zuscan anyone please help me i dont understand what went wrong, i installed kde4.4 and now it looks as if there is a gui over the old kubuntu i can see it right through the new  task bar00:16
melissawmzus: can you be more specific? do you have desktop effects turned on? can you open the k menu?00:23
zusmelissawm:  yes, i can open the k menu and no desk top effects are on.00:23
melissawmso what is exactly the problem?00:25
melissawmsorry, zus, that was for you00:25
zusmelissawm: fresh install pretty much i added a few programs and did sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade then i installed kde 4.4 and after the install and update on reboot it seems like there is two gui's over each other00:25
melissawmzus: are you sure it's not just 2 panels? i've had that happen to me00:26
zusi can see the old panel behind the new one, i can see the 4 desktop but can click them. the old speaker icon and time beneath the new panel00:33
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melissawmzus: just try removing this new panel and i think you'll be ok00:38
melissawmzus: click on the panel to unlock the widgets, and click again to see the panel options, and "remove this panel"00:39
zusmelissawm:  it looks like kde4.4 is over top of the default 9.10 like the live disc00:39
zusim also looking on the forums aint found anything yet00:40
melissawmzus: i have had this happen to me here, but it's not like a whole new gui, just two panels on top of each other. once i remove one of them, all is well00:40
zushow about the desktop folder?00:41
zusmelissawm:  figured out how to remove the panel just as you said, thank you that seemed to have worked. thank you kindly00:44
melissawmzus: glad to have helped! :)00:45
zusmelissawm: 4.4.1 is the latest stable kde correct?00:48
zusfor 9.10 anyways?00:48
melissawmzus: actually i'm not sure if it's completely stable00:51
claydohzus: I'd recommend it, though in 9.10 4.3.5 is more tested atm00:53
zusmelissawm:  so im teetering on the verge hehe?00:54
melissawmzus: well it's been pretty stable for me but technically, yeah :P00:55
zusmelissawm: one more thing? thank you for all the help btw, i prefer xchat over quassel...i tried to install it and it said i dont have the necessary privialedges to perform this action, how do i do that?00:58
melissawmzus: are you on the terminal or on synaptic or kpackagekit? if you're on the terminal, try typing "sudo" in front of your command "apt-get install.."00:59
melissawmif it's synaptic or kpackagekit, it usually should ask you for your password00:59
zusim in kpackgekit.01:00
abstraktanyone awake?01:01
abstrakttrying to switch to KDE01:02
abstraktwant to get internet (wireless/WWAN) working01:02
claydohzus: are you logged in to your main user account? the first one  you created?01:02
abstraktin gnome it has a wireless applet already in the panel, and i can "just connect" to either regular wireless networks or to my WWAN card01:02
abstrakthow do i set that up in KDE?01:02
melissawmzus: did you open kpackagekit from the k menu? weird, it should prompt you for your password01:03
zusclaydoh:  yes its the only account  on here01:03
claydohthere was an old bug - try this :01:03
claydohtype alt-f2 keys, and type in 'kdesudo kpackagekit'01:04
claydohthen try  to update your system01:04
abstraktis there an equivalent app/applet i should use to get this functionality?01:04
claydohfrom there01:04
melissawmabstrakt: usually you don't have to setup anything, you should have a network manager plasmoid on your system tray, try to connect and enter your wireless information (ssid, password etc)01:04
abstraktanyone know how to bring up the wireless eth interface on cli in ubuntu?01:04
claydohzus: sorry have to run :(01:04
abstraktmelissawm, hmm, aight i didn't see one, what does it look like?01:04
melissawmif you're disconnected it should look like a disconnected ethernet cable or something like that :P01:05
zusclaydoh:  ty01:05
CTekabstrakt what card do you have ?01:05
abstraktdell 144001:05
abstrakti thought there were commands like ifup01:05
abstraktor ifconfig up01:05
CTekyes there is but not ifconfig01:06
CTekiwconfig or something by that01:06
zusmelissawm:  brb gonna try claydoh's idea.01:06
CTeksearch on google for atheros how-tos01:06
melissawmzus: ok, hope that works01:07
CTekthere are methods described there on how to activate from cli01:07
CTeksorry for not knowing the actual command01:07
zusabstrakt:  did you enable wireless? is that checked  ?01:07
melissawmi have to go now too. have a nice one!01:07
abstraktzus, checked where?01:07
abstraktzus, i'm in GNOME right now, so i can use xchat01:07
CTekis it "phisicaly" on ?01:07
abstraktlooks like it's eth201:08
CTekdoes the led (if you have one) on ?01:08
abstraktso says iwconfig01:08
abstraktCTek, i'm on it right now... on GNOME01:08
abstraktmaybe i'll retry KDE and look for the wireless applet01:08
zusabstrakt:  both in gnome and here in kubuntu i had to click the enable wireless01:09
CTekzus, actualy he may have a point... i did not need to activate the wireless...01:09
CTekbut if he did a "custom" install he could missed the network-monitor pkg01:10
zusahhh take thier advice they know betterthan me heheh im new too01:10
zuson been using linux since 2 week b4 9.10. ill be back in a sec...01:11
CTeknot a problem :) we all learn something , i learn from you you from me etc and this is how we exchange information :)01:11
zusCTek: i agree, i learned from melissawm hehe01:15
abstraktok, up on the wireless01:16
abstraktbut the wwan doesn't want to autoconfigure01:16
abstraktit wants me to put in a username on password01:16
abstrakton GNOME, it... like... just connects and stuff01:16
CTekhave you tried to run knetworkmanager ?01:17
abstrakti dunno how it autosenses, but obviously there's data stored in the hardware/firmware/bios of this little card with my number and login info and stuff01:17
abstraktCTek, not yet01:17
abstraktdamn, i don't even know if this is GSM or CDMA01:17
abstrakti don't think it's either, it's EVDO01:18
CTekstart knet.. from gnome and it will ask you if you want it to start automatically and see from there...01:18
abstraktor is EVDO actually GSM01:18
abstrakti can't remember01:18
CTekno evdo is not gsm01:18
abstraktCTek, blah, so i have to reboot back into gnome and start knet?01:18
CTekopen a terminal and run the command01:19
CTekit will override your current network manager01:19
CTekif i'm not mistaking ... :)01:19
abstrakthmm, knet isn't installed, installing now01:20
CTeknot knet, knetworkmanager01:20
CTeki don't know for shure but i think that they are different programs01:21
abstraktok i ran knetworkmanager from console01:21
abstraktdo i need to run it from sudo?01:21
CTekwith your current credentials should work (at least in my system it did)01:22
abstraktwell nothing happened01:22
abstraktnothing that i saw01:22
abstraktit just dumped backed to the command prompt01:22
CTekwith prompt ?01:22
abstraktCTek, ?01:22
abstraktCTek, what do you mean "with prompt"01:23
CTekdo you ee the prompt line or the terminal is it busy ?01:23
abstraktno it dumped me back to the prompt01:23
abstrakti see the prompt01:23
abstraktthe terminal is not busy, it's done01:23
abstraktwhich knetworkmanager says /usr/bin/knetworkmanager01:23
CTekdid it give you some msg ?01:23
CTekwait 1 sec01:24
abstraktCTek, i had to run it as sudo01:24
abstraktok apparently knetworkmanager is now default01:24
zusafter doing alt f2 and kdesudo kpackagekit what do i do next?01:24
abstraktCTek, i got that dialog you were talking about01:25
CTekso now you see the manager ?01:25
abstraktCTek, what manager?01:25
abstraktCTek, no i don't see anything01:25
abstraktit still dumped me back to the command prompt again01:25
CTekrun apt-get and see if it is installed with all the dependencies01:26
abstrakti did get something about unable to register service QBusError01:26
abstraktCTek, ?01:26
abstraktCTek, not sure how it would have gotten installed withou its dependencies01:26
abstraktCTek, plz tell me you're not just talking about the system tray applet?01:26
abstraktCTek, cuz that's running... i'm on the wireless network here01:26
abstraktCTek, so step one...01:27
CTekno i'm refering about the network config01:27
CTekstep one is to see if you have it installed ok01:27
CTekrun apt-get check...01:28
zusO.o nothing it worked!!01:28
zusbrb gonna check somethign01:28
abstraktCTek, sudo apt-get check knetworkmanager?01:29
CTekjust check01:29
abstraktit just says Done and Done01:30
CTekbeside the "icon" have you seen any network manager open ?01:30
abstraktCTek, well i opened up the network control panel01:31
abstraktdunno if that qualifies as a network manager01:31
abstraktbut there was a place in there for broadband connections01:31
abstraktbut i don't know any of the details of this cell card really01:31
abstraktit's all automatic on windows, and it was automatic on ubuntu, one day i just noticed it was there01:31
abstraktCTek, i mean, i have to enter my phone number into the windows connection application, but i don't enter a password or anything01:31
CTekcan you get more info from windows ?01:32
abstraktCTek, and in GNOME i didn't have to enter any of that, it just connected for me one day01:32
abstraktCTek, er, maybe?01:32
abstraktCTek, doubt it, that connection manager seems pretty opaque01:32
abstraktCTek, how bout this... how do I move my panel to the top of the screen?01:32
abstraktwe'll go to something simpler :)01:33
CTekare you serious about the panel ??01:33
abstraktCTek, very01:34
CTekmaybe someone with more experience in customizing your desktop should answer that...01:35
abstraktCTek, figured it out01:38
fermosomly in english here?01:39
abstraktno way, i can't move a widget to the right?01:39
abstrakti stays suck...01:39
CTekit's locked01:39
fermosen español no, no?01:39
CTektry right click and uncheck lock01:39
abstraktCTek, there is no such option01:41
CTekexplain how you can't move ?01:42
fabio333!es | <fermos>01:44
ubottu<fermos>: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:44
abstraktCTek, the panel applets won't honor absolute position01:47
abstraktCTek, they always snap to nearest neighbor01:47
abstraktCTek, how do i add an applet to my quicklaunch that comes from the K menu?01:47
abstraktlol, nm figured it out01:47
zushow do i watch dvd's now? i put it in the drive, but nothing is going on. im used to gnome where it pops up on the desktop...01:49
CTekabstract, i think that it uold be best to search/read some how-to's on how to customize your desktop, i can help you anly so much, or if some other users here are willing to help.01:50
abstraktCTek, meh, i've got it basically setup now01:53
daskreechArgh. How do I get Xorg/ xrandr to give me a list of proper resolutions?02:00
zusi got it to play discs woot, i feel smart02:01
* zus smiles02:01
* daskreech grins at zus02:01
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution02:06
abstraktomg, my desktops went horizontal on me02:07
abstraktnow i can't get them to go back vertical02:07
abstraktomg, now capslock is backwards02:08
abstraktholy crap02:08
abstrakthow do i get my desktops to go vertical again?02:08
abstraktand, now all my gtk apps look like shit02:12
abstrakthow do i get the GTK themes while running KDE?02:13
abstraktCTek, ?02:13
CTekselect the proper window manager02:13
abstraktCTek, er... select it where?02:13
CTekdepending on what you have installed it is possible to change themes02:14
CTekfrom control panel02:14
daskreechCTek: Any clue on how to get something reflecting a real resolution in the Display KCM module?02:15
CTeklook & feel appearance02:15
abstraktahah, well i figured out the pager situation02:15
CTekdaskreech, sorry i do not know...02:16
daskreechok no problems02:17
kaitos_Could someone point me to directions for the best way to set up a KDE development environment on Kubuntu?02:30
daskreechkaitos_: http://Techbase.kde.org02:31
mahdiany one from iran02:31
abstraktok, so what gives, is viewing folder contents incompatible with having a desktop background or what?02:33
kaitos_abstrakt: what do you mean exactly?02:34
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daskreechXorg hates me02:51
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zusi have no audio in youtube. on Kubuntu 9.10 KDE4.4 just installed today can anyone help please?02:56
zususing firefox02:57
kaitoszus: is pulseaudio installed?02:59
zuskaitos,  i dont know, my dvd plays fine, though03:00
zuskaitos,  amorok is playing an mp3 just fine03:02
zusim new to kubuntu/linux03:02
zusaudio seems to be working just youtube has no audio03:02
