eremitewjm: Try Google Chrome.  Its much faster according to all of the tests Ive seen, and my personal use of it affirms that its much, much faster than anything else.00:00
WhiteDawnwjm: running x86_64?00:00
wjmno, x86 right now00:00
wjmit happens on both x86 and x6400:00
WhiteDawnwjm: well there goes all my ideas00:00
ActionParsnipSysteck: no word of a lie dude00:00
wjmI've swapped out flash for gnash00:00
wjmand it still happens00:00
wjmand it's only two particular sites00:00
* SysTeck bows.. till then this is what we have00:00
DarkStar1ActionParsnip: hey parsnip.. You ever used phpsysinfo?00:00
elb0w`Anyone know why im getting this error when trying to run UEC?  libvirt: internal error no supported architecture for os type 'hvm' (code=1)00:00
WhiteDawnwjm: try another browser? there are alternatives00:00
wjmI tried Chrome and FireFox00:00
ActionParsnipDarkstar1: not as far as I am aware00:01
wjmbut FireFox produces an error message00:01
wjmChrome doesn't00:01
abstrakthi, i was in here the other day asking about and was basically successful in editing my grub config to change the default boot item00:01
wjmstill freezes on the same two sites00:01
WhiteDawnwjm: can you paste bin the firefox error?00:01
abstrakti'd like to change the default again but i don't remember what file i specifically should edit, since things are diff now with the latest grub00:01
wjmWhiteDawn: will do00:01
wjmpaste.ubuntu right ?00:01
Eighteensi installed ubuntu 8.01 on a older machine today, it did well during install, nice screens, mouse and keyboard worked, then after installation it freezes when i try to go into X, so then i tried startx -- -depth 16 and it went, but then i have no mouse, and keyboard is unresposive00:01
ActionParsnipWjm: try the firefox ppa. Chromium daily is sweeeet00:01
abstraktwhat file do i actually change to update the default grub selection?00:01
WhiteDawnwjm: pastebin works too00:01
wjmActionParsnip: using ppa right now 3.7-current00:01
ActionParsnipWja: gotcha00:02
iustinianabstrakt: /etc/defult/grub00:02
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wjmyeah, I'm technically minded :P00:02
eremiteEighteens: possibly force the vesa drivers?  Had a similar problem with another distro once and the vesa drivers saved the day.00:02
wjmI just can't figure this out00:02
wjmWhiteDawn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/400859/00:02
darkvoid82question from a new ubuntu user. how exaclty does one mount the dvdrom drive. is it put disc in and it runs like in windows or are there commands one must type in?00:02
eremitedarkvoid82: just put the DVD in and wait for the pop-up asking you what you would like to do.00:03
smerzHey FloodBot1 is your job protection or flooding? ^_^00:03
wjmI think FD is file descriptors no?00:03
abstraktiustinian, ok cool, got it, so now don't i have to run a grub update script or something?00:03
darkvoid82eremite, i put a dvd in and got nothing00:03
iustinianabstrakt: yes indeed00:03
smerzdarkvoid82, is it a dvd video you want to watch?00:03
eremitedarkvoid82: be aware of the fact that many DVDs do not work on computers due to copyright DRM.  You need to install the proper codecs to break through that veil.00:03
abstraktiustinian, k and what script is that?00:03
dmdevoteehey, i installed flashplugin-installer from the repos, but when i go to youtube, it continues asking me for installing flash player. what's the matter?00:03
Typos_Kingwjm:   what firefox version?   how did you install it?00:04
MaT-dghow to share internet connection with an ah-hoc wireless network (with GUI)?00:04
Eighteenswhats the command line to foce a ps2 mouse, it worked during install, but wont work when X tries to load00:04
iustinianabstrakt: update-grub00:04
abstraktiustinian, k thx00:04
wjmTypos_King: with 3.5 at first - then tried PPA then tried Chrome00:04
darkvoid82smerz: yes, eremite: ah that would make sense, any idea which codecs I might need00:04
toyman61eremite: No, not so far..00:04
Typos_Kingwjm:   tried getting the .bz2 package from mozilla.org yet?00:04
smerzdarkvoid82, install "ubuntu-restrictedextras" or something. hang on ill look it up00:05
eremitetoyman61: what?"00:05
wjmnot yet, that was gonna be the next idea00:05
WhiteDawnwjm: http://bit.ly/bhM23m00:05
darkvoid82smerz: i've got the restricted extras00:05
Typos_Kingwjm:   that's what I use, it requires no install btw, just unzip, and run00:05
eremitedarkvoid82: open yoru add/remove apps utility and search for Restricted Extras\00:05
ubutomdmdevotee, using lucid?00:05
smerzdarkvoid82, "sudo apt-get install libdvdread4"00:06
WhiteDawnwjm: its in launchpad as a upstream bug00:06
wjmWhiteDawn: yeah just saw that00:06
wjmLemme try that00:06
smerzdarkvoid82, install that package. Then try putting the dvd back in again. Otherwise you could just open vlc (a media player I'd highly recommend) and select "File" -> "open disc"00:07
darkvoid82eremite: i remember geting them, smerz: got thr libdvdread400:07
Dougwiserok I wanna buy an all in one printer that is fully supported in ubuntu00:07
wjmWhiteDawn: am I supposed to add this key/value to about:config or is it supposed to be there?00:07
dmdevoteeubutom: lucid is name for 9.10? yes, lucid00:08
toyman61eremite: No, I have not tried any other sound formats so far..00:08
WhiteDawnwjm: should be there, if not you can add it00:08
smerzdarkvoid82, then i'd suggest vlc media player. "sudo apt-get install vlc". Then under applications -> sound & video -> Vlc media player. Then "File" -> "open disc"00:08
ubutomdmdevotee, no, 9.10 is karmic. well, never mind, i upgraded from 8.04lts to lucid and had some problems with flashplugin-installer too00:08
eremitetoyman61: well them you should.00:08
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ar0nhi guys, anyone around to give me help, just a few questions00:08
smerzdarkvoid82, but normally a popup should come just like in windows00:08
ar0ni installed a repo that had my nic and vid card drivers00:09
dmdevoteesorry, my mystake, i am using 9.1000:09
darkvoid82smerz: ok thanks, i'll look into that00:09
Trek!ask | ar0n00:09
ubottuar0n: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:09
DarkStar1can someone here help me with phpsysinfo pls?00:09
ar0nit may of been like a restricted00:09
ar0ni know sorry i have good manners00:09
Trek!enter | ar0n00:09
ubottuar0n: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:09
iustinianDougwiser: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters00:09
dmdevoteeubutom: i am using 9.10, the last stable, not the beta00:09
darkvoid82smerz: no pop ups for dvd music cd or data cd00:10
ubutomdmdevotee, no problem, I just thought maybe it was related. I couldn't remove or install it ;)00:10
toyman61OK. But I have nearly 30 GB of sound-data in mp3-format. If I must convert them to i.e. Ogg-Vorbis I will go back to Windows again.. :-(00:10
ar0njesus really lol? so yes it was like a repo i had to add becuase ubuntu quit carrying it..anyone have any idea?00:10
wjmWhiteDawn: looks like FF is still freezing on the site though :(00:10
metbsdis ubuntu the best? cuz im gonna play it00:10
toyman61eremite: OK. But if I must convert my 30 GB of mp3's to i.e. Ogg-Vorbis then I will consider going back to Windows again..00:10
ubutomdmdevotee, tryusing software-center from menu and search for adobe00:10
iustiniantoyman61: look for fluendo mp3 decoder00:10
smerztoyman61, why do you want to convert mp3 to ogg? I got all my music as mp300:11
iustiniantoyman61: it is a legal gstreamer plugin00:11
ubutomdmdevotee, I just installed the firefox extension and flash works fine now00:11
WhiteDawnwjm: apparently its a bug in the PPA for firefox00:12
wjmWhiteDawn: yeah it's affecting 3.5 and 3.6 though too00:12
toyman61smerz: I have installed Ubuntu 9.10 (64-bits) and have migrated from Windows. I have lots of mp3's, but I am not able to get any sound through my loadspeakers..00:12
iustinianlast time i checked mplayer was working ok with mp3s00:12
wjmalso happens in Chrome00:12
toyman61smerz: Somebody told me to try another sound format. Then I suggested Ogg-Vorbis..00:12
smerztoyman61, well rest assured. That has nothing to do with your music beeing in the mp3 format00:12
dmdevoteei can't even install it from http://get.adobe.com/es/flashplayer/ for firefox00:13
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.00:13
smerztoyman61, so you get no sound whatsoever that's your issue right?00:13
toyman61smerz: I know. But I have installed restricted formats-package, and was trying to play a music CD through Rythmbox. But no sound whatsever..00:13
Typos_Kingtoyman61:   check your mixer setting/sliders00:13
toyman61Typos_King: I have set all my mixer settings (alasmixer) to max.00:14
iustiniansome channels are muted by default00:14
smerztoyman61, I dont think its a format issue. mp3 is just fine :). Do you have multiple sound cards?00:14
toyman61smerz: Only one sound card. Works great under Windows XP SP3. I have only disabled the Windows disk and installed Ubuntu another disk.00:15
toyman61another disk = on another disk00:15
iustiniantoyman61: what soundcard is that ?00:15
smerztoyman61, alright. Right click on the speaker icon at the top right. Select sound preferences00:15
amaureaHello. I have an application I am trying to run fullscreen, but the task bar and other bar still show up and take up considerable space. How can I get them not to show up when running a game in fullscreen?00:15
smerztoyman61, select the "output" tab. There will be multiple outputs for your soundcard. Try them all while playing music. Make sure sound isn't muted in either the music player or the icon @ top right00:16
toyman61iustinian: Realtek audio (embedded on the MSI motherboard)00:16
ubutomamaurea,right click on the bars and selec auto-hide00:17
toyman61smerz: I will00:17
WhiteDawnamaurea: you could set the bar to auto hide,00:17
smerzrealtek should be just fine toyman6100:17
FreshDo i have to use screen to have rtorrent running00:17
Typos_Kingtoyman61:   what does -> lshw -C sound;   give  you as driver?00:17
FreshDo i have to use screen to have rtorrent running while doing other things?00:17
iustinianFresh: i think so00:17
iustinianFresh: unless rtorrent is working as a frontend for a demon00:18
sik4mpretcan u help me??00:18
WhiteDawnFresh: if you want to run a program in the background and its in cli, put a "&" at the end of command00:18
sik4mpreti have some problems00:18
iustiniani use deluge in command line00:18
toyman61smerz: The sound was simply muted.. I just found out. Works fine now. Thanx to everybody for helping me with this!!!00:18
smerztoyman61, you're welcome00:18
Freshiustinian: how do i acess it after the ampersand00:18
amaureaubutom, WhiteDawn: ok, I'll try that. I do like to have the bars there when I'm in normal resolution, though, and the game isn't in full screen. What does the expand option in the panel properties mean?00:18
kidovateHow do you install software from a ppa??00:18
sik4mprethelp me out00:19
harisundkidovate: You add the PPA as a repository and then search for softwares as you normally would00:19
WhiteDawnsik4mpret: ask the question, then ppl will help you00:19
bazhangsik4mpret, ask a question00:19
toyman61But here's another problem: My D-Link DWA-140 installed fine, and it works!  But I only get 54 Mbps speed even though both the adapter and the router is 802.11n. How do I solve this ?00:19
ubutomif you deavtivate it it gets thinner amurea00:19
smerzkidovate, you need to add the ppa to /etc/apt/sources.list00:19
Freshwhitedawn: how do i get back to it after i use &00:19
ubutomif you deavtivate it it gets thinner amaurea00:19
smerzkidovate, next you need to import the ppa key00:19
toyman61Typos_King: Problem solved. The loudspeaker was muted. But thanx for your interest!00:19
harisundsmerz: there's a better way than that, you shouldn't be adding it to/etc/apt/sources.list directly .. there's a command whch adds it to /etc/sources.list.d00:19
WhiteDawnFresh: that i don't know, you can kill it though if you want it to quit00:19
smerzkidovate, now you can just use "sudo apt-get install packagename" or the package manager to install00:19
smerzharisund, oh can you give more info on that? I never heard of that00:20
iustiniantoyman61: 802.1n is pretty much still experimental it depends on the actual implementations00:20
FreshWhiteDawn: im getting closer to answering this question00:20
kidovateharisund: I added it but I cant find the software... Can you recommend how? It's here - https://launchpad.net/~ajmitch/+archive/ppa00:20
harisundsmerz: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name00:20
FreshWhiteDawn: thank you00:20
smerzharisund, and that takes care of the key as well?00:21
PlaHPoyis there any need to purchase RE3 or RE4 server drives if I am running RAID1,  seems with the fault tolerence I could run 2 black editions and save 150 bucks.... ???00:21
toyman61iustinian: But I thought the IEEE 802.11n standard had gone from experimental to a clear standard.00:21
harisundsmerz: I believe so yes00:21
WhiteDawnFresh: no problem00:21
smerzharisund, well thanks thats good to know :)00:21
harisundkidovate: Once you have added it, do an apt-get update and search for the package00:21
harisundsmerz: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/InstallingSoftware00:21
toyman61It works great on Windows XP SP3..00:21
iustiniantoyman61: indeed but not all the producers have updated their lines of products00:22
kidovateharisund: I already did. I cant find it00:22
smerzkidovate, "sudo apt-get update" You need to update the repository first00:22
billy_can someone help when i try connecting to my webpage through filezilla it wont work and no-one is on the offical page00:22
kidovatesmerz: I already did that00:22
harisundsmerz: apparently he did. kidovate if you did, are you searching for the packagename correctly?00:22
kidovateThat's what I asked you00:22
kidovateThe listed name doesn't seem to work...00:23
toyman61iustinian: I see. D-Link does not offer Linux-drivers for this adapter, but there is drivers available for Ubuntu. One driver is shipped with the 9.10-edition..00:23
harisundkidovate: boost1.38  is what youare trying to install?00:23
kidovateNot showing up00:23
iustiniantoyman61: if N is implementd in the kernel module it should work00:23
rixxyhow do I give a secondary drive formatted with ext4 read/write priveliges in karmic00:24
toyman61iustinian: How do I find out ?  I'm a newbie on Linux...00:24
kidovateharisund: Not found00:24
billy_does anyone know anything about filezilla? i really need help?00:24
kidovateWhen I do a apt-get install00:24
smerzrixxy, you could change the owner:group assignment00:24
rixxyin users and groups?00:24
harisundkidovate: let me check, is that the package you are trying to install though?00:24
smerzrixxy, no each file has an owner and a group assigned to it00:24
kidovateharisund: Yes00:25
iustiniantoyman61: u need to check the changelog on the kernel modules sources i guess00:25
smerzrixxy, normally the owner has read/write00:25
rixxysmerz: so the default user created?00:25
billy_come on guys dosnt anyone know ho to upload files on filezilla?#00:25
smerzrixxy, if not you may have to change those permissions. But you need to check where the issue lies. Either wrong owner/grp or wrong permissions. Both can easily be fixed00:25
toyman61iustinian: That seems to be a too heavy job for me... I know Windows (and computers) very well, but I am not that familiar with Ubuntu..00:26
iustinianchmod 777 on the mounted directory00:26
smerzbilly_, you're trying to use ftp right?00:26
iustinianor chown to own it00:26
rixxyalright, i will try it and get back here00:26
smerzchmod 777 works but could be overkill. I'd suggest chown as the most likely culprit00:26
rixxythanks, smerz!00:26
billy_yeah but it wont let me upload?00:27
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smerzbilly_, any error messages?00:27
billy_no it says it cant connect00:27
smerzbilly_, it doesn't give a reason (timeout for instance) ?00:28
billy_yh but im only on it for about 2 minutes00:28
kidovateharisund: Never mind, I found it :)00:29
billy_it says failed to recieve directory?00:29
smerzoh boy00:29
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billy_it says failed to recieve directory?00:29
smerzbilly_, is the ftp server managed by you?00:29
smerzin other words could it be the ftp server? or does it work from ie. windows or other computers00:30
PeterTmy entire window is filled with netsplits00:31
isotuxCan anyone help me with a totally un ubuntu related topic?00:31
smerzisotux, ask. If someone answers they maybe can help :).00:32
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isotuxI'm looking for the title of this song that plays at http://section-13.info00:33
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dsnydersWhy is everybody becoming guests?00:34
bloodrockisotux, maybe look at the website source00:34
RyanDdsnyders: netsplit.00:34
isotuxThe song is titled out.mp300:34
HowardtheDuckhey.  is there a better way of getting different wallpapers on all 4 desktops of my cube than disabling nautilus ?00:34
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit00:35
bloodrockisotux, oh00:35
HowardtheDucki know the cube doesn't make you more productive, yeah, i get it...but i like it, it's fun and exciting00:35
HowardtheDuckit makes me feel like borg00:35
jkd4could anyone please tell me how to activate the on-screen keyboard?00:35
bloodrockisotux,  what was site addy00:36
yusufHi ,00:36
yusufi've problem with PHPMYADMin00:36
isotuxWhy do people flood so much?00:37
dsnydersyusuf, Please just ask your question all on one line.00:37
jkd4could anyone please tell me how to activate the on-screen keyboard?00:37
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Copperredhi all....i need help getting my java going....for some reason its installed but Firefox keeps telling me its not....and my java is not working....this has been oingon over weeks.....anyone who can hand hold me....please PM so we can work on this. Thanks00:38
Copperredubuntu keesp telling me to report a bug as well....so maybe i will nee dto do that00:38
yusufok , my problem with PHPMYADMIN .. i've installed the lamp server and the localhost is working but when i type http://localhost/phpmyadmin it's not working !! what is the problem ???00:39
dsnydersjkd4, see http://itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.com/itanswers/ubuntu-810/00:39
jkd4could anyone please tell me how to activate the on-screen keyboard?00:39
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nidiaAre grub2 .tga files limited to 16 colours? Not having much success doing a splash screen as per: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=119527500:40
IdleOneCopperred: have you restarded the browser?00:40
epaphusHello... Does 64bit karmic install consume more RAM when the install has finished and its idle in a desktop logging.. then a 32 bit ??00:40
DarkStar1is there a quick termminal command to list groups on the system?00:40
Copperredindle its not as easy as that00:40
Copperredyes i have00:40
epaphusi saw an increase of ram in a virgin install between these two00:40
Copperredit something very strange00:40
yusufwaitning ^^00:40
Copperredi tried this once with someone else00:40
Copperredand they could not figure it out00:40
FloodBot2Copperred: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:41
fbc_I think ubuntu keeps breaking my cdrom. No matter how many times I try to download a new copy, the instalation keep executing remove_broken_cdrom script at the end of the installation.00:41
Copperredi install it all there......and jsut it doesn twork.00:41
Copperredno idea why00:41
IdleOneCopperred: how are you installing it?00:41
workHello, I am trying to figure out the address of my parallel port00:41
dsnydersAlexisonfire, Curious...  Is that Alex is on fire, or Alexis on fire?00:41
Copperredusually from synaptic00:41
IdleOneCopperred: hmm ok00:42
Alexisonfirealex is on fire00:42
Alexisonfirehow should i know?00:42
IdleOneCopperred: do you also have gnash installed? that may cause some conflicts00:42
AlexisonfireAlexisonfire is a medolic hardcore band00:42
Copperredit usually tells me when i go to a java page.......that java needs to be installed....and then when i go to tha tlink via Firefox....it tells me ubuntu does not see it...something....and to report a bug.00:42
Copperredwhat is gnash?00:42
Copperredgood question...what is gnash00:42
ubottuAn open source flash replacement.  It is still beta software. For current status or for more info http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/00:43
IdleOneCopperred: wait, you trying to install java or flash?00:43
workHello, I am trying to figure out the address of my parallel port00:43
IdleOneCopperred: if it's java install sun-jre6-plugin00:43
dsnyderswork, it is likely /dev/lp000:43
Copperredi need to install Sun Java 1.5 or higher, or equivalent JRE00:44
IdleOneCopperred: sorry. it's sun-java6-plugin00:44
Copperredand then the plug in  i think.....00:44
eremitegnash is a free alternative to lash, but I hear it sucks.00:45
jkd4dsnyders: I don't have an "Accessibility" menu00:45
Copperredidleone brb00:46
etzerdhello all00:48
Pirate_Hunterim using the server.iso is there an option to format the whole disk or do I need to use gpart.iso00:48
etzerdhow do i know what driver install for my video card?00:48
ar0nguys im having to reinstall on my lappy dual booting windows, i went to beta, it doesnt work, its my girls machine she likes ubuntu, so what is the easiest way to get data off, just two folders, move/shrink the home partition, or use live cd?00:49
dsnydersjkd4, does the onboard command work?00:49
ar0nid reshrink and move the home partition if that holds any information of value to making my reinstall go quicker00:49
bloodrockar0n, use a livecd00:50
ar0nok thahnks, also is it possible to just reinstall linux without formatting, keeping applications, and their settings00:50
dsnydersar0n, livecd and usb drive00:50
etzerdhow do i know what driver install for my video card?00:51
ar0nyou can look up the manufacture00:51
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ar0ngoogle your pc, or google the command to display video driver information for ubuntu00:51
ar0ni dont know what it is off the top of my head buddy :(00:51
sje46I think someone tried to hack into my computer!00:52
etzerdI know the manufacture is intel, but I just want to make sure the right driver is install00:52
sje46let me find it...sorry00:52
sje46A user on the computer '::ffff:' is trying to remotely view or control your desktop.  Do you want to allow them to do so?00:52
sje46I turned remote desktop off, of course00:52
bloodrockar0n,  yes you can install without formatting if it same ver it may not overwrite home folder not sure00:52
sje46but I forgot to click no on the request, and I can't find it anywhere00:52
ar0nnot worried ab out home00:52
sje46does it just disappear in time?00:53
etzerdbecause when I tried to move a windows it is swinging left to right, not solide at all00:53
ar0ni had to install some extra repos, as well as setting up my FF00:53
ar0ngoogle for that command i said above00:53
bloodrockar0n,  reinstalling will removed third party repos00:53
ar0nits out there.00:53
dsnydersetzerd, You may have a desktop "special effect" called wobbly windows installed00:53
ar0nis it possible to like, revert to an older install?00:54
ar0nbeta boots into cli, wont load x, so its useless to her00:54
IdleOnear0n: nope, just a fresh install00:54
sje46etzerd, right click your desktop00:54
etzerddsnyders: how do I remove that?00:54
sje46etzerd, rightclick desktop, and select change desktop background00:54
IdleOnear0n: #ubuntu+1 for help with lucid00:54
ar0nno need00:54
abstrakthahaha, i just installed kukbuntu-desktop00:54
yourmghq|skypei have made progress in my problem00:55
ar0nime done with there00:55
abstraktthat was epic fail00:55
bloodrockyou can but that will remove the newer00:55
IdleOnear0n: remember, family friendly please :)00:55
sje46etzerd, then go to visual effects tab00:55
sje46and change it to medium00:55
abstraktall i get is a terminal00:55
abstraktno window manager00:55
yourmghq|skypeso please heko00:55
sje46normal* , etzerd00:55
abstraktyou would think that installing kubuntu-desktop would do the trick right?00:55
bloodrockar0n, i take it you tryed the lucid beta00:55
abstraktwrong... so, anyone know what i'm missing?00:55
IdleOnear0n: done or not. this channel is not for lucid support so you wont be getting much if any help with it.00:55
histoabstrakt: yes it would do you have a display manager like kdm installed?00:55
ar0nim not asking for it00:55
histoar0n: /j #ubuntu+100:56
abstrakthisto, yeah i logged in using kdm00:56
ar0nor for anyhelp about it. im asking simple ubuntu help00:56
IdleOnear0n: ok then like I explained to you yesterday about the fresh install and separate /home :)00:56
histoabstrakt: and kde doesn't load?00:56
abstrakthisto, when i installed kubuntu desktop, part of the configuration process asked me if wanted to use kdm or gdm, so i figured, hell i'll use kdm00:56
bloodrockhe not looking for help with lucid he wants to go back to 9.04 or 9.1000:56
ar0ni was asking more spefic questions sorry00:56
abstrakthisto, apparntly not00:56
abstrakthisto, i can run konqueror from the terminal, but there's no window management happening00:56
IdleOnebloodrock: yup, got it :)00:56
histoabstrakt: make sure you select on kdm you want kde as the default session00:56
ar0nbloodrock its ok thanks for the help00:57
etzerdsje46: thank you very much, it's solve00:57
sje46etzerd, no problem :)00:57
=== jeiworth_ is now known as jeiworth
abstrakthisto, that shouldn't really matter though should it?00:57
abstrakthisto, i guess i'll try one more time and explicitly select KDE00:57
IdleOnear0n: would you like the link for the separate /home?00:57
IdleOneor do you still have it?00:57
etzerdsje46: do you tried the new version 10.04 Beta1 yet?00:57
ar0nno i still have it, i dont think its what i want00:57
histoabstrakt: you said your just getting terminal sounds like its loadin failsafe00:57
sje46etzerd, I have not.  I don't even know how to00:57
IdleOnear0n: ubuntu does not have a revert back to previous install feature00:57
ar0nit wont help me save anything i cant get with a live cd, wont save settings etc00:57
IdleOnear0n: so the only way is to do a fresh install00:58
etzerdjust download the beta version and install00:58
histo!downgrade | ar0n00:58
=== sexghost is now known as sunkoo
ubottuar0n: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.00:58
ar0nso format a must?00:58
dsnydersar0n, ... or just restore from your last backup.00:58
yourmghq|skypewho can help me00:59
sje46etzerd, ah, okay.  I think I'll wait until it officially comes ou tthough00:59
IdleOnear0n: only the install partition and the installer will do it for you00:59
etzerdbecause the last version 9.04 don't work with my new Dell Inspiron laptop00:59
histoar0n: pretty much thats the easiest way. If you want to save all your files and settings just make a seperate /home00:59
histoetzerd: what happened?00:59
ar0noh so will i point the new isntall at the other home i make?00:59
histoar0n: yeap it will then mount it on boot00:59
ar0nso it will use that info or just for back up purposes...00:59
yourmghq|skypehisto: i know what is wrong00:59
histoar0n: you have to use the same username on the new install as you did on the old one though01:00
JorkHello. Is somehow possible to get pytube for ubuntu, or some simillar app?01:00
yourmghq|skypeit does not recognize /dev/sr001:00
IdleOnear0n: no, you point the install to where the old install is. your /home contains your data you dont want to format01:00
histoyourmghq|skype: huh?01:00
etzerdsince I bought that laptop last month when I install the 9.04 version the screen went black, no graphic01:00
yourmghq|skypemy dvd+rw01:00
yourmghq|skypehisto my dvd+rw01:00
histoIdleOne: thats if /home is on a seperate partition01:00
histoyourmghq|skype: ahh did you get it working?01:00
IdleOnehisto: from what I understood yesterday, it is already.01:00
abstrakthisto, aight, so KDE loads when I explicitly select KDE01:00
histoIdleOne: ohh yeah he's good to go then01:00
yourmghq|skypehisto:  sadly no, it does not know what /dev/sr0 is01:00
yourmghq|skypei tried burning in gnomebaler01:01
etzerdbecause the video card is an Intel Accelerator HD which is not support by any of the distro out there01:01
ar0nhmm ok.. IdleOne om *not sure, it was a regular install..01:01
hipitihopI have a bluetooth keyboard01:01
yourmghq|skypehisto i tried burning in gnomebaker01:01
histoabstrakt: yeah it sounds like it was loading a failsafe session where all you get is X and an xterm01:01
abstrakthisto, however, no internet... gnome works with both my wireless card and my WWAN01:01
=== sunkoo is now known as sexghost
abstrakthisto, yeh, kinda dumb imo, why isn't kdm already preconfigured to load either the last default or at least KDE, since it's kdm01:01
histoabstrakt: you may want to ask in #kubuntu I only have used gnome and other things01:01
abstrakthisto, actually don't answer that question01:01
abstrakti don't care why01:01
IdleOnear0n: ok well then take a look at the link ubottu gave you yesterday and you should be able to figure it out. the instructions are fairly simple if followed carefully01:01
histoabstrakt: well kdm or gdm can be used dosn't matter they don't care which one you want to load.01:02
ar0nyeah. im just confused as to what the benefits of saving it will be01:02
bloodrockar0n, use a livecd open gperted to ee how the partitians were setup01:02
histoar0n: all your data and settings will be saved. If you have nothing then it doesn't mater01:02
ar0na fresh install would be nice anyways..cause i didnt literally touch it after the first install01:02
IdleOnear0n: well if you have a lot of media files you don't want to lose01:02
ar0nnot enough i thikn, just some pictures i can get via live cd01:02
abstrakthisto, better yet, how do i actually bring up my wireless interface on cli01:02
IdleOnear0n: if not pop in the cd and go for it :)01:03
histoar0n: but I always create a seperate home when I install01:03
abstrakthisto, i'd rather just know that, i've done hardline ethernet plenty of times01:03
histoabstrakt: what type of wifi are you connecting to?01:03
yourmghq|skypehey histo why in the dev file does dvd not have a dvdrw file while cd also has a cdrw01:03
abstrakthisto, but never done a wireless on a laptop01:03
histoabstrakt: is it wpa2 or anything goofy?01:03
etzerdar0n: with the version 9.04 to work I have to use VESA and the resolution no more than 1024X768 which look very ugly.01:03
ar0nits moer like ff settings, desktop settings01:03
ar0nrandom stuff..01:03
hipitihopsorry, I have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse which pair via 'sudo hidd --search' but01:03
ar0netzerd perhaps get the restricted rep01:03
IdleOnear0n: that is simple enough to reset.01:03
dmdevoteeanybody knows if there is any way to download djl from repos01:03
histoyourmghq|skype: I don't know mine works as /dev/sr001:03
abstrakthisto, well, either any sort of wireless LAN like no-password/WEP/WPA etc01:03
etzerdbut the new version 10.04 works fine with it01:03
ar0nidle yeah01:03
abstrakthisto, i also have an AT&T wireless card that "just works" under GNOME01:04
histoabstrakt: well wpa2 gets a bit goofy with iwconfig01:04
IdleOnear0n: so your issue now is, what are you waiting for :)01:04
yourmghq|skypeyea histo it says it does not recognize01:04
ar0nim not worried i just got to get it done shes bitching, so im kinda doing my homework so i can not have to *stop* and google01:04
histoabstrakt: but basically you want to use iwconfig to set up wifi01:04
phongphraihi everyone!01:04
ar0nidle windows =01:04
etzerdI did tried all that none of it works,01:04
histo!wireless > abstrakt01:04
ubottuabstrakt, please see my private message01:04
etzerdhow do I get the restricted rep?01:04
ar0ni had to put this on for her, but i just noticed, it looks like it ate the grubloader01:04
histoyourmghq|skype: thats wierd... I would searchj for your make/model of dvdrw on the forums and see if anyone else had an issue01:05
abstrakthisto, thx01:05
dmdevoteeanybody knows if there is any way to download djl from repos?01:05
histo!info djl | dmdevotee01:05
ubottudmdevotee: Package djl does not exist in karmic01:05
ar0nits in settings or pref or something01:05
histodmdevotee: what is djl?01:05
deserteaglehello all01:06
yourmghq|skypehisto it is memorex01:06
etzerdar0n: how to change the look of the boot manager? I hate it because it look like DOS, I rather have it with a graphical interface01:06
histoyourmghq|skype: not the media the actual drive itself01:06
yourmghq|skypeo ok01:06
ar0ndunno sorry01:06
Aryehetzerd... lol - GUI or bust. >_>01:06
IdleOneetzerd: you spend much time looking at the boot loader?01:06
dmdevoteehisto: i type !info djl in console. bash: !info: event not found01:07
AryehIdleOne, thank you01:07
deserteaglei installed ubuntu on my new hdd and it finally boot... after restoring all the files from my backup drive (except the boot directory, obviously) GRUB now says: "error: out of partition" again please help!01:07
eremiteetzerd: its only open for 10 seconds, lol.  Does it matter that its not graphical?  it loads much faster.01:07
histodmdevotee: no djl is not in the repos as far as I can see. it looks like a script you download01:07
dmdevoteehisto: djl is a platform similar to steam01:07
yourmghq|skypehisto it is a optiarc cd-rw01:07
histodmdevotee: and just extract and run the script01:07
etzerdI don't, I just choose which OS to load, but it just look ugly, I rather have  a GUI look instead.01:07
dmdevoteehisto: there is no way to add more repos?01:07
histoyourmghq|skype: yeah try searchign for it on the ubuntuforums.org and see if anyone else is having issues with it.01:07
dmdevoteedjl is on mandriva repos01:08
histodmdevotee: yes you can add unofficial repos.01:08
IdleOneetzerd: I hate to say this but ummm seriously dude!01:08
histodmdevotee: hold up let me check something01:08
brittwhat is the easiest way to create a complete mirror of a apt repository? I have a device with one pcmcia slot and a pcmcia cdrom and cant both use the cdrom and use a wireless card01:08
Aryehetzerd, That it looks ugly is 1) an opinion and 2) pointless. It's not open long, it's faster this way, and we adults can handle it.01:08
phongphraiIn Glade & C coding, how can I have a GtkTextView that acts similar to terminal (previous entered lines not editable but at prompt and after it is)01:08
* Aryeh shrugs01:08
AryehSorry if that's harsh bud.01:08
bloodrockdeserteagle, what version of ubuntu01:09
phongphraiplease someone01:09
etzerdok, I take that back01:09
deserteagleetzerd, there's a graphical grub package somewhere, i know because i looked into it myself01:09
deserteagleetzerd, i was even looking into customizing the look01:09
deserteagleand there's a way to do that too, i remember01:09
eremitedeserteagle: How much does it slow load time?01:10
etzerddeserteagle: where?01:10
deserteagleeremite, NONE, lol01:10
deserteagleetzerd, this would be where google comes in handy =\ sorry it's been a while ago01:10
eremitedeserteagle: how is that possible?  You would need to load a X session or something prior to loading anything graphical.  It MUST slow it down a lot.01:10
deserteagleif I could even BOOT, i'd be looking into it as well lol01:10
* Aryeh shakes his head in disproval01:10
deserteagleeremite, negative, it doesn't work on X01:10
DarkStar1what's the terminal command to list available groups??01:11
bloodrocketzerd, try this for grub2 http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/grub-2.html#mozTocId1646801:11
AryehSoon we'll be hearing about how the shell should have colorful avatars bouncing around and stuff01:11
brittdoes anybody know how to at least make a apt mirror locally?01:11
histodmdevotee: it looks like you just download the script and run it. I don't see a repo for it anywhere. http://en.djl-linux.org/?q=node/1901:11
=== Mowiiii`Aw is now known as Mowee
aurillianceIt's like part of the window manager as failed on my ubuntu machine - none of the windows have any title bars... anyone know how to fix this?01:11
aurilliancerestart x?01:11
deserteagleeremite, keep in mind, it's graphical, but not like a desktop environment01:11
dmdevoteehisto thanks01:11
deserteagleAryeh, check this out: people like you are what hold linux back01:11
DarkStar1Is there a command for listing groups?01:11
deserteaglereason why I switched to full blown linux: OPTIONS my friend01:12
[[thufir]]I'm stuck in, I think, fvwm-crystal and cannot logout.  there are no logout buttons.01:12
dmdevoteeit's a pain...now i have to run the script everytime i want to execute it :(01:12
deserteagletry and do whatever you please, because linux allows it01:12
histodmdevotee: there are people talking about it on the forums also01:12
eremitedeserteagle: you need to load a xserver equivilant in order to use graphical ANYTHING, so it must slwo boot times.  Even if you dont notice a 2 second lag or whatever, im sure it exists.01:12
histodmdevotee: you could create a launcher01:12
Aryehdeserteagle, sorry? I think I'm a pretty liberal guy with the advances we make, but I really do have to draw the line at complaints over something like a bootloader because it's "ugly"01:12
bloodrockdeserteagle, what version of ubuntu did you reinstall that gives you the out of partitain error01:12
=== homer is now known as Guest91920
tp43_aurilliance, if you turn off one of the compiz windows things, it comes back, don't ask me which one.  btw, when is the last time you used it, once in a blue moon I move a windows, but you can use alt+left click on those rare occasions, besides that the new zooming and tab switching makes the top bar obsolete01:13
deserteaglebritt, if you don't mind me asking, what brings you to that conclusion? making an apt mirror (as far as I understand) would take a looong time downloading all the packages01:13
deserteaglebloodrock, 9.1001:13
phongphraiCould someone help me please. In Glade or GTK coding, how can I have a GtkTextView that acts similar to terminal (that is previous entered lines not editable )01:13
DarkStar1just need a yes or no answer from anyone... Is there a command to list available groups??01:13
eremiteAryeh: the beauty of open source and freeware is that people are free to use it however they choose, regardless of how irrational those decisions may seem to some.01:13
histoDarkStar1: yes01:14
