elb0w`Anyone know why im getting this error when trying to run UEC?  libvirt: internal error no supported architecture for os type 'hvm' (code=1)00:00
lifelesshmm, no love for u-v-b00:26
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kb9vqfAny chance of getting this patch for apr-util into the repositories?00:48
kb9vqfIt's breaking builds of other packages ATM00:48
kirklandsmoser: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eucalyptus/+bug/50633200:52
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smoserkirkland, lp: ~ubuntu-on-ec2/ubuntu-on-ec2/cloud-utils01:13
kb9vqfAny chance of getting this patch for apr-util into the repositories?01:32
kb9vqfIt's breaking builds of other packages ATM01:32
lifelesskirkland: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~lifeless/ubuntu/lucid/vm-builder/fixes/+merge/2209401:33
lifelesskb9vqf: just repeating the question won't get it addressed more quickly.01:33
lifelessthat should be trivial. kirkland: can you upload apr-util ? with https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apr-util/+bug/525629 applied ?01:34
kb9vqflifeless: Sorry; didn't know if anyone "heard" it01:37
kb9vqfI'm used to being on these channels when no one else is01:37
* kirkland looks01:42
lifelesskb9vqf: it has ubuntu-sponsors subscrbied already01:42
lifelesskb9vqf: which is what is required, but queue processing can be ... sporadic.01:42
lifelesskirkland: thanks! and if you apply my little vm-builder patch there will be one less open bug.01:43
kirklandkb9vqf: i'll upload01:43
kirklandlifeless: any reason why bzr commit doesn't use sensible-editor?01:44
lifelesskirkland: you're assuming it doesn't.01:45
lifelesskirkland: do you have EDITOR set ?01:45
kirklandlifeless: i'm pretty sure it doesn't ...01:45
kirklandlifeless: ah, but sensible-editor does one more nice thing ... it runs select-editor01:46
kirklandlifeless: such that you don't get dumbed into using nano01:46
kirklandlifeless: and sensible-editor then DTRT with EDITOR01:46
lifelesskirkland: ok, so I've checked. We don't run sensible-editor at the moment.01:46
kirklandlifeless: twould be really nice :-)01:46
lifelesshowever we do check EDITOR and BZR_EDITOR01:46
lifelesswe generally avoid depending on os-specific helpers01:47
kirklandlifeless: yeah, but all the other good debian tools use sensible-editor, if it's available01:47
lifelesskirkland: e.g. if EDITOR isn't set, we try editor, vi, pico, nano, joe01:47
lifelesskirkland: so arguably, if you have EDITOR set to something you don't want to use.... thats a bug in your config.01:47
lifelessI'll check that sensible-editor meets our needs though01:48
lifelesskirkland: we need an editor that does not return until the file is changed01:48
lifelesssensible-editor doesn't specify what it does in this regard01:49
kirklandlifeless: well, it's more that default Ubuntu uses nano01:49
lifelesskirkland: does default Ubuntu set EDITOR ?01:49
kirklandlifeless: which is fine and dandy, i guess, as we're trying to be the distro for the masses01:49
kirklandlifeless: but nano sucks so badly for non-newbie users01:49
kirklandlifeless: so we hacked sensible-editor to do something really cool in Intrepid01:50
lifelesskirkland: why doesn't default ubuntu set EDITOR to sensible-editor ?01:50
kirklandlifeless: basically, ask you to select your editor the first time01:50
kirklandlifeless: circular dependency, i think01:50
lifelesskirkland: meh, solvable01:50
kirklandlifeless: but that's a decent question01:50
kirklandlifeless: kees do you know why we don't?01:50
lifelessif $EDITOR == sensible-editor, ignore $EDITOR01:50
lifelesskirkland: specifically, man select-editor claims that EDITOR wins over SELECTED_EDITOR01:51
lifelesskirkland: *and* bzr chooses vi before nano if EDITOR is not set01:51
lifelessso it seems to me that EDITOR must be set, and set to nano.01:51
lifelesschanging it to be set to sensible-editor would seem to make this all nice and lovely - for more than just bzr01:52
kirklandlifeless: cool, let me check on that01:52
