highvoltagemhall119: no problem. I'm sure it will go a lot better in the next cycle!00:15
highvoltageand with the package experience you'll have by then we should be able to make you motu+edubuntu-dev00:16
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dgroosGood Morning/afternoon/evening13:17
HedgeMagegreetings :)13:18
mhall119highvoltage: I'm not going to be able to host a documentation jam this weekend like I had intended13:30
* mhall119 is having to replace his septic drain field13:30
mhall119but I saw something about a doc day in yesterday's agenda13:31
HedgeMagemhall119: My sympathy -- that is the very definition of a pain in the a**13:31
mhall119and the bank account13:32
highvoltagemhall119: ouch!!!13:37
mhall119yeah, doesn't make me happy13:44
mhall119but if there's a doc day planned, I'd like to get in on that13:44
sbalneavmhall119: ouch.  What's that going to cost?  You have enough space set aside for a new field?  Or are you having to have the old field torn out/hauled away?14:08
sbalneavThe 40+ year old tank at my cottage is getting on.  I figure I've got about 5-8 more years on it, max.14:09
sbalneavI figure I've got, at best, a 1000 gallon tank.  When I redo it, I'm going to stick in a 2500 gallon tank.14:11
HedgeMagesbalneav: if it's designed well and kept in good shape, a septic tank and field can last for ages -- my grandparents' was 120 years old, and only got demolished because the property was sold and a new house built after their death.14:23
sbalneavHedgeMage: Unfortunately, before I arrived, it wasn't being kept in good shape :)14:24
HedgeMagesbalneav: Usually they'll only go bad in so short a time as a few decades if you are putting things in them you shouldn't, or if you are having them pumped more than neccessary.14:24
HedgeMagesbalneav: Ahh, that sucks.14:24
mhall119sbalneav: thankfully I have space for a new one, but still $3k15:34
mhall119the tank is okay, thankfully, just the drainfield is bad15:34
highvoltagehmm @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/anki/+bug/54700616:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 547006 in anki "Anki's tooltips are unreadable with Lucid's light-themes" [Undecided,New]16:12
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