micahgasac: chrisccoulson: nss 3.12.5 isn't high enough00:03
micahg[reed]: is there actually a release of NSS 3.12.6?00:05
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gnomefreakanyone here that can confirm a bug for me08:46
gnomefreaka thunderbird bug08:46
BUGabundo_remotebom dia08:53
gnomefreakgood morning08:57
chrisccoulsonasac - did you see micahg's comment in the scollback about nss 3.12.5 not being new enough?10:35
asacchrisccoulson: yes. thats true afaik10:37
asacwe need to check the tags10:38
asacone second10:38
asacare you in #developers on irc.mozilla.org10:38
asacauto join there ;)10:38
chrisccoulsonasac - i'm not10:38
chrisccoulsoni'll join there in a second ;)10:38
asacchrisccoulson: yeah. kaie (my preferred nss guy) isnt there atm10:38
asacif you see that nick popping up ping him and summon me ;)10:39
chrisccoulsonok, i'm there now :)10:41
chrisccoulsonasac - i don't see a later release here: https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/security/nss/releases/10:42
chrisccoulsonbut debian have 3.12.610:42
gnomefreakgood morning guys10:42
chrisccoulsonhi gnomefreak10:42
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asacchrisccoulson: its just tag10:47
asacthey often dont release or forget10:47
gnomefreakanyone else having issues wit 3.7 faily builds it refusing to start unless i run --safe-mode after that it works for a while than it doesnt start again10:50
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:52
ubottuin Lucid you may see that the window controls min/max/close has moved to left side of window | for more information see http://alturl.com/yvgv | to change it using terminal see http://alturl.com/x5d6.11:59
ubottucontrols is In Lucid you may notice that the window controls min/max/close is now on the left side. | For more information please see http://alturl.com/yvgv | To change it back to right side using a terminal please see http://alturl.com/x5d6.12:04
ubottuIn Lucid you may notice that the window controls min/max/close is now on the left side. | For more information please see http://alturl.com/yvgv | To change it back to right side using a terminal please see http://alturl.com/x5d6.12:05
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gnomefreakkenvandine: how would i go about being ablet o change importance in gwibber bugs (im assuming its an upstrteam bug?) bug 54664312:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 546643 in gwibber "Ability to post images & attachments to identi.ca & status.net" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54664312:22
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kenvandinegnomefreak, you need some sort of permissions to do that13:45
kenvandinenot sure what exactly, but i can do it :)13:46
gnomefreakkenvandine: i would have to have upstream permissions im not sure if Ubuntu is upstream or not. If you can do that it would be great, thanks13:47
kenvandineno, ubuntu isn't upstream13:47
kenvandinei marked it as wishlist13:47
kenvandineposting images is something i want to add to a blueprint for 3.013:48
kenvandinebut i hadn't considered identi.ca and status.net13:48
kenvandinei didn't know they did images13:48
kenvandinegnomefreak, is that just like  a twitpic kind of thing?13:49
kenvandineand the post includes a link to the image attached?13:49
* kenvandine has never done that :)13:49
gnomefreakkenvandine: im not sure if they do images or not either but i thought i saw BUGabundo_remote post a pic13:50
* gnomefreak has never tried picks on any blog yet13:50
kenvandineit did just that :)13:53
gnomefreakyou were able to post image to them?13:54
* BUGabundo_remote and we are back14:09
BUGabundo_remotesorry lost NX link to home laptop :D14:10
BUGabundo_remotekenvandine: gnomefreak: right now SNI is redoing their file / MIME support14:10
BUGabundo_remotecurrent one is done in PHP PEAR and it SUCKs14:10