kirklandlifeless: doesn't appear we set EDITOR01:53
kirklandlifeless: i have a pending patchset for bash, i'll test and tuck that in too01:53
lifelesskirkland: ok, so to confirm:01:53
lifelessyou don't have EDITOR set01:54
lifelessand bzr is showing you nano ?01:54
lifelessdo you have vi (not vim) installed?01:54
* kirkland clears out his config and tests01:54
lifelesskirkland: oh, and VISUAL - check that too01:55
kaushalI have questions about ossim01:55
kaushalno one is replying me at #ossim01:55
lifelesskirkland: we check BZR_EDITOR, global config, $VISUAL, $EDITOR, then /usr/bin/editor', 'vi', 'pico', 'nano', 'joe'01:55
lifelesskaushal: what is ossim ?01:55
kaushalOpen Source Security Information Management01:56
kirklandkb9vqf: uploaded01:56
kirklandlifeless: okay, kb9vqf's stuff is uploaded, let me test01:56
lifelesskaushal: quite a mouthful :). Whats its relevant to Ubuntu server ?01:56
kirklandlifeless: if EDITOR= and VISUAL= and I bzr commit, i get dropped to nano01:57
lifelesskirkland: do you have /usr/bin/editor ?01:58
kirklandexport EDITOR=/usr/bin/sensible-editor01:58
kirklandis notgood01:58
kirklandhanging my system01:58
lifelesskirkland: so we need to patch it ;)01:59
lifelesskirkland: do you have a /usr/bin/editor01:59
kirklandload coming down from 53.401:59
kirklandlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 24 2010-03-01 17:07 /usr/bin/editor -> /etc/alternatives/editor*01:59
kirklandlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 9 2010-03-01 17:07 /etc/alternatives/editor -> /bin/nano*01:59
kirklandlifeless: and that's the ubuntu default01:59
lifelessthats whats being picked up01:59
lifelessso, is that a candidate for sensible-editor-ification02:00
kirkland        select-editor && . ~/.selected_editor 2>/dev/null || true02:00
kirklandthat's the magic i added to sensible editor some time ago02:00
kirklandper-user editor selection02:00
lifelessI guess what I'm really saying is that we're already honouring editor selection02:00
lifelessso lets fix that editor selection at root02:00
* kirkland looking02:01
lifelessit will likely require a code change to the sensible-editor glue02:01
kirklandlifeless: okay, i think i have it02:06
mathiazhggdh: are you still using the uec test rig?02:16
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kalesianHi. Does anyone know how to set fan speed on Proliants?02:19
* kb9vqf thanks kirkland02:22
kaushalkalesian, the manual will defintely say :)02:29
kirklandlifeless: http://paste.ubuntu.com/400910/02:30
kalesiankaushal: hmm, I've been looking for solutions for about half a day now02:30
RoAkSoAxkirkland, i've jsut noticed thsi message while testdriving: pci_add_option_rom: failed to find romfile "pxe-virtio.bin"02:30
kirklandlifeless: and after that, we can safely set EDITOR=/usr/bin/sensible-editor in Ubuntu :-)02:30
kaushalkalesian, whats your model02:30
kalesiankaushal: the manual says how to replace them and how to install hp's health-monitor, but not actually how to set02:30
kalesiankaushal: Proliant DL585 G102:31
kirklandlifeless: i uploaded the sensible-utils change02:32
kirklandRoAkSoAx: sudo apt-get install kvm-pxe02:32
kirklandRoAkSoAx: oh, testdrive is in universe so it could/should pull those in02:32
kaushalkalesian, did you contacted HP support center ?02:33
RoAkSoAxkirkland, right, but has this been change recently or created recently, since Its the first time I ever see that warning. Or it could be because I just upgraded02:33
kalesianhmm, not yet, I'm not sure they'd support this model anymore02:34
kirklandRoAkSoAx: recent change i made to qemu-kvm caused this02:34
kaushalis it outdated ?02:34
kalesianwell, I think they're on G5 now or G6.02:34
kaushalwhich ubuntu server have you installed on it ?02:35
kaushalplease shoot a email to ubuntu-server@lists.ubuntu.com02:36
kaushalI am sure you will defintely get an answer02:36
kalesianokay, thanks02:37
RoAkSoAxkirkland, yep I guess it is not being pulled by testdrive since I installed and it didn't pulled it automatically02:37
kirklandRoAkSoAx: i'm uploading a fix now02:38
