slangasekcjwatson: libparted0 added conflicts/replaces don't seem to make a difference01:59
stgraberlamont: Just looked at http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/lucid/edubuntu-dvd/20100325/livecd-20100325-i386.out and I see no mention of the LTSP chroot (or error message related to it), any idea of what happened ?02:17
lamontstgraber: that's 1.108 - you want 1.109 before we stopped doing update-image03:11
lamontstgraber: and 1.110 is now current, next run should get what you want03:12
stgraberlamont: great, thanks03:14
DavieyA multiverse build failed, and i belive it was a hiccup with the buildd rather than an issue with package.  If i wanted a no change rebuild done, is it an AA or LP folk that i need to ask?08:31
Daviey(probelm solved, thanks anyway)09:02
Davieyokay, not *quite* solved.  Something seems odd, *mysql*3ubuntu8 was built 10 hours ago.  Nothing seemed to fail afaics, but only *mysql*3ubuntu8_amd64 seems to have been published.  *mysql*3ubuntu7* is still in the archive pool.09:37
slangasekDaviey: package name?10:31
Davieyslangasek: Specifically libmysqlclient16 is what raised the issue with me10:38
DavieyBut this seems related https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-dfsg-5.1/+bug/54669110:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 546691 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 "MySQL package dependancies are broken for Lucid" [Undecided,New]10:39
slangasekaccording to the archive, all architectures have published *except* i386 and sparc; that probably means i386 is in binary NEW. Checking.10:39
slangasekyep - processing10:40
Davieyhmm, doesn't really explain why amd64 is playing up tho.10:41
Davieyslangasek: the build that raised it with me was: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mythplugins/0.23.0+fixes23784-0ubuntu1/+build/158041910:41
Davieyfurther investigation, pbuilding on amd64 gave: http://paste.ubuntu.com/401035/10:42
slangasekunfortunately, the new package that's causing mysql to be held up in the queue is broken and built for the wrong architecture (arch: all when it should be arch: any); let me fix this properly before letting it through11:03
Davieyslangasek: great, thanks11:12
slangasekDaviey: turns out that's more complicated than I thought, so I've filed a bug about it and let the package through; so libmysqlclient16 should be installable again with the next publishing run12:01
Davieyslangasek: great thanks12:02

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