MTecknologyI have an app that depends on the 'cal' command. is that in coreutils?00:24
stgraberstgraber@castiana:~$ dpkg -S /usr/bin/cal00:24
stgraberbsdmainutils: /usr/bin/cal00:24
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MTecknologyyay.. only 16hr remaining on my build...00:45
MTecknologyWould any of you be willing to check out the quality of my package?00:45
lifelessis it a nwe package or a patch ?00:46
MTecknologylifeless: new00:46
kb9vqfSo, does MOTU take care of libaprutil?00:46
lifelessthat will be ubuntu server/foundations00:47
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MTecknologylifeless: my guess is that I don't really need to have bsdadminutils as a requirement for lal-cal, but without cal (provided by the package) the calendar is pretty garbled.00:51
lifelessMTecknology: so there are three levels of requirements00:52
lifelessmust, should, could00:52
lifelessdecide which this is00:52
lifelessthen do one of00:52
lifelessdepends, recommends, suggests00:52
lifelessto match00:52
MTecknologylifeless: lal-cal won't function without 'cal' but it also won't break and die (which maybe it should)00:52
lifelessI don't understand the difference00:53
MTecknologylifeless: It uses cal to build the calendar displayed00:53
lifelessbut I don't understand the difference between 'won't function' and 'won't break'00:54
lifelessnot functioning seems to be breaking, to me.00:54
MTecknologyit'll display the clock, the calendar will drop down, but the calendar output will be very garbled because there's no valid input - it won't crash though and you can still use it for time00:54
lifelessdoes it look ok00:55
lifelessor does it look shit00:55
lifelessif it looks shit, its not working right00:55
MTecknologyshould probably just have bsdadminutils as depends..00:55
MTecknologywhich it already is :S00:55
lifelessMTecknology: remember that the purpose of package is to make the software work right00:59
lifelessweak dependencies are only useful so far as they preserve that goal00:59
MTecknologylifeless: you see anything I did wrong?01:00
lifelessI haven't looked01:01
lifelessfor new packages, please use REVU01:01
lifelessit really helps01:01
MTecknologylifeless: how should I submit that? (2.0-0ubuntu1) lucid01:03
MTecknologylintian is complaining about not being able to check my standards version01:07
MTecknologyWhat should a copyright look like on a source code file?01:14
MTecknologyrevu doesn't want to load for me..01:30
ajmitchMTecknology: loads for me01:33
MTecknologyajmitch: oh..01:33
MTecknologyhttp://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/revu.ubuntuwire.com/ <-- this is telling me it's down too :S01:34
ajmitchit took a few seconds for me, so I'll see if there are some issues with it01:36
ajmitchtry now?01:37
MTecknologywoah errors :P01:37
MTecknologyya, much faster01:37
MTecknologyajmitch: thanks :)01:37
lifelesspersia: how does one query 'who can upload X'01:38
* ajmitch doesn't have time to check why, but too many DB connections open, I think01:38
ajmitchlifeless: I think edit_acl.py from http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-archive/ubuntu-archive-tools/trunk/annotate/head%3A/edit_acl.py can be used to list uploaders01:42
ajmitchI can't recall if it will list the uploaders for a particular package01:42
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AnAntHello, can someone review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=8017 (it's a plymouth theme)04:29
IntuitiveNippleAm I correct in thinking that subscribing ubuntu-universe-sponsors is all I need to do to get attention for a FFe bug-fix debdiff for a universe package which was auto-imported from Debian?05:12
AnAntIntuitiveNipple: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess05:14
AnAntIntuitiveNipple: for FFe, ubuntu-release should be subscribed05:14
IntuitiveNippleI did read that but its not entirely clear05:15
IntuitiveNippleit only talks about ubuntu-release in terms of the final week of development05:15
crimsunIntuitiveNipple: ubuntu-sponsors05:24
crimsunIntuitiveNipple: but, you could probably skip that step right now since you could just pass me the bug report #05:24
IntuitiveNippleahhh, I subscribed ubuntu-universe-sponsors!05:24