RoAkSoAxkirkland, awesome. Anyways, I was wondering if you already decided about the change of the ISO list creation and ubuntu+1 name pulling?02:39
kirklandRoAkSoAx: done02:39
kirklandRoAkSoAx: i have, i need to fill you in on it02:40
kirklandRoAkSoAx: i'm at a sprint this week, working very long hours02:40
kirklandRoAkSoAx: i fly on Friday, though02:40
kirklandRoAkSoAx: so i'll spend some time on the plane reviewing it02:40
kirklandRoAkSoAx: cheers ;-)02:41
RoAkSoAxkirkland, ok cool :)02:41
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lifelesskirkland: also handle sensible-editor (no explicit path) please, I'm sure someone will try it ;)02:53
lifelesskirkland: going to upload the vm-builder change, while you're doing uploads ?02:54
kirklandlifeless: sure, will do04:57
kirklandlifeless: was off at dinner04:57
keeskirkland: not sure; I was leaving the logic on the editor bits up to you and the debian maintainer :)04:59
kirklandkees: heh, sure04:59
lifelesskirkland: kk05:25
kirklandlifeless: http://paste.ubuntu.com/400969/05:26
kirklandlifeless: that's a little more robust05:26
kirklandlifeless: okay, now, i'm on your vmbuilder05:27
lifelesswhich reminds me, time to read that man page05:28
lifelessis there a gui version of vmbuilder ?05:29
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kirklandlifeless: nope05:30
kirklandlifeless: closest there is is that javascript parameter generator you found05:30
lifelessthere is a gui virsh though, isn't there?05:30
kirklandlifeless: sort of ... virt-manager05:30
kirklandlifeless: pushed and uploaded05:32
kirklandlifeless: thanks for playing05:32
lifelesssomeday I'll apply for core05:33
* kirkland goes blog about ssh-import-lp-id05:33
kirklandlifeless: ;-)  +105:33
kirklandlifeless: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/en/man1/ssh-import-lp-id.1.html05:34
kirklandlifeless: you might enjoy that one05:34
kirklandlifeless: useful in UEC instances05:34
lifelessman, wifi can suck sometimes05:35
lifeless2.4MB over wifi from my local server05:35
lifelesskirkland: loving my new lenovo :P05:50
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furunohello, I'm having the phpmyadmin "Cannot start session without errors, please check errors given in your PHP and/or webserver log file and configure your PHP installation properly." error on a ubuntu server 9.10. I've checked where the sesion is stored(/var/php) and confirmed that it's accessable. I check the log, but can't find any phpmyadmin related error on my apache log. I'm installing phpmyadmin with apt-get. However, o06:58
furunooh, and during installation, I've configured my machine as LAMP server07:00
furunouh-on anyone here? :/07:08
furunowell solved, thanks anyway :/07:10
ruben23hi anyone have idea on this error log ----> http://pastebin.com/HJwvi06g07:44
ruben23and also this----> http://pastebin.com/vGw1pKHu07:45
sherrruben23: yopu havew a networking problem : mount: No route to host07:46
sherrWhichever server you atre using NFS with (mount).07:46
ruben23 sherr: the ubuntu server07:48
ruben23 sherr: how do i remove the mount..?07:49
sherrLots of resources around on the web about NFS/mount etc. - Be good if you knew how to solve this. It is very basic.07:50
sherrAn NFS mount will be defined in your /etc/fstab file07:51
sherrSee : man mount , man exports , man nfs - and lots of other resources on NFS = NETWORK File System07:51
sherr(assuming this is NFS, mind you ...)07:52
jeffesquivelruben23, hmm... are both errors ocurring on the same machine or on different ones?07:52
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Davieyzul: Has something "odd" happend with 5.1.41-3ubuntu8 build?  A build that depends on amd64 libmysqlclient16 is reporting that it's broken.  Looking in the archive pool, there only seems to be an AMD64 ubuntu8, but nothing with mysql is reporting a FTBFS.09:29
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AcidBangerGoodmorning everyone.09:49
AcidBangerI have a question about making clones over network and deploying them :) what program would you guys suggest to use and wich version of Ubuntu server since it is for a company.09:50