Kre10sDarkStar1: gooogleoogleoogle! http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=15021101:14
yourmghq|skypehisto: http://pastebin.com/iM5kbgyq01:14
bloodrockdeserteagle,  k and what backup restore did you use01:14
deserteagleAryeh, if there's someone out there requesting it, there's a demand. Whenever there's demand, there's the opportunity for a need to be met. Heck even Dell agrees with me (their newest BIOS are completely graphical)01:14
brittdeserteagle: thats cool. its a bit involved, but basically it boils down to i need to install ubuntu on a machine that cant both install ubuntu netinstall and access a remote apt repo01:14
Aryeheremite, Even when irrational moves into the realms of the asinine?01:14
deserteaglebloodrock, good ol' copy paste :p01:14
eremiteDarkStar1: learn to use google instead of asking the same question 20 times.  http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/redhat-fedora-linux-help/41672-command-view-list-all-users-groups.html01:14
bloodrockdeserteagle,  or backup program to do the restore01:14
brittdeserteagle: so im going to create a deb repo on a flash drive (i only need i386) for installation01:14
eremiteAryeh: opinions are subjective.  Your opinion on the matter is irrelevant.01:15
deserteaglebritt, oooh i see01:15
EricInBNEhi everything on my computer works except my logitech quickcam microphone. video works01:15
EricInBNEhow do I get the mike working?01:15
deserteaglebritt, it's going to be HUGE though =\01:15
faronHello everybody.Hopefully all are well today...I am curious...my girlfriends brother [who lives in the house with us] is basically a comp geek.How easy is it to "infect" a linux system [Xubuntu} with a "keystroke logger" ? I'm not really worried about anything other than bank info01:15
Aryehdeserteagle, But how long do you look at BIOS when you're working in it? Now how long are you looking at GRUB when it pulls up? A graphical BIOS is slightly less asinine than a graphical GRUB01:15
histo!google > Kre10s01:15
ubottuKre10s, please see my private message01:15
Aryeheremite, that's *your* opinion01:15
DarkStar1I just wanted a quick answer for a simple command as opposed to trawling through webpages of documents01:15
halI need to run the command   iwconfig wlan0 power off   on boot, but regardless of whether anyone logs in.  where is best to put it?01:15
deserteaglebritt, but you can put the installer ISO on a jump drive! :D01:15
shazbotmcnastybuntu buntu01:16
eremitefaron: Its easy to install keyloggers.01:16
histoyourmghq|skype: you've eliminated it being a media issue right?01:16
faronthat's what I thought01:16
bloodrockdeserteagle, did you try editing commands at bootloader01:16
brittdeserteagle: cant boot from USB, only from a PCMCIA cdrom01:16
deserteagleAryeh, again, opinions are subjective: Bill Gates once though 256kb of RAM was MORE than enough for ANYONE01:16
brittdeserteagle: 640k01:16
deserteaglebritt, hmmm...01:16
deserteaglebritt, that, thanks :D01:16
eremiteAryeh: it is hardly my opinion that opinions are subjective.  Read a dictionary and study *logic*.01:16
deserteaglebloodrock, nope. Should I?01:17
faronI'm not really even worried about that.It's just that my girl made me [slightly] nervous ha ha01:17
brittdeserteagle: intresting situation isnt it haha01:17
Aryeheremite, I was refering to your *opinion* that my opinion on the matter was irrelevant. If you can't keep up, best not to join in. ;)01:17
iflemafaron is this a shared system or your personal system?01:17
Aryehdeserteagle, Lol, yeah - well... that's Gates...01:17
faronthis is personal01:18
brittdeserteagle: back when i started in computers, i too thought 640k was alot. and it was for dos 3.301:18
eremiteAryeh: how is yoru opinion of someone else's use of a computer relevant to their use of a computer?  Get lost, troll.01:18
deserteagleaaaaand this conversation is now off topic01:18
Dougwiser640K IS ALL WE WILL EVER NEED01:18
Guest40222hi, when I click on the fullscreen button in deutsche welle site it is not using full screen, but for for some weeks it was, what is my problem?01:18
faronbut him being a geek I'm sure he knows wasys around things01:18
Dougwiserwoops caps01:18
Aryehbritt, I remember when you could back up your whole computer on a floppy. >_>01:18
bloodrockdeserteagle, yeah try see if can find correct partitain ubuntu was loaded to  and did you had it loaded to the mbr or the partitain01:18
faronagain...not that I'm really worried about anything01:18
deserteaglebritt, so the CD installer won't work for ya?01:19
Aryeheremite, Wow... straight to the troll card. I'm going to pretend like you just don't exist now...01:19
eremitefaron: safest thing to do is to never use a computer for the rest of your life.  Ever.01:19
faronheh heh heh I hear ya01:19
* eremite /ignores Aryeh 01:19
iflemadisable cd booting in bios and add a bios boot password to limit access01:19
[[thufir]]how do enable ctrl-alt-backspace to kill xterm?01:19
halI need to run the command   iwconfig wlan0 power off   on boot, but regardless of whether anyone logs in.  where is best to put it, please?01:20
brittdeserteagle: so the deal is this - i made a ubuntu alternate install image for this computer. I can only boot from the PCMCIA cdrom, but i cant use my pcmcia wireless card to complete the install ;)01:20
deserteaglebloodrock, but what I don't understand is: if it was booting before and all I did was copy paste files that didn't even touch the boot partition, why won't it load now? this is soooo frustrating01:20
faronhey eremite...thanks for the info anyway my friend01:20
greezmunkeyhal, you just don't want to use that device, ever?01:20
halgreezmunkey: no, it's not that - it just disables power management01:21
deserteaglebritt, then... hmm... well, if you already installed it, just download each package, copy to a jump drive and install on the other PC, no?01:21
bloodrockdeserteagle, well what folders did you copy paste01:21
histobritt: you shouldn't need wireless to complete the install01:21
haland power management causes the if to stop working01:21
* gaveen could tell hal if he opens the pod bay door an let him in01:21
billy i know this probably isnt the plave to ask but how do i make a html page come up straight away on x10 hosting?my page is http://mafiakingdom.x10hosting.com/ youll see what i mean01:21
haleven pinging something from the host doesn't wake it up01:22
deserteaglebloodrock, all except /boot (which was empty either way since it's a different partition) /tmp /mnt /dev /proc and /media01:22
phongphraiCould someone help me please. In Glade or GTK coding, how can I have a GtkTextView that acts similar to terminal (that is previous entered lines not editable )01:22
* hal acts as gaveen 's high-tech doorman01:22
fabio333phongphra: programming stuff01:22
histobilly: you need to have a index.html01:22
fabio333get the gtk reference...01:22
Losha[[thufir]]: ctrl-alt-backspace kills your entire X server, not just an xterm. A mentat should know that...01:22
histobilly: rename test.html to index.html or edit he apache conf and change the default page.01:23
bloodrockdeserteagle, k why did you copy paste those folder that is what prob messed your system up01:23
billyhow do i do that ive got one but it comes up as a directory?01:23
billyalright cheers m801:23
eremiteLosha: nope.  ctrl alt bksp has been changed to something like super k prntscrn01:23
deserteaglebloodrock, ummm: 1) because I needed my previous setup and files 2) why would it mess it up if I didn't even touch the boot folder01:24
histobilly: just mv test.html index.html01:24
timmy54321hi if i upgrade my ubuntu 9.10 to ubuntu studio 9.10 will it erase everything and change my customisable settings back to default01:24
Loshaeremite: That depends on which release you're running, strictly speaking...01:24
eremiteLosha: the two most recent do not have it.01:24
gaveenhal, you could place the command in /etc/profile01:24
Loshaeremite: I'm still running 8.04 LTS. I'm sure I'm not alone...01:25
eremiteLosha: compiz users can still set it back to the original, though.01:25
fabio333<phongphrai>: still there01:25
halgaveen: that doesn't only run when someone logs in?01:25
smerztimmy54321, no most settings will remain. It is a BETA though so unless you want to upgrade for something specific i'd recommend against it01:25
eremiteLosha: any particular reason for running an old OS?01:25
billythanks for that m8 its working now : )01:25
[[thufir]]how do I enable "zap" ctrl-alt-backspace?01:25
histobilly: np01:25
bloodrockdeserteagle, because 9.10 and 9.04 are a bit diff and what worked with 9.04 would not work with 9.1001:25
sam555hello all!01:25
eremite!hi | sam55501:25
deserteaglebloodrock, o.O 9.04?01:25
Loshaeremite: the main reason: stability...01:25
ubottusam555: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:25
timmy54321ubuntu studio 9.10 is beta??01:25
ZykoticK9!dontzap > [[thufir]]01:26
ubottu[[thufir]], please see my private message01:26
deserteaglebloodrock, both the install cd and the backup were at 9.1001:26
sam555I installed ubuntu 9.10 for a friend that has never used linux before.  They continually are having problems and I'm wonder if I should just put windows 2000 on their computer :(01:26
LoshaZykoticK9: thank you...01:26
sam555It's kinda a waste of my time if they can't use it on their own :(01:26
randomusrofftopic for a moment, does anyone here have qwest or other dsl?01:26
eremitesam555: LOL!  Nope.01:26
fabio333<ZykoticK9>: it took me several hours to figure out the dontzap trick01:26
ZykoticK9Losha, your welcome :)01:26
dmdevoteehey, how can i create a launcher that executes a sh file?01:26
sam555first she can't use her ipod to drag and drop songs using rhythm box01:26
DarkStar1ANy knowledgeable samba users here?? (Yes I've joined #samba but no one is alive there)01:26
eremitesam555: what problems are they having?  Linux copmputers can do almost everything Windows can, for free.01:26
sam555now she can't play movies with vlc or the movie player that is included01:26
phongphraifabio333, synopsis of functions should tell me that?01:26
kpomeroyI am trying to install a .deb but it says a software management tool is running but i don't have synaptic, the update manager or the terminal open. What else could be causing the problem?01:27
smerztimmy54321, oh my apologies. 9.10 is stable so go ahead :) sorry01:27
bloodrockdeserteagle,  oh yeah you used a new hdd forgot so the folders you copy pasted were for the old hdd so the uuid is different from the new hdd01:27
eremitesam555: has she installed the "restriced extras" packages?01:27
Loshasam555: there are worse solutions than going back to windows...01:27
randomusrsam555, are the proper codecs installed?01:27
dmdevoteei tried to make a launcher with the command sh /home/dmdevotee/djl.sh (the file exists and it haves all permissions)01:27
fabio333<phongphrai>: you want a part of the text to be editale, right?01:27
dmdevoteebut nothing happens when i click at the launcher01:27
WhiteDawnsam555: dont switch people, it will make your head hurt. Ignorance is bliss, but linux is more fun ;)01:27
deserteaglebloodrock, umm... but wouldn't that be in the /boot/grub/grub.cfg file? (which I didn't touch for that same reason)01:27
bloodrockdesert the folders were set to read the uuid of old hdd01:28
sam555WhiteDawn: ?01:28
eremiteLosha: its hardly recommended that people downgrade to Windows 2000 from Ubuntu, especially since they simply cannot play a video due to not having the codecs installed.01:28
skumbag<WhiteDawn> "ignorance is bliss" is an alan's parsong song01:28
deserteaglebloodrock, which folders?01:28
F0rkBombdmdevotee, use gnome-terminal -x /pathto/file.sh01:28
sam555eremite: let me check about the restricted packages, but what will that do?01:28
timmy54321sooo im confused upgrading from the standard ubuntu 9.10 to ubuntu studio 9.10 would be ok and settings will remain01:28
fabio333<phongphrai>: anyway the GtkTextView show the text in the TextBuffer, there you can use a Tab and set it as editable or not editable01:28
bloodrockdeserteagle,  yes but will also ber in the /dev folder01:28
phongphraifabio333, yes one part is and the other isnt , both in the same textview01:28
F0rkBombdmdevotee, make sure the script is executable01:28
deserteaglebloodrock, again, I didn't touch the /dev folder01:28
eremitesam555: you need the restricted extras package to play mp3s etc.  Open the software center and search for it.01:29
Loshaeremite: I agree, it probably shouldn't be the first resort, but for some people, it's a good solution...01:29
sam555Randomur: who would I tell re: codecs?01:29
eremiteLosha: Windows 200 for ANYTHING other than shooting practice is not recommended., not even by Micr$oft junkies.01:29
watatemwhat is the := operator in export command in a script?01:29
dmdevoteeForkbomb, thanks, where i have to type " gnome-terminal -x /pathto/file.s"?01:29
randomusrsamm555, follow eremite's instructions regarding restricted extra's01:30
eremitesam555: just install the restricted extras package, all problems solved hopefully.01:30
F0rkBombdmdevotee, right click the desktop -> create launcher01:30
WhiteDawneremite: windows 2000 makes a great abuse operating system for testing viruses in virtual box01:30
bloodrockdeserteagle,  i take it you put /boot on a seperate partitian01:30
eremiteWhiteDawn: ie; SHooting practice.01:30
Gelflingi still have a computer running windows 2k01:30
Loshatimmy54321: in theory yes, you can convert to ubuntu studio by adding the right packages. In practice, it's a lot of work, and probably not a well tested upgrade because so few people do it....01:30
deserteaglebloodrock, yes, both times (my old and new setup)01:30
F0rkBombdmdevotee, put the gnome-terminal command in the command box01:30
Gelflingand one running Windows ME01:30
eremiteGelfling: im sorry.01:30
randomusrthere is only two things I have trouble with on linux today. Playing BluRay, and outputting to HDMI01:31
Gelflingthe hard drive is failing in the ME one01:31
Gelflingso i can't do anything with it01:31
gaveenhal, sorry for the delay, need to crash soon. If your system uses a /etc/rc.sysinit you can place the command there01:31
randomusreverything else just works01:31
bloodrockdesert k boot was only folder you didn't copy01:31
gregory57Hi all. I am having problems with memory I guess. When I boot into Ubuntu and open Firefox I immediatly go into swap.01:32
deserteaglelol, it does that01:32
gregory57Is this normal? 512 megs of ram.01:32
fabio333<gregory57>: drop the plugins01:32
deserteagleummm... maybe not THAT much01:32
Loshawatatem: I think it's bash syntax, do man bash and then type /:= to find some info on it...01:32
britthisto: so the alternative install does not need to download packages from apt? im pretty sure it has to connect to download the apt packages to complete the install....01:32
fabio333and get rid of the .firefox folder01:32
sam555eremite: are the restricted packages located under the synaptic package manager?01:32
bloodrockdeserteagle, i checked backward and you said you copied /dev /mnt /media /proc and a couple others01:32
deserteaglegregory57, yeah, that: try it in safe mode01:33
decomp505Hi all - anyone know why I can't get nicotine+ to connect01:33
watatemLosha, thanks a lot =)01:33
halgaveen: that's ok   thanks for the answer.  That file does not exist, but rc.local does01:33
F0rkBombdmdevotee, did you get that? :)01:33
deserteaglebloodrock, actually, it said i copied all -except- those01:33
eremitesam555: yes, but it may be easier for her to search in APPLICATIONS > UBUNTU SOFTWARE CENTER01:33
hipitihopI have a bluetooth keyboard/mouse which pair via 'sudo hidd --search' but constantly timeout and need to run hidd --search again, very frustrating, any suggestions ?01:33
gregory57fabio....which? All I have is adblocker.01:33
deserteaglebloodrock, all except /boot (which was empty either way since it's a different partition) /tmp /mnt /dev /proc and /media01:33
greezmunkeyhal: Did you get an answer yet?01:33
dmdevoteeForkBomb, putted gnome-terminal -x /home/dmdevotee/djl/djl.sh into the command box, saved, then clicked the launcher, nothing occurs01:33
gregory57deserteagle, good idea.01:34
dmdevoteeonly opens a terminal , and it closes in a half second01:34
SpudDoggwhassup all01:34
F0rkBombdmdevotee, are you printing stuff to a terminal window? or just executing a command?01:34
bloodrockdeserteagle,  oh ok sorry well you musta copied something that had uuid of old in it to the new is what i think happened01:34
eremitedmdevotee: is the .sh file enabled to execute as a program?01:34
Loshadmdevotee: does /home/dmdevotee/djl/djl.sh run by hand from the terminal?01:34
F0rkBombLosha, he needs to read -p it to stop it closing :)01:35
halgreezmunkey: kind of,   do you think it should be in rc.local or /etc/init/rc-sysinit.conf ?01:35
dmdevoteethir question, yes01:35
Loshabloodrock: if it helps, only grub and /etc/fstab use uuids normally...01:35
dmdevoteesecond question yes, it haves all permissions01:35
F0rkBombdmdevotee, at the end of your shell script, add "read -p "Press any key to continue..."01:35
F0rkBombdmdevotee, without the quotes01:35
gregory57deserteagle, I've also noticed in top that java is running all the time. Is this normal?01:35
greezmunkeyhal: Are you dealing with a laptop?01:35
deserteaglegregory57, not to my knowledge01:36
F0rkBombdmdevotee, so like this: read -p "Press any key to continue..."01:36
* SpudDogg is trying to figure out something clever to type into his terminal...01:36
halgreezmunkey: no01:36
deserteaglegregory57, but I could be mistaken01:36
Loshadmdevotee: if F0rkBomb's suggestion doesn't work, I'd try /bin/sh -c /home/dmdevotee/djl/djl.sh as the launch command next..01:36
[[thufir]]how do disable don't zap, not in gnome.  cannot find ~.xinitrc01:36
bloodrockLosha, if so then he copied his old etc folder over his new one01:36
F0rkBombLosha, it works cause thats what i use01:36
Loshabloodrock: I've done worse...01:36
deserteagle[[thufir]], it's now an issue with gconf-editor iirc01:36
F0rkBombLosha,  the problem is his script is executing and the terminal closes without prompting01:36
histobritt: correct you don't need to download anything just configure network later01:37
LoshaF0rkBomb: what does his script do, anyway?01:37
histobritt: the alternate intall should have all the necessary packages on the cjd.01:37
ubottuTo re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap01:37
F0rkBombLosha, *shrug* he just wants to open a script from a launcher01:37
bloodrockdeserteagle, here an idea get to your grub folder get the uuid form the grub.cfg file01:37
sam555eremite: thanks for the help, but I'm going with win2k.  I don't want to have to continually support her and it's just easier.  I myself have ubuntu and it's fine for me to find help, but for others....they're on their own.01:37
[[thufir]]that link from ubotto gives bad info, that's what I'm saying,  it says to edit .xinitrc01:38
LoshaF0rkBomb: depending on what it does, he might not even want/need an xterm. I thought  he was just trying to get the script to run when he clicks on it...01:38
bloodrockdeserteagle,  ah no drop it that won't work since you overwrote the etc folder01:38
jerry_tHello  , trouble with  9.10   It  goes to  B&WS  and  frezze  ., any one else  have  this   ?01:38
Losha[[thufir]]: the layout options thing didn't work?01:38
myrldo you know how to control a windows vista computer from ubuntu?01:38
deserteaglebloodrock, /etc? what about it?01:38
deserteaglemyrl, VNC01:39
eremitesam555: it takes about 30 seconds to install that package and then everything should work fine.  There should be NO reasons somone cant figure out how to use Ubuntu if they use Windows, especially when they have no skills in computers (which means no need for the fine art of terminal-fu).  Your solution will only cause problems, Win2k is a trap for viruses.  Dont forget she will need to installa  bunch of codecs in Windows too.01:39
myrlitried it01:39
dmdevoteeboth solutions didn't work01:39
Loshamyrl: you can install a vnc server on windows and then use a vnc client on Ubuntu...01:39
Loshadmdevotee: what does your script do?01:39
deserteaglemyrl, IIRC, there's also a tool to connect to Window's own "Remote Desktop" protocol from ubuntu01:39
myrlwhat if I don't have access to the vista computer?01:40
dmdevoteethis is the script: http://pastebin.com/hmifCxMv01:40
bloodrockdeserteagle,  you copied your old etc folder over your new one01:40
deserteaglemyrl, -.- then you're in the wrong channel01:40
nikinI encountered a strange thing today... that my old mobilevideo converting script fails to run on Karmic becouse of the removal of libfaac support from libavcodec. Is there a reson why the ubuntu developers have thrown out the support?01:40
Loshadeserteagle: there *is* an rdesktop command. Dunno if it works for vista...01:40
deserteaglebloodrock, yes, how would that screw it up?01:40
deserteaglemyrl, i would suggest something like neworder.box.sk for those questions :p01:40
myrlif im on the wrong channel, then which is the right one?01:41
greezmunkeyhal: This looks pretty simple, I haven't tried it though: http://en.kioskea.net/faq/3348-ubuntu-executing-a-script-at-startup-and-shutdown01:41
ZykoticK9nikin, it wasn't ubuntu - they are trying to sort the issue out with upstream ffmpeg - who removed AAC audio due to licence issues01:41
dmdevoteein fact, it's not my script, it's a downloaded script to run DJL01:41
Loshanikin: I wonder if it's another of those licensing things. Check out www.medibuntu.org01:41
deserteaglemyrl, goto www.neworder.box.sk and look for their IRC channel01:41
F0rkBombI think dmdevotee is sleeping, Losha :P01:41
ZykoticK9nikin, see bug for details https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/faac/+bug/37490001:42
F0rkBomboh there you are! :D01:42
nikinZykoticK9: i see, then i have to come up with an other way to encode videos for my mobile :S First AMR and now this... unbelieveable.01:42
halgreezmunkey: yeah,  I suppose I could do it like that, but there is no need for a Kill script, so I feel there is a more simple solution01:42
ZykoticK9nikin, check out handbrake01:42
halgreezmunkey: I think rc.local is the easiest way01:42
F0rkBombdmdevotee, your script compiles a python file or something?01:43
bloodrockdeserteagle,  wouldn't fstab which is how drive is mounted be pointing to old drive01:43
myrlso many spammers here....01:43
dmdevoteeyes i think so01:43
F0rkBombmyrl, so many questions that need answering :)01:43
Loshadmdevotee: looks like your script requires *arguments* to be passed in e.g. a directory?01:43
greezmunkeyhal: The "script at shutdown" part is optional I think!01:43
deserteaglebloodrock, hmm... you got a point, I completely forgot about the /etc/fstab file01:43
Iceman_B|SSHyo o/01:43
myrlim new to ubuntu01:43
nikinZykoticK9: i have mmc wich converts fine... just it is not command line, and if i am not wrong it uses the license probematic ffmpeg.01:43
deserteagle\O what up01:43
F0rkBombdmdevotee, are you dragging a folder to the launcher by any chance?01:43
Loshamyrl: are there? We don't allow spammers. It's just a really busy channel...01:44
ZykoticK9nikin, handbrake has a cli version as well as gui01:44
halyeah, you are right, but still I think there is a more "appropriate" way01:44
Iceman_B|SSHbeing pissed on my house mates01:44
Iceman_B|SSHthats whats up :)01:44
deserteaglemyrl, ok: are you or are you not trying to hack into a vista?01:44
dmdevoteebut when i do "sudo sh jdl.sh " in terminal, it works fine, it executes the program (but i have to type root pass)01:44
SpudDoggwow, something is f00ked on my system :S01:44
nikinZykoticK9: ohh didnt know that... and what does it use for encoding?01:44
myrlmy bro is on vista01:44
F0rkBombdmdevotee, if so you need to pass %F to the terminal and handle arguments01:44
deserteaglemyrl, if you are: what I said previously still applies01:44
root___Hey all, im on Lucid and i need to install an older version kerenl 2.6.31-20 to be exact is there anyway i can do it through apt-get or would i have to wget the debs and dpkg them?01:44
ZykoticK9nikin, it's own encoder01:44
Iceman_B|SSHhow can I use the command line to investigate what hosts on my network are using bandwith, and how much of it ?01:44
LoshaIceman_B|SSH: please keep your domestic sex life details to yourself...01:44
myrli want to hack my brother's computer01:44
greezmunkeyhal: Well, I found a myriad of techniques on google, pick your poison :)01:44
Iceman_B|SSHLosha: I am01:44
myrlis that bad?01:44
Iceman_B|SSHmy house mates aren't01:45
nikinZykoticK9: does that help with license issues?01:45
root___myrl: use a hatchet or ax01:45
F0rkBombmyrl, install a VNC server on it, open a network port, connect via Rdesktop, have fun01:45
deserteaglemyrl, ummm, yes. No support for you!01:45
WhiteDawnmyrl: no its not, its very fun, also record a youtube video01:45
ZykoticK9nikin, it doesn't have the license issues - only ffmpeg has that01:45
deserteagleFINE F0rkBomb enable the hacker -.-01:45
F0rkBombdeserteagle, its his brothers PC01:45
eremite!op | myrl01:45
ubottumyrl: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!01:45
deserteagleand? he's still hacking! that's a no no01:45
nikinZykoticK9: i see... it is not in the repos :S01:46
F0rkBombdeserteagle, hardly Whitehall ;)01:46
Loshamyrl: keep it up, you're this close ---> ' '01:46
myrlum what are we talking about?01:46
illusiveHacking isn't really a no-no. Just as long as he learns from it and puts it to good use.01:46
dmdevoteeforkbomb: dunno, i never had to pass arguments to this script01:46
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:46
root___wget it is01:46
MyrttiMove on01:46
ZykoticK9nikin, deb available on site http://handbrake.fr/01:46
Iceman_B|SSHif he wants to hack, let him hack. from the looks of it he won't get very far....01:46
F0rkBombdmdevotee, right, ok lets start from fresh. you want a launcher to run your script?01:46
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
Iceman_B|SSHbut maybe im just pred01:46
halgreezmunkey: hehe, yeah, I do appreciate it - thank you! :)  I went for /etc/rc.local  (/etc/init.d/rc.local explains what it's for)01:46
Iceman_B|SSHwhatst hat word01:47
deserteagleIceman_B|SSH, wow, nice :p01:47
SpudDoggDoes anyone know why I might be getting this when I try to 'update-manager -d'?  http://pastebin.com/2S42xj4B01:47
F0rkBombdmdevotee, you dont pass args to it, yu just want it to run?01:47
eremiteIceman_B|SSH:  he can heack all he wants, but if he wants to learn how to hack he cannot do it here.01:47
deserteagleIceman_B|SSH, prejudging?01:47
myrlplease test my website too
Iceman_B|SSHdeserteagle: thats the one01:47
deserteaglewhat eremite said01:47
Trek!ot | myrl01:47
ubottumyrl: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:47
dmdevoteelike i would do manually01:47
greezmunkeyhal: cool!01:47
F0rkBombdmdevotee, re-paste your script and link me01:47
LoshaIceman_B|SSH: he can hack all he wants, discussion of it is off-topic here...01:47
Iceman_B|SSHeremite: ah, that I agree with01:47
SwimmingRatubottu - I totally understand and support that discussion moving on.01:47
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:47
nikinZykoticK9: oh from the website i see that i did use this on windows :D :D01:47
Iceman_B|SSHso, in the spirit of staying on topic01:48
Loshadmdevotee: I repeat: it looks like your script requires *arguments* to be passed in e.g. a directory?01:48
F0rkBombdmdevotee, on a separate line... add read -p "Press any key to continue..."01:48
Iceman_B|SSHhow can I see the bw usage of a host on my network ?01:48
F0rkBombdmdevotee, that will halt the terminal and wait for input to close01:48
=== Out_Cold is now known as Guest92436
dmdevoteetoo strange01:49
kpomeroyI am trying to install a .deb but it says a software management tool is running but i don't have synaptic, the update manager or the terminal open. Are there any other tools that could be causing the problem?01:49
dmdevoteelook at this:01:49
deserteaglehow do I get the UUID of a hard drive without hal-device?01:49
LoshaIceman_B|SSH: I found this on google: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/bandwidth-monitoring-tools-for-linux.html01:49
dmdevoteeif i type in console01:49
dmdevoteesudo sh /home/dmdevotee/djl/djl.sh01:49
dmdevoteesimply, it works!01:49
deserteaglekpomeroy, are you running apt-get somewhere in a console?01:49
FloodBot2dmdevotee: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:49
dmdevoteebut i want a launcher for that01:50
kpomeroyI don't have a console open01:50
deserteagledmdevotee, what panel program you using?01:50
deserteaglekpomeroy, type this into a console: sudo killall -9 apt-get01:50
Iceman_B|SSHLosha: thanks, Ill check that out01:50
F0rkBombdmdevotee, check your pastebin, i amended your script01:50
F0rkBombdmdevotee, http://pastebin.com/ztj5MEHK01:50
Iceman_B|SSHthe irony of course is that my house mates are using all the upstream capacity01:50
Iceman_B|SSHah, it finally loaded01:50
Loshadeserteagle: I thought only partitions have uuids. Try the vol_id command, or the blkid command...01:51
voyager640I have a computer with ubuntu moblin remix 9.10 installed.  I'm trying to figure out how to get a standard GNOME desktop without having to wipe moblin off it and starting over.  any thoughts?01:51
greezmunkeyyikes, sorry!01:51
deserteagleLosha omg I LOVE YOU O_O01:51
dmdevoteeforkbomb, ok, i changed the script, and nao?01:51
kpomeroy"apt-get: no process found" That's what it brought back01:51
* Losha blushes...01:51
F0rkBombeveryone loves Losha01:52
voyager640I love Losha already and I've never been here before ;p01:52
* Losha blushes even more...01:52
deserteaglekpomeroy, type this into a console: sudo killall -9 synaptic01:52
F0rkBombI've been here before, under many guises01:52
voyager640Now if I could just get a standard GNOME desktop on this damn machine :-(01:52
dmdevoteedeserteagle: panel program? do you mean system-preferences-main menu?01:52
deserteagledmdevotee, gnome-panel01:53
kpomeroy"synaptic: no process found" is what it says01:53
dmdevoteedunno whay do you mean, but all by default installation lol01:53
deserteaglekpomeroy, :| sheesh lol01:53
F0rkBombdmdevotee, just check out your pastebin01:53
booksbuggymy firefox won't let me remove the incompatible extensions01:53
=== john is now known as alphonso
kpomeroyI'm running the 10.04 beta, could that be factor? some kind of bug?01:54
Loshavoyager640: I don't know anything about moblin, so I'm hesitant to suggest the usual thing, which is to do apt-get install ubuntu-desktop. Dunno what that'll do on moblin...01:54
tikiHey, is it wise to upgrade my machine to lucid beta?01:54
F0rkBombtiki, are you adventurous?01:54
dmdevoteeforkbomb: you changed anything ?01:55
voyager640Losha- someone said it killed their system completely.  So I'm a little nervous.  I tried apt-get install gnome and it said it depends ont hings that are "not going to be installed"01:55
F0rkBombdmdevotee, http://pastebin.com/ztj5MEHK01:55
tikiF0rkBomb: I am, only if it means less problems with skype and pulseaudio01:55
Loshatiki: it isn't stable yet, if that's what you mean....01:55
tikiLosha: I guess I'll wait then01:55
F0rkBombtiki, expect more problems, at any moment...but I like taking risks lol01:55
booksbuggyis there any other way of  uninstalling a firefox extension  without using the add on list?01:56
Loshavoyager640: dunno, like I said, I never heard of moblin. If I were you, I'd do a full backup before experimenting...01:56
FeasibilityStudyI am getting this error when trying to run a daily update01:56
FeasibilityStudyE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.01:56
tikiF0rkBomb: I won't upgrade, but do you know how to fix pulse?01:56
FeasibilityStudyanyone know WTF is up with this?  I cant update my system anymore01:56
dmdevoteeok, changed....and.... nothing happens when i double click on launcher01:56
Loshatiki: it's ok for a play machine, not for your main workhorse...01:56
voyager640Losha- how would i backup a system that doesn't have a cdrom drive or a disk drive?01:56
booksbuggyFeasibilityStudy run sudo dpkg --configure -a in terminal01:56
F0rkBombdmdevotee, whats in the command box of your launchers properties?01:56
tikiLosha: its my main.01:56
FeasibilityStudybooksbuggy: I did and it still does the same thing01:57
tikiLosha: I only have one T_T01:57
booksbuggyhmmm then go to synaptics and look for broken packages01:57
tikiF0rkBomb: or force skype to use alsa?01:57
dmdevoteei tried both launchers:01:57
dmdevotee/bin/sh -c /home/dmdevotee/djl/djl.sh01:57
Loshavoyager640: well, you need *somewhere* to put the data?01:57
dmdevoteegnome-terminal -x /home/dmdevotee/djl/djl.sh01:57
booksbuggyFeasibilityStudy, go look for broken packages in synaptics01:57
F0rkBombdmdevotee, well the 2nd one should work, its what i use for my md5checker01:57
FeasibilityStudybooksbuggy: I dont use synaptics.01:57
tikiIs there any way to force Skype to use alsa instead of pulse? Pulse sucks.01:57
dmdevoteethis is written into "command" box of launchr01:57
Loshatiki: then wait. After a couple of months, the worst problems will be worked out (hopefully)...01:58
booksbuggyFeasibilityStudy, most likely something happened before and broke a package01:58
tikiLosha: isn't it end of april?01:58
F0rkBombdmdevotee, go into properties of the script and see if "Allow executing file as program" is checked01:58
booksbuggyFeasibilityStudy, i am saying use the synaptic package manager to check for broken packages01:58
dmdevoteeforkbomb: but , with the script that works with you, it need root passwrod?01:58
F0rkBombdmdevotee, no01:58
Loshatiki: that's the *release* date, doesn't guarantee it's ready. In fact, it pretty much guarantees it won't be. Ever see Lucy & Ethel in the chocolate factory episode?01:59
dmdevoteeforkbomb: yes, is checked01:59
tikiLosha: huh?01:59
F0rkBombdmdevotee, then i really cannot see what the problem is01:59
dmdevoteeso, the problem could be there?01:59
=== whiter is now known as whiter-sleep
booksbuggyanyone have any idea of how to remove a firefox add on with terminal?02:00
dmdevoteemaybe it works for you because your script, (or similar) doesn't ask for root pass, but mine does02:00
Loshatiki: never mind, the release date is fixed and can't be moved, it doesn't mean the code is ready...02:00
tikiLosha: got it. I'll try my luck when its released anyways.02:01
tikiLosha: Its an LTS, so chances are that its going to work well enough02:01
Loshatiki: You can always check in #ubuntu+1 to see what people are saying about it....02:02
eremiteLosha: The LTS should be fine, Karmic is great.02:02
Loshaeremite: I ran karmic for a while, but grub2 and gdm2 got on my nerves, not to mention sound issues...02:02
F0rkBombdmdevotee, http://pastebin.com/fj0bvheb try that02:03
eremiteLosha: no problems on my end other than sound issues, too>  However, I got those sorted out with ease.02:03
booksbuggykarmic is not that bad if it wasn't that out of the two speaks i have only one is playing -.-02:03
eremiteLosha: I fail to see why grub would make you switch back.02:03
alphonsocan anyone help with a ktorrent error i'm getting?02:03
eremitebooksbuggy: sounds like you have your speakres panned.02:04
dmdevoteenothing at all :_(02:04
booksbuggypanned o.O?02:04
booksbuggyeremite, what is panned o.O?02:04
FeasibilityStudybooksbuggy: and I am saying I dont use synaptic..I use aptitude02:04
Loshaeremite: I was multibooting, karmic, 8.04, debian, XP. I got fed up trying to configure grub2...02:05
alphonsowhat happened to everyone?02:05
WhiteDawnwoah what just happend?02:05
WhiteDawnidle purge?02:05
eremitebooksbuggy: yes, panned to the left or to teh right.  Its the term used to describe sound coming from either the left or right speakers.02:05
alphonsowhen I try to open the help file in ktorrent I get this error message: The file or folder help:/ktorrent/index.html does not exist.02:05
alphonsoanyone know how to repair this?02:05
Loshaalphonso: are you running kde?02:05
booksbuggyeremite, eh actually the balance is set to the middle unless the sound interface is lying again -.-02:06
eremiteLosha: what configuring would you need to do to grub? Other than changing boot order, I cannot see a reson to play with grub settings.02:06
WhiteDawnalphonso: you could try "man ktorrent"02:06
=== kgs_ is now known as kgs
alphonsookay, from terminal?02:06
F0rkBombsorry about the mass D/C everyone, my DeLorean was struck by lightning02:06
WhiteDawnalphonso: yeah from terminal02:06
booksbuggyFeasibilityStudy, are you sure you "actually Read" what i said?02:06
Loshaeremite: the shell scripts never got the config correct. I got fed up hand editing grub.cfg files...02:06
alphonsothanks, WhiteDawn - that worked02:06
econtomawesomehowdy! I'm using ubuntu 9.10 x64, and I'm curious of the process to make a bootable usb with a ubuntu image without using unetbootin02:06
=== pepee__ is now known as pepee
Presario2500hey ppl02:07
eremitebooksbuggy: sounds like a specific problem, not common to anyone else.  Probably a hardware problem on yoru behlaf, not a software error from Ubuntu.02:07
FeasibilityStudybooksbuggy: I am not on Ubuntu, I use Kubuntu and I am not installing Synaptic..Sorry.02:07
Presario2500what is a really lightweight web browser that I can use with Xubuntu, Firefox is a bit heavy for my system.02:07
eremiteFeasibilityStudy: Karmic is ubuntu and already has Synaptic installed.  You make no sense.02:07
booksbuggyFeasibilityStudy, hmmm other than apt does kubuntu have a secondary package manager?02:07
booksbuggyeremite, works fine in windows -.-02:07
eremitePresario2500: Google Chrome is light and FAST, but Midori is another.  I really do suggest Chrome.02:07
Presario2500is Midori faster than Chrome?02:08
F0rkBombPresario2500, not as polished02:08
alphonsoi use crhome - it's very fast02:08
eremitePresario2500: No02:08
F0rkBombPresario2500, I'd use Chrome02:08
econtomawesomePresario2500 I use chrome on a netbook, and it is the fastest thing I've seen, but Ive never used Midori02:08
eremiteuSE CHROME, ITS GREAT02:09
WhiteDawnchrome is nice, but not all websites work02:09
econtomawesomehowdy! I'm using ubuntu 9.10 x64, and I'm curious of the process to make a bootable usb with a ubuntu image without using unetbootin02:09
FeasibilityStudybooksbuggy: You didnt read what *I* said.  I said I use aptitude..Not apt, not synaptic02:09
eremiteWhiteDawn: that's because of bad coding on behald of developers.02:09
F0rkBombPresario2500, although, take heed...because chrome uses separate tab processes, it can eat ram02:09