BUGabundo_remoteSN can support  just about anything your web server supports14:11
BUGabundo_remoteidentica it self is limited to images and text files14:11
BUGabundo_remoteso is a limitation of that particular instance and not the code or any other servers14:11
BUGabundo_remoteand I remind you, that there are something like 30k installs of SN14:12
chrisccoulsonasac - i've done nss 3.12.6 now14:19
chrisccoulsonhmm, i'm getting certificate warnings in evolution now i'm using nss 3.12.615:21
chrisccoulsonasac - i had to copy a patch from debian for the new nss version15:40
chrisccoulsonit seems i was seeing debian bug 56191815:41
ubottuDebian bug 561918 in libnss3-1d "client certificate authentication broken" [Grave,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/56191815:41
asacchrisccoulson: so 3.12.6 is ready now?16:14
asacgive me branch url please16:14
chrisccoulsonasac - lp:~chrisccoulson/nss/nss-3.12.516:14
chrisccoulson(it does actually contain 3.12.6 ;) )16:14
asacuse nss.head.TOPIC ;)16:15
asacchecking (on the phone)16:15
chrisccoulsonah, ok. i'll do that next time16:15
ftaBUGabundo_remote, http://blog.twitter.com/2010/03/state-of-twitter-spam.html17:19
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BUGabundo_remotefta: chromium snapping like hell again :(17:32
ftaBUGabundo_remote, http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=38692 ?17:54
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ftaoh my, not enough builders19:07
fta25 hours19:07
micahgasac: did you get my message about NSS?19:14
BUGabundokenvandine: what was that URL I could access desktopcouch DB?19:32
kenvandine BUGabundo: ~/.local/share/desktop-couch/couchdb.html19:33
BUGabundofount it19:33
BUGabundoI need to do something to gwibber19:33
BUGabundoits SLOOWWW not pulling from brainbird.net19:33
BUGabundoand using lots of CPU19:34
micahgjdstrand: I'm having truoble uploading patches from /opt/source (My build dir) in firefox due to apparmor, I'm wondering if this is something worth opening a  bug for19:34
BUGabundokenvandine: "Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at localhost:44593."19:35
jdstrandmicahg: I don't think so. There are known limitations to the profile (as discussed in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Specifications/Karmic/AppArmorFirefoxProfile#Enabling%20the%20profile%20by%20default)19:36
kenvandinelooks like desktopcouch might have died and restarted maybe?19:36
kenvandineBUGabundo, killall gwibber gwibber-service beam.smp desktopcouch-service19:36
kenvandineand start gwibber again19:36
jdstrandmicahg: I recommend just adding the necessarily lines to your profile and then reload it19:36
micahgjdstrand: ok, that's what I thought...for a while I thought I was crazy until I remembered that I enabled it again :)19:36
BUGabundokenvandine: its up now. thanks19:38
kenvandineBUGabundo, np19:39
BUGabundokenvandine: so can I just delete the tables and restart the service?19:39
BUGabundoor is there an easy way to empty them?19:39
kenvandinejust compact them19:40
kenvandineor you can delete the db and restart everything19:40
BUGabundowe did compact them the other day19:40
BUGabundomessages is now at 14019:40
BUGabundobut I need this lighter19:40
BUGabundoor ill have to stop using gwibber19:41
BUGabundoit was 97k entries19:41
BUGabundoyeah I know19:42
BUGabundokenvandine: let me tell you something ken. now I don't even hear my fan :D19:44
kenvandineBUGabundo, we are now auto-compacting and will also start purging the messages db19:45
kenvandinehopefully that will get committed today19:45
kenvandineno realy to keep that many around19:45
kenvandineso the db will stay pretty small19:45
BUGabundocause I have no use for 97k old items I can't browse19:45
kenvandinein the future we want a way to go back and search those, etc... but we won't do that until there is a better way to handle it19:47
