h4fI can't sort applications in app store by Rating00:00
Neezeranyone here familliar with ipods and rhythmbox? I'm having a problem getting mine connected.00:00
h4fby anythink actually00:00
daniskamiDarkTao: try binding a key to `eject'00:01
DarkTaodaniskami, in keyboard shortcuts?00:01
daniskamiDarkTao: http://www.linuxscrew.com/2007/10/24/ejectclose-cd-or-dvd-media-with-shell-command/00:01
daniskamiDarkTao: yes00:01
DarkTaodaniskami, thanks buddy00:01
DarkTaodaniskami, yay, it works :D00:04
daniskamiDarkTao: you're welcome :)00:04
cousteauseems that everybody is sleeping on #ubuntu-motu...00:08
cousteauor maybe I didn't explain myself right in there00:09
fatum10.04's performance is really nice, however some applications that use Open GL are terribly slow.  GTK+ recordMyDesktop is also very slow.  The applications ran fine on 9.10, could it be a problem with my card?  Radeon HD 320000:10
cousteaufatum: maybe you have desktop effects or composition making OpenGL slow00:12
zachster10Ubuntu one stopped working for me00:13
fatumcousteau:  I'm using desktop effects, however open gl performance was still great on 9.10 with the advanced effects enabled.00:14
DarkTaodaniskami, ok some strange behaviour with eject command. it doesn't eject the disc :S00:18
DarkTaodaniskami, it unmounts the dj, then does nothing, if i press it again it00:18
fatumEven with the effects turned off, still terrible open gl performance00:18
fatumon some applications00:18
daniskamiDarkTao: it umounts but doesn't eject?00:18
DarkTaodaniskami, yes00:18
DarkTaodaniskami, if i press the key a second time, it then ejects, but the tray closes straight away LOL00:19
daniskamiDarkTao: that's strange indeed00:19
DarkTaoi have 0.3 seconds to insert a different disc :P00:19
daniskamiDarkTao: does this happen all the time?00:21
DarkTaodaniskami, well i only just made a keybind for it... but if a disc is in the tray and mounted, the eject button on the front wont do anything00:21
DarkTaoi assume its a linux caveat?00:21
daniskamiyes, it is necessary to unmount it, but `eject' should handle that00:22
DarkTaodaniskami, eject simply unmounts the disc00:23
daniskamithere's also `eject -T' which opens the tray when it's closed and vice versa00:24
DarkTaodaniskami, if used a 2nd time, it ejects the tray, then closes again00:24
daniskamiDarkTao: I have no idea why it does :(00:25
DarkTaodaniskami, weird00:25
DarkTaosomeone just severed the interwebs cables running beneath the atlantic LOL00:33
HellowHello, other side of Freenode.00:33
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DarkTaoeither that or my DeLorean just created a rift in space-time00:34
HellowDarkTao: So that explains it.00:36
maccam94are there any known problems with php in 10.04?01:04
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maccam94so far i've had issues doing two separate things with it today01:07
kklimondahave you checked launchpad?01:08
maccam94figured it out, php.ini had all sorts of stuff disabled because it's a development version01:28
root___need a bit a help, i ned to install an older version of the kernel 2.6.31-20 would be prefered01:41
root___how would i roll back?01:41
FeasibilityStudyI am getting this problem on Lucid when trying to do a system upgrade01:47
FeasibilityStudyE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.01:47
FeasibilityStudyand when I run the command, I get this error:01:48
FeasibilityStudyupdate-initramfs: failed for /boot/initrd.img-2.6.32-17-generic01:48
FeasibilityStudydpkg: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 101:48
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FeasibilityStudyand when I try to even do an update I get the same error and the update won't complete01:50
Fudgehi, i know this question  isnt exactly on topic now, but were there reported errors in alpha3 when moving large amounts of files please?01:51
charlie-tcayou would have to check launchpad to be sure01:52
SpudDoggCan someone tell me if there is anything wrong with editing '/etc/apt/sources.list', replacing karmic with lucid instead of using 'update-manager'?01:52
SpudDogg(then of course apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade)01:53
FeasibilityStudyDoes anyone of the hundreds of people here not know anything about my above errors?01:53
charlie-tcaSpudDogg: You would need to comment out anything unofficial until after the upgrade01:53
charlie-tcabut other than that, it should work. It just takes more effort01:53
SpudDoggcharlie-tca:  right, assuming only the actual ubuntu repos are being used01:54
charlie-tcaSpudDogg: should work fine, then01:54
FeasibilityStudySpudDogg: Wont do you much good because the lucid update/upgrade process is screwed01:54
SpudDoggis that why im getting http://pastebin.com/2S42xj4B ?01:54
Fudgewhoops loL01:54
Fudgecopying from ntfs drive internal, to ext2 partition internall, diffsata drives on alpha3 i at times get complete os freezes01:55
TecnoBratFeasibilityStudy: define screwed?01:57
TecnoBratI just started it like ... oh 4 hours ago01:57
TecnoBratI'm hoping its almost done, haha01:57
centaur5Why isn't Lucid detecting SATA drives that all other releases were able to work with?01:57
charlie-tcaFeasibilityStudy: perhaps it is bug 54068601:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 540686 in initramfs-tools "update-initramfs fails in mkinitramfs with "cpio: ./different/files: Cannot stat: No such file or directory"" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54068601:58
FeasibilityStudycharlie-tca: yeah it might be.01:59
FeasibilityStudybut since I cant update or upgrade my system I wonder how I will get the fix pushed to me?01:59
jeiworthhi @ll02:02
kklimondaSpudDogg: update-manager does some things that simple dist-upgrade can't02:09
FeasibilityStudyoh well, looks like a major bug in lucid..I should of expected that with Beta..  But its a pretty major bug02:10
kklimondaFeasibilityStudy: you should subscribe to the bug and wait for a manual way of fixing it02:11
FeasibilityStudykklimonda: That bug looks like it is for Karmic, not Lucid02:12
kklimondabug 540686 is definitely for lucid and not fixed yet02:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 540686 in initramfs-tools "update-initramfs fails in mkinitramfs with "cpio: ./different/files: Cannot stat: No such file or directory"" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54068602:13
kklimondaFeasibilityStudy: if it's not this error you should paste more of your error to the pastebin.com so we can take a look at it02:14
kklimondathe part you have pasted is just a result of something else being broken02:14
FeasibilityStudykklimonda: Ok I will pastebin everything here in a sec..02:15
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FeasibilityStudykklimonda: http://pastebin.com/9my3d2A702:19
FeasibilityStudythat is what happens when I run "sudo aptitude update"02:19
kklimondaresult of sudo dpkg --configure -a is more interesting02:19
FeasibilityStudykklimonda: Here is what happens when i run "sudo aptitude upgrade"02:21
FeasibilityStudyAnd here is what happens when I run "sudo dpkg --configure -a"02:22
kklimondarun sudo update-initramfs -v -u -k 2.6.32-17-generic02:22
FeasibilityStudykklimonda: http://pastebin.com/2R76Bpfw02:24
kklimondayou should probably report it and attach this logs to the bug02:26
kklimondause ubuntu-bug initramfs-tools02:26
FeasibilityStudykklimonda: I should report a new bug?  You not think this is related to the other one?02:27
kklimondaI don't understand where does Killed come from02:27
kklimondait doesn't look like it02:27
FeasibilityStudywhat is ubuntu-bug initramfs-tools?02:27
kklimondait is a tool that is going to collect some data that may be useful for developers and then open a browser window for you to finish bug reporting02:28
FeasibilityStudyhow do I run it?02:28
kklimondaubuntu-bug initramfs-tools from terminal will do the trick02:29
FeasibilityStudyok got it02:29
FeasibilityStudyBTW, I have been having kernel crashes on occaission when I start my PC02:30
FeasibilityStudybut I havent been able to get a backtrace because it keeps wanting me to test the upstream kernel..I am no kernel dev so I have no clue how to do that02:30
kklimondano idea here02:32
FeasibilityStudykklimonda: Ok here is my bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools/+bug/54659902:36
ubottuUbuntu bug 546599 in initramfs-tools "initramfs-tools on 2.6.32-17 will not install properly" [Undecided,New]02:36
MindVirusHey. I don't have any VTs.02:38
MindVirusActually when I try to use a VT I get weird graphics errors.02:39
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ironmhi ... one question .. typo3 4.3.1 (ubuntu 10.04 beta1 amd64) ... the following error .. any idea where to look ? .. TNX in advance :-)03:04
ironmPHP Fatal error:  session_start(): Failed to initialize storage module: files (path: ) in /usr/share/typo3/typo3_src-4.3/typo3/index.php on line 12203:04
TecnoBratI would check your php.ini, specifically the part about session stores.03:06
ironmhi TecnoBrat .. I had .. but didn't find anything "unusual"03:07
TecnoBratsession.save_path to be more exact03:07
ironmok .. TNX :-)03:07
TecnoBratbut thats a php error .. you'd be better off checking php resources for help03:08
ironmTecnoBrat: ;session.save_path = "/tmp"03:09
ironmhow to check the resources for help TecnoBrat ?03:10
ironmTecnoBrat: /etc/typo3-dummy/apache.conf - line php_admin_value open_basedir ... - I have added "/tmp/:" after open_basedir03:31
Dracariis the TI PCI1620 Card reader issue Fixed in 10.4?03:33
eric1982Any one else use Hydrogen on Ubuntu 10.4 and notice sound sound quality issues. (Crackly) music and video audio seems fine03:37
sqwertleI seem to be having trouble with UbuntuLooks not letting me open some programs: http://paste.ubuntu.com/400931/03:39
TecnoBratwow .. having the ppa nvidia driver sure caused a crapton of problems upgrading heh03:40
ZykoticK9eric1982, do you notice the issue with any of the demo files?03:41
ZykoticK9TecnoBrat, any time you upgrade you should disable all non-core repositories/PPAs03:42
TecnoBratZykoticK9: the problem was that the driver I was using is higher than any driver version in lucid03:43
TecnoBratand has versions of mplayer, and other stuff03:43
TecnoBratafter I downgraded all of those, now its fine03:43
ZykoticK9TecnoBrat, back to my point :)03:43
TecnoBratthe repos were disabled, I actually had to downgrade the packages manually after the upgrade03:44
TecnoBratinfact they are still disabled03:44
ZykoticK9ummm, good to know then!03:44
eric1982zykotick9 yeah03:46
eric1982thats where I noticed it03:47
ZykoticK9eric1982, in all of them?  All the ones I tried didn't seem to have any audio issues03:48
csgeekI install lucid on a macbook pro and I'm trying to install sun-java.  I enabled the partner repo..and It's still not showing up.  Anything I'm missing?03:51
ZykoticK9csgeek, it's certainly in the partner repo03:52
eric1982I am just getting a really crakley sound03:52
csgeekI already enabled the partner repo..03:52
ZykoticK9eric1982, it doesn't seem to be an issue with Hydrogen03:52
eric1982what would you suggest I look at? I am not having issues with any of my music files or video03:53
ZykoticK9csgeek, apt-cache policy sun-java6-plugin -- Candidate: 6.18-2 -- lucid/partner Packages03:54
ZykoticK9eric1982, sorry i really don't have any suggestions for you, good luck man.03:54
ZykoticK9csgeek, did you run "sudo apt-get update" after enabling partner?03:54
Jeff91My 10.04 system cannot see/print a test page to the printer attached to my 9.10 system. I selected the make and model but when I tell it to run off the test page tells me it can't find the printer. Any suggestions?03:55
TecnoBratcsgeek: I heard someone say earlier if they adjust the volume, they don't get crackles03:55
TecnoBraterrr ...03:56
Jeff91csgeek EEE PC?03:56
TecnoBrateric1982: ^^03:56
csgeekoops.. figured out my bug03:58
csgeekIt was set to karmic03:58
csgeekat least I'm fairly sure that would fix it.03:59
eric1982ZykoticK9 played with my preferences > Audio System and changed it from auto to OSS and then my device04:01
eric1982ZykoticK9 That seemed to fix it04:01
eric1982not sure why04:01
ZykoticK9eric1982, nice!04:01
eric1982ZykoticK9 and TecnoBrat Thanks for the help, It was greatly appreciated04:03
ZykoticK9eric1982, thanks for having the issue - now i have a new toy to play with :)04:03
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chandru_inI killed notify-osd manually once.  Now ever if I restart the system, notifications do not get hidden (not using compiz) on mouseover instead it get a black border.  How do I fix this?04:10
AbortDis it possible to switch empathy with pidgin in lucids and have the little envelope icon to control it04:14
frybyeAny information on compat. of 10.4 mit Sun V-Box?04:14
crimsunfrybye: more specifically?04:20
crimsun3,1,4 should work fine with 10.0404:20
AlcariTheMad1how do i revert the min/max/close buttons to their old positions(the right side of the window)?04:28
Rave1AlcariTheMad1,  if you install04:30
Rave1ubuntu Tweak04:30
chandru_inAfter yesterday's update I also notice that I'm unable to click anything under notifications and since notifications don't have any option to close manually I'm having to wait till it times out.  Is this a known issue in the update?04:30
Rave1AlcariTheMad1,    there is an app in Ubuntu Tweak that will fix that04:31
Gnimshhi there04:31
GnimshSo I'm in konversation, and I was trying to accept a DCC but the file would not write to my home folder04:31
Gnimshi renamed it multiple times04:31
Gnimshtried xchat04:31
Gnimshsame problem04:31
Gnimshthen ran konversation as root and it worked.04:31
GnimshI shouldn't have to do run it as root to make that work04:32
DanaGGnimsh: looks like an "AppArmor" issue, perhaps?04:32
frybyecrimsun: 3.1.4 does not seem able to set up the client additions correctly with 10.4?04:32
GnimshDanaG, no idea04:32
GnimshI haven't touched apparmor04:32
DanaGtry finding where konversation binary lives, and then sudo aa-complain that path.04:32
Gnimshnot output04:33
frybyere: gwibber - I don't seem able to find any place to enter my pw for access to flicker - so gwibber of course cant access the service - any tips?04:33
DanaGGnimsh: that command is expected to give no output.04:34
DanaGBut now try konversation as non-root again.04:34
Gnimshok that worked04:37
happyfacehow do I dl a whole subversion revision locally?04:37
Gnimshso I don't understand how firefox can save my tabs each session, but it can't save a file to my home folder04:40
AlcariTheMad1Rave1: thanks, that fixed it04:48
kassah_mysql-server: Depends: mysql-server-5.1 but it is not going to be installed   E: Broken package04:49
kassah_is there a way to get more information as to what's going on there?04:49
kassah_that's when I try to install mysql-server04:49
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GnimshDanaG, is this aa-complain command per session or permanent?04:52
DanaGI believe it's permanent -- but perhaps file a bug on konversation not being allowed to write to home dir.04:52
DanaGOr check for an existing bug.04:52
DanaGan example title: "AppArmor blocks Konversation from saving to home dir"04:53
DanaGthe package to file against would probably be either Konversation, or apparmor-profiles, or both.04:54
GnimshI had just installed some updates today and didn't restart, and I think that may have had something to do with it04:54
GnimshI also couldn't save files from firefox to home, pidgin failed to log my conversations04:55
GnimshI think i noticed it first in konversation though04:55
Gnimshnow firefox saves as does pidgin04:55
DanaGmaybe it wasn't really apparmor....04:55
DanaGif the whole home dir was RO, that would do it.04:55
DanaG(RO = Read-Only)04:55
Gnimshi don't believe that was it because home is on a separate partition and I watched the installer take ownership of the whole partition04:57
perscitusPanel in Kubuntu is well.. doesnt work in vbox.05:02
DanaGGnimsh: if the journal had an error, it would have remounted /home RO.05:05
DanaG... most likely.05:05
perscitusmy bad.05:06
Gnimshi don't believe there was an error05:07
FeasibilityStudyanyone else having issues with initramfs-tools being broken on Lucid?05:07
GnimshI just installed app armor notifications forlater though05:07
GnimshFeasibilityStudy, let me know how to run it and i'll check05:08
FeasibilityStudyWell Gnimsh, whenever I try to update or upgrade my system via aptitude, I can't because initramfs-tools is broken and I get errors.05:08
FeasibilityStudyand dpkg stops with an error05:09
DanaGGnimsh: oh, and to undo the aa-complain, "aa-enforce"05:09
Gnimshi just use the update manager05:09
GnimshDanaG, that is per application or system-wide?05:09
DanaGsudo aa-enforce /usr/bin/konversation (or whatever path)05:09
nixpetHey all, I have a question regarding ubuntu 10.04 64 bit install and it giving a cannot create ext4 error on my drive when trying to do a fresh install, and the hard drives are good. Anyone have any hints?05:09
DanaGsame as aa-complain.05:09
GnimshSo FeasibilityStudy are you updating from the CLI instead of update mnager?05:09
Gnimshk thanks05:10
FeasibilityStudyGnimsh: I am on Kubuntu05:10
FeasibilityStudyand yeah I am using aptitude05:10
Blue11i need to boot into recovery mode in 10.4 but grub just boots and never gives me the option05:11
Gnimshwhy not use the update manager?05:12
GnimshI don't use kde so i can't really suggest much else05:12
Gnimshthere sure are lots of updates being pushed out every day for the beta05:13
Blue11i need to create the /home mount point on my 2nd drive, and I can't get ther from here05:14
Gnimshtry from the live cd05:15
git__anybody test out suspend and resume on ubuntu 10.04?05:18
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alkisgAny known problems with firefox not starting (with no error messages) after yesterday's updates?05:50
alkisgHmmm it does run in safe mode...05:51
DanaGargh, stupid ureadahead.05:57
DanaG"no such file or directory"05:57