WhiteDawneremite: if by bad coding you mean the website developers and not chrome, then A+02:10
MaT-dgWhiteDawn: tell me on, I've yet have to see one02:10
booksbuggyFeasibilityStudy, well you didn't tell me you were using kubuntu02:10
dmdevoteecan anybody help me? i have a script on /home/dmdevotee/djl/djl.sh, and when i do sudo sh /home/dmdevotee/djl/djl.sh it works fine02:10
dmdevoteehow can i do a launcher for that?02:10
booksbuggyFeasibilityStudy, okay other than apt does Kubuntu have any other kind of package manager?02:10
eremiteWhiteDawn: of course the webside developers and not chrome.  Chrome passes all tests with flying colors.  Its idiost who dont knwop how to code simple css and html that are to blame.02:11
WhiteDawnMaT-dg: well TomsHardware wouldent work for awhile, and my school's timetable site still doesnt work, but i dont think you can get onto that02:11
booksbuggyFeasibilityStudy, well i call them apt :CP02:11
Loshaeremite: those idiots outnumber you....02:11
WhiteDawneremite: yeah when i saw 100 on the acid test i was amazed02:11
eremiteLosha: I know.  I fix their problems all day -_-02:11
FeasibilityStudybooksbuggy: apt != aptitude02:11
WhiteDawnyeah, what is the difference between apt-get and aptitude?02:12
WhiteDawnbesides the cows02:12
booksbuggyFeasibilityStudy, just tell me if there is any other package manager existant in kubuntu other than the one you always used?02:12
=== mrigesh is now known as animAgus
TheToshhey ya all02:13
WhiteDawnsyx: just ask question isntead of going help02:13
syx /help02:13
eremitebooksbuggy: Kubuntu has aptitude and apt-get, and also synaptic I believe.02:13
LoshaWhiteDawn: they're basically interchangeable, but aptitude is supposed to have better dependency handling. Dunno if it makes any difference in practice. I use apt-get out of habit...02:13
booksbuggyeremite, FeasibilityStudy <--- Says there is no synaptic for some reason -.-02:13
IdleOnekubuntu use Adept iirc02:13
highvoltDoes the package state information located at /var/lib/apt/lists inform apt-get whether a package is installed or not, or is that tracked in another place?02:13
WhiteDawnLosha: ah, ok, thanks02:13
FloodBot3TheTosh: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:13
FloodBot1TheTosh: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:13
FloodBot2TheTosh: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:13
FloodBot4TheTosh: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:13
daniskamiAlso, aptitude keeps better logs and has a curses interface in case you need it02:14
eremitebooksbuggy: then he doesnt know what he's talking about?02:14
LoshaWhiteDawn: Did you mean supercow powers?02:14
ZykoticK9Losha, the better dependency hangling is outdated - they are both "more or less" equal nowadays02:14
=== homer is now known as Guest14594
WhiteDawnLosha: yes, the super cow powers02:14
IdleOne!info adept02:14
ubottuadept (source: adept): package management suite for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0~beta7.2ubuntu3 (karmic), package size 369 kB, installed size 1308 kB02:14
LoshaZykoticK9: that accords with my experience...02:14
booksbuggyeremite, keep on trying to tell him to use synaptics to check for broken packages -.- and he won't listen02:14
MaT-dgWhiteDawn: your school's timetable doesn't interrest me :P Complain to the coders/principal about that. Tomshardware works fine at first sight...02:14
FeasibilityStudyeremite: No Kubuntu doesn't have Synaptic.  It uses KPackageGet02:14
LoshaWhiteDawn: did anyone ever find out what 'super cow powers' are?02:14
kpomeroydmdevotee: Do you want to create a launcher on the desktop? If you are running Ubuntu, you would right click on the desktop, and select "Create Launcher...", then name it and connect the shell script to the launcher in the command field.02:14
booksbuggyFeasibilityStudy, well then use that to look for the broken packages02:15
ZykoticK9Losha, perhaps I'm just sticking up for apt as it's what i use as well ;)02:15
WhiteDawnLosha: good question, i just thought it was a in-joke with the two compeeting programs02:15
eremiteFeasibilityStudy: Adept is what you want02:15
booksbuggyFeasibilityStudy, since if that's the equavlent of synaptics in gnome then it should work pretty much the same thing02:15
econtomawesomehowdy! I'm using ubuntu 9.10 x64, and I'm curious of the process to make a bootable usb with a ubuntu image without using unetbootin02:15
ZykoticK9Losha, WhiteDawn "apt-get moo" to see the super-cow powers - sudo not required02:15
dmdevoteekpomeroy: what exactly i have to type on command box, please?02:16
WhiteDawnZykoticK9: yeah thats what were talking about02:16
dmdevoteei tried 2 things and they didn't work02:16
eremiteFeasibilityStudy: you can install synaptic with ease.  sudo apt-get install synaptic    takes 10 seconds to install.02:16
FeasibilityStudyI dont want or need synaptic02:16
booksbuggyback to my own question: anyone know if there is a way to remove firefox add ons with terminal?02:16
FeasibilityStudyI prefer the terminal02:16
LoshaZykoticK9: is that it? I think I'm disappointed....02:16
IdleOneeremite: why? he has Adept and can use the terminal to install packages. no need to install Synaptic also02:16
ZykoticK9WhiteDawn, have you seen aptitude's version?  it's actually even better02:16
=== ProjectXSorrow is now known as conroy12334
eremiteIdleOne: he doesnt seem to know hwo to use it.02:17
WhiteDawnZykoticK9: haha yeah02:17
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
kpomeroydmdevotee: you could type in the command which I believe you said was " /home/dmdevotee/djl/djl.sh" or you could click on the browse button and navigate to the file02:17
IdleOneFeasibilityStudy: what is it you are trying to install, btw #kubuntu might be a better place for you to ask.02:17
WhiteDawni think cowsay should be a default installed package in all distrobutions02:17
booksbuggyFeasibilityStudy, use adept to find the broken packages before YOUR system actually kills itself02:18
eremiteIdleOne: i believe he's looking to see which packages are installed or broken02:18
deserteaglethere we go... so anyways, why won't GRUB show all the partitions? what could stop grub from listing the different partitions in a hdd?02:18
kalesianhi, does anyone have any experience with Proliants?02:18
econtomawesomehowdy! I'm using ubuntu 9.10 x64, and I'm curious of the process to make a bootable usb with a ubuntu image without using unetbootin02:18
=== deadpigeon_ is now known as deadpigeon
histodeserteagle: it doens't see operating systems on them?02:18
eremitedeserteagle: it doesnt list each partition, it lists all OSs02:18
FeasibilityStudyIdleOne: forget it.  No one here understands even the basics of terminal commands.  My problem has been identified as a bug that has yet to be fixed..02:18
IdleOneFeasibilityStudy: look for Adept in the K menu. I have never used it but I am sure there is a way to see broken packages with it02:18
ZykoticK9kalesian, if you don't get an answer in this channel you might want to try #ubuntu-server as well02:18
WhiteDawnecontomawesome: why wont you use unetbootin?02:18
deserteagleeremite, in grub rescue> ls  ?02:19
IdleOneFeasibilityStudy: okie dokie :)02:19
dmdevoteei typed in the command02:19
deserteaglehisto, it's supposed to show (hd0) (hd0,0) (hd0,1)02:19
dmdevoteesudo sh /home/dmdevotee/djl/djl.sh02:19
kalesianZykoticK9: ahh, good tip.02:19
eremitedeserteagle: you lost me.  I guess you can scratch my statement from the record.02:19
dmdevoteeand didn't work02:19
IdleOneFeasibilityStudy: sudo dpkg -configure -a? perhaps02:19
deserteagleeremite, lol02:19
histodeserteagle: no it only shows operating systems not partitions02:19
dmdevoteetyped sh /home/dmdevotee/djl/djl.sh02:19
LoshaFeasibilityStudy: those are fighting words. I'm an old cli hacker...02:19
dmdevoteedidn't work02:19
FeasibilityStudyI did that already.  It doesnt help.  It is a bug02:19
kpomeroylose the "sudo sh", and try that02:20
histo!grub > deserteagle02:20
ubottudeserteagle, please see my private message02:20
FeasibilityStudyI am on Lucid.02:20
econtomawesomeWhiteDawn for some reason I keep getting errors when I try to run the iso. Doesn't matter which ISO I use or which pendrive I use02:20
booksbuggyback to my own question: anyone know if there is a way to remove firefox add ons with terminal?02:20
histodmdevotee: you don't need sudo to run it.02:20
IdleOneFeasibilityStudy: ok, ahh well in beta we call those not yet implemented features :)02:20
LoshaFeasibilityStudy: then you are off-topic here. Get thee to #ubuntu+1 ....02:20
eremiteFeasibilityStudy: WRONG CHANNEL.  You want #ubuntu-1  I think02:20
dmdevoteehisto: so, what i have to do?02:20
ZykoticK9Losha, he's already there02:20
histodmdevotee: chmod a+x /home/dmdevotee/djl/djl.sh02:21
IdleOneok let's all back off FeasibilityStudy he knows what the issue is and how/wait to fix it02:21
dmdevoteehisto: i did that02:21
Losha#ubuntu-1 -- that's brilliant....02:21
WhiteDawnecontomawesome: try not to use the iso's and download using one of the premade options, I had same issue as you till i did this02:21
histodmdevotee: cd /home/dmdevotee/djl02:21
histodmdevotee: ./djl.sh02:21
dmdevoteehisto: i want a LAUNCHER02:21
ZykoticK9Losha, you should suggest -1 as a new channel ;)02:21
LoshaZykoticK9: it's tempting....02:22
booksbuggyanyone know how to remove firefox add-ons via terminal?02:22
eremitebooksbuggy: nope, sorry.02:22
deserteagledmdevotee, so... what launching program you using?02:22
F0rkBombdmdevotee, we've told you about 6 ways to make a launcher for a shell script, and none of them work for you02:22
booksbuggydang it -.-02:22
histodmdevotee: does it work from terminal?02:22
diego-chhi guys i'm trying to install v4l on ubuntu karmic mini, but it fails, says that firedtv files are missing, what can i do ?02:22
dmdevoteehisto: yes02:22
deserteaglebooksbuggy, easiest way: run firefox in safe mode02:22
econtomawesomeWhiteDawn What do you mean? I downloaded the ISO for the ubuntu karmic mini02:22
histodmdevotee: okay now right click on desktop and create launcher02:22
econtomawesomeWhiteDawn I didn't create my own iso?02:22
booksbuggyone of the add on is not compatible and somehow it grayed out the uninstall option -.-02:22
deserteaglebooksbuggy, it'll ask you if you want to disable them, once disabled you can uninstall them02:22
F0rkBombhisto, been through all this with him about 45 minutes ago :)02:22
histodmdevotee: comand will be sh ~/djl/djl.sh02:22
dmdevoteedeserteagle: dunno what program i am using....i only do right click on desktop and create launcher02:23
histodmdevotee: if that doens't work try putting it in quotes02:23
booksbuggyboth disable and uninstal are grayed out -.-02:23
WhiteDawnecontomawesome: there should be a dropdown menu in unetbootin to select a distro02:23
booksbuggywell nevermind it is diabled02:23
econtomawesomeWhiteDawn ah I see what you mean then02:23
booksbuggybut it still won't let me uninstall02:23
FeasibilityStudyAnd I came here only because no one was responding in ubuntu+1.  Now they are, I am outta here.02:23
econtomawesomeWhiteDawn I'm going to give usb-creator-gtk a go and then try that02:23
kpomeroydmdevotee: are you running ubuntu in gnome?02:23
dmdevoteeyes, gnome02:24
diego-chcan anyone help me ?02:24
WhiteDawnecontomawesome: good luck02:24
diego-chhi guys i'm trying to install v4l on ubuntu karmic mini, but it fails, says that firedtv files are missing, what can i do ?02:24
booksbuggyFeasibilityStudy, good luck02:24
booksbuggydeserteagle, how do i run firefox in safe mode02:25
IdleOne!info firedtv > diego-ch02:25
diego-chok thanks02:25
IdleOneyou got the info?02:26
dmdevoteehisto: sh ~/djl/djl.sh doesn't work, and sh "/home/dmdevotee/djl/djl.sh" doesn't work too (on command box of app launcher)02:26
kpomeroydedevotee: ok, do what i told you before, right click on the desktop, select create launcher. In the command field box type in:  /home/dmdevotee/djl/djl.sh and name it whatever you want. It should then work. You don't have to run any commands in the terminal02:26
diego-chyes... but i'm trying to install an dibcom usb adapter02:26
IdleOne!find firedtv > diego-ch02:26
econtomawesomeWhiteDawn it worked! :-D02:26
booksbuggyhow do i start firefox in safe-mode?02:27
IdleOnebooksbuggy: firefox --safemode in terminal02:28
diego-ch!find v4l-dvb02:28
histodmdevotee: put the sh in the quotes also02:28
ubottuPackage/file v4l-dvb does not exist in karmic02:28
booksbuggyokey dokey02:28
eremitebooksbuggy: firefox -safe-mode   <--- first result in Google.02:28
dmdevoteename: DJL5 . command: /home/dmdevotee/djl/djl.sh . double click on it: does nothing02:28
eremitewhat kind of face is :CP?02:28
booksbuggycreeping even in safe-mode it won't let me uninstall -.- stumble upon toolbar -.-02:29
histodmdevotee: hold up let me check something02:29
booksbuggy:P    C -> huge nose --> :CP02:29
IdleOnediego-ch: see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/448811 is that what you are experiencing?02:30
eremitebooksbuggy: did you even try researching thsi on yoru own before coming here?  First result in google, again http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Cannot+uninstall+an+add-on02:30
dmdevoteeif i type sudo sh /home/dmdevotee/djl/djl.sh on terminal it works, but i would want a launcher...02:30
IdleOneeremite: not everybody has strong google fu. pointing that out to them is not helpful.02:30
kpomeroydmdevotee: I was wrong, it need to be " /home/dmdevotee/djl/djl.sh", it needs the " ".02:30
dmdevoteeanda if course, i want to learn02:31
histodmdevotee: can you launch it without sudo02:31
eremiteIdleOne: pointing out that they should use Google is soemthing positive.  Teaches them to teach themselves, and saves us hassle.  Saves everyone a headache in teh end.02:31
histodmdevotee: if not thats the problem02:31
IdleOne!google | emergion02:31
ubottuemergion: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.02:31
dmdevoteehisto: without sudo doesn't work02:31
ZykoticK9dmdevotee, try using gksudo in your launcher02:31
IdleOne!google | eremite02:31
ubottueremite: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.02:31
dsnydersHi all!  My windows is pooched.  Is there an ubuntu tool to read a vista event log?02:31
diego-chIdleOne: not exactly, i've just installed karmic  then was trying to install v4l-dvb but it fails02:32
eremiteYeah yeah yeah, I know the botproganda02:32
IdleOneeremite: ok well then please follow the rules02:32
eggonleaHi guys, we could search a Ubuntu package by many methods, like dpkg -S or visit packages.ubuntu.com. But how to find a manpage? E.g. by default I cannot "man XvShmPutImage". How to find and install the correct manpage under Ubuntu? I google'ed this but failed to find an answer. Thanks!02:32
histodsnyders: you would need to find where the evenlog is stored on the drive and read it that way02:32
diego-chIdleOne: like this http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com/msg09364.html02:32
IdleOneeremite: if you feel you know better then please join #ubuntu-irc and let them know02:32
band-aiddoes anyone know where nautilus shares the samba configurations that are created when you use the GUI to share a folder?02:32
dsnydershisto, I don't think that they're text files.02:32
eremiteIdleOne: I didnt break any rules.  I asked if they googled it first.  That is not the same as teklling someone to goole it.  \02:32
histoeggonlea: apropos something02:32
Loshaeremite: I google it for them. In the long run, it saves time...02:33
IdleOneeremite: "Your honor I didn't shoot  him in the head. I just said I was going to!" still go to jail02:33
histodsnyders: it may be.  Windows saves a lot of stuff in plain text and xml in wierd directorys.  If its in the registry or something i'm sure there are tools02:33
histodsnyders: either way not really a ubuntu question.02:33
eggonleahisto: thanks, but "apropos XvShmPutImage" returns nothing.02:34
IdleOnediego-ch: that is above my head. report a bug I guess02:34
eremiteIdleOne: hardly comparable.  Losha: I did google it for him.  Irrelavant.02:34
LoshaIdleOne: on different charges though...02:34
dmdevoteezykotick9: thanks, but with gksudo "/home/dmdevotee/djl/djl.sh" does not launch, but it ask for root pass02:34
diego-chIdleOne: i'll see what i can do...02:34
tp2General question here if anyone has any quick advice.  Recently install Ubuntu Server 9.10 on vmware ESXi server and it seems rather slow compared to other unix/linux based guest VMs.  For example, any time I login it takes about an extra 10 seconds or so and then gives me about 20 lines of text about with system info and stats etc.  everything seems to work as it should out of the box install (Lamp server etc) but it just seems 'slow'.02:34
dsnydershisto, well, is there a general linux channel where I could ask?02:35
histoeggonlea: what are you trying to do exactly? your original question was confusing02:35
ZykoticK9dsnyders, ##linux02:35
Loshaeremite: I used to think I could train them, but they outnumber us, so....02:35
histodsnyders: you can search synaptic also02:35
WhiteDawntp2: there are some packages for hypervisors in synaptic, you can try some of those, i dont really ahve any experience in that subject though02:35
eggonleahisto: I just want to know how to install the CORRECT manpage if I only knows the function name.02:36
tp2whitedawn - synaptic?  if it would be easier to just google let me know :)02:36
kpomeroyI am trying to install a .deb but it says a software management tool is running but i don't have synaptic, the update manager or the terminal open. Are there any other tools that could be causing the problem?02:36
eggonleaJust like we could dpkg -S a file_we_look_for.02:37
histodsnyders: http://ask.metafilter.com/15838/Converting-Windows-Event-Viewer-log-files-on-a-nix-platform02:37
WhiteDawntp2: new to ubuntu? synaptic is the package manager, its under system/administration/synaptic on the top bar02:37
histoeggonlea: how did you install the package?02:37
ZykoticK9kpomeroy, have you tried logging out and back in?02:37
kpomeroyYeah I tried that once, I could try it again i guess02:37
WhiteDawntp2: you can also launch it through terminal with "gksudo synaptic" although it is a GUI program so make sure you arent cli only02:38
eggonleahisto: 1) we could "dpkg -S" to find a package name by a filename; 2) how to find a manpage package name by a function name?02:38
ZykoticK9kpomeroy, logout/login or rebooting is probably the safest option -- but i think you could manually remove the lock as a last resort02:39
histoeggonlea: manpages don't have package names they come with the package02:39
tp2whitedawn - very new to ubuntu. all my *nix experience is Sun Solaris/HP-UX/AS400.  Very new to Linux in general.  The way you describe 'under sys/adm/syn top bar' it sounds very gui like?  my install of server sits at command prompt after login etc. did i miss an install option to get the synaptic tool?02:39
histoeggonlea: you can search the installed man pages with man -k sometext02:39
kpomeroyOk I will restart the computer but if it doesn't work what is the override?02:39
ZykoticK9tp2, server does not have a GUI, text only02:40
WhiteDawntp2: ah yeah it is a gui program, you can use apt-get for a cli, make sure you run it as root. Synaptic is just a nice and easy way to search through avalible packages02:40
rocketeerbkwa file is 777 and I'm a member of the group that has ownership of file. I can't use chmod w/o sudo "operation not permitted" are user owners the only ones able to use chmod?02:41
tp2whitedawn - ok thx.  i think i will do some google searching on ubuntu and some vm/hypervisor pkgs to speed things up on vmware.  i tried a vmware tools install with my vmware guest mgr but it doesn't seem to work or install anything.02:41
booksbuggywell then either firefox already killed the toolbar or else there was a bug again.......02:41
Joker_-_tp2: "apt-get install [PackageName1] [PackageName2]..." (to install a package) "apt-cache search [something]" = search for a package02:41
eggonleahisto: the problem is that the manpage package is not installed yet, so man -k or apropos cannot help.02:41
ZykoticK9rocketeerbkw, user owner or root02:41
IdleOnekpomeroy: sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/lock02:41
histotp2: apt-cache search hypervisor   will list packages that match that.02:42
rocketeerbkwZykoticK9: thx02:42
histotp2: then you can sudo apt-get instlal <packagename>02:42
lotushey, I'm having issues staying connected / authenticating with a PEAP mschapV2 WPA Enterprise based network at my university.  Does any one have experience with these types of issues?02:42
tp2joker_-_ - thx.  does the search do wildcarding?  can i do a "apt-cache search vmware"?  or would it be "apt-cache search *vm*"?02:42
histoeggonlea: the manpage for a certain app isn't there right?02:42
Joker_-_tp2: it is "wildcards" by default02:42
tp2joker_-_ ok thx.02:42
histoeggonlea: once again how did you install the app?02:42
Joker_-_tp2: apt-cache search vmware should work02:42
WhiteDawnJoker_-_: thanks, did not know that command etheir02:42
Joker_-_tp2: I tend to use "| grep something"02:43
histoeggonlea: its quite possible it didn't come with documentation02:43
eggonleahisto: how do you find the right package name (to be apt-get install) if you only know the function (to man)?02:43
=== root is now known as Guest75815
zombie-robothow do i ssh from an iphone to ubunto to start delugr?02:43
Joker_-_tp2: as in: "apt-cache search somethingVague | grep somethingPrecise02:43
eggonleahisto: Do you mean maybe the manpage/doc for that API is not available at all?02:43
histoeggonlea: you can search the repositories02:43
Guest75815hello every body,    how can i create submenu in office02:43
histoeggonlea: you aren't making much sense What are you trying to get working?  Are you looking for a package?  Or documentation on a package thats installed?02:44
Guest75815hello ,every body,how can i create submenu in office  menu02:44
fredimcan not get up in modprobe modules    ( WARNING: All config files need .conf: /etc/modprobe.d/lirc-blacklist, it will be ignored in a future release )02:44
=== traveller_ is now known as traveller
ZykoticK9Guest75815, System / Preferences / Main menu02:44
WhiteDawnGuest75815: go to System / preference/ mainmenu02:45
WhiteDawnZykoticK9: darn, beat me too it02:45
eggonleahisto: Sorry, I've thought I've express myself clearly. I have a function name (API like XvShmPutImage). I want to get the right manpage installed, by any way.02:45
devz0rMy computer lost power while installing a package, and now I am having issues doing anything with apt-get/aptitude/synaptic/etc. regarding configuration errors. apt-get -f install doesn't fix it, dpkg --configure -a doesn't fix it.02:45
ZykoticK9WhiteDawn, but you had a "go to" so yours was better :)02:45
tp2joker_-_  i found a few pkgs i'd like more info about from the search on vmware.  is there a way to get more details than the single line description that comes back or is it best to just google the pkg name?02:45
booksbuggydevz0r, you using ubuntu or kubuntu?02:46
WhiteDawnZykoticK9: why thank you good sir, but we cannot forget your wonderfull advice, may it live forever02:46
eggonleahisto: any method to get the manpage filename or package name so that I could apt-get install <the right package> and then I could man <the function>.02:46
booksbuggyokay synaptics and look for the broken packages unless you are using beta system02:46
Guest75815but i want create submenu  in my  application02:46
devz0ri am using lucid beta02:46
booksbuggyeh then i think this is the wrong place to ask02:47
Joker_-_tp2: you can try apt-cache show02:47
devz0rwell i think this has happened before in stable versions02:47
devz0ri don't remember how i fixed it02:47
Joker_-_apt-cache --help for all the commands, as any other unix/linux command02:47
kpomeroyok using "sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/lock" didn't seem to work and neither did restarting the computer02:47
booksbuggydefz0r, normally i would just go into synaptics and just look for broken packages02:47
Joker_-_tp2: I tend to know what I'm looking for, but I think I would use google to find more info, if available.02:48
histoeggonlea: try apt-cache search someterm02:48
histoeggonlea: then you can find the package you are looking for and install it.02:48
WhiteDawntp2: there is also package search on ubuntu's website, you can google for that02:49
tp2joker_-_ 10-4. did that.. first links came up were pages at http://packages.ubuntu.com/etc...02:49
=== conroy12334 is now known as tydizzle
eggonleahisto: e.g. I could apt-get install manpages manpages-dev, etc. to install some basic man pages. But I don't know the "right package name" which contains the "right manpage" for an API.02:49
Joker_-_tp2: apt-cache show works well if you don'T have any GUI available02:49
Joker_-_tp2: there's also elinks, if you are the adventurous type :)02:49
tp2whitedawn - yup thats where i am now.  thanks for the virtualization tip btw.  looks like "open-vm-tools" is a pkg that will greatly enhance ubuntu guest os on a vmware esx host.02:50
Guest75815?how to  <WhiteDawn>  <ZykoticKg02:50
Guest75815can you tell me02:50
eggonleahisto: I understand what you mean. but the problem is we lack a way to find the package name from a function name.02:50
Loshaeggonlea: actually, I don't know of a good solution to your issue. You could try apt-cache search man | egrep -i manpage but if the developers forgot to include man pages in the -dev package, you might be sunk. I would google for the API in that case, and maybe look in the include files...02:50
Joker_-_Engaging shutdown procedure. Good night.02:50
trismeggonlea: you might try http://manpages.ubuntu.com/ it found that function in http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/en/man3/XvShmPutImage.3.html (although it appears to only be in the lucid package, it isn't in karmic anyway)02:50
tp2joker_-_  "elinks" for the adventurous type? i'm lol-ing.. not even sure why yet!02:50
histoeggonlea: what is a function name?02:50
ZykoticK9Guest75815, in Main Menu - highlight Office on the left side, then click the New Menu button on the right02:51
eggonleaLosha: Thanks. I google them now. And want to know if Ubuntu provide a way to do it offline (in case I haven't network).02:51
histo!apt-file | eggonlea02:51
ubottueggonlea: apt-file is a program that can tell you which package(s) contain(s) a given filename. To install it and generate the database it needs, run "sudo apt-get install apt-file && sudo apt-file update"02:51
kpomeroyI fixed my problem, oh happy day!02:51
WhiteDawncould someone send me a private message, idk if there working or not02:51
eggonleatrism: this is what I want, I think. WOuld try it now. Thanks!02:52
Guest75815but i want this setp in my program02:52
devz0rit does this, but with about 50 other packages, too : Setting up libssh-4 (0.4.0-1ubuntu1) ...02:52
devz0rdpkg (subprocess): unable to execute installed post-installation script: Exec format error02:52
devz0rdpkg: error processing libssh-4 (--configure):02:52
devz0r subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 202:52
FloodBot3devz0r: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:52
eggonleahisto & ubottu: thanks!02:52
tp2whitedawn did a test msg to u.02:53
WhiteDawntp2: yup worked fine thanks02:53
DarkStar1do I need the openVPN service running?02:53
tp2whitedawn tried a dcc chat too.. not sure if that worked for u02:53
lotushey, I'm running nm-applet and am having connection issues with PEAP MSCHAPv2 WPA Enterprise networks.  Does anyone have ideas as to why my connection drops and has trouble re-authenticating?  One out of every five attempts to authenticate works correctly and I have to verify my password on every failed attempt.02:53
listedaswantedHow do i make my copy of windows as default boot when using grub? Because linux is at the top when i get into the grub boot selection after a couple of seconds linux will boot because its at the top02:54
lotuslistedaswanted: what grub version are you running?02:54
listedaswantedim not sure it came with ubuntu 9.1002:54
ZykoticK9listedaswanted, fresh install of 9.10 or upgrade (it makes a difference)02:55
daskreech can anyone help with a resolution problem?02:55
listedaswantedfresh install02:55
lotusdaskreech: just ask.  You'll find out.02:55
listedaswanted<ZykoticK9> fresh install02:55
daskreechI can't get the monitor to be anything bigger than 320x24002:55
mgriffinhello, question about apparmor. someone in #mysql is seeing this: http://pastebin.com/T5fX6kKH  what could cause that and is the solution to add /sys/devices/system/cpu/ r," to /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld ?02:55
daskreechI've redone the config02:55
lotuslistedaswanted: My guess is you're running grub202:55
daskreechredone the xorg.conf02:55
eremitedaskreech: http://chvnx.com/post/280205781/change-screen-resolution-in-linux-ubuntu02:56
daskreech added the modelines manually through xrandr02:56
listedaswantedlotus okay cool02:56
Loshalistedaswanted: I think you want to edit the GRUB_DEFAULT line in /etc/default/grub and change its value. 0 means the first entry, adjust as appropriate. The run grub-update...02:56
Loshalistedaswanted: the -> then02:56
lotuslistedaswanted: I think you want to modify /etc/default/grub02:56
WhiteDawndaskreech: happend to me once aswell with my crt, fixed itself after a reboot some how. Wish i could be more help, have you tried a lsmod to see if your video card is running properly?02:56
ZykoticK9listedaswanted, i think if you edit /etc/default/grub and switch GRUB_DEFAULT=0 to GRUB_DEFAULT=1 then run update-grub it should work02:56
lotusyeah Losha beat me to it listedaswanted02:57
listedaswantedokay cool thanks guys02:57
ArsinIf I install 10.04 will it need to wipe the drive?02:57
Loshalotus: that's cause you asked the questions for me!02:57
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tp2joker_-_ holy cow.. just did a "apt-get install open-vm-tools"  you should see the list of output before the Y/N question!  it wants a ton of other pkgs installed then another pile "suggested" then another pile to upgrade!02:57
daskreechWhiteDawn: Ah good suggestion I have a nvidia02:58
lotusArsin: a fresh install?02:58
WhiteDawntp: maybe its trying to install a gui of some sort?02:58
lotusArsin: you might be able to do a dist-upgrade02:58
Silver_Swordshi all. my mouse wont slow down using xset values.  i did xset m 1/100 1 and even tried 1/200 200 and it's still way too fast.02:58
lotusArsin: also, do you have multiple partitions? A seperate partition for home (and any other folders you want to save?)02:59
lotusAnyone have any ideas why network-manager has difficulty with PEAP networks?02:59
daskreecheremite: xrandr: screen cannot be larger than 640x48002:59
daskreecheremite: That's what I keep getting02:59
daskreechRegardless of what I try02:59
Arsinlotus: My 9.10 GDM broke due to me trying to downgrade GDM to get the login screens and forgot if I needed any files there. I can't seem to be able to read my Linux partition VIA Win7 so I thought about installing 10.0402:59
Izinucsdaskreech: you have to add the resolution to the sysem using xrandr then use xrandr to change to that newly created system rez.03:00
LoshaArsin: 10.04 is still in beta i.e. full of bugs. How about reinstalling 9.10 ?03:00
Izinucs!xrandr > daskreech03:00
ubottudaskreech, please see my private message03:00
shazbotmcnastyI have a bunch of open ports when I portscan myself03:00
shazbotmcnastyhow should I fix this?03:00
WhiteDawnArsin: have you tried running sudo apt-get install --reinstall gdm ?03:01
WhiteDawnshazbotmcnasty: try using lokkit, has nice gui and is mostly user friendly03:01
ArsinNever tried that I guess I'll take a stab at that before doing anything03:01
Izinucsshazbotmcnasty: are you portscanning from outside your machine?03:01
shazbotmcnastyIzinucs, no03:02
ZykoticK9Arsin, do you have files you want to save on your current install?  you can use a livecd.03:02
lotusArsin: if you're just worried about losing some files, boot a live CD and back them up.  Otherwise, I suggest a simple wipe/reinstall.  There might be a way to fix it without a clean install, but a clean install gives you as nice an environment as you can get03:02
shazbotmcnastyi've only got 7 open ports when I portscan myself on the same computer03:02
Izinucsshazbotmcnasty: that's the problem.. you have to check from outside.. your machine will open whatever ports you want from inside..03:02
daskreechIzinucs: xrandr: screen cannot be larger than 640x48003:02
ArsinOptical drives are down right now so I can't use my live disks03:02
daskreechIzinucs: I got that back03:02
mgriffinhello, question about apparmor. someone in #mysql is seeing this: http://pastebin.com/T5fX6kKH  what could cause that and is the solution to add /sys/devices/system/cpu/ r," to /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld ?03:03
ironmhi ... one question .. typo3 4.3.1 (ubuntu 10.04 beta1 amd64) ... the following error .. any idea where to look ? .. TNX in advance :-)03:03
=== Mowee is now known as Mowiiii`Aw
Izinucsdaskreech: even after adding the correct rez to the system via xrandr?03:03
ironmPHP Fatal error:  session_start(): Failed to initialize storage module: files (path: ) in /usr/share/typo3/typo3_src-4.3/typo3/index.php on line 12203:03
lotusshazbotmcnasty: https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd203:03
daskreechIzinucs: Yes it's listed and all03:03
Izinucsdaskreech: what card do you have03:03
lotusshazbotmcnasty: shields up is a web-based port-scanner which tests the security of your computer03:03
WhiteDawnironm: got to channel #ubuntu+1 for 10.04 help03:03
thenappyhiii everybody03:03
rabbitnightmareOMG I am about ready to pull my hair out, ok I tried to set up raid with Ubuntu and failed, I disabled raid in the bios completely and yet the live CD keeps loading the stupid fakeraid drivers how the hell do I use simple IDE drivers to install Ubuntu03:03
duaneIs this AOL ?03:03
ironmhi WhiteDawn  .. TNX03:04
zombie-robothow do i ssh from an iphone to ubunto to start delugr?03:04
lotuszombie-robot: dunno, but that just sounds cool ;)03:04
thenappyplz someone of u can explain me how install an application03:04
daskreechIzinucs: Nvidia Geforce03:04
rabbitnightmareXP loads the IDE drivers but I dont own a license of XP for this machine and really want Linux on it03:04
dsnydersAnyone know how to read vista event logs from linux?03:04
daskreechIzinucs: FX 520003:04
shazbotmcnastythanks lotus, also Izinucs I port scanned from outside and found 2 open03:05
lotusthenappy: aptitude // synaptic are the package managers in ubuntu.  Synaptic is graphical and more user friendly.  You open it up, find the application you want, and then install it.03:05
Izinucsdaskreech: did you use the drivers supplied by ubuntu and if so which ones?03:05
mgriffinIII: nm, your paste expired. since no one complained, i assume no one is interested in app armor problems right now.03:05
lotusshazbotmcnasty: strange, that didn't highlight my name?03:05
Izinucsshazbotmcnasty: np03:05
duaneAnyone here play netpanzer03:05
running_rabbit07I have LXDE 9.10 on one of my systems and I made the great mistake of editing the Main Menu applet and removing the Settings menu from the main menu.03:05
shazbotmcnastybecause I do it better03:05
Izinucslotus: does this highlight?03:05
shazbotmcnastyprobably because the comma03:05
running_rabbit07Is there a command I can run to get back into the main menu applet?03:05
daskreechIzinucs: nvdia-17303:05
lotusIzinucs: yeah.  But I don't want to rely on people doing it the "expected" way :D!03:05
lotusIzinucs: thanks for that, ofcourse03:06
shazbotmcnastylotus, did that highlight?03:06
shazbotmcnastyDID IT?03:06
lotusshazbotmcnasty: yes!03:06
daskreechIzinucs: Though I see I have nvidia-96 an nvidia-185 installed03:06
Izinucsdaskreech: let me check nvidia's site for which driver to use.. it might be a different one. hang on.03:06
lotusshazbotmcnasty: try typing it in the middle of a sentence without the comma03:06
daskreechIzinucs: hold on let me remove those extra ones03:06
IIImgriffin: will repaste03:06
rabbitnightmarewhy is Ubuntu loading a driver to something I have disabled in the BIOS can I get some help please03:06
shazbotmcnastyI like it when lotus touches me03:06
lotusshazbotmcnasty: nothing.03:06
lotusshazbotmcnasty: and I'm flattered.03:07
shazbotmcnastyI like it when lotus touches me03:07
rabbitnightmareI am going out of my mind, 6 hours now trying to get this machine up and running03:07
shazbotmcnastylotus, did it work the second time?03:07
daskreechrabbitnightmare: What's the problem?03:07
lotusshazbotmcnasty: nope.  Neither time.  I guess it has to be at the start of a sentence.03:07
daskreechrabbitnightmare: I'm guessing not hardware?03:07
lotusThat's a shame, imho.03:07
=== aiwata55_ is now known as aiwata55
rabbitnightmareI disabled it in the bios and yet Ubuntu still loads fakeraid off the lice cd03:07
Loshalotus: which client are you using?03:07
mgriffinrabbitnightmare: what goal does raid solve? which raid level are you using?03:08
lotusLosha: irssi03:08
Izinucsdaskreech: the 173 driver is correct.. have you tried to run nvidia-xconfig?03:08
shazbotmcnastyif you're on xchat you can fix that easily by going to Settings>preferences>alerts03:08
rabbitnightmareI dont want or care for raid03:08
tp2quick question.  i have a few custom commands in my home dir for my login that makes things a little easier.  instead of a bunch of sudo again and again i do a 'sudo bash' to get root access.  when it does that it shows i am now root user but my .profile customizations are gone.. and understandable so.. where can i find where the root user .profile is stored? don't see anything like /home/root03:08
mgriffinrabbitnightmare: what is it preventing you from doing?03:08
rabbitnightmareI disabled it in the bios and yet Linux loads it installs to the single hdd and fails to boot03:08
ZykoticK9tp2, sudo -i03:08
daskreechIzinucs: do I need nvidia-common?03:08
lotustp2: /root is the root home dir03:08
IIIhello all.. I was having some issues with mysql not running.. has anyone seen this? --> http://pastebin.com/UstWbRqZ03:08
rabbitnightmareinstalling Ubuntu to the damn hdd03:08
Loshatp2: I think you want /root instead of /home/root...03:09
Izinucsdaskreech: you looking in synaptic? I think that's a meta package..03:09
rabbitnightmareXP loads it correctly so I used XP to delete all partitions thinking it would fix it but I dont own a license of XP for this machine03:09
