a ppa00:42
Neezermcphail, I am pretty sure it was sdc.00:42
sixofouri'm just trying to put a picture with an mp3 and make it an avi so i can upload to fb00:43
e_trevThat should do it.00:43
sixofourit should take 5-6  clicks at most lol00:43
mcphailNeezer: check again to be sure. The lines before it should comment that a usb device has been inserted and is being scanned.00:43
NeezerIt was a 1TB drive, and at the end it had about 10 or 15 lines with stuff about sd 8:0:0:0: [sdc]00:43
sixofouropenshot isn't in apt-get where do i get it? i don't know how to compile stuff00:44
Neezermcphail, that is correct. SCSI emulation for USB mass storage device00:44
Neezermcphail, then registered new interface driver usb-storage.00:44
mcphailNeezer: type "ls /dev/sdc*"00:44
Neezermcphail, I get /dev/sdc and /dev/sdc100:45
preposterusswhen i have my headphones pluged into my laptop the sound still comes out of my speakers, any direction on how to fix this?00:45
LoshaNeezer: are you forwarding X11 i.e. can you run gparted?00:45
TrekNeezer: /dev/sdc1 is the partition you should try mounting00:45
NeezerLosha, I believe I could00:45
NeezerTrek, I should just do mount /dev/sdc1?00:45
mcphailNeezer: good. It has a partition set up on it and will probably have been formatted00:45
LoshaNeezer: gparted is a great program for formatting. If you can't run gparted, you can format via the cli...00:46
Neezerwhere will it mount the partition?00:46
mcphailNeezer: you need to pick a directory to mount it to00:46
greezmunkeypreposteruss, the act of plugging in the headset should shut the speakers down. Sounds screwey to me.00:46
TrekNeezer: you could try it that, it will mount it wherever you tell it to.  unfortunately, my usefulness comes to an end, I use gparted to mount/unmount stuff :P00:46
Neezerif I mount it to my home folder, then will I have access to it as a user and not have to change permissions?00:46
mcphailNeezer: no00:47
preposterussif i go into the sound preferences on the output tab and change the connector dropdown to headphones it mutes the speakers00:47
mcphailNeezer: if it is a shop-formatted 1TB drive it will have been formatted as NTFS00:47
preposterussand the headphones work, but for some reason it's not doing it automatically when they're plugged in00:47
preposterussit works in other operating systems, even the netbook remixes00:47
LoshaNeezer: I suggest you format it as ext3 using gparted. Then you'll be able to mount it, ok?00:48
Neezermcphail, so if I do mount /dev/sdc1/home/nathan/storage it will make a storage folder in /home/nathan where the space will be/00:48
mcphailNeezer: you need to make the directory first00:49
LoshaNeezer: and watch your spaces: sudo    mount   /dev/sdc1   /home/nathan/storage00:49
mcphailNeezer: but you will probably run into permission issues at some point because NTFS is not a native linux filesystem00:49
fulld7hello, I just installed and had to reshuffle my IDE devices to boot -- now I am stuck at grub rescue>> and when I try some commands, I get stuck with "error: unknown filesystem"00:50
Neezerwhat is the command for gparted?00:50
NeezerI tried gparted, and it said command not found.00:51
Trekyou have a gui right Neezer?00:51
Neezernot on the server.00:51
TrekNeezer: if you don't you cant use gparted00:51
Neezeri'm in ssh.00:51
LoshaNeezer: install it first: sudo apt-get install gparted00:51
Neezerbut i have x11 port forwarding00:51
mcphailNeezer: do you have data on the drive already?00:52
hellyeah&jo'n el've00:52
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Neezermcpahil, I don't have anything on it...it is brand new. I am in gparted. You mentioned ext3, is ext4 better?00:54
mcphailNeezer: i don't trust ext4 yet00:54
Neezermcphail, enough said. ext3 it is.00:54
mcphailNeezer: will your drive be used only for linux?00:54
LoshaNeezer: ext3 is best for your purposes...00:55
BluntObjectmcphail: Why do you not trust ext4?00:55
BluntObjectI would not use anything else under Linux on a >4 TB file system.00:55
BluntObjectI have over 24TB under ext400:55
BluntObjectWhat file system would you use for that?00:56
mcphailBluntObject: i'm probably just a bit paranoid and conservative, especially after reading the intrepid release notes00:56
PERL-533605Evening all00:56
Neezermcphial, my drive is going to be used to do daily syncs with my server as a second backup for it in case something goes wrong....it already has raid1 running, so I should be able to replace the array if I lose 1 drive. I am going to make some changes to the server tonight or tomorrow, and I wanted a separate backup as well.00:56
BluntObject<mcphail> Have you ever created a 24TB file system using ext3?00:56
mcphailBluntObject: no. Neezer is creating a 1TB filesystem. We can debate the relative merits of other filesystems on ot00:57
BluntObjectPerhaps you have rsync'd files off an ext3 or XFS file system when the source has hundreds of directories with thousands of file in each?00:57
LoshaI might reconsider the choice for such a large system, but for casual use, I stand by ext3 as the filesystem of choice...00:57
rallI just installed ubuntu 9.1000:57
rall              on a semiold computer with X1950 Pro card. Detects everything00:57
rall              automaticly and gives me 20000 frames pr 5 secs. Both 2d and 3d00:57
rall              works beautifully! thanks :)00:58
BluntObjectI have found ext4 faster and lots more reliable than ext3 for everything00:58
rallI got a small problem with my HD4850 card though, Im sure this is the 1Gb model, but driver detects 512Mb's only.  Is there a fix for that?  (windows vista driver also detects 512 only)00:58
BluntObjectrall: You may have bad memoory on the card00:59
goddardwhats the best laptop to buy with 250 bucks?00:59
PERL-533605Indeed - especially if Vista also detects as 512MB00:59
ganjaman420Hey I have to run ubuntu off a live CD and I often have to use my laptop in places without internet like on the train... In order to watch videos, listen to music and read stuff off my USB stick, I need to update the software sources and packages using an internet connection. Is there any way to get these updates as files that I can put on my USB stick so I can update my ubuntu offline?00:59
rallgooddard, depends on your needs I guess :)   gaming and graphics?00:59
eTrevYou can usually find older Dell's on ebay with %100 ubuntu compability for that price00:59
zenlunaticganjaman420: why not just update when you have internet01:00
dominickpastorei've got this line in a script run by cron: "ssh -q -N -R *:17564:localhost:22 remoteuser@mydomain.com &>> /home/user/log &" (with correct usernames, etc). the process seems to die immediately, and nothing goes to the log. the script works when run manually. does anyone know what's going on?01:00
ganjaman420I do, but then when I reboot I'm back to square one...01:00
underdevgoddard: the dell mini 10v netbook comes with ubuntu with that price01:00
zenlunaticganjaman420: oh i see01:00
ganjaman420So if I turn my laptop off, get on the train, and turn it back on, there's no mp3 support or anything like that...01:00
BluntObjectHas anyone here found the secret of getting 10.04 to run under VirtualBox with full graphics support?01:00
zenlunaticganjaman420: why not just install?01:01
ganjaman420Hard drive lock and bios lock :\01:01
bastid_raZorgoddard: i have an Acer Aspire 5515 that works with no issues from 9.04 on.. also in your price range.01:01
underdevBluntObject: i tried installing desktop, it was suggested i install using the alternative01:01
zenlunaticganjaman420: seems like more trouble than its worth... you can buy a linux netbook for under $250 and do as you wish with it01:02
underdevBluntObject: installing right now, so far so good01:02
fulld7i just booted a live cd and want to follow directions -- how do I access this without a mouse?01:02
Neezerthanks mcphail, and everyone else...I am formatting it right now. Thanks a lot....I should be good to go once this is noe then right?01:02
rallI use a 1.6 Ghz, 512Ram when traveling, and that's fast enough. Runs compiz effects too sometimes for showing off :P01:02
fulld7can I get to the menus up top?01:02
teio[01:02:16]       fulld7 | i just booted a live cd and want to . 13WAAJQNV01:02
teio                          follow directions -- how do I       . 30BAAC5D901:02
ganjaman420lol, I'm pretty broke...01:02
Loshaganjaman420: well you could, but it usually takes longer to download updates than to install them, so why not just update while connected to the net, and not worry about trying to do it via usb?01:02
BluntObjectganadist: Broke is never pretty01:03
underdevganjaman420: weed is expensive :)01:03
zenlunaticLosha: hes running livecd on the train01:03
teio                          access this without a mouse?01:03
mcphailNeezer: just run the mount command, yes01:03
fulld7teio ??01:03
masu3701what can i use to convert .flv into mp3?01:03
mcphailNeezer: and have a look at rsnapshot for your backups. It is a fantastic program01:03
rallBluntObject,  do you know if there is a easy way of testing videoram on card?01:03
zenlunaticIMO updating a livecd is asinine01:04
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rosco_yCan anyone recommend software to help me keep focused on my goals?01:04
teioguys whats the best noob friendly CLI youtube-downloader01:04
Loshazenlunatic: he's gonna boot the livecd and update it every time he boots? That's sort of non-optimal...01:04
ganjaman420lol, not necessarily always the train :P that was an example xD01:04
xulimaus3701: ffmpeg01:04
ganjaman420only takes about 2 mins to update everythin to my needs01:04
BluntObjectrall: Suggest you check the manufacturer's web site01:04
zenlunaticganjaman420: no one does that so good luck figuring it out01:04
Neezermcphail, thanks I'll check it out. I've also heard good things about rsync01:04
underdevrosco_y: i enjoy taskcoach... a little broken, but the best i've found01:04
goddardbastid_ra what is it?01:04
teioand also whats the command to clean the system ? unused packages ect01:05
mcphailNeezer: rsnapshot is a wrapper for rsync. Keeps everything simple01:05
Linear_Keyhow can i disable mouse in gnome-terminal? i want to select text / etc instead of the program running getting the signal01:05
zenlunaticganjaman420: it probably can be done, but dont expect lots of hits01:05
rosco_yunderdev: Thank you very much--I'm going to give it a try right now!01:05
masu3701what can i use to convert .flv into mp3?01:05
Neezermcphail, what is a wrapper?01:05
rallok ill do that, thanks BluntObject,  and god night to everybody01:05
bastid_raZorgoddard: look it up on acers site. it is a 15" laptop.01:05
mcphailNeezer: a program which calls rsync with useful default options01:05
underdevrosco_y: it allows you to build trees of subtasks, very helpful to me01:05
goddardbastid_ra Oh I dont know what you said01:06
goddardbastid_ra what laptop was it?01:06
bastid_raZorgoddard: acer aspire 551501:06
Neezermcphail, cool. I am reading about it right now. thanks a bunch.01:06
LoshaNeezer: no shortage of backup solutions, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem01:06
Matisseand whats the problem if the flash plugin crashes very often?01:07
Loshamasu3701: I convert them to avi's using handbrake. Not sure about mp3s though...01:08
rosco_yunderdev: It sounds like something I can use, thank you!01:08
smokealotMatisse: flash was made to crash!01:08
Neezerhow long does it take to format a 1TB USB drive?01:09
=== anil is now known as Guest42878
Linear_Keywhat? you have a 1TD usb drive?01:09
knoppiesNeezer, not long if you use an ubuntu liveCD.01:09
goddardbastid_ra how much you want?01:09
mcphailNeezer: not too long01:09
brandonban6hey all... I have a music share on a second HDD, I'm trying to get ubuntu to create a symlink from the default music folder to my music share... i.e. ln -s /path/to/musicshare /home/user/Music only creates a symlink inside Music, where I want to turn Music into the symlink01:10
Matissesmokealot, i aint sure if that makes sense... :)01:10
LoshaNeezer: it can take a while depending on the drive speed. 20 minutes or so...01:10
w0rdso if I do an include for a file with php and html to display contents, so I need to start the file with php tags in the very top?01:10
NeezerLosha, thanks...it is a pretty slow computer too. 1.7 GHZ P IV.01:10
LoshaNeezer: using gparted?01:11
NeezerLosha, yes01:11
=== sixtila is now known as Guest96603
teioanyone used ttv?01:11
Digit0Im trying to install ubuntu on a macbook01:11
Digit0but the sound is not working at all01:11
LoshaNeezer: I can't remember if gparted gives you a progress bar or not...01:11
NeezerIt just has a bar that oscillates back at forth.01:11
Neezerand a 0 of 1 operations complete.01:12
brandonban6n/m figured it out... rm Music, then create the sym link to Music :)01:12
mcphailNeezer: it'll get there. it is a big drive01:12
LoshaNeezer: it will complain if something goes wrong. No news is good news...01:12
IdleOnewhat is the command to force eject the cd tray?01:12
SpadrosI'm having some problems with my wireless adapter01:12
BluntObjectIdleOne: eject dvd01:13
SpadrosI just installed Ubuntu 9.04 on an iMac 5g01:13
blendmaster1024;/join #debian01:13
NeezerLosha, thanks you too mcpahil. I always worry about these sorts of things01:13
BluntObjectIdleOne: Or if that fails, try: eject cdrom01:13
blendmaster1024shoot sorry01:13
asdffI can no longer log into an xfce4 session, it automatically takes me back to the login screen. It was working yesterday and I don't recall doing anything to alter my system. I am in an openbox session atm. Anyone help :S?01:13
asdffUnder Karmic*01:13
IdleOneBluntObject: neither is working01:13
Spadroscan someone help me get my wireless adapter to work with Ubuntu 9.04 on an iMac 5g?01:14
LoshaNeezer: formatting is one of the more anxiety-ridden operations. The risk of losing data is minimal if there are no other partitions on the disk though...01:14
sick_timehye all i am using linuxmint 8 everytime i mount a windows drive it asks me password previouly i had linuxmint 7 based on ubuntu 9.04 which remembers the password how to do that in linuxmint 801:14
NeezerLosha, no other data on the disk...brand new01:14
IdleOne!mintsupport > sick_time01:14
ubottusick_time, please see my private message01:14
bazhangsick_time, mint is not supported here01:14
BluntObjectIdleOne: Use a sledgehammer instead. It does not cause the disk to be ejected but it does bring a great sense of power01:14
LoshaNeezer: yeah, that's why none of *us* were worried...01:14
Spadrosshould I go somewhere else?01:15
asdffI can no longer log into an xfce4 session, it automatically takes me back to the login screen. It was working yesterday and I don't recall doing anything to alter my system. I am in an openbox session atm. Anyone help, I am running Karmic.01:15
IdleOne!wifi | Spadros01:15
ubottuSpadros: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:15
NeezerLosha, thanks...I kinda figured. I did a resize and a partition on a drive with data that I wanted on it, and it was stressful to say the least.01:15
kongovehello all01:15
LoshaNeezer: the answer to that is backups :-)01:15
IdleOne!hi | kongove01:16
ubottukongove: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:16
NeezerLosha, hence the new drive :)01:16
LoshaNeezer: excellent...01:16
kongovehow about compile the lastest kernel(v2.6.32-rc8) on ubuntu9.10?01:17
kongoveubottu: is this stable enough ?01:17
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:17
IdleOnekongove: how about it?01:17
IdleOnegive it a shot and see :)01:18
asdffI can no longer log into an xfce4 session, it automatically takes me back to the login screen. It was working yesterday and I don't recall doing anything to alter my system. I am in an openbox session atm. Anyone help, I am running Karmic.01:18
IdleOneBluntObject: man eject is useless :/01:18
underdevasdff: sorry, only have used gnome/kde01:18
kongoveunderdev: so did I01:19
asdffunderdev: I don't think it is session specific. The same thing happens when I try to run a Gnome/Openbox session.01:19
Melwasulhello everyone.01:20
kongovehello Melwasul01:20
MelwasulIve got an irc question..using xchat, but it does have to do with ubuntu, i think01:20
goddardbastid_ra how much you want?01:20
asdffMelwasul: just ask it man01:20
underdevasdff: so you can'01:21
underdevt login?01:21
MelwasulI'm looking for a completely customizable bot for a channel, and i cant find one.01:21
bastid_raZorgoddard: i don't want to sell mine. i was suggesting a laptop for you to buy01:21
goddardoh I see01:21
Melwasullooking for one where i can make it "learn" a bunch of things, its for a game, going to have price checks and stuff on it01:21
underdevMelwasul: eggdrop?01:21
Melwasuleggdrop is giving me many a issue.. got it installed and everything, but wont run01:21
wilsonjhow does one go about adding an entry into grub2?01:22
wilsonjI can't even get it to come up at boot01:22
smokealotMatisse: you said "and whats the problem if the flash plugin crashes very often?"01:22
Melwasulhello there.01:22
=== RobartParr is now known as RobertParr
xfactI have the default alsa driver for ubuntu01:23
smokealotthe answer is there is no problem its made to "crash" it will "crash" you cant stop it from "crashing"01:23
Matissesmokealot, yes01:23
Loshasmokealot: such an odd question. Anything that malfunctions 'very often' is a complete annoyance...01:23
NeezerYESSSSSSSSS All operations successfully completed! thanks mcphail, and Losha01:23
xfactBut I am confused that Why Kde based apps not supporting that tho?01:23
LoshaNeezer: very cool...01:23
asdffI have an annoying beep that happens in xterm when I backspace too much. By typing 'xset b 0 0 0; xset b off' I can turn this beep off, is there anyway to automate this? I tried blocking some module from loading ala a guide but it didn't work lol.01:23
NeezerLosha, quick question, how come there are 14.8 GB used on the drive?01:23
underdevbtw everyone: although the 10.04 beta1 desktop iso didn't install under virtualbox, i have alt up and running now... miss the orange :)01:24
Neezercan that still be all the windows crap that the drive comes with?01:24
smokealotLosha: it is flash crashes often on windows and linux i dont know why everything needs it01:24
LoshaNeezer: welcome to the world of disk formats. The formatting itself entails overhead which takes up disk space. It's normal I'm afraid...01:24
Melwasulanyone know how to fix eggdrop? ive got it where it tries to load, but it doesnt want to load the config file..01:24
mcphailNeezer: space reserved for root, filesystem overhead etc01:24
Melwasulif anyones got any answers on, feel free to pm me.01:25
mcphailNeezer: you can reclaim the space reserved for root if you need it01:25
gardar!hello | caseys01:25
ubottucaseys: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:25
underdevMelwasul: there is an eggdrop channel01:25
Melwasulreally? hm.. guess i can try buggin them01:25
caseyswhat is the command to delete a folder?01:25
Melwasulso there is. thanks!01:26
mcphailcaseys: rmdir01:26
Loshaasdff: add the xset to your .login or .bashrc so it runs every time you login01:26
underdevMelwasul: i am a tcl programmer, so we redirect to there a few times a day from the tcl channel :)01:26
asdffLosha: cheers ima do that01:26
gardarcaseys, rm -r01:26
Melwasulah, i see lol.01:26
Neezermcpahil, don't need it....is the command to change permission so I can write to it without sudo chmod 777 /home/nathan/Storage01:26
Melwasulwell, its a bit dead in there, but ill keep tryin. ill stick around in case i need something else.01:27
Neezercaseys, be VERY careful with rm -r01:27
Loshasmokealot: there are historical reasons for why flash took over the world...01:27
Neezercaseys, It will not ask if you are sure, and you can really screw things up01:27
Trekcaseys, be VERY VERY careful with rm -r, because you can kill everything with it01:27
casemodsHello. Wondering the best way to go about using a USB drive to live run ubuntu01:27
SpadrosHey guys. So I went to the troubleshooting for wifi on the website, and basically I discovered that my network adapter is disabled. I'm on an iMac 5g. Any suggestions on what to do?01:27
gardarrm -rf is even more dangerous01:27
mcphailNeezer: if you want, or try "sudo chown nathan:nathan /home/nathan/Storage"01:27
asdffLosha: I am using xterm which loads .Xdefaults, do you know how to add commands to that? like would xset b 0 0 0 work, as the syntax is particular in that file01:28
caseyswhat about rmdir?01:28
mcphailNeezer: but mount the disk first01:28
Trekgardar: too true, but sudo rm -rf *.* is even more dangerous.   DO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND!01:28
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!01:28
mcphailcaseys: rmdir will only delete an empty folder01:28
chili555Spadros, is it disabled because the switch or button is off?01:28
caseysthats what i need01:28
SpadrosNo. There is no on and off switch for the adapter on it.01:29
Neezermcphail, I have mounted it, and am in the process of copying my Pictures, Movies, Videos, and .ssh folders over to the drive.01:29
Loshaasdff: you can't add xset to the .Xdefaults file, it has to go in .bashrc or .login. Sorry...01:29
Neezerafter my fresh install tonight, I'll be setting up a true backup system with something.01:29
mcphailNeezer: result. Enjoy.01:30
paranoid_pedlaranyone know of a easy tutorial for weechat?01:30
asdffLosha: hm does xterm accept data from .bashrc and .Xdefault?01:30
chili555Spadros, is a driver associated with it in lshw -C network?01:30
caseysi nned some help with email01:30
psusisaying *.* is more typing that needed, and excludes files that do not have a . in the name ;)01:30
paranoid_pedlarI'm having a tough time configuring it01:30
fredfallDo i need some kind of firewall when i run a web server on a Ubuntu-machine?01:30
smokealotLosha: do you have a link with those reasons?01:31
SpadrosIt says that the driverversion is 2.3, so I assume so. I01:31
knoppiesfredfall, someone suggested I use smoothwall, but idk. Im no expert.01:31
gardarjust use iptables fredfall01:31
psusifredfall, for?01:31
greezmunkeyfredfall: no01:31
knoppiesgardar, do you have any suggestions with iptables?01:31
mcphailfredfall: firewall is "built in" as such01:31
Neezermcphail Losha, thanks for the help you two. that's why ubuntu is pretty awesome!!! and now I know how to do this!!!01:31
SpadrosI'm not sure if this is relevent, but when I plugged my modem into the iMac Ubuntu also couldn't connect to the internet.01:31
caseysi got Ssmtp and mailx installed and i have a program that should send me a alert but it doesn't and i need help getting it to01:31
Loshaasdff: if you're running the default configuration, ~/.bashrc is a good place to put your xset commands...01:31
fredfallok, thanks for all answars01:31
Loshasmokealot: let me look...01:31
gardarknoppies, make your custom iptables... it's fun :)01:32
gardar!hello | v3n0x01:32
ubottuv3n0x: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:32
asdffLosha: I think it worked, opening a new instance didn't raise any errors from .bashrc01:33
Spadros It says that the driverversion is 2.3, so I assume so.01:33
asdffLosha: so thanks*.01:33
asdffI have an annoying beep that happens in xterm when I backspace too much. By typing 'xset b 0 0 0; xset b off' I can turn this beep off, is there anyway to automate this? I tried blocking some module from loading ala a guide but it didn't work lol.01:33
asdffdamnit ignore that ^01:33
asdffunderdev: I don't think it is session specific. The same thing happens when I try to run a Gnome/Openbox session.01:33
asdffAH fail!01:33
chili555Spadros, what driver it it?01:33
overshardMy brightness function keys do not work in Lucid Beta 1. They worked in Karmic, I see there is a very long bug report for it on launchpad already but not real solutions. Anyone know of a quick way to adjust brightness since the keys do not work?01:34
Spadrosuh, it says driver=bridge driversersion=2.3. Does that help or am I looking at the wrong thing?01:34
overshardAlso, the Brightness applet doesn't seem to work either.01:34
gardarovershard, what happens when you add the brightness applet to the panel?01:34
chili555Spadros: a b43-something?01:35
asdffI can no longer log into an xfce4 session, it automatically takes me back to the login screen. It was working yesterday and I don't recall doing anything to alter my system. I am in an openbox session atm. Can anyone help, I am running Karmic.01:35
caseysi got Ssmtp and mailx installed and i have a program that should send me a alert but it doesn't and i need help getting it to01:35
dominickpastorei've got this line in a script run by cron: "ssh -q -N -R *:17564:localhost:22 remoteuser@mydomain.com &>> /home/user/log &" (with correct usernames, etc). the process seems to die immediately, and nothing goes to the log. the script works when run manually. does anyone know what's going on?01:35
Loshasmokealot: I can't find the article I wanted, but it gets discussed pretty frequently and even causes flamewars. See e.g. http://blog.digitalbackcountry.com/2006/06/flash-video-everywhere-but-still-not-bigger-than-wmf/01:36
Random832overshard; ls /proc/acpi/video/*/*/brightness01:36
Spadrosfor the network controller, yeah01:36
Loshacaseys: hi, so you got ssmtp configured finally?01:37
caseysLosha: yes i tryed gmail and got it to work01:37
dominickpastorecaseys: are you mailing it to an email address issued by your isp?01:37
Loshacaseys: very good. What is the mailx line in your script that you use. Wanna pastebin that part of the script?01:38
chili555Spadros, Broadcoms need firmware to work . if you have an ethernet connection, you can probably get it going in System>Administration>Hardware Drivers01:38
smokealotLosha: thanks for the link01:38
Spadrosit says that I have the drivers installed01:38
jkd4how do you change the color of your terminal screen?01:38
MaT-dgHow to make IRC links (irc://irc.domain.com:port/channel) open with xchat?01:38
caseysLosha: its got some parts to it sould i do them script or in one pastabin?01:38
Spadrosand activated01:38
Loshasmokealot: sorry it's not a better article. Poke around in google...01:38
overshardRandom832, ls: cannot access /proc/acpi/video/*/*/brightness: No such file or directory01:39
mcphaildominickpastore: is your script hanging waiting for a password? Why the & before the >>?01:39
=== Trek is now known as TrekPlusOne
chili555Spadros: what does   rfkill list say?01:39
Random832overshard, well that's all i've got01:39
caseysor bimg01:39
jkd4how do you change the color of your terminal screen?01:39
kongoveMaT-dg: configure the Network list01:39
Loshacaseys: let's start with just the lines surrounding the mailx command...01:39
=== Crazyguy_ is now known as Crazyguy
Spadroshow do I check rfkill?01:39
StopSignanyone got a wireless printer working in 9.10 64bit01:39
paranoid_pedlarcan someone help me setup weechat?01:39
caseysLosha: let me look01:39
chili555Spadros: in a terminal: rfkill list01:40
NeezerI am transferring a LOT of stuff to an external drive, and it seems slow...I have 3 transfers going at once...one at 2.2 MB/s, one at 1.9 MB/s, and one at 2.5 MB/s. I thought it should be faster than that.01:40
mcphailNeezer: that's usb for you01:40
gardarsata and usb Neezer ?01:40
Spadrosit says command not found01:40
MaT-dgkongove: the idea is to open them directly instead of manually adding the network and then joining the channel01:41
amstanhey guys, how do i execute something with the 32bit version of java(ia32-sun-java6-bin)01:41
dominickpastoremcphail: it shouldn't be. i set up public key auth in both directions. and the command works when i run it manually. the & is to redirect stderr as well as stdout01:41
GibbyAnyone using nxserver?01:41
Neezergardar, I'm not sure what kind of drive it is...it is just an external 1TB drive...01:41
Neezergardar, just USB, no sata connection or anything.01:41
mcphaildominickpastore: surely the command to redirect stderr is 2>&1 ?01:42
chili555Spadros: Network Manager will not enable wireless if wired is active. have you tried with ethernet detached?01:42
NeezerI thought USB 2.0 was like 12 MB/s01:42
gardarprobably sata since it's 1tb01:42
Spadrosyeah, I have01:42
LoshaNeezer: did you say you have an older motherboard. If it's usb 1.1, then it only does about 1.5 to 12 Mbpps...01:42
Spadrosits not connecting even when I'm connected through ethernet01:42
caseysLosha: what fi mean?01:43
chili555Spadros: when you click Network Manager, is Enable Wireless  checked off?01:43
NeezerLosha, it is older, but when I was in college maybe 2004, the original one fried, so I got a new one. It is usb 2.0.01:43
dominickpastoremcphail: i can try that if you think it'll work, but i verified that &>> works too just now. the benefit is that it redirects stdout too, avoiding the need for 2 redirects.01:43
mcphailNeezer: are you copying from the command line or from Nautilus?01:43
casemodsanyone have a link for ubuntu torrent?01:44
mcphaildominickpastore: ok - the syntax is foreign to me01:44
chili555Spadros: maybe the modem is not able to get an IP address?01:44
Gibbyi installed the client, node and server on 9.10 and client on xp, but xp will not connect to server, I get authenication for user nx failed01:44
Loshacaseys: fi ?01:44
Neezerbut the drive says 480Mbits/s, I guess divided by 8 that is 6 MB/s01:44
nightsjammiesI've just gotten ahold of a gateway gp7-800 with 128meg ram. any suggestions as to different distros I should consider01:44
Neezermcphail, Nautilus01:44
Neezeris using cp faster?01:44
Loshacaseys: Do you mean if .... fi in a script?01:44
tehbautis there a way to refresh Grub to show more boot options (like when I've plugged in a USB drive) ?01:44
nightsjammies60 mb/s01:44
bastid_raZorcasemods: look at http://releases.ubuntu.com/01:45
caseysLosha: yes01:45
mcphailNeezer: very often, yes.01:45
h4ck3rk1ngwhat is up?01:45
dominickpastoremcphail: i did notice it's syntax specific to bash. it doesn't work in the default dash. i did add a #!/bin/bash though, so that's not the problem either.01:45
leagris2.2 + 2.5 + 1.0 it is like 6.6Mb, add track seek lattency overhead as you write several files at once, att that the drive does not write cache and probably write in synk as of default settings for external drive. This is not that bad after all Neezer01:45
Spadroswhere is Network Manager?01:45
h4ck3rk1ngi have a prolem i need help with01:45
h4ck3rk1ngcan anyone help me?01:45
Loshacaseys: fi is like a closing bracket for an if statement. if <test> then <body> fi01:45
Neezermcphail, well, it should be done by morning, so I'll let it go.01:45
Spadroschili555: how would I fix that?01:45
chili555Spadros: an icon at the top right01:45
nightsjammiesanyone help with the smaller linux distros for 128 megs of ram?01:45
Neezerleagris, thanks...I guess there is a lot of overhead that I just didn't think about.01:46
h4ck3rk1ngi can01:46
h4ck3rk1ng@nightsjammies i can01:46
Spadrosit says that networking is enabled01:46
h4ck3rk1ngits called damn small linux01:46
mcphailNeezer: when you start using an rsync-based backup solution, only your first backup will be slow. Subsequent ones will take a few seconds01:46
clickmehi everyone, does anyone know what the equivalent of ping -a is in ubuntu01:46
nightsjammiesI've just gotten ahold of a gateway gp7-800 with 128meg ram. any suggestions as to different distros I should consider01:46
chili555Spadros: it probably looks like two monitors with a red X01:46
nightsjammiesokay. is it 'buntu or something else?01:46
Loshanightsjammies: what h4ck3rk1ng said...01:46
xanguanightsjammies: maybe lubuntu, is still beta01:46
casemodswhat are the differences in releases??? I mostly just use utorrent, VLC, thunderbird, firefox01:46
chili555Spadros: do you see networks to select?01:47
h4ck3rk1ngUM IS ANY1 LESTENING?01:47
Loshanightsjammies: there's 'puppy linux' too...01:47
h4ck3rk1ngUSE DMAN SMALL LINUX01:47
xangua!caps | h4ck3rk1ng01:47
ubottuh4ck3rk1ng: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.01:47
bazhangh4ck3rk1ng, stop that01:47
h4ck3rk1ngi will01:47
Loshah4ck3rk1ng: stop shouting. And get used to being ignored. Happens all the time here...01:47
clickmei'm trying to get the IP of a host PC01:47
leagrisNeezer external drive has Filesystème operate in sync mode as to preseve integrity in case it is unplugged too early. This disable caching by the operating system01:47
mcphaildominickpastore: where did you add #!/bin/bash?01:48
bastid_raZorclickme: ifconfig  will list things01:48
Gibbycan anyone help with nxserver?01:48
Neezerthanks leagris01:48
clickmebastid_raZor: for a remote pc?01:48
=== francisco is now known as chico
bastid_raZorclickme: oh, no.. on your machine.01:48
caseysLosha: i can't find the mailx command but i think this is the email script http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/HsYY6M2t01:48
dominickpastorecaseys: i might be joining in the middle of something, so i don't know your whole situation, and i apoligize if this doesn't apply at all. many email servers block mail from dynamic ip's as an antispam measure.01:49
LoshaNeezer: I agree with leagris. The published speeds are all marketing sophistry. Like car mileage ratings...01:49
=== serg is now known as Guest90427
NeezerLosha, I see...well, it'll get done, and that's what counts.01:49
caseysi have sent some email that have gone thorught01:49
dominickpastoremcphail: the #! were my first 2 characters01:49
bastid_raZorclickme: you said 'host pc' which indicated one you were on.01:50
caseysits the alert script is not working01:50
compumanis there a way to have a Partition automatically mount at boot?01:50
chicohola q pasa01:50
mcphailcompuman: add it to /etc/fstab01:50
jubobadoes anyone know how to change firefox's spelling language?01:50
bastid_raZor!fstab | compuman yes.. follow the link here for a how-to01:50
ubottucompuman yes.. follow the link here for a how-to: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions01:50
Neezercompuman, yes. you have to add it to the fstab01:50
clickmebastid_raZor: sorry01:51
xanguachico: do you have any ubuntu related question¿01:51
leagrisLosha, Neezer USB bus speed is shared among the controler tree. 2 USB ports share the same bandwidth. If you add hubs behind, any all the peripherials share bandwidth. And more badly, if by event one of the peripherial is not USB 2.0 complyent, the all buss downgrade to the lesser common speed among connected devices :/01:51
Loshacaseys: yes, the mail command is on line 37. It looks ok. Check in /var/log/mail.log and see if there is a log of the script sending email...01:51
clickmebastid_raZor: i meant remote pcs IP01:51
mcphaildominickpastore: i really don't understand where you are putting the shebang. What is the relevant line in your crontab?01:51
xanguajuboba: what language¿¿in Gnome: sis> admon> language support01:51
Loshaleagris: Understood. Thanks for the explanation...01:51
bastid_raZorclickme:  does it have a domain name you could look up?01:51
Gibbycan anyone help with nxserver?01:51
clickmebastid_raZor: yes01:52
jubobaxangua: I have my firefox in english01:52
Loshamcphail: the shebang? Is that an official term?01:52
jubobabut I want the spelling checker to check in spanish01:52
mcphailLosha: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shebang_(Unix)01:52
xanguajuboba: then install the spanish languaje01:52
jubobaxangua: as an addon?01:53
jubobaxangua: I did, but still01:53
bastid_raZorclickme: from cli i don't know.. but for graphical you could use network tools and do a lookup of the domain name01:53
xanguajuboba: no, i've already told you in System> Admon> Language support01:53
ShermanBoydI think the ubuntu-xen-server package is broken in Lucid01:53
clickmebastid_raZor: uhmmmm i do have the domain name01:53
Losha#ubuntu> oops, pardon my fat fingers...01:54
bastid_raZorclickme: doing a lookup on the domain name will give you the IP of it01:54
bazhangShermanBoyd, #ubuntu+1 for lucid please01:54
dominickpastoremcphail: oh. let me try to clarify. the crontab runs a script with the command i mentioned earlier. the crontab line is "*/5 * * * * user /usr/local/bin/tunneler.sh"01:54
jubobaxangua: where is that?01:54
xanguajuboba: in your menu01:54
mcphaildominickpastore: got you!01:54
clickmebastid_raZor: problem is it gives me an ip that is not on the pc01:55