kaitoszus: type "dpkg -l | grep pulseaudio" into a terminal03:06
zuskaitos i figured it out. i right clicked the speacker icon and clicked mixer window and raised pcm all the way up.03:06
zuskaitos ok what is this im typing? so as to learn terminal commands please03:07
abstraktok wtf, lol where are the compiz settings again?03:08
abstrakti was just in there, can't find them anymore03:08
ubuntusystem preferences compiz03:09
abstraktnm, got it03:09
abstraktubuntu, i went to the "classic tree view"03:09
abstraktit's actually under "desktop"03:09
abstraktok, now how do I turn off the scrolling function on my trackpad?03:09
ubuntuall depends on where you put it really03:10
zusdo you need emerald to use compiz? i seen a video where the window borders disapear with out emerlad03:10
ubuntudifferent flavors may default put it in different directories too03:10
ubuntulol your using linux you can pretty much do whatever you want to do if you learn how03:12
zusubuntu,  thats why i love linux!! hehe03:12
ubuntume too lol03:12
zusi've been using since 2 week before 9.10 release in the few months i learned a lot. ALOT!03:13
kaitoszus: 'dpkg' can add, remove, or with the '-l' flag list packages installed on your system. the | makes the output from dpkg -l flow into the "grep" command. the grep command looks for the text pulseaudio03:13
zusthanks to the communtiy.03:13
ubuntuubuntu has some of the best support from the community i've ever seen out of the many flavors of linux and unix i've used03:14
zuskaitos this outputs a file of what is or isnt installed? as far as pulse audio goes in this case?03:15
abstrakthow do i A) swap capslock and ctrl and B) set a hotkey for switching between desktops?03:15
ubuntuim liking 9.10 cant wait to see what the next one has in store for us03:15
kaitoszus: dpkg -l shows everything that is installed on your system03:15
ubuntuman i got a court summons in the morning for jury duty i think i'd rather get fined a grand than go to that crap lol03:16
zusubuntu,  make sure that fine dont come with time to serve03:16
ubuntuah i could care less take a couple day break from real life kick back with the homies :P03:16
zuskaitos, i did it in terminal...konsole and i got nothing03:16
zusubuntu,  the food is horrible03:17
ubuntui know i've been to jail once or twice in my life03:17
zuskaitos,  i even copied and paste what you put in case i typed it wrong still nothing03:17
kaitoszus: that means pulseaudio isn't installed :) just type in dpkg -l to see what packages are installed03:18
zusubuntu,  i was lucky i went and judge threw everything out except driving w/o a liscence and gave me time serfved for the 12 hours i was in03:18
zuskaitos,  i get it now,... shiny.03:19
zusthats a long list, im amazed its only a 10gig root03:20
zusubuntu,  my judge was nice,  judge phill yacucci ...true story.  thats his name03:21
zuswill gnome-do work alright with kubuntu?03:28
daskreechzus: yes03:29
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zusdaskreech,  thank you. i enjoyed using it in gnome.03:32
daskreechzus: Enjoy. Try krunner03:32
zusdaskreech,  whats krunner?03:33
daskreechzus: press alt+f203:33
daskreechzus: It's pretty powerful03:34
zusdaskreech,  is it basically the same thing as gnome do? appears to be03:35
daskreechzus: Just about03:37
zusdaskreech,  thanks :D03:40
daskreechzus: it has a help. YOu can learn more about the key words03:41
daskreechzus: things like =200x30003:41
apersonit also has two modes03:42
apersononce you bring it up, you can configure it a bit03:42
zusdaskreech,  ill definatley look into that, im still making sure i have my stuff i need for everyday use03:42
daskreechzus: Wise. What else do you need?03:43
zusaperson,  i seen that floating window and the task search..03:43
zusdaskreech,  kompzer and cssed03:43
zusdaskreech, i also want to see what kwin does and check out the dolphin file manager03:45
apersonhaha, I just had krunner crash03:45
wizkoderdolphin does not work with context menu of kdesvn. will this work in 10.04? does anybody know?03:45
zusdont tell a new person that lol03:45
daskreechwizkoder: kdesvn ?03:45
wizkoderdaskreech: kde subversion client. very nice program03:46
daskreechwizkoder: It's built into Dolphin. You don't need kdesvn03:46
amstanhey guys.. this is really annoying, plasma-desktop keeps crashing03:47
amstanthat's fine03:47
amstanbut before i could just restart it by killing it and restarting it with plasma-desktop&03:47
amstannow that doesn't work anymore03:47
amstanwhat do i do?03:47
wizkoderdaskreech: how does it work then?03:47
daskreechwizkoder: once you have a svn directory  your right click options should have svn commands03:48
wizkoderwizkoder: ah, you mean it will be integrated in dolphin in 10.04?03:48
wizkoderdaskreech: ah, you mean it will be integrated in dolphin in 10.04?03:49
daskreechwizkoder: Yes03:49
zusam i going to have to do alt f2  kdesudo kpackagekit when i want to install something everytime?03:50
apersonzus, you should just be able to run kpackagekit03:51
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zusaperson,  no this is the second time i had it happen it says i dont have the privilege to install somethin03:52
zusi actually like synaptic package manager much better or the ubuntu software center03:53
apersonzus, right click on your menu and go to the menu editor03:53
apersonfrom there you can go to settings>kpackagekit03:53
apersonyou can add kdesu onto the beginning of the command to run it03:53
ubuntusynaptic package manager has also been around longer03:54
apersonthen every time you alt+f2, it will ask for your password03:54
apersonI rather aptitude :)03:54
apersonalso, zus you can change the keybinding from alt+f2 if you'd like03:54
ubuntutryin to make his brain blow up or what :P03:55
apersonjust trying to give pertinent information03:55
zusok under command i type kdesudo?03:55
apersonadd it to the command03:56
apersonit should say: kdesu kpackagekit -caption "%c" %i %F03:56
apersonthen hit save03:56
zusany diferance in kdesu  VS kdesudo ?03:56
daskreechzus: install synaptic it works in Kubuntu03:56
apersonyes, by all means, if you prefer synaptic, go ahead, you'll have to do the same for it as you're doing for kpackagekit, afaik03:57
apersonzus, kdesu runs as root, kdesudo runs with root privileges, iirc03:58
zusaperson,  similar to apt-get and aptitude? one is better for certain thiings04:00
apersonaptitude is a package manager like synaptic or kpackagekit04:01
apersonI'd never run apt-get by itself, personally04:01
apersonbut that is a point of argument for some04:01
zusonce save just close the window04:02
zuslets give this a go.04:03
zusthanks everyone by the way for all help and comments i do appritiate it04:04
zusok it asks for my password now.....ok im cool with that, (even though im the only user)04:05
daskreechzus: :-) you can set sudo to passwordless04:06
daskreechand KDM if you like04:06
daskreechthen anyone can turn on your computer and do anything they like with no prompts :)04:06
zusi don't mind the psswd. keeps ppl out hehe04:07
daskreechzus: That's kinda the point of a password eh? Would suck if you needed one to cross the street04:08
zusyes! i like the passwd but wish i can disable it for when im on... maybe set it for when i walk away or lock my screen04:09
daskreechzus: the password for sudo has a timer on it. If you get it right it won't ask you again for 15 minutes after that04:09
zusexactly is there a way to extend that 15 minutes to a custom time limit?04:10
zusper user account?04:10
zushaving trouble now finding DeVeDe04:14
apersonzus, http://doc.gwos.org/index.php/Change_default_timeout_in_sudo04:14
apersonyou may have to enable other repositories for devede04:14
apersonoh, that page was deleted04:14
apersonnvm link04:14
zusi dont see a ppa for it on thier site04:17
zusi got the linux version of the download, debian based for ubuntu it said04:18
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apersonto change sudo timeout: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4767816&postcount=504:19
apersonno problem04:20
zusnow for the dolphin hehe, im used to double clicking everything...04:20
zusit opens on single click, and music files dont play on hover....brb04:21
daskreechzus: System Settings -> Mouse -> change to double click04:22
daskreechzus: The preview at the side has a player You can browse the same directory looking at other things while hearing the song04:22
daskreechor switch away to another program. Which is how I'm listening to a tribe called quest while I"m typing this04:23
apersonI just use amarok to play my music :)04:23
daskreechaperson: I use Kaffiene but sometimes I want to hear one quick song or sound file. Dolphin works fine for that04:24
apersondifferent strokes for different folks :)04:24
zusactually i used rhythmbox iin gnome. but had a bunch of others installed to "try"  but after using amorok i like it alot,  lyrics, info, wikipedia gesh where was this when i switch to linux04:25
apersonI keep amarok running all the time, so it's easy for me to just queue up a song quick04:25
daskreechAnd KDE offers options for nearly all strokes :)04:25
daskreechaperson: Yeah I have 600 MB of RAM so not likely I'll have that sitting fallow04:25
apersonI have four gigs to play with on my desktop04:26
zusthe looking glass project video on youtube made me wnat linux,,, so i googeled andd found ubuntu...04:26
apersonmy eeepc is constrained to 1gb though, I have to watch that04:26
daskreechzus: Welcome to LInux and Kubuntu!04:27
* zus bows 04:28
zusya i've never used irc b4 ubuntu user day either04:28
zusaint no fun being a newbie though. took a few years to get where i was with winXP...04:28
* aperson grumbles something about firefox wanting to open up all of his downloads with ark04:29
daskreechzus: It took you a few years to get to where you were with XP in XP04:29
zusyeah i had my xp customized i had no prob using it04:30
apersonhehe, if you like customization...04:30
zusi knew a thing or two about fixing broken things... till i found linux haha04:31
zusits like learning all over again.04:31
daskreechzus: I get superbly frustrated trying to fix things in Windows04:31
apersonfixing things in linux is much easier, imho04:31
zusi was nothing amazing but i was the family go to guy...now after using linux i cant spend 5 minutes in windows,,,04:32
zusi use it for ableton live and reason 4.0 making music. it takes forever to load...04:33
apersonI've reduced my need for windows to a small virtual machine that's only to use my scanner with04:33
zusthanks for reminding me - i got to grab virtual box.....maybe ill wait for lucid... aint no sense in doing this to do it again in a few weeks04:35
mcurranhey, I changed something and now my desktop has the plasma workspace and I can't see my desktop icons unless I use compiz transparency (like move cube), how do I get my icons back?04:36
zuson this machine i dont think ill change eveery 6 months afteer lucid04:36
apersonyou can just update04:37
apersonyou don't need to re-install, zus04:37
apersonmcurran, so you're using compiz?04:37
zusaperson,  isnt a fresh install best for everythin?04:37
apersonzus, it's nice to have a fresh start, but I don't think it's quite the same for kubuntu as it is for vanilla ubuntu04:38
mcurranI'm actually using backtrack 4 and i tried to download screensavers and after restart my desktop was all messed up, I configured background but there are no icons, so when I use cube rotate, I can see my old desktop underneath04:38
apersonthat's really weird04:38
mcurranis plasma some kind of widget layer I can remove?  If so, what package.04:39
apersonplasma is your desktop04:39
mcurranI don't mind the look, but I want my old desktop icons back04:39
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)04:39
mcurranand I cant change my old background to solid, so it just looks funky when transparent - like two desktops04:39
apersonnot to be a put-off, but if you're using backtrack, your best help is in #backtrack-linux or #kde, mcurran04:40
mcurranI'm banned from there04:40
mcurranthat's why I came here04:40
apersonfrom both?04:40
mcurrannot #kde, but what's the difference04:41
apersonI'd go to #kde then04:41
zusi was using ubuntu with kubuntu-desktop and had all my gnome with it wile it was good i had a few hang ups. cursor flickering and slow gui felt sluggish04:41
apersonjust trying to direct you to the place with the best support for you, mcurran04:41
zuslol i asked for help in ubuntu about my pgp key they sent me here/ here sent me there/ its still unresolved04:42