IntuitiveNipplebug #54615405:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 546154 in dmg2img "dmg2img crashed with SIGSEGV in convert_char8()" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54615405:25
crimsun  Uploading dmg2img_1.6.1-1ubuntu1_source.changes: done.05:28
crimsunSuccessfully uploaded packages.05:28
crimsunthanks for your contribution!05:28
IntuitiveNippleMany thanks! So, if I fix a universe package in the future, subscribe ubuntu-sponsors, not ubuntu-universe-sponsors?05:29
crimsunalso, ubuntu-release isn't necessary at this time05:29
IntuitiveNippleahh... it could be clearer on the Wiki ... I was worried about spamming the wrong teams05:30
AnAntcrimsun: how about LP #543679 ?06:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 543679 in ubuntu "Add a plymouth theme for sabily" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54367906:20
AnAntoh, I subscribed ubuntu-sponsors to it already06:21
crimsunAnAnt: sorry, I'm chasing a pulse bug ATM06:22
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crimsunugh, that is one nasty bug.06:59
crimsuntoo bad there isn't an easy way to handle the surround/lfe/rear/center mess06:59
Adri2000jdstrand: you synced the blobby package some time ago (bug #537015), but it's been rejected from NEW :/ and I don't know why nor who did tha07:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 537015 in ubuntu "FFe: Sync blobby 0.8-dfsg-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53701507:50
siretartbdrung: just curious, is there going to be a eclipse-cdt for lucid?08:01
siretartor for the matter, for squeeze?08:01
dholbachgood morning08:19
ajmitchmorning dholbach08:21
DavieyA multiverse build failed, and i belive it was a hiccup with the buildd rather than an issue with package.  If i wanted a no change rebuild done, is it an AA or LP folk that i need to ask?08:52
dholbachDaviey: any Ubuntu developer08:58
dholbachDaviey: which package is it?08:58
dholbachor link to the failed build08:58
dholbachdid you try to rebuild it locally? did that work?08:58
Davieydholbach: It failed satisfying depends on amd64 only, but the depends in the archive are identical to i386.09:00
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bdrungsiretart: maybe09:30
kecsap hi all! I would like to push some new softwares to the multiverse repository. Is it the right process is the reviewing through REVU?09:44
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siretartkecsap: the right process is to find a sponsor. many reviewers find REVU helpful for reviewing package. What kind of new package do you propose for multiverse?10:20
kecsapsiretart: I packaged a programming sdk for Sony AIBO robot dogs (contains: cross-compiler gcc/mips, newlib and binutils/Sony Open-R binaries/Urbi SDK for AIBO). https://bugs.launchpad.net/aiboplus/+bug/54640210:23
ubottuUbuntu bug 546402 in aiboplus "[needs-packaging] Package Sony Open-R and Urbi SDK for AIBO" [Undecided,In progress]10:24
siretartkecsap: oh, that sounds like pretty complex pieces of software packages10:25
siretartkecsap: maybe a PPA is better suited for this?10:26
kecsapsiretart: https://launchpad.net/~csaba-kertesz/+archive/aiboplus :)10:27
kecsapsiretart: No, it is not that complex, because the Sony Open-R and the Urbi SDK is in binary form. Only the gcc/binutils/newlib is cross-compiled during package generation.10:28
kecsapsiretart: with some small packaging/cmake/script knowledge, it is easy to understand.10:30
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directhexStevenK, what're the chances of using your awesome archive-admin-day powers to allow the release-team-approved package with banshee ubuntu one music store support through NEW?11:19
directhexkecsap, does the license allow redistribution of those binaries?11:20
kecsapdirecthex, gcc/binutils/newlib is obviously ok, Open-R is freeware as stated in the source package, for Urbi parts, I contacted the Gostai who owns the software and their response was: "We have no problem11:23
kecsapfor you to distribute them through a debian/ubuntu package as long as you11:23
kecsapprovide the correct gostai and sony copyright infos."11:23
directhexmorning jeff11:24
jdubhey :-)11:24
