DanaG[   35.623962] musb_hdrc musb_hdrc: musb_init_controller failed with status -1900:00
DanaG[   35.643035] last sysfs file: /sys/devices/platform/gpio-keys/input/input0/event0/uevent00:00
DanaGer, missed this in the middle:00:00
DanaG[   35.639160] Internal error: : 1028 [#1]00:00
rcn-eeDanaG, give this one a try, it's my current work in progress.. http://rcn-ee.homeip.net:81/dl/testing/lucid/linux-image-2.6.33-500-omap_2.6.33-500.3_armel.deb00:01
DanaGI'm going to be leaving soon, but I'll give it a try later.00:03
DanaGIs it possible that the u-boot usbtty is interfering?00:04
DanaG...even though I'm not using it.00:04
rcn-eeno problem, i'll be working on a couple things, so just watch the bzr repo i use...  i don't know if that's ready for the c4 board yet...00:04
rcn-eenah it shoudn't...00:05
rcn-eehowdy doody00:20
GodKaWhat can i put on my Asus A63600:20
GodKaHi rcn-ee00:20
rcn-eeit looks like it's xcale...00:21
rcn-eepxa270, i think that's armv4, which would mean, angstrom or debian...00:22
GodKaSome ubuntu?00:23
GodKaA few years ago i wanted to put some linux on it, but it didn't support gps an wifi ad that sucks00:24
rcn-eeubuntu's lowest minimum requirement was armv5, but that was 9.04... (9.10 requires armv6 and 10.04 is armv7)00:24
rcn-eeif you can find a kernel, ubuntu squeeze should run great on it...00:24
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DanaGCannot access MTD device /dev/mtd2: No such file or directory05:00
DanaGrcn-ee: that's on the test kernel you linked.05:01
DanaGAll /dev/mtd* are missing.05:17
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nosse1For some reason I am not capable of starting qemu-system-arm with -net tap support. I followed the instructions on the RootfsFromScratch08:14
ogranosse1, i'm not using any tap devices myself, but i think it helps starting the VM with sudo in that case08:38
ogralool, hmm, could it be that parted dropped support for units other than megabyte ? parted -s test.img mkpart primary fat32 0 67107840B doesnt seem to work anymore and the manpage only talks about megabyte (and gives no info about how to use other units)08:40
ograLANG=C parted -s test.img mkpart primary fat32 0 67108352B08:41
ograError: The location 67108352B is outside of the device /var/build/omap-image/test.img08:41
ograthats definately not true if the unit would actually be bytes08:41
ogra(the partitioned image with MBR is 67108352 so it should leave exactly teh needed space)08:43
loologra: Remember that the offsets are zero based08:48
looland inclusive08:48
loologra: So if your file is 67108352 bytes, you need to write up to 67108351B08:48
ogra+ DISK_END_B=67108352B08:49
ograwhere does that one byte come from then08:49
ogra(i'm using the dove script and try to modify it for omap atm)08:50
ograthe script devides by 512 ... i'm using mkdosfs -C which uses a blocksize of 102408:51
ograbah, doesnt pay off to be lazy :/08:51
* ogra uses dd instead of leaving image creation to mkdosfs08:51
nosse1ogra: Using sudo with qemu worked. Thanks.08:54
nosse1ogra: However when i start the vmlinuz the kernel log sais "eth: Ethernet addr: xx:xx" and then "eth0: No PHY found"08:56
nosse1I have "-net nic,macaddr=xxx -net tap" as options to qemu08:57
ograsorry, but i have not used tun/tap stuff since several years ...08:59
ogra(no idea who added it to the wiki or if it works at all)09:00
nosse1Well the linux inside qemu assigns macaddr according to my settings, so obviously something is working09:01
ograso using the dove script defintely doesnt make MLO/u-boot.bin work09:08
ogralool, did you change any config options in the x-loader package ? i cant make it load u-boot from SD anymore09:12
loologra: I did not09:22
loolThe two things which change build flags which I changed: I reworked the -fno-stack-protector passing (but as you can see, it's in the log), I fixed passing of -Bsymbolic-functions, and I also made sure that CFLAGS were passed to HOSTCC09:24
nosse1Is there any easy way to make qemu display more than 80x24? A kernel option similar to vga= in x8609:33
loolnosse1: Consider connecting over SSH; that will match your local terminals09:34
nosse1ok, thanks09:34
nosse1apt-get install openssh-server09:35
nosse1Argh... Wrong window :D09:35
loologra: So did you try an older binary from x-loader?09:37
ogralool, no, but it seems to be related to partitioning actually09:38
ograTexas Instruments X-Loader 1.4.3 (Mar 24 2010 - 21:16:42)09:39
ograReading boot sector09:39
