thisfredbeuno: jamestait, everyone: we're migrating the users now, which should result in about 2 hours of downtime for notes and contacts in the worst case. it looks like the migration is going well, and we'll announce when it's over00:01
jamestaitThanks thisfred, I'll be heading off to bed shortly.00:02
thisfredjamestait: good night, and expect everything to work better tomorrow :)00:03
jamestaitI'll be happy to just get things working locally first - U1 sync is a goal, but only a nice-to-have one at this stage!00:04
jamestaitI do have a question though, dunno if anyone will be able to answer right now.00:06
jamestaitIt appears Contacts in U1 uses address1 and address2 properties in the docs, but freedesktop.org specification uses street.  Is this intentional?00:07
jamestaitAnd more to the point, is it compatible with other users of Contacts in desktopcouch, e.g. Evolution and anything Fedora are working on?00:08
thisfredjamestait: that I'm not 100% sure about. beuno may, though00:11
thisfredjamestait: the idea is to make everything compatible, even if it isn't, by mapping fields onto eachother00:11
beunoI have no idea00:11
beunobut I'd be interested in finding out00:12
thisfredjamestait: as far as I know, the freedesktop specs should be leading for U100:12
thisfredso that may be unintentional00:12
jamestaitIf I get chance, I'll try and work out what evolution-desktopcouch does.00:13
beunojamestait, and file bugs, I'll poke the right people00:13
jamestaitAbsolutely - when I'm reasonably convinced it is a bug.00:14
jamestaitI don't want to waste people's time on triaging/invalidating bugs that aren't.00:14
beunojamestait, take a peak at the web ui00:17
beunosee if contacts is fixed for you00:17
jamestaitYep, working now thanks.00:18
beunojamestait, want to test a new feature?00:23
beunomerging contacts  :)00:23
jamestaitOh go on then. :)00:23
jamestaitOops, I think I broke it. :-P00:24
beunogood!  that's why I wanted testing00:25
beunowhat happened?00:25
jamestaitHang on, let me see if I can replicate it.00:25
jamestaitCan you see my contacts DB?00:25
beunoI can't00:25
jamestaitLet me quickly check what's in the two contacts I tries to merge.00:26
beunooh, if you can give me the source for those 2 contacts, it would realy help00:27
marcosrorizit only shows like 50 files00:32
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jamestaitbeuno: I'll see if I can merge "ggg" with a different contact.00:33
jamestaitThen I have to get to bed. :)00:33
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beunojamestait, thanks  L)00:34
jamestaitMixed results - ggg looks good in preview when merged with one of my other contacts, but OOPSes one another.00:35
beunoI'll look at the traceback00:36
beunoand figure it out00:36
beunothanks for the quick test!00:36
jamestaitNP - catch me early tomorrow and I'll do something more thorough.00:37
jamestaitNight all.00:37
beunog'night jamestait00:42
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beunojamestait, found the traceback, it's a bug in my code01:23
beunowill fix it01:23
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thisfredbeuno: jamestait, everyone: migration is done, contacts and notes should once again work for everybody.02:15
* beuno hugs thisfred and goes for pancakes02:15
thisfredbeuno: hmmm! I just had asparagus crepes. Highly recommended!02:17
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* popey wonders if anyone has filed a bug about lan sync in U110:20
ryepopey, I believe there is one10:30
ryepopey, bug #37530210:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 375302 in ubuntuone-client "Should support syncing on a local network" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37530210:31
duanedesignthat bug report and the idea it contains is a particularly interesting idea10:51
beunoPaulGit, hey hey11:25
beunoupdates to the server are all done and ready to go11:26
PaulGitbeuno: Hi!12:10
PaulGitbeuno: Will give it a try now!12:11
* PaulGit Crosses fingers12:12
PaulGitbeuno: Still no luck :( still getting error code 511 from server.12:15
beunopuok, so it's not couch12:15
beunowhat's your username again?12:15
PaulGitbeuno: 3198245712:16
beunothanks PaulGit, at 20 past the hour I should have the latest logs synced12:16
beunoI'll look into it12:16
PaulGitOK, I will be here.  I can also send you log from the client, though would need a private way to do so as it contains contact information.12:17
beunoPaulGit, that would be great12:18
beunoyou can send it directly to me if you feel comfortable with that:  martin.albisetti@canonical.com12:18