mgriffinheh using windows cd to fix a linux problem amuses me03:09
zombie-roboti just installed ssh how do i start the server?03:10
Izinucsdaskreech: nvidia-xconfig should already be installed.. try from a terminal.. also you might install nvidia-settings and try that after03:10
mgriffini think you are doing something wrong in the installer tbh03:10
shazbotmcnastymgriffin, that is disgusting03:10
eric1982/etc/init.d/sshd start03:10
tp2kyzotick9 - what is difference of sudo -i and sudo bash?03:10
rabbitnightmaremgriffin, it didnt work though I thought because it had raid partitions it would but obviously not03:10
tp2lotus - thanks. found a .profile in /root.  alias cmds working now03:10
ZykoticK9tp2, don't use "sudo bash"03:10
mgriffinrabbitnightmare: it does what you tell it to03:10
rabbitnightmareapparantly not03:11
rabbitnightmareI disabled raid in the BIOS yet Ubuntu still loads raid03:11
lotustp2: good stuff03:12
zombie-robotbash: /etc/init.d/sshd: No such file or directory03:12
eric1982Zombie-robot open a terminal and type sudo /etc/init.d/sshd start03:12
Losharabbitnightmare: I don't know much about raid, but like you, I expected when the partitions were erased that this would remove all trace of raid from the disk. All I can suggest is you start googling until you understand how it works...03:12
daskreechIzinucs: xconfig runs with noerrors or output03:12
eric1982Zombie-robot open a terminal and type sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start03:12
daskreechIzinucs: Restart X?03:12
lotusAnyone have experience with network manager or connecting to PEAP/MSCHAPv2 networks at their college or such?03:12
Izinucsdaskreech: is this a newly installed system?03:12
Loshazombie-robot: /etc/init.d/ssh <--- no trailing d03:12
daskreechIzinucs: No had it about 2 years03:12
daskreechJsut started this morning with no display info03:12
rabbitnightmarelosha way ahead of you and on an Ubuntu forum it told me to disable raid, use XP to boot and delete the partition and then install Ubuntu and yet still loads RAID03:13
daskreechNo clue what made it do that03:13
Loshalotus: no, but network manager is notoriously buggy. People report better results with wicd...03:13
Izinucsdaskreech: you could try an X restart.. sudo service gdm restart... but probably won't do anything..03:13
Izinucsdaskreech: 9.10?03:14
lotusLosha: alright.  I'll give it a shot thanks :)03:14
daskreechI've been getting xrandr: Configure crtc 0 failed and  xrandr: screen cannot be larger than 640x480 no matter what I do03:14
daskreechIzinucs: Yes Koala03:14
rabbitnightmareits funny I have it on a pata bus and it is still loading it as a sata device03:14
Losharabbitnightmare: can you bring up the live cd?03:14
Izinucsdaskreech: did you install nvidia-settings?03:14
rabbitnightmareI hate this computer03:14
=== homer is now known as Guest75694
daskreechrabbitnightmare: How do you mean it's loading it like sata device?03:14
rabbitnightmarelosha obviously as I would not be here03:14
daskreechIzinucs: Yes I tried that and got xrandr: Configure crtc 0 failed03:15
Losharabbitnightmare: please pastebin the output from 'sudo fdisk -l'03:15
rabbitnightmaredaskreech, it is loading it as a serial ata raid device and I have it plugged into a pata port03:15
daskreechIzinucs: If i generate a xorg.conf and then point Xorg -config to it it ignores the modelines inside it03:15
daskreechrabbitnightmare: all deices are Serialized in the kernel I don't understand what you mean03:16
Izinucsdaskreech: have you check to see if there is a xorg.conf file?  It's not normally there on 9.10 but one may have been created.. if so you could try renaming it to xorg.conf.backup and restart X .. it's in /etc/X11/03:16
=== FeiRuoWa is now known as zz_FeiRuoWa
daskreechIzinucs: yep with all the modelines etc in there03:16
Izinucsdaskreech: rename it and restart x03:16
daskreechIzinucs: Oh wait you are saying remove it?03:16
Izinucsdaskreech: by renaming it that effectively removes it.03:17
daskreechIzinucs: yeah got you03:17
shazbotmcnastyi purposefully opened a port03:18
shazbotmcnastyI don't know how to word that. lol03:18
shazbotmcnastyis there a way to have it open, but SEEM stealth?03:18
=== main is now known as SuspectZero
zombie-robothow do i edit my ssh settings03:19
jaycountzombie-robot, what settings are you trying to change?03:19
ChadWhat would be the best way to stream audio and video from my server ?03:20
=== zz_PhilMather is now known as PhilMather
zombie-robotwhen i try to connect to the server its says: ssh:connect to host xx.x.xxx.xx port 22: No route to host (65)03:21
daskreechIzinucs: Nope03:21
[TechGuy]Good evening. Running 9.10 under VirtualBox with an AC97 virtual audio card. Sound prefs still only show hardware as internal stereo audio. Am I missing a brain cell or two for enabling full 5.1 surround?03:21
ubottuapt-proxy is a program that acts as a local apt repository server for a LAN, only fetching from the internet when required. To set it up see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptProxy03:21
Izinucszombie-robot: try ssh <name>@<ip address>03:21
ChadWhat would be the best way to stream audio and video from my server ?03:21
BageshwarI want to use some 700 mb of deb files that i have on a couple of cds ( for ubuntu),  can i paste them inside the main directory as they are present in a repo ?03:21
greezmunkeyssh -l ?03:22
Bageshwarinside /var/cache/apt-proxy ? for the appropriate distro ?03:22
daskreechIzinucs: Wait Hooray!! it's 800x600 now :)03:22
Crash1hdUgg My iTunes on my windows box doesnt want to save on my ubuntu box i set the umask to 002 so that both the user and group have rw access yet iTunes keeps changing the Library.itl file to rwxr--r-- I manually set it to rwxrwxr-x and it works until I close itunes and then it sets it back to rwxr--r-- any thoughts?03:22
tp2whitedawn / joker_-_  THANKS! the apt-get install open-vm-tools is complete now.  system seems a ton more responsive.  web pages with mysql data work faster.  php/horde webmail run way quicker.  even my ssh login taking 10 seconds now barely takes one second to spit out those system stats.  thanks a ton fellas!03:22
ZykoticK9[TechGuy], i highly doubt the VBox AC97 is going to support 5.1 but you might ask in the #vbox channel for confirmation03:22
ChogyDanBageshwar: you may want aptoncd03:22
Izinucsdaskreech: ah ha.. now type xrandr in a terminal and see what rez's are available.03:23
BageshwarChogyDan: will it export the required files, to apt-proxy ? i thought it made installer cds out of my apt cache03:23
daskreechIzinucs: 800x60003:23
[TechGuy]ZykoticK9: k. Honestly wasn't sure whether it was a kernel driver thing or what. Normally hardware, even virtual hardware, is hardware. :D03:23
lotusanyone know how to get a .deb file from the repositories?03:23
Izinucsdaskreech: ok.. now use the commands for xrandr to add the rez you want.03:23
daskreechxrandr: screen cannot be larger than 800x600 (desired size 1024x768)03:23
ChadWhat would be the best way to stream audio and video from my server? any suggestion is a good suggestion.03:23
shazbotmcnastyBageshwar, I don't quite understand the question. So you're trying to move the debs to /home/user ?03:23
daskreechAhead of you03:23
lotusI want to download the .deb and put it on a usb stick03:23
Bageshwarlotus: use apt-get03:23
Izinucsdaskreech: by the way.. what rez are you trying to get?03:23
ChogyDanBageshwar: Im not sure03:24
ChogyDanlotus: just browse straight to the repo03:24
daskreechIzinucs: 1280x102403:24
ZykoticK9[TechGuy], i could be wrong...03:24
BageshwarChogyDan: i checked aptoncd, i think it doesnt solve the purpose03:24
Izinucsdaskreech: what command are you using?03:24
lotusChogyDan: when I do, it says it's not what I'm after and that I should go somewhere else...03:24
daskreechxrandr --addmode et al03:24
ChogyDanlotus: link?03:24
lotusChogyDan: http://apt.wicd.net is the repo I'm after03:24
Bageshwar!offline | lotus03:24
ubottulotus: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.alturl.com/ - See also !APTonCD03:24
Bageshwaranybody user apt-proxy ?03:25
[TechGuy]For a moment I thought you were referring to Lotus Notes with that nick / bot command03:25
ChadWhat would be the best way to stream audio and video from my server? any suggestion is a good suggestion.03:25
Izinucsdaskreech: there's a concept that X needs to be at or larger than the resolution you're looking for.. this might be a google solution instead of the ubuntu docs on resolution.. I'll look03:25
Bageshwar!vlc | Chad03:26
ubottuChad: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs03:26
mgriffinanyone familiar with apparmor?03:26
BageshwarChad: VLC is quite popular03:26
daskreechI've been a googling but please jump in the corral and help lasso this bugger03:26
Chadover WAN03:26
ubottupbuilder is a system to easily build packages in a clean chroot environment. To get started with PBuilder, see http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto03:26
BageshwarChad: it will work.. on wan too03:27
BageshwarChad: its a complete solution03:27
Chadill look into it then thanks03:27
Izinucsdaskreech: you only have one monitor .. right?03:27
ChogyDanBageshwar: you can just use file copy commands, but what you are trying to do sounds complicated.  Did you say multiple distros?03:27
daskreechIzinucs: Yep03:27
BageshwarChad: do check into transcoding and a slight tweaking be4 u start ! :)03:27
daskreechI have about the simplest setup I can imagine and it somehow broke over nothing03:28
BageshwarChogyDan: no, not multiple distros, acutally i have set-up apt-proxy, but i use a serious slow connection, i could save on the 700bmb which i have on the cd03:28
Izinucsdaskreech: vga or dvi?03:28
BageshwarChogyDan: which i have on the installer03:28
daskreechIzinucs: VGA03:29
ChogyDanBageshwar: the alternate cd?03:29
daskreechThe monitor comes up as a default in xrandr not VGA-003:29
hellyeahhey is there someone who has a problem booting windows 7 after installing ubuntu03:29
Izinucsdaskreech: try this with the right rez inputed if this isn't right.. also change the 75 to 60.  xrandr --output VGA --mode 1024×768 --rate 7503:29
BageshwarChogyDan: no, the installer cd03:30
fbc_How do I enable sound with this type of installation? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LowMemorySystems03:30
ChogyDanBageshwar: live cd? or the alternate cd?03:30
daskreechxrandr: Configure crtc 0 failed03:30
=== Dragnslicer is now known as Dragnslcr
BageshwarChogyDan: its alternate i guess, the one which is available by defualt ( ubuntu server )03:31
daskreechIzinucs: I have no clue :-(03:31
zombie-robotssh <name>@<ip address> isnt doing anything03:31
Izinucsdaskreech: is this a flat panel or older crt?03:31
daskreechIzinucs: CRT03:31
Izinucsah.. hang on03:31
daskreechzombie-robot: ip-adress is wrong ?03:32
Dracariin 10.4 is the Texas Instrumenst Card reader bug fixed?03:32
dsnydersHi all!  Is anyone running OneNote in wine?03:32
daskreechDracari: #ubuntu+103:32
ChogyDanBageshwar: I think you should be able to use a straight copy command, something like: cp cd_location/folder/*/*.deb /var/cache/apt/archives03:32
BageshwarChogyDan: hmm i ll try.. was just worried about the Package.gz that it has... anyways.. i ll try n let ppl know .. thanks !03:33
lotusfor any interested party, apt-get -d install <package> is what I was after.  It retireves the package but not installs it03:33
natediddyanyone know how to delete only one partition from my computer but keep the rest?03:34
dsnydersnatediddy, use fdisk03:35
daskreechnatediddy: don't use fdisk03:35
Loshanatediddy: which partition, and why. And don't you want to use the space it frees up?03:35
blakkheimnatediddy: use fdisk03:35
daskreechnatediddy: Don't use fdik03:35
Izinucsdaskreech: well.... if you want to go there.. you can always install the nvidia drivers from their site.. the 173's.. during that process it will dynamically create the correct xorg.conf file *if* your monitor reports the settings correctly.. if not then once it's created you can go in and edit it for the right rez.. xorg.conf overrides xrandr when it exists correctly.03:35
daskreechnatediddy: Use gparted03:35
dsnydersdaskreech, why not fdisk?03:35
natediddywell im trying to triple boot win7, unr, and Mint803:35
zombie-robotdoh port forwarding in router?03:35
natediddyi dont think its gonna work03:35
daskreechdsnyders: It's a destructive write03:35
Dracariseems they're afk/buys over there i do have multicopies of *ubuntu of various version, (7.04, 8.04 9.10) i know atleast befor i learne dof 10.4. that only way to get the Texas Instruments PCI1620 Card reader was a small work around in Fiest Fawn.03:36
daskreechIzinucs: Not today it doesnt03:36
Izinucsdaskreech: you'll have to disable the current driver and uninstall the preinstalled ubuntu nvidia bits to make it work.03:36
eric1982Any one else use Hydrogen on Ubuntu 10.4 and notice sound sound quality issues. (Crackly) music and video audio seems fine03:36
daskreechIzinucs: I did that already03:36
dsnydersdaskreech, Kinda necessary if you want to get rid of the partition/03:36
DracariIs it possibl eto intergrate it into Fawn?03:36
Flanneleric1982: #ubuntu+1 for Lucid support, thanks03:36
Loshanatediddy: there's no reason it shouldn't work, unless dsnyders and daskreech never stop squabbling...03:36
natediddyits said Resizing Partition for about 20 minutes now and still 0%03:36
Izinucsdaskreech: you did? is that the driver you're using now?03:36
daskreechdsnyders: I mean that it will destroy all partition table info03:36
daskreechIzinucs: No not now03:37
Loshanatediddy: oh, er, you started without us...03:37
daskreechI just removed all the drivers and installed the nvidia-173 from the repos03:37
natediddyits okay03:37
Loshanatediddy: how big is the partition you're resizing?03:37
Izinucsdaskreech: ok.. you're having conflicts.. disable the ubuntu driver.. uninstall the ubuntu nvidia bits and reinstall the driver direct from nvidia.. the different driver sets don't coexist well.. I've always had that issue.03:38
rdvonzMy external hard drive switches it's path from /media/disk to /media/d88bc993-9850-4959-8701-c639b916f851/ everytime I reload my system. How do I stop this?03:38
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:38
natediddykinda big...and im on a netbook :o i think this was a bad idea :(03:38
=== Dkennedy1 is now known as Dkennedy
blakkheimrdvonz: mount /dev/sd(whatever) /media/disk03:38
V3N0Mokay i have a problem, i resently installed backtrack 4, after i installed ubuntu, but now my GRUB won;t boot from ubuntu, when i click on the ubuntu 9.10, it says file not found,and i did not overwrite my ubuntu 9.1003:38
Izinucsdaskreech: or go through the uninstall process for the nvidia supplied driver and try the ubuntu drivers.03:38
V3N0Many segustions to fix my grub?03:38
sqwertleI seem to be having trouble with UbuntuLooks not letting me open some programs: http://paste.ubuntu.com/400931/03:38
Loshanatediddy: it will take a while. Probably worse to interrupt it than to let it run to completion. Sit on your hands...03:39
Dracarii guess it's a No.03:39
rdvonzblakkheim: anyway to automate this?03:39
natediddyi really really like this Mint8 so i wanna delete the nebook remix03:39
natediddyLosha: i got ya03:39
Izinucs!grub2 > V3N0M03:40
* Dracari Sighs " i did NOT wanan haveto half arse Slipstream drivers into an Winblows XP Iso, then Make that ready for bart PE.. all just to use a SD Reader @_@"03:40
ubottuV3N0M, please see my private message03:40
V3N0Mdoes any one here understand GRUB?03:40
blakkheimV3N0M: read the PM03:40
LoshaDracari: 3rd party hardware is the bane of all linuxes...03:41
moosekakai am confused by why there is TWO .bashrc filese...one in my home folder, another one in the /etc/bash.bashrc file03:41
moosekakaand which one should i change03:41
moosekakai got tab completion by changing the /etc/bash.bashrc03:41
Izinucsmoosekaka: the one in your ~ is specific to you and your login.. the other is system wide03:41
WhiteDawnmoosekaka: change the one in home folder, the etc is if there isnt anything in home03:41
greezmunkeyWhat could be some reasons why ssh logins take a few seconds (4-5) before a password prompt is thrown?03:42
tp2lol..long day.. ignore me.03:42
blakkheimgreezmunkey: use ssh -v03:42
billycan people help me on my game and sign up on this link http://www.themobsterslife.com/signup.php?step=3&refer=534503:42
greezmunkeyblakkheim: I'll man page that, thanks.03:42
moosekakaok thanks..03:43
Loshamoosekaka: the one in /etc/bash.bashrc is an example for making changes that all users will see. The ~/.bashrc is individual per-user...03:43
Izinucsbilly: wrong channel for that question03:44
Loshagreezmunkey: there's quite a lot of processing and negotiation goes on in ssh before you get to a password prompt. You should be able to see it happen by adding -v03:44
greezmunkeyblakkheim: verbose! I'm using putty, but I can add that, thanks!03:44
billywhat channel should i use?03:44
greezmunkeyLosha, ...you trainin' me???03:44
Izinucsbilly: #linux #ubuntu-offtopic anywhere but here.03:44
Loshagreezmunkey: what else is a grease monkey for?03:44
Flannelbilly: Most channels dont take kindly to spam in general, so "nowhere" might be more appropriate03:45
Loshagreezmunkey: actually, I'm just slow...:-)03:45
billyits not span i get stuff on my game if i reffer people03:45
Izinucsdaskreech: you still around?03:45
daskreechIzinucs: Yeah I was bout to reboot03:46
Loshabilly: it's not wanted here. That makes it spam...03:46
Izinucsdaskreech: keep me posted03:46
billylosha: what is it these days everyones gotta stick there 2 cents in03:46
underdev"you know what really grinds my gears..."03:47
Loshabilly: yeah, everyone's a critic these days...03:47
billyyou gotta love em lol how do you make the writing go red like that>03:48
V3N0Mokay installed GRUB2, and some menu appeared "──┤ Configuring grub-pc ├──────────────────────────┐03:48
V3N0M │                                                                           │03:48
V3N0M │ GRUB upgrade scripts have detected a GRUB Legacy setup in /boot/grub.03:48
V3N0M │ In order to replace the Legacy version of GRUB in your system, it is      ▒03:48
FloodBot3V3N0M: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:48
dsnydersbilly, prefix your comments with the user's name03:48
billywhats prefix and how lol03:49
V3N0Mam i muted?03:49
ZykoticK9V3N0M, not anymore - but use pastebin next time03:50
Loshabilly: just put someone's nick with a colon before the rest of your text. That person will see highlighted text...03:50
=== ApOgEE__ is now known as ApOgEE
IzinucsV3N0M: nope.. you need to use the pastebin for pasting text03:50
V3N0Mokay sorry03:50
IzinucsV3N0M: the bot cut you off.03:50
V3N0Mbut any one see what i wrote?03:50
IzinucsV3N0M: the bot cut you off.03:50
dsnydersV3N0M, Yes, we're seeing you.03:50
V3N0Mbummer lol03:50
Crash1hdSo no one knows why a folder that is set to 777 and i get the error you dont have enough access priviledges in iTunes?03:50
IzinucsV3N0M: looks like you have the legacy grub.. I'll send another PM link for you03:51
billyLosha: hhgdj03:51
greezmunkeyLosha: blakkheim: Yup...processing encryption, seems like it should run faster, but at least it works.03:51
oberdadahello. i have one of those external USB SD card readers on my desktop (Ubuntu 8.10 btw).  How can i get the SD cards to mount without the write-protection mode?03:51
Izinucs!grub > V3N0M03:51
ubottuV3N0M, please see my private message03:51
billydid that work?03:51
Loshabilly: yes, it worked. That bit before the colon can be called a 'prefix'...03:51
billyright i get it lol cheers03:51
=== anzenketh is now known as anzenketh|BBL
greezmunkeyand the bit(s) after...what do you call that?03:52
Loshagreezmunkey: encryption is very compute intensive & expensive...03:52
Loshagreezmunkey: blabber, mostly...03:52
V3N0Mizinucs: i installed grub 2 and now it says something about confingering grub, if u want to have grub2 to be loaded.......the following command, but there is no command there03:52
oberdadai tried moving switching the notch on the card, trying to change mode as superuser, gparting it, none have worked03:52
Loshagreezmunkey: *public key* encryption is very compute intensive & expensive...03:53
IzinucsV3N0M: I'm not the one to ask about grub..03:53
daskreechIzinucs: Nope03:53
zombie-robotwtf i thought ssh was easy03:53
V3N0Mbut u posted something about it tho03:53
Jeff91My 10.04 system cannot see/print a test page to the printer attached to my 9.10 system. I selected the make and model but when I tell it to run off the test page tells me it can't find the printer. Any suggestions?03:53
LoshaV3N0M: do it properly, copy the text into http://paste.ubuntu.com so we can see it...03:53
greezmunkeyLosha: It's worth it to be able to execute locally - from a remote location.03:54
daskreechJeff91: #ubuntu+103:54
Izinucsdaskreech: hummmm.. did you uninstall the ubuntu stuff and reinstall the nvidia driver? or the other way around?03:54
V3N0Mlosha: k gimma a second03:54
daskreechother way around03:54
blackrockIs Pitivi gnome native ?03:54
Jeff91daskreech ?03:54
Loshazombie-robot: having ssh problems?03:54
ZykoticK9blackrock, think so - it's included in Lucid by default03:55
Jeff91nvm thanks daskreech03:55
greezmunkeyzombie-robot: did you try the "-l" option as I put up earlier?03:55
V3N0Mlosha: do i paste the url?03:55
Loshablackrock: it mentions gnome in the web page, so I think so..03:55
zombie-robotim trying to connect to ubuntu from an iphone03:55
zombie-robotvia ssh03:56
LoshaV3N0M: yep, just paste the url it gave you after you hit Submit...03:56
zombie-robotbut i get error 6503:56
V3N0Malrighty :)03:56
greezmunkeyzombie-robot: then you need ##AppleCore03:56
Izinucsdaskreech: personally I would have done it the first way.. but no matter.. I'm stuck.. you didn't happen to have used .. ah hum.. automatix .. did you?03:56
blackrockI liked the fretonfire and other games in lucid :)03:56
Loshazombie-robot: I can't help with the iphone, but I can maybe help with the ubuntu end...03:56
LoshaV3N0M: what happens when you highlight and then hit ok?03:57
zombie-robotim using touch term pro to try to connect to ubuntu03:57
Loshazombie-robot: never heard of it...03:57
=== eri_ is now known as eri-
daskreechIzinucs: Should i try from nvidia's site?03:58
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:58
V3N0Mlosha: nothing i tried clicking, and scrolling see if there is more, i tried this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2,03:58
V3N0Mlosha: i tried the upgrade legacy, but it said i needed grub-pc, tried downloading that it did not work03:59
Izinucsdaskreech: be worth a shot.. I typically use the nvidia drivers just 'cause they are more stable and faster for my system.  however with every kernel upgrade you have to reinstall them.. I believe you also need build-essential so they compile03:59
daskreechI should have tha03:59
daskreechIzinucs: Actually let me see what happens when I jump to the nv driver04:00
LoshaV3N0M: what os did you start from, what os are you installing, and on what hardware...04:01
ArsinKarmic told me that sudo apt-get reinstall is not a command, is that normal?04:01
randompieHow to prevent update manager from trying to update certain packages?04:01
rwwArsin: sudo apt-get --reinstall install packagenamehere04:01
Arsinrww: Thank you04:01
slacksterHi, are all these "evolution-data-" processes legitimate? I'm not even using evolution. http://pastebin.com/quR46Gt504:01
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto04:01
Losharandompie: see pinning above...04:02
V3N0Mlosha: i started with ubuntu 9.10 karmic, then i installed on another partition, backtrack 4 final release04:02
rwwslackster: evolution-data-server is used by things other than evolution (it's a core GNOME thing). That is rather a lot of them, though.04:02
nin-jaI'm getting an error from pidgeon, it keeps logging me out once in a while.04:03
LoshaV3N0M: oops. sorry, dunno anything about backtrack. Doesn't it have its own support channel?04:03
nin-jaThe error says "Connection error from Notification server:04:03
nin-jaReading error"04:03
greezmunkeyzombie-robot: TTP looks like it's useful, how far do you get?04:03
slacksterrww: I always see that. might it have something to do with uptime?04:03
slackster 23:03:36 up 27 days,  2:58,  2 users,  load average: 0.64, 0.87, 0.7904:03
slacksternot being killed or something?04:03
randompieLosha: how do you pin packages? Synaptic has a Package -> Lock Version option. Even when package is locked it tries to update it.04:03
V3N0Mlosha: well its prety well like linux, no i am not to sure, i fugured ubuntu would help, considering u can download apts from there servers on backtrack 404:04
rwwslackster: heh. Yeah, that might be it. I wouldn't know, I've never left a desktop on that long :\04:04
slacksterrww: ok, I guess I'll have to live with them for now. :)04:04
toastedmilkI'm having trouble getting a Logitech QuickCam Express Plus working with camorama.  Any ideas?04:04
LoshaV3N0M: at a guess, I would say deinstall grub1 and install grub2. If anything goes wrong, you may end up with an unbootable system though...04:05
nin-jahere's another error i occasionally get from pidgeon...04:05
nin-jaLost connection with server: Connection reset by peer04:05
daskreechIzinucs: how do I rerun the kernel modules?04:05
daskreechdkms or some such?04:05
V3N0Mlosha: lol, wouldnt be the first time, but i have a usb bootable with bt4 on it so it wouldnt hurt04:05
V3N0Mlosha: any ideas how to do that?04:05
Losharandompie: Sorry, I've never done any pinning myself...04:06
=== ml-something is now known as microlith
randompielosha: thanks for trying04:06
Izinucsdaskreech: to install the nvidia driver?  it'll do that during the install process.. sudo ./NV<tab>04:06
BinariDragonHello everyone04:06
daskreechIzinucs: No Not that one. I think I got it04:07
ZykoticK9with Xchat is there some way to disable the "X is now know as Y" messages?04:07
LoshaV3N0M: well, the usual way i.e.apt-get remove grub and then apt-get install grub2...04:07
nunyaZykotick9: ask in #xchat04:08
LoshaZykoticK9: when you find out, please come back and tell me...04:09
a514lxde works on 9.1004:10
greezmunkeyZykoticK9: you could try "/ignore #{channel} ALL -PUBLIC -ACTIONS" (sans quotes)04:10
ZykoticK9Losha, Settings -> Advanced -> Text Events, select "Change Nick", delete the text from the edit area (in the middle) and HIT ENTER! then hit OK04:10
LoshaZykoticK9: cool, thanks...04:14
lotusLosha: Wicd is amazing when installed from the repository.  I tried installing it from source in crunchbang (got the idea from needing to on gNewSense) and it sucked.  Installing it from the repo once I was connected again and it's much much nicer.  The real test will be tomorrow at college :D04:14
ZykoticK9Losha, you have LifeIsPain from #xchat and nunya for the suggestion to thank really :)04:14
Loshalotus: glad there's some progress...04:15
* nunya pats on back04:15
Bonsterhow u rename special characters like ] [ to either space or just delete it?  Bash command04:15
blakkheimBonster: escape it with \ or use quotes04:16
LoshaZykoticK9: I'd thank them, but at some point, it becomes overly solicitous....04:16
Bonstercant u give me example?04:16
ZykoticK9Losha, i was just kindin' anyways :)04:16
AbortDis it possible to switch empathy with pidgin in gnome and have it accesible under the envelope icon by the date bar04:16
blakkheimBonster: cp file\ name filename04:16
toastedmilkI'm having trouble getting a Logitech QuickCam Express Plus working with camorama.  Any ideas?04:16
allooshhi, I am using ubuntu to host one application for one of my clients, now they need to put some static pages there, they are doing this with front page, do I need to install anything on the server?04:16
AbortDangel it works04:17
angel_so was up guys04:17
LoshaZykoticK9: I became much happier here on IRC when I decided I wasn't doing it for the glory....:-)04:17
nunyaI'm wondering if he meant me...04:17
AbortDi wish i could figure this out meh04:17
ZykoticK9Losha, is there any glory on irc??? lol04:17
LoshaZykoticK9: glory, fabulous riches, whiny users, we have it all...04:18
=== anzenketh|BBL is now known as anzenketh
* nunya looks for riches04:18
lotusAbortD: it's possible04:18
AbortDlotus how is it possible04:18
daskreechhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/400942/ does that mean anything Izinucs ?04:19
lotusAbortD: IU've got it set up like that.  I'll tell you but I need to look it up as I do so.04:19
AbortDlotus cool i have been trying to figure it out04:19
Izinucsdaskreech: yea.. some.. horizontal sync is wrong.. still have the manual for the monitor to give you the specs? or will google discover them for you? .. looks like you have some xorg.conf editing to do.. you might look in the old xorg to see what's there and what you might be able to use.04:21
SwimmingRaatUbuntu died. a04:21
Bonsterblakkheim, dont want to copy, just want to remove symbols inside of filenames ex: [xxxx]_XXX[eng]04:21
Izinucsdaskreech: what's the make and model of the monitor?04:22
hellyeahis there anyone who has a problem on booting windows 7 after installing ubuntu04:22
Izinucshellyeah: who goes back? :)04:22
SwimmingRaatUbuntu died. again. Firefox at the Jon Stewart site. Went into a dound loop repeating the same sound and froze. (Had past trouble and took CD out as advised and no problems for a week since.)04:22
nunyaoh no... he said windows in here04:23
SwimmingRaatUbuntu died. again. Firefox at the Jon Stewart site. Went into a dound loop repeating the same sound and froze. (Had past trouble and took CD out as advised and no problems for a week since.) Ubuntu 9.10 on AMD 32bit, only ubuntu no windows at all.04:23
eremiteSwimmingRaat: I used to have that problem back in teh Windows ME days.  Turned out to be a bad video card.04:23
daskreechIzinucs: Ahmm not sure Generic and Generic ?04:23
Izinucsdaskreech: no brand name on the back near the power cord?04:23
greezmunkeynunya: it happens...04:24
SwimmingRaatBut now there's no problem normally eremite except that chrome goes on audio strike from time to time.04:24
nunyaBonster: use mv instead of cp04:24
lotusAbortD: okay04:24
lotusAbortD: you there?04:24
daskreechIzinucs: Ah Hmm let me see04:24
LoshaBonster: the 'rename' command?04:24
SwimmingRaatUbuntu died. again. Firefox at the Jon Stewart site. Went into a dound loop repeating the same sound and froze. (Had past trouble and took CD out as advised and no problems for a week since.) Ubuntu 9.10 on AMD 32bit, only ubuntu no windows at all. But now there's no problem normally eremite except that chrome goes on audio strike from time to time. Now I am NOT using any CD.04:24
oberdadahello. i have one of those external USB SD card readers on my desktop (Ubuntu 8.10 btw). How can i get the SD cards to mount without the write-protection mode?04:24
=== marc__ is now known as thegenix
AbortDlotus yes04:25
lotusAbortD: in /usr/share/indicators/messages/applications there are several files.  One file for each item in the indicator applet.04:25
lotusAbortD: i have thunderbird and pidgin.04:25
lotusAbortD: pidgin is a file which contains the line /usr/share/applications/pidgin.desktop04:25
SwimmingRaatoberdada, I never had that problem.04:25
BonsterLosha, yea rename doesnt seem to like brackets04:25
ryanrhee90hi all. is there a way to create a L2TP/IPsec over a TUN/TAP interface rather than a PPP interface on linux? i'm on ubuntu 8.04 LTS and strongswan.04:25
lotusAbortD: that desktop file should exist already.  If you don't ahve it, tell me and I'll pastebin its contents.04:25
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AbortDk sec i need to install the apps first04:26
lotusAbortD: And there's another trick to this that I don't remember.  Something about the pidgin file getting removed from this folder every time you reboot or somesuch.  There's like a list of blacklisted indicators somewhere...04:26
blytheAnyone who can provide help modifying icons not included in an icon theme, some help would be much appreciated.04:26
* SwimmingRat will return and look into the magic xchat mirror for answers.04:26
AbortDhm if its gonna keep getting deleted im gonna have to wait04:27
LoshaBonster: you have to 'escape' them with backslashes, something like: rename 's/\]//' * followed by rename 's/\[//' *04:27
lotusAbortD: found it04:27
lotusAbortD: in /home/user/.config/indicators/messages/applications-blacklist there's an entry for libpurple I think04:27
LoshaSwimmingRat: we need an xchat magic 8 ball...04:28
daskreechIzinucs: Dell04:28
lotusAbortD: not sure if it's pidgin or libpurple (I deleted mine)04:28
daskreechIzinucs: 828Fi04:28
AbortDare you supposed to delete it?04:28
AbortDto get it to work?04:28
lotusAbortD: but removing it from the applications-blacklist and putting the entry in the /usr/share/indicators/messages/applications/ folder as I mentioned earlier works.04:29
lotusAbortD: you don't have to delete it.  You can just move it out of that folder into another folder "un-blacklisted" or somesuch04:29
Izinucsdaskreech: 30-70 is the horizontal range..  http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/monitors/22793/specs.htm04:29
* lotus is so glad it's not 4:30am GMT already...04:30
oberdadaSwimmingRaat: there are a lot of forums on it (none have helped thus far)04:30
daskreechIzinucs: Ok what's that mean for my xrandr commands?04:30
AbortDk i see pidgin lotus what now04:31
lotusAbortD: where do you see pidgin?04:31
AbortDin that folder u told me about04:31
AbortDto i remove the empathy one?04:31
lotusAbortD: I told you about a couple of folders04:31
Izinucsdaskreech: not with xrandr.. there's an xorg.conf now.. or should be... that's where you need to make a change04:31
AbortDph yeah04:31
AbortDthat folder04:31
lotusAbortD: okay you see pidgin in that folder?  type "less pidgin" and make sure it says something like /usr/share/applications/pidgin.desktop04:32
nin-jathis is really strange... i'm having errors with every chat program available04:32
nin-jacurses, linux can be such a hassal04:32
Loshanin-ja: what *kind* of errors?04:32
AbortDim in the folder physically04:32
lotusAbortD: also, make sure the pidgin.desktop file exists and looks like http://pastebin.com/4FHra0H304:33
nin-jaLosha: Basically, when i'm on any chat client, it logs me in and out of my account.04:33
Izinucsdaskreech: check the vertical too.. it's really wide04:33
nin-jaLosha: With empathy it just complains and says there's a network error04:34
lotusAbortD: /usr/share/indicators/messages/applications/pidgin I don't think should be a folder.  It's not on my computer, it's just a file here.  And in the file there's only one like that reads: /usr/share/applications/pidgin.desktop04:34
happyfacehow do I dl a whole subversion revision locally?04:34
AbortDsame lotus04:34
lotuss/only one like/only one line04:34
nin-jaLosha: with pidgin it gives me a whole host of errors...04:34
lotusAbortD: okay.  So then http://pastebin.com/4FHra0H3 should be the contents of your /usr/share/applications/pidgin.desktop file aswell04:35
AbortDso i have to add that file?04:35
AbortDk let me check that04:35
Loshanin-ja: I'm not sure what that means. I've never used empathy or pidgin. I use xchat, or sometimes, chatzilla...04:35
lotusAbortD: be specific.  What file?04:35
nunyanin-ja, you on wifi?04:35
nin-jaLosha: Yes04:36
lotusnin-ja: I'd check to make sure you're not connecting through a proxy.  Especially Tor.04:36
Loshanin-ja: yes, you're on wifi? I agree with lotus and nunya. Sounds like a network connectivity problem...04:36
nin-janunya: yes... but the problem is restricted to chat programs like pidgin and empathy04:36
AbortDthats what pidgin.desktop looks like04:37
AbortDdo i need to uninstall empathy now and it will take its place?04:37
lotusAbortD: okay.  Just remove the pidgin (or libpurple) entry from /home/user/config/indicators/messages/applications-blacklist and you should be good.  You'll have to restart the indicator applet ofcourse04:37
nunyanin-ja, you could test if it's a wifi problem.04:37
nin-janunya: why would it be restricted to only chat programs if its a wifi issue?04:38
Zarathusti'm trying to copy a whole disk with dd but the transfer speed is about 250kbps04:38
Zarathustits gonna take ages04:38
lotusnin-ja: are you positive it's not configured under tools->preferences->network->configure proxy to use anything other than "diret connection"?04:38
Zarathustis this normal?04:38
XubuntuI really need help04:39
XubuntuI installed Xubuntu with XP installed04:39
nunyanin-ja, good question...04:39
XubuntuHowever, I can't access either04:39
lotusXubuntu: is it a boot loader issue?04:39
nunyait just helps narrow down what it could be.04:39
XubuntuI believe so04:40
StormTideCan anyone recommend a partition layout for a 4-disk raid10 system to install 9.10 ... i understand boot needs its own raid1 device, and following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID ... swap doesn't ever appear to be placed into raid ... so what happens if a drive fails?04:40
nunyanin-ja, also check what lotus is saying.04:40
XubuntuI checked with GParted and both partititions are still there04:40
lotusXubuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows might be helpful04:40
frostyhow can i have a custom greeting when i login to ssh?04:41
XubuntuI will check it out thank you04:41
ubutom2nin-ja, nunya ,I had sometimes issues with miranda on XP that were solved by enabling an option like send keepalives or something like that, did'nt find that in Empathy tho04:41
greezmunkeyStormTide, swap is temporary04:41
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frostylike hello frosty!? or something04:41
StormTidegreezmunkey, ya, but the box is gonna crash if an in-use swap drive goes away04:41
StormTidewhereas if the swap was in raid 1, it would just hum along happily no?04:42
daskreechIzinucs: What is the vertical?04:42
Izinucsdaskreech: 50-10004:42
greezmunkeyStormTide: It is possible to use a swap file rather than a partition, although I don't know how "ubuntu standard" that approach is.04:42
StormTidegreezmunkey, so the standard is to expect a crash and hope it reboots degraded correctly?04:43
daskreechfrosty: /etc/motd04:43
Loshagreezmunkey: as far as I know, swap files are fully supported...04:43
StormTidealso, im questioning rather with no fstab linking the other 3 drives to swap... that is swap running only on sda in that setup instruction?04:43
