kb9vqfCan someone take a look and see why my PPA does not seem to be purging superceded packages?00:32
kb9vqfIt should have over 1Gb free at the moment00:32
wgrantkb9vqf: Packages that are superseded by newer versions will be deleted after 24 hours.00:33
wgrantIf you want to get rid of them more quickly, go to 'Delete packages' and remove them manually.00:34
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kb9vqfwgrant: They don't show up, even when I select superceded packages from the filter drop-down00:36
kb9vqfBut they are still taking space00:36
* kb9vqf admits it hasn't been 24 hours though00:38
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AnAntHello, I cannot do any changes on launchpad from elinks browser, I get this error:04:31
AnAnt   Launchpad doesn't understand the form data submitted in this request.04:31
wgrantAnAnt: Do your browser settings block the Referer header?04:31
AnAntwgrant: ah, thanks04:32
wgrantThe error message should soon be less completely unobvious.04:32
pooliei'm sure it's true if you say it but i'm surprised lp relies on the referer header04:40
wgrantIt shouldn't. But it was easier than adding cookies to every form.04:41
wgrantAnd all internal API calls.04:41
wgrant(it didn't rely on it completely until recently, but that was a grave bug)04:42
cody-somervilleIs this to prevent XSRF?04:43
AnAntwgrant: elinks says that sending previous URL as Referer is insecure though04:43
cody-somervillewgrant, How is using the Referer header secure?04:43
cody-somervillewgrant, Isn't that relying on the client to be truthful?04:44
AnAnt(correct, but insecure)04:44
wgrantcody-somerville: You have to be able to trust the browser for any security to work.04:44
cody-somervilleNot true.04:44
wgrantAnd browsers do not allow client code to set Referer.04:44
cody-somervilleI can write my own code to pretend to be a browser.04:45
wgrantYou can easily convince a browser to omit it, but not set a fake one.04:45
wgrantcody-somerville: And that's not a problem.04:45
wgrantcody-somerville: If users are authenticating to LP through a malicious app that's not a browser, that's not CSRF.04:45
wgrantReferer checking prevents a trustworthy browser from being used by a site to hijack the Launchpad session.04:46
wgrantIf a user is running code that fakes Referers, that's up to them.04:46
mwhudsoncody-somerville: the exploit is getting someone who is using a trustworthy browser to go to a malicious page which then makes xhr requests to do nasty things04:46
wgrantNo, not XHR.04:46
mwhudsoner right04:47
wgrantXHR is safe.04:47
wgrantForm POSTs.04:47
* mwhudson steps away from the computer04:47
wgrantSo, browser's shouldn't allow pages to set arbitrary Referer values on their requests. Any that do so have a bug.04:48
wgrantFlash used to, but that was fixed ages ago04:48
cody-somervilleThere are other solutions to this problem that don't have this problem.04:48
wgrantAdding nonces to every form and API request is, as I said earlier, not a trivial solution to implement in an existing supermassive webapp.04:49
wgrantBut Referer checking is fine, as long as your browser is not buggy.04:49
wgrantNonces are much much better, though.04:49
wgrantcody-somerville: What attack can you come up with that works around this defence?04:50
cody-somervilleChecking the referrer definitely makes it trickier but means you're clearly not 100% secure from this sort of attack.04:52
wgrantYou are clear unless your browser is broken.04:52
spivcody-somerville: how is it any different to relying on the browser's cookie handling?04:53
wgrantAnd if your browser is broken and allowing Referer overrides, it might as well be broken and allow cross-site XHR or cross-window leaks.04:53
cody-somervilleI wonder if a Java applet could be malicious in this regard. I suspect not.05:00
cody-somervilleAnd I suppose when you start calling browser security features into suspect, you're pretty much screwed.05:01
wgrantYou have to be able to trust the browser and its plugins.05:02
wgrantJava should be safe, since even Flash is fixed.05:02
wgrantAnd the Java security model would be pretty broken if it let you do this.05:02
wgrant(I'm pretty sure I found a reference for that somewhere, or I would have checked)05:05