PaulGitbeuno: Email is on its way!12:22
beunoPaulGit, thanks, going through logs right now!12:23
beunowill keep you updated12:23
beunoPaulGit, found your error12:31
beunoit's a new one!12:31
PaulGitbeuno: A new bug or something I did?12:31
beunomaybe not12:31
beuno('conflict', 'Document update conflict.')12:31
beunowe didn't deploy the fix to our "exchange servers", which manage couchdb through phone sync12:33
beunolets wait for thisfred, our resident couchdb expert, to wake up  :)12:34
PaulGitbeuno: Ahh OK, I don't have access the the pastebin.12:35
beunoI realize you can't see.. yeah12:35
beunoException Type: ResourceConflict at /contact/sync/begin12:35
beunothere's a problem with our couchdb views12:36
beunoso it's a known issue12:38
PaulGitbeuno: Atleast we are finding the issues, that's why we test!12:38
beunowe have too many servers  :)12:38
beunothisfred, \o/12:42
beunogood morning  :)12:42
beunothisfred, does this look as "the same bug" you fixed already?  https://pastebin.canonical.com/29667/12:44
beunoPaulGit, I've requested a rollout to fix it, will probably happen in the evening. It'll probably be best if we delete the db locally and online before the next test12:47
beunocontacts may be mangled, and we don't want to taint the test  :)12:48
PaulGitbeuno: OK, no problem, should I do the delete/put you told me to do before?12:48
beunoPaulGit, yeap, exactly12:49
PaulGitOK, will do that shortly....just tucking into some lunch!12:49
beunoPaulGit, no rush, we need to get the rollout going12:50
thisfredbeuno: hmm, yes.13:01
beunothisfred, I requested an exchange roll out today13:02
beunoso hopefully that'll fix it13:02
thisfredbeuno: yeah, if it's not at or near trunk it won't have been rolled out. I never thought about exchange being a separate server. We only updated the app servers I think13:03
beunothisfred, yeah, it took me a few wtf's to realise it  :)13:04
* rye_mobile /me is in pretty much r/o mode13:34
rye_well, testing my cell phone op GPRS coverage13:42
rye_ubottu, ping13:42
rye_duanedesign, your couchdb seems to be working properly now, right? Could you please tell whether it broke immediately after lucid upgrade or after some lucid package was updated13:53
rye_I amthinking whether heartbeat behave differently in karmic13:54
mattgriffinrye: ping13:55
duanedesignrye_: yes it is working properly, thank you.13:59
rye_mattgriffin, pong13:59
mattgriffinrye_: hi roman. i was going to ask for a little help with a udf... but i have a meeting stating in 1 min. can i ping you in an hour?14:00
rye_mattgriffin, I believe yes.14:01
mattgriffinrye_: cool. thanks14:02
duanedesignrye_: yes the problem appeared right after I upgraded to Lucid14:02
rye_duanedesign, ok, then I will try to break my karmic vm the same way14:02
rye_hm, webui is not that GPRS friendly, the /files/ part14:09
* rye_ logs off the netbook for now...14:09
beunorickspencer3, oh, I know it isn't14:12
beunorye, a billion requests14:12
beunohi rickspencer314:12
rickspencer3hell beuno14:12
rickspencer3hello, even14:12
beunohell is appropriate14:12
* rickspencer3 's typing is terrible lately14:12
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popeyis it known bug that the ubuntuone-preferences dialog goes super wide due to a dbus_interface.py error?15:03
popey"Write limit must be greater than 0."15:04
rmcbridepopey: it is known, yes15:06
popeybug 538602 perhaps15:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538602 in ubuntuone-client "ValueError: Write limit must be greater than 0. (dup-of: 532810)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53860215:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 532810 in ubuntuone-client "ubuntuone-syncdaemon crashed with ValueError in _set_read_limit()" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53281015:06
* popey subscribes to 53281015:07
rmcbrideWell yea that's the error, the other bug is that the error is printing in the dialog like that. that's written up. I'll see if I can find the number15:07
dobeythere are a couple other bugs as well15:14
dobeyone of them is "don't put error messages inside the dialog." :)15:14
dobeyand "dialog resizes on start" and "dialog not vertically optimized"15:15
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* rye_ finished all reporting for the last year, yay15:38
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FoorHi im on lucid and im having some trouble with ubuntu ones file sync15:56
FoorI removed my account online so i could test syncing files from other folders.15:57