apersonzus, what about it?04:43
mcurranYeah, gnome is way better04:43
mcurranWish they just used that for backtrack 404:44
apersonwell #backtrack-linux is the place for backtrack discussion04:44
zusi made it in ubuntu now im in kubuntu how do i get it back? i have it saved in my thumb drive but before today when i used it it didnt decrypt nothing04:44
mcurranwell nobody is talking or anything in #kde04:45
apersonyou have encrypted files that you encrypted with your gpg key, that you saved on your flashdrive, correct zus ?04:45
mcurranDoes anyone know what plasma is - I checked synaptic and all I have installed is libplasma so that shouldn't be the issue04:46
apersonmcurran, patience is a virtue04:46
zusaperson,  saved the .gnupgp file from gnome on my thumb drive...and when i copied and pasted in here it didnt do anything to the encrytped email i had04:47
daskreechzus: Lucid is LTS so you can sit on it For 2 years if you are patient04:48
daskreechI'm not :)04:49
daskreechmcurran: are you using Gnome or KDe?04:49
apersonzus, do you have gnupg-agent gnupg2 an pinentry-qt installed?04:49
zuswell i want to sit and call something home and maybe dual boot every 6 months to keep up04:49
zusaperson,  no unless its default install from live disc04:50
racerdwhat is the command to install kubuntu?04:50
racerdthe desktop04:50
daskreechsudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop04:50
apersonracerd, you want to install kubuntu-desktop04:50
zusracerd,  sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop04:50
racerdapt-get different from aptitude then04:50
* aperson would say sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop , but that may just be him04:50
racerdi have it installed04:51
daskreechaperson: Judging by the lines above you, you LIE!!!04:51
apersonracerd, aptitude is a package manager, it handles apt04:51
racerdbut no one can tell me how to switch between them04:51
apersonracerd, log out04:51
* zus agrees with aperson im new but it worked for me04:51
daskreechracerd: Switch between?04:51
apersonand then select kde in the session menu04:51
racerdyeah w/o using the login screen04:51
racerdsince it doesn't work04:52
racerdyou can04:52
daskreechracerd: Oh Gnome and KDE? On the Login screen Thre is a button marked sessions. Click it and choose KDE or GNome (or fluxbox etc) as you see fit04:52
racerdscroll up04:52
daskreechracerd: What do you mean without using the Login screen?04:52
racerdthat isn't an opetion04:52
racerdits bugged04:52
daskreechracerd: How so?04:52
apersonracerd, the only other way I can think of is you can change the gnome-session from gnome04:52
apersonand then logout and log back in04:52
racerdyeah seems like a sound theory if it wasn't broken04:53
apersonor you could possibly open up a tty and kill gdm and start kdm04:53
racerdi get a "permission denied04:53
daskreechracerd: What's broken and how is it broken?04:53
racerdwait what did you say person?04:53
racerdthat does help lol04:54
daskreechracerd: sudo service gdm stop && sudo service kdm start04:54
racerdthat would work04:54
racerdone sec :)04:54
apersonzus, http://zerlinna.blogspot.com/2006/02/get-gpg-decryption-working-within.html04:55
apersonI was reading that, it's from 06, but it may still be relevant04:55
apersonand of course there's https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto04:57
zusaperson,  thanks brb  afk04:59
racerdthat doesn't work05:00
racerdsudo service kdm start doesn't work05:00
racerdany other ideas05:03
apersonwell, does kdm exist?05:03
apersondoes it tab-complete when you do sudo service kd<tab>05:04
zusim back05:04
racerdmaybe kde runs on top of gdm05:04
racerdi don't know05:04
racerdit doesn't05:04
apersonthen it isn't installed I suppose05:05
racerddo i need to install it?05:05
apersonwell, it should be installed if you installed kubuntu-desktop05:05
racerdwell that command doesn't work05:06
apersonyou can try installing it05:09
racerdi have to uninstall it first i guess05:09
racerdif nothing works guess i can just uninstall it again05:09
apersonthat usually doesn't help05:09
zusi have to set up kmail, i had a site that walked you though it anyone know it  so i can get the linnk again?05:10
apersoncan you try sudo /etc/init.d/kdm start ?05:10
apersonzus, http://zerlinna.blogspot.com/2006/02/get-gpg-decryption-working-within.html05:10
apersonthat one?05:10
racerdit tells me no05:11
zusno kmail initial set up for gmail, i got the gpg one already :)05:11
apersonjust 'no'?05:11
apersonahh, I didn't give the link, so I don't know :S05:12
apersonzus, what client are you using for irc?05:12
racerdSince the script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an05:12
racerdUpstart job, you may also use the start(8) utility, e.g. start kdm05:12
racerdkdm start/running, process 659905:12
racerdracerd@racerd:~$ sudo service kdm start05:12
racerdkdm start/running, process 662405:12
FloodBotK1racerd: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:12
apersonracerd, well, it's running then05:12
zusxchat, i got quassel also but had a "time" learning it haha05:13
apersonzus, do you have logging on?  you can search your logs...05:13
zusaperson,  does it save on the xchat server? this is a fresh install by the way05:14
apersonno, the server doesn't save logs05:15
apersonbut this channel should be publicly logged05:15
apersonand xchat doesn't have a server :)05:15
apersonyou're on freenode05:15
racerdi can start kde05:17
racerdand it runs on top of gnome05:17
racerdfrom console05:17
apersondid you stop gdm?05:18
=== robin is now known as Guest1019
apersonif you're in gnome, it's still running05:18
racerdi get shot over to the regular command line linux05:18
apersonthat's supposed to happen05:18
apersondo this: /etc/init.d/kdm stop05:19
zusi just read firefox 3.6 is stable in 9.10 with a walk though for ppa and install.05:19
apersonthen: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop05:19
apersonthen start kdm05:19
racerd1 2 3 4 5 6racerd@racerd:~$ /etc/init.d/kdm stop Rather than invoking init scripts through /etc/init.d, use the service(8) utility, e.g. service kdm stop  Since the script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an Upstart job, you may also use the stop(8) utility, e.g. stop kdm05:20
apersonI don't need the output05:21
apersonI know it's there05:21
racerdit's a bonus05:21
apersonstop kdm, then stop gdm, once you get to 'the regular command line linux' start kdm05:21
racerdso with that output did i stop it?05:23
daskreechzus: Just follow the instructions on gmail05:23
racerdsee you on the flip side..... errr maybe05:23
racerddidn't work05:26
racerdhow do i uninstall the kde desktop?05:26
racerdi will reinstall it and select kde as the default05:27
apersonsudo aptitude purge kubuntu-desktop05:27
apersonsame as installing it05:27
apersonor use apt-get05:27
apersonw/e works05:27
racerdsigh... i didn't get the option to choose the desktop05:30
racerdmust be an ap somewhere that does that05:30
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get --purge remove kdelibs4c2a kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal05:30
apersonthat's it, thanks daskreech05:30
racerdalready present05:30
daskreechracerd: Just start X and then start kdeinit05:31
pushaxhi all.  how can I easily change gdm to kdm?05:31
apersonpushax, log out and select kde from the session menu05:31
daskreechpushax: sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm and it will ask you05:31
daskreechracerd: It starts KDE05:31
apersonnever mind me05:31
pushaxaperson: thx05:31
racerdwhere do i do that at? an ini file?05:31
pushaxdaskreech: thx05:31
apersonpushax, listen to daskreech , they are much wiser than I05:32
racerdi understand what it does05:32
pushaxcheers all.  WORKED...05:32
racerdi wished my login screen worked :(05:32
daskreechracerd: why don't you fix that?05:32
racerdhaven't found how to fix it yet05:33
racerdwhen i try to log back it it errors stating, "permission denied"05:33
daskreechracerd: Tell me what's happeneing05:35
racerdwhen i attempt to log back it05:37
racerdit errors05:37
daskreechlog back it?05:38
daskreechwhat's log back it?05:38
daskreechah so you have an auto login for first login?05:38
racerdit says, "permission denied"05:38
daskreechracerd: Ha Bet you have some config file owned by root in your home05:39
daskreechracerd: nothing else on the error but Permission Denied?05:40
racerdthat's all05:41
racerdright under the password field05:41
daskreechracerd: I forget did you try to install KDm ?05:41
racerdi just tried to reinstall kubuntu-desktop05:41
racerddidn't launch an option window this time05:42
daskreechracerd: sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm05:42
apersonI really love watching #ubuntu go down during a netsplit05:56
zusaperson, what is a net split?, i was reading links i've recieved earlier lol06:04
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit06:04
zuslol whats the show?06:05
cooncan someone please help mee06:11
coonim new to linux and i have compiz fusion on here and my res. is way to low and i cant changge it06:12
cooni get to the screen to change it and it says it maxed06:15
=== Guest4656 is now known as jussi01
daskreechcoon: hmm?06:30
daskreechcoon: where are you changing the resolution ?06:30
coonsystem settings>monitor06:44
=== bukharin is now known as gorgonzola
dimaVsem privet07:02
dsl1118hey all07:10
dsl1118hey all. i managed to remove network-manager completely whilst installing other packages. was wondering if there was any way to fix with no internet connectivity.07:14
dsl1118perhaps a good search string to use to find the answer?07:25
gotttoI don't know that you can without an internet connection dsl111807:26
dsl1118i cant think of a way either gottto. i managed to mess it up for my whole bday too07:28
dsl1118google isnt giving me what i want07:29
gotttodsl1118: the only way I know is with a comp with the same os installed and copy all relevant files over - sometimes works...07:30
dsl1118gottto, installation from source wont work?07:30
dsl1118that seems like a temporary fix though07:31
dsl1118perhaps installing wicd from source and then installing network-manager07:32
gotttodsl1118: how would you get the source files?07:32
dsl1118gottto, i have this box and a flash drive07:32
gotttodsl1118: that is surely an option then07:33
dsl1118gottto, I am used to having to find my way out of sticky situations. time to try this07:34
gotttodsl1118: luck :)07:34
zusmy mail button on my key board dont open mail. even settiing shortcut buttooon dont registeeeeer07:41
zusand keys are to sensitive07:41
iconmefistokeys are too sensitive? what does that mean?07:45
gotttorepeat rate maybe?07:46
zuswhen i type sometime i get tooooo many leetters07:46
gotttorepeat rate07:46
zuskubuutu has a sensitive repeate rate07:46
zuswhats a decent rate?07:47
iconmefistozus: systemsettings > keyboard & mouse07:47
zusyes im here now07:48
iconmefistozus: maybe the delay is what you should change, ie, the time it takes before the repeating begins07:49
zusits at 660 whats a decent deleay?07:49
zusincreaseing it right to stop it?07:49
zusalright went from 660 to 770 ill try that out thanks.07:51
iconmefistozus: that's up to you to decide, I guess. 1000=1 second delay07:51
zusi've 7 buttons that dont register with ubuntu and kubuntu07:52
gotttoit might not be the right keyboard selected07:52
zusi did not see my compaq keyboard in the list though07:53
zusall my board says is compaq lol no model number07:54
iconmefistozus: there's a few compaq keyboards in the list. have you tried them?07:54
zushow do i get the list after the live disc install07:55
iconmefistozus: systemsettings > regional & language, keyboard layout07:56
iconmefistozus: enable keyboard layouts and choose a kbd model from the list07:57
daskreech!resolution > coon08:07
ubottucoon, please see my private message08:07
zusthanks guys..im outta here. night08:09
=== ubuntu is now known as Ahmed\
Ahmed\Can anyone tell me what is that on left of my desktop with all the applications such as Favourites files and folders and games and everything, how do i turn that thing off ??08:18
gotttoAhmed\: try clicking an empty space on the desktop - sounds like the menu08:22
iconmefistomaybe it's the folder view widget?08:23
Ahmed\I am on Gnome cause all i see is a black screen on KDE with arrow, so i switched to Gnome08:23
Ahmed\Yes exactly08:23
Ahmed\I just wanna remove it, i was trying to upgrade to 4.4 KDE08:23
iconmefistoAhmed\: you see this on gnome?08:23
Ahmed\Yes and on KDE i don't see a thing but desktop is like all black screen08:24
