Sarvatti'd quite like to see a 2 month delay where people actually keep the packages frozen so it can stabilize :)00:00
jcristauSarvatt: come join the other side.00:00
SarvattI didn't say 12 month!00:00
aboSamooris xserver 1.8 has a solution to the Poulsbo cards ? 00:23
Sarvattno, quite the opposite00:24
Sarvattyou want to stick with older releases if you want to use poulsbo because they only ever put out drivers for the older releases00:25
RAOFSarvatt: Next time you roll a lbm-nouveau for xorg-edgers could you add http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/airlied/drm-2.6.git;a=blobdiff;f=drivers/gpu/drm/drm_edid.c;h=7e608f4a0df95563e81e40d3efbaa57903fadbba;hp=f97e7c42ac8e1f7bdf53573e491feb0a80f2989f;hb=44fef22416886a04d432043f741a6faf2c6ffefd;hpb=725398322d05486109375fbb85c3404108881e17 to the drm?02:09
Sarvattuploading now02:19
RAOFOh, that was quick!02:20
RAOFWell, there we have it.03:07
RAOFgallium nvfx, while it seems to have improved compiz speeds considerably, hasn't prevented nouveau from locking up waiting for gem.03:10
Sarvatttry NOUVEAU_VTXIDX_IN_VRAM=1  compiz --replace?03:26
RAOFWhat is *that* meant to do?03:27
RAOFHm.  I don't think that's what I'm seeing; my problem is X becoming unkillable while waiting in gem_something_or_other_cpu_init 03:30
Sarvattradeon external monitor flickering bug, didn't someone here have that problem? superm1? - http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2574103:51
ubottuFreedesktop bug 25741 in DRM/Radeon "[R600/KMS] external display flickering" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]03:51
superm1Sarvatt, external monitor doesn't work at all for me with radeon kms03:51
superm1at least not when X starts03:52
Sarvattok will try to see if I can dig into it more, working on a list of drm patches we need to send to the kernel team list. did you have a bug or can ya tell me the GPU generation? how is the external monitor connected?03:55
superm1Sarvatt, i haven't file a bug yet.  let me check the GPU info03:55
superm1it's in a port replicator, hooked up via DVI03:55
superm1lets see, how do i translate this to a generation? 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc M10 NT [FireGL Mobility T2] (rev 80)03:56
Sarvattcan ya get the pci id?03:56
SarvattRV350, thanks03:57
superm1er wait, i think i see something really weird going on that might explain things..03:58
superm1does that mean it's trying to use VESA?03:58
RAOFIs modesetting enabled?  That's (a) not going to end well, and (b) be resolved with the recent vesa upload.03:59
superm1-radeon is installed though03:59
Sarvattcan't open the ati driver03:59
superm1i wonder if on the upgrade it decided not to pull in -ati though, i didnt realize they were separate packages, didn't even think to check that03:59
RAOFOr, rather, given the rest of that log, will result in X failing entirely 'cause it can't open the ati driver or the fbdev driver.03:59
Sarvattdo you have xserver-xorg-video-ati installed?04:00
Sarvattyah that explains it04:00
superm1it appears i dont04:00
RAOFDo you have xserver-xorg-video-all installed?04:00
Sarvatti'm sure he doesn't04:00
superm1i had all sorts of upgrade problems on this box04:00
superm1it was a hardy->lucid jump04:00
superm1i've filed bugs where i could, but i'm certain that this is caused by some of the earlier ones that are resolved now04:01
brycehsuperm1, yeah I tried doing that on a box earlier this month and it was a PITA04:01
brycehended up just wiping it04:01
superm1i salvaged this, but there was a lot of --force-overwrite and --force-depends going on04:01
superm1i should have waited on it i think04:02
Sarvatthmm yeah thats a odd bug, theres no xserver-xorg-video-radeon in hardy, it pushed him from -ati to -radeon04:02
brycehyeah I ran into that one too with -radeon04:02
Sarvattxserver-xorg-video-radeon Replaces: xserver-xorg-video-ati (<= 1:6.8.191-1)04:03
superm1oh swell, no internal display now04:03
superm1let me get this fully upgraded to current packages and i should be able to at least file an accurate bug04:03
Sarvattcan boot with radeon.modeset=0 to get it working to file the bug at least, thats pretty major04:04
Sarvattshould xserver-xorg-video-radeon conflict as well as replace the old ati maybe?04:05
superm1i've got external display, so even if it's not fixed after the upgrade, i should at least be able to work off that for filing the bug04:07
Sarvattunless you were on the -15 kernel and it breaks both upgrading to -17 :D04:09
superm1don't you go jinxing me04:09
superm1luckily i'm on -16 though :)04:09
Sarvatti've noticed radeon users tend to have some crazy setups that are just asking for trouble, dvi to hdmi to hdmi switch to receiver to tv and such :D04:19