ShermanBoydbazhang: thank you01:55
jubobaxangua: thanks!01:55
caseysLosha: i send serverole so i can't tell01:55
Spadroscan someone help me get connected to the internet? I'm on a iMac 5g and I'm running Ubuntu 9.04. I'm pretty sure that my problem is that my adapter is disabled. There is no on and off button for the adapter on my computer. Any ideas?01:55
Loshamcphail: thanks for the link...01:55
bastid_raZorclickme: what?  you know the ip of the remote box and it is not matching up?01:55
xanguajuboba: you may wanna join #ubuntu-es if you want ubuntu support in spanish01:55
mcphaildominickpastore: and the script runs perfectly if you type "/usr/locl/bin/tunneler.sh" from the command line as that user?01:55
xangua!es | juboba01:55
ubottujuboba: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:55
Loshacaseys: All mail sent from the server is logged in /var/log/mail.log....01:56
ZoffixHey, guys. Have anyone heard of an app that would count the number of clicks you make? I need to know my numbers for a presentation that I'm making. I've searched synaptic - nothing. I've tried googling but all I get are click counters for websites. Any light?01:56
eTrevAnyone as annoyed as I am at Empathy's IRC capabilites (or lack thereof)01:56
clickmebastid_raZor: yes01:56
caseysLosha: i'l try again01:56
bastid_raZorclickme: the remote box behind a router?01:56
=== coz_ is now known as booboo
clickmebastid_raZor: yes01:56
dominickpastoremcphail: yeah. and the only thing that seems to not work when run by cron is that one liine. perhaps ssh in cron is a little more complex than otherwise?01:56
jubobaxangua: I don't, just want to check spanish cause I'm learning01:56
SzuntiHi! I have intel GPU. To make my screen stop flickering i have to: xrandr --output LVDS --set BACKLIGHT_CONTROL native, how can i do it as soon as possible at boot? setting it in xorg.conf would be the best, but i found no way01:57
mcphaildominickpastore: have you tried running it from the user's crontab rather than root's crontab?01:57
=== simon_ is now known as Wooboy_BE
Spadroscan someone help me get connected to the internet? I'm on a iMac 5g and I'm running Ubuntu 9.04. I'm pretty sure that my problem is that my adapter is disabled. There is no on and off button for the adapter on my computer. Any ideas?01:58
bastid_raZorclickme: then the domain name is sending you to the correct ip.. you'll need to portforward on the router to be able to ssh/http whatever ..01:58
dominickpastoremcphail: no. i'll try that and see what happens.01:58
clickmebastid_raZor: wow01:58
clickmebastid_raZor: that blows01:58
mcphaildominickpastore: i presume the public key is in the user's home directory rather than root's?01:58
ZoffixSpadros, is it wireless?01:59
dominickpastoremcphail: yes01:59
SpadrosZoffix: yeah, but when I plug the ethernet in it also doesn't connect.01:59
ZoffixHmr, no clue...01:59
bastid_raZorclickme: routers have all incoming ports blocked by default.01:59
SpadrosAnybody have any ideas what I should do at all?01:59
clickmebastid_raZor: i can do it on windows02:00
bastid_raZorclickme: what are you doing?02:00
mcphaildominickpastore: cron is a bit unpredicatble when it comes to environment variables. Try running from the user's crontab to see02:00
Szuntithe first time i know i can use the xrand is gdm, can i use it even before that?02:00
clickmebastid_raZor: well i use to map to the pc using the network option in ubuntu  but now is not working so i was doing it with the ip02:01
paranoid_pedlarcan someone help me with setting up weechat?02:01
Loshadominickpastore: ssh is normally interactive, Have you tried adding '-n' to the arguments?02:02
caseysLosha no it didn't send02:02
kopeckywhen ubuntu boots it keeps asking me to select the kernel or memory test. how do i get back to normal boot sequence? thanks02:02
caseysLosha: f02:02
clickmebastid_raZor: i changed the name of the admin on the remote pc, and i had ubuntu remember everything so i guess it still thinks the old info etc02:02
dominickpastoremcphail: ok. i tried that. i set it for every minute to test so i'll see what happens.02:02
mcphaildominickpastore: I think Losha has a good idea above02:03
j3rgwats up02:04
=== jason is now known as mjkjr
kopeckywhen ubuntu boots it keeps asking me to select the kernel or memory test. how do i get back to normal boot sequence? thanks02:04
j3rganyone true Arch Linux before?02:04
caseysLosha: you there?02:04
Loshacaseys: you need to find out if the mail command is being executed. Can you add a debug command like: echo "`date` Sending mail from $FROM to $TO" >> /tmp/debug.log at line 41 to the script so you can see if it's being executed and with what arguments?02:05
Zoffixkopecky, does that have a timer and a default option?02:06
caseysKLosha: i don't follow02:06
kopeckyno timer or default02:06
kopeckyi went in to change my root password and it's been doing this since.02:07
dominickpastorelosha mcphail: ok i added a -n and tried it in the user crontab. neither seems to work02:07
aurillianceA bible program for ubuntu? I was gonna grab esword, but I realised it's win only and I'd rather not use wine where possible...02:07
mcphaildominickpastore: out of interest, is there anything in /var/log/auth.log on the target machine to say if the connection is being made?02:07
airtonix!find bible02:08
ubottuFound: bible-kjv, bible-kjv-text, bibledit, bibledit-data, biblememorizer (and 2 others)02:08
sexcopterhi, sound issues here. Running karmic server on a pc and controlling it through ssh on this laptop in same room. Outputs of things like aplay -l, lspci -v and so on are fine, mixer levels are fine in alsamixer. I don't get any errors, but nor do i get any sound. Any ideas?02:08
kopeckyzoffix, sorry forgot to preface with your name. did you see my replies02:08
Loshadominickpastore: anything in the log?02:08
bastid_raZoraurilliance: bible-kjv is nice.02:08
=== booboo is now known as coz_
airtonixsexcopter, use pplay instead02:09
Zoffixkopecky, yeah, I saw it. No idea what it is you're getting...02:09
mcphaildominickpastore: I'm wondering if you need to add "nohup" to the command...02:09
airtonixsexcopter, i mean paplay.02:09
kopeckyok. thanks02:09
pauljwaurilliance, isn't gnomesword in the repos?02:10
Loshacaseys: well, either the mail command isn't executed, or it's being executed with the wrong arguments. The line echo "`date` Sending mail from $FROM to $TO" >> /tmp/debug.log will write a line of text to /tmp/debug.log each time it executes. That will tell us if the line is being reached, and what the arguments are...02:10
airtonixaurilliance, for your reference : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2950702:10
pepper_hazedoes anyone here know what a .dmg file is?02:10
fr3nzyHello guys. I did an apt-get upgrade on my base (command-line only) ubuntu karmic system. After reboot it won't let me login, switching consoles does nothing. I need some help.02:10
aurillianceairtonix, thanks for that02:10
airtonixsexcopter, if you are trying to play sound on your laptop from apps running on your desktop i would suggest you look at using avahi and padevchooser02:11
mcphailpepper_haze: i think is is a MAC image file02:11
ShawnRso i updated from 9.10 to 10.04 aplha 3 and when i performed updates today, it said it could only do a partial update.  now, i have no desktop (i get wallpaper, but no task bar, Alt+F2 does not work, etc)02:11
caseysLosha: should i upgarde it too to the new ver?02:11
Middlemanubuntu 8.10 ; doesnt appear to be using my swap - just eating the ram and top doesnt show full utilization like saidar02:11
greezmun1eypepper_haze: Macintosh OS X Disk Copy Disk Image File (Apple Inc.)02:12
pepper_hazethanks greezmunley02:12
dominickpastoreLosha mcphail: there is a lot of "Mar 20 21:12:01 dcp-server sshd[16593]: Failed password for remoteuser from port 41786 ssh2" but with differen ports02:12
pepper_hazeI got the wrong file then02:12
pepper_hazehow do you install shockwave player on firefox?02:12
sexcopterairtonix, thanks for your suggestion. paplay returns "Failed to open audio file". I want the sound to play on the server, not the laptop. the server has no monitor plugged in.02:12
dominickpastoremcphail: nohup? what do you mean by that?02:13
sexcopterairtonix, wait, i tried opening an mp3 with paplay, that was dumb. will try a wav!02:13
airtonixsexcopter, how did you use papplay ? i assume you pointed it at an audio file ?02:13
Loshadominickpastore: 'failed password for remoteuser'. That's a clue, no?02:13
ShawnRso i updated from 9.10 to 10.04 aplha 3 and when i performed updates today, it said it could only do a partial update.  now, i have no desktop (i get wallpaper, but no task bar, Alt+F2 does not work, etc), can anyone help or point me in the right direction?02:13
caseysLosha: should i upgarde it too to the new ver?02:13
bastid_raZorShawnR: go to #ubuntu+1 for Lucid/10.04 issues02:14
sexcopterairtonix, yeah: paplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav02:14
Middlemanwhy doesnt ubuntu use swap and just eat ram02:14
Middlemanwhat a pos02:14
=== Nightwolf42 is now known as Nightwolf
Middlemani got 8gb ram02:14
Loshacaseys: no, add the debug line and see if it gets executed...02:14
dominickpastoreLosha: well, i would think, although i'm still not sure what's causing it since it works when i don't use cron02:14
mcphaildominickpastore: i was wondering whether your connection was being dumped as soon as the script ended. Backgrounding the commands with "&" doesn't make them persist if the calling shell closes, but adding "nohup" to the command keeps them alive.02:14
sexcopterairtonix, this time it gave me "Connection failure: Connection refused"02:14
ZoffixMiddleman, so do I... swap is much slower than RAM, so it uses RAM first...02:14
bastid_raZorMiddleman: how are you checking how much RAM is being used?02:14
mcphaildominickpastore: but it seems as if it is the authetication which is the problem here02:14
Loshadominickpastore: does it ask for a password when you run it by hand?02:14
pepper_hazeDoes anyone know how to install shockwave on ubuntu?02:14
Middlemanfree -m , top and saidar02:14
nunyaMiddleman: linjux will cache evrything is=t can02:14
pepper_hazeI want to play shockwave games02:15
nunyait can02:15
dominickpastoremcphail: ah. i bet you're onto something.02:15
sexcopterairtonix, there is a *chance* that it's disabled in the bios, but if that were the case, I wouldn't see it in commands like aplay -l and lspci, right?02:15
Middlemanso this is normal? cause it worries me that all ram is used and i only got 1 vm @ 2gb02:15
airtonixsexcopter, are you allowing all traffic from your desktops ip to the laptop ?02:15
pepper_hazeIs there a apt install for shockwave?02:15
dominickpastoreLosha: no, it just works silently.02:15
bastid_raZorMiddleman: in free -m ..cached RAM is not used RAM. the more you have cached the better02:15
mcphaildominickpastore: i don't htink so. Your auth.log suggests that authentication is failing in the first place02:15
ShawnRi swear, i honestly don't know why i ever come in here looking for help02:15
Middlemanso if i try to load another vm thats 2gb, it should be ok then and not choke02:16
Loshadominickpastore: so it's using public key access to login?02:16
ShawnRalways get ignored02:16
dominickpastoreLosha: yes02:16
airtonixsexcopter, also you'll need to check that pulseaudio is setup and knows about the sound card on its machine (on the desktop)02:16
greezmun1eyMiddleman: http://www.linuxatemyram.com/02:16
bastid_raZor Middleman sorry.. cached RAM is considered used in free ..which gives a false reading.02:16
ShawnRgood way to give ubuntu a good name and community support02:16
Middlemanthanks greezmun1ey02:16
sexcopterairtonix, not sure what you mean by "allowing all traffic"... both machines reside on a home router, only connection between them (afaik) is through ssh02:16
=== McPeter is now known as McPeterKillerDeT
bastid_raZorgreezmun1ey: i was justing searching my bookmarks for that..02:16
=== McPeterKillerDeT is now known as KillerDeTroll
Middlemanyo thats guys, im freakin out a bit02:17
airtonixsexcopter, firewall. 1. on laptop open firestarter 2. create policy rule : allow all traffic from desktop ip address.02:17
sexcopterairtonix, i'll take a look at pulseaudio setup... i assume it can be done on the command line02:17
pepper_hazecan someone please tell me how to get shockwave on linux?02:17
=== KillerDeTroll is now known as Noob`s
Melwasulwhoever sent me to the eggdrop channel(forget who) thanks02:17
airtonixsexcopter, i mention the firewall rules because it maybe setup by default to send sound to the machine connecting to it. just a thought02:17
Loshadominickpastore: the environment is different when running from cron. I bet it's something to do with accessing the private key when running from cron. Try using -i to explicitly state the path to the users key...02:17
dominickpastoremcphail: that's true. i'm not sure what's causing the authentication failure though. i'll see what the log says when i run it manually.02:18
airtonixsexcopter, you might also want to confirm that its running (did you install ubuntu on the desktop with the desktop iso or the server iso ? )02:18
sexcopterairtonix, I don't have firestarter installed. but this isn't a network issue. only possibility i can think of is it's trying to channel the audio from the server to the laptop (something pulseaudio might do), which I don't want.02:18
mcphaildominickpastore: try adding "export HOME=/home/user" to the top of your script02:18
pepper_hazedoes anyone here know how to get shockwave on ubuntu?02:19
Loshamcphail: dominickpastore: can't hurt....02:19
airtonix!restricted | pepper_haze02:19
ubottupepper_haze: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:19
clickmebastid_raZor: hey i found what i was looking for02:20
bastid_raZorclickme: good :) best of luck02:20
saito_alguien en español?02:20
caseysLosha: where do i add the debug line02:20
bastid_raZorpepper_haze: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Shockwave02:20
DasEi!shockwave | pepper_haze02:20
ubottupepper_haze: Shockwave is currently only available for Windows. To run it under !Wine, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Shockwave02:20
sexcopterairtonix, server iso, i believe. by "it" do you mean pulseaudio demon?02:20
Zoffix!es | saito_02:20
ubottusaito_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:20
airtonixsexcopter, ok then i doubt you have pusleaduio installed then.02:20
airtonixsexcopter, its probably going to be the reason why you can't get sound to work without some hoop jumping02:21
saito_ubottu, gracias, es soporte, ahorita lo utilizo02:21
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:21
clickmebastid_raZor: here is the link http://www.pixelbeat.org/cmdline.html is under windows networking the command is nmblookup -A
Loshacaseys: at line 35...02:22
caseyswhat do i add02:22
dominickpastoreLosha: mcphail: i'll try mcphails idea first, and in the meantime, where might i find the private key? it's not in .ssh02:22
clickmeAnyone know how to clr samba from previous saved mapped connection02:22
Kismethey anyone knows about tomcat02:23
bastid_raZorclickme: nice informative page.02:23
LoshaAdd this on line 35 (which is currently blank): echo "`date` Sending mail from $FROM to $TO" >> /tmp/debug.log02:23
clickmebastid_raZor: thanx to you i was able to find it02:24
mcphaildominickpastore: should be in .ssh/id_rsa or whatever02:24
Loshadominickpastore: what files *are* in ~/.ssh ?02:24
bastid_raZorclickme: glad i could help.02:24
clickmeAnyone know how to clr samba from previous saved mapped connection02:25
caseysLosha: now do i test it aqgain?02:25
mcphaildominickpastore: another thought - have you remembered to put a newline at the end of the line in the crontab?02:25
airtonixsexcopter, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio02:25
Loshacaseys: yes, test it, and then look in /tmp/debug.log02:25
airtonixsexcopter, http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-959427.html02:26
fulld7a new CD install will not boot because of problem with GRUB and the search with UUID command inside. is there a way for me to solve this?02:26
fulld7in other news, my ubuntu install is only down to 3 hours this time and the end IS in sight02:27
clickmeAnyone know how to clr samba from previous saved mapped connection02:28
dominickpastoreLosha mcphail: known_hosts is all that's there. although i think i found the private key. and i'm not sure but the script *is* running, because i made xeyes run on my display in the script to be sure.02:28
=== simon_ is now known as Guest75762
nunyafulld7: what happens when it tries to boot?02:28
Loshadominickpastore: so *where* is the private key?02:28
fulld7nunya: I get the device not found problem02:29
bastid_raZorclickme: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ComprehensiveSambaGuide   this may help.02:29
nunyafulld7: does it drop you to the initramfs prompt?02:30
caseysLosha: there isn't a debug log02:30
Loshacaseys: then line 35 of the script was never executed, which is why you get no email....02:30
caseysLosha: you want to see the script that excese it02:31
fulld7no, specifically, I get: error: no such device: ((UUID....)) / Failed to boot ... / Press any key...; and then I have to CTRL-ALT-DEL and hold ESC to edit the boot list02:31
Loshacaseys: ok. Pastebin it...02:31
KB1JWQDUmb Unbutu question: Why does ctrl-alt-backspace not restart X?02:31
clickmebastid_raZor: on it02:31
dominickpastoreLosha: i have the private key on the jump drive i copied it from (i generated it on a different comp), and used ssh-add to set it up. so i'm not sure where ssh-add put it, but i do know it put it somewhere else.02:32
bastid_raZorclickme: actually look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpSamba   under 3. Manual configuration02:32
kongovehello all02:32
kongoveAfter compile linus' 2.6.32 kernel,  there is no initrd file produce02:32
kongove          in /boot directory.   only vmlinuz-
kongovemake bzImage; make modules; make modules_install; make install02:32
kongovewhy ?02:32
ubottuTo re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap02:33
mcphaildominickpastore: sounds as if you are getting close to the solution. I'm afraid it is well past bedtime here, so good luck with the rest of the debugging...02:33
vicsar_ 02:33
clickmebastid_raZor: sweet love it, let me try it02:33
nunyafulld7: is this 9.10?02:34
fulld7nunya: yes02:34
dominickpastoremcphail: alright. thanks for all the help. i appreciate it.02:34
Loshadominickpastore: ok, that explains it. ssh-add copies a private key into *memory* for use by the current process and its children. I believe the cron job will *not* have access to it. You will need to tell ssh which private key to use via the -i flag. ...My theory, by Anne Elk (Miss)...02:34
Pengyduckwindoes anybody else have a problem with cheese recording audio?02:34
caseysLosha: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/zC6S1KqH02:34
nunyafulld7: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/bootinfoscript/index.php?title=Boot_Problems:search02:34
airtonixPengyduckwin, well yes my problem is that i haven't done it yet... but i suppose from your vague cry for help you mean something else. although im am just taking your question literally.02:35
dominickpastoreLosha: aaaah. that sounds like the problem. let me see if that fixes it.02:35
airtonix!anyone | Pengyduckwin02:36
ubottuPengyduckwin: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:36
Loshacaseys: run it with sh -x <scriptname> so you can see it execute line by line...02:36
davidcramerdpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/percona-xtradb-common_5.1.43-xtradb-1.0.6-9.1-61.jaunty.16_all.deb (--unpack):02:37
davidcramer trying to overwrite `/etc/mysql/my.cnf', which is also in package mysql-common -- what do you suggest to work around this issue? i want it to overwrite02:37
clickmeanyone know what happen to Cairo themes?02:38
airtonixPengyduckwin, just tried recording sound and i have no problems.02:38
nunyafulld7: does that look like whats going on?02:39
fulld7nunya: that describes my problem -- I am continuing with the instructions and will report my results -- thanks!02:39
nunyafulld7: cool02:40
rumpsyI want to backup my whole system on a weekly basis, how to make ? :)02:40
gardarrumpsy, check timevault02:40
gardaror use rsync02:40
airtonixrumpsy, 1. every friday night insert usb drive 2. open usb drive folder 4. highlight files 5. drag files to usb folder.02:41
caseysLosha: it says can't open x-02:41
rumpsygardar: i need steps to do that02:41
davidcramerHow can I tell it "its ok to override this config file"?02:41
Vailrethi am currently using windows and i have created a new partion on my hard drive i would like to install ubuntu  do i need to format the partion ?02:41
PengyduckwinOkay then, Airtonix. I am trying to record a video in Cheese and no microphone is working, and I am wondering if I am the only one with this problem in the chatroom. thank you very much for your glaring, yet unneeded criticisms02:41
airtonixVailreth, ubuntu install will provide option during isntallation to do it for you02:41
bastid_raZorVailreth: no. empty space is preferred02:41
greezmunkeyVailreth: That will be offered up on install02:41
Loshacaseys: -x, not x-02:41
gardar!timevault | rumpsy02:41
ubotturumpsy: TimeVault is a graphical backup tool for GNOME. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeVault and http://launchpad.net/TimeVault02:41
Vailrethit keeps trying to install to my external drive02:42
airtonixPengyduckwin, you are most welcome. i would suggest that you confirm the microphone works in other programs.02:42
clickmeanyone know what happen to Cairo themes?02:42
davidcramerUgh please guys, trying to deal w/ this problem fast,and i cant find a solution in Google02:42
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:42
davidcramer trying to overwrite `/etc/mysql/my.cnf', which is also in package mysql-common -- i WANT it to overwrite02:42
rumpsygardar: okay thankyou02:42
bastid_raZorclickme: cairo-dock themes?02:42
Pengyduckwinairtonix: it works in skype and gnome-sound-recorder02:42
clickmebastid_raZor: yeah the themes in cairo are gone02:43
caseysLosha: yea it says Syntax error02:43
airtonixPengyduckwin, next thing to do is to run cheese from a terminal so that you hopefully get some output in the terminal while trying to record sound02:43
caseysLosha: you want the pasta bin of it?02:43
Loshacaseys: yes please...02:43
LoshaMmm. Pasta bin02:43
psycho_oreosnote: pasta bin isn't edible ...02:44
Pengyduckwin"/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/gdata/tlslite/utils/cryptomath.py:9: DeprecationWarning: the sha module is deprecated; use the hashlib module instead"02:44
davidcramerthis is useless02:45
davidcrameri cant find anyway to repalce this collission02:45
dominickpastoreLosha: unfortunately, that didn't solve the problem... i'm thoroughly confused. although, the fact that auth.log said nothing about failed public key authentication does seem to suggest it's having problems finding the key.02:45
davidcramerand now it has broken dependancies02:45
Pengyduckwinairtonix: that is the only line there02:45
Vailrethwell i will try again to install thank you.02:45
sioux_ i had installed apache2 on debian lenny, but when i try to access some page dot php, show "Open as.."02:46
nunyamy friend always says "you cant grep a dead tree", I always reply "you cant wipe your ass with a computer"02:46
Logicwaxanyone know where i should look? (logs/etc).   but everytime I reboot....ubuntu freezes at the logo.  I have to reboot the computer 4-5 more times before I have a successful boot.02:46
Loshadominickpastore: dunno if it works from cron, but try adding -v and see if you can get verbose debugging from ssh...02:46
clickmeLosha: wow hi losha02:46
Logicwaxi know its not the computer hardware, as i trasnfered this installation to another hard disk, and to a brand new PC as well02:46
Logicwaxsame problem persists02:46
Loshahi clickme02:46
caseysLosha: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/XMW9F3qt02:47
fulld7nunya: 100% // nunya +102:47
dominickpastoreLosha: i got it. i had to set 600 permissions on the private key file for ssh to accept it02:47
fulld7nunya: thanks again!02:47
nunyafulld7, no problem02:47
airtonixPengyduckwin, check the sound options in gstreamer-properties02:47
dominickpastoreLosha: thanks for all the help02:48
xangua[[Al]]: hi, do you have any ubuntu related question¿02:48
Logicwaxim just lookin for maybe some logs i should look at02:48
clickmeanyone know what happen to Cairo themes?02:48
Loshacaseys: the syntax error is on line 21 of /etc/pwrstatd-email.sh. Please paste /etc/pwrstatd-email.sh02:48
Logicwaxsomewhere that might show what happened when i see those freezes at the logo02:48
[[Al]]xangua: em... nop02:48
* el_acosador_Drag is away: modo #beber02:49
Loshadominickpastore: glad it got solved...02:49
[[Al]]its only for ubuntu questions?02:49
davidcramerCan anyone please help me w/ solving a dependancy issue? I tried install a package which needs to overwrite /etc/mysql/my.cnf, and it fails, and i cant figure out how to resolve the dependancy now02:49
caseysLosha: here?02:49
Pengyduckwinairtonix, the default input says "custom" with options to choose ALSA, OSS, or PA. I'm guessing ALSA may be best?02:49
digitalfizhow can i change the login screen in karmic?02:49
airtonixPengyduckwin, pusleaudio02:49
Loshacaseys: to 'pasta' bin...02:49
ragsagarwhen I am trying to boot my gnu/linux installations in hd1 from grub ' Error Selected disk does not exist ' appears02:49
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gardar!hello | [[Al]]02:49
nunyadavidcramer: can you move the file before installing?02:49
ubottu[[Al]]: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!02:49
airtonixPengyduckwin, make sure you use the test button02:49
davidcramernunya: the issue is it conflicts with another package02:50
davidcramere.g. mysql-common places it there, i need both packages02:50
[[Al]]thank you very much ^_^02:50
igoryonyahow do you restart a soundcard drivers without rebooting computer?02:50
airtonixigoryonya, assuming you are using 9.10 and gnome ?02:51
nunyadavidcramer: ah ok. can you install each package seperatly?02:51
underdevubuntu 10.04 is hideous btw02:51
airtonixigoryonya, http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/view/1890/fix-ubuntus-broken-sound-server02:51
igoryonyaairtonix: 8.10 and gnome02:51
ragsagaroutput of fdisk -l http://pastebin.com/SXrwu9iZ02:51
Pengyduckwinairtonix, the test button (and anything else) ends with the error "PulseAudio Sound Server: Failed to connect: Connection refused"02:51
igoryonyaairtonix, maybe, there is some command line?02:52
davidcramernunya: the problem is I end up w/ this: trying to overwrite `/etc/mysql/my.cnf', which is also in package mysql-common02:52
airtonixigoryonya, you need to say this in yoru intitial question thanks!02:52
bastid_raZorclickme: their site says to run cairo-dock -S themes.glx-dock.org    ..but it didn't seem to do much for me.. possibly it will add some themese for you.02:52
paranoid_pedlaris there a preference for gnome or gtk to be written with python?02:52
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clickmebastid_raZor: wow thnx02:52
Pengyduckwinairtonix: OSS appears to be the only working option02:52
bastid_raZorclickme: yes, it added several themes for me.02:52
casemodshas any body used wubi/.02:52
underdevcasemods: yes02:53
airtonixPengyduckwin, try that then. cheese is based on gstreamer.02:53
casemodsdoes it erase the partition?02:53
underdevcasemods: quite a few of us, i would imagine :)02:53
clickmebastid_raZor: how many themes02:53
Loshaunderdev: you're no oil-painting yourself...02:53
nunyadavidcramer: I'm actually not sure how to fix that02:53
paranoid_pedlarit seems it's more rapid than ruby or mono. I understand the not using mono bit, but why not ruby?02:53
underdevcasemods: no, it actually creates a file on your windows partition02:53
airtonixparanoid_pedlar, python-gtk02:53
casemodsok sweet02:54
caseysLosha: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/Rs6igG1c02:54
underdevLosha: i know that's right02:54
bastid_raZorclickme: not sure exactly how many.. about 10 or so02:54
casemodswhat would you recommend i set the size to?02:54
airtonixparanoid_pedlar, apt-cache search python | grep gnome (or gtk)02:54
underdevsubstandard even by linux-geek standards :)02:54
paranoid_pedlarairstrike, is it better to learn python if you want to develop for gnome/gtk environments?02:54
Pengyduckwinairtonix: Thanks, that worked02:54
davidcramercross your fingers for me -- i might have fixed it02:54
airtonixparanoid_pedlar, i would recomend you learn C++02:55
underdevcasemods: i would use the torrent to download 9.10 desktop iso, and install from that02:55
nunyadavidcramer: if it works tell me how you did it02:55
underdevcasemods: it will be MUCH quicker02:55
airtonixparanoid_pedlar, although if you're just going to be making gui frontends then python is the desired method02:55
paranoid_pedlarairstrike, isn't that for professionals?02:55
davidcramernunya: well to resolve dependancy issues i had to remove using aptitude (vs apt-get), and im uninstalling a ton of packages (mysql-common + deps) so I can install this02:55
paranoid_pedlarairstrike, you found me :P02:55
Loshacaseys: ok, let's do the same thing. sh -x /etc/pwrstatd-email.sh02:56
airtonixparanoid_pedlar, what is a 'professional' ? thinking you dont meet the bar for that scenario is selling yoruself short.02:56
paranoid_pedlarerr airtonix02:56
nunyadavidcramer: ouch, hopefully nothing you need.02:56
casemodsunderdev: I had a cd and an updated burned cd but I can't find them anywhere02:56
davidcramernunya: nothing I can't just reinstall02:56
caseysLosha: ok02:56
paranoid_pedlarairtonix, well I do, do that. That's why I bought a ruby book. I figured it's easier to learn, and C++ is difficult02:57
underdevcasemods: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloadmirrors#bt02:57
underdevyou can grab the torrent file from that link02:57
nunyadavidcramer: it's like opening a can of worms doing that sometimes, the list can keep growing.02:57
underdev(but, as you know, you will have to update a bunch of files afterwards)02:57
airtonixparanoid_pedlar, up to you but default ubuntu install has most python libraries... not sure about ruby02:58
davidcramernow lets see if mysqld will start02:58
davidcramerdamn ><02:58
caseysLosha: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/RUG9Z8bT02:58
CalmvsKhaosOn Ubuntu 9.10 some reason my fonts are really small when i use other window managers, its fine in gnome though, is there a way to set the fonts so all window managers use same size?02:58
airtonixCalmvsKhaos, no.02:58
paranoid_pedlarairtonix, I've believed that C++ need a college engineering diploma to be any good at it.. Is it just as readily learned as other languages?02:58
airtonixparanoid_pedlar, it will if you keep thinking like that.02:59
underdevparanoid_pedlar: uh, no02:59
underdevparanoid_pedlar: you would be hard pressed to find a "high-level" language more difficult than C++02:59
davidcramerany easy way to debug a failing init.d?03:00
bastid_raZorclickme: i reran the command and it has probably 15 or more themes03:00
CalmvsKhaosairstrike, darn, i can just set them for each window manager?03:00
casemodsunderdev: I only get 70-80kBs max so I doubt it will be any faster but I'lll  use the torrent anyway so it will resume in case my intarwebz goes down03:00
paranoid_pedlarairtonix, underdev , I have nothing but time on my hands. so it is difficult to learn? I just want to code the shiatsu in my head03:00
airtonixCalmvsKhaos, i assume you are talking about gnoem and kde ?03:01
CalmvsKhaosgnome is ok03:01
clickmebastid_raZor: wow thnx man03:01
Loshacaseys: please stand by...03:01
nunyadavidcramer: maybe sh -x /etc/init.d/mysqld start ?03:01
CalmvsKhaosairstrike, but lxde fonts too small03:01
caseysLosha: ok03:01
airtonixparanoid_pedlar, ignore all naysayers .. difficulty is a relative term.03:01
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:01
underdevcasemods: yeah, then you are limited by your bandwidth03:01
davidcramerphew ok all in all i think my stuffs working again :D03:01
airtonixCalmvsKhaos, i have no experience with lxde sorry.03:02
underdevparanoid_pedlar: i mean, if you have the interest and ambition, you can learn C++03:02
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:02
davidcramerServer version: 5.1.43-61.jaunty.16-log (Percona SQL Server (GPL), XtraDB 9.1, Revision 61)03:02
davidcramersuccess :D03:02
nunyaunderdev: you sure can03:02
philmy first time here03:03
nunyadavidcramer: good!03:03
underdevparanoid_pedlar: but C++ demands much more of a programmer than most modern languages03:03
paranoid_pedlarairtonix, that's what I was talking about with my friend. Im intimidated. Like when I first learned algebra.it's relative. so if I want to support ubuntu, C++ is the best?03:03
airtonix!hi | phil03:03
ubottuphil: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:03
bastid_raZorclickme: http://www.glx-dock.org/   is their webpage.. some useful info there. also check their wiki. a link is on that page03:03
paranoid_pedlarunderdev, more time? lot's of it03:03
gardar!hello | helgikrs03:03
ubottuhelgikrs: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:03
extorIs it possible to PXE install ubuntu server on a headless box where your initrd makes sure that a ssh,rdp or vnc daemon is started up right after the PXE boot? I don't have console or KVM access to this box03:04
airtonixparanoid_pedlar, to start with i would use python (its where im at), then if you want to make real programs... move to c++03:04
helgikrsgardar: o.O03:04
underdevparanoid_pedlar: you have to, for instance, manage memory in C++03:04
clickmebastid_raZor: ok checking it out03:04
paranoid_pedlarunderdev, that sounds like a good thing03:04
airtonixparanoid_pedlar, my only issue with python as a primary program provider for ubuntu is that most apps made with python that i;ve used are slow.03:04
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underdevparanoid_pedlar: also there are many other types of things you have to account for in C++ that are abstracted...03:04
jamroomanyone know of a piece of software that allows you to visualize based on microphone input?03:04
casemods!hi everyone03:05
jamrooma graphical representation of the mics hehe03:05
airtonixjamroom, you mean like goom ?03:05
paranoid_pedlarhi casemods03:05
casemods!hello | newbie03:05
ubottunewbie: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:05
underdevparanoid_pedlar: okay, it sounds like you want to head for the metal, instead of efficient programming.  In which case, C++ is an excellent choice03:05
underdevparanoid_pedlar: it took a C guy to make a great server infrastructure for javascript.  We scripting language guys depend on guys like you :)03:07
sensae_I've installed Banshee on 9.10, and my iPod is currently connected. Nautilus properly detects it, but it isn't showing up in Banshee.03:07
airtonixjamroom, http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=3471703:07
bastid_raZorclickme: they say why the issues with themes.. they changed doman names and versions previous to 2.1.3 have not had it updated.. karmic has 2.0.803:07
Brenda_McLinuxwhat is the command to list files in a directory? I can't remember03:08
airtonixjamroom, try this in terminal : gst-launch pulsesrc ! audioconvert ! tee ! queue ! monoscope ! ffmpegcolorspace ! xvimagesink03:08
sensae_Brenda_McLinux: ls ?03:08
Brenda_McLinuxah yes, thank you03:08
paranoid_pedlarunderdev, hmm, I do like taking care of others... and it's been said that I have the patience of a saint. and I'm addicted to nicotine and am spamming the channel. Thanks for the advice guys/gals.03:09
clickmebastid_raZor: ohhhhhh..ok03:09
jamroomthanks :003:09
underdevparanoid_pedlar: i value the fact that i can write an equivalent program serveral orders of magnitude faster than an equivalent C++ programmer.  C++ programmers value the fact that they can write a program that can RUN several orders of magnitudes faster than mine :)03:09
CyberaX2195underdev: so true :)03:09
nunyaC++ is so messy looking03:10