sherrAcidBanger: maybe look at Clonezilla - and for Ubuntu Server - the current release (9.10)10:05
AcidBangerYou think that is the best way ? and since I am gonna use it in a company isn't it better to use 8.04 Ubuntu since it is still getting a 3 year support ?10:09
Pierrebanyone know of some good mailfilter/spamfilter thats opensource and "enterprise" grade?10:20
Jeeves_Spamassassin, Amavisd-new, MailScanner10:23
Jeeves_There are nice frontends for amavisd-new too, iirc10:25
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RoyKdspam is nice10:48
RoyKdunno if it's ported to osol, but I think so10:49
jasonmchristosi have a desktop i am going to run my server on and 4 ide hd's if i use lvm these can be run as 1 partition i know, but does lvm offer any redundany incase 1 drive fails so it will not break my whole lvm partition?10:53
jasonmchristosi am asking because using 4 ide hds increases the chances of failure 4 fold10:53
jasonmchristosplease tag the response with my name as i am going to minimize the window10:54
zulDaviey: not that I know11:10
Ziderjasonmchristos: as far as I know, LVM doesn't have any redundancy at all11:12
Davieyzul: 11:03:51 < slangasek> unfortunately, the new package that's causing mysql to be held up in the queue is broken and built for the wrong  architecture (arch: all when it should be arch: any); let me fix this properly before letting it through11:12
zulDaviey: fu..k11:13
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pmatulisjasonmchristos: you can use mirroring with lvm.  this will provide fault tolerance13:31
elb0wHas anyone setup the cloud?13:33
elb0wIm trying to get the ssh keys to work13:33
elb0wnot sure if im supposed to use one of the files from the server or generate my own13:33
bogeyd6Has anyone backported landscape-common or update-motd14:00
zulto what?14:01
bogeyd6zul, to hardy14:09
bogeyd6Has anyone backported landscape-common or update-motd to Hardy?14:10
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maxodoes anyone here know about running ubuntu server virtually on top of windows? is this feasible/a good idea?14:22
twbRunning ANYTHING on top of Windows is likely to be a bad idea.14:23
twbAt least for production purposes.14:23
maxotwb: here's my requirements: I want to set up a server with Trac and SVN for development purposes. In-house we use .NET a lot so it would be good to have the server running as a staging server also. But I'm not sure what the best way of combining all this is?14:24
twbDrop apache2, trac and subversion directly on Windows?14:25
twbI dunno; if you're doing .NET you're probably already fucked.14:25
Jeeves_twb: :)14:26
maxoI'd like to have a linux server tho :-)14:26
twb(de Icaza's mania notwithstanding)14:26
maxo... but I don't know how :-(14:26
twbmaxo: deploying  it on real hardware will be less hassle, IMO14:26
maxoI've been using virtualbox but I don't know how well it scales in a server environment14:27
twbI'm a bit biased against virtualbox because it tries to be hand-holding desktop-in-desktop GUI wank, and I'm only interested in command-line server-in-server roles.14:27
twbThat and the bits Sun wrote after they bough vbox tend to be non-Free software14:28
elb0wmaxo I have done it14:28
maxo I don't know though whether it can all be automated. Like at the moment I have to start it up, click a start button to start the system etc.14:28
maxoelb0w: how did you do it?14:28
elb0wusing sun virtual box14:28
elb0wbut since it was small I ended up buying a netbook and loading it14:29
elb0wI didnt like sharing the resources14:29
twbmaxo: well, if vbox is running on Windows, you'd have to ask ##windows about how to automate it14:29
maxoI've got ubuntu server running on vbox on my windows desktop machine and it runs fairly nicely. but a server is a different matter I would have thought14:29
elb0wDepends on the load14:29
elb0wYou tell the vbox how much resources you are going to give it14:30
elb0wIt wont go over that14:30