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greezmunkeyStormTide: There you go, use a swap file, and place that on your RAID04:44
nin-jalotus: I had some proxies active with pidgin i deactivated them, im now checking my network settings window04:44
lotusnin-ja: I'm sure you'll have better luck now.04:44
StormTidegreezmunkey, on its own raid 1 (like boot) or just as a file on the raid1004:44
lotusnin-ja: unless you need a proxy to access the internet04:45
lotusnin-ja: in that case, I got nothing.04:45
nunyathe force is strong in lotus04:45
greezmunkeyStormTide: Just a file on the system...04:45
Izinucsdaskreech: you gettin' there?04:45
Loshanunya: I was just thinking that...04:45
nin-jalotus: Alright I hope it works now04:45
lotusnunya: These are not the droids you are looking for.04:45
randomusrhow can I force cups to start when the system boots?04:45
frostyyou guys know any sort of ASCII Generator ? for terminal or a website04:45
AbortDlotus i dont have that black list directory04:46
Izinucsrandomusr: did you install server then gnome?04:46
daskreechIzinucs: There was no xorg.conf I'm just putting back the one I had before it had the Horiz and Vert commented out (Way larger than those ranges)04:46
lotusAbortD: lucky you :) it caused me a headache or two.04:46
randomusrlzinucs, I'm just running the desktop 9.1004:46
Loshafrosty: an ASCII generator? The man pages aren't random enough for you?04:46
lotusAbortD: it was /home/user/.config/indicators/messages/applications-blacklist04:46
AbortDi have no home/user04:47
Izinucsdaskreech: ah.. that's weird.. the nvidia install should have asked you to create a xorg.. or maybe that's nvidia-settings that will do that.04:47
daskreechIzinucs: ok so I've moved it back to the /etc/X11/xorg.conf in theory I should be able to stop the display manager and start it back and X should read from the conf file?04:47
lotusAbortD: user is your username, boss.04:47
bonez2046my pc has been on all day, sound worked this morning and tonight now, it does not work. if I attempt to close firefox, in ubuntu 9.10 , I hear the drum sounds, and suspect the sound will be restored if I log out, but I'd like to just refresh whatever it is that is preventing sound from working now, without logging out04:47
daskreechIzinucs: nvidia-settings does taht04:47
Izinucsdaskreech: yes04:47
lotusAbortD: ;)04:47
AbortDyou should put un04:47
darkk^Does anyone use cryptsetup together with LVM? I have a strange problem after updating my karmic from just-from-dvd install to latest packages. I can't boot the system properly: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/450620/comments/1804:47
nunyaLosha, /dev/urandom should be pretty random ;)04:47
lotusdarkk^: I use full disk encryption with LVM04:47
nin-jauh oh <_>04:48
darkk^lotus, /boot is usually unencrypted ;-)04:48
nin-jaPidgin error -- "Received unexpected response from http://api.oscar.aol.com/aim/startOSCARSession"04:48
lotusdarkk^: but I don't use dist-upgrades.  They break stuff for me.04:48
oberdadahello. An SD card mounts ok on my mini with SD port. However, on my desktop, where i have one of those multiformat USB card readers, the SD card mounts as read only. How can i get it to mount as read/write?04:48
randomusrlzinucs, how can I make cups start with the system?04:48
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lotusdarkk^: yeah, but that's gotta be how it is, yes?04:48
AbortDhow do i restart the indicator?04:48
Loshanunya: frosty isn't talking, so it's hard to know what it's for....04:48
lotusdarkk^: I like putting /boot on a jump drive ;)04:48
shazbotmcnastywhere's the best place to purchase cpus?04:48
darkk^lotus, right. that was fresh karmic install, it was not dist-upgrade, I just installed latest security updates...04:49
ubutom2oberdada, you sure the mechanical switch on the sd-cardis set to writable?04:49
Izinucsrandomusr: it should be a demon and start automatically.. if not then the only thing I can suggest is reinstalling cups.04:49
SwimmingRatoberdada, I have not had that problem. Multiformat card reader works like a charm. I realize that doesnt help you. It's FYI.04:49
lotusAbortD: short of rebooting, I'm not sure.  But there IS a way.04:49
lotusdarkk^: oh, so what's the issue?04:49
Loshashazbotmcnasty: microcenter, newegg, frys when they have a combo sale....04:49
darkk^lotus, the system does not boot properly after kernel update (init=/bin/bash is not my dream) :-)04:50
bonez2046sound? what would cause sound to stop working?04:50
Izinucsubutom2: I know you ment that you didn't do a release upgrade.. but a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade does not take you to the next release .. it only upgrades packages with your current version.. ie 9.10 or whatever.04:50
lotusdarkk^: doesn't boot properly or doesn't boot at all?  Can you get your disk to decrypt?04:50
darkk^yes, it decrypts, init=/bin/bash works.04:51
oberdadaSwimmingRat: thanks anyways. I was hoping someone among the other 1321 users knew something about that04:51
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Loshabonez2046: I've seen people here claim that sound spontaneously stops working in 9.X....04:51
darkk^lotus, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/450620/comments/18 - details and sort of "screenshot" of boot log04:51
oberdadabtw- the mechanical switch on the SD card is set to writeable04:51
Izinucsoberdada: did you try a different usb port for the adaptor?04:52
bonez2046Losha: thanks.. I know it will start working right with reboot.. it's just a pain..04:52
shazbotmcnastyWhy do all the computer store websites suck?04:52
Izinucsshazbotmcnasty: try tigerdirect.com..04:52
lotusshazbotmcnasty: because you haven't gone to newegg.com04:52
shazbotmcnastymiccrodirect.com sucks04:52
shazbotmcnastylotus, I have04:52
shazbotmcnastyit's meh04:52
Izinucsshazbotmcnasty: or newegg like lotus suggests.04:52
lotusI just like their policies04:52
JimmyNeutronnewegg and zipzoomfly are pretty good to me04:52
shazbotmcnastyIzinucs, tigerdirect is not very good04:52
lotusdarkk^: let me check my boot stuffs04:52
shazbotmcnastytheir prices are like...mac prices04:53
oberdadalzinucs - the port i'm using is on the motherboard. The usb card reader is one of those that fits into the 3.5 floppy slot on the chassis04:53
shazbotmcnastyfor cpus that is..04:53
darkk^lotus, according to /var/log/apt/... my kernel was upgraded from to
Loshabonez2046: you could try sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart ....04:53
ubutom2oberdada, is it also ubuntu on the otherpc?samefilesystem?04:53
Izinucsoberdada: ah.. that might be the issue.. I remember something from a while ago (1 year +) where some of those had issues... no idea why though.04:53
oberdadaubutom2: mini-8.04 desktop:8.1004:53
lotusdarkk^: can you select your old kernel from the boot menu?04:54
darkk^lotus, no, it's not available04:54
Blue11i want to create a /home mount point on my 2nd drive -- but it's not letting me do that with the live cd, suggestions?04:54
lotusdarkk^: I'm guessing you're running grub2 right?04:54
XubuntuI tried sudo update-grub2 but it didn't work04:54
Loshashazbotmcnasty: if you're bargainhunting, slickdeals is a good resource....04:54
darkk^lotus, right.04:54
oberdadalzinucs- you're saying, the usb card reader is hopeless?04:54
lotusdarkk^: did you try sudo update-grub ?04:55
lotusdarkk^: you shouldn't have to, imho.04:55
lotusdarkk^: but it couldn't hurt04:55
darkk^lotus, update-grub or update-grub2 ?04:55
lotusdarkk^: ;) I don't know.04:55
XubuntuI'm getting an dialog box in GParted that says "Failed to mount 82G volume. The enclosing drive for the volume is locked."04:56
lotusdarkk^: but on my comp update-grub autocompletes (ie update-gr<tab>) as unique04:56
lotusand I'm quite confident I'm running grub204:56
bilalakhtarhey sabdfl is online on some channel. I dont know which channel04:56
lotushellsyeah hellyeah04:56
darkk^lotus, hehe, update-grub2 is just a dumb wrapper that calls update-grub so there is no difference at all :-)04:56
LoshaBlue11: I'd like to know what you're typing, and what it says when it fails for starters...04:56
darkk^lotus, now you know ;-)04:56
lotusdarkk^: score ;)04:56
hellyeahi am following this address http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide04:56
JimmyNeutronAnyone know how to disable the screen from going blank after about 5min of idling?  I disable the Power Management for the screen for both AC and Battery.04:56
Blue11Losha: sudo mkdir /home04:57
Blue11let me go to other system and get message04:57
bonez2046Losha: thanks..04:57
hellyeahwhen i do chroot /mnt/  chroot: cannot run command `/bin/bash': No such file or directory04:57
Loshabonez2046: did it make any difference?04:57
lotusAllYourBases: xD nice name04:57
hellyeahi see this error i am on ubuntu live system04:57
ubutom2oberdada, just read some similar problem,have you tried to copy something on it with sudo?04:57
hellyeahwhat can i do04:58
mrowdyCan I ask Ubuntu / Apache2 questions here? I'm new with both and need help seeing the perfectly obvious04:58
Loshamrowdy: you can...04:58
lotusmrowdy: I'm not sure what's "perfectly obvious" :)04:58
frodwithHi folks.  I've just installed a wireless card (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000UOC3QK/ref=oss_product).  It's working for the most point, but it has a bit of a quirk.  At seemingly random intervals, the machine will stop accepting traffic from other machines on the network.  If I physically log into the machine and ping one of the other machines, suddenly it starts working again for a while.04:58
darkk^by the way, does anyone have an idea why SysRQ-B does not reboot my PC?04:58
oberdadaubutom2: yes. i've tried chmoding it- it wont let me04:58
bonez2046Losha: send me a bill, my new friend.. that fixed it.. I'll tuck that away!!!!04:58
ubutom2oberdada, in the text i readit randomly was mountedroor rw, then it was plugged in as another user and it worked04:58
Loshabonez2046: world:0 Losha:104:59
hellyeahpls someone help me04:59
mrowdylotus - I'm sure it must be obvious and I'm looking too hard!04:59
darkk^and echo b > /proc/sysrq-trigger works fine =)04:59
mrowdyLosha - thanks, I'm having problems with SSI at the moment04:59
Blue11it just gives me a command prompt but it never creates the home directory on sdb204:59
lotusfrodwith: update kernel (if you havent).  I have similar problems with WPA Enterprise networks04:59
mrowdyThe shtml file loads but the server-parsed date doesn't show04:59
lotushellyeah: You're sure you're not booting off a CD into a Live environment?04:59
mrowdyI've restarted apache as root, so that shouldn't be the issue - right?04:59
oberdadaubutom2 - i tried mkfs'ing it. it didnt work (cannot format a mounted drive, cannot find the device if its not mounted)04:59
darkk^lotus, oops, kernel panic, unable to mount root fs ;-)05:00
teckymorning :X05:00
hellyeahi am booting live cd05:00
frodwithlotus: what did you upgrade to that fixed it?05:00
lotusmrowdy: I don't know if you're supposed to start apache as root.  I thought it ran as it's own user?05:00
hellyeahnot i am in ubuntu live cd lotus05:00
oberdadaubutom2: what d'you mean mounted roor rw?05:00
LoshaBlue11: just typing mkdir /home will create a directory, but not necessarily on a particular device. You have to mount the device first e.g. sudo mount /dev/sdb2 /home05:00
daskreechIzinucs: Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude05:00
lotusfrodwith: I haven't "fixed" yet.  I changed from network-manager to wicd and will find out tomorrow it it helps at all05:00
lotusmrowdy: I could be wrong05:00
Izinucsdaskreech: yeaaaaaaa?  working?05:01
frodwithlotus: Ah.  I'm using wicd right now, actually.05:01
mrowdylotus - I originally did it that way, but couldn't do the password authentication until I started as root05:01
lotusdarkk^: ahh!05:01
mrowdyso I assumed that Ubuntu 8.04 has some security settings I don't know about05:01
daskreechIzinucs: My res is so high that all my fonts look like size 405:01
daskreechIt's like 1920 or something05:01
daskreechThis is great!05:01
lotusmrowdy: password authentication on... what?05:01
daskreechnow I can work on getting me some glasses!05:01
hellyeahi need help05:01
Izinucsdaskreech: lol! .. you're there! ..05:01
ubutom2oberdada, in the example the user was able to write to the card with sudo nautilus05:01
mrowdyon an html page05:01
lotusfrodwith: :D then try networkmanager ;)05:01
lotusmrowdy: probably a directory permissions problem05:02
Izinucsdaskreech: I've done my good deed for the day.. now I can sleep :)05:02
frodwithlotus: rofl, might give that a shot.05:02
daskreechIzinucs: I don't beleive it was the horizontal sync the whole time. What on earth made it break05:02
lotusmrowdy: don't run your server as root.  IT's a really bad idea :)05:02
oberdadaubutom2: oh i see. i wasnt able to do that05:02
ubutom2oberdada, and he tried it with another normal user account and then the sd-card worked again, odd05:02
daskreechIzinucs: Sleep till Saturday05:02
mrowdyI'll restart it then, and what permissions do I need on a directory in which the shtml file resides?05:02
Izinucsdaskreech: wish I could.. no idea what broke it.. but I'd make a copy of that xorg and save it in a safe place..05:02
daskreechIzinucs: I did already05:03
Izinucsdaskreech: enjoy!  I gotta run/sleep/dream05:03
lotusmrowdy: also, try asking in #httpd they'll be able to answer more specific apache problems.  But namei -l "file_with_password_stuffs" might be useful05:04
nin-jaugh tonight is just not my night...05:04
nin-janow its failing to read my external HD05:04
hellyeahchroot: cannot run command `/bin/bash': No such file or directory ubuntu live cd how can i fix that error05:04
ryanrhee90hi all. is there a way i can enable multicast on a ppp linK?05:04
hellyeahi try to configure grub05:04
oberdadathe odd thing is, an usb stick mounts ok on the multiformat reader, but an SD card wont: it mounts as read-only05:04
nin-jafrustrating X_X05:04
lotusmrowdy: oh gosh, it's a good thing to know but I don't know it.  #web will know the permissions.  I think its 611 on directoris and 644 on files but I could be wrong.05:04
darkk^lotus, ok, now I have old kernel and new kernel, old one hangs some boot script and new one does not have initrd (that's why it can't mount root)05:04
darkk^lotus, stay tuned :-)05:04
lotusdarkk^: I wish I could be more helpful.  I'm about ready to go to bed, though.  IT's 5:00 GMT!05:05
mrowdylotus - I'll set 611 on the directory and check with #httpd05:06
FloodBot3mrowdy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:06
lotusmrowdy: erg careful05:06
lotusmrowdy: 611 on EVERY directory leading upto the file is necessary for access to the file05:06
lotusmrowdy: If it is, indeed, 611 that directories need05:06
lotusmrowdy: that's why namei -l <path_to_file> is useful05:06
abstrakthow do i get back to gdm?05:08
nixpetHey all, I have a question regarding ubuntu 10.04 64 bit install and it giving a cannot create ext4 error on my drive when trying to do a fresh install, and the hard drives are good. Anyone have any hints?05:08
abstrakti tried out kubuntu05:08
abstraktnow i wanna go back to GNOME05:08
mtx_initrun xorg05:09
bazhangnixpet, #ubuntu+1 for lucid05:09
abstraktmtx_init, run it? i'm in KDE right now, i would hope that xorg or something like it is running...05:09
morticiabstrakt, you did the same thing i did :)05:09
abstraktmtx_init, obviously i can log out, choose GNOME as my session and log back in05:09
mtx_initabstrakt: sorry, I thought you were in the terminal.05:09
mtx_initthats usually the complaint05:09
abstraktmortici, yeah so far switching to KDE and emacs instead of GNOME+vim has been epic fail05:10
morticiabstrakt, kde4 is an epic fail thats all :)05:10
abstraktmortici, heh05:10
abstraktso, how do i get back to GDM05:10
abstraktcan i run gconf-reconfigure gdm or something?05:10
abstraktdebconf reconfigure gdm?05:10
edbianabstrakt, Are you trying to restart GDM ?05:10
Fixodoes anyone have the deb package of aMSN 0.98.3 ???05:11
edbianabstrakt, "sudo gdm"05:11
edbianIs it possible to copy DRM protected DVD in linux?05:11
abstraktedbian, i'm in KDE right now, i set kdm as my default when it installed05:11
morticiedbian, he wants to set gdm as the default session manager05:11
abstraktedbian, i want gdm to be my default now05:11
abstraktmortici, yup05:11
morticiabstrakt, i would think dpkg-reconfigure gdm would do the trick05:11
ubutom2oberdada, did you try to connect the reader to the mini? if it doesn't work there either, it could be a driver bug, or sth like that, has it ever worked read/writable before with ubuntu?05:11
abstraktmortici, k thx05:11
edbianabstrakt, "dpkg --reconfigure gdm" is my guess05:11
whateversamHello everyone.  I've been wondering if it is possible to run the x.server for a single application from the cmd shell.  I'm wondering this because I would like to know if it's possible to harness all of the hardware on a computer for a single program at once.05:12
whateversamMainly this would be for virtual PCs and/or gaming.05:12
morticistupid laptop, upgraded 10.04 and now it hardlocks when it gets to GDM and i start to type, if i don't type its fine, if im in recovery its fine with typeing, the moment i continue the reboot it fails05:12
whateversamAny ideas on if this would be possible?05:13
oberdadaubutum2: i've not tried to connect it to the mini. the reader is one of those that fits into the 3.5 floppy space on a desktop computer05:13
bazhangmortici, sounds like a bug, also lucid is in #ubuntu+105:13
morticibazhang, indeed and indeed, just sayin' :P05:13
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lappiecan i check out 10.04 via live cd?05:13
TamnakzI know this isn't the right channel, but can someone help me with some basic questions about wireless security?05:13
PsychoticEGGSo I'm trying to setup VirtualBox. But it's not recognising that I have a windows DvD in my DvD drive. Ubuntu see's it but my virtual box does not. it just says "no bootable medium found! System halted" any help?05:13
bazhangwhateversam, which application? virtualbox?05:13
JimmyNeutronAnyone know how to disable the screen from going blank after about 5min of idling?  I disable the Power Management for the screen for both AC and Battery.05:14
hmwA friend installed sshd on a friends 9.10 live cd. can I log in with user:"ubuntu"? what is the password?05:14
morticiPsychoholic, mount the drive prior to launching the session05:14
whateversambazhang, Sure, virtualbox would be great.  Being about to pick and choose would be better though.05:14
morticior enable passive mode05:14
lappieJimmyNeutron screensaver?05:14
ubutom2oberdada, I don't have one of those,I'm using a camera in SD-Card Reader modesometimes,maybe this would be a workaround until you find a way to fix your problem05:14
PsychoticEGGhow? still new to ubuntu05:15
JimmyNeutronlappie, I didnt see any screensaver...just a blank screen...I'll double check05:15
abstraktholy epic fail batman!05:15
bazhangwhateversam, you would need to specify more clearly what you are trying to do, doubtful that vbox would need 'all your system resources'05:15
ubutom2oberdada, in = as05:15
abstraktlol, back to good ol' GNOME05:15
abstraktGNOME+vim ftw05:15
abstraktfor real05:15
morticiPsychoticEGG, launche Vbox, click your installation (win7) click settings, click Storage, select the CD rom and enable passthrough05:15
oberdadaok. thanks ubutom205:15
abstraktthx peeps, ttyl05:15
Ashokhow to join for java channel help me any one05:16
morticiAshok, /join #java05:16
bazhangAshok, /join #channelname05:16
ubutom2ok, it's late, i don't know what I'm typing anymore,lol, I meant I use the cameras as an sd-card reader and in sd-card-reader mode _)05:16
whateversamBazhang, Well I'm thinking that if one pulled it off they would be using 100% hardware for Virtualbox/Wine for 3D gaming at peak preformance.05:16
Ashokwhere to enter tat05:16
hellyeahgrub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg05:17
Ashokbazhang: where to enter how to join05:17
hellyeahwhy it doesnt work05:17
morticiPsychoholic, also if you have the iso for win7 you can attach it to the drive there :)05:17
ubutom2oberdada, the two computers aren't on a LAN I suggest?05:17
git__does suspend and resume work in Ubuntu 9.10?05:17
bazhangwhateversam, didn't know that vbox allowed 3D gaming; wine would seem the only option, but using everything for wine would not take all the resources, as there a ton of other things that need to run as well05:17
bazhangAshok, where you are typing right now05:18
hellyeahps someone help me05:18
Ashokit is showin unsupported command05:18
bazhangAshok, without the space----> /join #channelyouwishtojoin05:18
Ashokbazhang: it is showin unsupported command05:18
ubutom2oberdada, and the reader has worked before with ubuntu or was it always like that?05:18
bazhangAshok, which irc client05:18
=== frosty is now known as frosty_
blondinkaлюди помогите: веб камера отоброжает в  корчневом диапозоне. ТОЛЬКО выличила ее зеленость в скайпе, установила в системе а тут такое.05:19
oberdadai've not tried it on windows, as my windows partition on the pc died05:19
bazhangblondinka, #ubuntu-ru05:19
oberdadajust ubuntu, ututom205:19
blondinkaмолчуны там05:19
morticiAshok, the text box you are typing in now type:/join #java05:19
MadpilotAshok, not network, but IRC client - xchat? xchat-gnome?05:19
Ashokbazhang: freenode05:19
hellyeahthere is a channel like ubuntulive05:19
bazhangblondinka, english here, /join #ubuntu-ru05:19
dsnydersblondinka, Your text is all scrambled05:19
ubutom2oberdada, what I mean is, did you manage to use the reader with ubuntu before as intended?05:20
edbianIs it possible to rip a DRM protected DVD in linux?05:20
bazhangAshok, freenode is not an irc client; xchat, pidgin, irssi, etc are05:20
Ashokmortici:showing unsupported command05:20
ubutom2i.e. mounting an SD-Card rewritable05:20
PsychoticEGGthank you05:20
morticiwhat are you typing?05:20
Ashokxchattel me how to join in xchat05:20
bazhangedbian, using libdvdcss from medibuntu and k9copy? should be05:20
whateversambazhang, I'm still learning about linux, but from what I've seen one can control the x server after it is running.  (alt+ctrl+f1, and reboot x with options enabled.)  I'm working on the theory that it may be possible to run x only for your game.  While you game the rest of the programs can sit without x support.05:20
dsnydersedbian, it all depends on the DVD.  No way to tell except by trying a few ways.05:20
nonameNNany program to read pdb files??05:20
oberdadaubutom2: nope. never could use it as intended on the machine its on. the read-only SD card wont even let me Gparted it05:21
edbiandsnyders, Thanks05:21
MadpilotAshok, like that, only with a space "/join #java"05:21
morticiAshok, /join #java05:21
skydromecan someone help me with this real quick? > http://pastebin.com/ys7NammX05:21
Ashokmortici:unsupported command agian05:22
ubutom2oberdada, hm, ok,as I don't know how to fix this, my advice would be to replace the reader, if possible :)05:22
bazhangAshok, you have yet to tell us your irc client05:22
ubutom2oberdada, or maybe you can test a live cd with it05:22
dsnydersedbian, I've had some success with mplayer's dumpstream option.05:22
morticiAshok, it should be typed "/join #java" NO QUOTES05:22
ubutom2oberdada, or even consider an upgrade to 9.1005:22
Ashokbazhang, xchat05:22
bazhangAshok, can you right click?05:23
lappieblondinka I Dont думаю, что кто здесь говорит russion, попробуйте Google http://translate.google.com Переводчик05:23
MadpilotAshok, xchat or xchat-gnome? there is a difference, but AFAIK both will support "/join <channel>" typed in05:23
Ashokbazhang, where05:23
bazhanglappie, #ubuntu-ru for Russian05:23
morticiAshok, what about going to Server in the menu bar up top, then clicking join channel...05:23
bazhangAshok, #java   right click that join channel05:23
ubutom2oberdada, there's a chance it could be working with a newer release05:24
oberdadathat's an idea05:24
Ashokbazhang, xchat irc05:24
lappieblondinka или типа / присоединиться Ubuntu-RU для русского комнату05:24
bazhang!cn | kendisk05:24
ubottukendisk: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk05:24
dsnyderskendisk, what's with the little drawing of a townhouse?05:24
bazhanglappie, he is in there already05:24
elipsysalguien habla español ?05:25
morticibazhang, if he can't do none of those three methods, i declare him a troll :)05:25
Madpilotblondinka, lappie - English here in #ubuntu, please. Russian in #ubuntu-ru.05:25
bazhangdsnyders, its chinese05:25
lappieahh mkay05:25
bazhangmortici, not a troll, just not technically minded05:25
dsnydersbazhang, can't be.  This is an english language chat.05:25
elipsysalgun español en el server ??05:25
bazhangdsnyders, many other language users come here and are re-directed.05:25
bazhangelipsys, /join #ubuntu-es por espanol05:26
morticibazhang, mmmmm possibly :)05:26
jaybreesewould anyone be willing to help with getting more than 2 sides to my cube? in 10.0405:26
bazhangjaybreese, #ubuntu+1 for lucid  , may also try #compiz05:26
dsnydersbazhang, I know.  I was joking...   or at least trying to.05:26
elipsysbazhang   ok , tk05:26
morticijaybreese, in the lower right corner right click the desktop picker, and increase the count to 4 :)05:26
lappiejaybreese do you have more than 2 workspaces?05:26
bazhangmortici, that is for desktops, he need s to choose in ccsm05:27
morticibazhang, it updates in ccsm :)05:27
morticibazhang, at least thats how i did it :)05:27
jasonop8Woot! Ktorrent for windows..hell yea..05:28
Strackhow do I stop xchat from connecting to this network automatically05:28
dsnydersjasonop8, Good news!  Do they have a OneNote for linux yet?05:28
penguinnicoin the setting....05:28
morticiStrack, click xchat in the upper left corner, chooce network list, click ubuntu server, then edit, then remove the channel :)05:29
hmwI cant apt-get install from a live cd, I am connected to via ssh. How can I make it install x11vnc server?05:29
bazhangjasonop8, ubuntu support question in there?05:29
disappearednganything better than rhythmbox but not songbird?05:29
Strackok thanks05:29
racerdhey i am having trouble selecting desktop session types05:29
abhifxhi there, i want to use some stuff from mint. can someone tell me the apt line for the repository? thx in advance05:30
racerdmy login screen is bugged05:30
Ashokhello wt r the channels for java any one tel me and im unable to connect to any channel tel me the reason05:30
bazhangdisappearedng, you may try banshee, depends on your needs05:30
Madpilotdisappearedng, define "better"... for simple album playing, I love Muine. Simple, fast & elegant.05:30
jasonop8nope...but I'm just happy is all.05:30
bazhangAshok, are you registered and identified to services? #freenode  right click join that channel for help05:30
dsnydersdisappearedng, I use mplayer for everything.05:30
jasonop8I don't need any support. not now at least.05:30
lappieAshok are you connected to the right server that hosts the java channels? i think ure wanting freenode, but u can get to this channel from the ubuntu server or freenode05:31
bazhangjasonop8, okay, general chat in #ubuntu-offtopic , please05:31
nin-jato do a manual installation of ubuntu, what partitions do I need, and what sizes are absolutely necessary?05:31
hmwI cant apt-get install from a live cd, I am connected to via ssh. How can I make it install x11vnc server?05:31
bazhangnin-ja, do you wish a separate home partition?05:31
maginotHi. Can someone tell me what rules or application is responsable for automonting drives like pen-drives, usb disks, etc ? (maybe udev?)05:31
bazhangnin-ja, /  swap /boot at least05:32
jasonop8just out of curiousity, but are you an admin or something?05:32
nin-jabazhang: would a home partition make it run faster?05:32
Madpilotlappie, the 'ubuntu servers' just forward straight to Freenode, far as I know05:32
nin-jabazhang: and how large must the swap be?05:32
jasonop8and actually, I do have a question, but there's no point in asking in the windows room, because they don't know anything..05:33
bazhangnin-ja, home partition is useful when things go awry or you wish to protect and fresh install but keep all your stuff05:33
bazhangjasonop8, then /join #ubuntu-offtopic05:33
bazhangnin-ja, is this a laptop05:33
jasonop8okay..so are you an admin?05:33
nin-jabazhang i'll have a general partition in fat 32 for that XD;05:33
nin-jabazhang: yes its a laptop D=05:33
bazhangnin-ja, fat32 for what05:34
nin-jabazhang: a kind of backup partition that both windows and linux can use05:34
bazhangnin-ja, use ntfs for sharing with other OS05:34
* maginot thinks if auto-mounting devices is related to hal-storage-mount... 05:34
bazhangnin-ja, do you wish to hibernate?05:34
nin-jabazhang: ya XD;05:34
bazhangnin-ja, how much ram05:35
nin-jabazhang: 2Gb05:35
bazhangnin-ja, greater or equal to ram iirc best to be safe and give it 3GB05:36
fiyawerxis there a point when as a stabber you should switch to long blades, or are short alway the best way to go05:36
fiyawerxhm, wrong channel05:36
lappiemaginot my best guess is pysdm05:36
lappiemaginot maybe this is the info you05:37
dsnydersfiyawerx, /join #assassin05:37
maginotfinally someone to talk ;)05:37
lappier lookin http://maketecheasier.com/auto-mount-your-ntfs-partition-in-ubuntu/2009/04/1405:37
lappiestupid fat finger rofl05:37
Madpilotfiyawerx, I think you just won some sort of award for most random thing ever posted here...05:37
nin-jabazhang: unfortunately it would be quite a task to upgrade the ram more.  And its a bit old, so i'm not too interested in upgrading the laptop =\05:37
maginotlappie, Hmmm let me take a look, just a sec .. .05:37
bazhangnin-ja, 3GB for swap, not upgrade the ram05:37
nin-jabazhang: OH XDD;05:37
fiyawerxdsnyders, its for ##crawl, actually05:38
nin-jabazhang: so i just need, 3GB swap, a boot partition which is the root im guessing and thats it?05:38
maginotlappie, actually there is nothing to do with ntfs, well, I'm curious to know how does ubuntu (or maybe some other distro who does the same) automount usb devices when they are plugged, I have build a lfs distribution and still haven't this working on it, so maybe I could use the same ubuntu uses...05:39
lappieoh, thats way beyond me :) sorry05:39
Madpilotnin-ja, /boot is not root. you likely need both05:39
maginotlappie,  okay, thanks anyway =)05:39
bazhangnin-ja, 250mb or so for /boot  3GB for swap   the rest for /   unless you wish a separate home partition05:40
lappiemaginot np good luck rofl05:40
dsnydersfiyawerx, I meant assassin as in hired killer, not the game. :-)05:40
nin-jabazhang: alright thanks!05:40
saganbyteWhat is the difference between apt-get install and aptitude install05:40
maginotbazhang,  Hmm 250mb for boot is way enought, I wonder if you will ever use all this space there05:40
nin-jabazhang: anything else i should know while creating the partitions?05:40
bazhangnin-ja, decide if you wish a separate home partition or not05:41
ftabfor some reason the file path before $ from my bash shell has disappeared and not it is showing only -bash-2.2$05:41
maginotand I don't tink 3gb of swap will ever work anyway05:41
ftabhow can I get my patch back before $ sign05:41
ar0nis compiz fusion or gtk the better or "Crazier" of the two ?05:41
ar0nim lookin to goof around with a flashy desktop etc05:41
nimrod10saganbyte, not much difference there both accomplish the same thing05:42
bazhangar0n, compiz has more flashy features05:42
nimrod10saganbyte, stick to using aptitude in my opinion , more easy to  use05:42
nin-jabazhang: sure i mind as well seperate a home partition as well05:42
maginotar0n, they are different05:42
saganbytenimrod10, Okay.. thanks05:43
maginotar0n, compiz gives you more eyecand05:43
nimrod10!aptitude saganbyte05:43
nimrod10saganbyte, !aptitude05:43
maginotar0n, and compiz have some filters proper to deal with effects not available on gtk05:43
ftab for some reason the file path before $ from my bash shell has disappeared and not it is showing only -bash-2.2$05:44
smick2Is there a way to turn off and turn back on the graphical environment like to save memory and let your Desktop run as a server.  Then you can SSH back in and call up the desktop GUI when you want to?05:44
soreauar0n: What kind of graphics card do you have?05:44
nin-jabazhang: oh what should the boot file format be?05:44
maginotftab, /etc/profile have you looked there? or on ~/.bashrc ?05:44
nimrod10!aptitude | nimrod1005:45
ubottunimrod10, please see my private message05:45
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:45
ftabmaginot, that file is empty05:45
maginotftab, which one?05:45
maginotftab, thats your problem..05:46
maginotftab, so its using the default on /etc/profile05:46
nin-jabazhang: should i put the /boot partition before the swap? or does that really matter?05:46
ftabmaginot, then what I need to do to force bash to remember the folder path05:47
maginotftab, you must have something like this on /etc/profile http://maginot.pastebin.com/jA5JvYy505:47
maginotftab, no. you profile must look like the one I pointed you05:47
nin-jaum... i was doing a manual partition for ubuntu, and I was wondering if the SWAP partition should come before or after the /boot partition05:48
nin-jaor if it really mattered05:48
git__hey, the update fixed my sound05:48
ar0nit doesnt matter nin-ja05:48
git__the update didn't fix resume/suspend though05:48
ar0ni did / swap home tho05:48
smick2does init3 disable the gui?05:48
nin-jaar0n: cool good to know05:48
smick2and will init3 gain me memory?05:49
maginotftab, if you can't edit /etc/profile cut and past that inside a new file called .bashrc on you home folder. But take care to not overwrite something, do it if you ~/.bashrc is inexistent or empty05:49
nin-jaar0n: what formats did you use for home and root?05:49
nin-jaar0n: i was just going to use ext4, i dont really know the difference between ext4 and the other exts tho05:50
ftabmaginot, it worked like a charm, i wanted that for all users :-)05:50
=== shazbotmcnasty is now known as ShazbotMcMurder
aldaekis automatix still around?05:50
ftabmaginot, btw which line is responsible for that ?05:50
bazhangaldaek, no. not supported either05:50
maginotftab, yep, put inside /etc/profile05:51
maginotactually that is supposed to be your /etc/profile05:51
nomad77ftab: the PS1= is your prompt05:51
ftabmaginot, ok got you thanks for your help05:52
isolat3dsh33pKindOne, what a disaster... D:05:53
adrian2mil10hi , anyone known how can change font color in the messages meanwhile boot process ??, i quit the splash to see the messages and i want change font color05:53
maginotftab, you're welcome05:53
maginotnetjoing, always funny =X05:53
maginotadrian2mil10, for everything of just something specific ?05:53
ar0nwhat is the SUPER key in all these compiz settings guys05:53
isolat3dsh33padrian2mil10, you mean the grub?05:53
maginotar0n, windows key05:53
=== homer is now known as Guest69798
adrian2mil10maginot > all05:54
bazhangar0n, windows key05:54
adrian2mil10isolat3dsh33p > after grub when begin the load of kernel05:54
isolat3dsh33padrian2mil10, I'm not sure how to do that. So you don't liek the funkeh xsplash huh. :/05:55
maginotadrian2mil10, do you use framebuffer?05:56
adrian2mil10<isolat3dsh33p> i don't wanna splash , i kick off the splash , i want see the kernel load messages05:56
KindOneAshok: please ask your question again, since everyone is back.05:56
maginotadrian2mil10, you have to open /etc/inittab05:56
maginotadrian2mil10, after each getty line you put -I `setterm -clear all -foreground green -bold -store`05:57
maginotchange green and bold for whatever you want05:57
adrian2mil10magintot > i have in cmdline the order vga=0x31705:57
isolat3dsh33padrian2mil10, maybe you could check files in /boot :/05:58
maginotadrian2mil10, did you get what I told you? Or its that way or you can recompile your kernel. Its up to you ;)05:58
maginotisolat3dsh33p, no.05:58
isolat3dsh33pmaginot, so no config file huh. :/05:58
maginotisolat3dsh33p, read above. You can edit /etc/inittab or recompile the kernel with option WS_KERNEL_FG=WSCOL_BLACK05:58
adrian2mil10<maginot> i'm using stock ubuntu kernel , only want change the  font color and no splash05:59
Ashokcan i get java information here05:59
maginotadrian2mil10, read above, please. I just answered your question.05:59
bazhangAshok, /join #java05:59
maginotadrian2mil10, again. Open /etc/inittab and after each getty line you put -I `setterm -clear all -foreground green -bold -store`05:59
adrian2mil10<maginot> yes thanks , you say change initab06:00
maginotadrian2mil10, change green for the color you want and took off -bold if you want. that is it.06:00
nomad77adrian2mil10: could try splash=silent verbose on the kernel root=/dev/foo line in grub.for kernel messages while booting06:00
maginotadrian2mil10, and don't get confused, is inittab, with double "t"06:01
adrian2mil10<nomad77> maybe for try the first time it's a good idea06:01
adrian2mil10<maginot> yes , inittab06:01
maginotof course, thats for changing the color, to have no boot splash is like nomad77 told.06:02
adrian2mil10<maginot>i remenber one time i probing federo livecd i like the startup boot screen process showing the load with font color06:03
lappiesince maginot brought up the question about mounting devices n such, i was wondering, is there a way to not show mounded devices on the desktop?06:03
adrian2mil10<maginot>i remenber one time i probing fedora livecd i like the startup boot screen process showing the load with font color06:03
maginotadrian2mil10,  you can make it permanent chaning /boot/grub/menu.lst06:03
goddardI know this isn'06:04
goddardI know this isn't the right place but anyone know a good xbox 360 channel?06:04
adrian2mil10<maginot>i don't  using menu.lst anymore , i'm using burg06:04
maginotadrian2mil10, sorry, I'm getting confused of what you're trying to achieve. If the idea is to take of the image and keep the text, so you have all information, but changing the boot splash I can't help you. And sorry, don't know burg.06:05
maginotlappie, yep there is, but first I have to know how to make they appear there to help you... lol06:05
adrian2mil10<maginot>no , i quit the usplash  , i want to see the kernel load messages with font in color not withe06:06
maginotlappie, I think I'm almost there, just tweaking ubuntu around trying to get it...06:06
lappiemaginot i used the program i linked 2 u earlier to automatically mount my ntfs partition so i can access my public folder from windows :)06:06
