rofl0r<rofl0r> i am trying to connect from one xfce desktop to another by running ssh user@host -Y xfce4-session00:25
rofl0r<rofl0r> but nothing happens00:25
rofl0r<rofl0r> except there appear some messages about services already running00:26
rofl0r<rofl0r> any ideas how that could work ?00:26
rofl0r<rofl0r> i can run an xterm there00:26
rofl0r<rofl0r> but thats a bit low end00:26
knome!pastebin | roflor, pastebin please for multiple line pastes:00:26
ubotturoflor, pastebin please for multiple line pastes:: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:26
rofl0ri know knome...00:27
rofl0rany ideas about my issue ?00:28
rofl0rdo i have to install kde there to get a desktop ?00:29
knomenope. why do you run xfce-session?00:29
psycho_oreoswhy not run something like vnc?00:29
rofl0rvnc is a bit slow and hard to configure00:30
knomerofl0r, as psycho_oreos suggested, vnc would do the trick. x11vnc is a very simple command-line utility.00:30
psycho_oreosvnc isn't that hard to configure, I got it working in a lot less effort as opposed to trying to implement xdmcp00:30
rofl0ri usually connect to xfce4-session with cygwin, or from mac os x... work like a charm00:31
rofl0rjust from xfce to xfce seems to be an issue00:31
raevolhey so xubuntu isn't going to jump on board with all the interface retardedness that's happening in ubuntu for lucid, right?01:35
raevoland if it does all the settings will still be available to change things back?01:35
* alucard_evil is here on the Xubuntu 10.04 Beta 1 Live CD & loving it! :D04:22
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Balsaqgood morning to all of you who reside here, in the tranquil binary rainforest known as...Xubuntu!04:54
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awake1hi, i want to set a delay timer for the terminal that launches at startup11:22
awake1how may i do this?11:22
psycho_oreosyou could probably issue slee <n> && <command>11:23
awake1it doesn't work, nothing happens11:25
awake1i also tried to place a .sh file in ~/.config/autostart/ and that didnt seem to work either, not sure if i did it correctly11:26
awake1chmod +x the file as well. got that was from some guide11:26
awake1anyway the reason for all this is because i set the terminal to be semi-transparent, but the one that starts up after logging in is opaque11:30
awake1same with wbar, i wanted to delay that as well11:30
awake1okay i got it working, in the startup session box, the command i used pointed to the .sh file11:55
Omar87Hi all.15:22
Omar87For some reason, the desktop panels refuse to show up. What could be the problem?15:23
charlie-tcaubuttu, tell Omar87 about !panels15:27
charlie-tcaubottu, tell Omar87 about !panels15:27
Omar87charlie-tca, it ubottu is having his break time. :P15:28
ubottuDid your panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panel | See also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XubuntuPanels | Want to theme your panels? See http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/15:29
charlie-tcaMaybe I said it wrong?15:29
Omar87charlie-tca, thanks!15:30
charlie-tcaYou are welcome15:30
Omar87ubottu, I know you are a robot, but even robots need hugs every once and then! :-)15:30
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:30
* charlie-tca thinking that ubottu hates Xubuntu?15:31
jussi01Omar87: ubottu is a female. ;)15:35
jussi01charlie-tca: and ubottu doesnt hate xubuntu, she just doesnt like you :P15:36
charlie-tcaThanks for the information15:37
* jussi01 hugs charlie-tca15:37
Omar87jussi01, I see. :)15:37
jussi01!gender | Omar8715:37
ubottuOmar87: yes, I can confirm I am a female bot :)15:37
takamarouHi all.  I just installed xubuntu 9.10 on a Compaq laptop.  Everything seems to be working fine, but I can not get the wifi enabled.  There is a button on the laptop that enables the network card(or it did - in windows), but pressing it doesn't seem to do anything in xubuntu.  ANy ideas how to fix this?15:42
charlie-tcamake sure it is enabled before shutting down windows?15:43
charlie-tca!wireless | takamarou15:43
ubottutakamarou: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs15:43
takamarouwindows is uninstalled, as of now.15:43
spaceraverbazhang.. is there any way to boot from the cd but use a usb stick as install source...15:52
Planetaryhey guys, How do I change my ATI driver. I wish the graphic would come back from 7.04. What do I use to edit teh xorg.conf file. thanks16:56
Planetaryalso I there is a printer that I want to work and I cant seem to get it to run. its a HP 710c. I read somewhere that some code needs to be change, not sure how to do that. Thanks16:57
PlanetaryOk I found the command an file to change for the printer but how do I change it in xubuntu?17:00
Planetarygedit is for ubuntu right?17:01
charlie-tcaPlanetary: you do know that 7.04 is very old, and no longer supported, right?17:15
charlie-tcaXubuntu uses mousepad for editing files.17:15
Planetaryyep, it was my first install years ago17:15
Planetaryso. 'sudo mousepad'17:16
charlie-tcaYou really should consider installing the current version, especially since the new LTS will release in April. LTS versions have support and security updates for three years17:16