Ahmed\And no right clicks on desktop either !08:24
gotttoAhmed\: how did you try to upgrade kde?08:25
Ahmed\It was sudo apt-get upgrade and then for KDE someone said here so08:25
Ahmed\isn't this cause of that compizconfig setting manager ?08:26
gotttoAhmed\: I would turn that off before trying touse a new desktop for the first time...08:27
Ahmed\I mean how do i just remove all those widgets cause i don't need any on Gnome08:28
gotttoAhmed\: are you still using compiz?08:28
Ahmed\Yes i have installed that yesterday and today i am facing this thing !08:29
gotttoAhmed\: turn compiz off - logout and back in maybe08:30
Ahmed\How do i turn it off ?08:31
gotttoAhmed\: do you have the compiz setting manager installed?08:31
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz08:31
Ahmed\I have CCSM installed i guess that's troubling, i had unmark and i will logout and try in a minute08:32
Ahmed\Yes its installed actually08:33
gotttoAhmed\: that will give the option to turn off desktop effects08:34
Ahmed\In KPackageKit, i am having some updates and some are blocked, which should i install ? all ?08:34
Ahmed\Okay lemme try08:34
Ahmed\Uninstalling this won't solve the issue ?08:36
kaniiNIXAhmed\: in konsole use "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"08:37
Ahmed\What is Kubuntu backports ? its on KpackagKiet shoulud08:37
Ahmed\Okay after this update finished i will try this sudo apt-get dist-upgrade08:37
gotttoerr - that will install the latest kubuntu...08:38
kaniiNIXyou mean v10.x?08:38
Ahmed\its written 4.4 thanks08:39
kaniiNIXthat's the KDE version08:39
Ahmed\I see08:39
Ahmed\I'm new on it so i am on KDE 4.308:39
kaniiNIXassuming you're using kubuntu and added the KDE SC 4.4 backport repositories08:40
Ahmed\Yes i mean i can upgrade to it once i solve this screen problem08:40
gotttocompiz might be looking for 4.3 and you have 4.408:41
kaniiNIXKDE crashes on load?08:41
Ahmed\I am not sure really but i will logout now and back in a minute08:41
Ahmed\yes it did i mean THREE TIMES08:41
Ahmed\I was ignoring it !08:42
kaniiNIXwhat kde version you're using?08:42
Ahmed\4.3 but was trying to upgrade to 4.408:43
kaniiNIXdo you have plasmoids that use the internet connection?08:43
Ahmed\This is working sudo apt-get dist-upgrade08:43
Ahmed\Should i ?08:43
Ahmed\Well something called plasma or something did crash on login screen after logging in08:44
Ahmed\BRB after this logout08:44
=== ubuntu is now known as Ahmed\
Ahmed\Back !08:56
Ahmed\Well it was that Netbook launcher and i turned it off at the start up fixed the issue @08:57
Ahmed\Thank you :)08:58
gotttoAhmed\: :) well done09:00
Ahmed\umm Thanks:$ by the way now i havent logged to KDE but instead of that i am on gnome, but 3D isnt wroking maybe cause i had uninstalled Compiz ? or what really canit be ?09:01
Ahmed\What exactly is this command for sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ?09:01
gotttoit will install the latest version of kubuntu/ubuntu09:04
noaXess_netubuhey all.. Life moves fast. Don't mis a thing09:05
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »09:05
Ahmed\but i just did and its like 37 MB ONLY ? rest of it should i have to download through Kpackagekit ?09:05
gottto!version | Ahmed\09:06
ubottuAhmed\: please see above09:06
Ahmed\I am09:06
Ahmed\No LSB modules are available.09:06
Ahmed\Distributor ID:Ubuntu09:06
Ahmed\Description:Ubuntu 9.1009:06
FloodBotK1Ahmed\: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:06
gotttothat's the latest afaik09:07
gotttoAhmed\: at login - select the session button and choose kde09:08
Ahmed\I will lemme finish this first plus the network is slow09:08
Ahmed\Can anyone suggest me, which program should i run at startup (i mean only important ones) not ALL :) would be nice!09:09
gotttoI only change the wallpaper and the clock...09:11
Ahmed\And rest of it is all Enable ? i mean marked ?09:11
gotttoI run a minmal desktop - nothing but wallpaper and bottom taskbar09:12
Ahmed\Yeah i see.. and everything else is disabled ? right ?09:13
Ahmed\umm interesting :)09:14
gotttoI like lean - I just need to start whatever I want at the time09:15
Ahmed\Yes that's a good idea really09:15
benny_kravitzis there a german support?09:50
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.09:50
ubuntuwhat is computer janitor and should i remove all those ?10:07
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madevelopersdoes anybody knows why I could not install pdt plugins on eclipse11:11
madevelopersi'm using ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala11:12
pausenclownhow can i a cat all files in a directory into a single file?11:43
howlymowlyhi poeple...  I am just upgrading to kubuntu lucid lynx... and I am asking myself:  will kubuntu replace the default ubuntu splash screen?11:45
gottto maybe  #ubuntu+1  will know howlymowly11:48
vbgunzI have an .xsession file in my ~/ . I ln -s it to ~/.xinitrc ... inside my .xsession I have a few nvidia-settings that don't execute. I have chmod +x the .xsession file. what's happening?12:01
gotttoxinitrc needs to be executable12:02
vbgunz.xinitrc is a symbolic link to xsession which I gave .xsession executable privilege12:03
vbgunzI've got commands that all end in ampersand in the file12:04
gotttoso xinitrc is listed in ls -l as rwx?12:04
vbgunzxinitrc is lrwxrwxrwx12:05
vbgunzthe other was .xsession12:05
vbgunzlet me try restarting x again, I hope these take effect. brb12:05
=== fmagno is now known as bombel
vbgunzhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/401127/ thats what I have in my .xsession file12:08
vbgunzbut all my nvidia-settings are of different values when I -q them in the terminal12:08
rafael_só tem home nessa joça12:13
gotttovbgunz: seen this http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-114240.html12:14
vbgunzhey gotto I'll check that out12:19
Lord-Rahlanyone install the alpha? anyone know what happened to mozilla-mplayeer plugin I can find is'gecko-mediaplayer - Multimedia plug-in for Gecko browsers' and it stills gnome frontend . any thoughts?12:21
asranielhi there. is there a particular reason why network manager does not give an error message when the wireless password is wrong?12:22
Lord-Rahlasraniel: I battle that myself12:24
Lord-Rahlasraniel: I have not upgrade my laptop to 10.04 so they may have fix it idont know12:25
roman_how are you12:33
Lord-Rahlroman: good you12:34
Lord-Rahlroman: shhh there sleeping... hehe12:35
lalalolwhats a good program that is basically the same as paint on windows?12:40
Lord-Rahllalalol: I use kolorpaint works well and has alot of extra12:42
Lord-Rahllalalol: i find one step about mspaint but near the gimp12:43
lalalolawesome that you know that, i wonder how i should install it though, i cant find a ppa for stable, and i dont understand the download thing from their site, which version is recommended? :s12:43
Lord-Rahllalalol: just open kpackagekit and type kolorpaint12:44
Lord-Rahlclick it hight it and hit OK12:45
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lalalolthx :)12:46
Lord-Rahllalalol: you find it12:50
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vbgunzhmm, it turns out, if I want settings I cannot configure from the nvidia-settings gui to stick I have to load nvidia-settings --load-config-only & ... anyhow, I thought my performance was good but I really feel it's better now. windows move around smoother. resizing isn't as smooth as I can wish but feels smoother than before13:06
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=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
=== betinho is now known as tumaix
BluesKajvbgunz, which nvidia card ?13:21
zusin the settings under splash screens, i installed a couple but only one appeared in the list, where are the files go when you click install?13:21
BluesKajzus, some splash scrns appear to install, but thy don't really work ..dunno why , but that's my experience too13:23
zusBluesKaj,  i know with 9.10 they disabled the loggin and splash but i was told  kde can do splash so maybe thats prolly why? - ill try once more then call it a bust on the splash.13:24
zuswould have been nice though.13:25
=== shadesla1er is now known as shadeslayer
BluesKajzus, some of the splash screens do work tho, just not all.13:34
zusBluesKaj,  yeah, for eye candy reasons im glad i switched...13:35
zushow do i stack windows for the flip switch to work?13:35
BluesKajyou mean desktops?13:36
zusi seen on a youtube video someone switched windows and the window he was on turned over and behind it was the new one, like a piece of paper even...13:39
BluesKajthere's a panel widget for switching , it's called the pager13:40
Maranathazus: go to system setting, desktop, general, and check enable desktop effects13:42
lalalolhow on earth can i make the prntscrn-key open kolourpaint instead of ksnapshot?13:43
Maranathazus: there is a dropdown menu for effect for window switching make sure it is on cover switch13:43
zusit is enabled, but its not really doing the animation i was hoping unless im in the wrong part13:43
Maranathazus: put it on flip switch and press enable13:44
Maranathazus: and use alt tab to use it. you must have multiple windows open13:45
zusdone, im  going trhough the setting on flip switch13:45
zuslol multiple windows x chat amorok and settings window  im running outta room13:46
Maranathais it working the way you want it too now?13:46
zusnot really but ill figure it out eventually. least im in the right place13:48
zusit opens a rectangle with all the windows and it tabs across it to desired window. i guess its a stacking  group windows thing?13:49
zusid find the video but gotbletu has tons on youtube...that'll take like a thousand hours lol13:49
Maranathazus: if you put it on "flip switch" it will stack them all and bring the active window up front with all the others directly behind it, "cover flip" puts them in a ring and swaps that way.13:50
lalalolhow on earth can i make the prntscrn-key open kolourpaint instead of ksnapshot?13:54
SilverCodelalalol: try System Settings->Input Actions->Preset Actions->PrintScreen [Action]13:58
lalaloltyvm SilverCode13:59
SilverCodenp .. hope it actually works though :)13:59
lalalolonly 1 problem with it14:00
lalalolit doesnt copy the screen14:01
lalalolso i need to make it copy the screen too14:01
SilverCodehmmm, having never used kolourpaint, I can't offer any advice14:02
inclementSomeone I know has just ' I accidentally C-M-Esc'd my desktop'14:03
inclementIs there a command to fix that?14:03
inclementAs in, ctrl+alt+esc then I assume clicked on a panel14:05
arch0njwinclement: err.. dumb quetion... what does it do?14:05
inclementctrl+alt+esc sets something so that your next click will kill whichever application you click on14:06
tomiondrumsi've got a nvidia quadro nvs 290 graphics adapter installed in my ubuntu karmic workstation and i can't get dual headed graphics working with it.14:06
tomiondrumswhen i try to configure it using the nvidia-settings tool i can't get a resolution beyond 640x480 on my second monitor (both monitors are NEC MultiSync EA221WM).14:06
tomiondrumsi downloaded and installed the 195.36.15 driver for the card but it works as bad as the 185.18.36. configuring the card manually via the xorg.conf doesn't work at all. either xorg doesn't start up or i starts with the second monitor disabled. i've tried nearly everything possible and impossible but i don't come to grips with it...14:06
tomiondrumsmaybe the whole problem is related to an EDID-misbehaviour but i can't tell... anyway when i try to get-edid|parse-edid the monitor is not being detected correctly (it says ModelName "AXR:1600" instead of something with "NEC")14:06
FloodBotK1tomiondrums: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:06
arch0njwinclement: oooh.  doesn't do that for me.  Maybe I unbound that.  Try pressing ESC again?14:07
inclementarch0njw: It's too late now, he's clicked something and killed it :D14:07
inclementNever mind. Logging out and in again will work anyway :)14:07
LynoureHello, can someone explain to me how Desktop Activities work?14:07
LynoureAll I have achieved so far is losing all my widgets.14:08
inclement(Oh, it turns out plasma-desktop is the correct command )14:08
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zusi have my gpg/pgp  folder saved on my thumbdrive from when i used gnome. can i paste it into the gpg/pgp folder in kubuntu? and will it still work?14:10
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zuswould running synaptic in kubuntu have any downsides?14:26