ograError: reading boot sector09:39
ograLoading u-boot.bin from nand09:39
ograit works if i partition manually but not if i use the dove script09:39
ogranow it doesnt work with manual partitioning either :(09:47
ograit exclusively needs haeds and sectors09:58
ogralool, do you know of any way to enforce heads and sectors with parted ?10:03
ograi fear i have to resort to fdisk or sfdisk10:03
* ogra only sees chs for unit printing in parteds manpage10:04
loologra: I think you can use chs as an unit when creating the partitions10:19
ograhmm, thats a hell lot of math10:20
ograapparently MLO also doesnt work anymore if the partition is >1G10:21
ograhmm, no, actually 800M10:25
loolah I know what I had forgotten yesterday10:25
loolVicious, fat16 support is broken10:47
loolSo only -F 32 works10:48
looland I had forgotten the bootable flag yesterday10:48
loologra: I confirmed that x-loader and u-boot from the archive work (at least in qemu-system-arm)10:52
ogralool, yeah, they do, its a partitioning issue10:52
loologra: Hmm I wonder what the plan is for the beagleboard image?  SD card?11:29
loologra: Or NAND image?11:30
loologra: Currently, the x-loader package is built for NAND boot11:30
loolactually it seems to be turned on by default, but it attempts reading from NAND, not MMC, odd11:32
loolBlank nand/onenand contents, attempting serial boot . . .11:32
loolLoading u-boot.bin from nand11:33
loolactually problem is: Error: reading boot sector11:34
loolHmm if I pass a NAND file to qemu, it insists from booting from it, even if empty11:49
rcn-eeyou guys having fun with x-loader? ;)12:01
rcn-eelool, it defaults to nand unless you push one of the keys on boot....12:01
loolrcn-ee: is there a way to change that?12:04
loolrcn-ee: So I'm trying to get a SD image to work under qemu-maemo-system-arm12:04
loolMy SD image has MLO and u-boot.bin12:05
loolbut x-loader never loads u-boot12:05
loolIn the case where I pass -sd and -mtdblock, it doesn't even load x-loader12:05
rcn-eeare you using the omap target under qemu?12:05
loolwell -M beagle12:05
lool-m 256 fixed it12:06
rcn-eei'm not sure if that even works...12:06
loolthe default memory size is just stupid12:06
loolOk, so I solved the -sd + -mtdblock issue wiht -m 25612:06
rcn-eelast i heard it working was: http://code.google.com/p/qemu-omap3/12:07
loolNow the next one is how to tell qemu to tell x-loader that I want a MMC boot, or how to configure x-loader to default to that12:07
loolor how to have x-loader fallback to that12:07
loolthe last option is probably the best12:07
loolrcn-ee: I'm using a newer branch12:07
loolrcn-ee: http://maemo.gitorious.org/qemu-maemo/12:07
loolrcn-ee: I have it in ppa:lool/ports-dev12:07
loolTexas Instruments X-Loader 1.4.3 (Mar 24 2010 - 21:16:42)12:08
loolReading boot sector12:08
loolError: reading boot sector12:08
loolLoading u-boot.bin from nand12:08
loolIt doesn't try MMC12:08
rcn-eeah cool..12:08
loolAngstrom's x-loader defaults to loading it from MMC for some reason12:09
ogralool, SD card12:09
loolTexas Instruments X-Loader 1.4.2 (Jul 16 2009 - 01:58:04)12:09
loolReading boot sector12:09
loolLoading u-boot.bin from mmc12:09
ogralool, thats why i added signGP12:09
lool*wow* if I pass -m to a qemu run with -sd alone, it breaks again12:10
rcn-eeyeah, on real hardware you defintelly need the signGP part12:10
ogralool, you need to use the MLO binary and the partitioning needs to match to make x-loader load from MMC12:11
loolso -sd + -mtdblock + -m => ok, -sd + -m => breaks, -sd + -mtdblock => breaks, -sd + -mtdblock => breaks12:11
loolwell I've put the same twice12:11
lool-sd => ok12:11
loolI don't think it's a problem of signature since I can get it to work with different flags12:12
loolbesides, x-loader *is* loaded, just not u-boot12:12
looleven weirder: -sd Angstrom image works with or without -m, only my image requires -m12:13
loolOk, I think my image breaks because it tries reading NAND and that requires -m12:13
ogralool, make sure to do the partitioning of your SD image right12:14
ograx-loader a) requires the boot flag to be set b) needs 255 heads and 63 sectors12:14
ograwithout a) it will resort to the NAND x-loader (if it exists) without b) you get the bootsector issues12:15
ograthats what i'm struggling with atm trying to build an image12:16
loologra: As I said, it does get loaded12:18
ograah, i missed that in the reconnection noise12:19
ograbut you have the bootsector issue12:19