SarvattThis is strange - like really really strange, twilight zone of strange. VGA ports have DDC buses, but sometimes for some reasons the BIOS says we don't and we oops - AMD mentioned bios bugs so we'll have to add quirks.04:22
tjaaltonSarvatt: it's not in a ppa yet, but it'll happen today with the drivers04:22
tjaaltonlooks like the amd64 build of the new wacom failed04:23
tjaaltonmake[3]: *** No rule to make target `wcmTilt2Rotation.lo', needed by `wacom_drv.la'.  Stop.04:24
Sarvattfunny how 2.6.33's radeon seems less stable than 2.6.32 going by the bug reports, a lot of flickering screen or external monitor problems04:26
superm1Sarvatt, well it looks like i got my internal display back with the upgrade to -17, yay, no bugs necessary04:27
Sarvatttheres like 15 commits queued up for though04:27
Sarvattoh phew good to hear04:27
Sarvattglad because I couldn't find anything rv3xx specific04:28
tjaaltonhmm, need to get breakfast before replying to the thread04:32
RAOFWoot!  While this box may claim it's a power supply it's really a graphics card so I can join you in the wonders of radeonland.04:43
brycehdrives me nuts when people file bugs against xorg "well I have no idea what is causing my random bug, but I'll just guess and file against xorg"04:49
RAOFWithout using ubuntu-bug?04:50
brycehI mean I sympathize that it's hard to figure out what to file bugs against, but we're not a babysitting service and there's plenty of guides out there to help04:50
brycehno, he used ubuntu-bug04:50
brycehlp #54483604:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 544836 in ubuntu "Slow boot performance" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54483604:51
brycehprobably a compiz or nautilus bug04:51
RAOFI wonder if just running “ubuntu-bug” and getting the symptom-based reporty thing would have sent it somewhere more useful.04:52
brycehor maybe I'm just grumpy after doing my taxes this evening with a fussy baby screaming at the same time04:53
brycehis vinagre something like vbox that has its own X bits?04:53
RAOFIt's a VNC server, isn't it?04:54
brycehI haven't ever played with it04:54
brycehinteresting vbox *is* installed, wonder if it is causing a conflict04:54
SarvattRAOF: you know, we could just do it with libpciaccess04:55
Sarvattif (pci_device_has_kernel_driver(dev))04:55
RAOFSarvatt: For the VESA fun?04:55
RAOFOr for framebuffer McGraw?04:55
Sarvattvesa fun without libdrm04:55
RAOFWhat happens when someone runs nouveau with nomodeset?04:56
brycehRAOF bad stuff04:56
brycehin fact I tried that04:56
brycehjust get corruption04:57
RAOFI thought I tried that and it fell back nicely to something that didn't die...04:57
RAOFIt *should* fall back to vesa, and since nouveau hasn't programmed a mode that shouldn't cause flames to shoot from the GPU's eyes.04:57
Sarvattnv needs updating to check that too :D04:57
brycehin fact I wanted to ask - we don't have documentation on the X/KernelModeSetting page for un-KMSing -nouveau and going back to -nv04:58
brycehI seem to recall testing it at the sprint with alberto and it worked on that hardware, but the one with my tv attached was a no-go04:59
Sarvatti wonder if our fglrx works with xserver 1.8's video abi..05:02
Sarvattheck, why does nouveau even have the vgacon hook to work with nomodeset still in the first place05:04
RAOFVESA drives my netbook as well as I could expect when nomodeset is passed05:05
RAOFSarvatt: Because people might want to use libdrm_nouveau directly without actually using the driver - CUDA type stuff.05:05
Sarvattdoes nv work RAOF?05:06
tjaaltonSarvatt: the video abi is the same05:06
Sarvatti dont mean with your patch, I mean with an actual xserver 1.805:06
tjaaltonhmm no05:07
Sarvattabi changed a few times and i think they just bumped it once05:07
tjaaltonit was changed yes05:07
tjaaltonjust a long time ago05:07
Sarvattthats when i dropped xserver master from xorg-edgers :D05:07
tjaaltonah it was in december, it touched the input and extension abi as well05:08
RAOFHm.  Why does nv not try to drive the display?05:15
RAOFSarvatt: Yup. nv works, but for some reason will only load if I specify it in xorg.conf.05:18
brycehSarvatt, gonna try running fix-titles on ati...05:22
Sarvattbryceh: did you make it not change already fixed ones?05:23
brycehjust did05:24
brycehhang on found one more issue... dryrunning again05:24
tjaaltonhmm, need to get a diffstat from the backported patches.. seems like diffstat accepts multiple patches05:36
tjaaltonas arguments05:36
tjaaltonbut it's not accurate05:43
tjaalton 39 files changed, 1348 insertions(+), 344 deletions(-)05:44