jdubYokoZar: given taht you last touched ia32-libs, can i bug you about #534197 ? :-)11:25
jduboddly enough, directhex just reminded me about it (on twitter)11:25
directhexoh, hang on... you're suggesting ti dlopens the 32-bit lib if it's there?11:25
jdubdirecthex: yes11:25
directhexlet me boot my laptop & test11:26
jdubdirecthex: now, that *might* just be AIR 2, but i'm pretty sure it's the case for the latest 1.5s as well11:26
jdub(btw, AIR2 appears to run significantly better on linux)11:28
directhexis it stable?11:28
jdubit is robust enough for tweetdeck at least11:29
directhexi don't think it works in 1.5.x btw11:29
jdubi do not know about stable (not an AIR developer)11:29
directhexi'm getting g-k-d issues, as i expected11:29
jdubhow did you add the gk libs?11:30
directhexgetlibs. i definitely have a gnome-keyring.so.0 in lib3211:30
jdubyou should have...11:30
jdubjdub@sliver:~$ find /usr/lib32/ | grep keyring11:30
directhexinstalling the beta11:31
wgrantFor anyone that's interested: Karmic PPAs now accept the 3.0 formats.11:32
directhexwgrant, really? awesome!11:32
directhexjdub, nope, still no worky for me. How odd.11:33
jdubdirecthex: i did a lot of cleaning between fail and success...11:34
jdubdirecthex: perhaps prior air config/install makes it continue to use the socket interface?11:35
directhexyes, wiping ~/.appdata seems to have done the trick11:35
jdubwonder if that'll help with 1.5 too11:35
directhexi can try a downgrade11:36
directhexhm, yes. grr11:38
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nigelbwhen I'm already an ubuntu member, does applying to contributing developer really required?12:09
jdstrandAdri2000: re blobby> that was a mistake which I have corrected12:16
gesernigelb: no, as it would give you only an additional badge on your LP page (contributing developer is for granting membership through development contributions)12:47
nigelbah, so really, I can apply for MOTU when ready :)12:48
geseryou can even apply for MOTU without membership, contributing developer is for those who want a little recognition for their contributions on the path to MOTU12:51
nigelbyes, the ones that can't apply to regional boards since all contributions are tech12:52
hyperairall contributions are international ;-)12:52
nigelbnot about international, mostly regional boards tend to refer to dmb if all that a person has done is dev12:53
hyperairyeah i figured as much12:53
nigelbnow to figure out why vlc build fails12:54
hyperairuse the source ;-)12:54
nigelbI forgot to update chroot earlier, trying after update now12:55
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yofelhi, I'm not sure if I'm right here but, would it be better to fix bug 546220 in lucid by merging the package from unstable with an FFE, or should we just patch the lucid package at this point?13:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 546220 in nginx "Include GeoIP support in nginx" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54622013:06
geseryofel: as this sounds like a new feature, you need a FFE in either case. once you got a FFe you can merge it.13:10
yofelmakes sense, thx geser13:11
hyperairLaney: you're running lucid, right? could you check if hal ships an initscript? /etc/init/hal.conf for example13:21
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Laneyhyperair: i don't see anything13:52
hyperairLaney: i thought as much. this could be quite problematic.13:53
Laneywhy what's up13:53
hyperairLaney: banshee needs teh hal for any Dap detection13:53
Laneyi thought it was ported to uwhatever13:53
hyperairwishful thinking >_>13:53
hyperairupstream doesn't like uwhatever, or is just procrastinating13:54
* hyperair sighs13:57
hyperairthey can be really nice upstreams, and really difficult ones at times13:57
geserdoesn't dbus start hal?13:58
hyperairgeser: it's supposed to, but doesn't, apparently.14:15
sebnerhyperair: hal is still in a useable state in the archive? lucky you, bad upstream!14:36
hyperairsebner: well help me convince upstream14:36
sebnerhyperair: I don't want to start a flamewar :P14:37
hyperairsebner: if it gets things done, i don't mind =p14:37
sebnerhyperair: what are their reasons to wait with it?14:37