Planetaryoh all my computers are 9.04 or higher. I just remembered that thing in 7.04. thanks17:17
challmanI've been using Xubuntu for many months on my hp dv9008nr without problem. Then recently, I believe after an update, my wireless has been having trouble. I started a PING to my wireless AP and saw response times range from milliseconds to 30 seconds. Also, I would receive "ping: sendmsg: No buffer space available "18:53
challmanBut if I run another distro, I don't see any of this behavior18:55
franky_hi, i install xubuntu to my old pc, but my videos on you tube run slow. the graphics are ok. any ideas?18:55
knomechallman, which version are you on?18:55
knomefranky_, how old pc? how much ram?18:55
charlie-tcafranky_: not enough ram or video ram?18:55
* charlie-tca is slow again18:56
challman9.10 with all the latest patches18:56
franky_i have 512 on ram, it has an integrated video card18:56
knomechallman, did you upgrade from 9.04, or just regular updates?18:56
challmanHmmmm, not sure if it was a fresh install or an upgrade. I've been running xubuntu since 9.04... I don't recall, sorry18:57
charlie-tcafranky_: it is using some of that 512 for video.18:58
franky_knome, i have 512 on ram, its an amd 1500+ processor18:58
knomechallman, i mean, just before it stooped working, did you do regular updates or upgraded from 9.04 ?18:58
charlie-tcaslow cpu, low ram18:58
franky_i think so. when i enter cmos i give some options on video usage18:59
challmanIt had been running on 9.10 for some time therefore it wasn't a recent upgrade. I stay on top of the regular patches. It had been running fine for months, but started showing problems within the past two weeks I believe19:00
charlie-tcatry increasing the ram to be used for video, but I think a dedicated video card would give a good improvement for that.19:00
franky_i was expecting no problems with xubuntu because on xp the video was fine19:01
challmanhere's my system hardware info... http://pastebin.com/g0n3Y00f19:01
knomecharlie-tca, do you know about challman's problem?19:02
charlie-tcano, I am terrible at wireless19:02
challmani thought my Broadcom was going bad (it had in the past and I replaced it). So, I booted to Mepis 8.5 (dual boot). I'm on it now and it works flawless.19:02
challmanI guess I could do a clean install, but I just hate losing all my customizations.  :|19:03
franky_Knome_: any video card suggestions??19:09
knomefranky_, nope, sorry19:09
franky_so u think the video is the problem?19:09
challmani have a suggestion19:10
challmanfor franky......19:10
franky_my hard drive is 6.5 gb, its an old hard drive, u think it has something to do with the video slow performance?19:10
franky_go ahead challman19:11
challmanif you have the harddrive space, I suggest mounting the tmpfs (I believe /tmp) to a ram disk (I don't recall how much ram you have). when you stream content, it gets stored to tmp while it's being rendered. I've noticed an improvement in video on my older machines when I did this19:12
challmanif you have the memory**** sorry19:12
franky_i have 512 on ram19:12
challmaninstead of storing it to harddrive (which is slower than ram) if you store it temporarily in ram, then it may run faster19:13
challmanhold on, brb19:13
challmanmy wife won't get off her computer, however I beleive I used 128MB for the ram disk19:16
challmanyeah, I used 128MB ram19:17
franky_ok, i was google it and look simple to do19:17
franky_can u tell how to star.19:18
challmangive me a sec19:18
franky_i was reading this topic,  http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?t=1645019:18
challmani have the notes on a Google wave. hold on19:18
challman#1 create ramdisk:: /sbin/mke2fs -q -m 0 /dev/ram0 ..... #2 mount it::  /bin/mount -t tmpfs -o size=128m /dev/ram0 /tmp ...... #3 (hold on)19:20
challman#3 mounts it every time you boot. I'm still looking around for that. give me some time. However, in the interim, you can create and mount /tmp to a ramdisk and see if it yields any improvement in your videos19:22
franky_ok, thanks. on the instruction you just send, what it meas the .......??19:23
challmansorry, I used the '...........' just to separate the commands.19:24
challmannothing mroe19:24
franky_ok. thanks for your  help. i preaciate19:24
challmanmemory starts to suck when you get older. i'm still looking for the final step. bear with me19:27
franky_im google it, to se if i can run it every time i turn on the pc19:31
challmandid you try it already to see if it made any improvement?19:32
franky_no, im finishing i fresh install again., because i messup the last time. jeje19:32
franky_right now im in a laptop, with ubuntu. yeah!19:33
challmanahah! got it!!!19:36
challmantake those two commands and place them in the /etc/rc.local file before the exit command near the bottom of the file19:38
knomechallman, :)19:38
challmanevery time you boot, it will create and mount /tmp to a ramdisk which should improve video. I was able to get my computer to go from on streamed HD youtube video to three HD youtube videos19:39
challmanone streamed*19:39