mtaylorthis may be a silly question - but is there a java-version of launchpadlib anywhere (or any Java API for launchpad?)06:17
lifelessmtaylor: look for a java rest toolkit06:18
lifelesse.g. http://java.sun.com/developer/technicalArticles/WebServices/restful/06:18
mtaylorlifeless: k. I was hoping someone had encapsulated it for me already06:20
lifelessmtaylor: the general pattern is a metric tonne of reflection06:21
mtaylorlifeless: yay!06:21
mtaylorlifeless: I look forward to my new java reflection master06:21
lifelessits what python-lplib is06:21
lifelessthe biggest issue you'll have is oauth06:24
lifelessso you need to find a restful + oauth combo06:24
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lifelessand then point it at lp and you should only need enough glue to specify where the api definition file is06:25
mwhudsoni guess launchpadlib probably works with jython06:33
mwhudsonso you could probably expose a few things by that route06:33
mtaylormwhudson: well... I'm starting work on hudson integration - so I should probably just go ahead and do it in java06:36
mtaylorlifeless: is there actually an api def file?06:36
mtaylorlifeless: http://people.canonical.com/~flacoste/launchpad-api-doc.html seems broken06:37
mwhudsonmtaylor: it's described using WADL06:38
wgrantUp-to-date documentation can always be found at https://launchpad.net/+apidoc06:39
wgrantThe WADL is retrieved by making a request to the API root with the WADL MIME type in the Accepts header.06:40
wgrantBut depending on how much you want to do, dealing with WADL is probably overkill.06:40
thumpermtaylor: I know someone was doing a java launchpadlib but I don't remember who06:42
thumpermtaylor: ask on the launchpad-dev mailinglist06:43
mtaylorwgrant: well... my current plan is to have a hudson plugin which monitors launchpad for accepted merge requests, tests them and potentially writes status information back to the merge request06:43
mtaylorwgrant: so I may not need _huge_ amounts of the API to start with06:43
lifelessmtaylor: you can probably get by with basic auth in that case ;)06:44
mtaylorlifeless: the first element can be anonymous :)06:45
lifelessunless its actually been disabled these days06:45
mtaylorlifeless: the second part, where I change the status to "needs fixing" if something breaks in the test build ... that'll need some auth06:45
wgrantlifeless: It won't work for the API.06:45
wgrantlifeless: And it won't work at all soon.06:45
lifelesswgrant: dang06:45
mtaylorlifeless: worked for me a few moments ago...06:45
mtayloroh, really?06:45
mtayloras in - anon access to launchpad is going away?06:46
wgrantLP is about to forget about passwords entirely.06:46
lifelessmtaylor: no, basic auth06:46
mtaylorah. gotcha06:46
lifelessmtaylor: as in rfc2617 web authentication.06:46
lifelessthe standard for web auth :)06:46
mtayloris LP going to allow me to choose my own openid provider - or am I still only going to be able to use the ubuntu sso ?06:46
mtaylorwhich really has nothing to do with oathing for API I know ... just curious as to what's happening06:47
lifelesseventualy, yes I think.06:47
wgrantmtaylor: For now it is locked to LP SSO. Soon it will be Ubuntu SSO instead (which still uses the same database). After that, the database will be split, and LP will be a reasonably normal OpenID consumer.06:47
wgrantThen it's not that hard to let it accept any OpenID provider.06:47
lifelessit will be a policy choice06:48
lifelesswhat is probably needed is an admin blacklist of providers06:48
lifelessso that spammers don't just use the public ip of botnet machines as auth providers06:48
lifelessor perhaps whitelist06:48
wgrantWhitelists will make people stab you rapidly.06:48
wgrantYou do not whitelist OpenID.06:49
mtayloryup. because then I'll be like "hey! add inaugust.com"06:49
lifelesswgrant: I was thinking an API call anyone can make to add a provider06:49
wgrantlifeless: Hmmm.06:49
lifelessand another call only admins and high karma people can make to nuke a provider - and that will flag the person that added it as not being able to add more.06:49
wgrantLP will still probably require a captcha and email verification on first login, I imagine.06:50
lifelesscaptcha has been broken by spammers06:50