loolMy biggest problem is that our x-loader tries NAND and that either doesn't fallback or breaks qemu12:19
ograthat goes away for me if i use 255 heads and 63 sectors during partitioning12:19
loolwe don't want it to try NAND because we want to boot from MMC, even if NAND boot works12:20
ograare you using MLO ?12:20
loolso we need to configure our x-loader for MMC only, no NAND12:20
loologra: Yes12:20
ograwe want to use NAND if u-boot cant be read from MMC12:20
ograso that we have a fallback (in case there is something in NAND)12:21
ograyour prob is your bootsector12:21
ogranot our MLO12:21
ograi can fully boot from MMC here with our binaries12:22
loologra: Does it really boot from MMC?12:22
loolor does it try NAND?12:22
loolYou don't know what's in NAND, so you can't be sure it will boot on MMC12:22
ograi know whats in my NAND here12:22
loolI'm fine with a x-loader which tries MMC first, but that doesn't appear to be the case of ours12:22
loologra: You don't know what's in people's NANDs12:22
ograit is for me12:23
ogradid you try on a real beagle or only in qemu ?12:23
loolNo it's QEMU alone12:23
loolIt might be that QEMU doesn't set the SYS flags properly12:23
ograusing this reciepe http://paste.ubuntu.com/397188/ with mmy SD in a real beagle gets me a full MMC boot12:23
loologra: Are you sure it's not trying to read from NAND?12:24
ograthe binaires in NAND on my beagle both have a timestamp from feb 19th ... its very easy to see if it loads the MMC versions or the NAND versions here12:24
rcn-eethat's the one i usually recommend, on some weird sd cards, formating as '16' vs '32' helps, but those are rare cards..12:24
loolI don't think there's any problem with my "SD card"12:25
loolsince it does load MLO12:25
looland it starts12:25
ogralool, i'm 100% sure, yes and i have seen the "Error: reading boot sector" if the gemoetry wasnt matching12:25
loolmy problem is interaction between our MLO and QEMU/emulated hardware12:25
loologra: That can be triggered by many things12:25
ograwell, it uses MMC if i use the above partitioning12:26
ografor both, MLO and u-boot12:26
ograso i'm sure our MLO is correct12:26
rcn-eelool, can you ignore the MLO and just boot with u-boot in qemu? or do you need to simulate exactly?12:27
ograit only falls back to NAND12:27
loolrcn-ee: I don't think I can boot u-boot directly, no12:27
loolrcn-ee: Unless you know how to achieve that?12:27
loolwell I could put u-boot.bin as MLO, not sure how that'd work12:27
loolrcn-ee: But I'd like qemu to be able to load our Ubuntu images12:28
rcn-eesome users have done it, that's why i ask... (you got to really cut down on u-boot size)12:28
loolwell perhaps the qemu partition checking code is not the same as the MLO one   :-/12:28
rcn-eeokay, I was guessing that might be the reason.. it make sense..12:28
ograTexas Instruments X-Loader 1.4.3 (Mar 25 2010 - 09:53:14)12:29
ograReading boot sector12:29
ograLoading u-boot.bin from mmc12:29
ograU-Boot 2010.03-rc1 (Mar 24 2010 - 15:50:56)12:29
ograOMAP3530-GP ES3.1, CPU-OPP2, L3-165MHz, Max clock-720Mhz12:29
ogralool, ^^^^12:29
loologra: ok, thanks12:29
ogra(i recompiled x-loader today, but its identical to the archive version (built from package)12:29
rcn-eelool, found this.. http://www.omappedia.org/wiki/E-MMC_boot#eMMC_RAW_boot_Procedure_for_ZOOM3 SYS_BOOT defines what x-loader boots from first..12:32
rcn-eeit's zoom, so not 100% the same as beagle..12:33
rcn-eecrap, nevermind, that's just a hardware config boot option....12:33
ograTexas Instruments X-Loader 1.4.3 (Mar 24 2010 - 21:16:42)12:34
ograReading boot sector12:34
ograLoading u-boot.bin from mmc12:34
ograU-Boot 2010.03-rc1 (Mar 24 2010 - 15:50:56)12:34
ograOMAP3530-GP ES3.1, CPU-OPP2, L3-165MHz, Max clock-720Mhz12:34
ograOMAP3 Beagle board + LPDDR/NAND12:34
ograhere another one with both versions from the packages12:34
loolrcn-ee: Well that's relevant12:35
loolrcn-ee: I'm personally more suspicious that QEMU doesn't set SYS properly than x-loader misparsing my part data12:36
rcn-eekinda, it'll help find the boot variable in x-loader..12:36
loolI was trying to write that to SD to actualy try12:36
ogralool, x-loader seems to be very fragile wrt partitioning12:36
ograwhich is very odd12:37
rcn-eei wouldn't be suprised, x-loader needs a specific partition setup, any variations and it fails...12:37
ograi'm struggling with image building on exactly that problem atm12:37
ograrcn-ee, exactly what i found here12:37
ograand it needs to be copied on the filesystem as the vers first file as well12:37