DanaGit wants /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/fs/do_sys_open/enable -- doesn't exist on drm-next kernel.05:57
AbortDi have spiky2506:08
spiky25and does it work well for now ?06:09
AbortDsure does06:09
AbortDworks great for me06:09
AbortDi got it because it works better than karmic does for me06:09
AbortDsince i use ati and amd hardware06:09
AbortDand atheros06:09
spiky25nice by the way ati xpress 200M/ Xpress 1150 256 Mo work well on it ?06:10
DanaGxpress 200m sucks everywhere, even in Windows.  =þ06:10
AbortDspiky it should i use a radeon 3200 hd06:11
spiky25I'm on Archlinux lxde for now but Lubuntu 10.04 caught a lot of my interest if it have 64 bits version, I'm all in !!!06:11
AbortDi would be i love it06:11
AbortDnice integration with messengers too06:11
spiky25Can't change it for now, I got a laptop ...06:11
AbortDsame spiky06:12
DanaGanyway, the hardware I have is Mobility HD3650.06:12
AbortDi want to buy another laptop :D06:12
* DanaG is a big fan of the EliteBook line... they're badass.06:13
spiky25I won't buy a laptop again, surely an HTPC will be my next eden !!!06:13
DanaGhome theater PC.06:14
DanaGToo bad Digital Cable demands Windows Media Center.06:14
spiky25mid ATX tower ...06:14
spiky25DanaG I will keep a multi-boot anyway06:14
AbortDthats what im doing with my laptop since it came with windows 706:15
DanaGsame here... though mine came with Vista.06:15
AbortDi figured if i pay for it i may as well use it06:15
spiky25Windows FLP/Windows 7 ultimate 64 bits/Archlinux 64 bits (lxde)/*hackintosh*06:16
AbortDwindows flp?06:18
DanaGbleh.  I can't stand OS X.06:18
spiky25FLP = Fundamentals for legacy pcs, it's based on windows xp embeded ...06:18
spiky25lightweight and just what I need nothing more, not too slim also and well supported (Msdnaa license)06:19
AbortDhm i will bbiaf im hungry06:20
Tricia10.04 is ignoring my noauto, and drives which are outside of /media are showing up in nautilus06:24
Tricianoauto in fstab06:24
TriciaWhen I log in it attempts to mount everything06:24
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lappiecan i run ubuntu 10.04 on a cd like ubuntu 9.10?06:25
git__anyone know how I can get to the grub menu when booting up?06:29
DanaGescape, or shift?06:30
lappiei think its e or c or tab or something06:30
git__let me try ... have to reboot06:30
lappiecan i run ubuntu 10.04 on a cd like ubuntu 9.10?06:30
spiky25lappie yes always like all versions ...06:31
bbordwellgit__, do you want it to come up every time?06:31
DanaGyeah, I forgot to ask that.06:31
lappiespiky25 kewll thanks06:31
spiky25almost all linux distro are live cd now don't worry06:32
bbordwelllappie, you can run it off of a >1gb flash drive and it is alot faster06:32
* Tricia frowns at all the automounted devices 06:32
DanaGoh heck, you can INSTALL to a flash drive, instead.06:33
bbordwellDanaG, that requires an 8gb or larger flash drive06:33
spiky25what's wrong with automount, I use it on Archlinux without problems, why cry that is not needed ?06:33
bbordwellDanaG, but with startup disk maker you only need 1gb06:34
AbortDam i able to download ubuntu server software into the non server version?06:34
lappiebbordwell i just want to see it, i may install it on my aspire 1 just 2 check it out06:34
spiky25AbortD: yes06:35
lappiebut ill run it off cd 1st to check it out06:35
AbortDhm i run a acer aspire06:35
lappieunless you wanna mail me a flash drive rofl06:35
bbordwelllappie, haha i was just putting it out ther06:35
lappieyep an acer aspire one, i call it itty bitty biotch06:35
spiky25ubuntu main repositories contain all xfce, kde and gnome packages and many more06:36
Triciaspiky25: because all the fstab lines have "noauto"06:36
AbortDlol what version i have a 553206:36
lappiegood suggestion though bbordwell, i do plan on gettin a flash so i can take my os with me :)06:36
Triciaspiky25: It's mounting remote drives when I'm not asking it to06:36
spiky25who tried lubuntu 10.04 here ?06:37
AbortDlappie if you decide to install ubuntu on your aspire i suggest lucid lynx06:38
AbortDhas more driver support06:38
AbortDthats all i run06:38
TriciaI can't even begin to think of why it's ignoring my noautos06:38
lappieAbortD thanks ill have 2 read up on it, but meanwhile why do u suggest it?06:39
AbortDout of the box it has all your drivers and just runs slick offers almost everything windows does but better06:40
AbortDgives me better battery life too i think06:40
lappieohh cool good lookin out :)06:41
AbortDunless you play alot of games on windows its better to switch06:41
AbortDi see my moms computer going to shit all the time from spyware06:41
AbortDcomplete lockout stuff06:41
DanaGheh, my mom's iMac (with OS X, that supposely "just works") often kernel panics, or fails to turn on, or has other random issues.06:42
lappiei have 2 keep windows for games and bryce 5 but i cannot wait to totally get rid of it ;)06:42
AbortDi need to get bryce again06:43
DanaGread files from an SD card.... kernel panic.06:44
lappiei can hook u up with a copy  AbortD :)06:44
lappiebryce 5 runs in whine, but not very well, none of the sliders work :(06:47
AbortDhehe i got a crappy dl rate :P06:47
AbortDi only get 120kbps06:47
MikeChelenis there any way to start/stop gwibber service through gui?06:48
lappiei think its pretty small im gettin the disk now, its a rar w a crack and reg key06:48
AbortDsystem > admin > system monitor then kill it06:48
MikeChelenok, wish there were a better way06:48
lappieAbortD its 77.5 mb06:49
AbortDthats it?06:49
AbortDsend away then :P06:50
lappieyep, it compresses very well06:50
lappietake it or leave it, its up 2 u06:51
AbortDi accepted it06:51
lappieunzip it to a folder, and there's instructions on how to install n everything in it if i remember right06:52
AbortDis the dl still going?06:53
lappiedosent look as if its transferring at all06:53
lappieive had this prob before, but idk how to fix it06:54
AbortDah well im sure i can find it06:54
AbortDhow well is bryce working these days?06:54
AbortDi havent used it in years06:54
AbortDgotta make yer own textures and all that?06:54
lappiestill works good, u dont even have 2 use any compatibility modes or anything06:55
AbortDin windows 7?06:55
lappieidk, im sure with xp mode it will06:55
lappiei have vista06:56
AbortD7 and vista are pretty much the same06:56
lappielets try again i just changed the transfer ul speed from 0 to 1000006:58
lappiemaybe thats why i always have this prob06:58
lappieit could be that freenode is not allowing file transfers06:59
AbortDit going?07:00
almoxarifefile xfers are user to user07:01
lappiei dont think so, do u know of another way?07:01
almoxarifeeither of you two has a firewall issue07:01
AbortDnot it07:01
lappiei have no firewall going at all07:01
AbortDcould be a router firewall07:02
lappiepossible, i am using a router/modem its a linksys w wireless and ethernet07:02
lappiei can bust it up into 10mb sections and email them 2 u07:03
lappieor microsoft messenger, but ill have 2 switch to windows and set it up, what ever u suggest is fine.07:04
lappieOHH DUH what aobut ubuntu1??07:05
=== Blue-Omega_ is now known as Blue-Omega
lappieAbortD ?07:11
AbortDsorry back07:11
lappieohh rofl, we can share files via ubuntu one cant we?07:12
AbortDhaha yeah i think07:12
lappiek, im ul'in it now,, well i think its ul ing it says sending request to file.one etc07:13
lappieok, its ul ing for sure, do u have ure ubuntu 1 account set up?07:14
cemcno sun-java in lucid ?07:14
lappiekk its ul'd just let me know when ure done and what email u used so i can add u to my share list07:15
lappieok now i think all u have 2 do is add me as a contact its zelozelos1@live.com07:20
lappieohh, click on the shared with me folder rofl07:21
lappielet me know when your done dl'ing so i can remove it, i dont like the idea of leaving a cracked program on a ftp site07:22
lappieeven if it is old as hell rofl07:22
AbortDlast time i opened it it took me to a webpage now it takes me no where07:24
maccam94is there no longer a default search indexer for ubuntu?07:29
lappieok i just did the share thing for you again, try it again07:29
maccam94i thought it was tracker, but it's not installed07:29
AbortDtry now lappie07:30
AbortDgot it07:31
lappiewoo hooo07:31
lappiethere u go pal, thers instructions in the bryce 5 install info.txt and i saved an extra copy of the serial, u can use any name and company u want but dont register rofl07:32
AbortDi need to find a wifi extender07:33
maccam94anybody know what's up with tracker in the default install?07:33
AbortDi want to broadcast like a 200 yard range07:33
lappiei know someone who had one of those but i cant remember what it was called , i keep thinkin it was a repeater, but idk07:34
AbortDi dont think what i want is a repeater07:36
lappiemy neighbor leaves his unsecured so sometimes i log in to his and use itty bitty to play movies while im dl'ing n stuff, its a sweet deal, 2 internet connections for the price of one :)07:36
AbortDbecause i live in a town of clusters of houses07:36
AbortDi wanti want to be able to access my networked files from anywhere :P07:37
lappieohhh, a wireless network hub w a range extender  check this page     http://shopping.yahoo.com/20717152-belkin-wireless-g-universal-range-extenderaccess-point-hub/07:38
AbortDgetting a wireless n router would get further reach :P07:39
AbortDi get my buddies connection from 100 yards away07:39
lappiemy neighbor knows i sometimes use his connection, its a small payment for all the times i've fixed his puter issues for him07:42
lappiei wish i could use both connections at the same time to double my speed rofl07:43
lappiehows the dl goin?07:43
AbortDlappie you can with win7 i am pretty sure if u got the right wireless card07:45
AbortDdl is done07:46
ZykoticK9AbortD, lappie you're both very offtopic for this channel + pirating software & stealing internet is also big NO NOs -- you've both put your email addressing in the channel, which is logged, so spam bots will probably find them -- move to another channel or PM each other please.07:46
AbortDheh sorry07:46
lappierofl sorry charlie07:46
bbordwellAbortD, lappie, have either of you tried to make an audio cd through rhythmbox on lucid?07:50
lappiei dont burn audio cd's but i thin its possible07:50
lappieZykoticK9 r u a bot?07:50
bbordwelllappie, yes I did it on karmic many times, but on lucid when i click create audio cd nothing happens07:51
bbordwellI have filed a bug but no one else has marked it as affecting them07:51
ZykoticK9lappie, nope - human being07:51
bbordwelllappie, if he was a bot i think he just passed the turing test07:52
lappieZykoticK9 whats with the busta man? jeez07:52
bbordwelllappie, if your willing could you test it on your system and see if it works?07:53
lappiei havent installed lucid yet, i just finished burning the disk07:53
bbordwelllappie, ahh ok07:53
lappiecan you burn anything at all?07:54
bbordwelllappie, yes07:54
bbordwelllappie, it is just the rhythmbox-plugin-cdrecorder that is not working07:54
lappiejust no cda's hmm, try a diff program like a nero clone or moovidea07:54
bbordwellin rhythmbox when you right click a playlist and say create audio cd, it opens brasero07:54
bbordwellbut in my case nothing happens at all07:55
lappiemoovidea is buggy but i think it lets u burn07:55
bbordwelllappie, i can even make audio cds in brasero07:55
bbordwelljust using rhythmbox to more easily create a playlist does not work07:56
lappieahh, u just cant burn through the rythmbox, yeah, sounds like a bug 2 me as well. try uninstalling rythmbox and deleting its settings file, then reinstallin it07:56
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 2 could not be found07:56
bbordwelllappie, would purge accomplish this?07:57
bbordwelllappie, yes it is a command that goes after apt-get07:57
bbordwellin synaptic it is called completly remove07:57
AbortDyes purge07:58
AbortDlet me check it first07:58
ZykoticK9bbordwell, Rhythmbox doesn't do anything when I select Create Audio CD either - what is the bug #?07:58
bbordwellZykoticK9, just a sec07:58
lappieahh, i dont know, i just uninstall via the software center, then open a root terminal and navigate to the folder w the settings and rm -r it07:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 543892 in rhythmbox "Clicking "Create Audio CD" does nothing" [Low,Incomplete]07:59
bbordwellbug 108:00
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)08:00
lappiebug 208:00
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 2 could not be found08:00
ubottuUbuntu bug 1 in Ubuntu Jaunty "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress]08:00
bbordwellGot to love bug 1 :)08:01
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)08:01
bbordwellZykoticK9, did you get my link?08:01
ZykoticK9bbordwell, your bug now affects 2 people :)08:02
bbordwellZykoticK9, thank you, sometimes bugs will not get any attention until more that one person confirms it08:02
bbordwellZykoticK9, do you get the same terminal output as me if you open rhythmbox in a terminal?08:02
bbordwellits in one of the comments08:03
ZykoticK9bbordwell, i'm guessing it will need a LOT more then 2 people.  Personally I can't stand rhythmbox never use it myself.08:03
ZykoticK9bbordwell, actually - with the music store, perhaps I'll start08:03
lappiei like how u can hold your mouse over a file and listen 2 it, but not sure if that bcause of rythmbox or nt08:04
bbordwellZykoticK9, actualy a core-dev already resonded but i answered his ? and he has not show any more input08:04
bbordwelllappie, I did not know you could do that08:04
bbordwelllappie, like when you are in nautilus?08:04
bbordwelllappie, that is one of the coolest things i have ever seen on a computer08:06
lappiei know, it freaked me out at first i thought something was totally wrong rofl08:06
bbordwelllappie, even works on my alac files08:07
lappieit'd be really freakin cool if u could do that w movies08:07
bbordwelllappie, the video would interfear though, maybe just the audio?08:07
lappielike show every few hundred'th frame or smthin08:07
bbordwellwell i suppose it could work sort of like window previews in compiz08:08
lappieOH nice, i just found the storage device manager ive been wondering if i could mount the ntfs automatically for a while now :)))08:09
bbordwellhmm they are being kind of slow about uploading firefox 3.6.208:10
bbordwelllappie, i used to do it08:11
bbordwelllappie, i think i just used fstab though08:12
lappieAbortD if u have any q's about bryce5 just email me i know it pretty well, ttfn peeps its time 4 beddie bye08:12
AbortDemail me real fast so i got yer email08:12
lappiether u go did u get it?08:14
lappiekk, later08:16
AbortDlater bro08:16
JohnFluxHey all08:23
JohnFluxI upgraded to lucid lynx and now my startup screen is purple and says "ubuntu"08:25
JohnFluxCan I make it more kubuntu-like ?08:25
bbordwelljohnflux, are you talking about the plymouth splash screen of the login screen?08:30
bbordwellor not of08:30
JohnFluxbbordwell: I guess so08:36
JohnFluxbbordwell: I'm guessing that there's a version for kubuntu08:36
JohnFluxbbordwell: blue or something  :)08:36
BUGabundo_remotebom dia08:53
yofelgood morning BUGabundo_remote08:55
bbordwelljohnFlux, try the solar theme08:57
bbordwellit is blue08:57
bbordwellthough it still says ubuntu08:57
bbordwellThis should be fixed in the future though08:58
gnomefreakwhere do i get solar?08:59
bbordwellgnomefreak, it is included already09:00
bbordwelli am trying to remember how to change it though09:00
gnomefreakbbordwell: thanks09:00
bbordwelli am running it right now but i can not remember the command used to change it09:01
bbordwellsudo plymouth-set-default-theme solar --rebuild-initrd09:01
bbordwelli think that is it09:01
gnomefreakoh solar is a plymouth theme09:02
bbordwellgnomefreak, yes09:05
bbordwellplymouth-set-default-theme --list09:05
bbordwellthat shows all available plymouth themes09:05
BUGabundo_remotehey nice09:05
BUGabundo_remoteso it doesn't need to be pink at boot for one second09:05
BUGabundo_remoteand I just need to run that to set it?09:05
* BUGabundo_remote needs a gui09:06
bbordwellvery useful09:06
bbordwellanyone here use special characters (íéñ)09:07
bbordwelltook me a long time to figure out how to do it today09:07
BUGabundo_remoteé á à ó09:09
bbordwellhow do you do it?09:09
bbordwellits very easy once you figure it out09:09
bbordwellbut it took me forever to figure it out09:09
bbordwelltoo bad the alt codes from windows dont work09:10
bbordwelldoes anyone here know if it is safe to run 2 fans off of one motherboard fan header?09:12
bbordwell(off topic i know)09:13
bbordwellzubatac, hi09:13
yofelbbordwell: if it can supply enough power yes I think (I did it once [cpu + 1 chassis fan] and the motherboard survived)09:13
zubatacProblem: nikon coolpix  S1 no detect, and f-spot don't import photos09:14
bbordwellzubatac, do you have an sd card reader in your computer?09:14
bbordwellyofel, okay i will give it a try, no big deal if i fry the fan header anyway09:15
bbordwellchepo motherboard09:15
zubatacbbordwell: ok09:15
zubatacbbordwell: and f-spot?09:15
bbordwellzubatac, then you could work around the issue by removing the memory card from the camera and using the card reader09:15
bbordwellzubatac, i have never used f-spot09:16
zubatacbbordwell: ok for card reader09:16
bbordwellzubatac, what does f-spot even do?09:16
bbordwelli went to try it out once but it started making copies of all of my pictures09:17
zubatacbbordwell: don't import photos ( and I cannot organize the photos09:17
bbordwellzubatac, i belive if you just copy and paste the pictures from the memory card to your pictures folder it should work09:18
bbordwellI am not sure though as i do not use f-spot09:18
bbordwellzubatac, if you plug in the memory card and then import that folder it is not working?09:19
gnomefreakbbordwell: you are correct, you should be able to just drag and drop them, the shouldnt be removed from mem card09:20
zubatacok, thanks09:21
elena12In Ubuntu 10.04 Beta Netbook Edition, I can't unlock the gnome panel, the options are greyed out. What can I do to edit the gnome panel??09:48