cdsboyI'm trying to mount a hard drive but when i do i get "fuse: mount failed: Device or resource busy", how to i fix this?03:10
clickmebastid_raZor: your the best bastid_raZor :p03:10
nunyacdsboy: you sure it's not already mounted?03:11
bastid_raZorclickme: i use cairo-dock too.. a huge fan03:11
cdsboynunya: 100% sure03:11
EastDallasI created a bootable USB flash drive using 'USB Startup Disk Creator' and the 32 bit desktop iso.  I would like to use this as my portable OS.  Unfortunately, every time I attempt to install updates via 'Update Manager' the updates install, I am prompted to restart, but the flash drive will no longer boot.  I suspect it may have something to do with a grub update that is installed.  The grub update prompts me as to which device to install 03:11
void_pointernunya, thank you. You've provided the quote I'm going to start with at tomorrow's developer meeting; "C++ is so messy looking" :)03:12
Neezerhi, I'd like to join a different server, and I'm using xchat. I can't figure out how to do it.03:12
void_pointerNeezer, "server some.irc.server"03:12
void_pointerNeezer, even "/server some.irc.server"03:12
void_pointerI guess it worked03:13
nunyacdsboy: hhmm, see if something isnt trying to use it. maybe "lsof | grep device"03:13
nunyavoid_pointer: i started with perl, then learned C, now trying to get C++.03:13
racerdi am having a sound issue03:14
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:14
FandekaspIf I want to echo only 1 line of a text, I should add "| head -n 1" .. But if I want to echo only 6 words, or 30 caracteres, how should I do ? thank you for your help !03:14
cdsboynunya: lsof for both /dev/sde1 (the partition) and /dev/sde has nothing03:14
racerdmy sound keeps stopping03:14
xjds535Where do we report a problem if the ALSA driver is causing the trouble, as in "it worked in older versions..."03:14
racerdand i have to reboot to get it to work03:14
nunyacdsboy: ok, not sure then.03:14
cozziemotohey guys  just notiiced that firefox is not focusing when just opened  I have to click the search field to enter text  and solutions?03:16
cozziemotoany solutions rather?03:16
airtonixFandekasp, ask in #bash03:18
nunyaFandekasp: maybe | awk '{print $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6}'03:18
EastDallasracerd: sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart03:18
Loshanunya: me too...03:20
Brenda_McLinuxI am using Xubuntu 9.10 and want to re-enable the ctrl-alt-backspace restart X ability. I have to make the command manually in Xubuntu, does anyone know what the command is for restart X?03:20
Loshacaseys: still there?03:20
Fandekaspairtonix, nunya : thanks for your answer03:21
SattvicDoes anyone know if LAMP comes with Python support out of the box?03:21
ursoI wrong put password and Empathy opened empty. Please, how to solve? Thanks in advance.03:21
Andre_GondimBrenda_McLinux, system --> preference -->keyboard03:22
Andre_GondimBrenda_McLinux, I guess03:22
xanguaurso: edit and put the right password03:22
EastDallasBrenda_McLinux: take a look at this http://maketecheasier.com/restore-ctrl-alt-backspace-in-ubuntu-jaunty/2009/05/1703:22
dominickpastoreBrenda_McLinux: idk if it's the same in xubuntu, but logging out and back in does it in gnome ubuntu, i believe. someone correct me if i'm wrong.03:23
kurosHi, I'm trying to install Ubuntu Server 9.10 on a Dell Poweredge 2500. It has 6 SCSI HDs, but Ubuntu does not detect any disks. Any help would be greatly appreciated!03:23
Brenda_McLinuxEastDallas, I will check it out. THank you.03:23
Brenda_McLinuxdominickpastore, thanks, but I need the command. When your X locks up, sometimes you can't get it to log out because of graphical glitches. THanks though.03:24
Brenda_McLinuxAndre_Gondim, I am there, but I have to make the key shortcut manually, and put in the exact command to kill and restart X. That's what I need to know is what the restart X command is. Would you know by chance?03:24
ursoxangua but when I open empathy again he no ask for keyring again :S03:24
dominickpastoreBrenda_McLinux: oh. the way you worded it, i thought you had figure out the command, and just not how to restart x. sorry. i can't help you there since i don't use xfce03:25
Brenda_McLinuxEastDallas, That guide you sent is using an old dontzap command that isn't needed anymore in Ubuntu. Ubuntu has the ability to re-enable the command via the keyboard layout settings. What I need to know is the restart X command, the one I could type in a terminal.03:25
Brenda_McLinuxOk, let me word this really simple and get the only thing I need. What is the command to restart X. The one you would type in the terminal window?03:26
MozillaGuerrillaive been havngtrbl with my ability 2 view available networks, its as if my system's wifi card isn't there03:27
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Andre_GondimBrenda_McLinux, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XorgCtrlAltBackspace03:28
MaT-dgBrenda_McLinux: do you know you can also use ALTGR-printscreen/SYSRQ-K to restart X?03:29
Brenda_McLinuxMaT-dg, what is ALTGR?03:29
MaT-dgBrenda_McLinux: the right ALT key03:30
IdleOneBrenda_McLinux: alt+sysrq+k will restart X03:30
teiohas anybody used ttv?03:30
Brenda_McLinuxMaT-dg, ok I am trying that, If I DC you will know it worked. Thanks in advance.03:30
IdleOneMaT-dg: guess it worked :)03:32
MozillaGuerrilla it was shwing the vbox connection but no 802.11broadcom, wen i looked in my devices in xp it didnt have my card listed and i had no wifi ability.nothing in the system tray, then it just appears.03:32
MaT-dgIdleOne: yep ^^. Say, does it also work with the normal ALT?03:33
void_pointerMozillaGuerrilla, do you know the name of your wireless adapter? Get a terminal up, and type "sudo iwconfig" to get it. Then type "sudo iwlist <your adapter> scan"03:33
void_pointerMozillaGuerrilla, so the second command might look like "sudo iwlist wlan0 scan"03:33
IdleOneMaT-dg: does for me03:33
caseysLosha: yes03:34
MaT-dgIdleOne: interresting :) Not going to try right now though :P03:34
IdleOneMaT-dg: me either03:34
Loshacaseys: I have edited /etc/pwrstatd-email.sh so it runs on ubuntu. Would you like me to pastebin it for you?03:34
caseysLosha: yes03:35
jimbeam12hey all wats up03:36
mcurranjimbeam12 you're about to get pwned - That's what's up!03:36
void_pointerMozillaGuerrilla,  still with me, big fella?03:37
jimbeam12pwned why03:37
mcurranbecause I'm bored03:37
jimbeam12hey ubuntu is great aint it03:37
MozillaGuerrillayea hld up i had 2 jmp into vbox03:37
IdleOnemcurran: that is not very ubuntu like03:37
jimbeam12lol Mcurren03:37
IdleOnemcurran: also please don't threaten people03:38
Loshacaseys: please make sure you have a backup of the original files. Here is my edited version: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/6ACdZXjj03:38
rosco_yDoes anyone know when Lucid Lynx will be released?03:39
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule03:39
jimbeam12ubuntu 10.04 wow when??03:40
CalmvsKhaoslate april03:40
IdleOnejimbeam12: continue reading :)03:40
digitalfizthink the bot just said when lol03:40
digitalfizlike right after the version number03:40
jimbeam12iam just getting used to this one03:40
caseysLosha: what lines have ben changed?03:40
digitalfizthat maybe someons birthday but im pretty sure its the release date03:40
MozillaGuerrillahow do i fnd out my adapters name for the sudo run command?03:41
flansuseWhen I read "April 29th 2010" I thought to myself "April of NEXT YEAR? Ridiculous!"03:41
SattvicKuros:  Are you trying to install just the server, or the Ubuntu OS too?03:41
kurosSattvic: Ubuntu. I have it booting via pxe fine03:41
EastDallasjimbeam12: rosco_y: Ubuntu Version numbers indicate their release date in the format year.month.  So version 10.04 will be released in April 2010.03:42
MozillaGuerrillavoid_pointer, how do i find out the name to use for the rest of the command?03:42
kurosSattvic: I mainly wanted to know if I needed to install some special drivers for the SCSI HDs?03:42
SattvicKuros: so you have it working now?03:42
jimbeam12thx EastDallas03:42
Loshacaseys: lines 21 thru 34. The syntax was incompatible with bash. Must be written for an old system...03:42
EastDallasI created a bootable USB flash drive using 'USB Startup Disk Creator' and the 32 bit desktop iso.  I would like to use this as my portable OS.  Unfortunately, every time I attempt to install updates via 'Update Manager' the updates install, I am prompted to restart, but the flash drive will no longer boot.  I suspect it may have something to do with a grub update that is installed.  The grub update prompts me as to which device to install 03:42
EastDallasjimbeam12: np03:43
kurosSattvic: Yes, it is installing now. Thank you though03:43
jimbeam12since i gotten used this forget windows...lol03:43
SattvicI have been meaning to install Eucalyptus - are you a server admin?03:43
void_pointerMozillaGuerrilla, pastebin the result you get from "sudo iwconfig"03:43
kurosSattvic: Yeah, but I have no experience with Eucalyptus. That's the clustering software, isn't it?03:44
SattvicElastic- storage03:45
kurosAh...it is on my list to play with, when I have time03:45
SattvicInstalled Eucalyptus: but your username?03:45
void_pointerEastDallas, yeah, when you do the updates, don't include grub03:46
void_pointerEastDallas, that's what I do with mine, anyway03:46
kurosI'm sorry?03:46
SattvicInstalled Eucalyptus: it mirrors what Amazon's EC2 cloud infrastructure can do - basically dynamic allocation of virtually endless resources03:46
void_pointerMozillaGueirrill, welcome back big guy03:47
satrhow can i close the system after logout03:47
satrwhat i can write to shutdown03:47
void_pointersatr, uh, you can type "sudo shutdown -h now"03:47
SattvicInstalled Eucalyptus: oh, just that your username was misleading that you did not have prior experience with Eucalyptus03:47
EastDallasvoid_pointer: Using the older version of grub doesn't cause any problems with any of the other updates?03:47
void_pointerEastDallas, not that I've found03:47
satrok good night03:47
void_pointerEastDallas, if you can be bothered, you can adjust whatever changes the grub update makes. I can never be bothered03:48
MozillaGueirrillvoid_pointer, ths is me in the box now(ive gt 1 opn in XP & 1 opn in the box is tht geeked out or wat? okaynow how do i access the pastebin?03:48
EastDallasvoid_pointer: I thought that might be the answer, but It's good to hear it from someone else.03:48
void_pointerMozillaGueirrill, http://ubuntu.pastebin.com03:49
fulld7I borked my httpd.conf // is there a good, general way to replace my config files installed by the apache package?03:49
sudo-ninJai have a problem on my laptop, the internet connection has failed03:49
sudo-ninJait was working the other day, but now its not.03:49
caseysLosha: i', going to try it03:50
Sattvicsudo-ninja: ethernet, usb, or wireless?03:50
Loshacaseys: ok...03:50
sudo-ninJai'm running Xubuntu on it... its wireless03:50
Brenda_McLinuxLinux really screwed me this time. I changed the password via command line with the passwd command and now it will not accept the new or old password. How do I fix?03:50
fulld7Brenda_McLinux: try caps lock?03:51
sudo-ninJait looks like all the applications to run a wireless connection are gone03:51
void_pointerBrenda_McLinux, well, technically, you really screwed linux03:51
MozillaGueirrillvoid_pointer, http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/mxzxG3wP03:51
crackityjones74any way to move the minimize/x-out buttons to the right side of windows in the new lucid beta?03:51
ppaulhusnot really a linux question but, is it possible that im not able to get some resolutions via DVI that I am able to get via VGA?03:51
Sattvicsudo-ninja: can you connect with an Ethernet cable to see if it is your OS or your internet service - cable, DSL?03:51
lyraeskype detects my webcam, but not the mic integrated into it. any thoughts?03:51
lyraeis there like a package of drivers i can install03:51
sudo-ninJaoops X_X03:51
lyraebecause it used to detect =(03:51
Brenda_McLinuxvoid_pointer, thanks. that really was helpful in helping me resolve the issue. Fulld7, I used only numbers for the password :S03:51
sudo-ninJaSattvic: unfortunately no03:51
void_pointerBrenda_McLinux, you are truly welcome03:52
sudo-ninJaSattvic: it seems like its missing the applications to connect...03:52
lyraehow do i know if im running 64 bit or 32 bit ubuntu03:52
void_pointerMozillaGueirrill, no, paste the output from the "sudo iwconfig" command03:53
Sattvicsudo-ninja: hmm - I know that Linux has had issues with wireless - I try to stay away from it.03:53
Sattvicsudo-ninja: sorry I cannot help with wireless drivers03:53
sudo-ninJaSattvic: yes, but it was working just fine yesterday, im thinking i uninstalled an important application03:53
Brenda_McLinuxvoid_pointer, why are you here if you aren't helping people? Changing my password in Linux and it not working is not a user end error. The password must be typed in twice and therefor can not be a mistake. That is an OS problem. Not user end. >.>03:53
sudo-ninJaSattvic: darn03:53
void_pointerBrenda_McLinux, but since you wanted to pursue it ... the password does not suddenly change. You have made a mistake in either entering or remembering the password03:54
crackityjones74lyrae go to system monitor under system >> administration >> system monitor and select the 'system' tab. it will say 'generic' for your kernel or x86_64 if you're using amd64.03:54
sudo-ninJawell how about this... what if i want to create a partition on the laptop?03:54
void_pointerBrenda_McLinux, stick around. I help a lot of people. I also note when people blame "linux" instead of themselves.03:54
Sattvicsudo-ninja:  maybe do a google search for your wireless device on Ubuntu03:54
=== ruben is now known as Guest23451
lyraecrackityjones74, thanks03:54
=== Guest23451 is now known as nibur
crackityjones74no problem03:55
Brenda_McLinuxvoid_pointer, let's suspend your altered reality and pretend I didn't make a mistake in entering the password or in "recalling" it. How would I fix the issue of not knowing what password the OS has?03:55
MozillaGueirrillvoid_pointer, mozillagueirrilla@mozillagueirrilla-laptop:~$ sudo iwconfig03:55
MozillaGueirrilllo        no wireless extensions.03:55
MozillaGueirrilleth0      no wireless extensions.03:55
caseysLosha: still no work03:55
lyraecrackityjones74, it doesnt say03:55
void_pointerMozillaGueirrill, don't paste in here, use the pastebin next time. Anyway, that tells us ubuntu isn't seeing your wireless adapter03:56
lyraejust says 2.6.31-20-generic03:56
Loshacaseys: sh -x /etc/pwrstatd-email.sh and pastebin the output please...03:56
IdleOneBrenda_McLinux: please change your attitude, void_pointer was/is trying to help by pointing out that the password does not change randomly. so the error is the users, wether you like that answer or not03:56
crackityjones74what does it say for 'kernel' when you click on the 'system' tab?03:56
MozillaGueirrillim using a VirtualBox, is this to be expected?03:56
crackityjones74then you're using i386 i think, unless i'm wrong. anybody else know for sure?03:56
lyraecrackityjones74, just says 2.6.31-20-generic03:57
void_pointerMozillaGueirrill, the problem is I don't use VirtualBox, so it may be. Is there an option that includes recognizing devices?03:57
GneaBrenda_McLinux: you would have to boot the system up in a way that would allow the root user to access the passwd command03:57
crackityjones74i think that means it's i386. if you were using an x86_64 kernel it would say so.03:57
lyraecrackityjones74, ah ty03:58
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:58
Brenda_McLinuxIdleOne, Sorry, just trying to get a problem fixed and the response I get is "it's your fault" because I made a comment about Linux that rubbed a Linux enthusiast the wrong way. I am a Linux nut myself but wouldn't take offense to someone claiming "Linux" messed something up. I will however watch my wording around sensitive individuals.03:58
void_pointerBrenda_McLinux, you may be able to go into single user mode and change your root password from there03:58
bastid_raZorlyrae: uname -a will tell you03:58
Brenda_McLinuxGnea, thank you for that, I will look into that method03:58
bastid_raZorlyrae: uname -m rather03:58
Brenda_McLinuxvoid_pointer, how would I go into single user mode?03:59
fulld7I just deleted my /etc/apache ... how do I get back the default configuration?03:59
lyraebastid_raZor, yep. thanks03:59
FandekaspBonsoir .. quelqu'un connait le script sendEmail ? J'ai un probl?me de droits avec03:59
IdleOneBrenda_McLinux: we are all linux enthusiasts, I did not see void_pointer being "sensitive" as you so passively aggressively stated :)03:59
Fandekaspoops sorry bad channel X_X04:00
IdleOneBrenda_McLinux: in any case, let's focus on the issue at hand.04:00
caseysLosha: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/VJLW2wag04:00
void_pointerBrenda_McLinux, http://www.debuntu.org/recover-root-password-single-user-mode-and-grub04:00
TheMidnightCoderanyone have a DROID in here and if so, what are some "must have" apps for syncing/sharing files with Ubuntu?04:00
huntHi I accidentaly hit add panel, and now I have a blank space on the right side, but I can not see the damn thing, so I can not delete it... What can I do?04:01
GneaBrenda_McLinux: that ought to do it04:01
Brenda_McLinuxvoid_pointer, thank you very much I will go read it. Thanks for all your help04:01
bastid_raZor!panels | hunt04:01
ubottuhunt: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »04:01
void_pointerBrenda_McLinux, it was my absolute pleasure04:02
airtonix!anyone | TheMidnightCoder04:02
ubottuTheMidnightCoder: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:02
airtonix!best | TheMidnightCoder04:02
ubottuTheMidnightCoder: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:02
airtonixTheMidnightCoder, also : droid != ubunt.04:02
Gneaairtonix: clearly, he wants to know if there's a way to get a droid to sync with ubuntu04:02
void_pointerMozillaGueirrill, from a quick google it seems you have to bridge the wireless adapter from windows. Have you done this?04:03
airtonixGnea, no . read it properly.04:03
airtonixTheMidnightCoder, join #maemo04:03
TheMidnightCoderairtonix, thanks04:03
MozillaGueirrillvoid_pointer, sorry had a small fire in the kitchen lol, adapter 1 is listed as.....PCnet-fast III (NAT)  with some info displayed on the Box's GUI04:04
Gneaairtonix: oh really?04:04
GneaTheMidnightCoder: like this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=131684204:04
void_pointerMozillaGueirrill,  lol, I hate those small kitchen fires04:04
airtonixGnea, i'd aggree if the sentence went " what apps to use on ubuntu to sync with maemo clients" however the sentence went : "what apps to use on droid to sync with ubuntu"04:05
MozillaGueirrillis this info worth n e thng?04:05
=== overmacht is now known as baranoya
void_pointerMozillaGueirrill, you are probably going to have to find someone more knowledgeable about VirtualBox. I only know the wireless side of the problem :)04:05
=== baranoya is now known as overmacht
airtonix!u | MozillaGueirrill04:06
ubottuMozillaGueirrill: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' or 'Ur' are words in the English language. Nor are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' or 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.04:06
TheMidnightCoderGnea, Yes, something like that.  Thanks04:06
Gneaairtonix: uh huh.04:06
GneaTheMidnightCoder: cheers04:06
ActionParsnipyo yo yo04:06
caseysLosha: still there?04:07
Trekcaseys: if he's not, what's your issue04:07
Loshacaseys: yes, working on the next iteration of your script...04:07
MozillaGueirrillsorry I used to be an ESL teacher I should know better, it's just phone txtng has crrptd me04:07
Trekcaseys: never mind04:07
void_pointerMozillaGueirrill, perhaps you should join #vbox and ask in there?04:10
googeekanyone know the command line for launching the Kickoff Application launcher?04:12
MozillaGuerrillavoid_pointer, yea thts one of my usual irc hotspots, i was working my way over there, just clearing out some smoke. thanks for the help. You have a great nite!!04:12
tehbautis there a decent GUI version of DD?04:12
Platypus-Manhello peeps, I'm considering buying some Wester Digital Caviar Green 1,5 TB drives as they are the most bang for the buck atm, but those drives use "Advanced Format" technology... quote from WD's site: "WD Advanced Format drives are specifically optimized for Mac and the latest Windows operating systems such as Windows Vista and Windows 7 with a clean install. Advanced Format Technology is being adopted by WD and other drive manufacture04:12
DolpI'm using open source office, whenever I try to enter "0.02753304" it ends up "0.3" how do i stop it from rounding up?04:12
Platypus-ManYour WD Advanced Format hard drive may require you to run the WD Align software utility after you install your operating system or partition and format the drive as a secondary drive. WD Align software aligns partitions on the Advanced Format drive to ensure it provides full performance for certain configurations. (Please see table for configuration details)"04:12
whatnickyay I am not a floodbot04:13
whatnickhello folks04:13
Platypus-Manlong quote, sorry... now my question is, though they are _optimized_ for Mac and Windows, will they work on GNU/Linux?04:13
whatnickhello folks04:13
whatnickkarmic installer put grub on my boot ..04:13
whatnickhow do i get vista to boot back up ? I was trying to install to a usb disk04:14
overmachtPlatypus-Man; yes04:14
Trekwhatnick: you can't boot to vista through grub?04:14
whatnickTrek: nope the bootloader wants my external driver ..04:14
whatnickand some sort of disk enumeration issue i think04:14
void_pointerPlatypus-Man, I'd say it will work, just that you can't run the WD software from linux without using WINE (or cedega, I guess)04:14
Platypus-Manovermacht: thanks for the answer04:15
bettspIs there any way via something in /proc or /sys that I can use to figure out what kind of RAM i need to buy for my desktop?04:15
gustincat /proc/meminfo ?04:15
whatnickTrek: i drop into a grub recovery console04:15
whatnickis there a chainloader line I can use at that point ?04:15
Trekwhatnick: not sure how to fix it, unfortunately04:15
flansusePlatypus-Man, supposedly they are not as good in practice as they are in theory.04:15
whatnickTrek: I will try my win recovery CD's04:16
Ten-Eightwhatnick: you can use the win recovery console and type: /fixmbr04:16
ActionParsnipbettsp: sudo lshw | less    should show you the ram speeds etc04:16
Ten-EightI believe that's right...if not, someone can correct me.04:16
googeekDoes anyone know the CL for the Kickoff application launcher04:16
whatnickTen-Eight: ya I am going to do that and then try this -> http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download-wubi04:16
whatnickinstead of the installer cd04:17
gustinbettsp: you can look in to /proc/cpuinfo and use lspci to check your CPU and chipset which you should be able to figure out what memory04:17
Ten-Eightwhatnick: sounds good. have fun!04:17
whatnickHehe :)04:17
RUXAHi all04:17
ActionParsnipbettsp: the top part of lshw will give your motherboard make and model so you can consult the manufacturers site04:17
smick2is it easy to configure so you can send mail from your bash terminal?04:17
whatnickshould have followed a usb install guide instead on jumping in ..04:17
Platypus-ManA related question since I'm already here, any of you happen to know how to partition drives with the xfs filesystem in Ubuntu 9.04? I can't find it in add/remove software, and apt-get install xfs seemed to install some fonts or whatnot, xfs is listed in gparted, but greyed out.04:18
ActionParsnipsmick2: mutt does it beautifully :)04:18
bettspActionParsnip, gustin: Nice, thanks04:18
EzrealIf /dev/dsp is my sound driver, what is my screen's driver?04:18
smick2Ok, cool. I'm just hoping to set up notifications and maybe send an email from bash from time to time04:18
ActionParsnipPlatypus-Man: i believe its already available if you use gparted04:18
Platypus-Manflansuse: do you have first-hand experience with a hdd with that tech?04:18
tehbauthow long would it take to compress a 7GB partition to bzip2?04:19
RUXAcan any help me with setup internet on my system?04:19
ActionParsnipsmick2: i believe there is a method of scripting emails rather than a full client like mutt04:19
flansusePlatypus-Man, nope, sorry.04:19
smick2ActionParsnip: there is a way to script them, but I need to configure my little box to send emails.04:20
lasthope106How easy is it for malware to infect ubuntu?04:20
Loshacaseys: sorry. I don't seem able to get it working. You might ask in #bash04:20
whatnickthanks for confirming my plans guys .. enjoy04:20
onaoghRUXA, yes04:20
ActionParsnipsmick2: let me see04:20
Ezreallasthope106: as easy as it is to type rm -rf *04:20
RUXAonaogh Ok thanks04:20
flansusePlatypus-Man, perhaps you can install the drive, boot into Windows, run the utility, and then boot into Linux to use the drive? Not entirely sure. I read that they can still be used normally under Linux, but of course you don't get the extra feature of Advanced Format.04:20
gustinlasthope106: it depends on what kind malware and how you have configured your Ubuntu computer04:20
caseysok tanks anyway04:20
onaoghlasthope106, very rare04:20
lasthope106what is rm -rf*?04:21
tooth1hi, i've got problems including libs into c++ code. when i try to inc qt libs by #include <qt4/QtGui/QtGui> the compiler bugs me about not finding the sublibs, but they are definitely in /qt4/QtGui/ :(04:21
ActionParsnipsmick2: http://www.simplehelp.net/2008/12/01/how-to-send-email-from-the-linux-command-line/04:21
cooperlasthope106, forces delete of every file in a direcotry04:21
cooperdirectory *04:21
=== ShermanBoyd_ is now known as ShermanBoyd
Trekrm -rf * deletes everything in that directory, but be careful with it04:21
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!04:21
Brenda_McLinuxIdol_One, I have a bad memory, who was it that was helping me earlier that I got mad at?04:21
lasthope106let's say a keylogger or a trojan.  If I go to an infected website would I be prompted that an application is trying to get root access?04:21
jriblasthope106: if you stick to the repositories, you will be fine04:22
caseysLosha: see you laer04:22
taladonhow can i found out the device name /dev/? for my sound card line in jack?04:22
Brenda_McLinuxIdleOne, who was it earlier that was helping me that I got mad at?04:22
tooth1any idea for that ?04:22
Ezrealcat /dev/urandom > /dev/tty5, CTRL+ALT+f504:22
EzrealSee forever04:22
airtonixlasthope106, yes you would be unless your were careless enought o be running your web browser as root.04:22
IdleOneBrenda_McLinux: void_pointer was helping out04:22
jribEzreal: can you stop with the silly commands please?04:22
lasthope106well, I'm more interested in the case when you download a trojan or a keylogger from a website04:22
Brenda_McLinuxIdleOne, thanks04:23
Ezrealjrib: Why?04:23
jribEzreal: because this a support channel, not a silly commands channel04:23
Brenda_McLinuxvoid_pointer, That worked and fixed my password issue. Sorry for getting testy about it earlier. Thanks for your help again.04:23
lasthope106has any of you ever been infected by a virus while using linux?04:23
EzrealWhere can I find a silly commands channel?04:23
Neological3000Hello any one thinkin about building theyr own linux from scratch? Newbies most wanted.04:23
jribEzreal: #silly-commands04:23
flansusePlatypus-Man, this mgiht help: http://community.wdc.com/t5/Desktop/Problem-with-WD-Advanced-Format-drive-in-LINUX-WD15EARS/m-p/7573#M36904:23
TomazimI never thought I would find and irc network that seems to be entirely for coding o.O04:23
flansuseI have to sleep, night.04:23
EzrealNo users.04:23
EzrealMust not be interested.04:23
IdleOneBrenda_McLinux: sure thing :)04:23
StopSignkinda,but it was a craigslist girl04:24
jribEzreal: yes, that should be a clue for you04:24
cicatrixQuick poll: What backup software do you use? Looking for the "best" by public opinion.04:24
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:24
jriblasthope106: what's your question?  If you run any code you come across, you're screwed, regardless of what OS you use04:24
lasthope106I'm paranoid that when visiting bad websites I'll get infected with a keylogger.  This is by far my worst fear.04:25
Platypus-ManActionParsnip: only choices I have is ext2, ext3, ext4, fat16, fat32, linux-swap and reiserfs, the rest are greyed out04:25
onaoghlasthope106, it wont happen in ubuntu04:25
lasthope106my question is how do I detect viruses and other malware in ubuntu?04:25
iOmlette!clamav | lasthope10604:25
jriblasthope106: by not running code outside the repositories that you do not understand04:25
RUXACan any one help with setup CDMA connection04:25
onaoghlasthope106, install antivirus04:25
iOmlettelasthope106: ClamAV is a good antivirus program for Linux.04:26
jriblasthope106: clamav is for detecting windows viruses04:26
iOmlettelasthope106: Although Linux doesn't get many, if any, viruses.04:26
RUXAhave any one experience with CDMA connection?04:26
faron1anybody ever heard of a plugin for firefox that  can maybe make some other media player like mplayer or totem {or anything else} take ove the function of flash player ?04:26
lasthope106so by just browing the web, when I'm not running as root is very safe, makes it pretty much impossible to get infected?04:26
airtonix!anyone > RUXA04:26
ubottuRUXA, please see my private message04:26
jriblasthope106: yes...04:27
tooth1*PUSH*  hi, i've got problems including cpp-libs. when i try to inc qt4 by #include <qt4/QtGui/QtGui> the compiler bugs me about missing sublibs, but they are all right there... is there a path conflict ? #include <QtGui> didn't work for me04:27
iOmlettelasthope106: Pretty much.04:27
airtonixfaron1, you might like to look into mozilla gnash.04:27
onaogh!anyone > onaogh04:27
ubottuonaogh, please see my private message04:27
lasthope106ok thanks everyone for your help.  I feel much safer now04:27
iOmlettelasthope106: I've run Linux for almost 3 years, and never gotten a birus.04:27
StopSignlasthope106, dont run as root lol04:27
iOmletteEr, virus.04:27
faron1airtonix.....{mozilla} gnash ? would that be something I'd find through add-ons ?04:28
airtonix!find gnash04:28
ubottuFound: gnash, gnash-common, gnash-cygnal, gnash-tools, konqueror-plugin-gnash (and 1 others)04:28
airtonix!find mozilla-plugin-gnash04:29
ubottuFound: mozilla-plugin-gnash04:29
airtonix!info mozilla-plugin-gnash04:29
ubottumozilla-plugin-gnash (source: gnash): free SWF movie player - Plugin for Mozilla and derivatives. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.6-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 41 kB, installed size 216 kB04:29
faron1I have indeed tried gnash b4 & it didn't work But,there's aplugin for mozilla ?04:29
airtonixfaron1, although you might find that its just as bad as normal linux flash plugin.04:29
tooth1gosh, anyone ?04:29
airtonix!anyone > tooth104:30
jrib!helpme | tooth104:30
ubottutooth1: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude04:30
ubottutooth1, please see my private message04:30
RUXADoes anyone help me with setup CDMA mobile phone and using internet?04:30
faron1just as bad huh airtonix ? hmmmm04:30
onaogh!helpme | onaogh04:30
ubottuonaogh, please see my private message04:30
airtonixfaron1, flash is just fail in any form.04:30
airtonix!info ubufox04:31
ubottuubufox (source: ubufox): Ubuntu Firefox specific configuration defaults and apt support. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 55 kB, installed size 328 kB04:31
RUXADoes anyone have experience with setup CDMA mobile phone and internet in ubuntu 9.10?04:31
faron1I installed greasemonkey & can use it to wacth youtube but I really don't understand how to write scripts ya know ?04:31
airtonixRUXA, doesnt look like anyone does.04:31
iOmletteRUXA, it might help to give someone a couple minutes to answer you.04:32
jribtooth1: you probably want to include more details... Like for example: how did you install the qt4 libraries exactly?  What is the contents of the file you are trying to command?  What is the command and full output when you try to compile?04:32
airtonixfaron1, have a look at userscripts.org. to make them you just need to know how to manipulate the html dom with javascript.... i find that jquery makes this easier04:32
dominickpastoreRUXA: i have done this with my own phone, but my experience is that it can involve quite a bit of research, depending on your phone.04:32
faron1mplayer works SO much better than flash to play flash videos04:32
airtonixfaron1, so does vlc.04:32
faron1jquery ?04:33
airtonixfaron1, http://jquery.com/04:33
faron1hmmmm thank you04:33
dominickpastoreRUXA: some phones are supported by default if you plug it in and just look in the NetworkManager Applet's menu. others, like mine, take a little more work. i had to install an extra piece of software on my phone, for example.04:34
ironinggirlHow To Iron a Dress Shirt : How to Use an Ironing Board04:34
Trek!ot | ironinggirl04:35
ubottuironinggirl: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:35
tooth1jrib: here is the output (as far as the terminal buffers history) http://pastebin.com/AwTx98CG04:35
Ashokhi how 2 access root user thru terminal04:35
jrib!root | Ashok04:35
ubottuAshok: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo04:35
taladonHi all. I'm trying to find the /dev/ name of my sound line in jack04:36
jribtooth1: ok, but include all the info I asked about so that we can help you04:36
RUXAI'am will write my situation here04:36
=== JImmyJ is now known as JimmyJ
RUXAI have installed ubuntu 9.10 and mobile phone Sky IM-610004:36
ActionParsnipAshok: use: sudo -i04:37
albechwill a tunnel span over two wan connections to allow failsafe or will the tunnel only run over one of the wan connections?04:37
ActionParsnipalbech: you can tunnel to a tunne; I guess04:37
RUXAsystem was see my phone automaticaly and starting welcome to setup internet04:37
rdrakeHas anybody had an issue with sshd not starting up after rebooting after a kernel switch?04:38
tooth1jrib: i did libqt4-dev, libqt4-core, my cxx-file only #includes the qtgui lib (no main sub or anything)04:38
Trek!enter | RUXA04:38
RUXAafter setup it was not start connection,04:38
ubottuRUXA: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:38
gustinalbech: it depends on how you set up networking04:39
jribtooth1: please just give specific answers to the questions I asked, don't be vague04:39
AshokActionParsnip: tx04:39
jribtooth1: you probably want to include more details... Like for example: how did you install the qt4 libraries exactly?  What is the contents of the file you are trying to compile?  What is the command and full output when you try to compile?04:39
albechgustin, but it is possible? i have a dual wan router configured, but was just wondering if a host behind the router creating a tunnel to another one outside the router would utilize both connections04:40
AshokActionParsnip: what is wire shark n what s d us e of it04:40
bullgardWith me rsnapshot obtains an error: "rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred" similar to https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-server-bugs/2009-July/014523.html. What does "attrs" stand for?04:40
jribbullgard: attributes04:40
jribbullgard: I'm guessing permissions/ownership properties04:40
tooth1jrib: i did answer that - the command is g++ ./myfile.cxx -o /out04:41
bullgardjrib: Thank you.04:41
itheoshey why do i get this message when i install a package "These fonts were provided by Microsoft "in the interest of cross-platform compatibility".  This is no longer the case, but they are still available from third parties."04:42
RUXAI have installed ubuntu 9.10 and mobile phone Sky IM-6100. System was see my phone automaticaly and starting welcome to setup internet. After setup it was not start connection. I have second OS Windows XP, and now I use it on this.04:42
gustinalbech: the host behind the router does not utilise anything, the router needs to do the work04:42
itheosand then some .exe package tries to download04:42
jribtooth1: I don't understand why this is difficult, do I really need to ask you one question at a time?04:42