zusi couldnt find devede in kubuntu's packetmanager,...i know its in gnome though14:27
arch0njwzus:  gpg/pgp ... I would expect it to work the same.14:27
arch0njwzus: synaptic... I wouldn't expect so, but why do that?14:28
arch0njwzus:  and the package manager is called "KPackageKit"  I dislike the name immensely because it isn't really straightforward like ... oh ... "Package Manager"14:29
zusarch0njw,  well im familiar with it and i can scroll through a list of items versus typing  it in. god forbid i misspell DeVeDe  it didnt find it at first14:30
zusgot to love youtube video tutorials, im enjoying gotbletu's vids haha14:32
vbgunzBluesKaj: you around?14:37
vbgunzBluesKaj: You asked me about my nvidia card earlier. sorry, I stepped away. I have a GTX 26014:37
ewoernerare there any packages for koffice 2.2b1?14:38
vbgunztomiondrums: do you set up your card using the nvidia-settings gui?14:39
tomiondrumsas i've already said i14:41
tomiondrums've tried both - the nvidia-settings utility and the manual way via the xorg.conf-file14:41
tomiondrumsboth doesn't really work14:42
vbgunztomiondrums:  do you when you use the gui, save the xorg.conf it creates?14:42
tomiondrumsyes, of course14:42
vbgunzso you launch the gui as root and have twinview selected?14:42
vbgunztomiondrums: what is the highest resolution your monitors support?14:43
dfaureI booted a brand new Dell Latitude E4300 onto the Kubuntu 9.10 CD, and 1) down arrow didn't work in the menu, but up arrow did, and 2) choosing "Install kubuntu", it made some noise, but now nothing, just a black screen with a blinking cursor14:43
vbgunzI have a dual screen setup and get 1920x1080 on both monitors using a gtx260. would you like to look at my xorg.conf?14:43
tomiondrumsthe primary monitor (output 1) allows the maximum resolution 1680*1080 or something like that and the secondary can only be set to 640x480 (maximum)14:44
vbgunztomiondrums: when you open your xorg.conf file, do you see the time the settings you made in the gui correspond to the time in xorg.conf?14:45
vbgunztomiondrums: I'll post my xorg, check it out, one sec14:46
vbgunzits really short but works perfect in twin view14:46
vbgunzone sec14:46
vbgunztomiondrums: http://paste.ubuntu.com/401194/14:46
vbgunzcheck out the section "screen" specifically the metamodes option there14:47
zushow come amorok only displays the play button. before it had  back track stop play pause forward track....14:47
vbgunzchange to your resolution and restart x14:47
tomiondrumsbut that's nearly exactly the same as i have in my xorg.conf, the only (and i suspect that for being the real problem) difference is that you are using a differenc graphics adapter14:49
tomiondrumsbut i'll give it a try14:49
vbgunztomiondrums: wait14:49
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vbgunzyou gonna have to blank out the horizsync and vertrefresh lines14:49
vbgunzleave those on and you might not see anything at all when x tries to come back14:50
rbwilkinsonHello room. is there a good linux channel for networking help.14:50
rbwilkinsonI am not able to upload through my ISP.14:51
tomiondrumsdidn't make any difference...14:56
BluesKajvbgunz, tomiondrums , this driver install method works well , http://pastebin.com/NTpsWB4E14:58
tomiondrumsthat's more or less exactly what i did14:59
dfaurenow the kunbutu install CD says "Authentication failure" / "init: tty1 main process (2319) terminated with status 114:59
BluesKajrbwilkinson, connecting thru a modem or router ?14:59
dfaure...many times, and then "Starting init crypto disks"... and then nothing, seems it crashed14:59
* dfaure has had better experiences with kubuntu installation in the past...15:00
asranielanybody uses a macbook pro here? i have a few problems with the mouse and the keyboard layout15:01
familythrough a router15:01
tomiondrumsdon't get me wrong but i've set up graphics-adapters on debian ubuntu and gentoo about a hundred times, and this would also not be my first dual-head setup but i'm pretty sure this must a bug in the driver and i hoped that there's somebody who knows a workaround...15:01
familycable modem15:01
familyused wire shark I get bad tcp errors15:01
BluesKajtomiondrums, which nvidia card ?15:01
tomiondrumsBluesKaj: quadro nvs 29015:02
zushow can i view .swf files?15:02
familyi am rbwilkinson... cant get family  off15:02
zusin kubuntu 9.1015:02
tomiondrumsBluesKaj: i've already tried the newest driver from the nvidia website15:02
BluesKajtomiondrums, what about the nouveau experimental15:04
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tomiondrumsBluesKaj: what's that?15:05
inclementSo, I have a friend whose only requirement of his system is that he be able to control the volume using his mouse without a screen. He used to place a volume control applet in the top right of his screen, but in KDE the volume control is in the task thing so he can't do that15:05
inclementCan anyone think of a different way to accomplish the same thing? I'm stuck :(15:05
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BluesKajtomiondrums, it should be available in the package manager15:06
tomiondrumsi'll have to try that tomorrow but it sounds interesting...15:08
gorgonzolahello all! any idea why mysql server is uninstallable in amd64?15:09
gorgonzolaunder lucid, that is.15:09
tomiondrumsBluesKaj: did you already manage to get dual-headed graphics running with that driver?15:09
BluesKajtomiondrums, I haven't tried dual heads15:10
Benkinoobyhi, maybe a wireless network specialist can help me.. sometimes my laptop disconnects from wireless lans (after being connected for some time) or firefox/networkconnection freezes i posted the log at http://pastebin.com/dY3qTAyv . i googled, but i didn't find any specific information :( a hint or advice would allready help me15:12
AuleMooCan anyone help me find a way of controlling my volume with my mouse scroll wheel without screen or keyboard (for at night when I have my laptop closed) please? I used to use the volume control applet in gnome shoved into the top-right corner until some clever fool put it into the notification area only...15:13
vbgunzBluesKaj: I wasn't looking to install drivers. I guess you're probably responding to when I told you my card. I had an earlier issue of my nvidia-settings not sticking in my xinitrc. turned out I had to add the line of load-only along with the options not found in the gui15:14
BenkinoobyAuleMoo: this is kde section, fro gnome go for the ubuntu irc15:14
AuleMooi gave up on gnome15:14
BenkinoobyAuleMoo: ah, ok :P sorry15:15
AuleMooIs there a volume control applet in KDE that can be placed in an easy to find place? Or some sort of mouse gesture thing?15:15
BenkinoobyAuleMoo: maybe you cehck the widgets of plasma..15:15
vbgunzAuleMoo: kmix?15:15
AuleMoovbgunz: kmix is currently stuck in the notification area...15:16
AuleMooif I can get it out of there I can probably solve this problem15:16
vbgunznotification area should be easy to find ;)15:16
AuleMoovbgunz: not blind15:16
vbgunzAuleMoo: shortcut to it?15:16
AuleMooit places icons in random orders15:16
AuleMoovbgunz: how so?15:16
vbgunztry doing it through the menu first, then check global shortcut settings if that doesn't work15:17
AuleMoovbgunz: I don't think I follow you here. I'm looking for a way to control my volume using my scrollwheel in a situation where I cannot see where my pointer is15:19
AuleMooso need to have a sensitive area of the screen in somewhere like a corner15:19
vbgunztomiondrums: ahh15:20
vbgunztomiondrums: you can create global shortcuts to volume up, volume down, and mute15:20
vbgunzcheck your global shortcut settings for that, other than that, I am not aware of any plasmoids that do it15:21
AuleMooI don't have any access to my keyboard either though15:21
vbgunzI would have never imagined that :(15:21
Maranathawhere can I get a MD5summer for kubuntu15:21
=== luis__lopez is now known as luis_lopez
shadeslayerMaranatha: use : md5sum /path/to/iso15:25
zusdo i need to install kubuntu restricted extras?15:26
Maranathathanks shadeslayer :)15:26
zusto view .swf files,  dragon play makes horible noised and mplayer wont play video15:26
zuswith youtube videos15:27
BluesKajzus, try VLC15:29
zusBluesKaj,  VLC worked thanks15:35
zusi disliked it in windows, dunno why, but i never used it there.15:36
BluesKajzus, VLC doesn't have the nicest "look' but it works for most codecs15:37
zusstill cant play .swf file15:37
zusit worked in ubuntu once. but dont remeber what i installed.15:39
BluesKajzus, do you have the flashplugin-nonfree installed?15:40
zusdon't know. after install most things jst worked unlike ubuntu where  i had to install ubuntu-restricted. which is why i  asked about the kubuntu-restricted extras.15:41
BluesKajok install kubuntu-restricted extras , forgotten if the flash plugin is included15:43
BluesKajerr kubuntu-restricted-extras15:43
zushmm thats prolly why i didnt type it right15:45
BluesKajzus, also  flashplugin-nonfree15:46
BluesKajand w32codecs15:46
BluesKajor 64 depends on your platform15:46
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zushow can i tell if im a 32 bit or 64 to know which linux to get 32/6415:48
fridaywhat processor do you have?15:50
arch0njwzus: you could also find out in your BIOS15:51
zusfriday let  me find out bb15:51
BluesKajzus, lsb_release -a15:52
arch0njwBluesKaj: I believe he is trying to figure out his system architecture, not what he presently has installed.  Could have 32bit installed on 64bit.15:53
BluesKajarch0njw, yeah , but then he should stick with 32bit15:53
zusoh now my terminal is stuck15:53
arch0njwBluesKaj: only if he doesn't want to do a full reinstall ;)15:54
zuson configureing sun java6-jre i hit ok aint doing nothing now.... no reinstall lol ill be learned for lucid though15:55
BluesKajarch0njw, i ran 32 on this 64 bit cpu for a while until 64 apps became mature enough , but it's best to be consistent15:55
BluesKajzus , it's waiting for your yes agreement15:56
arch0njwBluesKaj: hah... I just read back a bit.  I'm sounding really silly now.  :)  Yes, NEED to be consistent.  :D15:56
zusit had my agreement nothing happened i just exit. the out put was "No LSB modules are available15:57
BluesKajzus, that was for the lsb_release -a command , not the java agreement15:59
BluesKajok, now try this , sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree16:00
zusseems as if the closed terminal i still holding the resources...cuz its asking if another process is open16:02
BluesKajzus , another terminal open?16:03
zusgeesh i did something wrong,...one sec16:09
zusok, what about the codecs16:10
BluesKajsudo apt-get install w32codecs16:10
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* dfaure gives up on trying to install kubuntu on the dell latitude 4300, the CD just spins forever and nothing shows up :(16:12
zusgrrr ok i know what i did wrong i had to fix it.i killed the kubuntu-restricted-extras and it held everything yp16:14
BluesKajzus, always let commands finish, never kill the output unless absolutely necessary16:15
zusim caught up extras finished, codecs and flash non free, update and upgraded also16:17
zusi know in ubuntu i wastched my file  and then after a reinstall i tried to watch it again i had a problem with the gstreamer...16:22
zusoh well its not a big deal now, ill wait till i do need it. i got to go pick up my niece from school thanks all for the help be back in 15 min16:25
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drivenchilddoes anybody know how can I hide the menu bar in firefox?16:33
drivenchildIḿ using firefox 3.5.6 on kubunto 9.1016:33
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Ahmed\I have just upgrade from KDE 4.3 TO KDE 4.4 and what i have noticed is , My computer is running Extreamly show even tho i turned off the 3D Desktop settngs etc but yet it is, Any suggestion :) PLease16:43
Ahmed\I mean only the graphic is slow16:44
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hoppyitedrivenchild: There's an Add-on 'Hide menubar'16:54
spirov92anyone feeling in the mood to help me debug ATI drivers? I use the radeon driver on a RV25016:58
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Ahmed\How do i disable my couser to not to go on desktop 2 by toucking the top ot the screen or taskbar ? Its annoying17:40
zushow can i show hidden files?17:43
Ahmed\zus: Open dolphin17:43
James147zus: Alt+. in dolphin17:43
Ahmed\Zus: click on View and there that is17:43
James147zus: ls -a   on command line17:44
zusshiny, thanks17:44
Ahmed\James, How do i disable the couser when it switch the desktop when i go to the top of the screen or on taskbar ? its annoying really !17:45
