almarkhello, this isn't a ustudio question, but has anyone been able to get jacknone aka netjack compiled?07:07
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paradoxuncreatedIs RCU mode set to preemption in the studio kernel?17:55
Geadixhi guy, i need some help here instaling virtualbox19:09
Geadixit should be quick19:09
Geadixi use to have virtualbox OSE, but now i want to install the full version.19:10
Geadixbut when i try to do it, it show's me this error: "conflict with the 'virtualbox-ose' installed package.19:14
holsteintry sudo apt-get autoremove virtualbox-ose19:14
Geadixbut i allready have unistalled virtualbox OSE19:14
holsteinalso, this is really a channel for ubuntustudio19:14
Geadixok, i'll try that19:14
Geadixyep, but i didn't fond the right chanel. sorry19:15
Geadixthanks.  that really solved my problem  ;)19:19
holsteinGeadix: :)19:19
holsteinGeadix: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/19:21
holsteinyou might already be envolved19:21
holsteinBUT if not, you can find your local ubuntu team here19:21
holsteini get a lot of help from mine #ubuntu-us-nc19:21
Geadixyep, but my local team didn't helped me. so i tried one in english19:25
holsteinsome of them are so small19:25
holsteinyou have to wait around a while for folks to come in/out19:25
holsteinand the #ubuntu channel is challenging19:26
Geadixand when i tiped "ubuntu help" on 'chanel search' this was the only one to appear19:26
Geadixyap, mine is not the smalest (portugal).  but i really needed some help, and i was already waiting for more than 1 hour19:27
Geadixbut thanks anyway  ;)19:27
holsteinyour welcom here for sure, just dont expect much talk about packages that dont come pre-installed on ubntustudio19:28
Geadixlol   yes i know  ;)19:30

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