dante123hi all, installed ubuntu 10.04 and was working well....however just after an update....when starting the machine I get to the desktop but no gnome panels or nautilus.....cant do anything but reboot or drop to command line....any suggestions?04:42
rdrakeI guess not...04:43
abhinavAshok: wireshark is a packet capture tool, which shows you nicely what packets are being sent or received from your network interfaces04:43
DasEi!panels | dante123:04:43
ubottudante123:: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »04:43
abhinavdante123: this is a bug which just got fixed04:43
jrib!10.04 | dante12304:43
ubottudante123: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule04:43
DasEidante123: #ubuntu+1 for lucid04:43
Ashokabhinav: k how to use it04:44
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tooth1jrib: i said which libs i had installed, i told you the content, the output and the compiler, so what ??04:44
abhinavdante123: if you have an ATI driver, there was a bug in the proprietary driver which got released yesterday, too04:44
lasthope106when I'm asked to put in the password in "update manager" to grant it root acess.  Does it give root access to the whole system or just to the application in this case "update manager"?04:44
iOmlettelasthope106: Just the application.04:45
DasEilasthope106: just app04:45
dominickpastoreRUXA: ok. well i probably won't be much help since you don't seem to be having the same problems with your phone as I had with mine. just curious though, do you have a tethering plan?04:45
ShadowKnightdoes anyone know if you could partition an external hard drive so that it could be read in a ps3?04:45
Treklasthope106: it just means it want authorization to use the graphical sudo command04:45
iOmlettelasthope106: And usually, root access only lasts for 15 minutes (I think) for the application, as well.04:45
DasEiShadowKnight: ntfs should work04:46
RPG-MasterI've set up Samba on both my laptop and my desktop... but the laptop gets and error when I click on the networks folder.04:46
Treklasthope106 / iOmlette: you can change the length of that too04:46
ugliefrogis there an advanced sound panel or something similar...having problems with alsa04:46
tooth1jrib: and yeah - i used the official repos04:46
jribtooth1: ok, unfortunately I don't have time to pull teeth right now.  I suggest you follow a helloworld example from the documentation step by step and see what you are doing wrong.  http://doc.trolltech.com/4.3/tutorial-t1.html04:46
iOmletteTrek: Really? I've never tried to.04:46
jribtooth1: night04:46
lasthope106so this same process applies when in the terminal.  If I put sudo it just grants root access to that instance of the terminal?04:46
meganerdwho was just asking about a dual wan config?  My NIC a few minutes ago was an alt (gustin)04:46
ShadowKnightDasEi: i tried it as is and its not working at all its not read by it04:46
DasEiugliefrog: like (gnome-)alsamixergui ?04:46
RPG-Master"Failed to retrieve share list from server"04:46
iOmletteugliefrog: Yes, but I can't recall the name. I'd search for "alsa" in the Synaptic package manager.04:46
RPG-MasterWhat be up?04:46
Alan502Hello, i just thought someone here could help me with this: i was downloading a rar file, but paused the download and then moved that file.rar.part file somewhere else. Then, without noticing i had moved the file, i resumed the download and, apparently, kget kept downloading to the same folder the .part file was in.04:47
Alan502Is there a way i can merge two files?04:47
RUXAI have installed ubuntu 9.10 and mobile phone Sky IM-6100. System was see my phone automaticaly and starting welcome to setup internet. After setup it was not start connection. I have second OS Windows XP, and now I use it on this.04:47
dominickpastoreRUXA: ok. well i probably won't be much help since you don't seem to be having the same problems with your phone as I had with mine. just curious though, do you have a tethering plan?04:47
MTughanI'm downloading Ubuntu 10.04 beta 1 via BitTorrent now, and I can't seem to connect to the IPv6 tracker. IPv6 is working, as tested by visiting ipv6.google.com and even ipv6.tracker.ubuntu.com in Firefox, but Transmission can't contact the tracker. I have IPv6 peers through PEX. Any ideas why I can't contact the tracker?04:47
iOmlettelasthope106: It only grants root access for the command you execute in the terminal, not the terminal itself. (I think).04:47
RPG-MasterAnd both run Windows04:47
lasthope106ok, thanks for the clarification everyone.04:47
albechanyone know a gui ssh tunnel manager that support compression? SSH Tunnel Manager does not :(04:47
airtonix!enter > RPG-Master04:47
ubottuRPG-Master, please see my private message04:47
itheoshey why do i get this message when i install a package "These fonts were provided by Microsoft "in the interest of cross-platform compatibility".  This is no longer the case, but they are still available from third parties."04:48
Alan502ubottu, enter04:48
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:48
meganerdRPG-Master: from the client machine "smbclient -L //<ip of samba server> -U <username>"  You need smbclient to be installed with apt-get or synaptic etc04:48
tooth1jrib: yeah, thanks for being smugly04:48
RUXAI haven't04:48
abhinavlasthope106: "sudo su" will get you to login as root in that terminal04:48
RUXAdominickpastore no I havent04:48
iOmlettelasthope106: But logging in as root is generally not recommended.04:48
Trekabhinav / lasthope106: don't do that though, because sudo is good enough04:48
magnusgreetings fellow friends of free software!04:49
Treklasthope106: if you want to graphically authorize thingys, use gksudo <command>04:49
Trek!hi | magnus04:49
ubottumagnus: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!04:49
abhinavTrek: Agree.04:49
RPG-Mastermeganerd: But I have that already installed :O04:49
magnusubottu: yah go fuck a duck :-)04:49
alkisgIs /var/run automatically deleted on every reboot on Ubuntu?04:49
dominickpastoreRUXA: oh. you got it working in xp though?04:49
meganerdRPG-Master: then what do you get when you try to list the shares from the server with the command I posted?04:49
iOmlettemagnus: It's a bot ,silly. :P04:49
magnusiOmlette: i knew.. ;-)04:49
bazhangmagnus, watch the language04:50
RUXA'dominickpastore YES04:50
iOmlettemagnus: Maybe that should be a command for it.04:50
DasEiShadowKnight: you run the original ps3 soft on it ? wrong chan here, there are solutions for it, twonky ,nero7, media connect04:50
abhinavTrek: but sometimes you need to do it - for example, when you want to traverse a directory  (try /var/log/gdm) .04:50
RPG-Mastermeganerd: No clue what the ip would be...04:50
RUXAdominickpastore I'am use it now04:50
magnusbazhang: okay..04:50
Trekabhinav: you mean to get to there with root?04:50
tehbautcan I not run: time -f "%U secs at %P CPU" somecommand -args ? I'm getting "-f: command not found"04:50
ShadowKnightDasEi: yes i do run the original software, so i download those things?04:51
meganerdRPG-Master: from the server "ip addr"04:51
Trekabhinav: I got to there with gksudo nautilus /var/log/gdm04:51
magnusi mind my language in my own head. I did my time in the israeli army. No one tells me what to do!04:52
researcher1is it possible to make my pc wake up n connect for automatic updates somewhere in the middle of night when speed is enough good   then shut off automatically?04:52
DasEiShadowKnight: yes, but I can't help you there any more far, this is the wrong channel04:52
iOmlettemagnus: The mods might, when you get banned from the channel.04:52
RUXAI have installed ubuntu 9.10 and mobile phone Sky IM-6100. System was see my phone automaticaly and starting welcome to setup internet. After setup it was not start connection. I have second OS Windows XP, and now I use it on this.04:52
bazhangmagnus, stay on topic or you will be removed04:52
RPG-Mastermeganerd: Wait... this is a share between to computers, no server in between.04:52
ShadowKnightDasEi: what channel is good for this?04:52
magnusbazhang: removed.. beheaded you mean? :-P04:53
abhinavTrek: K. I think the terminal equivalent would be to do *sudo ls -l " and then "sudo gvim <file>" :)04:53
chelzresearcher1: yeah a simple bash script could do that fine. just need to look into acpi wakeup and apt-get04:53
meganerdresearcher1: the bios has a scheduled on feature (maybe), then use cron to do the update.  use root's crontab and you can use the shutdown command at the end of the script04:53
Trekabhinav: i got to the thing, I didnt try accessing the logs04:53
magnusbut okay.. i'll stay calm!04:53
dominickpastoreRUXA: i see. i'm not going to be able to help much then. i'm sure you've tried this already, but my best advice would be google. i'm guessing it's a problem specific to your phone or network.04:53
meganerdRPG-Master: samba is a server client design04:53
meganerdRPG-Master: one machine acts as a server, the other a client04:53
dominickpastoreRUXA: sorry i can't halp any more, and good luck04:53
DasEiShadowKnight: #ubuntu-ps3 might be better, and search yourself for an genereic ps3 irc04:54
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researcher1meganerd.I dot know much of programming especially for Ubuntu environment04:54
RPG-Mastermeganerd: So both computers have their own IPs for samba?04:54
chelzresearcher1: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/ACPI_Wakeup and http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies-archive.cfm/1375632.html04:54
ShadowKnightokay thanks04:54
Trekyeah, abhinav, i could edit/view the logs too with gksudo :P04:54
DasEiShadowKnight: #ubuntu-ps3 (is meant to have ubu on it)04:54
tehbautcan I not run: time -f "%U secs at %P CPU" somecommand -args ?04:54
tehbautI'm getting "-f: command not found"04:54
chelztehbaut: the command "at" might be what you're looking for04:55
mernilioactually. the war on gaza.. anyone wants to have an opinoon?04:55
RUXAdominickpastore Thanks04:55
DasEitehbaut: not sure about correct syntax, " has no inclusion, looks wrong04:55
bazhang!ot > mernilio04:56
ubottumernilio, please see my private message04:56
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mernilioubottu: oki, i totally missed that .. sorry!04:56
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:56
dante123<abhinav> i did as ubottu said....with the gconftool command and get the following "gnome-panel:no process found"  ANy more ideas04:57
DasEitehbaut: time -f"(%U secs at %P CPU)" | SomeCommand ?04:57
dante123how to start gnome from terminal anyone???04:58
Ashokhow to activate wireshark04:58
abhinavdante123: Could you try in #ubuntu+1 channel ?04:58
casper3how to free up more apce ?04:58
aurillianceWhen I plug my android milestone phone into UNR 9.10 my phone lights up, showing that it know's it's chargine, but I get no option to see the files or anything on my laptop. How can I fix this?04:58
DasEidante123: #ubuntu+1; sudo gdm restart04:58
casper3how to free up more space ?04:59
dante123okay...will do04:59
ActionParsnipcasper3: do you mean 'space' and do you mean on / or in /home ?04:59
mernilioactually.. we men who is proclaimed "nerds" how do we get women?04:59
DasEicasper3: on hd ?04:59
DasEi!trash | casper304:59
ubottucasper3: The location of Trash has changed since 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash04:59
meganerdRPG-Master: samba is a TCP app, so yes both machines need an IP to work04:59
ActionParsnipcasper3: a really good way is to uninstall the apps you never use04:59
ActionParsnipcasper3: also uninstalling old kernels saves LOTS of space04:59
DasEicasper3 : remove unneeded progs05:00
ActionParsnipcasper3: a great way is to remove openoffice and install abiword if you only use writer05:00
iOmletteHow DO you remove old kernels, anyway?05:00
abhinavcasper3: If you're into graphical tools, try baobab (a software) for a graphical representation05:00
ActionParsnipcasper3: running: sudo apt-get clean   can do wonders too05:00
meganerdiOmlette: use your package manager05:00
dominickpastorecasper3: you can try sudo apt-get autoremove05:00
iOmlettemeganerd: Oh, duh. Thanks. :)05:01
DasEicasper3: unless you type a lot in it : sudo apt-get remove openoffice* frees ~80Mb in once, gnome-games are often useless, too05:01
ActionParsnipcasper3: installing and running bleachbit as both user and root (close as many apps as you can to increase effectiveness) can save a lot of space too05:01
tehbautDasEi: the time manpage doesn't mention using a pipe05:01
aurillianceWhen I plug my android milestone phone into UNR 9.10 my phone lights up, showing that it know's it's chargine, but I get no option to see the files or anything on my laptop. How can I fix this?05:01
abhinavcasper3: else du -h -s in your root should tell if there are some directories which are using unusually large amount of space. For eg, if you're running vnc, the logs in ~/.vnc get big over a period of time05:01
airtonixDasEi, haha only 80mb? just another 4gbs to go then to make any real appreciable difference.05:01
ActionParsnipaurilliance: you have to tell the phone (on the phone) to mount the storage05:01
MTughanI'm downloading Ubuntu 10.04 beta 1 via BitTorrent now, and I can't seem to connect to the IPv6 tracker. IPv6 is working, as tested by visiting ipv6.google.com and even ipv6.tracker.ubuntu.com in Firefox, but Transmission can't contact the tracker. I have IPv6 peers through PEX. Any ideas why I can't contact the tracker?05:02
abhinavs/root/home , depending on who owns the system and how it is used05:02
DasEiairtonix: I haven't followed the whole, why 4 gig ?05:02
DasEiswap ?05:02
ActionParsnipMTughan: does transmission support ipv6 ?05:02
airtonixDasEi, standard install of ubuntu desktop is quite large.05:02
MTughanActionParsnip: Evidently with IPv6 peers.05:03
meganerdcasper3: install filelight, run it with gksudo, it can give you a real good idea where all your space is goin)05:03
ActionParsnipMTughan: funky, not sure. ive not used it personally. Maybe theres a bug logged for it05:03
DasEicasper3: how much space do you have ? (df -h tells you)05:03
Spaztic_OneJust a quick question, does the current Ubuntu build use ext3 or ext4 filesystems?05:03
aurillianceActionParsnip, My phone doesn't detect anything or give me any option to do so; it doesn't do anything but brighten the screen05:04
lyrabasjoin ##Java05:04
DasEiSpaztic_One: ext405:04
ActionParsnipcasper3: also install deborphan then run: sudo apt-get --purge remove `deborphan`    it will remove orphaned packages05:04
airtonixSpaztic_One, both, ext3 by default.05:04
MTughanActionParsnip: Actually, one thing I hadn't thought of before. I use an IPv6 tunnel, and that tunnel wasn't running when I started the torrent. Maybe it's just a bug there.05:04
Spaztic_OneBy default?05:04
cameron_Hello! My gnome session is acting really strange! The keyboard is completely disabled, and onBoard doesn't work either! Some windows don't accept any input at all!05:04
MTughanActionParsnip: Nvm, that's not it.05:04
airtonixSpaztic_One, yes when you install and partition, it will have ext3 as the default to format the partition as05:04
DasEikarmic comes with ext4 in default, Spaztic_One05:04
ActionParsnipaurilliance: i use a g1 and i have to tell the phone to mount the d card when i attatch the device, i can then mount the partition (it would automount but i turned it off)05:04
aurillianceActionParsnip, I know, but my phone isn't detecting ubuntu, and ubuntu isn't detecting my hpne05:05
airtonixDasEi, every time i install 9.10, i have to change the option from ext3 to ext405:05
cameron_Oening a guest session or just using gdm, the keyboard works perfectly. I think something in Gnome has ben seriously messed up.05:05
* abhinav is away: Abhinav|away05:06
* abhinav is away: breakfast05:06
DasEiairtonix: older installer cd ?05:06
airtonixDasEi, no05:06
Trek!away ? abhinav05:07
dominickpastorei just installed 9.10 in a vm ealier today, and it used ext4.05:07
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:07
Trek!away > abhinav05:07
ubottuabhinav, please see my private message05:07
Ashokplease any one tel me how to set up wire shark capturing nd i hv permission  to do ids05:07
ruariThe new "ext4" filesystem is used by default for new installations with Ubuntu 9.1005:07
aurillianceActionParsnip, tailing /var/log/messages as I plug it in, I get "Config 1 has 0 interfaces, different from the descriptor's value: 6" and "configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice"05:07
Starcraftmazterhey, which kind of a partition table is best for a linux HD?05:07
DasEiairtonix: just rechecked, ext4 on my vm05:07
aurillianceActionParsnip, as well as a ton of "new high speed USB device" messages05:07
DasEiairtonix: jaunty was chooseable05:08
abhi_navAshok you really want help?05:08
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piojunbabiai have i problem, when i try to type sudo apt-get update, i get one err message: Err "http://repository.cairo-dock.org karmic Release" how may i fix this? i dont use cairo-dock, why is it there? please thanks..05:08
Spaztic_OneYou know the current ETA for Lucid?05:09
Ashokabhi_nav: ya man05:09
aurillianceSpaztic_One, #ubuntu+1 ?05:09
GneaAshok: this is a general support channel, you can find specific help for wireshark in #wireshark05:09
Spaztic_Oneaurilliance: Good idea. I forgot about that channel, thanks.05:09
dominickpastoreSpaztic_One: apr 29 i believe05:10
ActionParsnippiojunbabia: can you pastebin the full output please05:10
aurillianceSpaztic_One, no probs05:10
Random832piojunbabia, if you don't use it, go in /etc/apt/sources.list and delete the offending line05:10
aurillianceActionParsnip, restarting my phone fixed it! Thanks for the help anyways05:10
ActionParsnipaurilliance: nice :) glad you got the gold05:10
aurillianceActionParsnip, me to ;)05:10
abhi_navAshok: you cant get my pm?05:10
theadminWhy is ntfs-3g so sloooow?05:10
ActionParsniptheadmin: ntfs is proprietary, if it was open it would be faster05:11
Ashokabhi_nav: what is pm05:11
theadminActionParsnip: Yeah... another reason microsoft sucks05:11
aurillianceAshok, private message05:11
abhi_nav!pm | Ashok05:11
ubottuAshok: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.05:11
ActionParsniptheadmin: every OS sucks dude05:11
DasEipiojunbabia: can you paste the full error message and your sources.list ?05:11
theadminActionParsnip: !?05:11
abhi_navAshok: which irc client you are using?05:11
ne0futurhi all i m trying to remove pulseaudio from my system, but all the tutorials say "go to System -> Preferences -> Sound"05:12
piojunbabiahow to pastebin?05:12
ActionParsniptheadmin: just in different ways, theres also the song by 3 dead trolls in a baggie05:12
ne0futuris there a mean to launch this app from the command line ?05:12
ActionParsnip!paste | piojunbabia05:12
ubottupiojunbabia: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:12
ne0futurI have no "System -> Preferences -> Sound" in wmaker05:12
ActionParsnipne0futur: type its name, use tab to complete it05:12
airtonixne0futur, i'm sure you have some extremely good reasons for doing such a hastey operation05:12
piojunbabiathanks, ok wait05:12
theadminActionParsnip: Ubuntu rocks... except it's not as popular. Macs are also bleh, so Linux is the only one. And out of those, Ubuntu looks best.05:13
DasEipiojunbabia:^ terminal output and file :   /etc/apt/sources.list05:13
=== jason__ is now known as mjkjr
ne0futurairtonix: pulseaudio is the worst peace of s**t i seen for years ( excepting kde4 )05:13
theadminne0futur: lol totally agree on kde05:13
airtonixne0futur, i disagree.05:13
ne0futurActionParsnip: what is the name of the binary launched by "System -> Preferences -> Sound" ?05:13
ActionParsniptheadmin: not if you wanna play games which wont run in wine or run proprietary software which relys heaily on windows05:13
bazhangne0futur, please watch the language05:13
piojunbabia./etc/apt/sources.list is a text file?05:13
airtonixne0futur, i seem to be the only one that can make pulseaudio do what i want.05:14
ActionParsnipne0futur: run alacarte and see for yourself ;)05:14
theadminActionParsnip: Which i have dual-boot with Windows for05:14
ne0futur( but I love kde, using https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Kde3/Karmic here )05:14
DasEipiojunbabia:^ terminal output and file :   /etc/apt/sources.list  , text-file, yes05:14
airtonixActionParsnip, now alacarte issomething i detest...i want some thing that can edit the menus faster...05:14
cameron_Is anyone else having severe keyboard problems and general Gnome weirdness? I'm having to create a new user because none of my sessions will accept input through my physical keyboard or thru onBoard..05:14
ActionParsniptheadmin: yes, so windows has advantages over ubuntu ;)05:14
ActionParsnipairtonix: could edit the .desktop files in /usr/share/applications05:15
theadminActionParsnip: And disadvantages too :( Whatever, let's cut the offtopic05:15
ne0futurActionParsnip: theres no alacarte binary here05:15
ActionParsniptheadmin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d85p7JZXNy805:15
theadminMetacity randomly hangs up when i use Java apps, any idea?05:15
airtonixActionParsnip, true but its more complicated than that... it involves an xml merge overlay file thats more complicated than it needs to be05:15
ActionParsnipne0futur: press alt+f2  type: alacarte  press enter, you can then navigate to the area of the menu to see what command is executed05:15
ne0futurActionParsnip: no alacarte here, i m running wmaker , no kde or gnome DE05:16
ne0futuri just need the name of the sound config binary05:16
airtonixActionParsnip, menu items you see are made up from a global set of items, and gnome then reads an xml file in your home folder to merge or remove items... which i suspect is why alacarte is so slow ... i detest re-organising my menu with alacarte because it moves at such a glacial speed05:17
* ne0futur tries apt-get install alacarte05:17
poidaHi I'm my Amarok is crashing when I try to start it.  If anyone could help that would be great.  Here is the output.  http://codepaste.net/woakcb05:17
jub369is there any one that can help me with php/html problem05:17
DasEipiojunbabia:sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com  /etc/apt/sources.list05:17
ActionParsnipairtonix: just use alt+f2 or launch from a terminal / guake05:17
airtonixpoida, have you asked in #kubuntu05:17
theadminjub369: Might be a good idea to ask in #php05:17
DasEipiojunbabia: ^ one cmd for same thing05:17
ActionParsnipairtonix: make aliases for stuff, makes life easier05:18
ne0futurpoida: amarok and othe kde appss ares stable in kde3 ;)  -> https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Kde3/Karmic05:18
jub369thank u05:18
poidaairtonix, thanks will do.05:18
ActionParsnipne0futur: i find stuff is awesome in lxde, and its lighter than both gnome and kde :D05:18
piojunbabiaDasEi: ok05:18
airtonixActionParsnip, do you have dbus in lxde?05:18
DasEipiojunbabia: give url from terminal here05:18
ne0futurActionParsnip: i m very happy with windowmaker, but need stable konsole and other useful kde3 apps05:19
jub369the admin05:19
sexcopterairtonix, some hours later and after some head-scratching, i have sound on my server! this solution was to get rid of alsa and pulseaudio and install oss. go figure...05:19
jub369i cant join #php it says invite only05:19
poidaWhat is the most feature full music player for Ubuntu?05:19
DasEi!register | jub36905:19
ubottujub369: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode05:19
airtonixsexcopter, ok. i hope you can use upnp medi servers when the time comes that you desire to do so.05:19
DasEipoida: best is hard, vlc and mplayer are my favourites05:19
abhi_navDasEi: my nick is registred and though it redirects me too to ##php05:20
ne0futuri installed alacarte but its a segmentation fault when I try to launch it . . .05:20
theadminpoida: I use VLC, and can't say i'm in any way unsatisfied05:20
airtonixvlc is hardly considered a '05:20
aurillianceubuntu wiki server is down?05:20
airtonix... hardly consider vlc a 'featurefull music player'05:20
ActionParsnipairtonix: no idea, my needs are very simple so i just use what i use, not dug that deep05:21
ne0futuraurilliance: yes i tried to access https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio bvefore coming here05:21
theadminairtonix: Meh, it plays :D What else does a music player need except PLAYING FREAKING SONGS?05:21
ne0futurwas down for  me ( 503 error )05:21
DasEijub369: saw abhi_nav ? try ##php05:21
airtonixpoida, http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Karmic#Music_Players05:21
aurilliancene0futur, thanks05:21
ActionParsniptheadmin: dual core support would be nice05:21
airtonixtheadmin, then your suggestion does not qualify for 'feature full'05:21
theadminActionParsnip: ...what on earth would that give? No idea really05:21
=== rainofkayos is now known as SolarisBoy
poidaI wan't album art, last.fm plugin, bells and whistles etc etc.05:21
ActionParsniptheadmin: vlc only runs on one core, mplayer uses as many as it can05:22
theadminairtonix: Indeed, well... Rhythmbox would fit more here.05:22
airtonixpoida, im liking songbird at the moment05:22
ActionParsnippoida: i believe amarok has all that05:22
airtonixtheadmin, yes its very good specially since its in the default install05:22
ActionParsnipspotify via wine is sweeeeet to05:22
theadminamarok is taking around 1.5 minutes to start :/05:22
DasEiaurilliance: http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/05:22
poidaActionParsnip, that's what I was using.  but now it crashes.05:22
airtonixpoida, if you want last.fm then i suggest you try banshee05:22
phibxrpoida: check quodlibet out. lots of good extentions from what I remember. :)05:23
poidacool thanks for all the suggestions people.05:23
aurillianceDasda, thnx05:23
aurillianceDasEi, ^ lol05:23
airtonixActionParsnip, what dos lxde use to paint the icons on the desktop ?05:23
ne0futurhttp://pastebin.com/Drt2zuBC   <-- alacarte segmentation fault05:24
aurillianceDasEi, some other channels I frequent have a bot that responds to !isitjustme ;)05:24
ne0futurany other tool to config the sound ?05:24
DasEipiojunbabia: problems with the paster ?05:24
ActionParsnipairtonix: the WM is openbox, i believe it uses pcmanfm to draw deskop icons05:24
DasEiaurilliance: good hint or a new factoid05:24
piojunbabiaDasEi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/398605/05:25
ActionParsnipairtonix: look out for Lubuntu too ;)05:25
ne0futurah it only crashes when launched as root05:25
theadminAh, Lubuntu. Want it to be out soon, really have to take a look at that05:25
ActionParsniptheadmin: the metapackage is available, just install a minimal ubuntu then install lubuntu-desktop05:26
ActionParsnip!info lubuntu-desktop05:27
theadminActionParsnip: Meh, i'll stick to GNOME as long as it's not considered stable enough for a release05:27
ubottulubuntu-desktop (source: lubuntu-meta): Lubuntu Desktop environment. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.7.1 (karmic), package size 3 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 powerpc ia64 sparc lpia armel)05:27
DasEipiojunbabia: sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 2ED6BB6042C24D8905:27
benbazhang: 你好啊05:27
theadmin...what kinda language is that05:28
bazhangben, english here, #ubuntu-cn for Chinese ; #ubuntu-offtopic for chat05:28
Ashokwhat is the difference b/w halt and shut down05:28
ne0futuralacarte dont seem to allow me to configure the sound ;(05:28
piojunbabiaDasEi: BRB, ned to get lunch.. startving..... :)05:28
ne0futurhoe can I access the tool for sound preferences on http://www.ubuntugeek.com/fix-for-all-pulseaudio-related-issues.html05:29
benbazhang: Sorry, I submitted the wrong message.05:29
aurillianceI have several proxy configurations, is there a panel icon that I can use to switch between them?05:29
ActionParsnipaurilliance: i'd use a script which takes a value as an arg to export the right proxy setting ;)05:30
DasEipiojunbabia: have food, I'll send pm waiting for you05:30
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
unopAshok,  halt(1) calls shutdown(1)  and the default action for shutdown is to 'halt' the system and poweroff if possible.05:31
unopAshok, see ``man 1 halt'' and ``man 1 shutdown''05:32
ne0futurahhh i found a more console oriented tutorial for removing pulseaudio problems05:33
theadminYeah by the way, can i make it halt but not poweroff? It gives me a weird error at shutdown and i wanna read it05:33
bullgardrsnapshot obtains an error: "rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred" similar to https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-server-bugs/2009-July/014523.html. Why does rsync transfer attributes in addition and extra to files?05:33
ActionParsnipne0futur: intrepid is getting dropped next year05:33
AbortDanyone have trouble with the drivers in ubuntu with a wireless atheros card05:33
ActionParsnipAbortD: my atheros works out of the box05:34
ne0futursudo sysv-rc-conf05:34
ne0futurgreat tool ! exactly what I was needing05:34
AbortDActionParsnip not mine it sees networks tells me the wrong signal strength05:34
AbortDand will drop connection05:34
ActionParsnipAbortD: websearch the exact atheros chip you have, you'll find guides05:35
paranoid_pedlarhow do I install build-depends in karmic?05:35
ZnuffHi. Is there any article stating why the hell the new ubuntu beta has Yahoo! as it's default search engine?05:36
ActionParsnipZnuff: whats wrong with yahoo?05:36
unopaurilliance,  you'd set the appropriate gconf keys under '/system/http_proxy' and '/system/proxy' -- to script it, you can make use of something like gconftool-205:36
theadminActionParsnip: Google is better?05:36
DasEiparanoid_pedlar: you want the dependencies of a deb ?05:36
ZnuffExcept that fact that it sucks?05:36
FireCrotchZnuff: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2010-January/030065.html05:36
ActionParsniptheadmin: speculative, not concrete05:36
paranoid_pedlarYahoo! used to use google to search05:37
Znuff*used* to05:37
paranoid_pedlarDasda, I want to install all the compiling tools05:37
ActionParsnipZnuff: then change it, the default theme in ubuntu has been pretty poor imho but its changable05:37
wunjohow do I run a program in verbose mode?05:37
DasEiparanoid_pedlar: I see ,build-essential fakeroot, see :05:37
abhi_navwunjo: which program?05:37
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)05:37
theadminActionParsnip: ?! Theme? Unchangable?05:37
ActionParsnipwunjo: depends on the app05:37
DasEiparanoid_pedlar: which app ?05:37
paranoid_pedlarDasEi, perfect. it's getting late for me05:38
paranoid_pedlarDasEi, forgot what the package was called05:38
ActionParsniptheadmin: i didnt say it was unchangable, i just think a brown desktop is pretty nast, but it is changable, just like the yahoo search will be changable also05:38
Znuffgreedy :(05:38
DasEiparanoid_pedlar: which app you want to install ? oooh05:38
ActionParsnipwunjo: i'd ask in #vmware05:38
theadminActionParsnip: I liked the orange one better too...05:38
ActionParsniptheadmin: i though it was nasty, but its changable :)05:39
LoshaZnuff: well they were gonna use bing...05:39
theadminLosha: Huhwud? Bing is microsofts!05:39
Loshatheadmin: it was a joke. Sorry, for a moment I forgot we're all nerds...05:40
theadminLosha: Phew, i thought you were serious05:40
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:41
meatbunis chrome based on mozilla?05:41
theadminmeatbun: Not at all05:41
aurillianceunop, thanks ^05:41
meatbuntheadmin: i look/feel so much like firefox05:41
ActionParsnipmeatbun: not at all, it uses webkit05:41
zetherooplease help!!! My laptop screen keeps turning off randomly.... I don't touch it for a couple min and then "poof" it's off .. the machine is still running though ... I can hear skype messages coming in ... :P05:42
theadminmeatbun: It might have been inspired by FF a bit, but it's not technically "based" on it05:42
DasEizetheroo: s-saver ? enrgy saving on max ?05:42
theadminzetheroo: Check the screensaver and Power Management05:42
meatbunActionParsnip: i c05:42
meatbuntheadmin: ok05:42
zetherooDasEino ... the screen is off! and nothing turns it back on ... the machine is still running05:43
ActionParsnipmeatbun: on my systems it runs a whole lot leaner than firefox, plus its made by google so it must be awesome right....05:43
zetherooDasEi: as i said I am getting skype messages still from my chat as i can hear the sound ...05:43
DasEizetheroo: have a look in /var/log/messages and syslog in same dir05:43
theadminActionParsnip: I wish it'd develop more quickly...05:43
zetherooDasEi: ok05:44
meatbunActionParsnip: newer firefox required JRE 6.x; but my legacy software require an older ver of JRE. so i am switching over to safari05:44
DasEitheadmin: it's going on very fast, if you watch the daily builds05:44
theadminDasEi: Do you talk about CHROME or CHROMIUM?05:44
ActionParsniptheadmin: daily builds are awesome05:44
meatbunActionParsnip: but now i am reconsider chrome over safari. and IE sucks05:44
DasEitheadmin: the browser05:45
FriGiNMorning everyone. anyone wanna help out a newbie to ubuntu with an install question05:45
DasEiFriGiN: ask05:45
theadminmeatbun: And not for Linux. Also, there is Opera... but it's a meh05:45
ActionParsnipmeatbun: try it, its free to try05:45
DasEi,,,,every browser suc...05:46
FriGiNok heres the deal .. goin onto a laptop to share with win7, got main 7 partition. got my swap space, and the installer is only making a 20g partition05:46
FriGiNi have about 40 more than that i want to dedicate to *nix05:46
ActionParsniptheadmin: arora is great too, really mean and supports all the new standards05:46
theadminFriGiN: Try "Specify partitions manually (advanced)"05:46
zetherooDasEi: when the screen goes black the keyboard also stops working ... maybe X is crashing?05:46
FriGiNam in there. its still only letting max size for main part be 19230mb05:46
meatbuntheadmin: yeah... my other choices are galeon on windows and opera05:46
FriGiNthats why im askin.05:46
ActionParsnipmeatbun: arora is great too :)05:47
meatbunActionParsnip: yah. chrome had been beta for a while05:47
DasEizetheroo: look up in /etc/X11/Xorg.0.log05:47
theadminFriGiN: What are you formatting it to?05:47
paranoid_pedlartheadmin, opera was the first browser to pilot a lot of what we're used to in our chosen browsers, like tabs05:47
meatbuni wasted good # of hours trying to fix JRE and firefox. and i just give up and use safari05:47
ruariyea sounds like is down, will it let you drop to console, by pressing <ctrl Alt> F4?05:47
FriGiNdidnt format it yet still in the prep parts screen05:47
theadminparanoid_pedlar: Yeah but it has TOO MUCH stuff these days05:47
theadminFriGiN: I mean, what filesystem are you trying to format to?05:47
CrustyBarnacleFriGin: Win7 allows you to resize partitions live. You may need to make your Win7 partition smaller before you install *nix05:48
theadminCrustyBarnacle: He has 40GB unallocated05:48
theadminCrustyBarnacle: Whilst he can only make a 20 gig part05:48
FriGiNits default to ext4. and i already resized the part to have 41948 to free05:48
FriGiNagree @ theadmin05:48
FriGiNmy part prep screen shows "free space - - 41948mb"05:49
FriGiNtrying to add that to the ext4 nix partition05:49
paranoid_pedlartheadmin, agreed, however I'm not going to switch, I'll just wait for firefox to assimilate the different browsers. Plus I kinda feel guilty for ditching firefox, since it's done well for linux05:49
theadminFriGiN: Okay, how does your partition table go? In what order?05:49
theadminparanoid_pedlar: I'll always be on it, it's by far my favorite05:49
FriGiNits /dev/sda - dev/sda1/ ntfs - freespace - /dev/sda5 ext4 - /dev/sda6 swap05:50
paranoid_pedlartheadmin, I think the only reason google designed a browser was to defeat firefox from making loads of cash from the google toolbar05:50
theadminparanoid_pedlar: btw chrome doesn't seem to HAVE the toolbar lol05:51
theadminFriGiN: Hm, wud? Sorry but... could you take a screenshot, i failed to understand05:51
paranoid_pedlartheadmin, and bookmark access is odd at best05:51
CrustyBarnacleFriGin: Did the installer create the ext4 and swap partitions? or did you manually create them?05:51
DasEitheadmin: I understand , take over ?05:51