maginotadrian2mil10, so you have all you need, take the boot splash like nomad77 said (or whetever burg does) and use the /etc/inittab for the colors06:06
lappiemaginot act i think i just found my answer , how-to-geek has a page on it :)06:06
maginotlappie, but I'm trying to put some native support, like with hal and udev...06:07
adrian2mil10<maginot>thanks , i will try06:07
maginotadrian2mil10, tell us later if it worked ;)06:07
maginotlappie, can I see it ? ;D06:07
spiky25who tried beta 1 as a main install here ?06:08
lappiehttp://maketecheasier.com/auto-mount-your-ntfs-partition-in-ubuntu/2009/04/14 maginot there u go :_06:08
bazhangspiky25, lucid support in #ubuntu+106:08
lappieoops, wrong window06:08
lappie1 sec06:08
maginotlappie, actually I'm more interesting on the how-to-geek link, maybe reversing it could help me understand my problem.06:09
lappiemaginot sorry this is the correct page http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/hide-removable-drive-icons-from-your-ubuntu-desktop/06:09
ftabI need to set motd with some good formatting and extra large font how can I do that, what is the utility for that to generate a big font text?06:10
maginotlappie, nah, was just a gconf configuration with nautilus... I think I will have to keep looking.06:10
lostinI need a very simple photo editor (comprable to mspaint,  need circles, squares, text and lines with the ability to save).  Ive just spent 2 hrs on a photo with gimp that should have been quick (slow computer...requires simpler software).06:10
maginotftab, thats don't work this way.06:10
=== ashok is now known as Ashok
adrian2mil10<maginot> karmic don't have inittab , it was replaced i believe for rc-default but i'm not sure06:10
maginotftab, man motd06:10
lappiemaginot search on how to geeks site, u may just be supprised06:10
ar0nhmm guys i just noticed my flash isnt working, i have the plugin..06:11
mozaHi everybody, I'm trying to put labels on two newly created partitions (one in ext3, the other in fat32). I used Gparted. Do you know how to put labels ?06:11
ftabmaginot, I understand, but when I login I want to see some big font Into text06:11
maginotlappie, yep, maybe I will.. maybe I will, thanks06:11
maginotftab, thats not an option.06:12
maginotdid you readed about motd ?06:12
lappiemaginot hope u find what your lookin for, his site has all kinds of stuff :)06:12
=== ashok is now known as Ashok
* maginot finishes compiling the linux- with aufs and squashfs ;D 06:13
ftabmaginot, yes, then I guess I might be referring to some thing else, I have seen computers when I login I see an intro text whose font is large06:13
=== Dkennedy1 is now known as Dkennedy
maginotftab, ascii art ?06:13
ftabmaginot exactly :-)06:13
maginotftab, so just make some ascii art and put there... isn't big fonts, are just a illusion ;)06:14
ftabmaginot, I forgot the name ascii art, that's why I was using the term big font :-)06:14
ftabmaginot do you know any linux utility for that?06:14
lappiethat is an ooooolllld word thats for sure rofl, havent seen ascii art since bbs days06:15
Flannelftab: try figlet or http://ascii.dtools.net/06:15
maginotftab, search on google, many sites provides that. Just search for ascii art06:15
Loshalappie: I remember seeing asci animation art!06:15
lostinlappie...your missing out on ascii quake and ascii media playing06:15
lostin*ascii quake 306:16
lappielostin umm, i dont think im missing it at all lmao06:16
maginotlappie, I found what I wanted, its a policykit problem, that why my distro wasn't automounting, I didnt have the right rule06:16
lappiemaginot i dont even know those words policykit ...told ya it was wayyy beyond me rofl06:16
Explore2Hi, i am trying to install spyke, i have problems06:17
lappiebut i just found a huge page on it :006:18
lostinAnyone know of a linux version of mspaint?  (gimps to resource heavy for me and does more then I need)06:18
lappiethers a kiddies paint prog in the repo06:18
lostinif it does jpeg...its probably what I want06:19
maginotlostin, gimp is to complicated?06:19
lostindo you knw the name?  or do you think paint would work (for some reason i never thought of searching with the word paint)06:19
lappiego 2 the repo's and type paint :) theres a bunch of em06:19
lostinvery slow machine06:19
nomad77lostin: try mtpaint06:19
lostinevery thing I do in gimp takes 1 to 2 minutes06:19
lostinnope...Ill go install that now06:19
lappietry tux paint or krita lostin06:20
Aciidor just gimpshop06:20
maginotlostin, I think online there is a good one, can't remember its name its like sumo paint ..06:20
lostinthanks...Ill install them all and try them...Im just trying to label some pictures06:20
Aciidlostin use imagemagik if you want easy batch watermarks06:21
Aciidoe labels06:21
=== aybabtu is now known as Guest26591
xax200just curious, does anyone miss amarok1.4?06:21
scribawfclean install on 30gb HD Karmic Koala boots up but just to blank screen any help on this, please?06:22
TriciaAnyone else on 10.04 have the issue of ubuntu ignoring noauto in fstab?06:22
LoshaTricia: #ubuntu+1 for 10.04 questions...06:23
lappiejoin /#ubuntu+106:23
lappieoops rofl06:23
lappiejoin / #ubuntu+106:24
Explore2http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/xeK1F08w any help?06:24
lappiesigh, sometimes im such a dumb a))06:24
=== Guest4656 is now known as jussi01
=== root is now known as Guest3748
Loshalappie: nah, it's just fat fingers. We all get it now and then...06:25
ayam_jagospyke skype06:25
ar0nhmm guys i just noticed my flash isnt working, i have the plugin.. its amd 64  9.1006:26
ar0nive tried all the known workouts i can find online =|06:26
maginotar0n, how do you know you have the plugin ?06:26
richardhow do I pause totem via ssh?06:26
=== richard is now known as Guest61371
maginotar0n, does about:plugins shows flash ? Type that in the firefox address bar06:27
ar0nit says video/flv06:27
maginotar0n, whats the module name?06:28
lappie...ok i tried that channel, will ubuntu 10 run off cd like 9 will?06:28
git__anyone know how I can get to the grub menu when booting up?06:28
lappiei think u hit c or e or tab or something06:29
Guest61371totem --pause gives me "can't open display" and totem --display=:1 --pause gives a DBus-WARNING06:29
nin-jakubuntu is so sexy06:30
maginotar0n, thats the plugin name ???06:30
Guest61371difficult to use but sexy nin-ja06:30
ar0nfile name of the plugin yea06:30
ar0ner vlc multimedia plugin06:31
maginotar0n, you must have Shockwave Flash (libflashplayer.so)06:31
SwimmingRatUbuntu died. again. Firefox at the Jon Stewart site. Went into a dound loop repeating the same sound and froze. (Had past trouble and took CD out as advised and no problems for a week since.) Ubuntu 9.10 on AMD 32bit, only ubuntu no windows at all. But now there's no problem normally eremite except that chrome goes on audio strike from time to time. Now I am NOT using any CD.06:31
maginotar0n, try this, lets find out if you really have flash: find / | grep libflashplayer.so06:31
ar0nwhats the cli to extract a tar to a certain place06:32
darkk^Hmmm. Seeems, running update-initramfs made my system unbootable. Is it bug? :-)06:32
=== pragma_ is now known as Guest87447
maginotar0n, if you search result is too long use pastebin06:32
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:32
Guest61371how do I pause totem via ssh?06:33
ar0nlike i have this on my desktop magic_ninjai06:33
maginotww_, are you dying ? ;P06:33
maginotar0n, ?06:33
ar0ni just need to move it to ~/.mozilla/plugins06:33
nin-jahmmm i'm already starting to miss regular ubuntu on this laptop06:33
maginotar0n, could work, not recommended but could work.06:34
ar0nwell it doesnt seem to be there06:34
ar0nso lets get it there...then i can try to move this version of it to there06:34
ar0ncause this was a fix i was going ot try..06:34
simoncpuwhy would i go back to windows?06:34
SwimmingRatUbuntu FROZE. again. While repeating a sound. I was in Firefox at the Jon Stewart site. Went into a sound loop repeating the same sound and froze. (In past had freezing trouble. took CD out as advised and no problems for a week since.) System is: Ubuntu 9.10 on AMD 32bit, only ubuntu no windows at all. FYI, one other chronic issue that chrome goes on audio strike from time to time. Still no CD in drive.06:35
Guest61371BluShift, please don't use that sort of language here ?!06:35
SwimmingRatcan you help?06:35
maginotar0n, the right thing you should do is copy the plugin to /usr/mozilla/plugins and them make a link to /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/06:35
ar0nyeah but what would be the proper way to do it, without using this other plugin i just grabbed06:35
SwimmingRatwindows: you want to use your webcam. you need to run Photoshop. That's 2.06:35
ar0noh wait i get it06:36
Guest61371SwimmingRat, both work in ubuntu. photoshop only up to CS206:36
scribawfHow do I invoke GUI from Terminal console?06:36
maginotar0n, btw, if you download flash player from its site you can just use its install as root.06:36
simoncpuBluShift: are you a windows user?06:37
maginotscribawf, there are many ways.06:37
SwimmingRatGuest61371, really, I have photoshop elements can I make that work? And how do I call anyone on ekiga? they all use skype.06:37
SwimmingRat<-- eager to learn06:37
BluShiftsimoncpu: Yeah, because it's way better than Ubuntu.06:37
scribawfmaginot: and they are?06:37
simoncpuBluShift: i tried typing "dir" on my console and it works just like in windows06:37
BluShiftsimoncpu: What about you?06:37
simoncpubut i wonder why dir /a /s doesn't work06:37
lappieblushift windows is goin DOWWNNN rofl06:37
maginotscribawf, using dbus-launch, startx, gdm, kdm, and so on ... but I'm not here to make you home work =)06:37
simoncpuBluShift: i'm new to ubuntu06:37
Guest61371SwimmingRat, photohsop elements is not photoshop and I use skype in ubuntu with my webcam just fine06:37
BluShiftsimoncpu: Why use the cli when you can use WINDOWS?06:38
ardchoillePlease take the Windows discussion to another channel06:38
simoncpuBluShift: why doesn't dir work on Ubuntu?06:38
scribawfmaginot:  well that's a start tnx much06:38
BluShiftsimoncpu: Because it's not as good, durr.06:38
Guest61371simoncpu, because ls is shorter...06:38
scribawfmaginot:  well that's a start tnx much06:38
maginotscribawf, startx its the first thing do do the magic, them the proper way is using gdm or kdm or xdm06:38
BluShiftGuest61371: You're a noob. We dont talk to noobs.06:38
simoncpubut i don't think the net energy savings of using one less character is significant06:38
SwimmingRatinteresting dir -a -s works.  But why? Years ago I had Linux commands for windows in DOS and they were so much better. (that dates me!)06:38
ardchoille!coc | BluShift06:39
ubottuBluShift: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ .  For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct .06:39
scribawfmaginot, did fresh install Karmic and boots but goes to blank screen06:39
simoncpuwhoa... dir -a -s works06:39
Guest61371BluShift, what are you talking about?06:39
simoncpuBluShift: proof that Ubuntu doesn't suck06:39
=== Guest61371 is now known as timboy
maginotBluShift, you are a pro ahn ? okay, give me a break.06:39
BluShiftubottu: It's called the CoC? Har har har har.06:39
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:39
simoncpuubottu: thank you06:39
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)06:39
maginotscribawf, after booting or when starting booting ?06:39
timboyis it possible to pause totem via ssh?06:40
BluShiftI love Windows. Don't you, simoncpu?06:40
SwimmingRatpardon me but IRL everything sucks or everything is a wonder. IT'S THE ATTITUDE STUPID.06:40
scribawfmaginot:  uh, guess during booting or start of would be better way to say it06:40
SuspectZerohow can i install grub4dos through ubuntu?06:40
ubutom2BluShift, ubottu is a bot, just fyi06:40
simoncpuBluShift: i hate windows because i am 3771te hax000rs!!!!06:40
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:40
SuspectZeroardchoille, directed at me?06:41
ar0nyou mind if i pm please06:41
BluShiftsimoncpu: I like Windows because I'm not a dumb linux-loser!06:41
maginotar0n, no PM please. Just ask on the channel .06:41
BluShiftSwimmingRat: No moar caps rape pl0z.06:41
ar0nnp im tryingto load an apturl from adobe it says package not found06:41
ardchoille!ops | BluShift  needs a hint about etiquette06:41
ubottuBluShift  needs a hint about etiquette: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!06:41
simoncpuBluShift you bit me... and it hurts!06:41
maginotscribawf, try changing you boot option in the grub menu, you know how to do that?06:41
nomad77ar0n: after plugin is in proper place do sudo /sbin/ldconfig to be safe06:42
SwimmingRatUbuntu FROZE. again. While repeating a sound. I was in Firefox at the Jon Stewart site. Went into a sound loop repeating the same sound and froze. (In past had freezing trouble. took CD out as advised and no problems for a week since.) System is: Ubuntu 9.10 on AMD 32bit, only ubuntu no windows at all. FYI, one other chronic issue that chrome goes on audio strike from time to time. Still no CD in drive. Any help appreciated. Isnt there some log file I cant u06:42
SwimmingRatnderstand myself?06:42
scribawfmaginot: boot option?  not to sure on that06:42
johntramphey for the last few years i have been using the picard tagger. is there anything better to be using these days?06:42
ar0nim trying to get it to there lol06:42
ar0nthere was no/usr/mozilla06:42
ftabBluShift, if you like windows then there must be a reason for it, and we would rather prefer you to use windows, but yes be aware of all those trojans and viruses06:42
timboySwimmingRat, /var/log/messages or /var/log/syslog06:42
maginotscribawf, when you start your computer you have grub boot loader, which let you boot linux directly or choose between you OS06:42
SwimmingRatlimboy and then there is some way to show the file to you?06:42
SwimmingRatpasteinbin ??06:43
maginotar0n, /usr/lib/mozilla06:43
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:43
scribawfmaginot:  Linux directly with a memtest and recovery option that's about it06:43
maginotSwedeMike, ^06:43
=== testi is now known as thechef
SwimmingRatWhen it froze my computer lost the help when I freeze directory06:43
maginotSwedeMike, ops, wrong nick. =)06:43
rocket16Hello all, is there a GNOME version of KDE applications like KPlot and KStars?06:44
timboyrocket16, no06:44
timboytimboy, just use those06:44
rocket16timboy: Sorry to hear that. They run well, but with less speed06:44
timboyrocket16, agreed i'm not a fan of kde...06:45
BluShiftSwimmingRat: I get the feeling it might be Flash. Does this happen with other Flash sites as well>06:45
rocket16timboy: Still, It is nice. Most KDE applications are better, like Kig is better than Dr. Geo06:45
rocket16timboy: But to me, GNOME is better, :)06:45
maginotscribawf, take a look here, after understanding it try and any problem come ask for help again: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrameBuffer :)06:45
BluShiftWhat's your favorite text editor?06:46
darolurocket16, you can try stellarium (similar to kstars)06:46
rocket16Mine is Kate06:46
knoppiesBluShift, gedit.06:46
scribawfmaginot:  OK on my way will try most anything at this point, TU06:46
maginotrocket16, you can use kde applications inside gnome, just need kde libs...06:46
BluShiftHeh heh.06:46
rocket16darolu: Already using that, :)06:46
rocket16maginot: I am doing it already, but they are a bit slower06:46
SuspectZerohow can i install grub4dos through ubuntu?06:46
darolurocket16, I'm not sure what Kplot does, maybe if you tell me what you do with it I can suggest an alternative in gnome06:47
maginotrocket16, slow computer?06:47
SwimmingRatlimboy blushift pastebinit /var/log/syslog doesnt work -I need helpon it. ---and--- Youtube works fine. Javascript works but not on igoogle page. That is all. (how do I unignore you blushift?06:47
rocket16maginot: Yeah, older, 1 GB RAM06:47
knoppiesSwimmingRat, cant you do /ignore <nick>06:47
rocket16darolu: KmPlot is a function-plotter, it plots mathematical functions in Cartesian-System06:48
knoppiesoh, unignore, im not sure. What irc are you using?06:48
SwimmingRatok did the unignore. what works here did not work on another server so NP here06:48
BluShiftknoppies: **IRC Client.06:48
knoppiesthank you BluShift06:48
SwimmingRat<-- xchat06:48
rocket16Xchat is nice, :)06:48
knoppiesSwimmingRat, same, did you just /unignore?06:48
SwimmingRatI had hoe to do pastebin in missing files06:48
BluShiftSwimmingRat: Is this only happening with the Jon Stewert page?06:48
SwimmingRatknoppies, I did unignore nick and it worked06:49
scribawfmaginot:  startx was the answer for me now need to edit the loader line06:49
rocket16darolu: I tried Lybniz, it is nice. But still,wanted something better, :)06:49
maginotscribawf, you know that using startx isn't recommended right? The better way is with a session manager like gdm, kdm or xdm06:49
zamba'startx' is so the 90s06:50
SwimmingRatBluShift, so far only on that page. It was happening a LOT a week or so ago. I asked in here. did some pastebins. was told it was my CD (which was just sitting there unused) so I removed the disk and it's been fine till today.06:50
scribawfmaginot:  OK so lets see which one I really go with gdm, kdm or xdm?06:50
darolurocket16, does this look useful? http://www.gnuplot.info/06:50
* maginot rocket16 says older with 1gb of ram, which makes me remind the times where 128mb of ram was just too much ;)06:50
sdfasdfasdfdshow to use  gnome-desktop-item-edit   to create submenu dir06:50
ar0nthis is driving me nuts06:50
ar0nit will not let me move this file06:51
maginotscribawf, gnome, kde or remote sessions ?06:51
scribawfmaginot:  gnome06:51
BluShiftar0n: What?06:51
maginotscribawf, you can use any, but usually for gnome gdm is more common06:51
rocket16darolu: Gnuplot is very useful, I try it in combination with Octave and wxMaxima. But it is not any cartesian system06:51
knoppiescan I just install ubuntu onto a USB flash drive the same way I would any other HDD?06:51
scribawfmaginot: yup just saw that as I typed it out Duh06:51
rocket16darolu: Thank you still, for your effort, :)06:51
maginotar0n, you must be as root, please, just use the installer from adobe site: www.adobe.com/getflashplayer06:51
BluShiftar0n: What issue are you having?06:51
nomad77ar0n: use sudo06:52
scribawfmaginot:  is that from terminal command line?06:52
rocket16maginot:  I agree, :) But nowadays we have 4GB RAM as well in new PC Systems06:52
BluShiftar0n: Or chmod 66606:52
ar0ncannot stat is the error06:52
sdfasdfasdfdshow to use  gnome-desktop-item-edit   to create submenu dir06:52
maginotscribawf, you just want to start a X sessions exporadic ? (don't know if is this the word)06:52
BluShiftar0n: Just chmod 766 the directory and file.06:53
maginotar0n,  don't listen to BluShift06:53
BluShiftar0n: Don't listen to maginot.06:53
ar0ni know for fact im entering the directorys properly06:53
dendeywhen setup s/w like pidgin ,  twitter clients is it assured that passwords authentication etc etc is very safe???06:53
scribawfmaginot:  yea think thats what I'm trying to do but at least know my video drivers are working OK06:53
maginotar0n, do you have that plugin file I asked you? Where is it?06:53
dendeycoz u are giving away account details06:53
ar0nyes i have it06:53
rocket16For Octave, QtOctave is an excellent GUI, but yago in GNOME is unstable06:53
darolurocket16, are you telling gnuplot supports 3D singularities scripts but no cartesian cordenates?06:54
ar0nits on my /home/user/desktop06:54
furunohello, I'm having the "Cannot start session without errors, please check errors given in your PHP and/or webserver log file and configure your PHP installation properly." on a ubuntu server 9.10. I've checked where the sesion is stored(/var/php) and confirmed that it's accessable. I check the log, but can't find any phpmyadmin related error on my apache log. I'm installing phpmyadmin with apt-get. However, other webapps still can u06:54
BluShiftar0n: Actually, better to just chmod 998 to be safe.06:54
maginotBluShift, this delay was you searching on google for it?06:54
rocket16darolu: No, it does not. Because there is no Coordinate system,06:54
furunooh, it's a phpMyAdmin error displayed right after I've submitted the phpmyadmin login form06:54
rocket16darolu: GNUPLOT is excelleent, but it is a graph-plotter, not a function-plotter06:55
BluShiftfuruno: Don't use XAMPP. Just install Apache and PHP from scratch. XAMPP tries to make things easier, but ends up making them more difficult.06:55
BluShiftmaginot: Come again?06:55
rocket16I wish there had been a System with the advantages of GNOME and KDE together, :)06:55
furunoyes I'm using ubuntu server 9.10 and installed it using tasksel (on os installation)06:55
simoncpurocket16: it's called fluxbox06:55
maginotBluShift, what?06:55
BluShiftrocket16: Such as?06:55
BluShiftmaginot: I didn't understand what you meant.06:56
BluShiftsimoncpu: Har har.06:56
knoppiesBluShift, maginot implied that you are searching for answers on google and then posting them here.06:56
ar0ncp /home/user/desktop/file.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugin/06:56
simoncpuBluShift: i am a real 3771t3 hax00rs because i can has fluxbox06:56
rocket16simoncpu: Ha ha, nice. but it lacks the good looks of GNOME and KDE both, :)06:56
rocket16BluShift: Such as what?06:57
jussi01furuno: ypu may find better service in #ubuntu-server06:57
BluShiftknoppies: I know. I'm fully aware. I'm not sure why he'd think someone who's used Linux for almost 2 years wouldn't know what chmod is and how it works.06:57
furunojussi01: oh i see, wrong channel then... thanks!06:57
jussi01ar0n: you are trying to install flash?06:57
illovaehi o/06:58
jussi01ar0n: is there a reason you are not using the repositories?06:58
maginotBluShift, 2 years ahn...06:58
ar0nyes it didnt work06:58
BluShiftmaginot: But thanks for pretending like you know what you're talking about.06:58
jussi01ar0n: how so?06:58
jussi01BluShift: please keep on topic (ubuntu support).06:59
BluShiftmaginot: "ahn"?06:59
ar0nit says i have them, and its not working06:59
jussi01ar0n: have you restarted your browser since installing?06:59
maginotar0n, http://maginot.pastebin.com/QWzCWBT3 try this in the terminal, see if works06:59
ar0nflashplug installer, flashplugin-non free are both therre07:00
BluShiftDo you guys know what Ubuntu means?07:00
maginotar0n, and its a good idea just keep the adobe plugins, works better.07:00
maginotBluShift, Union07:00
BluShiftmaginot: It means "I can't configure Debian."07:00
jussi01BluShift: again, please keep on topic.07:01
BluShiftjussi01: How is that not on topic?07:01
maginotBluShift, You cant? so where you are lost?07:01
jussi01BluShift: this is a very busy support channel, strictly for support. Jokes are not part of support.07:01
rocket16Huh, the Ubuntu-offtopic is owned by a Joker named AtomicSpark, always giving insults to me and other good people, :(07:02
MadpilotBluShift, this is a support channel; #ubuntu-offtopic for random jokes, especially ones that're almost as old as the whole project, OK?07:02
* maginot starts thinking, from where these guys come from07:02
BluShiftjussi01: NO FUN ALLOWED.07:02
furunoit's quiet it #ubuntu-server :/07:02
jussi01rocket16: -> #ubuntu-ops07:02
rocket16jussi01: Thanks,07:02
simoncpuBluShift: try apt-get moo07:02
BluShiftjussi01: Can I be an op?07:02
darolurocket16, http://linux.softpedia.com/get/Science-and-Engineering/Electronic-Design-Automation-EDA-/Easy-Funktion-1937.shtml ??07:03
BluShiftsimoncpu: NO WAI. It's probably crash my computer and set it on fire or something.07:03
rocket16darolus: Oh, Thanks07:03
daroluhola juanjo escribe /join #ubuntu-es para entrar al canal en español.07:03
ar0nok done maginot07:03
maginotar0n, no error?07:03
simoncpuBluShift: hola, habla en espanol?07:03
ar0nit moved it07:04
BluShiftsimoncpu: I typed in "try apt-get moo" and it said "try: command not found". Is my compooter busted?07:04
maginotactually it copied it07:04
simoncpuBluShift: yes07:04
BluShiftsimoncpu: Uno cervesa pour favour?07:04
ar0nworkin thanks bud07:04
maginotar0n, now close and reopen the browser (your other plugin may be a problem, removing it its better)07:04
maginotar0n, worked now ?07:04
maginotokay then07:05
simoncpuBluShift: comamos la islas bonita07:05
=== Blue-Omega_ is now known as Blue-Omega
BluShiftsimoncpu: Uno cervesa?07:06
ardchoille!english | simoncpu BluShift07:06
ubottusimoncpu BluShift: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat07:06
daroluBluShift, at least say it right....07:06
BluShiftardchoille: We're not actually speaking an Spanish. Haha.07:06
BluShiftdarolu: I don't speak Spanish. Haha.07:07
MadpilotBluShift, seriously, random chatter in -offtopic07:07
BluShiftMadpilot: Do you get paid to op?07:08
GreenTBlueShift: it's "una"... and since ubuntu sucks that much, what the hell are you doing here?07:08
BluShiftGreenT: I'm just having a bit of a troll, relax.07:08
nomad77 /ban07:09
simoncpuhahaha... nice07:09
BluShiftGreenT: I actually loved Ubuntu when I was new to Linux. In fact, I might switch back from Fedora because of the better support for strange hardware.07:10
simoncpuFedora doesn't support strange hardware07:10
GreenTBluShift: and yeah, all ops in here get paid loads of money... and they get $100 for each troll they show the way out of here ;)07:10
MadpilotBluShift, any more offtopic trollishness will earn a 48hr ban. No more warnings. Clear?07:10
simoncpuit doesn't even run on a toaster07:10
Madpilotsimoncpu, what about a badger?07:11
GreenTUbuntu Toaster Edition... would like to see that ;)07:11
BluShiftMadpilot: I'm actually getting a bit of strange warm lump in my hand, so I think it's about time I parted anyways. Sorry for the troll, I actually do like ubuntu and #ubuntu. It's just one of my vices :)07:11
casemodswhat is the purpose of backtrack?07:11
simoncputo track back07:12
BluShiftGreenT: Sweet deal. When can I start?07:12
ardchoilleMadpilot: Thank you07:12
* darolu bows to Madpilot07:12
furunoIs there's anyway to do remote desktop connection (or something like that) to a non-gui ubuntu box? (preferably from my windows 7 box)07:13
abhinavfuruno: ssh ?07:13
casemodsremote desktop07:14
darolufuruno, openssh may work, you need to install cgywin to use it07:14
GreenTfuruno: VNC ?07:14
phpmonkfuruno, ssh07:14
abhinavdarolu, furuno : putty supports ssh07:15
darolufuruno, read check this links http://www.cygwin.com/ & http://www.noah.org/ssh/cygwin-sshd.html07:15
furunoabhinav: oh yeah, why I forget about putty :P07:15
daroluhey abhinav thanks, I didn't know about putty; I got your memo btw, I'm glad you got that 64-bit ubuntu working.07:17
=== sexghost is now known as sunkoo
Tru7hTrying to install Ubuntu 9.10 on a Win7 box; installing Karmic doesn't display Win7 in the grub, and running fixmbr from Win7 CD breaks ubuntu. Any help?07:22
daroluTru7h, after installing 9.10 did you try running "sudo update-grub"?07:23
Tru7hdarolu: Yes, I did. When I ran that command it caused grub to automatically boot ubuntu.07:23
Tru7hdarolu: I can't get dual boot to work properly, but I don't want to have to use Wubi.07:24
daroluTru7h, try following this: http://erickoo.wordpress.com/2009/06/14/how-to-add-vista-partition-to-grub-2-ubuntu-9-10-karmic-koala/07:25
SwimmingRatquestion: is there any way to access the files you saved from ubuntu-wubi if you dont boot from that wubi?07:26
outer_space1does a mac compact imac keyboard work in ubuntu?07:26
Tru7hdarolu: Thanks, I'll try those instructions and post the results.07:26
rocket16outer_space1: I think it will07:27
outer_space1good thing, i just payed $65 to order one07:27
rocket16outer_space1: First make a test-drive from Live-Ubuntu,07:27
rocket16outer_space1: Then you can see it, :)07:27
outer_space1just the keyboard lol07:27
outer_space1i dont even have a computer yet im just ordering pieces07:27
outer_space1we need keyboards with the ubuntu key07:28
Madpilotouter_space1, keyboards with a Tux key exist, I think I've seen Ubuntu kbs too07:29
rocket16outer_space1: Ubuntu can work with all Keyboards, I suppose07:29
outer_space1ive been searching for hours for a nice non-plastic compact keyboard07:29
outer_space1how come only apple delivers this?07:29
outer_space1they are monopolizing it07:29
maginotouter_space1, what architeture07:30
zusmost of my mdeia buttons dont work i havvve a compaq keyboard07:30
outer_space1usb keyboard, no keypad, made of metal mostly07:30
maginotzus, user xmodmap07:30
outer_space1aluminum but plastic keys i think07:31
almoxarifeSwimmingRat: read something about that, you have to make windows read a ext4 fs first07:31
daroluIIRC System76 keyboards come with Ubuntu key07:31
zushow do i find it in kubuntu?07:31
outer_space1im too used to laptop keyboards to ever go back to those crazy pc designs with all that space between keys, and you have to press SO FAR DOWN!07:31
outer_space1it just makes my fingers tired07:32
Madpilotouter_space1, I'm the opposite, can't get used to cramped laptops with no key movement :)07:32
outer_space1i used to think that, but once you do, you type faster with less effort07:32
daroluouter_space1, good thing you never used an old mechanic typewritter machine; like Madpilot I also need to 'feel feedback' when typing07:33
outer_space1yeah my first pc had that, and i kept it for years with a din-ps2 converter07:33
VigoIs there a VRI package, Voice Recognition Input?07:34
outer_space1if it didnt break it would have a din-ps2-usb adapter07:34
meatbunis facebook down? i can't login07:34
Tru7hdarolu: When I run sudo update-grub I get "boot: No such file or directory". Is this OK?07:35
mtx_initI cant get my cam to work with tinychat, but it works fine with chatrt and cheese, any ideas?  I set the flash permissions and I am in the video group07:35
daroluTru7h, no, it means something is wrong07:35
zusi found it nvm07:35
rocket16outer_space1: Are you from SAN ANTONIO?07:35
MarkProffittUbuntu destroyed my new laptop07:35
Tru7hdarolu: I've followed the instructions to the letter, what should I try next?07:36
outer_space1no but my IP is07:36
MarkProffittNow I have a $800 brick07:36
HPTwhiteget outta here mark07:36
outer_space1im from florida!07:36
mtx_initMarkProffitt: what happened07:36
daroluTru7h, most likely means the Windows 7 file you made has an error in the "set root" line; did you execute "sudo fdisk -l"? to check where windows is installed?07:36
VigoGrub how to: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:36
HPTwhitei can already tell mark is here on a mission; to destroy the Ubuntu name07:37
MadpilotHPTwhite, be polite.07:37
rocket16shishirdwivedi20: Are you from Lucknow?07:37
HPTwhitejust a guess though07:37
HPTwhitedont mind me07:37
mtx_initI cant get my cam to work with tinychat, but it works fine with chatrt and cheese, any ideas?  I set the flash permissions and I am in the video group07:37
MarkProffittI just got a new HP laptop with Windows 7.  I installed Ubuntu in a partitiion but it destoyed the partition table and now I can't boot anything and can't recover Windows either.07:37
rocket16HPTwhite: Why so? Ubuntu is great, and indestructible07:37
outer_space1lol sounds like a job for GEEKSQUAD07:37
shishirdwivedi20hello i need help07:38
mtx_initMarkProffitt: ok so you need to use the recovery disks which came with your laptop07:38
Tru7hdarolu: Windows is in sda2 for me, I assumed this meant I should set my root to (hd0,2); was I mistaken?07:38
rocket16Shishirdwivedi29: From Lucknow?07:38
HPTwhitei am Madpilot07:38
rocket16Shishirdwivedi20: From Lucknow?07:38
MarkProffittmtx_init: I am trying and it doesn't work.  The computer is a brick07:38
shishirdwivedi20why rocket16?07:38
HPTwhiteim just saying a starting statement like that isnt too friendly07:38
rocket16Shishirdwivedi20: Just a guess though, I am an Indian too07:38
HPTwhitesorry for being so direct07:39
mtx_initMarkProffitt: make sure you are able to boot from a CD, try to press F11 or F12 right away and select CD/DVD drive07:39
daroluTru7h, according to that link, you are correct; although I'm not very sure if sda2 = hd0,2 and not hd0,1 as it used to be; you may want to try changing hd0,2 to hd0,107:39
rocket16Shishirdwivedi20: So, what is the problem?07:39
shishirdwivedi20ohh dats great rocket1607:39
Madpilotrocket16, please keep the offtopic chat to a minimum on this channel, OK?07:39
shishirdwivedi20i forgot my user name and password of ubuntu07:39
MarkProffittHPTwhite, I'm not feeling very friendly.  THis piece of shit destroyed my new laptop.07:39
HPTwhitei dont understand it completely myself, but i wouldnt come into a support room for it with a statement like that07:39
rocket16Madpilot: I am just talking to him about his problem,07:39
shishirdwivedi20so how can i access my operationg system07:39
outer_space1reformat your hd lol its not ubuntus fault07:40
rocket16Shishirdwivedi20: Access Ubuntu?07:40
Tru7hdarolu: Trying (hd0,1) produces the same error.07:40
rocket16Shishirdwivedi20: Why? Using Login screen isn't enough?07:40
shishirdwivedi20ubuntu give any guest login facility?07:40
mtx_initMarkProffitt: your laptop is fine.07:40
mtx_initI cant get my cam to work with tinychat, but it works fine with chatrt and cheese, any ideas?  I set the flash permissions and I am in the video group07:40
rocket16Shishirdwivedi20: Oh! Forgot your Password?07:40
outer_space1how can you figure out IRC if you cant even reinstall windows?07:40
MadpilotMarkProffitt, "destroyed my new laptop" is pretty vague. Barring smoke, fire & explosion, I'm guessing an install went badly?07:40
Vigoshishirdwivedi20: Here>https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword07:40
shishirdwivedi20ok vigo07:41
daroluTru7h, when you do "sudo update-grub" does it get to the Windows 7 part, or prints the boot error for a Linux entry?07:41
rocket16Shishirdwivedi20: O, I am opening a new dialogue Window, to help you07:41
HPTwhiteMarkProffitt: just a suggestion; if you're coming into a support channel please be more direct with your issue rather than making such a horrible opening remark; won't get many responses like that. but that's just my personal opinion; i don't speak for everyone when i say that07:41
* maginot nothing like a coffee at 4:40am 07:41
Tru7hdarolu: It says "Adding Windows" but after the memtest image thing it says "ls: cannot access /var/lib/os-prober/mount/Boot" and then "boot: No such file or directory"07:42
MarkProffittI can't get it to boot from CD07:43
maginotMarkProffitt, did you changed the bios to be able to boot your cd?07:43
daroluTru7h, oh so it is not loading the os-prober; uhmmm gimme a sec07:43
MadpilotMarkProffitt, have you checked your BIOS settings? Boot order might need to be adjusted.07:43
HPTwhitewhat message do you get mark? what kind of system do you have? do you have your BIOS set to boot from CD?07:43
* maginot 3 equal answer maybe thats the real answer ? ;)07:44
Vigoshishirdwivedi20: There are a few other ways, that one is the basic from Ubuntu , the forums have a few tips on that also, be careful in that area as you are /root and a backup is always suggested.07:44
MarkProffittI don't have any system now07:44
oriHelp. I installed counter strike but it won't run. any tips?07:44
Tru7hdarolu: I've tried running apt-get install os-prober but it's already installed.07:44
HPTwhiteMark: Ubuntu 9.10 will boot from any system bootable by cdrom07:44
maginotMarkProffitt, do you know what BIOS is?07:44
HPTwhitewith the minimum sys requirements of course07:44
MadpilotMarkProffitt, BIOS is not your system. It's the really base level stuff that pops up when you first turn the machine on07:45
MarkProffittWhen it boot I get a message to choose Window or Ubuntu,  If I choose Ubunut it crashes.  If I chose Windows the retore comes up and then fails.07:45
MadpilotBIOS doesn't care if there's an OS or not07:45
daroluTru7h, yes, update-grub is supposed to load/run the /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober but seems like it's not doing it07:45
maginotMarkProffitt, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BIOS07:45
MarkProffittTher is no way to get to the BIOS07:45
Tru7hdarolu: Do you know what else I could try?07:45
outer_space1markproffitt boot from your windows cd07:45
maginotMarkProffitt, did you readed what I pointed you ?07:46
MarkProffittEvery key I press on statrt up doesn't work07:46
MarkProffittIt won't boot07:46
daroluTru7h, try "sudo os-prober" to see if it does find your Windows 707:46
maginotMarkProffitt, again, read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BIOS07:46
Tru7hdarolu: "sudo os-prober" returns "ls: cannot access /var/lib/os-prober/mount/Boot" and "boot: no such file or directory".07:47
maginotMarkProffitt, this will help too I think: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/fixtheproblem/ss/bootorderchange.htm07:47
MarkProffittmaginot I know what BIOS is.  There is no way to get this computer to boot07:47
VigoMarkProffit: Hold Delete key, but look at Computer Hope .com for some very helpful data on that, could be a different key. or key set.07:47
MadpilotMarkProffitt, if you're getting to GRUB's choose-your-OS screen, it is booting past BIOS, at least07:47
maginotMarkProffitt, If you know what a bios is you wouldn't making some questions you did. Change in the bios the boot order to the CD.07:48
Madpilotmust go, stuff to do before sleep. Later, all.07:48
MarkProffittThere is no way to get to the BIOS,  and it can't get crashing no matter which OS I choose07:48
maginotMarkProffitt, but why are you trying to boot the CD, your problem isn't with your password?07:48
MarkProffittI can't get this to boot to anything now07:49
maginotMarkProffitt, I gave up, I'm talking to a door. =/07:49
MarkProffittnot from HD,  it won't boot to CD, I can't get into BIOS ot change the boot order07:49
cdoublejjso i partitioned my drive 4 ways 1st part. is 98se 2 and 3 are storage and 5 witch consist ofa swap and then a ext307:49
cdoublejjdo i want my mount point to be /boot or just /07:49
MarkProffittI would love to have some meaninglyful suggestion07:49
HPTwhiteMarkProffitt: you cant get to the BIOS?07:49
MarkProffittI have said that 4 times now07:50
HPTwhitewell then get that fixed and come back when youre done07:50
MarkProffittHOW ???????07:50
maginotMarkProffitt, you have to go to a support place where someone could fix your hardware, this have nothingto do with ubuntu or even linux.07:50
VigoMarkProffitt: > http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000976.htm That may help.07:50