Damasceneany one using rtl locle?09:50
DamasceneArabic, Urdu or Hebrew?09:50
Unksiis there a way to make xorg to print out the current configuration it is using? the configuration file is non-existant so the configuration is autodetected09:50
bbordwellanyone here willing to try and reproduce a bug with gnome-panel?09:56
gnomefreakbbordwell: sure09:56
bbordwellgnomefreak, it may leave you with a bar on the right side that you can not remove09:56
gnomefreakbbordwell: what bar?09:57
gnomefreakcan you provide a screen shot of the problem09:57
bbordwellright click on the top gnome-panel and click add new panel09:58
bbordwellwhen i did it no new panel came up09:58
Wizzuppatdk-wk: ping09:58
bbordwellbut on the right of my screen i can see my background09:58
bbordwelland no windows can maximize all the way09:58
bbordwelland there is no way to remove the invisable panel09:59
gnomefreakit didnt add a new panel for me09:59
bbordwellgnomefreak, try to maximize a window now09:59
bbordwelldoes it maximize all the way?09:59
gnomefreakbbordwell: what window09:59
bbordwellany window. Your IRC client for example10:00
gnomefreakadd panel option should only add it to desktop. the panel you mean is an extra paneil on desktop?10:00
Wizzuppatdk-wk: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/193682/ && http://paste.pocoo.org/show/193683/10:01
WizzupThat is with ureadahead10:01
Damasceneis it possible for some one who is using karmic to use a program from Lucid10:01
gnomefreakit didnt add a new panel on desktop. I tried to max the window than min it and still no desktop panle was added10:01
gnomefreakDamascene: its not really advised10:02
Damascenewhat if you want someone to test a bug in Lucid without having it installed?10:03
gnomefreakdepending ont he program/app you want to use. if the deps changed karmic may not have them you it can get messy10:03
gnomefreakDamascene: how would you know if there is a bug in the app if you are not using it?10:03
bbordwellDamascene, you could use a virtual machine10:03
yofelDamascene: usually running lucid from a live disk or in a VM is adviced then10:04
bbordwellgnomefreak, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-panel/+bug/54675910:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 546759 in gnome-panel "add new panel does not work" [Undecided,New]10:04
bbordwellsee the attached screenshot10:04
gnomefreakdamn my show ended : time for a smoke - goes look at bug beofre smokle10:04
DamasceneI mean like rawhide in fedora10:05
Damasceneit has the latest software10:05
DamasceneI want some one with Karmic to test evolution10:06
Damascenewithout having to download the full lucid10:06
bbordwellDamascene, go to packages.ubuntu.com10:06
bbordwellyou can download the .debs for anything10:06
bbordwellbut it may be hard to get all the dependencies satisfied10:06
bbordwellon karmic10:06
=== sanderj is now known as Snadder
Damascenewould the user find it if he enabled backports?10:08
DamasceneI mean on Karmic10:08
yofelDamascene: no, evolution comes bundled with gnome, so you need a newer gnome version, which means you need lucid10:09
AbortDyofel you cant evolution as a .deb10:10
gnomefreakbuilding gnome /evo is not something that you can just grab the .deb for you will need more packages10:11
AbortDi just for evolution download10:11
gnomefreakbbordwell: i commented and made changes to importance nad status10:12
bbordwellgnomefreak, yes thats why i said it may be hard to get the dependencies10:12
yofelAbortD: you could, but evolution has quite a few dependencies, so you'll probably have to update half of gnome just to install evo10:12
yofelor half of the system10:12
bbordwellgnomefreak, a restart helps this bug10:12
AbortDdamascene do you want to update half of gnome?10:12
yofelas evo is pretty much the same in karmic and lucid10:12
bbordwelli will be adding a comment10:12
AbortDi dont like evolution10:12
gnomefreakall gnome packages are lot of work. IIRC you would have to rebuild gnome and friends10:12
yofelexcept a few bugfixes10:12
* gnomefreak coffe+smoke=yay!!10:13
gnomefreakbe back10:13
DamasceneAbortD, no :)10:13
AbortDthunderbird ftw10:14
bbordwellAbortD, does thunderbird minimize to system tray?10:16
AbortDthink so10:16
AbortDi have mine to minimize into my envelope icon10:16
bbordwellAbortD, that would be very useful i will have to give it a try10:17
AbortDyou have to do a little work around to get it into the mail icon though10:17
bbordwellAbortD, I am using alltray with evolution now10:18
bbordwell!info alltray10:18
ubottualltray (source: alltray): Dock any program into the system tray. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.69-1ubuntu4 (lucid), package size 58 kB, installed size 256 kB10:18
AbortDim googling10:18
bbordwellgnomefreak, ahh i see you are a developer?10:19
AbortDanyways back to editing my bot10:20
nieuwhello there10:21
bbordwellnieuw, hello10:21
nieuwis it not strange to recommend irc as a support channel and have empathy not supporting irc chat?10:22
bbordwellnieuw, haha i agree10:22
zubatacboys can i install virtualbox on lucid?10:23
bbordwellzubatac, yes10:23
bbordwellsoftware center....10:23
nieuwand did you see the strange sexy2.lib that gets installed when installeing x-chat gnome?10:23
zubatacbbordwell: version no ose10:23
bbordwellnieuw, i think thats part of php510:23
bbordwellzubatac, I have it on my system right now10:24
yofel!info libsexy2 | nieuw10:24
ubottunieuw: libsexy2 (source: libsexy): collection of additional GTK+ widgets - library. In component main, is optional. Version 0.1.11-2build2 (lucid), package size 31 kB, installed size 120 kB10:24
nieuwlucid lynx needs some clean up , before it hits the street10:24
bbordwellahh gtk10:24
nieuwwho has it running?10:24
yofelnieuw: what running?10:24
bbordwellmost people here10:25
* yofel 10:25
zubatacbbordwell: version on site virtualbox for 9.1010:25
bbordwellsince alpah210:25
nieuwdoes it show the splash at boot over there?10:25
nieuwit does not here, ...10:25
bbordwellnieuw, yes i am using nouveau driver10:25
bbordwellwhat type of graphics?10:25
bbordwelldo you have10:25
nieuwintel i think 95010:25
gnomefreakbug 54675910:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 546759 in gnome-panel "add new panel does not work" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54675910:26
gnomefreakbbordwell: gdm restart will do it. no need to restart system10:26
nieuw 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller10:26
nieuwthats the beast right there10:26
bbordwellgnomefreak, ahh good idea alt+sysreq+k?10:26
bbordwellgnomefreak, i see your on the mozilla team, do you know why its taking so long to upload 3.6.2?10:28
nieuwi might have to install 8.0410:28
Damascenewhere to report web site problems?10:28
nieuwi have got an job to install 60 pc"s with ubuntu10:28
gnomefreakbbordwell: its being worked on . It landed yesterday but waiting for nspr/nss10:28
DamasceneI mean which channel10:28
nieuwi guess lucid is not ready yet10:29
znh3.6.2 fixes an important security issue correct?10:29
gnomefreaki dont recall if that was all we are waiting for10:29
gnomefreaknieuw: ready as in stable no it is not ready10:29
bbordwellznh, the issue you are thinking of is windows onley10:29
Damascenehttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports show links for interpied10:29
znhbbordwell, that's a relief10:29
gnomefreakznh: yeah just 1 but it should be ready before weeks end if all goes as planed.10:29
gnomefreaknieuw: i sill be in touch with the person working on it sometime today10:30
bbordwellznh, 3.6.2 fixes 111 bugs most of them affecting all operating systems10:30
gnomefreakbbordwell: give me the link to the CVEs that it fixes (should be on one page from Mozilla10:31
bbordwellI dont think that is what you wanted10:32
gnomefreakchrisccoulson: :) you still working on nspr/nss?10:34
gnomefreakthat was easy :)10:34
chrisccoulsongnomefreak, yes10:34
gnomefreakchrisccoulson: is that all we are waiting for for 3.6.2?10:34
chrisccoulsonyes ;)10:35
gnomefreakchrisccoulson: sweet :)10:35
gnomefreakbbordwell: ^^^10:35
bbordwelljust out of curiosity, what is nspr/nss?10:35
gnomefreakIIRC security libs/parts for Mozilla10:36
chrisccoulsonbbordwell, http://www.mozilla.org/projects/security/pki/nss/10:36
* gnomefreak doesnt recall what they stand for but that link should tell you10:37
gnomefreakbtw only 8 secirty updates (CVE/MFSA10:38
znhsecirty sounds dirt10:38
ryehi, anybody here aware where modem-manager gets its plugins? I.e. Longcheer, Generic, MotoC, Gobi etc ?10:38
bbordwell!info modem-manager10:38
ubottuPackage modem-manager does not exist in lucid10:38
rye!info network-manager10:39
ubottunetwork-manager (source: network-manager): network management framework daemon. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8-0ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 309 kB, installed size 2236 kB10:39
bbordwell!info modemmanager10:39
ryebut network-manager package does not have any of these strings, that's why I am wondering...10:39
ubottumodemmanager (source: modemmanager): D-Bus service for managing modems. In component main, is optional. Version 0.3-0ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 128 kB, installed size 556 kB10:39
ryebbordwell, thanks!!!10:39
bbordwellrye, that was useful to you?10:40
bbordwellhaha i just had no idea what modem-manager was10:40
ryebbordwell, yup, modem-manager in network-manager is an interface to modemmanager, and I browsed only network-manager sources10:40
bbordwellrye, haha well im glad i could accidentally help you :)10:41
nieuwhow would i change the window buttons from left to right?10:48
bbordwellnieuw, I belive you have to change something in gconf-editor10:49
bbordwellbut I am not sure what10:49
yofelnieuw: see description of bug 53263310:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 532633 in metacity "[Master] Window Control buttons: position/order/alignment" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53263310:49
gnomefreaknieuw: hold on i gave like a while ago10:50
gnomefreakor not. that bug should have the 2 work arounds10:51
gnomefreakgconftool-2 --set "/apps/metacity/general/button_layout" --type string "menu:minimize,maximize,close"10:52
gnomefreakthat will moove them to right10:52
bbordwellI like them on the left10:52
gnomefreakbbordwell: left handed?10:52
bbordwellgnomefreak, I hated it at first, but after about a week i changed it back to the right and I hated that10:53
gnomefreakhmmm most right hand users like it on right (right handed or lac user10:53
bbordwellit grew on me i gues10:53
AbortDgnomefreak, what side you use it on?10:53
yofelI set them to the right here in KDE too to test it and I'm rather fond of it now (right handed too)10:53
AbortDits nicer on programs like xchat10:53
yofeler... *left -.-10:53
yofel... left side, right handed10:54
bbordwellare there any PPA´s for 3d accelerated nouveau?10:56
gnomefreakanyone know what the menu me is?10:56
bbordwellgnomefreak, I dont10:56
AbortDmenu me?10:56
gnomefreakbbordwell: the xorg-edgers10:56
yofelme menu?10:56
gnomefreakAbortD: yeas i think that is name of it10:56
yofelwasn't that the whole social integration thing of the indicator applet?10:56
nieuwhow did you change them ( window buttons ) back to the left again?10:56
gnomefreakgconftool-2 --set "/apps/metacity/general/button_layout" --type string "menu:minimize,maximize,close"10:57
=== ktogias_ is now known as ktogias
gnomefreaknieuw: ^^^10:57
yofelnieuw: like I said, see the bugs description, there are 2 workarounds there10:57
AbortDyou talking about gwibber gnomefreak ?10:57
gnomefreakrun that command and poof it changes10:57
nieuwthats the same thing or not?10:57
gnomefreakAbortD: is that what it is for?10:57
yofelnieuw: that command is the first workaround10:57
* gnomefreak not able to run gwibber today for some reason10:57
yofelnieuw: but it looks bad with ambience10:57
nieuwwhats the way to undo the first command?10:58
AbortDgnomefreak, the type right mail icon click it and then there is a broadcast thing10:58
AbortDtired sorry10:58
nieuwso to move it from right to left again10:58
gnomefreakAbortD: thanks i will try it10:58
yofelnieuw: use the command again with a different order, "maximize,minimize,close:" is the left-side order10:58
nieuwah i see10:59
gnomefreaknieuw: use gconftool-2 --set "/apps/metacity/general/button_layout" --type string "menu:minimize,maximize,close"10:59
nieuwgreat tips10:59
yofelgnomefreak: that's still the right-side order10:59
AbortDwhat if i go close maximize minimize?10:59
bbordwellgconftool-2 --unset "/apps/metacity/general/button_layout" --type string "menu:minimize,maximize,close"10:59
bbordwellWhat does that do?10:59
bbordwellanyone want to try my command?10:59
gnomefreakyofel: i know i thought that is what he wanted10:59
yofelhm, does --unset, take a --string param?11:00
gnomefreakhold on11:00
yofelgnomefreak: yes, but he wanted to know how to set it back to the left too11:00
gnomefreakyofel: ok hold on i have command11:00
AbortDgnomefreak, its the upper right thing when you click your name too11:00
nieuwunset is not a known command11:00
bbordwellnieuw, hmm11:01
bbordwellit is in the man page11:01
nieuwreally , ha11:01
gnomefreakhttp://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side  gives both11:01
yofelnieuw: --unset, not unset11:01
* gnomefreak should be making a wiki in the next day or to than i will add it to bot11:01
nieuwi copyed your command11:01
gnomefreakto move to left use gconftool-2 --set "/apps/metacity/general/button_layout" --type string "maximize,minimize,close:"11:02
yofelnieuw: then --unset might not work together with --type11:02
gnomefreakif you read the page i gave it shows both commands11:02
bbordwellyofel, I agree11:02
nieuwgconftool-2 --set "/apps/metacity/general/button_layout" --type string "maximize,minimize,close:"11:02
nieuwthats to move it back to the left11:02
* gnomefreak gave you that command already11:02
gnomefreakand the link to both commands11:03
bbordwellyofel,  in the man page is says use set with --type11:03
bbordwellbut not for unset11:03
nieuwokey got to do some work11:03
bbordwelli assume that is the difference11:03
nieuwthanks for the great tips!11:03
nieuwbye bye11:03
bbordwellhow do you do the star thing?11:04
bbordwelllike where gnomefreak said gnomefreak gave you that command already11:04
gnomefreakPici: i have a question about bot if you are here. i cant remember if you use !bleh #channel is bleh bleh bleh or if you can just due it in the channel if that is the only channel you want11:06
yofelbbordwell: '/me ...'11:06
bbordwell./me likes man pages11:07
bbordwell'./me likes man pages'11:07
yofelwithout the dot at the beginning ;)11:07
* bbordwell likes man pages11:08
Dr_WillisIn gnome - if you right click/properties on an AVI f (or other video) file. I thought in the old release it had a tab of a Lot of information about the video files codec, fps, and other settings.. that seems gone on  this machine.11:31
Dr_WillisAnyone care to see if its  there for them?11:31
bbordwellDr_Willis, i will11:31
Dr_Willisthat was one nifty feature in the gnome file manager i liked.11:32
bbordwellIt is there for me11:32
bbordwella tab called audio/video11:32
bbordwellon the far right11:32
Dr_WillisHmm. I wonder if i removed somthing that broke that11:32
Dr_Willisactually i DID remove totem i think :) that may of broke it.11:32
bbordwellit is with theroa/voribs11:33
Dr_Willislets see what reinstalling ubuntu-desktop does11:33
bbordwellboth open source codecs if you did not know11:33
bbordwellalso there for .avi11:33
Dr_Willisyea - well the avis i have are just xvid codecs. but i recall the info working on avi, mkv, and other videos as well as audio files11:34
bbordwellDr_Willis, did you upgrade?11:34
Dr_Willisthis box was a Kubuntu netbook instgall. then i installed ubuntu-desktop11:34
Dr_Willisso it may have smthing missing11:34
bbordwellah yes, I am an advocate of clean installs11:35
yofelu-d should install everything necessary though11:37
yofelbut mixing gnome and kde is always an adventure11:37
ubottuin Lucid you may see that the window controls min/max/close has moved to left side of window | for more information see http://alturl.com/yvgv | to change it using terminal see http://alturl.com/x5d6.11:47
gnomefreakah ok11:47
howlymowlyhi poeple...  I am just upgrading to kubuntu lucid lynx... and I am asking myself:  will kubuntu replace the default ubuntu splash screen?11:48
bbordwellgnomefreak, are you adding things to the bot?11:48
bbordwellhowlymowly, i belive so11:48
bbordwellhowlymowly, you mean the plymouth screen right?11:49
gnomefreakbbordwell: yes11:49
yofelgnomefreak: neither link mentions sams ppa11:49
howlymowlybbordwell: if thats the purple one with red and white flashing dots... yepp :)11:49
yofelor is the broken look the only one supported?11:49
gnomefreakyofel: it shouldnt :) it is only for more info on it. not to mention PPAs are not supported11:50
bbordwellhowlymowly, yep that plymouth. yes that is a small change that should be worked out11:50
gnomefreakWhen i have time i will make a Wiki on it and i will mention it on the wiki and point bot to wiki11:50
bbordwellhowlymowly, plymouth-set-default-theme -l11:55
bbordwellyou can change the theme11:55
bbordwellI like solar11:55
xsachawhat's with gedit flashing the full text document and then telling me it cant open it because it doesnt know the character encoding??11:55
howlymowlybbordwell: does that also work for 9.10? bbordwell otherwise I will have to wait until the update is done :)11:56
bbordwellhowlymowly, plymouth is only on lucid11:57
=== BUGabundo_remote is now known as BUGabundo_LUNCH
elena12In Ubuntu 10.04 Beta Netbook Edition, I can't unlock the gnome panel, the options are greyed out. What can I do to edit the gnome panel?? http://img444.imageshack.us/img444/681/panellocked.jpg12:19
void^_gedit refusing to open a file because there might be some invalid characters is really cute12:19
xsachathe problem is gedit actually opens the file and shows the whole thing.. and it looks good... then it hides it all and tells u it couldnt open it12:20