twbWell, you don't care about tunnellling AIGLX to the guest OS with a server14:30
twb(Stupid compiz users...)14:30
maxobut I mean in terms of automation. and also port forwarding is a bit of a concern14:30
elb0whey compiz-fusion + beryl gives nice effect :o14:30
twbmaxo: just set it up in bridged mode.14:30
twbelb0w: I really *REALLY* don't care.14:30
twbif you want nice effects, go drop some acid and stop hogging the cycles14:31
maxotwb: but what if I send a request for port 80 to the host system (windows) - how does it know whether to connect to a process listening on port 80 in windows or the ubuntu guest in vbox?14:31
twbmaxo: just set up a network bridge14:32
twbmaxo: then your VM will present itself (mostly) as a separate host, at the IP layer.14:32
twb(Obviously it's not separate at the 802.3 layer)14:33
elb0whey twb have you played with the UEC?14:33
maxowhat about kvm or xen? I'm looking at them and they look a bit more enterprise-seriousy than vbox?14:34
twbDepending on whether you want zones or full emulation, I would recommend either LXC or KVM.14:34
twbI am right-royally sick of OpenVZ and Xen for zones.14:35
maxowhat are zones vs. full emulation?14:36
twbA zone/jail is where some resources, particularly the kernel, are shared with the host OS.14:36
twbAs a cute example, I can run dhclient3 in a jail that has its own networking stack and process table, but shares the filesystem with the host OS.14:38
twbBut more practically, you'd often use zones to give idiot PHP coders their own sandboxes in which to break their own copies of apache, without breaking those in the other sandboxes.14:38
elb0wyou mean php scripters14:40
elb0wphp is so messy, I dont get how people use it14:41
twbAnyone that thinks HTTP is a better transport than NeWS for thin clients.14:41
twb(Yes, I know NeWS is dead.  Don't remind me.  Fucking X consortium.)14:41
elb0wok im so confused at this point. I brought down all my nodes on my cloud and the instance is still up14:41
elb0wwtf lol14:42
elb0whtml5 will kill alot of php14:42
twbelb0w: gotta get the corporates to drop IE5 and IE6 first14:42
elb0wIt astonishes me14:43
ghostlineshi all, i'm trying to understand what's an acceptable label string for amanda backup, the config file says DailySet1[0-9][0-9]*$   I don't understand what *$ means14:43
elb0wthat they still enforce IE14:43
elb0wmy old job my boss got reemed out by IT for using firefox14:43
maxotwb: does kvm support full bridging as well? because I'm looking at its documentation now and it seems to say that you can give a virtual os an IP address, but you can only connect to that IP from the host system. but the instructions all seem rather dense, I'm getting worried how difficult this might be to set up!14:48
twbmaxo: kvm does, but it's a pain in the arse14:48
maxoI'm feeling a bit stuck then - I want to set up Trac and SVN on ubuntu with the beauty of a couple of apt commands, but I also want access to a windows environment for asp.net. hmmm14:49
Jeeves_maxo: Just drop your second requirement :)14:51
maxoJeeves_: that would make things easier. but our development is predominantly on .NET14:52
Jeeves_maxo: Why? :)14:52
maxothat was how it was set up when I started the job. and actually, coming from an open-source background, I've kinda been won over by it14:53
maxothere's a huge amount of in-house code on .net14:53
sherrmaxo: VirtualBox works well - use it to host Ubuntu - at least test/try. It will be fine.14:54
twbsherr: in what way is it better than every other virtualization solution?14:55
twbsherr: or have you just tried one, and are spouting subjective fanboyism?14:55
sherrtwb: I didn't say it was better. I said it works well. And please stop being obnoxious.14:57
maxowell we're getting a new server for just our department and I want to max it out and use it to its full potential. so that's the situation I'm in really14:58
fvaresiHi guys, i'm trying to install ssh2 for PHP in hardy but when running aptitude it tells me it will remove unused apache2 which doesn't make sense. Does anybody have a clue why it may do it?15:02
