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Myrttiimmediately when I op up to banforward someone to ##fix_your_connection, their connection stabilizes00:47
Myrttinevermind then...00:48
ubottueremite called the ops in #ubuntu (myrl)01:45
Myrttia bit hasty call01:46
Myrttiand gone01:48
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ubottuardchoille called the ops in #ubuntu (BluShift  needs a hint about etiquette)06:41
ardchoilleI'm seeing something that looks suspicious in #ubuntu, several nicks have joined from the same IP06:51
ardchoilleThis method has been used in the past to bypass the floodbots06:52
ardchoillejust FYI06:52
Madpilotardchoille, they seemed to leave just as quickly?06:52
ardchoilleno, xarc, 5EXAAKFMY and 31NAAK4NG are still there06:53
jussi01ardchoille: ok, we will keep an eye on it. thanks for the heads up.06:54
rocket16Hello all07:03
Madpilothi rocket16 - need a hand?07:03
rocket16Hello Madpilot, yes a bit of07:03
rocket16The Ubuntu-offtopic channel is owned by an user named AtomicSpark, who and his friends always insult newcomers there, :(07:04
rocket16He thinkg he is the leader there, :( And always tells us to get out, and insults us most badly07:05
rocket16So, I am thinking of starting a new Ubuntu Channel, a free discussion channel, where one can discuss anything.07:05
rocket16So, am I permitted to do so, I mean creating a new channel? :)07:06
Madpilotwhatever AtomicSpark has been up to other days, today he's mostly been chatting about compter games...07:06
Madpilotnot if it has Ubuntu in the channel name07:06
rocket16You mean, it should not have "Ubuntu" in its name? Like "Ubuntu-discussions"?07:07
Madpilotcorrect. On Freenode, Ubuntu has namespace rights/ownership/control over #ubuntu-<foo> channels07:08
rocket16Madpilot: I really want to be an Operator of a Channel of mine, I think I can manage it well. Thank you for your help.07:08
rocket16So, Can I name it to linux-light?07:08
jussi01rocket16: you need to go make a ##rocket16 or so.07:09
jussi01remember to use ##07:09
jussi01Hi darolu07:09
rocket16Oh, then no other names can be made? Sorry to hear that, :(07:09
daroluhi jussi01 came to report a guy in the ubuntu channel but seems someone has taken care of him/her already07:10
jussi01rocket16: you can make some others, but they need to start with ##07:10
rocket16I wanted to name it "linux-light", :(07:10
jussi01darolu: ahh, ok. thanks for trying.07:10
rocket16Oh! Thaks jussi01, thanks Madpilot.07:10
rocket16Bye all.07:10
daroluhe/she is back though...07:10
jussi01darolu: who, and what?07:10
daroluBluShift, literally "trolling" other op is in though, thanks :)07:11
jussi01darolu: ahh, Madpilot seems to be sorting it. Anything else you need?07:11
daroluYes Madpilot is in, thanks again jussi01 :) night!07:12
Madpilotmore than enough rope. Dealt with07:12
rocket16Sorry to disturb again, but how may I popularise my new Channel? I am only one member there07:13
jussi01rocket16: you need to ask the channel owners for permission to "advertise". You cannot do this in #ubuntu-* channels.07:14
MadpilotLove the new bantracker prompt from the bot. +1 to whichever clever person coded that it.07:14
rocket16jussi01: Oh, but how may I ask them?07:15
jussi01rocket16: you dont. We dont permit advertising in our channels.07:16
rocket16jussi01: Oh, Ok. But in other channels perhaps, asking them07:16
jussi01rocket16: you would need to check with the owners of those channels. we are responsible for #kubuntu-* #ubuntu-* #xubuntu-*07:18
jussi01oh, and #ubuntuforums07:18
rocket16jussi01: Thanks, I got permissions in Wesnoth07:19
jussi01rocket16: for any further questions, I suggest ask in #freenode07:19
rocket16Thanks jussi01,07:20
ikoniawhy does rocket16 think atomicspark ?07:30
Madpilotno clue07:31
jussi01morning ikonia07:33
Madpilotnight, all. Don't let the trolls bite.07:48
dholbachgood morning08:19
ubottullutz called the ops in #ubuntu (ackt1c spamming troll)08:22
jussi01morning Daviey08:46
rocket16Hello all, I created a channel, and was the operator there. But after I quit and rejoined, I am no longer the operator. What to do?08:48
jussi01rocket16: -> #freenode.08:49
Davieyhey jussi0108:52
ubottutheadmin called the ops in #ubuntu (ubuntu_ swears and floods)09:20
gnomefreaki am going to make a wiki on the changes to the window buttons (how to move to the right. any idea on what i can name it for wiki and bots command name09:41
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gnomefreakanyone know if i need to add a factoid to bot for 2 channels only in the channels themselves or use something like !bleh #ubuntu+1 is bleh bleh bleh11:12
* gnomefreak doesnt recall the order its in11:13