blekoshi, I keep have the following problem from v9.10: cannot connect to wpa & wp2 networks. Using asus eeepc 1000h12:20
void^_welcome to gnome design mentality. it's getting a little annoying lately.12:20
gnomefreakblekos: support for 9.10 is in #ubuntu12:21
blekosi know, but i am having 10.4 now12:22
gnomefreakblekos: you said the problem was on v9.1012:23
blekosi said I keep having...12:24
bbordwellgnomefreak, technically he said from 9.10 which could also be interpreted as it carried over12:24
gnomefreakah ok12:24
blekosi said I keep having...?12:24
gnomefreak blekos bbordwell yeah i re read it12:25
bbordwellblekos, you can connect to unsecured networks?12:25
blekosi connect  to secured networks as well (wep)12:25
lotharreeger_Hallo I´ve installed ubuntu 10.04beta1 and my window-patition are disappeared.What can I do12:31
lenioslotharreeger_, how did it disappear?12:33
leniosyou should have a backup12:33
patdk-wkprobably chose the, use whole drive autoconfig12:33
yofelblekos: I have an 1000H here using the rt2860sta driver, I can connect to wpa2 at home fine, you could try wicd to see if it's a n-m issue12:34
lotharreeger_I don´t know.After I installed the Ubuntu the Patition ,grub2 don´t displayed windows.I haven´t deleted it.12:36
kyubutsulotharreeger_: if grub isnt listing all your partitions, i'd start with  update-grub12:37
lotharreeger_I have got tree HD.One for Windows.I´ve reinstall grub2 but not grub-update.12:39
yofellotharreeger_: that means, open a terminal (applications->accessories->terminal) and type 'sudo update-grub' in there and give your password when asked12:39
lotharreeger_I´ve already done12:40
blekosn-m issue?12:42
lotharreeger_I´ve reinstall update grub and I reboot it.So long12:42
* kyubutsu sighs12:43
blekosoh network manager?12:44
yofelblekos: yes, network manager, sorry12:44
* kyubutsu getting ready to install beta1 .. download in progress..12:46
kyubutsukind of a coincidence.. today beta2 phase starts..12:47
kyubutsuthat one's not released yet is it?12:48
* kyubutsu chuckles12:48
gnomefreakkyubutsu: beta 2 has not been released12:49
kyubutsukind of thought so, though..12:49
gnomefreakplease see the topic for a link to schedule12:49
* gnomefreak be back12:49
blekosyofel: i'll try it, but do you have any idea why this should happen?12:49
yofelblekos: nope, you might find something in dmesg or in the NM output in /var/log/syslog12:50
kyubutsublekos: your issue is against wpa encrypted networks only?12:51
blekoscould you tell me how to output this?12:51
blekosyes only then12:51
blekosand smg else should I remove the default gnome n/m ?12:52
kyubutsuyay.. something to look forward to dealing with (got wpa here too)12:52
bbordwellblekos, system>administration>log file viewer12:52
bbordwellto look at the syslog12:52
bbordwellblekos, did you upgrade recently?12:53
blekosbut I had the same problem with 9.1012:53
bbordwellblekos, someone last night had their internet stop working after updating to the -17 kernel12:54
kyubutsumight be your hardware?12:54
bbordwellperhaps you could try and install the -16 and try it?12:54
bbordwelli think it is still in the repositories12:54
blekosi'm checking the syslog just in case12:55
kyubutsuin my experience, network manager is one fine piece of software.. so dont lose hope12:56
patdk-wkif only it could understand vlans12:56
patdk-wkI would love to use network manager to do my vpn connections, but it's hopelessly confused by the vlans I use12:57
bbordwellpatdk-wk, I have never seen a vlan12:58
bbordwellWhat do you use it for?12:58
patdk-wknever seen a vlan?12:58
blekosi have paste-binned my log here http://pastebin.com/3uN41gT212:59
patdk-wk802.1q that is12:59
blekosjust in case you have time to look at it12:59
gnomefreakmorning BluesKaj13:00
BluesKajhi gnomefreak , what's up ?13:01
gnomefreakBluesKaj: not much just getting ready for a meeting13:02
bbordwellpatdk-wk, ahh that looks like it could be useful for large networks13:02
=== BUGabundo_LUNCH is now known as BUGabundo_remote
bbordwellgnomefreak, what is the meeting about?13:03
gnomefreakbbordwell: work im looking for another employee13:04
bbordwellgnomefreak, ah, do you work for canonical?13:04
gnomefreakbbordwell: nope i owna  custom repair shop13:05
bbordwellgnomefreak, I have thought about doing that, but seems like there are too many people doing it13:06
bbordwellthough not many do linux13:06
ianmartinif i try to suspend or hibernate there is a very long pause before anything happens.  It works fine in the end but takes perhaps 1 minute with no obvious activity before anything happens.  Any advice?13:07
gnomefreakianmartin: IIRC there is/was a bug on that13:07
bbordwellgnomefreak, so is all your work for Ubuntu volunteer?13:08
gnomefreakbbordwell: yep13:08
bbordwellgnomefreak, Thank you :)13:09
bbordwellI wish i could help, but i know only VERY basic programming13:09
bbordwellgnomefreak, though i suppose if you load customers machines with ubuntu you have an interest in it working well13:10
gnomefreakbbordwell: dont need to know how to program to help out.13:10
bbordwellgnomefreak, Well i try to help on the IRC channel and bug reports but thats about it13:11
gnomefreakbbordwell: that is very helpful we can always use people for IRC and bug reports ;)13:12
bbordwellgnomefreak, Haha im not so sure about bug reports. They get more than they can handle13:13
bbordwellthough on pre-releases i think they help13:13
yofelbbordwell: if you want to get a bit more familiar with bugs you can join the bugsquad, no programming knowledge needed and we always need help13:16
yofeltoo many bugs get filed :D13:16
kassahand it helps people like me who aren't always sure where to file a bug13:17
* yofel makes some random advertising... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad13:17
bbordwellyofel,  perhaps i will do that13:18
* kyubutsu is off to fresh install 10.04 beta1 from alternate13:19
kyubutsui wonder how well would nouveau handle opengl13:19
yofelbbordwell: join us in #ubuntu-bugs if you have questions, it's usually either very busy or deadly quiet in there :P13:20
kyubutsuguess i'll find out soon enough13:20
yofelbbordwell: you can also just idle aroun in the channel, you'll get an overview what we do like that13:20
mikeconceptsis there a beta for ubuntu netbook remix such that we may experience the fruits of 10.4 now?13:21
yofelmikeconcepts: sure, shouldn't it be linked on the beta1 release page?13:21
bbordwellyofel, what is the channel?13:21
yofelbbordwell: just mentioned it... #ubuntu-bugs13:21
mikeconceptsyofel, hope you're right, looking13:22
gnomefreakhe is IIRC13:22
bbordwellyofel, I read the code of conduct but i do not see a way to sign it?13:22
gnomefreakbbordwell: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct13:23
cndI've got a new pinetrail netbook (64-bit atom), and I'm wondering what the best option is for lucid: netbook (only i386), or desktop13:24
cndI really like the feel of the netbook edition, and I know there's a way to make a desktop image become a netbook-like ui13:24
cndis there some easy way to do it?13:24
yofelmeh, the release page is labled wrong, the ubuntu iso images link says server and desktop but the netbook image is there too13:24
* gnomefreak goes back to my hiding spot13:24
arandcnd: all depnds on preference. Interface is main diff.13:25
cndarand, yes, but how can I get the netbook ui on a desktop install?13:25
mikeconceptsyofel, found it, now wonder if it is possible to just upgrade from 9.10 to 10.413:25
gnomefreakmikeconcepts: yes13:25
yofelmikeconcepts: it is, type 'gksu update-manager -d' in the run dialog or in a terminal13:26
mikeconceptsgnomefreak, thanks13:26
gnomefreakmikeconcepts: update-manager -d will do it before its released13:26
gnomefreakyofel: no need for sudo/and others13:26
gnomefreakit will ask for your password13:26
gnomefreakoh yeah sorry back to hiding13:26
yofelah, nice, thx13:26
kassahhmm... is anyone else able to install mysql-server package?13:27
yofelkassah: works here (amd64)13:28
kassahodd... I'm on amd64... getting: "mysql-server: Depends: mysql-server-5.1 but it is not going to be installed" and if I try and install mysql-server-5.1 manually it gives me similar errors13:29
yofeloh,  I already have mysql-server-5.1 installed it seems13:29
kassahyeah... it looks to be a fairly fresh problem... my desktop still has mysql-server-5.113:30
kklimondakassah: use aptitude install mysql-server and it should display more detailer error13:30
howlymowly_hi poeple hi poeple...   i just resized my root partition..  but for some reason ubuntu does still only recognize the "old " size of the partition..  how can I force ubuntu to run a disk check at next start up?13:32
kassahhttp://pastebin.com/5LtLExB0 there we go... looks like a mysql_common mismatch13:32
yofel!fsck | howlymowly_13:33
ubottuhowlymowly_: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot13:33
yofelhowlymowly_: wait, that's wrong o.O13:33
howlymowly_yofel: :) I was fiddling around with fsck but couldn#t get it to work...13:34
kassahhowlymowly_, you need to tune2fs I think...13:34
yofelhowlymowly_: 'sudo touch /forcefsck' I think13:34
* kassah checks13:34
yofeland reboot13:34
yofelwe need to update the bot...13:34
howlymowly_yofel: that's exactly what I did.. but it did not work for some reason...  hmm.  I will try it again...13:34
howlymowly_i'll be back in ~2 mins :=)13:35
yofelreally? then I'm completely lost at understanding upstart fsck-ing -.-13:35
howlymowly_after sudo touch /forcefsck  I just need to reboot, right?13:36
yofelhowlymowly_: it should work like that13:36
yofelmaybe mountall has one more bug...13:36
howlymowly_alright...  give me a minute or two :)13:36
yofelkassah: ok, just checked updates, and if I want to update mysql It wants to remove several dozen packages :/13:38
howlymowlyyeah yofel..  looks like it didn't work, again :)13:39
kassahyeah,... it looks like mysql-common is one version behind the rest of mysql.. which requires the most current package... which breaks it13:39
howlymowlymaybe there is some grub command to force a disk check?  btw I am using kubuntu 9.1013:39
kassahhowlymowly, http://pastebin.com/5LtLExB013:39
kassahyofel, http://pastebin.com/5LtLExB013:40
yofelhowlymowly: then I'm out of ideas, we had 'shutdown -F -r' once, but that was sys-v-init, upstart doesn't use that anymore13:40
yofelkassah: probably not build yet13:40
kassahmysql-common: 5.1.41-3ubuntu7 is the only available version13:40
kassahpossibly... how long does that ussually take?13:40
yofeldepens on the build  queue13:41
kassahwelp.. we're at one day... I'll wait another... won't kill me13:41
yofelhm, build queue is empty, maybe built but not yet published13:42
BUGabundo_remotehowlymowly: just reboot :D13:43
howlymowlyBUGabundo_remote: very funny ;-)13:43
bbordwellyofel, where is this? ~/.bashrc.13:43
kassahyofel, I havn't yet found a bug report releated to this... but I'm horrible at finding bugs13:44
howlymowlyBUGabundo_remote: do you also have any constructive contributions :)?13:44
BUGabundo_remotehowlymowly: not really. usually reboot would fix the size detection13:45
yofelbbordwell: the hidden file .bashrc in your home (~) folder13:45
BUGabundo_remoteif that didn't happen, either you need to fsck it or there's a bug somewhere13:45
yofelkassah: the package built fine, probably stuck in the archive queue https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-dfsg-5.1/5.1.41-3ubuntu8/+build/157970513:45
howlymowlyhmm.... BUGabundo_remote damnit ... why does sudo touch /forcefsck than not work on my system?!?!13:46
yofelkassah: (common is always built on i386)13:46
kassahyofel, that's i38613:47
yofelkassah: the package is architecture independent, those are always built on i38613:47
bbordwellben@ben-desktop:~$ gpg --send-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com <XXXXXXX>13:49
bbordwellbash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'13:49
bbordwellyofel,  can you help me with that?13:49
kassahyofel, it at least seems to be installing after installing the mysql-common package manually13:50
yofelit does, but removes 'mysql-server' and 'mysql-client'13:50
bbordwellyofel, nvm i got it13:51
yofelwell, those are meta-packages anyway13:51
yofelok, as I don't get any mysql updates on i386 it seems that all i386 package are stuck in the archive queue, thus the inconsistency13:53
fabio333a question about the sound applet13:53
fabio333i got rid of pulse and now there is no sound applet in the panel13:54
fabio333is it possible to have it back?13:54
yofelfabio333: that's to be expected as the sound applet needs pulse13:54
BUGabundo_remotehowlymowly: beats me. I never used, nor I know how it is supposed to wrok13:55
L0NELY-TR0LLGood morning :)13:55
fabio333but the sound works with alsa13:55
geomihi all, trying beta1. have some issues with installing on iSCSI; but my question is: the installer BusyBox shell doesnt have sftp; is there any way i can transfer a file to another pc on the network?13:55
kassahyofel, ah13:55
fabio333i have now gnome alsa mixer but i would like to have the aplet on the panel..13:56
yofelfabio333: you can certainly use alsa directly, but gnome uses pulseaudio for audio control, if you remove it you can't control sound from gnome anymore13:56
L0NELY-TR0LLNoone say me  "Hello"? :'(13:56
yofelok yeah, gnome alsa mixer still exists, but I don't know if that supplies an applet13:57
L0NELY-TR0LLgeomi Hi :-D13:57
fabio333no applet13:57
fabio333but it works...13:57
L0NELY-TR0LLfabio333 Arre you from Italia?13:57
L0NELY-TR0LL Dr_Willis Hello, Bruce!13:58
fabio333<L0NELY-TR0LL>: yup13:58
kklimondaL0NELY-TR0LL: you again?13:58
L0NELY-TR0LLkklimonda What? O-o13:58
L0NELY-TR0LLkklimonda Are you from France?13:59
kklimonda!offtopic | L0NELY-TR0LL13:59
ubottuL0NELY-TR0LL: #ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.13:59
L0NELY-TR0LL!offtopic | kklimonda13:59
ubottukklimonda: #ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.13:59
fabio333i'm not sure this is the right place but gnome 2.30 == gnome 3?13:59
L0NELY-TR0LLops! | kklimonda13:59
kklimondafabio333: no13:59
L0NELY-TR0LLoups! | kklimonda14:00
L0NELY-TR0LLI don't remember14:00
L0NELY-TR0LLthe command oups14:00
Dr_WillisGnome 3 isent even really more then just ideas joted down on paper i think14:00
yofelL0NELY-TR0LL: just go to #ubuntu-offtopic if you want to chat please...14:01
fabio333the button for address editing in nautilus has disappeared14:01
fabio333ctrl + l but no way back?14:01
kklimondafabio333: you can use either ctrl+l or / but no way to get it back14:01
bbordwellyofel, There is no application installed for PGP/MIME-encrypted message header files14:02
fabio333this is the way it meant to be?14:02
kklimondafabio333: yes14:02
bbordwellI can not open my signed code of conduct, ideas?14:02
yofelbbordwell: I'm not sure, I did that ages ago, iirc I used enigmail for thunderbird to send it, but that doesn't work now, let me check what the process says again14:03
bbordwellyofel, on launchpad it tells me to open the file and copy and paste its contents14:03
bbordwelli was able to read my encrypted email using evolution14:04
bbordwellyofel, hmm i was able to open it using open with other application and then choosing gedit14:05
yofeloh yes, that would work14:05
fabio333global menu would be great on gnome (i mean the on working with every application)14:10
[diablo]afternoon all14:10
[diablo]anyone know if I can upgrade 9.10 to 10.04 beta1 via command line please?14:10
lemsx1hello all... i got my OQO to run Lucid and it's wonderful14:10
[diablo]prefer not to have gnome and X running14:10
kklimonda[diablo]: you can - do sudo do-release-upgrade -d14:10
lemsx1now I need to know why the sata_nv driver is not included in the Ubuntu Installer. the same thing happened with Karmic14:11
charlie-tcaCould a Ubuntu user check a gedit bug for me? Just open gedit, indent the line, hit enter twice, and see if both empty lines remain indented.14:11
[diablo]perfect, thank you kklimonda14:11
lemsx1I had to get the driver from a system already running ubuntu, copied to a USB disk, then load... this is annoying14:11
lemsx1I'm doing that same process right now to see if I can get Lucid installed on a Sun server (x86)14:12
kklimondalemsx1: no idea why - it is present in the -17 kernel but not in -1614:13
kklimondalemsx1: in -16 it is compiled in14:13
=== luis__lopez is now known as luis_lopez
lemsx1kklimonda: i'm using the installer from today, -1714:15
lemsx1kklimonda: so it should be compiled in ??14:15
kklimondalemsx1: in -17 it is compiled as a module14:16
lemsx1$> cat config-2.6.32-17-generic |grep -i sata|grep -i nv14:16
lemsx1kklimonda: i see... but the installer is missing this module then. bummer14:16
lemsx1kklimonda: got the driver from my system. copied to USB disk. let's see...14:18
kklimondait shouldn't be missing even from alternative and server insallers14:18
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/14:18
BUGabundo_remotejpds: around?14:20
lemsx1it worked perfectly!14:21
BUGabundo_remotehello filipec14:21
lemsx1kklimonda: then this should be reported as a bug?14:21
jpdsBUGabundo_remote: Busy, sorry.14:21
lemsx1kklimonda: i'm using netboot.tar.gz from the daily lucid repo (2.6.32-17 kernel)14:22
kklimondalemsx1: probably. what install image are you testing? alternative? live?14:22
kklimondaah, i see14:22
lemsx1kklimonda: pxe booting here14:22
kklimondalemsx1: you should report it14:22
BUGabundo_remotejpds: when you can, filipec wants to talk to.... mirror stuff14:22
lemsx1kklimonda: ok. will do14:22
kklimondalemsx1: do you have any modules in /lib/modules/2.6.32-17/kernel/drivers/ata at all?14:24
kklimondai wonder if the pxe image isn't supposed to download all modules that are not needed for boot from some other location. haven't done it in a while and my pxe server still serves 9.1014:24
jpdsfilipec: Hi.14:25
filipecjpds: hello14:25
lemsx1kklimonda: in the installer? let me check14:26
lemsx1kklimonda: already reported the bug by the way ( /lucid/+bugs )14:27