Foorhowever it the client still seems to be activted but doesnt connect to a account15:58
Foori was wondering if there was a way to reset it so it gives me the autherization link again15:58
mattgriffinrye: ping16:16
joshuahooverFoor: i think you'll want to delete the ubuntuone token in Applications->Accessories->Passwords & Encryption Keys then try opening System->Preferences->Ubuntu One16:26
beunocontacts has a nice editing UI now: https://edge.one.ubuntu.com/contacts/16:26
Foorjoshuahoover: That did it Thanks!16:28
joshuahooverFoor: great!16:28
PaulGitbeuno: Looks great!16:29
Foorjohuahoover: one more quick question, do you know if there is a way to see a list of folders i have selected to be synced16:30
nijabaheya.  I am having some trouble with u1 on lucid.  Namely, I have accidentally deleted my laptop from the authorization and I have not clue how to register it back.16:49
beunomattgriffin, seems a *lot* of people on lucid have that problem ^16:50
beunoChipaca, statik, ^16:50
beunoI think we need a better plan16:50
nijabawhen I click on connect, in the ubuntuon pref, the button greys out, and that's it16:50
beunohrm, that may be a bug then16:50
nijababeuno: should it bring me to a web page, as before?16:50
beunonijaba, AFAIK, yes16:51
mattgriffinnijaba: did starting the Ubuntu One Preferences application take you through the process to re-add your computer?16:51
nijabamattgriffin: nope16:51
nijabamattgriffin: and the account tab does show anything16:52
mattgriffinnijaba, beuno: i think that's what we should rely on... it seems like one of the first places that people might go to find out what's wrong with their sync... but that first assumes that people will realize that there's a problem with their syncing16:53
nijabamattgriffin: not seing my little cloud was my first clue at it16:53
mattgriffinnijaba: now that the little cloud is gone :( kinda challenging16:53
nijabamattgriffin: oh, is it?  then it was a false clue then...16:54
beunomattgriffin, yeah, and also, it's completely non-obvious where that option is16:54
PaulGitmattgriffin: What is the plan for U1 status indication under Lucid?16:54
beunoI don't think a lot of people click on their names16:54
mattgriffinPaulGit: status will be included in the Ubuntu One Preferences application.. no more desktop indicator16:55
Foorshould syncing files in folders other then the ubuntu one folder work right now?16:56
PaulGitmattgriffin: That's 2 clicks away :(16:56
nijabaso, should I file a bug about not being able to re register my computer?16:56
mattgriffinPaulGit: the idea was to reduce desktop icons/clutter16:56
PaulGitmattgriffin: I think that is a good idea too!16:57
mattgriffinnijaba: there might already be a bug16:57
* nijaba looks`16:57
mattgriffindobey: hi... ping'd you in the wrong channel16:57
dobeymattgriffin: hi16:58
PaulGitmattgriffin: Will the connect button return to Nautlius/16:58
dobeyPaulGit: no16:58
dobeyfile complaints to johnlea :)16:58
mattgriffinwe were just chatting about the scenario where your desktop token is gone but you don't realize it. you open the ubuntu one preferences app... in know you are working on some improvements... will it then try to re-add your computer?16:58
dobeydefine "gone but don't realize it"16:59
PaulGitdobey: Has this been discussed before or is there a better place for it?17:00
mattgriffinit disappears... nijaba had the original question17:00
mattgriffinPaulGit: connect/disconnect is now part of the Ubuntu One Preferences application... tied to your tools for managing added computers17:01
dobeynijaba: how did you delete the token? from the web site?17:01
nijabadobey: from the applet17:01
nijabadobey: that is ubuntuone pref17:01
PaulGitmattgriffin: I understand that, thing is that everytime I boot my computer I must click on U1 Preferences and then connect...OK for me because I know to do this, but my Mum won't know to do this.17:02
mattgriffinPaulGit: we're working on auto-connect17:02
PaulGitmattgriffin: Ahh OK! ;)17:02
mattgriffinPaulGit: :)17:02
dobeynijaba: ok, so the problem is that it didn't delete it from the local keyring, just the server. if you open Accessories->Passwords & Encryption Keys and delete the "UbuntuOne token for https://ubuntuone.com" entry there, then run the preferences again, it should re-authorize you17:02
* nijaba tries17:03
FoorI just had the same problem nijaba that ^ fixed me17:04
Fooris there any plans to show when your ubuntu one is syncing in lucid?17:04
dobeyFoor: we're putting some simplified status in the prefs dialog, yes17:05