mtaylorcatpcha is annoying06:50
wgrantBut so are spammers.06:50
mtaylorI love the java view on "simple"06:58
buxyA DD is telling me that he avoids using new source format 3.0 (quilt) because karmic PPA in launchpad do not support the new source formats. Is there a way to fix that?07:05
wgrantbuxy: We can trivially enable it if you think Karmic's dpkg is sufficient.07:05
wgrantI know it has a few broken bits around 3.0 (quilt).07:06
buxyI think it should be sufficient yes, even lenny's dpkg supports 3.0 (quilt)07:07
wgrantI know it mostly works.07:08
wgrantBut it's a bit stricter about component-orig names, and doesn't have the full quilt emulation, which have both been backported to Lenny's, right?07:09
buxyThere have been no important bugfixes since 1.15.4 AFAIK only new features added07:09
buxyhum ah right, been too quick, let me review07:10
wgrantStill, even with those holes it should just fail to build the broken cases.07:10
wgrantSo there's little risk enabling it.07:10
wgrantUnless your further review reveals anything, I'll try to convince the relevant people tonight.07:11
wgrantDistro folk have already mostly agreed to it.07:11
buxythat version can/will use quilt true, but that's not a problem since packages generate nowadays are compliant with the stricter dpkg implementation07:12
buxywgrant: looks safe here, worst case as you say means a package fails to build07:13
buxywgrant: thanks!07:14
wgrantbuxy: Thanks for the poke. I meant to do this convincing a month or so ago, but forgot.07:18
mtaylorI have someone trying to do an add-apt-repository ppa:drizzle-developers/ppa and they're getting  "<urlopen error [Errno 111] Connection refused>"07:26
mtayloris there anything specific I should get them to check?07:26
wgrantmtaylor: It should only make two connections, the destinations for which are both fine.07:28
wgrantThat error looks like it's for the former.07:29
wgrantSo they're probably behind a firewall that blocks direct HTTPS.07:29
mtaylorthat's ass07:30
* mtaylor hates dumb firewalls07:30
mtaylorwgrant: thanks!07:30
wgrantIt should have given the exact URL of the request, though.07:30
wgrantSomething like 'Error reading https://launchpad.net/api/beta/~someuser/+archive/someppa: <urlopen error [Errno 111] Connection refused>'07:30
marmutaHi, I'm getting "Unexpected form data" when filing bugs or trying to log out. Anybody know how to debug this?08:37
marmutaIt's fine in Epiphany, only seems to happen with my firefox profile.08:38
wgrantmarmuta: Your Firefox configuration is blocking the Referer header.08:40
wgrantOr otherwise mangling it.08:40
marmuta:) yes it did, whitelisting launchpad did the trick08:42
marmutathank you!08:42
wgrantmarmuta: The error message should be a bit less opaque soon.08:43
marmutagreat, that would help08:45
marmutathanks again :)08:46
edakiri"The following errors were encountered: Server error, please  contact an administrator."08:51
edakiriwhile posting follow up to bug report.08:51
wgrantedakiri: Is it reproducible?08:52
edakiriI don't know.  I haven't touched my browser for fear I disrupt some information that I should gather from it.08:53
edakiriOr disrupt the status on the server or create more noise in logs08:53
edakiriwould you like me to retry?08:54
wgrantedakiri: Can you use other forms on Launchpad? For example, can you click on your name in the top right, click 'Change details', then click Save?08:54
edakirireattempting post, reproduced error.08:54
edakiriEditing profile details gave:   Unexpected form data              Launchpad doesn't understand the form data submitted in this  request.08:56
wgrantedakiri: OK, as I suspected. Your browser is blocking or otherwise mangling the Referer header. Can you disable that, or at least whitelist launchpad.net, and try again?08:57
edakiriI will look into that.08:57
edakiriMy browser is not sending referer09:02
edakiriEnabling referer allowed post09:04
aquariusIf I have a project where upstream is hosted on launchpad, and that project is also packaged in Ubuntu, I can get bugs for the upstream project from launchpadlib with launchpad.projects['projectname'].searchTasks(). How do I get bugs which are only assigned to the Ubuntu package of the project?09:11
wgrant*Only* assigned? You can't, directly.09:12