Jeeves_ssh2 for php?15:04
Jeeves_Ah, the worker is removed15:04
Jeeves_And the prefork apache is installed15:04
fvaresii want to be able to use ssh2_connect and ssh2_scp_recv15:04
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axisys_i am still having issue trying to start apache2 .. here is my post..15:06
\shphp doesn't work with mpm-worker, only with prefork15:06
fvaresii see... thanks guys! I learned something new :)15:07
mathiazhggdh: hi!15:09
axisys_should I just reinstall apache2?15:09
mathiazhggdh: I'd like to use the uec testing rig today15:09
axisys_how do I remove old apache2 .. apt-get purge apache2 did not remove /etc/apache215:11
sherraxisys_: apache2-common etc. perhaps15:12
axisys_Package apache2-common is not installed, so not removed15:13
axisys_sherr: ^15:13
axisys_how do I find out which pkg /etc/apache2 or /usr/lib/apache2 belongs to?15:14
axisys_dpkg -S /path/15:14
axisys_sherr: apache2.2-common15:15
axisys_sherr: thanks15:15
hggdhmathiaz: go for it, I will do the stress tests when you clear me15:17
mathiazhggdh: great - thanks15:18
elb0wIs is odd that I still have an instance on UEC going yet euca-describe-instances is empty15:19
axisys_is this document still valid on how to start ssl on apache ?15:21
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Jeeves_axisys_: If you install libssh2-php, it depends on another version of apache15:28
djveerWeird, it's looking more and more like all the I/O errors and bad blocks on my test ubuntu server machine was perhaps a corrupt file system. Backed up the data, flattened the system with a fresh install, restored the data and no I/O errors so far15:52
djveerI thought it was a pooched drive originally15:52
jasonmchristospmatulis: thanks for that bit of advice on mirroring but the last person to respond said that it does not have mirroring and thats also what i have read16:01
pmatulisjasonmchristos: yes, lvm has built-in multi-sided mirroring16:04
jasonmchristosthanks is it available from installation?16:04
sherrpmatulis: but is LVM mirroring redundant? i.e. if a disk dies, does the volume start?16:05
sherrI generally use LVM on top of MD16:05
jasonmchristosi heard you need mdad16:05
jasonmchristosread i mean16:05
sherrI think md raid1 or raid5 is a good idea - put LVM on top.16:06
pmatulisjasonmchristos: no, not from installation (although that would be a good thing to have)16:06
ninjixsherr: agreed16:06
pmatulisjasonmchristos: boot with live cd and configure manually16:06
sherrBut I know LVM does mirroring - just never used it. My worry would be that it is not redundant like MD "mirroring" (raid1). But I might be wrong.16:07
pmatulisjasonmchristos: multi-sided mirroring is special16:07
gregcoitis it true that jaunty server support ends in October 2010?16:07
jasonmchristospmatulis: special , how so?16:07
pmatulissherr: what do you mean?  mirroring is mirroring16:07
pmatulisjasonmchristos: normal mirror is 2 sided.  with lvm you can have more than that16:08
jasonmchristosthats what i thought mirroring implies redundancy16:08
jasonmchristospmatulis: well since its not a default option i am going to have to experiment, for now im just using 1 hd i already have the server setup and am trying to get it to serve my printer16:09
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jasonmchristosthe tutorial im reading says to login to the web interface and configure from there but i dont want to open a security hold by giving it acess to the shadow file so i want to forget web iterface16:11
gregcoitie: non-server, non-lts support is 1.5 years - are ubuntu serves the same?16:11
jasonmchristosdoes anyone know a good tut to help me configur my cups srver16:12
alvinjasonmchristos: Yes, use tasksel to install cups, and see the CUPS Administration guide on cups.org. The ubuntu-server guide is also possible, but covers only very little and only points you to the cups web interface.16:14
jasonmchristosyeah im on the ubuntu one i added the ort but it doesnt seem to be serving with just that change16:15