kenvandinewe are just storing way too much data19:47
BUGabundoI know!19:47
BUGabundoI was suffering with it19:47
BUGabundosome of my timelines are not being pulled now19:47
BUGabundolet me start in debug mode19:48
BUGabundoahhh traces19:48
BUGabundobunch of them19:48
BUGabundokenvandine: http://paste.ubuntu.com/401333/19:49
kenvandineNameError: global name 'exceptions' is not defined19:52
kenvandinei just pushed a fix for that in trunk19:52
kenvandinethx :)19:52
kenvandinebut i think the cause was auth failure19:52
BUGabundopulling trunk then19:52
kenvandineso it failed to authenticate19:52
BUGabundoNow on revision 695.19:52
BUGabundo/usr/bin/gwibber:68: GtkWarning: gtk_container_add: assertion `GTK_IS_CONTAINER (container)' failed19:53
BUGabundo  gtk.main()19:53
BUGabundoGwibber Dispatcher: ERROR    auth failure: statusnet:bugabundo - Could not authenticate you.19:53
BUGabundoright... I renamed that user!19:53
BUGabundokenvandine: Gwibber Dispatcher: ERROR    Failed to communicate with https://brainbird.net/api/statuses/mentions.json?count=20019:55
BUGabundoGwibber Dispatcher: ERROR    Failed to parse the response, error was: No JSON object could be decoded19:55
ftaxchat now dies on exit :(20:00
ftadbus related20:00
ftaas usual, gwibber doesn't start because of couchdb20:02
gnomefreakfta: 2.31.1~bzr694-0ubuntu1~daily1 works20:03
BUGabundofta: http://botinhas.blogspot.com/2010/03/espanhol-eu-fuddas-careyu.html20:06
asacmicahg: not sure. anything on top that i should merge it from chris's branch?20:11
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* gnomefreak too need smoke and let dog out20:29
gnomefreakis prism fixed? i just got updates to it20:31
BUGabundo15560   0.42s   0.80s     0K     0K     0K     4K  --   - R  61% gwibber-servic20:34
BUGabundo19330   0.35s   0.32s   528K   480K     0K     0K  --   - S  34% gwibber-servic20:34
BUGabundo19329   0.20s   0.47s   132K    52K     0K     0K  --   - R  34% gwibber-servic20:34
BUGabundokenvandine: ^^^^^^^20:34
* gnomefreak missed mvo :(20:36
gnomefreakok who wants to try and reproduce/confirm a bug in tb3?20:38
asacgnomefreak: prism should be fixed20:39
asacwhat tbird bug?20:39
gnomefreakasac: cool. ill get bug #20:39
gnomefreakbug 54418720:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 544187 in thunderbird "Thunderbird 3.0 does not ask or send emails when written in offline mode go back to online" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54418720:40
mahfouzgnomefreak, is this related to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thunderbird/+bug/53721020:42
ubottuUbuntu bug 537210 in thunderbird "thunderbird sends mail instead of putting it into draft folder under unstable network" [Undecided,New]20:42
gnomefreakmahfouz: not by the sound of iut20:43
mahfouzit means it sends a mail when going online without asking20:43
mahfouzisn't that exactly what you are saying?20:43
gnomefreakthe problem is it is not sending emails that were written in offline mode. hit send later and once you reenable online it doesnt send or prompt you to send20:44
mahfouzaha, in my case, I never said "send"20:44
mahfouzit just sent all mail from "drafts" folder20:44
mahfouzbut still20:44
gnomefreaki get so much mail i download them and go into offline mode and do my emaiols when connect again it never sends them20:45
mahfouzcause you're on "devious mode"20:45
gnomefreakthanks for reminding me i forgot to add something to bug :)20:46
gnomefreakasac: i guess you saw this bug already20:47
asacmahfouz: gnomefreak: feels like both bugs are a dupe20:48
asacerr the same i mean ;)20:48
gnomefreakasac: you mean mahfouz and mine?20:49
mahfouzwhen you hit "send later" it puts it in "drafts"20:49
mahfouzthe thing is it puts it in drafts even if I don't hit "send later"20:50
gnomefreaki never looked to say it does. but mine are not being sent ever and yours are?20:50
mahfouzI had a mail sent unintentionally20:50