dfauremouse cursor?17:46
Ahmed\Mouser ? arrow17:46
Ahmed\Its like playing snake game on Nokia phones when the snake goes to the right and comes from left HUH17:46
James147Ahmed\: System settings -> Desktop -> Screen edge -> "Switch desktop on edge"17:46
zusim trying to put in my gnupg from when i made my key in gnome into kubuntu. i have my file on mmy desktop right now.17:47
Ahmed\James, THANK YOU :$17:48
Ahmed\I remember i did changed something there so :)17:48
James147zus: have you tryed kgpg?17:48
zusJames147,  i havent.  \17:49
Ahmed\James, Can you suggest me the best setting for the graphic (its a shared memory so) to work finely but not to use much graphicor memory but stable17:49
Ahmed\From KDE desktop effects i mean17:50
zusi already have a pgp key, but this kubuntu is a fresh install so do i have to install  a program first to see my key?17:51
James147Ahmed\: Don't know sorry :p the default options should be fine if you don't know what they do. If your having problems with them try disabling some effects17:52
Ahmed\umm Good idea17:52
James147zus: kgpg is installed by default on kubuntu17:52
zusjames so it should read my gpg key that i already have had?17:53
James147zus: it has an option to import a key so I would think so17:53
James147zus:  try it and see I dont really know that much about gpg17:53
Ahmed\Whats OpenGL Mode with (Shared Memory) ?17:53
zusjames thanks17:55
Ahmed\Hello ? :$17:56
Ahmed\Whats OpenGL Mode with (Shared Memory) ? ??17:58
James147Ahmed\: Sorry don't know, and it appears that no one else thats listening dose either. I suggest you look it up online or ask again in a bit to see if anyone that has joined knows17:59
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chuckfzus: kgpg would be the best graphical utility to use. If you want to do the command line I believe it would be gpg --import /path/to/yourkey18:01
chuckfzus: and don't forget that you need your private key from the old system for it to work properly18:02
Ahmed\PRIVATE KEY ?18:03
FremenBlueanyone want to take a looksie at my xsession log?18:03
chuckfAhmed\: private key in regards to gpg18:03
chuckfAhmed\: not the system as a whole18:03
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James147FremenBlue: You might want to discribe the problem your having first :)18:03
Ahmed\gpg --import /path/to/yourkey isn;t working, is it the complete command ?18:04
FremenBluealright, i already did @ ubuntuforums.org in dekstop enviro18:04
FremenBlueill give u link18:04
zuschuckf,  i copied the entire .gnupg folder from my old gnome install. this is a fresh install of kubuntu (9.10) i cant seem to find the kgpg,.... and when ever i open the menu i keep somehow dragin the help icon  how can i stop that?18:04
FremenBluei posted descrip and then xsession log18:05
chuckfI don't use kgpg that often, only for key management on occasion.18:05
Ahmed\Lemme see18:05
chuckfAhmed\: if you're not working with importing a gpg key, ignore me for now18:05
zusAhmed\,  im working on getting my old key in kubuntu with out haveint to make a new one and cancel my present one18:07
chuckfzus you should (unless you have changed something) if you just copy the contents of the old .gnupg to the new .gnupg directory and it will just recognize your key18:07
zusi tried that once it didnt work on the engrypted email i got ,,,, i have reinstalled since then though18:08
Ahmed\Actually i am new here and i don't really have no idea or i wish i could help :)18:08
zusahmed im new as well hehe only been a linux user  since  9.10 release18:08
chuckfand that encrypted email was encrytped to you?18:09
FremenBluemy first linux was damn small linux like a year and a half ago18:09
Ahmed\umm i'm about a week :)18:09
zuschuckf,  yeah it was from when i signed the UCoC18:09
zuswhen i was in my email, i would come across it and it always asked for a password, wich is how i knew  it worked and  email isnt deleted18:10
Ahmed\Anyone knows hot to disable the startup items on kubuntu (i do know about Gnome)or are they works on both ? KDE and Gone by disabing from Gnome ?18:10
zusAhmed\,  welcome to Linux these guys helped me immeasurably18:10
Ahmed\Thanks :$18:11
Ahmed\Anyones email hacked ? i can try :P18:11
Ahmed\to recover it i guess18:11
dfaurestartup items can be in your Autostart folder, like ~/.kde/Autostart, or global (desktop files in /usr/share/autostart or something like that)18:11
dfaurebut there's a systemsettings module for the latter18:11
FremenBluewho helped you?18:11
FremenBluecan they help me?18:12
Ahmed\Well just a minute18:12
zusme various random people from the communtiy forums and channels. best community i've come across18:12
FremenBlueare there more channels18:13
FremenBluei need tech support channel18:13
Ahmed\Yes it did helped18:13
zusi guess this is a support chan, there is  #kubuntu-offtopic18:13
James147FremenBlue: This is the tech-support for kubuntu :)18:13
Ahmed\ZUS: YOu are great !18:13
James147FremenBlue: Its run by volenters so you will jsut have to keep asking untill someone comes online that knows the answer to your problem i am afraid18:14
zusAhmed\,  thank you, im great because the communtiy behind me. to be honest.18:14
chuckfzus if you save the text of that email to a file and from the command line run gpg filename.txt does it prompt you to enter your passphrase?18:14
Ahmed\Well nice to know :)18:14
FremenBluei need a linux guru18:14
zuschuck one sec18:15
chuckfzus and when I say text I mean the ascii armored message18:15
FremenBluekdm freezes at hard disk icon, xsession log posted here -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=143879918:16
zuschuckf,  do i open kate to save the file?18:16
dfaurehmm I thought the kubuntu installer was able to resize partitions?18:16
James147FremenBlue: Have you tryed creating a new user and testing with that?18:16
chuckfzus that would be one way to do it. Copy it from the email client, paste into Kate, then save it18:17
FremenBluenext time it locks up though, ill make a new user @ the console and try it18:17
FremenBlueanyway its up and running so im good till tomorrow when i have to start the laptop again =D18:18
James147dfaure: might depend on what format the partition is, have had problems resizing ntfs in the past18:18
zuschuckf,  looking for the email now, lol the giveaway was the old passphrase box that pooped up  hehe18:18
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dfaureJames147: I have resized ntfs partitions in the past iirc, but the real question was, shouldn't this be in the installer GUI?18:19
James147dfaure: Thinking about it... it has an option to auto resize and install size be side. But for the manual partitionion I am not sure it dose18:20
dfaurehmm I only see two radiobuttons, Erase whole disk and manual partitioning.18:21
James147dfaure: other options appear depening on how your disk is already partitioned or other factors18:21
dfaureI see.18:21
James147dfaure: I think if you have just one partition you get an option to install side by side18:22
zuschuckf, lol found it,....geesh that was a lot of mail.18:22
dfaurewell laptops with pre-installed windows typically have more than one18:22
James147dfaure: Might be more complex then that and ignore smaller partitions, but I really know know the details18:22
nemoHey guys, have you ever encountered this before?18:24
zuschuckf,  alright i got the file copied on kate, whats was the next step?18:25
nemodude is running into trouble installing kubuntu (he's in ##html-fr) and I don't have much familiarity w/ it18:25
dfaureok I'll just overwrite the ntfs partition and reinstall windows later. Next question: ext4 or ext3?18:25
nemolet me fix that link18:25
nemojust use that one :)18:25
nemoI was relaying it due to image blocking over here18:25
chuckfzus: save it to a file. Open a terminal window and cd to the directory with the file in it. Then run 'gpg filename.txt' without the quotes18:26
zushow do i do cd? change directory i assume ?18:26
James147zus: "cd path"18:27
James147zus: from terminal18:27
zusits on my desktop so cd /home/desktop?18:27
chuckfzus: yes, chagne directory18:27
nemoanyone? (last image)18:27
chuckffrom where you open the terminal cd Desktop should do it18:28
James147zus: cd /home/USER/desktop  or just "cd ~/desktop"18:28
franck606hi all18:28
chuckfcapial D I believe18:28
James147yeah, remember itss case sensitive18:28
franck606thanks for help me18:28
zusok im in ~/desktop$18:30
James147franck606: Hmm not sure, have you tryed running a disk check on the cd (its one of the options when you boot from it) to see if its a bad cd18:30
chuckfnow type gpg filename18:30
franck606ok i check a cd18:31
franck606sorry for my english language18:32
zusgpg: can't open 'encrypted' which is what i named it18:32
chuckfzus: do you see the encrypted file listed if you do an ls18:34
zuswhats the command for ls again ?18:34
dfaurels :)18:35
James147zus: ls18:35
zusim going to write all these commands down18:35
zusheh thanks18:35
James147zus: http://mally.stanford.edu/~sr/computing/basic-unix.html <-- Lists the basic commands and what they do18:36
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal18:36
franck606check finished: no errors found, press any key ...18:36
zuschuckf,  yes i do see it18:37
franck606in option boot, i chose no echec mode display18:38
chuckfzus: and when you type in gpg encrypted the error message is that gpg cannot open the file? If so, close kate18:39
chuckfthen try again18:39
chuckfzus: what I expect to happen is you see either a prompt for a passphrase or a message that reads decryption failed: secret key not available18:41
zuschuckf,  or this? The program 'pgp' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:18:41
zussudo apt-get install pgpgpg18:41
zuspgp: command not found18:41
chuckfyou should only need gpg18:42
chuckfIf I typed pgp somewhere replace that with gpg18:43
* genii thinks about Pretty Good Privacy vs GNU Privacy Guard18:43
zusnow it says canto open18:44
chuckfgenii: PGP has its place in the corporate world but that's about it as far as I am concerned (in it's current state)18:44
franck606it's ok in no echec mode18:45
chuckfzus if you type 'file encrypted' without the quotes what is the output?18:45
zusi think im doin this wrong im in terminal at ~/desktop$ i did gpg encrypted.txt18:47
franck606thanks all18:52
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zushow do i back up a folder?19:16
areichmanzus: where are you backing it up to?19:16
zusareichman,  hmm desktop for simplicity. i tried looking it up but all i got was back in up whole  /home19:18
areichmanand what are you trying to back up?19:18
zusmy .gpg folder19:21
areichmanand when you say backup do you just want a copy of that folder on your desktop? Do you want it compressed or to automatically create a new, more current copy every so often?19:22
areichmanto just back it up, all you have to do is use dolphin to show hidden folders, copy the .gpg folder and then paste it on the desktop19:22
areichmanthere are ways to do all of the other things, though, if you'd like19:22
zusif copy and paste works i  can do that for now. but   what outputs a .bak file?19:23
zusand more importantly what program opens and uses them, i couldnt get to my old .bak of my grub before19:24
M0n3ySh0thi im trying to setup a samba share on a kubuntu server and when i try to connect to it from a windows 7 box it asks for authentication, how do i disable this when mapping a drive?19:24
areichmanlots of things, .bak just stands for backup and it gets appended to the end of a file to show it's the backup copy. The file is exactly the same19:24
areichmanall you should have to do is edit the filename and remove the .bak and it should work19:25
zusareichman,  shiny, this should at least get me moving again for the day...19:25
areichmanM0n3ySh0t: I think there's something about guest access in samba? Maybe look around for that?19:25
areichmanzus: glad to help :-)19:26
James147M0n3ySh0t: Have you set up the shares to allow guests?19:26
M0n3ySh0tis there a setting for that in smb.conf?19:26
M0n3ySh0tsomething i should add?19:26
James147M0n3ySh0t: add "guest ok = yes" (no quotes) to each share you want to allow guests in smb.conf19:28
James147M0n3ySh0t: other useful ones might be "force user = USER" and "force group = GROUP" to force created files to be owned by the spified group/user19:29
James147M0n3ySh0t: Sorry ^^ to force guest to look like USER and GROUP19:29
zusJames147, where would kgpg be?19:35
James147zus: Menu -> Utilities -> KGpg    (or just alt+f2 and type "kgpg")19:36