theadminDasEi: Yes please05:52
FriGiNyou know what.. its from a messed up install.. i got my answer i bet. delete the parts and recreate05:52
FriGiNi bet its that simple05:52
CrustyBarnacleFriGin: That is indeed where I would start.05:52
DasEiFriGiN: you will have to delete sda5 to get it one space05:52
FriGiNhad a bad sector or something that messed with my permissions and couldnt load x.05:52
FriGiNor whatever its called these days.05:53
DasEiFriGiN: are you using the desktop-live cd ?05:53
zetherooDasEi: so much stuff .. I have no idea what to look for05:53
FriGiNyup yup.05:53
theadminFriGiN: X, not "x", but nearly right05:53
DasEiFriGiN: additional question, have you got a (small) additional, free usb-stick ?05:54
FriGiNyes i do. many plus a TB external.05:54
DasEizetheroo: use search function of editor, search error05:54
theadminAny idea what window manager does the gnome-shell package of Karmic use?05:54
FriGiNok dumb question and its beena few years so this could be an issue that has been resolved or just a minor annoyance from ancient times..05:55
ActionParsniptheadmin: probably compiz05:55
DasEiFriGiN: k, that's just an extracautious idea, backup the working mbr, case things go wrong, so win is still intact; as I got you you got a grub now with win, but not ubu working05:56
FriGiNdoes it matter that /sda5 and /sda6 are my nix and swap?05:56
theadminActionParsnip: oh. Any way to switch over to metacity?05:56
theadminFriGiN: Most likely yes05:56
FriGiNok then i killed swap too ..05:56
ActionParsniptheadmin: try it with the usual: metacity --replace05:56
paranoid_pedlartheadmin, yes there is05:56
paranoid_pedlarno need for that parsnip05:56
FriGiNback ancient years ago you should have put your swap to 2x your phys mem.. still the case?05:56
theadminCan i force WUBI to install grub to MBR and NOT to the Ubuntu pseudo-partition?05:57
DasEiFriGiN: no, ubu installs wherever you like it, but to resize, spaces have to be next to each other05:57
CrustyBarnacleFriGin: You need >= RAM to Hibernate/Suspend05:57
paranoid_pedlartheadmin, install compiz fusion icon05:58
DasEiFriGiN: for hibernating it is important , if you got more then enough ram, don't really need swap that big05:58
zetherooDasEi: ok ... one repeating error is to do with bluez and the other is X05:58
paranoid_pedlartheadmin, good for when you want to play a game, or an app is acting funny05:58
theadminparanoid_pedlar: compiz is of no good for 512 megs of RAM05:58
DasEizetheroo: sudo apt-get install pastebinit05:58
FriGiNwell i got 2gb of ram.. so im thinkin a 2048 swap instead of 888 that the installer originally placed.05:58
paranoid_pedlartheadmin, I thought you wanted to switch to non composite, this package allows that05:59
DasEizetheroo: pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com  /etc/X11/Xorg.0.log05:59
drizzt_and my font's look to washed out whats wrong with them?05:59
theadminDasEi: you missed -i06:00
DasEiFriGiN: yep, at 2 gig systemram, I'd place a swap also apart from suspend06:00
zetherooDasEi: I found the errors in syslog06:00
theadminDasEi: zetheroo: pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com -i /etc/X11/Xorg.0.log06:00
RoastedAnybody know how I can sync two thunderbird calendars together on my ubuntu laptop and ubuntu desktop?06:00
FriGiNDasEi: how do you mean place a swap also apart from suspend06:01
researcher1where can I find the easy tutorial for DHCP Server controlled TCp/IP network?06:01
researcher1Im learning Networking06:01
DasEiFriGiN: swap is needed if apps consumed the ram, 2 gigs are not too less, but are reachable by heavy usage06:02
FriGiNDasEi: yup understand that. but you said apart.. so another swap space?06:03
DasEiFriGiN: in spite of was meant06:03
DasEino other swap06:03
meatbunwhich is a good terminal based/ssh irc client?06:04
FriGiNDasEi: so one single 2048 swap and a 60019 working part should be sufficient is what your telling me correct?06:04
DasEiFriGiN: yes06:04
meatbunor should i say, that is popular now?06:04
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines06:04
FriGiNDasEi: awesome thy06:04
ActionParsnipmeatbun: irssi06:04
gauravcan any body help me in installing apache in karmic kola06:04
ActionParsnipmeatbun: or weechat afaik06:05
DasEiFriGiN: just pick a empty usb stick, boot live, get it done06:05
FriGiNok one last stupid question...06:05
gaurav can any body help me in installing apache in karmic kola06:05
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:05
DasEiFriGiN: go ahead06:05
nightsjammieswhat do I need to open up an .so file?06:05
zetheroo1DasEi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/398617/06:05
abhinav!apache | gaurav06:05
ubottugaurav: please see above06:05
FriGiNonce i have all my stuff ported over to the nix parts how i can i drop the win7 partition..06:05
nightsjammiesand is there anyone else in here running lucid lynx?06:06
zetheroo1DasEi: that's the syslog btw06:06
ActionParsnipnightsjammies: tits a lib or plugin most likely but in Linux the file extension doesn't mean much in terminal06:06
paranoid_pedlarsomeone want to help me with compiling glade3 with git in karmic?06:06
abhinavnightsjammies: .so is a binary file (library). Why do you want to open it ?06:06
bazhangnightsjammies, its in #ubuntu+106:06
aurilliancenightsjammies, #ubuntu+106:06
nightsjammiesfor the rhythmbox video plugin06:07
gauravthanks dude06:07
DasEiFriGiN: you can do it later, either have an extra data partiton there, or , if you put the nix-partition (root) as you called it, next to it, can enlarge the ubuntu-one to that space06:07
FriGiNDasEi: tyvm thats what i had thought.. just been so long since i did anything in linux i feel like a newborn all over.06:08
pepper_hazeI have a question06:08
DasEiFriGiN: be welcome06:08
nightsjammiesso then how do I open it up?06:09
pepper_hazeafter some time of play of a game, my screen minimizes, why is that??????06:09
abhi_navhey abhinav i please read my pm06:09
pepper_hazelike it goes from full screen, to a window06:09
zetheroo1DasEi: could this be the issue? http://paste.ubuntu.com/398618/06:09
drizzt_is there some spellchecker which support unicode?06:09
pepper_hazeWhen I play a game, after a period of time, my game goes from full screen, it minimizes to a window,06:10
pepper_hazewhy is that?06:10
gaurav can any body help me in installing apache in karmic kola ? and how to use that paste bin06:10
paranoid_pedlarpepper_haze, it's a feature, and it's probably because of your keyboard06:10
pepper_hazewell, I haven't hit anything on my keyboard06:10
abhi_navgaurav: go to pastebin.ubuntu.com and paste your text there click on continue. and come here and give that address and some one interested wll go to that address read your text06:11
pepper_hazewhat is the key to go back to full screen?06:11
DasEizetheroo.I'm still 'consuming syslog; do you run any bluetooth devices at all ?06:11
ActionParsnippepper_haze: maybe a shortcut to minimise all is enabled06:11
abhi_navpepper_haze: which game?06:11
pepper_hazeall games06:11
paranoid_pedlarwouldn't double click make it full screen?06:11
meatbunActionParsnip: er.... irssi... only for linux... any popular free, ones for windows?06:12
gauravwhere to paste that code06:12
gauravdude i am not understanding06:12
pepper_hazeWhen I play tiny and big, and when I play savage XR, and when I play blood frontier06:12
gauravplz make me undersatnd06:12
paranoid_pedlarmeatbun, weechat. when you're done you can help me install mine :D06:12
pepper_hazeand other games06:12
DasEizetheroo: yes, lines 3605 and following, seems gdm is misconfigured06:12
meatbunparanoid_pedlar: lol06:12
drizzt_meatbun, irssi worls on windows06:12
ubuntu_hi!  i'm using an ubuntu live CD and would like to backup my /home/user folder, but i'm getting permission errors.  can someone please help me figure this out?06:12
abhi_navgaurav: first go to pastebin.ubuntu.com in your broswer06:12
meatbundrizzt_: i have to compile it myself?06:13
gauravya i done that06:13
soreaugaurav: Open pastebin.com in your web browser06:13
DasEimeatbun:i's in repos06:13
abhi_navsorry gaurav: its http://paste.ubuntu.com/06:13
zetheroo1DasEi: this machine does not even have BT06:13
soreaugaurav: Don't you have firefox working?06:13
drizzt_meatbun, there's  a binary on it's site06:13
zetheroo1DasEi: is there a way to reconfigure gdm properly?06:13
DasEizetheroosudo apt-get install bum06:13
DasEizetheroosudo1:  apt-get install bum06:14
DasEisudo *06:14
meatbundrizzt_: yeah. just like xchat/silver thing. it sucks u know06:14
gauravya i have done that .firefox is working also page is opened but after opening page what i do06:14
zetheroo1DasEi: installing06:14
abhi_navgaurav: now give title in the tab naned Poster:06:14
zetheroo1DasEi: installed06:14
drizzt_ubuntu_, how are you trying to back it up? do you have superuser permissions?06:14
DasEizetheroosudo1: sudo bum06:15
abhi_navgaurav: then copy paste your text in the box called Content06:15
DasEizetheroosudo1: take out the bluetooth06:15
zetheroo1DasEi: the process?06:15
ubuntu_drizzt_: thanks for replying.  i started gksu nautilus, and am trying to copy the folder to a usb pen drive.06:15
zetheroo1DasEi: there is Bluetooth Service06:16
zetheroo1DasEi: is that the one?06:16
snowrichardi'm on my win7 netbook i got today in ubuntu on virtualbox06:16
DasEizetheroosudo1: yes06:16
abhi_navgaurav: done?06:16
zetheroo1DasEi: ok06:16
DasEizetheroosudo1: close bum, can optimize there later on (uneeded ones, performance)06:16
gauravwhat i have to paste06:17
DasEizetheroosudo1: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade06:17
abhi_navgaurav: ohhhh06:17
abhi_navgaurav: wait06:17
zetheroo1DasEi: nothing to update06:17
ubuntu_drizzt_: it says "Error while copying. The folder "blah blah" cannot be handled because you do not have permissions to read it."06:18
gauravkk abhinav thanks for helping me06:18
abhi_navgaurav: who told you to use pastebin? generaly we use pastebin to paste multiline text06:19
zetherooDasEi: rebooting ... screen shut off again!!!06:19
DasEizetheroo:  don't run it, note it : sudo apt-get remove --purge gdm && sudo apt-get install gdm06:20
gauravboss tell me how to install apcahe server in karmic kola06:20
abhi_navgaurav: that previous messages doesnt help? by ubottu?06:20
abhi_nav!apache | gaurav06:20
ubottugaurav: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:20
abhi_navgaurav: when talking to somene use nick so that he wll know that to whome you are talking, please06:21
DasEizetheroo: this will erase current gdm including config and re-install it, also, which g-card has the lappi and is there a driver installed ?06:21
zetherooDasEi: ATI ... Radeon06:21
=== Tabstar is now known as Tabmow
DasEizetheroo: but you didn't install an additional driver ?06:22
zetherooDasEi: no .. it never needed one ... compiz and all works out of the box06:22
DasEizetheroo: compiz could be another reason06:22
zetherooDasEi: its wanting to remove ubuntu-desktop with that command06:23
DasEizetheroo: up again ?06:23
zetherooDasEi: should I let it?06:24
ubuntu_drizzt_: nevermind, i think i got it..turns out i needed to have permission to access /home - the all folders within it are mine as well.  thanks'06:24
zetherooDasEi: yes its back up ...06:24
DasEias said that cmd was to note, not to be issued from within x06:24
zetherooDasEi: I was about to do that command to reinstall gdm06:24
zetheroooh I see06:24
zetheroowhere should i do it then?06:24
DasEizetheroo: great you got a second line; on lappi : sudo init 106:26
wazzaaaaahi all noob question perhaps , is there a diff btw vi and gedit?06:26
zetherooDasEi: second line?06:26
ubottuUbuntu One is a service where you can back up, store, sync and share your data with other Ubuntu One users - For more see https://one.ubuntu.com/ support and help available at #ubuntuone06:27
zetherooDasEi: I did that command and now have a black screen ... not off ... just black06:27
DasEizetheroo: you choosed netroot and ran that cmd ?06:27
zetherooDasEi: netroot?06:28
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DasEizetheroo: or did sudo init 1 gave you a black screen ?06:28
zetherooDasEi: yes06:28
DasEikarmic ?06:28
zetherooDasEi: sudo init 1 gave me a black screen - not off ... and yes Karmic06:28
zetherooDasEi: should I reboot ?06:29
DasEizetheroo: reboot again, press left shift (or esc, unlikely), boot into recovery mode06:29
rohanroyDoes anyone know how to route all my network traffic through a connected PPTP VPN network? (im in ubuntu server, no gui... gotta use the command line.)06:29
rohanroyAlso, I'm in a virtual machine, behind a nat router and cable modem.06:29
rohanroyIn windows, it's easy, nothings required, it's default, (as is mac,) but it seems so ridiculously hard in linux06:30
StopSignsudo  givemesomeskills06:30
zetherooDasEi: how do you boot into recovery mode ... I don't get a grub menu because I only have Ubuntu install on here06:30
greezmunkeyrohanroy: mna ip route06:31
DasEizetheroo: reboot again, press left shift after "beep"06:31
rohanroygreezmunkey: do you mean man?06:31
ActionParsniprohanroy: its only hard because its alien to you, windows is hard for me06:32
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zetherooDasEi: booted straight into X again06:32
greezmunkeyrohanroy: Not knowing what you have set up, setting your PPTP interface as your default gate should do it.06:32
ActionParsniprohanroy: dont forget with the automatic stuff you lose a lot of configurability ;)06:32
zetherooDasEi: trying again06:33
rohanroygreezmunkey: I have a fully configured, working PPTP VPN installed on a remote server (my windows xp and mac clients connect just fine.)06:33
zetherooDasEi: ok I got the grub menu06:33
drizzt_nono it's hard because ubuntu design team is busy with moving window buttons instead of making usable product06:33
DasEizetheroo: second kernel06:33
drizzt_ubuntu even cannot share internet by default06:33
zetherooDasEi: 31-19?06:34
gauravhow to install apache in karmic kola06:34
zetherooDasEi: and in recovery mode?06:34
ActionParsnipdrizzt_: sure it can, it requires no extra packages installing to share the network06:34
abhi_navgaurav: that previous messages doesnt help? by ubottu?06:34
rohanroygreezmunkey: I installed ubuntu Jeos on a virtual machine with a bridged adapter and I've successfully connected to the VPN (authenticated, and everything, I can also access VPN connected clients.)06:34
DasEirecovery kernel, zetheroo06:34
abhi_nav!apache | gaurav06:34
ubottugaurav: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:34
abhi_navgaurav: when talking to somene use nick so that he wll know that to whome you are talking, please06:34
crunchbanghey im installing crunch bang at the moment and there is not a united states option for keybords what should I do06:34
zetherooDasEi: ok ... 31-20 recovery mode06:34
rohanroygreezmunkey: BUTTT, a traceroute to google.com still shows it leaving my router, to my isp and to google, instead of out of my VPN server.06:34
DasEizetheroo: netroot06:35
drizzt_ActionParsnip, it requires DNS daemon which is not installed by default06:35
zetherooDasEi: ok06:35
abhi_navcrunchbang: join #crunchbang06:35
DasEi!crunchbang | crunchbang, mine had one06:35
ubottucrunchbang, mine had one: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)06:35
ActionParsnipdrizzt_: only if you need a dns daemon, you can masquerade connections with iptables quite nicely06:35
zetherooDasEi: will the wireless work here?06:35
zetherooDasEi: or do i need to plug in?06:35
DasEizetheroo: dhclient06:35
gheddy_zarcso to install apache we need to install LAMP abhi_nav ? I wanna share a network with a few ubuntu & xp machines06:36
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zetherooDasEi: plug in? ... LAN?06:36
abhi_navgheddy_zarc no06:36
rohanroygreezmunkey: here's a forum I made on ubuntuforums, if you have a moment, can you look at it? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=143484106:36
DasEizetheroo: will have to plug at this stage06:36
Karmicgheddy no a lamp server does not need to be installed to use apache only06:36
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greezmunkeyrohanroy: looking06:36
abhi_navgheddy_zarc if you only want apache then install apache only06:36
drizzt_ActionParsnip, of course you need DNS daemon because otherwise LAN computer will not be able to resolve addresses06:36
zetherooDasEi: oh ok.... No working leases ... etc ... it was only scanning eth* devices :(06:37
zetherooDasEi: can i get it to rescan?06:37
DasEizetheroo: dhclient06:37
DasEizetheroo: ctrl-c to stop the old one06:37
greezmunkeyrohanroy: paste the output of "ip route" (sans quotes)06:37
abhi_navgaurav: gheddy_zarc: sudo apt-get install apache doesnt that working?06:37
ActionParsnipdrizzt_: if the IP for the DNS is external to the LAN it will be used, you can use any public dns and the router wil push the request out to the lan. a dns daemon is not required, its just a nice thing to have06:37
ActionParsnippush out to the www* sorry06:38
gauravwhat is nick06:38
ActionParsnip!nick | gaurav06:38
ubottugaurav: Your nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with Freenode.06:38
abhi_navgaurav: your nick is gaurav. my  nick is abhi_nav etc06:38
DasEigaurav is your nick06:38
drizzt_ActionParsnip, how LAN computers will know which DNS server is used by gateway?06:38
rohanroygreezmunkey: One sec, installing SSH so I can actually copy the output (was using vrdp up until now.)06:38
chelzdrizzt_: computers usually default to using their gateway as a dns server. gateways therefore usually have their own dns servers, which query ISP gateways06:39
gauravplz dude a easy process to install apache in karmic kola06:39
DasEidrizzt_: /etc/resolv.conf06:39
gauravplz abhi_nav help06:39
gauravme in regarding this06:39
ActionParsnipdrizzt_: you put the www based dns ( for example in the resolv.conf file or network manager config of the clients06:39
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abhi_navgaurav: hmm yah like that06:40
chelzgaurav: goolging for guides on how to setup a LAMP server is what you want06:40
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abhi_navgaurav: you want only apache or lamp?06:40
DasEizetheroo1: in x lappi I assume06:40
wazzaaaaagaurav , use synaptic   type in apache in the search click and apply.06:40
zetheroo1DasEi: I am on my good lappy ;)06:40
DasEi.. in x06:41
ActionParsnipdrizzt_: like i said, its not absolutley needed06:41
zetheroo1DasEi: yes06:41
gauravanything which help in php easyily so that i use connection between server and php06:41
zetheroo1DasEi: the other one is still in recovery mode06:41
zetheroo1DasEi: how can I get it to rescan for networks06:41
wazzaaaaagaurav , you need LAMP ....06:41
drizzt_So I need to search the Web first for some 3rd party DNS server's IP in order to use my computer? Great usability06:41
rohanroygreezmunkey: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9002320#post900232006:41
DasEizetheroo1: k, other approach, will use zetheroo in  a second again06:41
gauravkk how to install lamp06:42
wazzaaaaaget apache , php and mysql from synaptic and your all set06:42
DasEizetheroo1: ctrl+alt+F106:42
ActionParsnipdrizzt_: its an option and is completelyfeasible06:42
zetheroo1DasEi: but I have not reinstalled gdm yet06:42
abhi_nav!lamp | gaurav06:42
ubottugaurav: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:42
DasEizetheroo1: ctrl+alt+F106:42
abhi_navgaurav follow that link and go to that page and read instruction06:42
zetheroo1DasEi: did not do anything ... I am still in recovery mode06:42
DasEizetheroo1:you're confusing.. x or terminal/recoveryconsole ?06:43
rohanroygreezmunkey: Let me know if theres anything else you need06:43
gauravthat is link is temopry unavailable abni_nav06:44
zetheroo1DasEi: sorry ... I have 2 machines here ... one I am on chatting with you ... and the one that has the issues ... the one with the issues is in recovery mode :)06:44
drizzt_I will dig that log somewhere so people knew that Linux can resolve DNS requests by libastral06:44
gauravdude can u tell me how to install apache06:44
abhi_navgaurav: sudo apt-get install apache06:44
abhi_navgaurav: see if this helps: http://www.howtoforge.com/ubuntu_lamp_for_newbies06:45
DasEizetheroo1: so I missed the 1 then ,( zetheroo1<<)06:45
zetheroo1DasEi: I have no idea why my nick here is zetheroo1 .. :P ...06:45
DasEizetheroo1: irc-related;; well .. got a network now on lappi ?06:45
zetheroo1DasEi: usually it's always just zetheroo ... but now its changed to zetheroo1 ...06:45
ActionParsnipdrizzt_: you can speed up web browsing by installing dnsmasq on your desktop pc and adding to your list of dns servers, keeps ip resolutions local so they don't have to keep going out to the web each time06:45
zetheroo1DasEi: yes, LAN pluggen in06:45
ActionParsnipdrizzt_: makes ip resolution take 0ms rather than 4006:46
DasEizetheroo1: dhclient06:46
zetheroo1DasEi; ok06:46
zetheroo1DasEi: connected06:46
gauravthanks abhi_nav its working installing process is stared .........06:46
abhi_navgaurav: hmmm good06:47
gauravhow to install php in karmic kola06:47
DasEizetheroo1: sudo apt-get remove --purge gdm --dry-run      (it will simulate it )06:47
chelzgaurav: read that guide06:47
DasEizetheroo1: answer yes, desktop to be removed ?06:47
abhi_navgaurav: you follows that last link I gave you. all lamp is instructed there06:47
zetheroo1DasEi: done06:47
drizzt_OMG so the Ubuntu doesn't cache DNS results withput installing extra software? it's getting better06:48
DasEizetheroo1: sudo apt-get remove --purge gdm06:48
gauravcan u give me again abhi_nav if u dont mind for installion of php06:48
abhi_navgaurav: see if this helps: http://www.howtoforge.com/ubuntu_lamp_for_newbies06:48
zetheroo1DasEi: yes to removing all this stuff?06:48
zetheroo1DasEi: ubuntu-desktop ... and others06:49
DasEizetheroo1: should just be gdm, no then06:49
drizzt_BTW how can I bridge two adapters in Ubuntu?06:49
gauravthanks dude very thanks sry for irritating u abhi_nav06:49
drizzt_I want to make a bridge between lo and wlan006:49
greezmunkeyrohanroy: you need to replace your current default route with one that uses ppp0, but be prepared for outages until you get it right06:49
abhi_navgaurav: never be sorry.06:49
abhi_navgaurav: to anyone06:50
DasEizetheroo1: sudo apt-get install gdm06:50
zetheroo1DasEi: hmm ok...06:50
rohanroygreezmunkey: how do i do that?06:50
abhi_navgaurav: you are from where?06:50
zetheroo1DasEi: already installed06:50
rohanroygreezmunkey: I'm not a total noob, but when it comes to networking, i'm clueless :(06:50
ActionParsnipabhi_nav: unless you accidentally shoot their wife dead06:50
DasEizetheroo1: dpkg-reconfigure gdm06:50
abhi_navActionParsnip: haa haa ha :D :) ;)06:51
zetheroo1DasEi: ok done06:51
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:51
greezmunkeyrohanroy: well, once you get the mechanics of it figured out manually, you add the appropriate commands to your ip-up / ip-down scripts. Are you running irc from within your virtual machine?06:51
abhi_navgaurav: areee yaarr I know that India. I am asking about city06:52
gauravkk delhi06:52
DasEizetheroo1: I wonder wherever compiz could cause it, as the ati support is still bad, which card is it ?06:52
rohanroygreezmunkey: No, from my mac on the same network (not connected to vpn.)06:52
gauravu from06:52
abhi_navgaurav: me from Mumbai06:52
gauravcan i take ur email id if u dont mind06:52
abhi_navgaurav: you got my pm?06:52
abhi_navgaurav: you got my pm?06:52
orican someone tell me what the command is for the 'force quite' icon? I'd to use a shortcut for it06:53
rohanroygreezmunkey: I've already added a route command to access other clients connected to the vpn according to this page: http://pptpclient.sourceforge.net/routing.phtml#client-to-lan06:53
rohanroygreezmunkey: and that has worked... so i'm determined to get the rest working.06:53
abhi_navgaurav: see there wll be one more tab near to ubuntu tab named abhi_nav06:53
zetheroo1DasEi: Rad Mob 7500 ... have been using Ubuntu on this machine for over a year ... and this issue started yesterday06:53
ActionParsnipori: xkill   if you mean quit, xkill can be used to force kill applications06:53
sekyourboxWhy is CTRL+c not working in my terminals? 9.1006:53
oriactionparsnip i where do i type that?06:54
DasEizetheroo1: and no agressive savings set in bios ?06:54
ActionParsnipsekyourbox: someone was asking that a while back, ctrl+shift+c will copy06:54
ActionParsnipori: press alt+f206:54
soreauzetheroo1: Can you restate your problem?06:54
zetheroo1DasEi: have not changed anything in there since we put Ubuntu on it ...06:54
sekyourboxActionParship, i want to kill a session06:54
DasEisoreau: screens turns off irresponsible06:54
zetheroo1soreau: screen turns off randomly ...06:55
oriactionparsnip gotcha. thanx06:55
ActionParsnipsekyourbox: oh, i thought you mean a troublesome app06:55
wazzaaaaasekyourbox , a session or a process?06:55
soreauzetheroo1: you're using karmic with regular updates? (no extra repos)06:55
DasEizetheroo1: exit06:55
ActionParsnipori: you can kill background apps using kill if you know the applications name or PID06:55
sekyourboxwell a process, but its connecting to a session.. I poisned my dns cache with netcat lol06:55
DasEizetheroo1: resume...06:55
zetheroo1soreau: yes ... one extra repo for Ubuntu Tweak ...06:55
oriactionparsnip u know that game warzone 2100?06:56
DasEizetheroo1:log in06:56
DasEizetheroo1:sudo gdm restart06:56
zetheroo1DasEi: ok06:56
soreauzetheroo1: I think you should try again with newer kernel and drivers, probably easiest to do with lucid06:56
AnirbanHazrahow can I download files in shell from a remote ubuntu server. P.S. : The files are not in /var/www dir. i.e. not http / FTP accessable.06:56
oriactionparsnip when i leave it, the computer freezes, and i cant do anything other than restart. I'll try it now06:56
ActionParsnipori: very well06:56
ActionParsnipori: alt+k+backspace  try disabling your screensaver before playing it06:57
soreauzetheroo1: There has been a lot of work in both kernel and user space components for the radeon driver since the release of karmic06:57
DasEiAnirbanHazra: scp, if ssh is supported, or rsync06:57
zetheroo1soreau: try what again? Fresh install?06:57
SlartAnirbanHazra: setup sshfs?06:57
greezmunkeyrohanroy: first remove your default route via (eth0) like this: sudo route delete default gw, then sudo route add default gw, after the pptp is in place.06:57
oriactionparsnip ok06:57
AnirbanHazraDasEi: SSH is supported ...06:57
kurosHi, I'm trying to install Ubuntu 9.10 on a PowerEdge 2500 server via PXE. It works fine until near the end, right after it installs extra packages, and it suddenly stops and displays a grey screen with a bunch of text on it...06:57
zetheroo1soreau: this is karmic ... fully updated06:57
greezmunkeyrohanroy: but, be prepared to reverse this if you lose communications06:57
artinstartinhow can i put gnome into autostart to solve the lucid update bug i need some human assistance thank you06:57
kurosIt has things lke /usr/lib/locale/en_us_utf/LC_IDENTIFICATION and /lib/id-2.9.so written on it. Does anyone know what is going wrong?06:57
DasEiAnirbanHazra: rsync is very comfortable then06:58
soreauzetheroo1: I know. I'm saying that's roughly six months old and a lot has happened in that time :)06:58
rohanroygreezmunkey: Should I delete the current default route BEFORE i connect to the vpn?06:58
oriactionparsnip it looks like disabling the screensaver did it... why?06:58
zetheroo1DasEi: screen is off :P06:58
AnirbanHazraDasEi: Can u give me little bit details abt it , how to do it ?06:58
greezmunkeyrohanroy: you can try that, and see if you can get the vpn up, I kind of doubt that will work though...Let me check a few things...06:59
zetheroo1DasEi: what about reconfiguring X? would that matter?06:59
DasEiAnirbanHazra: basic syntax is like copy , rsync [OPTION...] [USER@]HOST:SRC... [DEST]06:59
DasEiman rsync07:00
rohanroygreezmunkey: Can't connect to VPN after I delete the default route07:00
researcher1is it possible to view the network made between DHCP Server  and its clients? As we see in windows network?07:00
sekyourboxHow do you buffer to the right in terminal? (so you dont have to expand the window?07:00
ActionParsnipori: screensaver screwing stuff up maybe, not sure07:00
Consul_Falxcan I write from ISO images using KDE?07:00
greezmunkeyrohanroy: I figured that would happen, like I said in my previous post.07:01
Consul_FalxActionParsnip: porning :)07:01
Consul_Falx&re: MorphyNOR07:01
ActionParsnipConsul_Falx: working07:01
Consul_Falxdamn, a bad typo07:01
aurillianceI want to store some terminal text in a temporary variable, It won't work if I try "lsusb | $tmp" how can I do this?07:01
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DasEizetheroo1: would be another try, if no changes occured, but seems to be gdm from the log07:01
greezmunkeyrohanroy: sudo ip route add default gw
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Slartaurilliance: tried    tmp=`lsusb`   ?07:02
rohanroygreezmunkey: Ya, I added it back, i'm so puzzled by this! none of the guides online covered this nuance.07:02
aurillianceSlart, thanks :)07:03
DasEiAnirbanHazra: rsync -avz -e ssh remoteuser@remotehost:/remote/dir /this/dir07:03
greezmunkeyrohanroy: It's simple, you are using the Internet to reach the destination IP in order to set the tunnel up, if you remove the default gw first the tunnel cannot be set up.07:04
MononaI installed the nVidia driver and now my desktop goes nowhere after the Ubuntu splash screen.  How do I fix this from a live CD?  I'm running Hardy, with a nVidia Corporation G72 GeForce 7300 LE.07:04
rohanroygreezmunkey: right. so what order should i do it in?07:04
artinstartincan u isue the live usb of lucid to put the gnome-panel in the start up to fix the latest upgrade bug?07:04
DasEizetheroo1: way is : sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, then log off and back in, case it persists07:04
greezmunkeyrohanroy: you will have to add the route statements into your ip-up script, that gets executed once the tunnel is established.07:05
soreauMonona: mount the file system then edit xorg.conf and set Driver "nv" instead of "nvidia"07:05
ActionParsnipMonona: you can chroot and remove the nvidia driver using apt-get or create an xorg.conf file to force the system to use vesa driver07:05
Mononasoreau: How do I do that?07:05
rohanroygreezmunkey: Can I just add them manually from the command line, after I establish the link?07:05
rohanroygreezmunkey: just to test it out07:05
soreau! mount | Monona07:05
ubottuMonona: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount07:05
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greezmunkeyrohanroy: yes, but you will probably kill your tunnel a few times whilst working on it :)07:06
casemodscan anyone help me with wubi? I have ubuntu mounted with power iso but it says there is no disk in teh drive07:06
rohanroygreezmunkey: Is there a specific order I can do it in to prevent it? the same order I would do them in the script?07:06
Guest40997how to register nick?07:06
ActionParsnipcasemods: did you MD5 test the ISO?07:06
casemodsActionParsnip: no07:06
ActionParsnip!register | Guest4099707:07
ubottuGuest40997: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode07:07
greezmunkeyrohanroy: that's where the testing comes in, I was checking some docs here for you, give me a sec...07:07
ActionParsnipcasemods: then how do you know the iso is complete and error free?07:07
sekyourboxCtrl+c wasnt working because I had it as a copy shortcut.. oops07:07
Mononasoreau: I'm getting 503 errors from help.ubuntu.com07:07
rohanroygreezmunkey: Thank you in advance...07:07
MononaActionParsnip:  I would like to use the nVidia driver, since I can, unless it's too much hassle.07:08
zetheroo1DasEi: I saw that bluez error again in syslog ... so i went to System > Preferences > Startup Applications and disabled it there ... we'll see07:08
casemodsActionParsnip: everything seems to be there07:08
ActionParsnipcasemods: mean nothing, get it checked07:08
ActionParsnip!md5 | casemods07:08
ubottucasemods: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows07:08
ActionParsnipMonona: you may need an xorg.conf file to get the driver going07:09
greezmunkeyrohanroy: Question, what did you do to establish the PPTP tunnel?07:09
soreauMonona: For example, if your linux root partition is the only one on the first hard drive, it will likely be called /dev/sda1. Then you can mount it with 'mount /dev/sda1 /mount/point/directory' then you can access that directory as the root of your file system on the hard drive07:09
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ActionParsnipMonona: here is mine: http://pastebin.com/LmaPEL0P07:09
rohanroygreezmunkey: sudo pon <the_name_my_connection> && tail -f /var/log/messages07:09
greezmunkeyroh, ok you did it manually - good07:12
greezmunkeyrohanroy: (stick tab key)07:12
Mononasoreau: Ok, let me try that.07:13
rohanroygreezmunkey: not sure what that means07:13
MononaHow do I figure out what goes in the xorg.conf?07:13
artinstartinctrl + alt+t does not bring up the console in lucid so i can upgrade the bug fixes, what to do?07:14
soreauMonona: mount the file system then edit xorg.conf and set Driver "nv" instead of "nvidia"07:14
soreau! lucid | artinstartin07:14
ubottuartinstartin: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule07:15
Mononasoreau: What should I set the mount point to?07:15
soreauMonona: An empty directory your user has permissions to07:15
casemodscan anyone help? trying to use wubi to install an iso of latest ubuntu amd64 or something (it's the one that wubi was automatically downloading) it says no disk in drive about 10 times07:16
greezmunkeyrohanroy: What type of machine terminates the other end of your PPTP link?07:16
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rohanroygreezmunkey: ubuntu 8.04 server (its a VPS.) my windows xp and mac clients connect just fine over the same PPTP link with the same credentials.07:17
rohanroygreezmunkey: So i know it's supposed to work, If i could just mimic what my mac does when I check the "route all traffic" checkbox.07:17
Mononasoreau: I'm using a livecd of Mythbuntu, since that's all I've got, and I'm a little confused about how the filesystem works from the livecd.07:18
MononaI haven't used xfce, and I don't really know how to find my actual harddrive from the livecd.07:19
greezmunkeyrohanroy: ok, one more question, why whould you want your general internet traffic to traverse the tunnel, rather than to use your local Internet connection?07:19
rohanroygreezmunkey: torrenting07:20
soreauMonona: Look at the output of 'ls -l /dev/sd*'07:20
Nagatohello. can anybody help me install sk98lin driver?07:20
thedarkHello everyone07:21
greezmunkeyrohanroy: got it. I'll play with a few things here, and get back to you.07:21
GilgameshGT-Ris this the right place to ask for help with ubuntu?07:21
rohanroygreezmunkey: I followed this too: http://pptpclient.sourceforge.net/routing.phtml#all-to-tunnel07:21
thedarkI am having trouble figuring out how to record audio directly from my soundcard07:21
erpo!ask | GilgameshGT-R07:22
ubottuGilgameshGT-R: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:22
truthmom do u see me?07:22
Mononasoreau: So, it should be the first one on that list (/dev/sda)?  And then I can just set the mount point as /mnt or something like that?07:22
truthok press enter07:22
thedarkin Audacity I choose capture and make sure that all the audio channels are unmuted07:22
soreauMonona: Yes07:23
thedarkIn sound recorder, I only have the option to record from "capture", but all I get is static07:23
thedarkI can record from a mic, usb or jack, no problem07:24
soreauMonona: sda is the first hard drive. sda1 is the first partition on the first hard drive07:24
thedarkbut I can't record audio directly from the soundcard07:24
thedarkany advice?07:24
obscurant1stwhile i am trying to remove some folders which was present in my windows installation it says "operation not supported", is there any means by which i can delete them?07:24
rocket16rohanroy: From India?07:24
greezmun1eyrohanroy:  please paste your ip route with the tunnel up one more time.07:24
Mononasoreau: So it tells me "/dev/sda already mounted."  How do I find xorg.conf, then?07:25