jasonmchristosthanks guys although i had to just give it acess i think i will make my print server a seperate box in the near future16:47
djveerHey guys, i'm trying to run a shell script I created based off of ... https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/backup-shellscripts.html   the simple shell script on that page.. didn't change anything other than the backup destination and a few entries to the backup locations. However when I try to run the script with 'sudo bash backup.sh', it gives me ":command not found:" a bunch of times and doesn't seem to run anything.16:49
djveerWhat am I missing?16:49
gregcoitis it true that jaunty server support ends in October 2010 (non-server, non-lts support is 1.5 years - are ubuntu serves the same)?17:01
\shgregcoit, non LTS are always 18 months, there is no difference between desktop or server or NBR17:14
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gregcoit\sh: thanks!  good to know17:14
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kindjalIs there any reason to expect a Ubuntu 9.10 netboot install to be different than the ISO install?  Specifically of Ubuntu Enterprise Cluster (UEC)?18:22
kindjalThe netboot install does not offer an "Install Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud" option, you don't get that until you specify install packages (tasksel)... and then you have an UEC (instance) option, a cluster option, and a node option.  Do these differ from the ISO install?18:23
MTecknologyIs there any 'privacy policy' posted somewhere for ubuntu?18:38
jpdsMTecknology: http://www.ubuntu.com/legal18:44
MTecknologyjpds: in a launchapd question somebody said that's not good enough18:46
jpdsMTecknology: Link?18:46
BookmanI would like to transfer a file to my webhost server via ftp, but I want to do it from a shell command.  Is there a command for that?18:47
MTecknologyBookman: ftp?18:47
MTecknologylast i knew ftp works fine from the shell18:48
BookmanIs the command just ftp?18:48
ubottuFTP clients: Nautilus (Places -> Connect to server), gFTP, FileZilla (for !GNOME); Konqueror, Kasablanca, KFTPGrabber (for !KDE); FireFTP (for Firefox); ftp, lftp (for !cli) - See also !FTPd18:49
MTecknology!info ftp18:49
ubottuftp (source: netkit-ftp): The FTP client. In component main, is standard. Version 0.17-19 (karmic), package size 52 kB, installed size 164 kB18:49
BookmanGot it, thanks!  I've just never tried it from the cl before.18:50
MTecknologyBookman: i have, but I hate ftp so I'm not much help beyond that18:50
BookmanNo problem, I will refer to the manual.18:51
BookmanIs there an easier way to transfer files between my local machine and my webhost?18:54
BookmanWill scp work?  I don't have remote shell access on the webhost18:54
MTecknologyBookman: you need ssh on their side to use scp or rsync afaik19:02
dassoukii have ubuntu server installed; i installed sun's 6 java/jdk19:04
dassoukiI still get a java_home error19:04
dassoukiso in etc/profile i added export path=$path:/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun-
dassoukiand i still get the error that java_home is improperly set19:05
dassoukiany ideas on how to trouble shoot this problem ?19:07
wack479hello, i am working with mdadm and was able to create raid, and copy files, but after restart the partition on the raided drives had been deleted, and the raid array was gone. Any ideas what is going on?19:08
Infra-reddassouki: Not sure about JAVA, but shouldn't the path be all capatlized?19:09
Infra-redie PATH=$PATH:....19:10
cemcwack479: you mean you don't have /dev/mdX ?19:14
dassoukiInfra-red: it is in the file19:15
Infra-reddunno then... don't do much with Java.  Google might have some help.  First link I found talks about setting up several environment variables and not just your path.19:20
dassoukithanks ..19:22
wack479cemc: yes /dev/md0 no longer exists, and when i "fdisk -l" it says19:24
wack479cemc: "Disk /dev/sd*  doesnt containt a valid partition table"19:24
wack479cemc: but partitions were there b4 the reboot19:25
cemcyou sure about that? :)19:25