hyperairsebner: "because jcastro told us hal won't be completely removed until lucid+1, so we have time."14:38
hyperairsebner: or something like that14:38
ScottKKDE still needs HAL, so it's not going anywhere.14:38
hyperairhmm i see14:38
jcastrodisclaimer: that quote of mine is from like 6 months ago14:40
hyperairjcastro: i'm not blaming you. i'm just quoting upstream. every time i try to push them towards dropping hal, that's what they tell me.14:41
jcastroI thought they had a hal-less branch somehwere that someone was working on?14:42
jcastrohyperair: I was under the impression that their hal migration would be done after 1.614:42
hyperairjcastro: really? i hadn't heard anything about their uwhatever migration since the last short-term fix they issued.14:43
jcastrowe should ask then14:43
sebnerScottK: pfff, KDE :P14:44
hyperairit seems lamalex is working on it14:44
hyperairi've poked him so let's see how that one is progressing14:44
sebnerhyperair: doesn't fedora and others drop(ped) hal too? Only excusing for ubuntu sucks14:44
hyperairsebner: well. i have no idea.14:45
jcastroI suspect apps using hal will be around for a while14:49
jcastrobut hey since we're talking about banshee, if someone wants to ack banshee-community-extensions in NEW so we can get the music store in banshee for lucid that would be swell14:49
IntuitiveNippleCould someone sponsor a -dbgsym fix I've added to the changes to dmg2img that dchen sponsored earlier today? bug #54610814:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 546108 in dmg2img "No symbols in dbgsym package" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54610814:56
hyperairjcastro: actually i need to upload a second bce (one extra new package)14:58
hyperairit's waiting in debian's NEW queue as well14:58
hyperairi forgot to add that package previously14:58
hyperairdirecthex: should i upload -2ubuntu1 now or wait for debian to accept -2?14:59
Laneypoke in #-ftp if you want to make it happen faster15:01
directhexhyperair, hm... 1ubuntu2 IMHO. shouldn't upload 2ubuntu1 until 2 is in, but let's not wait15:01
hyperairdirecthex: okay.15:02
Laneyyou can do -2~ubuntu1 if you want15:03
LaneyI've done uploads like that before15:03
directhexLaney, well, we can't sync b-c-e as we have ubuntu delta15:04
Laneyyeah I know, it just makes it clear where the changes are coming from15:04
hyperairnevermind, it will be for a very short time.15:06
hyperair31st march, 1.6.0 appears15:07
hyperairthis is temporary until then, to let us clear the NEW queue (and hopefully no new extensions have been added)15:07
Laneyof both?15:07
hyperairLaney: yes.15:07
LaneyI might try and hack that f-spot proxy code into banshee15:08
hyperaircool beans15:08
hyperairplease try getting it upstream.15:08
hyperairwithin the time frame15:09
Laneyi didn't even consider distro patching15:09
Laneyoh, dunno about that15:09
hyperairoh heh =p15:09
hyperairif you can't get it in within the time frame, then let's consider distro patching. this is a severe enough bug for that i think15:09
Laneybackporting is different15:10
Laneywe can do that for sure15:10
* hyperair nods15:10
pabelangermorning all, I was looking to get some information about packaging a custom kernel into PPA.  Does anybody have any existing documentation?15:27
* hyperair kicks networkmanager15:27
* mok0 kicks networkmanager also15:28
hyperairimo networkmanager needs a Don't Roam checkbox.15:28
mok0hyperair: apt-get remove networkmanager15:28
hyperairwhen there are APs everywhere, NM likes roaming from one to the next one and the next one and the next one15:28
hyperairmok0: but ican't connect to WPA networks without it15:29
mok0hyperair: yeah that's a problem.15:29
hyperairhonestly, NM roaming from one AP to another is a nice feature, but only if it works.15:29
mok0apt-get install networkmanager15:29
hyperairthe WPA 4-way handshake thing doesn't work properly15:29
hyperairW: Unable to locate package networkmanager15:30
hyperairdirecthex: yay uploaded bce.15:34
hyperairso now let's look for a kindly archive admin =p15:35
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pabelangerI was looking to get some information about packaging a custom kernel into PPA.  Does anybody have any existing documentation?  I'm looking to use the default linux package but modifiy it to only be my custom kernel (no the other 6).16:55