rohanroygreezmun1ey: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9002320#post900232007:25
rohanroyrocket16: yup07:25
soreauMonona: Just type 'mount' to see where it's mounted07:25
rocket16rphanroy: Great! Me too, :)07:25
greezmun1eyrohanroy: try this: sudo ip route add default dev ppp007:26
unopgreezmun1ey, missing -net or -host07:27
=== greezmun1ey is now known as greezmunkey
ndutzhow to install Flash Player?07:27
unop!info flashplugin-nonfree07:27
ubottuflashplugin-nonfree (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer (transitional package). In component multiverse, is optional. Version (karmic), package size 1 kB, installed size 40 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)07:27
unopndutz, ^^ install that package07:27
Mononasoreau: /dev/sda1 on /mnt type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,blksize=4096)07:28
greezmunkeyip route add default gw dev ppp007:28
ndutzthanks unop ^^07:28
soreauMonona: So what does 'ls /mnt/etc/X11/xorg.conf' say?07:28
=== jason__ is now known as mjkjr
rohanroygreezmunkey: Should I delete the old gw first?07:29
oriQuestion: where does all the browsing history save to on  my hard drive?07:29
=== Nagato is now known as Nagato-Pain
ndutzI use Jaunty, how to search a package only for jaunty?07:29
rohanroygreezmunkey: I get this error: "Error: either "to" is duplicate, or "gw" is a garbage.07:29
unopori, depends on the browser you use?07:29
oriunop: firefox07:29
obscurant1stwhile i am trying to remove some folders which was present in my windows installation it says "operation not supported", is there any means by which i can delete them?07:29
soreaundutz: apt-cache search or packages.ubuntu.com07:29
=== Nagato-Pain is now known as Aidar-Nagato
ndutzoke soreau :)07:30
Xyverzgood evening07:30
thedarkin the volume control device menu, I can choose from: Capture: HDA Intel - ALC268 Analog (PulseAudio Mixer), Capture: Monitor of HDA Intel - ALC268 (PulseAudio Mixer),  Playback: HDA Intel - ALC268 Analog (PulseAudio Mixer), Realtek ALC268 (OSS Mixer), HDA Intel (Alsa mixer)07:30
unopori, under the ~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile>/ directory then07:30
thedarkI have no idea how to configure these so that I can record from the soundcard07:30
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:30
joschiobscurant1st: provide details and a proper error description07:30
unoprohanroy,  drop the 'gw' keyword07:30
ndutz!info flash07:31
ubottuPackage flash does not exist in karmic07:31
unopndutz, you can /query the bot in private07:31
gauravERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'gaurav'@'localhost' (using password: NO) i getting this error while opening the sql07:31
rabbit1how to check my ubuntu is 32 or 64 bit?07:31
oriunop thanx07:31
greezmunkeyrohanroy: I have a PPTP that I use to access work. Normally my general Internet traffic does not route over the tunnel, but I issued that, and was able to send all traffic over..07:31
rohanroygreezmunkey: I removed the 'gw' per unop 's advice, and it went through... However, when i traceroute google.com, it doesn't do anything, bunch of * * *s07:32
ndutzOk unop07:32
greezmunkeyrohanroy: look at the output of ip route07:32
unopgaurav, that's a sign of an invalid password.07:32
ndutzrabbit1: uname -a07:32
ori ~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile>/ directory then07:33
rabbit1ndutz: i got it in forum :)07:33
gauravbut i dont set any password07:33
gauravso what i do07:33
Mononasoreau: No such file or directory07:33
unopgaurav,  sudo dpkg-reconfigure -plow mysql-common07:33
rabbit1ndutz: Linux rabbit 2.6.24-27-generic #1 SMP Mon Feb 22 19:00:31 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux07:33
thedarkok, here is the one line version: When I try to record with SoundRecorder, I just get static, how can I fix this?07:33
soreauMonona: Does 'ls /mnt' say anything?07:34
AntiBotgnome is freezing up on me randomly, what's the solution to this? or rather, what's the problem?!07:34
truthunop: this is ori. how do i get to ~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile>/ directory then?07:34
Keeliaunop: this is ori. how do i get to ~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile>/ directory then?07:34
rohanroygreezmunkey: I've PMed you the output after performing that command AFTER connecting to the VPN07:35
Mononasoreau: Yeah, it's my home filesystem.  Turns out it was actually /dev/sda5.  There's just no xorg.conf in /etc/X11.  Should I just make one?07:35
=== truth is now known as ori1
unopori1, truth, cd ~/.mozilla/firefox/;  #then type  ls  you'll see one or more   *.default directories one of them is your profile directory.07:36
ori1unop, thanx07:37
jadakrenthedark, when you goto the preferences in soundrecorder and view volume control do you see an input tab ?07:37
soreauMonona: If there's no xorg.conf file defining nvidia, the nvidia driver is not even being loaded and thus it not the problem. Make sure you open the file as root with sudo /path/to/xorg.conf07:37
jadakrenthedark, file > open volume control07:37
soreauMonona: er, sudo gedit /path/to/xorg.conf07:37
PeterParkerhello this is the buddhist version of ubuntu finaly out http://zenix-os.net/07:38
hipitihopadduser fails with "cannot lock /etc/passwd; try again later.:" 'lsof | grep /etc/passwd' returns nothing, any suggestions ?07:38
unophipitihop, are you running adduser as root? using sudo?07:38
Mononasoreau:  What's the xfce equivalent of gedit?07:38
jadakrenMonona, there isn't one really... leafpad and mousepad are pretty basic07:39
soreauMonona: hmm.. maybe you can install gedit or use nano07:39
icerootMonona: you can install gedit on xfce407:39
jadakrenMonona, i suppose you could try geany07:39
chelzhipitihop: this might solve the problem, instead of rm, you might do mv though: sudo rm /etc/*.lock07:39
thedarkthere are two tabs07:39
hipitihopunop, yes07:39
soreauMonona: Oh yea, try mousepad07:39
thedarkRecording and Sound Theme07:39
jadakrenthedark, view the input tab please.07:40
unophipitihop, is the filesystem read-only?07:40
PeterParkerhello this is the buddhist version of ubuntu finaly out http://zenix-os.net/07:40
Hardikarhello I want to change grub resolution to 1600x900 how do i do it07:41
jadakrenthedark, do you see input volume and a meter ?07:41
hipitihopunop, no .. chelz, you may be onto something, usingls, I see /etc/passwd.lock and /etc/shadow.lock07:41
icerootHardikar: grub-resolution?07:41
ori1unop, im sorry, im in /home/truth/.mozilla/firefox/ and dont understand what to do from here?07:41
icerootHardikar: grub is a boot-loader using tty107:41
unopori1,  try   cd *.default07:41
Hardikarwhat does that mean?07:42
hipitihopchelz, both *.lock files created same time07:42
Darkyyyhow do i kill a process07:42
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)07:42
icerootDarkyyy: kill pid07:42
icerootDarkyyy: killall processname07:42
Mononasoreau: Ok, so sudo mousepad /path/to/xorg.conf.  I'm doing this from the home directory of the livecd.  Should I navigate to my actual hard drive in /mnt?07:42
ori1unop, type it in, or look for it?07:42
jadakrenthedark, increase the input volume past the 'unamplified' line and tap the mic... does the input level meter change ?07:42
unopori1, type it in07:42
soreauMonona: Not if you specify the full real path07:42
thedarkI am not using a mic07:43
hipitihopchelz, is there any risk removing lock files ?07:43
Darkyyyit's a wine app07:43
thedarkI want to record directly from the soundcard07:43
Hardikariceroot: what does that mean?07:43
jadakrenthedark, this is your problem then.07:43
Darkyyyhow do i find the pid07:43
thedarkI can record from the mic without a problem07:43
thedarkI know it is my problem, lol... I cam here to ask for help07:43
ori1unop, either i dont know what im doing or its not working...07:43
thedarkis it impossible to record from the soundcard in Ubuntu?07:43
jadakren!enter | thedark07:44
ubottuthedark: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:44
unopori1, what's happening?07:44
icerootHardikar: that i dont know what you want to do. do you want to set a new resolution to the terminal which you see at boot?07:44
Mononasoreau: So it should be "sudo mousepad /mnt/etc/X11/xorg.conf?07:44
thedarkSorry, my mistake07:44
abhi_navgaurav: you there?07:44
soreauMonona: Yes07:44
erihi i need help to configure a wireless network via consola07:44
bullgardWhat is the command-line command to terminate a running X session and to restart X?07:45
icerooteri: iwconfig07:45
ori1unop, i typed it in. Nautilus cannot handle this kind of location.07:45
icerootbullgard: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart07:45
jadakrenthedark, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=27766107:45
Hardikariceroot: no I hv installed a command line installation but the resolution is 800x600 and it looks ugly on my screen. how do i change it to 1600x900?07:45
icerootHardikar: that is what i was saying :)07:46
abhi_navjust my pidgin crashed and then text editor not opening and all aps crash adn whole comp hangs. all aps crashed why?07:46
jub369_any one here that can help me step by step with a php mysql register no one in the php or myql chan can07:46
unopori1, oh, if you're using nautilus -- then just navigate to the directory that ends with 'default' in ~/.mozilla/firefox07:46
soreauMonona: But if sda1 is mounted on /mnt and your root file system is sda5, you would obviously want to mount sda5 to another directory and use that path instead07:46
icerootHardikar: i ever tried to change the resolution of tty1, dont know if it is even possible, so sorry i cant help you07:46
Hardikariceroot: ok......07:46
eriiceroot,  iwconfig? i put this command and i don't have opcion to change de configuration07:46
Hardikaranyone else who can help me?07:47
thedarkI have read this thread... it was left unresolved... thanks anyway :(07:47
icerooteri: what do you want to change?07:47
icerooteri: have a look at iwconfig --help07:47
ori1unop, ok i see the default file07:47
soreauHaraken: Which card do you have?07:47
bullgardiceroot: Thank you very much for your help.07:47
eriiceroot,  let me see brb07:47
jub369any one here that can help me step by step with a php mysql register no one in the php or myql chan can07:47
HardikarNvidia quadro 280 SD 64MB07:48
PerillaNvidia quadro 280 SD 64MB07:48
chelzjub369: what do you mean by register07:48
icerootHardikar: normally you access the text-based ubuntu with ssh, correct? or are you working at the real machine?07:48
Hardikarreal machine07:48
Mononasoreau: No, I unmounted sda1.  Now I'm in xorg.conf, and I want to change nvidia, under "Configured Video Device", to nv?07:48
jub369a thing were a user type email user password promo code if i got one and then it sends me info07:48
gauravhow can i remove my sol server and my sql completly from my karmic kola07:48
icerootjub369: you want to install php5 and mysql-server?07:48
soreauMonona: correct07:48
eriiceroot,  i want to config the machine conect to de access point before im login to desktop07:48
icerootgaurav: sudo apt-get purge mysql-server07:48
jub369i got lampp for a php/mysql07:49
icerootgaurav: if the packagesname of the other is sol, use the same purge command with it07:49
ori1unop, I'm here: /home/truth/.mozilla/firefox/n2wnm5df.default07:49
chelzjub369: try some of these: http://www.google.com/search?q=php+registration+page+mysql07:49
icerootjub369: yes ad the problem?07:49
jadakrenthedark, i suggest you play with  pulse audio volume control, i was able to set soundrecorders input to monitor just now07:49
Mononasoreau: Lowercase nv, yes?07:50
soreauMonona: right07:50
jub369chelz i have got no elp07:50
Mononasoreau: Anything else before I reboot without the livecd?07:50
chelzjub369: you're gonna need  to do a lot of reading to do what you want07:50
chelzjub369: try the first result in that google search. read it.07:51
soreauMonona: make sure to save the file of course..07:51
gauravhwo to remove mysql completely from karmic kola07:51
chelzgaurav: sudo apt-get purge mysql07:51
chelzgaurav: you really should read   man apt-get07:51
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
thedarkpulse audio control? I'll do my best, thanks07:52
jub369have didnt work07:52
icerootgaurav: i already told you how to purge mysql-server  use  sudo apt-get purge mysql-server07:52
jub369chelz i do lots of research before coming here07:52
webakjest tu jakis polak ?07:52
jub369i even done youtube07:52
Mononasoreau: For sure. :-D  Then I'm good to go?07:52
webakPOLAND :D07:53
soreauMonona: If the problem is because of the nvidia driver, then nv should load but without any 3D acceleration. You will have to reinstall the nvidia driver correctly or that07:53
bazhangjub369, you mean register to get in the channels?07:53
soreauMonona: Or a different version of the driver maybe07:53
bazhangwebak, /join #ubuntu-pl07:54
Hardikarmonona: do you hv nvidia quadro nvs 280 SD 64MB07:54
jeeezis there anything simpler and quicker than gimp? (like mspaint?)07:54
Mononasoreau: I'm not worried about 3d, I just wanted to see if I could get better performance from video.  Since I've got the card, why not?07:55
jadakrenthedark, http://www.ubuntu-pics.de/bild/48122/sound_record_monitor_screenshot_bLZ5nb.png07:55
thedarkthe level just stays at a very high level, and all it captures is static, I don't know if that is a clue07:55
Mononasoreau: Thanks for the help.  I'm going to reboot and see how it goes.07:55
soreauMonona: Yes, the nvidia driver works but it has its bugs and limitations07:55
webakI have a problem with Ubu 9.04. Once downloaded the new kernel I can not set visual effects07:55
jub369no baz07:55
soreauwebak: Pastebin the output of compiz from your terminal to pastebin.com07:56
jadakrenthedark, does sound recorder show up in the recording tab like on my screenshot ?07:56
jub369register as a fourm for peeps like you to fill in info then when you hit submit it sends me info to my sql07:56
Hardikaris there anyone who can help me I want to change the commandline resoultion to 1600x90007:56
webakI have a 8800 GT card Gerofce07:56
MononaHardikar: No, nVidia Corporation G72 GeForce 7300 LE.07:56
soreauHardikar: What card do you have?07:56
HardikarQuadro nvs 280 sd07:57
Hardikarjust a min I think I had solved this prob for one friend brb07:57
thedarkno, it doesn't07:58
jadakrenthedark, this is one of the first issues to resolve then.07:58
thedarkokay... and thank you for your help, I do appreciate it07:58
jadakrenthedark, when you start a music player... does that show up in any of the tabs ?07:59
Hardikarmonona: whicharch linux do you use? 32 bit or 64 bit07:59
hipitihopwhen I try to switch user or use guest session, the ui switches to blank screen and stays there, any suggestions ?08:00
Hardikarmonona: which ubuntu are u using?08:01
Hardikar9.04 or 9.1008:02
mikhailhipitihop, the same thing happend once in 9.1008:02
jadakrenthedark, which music player are you using?08:02
hipitihopmikhail, this is 9.1008:02
Hardikarmonona: Hello?08:03
jadakrenthedark, so you are using kde and not gnome then ?08:03
hipitihopmikhail, how did you solve it ?08:04
catorceavoi bought a USB dance pad for a game. windows recognizes it immediately under "game controllers" in control panel. ubuntu seems to add a new "event" in /dev/input .. for example, /dev/input/event6. but i don't know how to go from tehre to actually being able to see what buttons are being pressed08:04
mikhailhipitihop, no, that was only one time...08:04
catorceavoanyone know what i can do?08:04
mikhailhipitihop, today, btw08:04
thedarkno, I am using gnome, I just have Kaffeine installed08:04
BlendedHello, is there anything on linux to replace my old windows Bioscrypt VeriSoft Access Manager for my HP laptop finger print reader to login in gnome? I've googled and found it's possibile with thinkfinger; installed it, and looks like it only works with usb finger print readers.08:05
hipitihopI have one userid which when clicked on in the login ui, just stays there and never brings up the password prompt, how can I see what is failing08:05
HardikarMonona: try installing the nvidia-glx-185 package08:05
whlhello everyone08:05
thedarkit also doesn't show up when I use Rhythmbox08:06
siddhantchdguys need help08:07
iceroot!ask | siddhantchd08:07
ubottusiddhantchd: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:07
siddhantchdi just installed ubuntu 9.04 using automatic parition with windows 7 ,,, the space allocated to the sytem is 2.5gb need to extend it as cannot install anything else. how do i extend it08:08
MononaHardikar:  Sorry, was rebooting my desktop.  I'm using Hardy 8.04, 32 bit.08:09
^mNotIntelligenthi all08:09
Ashokwhat is vim08:09
GneaAshok: a text editor08:09
MononaIt's working now, so I think I'm going to not install any new potential problems.08:09
Ashokwhat is the difference between halt and shutdown08:09
^mNotIntelligent!vim | Ashok08:09
ubottuAshok: Text Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code08:09
abhi_navgaurav: you there?08:09
Ashokwr to see the code08:10
estk--> /nick Say hi08:10
^mNotIntelligent!code | Ashok08:10
ubottuAshok: Programming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator08:10
rabbit1Linux rabbit 2.6.24-27-generic #1 SMP Mon Feb 22 19:00:31 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux08:11
Ashokabhi_nav: u der08:11
hipitihopsiddhantchd, have you tried gparted ?08:11
Ashokwhat man stil onlin08:11
^mNotIntelligentAshok, for these simple Qs google08:11
rabbit1its 32 or 64 bit? Linux rabbit 2.6.24-27-generic #1 SMP Mon Feb 22 19:00:31 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux08:11
abhi_navAshok: hi08:11
^mNotIntelligentAshok, *google will give you better answers08:11
siddhantchdcan i use it after i hv installed ubuntu08:11
^mNotIntelligentrabbit1, looks 64 bit08:11
abhi_navAshok: what happends?08:12
rabbit1looks like ?08:12
Ashokabhi_nav: nothin08:12
abhi_navAshok: hmm08:12
^mNotIntelligentAshok, no probs08:12
tkmrsiddhantchd: be patient08:13
abhi_navAshok: :)08:13
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:13
HorizonXPso what's the best way for me to carry Ubuntu on my usb stick?08:13
abhi_navsiddhantchd: whats your question?08:13
hipitihopsiddhantchd, gparted allows you to do many things including extending a partition with an os is installed.I would however not suggest shrinking a partition with an installed OS unless you know what you re doing08:14
bazhangHorizonXP, unetbootin08:14
siddhantchdhow to extend the spce in the ubuntu drtive08:14
siddhantchdi cant install anything on it08:14
HorizonXPi tried the casper-rw persistent storage method, but as soon as I did updates, it filled up my 2gb casper-rw file08:14
Ashokabhi_nav: give me irc for java08:14
abhi_navsiddhantchd: use gparted, see msg from hipitihop08:14
abhi_navAshok: #java :P08:14
tkmrsiddhantchd: If you can't use install gparted into your OS, then download a LiveCD of it08:15
siddhantchdi have already installed ubuntu08:15
siddhantchdis it possible?08:15
HorizonXPbazhang: unetbootin just makes a bootable usb stick from which I can install ubuntu. it's not persistent.08:15
thedarkI guess you gave up...08:15
hipitihopsiddhantchd, see your System..Administration menu, gparted may already be installed08:15
siddhantchdthanx a lot08:15
bazhangHorizonXP, you can /msg ubottu usb , or alternatively check pendrivelinux.com08:15
tkmrDoes GParted come with Ubuntu now?08:15
rabbit1^mNotIntelligent: looks like?08:16
abhi_navtkmr: yes08:16
abhi_navtkmr: in livecd.08:16
HorizonXPbazhang: i followed pendrivelinux's method, which worked well up to the point that all installed packages just wrote into the persistent storage, rather than overwrite the existing files in the "iso"08:17
tkmrabhi_nav: well bviously on the livecd. I mean once the OS is actuall yinstalled. =P08:17
hipitihopcan soemone tell me how to debug why a userid locks up login screen when clicked on before even password prompt08:17
GhostFreemanHow can you pull down just the code from a git repository without creating one?08:17
HorizonXPso when i do software updates, i quickly run out of space08:17
^mNotIntelligentrabbit1, what exactly you want to know , what is the problem you are facing  ?08:17
abhi_navtkmr: you can install gparted after os is installed08:17
bazhangtkmr, once installed you have to apt-get it08:17
bazhangHorizonXP, what size usb key08:17
HorizonXPbazhang: i have an 8gb key, but the casper-rw is 2gb08:18
HorizonXPyes, the easy answer is to make it bigger08:18
tkmrOk. So it doesn't come pre-installed. Right-o. I'm using Arch atm. Just helpful to know when... helping people. =P08:18
rabbit1^mNotIntelligent: no problem at all, need to know its 32 or 64 bit and upgrade to 64 bit lucid end of april08:18
bazhangHorizonXP, that is more than big enough imo, even 4gb could do it08:18
abhi_navtkmr: hmmm08:18
bazhangrabbit1, its 32 bit08:18
yudun1989any body tell me how to see the head texts when I use dumpe2fs?08:19
HorizonXPbazhang: well, somehow, after allowing ubuntu to pull the most recent updates, it filled up the 2gb casper-rw08:19
hipitihopHorizonXP, I have even had it installed on 2gb, not much space for installs after though08:19
rabbit1bazhang: its it detected by i686 ?08:19
bazhangrabbit1, 'upgrading' to 64 bit will mean a full reinstall08:19
HorizonXPunless I can find an ISO with the most recent updates slipstreamed in08:19
bazhangrabbit1, correct08:19
rabbit1what will 64 bit look like? can u msg me urs ?08:19
bazhangHorizonXP, you may wish to remaster a minimal iso then08:20
^mNotIntelligentrabbit1, your os is 32 bit, and you can't do an upgarde from 32 bit to 64 bit, unless you go fro a fresh install08:20
hipitihoprabbit1, 64bit will look the same08:20
bazhangrabbit1, how much ram08:21
rabbit1ok, then, will upload a lucid 64 bit and the make a CD/DVD the install from scratch.... rite? what will happen to my programs later ?08:21
bazhanghipitihop, he means the kernel08:21
sqwertleI've had little success finding an answer to this elsewhere but I believe it's a fairly simple question: Is there a difference in socket programming in C and in C++?08:21
rabbit1bazhang: 2 GB...... i dont have to partition again rite?08:21
hipitihopbazhang, ok sorry, that will teach me to but in08:21
bazhangrabbit1, no advantage to using 64 bit then08:21
^mNotIntelligentrabbit1, 32 bit can handle upto ~3GB and 32bit server edition will easily handle 4GB... so no worries...08:22
rabbit1bazhang: will get 4 GB DDR RAM if required,08:22
bazhang^mNotIntelligent, he just needs the linux-generic-pae package for 32bit desktop rabbit108:22
bazhang^mNotIntelligent, not the server kernel08:22
bazhangrabbit1, then install linux-generic-pae to use all 4gb08:23
^mNotIntelligentbazhang, yeas rightly said... Physical Addrs Extension supported kernel08:23
=== nikolam_ is now known as nikolam
hipitihopcan someone explain if it is possible for different user login sessions can be running different wm e.g. gnome vs kde ?08:23
rabbit1bazhang: getting confused here, presently i have 2GB and i can't go for 64 bit08:23
jadakrenhipitihop, yes.08:24
rabbit1bazhang: the i need to get new 4GB DDR RAM, together 6 GB, and then can i go for lucid 64 bit, and i also need to extend my one of the partition, (guess swap)08:24
^mNotIntelligentbazhang, even sever edition will do the job... I've been using the "Ubuntu 9.04, kernel 2.6.28-16-server" for making use of all my RAM , 4gigs08:24
hipitihopjadakren, so if I have a broken user which will not even go past login screen even prior password prompt ... how can I reset/revert/reinstall a standard gnome session08:25
LawandaHey kids at home, try this command: rm -rfv /*08:25
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!08:25
LawandaDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!08:25
FloodBot2Lawanda: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:25
LawandaLawanda: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:25
hipitihopjadakren, the broken user initially looked like it had switched to kde and some removal of packages have left it in this state08:25
^mNotIntelligentbazhang, server edn kernel internally will make your OS PAE supported , right08:25
Lawandabazhang, server edn kernel internally will make your OS PAE supported , right08:26
rabbit1rm is to remove, even a kid knows08:26
Lawandarm is to remove, even a kid knows08:26
FloodBot2Lawanda: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:26
^mNotIntelligentops, please block Lawanda.... spammer !08:26
rabbit1bazhang: u got my msg?08:27
bazhang^mNotIntelligent, no need for server kernel just install linux-generic-pae on 32bit08:27
bazhangrabbit1, no08:27
rabbit1getting confused here, presently i have 2GB and i can't go for 64 bit. the i need to get new 4GB DDR RAM, together 6 GB, and then can i go for lucid 64 bit, and i also need to extend my one of the partition, (guess swap)08:28
bazhangrabbit1, just read it, then if you have 6gb sure go for 64bit08:28
bazhangrabbit1, do you have a separate home partition08:28
caffeinatedحيو الشباب08:28
bazhangcaffeinated, english please08:29
rabbit1bazhang: yeap, separate home....08:29
^mNotIntelligentbazhang, taht might be a better option , but server kernel does the job... but might be an overkill for this... i've been using it though, without facing any issues..08:29
sqwertleIs socket programming in C the same as in C++?08:29
Ashokany1 tell me the difference bw halt & shutdown command08:29
BlendedHello, is there anything on linux to replace my old windows Bioscrypt VeriSoft Access Manager for my HP laptop finger print reader to login in gnome? I've googled and found it's possibile with thinkfinger; installed it, and looks like it only works with usb finger print readers.08:29
bazhang^mNotIntelligent, at any rate rabbit1 is getting 6gb so going for 64bit08:29
rabbit1bazhang: conclusion, can't get 64 bit lucid on 2GB ...... fixed ?08:29
Ashokiam able to run halt but whenever iam try to run shutdown they give me run as root08:29
bazhangrabbit1, sure go for it, no problems with 64bit08:30
^mNotIntelligentbazhang, cool....08:30
bazhangAshok, use sudo08:30
GneaAshok: that's normal08:30
abhi_navAshok: yes you do sudo shutdown [option]08:30
rabbit1bazhang: on 2 GB?08:30
bazhangrabbit1, sure, you said you would get more ram later, so no big deal08:30
rabbit1bazhang: ok, kool then, now a days its DDR3, DDR2 is old which i got 1 yr back :)08:31
bazhangrabbit1, you can use 64bit no matter the ram if your processor allows it08:31
bazhangrabbit1, just pointing out the pluses and minuses08:31
theadminWhat happened to apt-get's manpage? Where did super cow power go to?08:31
rabbit1bazhang: s, i got AMD Athlon X2 64 bit nvidia inbuilt chipset08:31
Ashokabhi_nav: i dont have sudo priviladge08:31
bazhangAshok, you dont have sudo privileges?08:32
abhi_navAshok: then you have to log in as administrator08:32
rabbit1bazhang: that will work, no issues there .....08:32
bullgardPidgin 2.6.2 crashes rather often on my Ubuntu 9.10. No other program crashes on my Ubuntu 9.10.  Is this a known phenomenon?08:32
bazhangabhi_nav, login as root? are you suggesting that?08:32
theadminbullgard: Update it.08:33
theadminbazhang: He suggets to login as any user in "admin" group08:33
rabbit1bazhang: will do this, install lucid 64 on 2GB, if works fine, then no upgrade, if not will get another 4 GB DDR2 RAM, what say ?08:33
bazhangrabbit1, sure go for it08:33
abhi_navbullgard: pidgin crashes here just now first time in 9.0408:33
rabbit1bazhang: thanks for kill dude08:33
abhi_navbullgard: then i have to restart08:34
bazhangkuligowski, /join #ubuntu-pl08:34
meganerdtheadmin: the super cow powers are still there08:34
bullgardtheadmin: UpdateManager: "Your system is up-to-date." --  Are you a clown or a troll?08:35
bazhangbullgard, that language is not acceptable here08:35
rabbit1bazhang: how can i find wether the application i am using is 64 or 32 bit ?08:35
theadminbullgard: eh, i dunno, maybe MINE is not up-to-date08:35
theadminbullgard: I last used it two days ago08:35
bullgardtheadmin: Thank you very much.08:36
Ashokwhat is cat08:36
bazhangrabbit1, for example?08:36
theadminbazhang: What language, he didn't swear. I'm not an easily offended type luckily08:36
* jadakren observes that bullgarde is not aware of ppas.08:36
bazhangtheadmin, nonetheless not acceptable08:36
theadminAshok: "Concatenate And Type", a command to print a file to terminal. Also, an animal08:36
abhi_navtheadmin: animal?08:36
Ashoktheadmin: tx man08:37
rabbit1bazhang: i use bigfish, so how can i check it is 32 bit or 64 bit, currently my os is 32 bit, so i assume all my app is 32. but in general, how to find the application is 32 or 64 bit?08:37
theadminabhi_nav: animal. I mean, cat... err...08:37
abhi_navtheadmin: bigfish is animal too08:37
theadminabhi_nav: :D08:37
DasEikgs: pm you ?08:37
ubottuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java products search for sun-java6 -packages from the !Multiverse repository08:37
rabbit1abhinav: no, its big animal :)08:37
abhi_navtheadmin: :D08:38
kgsDasEi: Sure.08:38
abhi_navrabbit1: :)08:38
piccaguys, what software would you use for running Windows XP under Ubuntu08:38
bullgardabhi_nav: Thank you for your information. So I will do snooping what might be the reason for this crashing.08:38
Gneapicca: vmware08:38
rabbit1people use wine08:38
theadminpicca: Virtualbox08:38
abhinavpicca: virtualbox08:38
sqwertleIs there a difference between programming sockets in C and C++?08:38
abhi_navbullgard: hmmm08:38
rabbit1for application,08:38
piccathanks Gnea, theadmin , abhi_nav08:39
rocket16Hello all. I read that .class files of java can be directly run from terminal, without invoking the java interpreter, using ./sample.class. How to do it?08:39
joschisqwertle: if you use the bsd sockets api in c++: no08:39
meganerdpicca: Virtualbox... vmware will make you cry... at least I do every day at work :)08:39
rabbit1bazhang: i use bigfish, so how can i check it is 32 bit or 64 bit, currently my os is 32 bit, so i assume all my app is 32. but in general, how to find the application is 32 or 64 bit?08:39
abhinav!virtualbox | picca08:39
abhi_navpicca: he is abhinav, I am abhi_nav. he answer you , not me.08:39
ubottupicca: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox08:39
theadminrocket16: Maybe... try to do that: "chmod +x somefile.class && ./somefile.class"08:39
piccameganerd, take it virtualbox is easy to setup08:39
abhi_navpicca: haa haa haa ha :D08:39
joschisqwertle: there might be of course a wrapper library for c++08:39
meganerdpicca: install it, run it08:39
piccasorry abhi_nav08:39
abhinavabhi_nav: :)08:39
rocket16Thanks theadmin, trying that08:39
bazhangrabbit1, what is bigfish? got a link08:39
theadminpicca: Very easy, download from virtualbox.org and double-click the deb file08:39
abhi_navpicca:  :D08:40
abhi_navabhinav: :-)08:40
sqwertlejoschi: Would you say that a book for Unix network programming that uses C is a good place to learn sockets for C++?08:40
rabbit1bazhang: http://bluefish.openoffice.nl/08:40
ActionParsnipYo yo yo08:40
piccahope Oracle continue virtualbox08:40
rabbit1bazhang: sorry, misspelled :)08:40
joschisqwertle: if you really want to know the basics, yes.08:40
theadminpicca: Well, they already released one version of their own, so they definetly will.08:40
abhinavpicca: I doubt there is going to be any issue with virtualbox support08:40
meganerdpicca: so yes it is easy to install.  Vmware can be less than fun, what with all the binary modules.  I am also have a copy of VMWare workstation that I bought myself and have been upgrading dutifullly.  I just finally ditched it for Virtualbox08:40
rabbit1picca: where is sa? it is missing.....08:41
tusharhow to install java for ff08:41
meganerdpicca: if you don't need USB, the OSE edition that you get via apt (or the GUI front ends) works quite well.08:41
piccameganerd, virtualbox it is then .. can't wait to see how XP performs under Ubuntu (don't mind it being slow, as long as i can run it)08:41
ActionParsnip!java | tushar08:41
ubottutushar: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java products search for sun-java6 -packages from the !Multiverse repository08:41
rocket16theadmin: Does chmod command give it the executable permisions? And, it is saying that "Can not execute binary file"08:41
piccameganerd, ah, it doesn't support usb then08:41
abhinavIn addition to what meganerd said, I found vmware slower than virtualbox, and some things like shared folders were not available with the vmware free version08:41
joschisqwertle: but if you're really into c++ including advanced oop stuff, you might want to use an oo library like boost instead08:42
joschisqwertle: http://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_40_0/doc/html/boost_asio/overview/networking/bsd_sockets.html08:42
abhi_navpicca: xp is bit slow on vm. i use it in vm. but we can do task on it08:42
meganerdpicca: on my dual core laptop XP is pretty much the same as it is on hardware.  You can get USB support by downloading the free as in beer edition from Sun08:42
theadminrocket16: Yes, "chmod +x" gives execute permissions for current user.08:42
tusharjava-6-openjdk 1061 /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk08:42
tushar is instlled but in browser not vominh08:42
rocket16theadmin: Thanks, but  already did that, both from command line and GUI. Any idea what to do?08:43
abhi_navtushar: try adding mozila java plugin from their web site08:43
ActionParsnipTushar: is the ubuntu 64bit?08:43
tushar32 bit08:43
theadminrocket16: Gm. I actually don't think it IS possible, maybe you misunderstood something...08:43
abhinavpicca: better to get the non-free version (I think 3.1 is the current one which I have installed)08:43
ActionParsnip!find java08:43
ubottuFound: ca-certificates-java, default-jdk, default-jre, default-jre-headless, ecj-gcj (and 723 others)08:43
rocket16theadmin: No, actually, I read it from a recent Java book, by O'reily08:44
piccaabhi_nav, so you get usb support with the non-free version08:44
ActionParsnipTushar: try: apt-cache search java | grep moz08:44
rocket16theadmin: B O'Reily foundation08:44
theadminrocket16: Oh... hm %)08:44
abhinavpicca: yes08:44
rocket16theadmin: Anyway, thanks for the help, :)08:44
ActionParsnipTushar: anything look like it might be the ticket?08:44
piccaabhinav, will have to do that because i need usb support08:45
tusharno ActionParsnip but I am installed some ice plugin from USC08:46
albechvery often when i open my address book in evolution it is empty.. it is like the address book wont sync correctly with ubuntuone08:46
jadakrentushar : http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Karmic#Java_Runtime_Environment_.28JRE.29_for_Firefox_plug-in08:46
ActionParsnipTushar: that may conflict but I'm not sure08:46
tusharthanks jadakren08:46
abhinavpicca: remember to install the guest additions also (from within virtualbox) after installing windows (or whatever you're planning to install). This enables shared folders, better mouse/keyboard navigation, etc.08:46
tusharyes will check that out it is based on Open JDK which I have installed , worth trying out :)08:47
piccaabhinav, what are guest additions08:47
sqwertlejoschi: I'm afraid I have no idea what that is.08:48
theadminWhere was that codename suggestions wiki page? Can't find it, that search thing on Wiki is dumb08:48
abhinavpicca: they are some addons available from virtualbox, which enable few features. I *think* they are guest-specific, as they need to be installed after the guest OS is installed.08:48
theadminabhinav: Yep, they run on Linux with X and Windows... I THINK they run on Solaris, but am totally unsure08:49
piccaabhinav, it is now installing Windows XP - this is excellent ... this means i can carry this image on an external hard drive and use it across all my laptops08:49
mtx_initim trying to install mplayer, but it says  mplayer: Depends: mplayer-nogui but it is not going to be installed08:49
mtx_init           Depends: libvdpau1 but it is not installable08:49
piccathanks abhinav will look at those addons08:49
rabbit1rm -rfv /* - what actually happen with this command ?08:50
theadminrabbit1: Everything will be deleted. Everything in system drive and on mounted devices.08:50
rabbit1theadmin: security ???08:51
theadminrabbit1: Only root could do it ;)08:51
