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kwwiisooooo...good news12:58
kwwiia new murrine snapshot in lucid and a major theme update12:58
kwwiidashua: in case you are interested, I have put it in lp:~ubuntu-art-pkg/+junk/light-themes12:59
vishwoot! finally a branch to work off ;p15:09
vishkwwii: could you close this as a wont fix > Bug #53275115:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 532751 in light-themes "[ambiance] too much contrast between menubar and toolbar" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53275115:50
kwwiivish: yepp, thanks15:54
kwwiivish: done15:55
kwwiiCimi: hey, we included a new murrine snapshot yesterday :-)16:01
kwwiiand the themes were updated today16:02
CimiI've read about a regression, could be possible but I'm not sure16:02
CimiI have rewritten the code for the rendering of the text16:02
Cimibut I'm not having those issues16:02
kwwiihrm, I hope that doesn't cause a problem16:02
kwwiiI haven't noticed anything yet16:02
kwwiiahhh, it is a problem with text colors that are too close to the bg color16:08
kwwiithe problem itself is a bug, and then the text rendering doesn't look nice16:08
kwwiiCimi: do you know of any way to theme the checkbox and radio buttons in menus?16:09
Cimino :D16:09
CimiI mean16:09
Cimido you want a different style for them?16:09
Cimilike changing gradient or changing design?16:10
kwwiiwell, they want to change the design but I would be happy for lucid just to make them look as good as they can16:10
Cimianyway the easier way is to patch murrine16:10
Cimiunfortunately I'm busy with other things16:11
Ciminow I'm in paris at jolicloud16:11
kwwiihehe, cool16:11
kwwiigood for you!16:11
Cimiworking on gdm, plymouth and other things :)16:11
kwwiigdm, what fun16:11
CimiI'm patching murrine to implement their ideas16:12
kwwiiI wish I had enough money to pay you to do the same for us16:12
tgpraveen12is the current set of icons for the office files the final ones? i am talking abt the new ones which landed today16:31
tgpraveen12because all of them are very colorful and hence distracting when browsing the folders16:31
tgpraveen12worth filing a bug?16:32
tgpraveen12i dont want to if it will be just closed as a design decision16:32
vishtgpraveen12: "wont fix"16:32
LecnarMany people have probably already asked about this, but can't Lucid's default wallpaper be changed with one from pr09studio?17:39
Lecnarhttp://pr09studio.deviantart.com/art/Purple-156483492 is particularly awesome17:40
Lecnarmost of their wallpapers at http://pr09studio.deviantart.com/gallery/ are awesome17:41
vishLecnar: probably not gonna happen for the default install , the design team at canonical would has done that already and we are past UI freeze17:42
vishat canonical has*17:43
vishLecnar: btw , that purple wallpaper is too similar Win7's one , and probably the inspiration even17:45
Lecnarreally? Didn't know about that17:46
vishLecnar: http://i.zdnet.com/blogs/win7-wallpaper-large.png?tag=col1;post-184117:49
vishi think thats one of the revs before the final, but win7's is very similar17:49
zniavre New option: cellstyle = 0 to remove the border around the selected cell.   > what is a selected cell ?19:31
zniavreinside a treeview thing ?19:31
dashuakwwii, Very nice.21:06
kwwiidashua: unfortunately there is a bug in it :-(21:10
kwwiidark text and a dark bg is rendered wrong21:10
dashuaIn FF?21:11
ubottuUbuntu bug 53225 in fte "Sync request: fte_0.50.0-1.4 from debian unstable" [Undecided,Fix released]21:15
dashuaThat one?21:15
kwwiierm, nope21:16
kwwiilet me find it21:16
ubottuUbuntu bug 532259 in light-themes "Dark text on Dark background dropdown list firefox" [High,Fix committed]21:16
dashuaDamn, wrong paste.21:17
ubottuUbuntu bug 546485 in gtk2-engines-murrine "font rendering regression" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:19
zniavrei do not experienced this bug21:30
kwwiizniavre: yeah, me either21:33
kwwiiI think it only happens with a semi-transparent panel21:34
zniavrea yes for the "half-transparent"21:39
dashuapanel-bg's with gnome-panel transparency have never played well together.21:42
kwwiifunky I see it now21:48
kwwiibut only on the menus21:48
kwwiinot any of the indicators do it21:48
kwwiiand only when it is dark text on a dark bg21:49
kwwiilight text looks fine21:49
rikaiHm, the meeting page on the wiki is quite outdated. :P22:32
knomehow unexpected22:32
knomeforget. it's just the cynic here. hello! :)22:33
rikaihey :)22:33
rikaiOne of my friends got onto the ubuntu artwork shortlist on flickr, so i figured i'd poke about. :P22:33
kwwiirikai: hehe, good for him!22:35
knomehey kwwii :)22:36
kwwiiI had a great idea this time for the wallpaper contest..instead of picking judges we let the winners from last time judge22:38
rikaiahh, i was a bit curious about the process for selecting art :P22:39
knomekwwii, sounds like the stuff is going to be quite similar to last time. :P22:40
kwwiiI think we did it very democraticaly22:41
kwwiiknome: well, last time I essentially picked people people to judge22:41
kwwiiand this time, I let those who won take care of things22:41
kwwiiand although one of mine got in, I am not judging22:41
kwwiiso it is totally meritocrical22:42
kwwiiwow, is that really a word22:42
knomei didn't mean it's bad22:43
knomebut in my sick little head i can see that the people choose very similar artwork, and even some great efforts don't get in, because they're so different in style.22:44
knomebut i think that's just me :P22:44
kwwiiwell, that's people for you22:44
kwwiisometimes I honestly think I don't like people22:44
kwwiisome of them more than others though22:45
kwwiiahh, there goes one now :p22:51
kwwiiactually he's quite a nice fellow once you get beyond the harder bits22:52
kwwiialmost as annoying as me, only in an english way22:52
kwwiioh well, time for sleep23:42
kwwiinight all23:42
knomenight kwwii23:45
dashua1Nite mate.23:49
knomehey dashua1 :)23:49
* knome is the next to go to bed..23:49
dashua1knome, Heya23:55
knomei hope i'll get rid of this headache before tomorrow :P23:56

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