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pookihow to run ubuntu with internet?10:23
jussi01pooki: #ubuntu is for support :)10:49
pookiok, what is this for11:10
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h00kThe friendly LoCo Council Meeting Minutes said that LoCo Channel Ops should idle, so here I am!13:20
Tm_Th00k: welcome (:14:41
Tm_Twelcome to all other new faces too14:41
h00kTm_T: thanks!14:42
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juliuxif somebody of the council ot the mail from barristan regarding #ubuntu-de-offtopic i am here to talk about the situation, just give me a ping.19:29
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guntbertregarding the new ops application process - will it be possible (for "everyone") to see who has applied?21:03
tsimpsonguntbert: if you look on the members page(s) you should see the pending members21:14
tsimpson*team members page(s)21:14
guntberttsimpson: thx21:14
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m4vElie in #ubuntu is in a join/part cycle, for some days now22:30
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