challmananother thing you can do to improve overall performance us to reduce the number of consoles that most distro's install/configure as a default19:41
challmanmost I've seen configure four. I've never needed more than two. so I remove them. see this link  http://pastebin.com/MSE9J74D19:43
franky_i will check all in about 15 min. the install is allmost done19:43
franky_it has two consoles for default i think19:44
challmanedit /etc/inittab and comment out 3-619:44
challmanoic, well then that's good. it saves on processor and ram19:45
challmanif you don't have an inittab, then comment out all the lines in /etc/init/  tty3.conf - tty6.conf  files19:47
challmansorry, most distro's I've seen configure 6 consoles. I said 4 earlier  :)19:47
challmanmake sense?19:48
franky_yes. i think. im  gonna star first with the steps that u send me. give me 1 minute19:49
WASasquatchHey, everyone.20:56
WASasquatchHow is everyone's first day of Spring going?20:56
WASasquatchHah, at least in the US and Canada it is.20:57
WASasquatchHello, RobinKing.21:00
robinking623WASasquatch: hi21:00
knome!ot | WASasquatch21:01
ubottuWASasquatch: #xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!21:01
Sysiif you want really active, #ubuntu-offtopic21:02
WASasquatchSo anyways, I have a question regarding my installation of Xubuntu.21:02
WASasquatchWhen I attach my Belkin F5D8053 N Wireless adapter, it is recognized immediately.21:04
WASasquatchHowever, when I connect to my router, I am unable to surf the internet. Also, after a minute or so, it seems it gets disconnected, if ever connected to begin with.21:04
WASasquatchObviously Windows XP can connect and surf as I am talking with you fine people.21:05
robinking623WASasquatch: sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-karmic21:05
robinking623WASasquatch: then your problem will be gone.21:06
robinking623WASasquatch: but are you running 910?21:06
WASasquatchAlrighty, let me write this down and reboot. I'll be back to give a thanks via Pidgin if all is well.21:06
WASasquatchIndeed, I am.21:06
robinking623WASasquatch: then just do that. it works by my laptop21:06
WASasquatchOn a Toshiba Satellite 1905-S301, pretty old, get some graphical problems. Namely a rounded off glitched out box on the upper right of my desktop. It dissapears when I highlight over it.21:07
WASasquatchIs that a gadget which I cannot see due to graphical problems?21:08
WASasquatchrectangle actually, not a box.21:09
WASasquatchI'm using Xubuntu because of it's desktop environment. Ubuntu unfortunately has many graphical problems, and eventually becomes unresponsive.21:11
robinking623WASasquatch: can you just make a screenshot for your second question?21:11
WASasquatchIndeed, I'll try. I'll be back.21:11
WASasquatchI got too excited and exited out without saving that command. May I get a paste?21:13
WASasquatchNeed to turn Pidgin logging on. :P21:13
robinking623WASasquatch: sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-karmic21:13
WASasquatchThank you so much.21:14
robinking623WASasquatch: you re welcome21:17
WASasquatchIt appears the command "sudo app-get install linux-backports-modules-karmic" doesn't exist. This is confusing me.21:46
eXpl0i7not app21:46
WASasquatchNow I did install it under windows, allowing it 5 gigs of install space. Could the packages not be installed? Should I give it more space?21:46
WASasquatchRight, so now I just feel like a dumbass.21:47
psycho_oreosprobably aptitude is a little better21:47
WASasquatch*Shamefully restarts again...* lmao21:47
WASasquatchSo, should I give Xubuntu more space. Command worked, however the package doesn't exist.21:57
psycho_oreosprobably add more verbosity22:00
WASasquatchHow do you go about that. Sorry, I'm new to Linux. My Linux-savy friend is currently at work and unavailable, and I wanted to get down to learning this stuff.22:09
franky_hello, i install xubuntu to an old pc. 512 ram, 6 gb hard drive. video card integrated on motherboard, amd 1500+. runs ok, but video freeze a little bit, when im watchin videos on youtube, any options>?22:40
trinikronohey guys23:23
trinikronoso why is this not the default desktop lol23:24
knomexubuntu? who knows.23:24
psycho_oreosprobably xfce isn't seen as mature enough compared to gnome23:25
knomexfce also has quite a bit smaller developer community than gnome, and do not have a time-based release schedule23:26
trinikronoi was wondering23:26
trinikronohow come it has so little members in the launchpad user group23:27
trinikronoi only saw something like23:27
trinikronojust now23:27
knomewhat is "it" ?23:27
trinikrono 388 members23:27
trinikronois that really it?23:27
psycho_oreosyou have yet to answer the question23:28
knomethere are maybe 10 xfce developers, if even that.23:28
knomethe launchpad groups are giving you totally different figures23:28
trinikronoso is it that23:31
trinikronothe users just dont join the launchpad user group?23:31
knomeyup, pretty much.23:31
knomewe definitely have more than 388 users.23:31
trinikronoi really do hope so23:31
knomedon't know the numbers, but we do.23:31
Appetitewhat is the xubuntu equivelent of the ubuntu menu system->prefs?23:58
Appetitenevermind, found it.23:58

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