kklimondahey BUGabundo_remote btw14:28
lemsx1kklimonda: there are a few drivers there, pata_* and some sata_mv and sata_via14:28
BUGabundo_remoteolá kklimonda14:28
=== _thade_ is now known as Alexia_Death
markl_is anyone here able to use ubuntu lucid to talk to an iPhone without jailbreaking it?14:42
markl_rhythmbox seems to _almost_ work for me14:42
h00kuse Ubuntu to talk on the phone?14:42
markl_to load music without iTunes14:43
h00kOh, Oh.Gotcha. I tried an iPod Touch and the music transferred it and could play from Rhythmbox, they just didn't show up in the native music player14:45
infectoi have strange problem14:46
infectoshortcut stop work under kde alt+f1 and fn^suspend14:46
infectodid i messed up or no? :)14:46
h00kmarkl_: http://libimobiledevice.org/14:46
bbordwellinfecto, system>preferences>keyboard shortcuts14:47
Aidar-Nagatoi installed linux kernel 2.6.34 but update manager offers me to install older version (2.6.32). how to make update-manager not to search for this versions?14:48
jan_wow. had lucid beta1 live running for about  hours while making a backup of my karmic installation, then whiped the hd, did a fresh lucid install and now after the reboot and installing updates, gnome-settings-daemon already crashed on me three times and I also had crashes of gwibber-service and desktopcouch :)14:49
jan_it's like the lynx is trying to officially welcome me to beta-land ;)14:50
bbordwellAidar-Nagato, System->Administration->Synaptic->14:50
bbordwellSelect the packages you don't want to update14:50
bbordwellFrom packages menu -> select "Lock Version"14:50
h00kwell, it is a beta14:50
Aidar-Nagatobbordwell will update-manager check for 2.6.34 versions?14:52
jan_Aidar-Nagato: since 2.26.34 will never be in lucid, you needn't worry about that for a while :)14:53
bbordwellAidar-Nagato, if you lock the version in synaptic it should not check for it. try it and see14:53
bbordwellAidar-Nagato, I just tested it and it works for sure14:54
Aidar-Nagatoyes, thanks)14:55
markl_h00k: yeah if you do usb storage it works great on your computer, but at this point it should integrate with the iPhone music player out of the box14:56
markl_lucid has the latest libgpod which apparently can do it14:57
bullgardMy Lucid computer after idling 10 minutens falls back to "Screen blank mode", even if line-operated. To resume I have to enter my password. This was not the case in Karmic. Is this a Lucid bug or a Lucid feature?14:57
h00kmarkl_: perhaps ask that mailing list or submit a bug14:57
markl_libimobiledevice looks interesting!14:58
robin0800bullgard: chanch it in screensavers its a checkbox15:00
robin0800bullgard: the time is a powermanagement time15:01
elena12In Ubuntu 10.04 Beta Netbook Edition, I can't unlock the gnome panel, the options are greyed out. What can I do to edit the gnome panel?? http://img444.imageshack.us/img444/681/panellocked.jpg15:01
salty-horsehi. anyone having trouble running the "mktime" autoconf test on lucid? for example, try "apt-get source gawk; cd gawk-3.1.6.dfsg; ./configure"15:03
=== FFForever-Away is now known as FFForever
infectobbordwell: didnt15:05
infectoping out15:05
infectoanyway dont find any shortcut there15:05
JoshuaLin ubuntu 9.10 i was able to click buttons trough the notifies from notify-osd, now i cant seem to click the buttons behind those notifies15:06
tgpraveen12JoshuaL: temporary bug15:09
JoshuaLok, good to hear its not a feature ;)15:10
salty-horsecan anyone confirm this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/autoconf/+bug/54696615:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 546966 in autoconf "autoconf's "mktime" test gets stuck, takes too much CPU" [Undecided,New]15:12
* kyubutsu beta1 install fails. corrupted file while on 'installing base system' phase15:15
magn3tsHow can I get a copy of the new font used to render https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Brand?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=blackeubuntulogo.png15:16
h00kmagn3ts: it isn't finished yet15:17
magn3tsh00k, :( for shame. I found some ones really close based on the logo on whatdafont but they werent *quite* as nice.15:17
BUGabundo_remotekyubutsu: checked MD5 ?15:17
magn3tsI look forward to it being finished :)15:18
kyubutsuthats what i should have done.. but i rolled the dice and got beat by the house15:18
espen77so i've installed lucid on a SSD, worked grate for a while, but now i am starting to get a lot of faults with fsck run at startup. Are there anything special i should have done during install for SSD?15:20
* kyubutsu wants the five cents for the blank cd-r back15:21
JoshuaLalso another problem i have, my laptop does not want to sleep15:21
JoshuaLhow can i report such bug?15:21
jasonkhey all, installed beta 1 on a dual boot system, everything standard, on reboot, got a grub error 15, any ideas? this happened with 9.10 as well, 9.04 worked like a charm15:22
kyubutsuthats what they call it in lucid now? sleep mode?15:22
JoshuaLkyubutsu, sleep15:23
espen77kyubutsu: just sleep in the menu15:23
kyubutsui like 'suspend' better .. meh15:23
kyubutsucertainly more accurate15:24
espen77kyubutsu: problem with suspend and encrypted root15:24
=== luis__lopez is now known as luis_lopez
JohnFlux__I have a kbluetooth icon now in lucid, with everything grayed out15:25
espen77kyubutsu: i mean suspend to hdd, guess you ment suspend to ram15:25
JohnFlux__kinda pointless - shouldn't it simply not load if there's no bluetooth support15:25
KB1JWQjasonk: http://stringofthoughts.wordpress.com/2009/05/25/grub-error-15-debianubuntu/\15:25
kyubutsuespen77: ^^15:25
kyubutsubut suspend to disk is hybernate .. they change the name of that one too?15:27
* kyubutsu chuckles15:27
jasonkKB1JWQ: there is no menu.lst,15:27
espen77kyubutsu: dont have that option, but i am on a half crashed lappy stuck on a train for a few hours so i tapp the keyboard very gently right now :P15:28
Dr_WillisIve never understood all the changeing names to 'sudpend/hibernate/sleep'15:29
espen77it might have been called hibernate when i tested it a while ago15:29
Dr_Willisdidnt it used to be 'suspend to disk' and 'sudpend to ram' or somthing ages ago.15:30
h00kIt was changed but I think they're changing it back so they don't break translations15:30
kyubutsuit still is in karmic15:30
h00kas far as "Shutdown" and "Shut Off"15:30
espen77Dr_Willis: that was ok for brown collor, but purple now :P15:30
om26erany body got an unbootable system after update?15:31
Dr_Willisom26er:  unbootable? Hmm.. not yet.. :)15:31
Dr_Willislet me try to boot the netbook15:31
Dr_Willisdoh dead batteryt.. :)15:31
espen77om26er: where does your box hang in the boot process?15:31
om26erespen77, no15:31
Dr_Willisit dident hibernate OR suspend when the battery died15:32
om26ernothing after plymouth15:32
om26erplymouth animation never stops15:32
Dr_Willisnetbook booted.15:32
Dr_WillisI dont even think i have plymouth installed on it.15:33
Dr_Williswas causing too many issues for a 'useless' feature15:33
espen77no killing it either? booting with the previous kernel has same ressults?15:33
Dr_Willisor it boots so fast i dont even see plymouth15:33
om26erespen77, yes tried the previous kernel too15:33
Dr_Willisnice how the battery applet no longer tells you the time/info on mouse over.15:34
om26erespen77, it either gdm or gnome-session as those two came in the latest update15:34
espen77om26er: <ctrl><alt><f1> give you vt login?15:34
om26erDr_Willis, will you do a apt-cache policy gdm and same for gnome-session15:34
om26erespen77, no ttys15:35
om26erespen77, just a blinking insertion point15:35
espen77om26er: no text at all in tty1?15:35
om26ernot at all15:35
espen77om26er: systeq I dont do anything either?15:36
Aidar-Nagatohas anybody radeon hd 5000 series? is it working or still not?15:36
om26erespen77, a text comes in that case15:36
espen77om26er: <ctrl><alt><sysrq><i>15:37
espen77om26er: i think15:37
om26erespen77, I have to reboot, coming back with the result15:37
Dr_WillisInstalled: 2.29.92-0ubuntu515:40
Dr_Willis  Candidate: 2.29.92-0ubuntu515:40
Dr_Willisbut i last updated.. like last night on this box15:40
espen77Dr_Willis: running karmic?15:41
Dr_Willison the netbook yes.. one box is ubuntu - updated...15:42
Dr_Willisactually wait.. all 3 are now 10.04 now15:43
Dr_WillisI think. :)15:43
Dr_Willisit gets to be an annoyance updateing 3 machines every day :)15:44
espen77Dr_Willis: bet you love ubuntu one with 3 boxes15:44
Dr_Willisi rarely even do ubuntuone15:45
=== yuriy_ is now known as yuriy
Dr_WillisSetting up gdm (2.29.92-0ubuntu6) ...15:48
Dr_Willisthere we go . all updated...15:48
Dr_Willisrebooting.. lets see if i have the same issue15:52
gorgonzolahello peoples! just did a clean install after the upgrader borked my system... but now i find that mysql is not installable in amd64. any idea why, or where should i fill the bug report?16:03
Dimmuxxhmmm still no firefox 3.6.216:04
ZykoticK9gorgonzola, is it mysql-server-5.0 that you tried to install?  I'm on amd64 and willing to try installing the same version you did (so long as it's from the repo).16:05
gorgonzolaZykotiK9: i tried mysql-server, mysql-server-5.1 and mysql-server-5.016:05
gorgonzolaZykotiK9: they all complain that the versions of dependencies do not match. its a mess.16:05
ZykoticK9gorgonizer, yup - E: Broken packages -- for mysql-server16:06
ZykoticK9gorgonizer, all versions broken here as well16:06
gorgonzolayes, and you'll get related issues for all versions. it all stems from the fact that we have two different versions for i386 and amd64.16:07
gorgonzolaoh, and gorgonizer is someone else :S16:07
Dr_Williswell syustem booted after todays Update. but Nvidia system always says its in low-res mode.. and fix the video dialogs come up. I tell it to exit to console and X then comes up. I dont even have to startx or restart gdm..16:08
gorgonzolanpo. soooo, should i file against the meta-package or all of them?16:08
ZykoticK9gorgonzola, i'd file against mysql-server - but i'm only guessing16:08
ZykoticK9gorgonzola, are you going to file right now?16:09
gorgonzolaunless i find a related one, yes,16:10
ZykoticK9gorgonzola, send me the bug number after16:10
benkong2hey all16:13
benkong2I continue to be plagued by the could not change monitor configuration crc 64 and other issues16:14
benkong2if i add i915.modeset=0 to boot I can login and all works except there no ttys16:15
benkong2just flickering16:15
benkong2if I do not add the i915 the consoles work but login screen flickers16:15
benkong2I am on a laptop 1366x76816:16
benkong2what info can I supply that would help16:17
benkong2this is an intel Mobile graphics card16:17
benkong2sh: inxi: not found16:18
gorgonzolaZykoticK9: someone beatme to it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-dfsg-5.1/+bug/54669116:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 546691 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 "MySQL package dependancies are broken for Lucid" [Undecided,New]16:22
ZykoticK9gorgonzola, well thanks for the link - off to "me to" on it :)16:22
benkong2Resuming in non X mode: glxinfo not found in path16:23
benkong2Info:      Processes 162 Uptime 15 min Memory 708.4/3868.5MB Runlevel 2 Client X-Chat 2.8.6 inxi 1.4.816:23
plauclairI'm new to Ubuntu I'd like to know how do I pass from a previous 10.4 snapshot release to beta 1, can I just use the update tool ?16:23
Dr_Willisplauclair:  yes..16:23
Dr_Willisplauclair:  thats a common faq :) and a MAIN feature of the package manager system.. its easy to 'upgrade' to the next releases16:24
benkong2Resuming in non X mode: glxinfo not found in path16:24
benkong2Graphics:  Card Intel Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller tty res: N/A16:24
benkong2Resuming in non X mode: glxinfo not found in path16:24
benkong2System:    Host prolinux Kernel 2.6.32-17-generic x86_64 (64 bit) Distro Ubuntu 10.04 lucid16:24
plauclairDr_Willis: ok thanks ! I'm kinda used to how OpenSuse does it16:24
rabbit1Dr_Willis: ok decided to straight install lucid 64 bit, it has to be clean install, so, should i backup my files? and how ?16:24
Dr_Willisrabbit1:   should you? well if you want to keep them yes...16:25
Dr_Willisrabbit1:  i always copy mine to a USB hard drive..16:25
TecnoBratIs there a way to view all of the new packages + change notes for lucid .. like some sort of a running page of changes?16:27
rabbit1Dr_Willis: ok, one thing, i had lot of problems setting the resolution before with hardy, changed few xorg.conf file. don't remember how to do it again, hope lucid won't ask me to do all that again16:27
Dr_WillisIve not had to do much to configure X in years.16:28
TecnoBratnvidia-settings does all of the work for me16:28
Dr_Willisinstall proper drivers.. perhaps run the nvidia-settings tool.. restart X.. done16:28
Dr_Willisthey did tweak nvidia-settings a little bit i saw.16:28
Dr_Willisit now seems to run wth the proper root permissions16:29
TecnoBratthey did yea16:29
TecnoBratthat it does .. was happy to see that16:29
rabbit1Dr_Willis: depends on processors rite? i got AMD16:29
Dr_Willisand i dont think it went berzerk when there was no xorg.conf this time either16:29
KB1JWQHoly... I just spent some time researching how to get tweetdeck installed.16:29
rabbit1---> athlon x2 64 bit with nvidia inbuilt16:29
Dr_Willisrabbit1:  what depends on the processor?  the VIDEO card.. yes. perhaps..16:29
KB1JWQCome to find out gwibber wipes the floor with it, and it comes installed by default.  *headdesk*16:29
BluesKajrabbit1, the kernel source driver will determine your resolution , run sudo nvidia-xconfig if you are happy with the existing driver16:30
Dr_WillisI saw a 'Twitter bird' teeshirt the other day. it was a Bird  with a Tweet saying 'No One cares what you are saying' :)16:30
rabbit1Dr_Willis: so had to tweak a bit, spent lot of time16:30
Dr_Willisrabbit1:  depends on your video card.16:30
KB1JWQDr_Willis: Absolutely agree.  But it's one of the more effective ways for me to follow Ubuntu security releases and such. :-)16:30
KB1JWQDr_Willis: Unless you've got an rss reader for GNOME that you'd recommend?16:31
Dr_WillisKB1JWQ:  ive been using 'feedly' extension for firefox these days16:31
Dr_WillisI perfer it to stand alone rss reader apps.16:31
rabbit1BluesKaj: Dr_Willis: ok will do it once i get lucid end of april, any link for all the installation process and nvidia installation processय़16:31
KB1JWQDr_Willis: I ca't get behind Firefox RSS extensions; my browser is cluttered enough.16:31
Dr_Willisrabbit1:  install.  it sees/mentions the nvidia restrited drivers.. a few clicks..  reboot.. done16:31
Dr_Willisfeedly i think is more of a web site then extension. I think the extension just adds a few little features16:32
rabbit1Dr_Willis: hope u taking after lucid installation ? that's cool then. thanks a lot16:32
Dr_Willisrabbit1:  its basivally been that way for the last few releases16:32
BluesKajrabbit1, if you wait for the stable release , then your nvidia kernel source driver should work fine16:32
KB1JWQDr_Willis: Thanks.  Feedly looks like it's worth pursuing.16:33
rabbit1BluesKaj: it was not a case with 8.04, i couldn't even get 1024 by default16:33
Dr_Willison this nvidia box . X is constantaly starting saying its 'in low res mode - do you want to fix....'  even tho if i just exit the dialog.. it does auto-fix it. or starts up fine.16:33
Dr_WillisKB1JWQ:  yea. its handy.  It even has extension for chrome i think16:33
BluesKajrabbit1, 8.04 didn't use kernel source , lucid does16:34
rabbit1BluesKaj: that's important info, thanks a lot..... :) lucid rules then16:35
Dr_WillisI find that often it depends on the nvidia chipset in use..  that limits what res i can get by 'default' and other things. :)16:36
Dr_Willisbut oncei get the nvidia drivers instaled.. they all work for me (so far) :)16:36
devurandomWhat is the recommended way of disabling a service in Ubuntu 10.04?16:37
BluesKajrabbit1, if by any chance you still have probs , there are other install procedures that can correct them16:37
devurandomI tried update-rc.d -f ... remove, as worked in Debian before. That claimed it succeeded, but didn't have any effect at all.16:38
TecnoBratdevurandom: looks like most things use "upstart"16:38
bipolarIs anyone using puppet on lucid? I'm getting some strange errors I don't get on Debian.16:38
devurandomThen I tried insserv -r ..., but that didn't do anything either, except spitting out a bazillion of errors.16:38
devurandomTecnoBrat: But how to tell "upstart" not to start a service...?16:39
BluesKajdevurandom, just update-rc.d16:39
devurandomBluesKaj: I can assure you: That does nothing of this sort.16:39
Dr_Williserr.. does Upstart USE 'update-rc.d' ? i thought that was for the sysv init scripts16:39
devurandomupdate-rc.d -f ... remove and the service was still starting.16:40
Dr_Willisdevurandom:  for upstart you can edit the /etc/init/XXX file and change its name to servicewhatever.DONTRUN   i recall reading16:40
devurandomI now modifed the script itself in /etc/init/, commenting out the "start on" line, but that sux majorly...16:40
rabbit1BluesKaj: i have no probs now, i managed to edit xorg.conf and fine 1024 resolution atleast16:40
Dr_Willisdevurandom:  I move the whatever.conf file to /etc/init/DISABLED/ directory i made..16:41
devurandomDr_Willis: Like "mv /etc/init/network-manager.conf /etc/init/network-manager.conf.DISABLED"?16:41
Dr_Willisdevurandom:  that should also work16:41
devurandomAha, ok,16:41
BluesKajdevurandom, open /etc/int.d/ and remove the bash file16:41
rabbit1BluesKaj: its so tough if i won't get this 1024 resolution, as it eats my screen, all apps go out of monitor screens, :( horrible16:41
devurandomBluesKaj: Which file?16:41
Dr_Willisdevurandom:  i find the 'DISABLED' directory an easer way to do it then renaming :)16:41
BluesKajrabbit1, what nvidia card ?16:41
rabbit1BluesKaj: can u kindly let me know the command, is it xrand ?16:42
Dr_Willisdevurandom:  you may need to watchout that any updates dont reinstall the file.16:42
devurandomOk, that sux even more than editing the file by hand...16:42