rcn-eeyeap... that's one reason i've always ignored it on the wiki's...  the factory version is usually good, so no reason to upgrade.. ;)12:38
ograelse it wont load12:38
ograwell, i have seen beagles with empty NAND12:38
ograin which case you *need* a working MLO12:38
rcn-eeyeap, that does happen...12:38
rcn-ee(my xm is empty)12:39
ograand i also  want our images to install the same MLO into NAND that we just used to boot the image12:39
ograi.e. i want to be sure that NAND has something that works12:39
rcn-eethat makes sense...  it would almost be easier to have a seperate recovery image..12:39
ograwhich is why i build -xloader.bin and MLO in the package12:39
ograusually an ubuntu image should be used for recovery12:40
ograwe use that scheme in x86 so i want to use it on arm as well12:40
rcn-eeone image for all.. but it sounds like you got MLO and u-boot working.. omap on qemu is still a virgin setup...12:41
rcn-eethe one case that problems might arrise, is when a overo or igepv2 user boots with that image.. i don't remember if MLO detects hardware, or is hardware specific...12:44
ograMLO is definately HW specific12:50
loologra: i don't think it's a good idea to install our MLO in NAND12:52
ogralool, x-loader.bin should go to NAND12:52
ogranot MLO :)12:52
lool13:39 < ogra> and i also  want our images to install the same MLO into NAND  that we just used to boot the image12:52
loolI don't think that's a good idea12:52
ograthe x-loader.bin should go to NAND but its the same binary after all, MLO just adds a header12:53
lool(I don't think we need to touch people's NAND unless that's what they want explicitly)12:53
loologra: I'm not convinced we want to install a x-loader which defaults to MMC in NAND12:54
loolI don't think we need touch their x-loader at all in fact; there are multiple nice mechanisms to boot from SD on beagle already: boot.scr, or user button12:54
loologra: You might want to build two x-loaders then: one which loads from MMC by default and one which loads from NAND by default12:58
rcn-eei know when a user picks up one from digikey the board will boot from x-loader into a working u-boot enabled for boot.scr...  it's just some of the early xm's and demo units don't have nand setup...13:03
ograor the ones you bricked :)13:04
rcn-eeexactly..  or the ones with broken nand... ( i got one here)13:04
ograyeah, i trashed my revB many times already13:04
rcn-eelaughs, i have a user who wants to fit a 500mb xfce karmic image in 128 mb of nand..... ;)13:04
ogracompress harder :)13:05
amitkogra: how close are we to an image? I am trying to decide if we should start compiling in all the OMAP drivers into the kernel till we get the image going...13:05
rcn-eethat's going to be my response.. and strip everything..13:05
ograamitk, note very close yet, i'm struggling with the bootloader restrictions for partitioning ... but i hope to have that solved latest tomorrow13:06
ograamitk, if we want to use the kernel for more than beagle i'd suggest being as modular as you can13:06
ograif we dont care for other HW but beagle for now, go for it13:06
rcn-eei'll keep testing with all my boards, i know a user with an overo that should be able to verify th eimages too..13:07
amitkogra: I'd like other OMAP3 HW to just run on the same kernel (because it can!). But we can always go back to being modular once the images work13:07
ograamitk, can we ? (does time permit)13:08
ograwe'Re late in the cycle and the kernel didnt even see much testing yet13:08
ograi expect a ton of bugs to show up in the next weeks13:08
ogrado you expect to have time for debugging module issue additionally ?13:08
loolrcn-ee: Do you know how Angstrom builds the x-loader for their image?13:10
loolcause that one works13:10
loolit tries MMC and succeeds13:10
ogralool, its the same upstream so it must be a config change they do, ask _koen_ in #beagle13:10
rcn-eecool... they might have one or two external patches.13:10
ograi thought they use sarkoman's branch plainly13:11
rcn-eejust one, but only a name thing...  recipie is here: http://cgit.openembedded.org/cgit.cgi/openembedded/tree/recipes/x-load/x-load_git.bb13:12
rcn-eethey are using shaid: dee19371019ef67cb1f6491ef91791b12feda3f2  it might not be top of tree...13:12
rcn-eethey are also using their special 4.3.1 compiler...13:13
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ograso i have the script using fdisk up to a point that u-boot gets properly loaded but MLO doesnt15:55