mahfouzoh, I get it now, yours were NOT sent and you would like to be asked20:51
mahfouzbut mine was sent even though I never wanted to20:51
gnomefreakeven if not asked still like them sent20:52
mahfouzmaybe a mix-up of the folders, it shouldn't send all drafts just because you re-connect, should it?20:53
gnomefreakinstall python-smartpm20:53
gnomefreakdamnnit grrrr20:53
gnomefreakmahfouz: if you hit send later it should at leat ask you if that is the setting but hell i would be happy if i didnt have to reply to 20 emails and have to do them again20:54
mahfouzstill better than having an unrevised draft sent to your boss :)20:56
gnomefreakoh yes that it is20:57
asacmahfouz: do you see your bug on tbird 3?20:58
mahfouzasac, mine, was tb 320:58
mahfouzpretty recent from daily build ppa20:58
gnomefreakit happejnhs with both daily and stable but i didnt bother adding info like that :)20:59
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gnomefreakincomming asac :) be back in a few21:20
Dimmuxxhey is there any eta for 3.6.2 in lucid?21:20
gnomefreakDimmuxx: what does apt-cache policy firefox-3.6 say?21:23
* gnomefreak not sure the versioning for "firefox" will have a .*21:24
gnomefreakhas 3.6.3~hg20100324r33757+nobinonly-0ubuntu1~umd1  :)21:24
Dimmuxxfirefox-3.6: Installed: (none) Candidate: (none) Version table:21:26
micahggnomefreak: no firefox-3.6 anymore21:26
gnomefreakmicahg: i know that kind of :)21:26
gnomefreakfirefox-3.6: Installed: (none) Candidate: 3.6+lucid21:27
gnomefreaktransitional IIRC21:27
micahggnomefreak: that's only a migration pacakge21:27
micahggnomefreak: apt-cache policy firefox21:27
gnomefreakmicahg: are we going to use the 3.6.*21:27
micahggnomefreak: for?21:27
gnomefreakor just 3.621:27
gnomefreakmicahg: versioning21:27
micahggnomefreak: no source versioning anymore in archive21:28
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gnomefreak3.6+nobinonly-0ubuntu6  <<< is that the latest 3.6.2 rlease?21:28
micahggnomefreak: no21:28
gnomefreakthats what i mean by versioning21:28
micahggnomefreak: it's pending an update of NSS and NSPR21:28
gnomefreaki know chris was working on nss/nspr but thought he finished21:29
gnomefreakfor some reason i thought but it could have been something else21:29
Dimmuxxwhy not just remove the version since it will be updated to 4.0 or whatever firefox next will be called once it's released21:29
gnomefreakDimmuxx: 3.6 -> 3.7 -> 4.0 IIRC21:30
Dimmuxxyou told me yesterday that firefox next will be called 4.021:31
gnomefreakDimmuxx: if we didnt we would never know what version we were pushing :)21:31
Dimmuxxwhen I said it will be called 3.7 ;)21:31
gnomefreakDimmuxx: IIRC what i read was 3.7 will be last before 4.021:31
Dimmuxxit's not decided yet afaik21:31
Dimmuxxthere is 3.6.x, lorentz(which will be merge to 3.6.x) and then firefox next(labeled as 3.7 right now)21:32
gnomefreaki would have to look again. well no it wont be until 3.7 is done. I know 3.7 will be next21:32
gnomefreak3.6 -> 3.7 -> 4.0 should be it. the changing for 3.7 -> 4.0 is way to far off to be sure but i would have to find the link again or ill ask  in the firefox mailing list21:33
gnomefreakmicahg: 3.7 is realy slow still. has it been moved to static?21:34
Dimmuxxnoone really knows what firefox next will be called when it's released21:34
Dimmuxx3.5 was called 3.1 a long time21:34
gnomefreakwe dropped 4.0 from PPA21:34
micahggnomefreak: idk21:34
gnomefreaki know it was a while ago that we dropped it21:35
micahggnomefreak: I was referring to 3.7 being static, I know we don't have 4.0 in PPA21:37
gnomefreakmicahg: i was refering to 3.7+static as well but 4.0 was in PPA a while ago21:37
* gnomefreak really needs a way to filter gwibber bugs if they all had gwibber in topic it would be great21:45
chrisccoulsongnomefreak - are you talking about filtering gwibber bug mail?21:48
gnomefreakchrisccoulson: yes in tbird21:48