rabbit1BluesKaj: now its fine, i managed to solve it. but was asking about lucid16:43
Dr_WillisMoveing it to some dir sux? :) i found it rather easy to do16:43
BluesKajdevurandom, the script you want to stop16:43
devurandomI assume anyone has ever thought that someone might want to disable a service easily, before they deployed that "upstart"?16:43
Dr_Willisdevurandom:  its been discussed and rediscussed as to the 'proper' way to handle it in the updatart docs/forums from what ive seen..16:43
devurandomDr_Willis: Taking care that Ubuntu does not reinstall the file sux.16:43
Dr_Willisbut its not been given a definitive way.. because some disrtos may want to do it some way.. and others may want some other way16:44
Dr_Willisdevurandom:  yep.   But ive rarely seen the upstart scripts change.16:44
devurandommv ing the file around is acceptable, but still less convenient than update-rc.d -f ... remove.16:44
Dr_Willisat least the ones ive disabled have not came back.. so far16:44
Dr_Willisi imagine in a few more releases the update-rc.d -f will be totally gond.16:44
devurandom*sigh* ok...16:44
Dr_WillisIF the srevice is still using the sysv scripts then you can use update-rc.d16:45
devurandomDr_Willis: And then there will be a working new tool? ;)16:45
Dr_Willissudo mc , move the stuff to the other dir. :)16:45
devurandomDr_Willis: It seems network-manager is using both. init and init.d16:45
Dr_WillisI dont see anything related to network manager in /etc/rc2.d here16:45
* Dr_Willis looks again16:46
devurandomBut /etc/init.d contains a network-manager startup script.16:46
kklimondaonly a stub for compatibility16:46
HaffeI need some help. I installed Lucid Lynx, and it seems to have broken my grub. I get grub_insert_here when I boot.16:46
Dr_Willisinit.d is not the same as /etc/rc2.d :)16:46
devurandomAh:  /etc/init.d/network-manager -> /lib/init/upstart-job16:46
HaffeI have currentley booted of an old install cd and chosen to drop to a shell.16:46
Dr_Willismost of the things are that way i imagine.. upstart has been gettingused and people dont realize it16:47
HaffeWhere is the menu.lst or similiar that I need to edit?16:47
Dr_Willis!grub2 | Haffe16:47
ubottuHaffe: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub216:47
Dr_WillisHaffe:  a new clean install will use Grub2  /etc/default/grub and /etc/grub.d/XXXXX stff then rerun sudo update-grub16:48
Dr_WillisHmm. most of the scripts in init.d seem to be usint /lib/init/upstart-job16:48
devurandomDr_Willis: wicd doesnt ;)16:48
Dr_Williswell i found wicd... annoying. :)16:49
meanburrito920_if I did a in place upgrade to lucid beta1, does that include the nouveau nvidia drivers?16:49
devurandomDr_Willis: I find wicd-curses very nice.16:49
Dr_Williswell i found that lubuntu-desktop installed wicd and removed network-manager annoying16:49
Ian_Corneempathy defintly needs more preferences options16:49
devurandomAnd I have to use that for this network, since network-manager apparently has no way for me to tell wpa_supplicant to use fast_reauth=0.16:49
Dr_Willismeanburrito920_:  upgrades should upgrade everything normally16:50
devurandomDr_Willis: So without wicd I will regularly get kicked out of the net with only a cumbersome way back. ;)16:50
meanburrito920_Dr_Willis: right, but if I look at my listings for drivers it still lists the nvidia 176 or whatever version16:50
Dr_Williswow. Copying a 4gb file to a flash drive.. and it keeps going slower and slower and slower.. down to 911KB/Sec now...16:50
devurandomwicd has /etc/wicd/encryption/templates/ where I can give extra config options to wpa_supplicant. network-manager allows now such thing.16:51
Dr_Willismeanburrito920_:   it makes sence if you have the prop. drivers installed that it would use them16:51
meanburrito920_whats the flash drive's file system?16:51
meanburrito920_Dr_Willis: but if i want to try out nouveau?16:51
Dr_Willismeanburrito920_:  then uninstall the other drivers i guess.16:51
devurandomAnyway, thanks for the "mv" tip. Gtg again.16:51
Dr_Willismeanburrito920_:  ecit your xorg.conf :)16:52
Dr_Willisif it exists16:52
jeiworthDr_Willis: i have thesame problem, iirc i read about this bug in the net, i think its a problem in the usb-driver in the kernel16:52
meanburrito920_it does, but i thought that ubuntu was moving away from using xorg.conf?16:52
Dr_Willisjeiworth:  yea. im not seeing any messages in dmesg.. so not sure what to do with it.16:53
Dr_Willismeanburrito920_:  depends..16:53
Dr_Willismeanburrito920_:  X is moveing away from using xorg.conf16:53
Dr_Willisits not a ;ubuntu thing'16:53
Ian_Cornehas moved? :p16:53
Dr_WillisMy nvidia machines all have a xorg.conf16:53
Dr_Willismy intel video machines dont16:53
Ian_Cornemine doesn't16:54
Ian_CorneUsing nouveau16:54
Dr_WillisI use twinview - so that is a setting in the xorg.conf16:54
Ian_Cornewith twinview16:54
jeiworthDr_Willis: i tried it with ntfs and ext3 but the same, so i don't think the fs is the problem, and it seems to just affect single large files, if i copy the same ammount of data in smaller files the problem does not occur16:54
Ian_CorneIt's on a per user basis16:54
Ian_Cornewith the display preferences tool thingy16:54
Dr_Willisjeiworth:  yep. moving a 4gb file. and its saying 50+ min16:56
Dr_WillisTwinview is handled by the nvidia-settings tool  every time ive had to use it. The normal settings tool dosent do it. unless thats changed also16:57
om26erwell, my fstab had a problem16:57
Dr_Willissystem -> perferances -> monitor tells me to use nvidia-settings :)16:58
Dr_Willisom26er:  you broke it. :)16:58
om26erDr_Willis, yep16:58
om26erI also reported a bug, will close it now16:58
TecnoBratanyone use lirc?16:58
Dr_Willisnight all16:59
=== FFForever is now known as FFForever-Away
vividso the 'light-themes' update, did it change the location of window buttons to the right?17:02
vividi had manually changed it so i cant really tell other than several of the images are a little fubar now17:03
h00kI like Lucid's updated progress bar17:06
vividh00k, was anything changed with the buttons?17:07
h00kvivid: since the last update as far as positions? no17:08
h00kvivid: he's the latest changelog: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/
vividyea i browsed through it, but was curious because some of the images didnt get changed, and some got overwritten17:09
vividSome_Person, wheres your new package :p17:10
ZykoticK9vivid, i think you need to accept that the button are on the left to stay17:10
vividwell, this being free as in freedom software, i would fully disagree17:11
ZykoticK9vivid, i move the buttons back to the right as well - power of linux, you can customize it.  But the default is going to have them on the left17:12
vividi would still say thats silly, the whole mac ui is annoying and emulating it makes no sense, but opinions are like........well you know17:13
meanburrito920_urg, for some reason my game joystick is also controlling my mouse cursor. why might this be? it worked fine before the project...17:15
ZykoticK9meanburrito920_, i've had that issue before on Karmic, have you rebooted (does it happen after)?17:15
meanburrito920_I'll try it in a bit, I'm in the middle of some work right now :(17:16
=== FFForever-Away is now known as FFForever
ZykoticK9meanburrito920_, i don't (never found) have an actual solution.17:16
Ian_Cornewow, today is crash day for me17:16
Ian_Corneeverything is crashing, including apport..17:16
Ian_Cornewhen I start typing in empathy, it crashes17:16
Ian_Corneaha, I 've enabled dutch spell check17:18
Ian_Cornealongside with english17:18
TecnoBratAnyone know if there is a page / site that has a rolling list of changes for lucid?17:19
TecnoBratOr somewhere to get something similar?17:19
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TecnoBratahh I think this is sorta what I'm looking for https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+queue :)17:23
[diablo]hello all17:29
[diablo]guys, anyone know a way to get Empathy to prompt me for the password everytime it is started please?17:29
[diablo]I do not want it storing nothing more than my gmail username17:30
L0NELY-TR0LLBuenos vakaras17:38
L0NELY-TR0LLBon jorno17:38
L0NELY-TR0LLI have a problem with ubuntu17:41
L0NELY-TR0LLI don't know what it is17:41
ubottuUbuntu bug 547096 in empathy "In the menu spell checking enableing dutch crashes empathy" [Undecided,New]17:42
L0NELY-TR0LLubottu hello17:42
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu+1! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!17:42
L0NELY-TR0LLubottu do you like oil?17:43
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:43
L0NELY-TR0LLubottu i know..17:43
L0NELY-TR0LLubottu !hamburgers17:44
mc44L0NELY-TR0LL: please don't abuse the bot17:44
warriorforgodWow, couldn't have seen this comin based on his name.17:44
L0NELY-TR0LLmc44 But it likes it! Ask hem, he will proof it!17:44
L0NELY-TR0LLubottu say YES17:45
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ub0ttuYES!!! I like L0NELY-TR0LL!!!!17:45
mc44warriorforgod: the zeros are what give it away17:45
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mc44ub0ttu: stop it.17:45
L0NELY-TR0LLmc44 please don't abuse the bot17:46
L0NELY-TR0LLmc44 So... you have a 44 years old?17:46
Ian_Corne!behavior L0NELY-TR0LL17:47
L0NELY-TR0LL!behavior Ian_Corne17:47
Ian_Cornewhat is the trigger to warn any op ?17:48
mc44Ian_Corne: !ops17:48
James147!behavior | L0NELY-TR0LL17:49
ubottuL0NELY-TR0LL: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines17:50
jpdsJames147: He's gone dude.17:50
HaffeGuys. I bit the bullet and tried to do a clean install of lucid lynx using the live cd.17:54
HaffeHowever, it wont boot.17:54
HaffeIt just gives me the splash screen and nothing more. Is there tweaks that can be done, or some kind of debug windows?17:54
AlfredPennarinii need help about phonegap for iphone17:54
TecnoBratjpds: was that some sort of super kick which made it look like he left on his own? haha17:55
om26erwhich file have the UUID of root in grub2??17:55
jpdsTecnoBrat: Just a /remove command.17:55
bullgardMy Lucid computer does not produce messages during boot-up. How can I change this?17:56
James147Haffe: Did you do a disk check on the cd when you put it in the drive? (There is an option in the menu that appears)17:56
HaffeJames147: Yes.17:56
HaffeNo errors.17:56
HaffeI am wondering if it's my dual monitor setup that's causing problems.17:57
James147Haffe: dual monitor on nvidia?17:57
* abhinav recommends http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greg_Mortenson - and his books "Three Cups of Tea" and "Stones into Schools" for a "real" perspective on Pakistan / Afghanistan17:58
* abhinav says sorry - wrong room17:58
om26erabhinav, woho, this is a support channel17:58
bullgardHaffe: Analyze /var/log/messages.17:59
abhinavom26er: apologies, this was for another channel17:59
pepeehi, I'm having troubles while compiling an app17:59
bullgardHaffe: Or /var/log syslog rather.17:59
pepeeit says: /usr/include/bits/local_lim.h:39:26: error: linux/limits.h: No such file or directory18:00
pepee/usr/include/linux/ is empty18:00
Haffebullgard: But how do I do that from a frozen live boot session?18:00
pepeethis is after upgrading today...18:00
James147Haffe: If your useing nvidia then thats probally the problem, the opensouce drivers cannot do dual screen (at least last time i tryed) try unpluging one monitor and booting like that, if you can enable the nvida drivers18:01
vividhow do i make an upstart service start automatically?18:01
bullgardHaffe: You asked what to do after "a clean install of lucid lynx using the live cd."18:01
charlie-tcabullgard: edit /etc/default/grub18:01
pepeeinstalled packages: linux-headers-2.6.32-17-generic linux-headers-2.6.32-1718:01
bullgardcharlie-tca: Me?18:01
charlie-tcaremove quiet splash18:01
charlie-tca<bullgard> My Lucid computer does not produce messages during boot-up. How can I change this?18:02
charlie-tcabullgard: ^^ ^^18:02
pepee↑ ← is better18:03
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ZykoticK9bullgard, don't forget to run "sudo update-grub" after remove quiet&splash (like I just did the 1st time round)18:05
charlie-tcathank you, ZykoticK918:05
HaffeJames147: Thanks. That seems to help.18:05
Haffebullgard: Sorry, I was unclear.18:05
bullgardcharlie-tca: My file /etc/default/grub does not include 'quiet' and does not include 'splash'.18:05
DarsVaedahi installation tells me that my installation medium is one /dev/sda5 so i can not change that, which i need18:06
BUGabundo_remoteand I'm out18:06
DarsVaedahow can i change that?18:06
charlie-tcabullgard: this line? GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"18:06
TecnoBratI don't even have a /etc/default/grub file :)18:07
ZykoticK9TecnoBrat, have you upgraded from a version prior to 9.10?18:07
charlie-tcaTecnoBrat: You have /boot/grub/menu.lst instead?18:07
TecnoBratcharlie-tca: yep18:07
charlie-tcalegacy grub18:08
TecnoBratZykoticK9: I have upgraded from 8.10 => 9.04 => 9.10 => 10.04 on this box18:08
ZykoticK9TecnoBrat, thus the reason you don't have /etc/default/grub - you're using grub-legacy as charlie-tca pointed out18:08
bullgardcharlie-tca: This line looks with me:  'GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="vga=0x0340"'.18:09
charlie-tcaI think that vga= blanks out the text now in lucid with grub218:10
almoxarifefree more than tfds_in_queue <--- my kern.log is being overrun with that line, what is the simple fix? I am talking about 2 lines per sec18:10
pepeeIIRC vga=* is for old kernels < 2.6.3018:10
charlie-tcaI had to remove that completely here because it stopped by boot completely18:10
DarsVaedahi installation tells me that my installation medium is one /dev/sda5 so i can not change that, which i need, how do  i change that?18:10
charlie-tcaDarsVaeda: click on manual install18:11
charlie-tcamanual partition18:11
ZykoticK9DarsVaeda, i ran into a similar issue - I had to manually delete the partition I wanted to install too, then select "Use largest free space" (or similar) in the partition selection screen18:11
DarsVaedai can not delete it...18:12
ZykoticK9DarsVaeda, then use charlie-tca suggestion and use manual18:12
DarsVaedaand there is no "manual"18:12
bullgardcharlie-tca: Thank you for commenting.18:12
charlie-tcano problem18:12
DarsVaedai actually don't even get what the message tells me18:14
DarsVaedawhy is my installation medium on dev/sda18:14
DarsVaedai thought cd are mounted within media or something18:14
jmcantrellis there a way to have a user space hosts file?18:15
charlie-tcaDarsVaeda: it isn't seeing the hard drive?18:15
charlie-tcaoops, thinking out loud18:15
DarsVaedaoh wait does it tell me that the ...how is that named swap space for the live cd is on that partition?18:15
DarsVaedaand thats why it can't access it? that sounds reasonable18:16
DarsVaedacharlie-tca the hard drive is there18:16
DarsVaedai just can not use it18:16
charlie-tcayou might have to unmount the partition is all18:16
DarsVaedawhich is ... because thats my root there18:16
pepeecan someone hel me?18:17
MaximLevitsky-vmWhy gdm theme is white?18:18
DarsVaedaoh it actually mounted /cdrom to dev/sda5... so i can not umount it18:18
ryeMaximLevitsky-vm, I just come here to ask why my netbook gdm theme is dark :)18:19
MaximLevitsky-vmrye: 10.4?18:19
ryeMaximLevitsky-vm, yup18:19
MaximLevitsky-vmNow why its not possible to set it, or make it something neutral?18:20
DarsVaedais there a bootup option to tell the live cd where to mount to?18:20
Ichathi - im since yesterday trying to runn  lucid server.    the problem i seem to have is with transmission-daemon  -   when i update   /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json   nothing happens.    and   t...daemon -f   tells me that its config file may be in  /home/[user]/.config/     - my question   how can i change my system so that   the deamon reads 'the right'   config file18:26
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=== Alexia_death_ is now known as Alexia_Death_
howlmowlyHi people. .. i am sitting in Front of a black screen now after upgrading from 9.10 to 10.04. Any ideas?18:43
howlmowlyI did Not eben See grub or anything its just plain black18:44
coz_howlmowly, nvidia maybe?18:44
howlmowlyNope, Intel 965gm18:45
howlmowlyThe live disk works just fine, btw. I am now here using my phone. ..18:46
howlmowlyWhat would be the easiest way to repair it, using the live cd?18:48
pepeehowlmowly, no errors from grub?18:48
howlmowlyNope,  maybe in some file?18:48
pepeenot even the OS's list18:48
howlmowlyNope, nothing18:49
pepeetry reinstalling grub18:49
ZykoticK9howlmowly, you can try holding down shift, which should bring up grub menu - then try selected the "recovery mode" (or similar wording)18:49
howlmowlyZykoticK9: thx..  Ar least i know that grub works, now...18:51
ptbIt seems like terminal is using UTF-8 no mather if I set ISO-8859-1 , any workarounds on this one?18:53
howlmowlyAlright. Choosing recovery Mode from grub doesnt work either18:54
howlmowlyItalien Hangs After that with a black screen18:55
howlmowlySorry for my spelling autocorrection. ..18:56
howlmowlyPepee looks like grub Works...18:57
pepeecan you see the grub screen?19:00
howlmowlyYepp android choose Thema different kernels19:01
howlmowly*and choose Thema different kernels19:01
pepeeno errors after booting linux?19:02
pepeejust black screen?19:02
Ichatcan anyone help me find the ??? boot up ??   script for transmission-daemon19:05
=== ptb is now known as wnb
Ichatand the way how i can :    >1  change the location where it looks for its settings.json file.   and  2>  (iff possible)  how to start it as its own  user19:06
pepeehowlmowly, what are the kernel boot options?19:07
pepeehowlmowly, while in grub, press 'e' to see these options19:08
pepeebtw grub or grub2?19:08
howlmowly pepee grub Italien says grub 1.98 in the menu and the options are ro single vga=78819:10
pepeejust delete all of them19:11
pepeeand boot linux (IIRC, ctrl+x)19:11
howlmowlyyeah works now... lets See, how far it gets. ..19:12