loolI tried using parted, but it's not accepting the high-head and high-sector values I'm passing  :-/15:56
ograwell, i resorted to fdisk for now15:56
ograbut MLO isnt behaving15:56
ograu-boot and kernel are though15:57
hrwogra: omap3 card partitioning?16:02
ograimage partitioning16:02
hrwogra: in OE we have a script for it16:02
ogracard partitioning is trivial :)16:02
plarsogra: does sfdisk work for it?16:10
plarsI've used that in the past for some automated partitioning, however I was using real disks at the time, so I'm not sure off the top of my head16:11
plarsseems that if nothing else, you could use it on a loopback device16:11
ograno, cant16:15
ograthats the big prob with our image builders :)16:15
ograno root16:15
ograbeing able to loop mount would make the whole task trivial16:15
ograthe way you have to do it is to create an image, partition that, and then dd the partition contents in place16:17
* ogra curses ... 16:20
ograso using dd with a blocksize always gets the sizes wrong ... using dd with a blocksize of 1 byte gets everything right but takes hours16:20
ograi wonder if we cant just dd the MBR in front of the image instead16:22
ogranow i have one script that makes MLO work but fails with a bootsector error to load u-boot and one script that uses MLO from NAND but loads u-boot fine16:43
ogragod, thats annoying16:44
nosse1I'm having some strange problems with networking in qemu. Networking is apparently fine in qemu, i.e. apt-get and such works from the guest ubuntu. I start a ssh-server in guest and I'm able to connect and log into it from the host. However I cannot get any output!16:49
nosse1tcpdump on both host and guest reveals that packages are being sent from host to guest, but not the other way around16:49
nosse1If I kill the ssh session on the guest, all the ssh's output arrives on the host ssh client16:51
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ogralool, why did we always do these complicated image buildscripts, cat'ing partition images to an mbr.img file that holds the mbr is so much less effort17:52
ograespecially since you have the sizes available from the files17:52
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nosse1Is there anyone else that have struggled with ssh connection into a qemu arm versatile session? I think I have wasted a couple of hours trying to figure it out.19:12
nosse1The network is fine, so it's something particular which happens with the ssh server on the guest.19:13
nosse1(I'm running lucid ubuntu-minimal from rootstock on the guest)19:13
* nosse1 gives up his endeavour to have more than 80x24 in qemu19:27
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loologra: binary blobs versus code?20:03
ogralool, binary blobs ?20:57
ogradd if=/dev/zero of=mbr.img bs=1 count=51220:58
ograparted -s mbr.img mklabel msdos20:58
ogracat $IMAGE >>mbr.img20:58
ograsomething like that20:58
nosse1I think I have found a bug, but I dont know if its something that needs fixing21:04
ografile it :)21:05
nosse1If you make a lucid ubuntu-minimal image, run it with qemu and install openssh-server, ssh to localhost does not work21:05
nosse1The question is if this is a ubuntu issue or a qemu specific "feature"21:06
nosse1OK, the bug is recreated from scratch using only rootstock and qemu21:19
nosse1Where should I file it? To what package/module?21:19
ograrootstock for now, i'll check where it actually fits later21:19
nosse1Quick question before I file: Is rootstock limited to ARM targets?21:21
ogracurrently it is21:22
amitkogra: how is it going?21:25
ograamitk, bad21:25
ograamitk, the CHS requirement for fat partitions is biting me badly21:26
amitkright, the 255 blah blah21:26
ogradoing that for images is very painful21:26
ograbut i'll figure it out21:26
amitkyou mean you can't partition automatically?21:27
ograi can partition, but either x-loader or u-boot dont get loaded21:27
ograworst case i'll just assume that the NAND setup just works, but i'D prefer to not do that21:28
nosse1I'm running a patched version of rootstock. asac pointed me to a patch a couple of days ago. The diff I have sais 31_30.diff.21:29
nosse1What is that? I should put a reference to it in the bugreport I think21:30
ograthats to enable lucid on a karmic build system21:30
nosse1"Version 31 of the karmic version of rootstock"?21:30
nosse1You will understand that?21:31
ogranosse1, yes :)21:33
nosse1ogra, thanks21:33

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