chrisccoulsonhave a look at the message headers ;)21:48
gnomefreakfiltering to my gwibber folder21:48
chrisccoulsonin particular, the "X-launchpad-big" header21:49
gnomefreaknext gwibber i get i will look at it21:51
chrisccoulsongnomefreak - have a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToFilter21:53
chrisccoulsoni've got quite a lot of filters set up to handle all the mail i get21:54
asacchrisccoulson: whast up with debian/patches/97_SSL_RENEGOTIATE_TRANSITIONAL.patch ?21:56
asacwe shouldnt take anything in that direction ... at least not with thorough investigation etc.21:56
chrisccoulsonasac - i got a invalid certificate warnings as soon as i fired up evolution with the new nss version21:57
chrisccoulsonand that seems to be debian bug 56191821:57
ubottuDebian bug 561918 in libnss3-1d "client certificate authentication broken" [Grave,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/56191821:57
chrisccoulsonwhich is what the patch fixes21:57
asacchrisccoulson: couldnt evolution set NSS_SSL_ENABLE_RENEGOTIATION=1 ?22:00
* gnomefreak brb22:01
kylehuffasac: do you have a moment?22:02
chrisccoulsonasac - from looking at the debian bug, it isn't just evolution that has this problem22:03
chrisccoulson(evolution was just the only thing i noticed it with)22:03
asackylehuff: what about?22:14
kylehuffasac: the launchpad FireGPG project page22:14
asackylehuff: ?22:15
asacwhat do you want :)22:15
kylehuffrecently I was declined my request to join the Mozilla Team launchpad group, which I am not contesting. But perhaps the notes in my request did not come through.. Currently everything on launchpad related to the FireGPG extension under the control of the Mozilla Team is either outdated or broken; My request to join was only so that I can help update and maintain the launchpad page and deal with bugs, answer questions, et cetera..22:15
kylehuffsince it is not believed I fit the criteria to be on the Mozilla Team, then can we set up the FireGPG launchpad project page to a more specific team or something of that nature?22:16
kylehuffas for contributing first; I am already a heavy contributor to the FireGPG extension and listed in the authors files.22:17
asackylehuff: contributing is about contributing to the ubuntu parts ... as we currently use the team to do access control to the packaging branches etc.22:18
asackylehuff: i will think about what we can do for these projects. i consider this a problem. yes.22:18
asacat best ask me in a day or so22:18
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kylehuffasac: Okay, I will check back after some time. Thanks.22:19
asacchrisccoulson: what setup do you have for evolution?22:21
asacis that a client cert setup?22:21
gnomefreak3.0.19 is last in 3.0 series22:24
chrisccoulsonasac - it's the company IMAP and also gmail i'm using in evolution (both trigger the same warning)22:25
gnomefreakfiregpg is with the extension team why not join that and maybe we can set up branches there?22:26
gnomefreakhttp://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2009-3555  is anyone else seeing this in tb3 in the error console?22:27
ubottuThe TLS protocol, and the SSL protocol 3.0 and possibly earlier, as used in Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0, mod_ssl in the Apache HTTP Server 2.2.14 and earlier, OpenSSL before 0.9.8l, GnuTLS 2.8.5 and earlier, Mozilla Network Security Services (NSS) 3.12.4 and earlier, multiple Cisco products, and other products, does not properly associate renegotiation handshakes with an existing connection, which allows man-in-the-middl22:27
gnomefreakthe bot knows cve22:28
ubottuThe TLS protocol, and the SSL protocol 3.0 and possibly earlier, as used in Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0, mod_ssl in the Apache HTTP Server 2.2.14 and earlier, OpenSSL before 0.9.8l, GnuTLS 2.8.5 and earlier, Mozilla Network Security Services (NSS) 3.12.4 and earlier, multiple Cisco products, and other products, does not properly associate renegotiation handshakes with an existing connection, which allows man-in-the-middl22:28