mattgriffinFoor: only if you open the Preferences application17:05
dobeynijaba: you hit bug #54550617:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 545506 in ubuntuone-client "Removing computer from account doesn't delete ubuntuone token" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54550617:05
nijabadobey: thanks. that fixed it :)17:05
nijabahrm...  and there is no more status in Nautilus either?17:09
dobeythere never was any status in nautilus outside the emblems... the emblems are still there17:10
nijabadobey: ah, you're right, there was a "connect" button there, though?17:12
ryemattgriffin, pong17:13
dobeyyes, there was, and it's in the prefs dialog now17:13
nijabaok, thanks17:13
mattgriffinrye: brb17:19
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mattgriffinrye: i'm back17:22
ryemattgriffin, what do you want me to break today?17:23
mattgriffinrye: heh... u1sdtool --list-folders shows all of my folders that i'm syncing.17:23
mattgriffinrye: but right-clicking in nautilus doesn't match... still says "Synchronize on Ubuntu One" for some folders that are showing up in the --list-folders result17:24
ryemattgriffin, hmmm... is nautilus plugin updated?.. let me see17:24
mattgriffinrye: ok17:24
ryemattgriffin, ubuntuone-client version?17:24
mattgriffinrye: 1.1.4-0ubuntu117:25
dobeyi'm not sure why that is17:26
dobey(please file a bug though)17:27
ryemattgriffin, it looks like the code _is_ there17:27
mattgriffindobey: you want me to file a bug on this issue?17:29
dobeyyes please17:31
mattgriffindobey, rye: it just changed in Nautilus17:32
ubottuUbuntu bug 547087 in ubuntuone-client "u1sdtool --list-folders list doesn't match Nautilus right-click options" [Undecided,New]17:33
dobeyt'is an annoying thing to debug17:34
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beunojamestait, these contacts that you have errors on18:13
beunothey're the ones that came from thunderbird, right?18:13
ryemattgriffin, just added my dir to u1 - nautilus started showing 'Stop synchonizing on Ubuntu One'18:24
mattgriffinrye: nautilus eventually changes for me but it takes a few minutes18:28
ryemattgriffin, hm... that means it reats on some signal sent from syncdaemon18:29
mattgriffinrye: and no emblems appear18:30
dobeyyes, there is a FolderCreated signal18:30
dobeyand which emblems?18:30
dobeycrikey i've too much to do18:31
mattgriffinrye, dobey: maybe emblems isn't the right term. my udfs don't show any additional indication that they are syncing... except their subfolders18:31
mattgriffindobey: is that called an emblem?18:31
dobeythe emblem that shows a udf is a udf isn't in yet, right.18:31
ryeverterok, re bug #531273 - no, that is not sync performed, that's only the metadata queue that checks whether files have changed locally, i.e. for each file there is a request to the server, after 28 minutes it actually has started uploading files18:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 531273 in ubuntuone-client "sync takes ages: 28 minutes for 1457 objects" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53127318:34
* verterok looks 18:35
ryei broke the internets18:35
ryewget http://one.ubuntu.com/p/Gc/file.png18:35
verterokrye: the bug description reads: "It took 28 minutes for syncdaemon to perform full server query, i.e. from u1sdtool --connect to IDLE state"18:37
verterokrye: reaching IDLE means full sync18:38
ryeverterok, re-read and recalled - that was not sync, right. it was the startup-till-IDLE time, all files were already uploaded on previous runs18:40
ryeverterok, i just can't find the name for this state , this is not SERVER_RESCAN, this is just processing of metadata queue, which is first somehow created and then it just goes down to 0 elements18:41
verterokrye: that's "syncing" :)18:42
ryeverterok, butt... no content changes ...18:43
* rye stops duplicating letters at end of the words18:43
verterokrye: metadata queue holds make/unlink/query/list_shares/list_volumes/<other meta> commands18:43
ryeverterok, ah, yes, query - what's query?18:43
verterokrye: Query is a command ;)18:44
verterokrye: basically the client ask the server about a set of nodes he knows, and the server reply a set of nodes (if the info requested is correct) with the current hash and other data18:44
verterokrye: e.g: if the client sends a query with a invalid/non-existent node_id or share_id, the server will reply nothing18:45
ryeverterok, but it queries the server every time before reaching IDLE ?18:47
verterokrye: a Query command isn't for the whole set, just for a few (or even a single) nodes18:48