bazhangthought it was !factoid-#channel11:16
bazhangie !zomgbuttons-#ubuntu+1 is <reply> yaba daba doo11:16
jussi01gnomefreak: what bazhang said :=)11:17
topylii fully support bazhang's factoid proposal11:18
gnomefreakah ok thanks guys. can i use !facroid-#channel-#channel?11:18
jussi01gnomefreak: no11:18
nhandlergnomefreak: You can create an alias for the second channel's factoid11:19
gnomefreakok thanks i will add the window boarder control factoid once i figure out a good name that is not in use11:19
gnomefreakumm bot didnt like the factoid i was making. it said im only a bot....  this is ubot3. not sure if when in /msg i cant use !bleh-#$ is <reply> bleh...11:46
gnomefreakoh and @whoami tells me to use @whoami11:46
ubottuThe operation succeeded.11:46
gnomefreak!controls-#ubuntu+1 is <reply> in Lucid you may see that the window controls min/max/close has moved to left side of window | for more information see http://alturl.com/yvgv | to change it using terminal see http://alturl.com/x5d6.11:46
ubottuI'll remember that, gnomefreak11:46
gnomefreak:) fixed it11:46
gnomefreakok is alias !bleh-#$ is <alias> !$11:48
gnomefreakok i dont recall how to use alias11:53
bazhangthought it was !xyz1 is <alias> xyz11:54
bazhangor the reverse, I forget11:55
nhandlerIt is !aliasfactoid is <alias> otherfactoid11:56
gnomefreak!controls-#ubuntu-mozillateam <alias> controls11:57
nhandlergnomefreak: We never got anything on the community help wiki?11:57
ubottuI'll remember that, gnomefreak11:57
gnomefreaknhandler: nope so i made a temp one until i get around to make the wiki11:57
gnomefreakthat alias didnt work11:57
nhandlergnomefreak: You forgot the 'is'11:58
gnomefreak!no controls-#ubuntu-mozillateam is <alias> controls11:58
ubottuI know nothing about controls-#ubuntu-mozillateam yet, gnomefreak11:58
gnomefreak!controls-#ubuntu-mozillateam is <alias> controls11:58
ubottuFactoid 'controls' does not exist11:58
nhandler!controls-#ubuntu-mozillateam is <alias> controls-#ubuntu+111:59
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, nhandler said: !controls-#ubuntu-mozillateam is <alias> controls-#ubuntu+111:59
ubottuThe operation succeeded.11:59
nhandler!controls-#ubuntu-mozillateam is <alias> controls-#ubuntu+111:59
gnomefreakoh forgot the -#+1  but did it work11:59
ubottuin Lucid you may see that the window controls min/max/close has moved to left side of window | for more information see http://alturl.com/yvgv | to change it using terminal see http://alturl.com/x5d6.11:59
gnomefreakthanks it worked11:59
nhandlerThe alias worked too. But you might want to fix some of the capitalization12:00
gnomefreakshouldnt it post it in here?12:00
gnomefreaknhandler: yeah once i got it done i was going to12:00
nhandlergnomefreak: I think it was restricting me from doing too many factoids too fast or something. It worked in PM12:00
bazhangworks in PM gnomefreak12:01
gnomefreak!no controls-#ubuntu+1 is In Lucid you may notice that the window controls min/max/close is now on the left side. | For more information please see http://alturl.com/yvgv | To change it back to right side using a terminal please see http://alturl.com/x5d6.12:03
ubottuI'll remember that gnomefreak12:03
nhandlergnomefreak: You forget <reply>12:04
nhandler* forgot12:04
gnomefreakyeah i noticed12:04
bazhang!no controls-#ubuntu+112:04
gnomefreak!no controls-#ubuntu+1 is <reply> In Lucid you may notice that the window controls min/max/close is now on the left side. | For more information please see http://alturl.com/yvgv | To change it back to right side using a terminal please see http://alturl.com/x5d6.12:04
ubottuI'll remember that gnomefreak12:04
gnomefreakfixed :) thanks guys12:05
* elky nudges topyli14:00
Gneaclearly, there's been a misunderstanding here.14:00
topyliGnea, "wtf" sounded like you did not quite understand the reason for your removal14:00
topylinot that it's apporopriate, but this is unrelated14:00
Gneaperhaps you did not understand the meaning of what I said prior to being kicked.14:01
Gneabut if it's for something else, as it was just pointed out, then please, enlighten me so that I will not repeat that mistake.14:01
topyliGnea, you were warned about trolling, then about speaking down on continents14:01
Gneaand yet, I wasn't trolling14:01
Gneabut you claim I was14:01
Gneaso please, how was I trolling?14:02
topyliafter that, suggesting willfulness of rape victims was a bit much14:02
Gneahere we have our misunderstanding, or rather, your misunderstanding of what I said.14:02
elkyGnea, do you realise that the line you used is like the single most used dismissive used on victims of said act?14:03