gnomefreakcool :)22:28
gnomefreakasac: is prism version in Official archives fixed as well or is it just the dailies?22:33
mahfouzis it normal that text in url bar of chromium jumps up and down while typing?22:47
gnomefreaksudo smart --gui23:17
gnomefreakdamnit again23:18
gnomefreakwhat do you mean "jumps" ill test in a minute23:19
gnomefreakyay chromium has an "import wizard"23:20
gnomefreakok mine doesnt jump unless i double click the address bar to clear it but curser jumps more sideways23:21
gnomefreaki like the bookmark sync option in chromium should add this to firefox too23:23
mahfouzgoogle had this in fx but removed it23:26
mahfouzmy cursor jumps up and down, not sideways :)23:26
gnomefreakchrisccoulson: sorry im off the phone now. I am unable to get the filter working using the info from headers, i have to make a custom filter (not a to,from,importance ect,, and its not working so well23:37
micahggnomefreak: first add the header you want to filter23:38
micahgthen add teh criteria23:38
gnomefreaki made custom named X-Launchpad-Bug than used the "contains" product=gwibber23:39
gnomefreaki have no way of telling it this is from headers23:40
chrisccoulsongnomefreak - that will only work if the bug is not in the ubuntu gwibber source package23:40
crasswould it be too hard for you guys to build python-xpcom packages as well?23:40
chrisccoulsonfor ubuntu bugs, you will see product=ubuntu23:41
micahggnomefreak: it probably doesn't catch it because of the return23:41
micahggnomefreak: try this header: X-Launchpad-Message-Rationale23:41
chrisccoulsonand you will also see sourcepackage=gwibber23:41
micahgcrass: bug 48040723:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 480407 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] pyxpcom" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48040723:41
crassmicahg: yeah saw that, it looks like the decision is that it likely won't even go in lucid23:42
micahgcrass: depends how much time I have...23:43
crassI'm wondering if its possible to be put in with the teams ppa, so its more "experimental"23:43
crassmicahg: is it a lot of work?23:43
micahgcrass: idk, never packaged from scratch before23:43
gnomefreaki used X-Launchpad-Message-Rationale and used the following one of them is Subscriber (gwibber in ubuntu) and the other is product=gwibber using the same X-Launchpad-Message-Rationale23:44
gnomefreakit still isnt working23:44
crassmicahg: seems like you could just use the old python-xpcom package as a starting point, no?23:44
micahggnomefreak: are you doing exact or contains?23:44
micahgcrass: no, it's a new repo23:44
micahgwhat does the filter log say?23:45
gnomefreakmicahg: what do you mean? do you mean "match all the fol,lowing" or apply filter when...23:46
gnomefreakah wait23:46
gnomefreakit was unchecked now checked(enabled) and still shows nothing23:47
gnomefreakhold on a minute23:49
crassmicahg: perhaps I'm unclear on the terminology, by repo, you mean repository?  On the launchpad site, it seems like you could add another of what it calls packages23:49
gnomefreakuploading a screen shot23:50
micahgcrass: new upstream repository23:51
gnomefreakmicahg: chrisccoulson http://img202.imageshack.us/i/screenshottvl.png/23:53
gnomefreakhttp://img202.imageshack.us/img202/3526/screenshottvl.png maybe better23:53
micahggnomefreak: match any not all23:54
chrisccoulsonyes, those combinations will never happen together23:54
chrisccoulsonproduct=gwibber is the upstream gwibber launchpad project, so it won't catch bugs reported in the ubuntu gwibber package23:55
gnomefreakthanks i think that helped i set both upstream and in ubuntu23:55

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