aquariusa project doesn't seem to have a packages member?09:12
aquariuswgrant, oh :(09:12
wgrantYou would have to do a set difference between that and launchpad.distributions['ubuntu'].getSourcePackage('somepackage').searchTasks()09:12
aquariuswgrant, so I'd have to get all the Ubuntu bugs and walk through them?09:12
dnjlwhat happens to the builders? 30+ hours is a new record and totally unacceptable for productive work! What can we do?09:12
aquariusgetSourcePackage, that's what I want.09:12
aquariusso launchpad.distributions['ubuntu'].getSourcePackage('somepackage').searchTasks() wil return bugs which are assigned to the upstream package as well?09:13
wgrantaquarius: It will get bugs with tasks against the package, whether or not they also have tasks against the upstream project.09:13
aquariusright, that's cool. I can de-dupe the list myself09:14
aquariusubuntu is a distribution, not a product. that's where I went wrong :)09:14
aquariusHow do I assign a bug to an Ubuntu package? If I search for Rhythmbox in the "also affects project" thing, it only finds the upstream Rhythmbox project (synced from gnome bugzilla), not the Ubuntu package.09:30
wgrantaquarius: "Also affects distribution..."09:31
aquariusright, every time I mention the word "package" from now on, someone hit me in the face with a shovel and remind me about distributions, eh?09:32
aquariushow can I make the same mistake twice in successive tasks?09:32
lifelessaquarius: a shovel ?09:33
aquariuswell, y'know, if you're feeling decent then you could hit me in the face with a cream cake or something09:33
lifelessask kiko about me and cream cakes09:34
gmbKiko is the only person in the world afraid of dessert as a result.09:38
lifelessif he ate dessert, he'd double his bfp09:41
aquariushooray, my page that displays all the bugs I need to work on now contains 59 bugs, not 26. Darn.10:03
aquariusthis is what I get for not using the API properly :)10:03
aquariusstill, I'm now more convinced that that's all of them.10:04
wgrantWell, did you know about the other potential target?10:04
aquariusI knew that there were bugs that I'd seen that weren't in my manually-built list, but I didn't know why. Then I worked out why :)10:06
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aquariushm, edge is timing out for everything :(11:46
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bilalakhtarhello everyone I have been facing problems with loggerhead its not loading11:50
edakiriIs there a way to dissolve or deprecate a project in favor of another project?12:02
edakiriNevermind.  I can retitle the project and switch branches.12:05
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gnomefreakok Launchpad allows you to reply to upstream bugs. is there a way i can do that from email like i do for Ubuntu Lp bugs?12:58
deryckgnomefreak, you mean can you link an LP bug to the upstream bug report via email?13:00
gnomefreakderyck: no can i reply to the linked upstream bug using email? i use email now to reply to ubuntu bugs i would like to do that for upstream if there is a way13:01
deryckgnomefreak, no, not currently.  replies are to the lp bug.13:02
gnomefreakderyck: ok thanks. any plans on it?13:03
gnomefreakimplementing it13:03
deryckgnomefreak, no, not at this point.  You're the first to ask, as far as I know.  Though I'm sure others would like it.13:03
gnomefreakah i thought about filing a wishlist bug but not sure if it is worth it13:04
deryckthere's certainly no harm in making sure the request is recorded and tracked.13:08
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seb128bug #543890 oops on edge and non-edge14:20
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: list index out of range (https://launchpad.net/bugs/543890)14:20
wgrantHm, another deleted attachment LFC.14:22
seb128ups, sorry14:22
seb128so this bug was making the retracer crash14:22
seb128I just found that +edit works14:23
seb128so I managed to untag it14:23
wgrantIt's just the rendering of comment #1.14:23
seb128so it's good now14:23
seb128is the issue a known one?14:23
wgrantI wonder if that's the raw attached apport blob, that has since been garbage collected.14:24
wgrantIt's not known, but I saw it on one other bug a few days ago.14:24