rabbit1theadmin: with su is not possible?08:51
mtx_initrabbit1: nothing, the kernel protects08:51
theadminmtx_init: Really?08:52
mtx_initnot even root can do it08:52
rabbit1theadmin: with that command i can delete the whole partition and get new harddisk then?08:52
mtx_initUbuntu's kernel protects agaist it08:52
mtx_initstandard kernel does not to the best of my knowledge.08:52
theadminmtx_init: Very cool, Ubuntu guys are AWESOME.08:52
rabbit1mtx_init: not even root? then what's the danger ?08:53
mtx_initdo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda and it will eat it all08:53
Ashokhow to insatll java in ubuntu08:53
rocket16Can Gobby allow a group of people to edit a file at the same time over Internet?08:53
theadminAshok: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-plugin08:53
rocket16Ashok: From Ubuntu help,08:53
mtx_initrabbit1: if the protection is turned off it will free all inodes08:53
rabbit1mtx_init: kool then08:53
rocket16Ashok: Indian?08:54
rabbit1mtx_init: how can i crash my windows server at my workplace which servers thinclient :)?08:54
bazhangrabbit1, how does that relate to ubuntu08:54
wgrantrocket16: That is Gobby's purpose.08:54
rocket16wgrant: Thanks, :)08:54
Gnearabbit1: why would you want to?08:54
rabbit1sorry guys, forget it,08:55
theadminrabbit1: There is some article on microsoft's site how to manually call a BSoD08:55
bazhanglets get back on topic please08:55
rabbit1theadmin: thx, will check out and scare my admin ;)08:55
mtx_initrabbit1: an ubuntu live cd likely wouldnt have access to the server, so nothing really.08:55
rocket16wgrant: But suppose, I have created a session at Port 6652. How can another person join it?08:56
rabbit1bazhang: just relating the security level of ubuntu and windows :) thats it,08:56
mtx_initim trying to install mplayer, but it says  mplayer: Depends: mplayer-nogui but it is not going to be installed08:56
bazhangrabbit1, #ubuntu-offtopic for meta chat please08:56
wgrantrocket16: Somebody needs to open up gobby, click 'Join session', enter your IP address and the port.08:57
abhinavmtx_init: is this in karmic (ubuntu 9.10) ?08:57
wgrantrocket16: You may need to turn on port forwarding if you're behind a router, though.08:57
theadminmtx_init: Something's broken, try sudo apt-get -f install08:57
rocket16wgrant: Oh, thanks08:57
mtx_inittheadmin: nothing, im trying to get vdpau to work08:58
mtx_initbut I need mplayer08:58
mtx_initi added the vdpau repo PPA as well08:58
theadminmtx_init: I just removed it and installed it back, it works fine... Strangeness08:58
abhinavmtx_init: try what theadmin mentioned. If it doesn't help, try tracing the dependencies (do apt-get install mplayer-nogui and see if it succeeds, else why it fails ..and so on)08:58
abhinavmtx_init: brute force, but works sometimes - apt-get needs a push once in a while :)08:59
mtx_initnogui needs libvdpau1, but that had no installation canidate08:59
theadminmtx_init: Wait, did you say you added a third-party repo?08:59
mtx_inittheadmin: yes I vdpau PPA09:00
mtx_initI read I needed it09:00
theadminmtx_init: Try removing it, then do sudo apt-get update and see if it helps. It might have broken something, since everything for mplayer IS in Ubuntu's repos, and now it can't get it because of this... uh, i understand it but i can't phrase it normally09:01
KamaLhello, i'm having problems updating the XMLRPC=C library on ubuntu server... anyone has experience wit it?09:02
abhinavtheadmin: true - I have mplayer installed, and libvdpau is not even in the repos09:02
abhinavtheadmin: so it's probably not required, mtx_init09:02
mtx_initwell it was after I got the vdpau stuff that it broke09:03
mtx_initi usually use vlc09:03
Ashokwil power dvd can be run in ubuntu09:03
mtx_initit still says this guys mplayer: Depends: mplayer-nogui but it is not going to be installed09:04
mtx_inite01: Broken packages09:04
mtx_init, after I take out the PPA09:04
mtx_initits odd09:04
theadminAshok: No... try VLC+libdvdcss2, will give even a better effect09:04
FloodBot2mtx_init: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:04
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!09:04
e01mtx_init, ?09:04
mtx_initwhats up e0109:05
e01wich packages?09:05
e01what u talking about? :)09:05
mtx_initim trying to install mplayer, but it says it needs mplayer-nogui, which is not available it seems09:06
theadmine01: Uhm, you are in Ubuntu support channel. If you dunno what a package is, i guess you're either a noob or in the wrong place09:06
theadminmuglauniv: Hi there. Have any support questions? If so, ask them09:06
muglaunivwhom can I ask if i need to ask some questions?09:07
AvocadobrideCan I get help here09:07
Avocadobrideis this the right spot?09:07
mtx_initjust feel free to ask09:07
theadminmuglauniv: Ask in the channel, everyone can help09:07
e01mtx_init, r u sure that is not available09:07
theadminAvocadobride: Yes.09:07
e01try apt-get update09:07
mtx_inite01: I did already09:08
e01then apt-get install mplayer-nogui09:08
muglaunivthanks where are you from theadmin?09:08
tp43mtx_init, did you do apt-get install mplayer?09:08
mtx_initit says no09:08
rocket16muglauniv: How did you try to install it?09:08
theadminmuglauniv: That is NOT a support question. And i'm from russia09:08
AvocadobrideI am not getting any sound, I have been searching the net for a while, and I dont think my sound card is detected09:08
mtx_inittp43: yes it says it needs mplayer-nogui, which is not availible09:08
tp43mtx_init, if you install mplayer-nogui, then you can't install mplayer, you have install one or the other, but you can still use mplayer on command line09:08
rocket16mtx_init: Did you enable Multiverse support?09:08
Avocadobrideeverything is unmuted etc09:08
muglaunivCan I go to a channel where i can have conversation with people are using Ubuntu?im a new person here.09:09
tp43mtx_init, apt-get remove mplayer-nogui09:09
theadminAvocadobride: Does "lspci | grep audio" or "lspci | grep sound" return anything09:09
rocket16!ask | muglauniv09:09
ubottumuglauniv: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:09
theadminmuglauniv: #ubuntu-offtopic09:09
mtx_initnot installed09:09
abhinavtp43: that is not what I see on my system. I have both mplayer and mplayer-nogui installed09:09
Avocadobrideit returns this 01:08.0 Multimedia audio controller: Aureal Semiconductor Vortex 2 (rev fe)09:09
theadmin!es | bella-vampire09:09
ubottubella-vampire: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.09:09
Huffameghey! my problem: F-spot photo manager errors every time i try to open it, but i'm not comfortable enough with ubuntu to do a troubleshoot.. someone who can help?09:09
mtx_inithe program 'mplayer' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:09:09
mtx_initsudo apt-get install mplayer-nogui09:09
tp43abhinav, oh wierd, cause, when I install nogui, it removes the gui one and vice versa09:09
mtx_initi have niether installed09:10
theadminAvocadobride: Great, so it IS detected. Maybe you need to google out the driver09:10
tp43mtx_init, ok, do apt-get install gmplayer then09:10
=== Peda is now known as Guest38626
Avocadobridesorry, and thankyou09:10
pragma_ubottu: SPEAK ENGLISH!09:10
tp43mtx_init, sorry gnome-mplayer09:10
* pragma_ sniggers softly.09:10
rocket16mtx_init: Install mplayer from Synaptic09:10
tp43or smplayer09:10
theadminpragma_: It's a bot.09:11
tp43I use vlc though09:11
mtx_inittp43: it says it needs mplayer or nogui09:11
mtx_initil try synaptic09:11
abhinavmtx_init: could you try one thing - open up synaptic, search for mplayer, right click and go to properties, and check what the version says09:11
e01bella-vampire, pizdec09:11
tp43abhinav, you are right, I have nogui installed too09:12
tp43mtx_init, install the nogui then09:12
mtx_initabhinav: 2.1.-~rc309:12
bella-vampirehola flookBot209:12
bella-vampireno entiendo naaaaaa09:12
theadmin!ops | bella-vampire is flooding and being dumb09:12
ubottubella-vampire is flooding and being dumb: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!09:12
Ashokwhat is bash09:12
abhinavmtx_init: karmic-updates ?09:12
theadminAshok: the terminal09:13
Avocadobrideis /etc/groups the same as /etc/group?09:13
elky!es | bella-vampire09:13
ubottubella-vampire: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.09:13
mtx_initabhinav: what do ya mean?09:13
Ashoktheadmin: what is sh ksh09:13
e01Ashok, this is the default shell09:13
rocket16Ashok: It is the default shell in Ubuntu09:13
muglaunivhow can ı talk to people in the list on the left of page ?09:13
e01Ashok, these is another shells09:13
muglaunivi want to open a dialog windows but im not successful09:13
theadminAshok: Other terminals, but they are quite old, bash is the most modern one... i feel. I like zsh too09:14
Ashoke01: what is shell09:14
theadminmuglauniv: Double-click09:14
abhinavmtx_init: you see only 1 item in the available versions, or more ? and in the end of the line, does it say in parantheses (karmic) or (karmic-updates) ?09:14
pedestrianentranIm trying to set up grub to boot a certain entry first, not the default that is set. I have no menu.lst file. Im not sure how to modify grub without this. Im running default latest version of ubuntu.09:14
muglaunivi tried but i was not successful09:14
e01Ashok, the big black whole09:14
theadminAshok: A command interpreter, a thing which "understands" commands and "does" them09:14
mtx_initabhinav: two one karmic, one updates09:14
rocket16!bash | Ashok09:14
jussi01!grub2 | pedestrianentran, this page tells you09:14
ubottuAshok: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal09:14
ubottupedestrianentran, this page tells you: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub209:14
Ashoktheadmin:how many shells r available09:14
pedestrianentranjussi01:thank you09:15
bella-vampirealguien me puede explicar como va esto09:15
theadminAshok: Let's see which i know... bash (this is the only one you need), ksh, sh, zsh09:15
abhinavmtx_init: ok . I see the same here. Did you try to install from here ? (apologies if I missed your response)09:15
mtx_initabhinav: working now09:15
Ashoktheadmin: k then09:15
Ashokabhinav: hi09:15
theadminjussi01: thanks... phew09:15
abhinavmtx_init: cool . so you're set :)09:15
mtx_initabhinav: I get the same errors about nogui09:16
abhinavmtx_init: aah :(09:16
Ashok!hi | Ashok09:16
ubottuAshok, please see my private message09:16
jussi01!es | bella-vampire09:17
ubottubella-vampire: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.09:17
mtx_initabhinav: I got it by installing nogui first09:17
bella-vampirealguien me puede explicar como va esto09:17
=== netanel is now known as netshinE
Avocadobridewhere would I get drivers for Aureal Semiconductor Vortex 2, I have no idea what is appropriate for ubuntu09:17
=== netshinE is now known as netanelshine
bella-vampireen español09:17
=== netanelshine is now known as netshinE
jussi01bella-vampire: /oin #ubuntu-es09:18
jussi01bella-vampire: /join #ubuntu-es09:18
jussi01bella-vampire: Por favor, escriba: / join # ubuntu-es09:18
bella-vampirehola avocadobide09:18
jussi01bella-vampire: Por favor, escriba: /join #ubuntu-es09:18
eliminyrohi everyone! Can anybody help me with troubleshooting? I can't set up frequency refresh of my monitor.09:19
muglaunivı cant have a communication with anyone it is the first time i have ever been this chat programme is there anybody who can help me?09:20
abhinaveliminyro: some more details please ? which version of ubuntu, which graphics card, and what you're trying to do ?09:20
jussi01muglauniv: just ask your question.09:21
theadminmuglauniv: /msg NICKNAME MESSAGE09:21
piccaVirtualBox is superb09:21
Huffameganyone who can help? when i try to open f-spot photo manager I get this error and i don't understand what it means: http://paste.ubuntu.com/398670/09:21
muglaunivok then thanks.09:21
eliminyronow it uses 1280x1024@60Hz. I need at least 1280x1024@85Hz. "Modeline "1280x1024_75.00"  138.54  1280 1368 1504 1728  1024 1025 1028 1069  -HSync +Vsync" doesn't work09:21
=== ^mNotIntelligent is now known as Guest58540
robert__jest ktos??09:21
theadmin!pl | robert__09:21
ubotturobert__: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.09:21
eliminyroabhinav, Ubuntu 9.10, Video HD4200, monitor Samsung SM 959NF09:21
muglauniv /msg Aciid hello are you therE?09:22
DoroffPrivet vsem09:22
Doroffest problema09:22
theadminmuglauniv: Don't put a space in beginning of a message09:22
theadminDoroff: Поддержка на русском в #ubuntu-ru09:22
hystreniwhat should happen when i press ctrl+alt+F1?09:23
tp43I am thinking of buying a printer, is there any advise.  Should I install foomatic, or is there something else in Ubuntu.  Cause I was thinking I would take my laptop, and test the printer driver first, before I buy, so I wanted to make sure I had the drivers installed first.  Or is there a database to check for printer support09:23
abhinaveliminyro: ok. and your monitor supports that refresh rate I assume. are you using the proprietary ATI drivers ? they might help09:23
muglaunivwhy cant I have a chat to people from my list when i double-click them?09:23
AvocadobrideI downloaded some drivers and It came in a whole lot of .c and .h files, I dont know what to do wth it09:23
abhinavmuglauniv: that depends on the chat program you use. it might be doing something else like a whois query09:24
eliminyroabhinav, i downloaded driver from amd site. how can i remove it?09:24
theadminAvocadobride: cd /path/to/driver/directory && ./configure && make && sudo make install09:24
muglaunivim using Xchat09:24
tp43Avocadobride, dude, I don't think downloading drivers are a good idea, you should use the kernel you have, or get them from Ubuntu repos09:24
eliminyroabhinav, remove installed driver, of course )09:24
abhinaveliminyro: that should work09:24
Avocadobridewhat does that mean :309:24
tp43Avocadobride, use apt-get install to install your drivers09:24
eliminyroabhinav, no, i mean, which _how_ can i remove it? i just don't remember09:25
Ashokwhat is ls09:25
eliminyro*without which*09:25
tp43Avocadobride, if you Ubuntu doesn't already have it installed stock09:25
eliminyroAshok, it's listing09:25
AvocadobrideIt might09:25
theadminAshok: ls - list directory contents09:25
Avocadobridebut my sound isnt working09:25
hystreniwhat should happen when i press ctrl+alt+F1? can any1 answer?09:25
abhinaveliminyro: Go to System->Administration-<Hardware drivers and disable there09:25
theadminAshok: "man command" to get help on nearly any command09:25
Avocadobridetp43, how would I find them09:26
abhinavhystreni: it will open a text mode login09:26
theadminhystreni: A tty session should start09:26
tp43Avocadobride, like, I bought a web cam, it came with drivers, that you have to load for windows, but Ubuntu already had them built in stock, so I didn't have to load anything, I just plug it in09:26
man8eliminyro,  Samsung SM 959NF http://www.samsung.com/es/function/search/espsearchResult.do?keywords=SM+959NF&input_keyword=SM+959NF09:26
tp43Avocadobride, hmm, what is the device?09:26
Ashokhow many users are available in ubuntu09:26
hystrenitheadmin, for me it just go black09:26
outer_spacewhats a command to add text to a pipe? like cat somefile |sed "something" |sed "something" |addtext "endfile"09:26
Avocadobridetp43, this is the onboard sound card09:26
theadminAshok: Huh what09:26
abhinavAshok: I doubt you will reach the limit :)09:26
Avocadobridetp43, it used to work and now No sound hardware is apearing09:26
tp43Avocadobride, wow, your sound isn't working?  go lsmod and if you have something like snd then you have the driver09:26
Ashokabhinav: what limit09:27
tp43Avocadobride, maybe it is muting, do alsamixer and turning up the volume09:27
Avocadobridetp43 I cant see anything that says snd09:27
hystreniabhinav, when i press it it all goes black and i cant se anything and then the screen reacts as if it gets no infomration from the comp09:27
AvocadobrideIve checked all that stuff09:27
Doroffubuntu 9.10  stop working after 10 minut. Don't have reaction for anything. Help only "reset".  What is the problem?09:27
Avocadobridetp43 ive been surfing forums for about and hour and a half09:27
DoroffI have new PC09:27
abhinavhystreni: if you press enter couple of times, you should be able to see a login (text mode)09:27
tp43Avocadobride, lsmod |grep snd09:28
abhinavhystreni: anyway, you can try cntrl-alt-f7 or f8 to get back to the gui09:28
theadminDoroff: Sounds like a kernel panic. When it will freeze again, try holding Ctrl+Alt+PrtSc and typing "REISUB"09:28
Ashokabhinav: what limit09:28
Avocadobridetp43 nothing happened09:28
Dorofftheadmin ok09:28
theadminDoroff: Err, without the Alt09:28
tp43Avocadobride, when you run "lsmod|grep snd" you get nothing?09:28
Dorofftheadmin ok09:28
hystreniabhinav thank you ^^09:29
Avocadobridetp43 oh I put a space between lsmod and |grep09:29
abhinavAshok: there would be a user limit, prob in thousands09:29
Avocadobridetp43 uhhh nothing09:29
bullgardSystem > Administration > Software Sources > (Software Sources) > Ubuntu Software > (Downloadable from the Internet)  Why can I not check off the button »Source code«?09:29
tp43Avocadobride, space doesn't matter09:29
theadminDoroff: That will reboot teh comp. If this keeps happening, i suggest booting from a Live CD and doing "fsck"09:29
pragma_Hi, I'm a PC.09:29
Avocadobridepragma, lol gtfo09:29
abhinavtheadmin: what does REISUB do ?09:29
Avocadobridepragma (=09:29
tp43Avocadobride, woow, you have no sound, try insmod snd, or when is the last time you did a reboot?09:29
eliminyroabhinav, proprietary driver is already disabled and my driver(that i downloaded from ati site and installed it) is not in the list09:30
Avocadobride2 minutes ago09:30
Avocadobridetp43 2 minutes ago09:30
theadminabhinav: Something like... Unmount all filesystems, kill all apps, remount remaining filesystems readonly, reboot09:30
Avocadobridetp43 just type in "insmod snd"09:30
hystreniabhinav, naw my screen just go blacvk, cant get up a tty mode09:30
Avocadobridetp43 correct?09:30
abhinavtheadmin: ok.;09:31
Avocadobridetp43 it is saying insmod: can't read 'snd': No such file or directory09:31
Avocadobridetp43 not good...09:31
tp43Avocadobride, yeah, but it should do it auto anyway, maybe your sound card is broken, or it is loose, did you yank the head phone cord or something, and the pci slipped out, do "lspci" do you see a sound card?09:31
Dorofftheadmin ok. now I'm testing my PC, latter write a result09:31
Avocadobridetp43 It is working in windows 709:31
tp43Avocadobride, well you did something cause it used to work and now it doesn't you said, no?09:32
Avocadobridetp43 well, I overwrote my boot sector, so I just reinstalled ubuntu, so I could get grub, maybe it didnt install right09:32
theadminGot to go sorry everyone09:32
mozaHi everybody, i have some problems with my sound, and it forces me to "reboot" at least once a day, sometimes more.09:33
mozaI can do with it but i could also take some help to narrow down and maybe correct the problem, or at least submit a bug :)09:34
tp43Avocadobride, oh, did you reinstall Ubuntu and Windows?09:34
Avocadobrideno, just ubuntu, I tried to use a windows bootloader that sucked, so I reinstalled ubuntu09:34
MI11moza, did you try reinstaling alsa?09:34
tp43Avocadobride, I really don't know what could be wrong, but sound is supposed to work without any configuring, is everything else working, you can browse the net?09:35
Avocadobridetp43 yes all is well09:35
Avocadobridetp43 just sound is completely missing09:35
maxtsepkovI have a huge tar.gz on the disk. I want to extract it but I don't have much space to write exctracted files on disk. Is there a way to exctract it "in place". I.e. write exctracted files and in the meantime shrink the tar.gz ?09:36
mozaMI11 i didn't try, but i can do that now :)09:36
Avocadobridetp43 would finding new audio drivers help?09:36
tp43Avocadobride, thats wierd, cause the Ubuntu has sound built in, you don't have to install drivers, the driver come stock09:36
elvisa lot people here09:36
Avocadobridetp43 would installing new drivers help?09:36
MI11moza, go to alsa home, download newest, untar, readme configure, make make install.09:36
tp43Avocadobride, well, if the drivers you have aren't loading...I don't know how other drivers would help09:37
mozaMI11 : can't i do anything through the add/change program thingy? synaptics?09:37
MI11moza, do it by hand, you will be sure you have the newest09:37
tp43Avocadobride, try apt-get install alsa09:38
Avocadobridetp43 well could you find me some drivers please? :3 I have Aureal Vortex 209:38
Avocadobridetp43 alsa-base is already the newest version09:38
Avocadobridetp43 is there a way to rollback?09:38
mozaMI11 : i know but the rest of my OS is not "the newest" and i don't want "the newest" i want the most stable and so on.09:39
tp43Avocadobride, I don't know.  try alsamixer09:39
MI11dont worry, is current09:39
Avocadobridetp43 I typed in alsamixer, and I says alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory09:40
MI11moza, is stable09:40
sanidhyacan someone tell me... whether any scheduler exists for ubuntu09:40
Avocadobridesanidhya like a calender?09:41
theodorehello there...09:41
MI11sanidhya, nano :)09:41
Avocadobridesanidhya, try "when"09:41
theodoreI have a question regarding Labview ni-visa09:41
tp43Avocadobride, check it out, maybe that will help, asoundconf-gtk09:41
theodorehow to install ni-visa 4.2.0 on ubuntu 9.20???09:42
Avocadobridetp43 The program 'asoundconf-gtk' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:09:42
Avocadobridesudo apt-get install asoundconf-gtk09:42
luigi1ho un problema con ubuntu mi da  error09:42
tp43Avocadobride, install it and run it, maybe then you can select the sound card09:42
Avocadobridetp43 "well theres your problem!"09:42
sanidhyadoes gui exist for when??09:43
Avocadobrideharry@taffy:~$ asoundconf-gtk09:43
AvocadobrideYou need at least one ALSA sound card for this to work!09:43
Avocadobridetp43 thats what is says09:44
tp43Avocadobride, are you sure sound is working in Windows?09:44
AvocadobrideI was playing games and everything09:44
tp43Avocadobride, lately?09:44
dummyNickhi all09:44
Luciaablar en español asi me entero09:44
AvocadobrideLucia, it is spelt with an H, as in hola09:44
AvocadobrideLucia, #ubuntu-es09:44
Luciaya lo se y ablar con h09:45
Avocadobridetp43 yes09:45
Luciahablar en español09:45
Avocadobridetp43 last time I was in windows, windows is fine, its a software problem09:45
Luciaque no me entero09:45
dummyNick!es | Lucia09:45
ubottuLucia: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.09:45
tp43Avocadobride, its not software issue cause you don't even have a sound card09:45
Avocadobridewell, It just isnt detected09:46
AvocadobrideIt is there09:46
tp43Avocadobride, yeah, but you can't install driver for a hardware that isn't even showing up09:46
Avocadobridetp43 when I type "lspci | grep audio" it comes up09:46
tp43Avocadobride, oh09:46
tp43Avocadobride, I don't know, good luck09:47
Avocadobridetp43 nooooooooooooo, do you know anyone that can help09:47
abhinavAvocadobride: which motherboard is this ?09:47
Avocadobridetp43 asus09:47
Avocadobridetp43 is there a command to find the model09:47
tp43Avocadobride, maybe abhinav09:47
tp43Avocadobride, lspci09:47
Avocadobrideabhinav, are you online?09:48
abhinavAvocadobride: some specs please (motherboard, cpu type, sound chipset)09:48
luigi1chi mi puo aiutare con un problema di istalazione di ubuntu09:49
Avocadobrideabhinav, sound chipset is Aureal Vortex 209:49
Avocadobrideabhinav cpu is AMD 64 dual core something09:49
AbortDanyone have open gl running on a ati radeon 3200 hd?09:49
abhinavAvocadobride: need to go now, will be back in half an hour or so.09:49
Avocadobrideabhinav, thats cool09:50
Avocadobrideabhinav I need to go09:50
bullgardSystem > Administration > Software Sources > (Software Sources) > Ubuntu Software > (Downloadable from the Internet)  Why can I not check off the button »Source code«?09:51
=== Chousuke_ is now known as Chousuke
FriGiNwell thanks to everyone ubuntu is running wonderfully.. and updated nicely.09:54
FriGiNi just wanted to express my appreciation for everyone who gave me a hand. even if they aren't here.09:54
* Dr_Willis sends FriGiN the bill.09:54
AbortDi need to fix my radeon card then i will be set09:55
FriGiNnice.. i didn't get "rtfm" but i do get a bill.. i knew it was too good to be true.09:55
AbortDfor the night/day09:55
GneaFriGiN: heh, just make sure to say, outloud, the total amount is set to09:56
vakhi all09:59
FriGiNok quick dumb question.. im on an hp laptop with touchpad for media controls including the on/off for the wireless card.... now when data is transferred i get it flash blue/orange. any way to stop that?09:59
FriGiNhiya vak09:59
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=== lazy^^ is now known as lazy^
ResistolGparted help!  I had a vista partition, then made a new one for Ubuntu... it was too small though, so I booted using gparted livecd (ultimate bootcd).  Then I shrank the vista and grew the Ubuntu... then mounted and tried to copy over the data I needed to - but it said "disk full" - now there is an exclamation point next to the ubuntu partition in Gparted!10:00
blinkizHi. Trying to start USB Startup Disk Creator. But I get the error message "This program needs DeviceKit-disks running in order toproperly function.". devicekit-disks package is installed. Please advice!10:00
ResistolIt seems to think that it's completely full, when it's only about 30% full...10:00
ultimate_breaknehi check10:00
Resistolalso, when I try to reboot, it says bootloader missing10:00
ultimate_breakneIRC channel ##c++ ..cannot talk10:01
shazbotmcnastyultimate_breakne, seems like you've been +q'd10:01
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode10:01
bullgardSystem > Administration > Software Sources > (Software Sources) > Ubuntu Software > (Downloadable from the Internet)  Why can I not check off the button »Source code«?10:02
uzi_how to force install pkg? ignoring deps.10:02
ResistolOK Wierd!  I can mount the partition, but it says 0 bytes free (total 12.7gb) when the partition should read 39Gb like it does in gparted...  HELP!10:02
Dr_WillisResistol:  if you changed it with gparted. the kernel may see the old pation tables still. Youmay want to reboot and double check it then10:03
gettingbyHi I am running 9.04 on LG700E monitor but i cant get resolution highre than 960x600. Please help10:03
uzi_how to ignore unmet deps and force install a pkg?10:03
uzi_--force-yes or --ignore-missing doesn't work. how to ignore unmet deps and force install a pkg?10:05
AbortDanyone know how i can check what version the proprietary driver in my hardware driver list is10:05
uzi_--force-yes or --ignore-missing doesn't work. how to ignore unmet deps and force install a pkg?10:06
ResistolHelp guys!  Gparted wont check the partition for errors because it thinks it is full!10:06
ResistolBut I can see the files on it when I mount it...10:06
AbortDis it full?10:06
FriGiNResistol: did you restart like they told you to?10:07
ResistolAbortD, No, gparted shows 39 gigs, of which probably 11 are being used... but the browser shows it as an 11gb full drive.10:07
uzi_--force-yes or --ignore-missing doesn't work. how to ignore unmet deps and force install a pkg?10:07
ResistolFriGiN, no I did not restart...  i didn't see it telling me to10:07
Avocadobridecan anyone help me with my audio issue, apparently my onboard audio card doesnt exist other than when I type lspci | grep audio.10:07
dummyNickAvocadobride, can you provide some more detaisl on thta issue10:08
naoshigeI'm getting this "No buffer space available" through a wide variety of tools from browsers to FTP clients, making it almost impossible to establish web connections. Like, to see a webpage, I have to reload it like 10 times before it appears, and even then most of the images won't load. Downloads, once a connection has been established though, work fine. I'm using Windows XP through an Ubuntu firewall with a Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx NIC.10:08
AvocadobridedummyNick, it is an Aureal Vortex 2 onboard sound10:08
ResistolFriGiN, I'm using a livecd (ultimate bootcd ->gparted) because ubuntu 8-10.10 went to a blank screen.10:08
dummyNickAvocadobride, did you try googling the same10:08
AvocadobridedummyNick yeah, Ive been surfing forums for a bit10:08
AvocadobridedummyNick bout an hour, but either the problem wasnt the same, or I had no idea what they were saying10:09
dummyNickAvocadobride, whats the output for lscpi|grep audio , how do you conclude that you dont have an audio card10:09
AvocadobridedummyNick Audio works fine in windows 710:09
FriGiNResistol: trust me im not the one to talk to about it.. im just asking the obvious..10:09
AvocadobridedummyNick in sound preferences there is no output other than dummy output and nothing in hardware, the ouput is 01:08.0 Multimedia audio controller: Aureal Semiconductor Vortex 2 (rev fe)10:10
ResistolThere is enough room for me to move the important things back to the old Vista Partition... maybe I'll throw things back there, then check the new Partition and see if that help10:10
Resistolif not, maybe i can just reformat the new partition10:11
AbortDyou're on the live cd?10:11
nanneshi all... how do I do if I can't format (or modify partition table) of a flash USB drive?10:11
nannesI inserted it, found it on 'lsusb' (and also /dev/sdb come created), BUT I can't access to it (tried with many partition tools)10:11
nanneshere the dmesg -----> http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/398680/10:11
AbortDand you are having trouble viewing partitions in browser?10:11
AvocadobridedummyNick my user account didnt have privelages to use audio devices, but I fixed that10:12
CQnannes: what does sudo fdisk -l say? (should list all devices and partitions)10:12
nannesCQ: nothing abount sdb.... only hard drive detected10:13
dummyNickAvocadobride, if your audio works fine in Win7 that clearly says you dont have hardware issues,,, must be some audio driver issue with your current OS10:13
AvocadobridedummyNick, also there are 9 updates I cant download, for some reason, could they have anything to do with it?10:13
AvocadobrideI dont know what to do10:13
tp43Avocadobride, you did ext4 filesystem?10:13
ResistolAbortD, I am on the ultimatebootcd livecd, using gparted.  i can mount the partitions fine - and i can see the files... it's just that the browser thinks my 36gb drive is an 11gb full drive...  so i'm getting "disk full" errors10:13
dummyNickAvocadobride, not sure... unless you give me the list,,, can you paste those 9 in pastebin10:13
AvocadobridedummyNick what is pastebin10:14
dummyNick!pb | Avocadobride10:14
ubottuAvocadobride: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:14
CQnannes: does it show up on mount -l10:14
AbortDok sorry i cant help you on that then10:14
nannesCQ: no it doesn't :(10:15
ResistolAbortD, I'm going to copy everything to the other working partition, then delete some stuff on the 'full' partition and see if gparted can repair it10:15
AvocadobridedummyNick I dont know how to get the information to paste, I dont think it has anyrthing to do with it though10:15
dummyNickAvocadobride, go to the link mentioned and paste those 9 updates which you're not able to do ...and then give me the link that pastebin gives you... i just want to go thru that to make sure it has nothing to do with your audio drivers10:15
dummyNickAvocadobride, if you are sure about that... then no need to show me that... but I'm pretty sure its some driver issue10:15
CQnannes: can you access the USB stick with dolphin?10:16
Avocadobridewhen I type insmod snd, It says, insmod: can't read 'snd': No such file or directory10:16
dummyNickAvocadobride, can you provide me the details regarding the OS you are using10:16
nannesCQ: I don't know what it is... i'll try now10:16
dummyNickAvocadobride, one more thing,, assuming you10:16
AvocadobridedummyNick 9.10 Karmic10:16
CQnannes: dolphin is a filebrowser... or konqueror or somethign else...10:17
AvocadobridedummyNick 64 bit10:17
nannesooooh nautilus! :) no10:17
dummyNickAvocadobride, assuming you've the 9.10 live CD can you try booting it off the liveCD and try the audio..10:17
tp43Avocadobride, do a reintstall10:17
tp43Avocadobride, and use ext3 filesystem10:17
jsoftIm getting an endless firefox 'you must restart' loop. Any ideas?10:17
dummyNickAvocadobride, tp43 : thats the last resort10:17
tp43dummyNick, true10:18
CQnannes try sudo scsiadd -s10:18
AvocadobridedummyNick What do I do if it works with the livecd?10:18
bullgardGNOME System > Administration > Software Sources > (Software Sources) > Ubuntu Software > (Downloadable from the Internet)  Why can I not check off the button »Source code«?10:18
abhinavAvocadobride: did you try this : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=140556010:18
dummyNickAvocadobride, i'm pretty sure you can fix it with the help from forums/IRC etc.. try putting a post for the same in ubuntuforums.org with your complete OS/hardware details10:19
gettingbyplease help on how can i manually force higher resolutions for LG monitor? All i can see is 960x600, the monitor is CRT 17'10:19
Avocadobrideabhinav, I did read that, but I didnt quite get what he was saying10:19
dummyNickAvocadobride, if thats the case then you can isolate the problem with the updates you might have doen after doing a fresh install or may be some other issues that can hppen wiht a persistent install10:19
AvocadobrideI get the exact same error10:19
Resistolwish me luck everyone!  :-)  brb10:20
nannesCQ: yeah, look ---> http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/398684/10:20
gettingbyResistol: LUCK10:20
Avocadobrideabhinav, maybe if you could walk me through his fix?10:20
CQnannes: now mount -l or sudo fdisk -l should show it...10:20
abhinavAvocadobride: well, it turns out to be a dead speaker in the end :) hope you don't have *that*10:21
Avocadobrideabhinav, oh, really, It works in windows though10:22
nannesCQ: no :( ---> http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/398685/10:22
uzi_--force-yes or --ignore-missing doesn't work. how to ignore unmet deps and force install a pkg?10:22
abhinavAvocadobride: yeah., that's probably not the problem you're having. I'm trying to do some more search. Will let you know if I find something10:22
* mobius2 is currently attempting to make ubuntu see a Sony DCR- TRV-19 palm sized digital camcorder, I'm not even certain this is possible. Has anyone had any luck with the USB streaming function of some of thee Sony camcorders in linux?10:23
mobius2lsusb  does see the camera  though  and  knows what modedl it is and everything10:23
mobius2thee=these*  sorry10:23
Avocadobrideabhinav thanks so much, helping a new user in need, I am on the verge of giving up and going back to win7, but ubuntu is so awesome10:23
RonnieHello every one, I'm a new comer10:24
uzi_--force-yes or --ignore-missing doesn't work. how to ignore unmet deps and force install a pkg?10:24
mobius2Avocadobride,  I don't know what your frustration is but I assure you  it's worth  the effort10:24
abhinavAvocadobride: btw, which motherboard is this ? Also, I am assuming this is an addon (PCI) card you have installed, right ?10:24
CQnannes: weird, no idea then, sorry...10:24
Arthur___i am using vlc to watch dtv (dvb) it can pause the tv then play , my question is where is vlc storing the data? i looked in my home folder for a .vlc folder but cant find one ?10:24
CQnannes: I have hotpluggable scsi drives, and they become visible after a sudo scsiadd -s ... then I can do what I want with them10:25
CQnannes: err, hotpluggable SATA drives10:25
mobius2I have been trying to find a copy of a software called "picture package"  which apparently makes windows see the camera.... sadly  though Sony , does not see it fit to  freely distribute the  software on their support website,  instead asking for  various codes  which are apparently located on various pages throughout the owners manual to the dang camera10:25
mobius2not purchase codes  but still  authentication  none the less10:26
nannesCQ: ok, thanks selfsame..... I think anyone lat it fall! bye10:26
mobius2they  do not give away their software which MUST be used to  make their own camera work....man thats cold10:26
abhinavAvocadobride: what does lshw output say ? Could you paste it into pastebin ? also "aplay -l"10:27