verterokrye: e.g: the server sends a change notification for a folder, with the new hash of the folder18:49
ryeverterok, ah, btw, what is a _hash_ of the _folder_ ?18:49
verterokrye: syncdaemon needs to get the  dir listing (ListDir), which is aldo a meta command18:49
verterokrye: it's the hash of the list of a folder contents18:50
verterokrye: it's specified (in code) in the storage-protocol18:50
ryemattgriffin, verterok, bug #49593118:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 495931 in ubuntuone-client "Directories do not get local_hash and server_hash updated" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49593118:57
mattgriffinrye: do you think this is the root of the problem?18:59
mattgriffinrye: is it still happening?19:00
verterokrye: please asing it to foundations+ and ping facundobatista/lucio about it19:00
ryemattgriffin, that was re: your mail.. "is this expected udf emblem behavior?", or I believe I did not get that right19:01
mattgriffinrye: gotcha... so known problem?19:01
ryemattgriffin, if your folders show unsynced emblems even if all files in that folder are synced, then yes, that's a known problem19:02
* dobey didn't know about it19:02
dobeybut then again i don't know much tehse days19:02
dobeylike how to spell these19:03
ryemattgriffin, but if the files within the folder do not show any emblem at all but subfolders do, then that's a different problem19:03
mattgriffinrye: heh... a little confusing ;)19:03
ryemattgriffin, could you please try going to...19:04
mattgriffinrye: i don't think i can concentrate that long right now19:04
ryemattgriffin, I believe i misunderstood your email completely19:04
mattgriffinrye: it was showing that i --list-folders shows 3 folders syncing... but those folders don't have any emblems (e.g., Documents)... and their subfolders do have emblems (folders under Documents)19:05
mattgriffins/that i/that19:06
ryemattgriffin, yes, I believe then that's whad dobey said about the missing icon for UDF19:08
duanedesignis "waiting until we know the real value of" something you would see in your log if you were not having an issue?19:10
dobeyduanedesign: is it DEBUG or ERROR?19:11
dutchiehey guys, any advance on bug 546524? I suspect it's something my end19:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 546524 in ubuntuone-client "ubuntu one client fails to authenticate" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54652419:13
duanedesignin the past i had a bug where i was able to trace that back to a AQ entry with a node_id=none. Deleting fixed my problem.19:20
duanedesigndobey:i cant seem to find the log.19:21
duanedesignif it comes up again i will pay more attention to the designation19:21
verterokdutchie: hi, looks like you oauth token might be invalid, rye: any ideas ^ ?19:26
dobeyverterok: delete the one from the local keyring19:27
ryeheh, I was too slow19:27
verterokdobey: ok, thanks. dutchie: ^19:27
dutchieright-y ho19:27
ryeI wonder whether we should remove the key in the keyring on AUTH_FAILED... Well, _only_ on AUTH_FAILED19:28
* rye remembers the days when AUTH_FAILED was caused by anything looking like 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR...19:29
dutchiegreat, that's done the trick19:30
* dutchie closes bug19:30
dutchiewait, no it hasn't19:31
dutchiestill getting AUTH_FAILED from u1sdtool -s19:31
dutchiebut the gui thing seems to show me connected and the music store loads fine :/19:32
verterokdutchie: u1sdtool -q19:32
verterokdutchie: u1sdtool --start && u1sdtool -c19:33
joshuahooverrye: did you get a chance to look at the logs for bug #543713? i looked over them and don't see anything there that would indicate the behavior the user describes19:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 543713 in ubuntuone-client "Files removal from linked directory" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54371319:33
ryejoshuahoover, the logs show that nothing was happening, at all. completely :-/19:34
joshuahooverrye: yeah, i was following up on the question (https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+question/105108) and reviewed the bug linked to it and can't see anything there that would tell me we deleted files19:35
dutchieexcellent, up to QUEUE_MANAGER now19:36
dutchieI assume that means "fixed"19:36
ryedutchie, yup, it is now processing the queues of the items that it needs to do19:36
duanedesigni had a log open in gedit and was clicking 'reload' as it updated. Must have reached the max log size and it rotated logs. Seems it didnt save the previous log.19:39