wgrantBugs people, ^^. That's the second bug I've seen with an apport gzip attachment with a missing LFC.14:25
staniI know there are arguments against it, but I would like to configure the mailing list phatch-dev with repy-to to itself. Can I request this somewhere?14:49
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kb9vqfIs there anything that can be done about the length of the amd64 PPA queue?17:03
kb9vqf2 days seems a bit excessive ;-)17:03
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mtaylorso - I'm trying to develop a java app that will consume some of the launchpad API17:46
mtaylornetbeans has a wonderful "add a web service" feature which allows me to just add in the URL of something and it will pull the wadl file and do all the work17:47
mtaylorexcept... https://api.staging.launchpad.net/beta/ seems to want me to be oauthed - and there doesn't seem to be a simple way to just get the file17:48
bigjoolskb9vqf: the missing builders are being used to test lucid, when they're done the queue will process quickly again17:50
kb9vqfOK, thanks for the explaination.  I'll wait patiently :-)17:50
bigjoolsleonardr: can you help mtaylor?17:51
bigjoolskb9vqf: yeah, PPAs are sometimes hurt by their own popularity17:51
gesermtaylor: I've a python script to just fetch the wadl file if it helps you17:52
mtaylorgeser: I believe that would help very much!@17:52
* mtaylor would like to officially grumble about hiding the wadl behind the oauth ... seems like a chicken-and-egg issue there 17:53
gesermtaylor: http://paste.ubuntu.com/401278/ but you need to authenticate the script once17:54
mtaylorgeser: no problem!17:55
mtaylorgeser: thanks17:55
edakirimtaylor: is this going to be another end UI to launchpad.  A non-web one?17:56
mtayloredakiri: no... working on hudson integration17:57
mtayloredakiri: so that hudson can read accepted merge requests and spawn off builders for them17:58
mtaylorgeser: I know this isn't your problem ... but I'm getting lazr.restfulclient.errors.HTTPError: HTTP Error 404: Not Found18:00
james_wmtaylor: try http://paste.ubuntu.com/401283/18:02
james_waddition of the .replace("/beta", "") near the edn18:02
mtaylorjames_w: awesome. thanks18:03
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mtaylorstill getting lazr.restfulclient.errors.HTTPError: HTTP Error 404: Not Found18:05
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kamalmis there a command-line tool I can use to upload several files to a LP bug at once?18:15
geserjames_w: the problem is not the additional "beta" but its missing18:16
james_wmtaylor: I got it the wrong way round, you need to '+ "beta"', rather than remove it18:16
h00kso, I'm working on a project with quickly, I created a ppa on launchpad, I'd like to...get them talking to each other. Is this the place to ask?18:16
mtaylorjames_w: :)18:16
gesermtaylor: try http://paste.ubuntu.com/401291/18:17
geserI've "fixed" the problem and also made it use of the anonymous login to getch the wadl file18:17
geserit's some time since I used this script18:17
mtaylorwoot! works18:18
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_lemsx1_cannot post a bug. getting this error (Error ID:         OOPS-1545K2297)18:31
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KdaGhi all, im trying to upload the first package to my PPA19:06
KdaGi have read the help and searched google19:06
KdaGbut about the error i get there nothing clear enough to help me out19:06
KdaGim really, as the topic says, "Still stuck"19:07
KdaGwill this be a good place to ask, is there someone who has 5min to help me out and understand whats wrong19:08
KdaGdput tells me this:19:09
KdaGChecking Signature on .changes19:09
KdaGgpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.19:09
KdaGgpg: the signature could not be verified.19:09
_lemsx1_KdaG: do you have a gnupg key?19:10
_lemsx1_KdaG: gpg --list-keys19:10
_lemsx1_KdaG: use seahorse to create one (Applications > Accessories > Passwords and keys... )19:11
KdaG_lemsx1_: hi, thanks for19:12
KdaGyes i have a key19:12
KdaGdebuild -S -k6ACABFC1 -sd19:13
_lemsx1_KdaG: then your changelog file must match your first lastname <key>19:13
KdaGmaybe the caps?19:13
KdaGlet me try19:13