topyliGnea, that's inconvenient. in the future, maybe you'd like to use less ambiguous language so that everyone understand that you're being polite?14:03
Gneaand you do realize that we really weren't talking about real 'rape' to begin with?14:03
topylireal or not, it's not a good idea to suggest that africans are willing victims14:04
Gneathe only reason I brought it up the way that I did was to point out the uselessness of having it misused in the first place14:05
GneaI wasn't suggesting that at all.14:05
GneaI'm sorry if you thought that I was14:05
topyliyou don't need to be sorry for what i think :)14:06
Gneagood point. :)14:06
GneaI am sorry that I said it, and it won't happen again.14:06
elkyThese lettery things on my screen fail to communicate your obscure sarcasm. Could you try a more obvious approach next time?14:06
topyliGnea, please just try and make extra sure that in the future even people like me will undeerstand what you're saying14:06
Gneatopyli: here's an idea: take the time to get to know me, rather than to jump to conclusions, and sure, no problem.14:07
topylinope, i need to mind the channel right now, not after a period of education14:08
Gneaand this is why I avoid the -ot channel. thanks.14:09
elkyGnea, is there a cliffs notes we can offer those who haven't had the luxury of "getting...14:09
topylithat's fine by me too14:09
elkyYeah. I can't say anything he'd want to hear right now.14:10
ubottutheadmin called the ops in #ubuntu (avatorking abuses the bot!)14:32
gnomefreakdid someone take care of that?14:37
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ikoniankj ]15:40
mc44there's an eponymous troll in #ubuntu+1 ;(17:47
jpdsHe's gone.17:48
mc44jpds: thanks :317:48
* mc44 leaves before his idling breaks EVERYTHING17:48
* jpds .read("tis-dialog.ru") returned: "Hi".17:49
jussi01topyli: ping17:51
Myrtti!search filesystem20:04
ubottuFound: files, filesystems, ext3, undelete, defrag, mount-#kubuntu, defragmentation, addingfs, the default ubuntu filesystem (ext3)*, fuse and 4 more, see http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi?search=filesystem20:04
gnomefreakdefrag for Linux?20:04
MyrttiI know there's a factoid explaining the filestructure20:04
ubottuThe default Ubuntu filesystem (ext3) is engineered to avoid fragmentation issues in most cases, see http://linkpot.net/behead/ for a simple example on how it achieves this.20:05
Myrtti!search structure20:05
ubottuFound: dri, lsb, revu, relationship, partner20:05
ubottuThe Linux Standard Base, or LSB, is a joint project by several Linux distributions under the organizational structure of The Free Standards Group to standardize the internal structure of Linux-based operating systems. The LSB is based on the POSIX specification, the Single UNIX Specification, and several other open standards, but extends them in certain areas.20:05
* Myrtti gives up20:05
Myrttiah, !files20:05
* Myrtti needs more coffee but tries to resist20:06
gnomefreakext3 :( that is so old :)20:06
MyrttiI might and make it my project for the bugjam to go through some of the factoids and update them20:07
gnomefreaki might get to making a wiki one of these days. I have been putting it off20:09
Myrttia wiki? hm?20:10
gnomefreakMyrtti: for the window controls20:10
Myrttioh, ok.20:11
ubottuIn Lucid you may notice that the window controls min/max/close is now on the left side. | For more information please see http://alturl.com/yvgv | To change it back to right side using a terminal please see http://alturl.com/x5d6.20:11
gnomefreakinstead of pointing to a non-official source20:11
gnomefreakalso need to learn mutt but that has been on my todolist for >1 year20:13
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ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, AtomicSpark said: !docky is <reply> If there ever was something made of pure AWESOME in the history of mankind, then its name is Docky. See more at http://wiki.go-docky.com22:57
tonyyarussohey topyli, do we have a factoid about how to become an operator yet?  If not I was thinking I'd make one, and link your blog post in it, along with the requirements page.23:41
tonyyarussooh hey, we do, but it's wrong now.  *fixes*23:44
ubottuThe operation succeeded.23:44
tonyyarusso!CanIBeAnOp | Please review this new language23:46
ubottuPlease review this new language: If you are interested in joining the Ops team, take a look at both http://www.siltala.net/2010/03/24/ops-teams-applications-announcement/ and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/OperatorRequirements for info on the process and requirements.  You can also learn about what the job entails from people in #ubuntu-irc.23:46

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