HPTwhite(not being rude, but if you cant change BIOS boot order there's not much help we can provide07:50
MarkProffittThe computer was perfect right from the store ithen I tried to install Ubuntu and the thing is now a brick07:51
daroluTru7h, maybe reinstalling os-prober will do it; "sudo apt-get remove --purge os-prober" and then "sudo apt-get install os-prober"07:51
maginotHPTwhite, its liking talk to a door. Really, I gave up.07:51
cdoublejjhmm i just found out "/" means root07:52
maginotcdoublejj, yep, its the deeper place of you filesystem ;)07:52
cdoublejjand dangerous if you mes with it07:52
maginotvery ;X07:53
HPTwhitemaginot: I know: but I was being blamed for being rude and I was just trying to stand my ground; I am far from rude. I just want to help. that was my whole point07:53
MarkProffittYou are rude07:53
Tru7hdarolu: Upon reinstalling, I get "Package os-prober is not available, but is referred to by another package... E: Package os-prober has no installation candidate" (with some messages as the ...)07:53
MarkProffittI am telling you exactly what is happening. I have read everything you have said07:53
MarkProffittits not helping07:53
HPTwhiteMarkProffitt you are out of line. if i had the right permisssions you would be banned/kicked right about now07:54
bullgardSynaptic: "Liferea is a simple FeedReader clone for GNOME." What clones here what?07:54
rocket16MarkProffitt, HPTProffitt: No problem friends, just easy, :)07:54
HPTwhiteall we're doing is trying to help07:54
maginotMarkProffitt, you are ignoring the basic, blaming the system for your hardware problem (if there is any) and want us to make some magic for you. Please go learn the basics.07:54
MarkProffittTHEN HELP!!!!07:54
daroluTru7h, "sudo apt-get install os-prober-udeb"07:54
MarkProffittIts not a fucking hardware problem07:54
MarkProffittIt was perfect before Ubunutu trashed the computert07:54
rocket16Easy all, no enmity here.07:54
MarkProffittNew out of the box working perfectly07:54
rocket16MaskPoffitt: May I know the problem with your System?07:55
HPTwhiteMark you might want to go another route then07:55
llutzif you cannot enter BIOS, it IS a hardware problem and now stop trolling07:55
maginotMarkProffitt, its obivious that you dont know what you are talkin about, not even the basic about how a computer works07:55
daroluTru7h, if it fails download and install: http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/os-prober07:55
HPTwhitehere in this community we are supportive of eachother07:55
rocket16MarkProffitt: Friend, may I know the problem about your Computer System?07:55
HPTwhiteif you cant respect you dont belong here regardless07:55
MarkProffittSure supportive, I have been insulted continuously07:55
Vigo!language | MarkProffit07:55
ubottuMarkProffit: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.07:55
maginotMarkProffitt, so take to the warrant07:55
MarkProffittI can't get this back to Windows and I can't get it to boot the Ubuntu disc07:56
MarkProffittso its stuck a brick07:56
rocket16Easy all, MarkProffitt is new here, let us help him07:56
rocket16MarkProffitt: Please, let me know of your Problem,07:56
MarkProffittYes I am new HERE but not to computers.07:57
HPTwhiterocket we are trying to help, but Mark needs to be respectful07:57
LoniaMarkProffitt, could you describe precisely which steps you took to get into this mess?07:57
maginotMarkProffitt, go and learn about how a computer works, how a bios works and how its related to you operaton system and you will learn that you are ignoring what we are talking.07:57
oriHelp. I installed counter strike 1.6 through wine but it won't run. any tips?07:57
rocket16HTPwhite: I understand, and I respect your attitude to help,07:57
rocket16MarkProffitt: Friend, can you please summarise your Problem? I did not get it, may be I can help07:58
maginotori, wine help isn't on this channel.07:58
llutzori: /j #winehq07:58
=== sam_ is now known as Guest75794
knoppiesori, Other than use windows for directX Im not sure. I think your going to have to find the #wine channel and hope they are active at the moment07:58
maginotllutz, what irc do you use?07:58
MarkProffittI just got a brand new HP Pavilion dv7-3165dx with Windows 7 Home Premium.  The computer was perfect. I tired to install Ubunut in a partition.  It failed and trashed the partion table.  Now I can't boot to anything and can't recover and can't reinstall Ubunut either.07:59
Tru7hdarolu: Apt-get package failed; used the link you mentioned, os-prober was installed but sudo update-grub still displays the same message: "boot: No such file or directory"07:59
llutzmaginot: ?07:59
knoppiesMarkProffitt, did it come with a windows7 install disc? Or a recovery partition?07:59
maginotllutz, /j doesn't work here lol ;P07:59
rocket16MArkProffitt: Oh, that is easy, just reinstall Grub, may I say how?07:59
llutzmaginot: /join then07:59
Tru7hkProffitt> HOW ???????07:59
Tru7h*>* kProffitt> HOW ???????07:59
maginotMarkProffitt, Your partition table have nothing to do with your BIOS.07:59
HPTwhitewow /j doesnt work in what client? lol08:00
MarkProffittNo it did not come with a disc.  I made a restore disc before doing this.08:00
Tru7h*>* Apologies, client issue08:00
rocket16MarkProffitt: Do you have the Ubuntu Live CD?08:00
mtx_initI cant get my cam to work with tinychat, but it works fine with chatrt and cheese, any ideas?  I set the flash permissions and I am in the video group08:01
maginotHPTwhite, actually you're right, works here, the last time I tried was about 6 years ago (I'm sure it doesn't work that time) lol08:01
MarkProffittI have the disc that is made from downloading08:01
rocket16MarkProffitt: Ok, that will do, :)08:01
rocket16MarkProffitt: Ok, now I am saying how to reinstall grub, it is easy08:01
HPTwhiteloo maginot08:01
knoppiesrocket16, im listening.08:02
HPTwhitelol* rather08:02
rocket16knoppoes: Ok, lol08:02
Loniarocket16, It's posible that something crashed the ubuntu installation?08:02
daroluTru7h, I just read that os-prober is not necessary, this may be risky but you can try it, "sudo aptitude purge os-prober" this will uninstall os-prober; then run "sudo update-grub" remember the 11_windows file you created? make usre it has the correct entry (hd0,2)08:03
Loniarocket16, I mean , to the poit it made de HD useless08:03
maginotMarkProffitt, Do you want to reinstall your ubuntu? So just make your BIOS boot the CD and reinstall it. A partition table problem doesn't stop you from doing that.08:04
knoppiesLonia, technically anything is possible, but we are trying to look at a cup half full, and hoping that the partitions are still in tact.08:04
rocket16Lonia: MAy be, but in that case, a full reformat is required08:04
maginotLonia, useless until a next try, not useless to send to the trash08:04
knoppiesmaginot, dont dump it in the trash, give it to me, I will make good use of it (at least some of it).08:05
Loniarocket16, Ok, I got into something similar a few years ago, the live CD solved it, hope it does this time08:05
Tru7hdarolu: sudo update-grub succeeded; rebooting now08:05
rocket16Lonia: Let us hope so, otherwise it will be hard08:05
Loniamaginot,Ok I get it08:05
* maginot talking about making a good use I need a 3th disk =X08:05
Loniarocket16, thanks for the reply08:05
daroluTru7h, good luck08:06
HPTwhitei have an interesting question.....not to sound like a noob or anything....but is there a way to run linux like in a virtual world? like not making a seperate partition and not just booting from a cd, but like a program/window of it?08:06
Tru7hdarolu: Grub now loads the OS selection list, but Windows 7 is not on the list.08:06
Tru7hdarolu: I have Linux 2.6.31-14-generic and the same as recovery mode, plus memtest8608:06
daroluTru7h, did you run "sudo update-grub" after editing your 11_windows file?08:07
rocket16Lonia: My pleasure, :)08:07
HPTwhiteyou can dual boot windows 7 and ubuntu....ive done it08:07
jeanfiHPTwhite, wubi?08:07
knoppiesHPTwhite, yes, its called using a virtual machine, i recommend you look at suns virtualbox.08:07
jeanfiHPTwhite, http://wubi-installer.org/08:07
LoniaHPTwhite, t you mean like some of us use windows in Virtualbox?08:07
gotttoHPTwhite: virtualbox will do it08:07
rocket16jeanfi: There is better solution available.08:07
Tru7hdarolu: Yes, I did.08:07
daroluTru7h, OK, reboot and Windows should be on your list08:07
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.08:08
jeanfirocket16, probably I have no real experience I do the opposite, running windows in virtualbox in ubuntu:)08:08
daroluTru7h, even if it is not displayed in the update-grub list (as it uses os-prober to generate that list)08:08
maginotAndre, I use VBox for many things like when need to do something on windows, but a good computer is recommended08:08
Tru7hdarolu: Rebooting once more.08:08
daroluTru7h, good luck08:08
jeanfirocket16, but some friends are using wubi with sucess, what is the better tool?08:08
rocket16jeanfi: Wubi is nice, but slow08:09
ayam_jagomaginot: /me use vbox too :d08:09
* york105 dislikes wubi08:09
HPTwhiteis that ubuntu or just a linux virtualbox?08:09
=== andrea is now known as Guest43620
Tru7hdarolu: Ubuntu skips the GRUB OS selector altogether again.08:09
ayam_jagoi use vbox on my ubuntu for fugates08:10
york105HPTwhite, wubi will actually install Ubuntu and is not a virtual environment08:11
HPTwhiteok that was a dumb question....ummmmmm......what distro is that virtualbox08:11
Tru7hdarolu: I'm currently using (hd0,2) in my 11_Windows file, should I try (hd0,1)?08:11
llutzHPTwhite: its a virtualization-software, no distro08:11
maginotVirtualBox is a Virtual Machine, it emulates other computers inside it. Its like a JVM for OSs08:11
daroluTru7h, windows 7 may be on the list, but it's set to be hidden (the list) you need to configure your /etc/default/grub file08:11
ayam_jagoHPTwhite : /j #vbox08:11
gotttoHPTwhite: it is an application that lets you run an os in another os08:11
HPTwhitethx gotto08:12
Tru7hdarolu: I'm in the file, what should I change?08:12
jeanfirocket16, my understanding of wubi is that it is not a virtualization tool, it 'just' allow to have the root fs in a windows partition file, so just the i/o should have a performance impact I guess?08:12
* york105 suggest using the grub-update command08:12
daroluTru7h, comment the GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0 line08:12
daroluTru7h, with a # in front of it: #GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=008:12
Tru7hdarolu: The line's been commented. Reboot?08:13
HPTwhitewhats a good free partition tool so i can dual boot vista/ubuntu?08:13
daroluTru7h, yeah08:13
york105HPTwhite, try partition logic08:13
maginotjeanfi, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wubi_(Ubuntu_installer)08:13
york105HPTwhite,  or gparted08:13
HPTwhiteahhh gparted08:14
daroluHPTwhite, most of us use the LiveCD to do it, under System - Admin; you'll find GParted08:14
HPTwhitei have that08:14
HPTwhitedoes it matter what version?08:14
Tru7hdarolu: I still can't select OS, ubuntu loads up right away08:14
york105HPTwhite, no it doesn't unless you're wanting to do something fancy08:14
llutzTru7h: pressing "shift" at boot doesn't bring up grub-menu for you?08:14
Tru7hllutz: I'll try that.08:15
daroluTru7h, my bad, change the value of GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET=true to GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET=false; then the line GRUB_TIMEOUT= sets the timer, in seconds i.e. GRUB_TIMEOUT=1008:15
darkk^After update udev at my initrd is broken - it does not even create /dev/sda* disks, /dev is almost empty.08:15
Tru7hllutz: No, shift does nothing.08:15
VigoHPTwhite: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GParted08:15
maginotdarkk^, thats not done on initrd08:16
Tru7hdarolu: I'll do so.08:16
cdoublejjis it okay to use my windows partition and set it's mount point /windows?08:16
* york105 personally uses partition logic08:16
darkk^maginot, ah, you're right, that's formally called initramfs.08:16
cdoublejji used it to set the partition but, forgot to format them08:16
cdoublejjnow i have to tell ubuntu to boot from the last partition via partition manager08:17
ackt1cno you don't08:17
cdoublejjpartition logic is quite nice08:17
ackt1cno its not08:17
darkk^maginot, anyway, that does not create any difference - my /dev is empty and initramfs script can't find root device (/proc/devices has proper devices, so kernel is ok)08:18
york105cdoublejj, yes, i've been using it for some time now, useful if you want to inflate your ntfs partition08:18
llutzackt1c: do you have any ubuntu-support question or helpfull answers?08:18
jamiewan_can someone shed some light on this output when trying to access gparted... sudo gparted08:18
jamiewan_[sudo] password for jamie:08:18
jamiewan_Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 key08:18
jamiewan_(gpartedbin:8670): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :0.008:18
ackt1cquestions yes answers no08:18
FloodBot1jamiewan_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:18
Tru7hdarolu: Do you want me to uncomment the previously commented line (GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0)?08:18
cdoublejjwell using fat32 cause i'm dual booting while trying to dual boot with 9808:18
llutzackt1c: then ask but stop spamming08:18
cdoublejji'm using 98 for games that don't emulate well08:18
Zorgelol FloodBot XD08:19
york105cdoublejj, you're not referring to windows 98 are you?08:19
the_gamermy perl can't find Apache::Registry i already installed libapache2-mod-perl2-dev and libapache2-mod-perl2 but to no avail. how to install this module under ubuntu?08:19
llutzjamiewan_: gksudo gparted08:19
maginotdarkk^, your problem is with other partitions or is with your system partitions like / /usr /home /boot ...08:19
daroluTru7h, if it is commented, yes; it is necessary08:19
cdoublejjyes i am, 98se08:19
kalesiancdoublejj: hi, should be able to mount a windows partition anywhere.. what do you plan on doing with it?08:19
york105cdoublejj, wow, i haven't seen windows 98 in a decade now :D08:19
daroluTru7h, otherwise time will be 008:19
jamiewan_llutz: na get a scrambled version of the last output08:20
ayam_jagothe_gamer: go to System, Administration, Synaptic Package Manager08:20
cdoublejji had wifi in 98 last time08:20
cdoublejj98 is still in use08:20
ackt1cubuntu = mounted filesystem network08:20
darkk^maginot, I'm quite confident that the issue is udev-related as I can mount everything by hands (see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/450620/comments/18 for details)08:20
* york105 finds cdoublejj using 98 impressive08:20
Tru7hdarolu: I've uncommented the line and rebooted; the grub list is still skipped.08:20
cdoublejjcheck the msfn forums08:20
the_gamerayam_jago, i already installed libapache2-mod-perl2-dev and libapache2-mod-perl2 which should include that perlmodule... it can't be found...08:20
cdoublejjyou can get xp compatibility for 98 as well as ntfs08:21
kalesianthe_gamer: have you tried "cpan -i Apache::Registry"?08:21
the_gamerkalesian, yeah08:21
cdoublejjwhy not blood nor shadow warrior emulate worth poo on dosbox08:21
the_gamerotrs can't find it and won't run08:21
Egyptian[web]i was wondering what ppa stood for08:21
daroluTru7h, that's weird, did you run "sudo update-grub" after editting the grub file?08:21
york105morning Egyptian[web]08:21
ackt1cits all quicktime people08:22
maginotdarkk^, looking at you bug post I only can assume that the problem is on your lvm partition08:22
ackt1capple quicktime08:22
ackt1cfrom windows xp08:22
llutz!ops | ackt1c spamming troll08:22
ubottuackt1c spamming troll: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!08:22
Tru7hdarolu: Not after the second time, Ive done so and am rebooting now.08:22
the_gamerkalesian, it aborts at: "  '/usr/bin/perl Makefile.PL INSTALLDIRS=site' returned status 2, won't make"08:22
Tru7hdarolu: Running update-grub had no effect.08:22
kalesianthe_gamer: did you append sudo in front of it?08:22
the_gamerkalesian, yes08:23
ubottuWith Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.08:23
maginotdarkk^, this isn't exaclty a bug. Do you know what you're doing when using LVM fs?08:23
Egyptian[web]thanks u bot u08:23
MarkProffittmaginot, HPTwhite  I figured out how to get this laptop to boot to CD. This new HP laptop has a bizarre BIOS08:23
maginotMarkProffitt, =)08:24
darkk^maginot, yes. I set it up using usual text install, evreything was ok, then I installed all suggested updates - and voila, I have to rescue system from bare bash shell :-)08:24
daroluTru7h, this is my grub file, I have menu, compare them: http://paste.ubuntu.com/401021/08:24
daroluTru7h, remember to run "sudo update-grub" after changing the file08:24
maginotdarkk^, Hmm did you updated the kernel too?08:24
darkk^maginot, yes, according to /var/log/apt/term.log my kernel was upgraded from to
kalesianthe_gamer: no clue then..08:25
Tru7hdarolu: Differences: My GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET is false, as you mentioned I should set; additionally, I am missing the "vga=792", there is nothing between my double quotes.08:26
daroluTru7h, my bad; the documentation I read said "false - A counter will display"08:27
Jim_BeanHey, I have a Aspire 4520, and according to lspci it has a Broadcom wireless chip... How do I get it to work?08:27
Tru7hdarolu: Should I make it true?08:27
maginotdarkk^, if your lvm partition was working fine, and it says okay there, them the problem is with your NTFS drive08:27
MarkProffittYou guys can do what ever you want but if you want to get converts to Linux I suggest treating people who are frustrated with respect and assume they might actually know what they are talking about.08:27
daroluTru7h, the vga=792 is not important right now, it is used to set the Virtual Terminal resolution; make it true, yes (that's what I have and I do have a menu)08:28
gottto!bcm > Jim_Bean08:28
ubottuJim_Bean, please see my private message08:28
Tru7hdarolu: Setting true, running update-grub and rebooting.08:28
murlidharhi all is it possible that i can set autohinting for bold fonts to 'slight' and regular fonts to 'full'?08:28
llutzMarkProffitt: if you'd read here for a while, you'd know that most of the people actually doesn't know what they are talking about (even if they're sure to know)08:28
MarkProffittllutz,  hahaha08:29
Tru7hdarolu: I still have no menu.08:29
darkk^maginot, do you have any idea why initramfs may be interested in NTFS partition? :-)08:29
Tru7hdarolu: What if I tried update-grub2?08:30
daroluTru7h, that's very weird, the settings on the pastebin are the way I have it, and I do have a menu; sure try update-grub2; anyways, pressing ESC (on the grub loading string) displays the menu08:31
Tru7hdarolu: I have the same settings as you. I've updated grub2 and am restarting, I'll try your ESC trick.08:31
daroluTru7h, just to check; you do modify the /etc/default/grub file with sudo and you save the changes right?08:32
Tru7hdarolu: Yes, of course.08:32
Tru7hdarolu: ESC didn't work to me, I saw something about "General error mounting filesystem" before it went to the ubuntu login08:34
maginotdarkk^, did you read my last 3 comments? My irc just droped here08:34
excoI want to report a bug but I'm not sure against which package08:34
maginotexco, so how do you know is a bug?08:35
excomaginot: ^^ *rofl*08:35
Vigoexco: Check the local logs?08:35
darkk^maginot, the last comment I see was about NTFS - I'm sure, it's not the reason. As you can see, I find out that udevadm script was broken (see comment #20), now I've just understood WHY it is broken and have some idea how to repair it :-)08:35
Tru7hdarolu: Just to clarify, I've been editing /etc/default/grub under sudo.08:36
excoI think it's debian-installer - delete and use whole medium in partitioning screen doesn't show a swap partition will be generated but there is one generated08:36
daroluTru7h, try holding down the SHIFT key while Grub boots, that should display the menu; the mounting error is odd, win7 still uses ntfs right?08:36
excoalso there's a translation error (to German) ... but I can't find the corresponding string in launchpad/translate08:37
daroluTru7h, yes, /etc/default/grub sets the options like displaying the menu, adding a background image, etc.08:37
Tru7hdarolu: Yes, the Win7 partition was formatted with NTFS. I'll reboot while holding down shift.08:37
Vigoexco: What version?08:37
excodaily of karmic08:37
exco, Vigo08:37
Tru7hdarolu: Holding shift has successfully displayed the menu, but Windows 7 is not on it.08:38
daroluTru7h, :( OK these are my final ideas; modify both /etc/grub.d/11_windows and /etc/grub.d/40_custom files with: http://paste.ubuntu.com/401020/08:39
Vigoexco: You can de-select that, http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/jaunty/man1/dselect.1.html08:40
TomV_415Tru7h: You may also want to check out this option to build the menu: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Automatic%20Entries08:41
bsdgrouphi! is there possibility to setup irc server that can communicate with ldap, I want to setup irc server that will allow connection to server only if they has acc in ldap db...08:41
excoVigo: so I should check with dselect on the usb stick what version of debian-installer it is using?08:41
Vigoexco: You can do that if you wish, yes, here is the karmic page: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/karmic/man1/dselect.1.html08:42
TomV_415Tru7h: Looks like you may have already gone down that road.. never mind .  good luck!08:42
=== cece is now known as taizuhuangdi
* maginot damn connection :X08:44
jasonmchristoshello is rsync ove ssh the best way to backup from my laptop to a computer at home?08:44
bsdgrouphi! is there possibility to setup irc server that can communicate with ldap, I want to setup irc server that will allow connection to server only if members have account in ldap db...08:45
daroluTru7h, if this fails too all I can think of is installing "sudo apt-get install startupmanager" and hope the GUI fixes it (it's almost 3a.m. where I live and I can't think of anything else)08:45
abhinav!best | jasonmchristos08:45
ubottujasonmchristos: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.08:45
Tru7hdarolu: It worked! I now have "Windows 7" and "Microsoft Windows 7" in my list, which should I choose? (by the way, I still have to hold shift to bring up the menu)08:45
ackt1ccards anyone08:45
Tru7hTomV_415: Thank you, either way. :)08:45
abhinavjasonmchristos: rsync over ssh is good .. in addition you could try a package called unison, if you're looking for file sync08:45
jasonmchristosabhinav: i will look up unison08:46
daroluTru7h, excellent! both options have the same configuration so any of them should work; I'd put my money on the Microsoft Windows 7 one as it is the one in 40_custom08:46
york105jasonmchristos, rsync is far more sophisticated than the plane jane ssh we use, have a look at rsync man for more info08:46
Tru7hdarolu: That's understandable, I'm in the same time zone as you and I have a class at 9:30 so I'll be calling it a night soon. Will your last suggestion make it so I don't have to hold shift?08:46
maginotbsdgroup, I think you're in the wrong channel...08:46
prodigelHi all. I've just installed karmic and updated it, and I have problems connecting to it using xdmcp. I get the login screen, I can fill my user/password, but after authentication all I see is the mouse cursor while the screen is black.08:47
Tru7hdarolu: I chose "Microsoft Windows 7" and got "BOOTMGR is missing / Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"08:47
jasonmchristosyork105: i thought rsync was a seperate command and i would just use ssh for transport08:47
abhinavjasonmchristos: unison is geared more towards syncing multiple versions (and diff, etc) than backup - for backup rsync is good. and there may be some backup tools that use it (gui based)08:47
Vigojasonmchristos: That is kinda complicating things, one home box to another , back in time or many other back-up utilities are available, and there are many that are Network based for what you are asking.08:47
ackt1cthese schemes themes and colors are fucking with me08:47
daroluTru7h, my last suggestion does the exact same thing you did manually but you can give it a shot; it's really weird you don't have a menu after modifying the grub file with the settings I gave you08:47
Tru7hdarolu: I agree, it is weird, I'm trying the "Windows 7" entry08:48
maginotbsdgroup, here is ubuntu support, your question is related to irc and Ldap08:48
jasonmchristoswell i really like ssh so would it be as simple as connecting to my ssh server and issung an rsync command?08:48
theadminHelp required urgently, i installed OOo3.2 from OpenOffice.org, and CAN'T FIND IT08:48
ranjanwhich is the google chrome os channel??? or anyone who has built chrome os??08:48
bsdgroupis there channel that is suitable for my question?08:48
Tru7hdarolu: "Windows 7" gives a different error, it reads "error: two argiments required / Press any key to continue..."08:48
ackt1ceveryone got good seats to watch the game?08:48
york105jasonmchristos, that is correct, all ssh does is gives you an encrypted tunnel through which comms can take place, rsync remote update protocol does the dirty work of comparing files on remote servers and speeds up transfers if remote file already exists, also read incremental backups08:48
Tru7hdarolu: I'm booting ubuntu and trying your last suggestion08:49
daroluTru7h, uhmmm I have no idea what BOOTMGR error is as it is Windows-related08:49
maginotbsdgroup, maybe #ldap, or #irc... I don't know. try /list08:49
gotttotheadmin: what was wrong with using the repos?08:49
theadmingottto: Them having 3.1?08:49
jasonmchristosok i think i will look into rsync more thanks guys08:49
Tru7hdarolu: I could try fixing boot with the Win7 CD, but I'm pretty sure that will murder GRUB08:49
ackt1chow do i see my status screen08:49
maginottheadmin, executing oowriter don't opens oofficce?08:49
gotttotheadmin: is it in /usr/bin?08:49
daroluTru7h, OK you can delete the 11_windows file from /etc/grub.d/ then; the Microsoft Windows 7 option works fine; the bootmgr missing file is Windows issue08:49
llutz!ot > ackt1c08:49
ubottuackt1c, please see my private message08:49
theadmingottto: No idea, that's what i'm wondering08:50
Tru7hdarolu: Deleting the file now.08:50
theadminmaginot: Hm, let's try08:50
theadminmaginot: That opens Ubuntu's stupid 3.108:50
gotttotheadmin: it won't show on a menu if you didn't use the repo08:50
daroluTru7h, yeah, I think so too; I googled it and the first results I got said you have to use the CD/DVD, but as you said, it will most likely kill GRUB08:50
ackt1chow do i switch to private message?08:50
ackt1cor the damn status screen08:50
theadmingottto: I can make menu shortcuts myself, ok? I just need to know where the hell are the binaries08:51
york105Tru7h, that is right, grub 'encapsulates' windows kernel so even if you want to boot windows you pass through grub, installing windows will kill the encapsulation grub has over the boot process08:51
gotttotheadmin: try in a terminal   ls /usr/bin | grep ooo08:51
theadmingottto: Hm, i have a feeling it'll go to /opt08:52
Tru7hdarolu: Deleted the specified file, now "Windows 7" has disappeared from the GRUB menu but I still have "Microsoft Windows 7"; choosing it still displays the "BOOTMGR is missing" error.08:52
maginottheadmin, did you updated oo using apt-get?08:52
MartinerHello people, I have a problem with snmpd, it wont start, anyone familiar with the snmpd? Could really use the help please08:52
theadmingottto: Tada. It's there.08:52
gotttotheadmin: :)08:52
kelvinellawhats new with ubuntu?08:52
Tru7hyork105: I've found that I can fix Windows 7 boot with the Win7 CD, and I can fix GRUB with the Ubuntu CD, but I can't get both working at the same time, and obviously carrying both CDs around with me is not ideal08:53
theadmingottto: Hm, wait, no. There are bunch of other files/folders/stuff but i can't find the bins :/08:53
daroluTru7h, the BOOTMGR is a Windows 7-related error; I don't really know a way to fix it (may be hard to believe but I haven't used Windows 7 nor Vista at all); I suppose you can simply copy/paste a BOOTMGR file, maybe it is in your CD/DVD08:54
daroluwithout needing to use the recovery option from the DVD (when you boot with it)08:54
gotttotheadmin: try in terminal   find -name / ooobase08:55
york105Tru7h, I am not aware of the background of you issue here but the general practice is to install Windows first and then install Ubuntu and let Grub recognise all existing operating systems, can do so manually by using grub-update command.08:55
Tru7hdarolu: That's ideal; also, I'm impressed, I definitely use Ubuntu more than Windows but I still use Windows for taking notes in class (it has a good formula editor in Office 2007) and for gaming08:55
theadmingottto: Uh, i think you got a wrong syntax. Do you mean "find / -name ooobase"?08:55
gotttotheadmin: oops yep08:55
gotttotheadmin: or search for soffice08:56
Tru7hyork105: I agree, that should work, but I've tried reinstalling Ubuntu twice and both times it has failed to recognize Windows in both the installer (it says no operating systems were detected on my hard drive) and in the boot loader, even when I run grub-update08:56
ShazbotMcMurderWhy should you use gksudo over sudo?08:56
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)08:56
coz_ShazbotMcMurder,  many here prefer to use gksudo for "graphical" apps08:57
york105Tru7h, is Windows on the same disc as Ubuntu (although on a different logical partition)?08:57
Tru7hyork105: Yes, this is a laptop and it has only one HDD.08:57
daroluTru7h, oh yeah video games is probably the only thing I miss (sometimes). Did the startupmanager helped with the no grub-menu issue?08:57
ShazbotMcMurdercoz_, does it really make a difference?08:57
ShazbotMcMurderor is it just that it looks a pretty?08:58
Tru7hdarolu: I've been messing with options, sorry, what was the startupmanager command again?08:58
york105Tru7h, and if I may enquire, what does your partition table look like?08:58
coz_ShazbotMcMurder,  well there can on rare occasions be issues  because sudo can run an application with root pirvileges but use the user's configuration08:58
theadminFound it. Thanks a LOT, gotto, had to make a crazy find syntax though: "find / -name soffice 2>/dev/null"08:58
llutzShazbotMcMurder: it does08:58
coz_ShazbotMcMurder,  i think that is the main issue08:58
gotttoShazbotMcMurder: it sets the graphical environment up properly - See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why08:59
daroluTru7h, "sudo apt-get install startupmanager" the manager is found under System-Admin08:59
ShazbotMcMurdergottto, okay thanks08:59
theadminNow, how do i remove ooO 3.1?08:59
Tru7hyork105: I recall from the installation that I had one 100 MB partition for some Windows thing as well as a 200 GB partition for the actual Windows OS, plus a 100 GB partition for ubuntu which I let the installer set up. I don't remember the specifics and I'm not sure how to call them up.08:59
maginottheadmin, with apt-get remove08:59
gotttotheadmin: sudo apt-get purge08:59
coz_ShazbotMcMurder,  personally I have never had issues to date  and its been 6 years08:59
llutztheadmin: aptitude purge '~nopenoffice'08:59
theadminllutz: "~nopenoffice"?!?! What on earth is that?09:00
ShazbotMcMurdercoz_, I've never had any noticeable problems, it's been a few years here also09:00
llutztheadmin: man aptitude (name contains)09:00
coz_ShazbotMcMurder,  also some will tell you to use "aptitude"  I only use apt09:00
york105Tru7h,  if you are already logged into Linux can you upload the output of sudo fdisk -l to a paste service like paste.ubuntu.com09:00
maginotI don't like using aptitude to remove packages, it have to much initiative :P09:00
ShazbotMcMurdercoz_, aptitude and apt are very different things as I understand though09:00
ShazbotMcMurdercoz_, I also only use apt though :)09:01
coz_ShazbotMcMurder,  well aptitude is "older" I believe09:01
Tru7hdarolu: "E: Couldn't find package startupmanager", doesn't seem to be in the repos09:01
llutzcoz_: wrong09:01
murlidharhi all .. I am using gnome and i would want one particular application to open maximised everytime i start the application... is there any way i could do it in gnome ?09:01
pinoyoragonHi. I want clients to login in their gdm authenticated by an ldap server. My problem is that I get this error "Invalid credentials (49)" when I invoke this command --> ldapsearch -xLLL -b cn=config -D cn=admin,cn=config -W olcDatabase=hdb olcAccess09:01
theadminllutz: It wants to remove 3.2 this way, i need to keep that but remove ONLY 3.109:01
maginotcoz_, aptitude is much newer09:01
llutztheadmin: then use a string only catching 3.109:01
york105maginot, aptitude handles dependencies better than apt, also its able to verify why you should or should not install any packages ( detect conflicts )09:02
theadminllutz: Example plz? I've no idea what package names are09:02
daroluTru7h, yes it is in the repos, it is pretty basic (check your software sources) anyways you can download it from: http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/startupmanager09:02
Tru7hyork105: Here's my output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/401033/09:02
llutztheadmin: "dpkg -l *openoffice*09:02
Tru7hdarolu: Probably it just doesn't show up since this is a fresh install (i.e. no updates); I haven't bothered updating since this is my second reformat09:03
ShazbotMcMurderhow do I add windows 7 to my menu.lst, I've been looking through a bunch of walkthroughs, but every one seems to say the same thing09:04
maginotyork105, not exactly, aptitude use to remove other packages too, like those you "dont" use and so on, its easy to remove openoffice and when you see many other things where removed too. Apt-get is very more strict, it does the remove and nothing else, don't try to "update" the system, if you know what I mean.09:04
ShazbotMcMurderwhich is already in my menu.lst for 'default non-linux distro'09:04
theadminBleh. I'll just use synaptic.09:04
ottoshmidthmm mysql doesn't start after setting default-character-set to utf8 :(((09:04
ShazbotMcMurderalso - how do I tell which hdd / partition it's on09:04
ShazbotMcMurderIt's actually on another whole hard drive09:04
maginottheadmin, which is a apt-get gui frontend =P09:04
ShazbotMcMurderwould 'mount' still work?09:04
Tru7hdarolu: sudo apt-get update allowed me to detect the file, sorry for my laziness09:05
theadminmaginot: Yep, and a SLOW one09:05
york105maginot, aye, agree but at the end of the day its what you like best, whisky or brandy, pick you poison09:05
darkk^maginot, I've resolved the issue - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/450620/comments/2109:05
Tru7hdarolu: I'm running the manager now, what should I change to make Win7 work?09:05
maginotdarkk^, was about your ntfs kernel drive?09:05
Tru7hdarolu: Or is this just to make it so I don't have to hold shift?09:05
llutzmaginot: apt-frontend (like apt-get) not apt-get frontend09:05
darkk^maginot, not at all :-)09:06
maginotllutz, what?09:06
daroluTru7h, is OK, btw I saw your pastebin, first partition doesn't look right, and since you are logged in as root you don't need to use sudo :p09:06
llutzmaginot: synaptic is a gui apt-frontend (like apt-get) not apt-get frontend09:06
maginotllutz, ahh right.09:06
Tru7hdarolu: True, I have a tendency to be redundant, heh. Would that affect my output?09:06
darkk^maginot, it was half-upgraded udev09:07
Tru7hdarolu: Also, what doesn't look right about it?09:07
daroluTru7h, the startupmanager modifies the file you've been editing manually, you don't have much control with it (the gui) but it may fix your grub menu. And no, it doesn't affect your output.09:07
ubuntu_YOU DICK09:07
llutzTru7h: w7 always uses 2 partitions, one 100MB + the "real" system-partition09:07
=== espenar is now known as celeborn
maginotdarkk^, good solution09:08
=== Err404NotFound is now known as Error404NotFound
daroluTru7h, the "10  Partition 1 does not end on cylinder boundary." part09:08
ubuntu_anyone collect sports cards09:08
Jimi_NeutralHi all, anyone know a good FTP server with GUI administration?09:08
maginotubuntu_, you kiss your mother with that mouth ? ;/09:08
Tru7hdarolu: What does that mean and how can I fix it?09:08
ubuntu_look at my hostid for gods sakes09:08
Tru7hdarolu: Also, startupmanager doesn't seem to have fixed my automatic menu skipping issue09:08
pojieit,s me jimi09:08
ubuntu_this is ridiculous09:08
llutzubuntu_: troll off here09:08
coz_llutz,   yes I just did more research on apt vs aptiude09:09
gottto!offtopic | ubuntu_09:09
ubottuubuntu_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:09
york105Tru7h, just read the output, the "Partition 1 does not end on cylinder boundary" line means that part of your disk is unusable, could be because when you were partitioning your drive you chose to go by megabytes and not cylinders anyway so does Windows on sda1 boot okay then?09:09
ShazbotMcMurderokay, well I found that out - there's a separator in my menu.lst - do I have to put something there, because I would really just like a space there, and it to be separated from the linux operating systems anywho09:09
maginotdarkk^, I just don't get it why did you had to created those nods  by hand09:10
daroluTru7h, it means the partition doesn't end wher it should ends (making it unusuable), fixing it may affect your sda2 partition, so don't touch it unless you are willing to run the risk of having to re-install windows (on sda2)09:10
darkk^maginot, broken udev could not create them ;)09:11
Tru7hyork105: Yes, I went by megabytes, not sure how to go by cylinders (I'm rather incompetent when it comes to partitioning). And no, Win7 doesn't boot, it give an error saying "BOOTMGR is missing / Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"09:11
Jimi_NeutralHi all, anyone know a good FTP server with GUI administration?09:11
maginotmaginot, a broken udev is very bad. Will you keep that way?09:11
daroluJimi_Neutral, gftp09:11
daroluJimi_Neutral, nvm I thought you said client09:12
Jimi_Neutraldarolu, no worries :)09:12
Tru7hdarolu: What's the chance I would be forced to reinstall Windows? If all else fails, I'll just go back to using Wubi, but I've had some bad experiences with it and I'd really prefer to have Ubuntu as its own partition09:12
theadminThere, i'm done. For anyone wondering, app was in /opt/openoffice.org3/program/soffice09:12