_lemsx1_I have a rule in my .vimrc file (.vimrc-`hostname` to be exact)19:14
_lemsx1_it inserts the proper sig in the changelo when i type: idebian19:14
_lemsx1_this is the rule:19:14
_lemsx1_iab idebian -- FirstName LastName <my_uid@my_mail.com>  <C-R>=strftime("%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S %z")<CR>19:14
_lemsx1_there must be two spaces in from of --19:15
_lemsx1_KdaG: you might want to read the Debian New Developer documentation :-)19:15
KdaG_lemsx1_: now it uploaded, i had to manualy rm the prev generated .changes19:27
_lemsx1_KdaG: cool19:27
KdaGwell, yes19:27
KdaGbut it should rewrite the file or give an error or a message19:28
KdaGbut nothing19:28
KdaGone can stay there for hours like i did19:28
_lemsx1_KdaG: part of the fun and games of growing up :-)19:30
mtaylorthe launchpad WADL file seems pretty broken19:54
mtaylorwhich doesn't seem to be out of character for the APIs I'm trying to consume today - but it's still frustrating19:55
james_wmtaylor: in what way?19:56
mtaylorjames_w: well... two things.19:56
mtaylorjames_w: the most important being that when I try to import it in to the Web Service system in netbeans, I get no resources19:56
mtaylorjames_w: which could be a bug in netbeans, but there are a BUNCH of services that do work there (amazon, yahoo, google, zillow)19:57
james_wsounds like a big one :-)19:57
mtaylorjames_w: secondly, there is no publicly accessible URL I can feed to anything to say "here's the WADL describing this service" (again, trying to use netbeans)  - I had to use that script of yours to get it19:57
mtaylorI think that protecting API members is important and all, but it should be simple to get the wadl19:58
james_wright, the OAuth requirement was a conscious decision AIUI. Not one that I agree with though.19:58
mtaylorjames_w: it's just plain wrong19:59
james_wI don't remember the reasons now though19:59
mtaylorjames_w: it's a public interface description to describe how to get to the services which are behind oauth ... for that matter, I imagine the oauth bit should likely be described in the wadl :)20:00
mtaylormy work on this project is not going smoothly :)20:00
james_wmtaylor: do you have links to any of the other wadls? I'd like to see what may cause the first problem20:03
james_wfor the second you can file a bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-foundations/+filebug20:03
mtaylorjames_w: I'm working on filing a bug right now - I'll attach the amazonec2 wadl I've got20:04
mtaylorjames_w: but with wadl filed ... bug#54721620:07
james_wmtaylor: that wadl is significantly less complex. My hunch is that netbeans doesn't support all the ways you can write wadl20:09
mtaylorjames_w: that's very possible20:11
mtaylorjames_w: this one also works: https://sandbox.google.com/api/adsense/v2/AdSenseForContentService?wsdl20:17
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james_wmtaylor: that's wsdl not wadl20:18
mtaylorjames_w: ah - so it is. sorry20:19
james_wmtaylor: does http://people.canonical.com/~jamesw/wadl-development-devel.xml work?20:21
james_wit's a hugely stripped down version of the LP wadl20:21
mtaylorjames_w: trying20:23
mtaylorjames_w: service-root-get shows up!20:24
james_wmtaylor: ok, let me test my hypothesis by changing one thing20:25
mtaylorjames_w: thanks for helping, btw20:26
james_wmtaylor: ok, try again20:27
mtaylorjames_w: ok. that method went away20:28
james_wso netbeans doesn't support resource_type declarations, which to my reading are part of the spec and have been since at least 200620:30
mtaylorjames_w: awesome20:42
mtaylorjames_w: let's see if eclipse does better...20:47
edakirijames_w: and both netbeans and eclipse do not support the console object.20:50
mtayloredakiri: what's the console object?20:52
edakiriIt's an alternative API to System.out & friends.  I remember 1 special feature it has is masking passwords. I never used it except as a test of course because it is so unsupported.21:00
edakiriIt apperade to me to be intended to be 'the future' way.21:01
* mtaylor quits attempting to use Java for the day21:02
mtaylorjames_w: thanks for all the help - I will come back to the task when I'm less annoyed by the world21:03
james_wmtaylor: good call21:06