wack479cemc: yeah, i had been working on it for a while, b/c i had some issues getting it to work, and it ended up being a software glitching with mdadm, the raid was working and mounted19:26
wack479cemc: even did some rsycn backups to the array19:26
sherrwack479: /proc/mdstat <-- first port of call for MD trouble19:26
sherrThen syslog etc.19:26
wack479hey again sherr!19:26
sherrMaybe /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf19:27
wack479mdadm.conf is empty19:27
sherrHey - Should be some indication of the problem somewhere ... :-)19:27
cemcwack479: you had autoraid partitions defined on sda, sdb etc?19:28
wack479cemc: yep19:28
cemcwack479: then you mdadm --create ? the mkfs, and mount ?19:28
wack479cemc: yes mkfs ext419:28
wack479i believe19:28
wack479yes it was ext419:29
cemcyou sure you created partitions on sda, sdb etc, and not used the whole disk in --create'ing ?19:29
wack479yes, did it separate using fdisk19:29
cemcthose disks are real disks or some external storage or something else, could've they "disappeared" somehow? or did you active some hardware raid after reboot or something?19:30
wack479created partition, then changed type etc19:30
cemcdid they get reinitialized maybe, I dunno, just guessing19:30
wack479no they are actual drives, and i can seem them from here19:33
wack479no didnt change anything in the bios19:33
wack479thats whats so weird19:34
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cemcit's a mistery then ;)19:35
cemcdid you try another reboot? are you looking at the right disks with fdisk?19:35
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wack479yes, and yes lol19:36
cellZeroAnyone know of good *nix network monitoring and analysis tools?19:36
cemcwack479: weeeelll... I would probably try to recreate the partitions with the exact same parameters as before, on one disk, and i would try to assemble the array in degraded mode (i'm guessing it's a raid1)19:41
wack479its raid 5 actually19:42
wack479um? lol19:44
nxvlkirkland: ping19:47
cemcwack479: I guess you can try the same with raid5 too, but I don't know, never installed a raid5 in linux19:47
nxvlkirkland: i'm trying to set up an UEC testing environment, is there any way i can do it without real hardware?19:48
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MTecknologyjpds: did you ever take a peak at that link?20:20
M0n3ySh0thaving trouble mapping an ubuntu samba share to a windows drive, what is the unc for this?20:41
wack479moneyshot: does it work using the ip addy?21:05
arch0njwwack479: he is also over in #kubuntu asking the same question and receiving help.21:08
wack479arch: k thnx21:08
arch0njwwack479: fwiw, the IP does work for him, but it is apparently not recognizing the share name.21:08
wack479hmm, interesting21:09
wack479gotta be a sbm settting21:09
arch0njwaye.  sounds that way.  share is configured, but not properly to be visible.21:10
arch0njw^^^ that's my guess anyway.21:10
wack479yeah, mine too, only b/c i have had the same issues in the past, and its always been permissions, etc21:11
wack479lol too many times to count! never exactly right the first time i add a share!21:11
cemcwack479: did you get the RAID stuff back?21:53
ubottukvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM22:15
geoffmcchello. I am running Ubuntu Server 9.10 on 2 machines and a Windows 7 Machine. I have 1st Ubuntu server using ICS to power the rest of my computers22:23
geoffmcci wish to have a counter strike server on ubuntu server 2 but am having problems forwarding ports =- anyone do this b4?22:24
geoffmcci can get the CS server to show on the internet tab using this "iptables -A PREROUTING -t nat -i eth0 -p udp --dport 27015 -j DNAT --to" but it shows up 20 times22:24
kirklandsoren: what did you decide a more reasonable value for /sys/kernel/mm/ksm/sleep_millisecs to be?22:40
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Rafaelanybody know how to eliminate rom ubuntu 3 old installer packages from webmin23:32

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