ZachK_havnin trouble nigelb ?00:03
Bodsdashocking 36000:14
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ZachK_Hello all...02:17
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ApOgEEhi blackmak04:11
ApOgEEblackmak, you can ask newbie questions here04:12
blackmakok thank you very much04:12
ApOgEEhi everyone!!04:13
HellowApOgEE: Heya.04:13
* ApOgEE is converting blackmak to ubuntu world... :)04:13
MartinerHello people, I have a problem with snmpd, it wont start, anyone familiar with the snmpd? Could really use the help please08:50
talsemgeestMartiner: I am afraid Im not familiar with snmpd09:01
MartinerOk, thanks anyway, anyone else? :)09:04
Silver_Fox_What is the problem ?09:05
hobgoblinbest thing you can do at the moment Martiner is hang about and ask now and again if you have the time09:05
hobgoblin<Martiner> Hello people, I have a problem with snmpd, it wont start, anyone familiar with the snmpd? Could really use the help please09:05
MartinerI sure will, thanks...09:05
talsemgeestMartiner: Have you tried in #ubuntu?09:06
Silver_Fox_Martiner,  as root run this command:  service snmpd start09:06
Silver_Fox_If that fails you could also try this (as root):  /etc/rc.d/init.d/snmpd start09:07
MartinerThanks ppl, I got it working now.. wonderful,thanks :)09:17
talsemgeestMartiner: Happy to hear it, sorry I couldnt be of much help :)09:18
talsemgeestHeya pedro3005 :)09:19
pedro3005hi talsemgeest09:20
Silver_Fox_That is good Martiner09:21
pedro3005So, people, what are you up to this fine morning?09:23
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pedro3005hi, Silver_Fox_09:34
pedro3005hi phillw09:37
Silver_Fox_Hello pedro300509:40
pedro3005Silver_Fox_, how are you?09:41
Silver_Fox_I am fine,  how are you pedro3005 ?09:42
pedro3005Silver_Fox_, good, good. going for school in a minute09:43
Silver_Fox_I hope you have a good day09:43
pedro3005Silver_Fox_, you have a nice one too ;)09:44
Silver_Fox_I shall try :)09:44
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pedro3005Silver_Fox_, alright, going. see you later :)09:51
maddethgood morning10:45
maddethwas here earlier but got dc'ed10:45
ndefontenayHi there11:51
maddethlo Silver_Fox_11:55
Silver_Fox_Hello maddeth11:58
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TuxedoRabbitHi, http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx?type=2.4.2&product=
TuxedoRabbitHi, anyone try the new proprietary ATI Catalyst 10.3 linux driver, released yesterday?14:34
TuxedoRabbitHere's the link: http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx?type=2.4.2&product=
Silver_Fox_I have not tried that driver14:34
Silver_Fox_I stick to nvidea14:35
TuxedoRabbitafter i installed the last proprietary driver, i got a blank screen after rebooting14:36
rmoorecan you help me??14:52
Silver_Fox_We can try, what problem are you experiencing ?14:52
rmooreim doing a usb tether to my droid...14:53
rmoorei got it working but..14:53
rmooreim trying to make a script file that will run the 3 "start modem " commands rather than typing it all out in term every time14:54
rmooreunder stand??14:55
Silver_Fox_Yes :)14:55
rmoorethe 3 lines are ..14:56
rmooreadb forward tcp: xxxxxx tcp:xxxxx14:56
rmooresudo cp resolv.conf /etc14:57
Silver_Fox_use && to concat the commands14:57
rmooresudo openvpn --config azilink.ovpn14:57
rmooredefine concat14:58
rmooreline 2 doesnt work in the script... only if entered in term manually AS ROOT14:58
Silver_Fox_So you can run the commands in one go for instance.....14:58
Silver_Fox_sudo adb forward tcp: xxxxxx tcp:xxxxx && cp resolv.conf /etc && openvpn --config azilink.ovpn14:59
rmoorehumm.. what would be the proper syntax for that option14:59
rmooreok but the /etc/resolv.conf file...15:00
rmooreseem to be protected15:00
rmooreit will copy if using root but not in script15:01
Silver_Fox_Permissions on the script perhaps ?15:01
rmoorei tried to modify that ..it wont stick15:01
