nigelbyofel: thanks for correcting00:16
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nigelboh, good, we're now logged :)01:04
nhandlerYep. "Logs will start to show up not more than one hour after someone speaks in the channel": http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/03/25/%23ubuntu-reviews.html01:51
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dholbachgood morning08:19
Akoshi dholbach08:19
dholbachhi Akos08:20
yofeldholbach: reading the wiki page nigelb was working on yesterday the only requirenment to join atm is being part of bug control?08:47
dholbachyofel: persia can maybe answer that08:47
yofelok, thx08:48
persiaI'm not any better qualified to answer than anyone else.  I'd rather say that not being a member of bug control indicates one cannot join the team, but I don't know of positive requirements.08:49
yofelany team meeting planned yet to discuss this?08:50
persiaAsk nigelb or nhandler08:50
dholbachor bdmurray08:50
persiaMy personal sense is that the team is not that formal yet, so mostly anyone who wants to join can join, assuming that other folks think they have the qualifications.08:52
persiaMost of the new members I've seen have come because some member ha s asked an admin "Hey, can you add <nick> to the team?"08:52
yofelmind if I apply then? I'm interested.08:54
persiaI don't have any objections, but I'm not even a very active member of the team (I've maybe reviewed 30 patches in the past few weeks).08:56
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nigelbI'm going through the process of creating a knowledge base for the reviewers team.  let me know if there is something specific that needs to be there11:55
nigelbnhandler: around to bounce some ideas off?12:11
nigelbI fail at writing wikis12:23
nhandlernigelb: Sort of (if it is really fast). If not, send me an email and I'll reply later today12:44
nigelbnhandler: carry on then.  I'll just keep writing and you can review later :)12:45
yofelhey, I asked in the morning already? what are the requirenments to joing atm? anything else from the wiki page? I would be interested12:46
nigelbyofel: you can apply and ask d_holbach to approve12:46
yofeltoday's my typo day, meh...12:46
* nhandler believes in the idea that joining the team on LP is more of a formality (in most cases) and that you should already "be" a member of the team through actions before joining12:56
yofelthat's true too12:58
yofelanyway, should bug 546220 be synced from debian with an FFE, or should the lucid package be patched?12:59
ubot3Malone bug 546220 in nginx "Include GeoIP support in nginx" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54622012:59
yofelnot synced but merged13:00
ibuclawyofel, thanks for reminding me :)13:00
* ibuclaw has his own report to request an FFE for13:01
nigel_nbyofel: we have far too less devs here, ask in -motu?13:02
yofelwill do13:05
ibuclawdoes lucid still allow login as root via gdm?13:10
nigelbdholbach: ping13:53
dholbachnigelb: pong13:54
nigelbwhat would be the process for new member to join reviewers?13:55
nigelbwriting new wiki pages13:55
nigelbdholbach: ^ (I've currently put as ping you here)14:00
dholbachI have no idea14:00
nigelbno n14:00
dholbachmaybe we should talk to bdmurray and other ubuntu qa people14:00
dholbachwho have experience with the bug control thing14:00
dholbachand judge membership14:00
dholbachI dunno if we should make it open and free for all14:00
nigelbrequirements are currently members of bug control14:01
nigelbbut my question is, how should they apply and get accepted14:01
nigelbpinging you would be fine?14:01
dholbachthey can just apply in LP14:02
dholbachand any of the team admins can accept14:02
nigelbaha, okay :)14:02
dholbachI'm busy enough as it is right now and wouldn't want to be a blocker :)14:02
nigelbdholbach: thoughts on having a "Patch Day" where we get all the reviewers together to work on bugs with patches attached?  thinking of having something after lucid release when a large part of MOTU would be free for some time.14:21
dholbachmaybe part of Ubuntu Open Week14:22
dholbachto have a session there to explain everything14:22
dholbachand then do a patch day afterwards14:22
nigelb+1 for that14:22
nigelbI was thinking of doing a standalone session this week some time14:23
dholbachmight be worth talking to http://launchpad.net/~packaging-training-coordinators14:42
nigelbsure, I'll talk to nhandler :)14:42
nigelbbefore that, are you okay with the workflow now?14:43
dholbachI think we can improve it incrementally, my gut feeling is that we have too many tags14:46
dholbachand that those tags don't equate to tasks that we can ask people to perform14:46
nigelbgot time?14:46
dholbachno, unfortunately not14:46
nigelbI can get you the use case for them14:46
dholbachI think we can roll with it now14:46
dholbachand revisit after lucid14:46
nigelbwe'll roll and improvise later?14:46
dholbachthat gives us some experience with how it works now14:47
nigelbI'm getting this in shape now https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReviewersTeam14:47
dholbachI'm sorry, but I'm maxed out right now14:47
dholbachthanks a bunch for looking into this14:47
nigelbI'll work on a class later this month and patch day after lucid release14:47
nigelbno problem.  Happy to help :)14:47
ibuclawquick question, does lucid still allow login as root via gdm?15:07
nigelbno clue. :(15:08
ibuclawI'm not near a machine atm15:08
ibuclawwell... a lucid machine15:08
ibuclawnigelb, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+bug/48431715:08
ubot3Malone bug 484317 in gdm "GDM allows root logins" [Medium,Triaged]15:08
nigelbI'm still running karmic, so I can't test either15:08
ibuclawa bug I raised a while back w/ patch attached15:08
nigelbhold on, lemme ask someone who might know15:09
ibuclawI've just updated the tags (some were irrelevant)15:10
=== nigelb changed the topic of #ubuntu-reviews to: Topic for #ubuntu-reviews is: Welcome to the Ubuntu Reviews IRC Channel || https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReviewersTeam || Subscribed Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-reviewers/+subscribedbugs || All Bugs: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.has_patch=on || 6697 down, 1812 to go
nigelbgood news folks, the number of patches down has gone up from 6636 to 6697 :)15:53
=== nigelb changed the topic of #ubuntu-reviews to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Reviews IRC Channel || https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReviewersTeam || Subscribed Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-reviewers/+subscribedbugs || All Bugs: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.has_patch=on || 14321 down, 1812 to go
nigelbsorry, about the /topic spam, made a mistake earlier, corrected now :)16:41
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* iulian suggests to /mode -t #ubuntu-reviews18:28
iulianSo people who do not have access can still change the topic.18:28
nhandleriulian: Any ubuntu member can change the topic: /msg chanserv help topic21:10
nigelbiulian: all ubuntu members can change the topic :)23:50
nigelbpersia: byrce did some editing on the wiki to have https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReviewersTeam/GettingInvolved23:50
nigelba bit of copy editing and now it looks pretty good :)23:51
persiaI saw that earlier.  It's much nicer now.23:51
persiaAlthough the "repeat step 3" doesn't make sense anymore :)23:51
nigelbah, lemme see what it was supposed to do :)23:52
nigelbso, everyone is +1 for a patch day (bryce and bdmurray), and we might actually have it :)23:56
nigelbI need to work on finishing the wiki pages by then23:56
nigelbanything more you'd like me to add?23:56
nigelbpersia: which is the page that gives information about making simple patches?23:57

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