Jimi_Neutraldoes gproftp not exist anymore?09:13
darkk^maginot, no, udev was broken as dpkg was interrupted for some reason (don't know why, I have some assumption though) I had to run dpkg --configure -a09:13
daroluTru7h, I'm not sure what the chance would be as I'm not familiar with Win7 at all, I don't know if the BOOTMGR error needs re-installing of win7; I suppose re-installing is not needed and that creating/pasting a BOOTMGR file should fix it09:14
Justushi, is there a way to install a more up to date version of php5-fcgi on ubuntu jaunty server? I'd really like to not have to compile it myself09:14
gotttotheadmin: here ooobase is a shell script linking to soffice09:14
Tru7hdarolu: Google has told me that running "Windows Startup Repair" should fix the BOOTMGR issue, I'm relatively sure it won't screw up GRUB as long as I don't use bootrec.exe09:14
theadmingottto: Yeah, weird.09:14
theadminTru7h: Recovering GRUB is easy.09:14
gotttowhat's in a name09:14
daroluTru7h, you can try it, I can't really tell since I have never used Win7; go for it, if it kills grub2 you can always re-install it using a LiveCD09:15
Tru7htheadmin: I have no issues with recovering GRUB, the problem is, if I recover GRUB it still fails to recognize my Windows installation09:15
york105Tru7h, so to start with let's resolve the Windows boot issue. I am assuming you have recently upgraded to win7 from XP/Vista, you'll need the win7 setup disc. Insert the disc, reboot the computer, go to command prompt and issue the command bootrec /fixboot . Let it complete what it wants to do and reboot. Once done boot using an Ubuntu Live CD and go to command prompt and issue the update-grub command so it now recognises Windows. Yo09:15
york105u may want to try booting to windows once the fixboot command has finished its business.09:15
theadminTru7h: Have you tried "sudo update-grub"?09:15
Tru7htheadmin: Yes, a few times, as well as sudo update-grub2.09:16
Tru7hyork105: That sounds feasible, I'll try it out and let you know what happens.09:16
darolutheadmin, york105, Tru7h's initial problem was GRUB not adding Win7 to the boot list, he had to remove os-prober and edit /etc/grub.d/40_custom to add the entry; and now Windows 7 won't boot09:16
york105Tru7h, sure09:16
theadminHm. GRUB 1 did not detect my XP too :/09:17
ubuntu_fuck this shit09:18
Jimi_Neutralcan someone help me to find, install and configure grpoftpd please09:18
york105darolu thanks for that ; Tru7h in the light of what darolu has just pointed out i am guessing its the parameters you're passing to the windows boot command in grub that might have something to do with windows failing to boot09:19
Tru7hyork105: As a prerequisite to your suggestion, I'm trying the Startup Repair option. It probably won't work, but I figure it's worth a shot.09:19
Tru7hyork105: Scratch that, it failed.09:19
york105Tru7h, since you're up for it, yeah sure, why not :)09:19
daroluyork105, he is using the 40_custom only: http://paste.ubuntu.com/401020/09:19
theadminubottu: ops | ubuntu_ swears and floods09:19
ubottuubuntu_ swears and floods: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!09:19
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ubuntu_hi larry hows it hanging09:21
=== ubuntu_ is now known as ackt1c
Tru7hyork105: If I run update-grub from my partition installation rather than a Live CD, will it still work? (Live CDs take forever on my computer)09:21
VigoJimi_Neutral: Looking on the forums, I have never used that, but will help as best as I can.09:22
york105Tru7h, its like trying to fix the deck of a ship you're sailing on, instead you'd want to work from a dock, if the deck cracks you don't fall ;)09:22
tp43_Tru7h, yep, I think so.  My guess is you use the live cd to run update grub when you can't boot into your partition.  But I would follow a how to if I were you09:22
Tru7hyork105: That's a good analogy, I'll use the Live CD just for that09:23
daroluTru7h, york105 I'm going to bed, good luck with that Win709:23
york105nighty night darolu09:23
Jimi_NeutralVigo, ok ty09:23
Tru7hdarolu: Thanks so much for your help, have a good night09:23
Tru7hDang, missed him.09:24
* maginot night (?) almost 6:30am here =X09:24
shazbotmcnastyhow do I figure out what hd I should put for a windows partition?09:25
york105Tru7h, you might want to make sure you can access your Windows partition from Ubuntu. I know you'll reboot and try my first suggestion but in light of what you've previously tried, I'd make sure you have the following installed09:25
shazbotmcnastyit's /dev/sda309:25
shazbotmcnastybut (hd0,3) doesn't work09:25
york105> sudo apt-get install ntfs-config >sudo ntfs-config09:25
shazbotmcnastybecause (hd0,0) is my /09:25
llutzshazbotmcnasty: (hd0,2) = /dev/sda309:25
VigoJimi_Neutral: Looks like it does exist:>http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/karmic/man8/proftpd.8.html09:25
Take0nI must have done something but my external hdds won't mount automatically. usually when I connected the usb the folders popuped up automatically but this morning nothing happens.. could someone please help me?09:25
shazbotmcnastyOH 209:25
shazbotmcnastythanks llutz09:25
llutzshazbotmcnasty: grub starts counting at 009:25
Take0nI installed Ailurus yesterday so it might have done something?09:25
shazbotmcnastyyeah forgot09:25
shazbotmcnastylike all computers09:25
FloodBot1shazbotmcnasty: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:25
VigoJimi_Neutral: Which version are you looking for?09:26
shazbotmcnastymeaner bot09:26
gotttoTake0n: do they show in   fdisk -l   in terminal?09:26
Jimi_NeutralVigo, yeah proftp does but i need the gui which is gproftpd but every tutorial i goto tells me to do 'sudo apt-get install gproftpd' but it doesnt find anything09:26
Take0nno nothing shows with that command09:26
gottto!enter | shazbotmcnasty09:26
ubottushazbotmcnasty: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!09:26
Tru7hyork105: I'll assume you want me to install those from my partition? In any case, my Live CD is booting so I'll update-grub and see what happens, but otherwise I'll boot my partition and install those packages09:26
Jimi_NeutralVigo, any version, i really dont care at this point lol09:26
shazbotmcnastyI know, I know gottto - you guys are no fun09:27
york105Tru7h, sure, you're headed the right way09:27
VigoJimi_Neutral: heh, Did you look at psychcats?09:27
Jimi_NeutralVigo, ?09:28
theadminwell, wow, 3.2 is a ton faster then 3.109:28
VigoJimi_Neutral: > http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/index , good resource09:29
Take0ngottto, any ideas?09:29
Tru7hyork105: I get something wierd from within the live cd when I run update-grub: "grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /."09:29
theadminTru7h: Uh.09:30
VigoJimi_Neutral: Did or have you enabled Extra Repositories?09:30
gotttoTake0n: are the drives working on another comp?09:30
Jimi_NeutralVigo, still very new to linux09:30
theadminTru7h: You need to chroot into the existing install to run update-grub on a CD.09:30
Take0ngottto, yes and they worked on mine as well yesterday night09:30
gotttoTake0n: or try    lsusb09:30
Tru7htheadmin: Sorry, how do I do that?09:30
jaeJust looked into /etc/X11, and i don't see any conf file.  Where is that?09:30
VigoJimi_Neutral: Welcome to stable and free. I learn every day, is fun.09:31
SagamHi to all09:31
coz_Take0n,  you could look here http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide09:31
theadminTru7h: Mount the device where you have Linux on, then do "sudo chroot /path/to/mount/point"09:31
llutzjae: there is none by default, if you need on, create one09:31
coz_theadmin,   rather you   http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide09:31
Justusok, following problem: I want php5-fcgi from lucid, but stay at jaunty for the rest of the system, so I would append the sources for lucid in the sources.list and create the file /etc/apt/preferences with the content "jaunty" then do apt-get install -t lucid php5-fcgi, is this correct?09:31
Jimi_NeutralVigo, heh ty, when you say extra ones do you mean canonical and backport?09:31
coz_Take0n,  sorry wrong nick09:31
Take0ncoz_, are u sure that will help me?09:31
york105Tru7h, its probably because you do not have any device nodes in your chroot. You may want to bind them manually :D and it gets tricky from here09:31
Take0nah okay :P09:31
jaeAnd how's the X server know what to do?  Or rather, more concretely, where do I adjust the kbd config?09:31
VigoJimi_Neutral: Have you spent a day or so at the Ubuntu Forums?09:31
Take0ngottto, nothing there as well :\09:32
VigoJimi_Neutral: That is exactly what that means.09:32
coz_I am not paying attention this morning so I am off for the night09:32
theadmincoz_: what?09:32
Jimi_Neutralyes, but to be honest im not that interested in it, im just doing what my ;ehy this is a good idea lets do this' boss tells me to09:32
Take0ngottto, my USB flash stick won't work either :\ it's like it doesn't mount anything..09:32
coz_theadmin,  my fault...too tired not paying attention close enough sorry about that09:32
Jimi_NeutralVigo, yes i have enabled them but still no gproftpd09:32
gotttoTake0n: then something is wrong with them being mounted - what was the app you installed for?09:32
* jae thought the X server needed a config file... but that seems to be the "brave new world" of X these days: "I know my configuration, but I'm telling *you*"09:32
Take0nIt was something like ubuntu tweak09:33
=== zz_Darky is now known as Darky
Tru7htheadmin: I believe I've done so, but I get the error mentioned above plus this: "sudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu"09:33
Take0nI read about it in a blog and wanted to take a look give it a try09:33
Jimi_Neutralsomeone must know of a good easy to use GUI ftp server for ubuntu09:33
Tru7hyork105: Want me to just try updating grub from my partition and installing the packages you mentioned there?09:33
llutzjae: all that should be handled by hal now, and by udev in future (afaik)09:33
VigoJimi_Neutral: Can you use a different package than that and or is one listed in Synaptic?09:33
york105Jimi_Neutral, you mean GUI FTP Client?09:34
jaellutz: "all that"... so, it does mindreading to know that I do or do not want deadkeys?09:34
llutzjae: but you still can create your own xorg.conf with the options you need09:34
* jae hates all this magic crap, yes, crap09:34
york105Tru7h, yes, if you boot into Ubuntu and install the package and run it from there09:34
SagamI have a question: I have set up a File Server at work using Ubuntu server. My problem is that I have a document that is shared on the metwork and at least 2 people write in it. The problem is that every time when someone writes in that file the owner of the file changes to nobody and after that no one can open the file anymore, just the last person who has added data to the file. How can I make the file to retain the owner and be able to have multiple user in09:34
Jimi_Neutralyork105, no i mean a GUI front end to control an FTP server09:34
llutzjae: true but reality :(09:34
jaellutz: got any URLs where this is documented?  Or at least announced?09:35
Jimi_NeutralVigo, thats what im trying to find out if there is another one in case i cant get this one working09:35
gotttoTake0n: it might have just messed the mounting part - type in terminal   dmesg | tail   and unplug the drive and replug it and redo that command09:35
llutzjae: ask ms google pls09:35
jaellutz: I'm asking, I really am, but have yet to guess the correct search terms09:36
theadminWhere the heck is menu configuration stored?09:36
VigoJimi_Neutral: I just did a search in Synaptic and found a load of FTP GUI stuff.09:36
Josh90I am currently using a pidgin screenlet. but I still have the pidgin window that keeps coming up too. I was wondering if there was a way to open pidgin with no window so it just uses the screenlet.09:36
KambankaUbuntu 10.04 has the titlebar buttons on the left - what were the designers thinking? And were they thinking at all!@#$09:36
Jimi_NeutralVigo, well as i said i am new to this and not sure what is what so i was hoping to be pointed to a decent package that has a gui front end and a very in depth tutorial09:36
york105Sagam, Linux uses inodes to ref\deref. files, google concurrent file access linux and you'll find what you're looking for ;)09:36
theadminKambanka: Possible to revert them... Hey, what the?09:37
cwraigSagam, somwhere in /etc/samba/smb.conf you will find something about default permissions09:37
llutzjae: look for "fdi preferences xorg hal", it should bring some results. sorry i don't have www here atm09:37
theadmin...I like them on the left side.... :/09:37
Josh90theadmin right click the App's bar  and a drop down as it in ther as edit menu's09:37
jaellutz: *thanks*!09:37
theadminJosh90: I want to back em up. Any way to?09:37
rexnkambanka: they were thinking OS X style09:38
VigoJimi_Neutral: let me browse through these ohh, 8k results in Synaptic...09:38
Josh90theadmin not to sure about that one09:38
jaeOct 2008... damn, that's old, I'm *really* behind the times :P09:38
Jimi_NeutralVigo, lol ok ty09:38
Tru7hyork105: I ran update-grub and installed/ran the package you mentioned, but when I reboot (holding shift) and select my Win7 installation I still get "BOOTMGR is missing"09:38
iflemaJimi_Neutral cli alot of the time is faster and/or less confusing..... maybe try gadmin-proftpd09:38
Take0ngottto, still nothing.. I will try to relogin09:39
york105Tru7h,  and the previous fixboot thing didn't finish (in windows boot disc), did it?09:39
theadminTru7h: bootmgr is a file on C:\ (or whatever is system drive in Windows). Is it there?09:39
Jimi_Neutraliflema, the reason i am trying to find a gui one is because I said I would try and do what the boss wanted me to do using command line and he is like no find a gui front end09:39
VigoJimi_Neutral: Do you have Synaptic Package Manager opened?09:39
theadminTru7h: (mount your ntfs device. It should be called simply "bootmgr")09:39
shazbotmcnastyhey, I got windows to go into grub09:39
jaeAnd: XML again.  "XML is the panacea, it is the silver bullet, and we shit on Fred Brooks"...  and I actually like XML, mind you09:39
Jimi_NeutralVigo, i do now09:39
shazbotmcnastybut instead of (hd0,2) for /dev/sda3, it turned out to be (hd1,1)09:40
shazbotmcnastyI don't know why09:40
* jae is getting into a pissy mood, so I better so outta here for a bit :/09:40
AbortDhui of what?09:40
VigoJimi_Neutral: Look at pyftp09:40
Tru7hyork105: It said the command completed successfully, I can try again if necessary09:40
iflemaJimi_Neutral gadmin-proftpd what ya looking for...09:40
llutzshazbotmcnasty: win7? then tell it Tru7h ;)09:40
Tru7htheadmin: I'll let you know once I'm in an OS09:40
Josh90I am currently using a pidgin screenlet. but I still have the pidgin window that keeps coming up too. I was wondering if there was a way to open pidgin with no window so it just uses the screenlet.09:40
Jimi_Neutraliflema, he wants to grant one person access to the FTP but to one folder only and cause there is a nice little tool that does that in windows he thinks it is that easy in linux....i have proftpd installed i just needa graphical front end09:40
Jimi_NeutralVigo, does that have a GUI09:41
VigoJimi_Neutral: Or what iflema said, probably is better, as I said, I never have used that package.09:41
shazbotmcnastyllutz, excuse?09:41
Jimi_Neutraliflema, does that have a GUI?09:41
theadminGUI, GUI.... why the heck nobody likes the CLI? It's usually a lot faster :/09:41
AbortDJosh90, how did you install the screenlet?09:41
Tru7hHonestly, if Wine had better support for my games and MS Office 2007, I would just kill Windows and do a fresh install of Ubuntu09:41
icerootTru7h: use openoffice09:42
AbortDJosh90, i will install it and see if i cant figure it out09:42
llutzshazbotmcnasty: did you add win7 to your grub? then tell it Tru7h hes trying to do that since hours ;)09:42
Jimi_Neutraltheadmin, maybe so but what he wants he gets and i am no linux expert09:42
ayam_jagoTru7h: vbox :d09:42
jaetheadmin: that's the new world order: we do everything in GUIs.  And we *require* it, and you won't even (easily) find out where we keep our info09:42
theadminJimi_Neutral: True indeed... Hm, my favorite FTP client is fireftp (and THAT has a GUI, infact it's a FF addon)09:42
AbortDJimi_Neutral, what do you need a gui for?09:42
* jae hates gconf with a passion09:42
Tru7hiceroot: I use it for most things, but I like the formula editor in Office 2007 (I use it frequently for my class notes) and I can't find a decent equivalent for Linux09:42
llutztheadmin: like you're using synaptic over apt-get/aptitude? ;)09:42
shazbotmcnasty--> bed tiem09:42
icerootTru7h: LaTeX09:42
theadminllutz: I hate using Synaptic actually.09:43
icerootTru7h: that a REAL formulas09:43
Take0nthank you gottto it works :)09:43
Tru7hiceroot: The thing is, I combine that formula editor with my custom keyboard layout, and I can't find a good layout editor for ubuntu09:43
VigoJimi_Neutral: Yes, gFTP _GTK also looks like a decent one.09:43
Josh90AbortD: I installed the program called Screenlets Manager if i think it was one of the default screenlets down the page09:44
Tru7hiceroot: Don't get me wrong, I use Ubuntu for almost everything, but for this as well as gaming I need Windows 709:44
Jimi_Neutralok to everyone that keeps aksing me the same question.....my boss wants me to give access to one user on the network to this ubuntu box....because he has a little tool in wondows that does that nicley he thinks it is that easy in windows, so therefor it is down to me to find an FTP server in ubuntu that is configurable with a GUI....and for the last time I NEED A GUI FTP ADMINISTRATOR TOOL NOT AN FTP CLIENT....sorry but i go09:44
Jimi_Neutralt him on my back and im getting stressed as hell here09:44
theadminllutz: apt-get FTW! It even has super cow powers!09:44
iceroot!shortcuts | Tru7h09:44
ubottuTru7h: Keyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts09:44
Jimi_Neutralbut he can only have access to one fodler on that pc09:44
Jimi_Neutralbecause he can do that with his windows tool whatever its called09:45
VigoJimi_Neutral: Just found the DOCs for ProFTPd. add that d to it.09:45
llutztheadmin: may i remind you to your openoffice-removal ;)09:45
theadminllutz: Well, couldn't... although i totally forgot about apt-cache09:45
Tru7hiceroot: Do keyboard shortcuts allow you to insert custom characters? I use MSKLC on Windows09:45
Jimi_NeutralVigo, i know to add the d09:45
Tru7hAnd that still doesn't fix the lack of Wine support for my games :P I'm a fan of LAN09:45
Jimi_NeutralVigo, but proftpd is not graphical......Gproftpd is but i cant find it.....that is the problem09:45
iflemaJimi_Neutral gadmin-proftpd faily straight foward.... alot of settings you will not use, but i think youll find the few thaqt need setting09:46
icerootTru7h: hm, i dont know, dont using shortcuts on keyboarsd like that09:46
rocket16Ahh, the user named MarkProffitt, is a great person! I checked it out on web!09:46
* jae thinks that someone should, and sooner or later someone probably will (if it hasn't happened already) do a GNU/Linux dist that has all that autoconfig (avahi, *hurl*) crap ripped out09:46
Jimi_Neutraliflema, and that is grpahical yea?09:46
elena12In Ubuntu 10.04 Beta Netbook Edition, I can't unlock the gnome panel, the options are greyed out.09:46
theadminMark?... eek. Whenever i hear that i think of mr. Shuttleworth09:46
darkseehello from russia09:46
VigoJimi_Neutral: In Synaptic there are like 10 packages of that, pick the one that you and the others are use to, and fetch it.09:46
iflemaJimi_Neutral yes sir09:46
Jimi_Neutraliflema, ty bud09:46
jaeOr at least reduce its influence a lot09:46
Tru7hMy layout is extremely custom, and though I've looked for a decent layout creator on Ubuntu I haven't found one09:47
Jimi_NeutralVigo, ty for your help bro09:47
haavarosI'm using gnome terminal to ssh to a server where im running irssi, and when I try to press alt-t for the 14th window, gnome-terminal doesn't send this to irssi, but instead opens its own menu. Any fix?09:47
AbortDJosh90, what was your exact problem again09:47
AbortDi have it working for me09:47
iceroothaavaros: disable the gnome-terminal menu09:47
Anvoidmy Internet doesn't work. weird thing is, connection works fine for everything except browsing the Internet. when i restart the router, it works again. is this hardware issue?09:47
Tru7hiceroot: And by "extremely custom" I mean it's a modified Svorak layout which includes more Greek letters than the normal one (for my physics labs)09:47
iceroothaavaros: change the shortcuts in the gnome-terminal menue or use /win 1409:47
VigoJimi_Neutral: Np, I am going to fetch that now and play with it, so thank you!09:47
elena12In Ubuntu 10.04 Beta Netbook Edition, I can't unlock the gnome panel, the options are greyed out. What can I do to edit the gnome panel??09:47
Jimi_NeutralVigo,  lol nice nice09:48
icerootTru7h: have a look at LaTeX :)09:48
jaeSerious question now: is it correct that to set nodeadkeys one has to edit some udev rules/files?  That would be *really* idiotic.09:48
icerootTru7h: its perfect for the math-stuff09:48
icerootelena12: /join #ubuntu+109:48
rocket16theadmin: Lol, no he is MArkProffitt, here is the info http://markproffitt.com/about/09:48
Jimi_Neutralok one more thing...how would i remove the server that is already on there.....i had vsftp09:48
Josh90AbortD: when i open pidgin I would like it to just open up in the screenlet. not to have the window in the menu bar down the bottom09:48
elena12ty iceroot09:48
haavarosiceroot: Ah, thx. Embarrasing that I didn't see that myself :P09:48
Tru7hyork105: Still got that BOOTMGR error, I'm about ready to give up and pack 'er in though, I have class in a few hours and I need some rest09:48
Jimi_Neutralbasically so i know vsftpd is removed and proftpd is working09:49
user__anyone know how to enable restricted drivers via terminal on ubuntu server?09:49
AbortDJosh90, are you running kde or gnome?09:49
Josh90AbortD: at the monent it open's if both places but i would like it just to open in the screen let09:49
jribuser__: isntall them, use them in xorg.conf09:49
Josh90AbortD: gnome09:49
Tru7hiceroot: I use LaTeX, in fact it's supported in MS Word 2007 and I make frequent use of it in there and elsewhere, but it's just not sufficient for what I'm doing09:49
=== user__ is now known as headworm
* jae leaves the room to scream a little... (dampened by door)AAAAARRRRRRGHH09:49
iflemaJimi_Neutral one way is all at once remove/install new in synaptic package manager09:50
AbortDboth have to be open the screenlet runs off of the info it gives but how i have my pidgin setup its in my letter icon top right09:50
AbortDso i dont see it09:50
VigoJimi_Neutral: That is a simple thing, you can use the GUI thing, Software Center or go bully and use the /force, Terminal,09:50
AbortDyou will be stuck with some kind of icon09:50
Tru7hiceroot: If I have to use LaTeX code to format everything I'll fall behind my prof in class09:50
=== lukjad007 is now known as lukjad86
icerootTru7h: ah ok09:50
Josh90AbortD: That sounds alright09:50
Tru7hiceroot: Trust me, though, as soon as I find a decent custom keyboard layout creator for Linux I'll be abandoning all this Windows nonsense and fresh installing Ubuntu09:51
AbortDso are you trying to keep it out of the bottom panel or top?09:51
york105Tru7h, try workin on it later, any how simply put the bootmgr basically refers the 'bit' that the system trasnfers command to once level 1 boot loader is done09:51
Josh90AbortD: I was hoping both. But i might not be able to09:52
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Jimi_Neutralhmm ok i obviously wasnt using vftp cause i can still access the box from this laptop lol09:52
Tru7hyork105: That makes sense, thanks so much for your help even if we didn't get everything working, I really appreciated it09:52
Jimi_Neutralmy god i am n ow so confused09:52
Tru7hFor now I'll just expand my Windows partition and go back to using Wubi09:52
AbortDJosh90, you can stop it in the bottom but not top you could hide it in the envelope though09:52
york105Tru7h, no worries ;) i'll be hanging around here so will resume debugging if you come back09:53
theadminrocket16: Yeah, Shuttleworth is known online as "sabdfl"09:53
Josh90AbortD: i not to sure how to do that one.09:53
haavarosI'm looking for a way to make column width in compact view (gnome) dynamic ... is this possible? Or at least increasing the fixed width09:53
rocket16theadmin: Great!09:53
york105Tru7h, out of sheet curiosity why use WUBI?09:53
Tru7hyork105: Sounds good, though it won't be until later today, I need at least a couple hours of sleep :P09:53
Tru7hyork105: Thanks again, take care and have a good night09:53
AbortDi would have to see a screen of your upper right screen to help you honestly09:54
Tru7hyork105: I'll use Wubi because it works.09:54
VigoJimi_Neutral: That is the fun part.09:54
Tru7hyork105: I know it's known for compatability issues but in my case, it's what I had running before and I only started having issues when I tried installing Ubuntu to a real partition09:54
york105Tru7h, why not try a clean install, I mean installing Ubuntu is not rocket science, its kinda straight forward09:54
Jimi_NeutralVigo, it would be fun if it was a hobby and i didnt have my boss breathing down my neck09:55
Tru7hyork105: I have done so. I clean installed Ubuntu and then put Windows on after, but Ubuntu has failed in every case to recognize Windows.09:55
Jimi_NeutralVigo, i dont remeber installing any other ftp servers09:55
Jimi_NeutralVigo, obviously i cant set this proftp up until i have removed the other one right09:55
Josh90 AbortD:   ar   i see.09:55
york105Tru7h, :D sure Ubuntu will fail, as I said the general practice is to install Windows first and then put Ubuntu on your machine later09:55
s7He Everyone, am having issues with my mic while using skype on ubuntu 9.04. Plz help guide me on how to fix it.09:56
Tru7hyork105: I tried that as well, I had deleted Wubi (leaving only Windows on my machine) and then used a Karmic CD to install Ubuntu, and I ran into the same issue of GRUB not seeing Win709:56
edakiris7: are you interested in help setting up skype alternatives?09:57
VigoJimi_Neutral: After you crunch the numbers and look at the savings, actually no, forget the other OS that you worked with, we have stepped out of the Windows now, you can leave it or remove, really does not matter.09:57
york105Tru7h, whenever you're ready we'll resume this one09:57
Tru7hyork105: As of yet the only thing I've ever gotten to work properly on this machine is Wubi, so I'm going back to it for now09:57
theadminBy the way, if GRUB overwrites the windows bootloader, HOW windows manages to boot? :/09:57
yusufhi , i've problem with virtaulbox look > "Please install the virtualbox-ose-dkms package and execute 'modprobe vboxdrv' as root."09:57
Jimi_NeutralVigo, i would porefe to remove09:57
maginottheadmin, grub loads it09:57
DJonestheadmin: Grub add's an entry for windows in its own boot loader09:57
york105theadmin, Grub never over writes its encapsulates itself over windows boot09:58
Tru7hyork105: That sounds excellent, I feel bad for bailing but I'm honestly falling out of my chair, will you be around tonight?09:58
theadminAs far as i understand, actually, Windows installs it's bootloader (ntldr) onto the system drive and "links" it to MBR...09:58
VigoJimi_Neutral: I understand, took me a while to get used to that also.09:58
york105Tru7h, I am here all day its breakfast time here in london, will be here all after noon09:58
yusufstall the virtualbox-ose-dkms package and execute 'modprobe vboxdrv' as root." problem with virutal box please help please09:59
Tru7hyork105: I'll be back once I'm awake in that case, but for now I'm headed off. Thanks again; take care!09:59
york105Tru7h, catch ya  later mate09:59
zykes-anyone here know if virt-manager 0.8.3 has been backported ?09:59
theadminyusuf: Uhm, dude, just do what it says to do. Type this in the terminal: "sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose-dkms && sudo modprobe vboxdrv"09:59
haavarosI've failed to work out how to change column width in compact view in gnome (ubuntu 9.10). I'd really appreciate a point in the right direction!09:59
s7edakiri, no but want to be guided on how to make my mic work in skype10:00
yusuftheadmin thanks gonna try ^__^10:00
* york105 scurries away to the kitchen hoping to raid the fridge10:01
dabukalamhi all, i've been trying to get drupal to work on a jaunty server, but I keep hitting this error while trying to install mysql-server-5.0:  /var/cache/apt/archives/mysql-server-5.0_5.1.30really5.0.75-0ubuntu10.3_amd64.deb E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)10:02
Jimi_NeutralVigo, ok i dont have any ftp servers installed now but i can still access the box thru my ftp client on another machine!10:02
VigoJimi_Neutral: Welcome to Linux.10:03
yusuftheadmin look at this :( http://pastebin.com/82pVqXwa10:03
theadminyusuf: ...the hell? Try doing "sudo apt-get install dkms && sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup"10:03
Jimi_NeutralVigo, try a restart10:04
yusuftheadmin :( http://pastebin.com/rPGJ0ju510:04
theadminyusuf: Bleh. OSE seems to be a lot different then regular virtualbox10:05
Jimi_Neutralis there a way i can find out what FTP server is running on my box?10:05
yusuftheadmin is virtaulbox with out ose good ?10:05
theadminyusuf: Yeah, it's even better. Except that it's closed-source but it doesn't really matter. To download it, go to virtualbox.org10:06
llutzJimi_Neutral: sudo lsof -i :21             take the pid10:06
llutzJimi_Neutral: ps <pid>10:06
theadminllutz: What the? Isn't "lsof" meaning "LiSt Open Files"?10:06
llutztheadmin: man lsof10:07
yusuftheadmin thanks man ,, god bless you ^__^10:07
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llutztheadmin: unix ~ "all is a file"10:07
=== mikem_ is now known as mikem
guestHi all10:07
Jimi_Neutralllutz, 179310:07
dabukalamhi guest10:07
llutzJimi_Neutral: ps <pid>10:07
guestcan someone help me my ubuntu wont boot !10:07
guestim currently using the live cd10:08
theadminllutz: ...uh... even a directory? even... *gasp* GCONF?10:08
guesti'd be really grateful guys10:08
llutztheadmin: even a dir10:08
Jimi_Neutralllutz, /usr/sbin/inetd10:08
theadminllutz: That's outright confusing10:08
Vigoguest: LiveCD , is boot order set up?10:09
llutztheadmin: you'll learn10:09
ne0hwhat doesn't want to boot? the live-cd?10:09
Jimi_Neutralllutz, ah actually now i have restarted i dont seem to be able to connect with my iwndows ftp client anymore10:09
ne0hdo you have an error?10:09
guestno my actual machine wont boot10:09
dabukalamguest, won't boot, isn't reallya diagnosis10:10
ne0hgrub error?10:10
jakewc2Hi Does anybody have any experience3 with Thunderbird 3.x?10:10
guesterrm yes /proc/mountinfo no file found10:10
dabukalamgues, what does it do upon turning on exactly10:10
Eddie_6jakewc2: Yes, some. But I don't have installed at the moment though, so dunno if I can help...10:11
jakewc2I upgraded to TB3. a couple of days ago, most of it went welll, but I have a problem with urls, I click on them and they bring up a choose application box.10:11
VigoJimi_Neutral: Look at and bookmark this page, if you wish to: https://help.ubuntu.com/community10:11
theadminWhy can't i export/import settings in networkmanager-applet or whatever it is10:11
Jimi_NeutralVigo, ty10:11
VigoJimi_Neutral: Np10:12
jakewc2there is nothing in the box to choose from10:12
jakewc2so I cannot access a url unless I copy and paste10:12
jakewc2has anybody come across this before?10:12
theadminError: http://paste.ubuntu.com/401069/10:12
jaeSo... managed to set nodeadkeys with the keyboard preferences.  But... where the hell is that *stored*?  GConf, again?10:13
dabukalamhi all, i've been trying to get drupal to work on a jaunty server, but I keep hitting this error while trying to install mysql-server-5.0:  /var/cache/apt/archives/mysql-server-5.0_5.1.30really5.0.75-0ubuntu10.3_amd64.deb E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)10:13
jribjae: why does it matter?10:13
jaeI hate having to rely on GUIs, that's why10:14
theadmindabukalam: Could you try sudo apt-get -f install?10:14
* jae is *ooold* (school)10:14
jakewc2oh, Rddie_6....sorry didnt see your post there, dont touch type, and takes a while to type and your post went up the page10:14
dabukalamtheadmin, i did, over and over10:14
dabukalamtheadmin, and over...10:14
dabukalamtheadmin, i purged mysql and re-installed everything10:14
theadmindabukalam: Hm. I had no problem installing LAMP on jaunty10:15
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Spilakdo you use ubuntu one?10:16
dabukalamtheadmin, how can i start over completely? I can't re-install, that's not an option, but I want to get rid of any traces of the packages, and start again as if it was fresh10:16
dabukalamtheadmin, purging them just doesn't seem to cut it10:16
theadmindabukalam: Hm... No idea.10:16
Spilakmy ubuntu one is bad10:17
Spilaknot syncron?10:17
madjoeis it possible to make a shortcut (link) to a directory to behave like in Windows? once I open that shortcut, my path should be within that (original) directory.10:17
jribmadjoe: just use a symlink10:18
guestHello all sorry im back10:18
madjoejrib: any special flags I should use?10:18
Gneamadjoe: there are symbolic links, but it's not like windows where it's just a file, it's an actual link, so you're pwd would reflect either location10:18
theadminmadjoe: Just kinda like "ln -s originalfile linkname"10:18
jakewc2does anybody have any ideas please?10:18
jribmadjoe: no, ln -s TARGET NAME.  Or just rigth click -> create symlink (or whatever it says)10:18
theadminjrib: "make link"10:19
jribtheadmin: thank you10:19
jrib!helpme | jakewc210:19
ubottujakewc2: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude10:19
madjoetheadmin, jrib, Gnea: I already used "ln -s" but when I "cd linkname", my pwd will be "linkname", not "myoriginaldirname"10:20
jribmadjoe: so?10:20
kanervrHello g0bl1n, welcome to #ubuntu10:20
madjoejrib: it would be much easier to be able to navigate with "cd .." within my original dirname...10:20
s7hi, can u guide me how to fix the fault on my mic when using skype in ubuntu 9.0410:20
theadminjrib: Oh. I got it. He want's the link to be something like... say, link is /home/link and origininal directory is /root/somedir/. So when he cd's into /home/link/stuff he wants it to actually be /root/somedir/stuff in $PWD10:21
madjoetheadmin: exactly10:21
prodigelhi all. I want to change X color depth but I can't find xorg.conf in 9.10 anymore.10:22
madjoetheadmin: is it something like hardlink, not soft lnk?10:22
prodigelCan I generate it somehow/10:22
Gneamadjoe: try it?10:22
Vigos7: Do you have all the drivers installed?10:22
s7yes, i have all drivers installed10:22
theadminmadjoe: No such think as "soft link", there are hard and symbolic ones. I think you need a hard one, so, omit "-s" in ln.10:23
theadminmadjoe: Just "ln target linkname"10:23
* g0bl1n finds Lynx absolutely awesome ! And much faster then 9.1010:23
madjoetheadmin: yes, symbolic... I call it soft :) lol10:23
Jimi_Neutralok i have installed gadmin-proftpd and i have set up the server...now i am trying to add a user but it is saying that user does not exist10:24
madjoetheadmin: ln: `xxx': hard link not allowed for directory10:24
theadminmadjoe: huh... weird. No idea actually.10:24
* theadmin goes reading "man ln"10:24
jribmadjoe: you probably just want to use an alias, I don't see your use case10:24
madjoeGnea: yes, I've tried it, but it won't work10:24
theadmin...no idea. It seems hardlinks are not allowed for directories :/10:25
pookihelp with ubuntu10:26
theadminpooki: What's the problem?10:26
lao5how to make u key linux system10:26
pookiubuntu work but no internet10:26
madjoejrib: no, not an alias.. my use case would be something like this: when I'm located in my ~/Downloads, I'd like to be able to quickly move files to different locations, such as "/var/www/home/sites/all/themes/mytheme/images"10:26
theadminlao5: huh10:26
lao5i want a system that can boot from u key10:26
theadminpooki: How do you connect? Wired/wireless/VPN/DSL?10:27
theadminlao5: Ah, USB key?!10:27
jribmadjoe: what's wrong with using a symlink in that case?10:27
lao5theadmin: yes. usb key10:27
Gnea!usb | lao510:27
ubottulao5: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent10:27
theadminlao5: lol ukey... Use usb-creator-gtk10:27
lao5theadmin: :-D10:27
lao5Gnea: :)10:28
jribmadjoe: or just store the long path in some variable and then do mv whatever_file $my_long_path10:28
madjoejrib: I'd use links for that - like "mv filename linkname", but when I "cd linkname", I'm not able to navigate throught my "/var/www" path with "cd .." - maybe I should use both... alias AND links... hmmm.. but it's just weird10:28
lao5theadmin: :-D10:28
athlonHi there! i just installed PureDyne (ubuntu based distr). I cant change my console font size. Any sugests?10:29
pookiubuntu work but no internet...how to make it work10:29
madjoepooki, to connect to it?10:29
pookior I have to have wired connection?10:29
Gneapooki: can't tell you ifyou don't tell us anything about how the connection is supposed to work10:29
Jimi_Neutralanyone know how i can configure gadmin-proftpd to allow users....i keep getting an error saying user cannot be found when i try to add one10:30
jribmadjoe: well I think in zsh you can have cd aliases, but really I think your solution is to just save the path in some short variable...10:30
theadminpooki: Try configuring the connection manually.10:30
Eddie_6pooki: have youn installed the appropriate driver for your wireless card?10:30
theadminpooki: Right click the networkmanager icon, hit "Edit connections", go to "Wireless", hit "add"...10:30
pookiconnection is wireless...how to install driver10:30
Gnea!wifi | pooki10:30
ubottupooki: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs10:30
madjoejrib: well, that's not such an improvement comparing with symlinks... or am I missing something big here?10:31
trom09Hi everyone, Is there an easy way to mount and autoplay an iso dvd image from network share using vlc or other media player10:31
iflema 10:31
jribmadjoe: why not?  cd $my_path, mv whatever_file $my_path10:31
theadminjrib: Well, that works for me... I have /var/www in a variable $htdocs10:31
jribmadjoe: you could ask #bash if there's a better way10:31