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xjds535Anyone on that wouldn't mind helping troubleshooting a CouchDB sync issue, please?02:25
xjds535Anyone on that could spare a bit to troubleshoot CouchDB sync issues with U1, please?03:13
Rickenbacker660How can I troubleshoot my Evolution Sync problems? Anyone know? I can create contacts in my local "Ubuntu One" database, but they never sync, and my local Evolution never gets my contacts from U1.03:23
beunoRickenbacker660, we're in the middle of an upgrade to couch's servers03:45
beunothere will be some problems with syncing until Monday, where we'll hopefully have a nice set of stable servers03:46
Rickenbacker660I've been fighting this for about two weeks, which is why I'm asking.03:46
beunoapologies for the inconveniences03:46
beunoRickenbacker660, it hasn't synced in 2 weeks?  did it ever sync?03:46
Rickenbacker660I can see in my log where I'm not authenticating, but I'm "paired" with the U1...03:46
Rickenbacker660Not on this machine, no. And it's only the CouchDB bit.03:46
Rickenbacker660Notes/Files work fine.03:46
beunoah, I see03:47
beunothat's interesting03:47
beunoRickenbacker660, can you please file a bug with the relevant information?03:47
beunowe'll look into it on Monday03:47
Rickenbacker660I did.03:47
beunowhat's the bug #?03:47
Rickenbacker660I won't post logs until marked private.03:48
beunoI'll mark it private03:48
beunoRickenbacker660, done03:49
Rickenbacker660I filed another for the documentation- after removing the "U1 Token" one needs to restart the local Ubuntu One client, but it's not mentioned that one has to...03:49
Rickenbacker660Thanks. I'll get to work posting logs.03:49
beunoI'll chase it up on Monday03:50
Rickenbacker660K. I've not dug into the python... But I can give whatever trace you'd like.03:51
Rickenbacker660Versed in strace, if necessary.03:51
beunoRickenbacker660, I think that plus the logs should be enough for us to start digging03:51
beunothat will come in handy if it's not an obvious or known problem  :)03:51
Rickenbacker660I think this started when I installed two weekends ago (or was it last?) where for a time the U1 web wouldn't display notes or clients.03:52
Rickenbacker660Er... "Address book" entries.03:52
Rickenbacker660What's a o.u.c key, please?04:00
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babajihello there05:10
babajiu guys know if we can ftp into the ubuntu one servers?05:11
beunobabaji, you can't05:12
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babajibeuno, thank you05:18
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Claudinuxhi all, is there some known issue with ubuntuone and lucid?23:38
duanedesignClaudinux: what seems to be the problem?23:52
duanedesignthere are a few known issues listed in the channel topic23:53
Claudinuxduanedesign, i can't connect to ubuntuone23:54
Claudinuxwhen i try to do that i have a crash duanedesign23:54
duanedesignClaudinux: do you have anything in the file:  ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon-exceptions.log23:55
Claudinuxduanedesign, no, it's empty23:58

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