zushmm, lol could hlf my problem be i dont have it installed?19:38
James147zus: could be, try installing it and see what happens :) thought it was installed by default though... what version of kubuntu are you useing?19:40
zus9/10 kde4.419:41
zusJames147, ^19:41
James147zus: hmm, same here and I doubt I installed it myself :S O well, try installing it anyway19:41
zusall right brb19:45
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:47
zusso i did sudo apt-get install kgpg it installed but when i click it nothing happened, the lock icon appeared and after a sec, it disapears20:01
James147zus: it dosent open a window, check your systray it should be there20:03
zusthe tray has a spot for it but after a sec it goes away20:04
James147zus: run it from terminal, that should allow you to see whats going on20:05
zusmeh kwin crash20:08
=== ubuntu is now known as Ahmed\
Ahmed\How do i trace the host IP by terminal/BASH20:09
jmichaelxtrace host IP? what exactly are you trying to trace?20:12
jmichaelxAhmed\: 'ifconfig' will give you the IP of the system you are using20:13
Ahmed\Any websites IP20:13
Ahmed\ifconfig and ? host name /20:13
jmichaelxAhmed\: for that, you could use something like 'dig www.google.com'20:13
Ahmed\Works fine thanks20:14
jmichaelxvery welcome20:14
Ahmed\but what is that ifconfig ? for20:14
jmichaelxifconfig just shows the network info for the machine you are using20:15
Ahmed\i can see20:15
zusi uninstalled and reinstalled same thing20:15
Ahmed\I am new here as you can see :) so is t true20:15
Ahmed\That Linux is the best thing to start Hacking?20:16
jmichaelxAhmed\: i was new, too, a few years ago.... and still feel pretty new20:16
Ahmed\ZUS you are still here @_@ HUH20:16
Ahmed\ummm interneting20:16
Ahmed\So can i say that i gotta geek ?20:16
jmichaelxinterneting could be a good new word20:16
zuswhats frustrating is the stupid menu when i open aplications and move up the stupid help  sticks to the cursor as if i was moving the launcher20:16
Ahmed\It reminds me of texing HUH20:16
jmichaelxyeah, using an unix variant ups your geek-quotient20:17
Ahmed\hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ZUS thats so stupid man ,20:17
zusAhmed\,  im always here heheh. i left for a bit though20:17
Ahmed\umm i can see20:17
Ahmed\I mean Thank GOODNESS i solve that issue i had !20:17
Ahmed\I mean every minute somethign comes up !20:17
Ahmed\Okay ZUS20:17
Ahmed\You there ?20:18
jmichaelxfixing problems is the very best way to learn20:18
Ahmed\Yes that's what i gotta agree with :)20:18
jmichaelxstill here20:18
Ahmed\Are you a hacker ?20:18
jmichaelxumm, i am a hacker in the sense that i have been learning to code.20:18
Ahmed\Someone here few days ago was saying that Linux is made by Hackers ? true ?20:18
Ahmed\Oh umm20:18
jmichaelxbut not a hacker in the sense of breaking into things i shouldn't20:19
Ahmed\SO you do have skills to get into any host servers ?20:19
jmichaelxto many coders, and to free software folks in particular, a 'hacker' is just a 'programmer'20:19
Ahmed\umm, Coders ?20:20
Ahmed\Well, Can you hack a email then :P20:20
Ahmed\Come on off topic lets talk there if you are free :)20:20
jmichaelxa person might have an idea how one might hack into certain email accounts, that does not mean that person would do that, though20:21
Ahmed\You not ON its a typo20:21
Ahmed\Well i can actually ...20:21
Ahmed\Been a windows user from last 4 years but doesnt feel so secure over there20:22
jmichaelxi think the OT hammer could soon clobber us20:22
Ahmed\haha whats that :)20:22
jmichaelxOT=off topic20:22
Ahmed\and clobber ? means ?20:22
jmichaelxmeans being reprimanded20:22
Ahmed\Okay well, I am here to learn some of the stuff ONLY for educational purpose :)20:23
Ahmed\Wanna know about network a bit WELL, and so on :)20:23
jmichaelxAhmed\: you might consider visiting http://www.backtrack-linux.org/20:24
Ahmed\WHat's that ?20:24
Ahmed\A start i can say ? :)20:25
jmichaelxthere are tutorials there, and the backtrack liveCD/USB/etc is a very useful tool20:26
Ahmed\i have saved as bookmark20:26
zusnow my try is black?  isnt milky like before20:26
Ahmed\i have a little problem with KDE 4.420:26
Ahmed\Welcome back Zus20:26
zusAhmed\,  t/y20:26
bbeckI was wondering if anyone else was having icons appear in drop down boxes e.g. font selector in kmail and krunner?  The icon looks like the kmix icon.20:26
Ahmed\Well i was on KDE 4.3 and was working so smoothly but today after installing KDE 4.4 upgrading its slow... I have tried turning off the graphic but doesnt seem that it helps :)20:28
jaafaranyone used kppp recently?  I find it's not working on 10.04 (hangs during Create New Account)20:29
zusi cant wait fir lucid....20:29
buckfast_How do I get the latest firefox in kubuntu?20:29
Ahmed\haha well i also !20:29
Ahmed\on that latest 3.6 i guess Java doesnt work20:29
Ahmed\SO better stick to 3.5 i would say20:29
=== robin is now known as Guest15170
* zus has a once and for all fix...A Hammer!20:30
Ahmed\MJ and Zus, You guys are Linux Addicted :P20:30
zusi admit i am very happy with linux problems and all20:30
Ahmed\Oh !20:31
jmichaelx4.4 should work fine in most cases. you should first backup and delete your .kde file20:31
zusAhmed\,  i have the chance and choice to fix any problem20:31
BluesKajzus, for what it's worth, i just upgraded this laptop to lucid and it's very stable20:31
Ahmed\Oh so what do i do with this KDE 4.4 really slow i mean wasn't slow on previous one20:32
zusJames147,  ok i got the key management working but some how my tray looks black like the dark theme...20:32
Ahmed\Can i switch to Lucid when its gonna release or is it released ?20:32
jmichaelxAhmed\: i have not had that experience, but i have heard reports of KDE being generally faster in Lucid than in Karmic20:33
zusBluesKaj,  makes me happy to hear, id hate to think less than a few weeks and its still comepletely broken,  can a live cd be made to dual boot? id hate to ruin  this install  lol20:33
Ahmed\umm thats good i guess, I'm gonna switch it for sure20:33
Ahmed\Lucid looks better then this Kaola bear :P20:33
BluesKajAhmed\, it's in development but you can still upgrade if you wish20:34
M0n3ySh0tim having trouble mapping a samba share on kubuntu to a windows drive, i get an error that the server is found but cant locate the folder, is there a special way to do this?20:34
Ahmed\Thats good20:34
Ahmed\Windows Vs Linux, Who's better in your opinion ? i'm asking you all and if so, Why :)20:34
Ahmed\OKay Zus20:34
Tscheesy_Ahmed\: Lucid is still Beta - you probably only have to clean out your Plasma-Configs20:34
Tscheesy_Ahmed\: this ist !offtopic20:35
Tm_T!better | Ahmed\20:35
Ahmed\Oh ! okay20:35
ubottuAhmed\: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.20:35
Ahmed\Okay :$20:35
jmichaelxAhmed\ gets to meet the OT hammer and the 'better' hammer at the same time20:35
Ahmed\What setting should i do on Plasma20:36
M0n3ySh0twhat is the unc for mapping a samba share on a kubuntu server to a windows drive?20:36
Ahmed\Now whats that hammer :$20:36
zusAhmed\,  you dont want the hammer hehe20:36
Ahmed\umm, I only know Triple H's Hammer :$20:37
Tscheesy_Ahmed\: may you just delete ~/.kde/share/config/plasm*20:37
Ahmed\Okay then ?20:37
M0n3ySh0tyes i kno im a windows admin on a linux chat, im just trying to setup a simple file share from a virtual box running kubuntu and samba20:37
jmichaelxthe true hammer is met when one chooses to stay OT, even after reprmands20:37
Tscheesy_Ahmed\:  they will be rebuild on next Login20:37
zusJames147,  are you free once again?20:38
Ahmed\~/.kde/share/config/plasm* ? where to i put this on dolphin ba r?20:38
buckfast_How do I get the latest firefox in kubuntu?20:38
Tscheesy_in the konsole.. rm it (but you really should read something about your OS first)20:39
jmichaelxyou should backup your .kde first20:39
Tscheesy_Backups are always right ;)20:40
zusbuckfast_,  try this....http://linuxhub.net/2010/02/how-to-install-firefox-3-6-stable-release-on-ubuntu-9-10-using-ppa/20:40
Ahmed\ZUS , this says no files ~/.kde/share/config/plasm*20:40
Ahmed\how do i delete then20:40
zusahmed  not rightly certain20:41
Tscheesy_Ahmed\: use Bash-Completion for example.. with TAB and read some Basics (rm is for remove)20:41
buckfast_zus: would ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa also be okay?20:42
Ahmed\Okay well sorry to say but i didn't get it :)20:42
zusi finally got kgpg to run,... how can i import the whole old folder with my key in it?20:42
Tscheesy_Ahmed\: ALT+F2 "konsole" → rm ~/.kde/share/config/plasm*20:42
Ahmed\rm: cannot remove `/home/ubuntu/.kde/share/config/plasm*': No such file or directory20:43
zusbuckfast_,  im not sure, only reason why i am not  using fire fox 3.6 is  cuz some one told me it wasnt stabel ,..20:43
Tscheesy_Ahmed\:  but this is really basics - you shouldnt upgrade to a Beta or alike without these20:43
zusbuckfast_,  yet the link i gave you said it is with the ppa20:44
M0n3ySh0tanyone on help with mapping a samba share from a kunbuntu box?20:44
Tscheesy_Ahmed\: again - use Bash-Completion20:44
Tscheesy_instead of *20:44
buckfast_zus: okay, thanks20:45
Ahmed\it says no files to remove20:46
zusbuckfast_,  i personally save everything and try anything....though that has is draw backs as you can read my frustrations lol with this kpgp. (and end user error)20:46
Tscheesy_Ahmed\: then you may already killed them? search the path by top with TAB for example20:47
Ahmed\umm i didn't done anything anyways i will see that later :) but thanks20:48
Tscheesy_^^ np20:48
Ahmed\>_< when will i learn this Linux20:48
zusAhmed\,  in time and with use20:49
Tscheesy_there are many helpfull wiki's20:49
Ahmed\Zus you are right...20:49
Ahmed\I was so good at Windows really, what have i get by switching ?20:49
zushow long has karmic been out about 4 5 months roughly20:49
Ahmed\Freedom ? that wasnt a prison !20:50
zusTscheesy_,  i agree....20:50
* Tscheesy_ would be getting offtopic now..20:50
zusi was great in windows, but i am happy in linux problems and all20:50
Ahmed\haha Zus huh20:50
untiledhi all, i have to install "sun-java6-jdk" package but when I try with KPackageKit it return with "Dependencies of the following packages could not be satisfied: sun-java6-jdk". It doesnt tell me wich are these dependencies: can someone help me?20:51
zusbrb i hope a reboot fixes my tray..20:51
Ahmed\I mean Trojan works in there keyloggers and many other things and was even tho easy !20:51
KjetilKAhmed\, I found that on Windows, I felt limited by how good the MS folks are, on Linux, I am only limited by my own skills20:51
Ahmed\Yes KJ  agree with that20:52
Ahmed\i guess thats the so called freedom ?20:52
Ahmed\Great then20:52
KjetilKso, it is kinda tough at times, but at least, you can get where you want20:52
KjetilKwith enough dedication20:52
Ahmed\Yes for a new user yeah20:52
Ahmed\I installed wobi and crashed a dozen times after updates :)20:53
Ahmed\So yes i'm not one of them whos called Losers :)20:53
Tscheesy_untiled: install in Konsole and you get more feedback: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre20:53
KjetilKI remember installing a scanner on a windows box back in the day, and the box never stood on its feet again20:54
KjetilKit had to be reinstalled...20:54
KjetilKand there wasn't even tools to debug the thing...20:54
Ahmed\well how about an error report that never reported back :)20:54
theshow4lifechouls someone help me out please?20:55
geniiPlease keep in mind topics not related to Kubuntu support issues can be discussed in the #kubuntu-offtopic channel20:55
KjetilKanyway, I've gotten pretty fanatical about being able to understand everything. If I wasn't, you'd probably get the same power but also more lockin and less understanding on an OSX box...20:55
KjetilKok, sorry20:55
Tscheesy_!Help  | theshow4life20:55
ubottutheshow4life: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:55
KjetilKhere comes my problem :)20:55
=== ivan_ is now known as ToxinPowe_
KjetilKI'm trying to connect my laptop running kubuntu 9.10 to the Internet through my HTC Hero, currently using USB cable, but I've also tried Bluetooth20:56
Tscheesy_!Help  | theshow4life20:56
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:56
geniitheshow4life: eg: Describe your problem20:56
Ahmed\Okay ubottu20:56
KjetilKI'm not seeing the wizard, and in Knetworkmanager, the mobile broadband tab is disabled (i.e. grey)20:57
zusalright,  i rebooted 3 times, my tray look black like the oxygen where it was default like kde4.4 milky looking20:57