howlmowlyOk, pepee i can now See,where it hangs. It says: filesystem could not be mounted /dev/Bus/usb.  Usb??19:15
pepeeIchat, know nothing about transmission-daemon, but you may edit /etc/init.d/transmission-daemon or something like that, and see if it works19:15
howlmowlyMaybe It is a problem that i had a usb Stick plugged in during the upgrade?19:17
komputesHi Lucid Testers, has anyone run into Bug #54716719:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 547167 in gnome-power-manager "Screen goes black when unattended and does not return" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54716719:18
pepeehowlmowly, did you install lucid from an USB drive?19:18
komputeshowlmowly: yeah, recovery mode seems broken19:18
komputeshowlmowly: do you only get a black screen and an underscore in the corner?19:19
pepeehmm try this: dpkg -P plymouth19:20
howlmowlykomputes Not even an underscore...19:20
pepeehowlmowly, and delete 'vga=...'19:20
komputeshowlmowly: ok, thought we may have had the same bug (I get a black screen with a cursor when running telinit 1 - Bug 545412)19:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 545412 in upstart "[Lucid Beta] telinit does not switch runlevels properly" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54541219:21
pepeehowlmowly, what does the screen do after ubuntu shows that message?19:22
pepeethere is cursor? login screen? tty?19:23
pepeetry: ctrl+alt+f219:23
howlmowlypepee i upgraded from my 9.10 but i had an usb stick plugged in during that time with a live cd Installation19:23
howlmowlypepee i habe No ttys and ctrl-alt-f* doesnt work either19:25
howlmowlyAfter that message everything stops. Though the cursor keeps blinking19:26
Ichatpepee:  -  im looking at it now, but its 'realy' strange (i think)19:26
pepeewell, try again with the usb plugged in...19:26
almoxarifeanyone elses kern.log getting filled with the same msg about tfds_in_queue ?????19:27
howlmowlybut restarting with Ctrl -alt-del works, btw. ..19:27
almoxarifeafter upgrade to kernel ...1719:28
pepeeI see a crash in pm-suspend...19:30
ZykoticK9almoxarife, bug #54558519:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 545585 in linux "lucid iwlagn free more than tfds_in_queue" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54558519:30
almoxarifeZykoticK9: I saw it, and I see there is a patch?19:31
howlmowlypepee still the same error,when the usb stick ist plugged in19:31
ZykoticK9almoxarife, that's certainly what the bug suggests (i don't have the issue, so i have no further info sorry)19:32
almoxarifeis patching a kernel straight forward?19:32
ZykoticK9almoxarife, test kernel available at http://people.canonical.com/~smb/lp545585/19:33
ruellei have upgraded to 10.4 and now my system is unusable. as long as i am in single user mode everything is fine. i even can run X and an xterm inside it. but when i switch to multiusermode, the keyboard, mouse and network are disabled. the only thing i can do then is shutting my computer down via acpi.19:35
pepeehowlmowly, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/50580819:36
ubottuUbuntu bug 505808 in linux "Can't boot with last linux kernels from to" [Unknown,Confirmed]19:36
quentusrexAlright, I don't know if this is a bug but it has bit me twice in a row19:36
quentusrexTrying to install Kbuntu and it won't let me login with the user and pass I think I set on install19:37
pepeehowlmowly, nah, is not related...19:37
howlmowlyYeah i just started wondereing Hehe Peperoni19:38
howlmowlyLol i mean pepe19:38
howlmowlyMy t9 ob my cellphone ist driving mehr nuts; )19:39
pepeewell, sorry, I have no idea what's the problem19:40
howlmowlyJesus. .. *me19:40
howlmowlyHmm... do you have a tip ob repairing with the live Verlag, maybe, pepee?19:41
pepeehowlmowly, nope19:42
howlmowlyI mean live cd19:43
pepeeas I said, don't know where is the problem19:43
running_rabbit07Hello, I have a Dell with a Netgear USB NIC. I have tried Lubuntu and Ubuntu Lucid and neither one works with the wireless. Is there a way to fix this without buying a new NIC or running 75 feet of wire?19:43
pepeeis very strange...19:43
howlmowlyI think. I will try reinstalling19:44
C-S-B-N900running_rabbit07: whats the chip set?19:45
pepeetry dl the latest build19:46
howlmowlyhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/507881 pepe thats from your link. .. that ist almost exactly my Problem i will report It i succeed19:48
ubottuUbuntu bug 507881 in ubuntu "Lucid alpha 2 fails to start up unless you remove /proc/bus/usb from the fstab" [Medium,Confirmed]19:48
pepeehaha well, good to see you could solve it19:49
howlmowlyI am Not sure, yet pepe still booting into live cd also my error says /dev/usb and not /proc /usb. ..19:52
ruellei have upgraded to 10.4 and now my system is unusable. as long as i am in single user mode everything is fine. i even can run X and an xterm inside it. but when i switch to multiusermode, the keyboard, mouse and network are disabled. the only thing i can do then is shutting my computer down via acpi.19:54
charlie-tcaruelle: what kind of video? VIA KM400 on the Acer Aspire has a bug filed already19:59
ruellecharlie-tca: i dont think it's a video problem. i tried nvidia and ati.20:00
plauclairI think openjdk might be broken, some things in Eclipse don't work on it but work on Sun Java20:02
yofelplauclair: you're not the only one noticing that, please make sure there's a bug filed20:04
plauclairI've seen a bug report but I'm not sure it's for 10.4, I'm gonna verify20:05
* gnomefreak tries to think what package i filed a java bug on20:05
gnomefreakbut mine was due to another package (java plugin i think) it was days ago20:06
yofelat least my bug about firefox ignoring sun java is finally getting worked on20:08
BUGabundoyofel: ???20:09
BUGabundomy boss got hit byt that one today20:09
BUGabundoon karmic20:09
plauclairis there a way to uninstall openjdk without removing eclipse at the same time ? I just moved from opensuse and I don't really get how to :S20:10
gnomefreakyofel: is it asac or micah working on it?20:10
yofelnope, assigned to someone else20:10
redhow can I find out which port is used by IMAP and Usenet news via commandline?20:10
yofelit's a bug in sun java, not ffx20:10
yofelmore like they changed firefox and now sun java needs to be adjusted20:11
socket_77red: imap uses 143 and uucp uses 11720:11
redi know the ports, just need a way to verify :)20:12
gnomefreakyofel: oh ok. i dont know who our java guy is anymore20:12
socket_77red: you can do a netstat -ntap to see active ports20:12
redand more precisely, need to verify that via cli20:12
redillegal option -- t20:13
gnomefreakdamn he left20:13
socket_77you are running this on lucid?20:13
Damasceneany one using rtl locale, Arabic Hebrew or Urdu20:13
reddidn't detach all the way x)20:13
quentusrexMajor Bug: Try to install Kbuntu. Update the installer. The updates removes the ability to set your user and password, so on reboot you can't login.20:13
redmy bad20:13
gnomefreakquentusrex: file a bug on it. it may just be the daily ISO that is messed up20:14
quentusrexgnomefreak, where should this bug be filed?20:15
gnomefreakUbuntu ISo doesnt have that problem ;)20:15
howlymowlyhrhr pepe!!  it works...  now chatting from my laptop again...20:15
gnomefreakquentusrex: launchpad.net  not sure the package to file it against i would just set it to ubuntu as the package20:15
howlymowlypepe could you give me the link from earlier onc again? I accidentally deleted it.. this way I could help at launchpad to remove this bug...20:16
gnomefreakhowlymowly: what link?20:17
gnomefreakwell what was it to20:17
howlymowlyto a launchpad bug entry20:18
howlymowlyi posted it like 20min ago...20:18
gnomefreakhowlymowly: a bug or just the general page?20:18
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howlymowlyand pepe another one liek 30 min?20:18
howlymowlyto a specific bug20:18
gnomefreakhowlymowly: what was the bug on and about?20:18
howlymowlyits about a blank screen and something with /proc/usb20:19
howlymowlywhen starting up ubuntu20:19
gnomefreakhowlymowly: did you file it?20:19
howlymowlygnomefreak: nope..  but I had the same bug and want to 1. confirm it and 2. my bug had some "variation" to the original bug so I wanted to extend the information in the bug reportcould you search it for me :)?20:20
gnomefreakyofel: do you know the bug howlymowly is refering to?20:21
yofelmom, reading backlog20:21
gnomefreakhowlymowly: well i looked for your home page but howlymowly is not known (if you commented on it i can get it from your home page in LP20:21
gnomefreaksounds almost like a plymouth bug :)20:22
yofelbug 507881 ?20:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 507881 in ubuntu "Lucid alpha 2 fails to start up unless you remove /proc/bus/usb from the fstab" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50788120:22
howlymowlyahh.. yeah thats the one :) thx20:22
howlymowlygnomefreak: NOW I can comment on it :)20:22
howlymowlymy name btw. on LP is yeus...  not howlymowly :)20:22
gnomefreakhowlymowly: if you subscribe to it you will get emails when someone comments on it20:23
gnomefreakthat would explain why i didnt find you there ;)20:23
cozziemotohas anyone installed iagno?  it doesnt animate as it did on previous versions20:23
yofelcozziemoto: the coin flipping is animated here20:24
rippsIs it just me, or has Radiance/Ambiance just become broken?20:24
cozziemotoyofel, mm not here  mabye an uninstall and reinstall will doi t20:24
gnomefreakyou mean it worked at one time?20:25
cozziemotoripps,  i thought it was always broken :)20:25
plauclairripps, it even breaks Eclipse autocomplete, white text on white background.... !20:25
* gnomefreak not going to say names but i think i know who broke it :X20:25
rippsthe light-themes have always seemed to work okay with me, but the last update, gnome-panel and nautilus fallback to hicolor mode20:26
plauclairI really hope they're gonna fix the theme before 10.4 comes out cause right now it's really bad :(20:29
cozziemotoah darn ..reinstalling iagno did nothing but not a biggie unless I can get the source and compile20:30
cemcinstalled lucid server 32bit from the iso, the did an upgrade and grub-pc is crapping out like this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/401363/ - any ideas?20:38
cemcfirst two lines are because of set -x I put in postinst script20:38
BluesKajplauclair, it's eye candy to the devs so it'll probly stay on the back burner until more important problems are looked after20:38
gnomefreaki had a question for one of the devs with that but im not ready to speak to him yet20:39
plauclairbroken ide because of of theme, to me that's pretty important.. but I'm just gonna use another theme :S20:39
MTecknologyTime to upgrade my dev systems to 10.0420:40
gnomefreakjava IDE would be broken without the theme causing it too :)20:41
plauclairnot to mention the broken window controls, I mean it makes Linux look really cheap20:41
gnomefreakplauclair: they were goin gto be turned around but staying on left side AFAIR20:41
gnomefreakthat wiki is on my todolist20:41
plauclairit's not the side that's not working, if you have a window that only has the close window control you get a straight edge20:42
gnomefreakplauclair: did you file a bug on that? i would like to see that20:42
plauclairgnomefreak, haven't had time for that yet20:43
cemcplauclair: on which theme does that occur ?20:43
infectomount: warning: /etc/mtab is not writable (e.g. read-only filesystem). It's possible that information reported by mount(8) is not up to date. For actual information about system mount points check the /proc/mounts file.20:44
plauclaircemc, ambience20:44
infectoro system?20:44
cemcplauclair: hm, I'm not seeing the straight edge20:45
plauclaircemc, let's say you go to settings>appearance>fonts tab>details button, this dialog shows the problem20:49
cemcplauclair: hmm, not seeing the difference20:50
MTecknologyAny ideas what would cause this error during upgrade?  http://dpaste.com/176150/20:50
EdwinGrubbshow do I enable the Me Menu in Lucid?20:51
cemcplauclair: got it now20:53
gnomefreakMTecknology: looking at error20:55
MTecknologygnomefreak: I just found a bug report too20:55
MTecknologybug 53499920:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 534999 in update-manager "Exception during pm.DoInstall()" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53499920:55
gnomefreakMTecknology: did you try apt-get update && apt-get -f install   used with sudo ofcourse20:56
gnomefreakplymouth+mount all were fixed with depends issues20:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 531246 in network-manager "network-manager-vpnc is not included in the installation." [Undecided,New]20:57
Ian_Corneno1 has any feedback on this?20:57
gnomefreakMTecknology: makes me think its trying to configure them out of order20:57
MTecknologygnomefreak: oh- could make sense20:58
gnomefreakMTecknology: run the apt-get -f install see if it helps20:58
MTecknologywill do20:58
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cemcplauclair: http://hosting.astral.ro/~gimre/screenshot_002.png - you mean this?20:58
BluesKajMTecknology, what command did you use to upgrade ? sudo do-release-upgrade -d ?20:59
plauclaircemc, yes, exectly20:59
cemcgnomefreak: http://hosting.astral.ro/~gimre/screenshot_002.png20:59
gnomefreakcemc: yeah that should be there :) what is the issue?21:00
BluesKajMTecknology, this will add the lucid repository and upgrade your version to lucid: sudo sed -i 's/karmic/lucid/g' /etc/apt/sources.list && sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude dist-upgrade21:00
cemcgnomefreak: looks brrr? :) I dunno, ask plauclair :)21:00
gnomefreakother than the image lying to you21:00
* gnomefreak hates when images ly21:01
plauclairgnomefreak, It breaks the "graphic language"21:01
cemcwhy is one side of it straight?21:01
MTecknologyBluesKaj: gnomefreak: Interesting, after just trying to rerun do-release-upgrade it seems to work21:01
plauclairsorry, I don't know how to explain it other than in graphic design themes :S21:01
gnomefreakplauclair: i would need steps to reproduce it21:01
gnomefreakMTecknology: it got ahead of its self21:01
plauclairopen a dialog with only the close control, it's everywhere21:02
gnomefreakit happens from time to time. you have a bug on it?21:02
MTecknologygnomefreak: musta, I'll mention that in the bug report21:02
MTecknologywhat should I tag it with?21:02
gnomefreakMTecknology: give me # i think you can get away without tagging it21:02
gnomefreakplauclair: i cant reproduce that sorry21:03
plauclairreally ?21:03
cemcgnomefreak: if you just selected that theme, you have to relog I think21:03
plauclairyou get two round edges ?21:03
cemcplauclair: I got that too at first21:03
gnomefreakrelog? you mean restart X?21:03
MTecknologybug 53499921:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 534999 in update-manager "Exception during pm.DoInstall()" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53499921:03
MTecknologygnomefreak: ^21:03
gnomefreakMTecknology: thanks looking at it21:04
plauclaircemc, that's strange !21:04
cemcafter I restarted with that theme selected,21:04
cemcit broke21:04
cemcif switching from another theme, it's not broken, only after a logout/login (or restart?) it breaks21:05
mha2908_Hi guys! Here's (hopefully) member:a quickie: Recently installed 10.04 server, and want to run the gnome desktop environment through member:a SSH X Window forwarding session. But how can I install the "ubuntu-desktop"-package without it starting automatically when I boot the pc?21:05
MTecknologygnomefreak: I need to take care of a virus, i got it in windows, on the vm i use for homework only :P21:05
cemclemme doublecheck that21:05
plauclaircemc, at first I thought it had just been overlooked21:06
rippsOkay, something must have been upd with my system, because after reboot, the light-themes are working again. Although, it seems that it renders the metacity menu button incorrectly now. It gives it a bad background image.21:07
MTecknologygnomefreak: interesting... the second time only worked on one of the systems21:07
gnomefreakMTecknology: i commented on bug for mvo21:07
EdwinGrubbsHow do I enable the Me Menu in Lucid?21:07
gnomefreakfred_2: its the envolope next to the date/clock21:07
gnomefreakEdwinGrubbs: ^^^21:08
gnomefreakleft click it :)21:08
cemcplauclair: can't reproduce what I said... now it's always like that, straight on the right side21:08
cemclike on the screnshot21:08
gnomefreakcemc: you moved them to right side :)21:08
plauclairyeah.. for me it has always been like that21:08
cemcI didn't move anything, that's just how it appears,21:09
MTecknologygnomefreak: :S - rerun - it's workingon 3/5 systems nwo21:09
cemcif you notice the close button on the Appearance Preferences windows appears on the left21:09
gnomefreakcemc: yours appear on the right hand side?21:09
cemcin the samples appears on the right21:09
EdwinGrubbsgnomefreak: I don't have an envelope icon. I used to a long time ago (maybe Jaunty), but I removed it.21:09
cemcon the left21:09
gnomefreakEdwinGrubbs: than add indicator-me to panel21:09
cemconly the samples are wrong, on the actual windows the buttons are on the left21:10
gnomefreakEdwinGrubbs: it would have been added once indicator-me was introduced21:10
gnomefreakcemc: yeah ok i thought you meant the controls moved to the right by themselves21:10
cemcgnomefreak: the initial issue that plauclair said was the straigth right side of a single 'close' button (which is on the left)21:11
cemcgnomefreak: this other thing with the buttons on the right, I just noticed21:11
cemc(this is a Karmic upgrade, not a fresh beta install, so that could've messed up something)21:12
plauclairwhat I have is a straight beta install so it has no relevance in that case I'd say21:12
gnomefreakwonders if i should come up witha  script for moving them around but thats last on my todolist21:13
=== BUGabundo is now known as BUGabundo_dinner
cemcgnomefreak: the main issue is the straight right side, that's a bit sucky-looking :)21:13