ScottKpabelanger: This isn't the channel for PPA questions.17:00
nigelbsyncs requests are a bite delayed?17:01
nigelbgot ack some time back, not yet sync'd, should I be worried?17:01
pabelangerLet me re-phrase; I was looking to get some information about repacking a custom kernel. Is there any existing documentation?17:12
ScottKpabelanger: Kernel specific questions might go best in #ubuntu-kernel.  Packaging questions for PPAs are on topic in #ubuntu-packaging.17:24
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bdrungnigelb: which bug?17:35
nigelbbdrung: bug 54313917:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 543139 in galrey "Please sync galrey 1.0.2-4 from debian unstable" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54313917:36
bdrungnigelb: don't worry; just wait17:36
nigelbbdrung: :)17:37
Quintasanjcastro: ping17:45
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jcastroQuintasan: pong18:10
Quintasanjcastro: mind if I query you? I have some questions regarding bringing one of my parents to UDS18:16
YokoZarjdub: ok, adding libgnome-keyring should be easy18:18
YokoZarjdub: I'll try and make another upload when I get to "the office" (with real bandwidth)18:19
BlackZcemc: ?18:28
cemc(64bit karmic host, 32bit lucid pbuilder, up-to-date)18:28
cemcI have no clue why it is looking in /lib32/18:29
cemcit's a 32bit pbuild, it shouldn't do that, imho18:29
ScottKcemc: Is this on Hardy?18:29
cemcno, Karmic host, Lucid pbuild18:29
cemc[03/25-202840] <cemc> (64bit karmic host, 32bit lucid pbuilder, up-to-date)18:29
ScottKOdd.  I built that package today on a 32bit karmic host and a 32 bit lucid pbuilder.18:30
cemcit's not the package18:30
cemcit's the pbuild18:30
ScottKI recall someone else had that problem, but I don't recall the solution.18:30
cemcit never worked for me, strangely...18:30
cemcthe other pbuild images work like a charm, dapper, hardy, intrepid, jaunty, karmic, all of them18:31
cemcjust this one won't, and just the 32bit one. the 64bit pbuild works too18:31
cemcI've rebuilt it twice18:31
ScottKI'd try moving your lucid 32bit chroot tarball aside and create a new one.18:32
cemc[03/25-203134] <cemc> I've rebuilt it twice (the tarball)18:32
cemcbut I will try it again18:32
ScottKI thought you meant tried to build the package twice.18:33
cemcit's not the package methinks. it just tries to install the first dep and it fails to run dpkg because something is messed up in the chroot, I dunno...18:34
ScottKWhat happens if you do pbuilder login and install then?18:35
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cemcScottK: it seems to work...18:56
ScottKI'd just build it that way for now.  Not sure what the real solution is.18:56
psusijdong: your post on the forums about dangerous commands says that rm -fr * will match ".." and delete things above this directory level... it will not... * does not match anything that starts with .19:54
* psusi wonders why parts of that went bold19:54
hyperairindeed it won't. * only matches things that don't start with "."20:00
hyperairyou'd have to do rm -rf * .* to get everything20:01
hyperairbut .* will nicely hit . and .. as well so beware!20:01
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\shpsusi, because * in your irc client means *BOLD*20:34
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RhondaIs the name for lucid+1 decided already?21:28
geserI haven't seen an announcement on the mailing list yet nor a blog post on planet (if I didn't miss anything)21:33
zgreghow about masturbating monkey?21:41
\shI don't think that would represent ubuntu nicely...21:46
RAOFIt should totally involve a Mongoose.21:46
zgreg\sh: oh come on, you don't know the linux hater's blog?21:48
zgreg\sh: http://linuxhaters.blogspot.com/2008/08/one-bug-report-to-rule-them-all.html21:49
\shzgreg, I know that blog for sure ... but thinking about my company management..."Hey Boss, we are using now masturbatin monkey as new release" well, you know...21:49
\shfor joke ... not bad...for serious business...no ways...21:50
zgregof course it's a joke :)21:50
\shyeah..it's funny to read, but that's all21:52