theshow4lifeI just installed 9.10 and i wanted to enable the effects and it started to download the right drivers and when i was done it restater and all i get is a black screen. i got nvidia 8800 gts in SLI thanks20:57
untiledTscheesy_ there's a way to have the outut in english so i can post you the exact error?20:58
=== bipolar is now known as bipolar_away
Tscheesy_KIAaze: KDE4.4+ supports MobileBroadband again.. when the device is recognised the Tab will be availale20:58
M0n3ySh0twill someone help me figure out this samba share, i am trying to take a samba share from kubuntu box and map it to a drive on a windows box20:59
Tscheesy_untiled: guess its depending your localisation ?20:59
Tscheesy_KIAaze sry20:59
Tscheesy_KjetilK: KDE4.4+ supports MobileBroadband again.. when the device is recognised the Tab will be availale20:59
James147M0n3ySh0t: What problems are you having with it?20:59
KIAazeit's allright. :)20:59
untiledTscheesy_ i have it localized in italian and i think you don't understand it20:59
Ahmed\see you guys21:00
arch0njwuntiled: that's what translate.google.com is for :)21:00
Ahmed\Bye :)21:00
FloodBotK1Ahmed\: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.21:00
Tscheesy_untiled: give it a try - and please use Pastebin21:00
M0n3ySh0tJames147, when trying to map \\\Cardless im getting a error that says " was found but could not find 'cardless'"21:00
theshow4lifeim having a problem with 9.10 and i wanted to enable the effects and it started to download the right drivers and when i was done it restater and all i get is a black screen. i got nvidia 8800 gts in SLI hope you guys can help thanks.21:01
untiledTscheesy_: it's an only one line. sun-java6-jdk: Dipends on: sun-java6-bin (= 6-15-1) but 6-16-0ubuntu1.9.04 is going to be installed21:01
Tscheesy_untiled: this a conflict in your Repos.. do you use ppa's ?21:02
James147M0n3ySh0t: I take it "Cardless" is the name of the share? (is the case correct?)21:03
Tscheesy_untiled: is this Jaunty?21:03
untiledTscheesy_ i have a ppa repo but it doesn't have java package. this is my sources.list file http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/401373/21:04
zusthanks guys for all the help, i did figure out the tray problem.  it was a crash.  not sure of the reason kwin or kde4.4 yet though21:04
KjetilKTscheesy_, oh, ok, so meanwhile I would need to configure it with wvdial or something?21:04
FremenBluegot a problem with kde starting up, link to it here ->>>http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=143879921:05
Tscheesy_KjetilK: i couldn't manage it under Karmic - the gnome networkmanage coult be capable21:05
Tscheesy_untiled: v6-15-1 is in Multiverse - you should switch off the ppa's and try again21:07
=== jeff_ is now known as jovis
FremenBluewhat happens is, when i start up the laptop for the first time everyday, it loads normally up to the KDM loading screen, then completely freezes at the hard disk icon. if i press Ctrl+alt+f1 before the hard disk icon loads, i can get to console.21:08
FremenBlue 21:08
FremenBlue also, sometimes afterwards, usually about 20-30 minutes of me rebooting into various recovery/kernel/memorychecks; ill retry a normal boot and tahdah it is working again. this makes me believe it could be a hardware problem.21:08
FloodBotK1FremenBlue: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.21:08
Tscheesy_untiled: and because you have to accept an end-user-agreement do it in the console21:08
untiledTscheesy_ i replaced my sources.list with this one, i'm going to try again http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/401375/21:09
arch0njwwow... touchy floodbot.  :)21:09
Tscheesy_untiled: empty your cache and update first with sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get update21:10
=== mike is now known as pulaski
untiledTscheesy_ ok, I'm going to try21:11
FremenBlueanyway i posted xsession log, heres some of the errs that caught my eye:         Invalid D-BUS member name     and           X Error: XSyncBadAlarm 152                   and                          XRANDR error base: 162                          and           WARNING: Application calling GLX 1.3 function "glXCreatePixmap" when GLX 1.3 is not supported! This is an application bug!                   and                          Unable21:13
FremenBlue to connect to bluez.21:13
FremenBlue <unknown program name>(1666)/: Communication problem with "krunner" , it probably crashed.     Error message was: "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply" : " "Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken." "21:13
FloodBotK1FremenBlue: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.21:13
untiledTscheesy_ it still doesn't work21:14
Tscheesy_untiled: what says apt-cache policy sun-java6-jre21:15
M0n3ySh0tJames147, yes that is, and the case is correct, every time i try to access it it asks for a name a password but there isnt one assigned21:16
untiledTscheesy_ it return with this (i think italian localization shouldn't be a problem) http://paste.ubuntu.com/401380/21:17
Tscheesy_untiled: remove current nstalled version and try to reinstall it21:18
zusthanks again everyone21:18
untiledTscheesy_ i cannot, too many packages depend on it! I tried with "sudo aptitude reinstall sun-java6-bin" but it still return with an error21:20
THEHhi ppl need help do any one got the Synaptic Multi-touch trackpad working.... my hardware is acer aspire one d250-1dw21:21
James147M0n3ySh0t: try -> http://www.prash-babu.com/2008/07/samba-share-folders-or-files-without.html21:21
Tscheesy_untiled:  cause you have 6-16-0ubuntu1.9.04 installed - here i have 6-15-121:22
Tscheesy_untiled:  did you do that by manual download21:23
zusok for the fun stuff, what is the KDEublog for can that be used for myspace and or facebook? multiple blogs or one only...21:24
untiledTscheesy_ no, but some time ago i put my check on "purposed", it was an error. Do you think i can manual install jdk by sun website?21:25
=== avihay_ is now known as avihay
Tscheesy_untiled: no - use packetmanagement21:25
untiledTscheesy_ what's this?21:26
Tscheesy_untiled:  apt-get or kpackageekit in Systemsettings ;)21:27
untiledTscheesy_ ok, but i cannot install jdk!21:28
Tscheesy_untiled: yes - i recommend remove current version first21:29
Tscheesy_untiled:  and then clean cache21:31
untiledTscheesy_ how?21:32
Tscheesy_sudo apt-get remove java-...21:33
Curly_QI have installed Kubuntu. I want to remotely use a SSH GUI from a Windows box. I don't want to use puTTY which does not have the GUI I use, e.g., SSH Tectia Secure Shell and Tunnel. All I get when I console into my Linux box is permission denied. Any suggestions?21:34
untiledTscheesy_ done, now clean and then reinstall it?21:37
Tscheesy_[22:10:35] <Tscheesy_> untiled: empty your cache and update first with sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get update21:37
Curly_QIf I have root access, why do I have to give myself permissions? I have done the sudo -i I get into root.21:37
Curly_QI am in:    <root>@<Hostname> Why does the SSH Client not work?21:39
Bonsterhow u make it press the enter key in bash?21:39
Curly_Qi.e.,  not copy and paste and delete and move files?21:39
Tscheesy_Curly_Q: do you have openssh-server running?21:39
Curly_QIf I am in root I am sure it is running, unless I am doing something wrong.21:40
Tscheesy_Curly_Q:  ps -aux | grep sshd21:40
BluesKajdon't use root for one, also the ip should be entered as well, ssh username 192.168.x.x21:40
Curly_QLet me check that. Thanks.21:40
untiledTscheesy_ done, now i have to reinstall it and try to install jdk?21:41
Curly_QTscheesy I got this for the query:  Warning: bad ps syntax, perhaps a bogus '-'? See http://procps.sf.net/faq.html21:41
Tscheesy_untiled: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk21:42
Curly_QThat was done in <root>21:42
Tscheesy_do it as user21:43
untiledit seem to be working, thank you Tscheesy_. Now it's late here and I'm going to bed, thank you again21:43
Tscheesy_ah - yes Curly_Q i get this too  Plus two lines for processes - sshd and the grepping21:44
Curly_QTscheesy same thing:  Warning: bad ps syntax, perhaps a bogus '-'? See http://procps.sf.net/faq.html21:44
Tscheesy_untiled: yw21:44
James147Curly_Q: You should only use root for commands that need to be run as root, and then it is better to use sudo <command> rather then logging in a root21:44
Curly_QI am behind a firewall and a router with firewall. Root should not be a problem for me. I just want to get the job done without permissions.21:45
Tscheesy_Curly_Q: sshd seems not to be running then.. the machine your ssh'ing in needs the openssh-server21:46
Curly_QEven with remote SSH behind a firewall, I still get permission denied when in root.21:46
Curly_QWhat is the difference Tscheesy between the both?21:47
Tscheesy_hm? its one21:47
Curly_QShould I apt-get openssh-server            ?21:47
Tscheesy_Yess ;)21:47
Curly_QWill that interfere with the ssh server running and should I disable it?21:48
pascal_In 10.04,  I'm having problems with the 3G modem in knetworkmanager. it works fine in nm-applet. Who can I talk to i about?21:48
Tscheesy_Curly_Q:  ps -aux | grep sshd didn't bring up something hence?21:48
Tscheesy_pascal_: maybe in #ubuntu+1 since its still Beta-SW21:50
Curly_QDo I need to do:  sudo apt-get openssh-server21:51
pascal_Tscheesy_: thanks I'll try that21:51
Tscheesy_sudo apt-get install openssh-server21:51
Curly_QOK   it is building dependencies.21:51
jmichaelxpascal_: if you do not find a solution, you could also just use nm-applet in KDE. you would not be alone in doing that21:51
pascal_Well yes.. But it would be nice not to, right?21:52
Curly_QShould I log out and log back in and see if that works? What about the other ssh Server?21:52
Tscheesy_Curly_Q: grep again for sshd21:53
Curly_Qps -aux | grep sshd21:54
Curly_QWarning: bad ps syntax, perhaps a bogus '-'? See http://procps.sf.net/faq.html21:54
Curly_Qroot       916  0.0  0.6   5364   768 ?        Ss   15:35   0:00 /usr/sbin/sshd21:54
Tscheesy_Curly_Q: please use Pastebin21:55
Tscheesy_so now its running - here some more Infos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH21:55
* Tscheesy_ has to leave - by21:55
Curly_QI have been there Tscheesy, but it does not answer why this error is prevelant.21:56
Tscheesy_k - try again to ssh into now21:56
Curly_QI am in the Linux box again.21:57
Curly_QI can do ls -all and more.21:57
Curly_QIt works but let me try the copy and paste with ssh.21:57
Curly_QTscheesy it works. Thanks a bunch.21:58
Tscheesy_yw - by21:58
FloodBotK1Curly_Q: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.21:59
axxelЬт всем....21:59
Curly_QJust happy.21:59
Typos_King!ru | axxel22:02
ubottuaxxel: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke22:02
zuswhen using the kgpg on  with key import. and navigating to my folder. there are 6 files in the gnupgp  folder which one do i import22:15
Typos_Kingcan't say.... haven't used gpg much myself... from the times of using pgp, I recall the .key file was the one with the keys22:19
rosco_ywhat gui do I use to manage users?22:21
chuckfzus: secring.gpg22:23
Tm_Trosco_y: kuser ?22:23
chuckfzus assuming you want your secret key imported22:24
zushey chuckf22:25
Typos_Kingrosco_y:    system settings > users management :)22:27
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zusthanks for getting back to me on this same topic... im not sure what it is  im importing,  just yet, i know i got all the files from that folder hehe22:30
chuckfzus now that you have kgpg running go to the 'view' menu and select 'Show only secret keys'22:34
zuschuckf,  sorry was afk  ok 'view' 'show only secret keys'...22:41
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hobanhello. I just installed ubuntu lucid. how do I install a minimal kubuntu desktop to try out?23:02
James147hoban: If your just intrested in kde try "kde-minimal"23:08
zuschuckf,  you still around?23:09
James147hoban: If you want a full kubuntu install "kubuntu-desktop"23:09
zusJames147, wwhen importing the secring for gpg. you set the trust to full or ultimate?23:15
James147zus: Don't know much about gpg keys :S23:15
zusJames147,  ok... ill try to look up if it can be changed if i set it wrong23:16
yasserhi alll23:53
yasserhello every one23:53
lappiei was running kubuntu from disk and i could not manage 2 get an internet connection set up, where do i find the instructions for doing so, or can someone tell me the easiest way, i did find the correct wireless modem, but i could not get it to connect23:57
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