tjaaltonminus the libudev which we already had05:44
tjaaltonwhich is over 400 insertions05:44
tjaaltonand of the rest 155 touch the manpage05:46
tjaalton*190 touch the manpages05:47
tjaaltonsorry, 230 :)05:51
Sarvattwill have to try a hardy-lucid upgrade this weekend and see if that ati/radeon problem is happening to everyone06:13
Sarvattoh mvo has logs, thanks google :)06:17
SarvattSetting up xserver-xorg-video-radeon (1:6.12.99+git20100126.e5933fd7-0ubuntu2) ...06:20
SarvattSetting up xserver-xorg-video-ati (1:6.12.99+git20100126.e5933fd7-0ubuntu2) ...06:20
tjaaltonbryceh: you forgot to finalize the changelog07:31
tjaaltonbut I've done it now07:31
tjaaltonuploading the backport to my ppa..07:40
tjaaltonxserver, evdev and synaptics uploaded here https://edge.launchpad.net/~tjaalton/+archive/test08:04
tjaaltonhmm, looks like evtouch doesn't have a proper hotplug udev rule currently08:06
* Ng booted a lucid beta1 USB stick last night on a friend's new Vaio. It has a Core i5 and whatever the accompanying Intel chipset is...09:33
Ng*very* broken. the display had what appeared to be inverted colours, or at least very wrong, and the touchpad didn't work at all09:33
NgIt was a Vaio Z11X9E/B09:35
tjaaltondoubt those are supported yet09:36
tjaaltonbut, lunch->09:36
NgI wonder if that sort of thing is worth an entry in the release notes09:39
tseliotsuperm1: as regards your upload of jockey, I'm working on the fglrx handler and I'll re-enable it soon12:08
tjaaltonsigh, the ppa build backlog is huge12:09
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superm1tseliot, what else needed to be changed other than the package name?13:48
superm1that should at least allow people to enable it now i'd think13:48
* tseliot -> phone call13:50
SarvattNg: that should be supported fine, try booting with blacklist=vga16fb?14:26
Sarvattnot sure about the touchpad though14:26
NgSarvatt: I'm unlikely to be near the machine again for a week or two unfortuntaely14:26
Ngbut I will try that :)14:27
Sarvattby then it should be fixed hopefully if that was the problem :)14:27
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tseliottjaalton: are you going to upload a new revision of mesa anytime soon?16:53
tjaaltontseliot: 7.7.1 should be released tomorrow16:59
tseliottjaalton: I was asking as I committed my fix in git and bug #248392 needs it17:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248392 in ia32-libs "32bit libgl search for dri at wrong place on 64bit system" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24839217:00
tjaaltonthat's an old bug, it can probably wait a few days?-)17:01
tjaaltonor you upload now and shuffle the changelog in git17:02
tjaaltonafk ->17:03
tseliottjaalton: no, I was just asking17:07
brycehSarvatt, btw you'd signed up for the task to review patches in other distros... just wanted to check if you've had some time to do this and if so how it turned out?17:53
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brycehtjaalton, I'm looking at backporting the Xv changes for i8xx from 2.1022:17
brycehlooks pretty self contained - the bits from Daniel Vetter between when 2.9.0 was released and before Eric started cutting out UMS bits22:18
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RAOFYay!  One (class of) kms edid quirks seems dealt with upstream.22:32
brycehRAOF, kewl, are you flagging it for the kernel team to backport?22:40
RAOFYes.  I'm not sure precisely how to flag the bug for maximum effect, though.22:42
brycehhere's how:22:42
bryceha) tag it 'xorg-needs-kernel-fix'22:42
brycehI've heard there is a report they look at with these tagged bugs.  dunno if that is still true but good just in case22:42
brycehb) nominate it for 'lucid' and set milestone to 'beta-2'22:43
brycehthat should get it on the release team's radar at the very least22:43
brycehc) If you want to ensure it gets attention, also mention the bug to JFo on #ubuntu-kernel and ask he puts it in the kernel team's hopper22:44
brycehd) if it is extremely critical and you really don't want it to get lost, also assign it to one of the kernel engineers, like apw or sconklin.  But this should be used only in really critical cases22:44
RAOFI don't think it warrants that.22:45
brycehe) Raise the bug on the kernel-team@ mailing list.  This is good for really earth shattering or highly risky things22:45
brycehfor most bugs that I care for the kernel team to see I just do (a) and maybe (b)22:46
brycehand then (c) for important stuff22:46
brycehhmm, the Xv patch is pretty large23:04
jcristaubryceh: i've got the xv changes in sid fwiw23:40
brycehjcristau, ah great23:54

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