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bjsnideri just sent a package into the ppa build system and it said it was queued until schwarzenegger becomes president21:40
bigjoolsthat's the best complaint I've seen all day21:41
bigjoolsSome of the build slaves are busy testing lucid, when they come back the queue will process more quickly21:42
KdaGbigjools: perhaps thats why i cant sign the code of conduct?21:55
KdaGis giving errors21:55
wgrantKdaG: What sort of errors?21:55
KdaG(Error ID: OOPS-1545ED1138)21:55
KdaGis there another way for me to sign it?21:56
bigjoolsthat's an odd one21:57
wgrantWhat is it?21:57
bigjoolssinzui: you'd better take a look at that ^^21:57
bigjoolsKdaG: can you try disabling edge redirect and do it again21:57
mwhudsonis that tal swallowing an attribute error in a deeply unhelpful way?21:58
KdaG(Error ID: OOPS-1545EC1215)21:58
bigjoolslooks like a traversal error in the template21:58
KdaGany other method to sign the code of conduct or only that one?21:59
mwhudsonoh yeah21:59
mwhudsonit's gpg_keys21:59
mwhudsonnot gpgkyes21:59
bigjoolsKdaG: did you try disabling edge redirect as I suggested?21:59
KdaGbigjools: yes, thats the second error i pasted21:59
KdaGdiff id22:00
sinzuithere are lots of those in the oops. They have been there for many months22:00
bigjoolsthat is stil ising edge22:00
KdaGoke, can someone tell me. is there another way to sign the code of conduct?22:00
* bigjools defers to sinzui22:01
KdaGi need to upload a package tonite22:01
sinzuiI do not have much else to say at this point. These error are usually from a new user who's profile is screwed up because part of the account is missing22:02
mwhudsoni think it is tal obscuring the real error :/22:03
KdaGsinzui: anyone who could help me fix my account?22:03
sinzuiKdaG: I'm going to look at your keys over api to see if seomthing interesting happens22:03
sinzuiKdaG: You profile page looks fine. This is the first example of this that I have seen with what looks like a perfect profile22:03
KdaGuhmm, sounds not to promising22:04
KdaGi just need to sign the code of conduct22:04
sinzuiI can see your keys over api fine22:05
* sinzui looks at CoC form22:05
KdaGsinzui: i reopened chrome, now im there22:08
KdaGthanks for fixing it!22:08
sinzuiKdaG: I have done nothing, and the error I see looks like Launchpad, not your browser22:09
KdaGez, i was making a little joke22:09
sinzuiKdaG: this may be a memcache issue. I see you just created a key22:11
sinzuiI think api is bypassing the cache. What may have happened is that there was a reference to the new key that was not in the cache22:12
wgrants/memcache/DB replication/?22:12
sinzuiThis code is rubbish. The keys we iterate over are a re-retrieved set of the ones we just checked to decide to show them. They should be the same, but it possible they could change.22:15
sinzuiwgrant: The latter is what I have suspected for some weeks, but this profile is many weeks old. only the key is new, and I see the new memcache tales is implicitly used when we iterate22:17
sinzuiKdaG: how many hours/minutes ago did you register the new gpgkey?22:17
wgrantsinzui: Er, memcached shouldn't be used unless the element or a parent explicitly requests it, should it?22:17
sinzuiI think repeat was altered to use memcache22:18
wgrantThat seems very unlikely and would be very wrong.22:18
sinzuiThe mixing of python and path expressions in this template is nasty. I think we are effectively working with two different groups of objects22:20
mwhudsonsinzui: i don't think repeat uses memcache implicitly22:20
mwhudsonsinzui: repeat was hacked a bit so that if there's a cache: inside the loop, where we are in the loop forms part of the key used with memcache22:21
sinzuisweat we access the count of the keys in two ways, the first one in python worked, and the path expression failed. \o/ for mixing code styles.22:21
sinzuimwhudson: we can disregard my early memcache+repeat guessing. we dies in the inline path expression that guard the repeat.22:23
KdaGsinzui: it was perhaps 2 hours old22:44
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cody-somervilleDo replies to merge proposal comments from gmail look half decent on launchpad? (Thinking of how gmail does quoting).23:20
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