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tgm4883rhpot1991, cause you deleted !hi01:43
rhpot1991tgm4883: ah, I deleted it cause zinn does that himself now02:19
ZinnHi rhpot1991, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.02:19
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javatexandoes blueray work yet in mythbuntu?19:21
rhpot1991javatexan: depends on your definition of "work"19:21
rhpot1991in theory if you had a way to get video from your BR then it can play19:22
rhpot1991javatexan: I tried to PM you and got some random spammy thing19:22
javatexanpidgin has been flaky lately19:23
rhpot1991its asking me some bible question, which I will not take the time to entertain, pm me19:24
Davieyjavatexan: Feel free to buy me a BR player, and i'll test it for you :)19:36
javatexanI feel your pain....darn economy, no extra to play with new tech toys19:37
mrandThey are onsale for $80, plus or minus.19:39
rhpot1991I splurged and went for a burner when I got mine19:39
rhpot1991it was on sale as well19:40
Davieymy frontend doesn't even have a cd drive, so i'd need to rip it onto the backend anyway :S19:40
rhpot1991Daviey: thats where all your media should live anyways19:41
mrandDaviey: I do the same.19:41
rhpot1991not to mention you can't play right from the disc at all19:41
mrandDaviey: blu-ray is still problematic.19:42
* javatexan nudges and says but blu-ray is just using java for DRM19:47
rhpot1991IIRC the bd+ discs wont play in something that doesn't have an ethernet port too, needs to call home19:49
javatexan:( is right20:19
javatexanso you have to connect BR players to your network before it works?20:19
mrandjavatexan: I don't know that a net connection is required except in cases when certain disks won't play (i.e., the disk requires that the player be updated).20:29
major_hi, Mythbuntu is not able to find any videos... the path ive got set for them is /home/major/BigBoX/multimedia/movies. I press m and scan and still no videos... bigbox is another disk mounted for user:major group:root, i can cd to the directory and watch the videos with any problem from thunar... ive been reading the forums and the FAQs with no success, versions of the program are the latest20:32
rhpot1991major_: sounds like permissions20:43
rhpot1991!blank% | major_20:44
Zinnmajor_: If you try to watch tv and are greeted with a blank screen and a return to the menu then please check the permissions on your recording directory.  It should be owned by mythtv:mythtv, have permissions of 775, and not be inside your home directory20:44
rhpot1991set them to the permissions there20:44
major_:o directories must be owned by mythtv?20:49
major_why is that if may i ask?20:49
major_some sort of security thing?20:50
rhpot1991mythtv is the user and group20:51
rhpot1991mythtv:mythtv user:group20:51
major_i mean, why is mythtv unable to read other folders?20:56
major_is for security concerns?20:56
tgm4883major_, I haven't looked into it farther than there are issues with it in the home dir21:00

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