gnomefreakBUGabundo_dinner: eat well :)21:13
BUGabundo_dinnerI shall21:14
gnomefreakim not understanding what you mean by straight right side21:14
cemcgnomefreak: http://hosting.astral.ro/~gimre/screenshot_002.png - look at the close button21:14
cemcon the left21:14
gnomefreakhmmm its dinner time here and i know you are not in US21:14
cemcdoes that look ok to you?21:14
cemcwhy does it have that button background a straight right side21:15
cemcwhy isn't it round?21:15
plauclairto me it just looks wrong too21:15
gnomefreakthe red close button?21:15
gnomefreakits round in the screenshot21:16
cemcno, not the red one, the other one up there, on the left21:16
plauclairno, its border21:16
cemcit's grey because the window is not in focus21:16
gnomefreaki have screen zoomed way in to make sure but looks round to me21:16
cemcit's background, not the button itself21:16
gnomefreakoh ok21:16
cemcwhen there are 3 buttons, the background is round21:16
plauclairthere is kind of a depression around the red button21:16
pepeewell, someone forgot to put a couple symlinks...21:16
MTecknologygnomefreak: these two systems just don't want to be upgraded.... E: Couldn't configure pre-depend libplymouth2 for mountall, probably a dependency cycle.21:17
MTecknologythat's with aptitude dist-upgrade21:17
pepeeln -s /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.32-17/include/asm-generic/ /usr/include/asm21:17
=== uaa is now known as damascene
pepeeln -s /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.32-17/include/linux/  /usr/include/21:17
gnomefreakMTecknology: im not liking that now. run apt-get -f install see what it does. While you are doing that im going to run outside for a couple of minutes21:17
Dimmuxxgnomefreak: any eta on firefox 3.6.2 yet?21:17
MTecknologygnomefreak: I gon't need a few minutes :P21:18
BluesKajMTecknology, dist-upgrade is depracated21:18
MTecknology0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 293 not upgraded.21:18
MTecknologyBluesKaj: that's what you said to do above21:18
deanusI always safe-upgrade/full-upgrade21:18
cemcgnomefreak: http://hosting.astral.ro/~gimre/screenshot_003.png - there21:19
arandI have a fun one: Bug #54718221:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 547182 in plymouth "plymouth displays video artefacts from earlier 9.10 session" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54718221:19
gnomefreakDimmuxx: i havent ased but as i recall we are still waiting for nss/nspr. join #ubuntu-mozillateam and ask i have other things going on here so i cant ask asac21:19
MTecknologydeanus: that doesn't work either21:19
BluesKajnot me MTecknology , I told you to sudo do-release-upgrade -d21:19
Dimmuxxgnomefreak: will do, thanks21:19
yofelpepee: /usr/include/linux is a standalone folder here, not a symlink21:20
MTecknologyBluesKaj: 16:00 #ubuntu+1: < BluesKaj> MTecknology, this will add the lucid repository and upgrade your version to lucid: sudo sed -i 's/karmic/lucid/g' /etc/apt/sources.list && sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude dist-upgrade21:20
pepeeyofel, was empty when I was trying to compile something21:21
MTecknologydoesn't really matter21:21
pepeeand some headers where including files from that folder21:21
arandIs there any good way to completely reset&reconfigure plymouth after messing about with video drivers and the having reverted to nouveau?21:21
pepeespecifically "linux/limits.h"21:21
BluesKajMTecknology, oops , meant to cut of the last part , sorry21:22
yofelpepee: dpkg -S says: linux-libc-dev: /usr/include/linux/limits.h21:23
yofelpepee: did you install linux-libc-dev?21:23
pepeeyep, linux-libc-dev is installed21:23
pepeegonna try reinstalling it21:23
MTecknologyaptitude install libplymouth221:24
gnomefreakMTecknology: using --configure -a should also clear it up21:25
MTecknologygnomefreak: it didn't :P21:25
gnomefreakbut i havent seen that problem since jaunty dev cycle21:25
gnomefreakMTecknology: ok update the bug than mvo will get to it tomorrow i would think21:26
MTecknologygnomefreak: yup, I'm testing to make sure this makes things work - I have two other systems to test with21:26
gnomefreaki have to ping him about smart when i see him so i can refer him to bug report if he has time21:26
mikeconceptsmikeconcepts: /j #ubuntu+121:33
MTecknologymikeconcepts: you're already here21:34
mikeconceptscan't see all the icons in system/administration with lucid ubuntu netbook remix21:34
mikeconceptsthe majority of the icons are off the bottom of the screen21:34
mikeconceptsthat is the only menu item that has that problem21:35
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
knittlhi. how can i get the volume control applet back?21:37
xfactI was in lucid (alpha) few days ago, but after one update it was inaccessible so I was waiting, so anyone can tell me that Beta one is totally cured of whole system blockage or not?21:38
cemcknittl: Alt+F2 and type gnome-volume-control-applet21:38
knittlcemc: ok thanks. why isn't it starting automatically anymore?21:39
xfactAny guessing?21:39
cemcknittl: it was moved to the 'indicator area', I think. search for indicator applet in 'add to panel' window21:40
xfactCan anyone tell me is that safe to upgrade to lucid yet?21:41
cemcknittl: I'm guessing you have that indicator applet disabled like I have ;)21:41
cndWhere's the beta 1 cd isos (not the 4gb dvd isos)?21:43
knittlcemc: no, i have the indicator applet21:43
knittland it's not in there21:43
knittlonly battery, bluetooth, transmission, rhythmbox and the generic mail symbox21:44
MTecknologygnomefreak: this sucks, my most important dev system isn't coming back up :P21:45
cemcknittl: isn't that the notification area?21:46
mikeconceptsdid a ton of updates and after a cold boot the missing icons problem went away21:46
mikeconceptsjust in case anyone was monitoring that21:46
knittlcemc: there is a difference?21:47
cemcknittl: seems so ;)21:47
knittland adding a new indicator applet to the panel shows just that21:47
knittlso it is the indicator applet21:47
=== ar0n is now known as ar0nic
cemcknittl: and the volume control isn't in there?21:48
knittlafter starting gnome-volume-control-applet it's in the notification area ;)21:48
knittlleft of pidgin and networking21:48
cemcI found the 'other' volume control in the indicator applet after I put it on the panel... but I like the other one better21:49
knittli simply want the "real" one21:50
pascal_In 10.04,  I'm having problems with the 3G modem in knetworkmanager. it works fine in nm-applet. Who can I talk to i about?21:51
pepeehmm aptitude keeps telling me that there's a conflict between fglrx and fglrx-kernel-source, xorg-driver-fglrx21:51
deanusknittl,  its one of the indicator applets, cant remember which one.21:51
cemcknittl: they are all real ;) as in, they are change the volume, hehe21:51
knittlalsamixer does that too :P21:52
cemcexactly ;)21:53
pascal_10.04, knetworkmanager, 3g: who should I talk to?21:55
knittlneed to install indicator-sound21:56
knittlthere we go :)21:56
yofelpascal_: I never got 3g to work in KNM too22:00
pepeetry wicd22:01
pascal_yofel: yes.. thats the problem. It seems there is no problem configuring. But actually starting the service is not possible22:01
=== addisonj_ is now known as addisonj
pascal_pepee: yes, but Kubuntu ships with knetworkmanager22:02
yofelpepee: the gnome applet works, not a network-manager problem22:02
pepeepascal_, yep, i know it22:02
pepeeyofel, ahh22:02
_jscguyHi there, what is the text box for in the username menu ?22:02
pepeeI don't like NM...22:03
knittlis there a chance the indicator icons will regain pop up information?22:03
knittli really miss it22:03
yofelpascal_: you could ask in #kubuntu-devel if you can help with debugging KNM, I use the experimental plasmoid here which has mobile settings disabled so I can't test it atm22:04
pascal_yofel: yes.. I just went in there.22:05
ubuntujenkinsdoes this happen to any one else? http://www.imagesocket.com/upload/22:07
ubuntujenkinswhen the window is in active the button background messes up22:08
_jscguyany clue why I'm getting "invalid number" from dd with regards to a hexadecimal seek address? dd: invalid number `0x045d1400'22:10
ubuntujenkinswrong link http://www.imagesocket.com/view/Screenshotd57.png22:10
pepee*I repeat: aptitude keeps telling me that there's a conflict between fglrx and fglrx-kernel-source, xorg-driver-fglrx22:11
pepeeis that the expected behavior?22:11
Ian_Cornenot ubuntu+1 related :)22:12
noogaphp does not work in ~/public_html/ in lucid, i did that -> http://marco.tondela.org/2010/03/your-public_html-with-php5-isnt-working-in-ubuntu-lucid/22:12
noogabut it didn't help at all22:12
noogaany ideas how can I fix that?22:13
noogaor maybe at least some suggestions where to seek22:15
redhmm nooga22:15
redfor me there has been no problems22:16
reddid you upgrade to lucid with dist-upgrade?22:16
faryshtaHi, how can I install gparted?22:17
BUGabundo_dinnerfaryshta: $ sudo aptitude update; sudo aptitude safe-upgrade; sudo aptitude install gparted22:18
BUGabundo_dinneror any other APT frontend22:18
faryshtaBUGabundo_dinner, I will try.22:19
=== BUGabundo_dinner is now known as BUGabundo
faryshtaBUGabundo, seems the México server is down and that is why I couldn't install software?22:27
BUGabundooh ok22:27
=== CalmvsKhaos is now known as seanbrystone
kklimondanooga: you could try asking folks at the #ubuntu-server, they may know how to help you or what you should be looking for to debug this issue.22:32
Ian_Cornefaryshta: which server in mexico?22:32
Ian_Cornemx.archive ?22:33
pepeefaryshta, just replace mx.archive with us.archive22:34
David-Tgreat, gdm was entirely unusable due to... a missing gconf schema. not quite what i was thinking22:36
faryshtaIan_Corne, yes.22:36
David-Tbut meh, i only spent about 3 hours trying to fix nouveau before realising it wasn't broken.22:36
faryshtapepee, I did.22:36
hobanhello. I just upgraded to lucid from karmic and no longer have 3d support. How can I get the nvidia driver installed? Jockey doesn't work and if I install though aptitude, I still don't get 3d when I log in22:42
jpdspepee: Same machines.22:43
pepeeheh didn't know22:44
jpdsfaryshta: I would suggest using: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+mirror/tezcatl.fciencias.unam.mx-archive22:45
faryshtajpds, Don't worry, I am already using the main server and installing my stuff.22:45
jpdsfaryshta: OK; mx.archive and us.archive both point at the main servers; do you're problem is really odd.22:46
faryshtahoban that sounds more like a configuration problem. Maybe you will need a fresh reinstall. I am not sue so I recommend to keep asking.22:46
faryshtajpds: your* :P22:47
jpdsThat too.22:47
faryshtaWell I am also behind a websense filter.22:47
shane2peruok, wicd, doesn't want to connect to wireless with wpa2, any documentation, or hints? psk or aes?  what is the difference?22:48
faryshtaSo that may be the cause I download tons of shit from the mx.archive, maybe the admins of websense decided it was enough for me.22:48
shane2peruor should I just go with wep?22:48
timh1Are there problems with Gwibber at the moment. Was find. Did an update. Wont start in one user account but will on another. Gwibber service works ok. Any ideas?22:49
timh1Meant was fine.22:49
arandIs there a bug # for the window buttons being inconsistent when only 1 or 2 buttons are present?22:49
kklimondaarand: there is for sure22:51
arandkklimonda: Is that shoved into the master as well?22:52
arandsince I can't seem to find a separate one for it..22:52
kklimondaarand: I don't think so, it's an actual bug22:52
arandkklimonda: on light-themes?22:53
kklimondaarand: you got me - I don't know if it's actually reported but I know developers know about it22:54
almoxarifeshane2peru: you should use the amount of crypto you need for what you do, wep is the weakest22:54
Some_Personarand: It's a consequence of putting minimize in the middle. It has a sharp edge22:55
arandSome_Person: or having only the close button.22:55
kklimondaarand: but if it is it should be in light-themes22:55
Some_Personarand: The close button alone in the dark theme works (afaik), but not the light theme22:55
arandI wonder if it should be reported for good measure, and if asking ayatana is a right thing to do?22:56
Some_Personarand: All this is fixed in my version of light-themes, which has the buttons in their old karmic positions22:56
kklimondaSome_Person: so it's not really a fix22:57
arandSome_Person: also for one-button dialogues?22:57
Some_Personarand: One-button dialogues *should* work if you're using the dark theme already22:57
pepeewell, all my problems solved by running apt-get update....22:58
arandSome_Person: Works in neither rad nor amb here, on latest updates22:58
Some_PersonHmm, well then somehow when I moved the buttons to the old karmic positions it started working fine22:58
pepeedon't know if to laugh or to cry :(22:59
Some_PersonI had to manually fix it for the light theme, but not the dark22:59
pepeebye ppl22:59
Some_PersonWith my light-themes: http://img651.imageshack.us/img651/3793/screenshotvw.png23:01
faryshtaBefore I screw up... how do I use gparted?23:01
BUGabundofaryshta: if you don't know, why did you want to install it ?23:03
faryshtaBUGabundo, I want to format a USB-drive.23:03
Some_Personfaryshta: Methinks you may be in the wrong room, unless you specifically installed a prerelease ubuntu without knowing anything about partitioning23:03
BUGabundoso what is your dificulty ?23:03
BUGabundojust right click the device, and choose format23:04
bjsnidergparted is pretty straightforward23:04
BUGabundono need for gparted23:04
BUGabundoSome_Person: +123:04
arandSome_Person: Yea, original is still http://imagebin.org/90395 and http://imagebin.org/9039623:04
arandHowever it seems like the two-button windows might have been fixed now..23:05
Some_Personarand: 2-button windows are unfixable as far as I can tell23:05
Some_PersonThe problem is that the minimize button is in the middle, and therefore is not rounded23:06
Some_PersonAs for 1-button windows, I'm not sure why they aren't working. Perhaps the code that makes them work depends on the old positions?23:06
Some_PersonAll I know is that without changing anything else, moving the buttons to the old positions fixes 1-button windows23:08
Some_Person(on the dark theme)23:08
xfactfeww, that was libjavaplugin_oji.so23:09
Some_PersonI think the bottom line here is that the funky positions should be ditched23:09
xfactproblem solved, bye :)23:10
arandSome_Person: Original seems to have two-button working now, regardless if using max/min: http://imagebin.org/90398 http://imagebin.org/9039723:11
Some_PersonIn a 3-button window, where is minimize?23:11
maccam94i'm not seeing the volume control applet on my panel or in add to panel23:12
arandWell originally middle.23:12
maccam94any ideas?23:12
Some_Personmaccam94: indicator applet23:12
arandmaccam94: It's part of ↑23:12
maccam94seems to be kind of redundant with the user menu...23:13
arandI like how they add more and more clutter, all in the name of removing it: message-indicator now obligatory part of notification area, memenu/logout separated, but still in one lump so the memenu is stuck.23:16
Some_Personeh, complain to GNOME23:17
arandNo, I think this is mostly ubuntu's doing actually.23:18
Some_PersonWhat is the "message-indicator"?23:19
arandSome_Person: the letter icon, now part of indicator-applet23:21
Some_PersonThat's GNOME's doing23:21
Some_Personand things like volume are moving to indicator applet because the official gnome specs say they should be there23:22
=== lullabud_ is now known as lullabud
arandAh, ok then, well then it's not totally as hypocritical as I though it was then.23:22
kklimondaSome_Person: not really, those are changes made by Ubuntu developers23:23
Some_PersonBut they were made because of the gnome specs23:24
kklimondaSome_Person: the spec you are talking about was created by KDE and is being discussed (or not) by fd.o23:24
arandSome_Person: Removing clutter by making unneccesary things obligatory.23:24
Some_Personhuh? How could KDE create a spec for indicator applet?23:24
kklimondaarand: you can remove an envelope by stoping /usr/lib/indicator-messages/indicator-messages-service (and probably removing indicator-messageS)23:24
kklimondaarand: but most of us don't really count it as clutter23:25
arandkklimonda: ah, cheers. notes that down in the sane-defaults document.23:25
kklimondaI don't really think that either messaging-menu or memenu is something that isn't sane ;)23:27
NinoScriptin empathy, new conversations stay closed inside the chat applet, can I make them auto-open their windows?23:27
kklimondaI myself love the messaging indicator23:27
arandLast time I chacked, it didn't work well with thunderbird, so nothanks for me23:28
kklimondaso the problem isn't really the indicator itself23:29
arandOn a different topic, does facebook chat use a specific port for it's business, so simply 80 won't do?23:32
kklimondaarand: it uses standard jabber port23:32
howlymowlyhi poeple... short question about kubuntu 10.04 and firefox integration..  well.. just installed firefox but it looks just as ugly as in 9.10  i read somewhere that firefox was supposed to be better integrated in kde??23:33
howlymowlyand kubuntu...23:33
arandkklimonda: so in the case of FB chat not working behind a vey restrictive FW, would one blame empathy or the firewall?23:34
kklimondaarand: firewall23:35
arandkklimonda: Ah.23:35
IdleOnearand: clearly the "vey restrictive FW"23:36
arandWell, I can do MSN chat and Skype, but apart from that... not much.23:37
kklimondaskype is a parasite23:39
kklimondait is just going to use port 80 and some magic to bypass firewall23:39
redhttp magic23:41
histoThats cool lucid supports reading the ipod 3g touch23:41
CrashbitUbuntu lucid doesn't detect Seagate Barracuda XT Sata3 hard drive, anyone help me ?23:52
kklimondadoes it show up in dmesg at all?23:54
dougbis iphone support broken for anyone else?23:58

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