lfaraonenhandler: would you be willing to review a FFe for bug 546139?22:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 546139 in autokey "Merge autokey 0.61.5-1 into Ubuntu Lucid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54613922:03
nhandlerlfaraone: Sure thing22:03
nhandlerlfaraone: FYI, the changelog you attached isn't the upstream changelog22:05
pepeein lucid, aptitude keeps telling me that there's a conflict between fglrx and fglrx-kernel-source, xorg-driver-fglrx22:05
pepeeis that the expected behavior?22:05
nhandlerlfaraone: The Related branches link is also not working. Did you rename the branch?22:06
pepee(version: 2:8.721-0ubuntu5)22:06
joaopintois anyone using eclipse+pydev ?22:16
lfaraonenhandler: sorry, I renamed it.22:18
lfaraonenhandler: refresh the page.22:18
lfaraonenhandler: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~lfaraone/ubuntu/lucid/autokey/merge0.61.5-1ubuntu122:18
nhandlerlfaraone: Your changelog entry is a bit unclear. Is the only difference between the package and the debian package the transitional package? And can you attach a diff of the changes from Debian?22:21
joaopintoanyone involved on the eclipse packaging around ?22:22
nhandlerjoaopinto: You can try contacting bdrung^222:23
bdrung^2joaopinto: it's me22:23
bdrung^2joaopinto: use eclipse 3.5.2-2ubuntu122:23
joaopintobdrung^2, eclipse plugins stopped working during alpha22:24
joaopintothe latest update didn't fix it22:24
bdrung^2they stopped working?22:25
joaopintoI had to switch to the upstream eclipse22:25
joaopintoyes, I was using eclipse+pydev22:25
bdrung^2i tested eclipse+pydev yesterday on lucid and it worked22:25
joaopintoafter an upgrade it stopped recognizing the pydev projects22:26
bdrung^2joaopinto: which version of eclipse do you have installed?22:26
bdrung^2joaopinto: can you rename ~/.eclipse and install pydev again?22:27
joaopintoI tried that, with the previous version, i will try again22:27
joaopintounable to install the plugin, it procudes an "invalid argument error"22:30
joaopintoUnable to connect to repository http://pydev.org/updates/content.xml22:31
joaopintoArgumento inválido22:31
joaopinto == Invalid Argument22:31
joaopintousing the test connection with the main update site produces the same error22:32
bdrung^2joaopinto: which openjdk version do you have installed?22:34
joaopinto/etc/alternatives/java -> /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/bin/java22:35
bdrung^2package version please22:36
joaopintoopenjdk-6-jre-headless        6b18~pre3-0ubuntu122:37
joaopintoeclipse from eclipse.org update site test runs fine22:38
bdrung^2then i have no clue. you can join #debian-java on OFTC and ask nthykier22:40
joaopintooh, for that I should test it on debian first, too much effort, I'll keep with the zip version :P tks anyway22:42
bdrung^2joaopinto: we have a DOA team that works on the eclipse package for Debian _and_ Ubuntu. You don't have to test it on Debian first.22:43
joaopintoDOA ?22:44
bdrung^2Debian Orbital Alignment ;)22:44
joaopintolol, ok22:45
verwilsthello, im trying to package something for my ppa22:58
verwilstbut i get this when uploading with dput: dpkg-buildpackage: source only, diff-only upload (original source NOT included)22:58
verwilstafter which i get an email saying "Files specified in DSC are broken or missing, skipping package unpack verification."22:59
verwilstthe .orig.tar.gz22:59
crimsundid you pass -sa?22:59
verwilstno :$22:59
verwilstmy other 2 packages went fine without -sa :)22:59
crimsunif the orig.tar.gz is in the archive, sure23:00
crimsunor orig.tar.bz2 or whatever23:00
verwilstcrimsun, in the archive? the other packages were totally new as well?23:01
crimsunverwilst: need more detail.23:03
verwilstwell crimsun, the -sa made the orig uploadable as well :)23:04
verwilstjust don't really understand why that 1 package wouldn't include the orig tarball by default :)23:04
verwilstthe build servers seem slower than last year btw :P23:05
verwilstthanks crimsun :)23:05
bdrung^2verwilst: it depends on the debian version. the first revision of a new upstream version contains the source. the later not.23:21
verwilstbdrung^2, hm, ok :)23:22

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