rmoorethe owner is set to root.. and it even asks for pw upon run but just does not copy..and also does not error either15:03
rmoorethe vpn loads on line 3 but without the resolv.conf to set nameserver .. no web..15:04
rmoorelike i said i can do it manually but not in the script .. i even tried "cp -f"15:05
Silver_Fox_Anyone else got any ideas?  Hellow  ?15:05
rmoorei just wanted a feeakn shortcut...lol15:06
Silver_Fox_If you get it going you could add your script to the startup processes15:07
Silver_Fox_Then no need for you to click anything15:07
rmooreo well ... fyi... the connection is suprisingly fast..15:07
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rmoorewell maybe ..1 catch it thaT the wifi has to be disabled for this vpn to connect15:08
rmooreim verry happy  with the browsing speed ... streeming hulu and everything. verision rocks15:09
rmoorefyi im on my phon now..... irc client and all...lol15:10
rmoorewell thanks anyway15:12
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chrisaxelrodHaving trouble with Ipod classic 160gb. Running ubuntu 9.10. Ipod connects sometimes, but after adding music, the music does not show on the ipod itself. Have checked several bug reports, but have not been able to resolve the issue.18:24
lukjad86chrisaxelrod You have music on the ipod, can you see the music like files?18:30
lukjad86Or does it just not show up in the ipod itself18:30
lukjad86chrisaxelrod Here is a guide that may help you: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone18:32
lukjad86It covers both the iphone and the ipod it seems18:32
chrisaxelrodI can see the files on my computer when the ipod syncs, but not when disconnected. I have looked at that link before, it seems to only be applicable for touch and iphone stuff18:34
chrisaxelrodMar 25 14:35:49 swag kernel: [ 2830.528115] usb 2-1: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 818:36
chrisaxelrodMar 25 14:35:49 swag kernel: [ 2830.661652] usb 2-1: configuration #1 chosen from 2 choices18:36
lukjad86chrisaxelrod Hm. And so how do you copy over the files? Is it a program or do you actually copy/paste them?18:36
lukjad86chrisaxelrod Have you seen this link? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPod18:36
lukjad86chrisaxelrod also, are you sure the formats you are sending over are compatible with your ipod?18:38
chrisaxelrodi think so18:38
chrisaxelrodthe music is generally in mp3 format18:38
lukjad86chrisaxelrod How exactly are you getting the music from your computer to your ipod?18:39
chrisaxelrodi add the music to rhythmbox then add it to the ipod from rhythmbox18:40
lukjad86chrisaxelrod This looks like a good start: http://www.simplehelp.net/2007/07/03/how-to-manage-your-ipod-using-rhythmbox-in-ubuntu/18:44
chrisaxelrodthanks a lot. i will take a look at it18:44
lukjad86chrisaxelrod Anytime :)18:53
lukjad86Hi Genisus19:18
Genisusheu lukjad8619:18
* pedro__ slaps freenode19:25
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paultaglukjad86, chrisaxelrod is my roommate, wonder what he was doing in here19:41
paultaglukjad86, thanks for helping :)19:42
lukjad86paultag :D19:42
lukjad86paultag I didn't know we had company, I would have cleaned up a bit :)19:42
lukjad86paultag Did I fix it? :)19:44
paultaglukjad86, don't think so19:49
paultaglukjad86, I gave that problem about 2 hours irl, and it was still around19:49
paultaglukjad86, thanks though :)19:49
paultagwho here majored in math in college?19:51
paultagI need to programmaticly express a derivative19:52
drubinmmm surely it would change depending on the function?19:54
paultagdrubin, I want to create a function to take the derivative of another function19:55
paultagerm, first function == program, second function == math function19:55
paultage.g. x^3 --> x^219:56
paultagX^3 + 2X + 5 --> X^2 + 219:57
drubinhas any one gotten dual monitors to work with Lucid and ATI21:49
ibuclawdrubin, are you having difficulty?23:06
ibuclawor are just curious23:06

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