pinoyoragonI got a "Connection closed by x.x.x.x" after logging into ssh server which i can previously logged into. Why is that?10:27
Selcuki cant beliace i wait about 3 muntes and my ./configure methot gives error it says [all -recursicve ] error 1 what does it mean ?10:27
Selcukalso say [GPU.lo] error10:28
gettingbyCan one earn a decent living by becoming ubuntu certified?10:29
mobius2can anyone make a suggestion?   I  recently purchased an external hard drive ,  since I've switched over to linux I have really wondered whether or not I should  re format that  external hdd over to an ext3 file type ,  or should I  use the NTFS which it came formatted with?  Right now it's VERY temperamental and I'm wondering if it is because of the fact that it's ofrmatted NTFS and not a native linux file type.... would changing the10:29
mobius2  file type make the drive any less temperamental (  i.e.  having to occasionally run  chkdsk -f in windows  or the drive wont mount in ubuntu  )10:29
mobius2*formatted  scuse the typo10:29
Avocadobrideabhinav sorry I had to go afk, dad is an angry luddite10:30
CQmobius2: if you want to use it in windows, use NTFS, if you just want it for linux, use ext310:30
Avocadobrideabhinav aplay: device_list:223: no soundcards found...10:30
Avocadobrideabhinav It is not PCI10:30
Avocadobrideabhinav it is onboard10:30
mobius2CQ,  I would like to be able to  mount it on windows machines yes.... but I'm wondering if there is any correlation with the constant  "unclean" dismounts which seem to be occuring even though I try to  be diligent about not hot swapping that  USB hard drive10:31
mobius2I seem to be a bad USB user10:31
tp43Avocadobride, you did some bad disk partitioning?10:31
Avocadobridewhere is the pastebin again10:31
CQmobius2: run a disk checker on it, that should tell you if it's a disk problem... the formatting should not have an effect10:31
mobius2also if anyone has experience with SONY digital camcorders  in ubuntu  then  I need to speak with YOU!10:32
Avocadobridetp43, not that I know of10:32
tp43Avocadobride, well you did something10:32
mobius2CQ,  disk checks all check  out good...SMART says all is well  i additionally  and thanks for the input... I am glad to know that formatting should not affect disk performance10:32
tp43mobius2, I have a kross webcam10:32
yaroslavhi all!10:32
Avocadobrideabhinav it is http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/VUYGHMHp10:33
CQmobius2: formatting CAN affect performance if you have tons of very small files or very few very large files, but for normal use it shouldnt10:33
Avocadobrideabhinav it seems that there is an unclaimed audio controller or something?10:34
uzi_how to ignore unmet deps and force install a pkg on ubuntu?10:34
mobius2tp43,  Im working with a bit of a more expensive camera,  it's  the last of Sony's palm sized  camcorders,  and I bel3eive it was designed for use with the " picture package" software bundle for windows xp..... what I need to know is whether or not I'm going to be able to use this  camera in ubuntu as a security camera... so far only  LSUSB can see the camera... it shows up as a Sony camera,  but nothing else can seem to  find the cam10:34
mobius2era,  not kino ,  or camorama  or anything  else10:34
mobius2tp43,  its a TRV-1910:34
mobius2very tiny10:34
mobius2touch LCD10:34
abhinavuzi_: apt-get install --force <package>10:35
tp43mobius2, I use cheese, install it and see if it show the camera10:35
abhinavAvocadobride: how about aplay -l ?10:35
mobius2tp43,  no doubt , i will do it now10:35
Avocadobrideabhinav woops, I will paste it onto the end10:35
Selcukmy ./configure command gives error it says "[all -recursive ] error 1" also it says "[GPU.lo] error 1" what does it mean ?10:36
jm_hello, how can I get my mouse out of vbox, and no, AltGr does not work...?10:36
Avocadobrideabhinav http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/pyqm9QgP10:36
uzi_abhinav: command line --force is not understood10:36
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uzi_how to ignore unmet deps and force install a pkg on ubuntu?10:37
abhinavjm_: try right control uzi_ try --force-yes. But why do you want to do it ? There is generally a better way to get to install a package10:37
mobius2tp43,  no such  luckk ,  however  I LOVE this program from  my first impression of it10:38
mobius2this looks like quality software10:38
mobius2its already working with a different cam10:38
Arthur___i am using vlc to watch dtv (dvb) it can pause the tv then play , my question is where is vlc storing the data? i looked in my home folder for a .vlc folder but cant find one ?10:38
uzi_abhinav: --force-yes complains about unmet deps10:38
tp43mobius2, it didn't work for the sony?10:39
mobius2tp43,  no it sure did not10:39
mobius2i think  its  not compatible in linux at all10:39
abhinavAvocadobride: unclaimed probably means that there is no software  loaded for it10:39
mobius2google  reading does not look promising10:39
tp43mobius2, maybe unplug all other camers, and only plug in sony and restart it10:39
abhinavuzi_: what are you trying to install ?10:39
jm_thx, i will try that. I dont understand your second sentence: I want to use a testing os...10:39
Avocadobrideabhinav, does that mean I need drivers?10:39
bullgardGNOME System > Administration > Software Sources > (Software Sources) > Ubuntu Software > (Downloadable from the Internet)  Why can I not check off the button »Source code«?10:39
pinoyoragonI'm getting a "Connection closed by x.x.x.x" after logging into a remote ssh server which i can previously logged into. Anyone?10:39
uzi_abhinav: the computer is not connected to the internet, i have the deb file on the pc10:39
mobius2and again , for what it's worth,  lsusb  see's the camera fine10:39
mobius2tp43,  and again , for what it's worth,  lsusb  see's the camera fine10:40
abhinavAvocadobride: yes. the question is, which driver would work ..10:40
Aidar-Nagatohow to check, does kernell support my ethernet controller on not?10:40
tp43mobius2, lsusb will always see it unless it is broken10:40
mobius2is that right?10:40
* mobius2 was not aware of that10:40
Avocadobrideabhinav would sudo apt-get install alsa-base gnome-media gnome-audio gnome-volume-manager gnome-system-tools work?10:40
mobius2good lord10:40
uzi_abhinav: ttf-dejavu-core10:41
mobius2if there is an equivilant of picture package for linux...thats what I need im afraid10:41
Avocadobrideabhinav, So could you link me to some drivers, I dont quite know what bit of software I need10:41
mobius2or a copy of the real  thing... as I have crossover and all that10:41
Avocadobrideabhinav :-[ pwease?10:42
uzi_abhinav: i've tried --ignore-missing but no hope :/10:42
abhinavAvocadobride: try it. but I'm not sure what the drivers are for the sound cards. searching10:42
tp43mobius2, so when you do lsusb, what does it say about the sony?10:42
mobius2tp43,  i will paste content to pastebin  one moment10:43
uzi_how to ignore unmet deps and force install a pkg on ubuntu? anyone plz help10:43
Selcukmy ./configure command gives error it says "[all -recursive ] error 1" also it says "[GPU.lo] error 1" what does it mean ? anyone pls help10:43
mobius2tp43,  http://pastebin.com/UZCYERDu10:44
mobius2in case you cannot look  , the single line referencing the  sony camera  says the following   :   Bus 002 Device 015: ID 054c:00c0 Sony Corp. Handycam DCR-3010:44
uzi_how to ignore unmet deps and force install a pkg on ubuntu? anyone plz help10:44
mobius2when i saw that my linux machine clearly understands that a sony camera is attatched to it,  i was surprised that things have slogged along with such difficulty,   but truly that is the fault of Sony in this instance  they could have easilly  created drivers for their  VERY expensive  crap10:45
mobius2my eyes are more open than ever before at the level of laziness when it comes to the  electronics industry10:46
MilpHm is Lxde as window manager not compatible to x11? It seems that i can't start some gui applications on lxde like for example filezilla.10:46
uzi_mobius: for them money is more important than people, lolz.10:46
meganerduzi_: this is a bad idea... dpkg -i <package.deb --force-all10:46
mobius2and when a company does support the true computer industry,  I will  go with them every time just on GP10:46
uzi_meganerd: dpkg complain that the pkg is not in archive :(10:47
tp43mobius2, I saw some other people have the camera and were able to import pictures, but automounting didn't work.  I don't think the camcorder feature will work though, i am still reading, so you might not be able to use it as security camera10:47
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meganerduzi_: you have to find the .deb of the program you are trying to install10:48
tp43mobius2, see this guy http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=337116&highlight=DCR-30 he could mount it manually10:48
abhinavAvocadobride: let's try some stuff :) I am no expert, and this is trial and error10:48
meganerduzi_: usually if you are using apt, it will be in /var/cache/apt/archives10:48
uzi_meganerd: i have it in my home folder, i even tried to put it under /var/cache/apt/archives but no hope :(10:48
mobius2tp43,  I am reading it now10:48
meganerduzi_: having said that, it probably won't run after you install it if there are missing dependancies10:48
Avocadobrideabhinav: It's cool10:48
abhinavAvocadobride: sudo modprobe snd-au8810 OR snd-au8820 OR snd-au8830 - check if any of these work10:49
meganerduzi_: then use dpkg -i --force-all name.deb10:49
abhinavgive an ech0 $?10:49
abhinavafter each command10:49
abhinavso that we know whether it passed or failed10:49
Avocadobrideabhinav: FATAL: Module snd_au8830 not found.10:49
Avocadobrideabhinav: are you talking to me or someone else?10:49
uzi_meganerd: actually its a font file ttf-dejavu-core10:49
abhinavAvocadobride: what abt the 820 and 810 ? did any of these work10:49
Consul_Falxfolks... I have a fresh Kubuntu Lucid, my video is distracted. I intend to switch XAA to EXA, but right now don't have a xorg.conf file... how can I proceed this10:50
Avocadobrideabhinav: same error10:50
abhinavConsul_Falx: /join #ubuntu+110:50
meganerdConsul_Falx: Lucid is beta, you should be there10:50
meganerdConsul_Falx: there is no more editing of xorg.conf, and this is not a new change10:51
mobius2tp43,  it looks like he's making his OWN mounting point?10:51
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »10:51
mobius2tp43,  im painfully new at times10:51
abhinavAvocadobride: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20544910:51
abhinavI'm using this link to see if anything helps.10:51
tp43mobius2, doesn't it have a sd card for transferring files, streaming is the main issue, if I had the camera10:52
mobius2Consul_Falx,  you can still use a xorg.conf if you want to10:52
abhinavAvocadobride: so far, we have made sure that modprobe doesn't work for you. So we need to recompile the drivers for alsa10:52
Consul_Falxmeganerd: it's not really to do with a +1, I just have a shitty videocard that can't be driven with XAA. could anybody please just tell me how to withdraw back to EXA, that would almost certainly work?10:52
mobius2tp43,   yes streaming is all i wish to do ,  and you are telling me that's not going to happen correct?10:52
mobius2not yet anyway10:52
Avocadobrideabhinav, fun10:52
tp43mobius2, not sure yet, brb10:52
mobius2if i could find a copy of picture package  I might be able to install it  via Crossover10:52
antivirtelwho knows that how can I turn on this function when in a windows' browser I click with my mouse's scrool button and in firefox appears something what can move my screen ?10:53
Consul_Falxmobius2: thanks; I just need to change the method10:53
abhinavAvocadobride: :) would have been easier if someone could ssh into your system :)10:53
Avocadobrideabhinav: ehh.... well, if you give me your root password first I will let you 8-)10:53
Avocadobrideabhinav: hah10:53
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »10:53
abhinavAvocadobride: which motherboard is this ? exact model number please. I rem  you mentioned ASuS, so ASUS's site could provide some good clues10:54
overmindluck: Do you need help with ubuntu?10:54
* mobius2 focuses bushmaster scope at ubots CPU10:54
abhinavAvocadobride: no need for root password.. guest account would be fine :)10:54
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antivirtelnoone knows this thing ? :S10:55
Avocadobrideabhinav: dont know how to tell my motherboard model, Its a really old pc, and all the boxes are lost10:55
mobius2tp43,   if it makes any  difference , I a also have a different  older model ,  only it's not a digital  camera  its model reference  number is     TRV-6510:55
meganerdConsul_Falx: I though that they removed EXA in 9.1010:55
abhinavAvocadobride: ok..trying to find something without it.10:55
Selcukmy make command gives error it says "[all -recursive ] error 1" also it says "[GPU.lo] error 1" what does it mean ? anyone pls help10:56
MilpCan anyone tell me how to shut down a chroot session if i only have ssh access to it?10:56
meganerdConsul_Falx: as in you have to build your own kernel and xorg10:56
tp43mobius2, it seems that Linux works with firewire, but your camcorder is usb 2.0 which from reason isn't supported or something10:56
Avocadobrideabhinav, it says to do this (3) Check to see if the ALSA driver for your sound card exists. Go to http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-doc/ and search for your sound card (chipset) manufacturer in the dropdown box. You'll be given a matrix of the sound cards made by the manufacturer. Try to match the chipset you found in step 2 with the driver(green hyperlink text).10:57
mobius2tp43,  I wan not aware kino only supports firewire ?10:57
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HorusofozI installed Amarok into UNR and now have removed it. But seems to have left bits of KDE behind. how do I remove?10:57
abhinavAvocadobride: we're past that :) the modprobe was from that (from under the cards mentioned under aureal)10:57
Avocadobrideabhinav, ah sorry10:57
=== antivirtel`afk is now known as antivirtel
Avocadobrideabhinav: should I get the ALSA drivers from a fresh kernel10:58
abhinavAvocadobride: so, instead of wasting time, trying to see if I can get something about your card. Which, you said, is onboard and a bit dated10:58
mobius2i bet it wuld be possible to find a vcr which could then  process the camcorder signal into a more readable analoge signal and then I could record on the computer10:58
abhinavAvocadobride: try it.. while I search for something else10:58
Avocadobrideits not that bad10:58
Avocadobride2-3 years10:59
mobius2might as well score  webcam10:59
Consul_Falxmeganerd: imagine a sack of flour asking you, how to remove distracted video output by maybe changing the output method10:59
Avocadobrideabhinav, I will have to reboot in a couple of minutes11:00
tp43mobius2, you can get a firewire card and it will work.  I don't really understand it too well.  I am not sure if my laptop has firewire or not.  Or if the sony needs to have firewire, I am confused to tell you the truth11:00
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tp43mobius2, check it out http://ubuntu-virginia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=306592411:00
tp43mobius2, they say you can't use it without firewire on windows either11:01
MilpCan anyone tell me how to shut down a chroot session if i only have ssh access to it? - Please, someone?11:01
Avocadobrideabhinav rebooting now.11:01
abhinavAvocadobride: ok..11:01
meganerdConsul_Falx: I am not sure what you are getting at11:01
tp43mobius this kino app works with webcams too?11:01
mobius2tp43,  thats the conclusion i've drawn ,  that  in order for this camera to work in linux i will need a PCMCIA card ,  and from what i've heard the throughput on a an older gatewat M-275 tablet pc (   what Im  using )  is nothing to write home about11:01
Consul_Falxmeganerd: I'm simply asking for steps how to configure xorg so that it stop being snowy on my desktop11:02
tp43mobius2, it says you need firewire on Linux or Windows.  Does it work in windows for you?  How do you figure if you have firewire?11:02
Consul_Falxnevermind, I'll reboot and ask again if survived...11:03
tp43mobius2, your laptop must support firewire, you just need a firewire cable.  Thats my guess11:03
mobius2I am considering addind a copy of windows xp pro ontop of this linux installation,  I bet this would be easier if I  installed linux ontop of windows,  but I know it's possible to  do it this way. Can someone tell me what kind of shenanigans to expect from the windows boot loader?  Would it be easier to  just use a windows live cd?11:05
benlu-!- away [away-message]11:05
HorusofozI installed Amarok into UNR and now have removed it. But seems to have left bits of KDE behind. how do I remove?11:05
meganerdConsul_Falx: OK, I had it wrong, xaa is deprecated, exa has been buggy, and UXA is what 10.04 will likely ship with11:05
jetienne_q. who knows how "display" tool, to configure the resolution and monitors, knows about the external monitor ? is there a cmdline tool i could use to get this information ?11:06
bcjmobius2: So long as you tell Windows to install on the correct partition you should have no problems.  One thing you will note is that Windows will steal the MBR - so you'll have to restore it back to GRUB.11:06
mobius2bcj,  yes11:06
meganerdConsul_Falx: the problem with your question is that it depends on the version of Ubuntu you are using11:06
mobius2bcj,  could you explain  that a little more?11:06
mobius2bcj  ,  how to restore it back to grub?11:06
Avocadobrideabhinav: didnt work )_=11:06
bcjmobius2: I've had this problem before.  You'll need to Google for "ubuntu restore grub after windows install".11:06
meganerdjetienne_: xrandr11:06
mobius2bcj    gotcha11:06
Jon-Have: VIDEO_TS folder with DVD movie. Want: DIVX or XVID .avi file. Easiest way?11:06
bcjThere are numerous pages in the forums related to this.11:07
abhinavAvocadobride: what did you try ?11:07
bcjmobius2: Good luck :)11:07
mobius2bcj,  and in your opinion what  was the level of difficulty re writing that MBR?11:07
jetienne_meganerd: im looking at it. it provides scanline kindof info but i cant get the manufacturers and all out of it.... did i miss it ?11:07
abhinavJon-: handbrake software11:07
Avocadobrideabhinav: getting the alsa drivers from a fresh kernel11:07
jkd4how do you combine two terminal windows into one terminal window with two tabs?11:07
ubottuhandbrake is a an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows. - http://handbrake.fr11:07
meganerdjetienne_: if you want to know who made it, use lspci11:08
mobius2jdk4 thats a damn good question?11:08
mobius2i did not know you could do that11:08
abhinav!handbrake | Jon-11:08
ubottuJon-: please see above11:08
tp43mobius2, you need to worry about partitioning, after that, then there are grub tools.  something like grup-update11:08
tp43Can you use kino with a webcam?11:08
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bcjmobius2: Rewriting the MBR isn't difficult - you just need to be sure you know what your partitions are (sd[a/b/c][1/2/3], etc) and what's on them.11:09
jetienne_meganerd: lspci gimme only the hw inside the box unfortunatly11:09
jkd4how do you combine two terminal windows into one terminal window with two tabs?11:09
mobius2tp43 i wonder if having a program somthing like partition magic , installed to the windows instance  once it's up and stable ,  then  using partition magic I could more easily see things from the  heads up view11:09
abhinavjkd4: I doubt that's possible ?11:09
bcjmobius2: I think GRUB uses a slightly different naming scheme - something like: sda1 = hd(0,0), but that's in the forum info.11:09
benlu-------------------------Away For Awile.11:09
tp43mobius2, you can use gparted,11:09
Avocadobrideabhinav: I am trying compiling alsa source11:09
meganerdjetienne_: so what exactly are you looking for?11:09
mobius2tp43,  and handle the entire thing from within linux?11:10
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abhinavAvocadobride: yesh, that sounds best..11:10
Avocadobrideabhinav: its gonna take about 10 minutes to download so Im gonna go afk and grab food11:10
jetienne_meganerd: i want to have user-readable information about the external monitor i plug on my netbook ?11:10
tp43mobius2, thats what I used to resize.  there was a live cd, but I don't think you need the live cd, and then once you have resized, you can boot the windows cd, and install on your partition11:10
Avocadobrideabhinav: yay australian internet speeds....11:10
mobius2am i correct in assuming that if i simply installed windows THEN installed  linux again  on some other  hard drive I would effectively have a dual  boot system  and not have had to  worry about re writing the MBR?11:10
Time`s_Witnessi have screwed up sound system and i want to set it back to default: pulseaudio with sound volume control and just as default. i have tried to remove alsa and to install pulseaudio but it seems to have no effect11:10
Time`s_Witnesshow can i set pulseaudio to be the sound system used at boot and ignore any other? :s11:11
abhinavmobius2: yes11:11
tp43mobius2, http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php,11:11
mobius2Time`s_Witness,  make sure you  have the correct output selected in your audio  configuration , i had your problem once and it turned out that i had changed that output type and that was the only problem11:11
tp43mobius2, resize, basically, you need to make a partition somewhere for your windows install11:11
Time`s_Witnesswhere can i check that, mobius2?11:11
Time`s_Witnesssystem -> preferences -> sound will lead me to "waiting for sound system to respond" , if it's there11:12
ukebaneDoes anyone know why my mouse movement stutters with my usb mouse, but it works fine with my touchpad?11:12
abhinavmobius2: Installing windows first and linux later is easier. Having said that, I did it the other way round with windows 7. see some of the links at http://delicious.com/abhinav11:12
benlu----------------------------I am Back.11:12
mobius2Time`s_Witness,  you right click  your speaker icon  in the GUI and then  right click  it,  then select  Sound Preferences11:12
Time`s_Witnessonly way i can access is by typing pulseaudio on console and then accessing it but it won't do anything changing configs there because its not the sound system in use11:12
Time`s_Witnessthe icon is not there11:13
Time`s_Witnessfor the same reason11:13
tp43kino is only for video editing?  It doesn't function as a webcam capture program?11:13
meganerdjetienne_: oh the monitor.  I am not sure, I have never gone looking for that11:13
abhinavmobius2: specifically,  http://delicious.com/abhinav/mydesktop11:13
mobius2Time`s_Witness,  you repleaced ALSA with what?11:13
Time`s_Witnessnou, i think i have ALSA. i want pulseaudio11:13
mobius2oh you replaced pulse with alsa?11:13
Time`s_Witnessbut i tried to remove alsa just this time now before booting i removed alsa and reinstalled pulse11:13
jetienne_meganerd: there is a tool in system -> preferences -> display. how can i get the source of it ?11:14
Time`s_Witnessand it seems to have done no effect11:14
mobius2trying to make a game work?11:14
Time`s_Witnessyea i think i have ALSA11:14
mobius2thats cool11:14
Time`s_Witnessno.. trying to make a  software work. no game :|11:14
mobius2blah ... you shuld play games11:14
Dr_WillisPulse Audio Uses Alsa.11:14
mobius2well you cuold try uninstalling ALSA then reinstalling  the  default pulse audio11:14
nouand you shouldn't use completion for "no" :)11:14
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Time`s_Witnessthen how can i make it actually use pulse audio Dr_Willis? The sound system configs are inaccessible and the volume control is not there. to access both i have to type pulseaudio in console but changing configs in those places11:15
Guest39268can i install yahoo messeger on bt4 final11:15
Time`s_Witnesswill change no configs  at all11:15
Time`s_Witnessi can mute every sound but as it's not being used that one, it won't mute11:15
mobius2Time`s_Witness,  sounds like permissions issue11:15
abhinavGuest39268: what is bt4 ?11:15
Dr_WillisTime`s_Witness:  you confiure specific apps to use alsa or pulse audio normall11:15
mobius2or configs11:15
Guest39268backtrack 4 final11:15
Dr_WillisIve rarely had any sound issues11:16
Consul_Falxno help11:16
Time`s_Witnessno it's the entire operative system, even the system "bleeps" i hear when you highlight my name11:16
Time`s_Witnessit's not just one app11:16
Consul_Falxexcept of that system offers me now to install fglrx ...11:16
Time`s_Witnessit's everything11:16
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Dr_WillisGuest39268:  BT is not Ubuntu.. go ask in their own channel.. and i imagine the answer is yes.. Install some IM client11:16
=== matteo is now known as Guest8328
mobius2I bid all of IRC land a good evening11:16
Dr_WillisGuest39268:  theres no offical Yahoo client for Linux. use some Other IM client11:16
mobius2yall have a good night from Fort Collins Colorado11:16
=== Guest8328 is now known as M4tt30
Time`s_Witnessgood evening mobius211:16
Consul_Falxmeganerd: what's also your advice to changing xorg settings?11:16
abhinavGuest39268: /join #backtrack-linux11:17
Mixchathow are u ?11:17
Lavini'm having trouble installing anything from synaptic, after adding offensive-security repo, what should i do11:18
Time`s_Witnessit's sad that i have to reinstall the whole system to get sound back :s11:18
overmind!offtopic | Mixchat11:18
ubottuMixchat: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!11:18
abhinavLavin: disable the said repo ? :)11:18
Lavini have11:18
Time`s_Witnesswhat is the file, the setting that i have to manipulate to set the default sound system to boot ubuntu with, is pulseaudio?11:19
abhinavLavin: and you did update, probably? so what is the issue you are facing now ?11:19
Mixchat !offtopic11:19
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!11:19
Mixchathow about u this server ?11:20
Lavinok when i try to load anything from synaptic it just says " this needs to be installed but is not going to be"11:20
Dr_WillisI must be one of the lucky ones that never have sound issues. :)11:20
Lavini was trying to install openjdk11:20
Dr_WillisLavin:  update the packagemanager list. upgrade, then try again11:21
brigitahey. Is there any possibility to install eny version higher than microsoft office XP in ubuntu 9.10. If you ask me why, it's because i have problems with excel files in openOffice, and this file only work in Miscorosft Office distributions...11:21
Dr_Willissudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade, then try it...11:22
abhinavLavin: it says why ? did you update (sudo apt-get update) from terminal11:22
LavinDr_Willis: ok i'll try that11:22
pulse00hi all. is it possible to create a ssh public/private key pair for the www-data user so it can checkout svn commits from a remote repository without a password?11:22
Dr_Willisbrigita:  check the wine app database on office support perhaps.. or use a virtual machiune11:22
Consul_FalxDr_Willis: please, how do I set up display method if I don't have any xorg.conf?11:22
abhinav!virtualbox | brigita11:23
ubottubrigita: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox11:23
ukebaneDoes anyone know why my mouse movement stutters with my usb mouse, but it works fine with my touchpad? (the mousepad is the same one I've been using for years without any problems)11:23
Dr_WillisConsul_Falx:  x auto confiures for the most part these days. I have several machines with no xorg.conf - I use the settings tools in the menus to tweak the res if i need to.11:23
Avocadobrideabhinav: It is not building alsa source!, it looks like this might work =D11:24
bullgardGNOME System > Administration > Software Sources > (Software Sources) > Ubuntu Software > (Downloadable from the Internet)  Why can I not check off the button »Source code«?11:24
brigitaDr_Willis, yes i know that the virtual box is the solution, and ok, i will look in wine database to see if it is available11:25
Consul_FalxDr_Willis: i'm on new Lucid 64bit and my xserver flickers mercilessly ... I'd probably need to change display method, refresh rate or sth like that, and I don't know other way despite of editing xorg.conf :\11:25
bullgardSystem > Systemverwaltung > Software-Paketquellen > (Software-Paketquellen) > Software von Ubuntu > (Aus dem Internet herunterladbar) > Quelltext läßt sich nicht anhaken. Woran liegt das?11:25
Syrinx_Hello... in 9.10, is the Passwords and Keys (Seahorse) app best if you want to just encrypt one file?11:26
ukebaneConsul-Falx, questions about Lucid go in #ubuntu+1 iirc11:26
=== Peda is now known as Guest48083
Syrinx_I encrypted a file, and was left with a file that has a PGP extension, and I don't know how to open it :(11:27
ubottuYou have lag, I don't have lag11:28
ukebaneSyrinx_, do you have seahorse installed?11:28
Syrinx_That's what I used to encrypt the one file11:29
meganerdConsul_Falx: for changing refresh rate etc use xrandr or the GUI tool.  For changing your driver, this will depend on the version of Ubuntu.  10.04 is using UXA, 9.04/9.10 are using EXA, to get Xaa you have to go back to 8.0411:29
ukebanethe person renamed his pgp file to gpg and was able to decrypt it11:29
Syrinx_Huh, interesting.11:29
Time`s_Witnesshow can i disable this sound, this bleep, that occurs when i open console and hit the left-arrow key ? And so many other similar things :s11:30
meganerdConsul_Falx: assuming that the version of Ubuntu that you are running actually has the driver you want, you can still specify it in the xorg.conf.11:30
tp43Time`s_Witness, lol11:30
Avocadobrideabhinav: I this is happening http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/alsamixer-function-sndctlopen-failed-for-default-no-such-file-or-directory-157454/11:30
Arthur___where is vlc config files? not in my home dir? i did not see .vlc Linux desktop 2.6.31-20-generic #58-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 12 04:38:19 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux11:30
Time`s_Witnessit's not pleasant to hear it :P11:30
ukebaneTime`s_Witness, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=667815&highlight=disabling+system+beep11:31
Avocadobrideabhinav: harry@taffy:~$ alsamixer11:31
Avocadobridealsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory11:31
tp43Time`s_Witness, don't do it11:31
meganerdConsul_Falx: if you get that GUI tool that tries to configure your graphics, then you have done something wrong in the xorg.conf, likely the driver you specified does not exist11:31
Milphow do i end a chroot env?11:31
tp43Time`s_Witness, I always make it happen with tabs11:31
Time`s_Witnesstp43: why not ?11:31
Avocadobrideabhinav:  /dev/dsp: No such file or directory11:31
Time`s_Witnessukebane, thanks11:31
Consul_Falxmeganerd: which tool exactly?11:31
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q_how to set active a USB stick?11:31
emilienTime`s_Witness: xset b off && xset b 0 0 011:32
meganerdConsul_Falx: the display preference applet11:32
meganerdConsul_Falx: it is just a front end to xrandr anyway.11:32
Time`s_Witnesswas that for me emilien? Disable system beep ? :x11:32
tp43Time`s_Witness, actually, I don't here it when I hit the left arrow key11:32
emilienTime`s_Witness: Yes , but never mind did not see ukeban* had already replied11:33
Selcukmy make command gives error it says "[all -recursive ] error 1" also it says "[GPU.lo] error 1" what does it mean ? anyone pls help11:33
=== nexus is now known as Guest49903
Time`s_WitnessDo i need to restart? i did the modprobe command and it doesn't seem to work11:33
ukebanemodprobe does nothing? or it didn't solve the system beep?11:34
Time`s_Witnessit didn't :s11:34
ukebanewhich part of my question :p11:34
Time`s_Witnessthe second11:34
=== Guest49903 is now known as malik__
rocket16Hello all. For mathematical programming, which is better? Octave or Feemat?11:34
Consul_Falxmeganerd: well, the frontend doesn't allow me to change refresh rate, it's on the only possible value11:34
malik__guys i can not mount my external HDD which i previously used with windows11:34
tp43rocket16, what you talking about11:34
rocket16tp43: Is there anything wrong?11:35
MilpHow do i restart a already running lxde thing?11:35
ukebaneTime`s_Witness, try sudo rmmod pcspkr11:35
tp43rocket16, no, I mean, what programming of what mathematics you wanna do?11:35
malik__i get this error: http://pastebin.com/JHdLPTwb11:35
Time`s_Witnessdoes that link sound trusty?11:35
Time`s_Witnesshum. ok11:35
Time`s_Witnessukebane, by typing sudo rmmod pcspkr i get "ERROR: Module pcspkr does not exist in /proc/modules11:36
ukebanethe link doesn't have any dodgyness in it11:36
rocket16tp43: Just simple once, like plotting graphs etc., I tried both, Freemat and Octave. But couldn't fgure out which is better11:36
tp43rocket16, oh, gnuplot11:36
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ukebanewhat about sudo rmmod snd_pcsp11:37
rocket16tp43: Thanks, but I wanted a console, like Feemat or Octave, :(11:37
Avocadobrideabhinav: nothing is working11:37
rocket16tp43: And, CAS are nice, but a Console is better11:37
Avocadobrideabhinav: I did the recompile thing11:37
=== Brenden is now known as BrendenB
hyperstreamis it possible to make my ./home/hyperstream/test run as: test in termal, rather than typing the whole thing ?11:37
Avocadobrideabhinav: everything worked fine11:37
tp43rocket16, there was one I tried that intergrates with gnuplot, but I can't remember what it is called, something like mathmatika,11:37
=== BrendenB is now known as Guest76146
rocket16tp43: Mathomatic? (Mathematics is a commercial software). I tried Sage too, :) and wxMaxima is grand11:38
Consul_Falxokey folks, how do I inquire which method my xserver is using now?11:38
tp43rocket16, no not that one, it was something like xmathmatica11:38
rocket16tp43: Oh! Searching it then, thanks for telling it,11:39
Guest77118at boot i sometimes get error messages on the screen what way can i view them? there gone to0 quick11:39
Time`s_Witnessheh trying a reboot :)11:39
tp43rocket16, more like XMathmatics11:39
abhinavAvocadobride: still the same issue ?11:39
Avocadobrideabhinav: yes,it is driving me mad11:39
=== patrick is now known as Guest68301
abhinavAvocadobride: did you check lshw etc to see if some o/p changed ?11:39
rocket16tp43: Oh, thanks. Just searching and returning11:39
tp43rocket16, ok, let me know if you find it, cause I can't at the momen11:40
Avocadobrideabhinav: lshw?11:40
rocket16tp43: Sure,11:40
Avocadobrideabhinav: I am noob so w hat do I type?11:40
=== lawrence is now known as lsj85
tp43rocket16, yeah, maxima11:40
pulse00is it possible to setup a ssh key-pair for the apache user ?11:41
rocket16tp43: Maxima? I am using it already thanks. I am using it on wxMaxima, a GUI to it, :)11:41
tp43rocket16, oh, cool, well, you needed something more?11:41
ukebaneGuest77118, you can view them with dmesg11:41
ukebaneor if you want to save it to a file dmesg > dmesg.txt11:42
emilienhyperstream: Try PATH=$PATH:/home/hyperstream/test11:42
rocket16tp43: Actually, yes. Because I just saw that no programme can be made with it, but with Freemat and Octave you can write scripts11:42
hyperstreamemilien, thanks mate :)11:42
tp43rocket16, cool, never tried those, good luck, you are a rocket scientist?11:42
Avocadobrideabhinav: you could use ssh, and I could execute anything that needs root privelages11:42
rocket16tp43: No no, just a Student, 15 years old, :) And a Java/Python programmer11:43
* bubuub saluda11:43
Guest77118ukebane: thankyou!11:43
ukebaneyou're welcome :)11:43
rocket16tp43: Thanks for the help friend, much appreciated11:43
hyperstreamemilien, test command not found :(11:43
tp43rocket16, qt and gtk are the popular linux programming languages11:43
abhinavAvocadobride: sudo lshw (you did this before and put it into pastebin)11:43
tp43rocket16, I was a rocket science student but then when I got older, I gave up, cause I didn't like the real world11:44
rocket16tp43: Yes, trying gtk, but isn't it an interface designer rather than Programming language?11:44
tp43So now I a