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duanedesignrye: is Ubuntu One expected to work on Xubuntu?20:07
ryeduanedesign, provided that all dependencies are satisfied - yes, but no thunar plugin exists20:08
duanedesignthank you20:08
ryeduanedesign, sorry, I am a bit slow today :(20:09
duanedesignrye: little under the weather or just an off day?20:10
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ryeduanedesign, don't know, usually it is monday when I am slow :)20:21
plarsat some point along the way, possibly after upgrading to lucid, my ubuntu-one seems to have gotten hosed.  I tried deleting my system from the machine list, deleteing the stored key, and logging back in to u1 and recreating20:22
plarsit's still not syncing or anything though20:22
plarsu1sdtool -s shows state is AUTH_FAILED20:23
plarsany suggestions for how to go about fixing it?20:23
ryeplars, usually that means that there is a key in gnome keyring that no longer corresponds to the one at web ui /account/machines20:25
plarsrye: I just recreated that though20:25
plarsdeleted my machine from /account/machines, and deleted the key20:26
verterokplars: probably syncdaemon needs to be restarted20:26
plarsand after doing that, I rebooted my machine...20:26
ryeplars, you can shut syncdaemon off with u1sdtool -q; remove UbuntuOne token for https://ubuntuone.com from gnome-keyring20:26
plarsrye: will try that, what's the recommended way to reenable syncdaemon? just u1sdtool -c?20:27
ryeplars, yup, it should then run ubuntuone-login which will run the browser to re-add the machine to ubuntuone20:28
ryeif that fails, ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/oauth-login.log might be helpful20:28
plarsrye: I saw it flash an error message about "invalid...?" couldn't read it, it went too fast, but it seems like it may be working now20:30
plarscool, thanks!20:30
plarsit is normal for everything in the preferences under the services tab to be grey?20:31
plarsI was trying to get contacts working, but it's unchecked there, and everything is grey (and yes, I do have evolution-couchdb installed)20:33
duanedesignplars: yes that is normal20:40
duanedesignwell currently at least :)20:40
plarsduanedesign: ok, good to know, so is contact sync not expected to work currently? From evo it seems that there's a couchdb contact list, but no option to add new contacts20:41
duanedesignplars: it should work. Unless there is a current issue i am unaware of20:42
ryeplars, could you please check your CPU usage by evolution-data-server now?20:42
plarsrye: yeah, it's chewing up an entire cpu20:43
ryeplars, hm20:43
ryeplars, ok, I believe we have a confirmation of an uknown bug regarding desktopcouch startup :-/20:43
ryeplars, you might want to exit evolution completely - evolution --force-shutdown, then start it again20:44
ryeplars, I will try to find the real reason for this tomorrow, I believe I know when that happens - when evolution is the first to start then it triggers desktopcouch :-/20:45
plarsrye: ok, cool, that seems to work now (at least I can add entries, will see if they sync shortly)20:46
ryeplars, duanedesign - see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Status20:46
ryeregarding replication20:46
EdwinGrubbsI enabled my ubuntu one account and connected my computer in the system preferences, but I still can't see the music store in rhythmbox.20:54
beunoPaulGit, ping21:14
beunoPaulGit, we're ready for another round!21:15
duanedesignEdwinGrubbs: i do not have much experience with the Music Store yet but a couple of things. Sounds like you are on Lucid. I did see a bug report about the plug-in not installing from an upgrade. Maybe a quick  'dpkg -l rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store' to make sure plugin is installed21:19
EdwinGrubbsok, thanks21:19
puiutI upgraded to Lucid beta and ubuntuone does not know my user name and password and I could not find where to enter this information21:25
duanedesignpuiut: your U1 credentials are stored in the Gnome keyring. Applications > Accesories > Password and Encryption keys21:33
duanedesignpuiut: are you having trouble getting the client to connect?21:34
puiutthe preference window is empty next to my username, name, and email21:36
duanedesignahh ok21:36
* duanedesign thinks he saw a bug report on this. Goes to check21:36
puiutshould I erase the UbuntuOne token from the "Passwors and Encryption Keys"21:37
duanedesignpuiut: you can certainitly try and reauthorize your computer and see if that helps21:38
duanedesignRight-click on the Ubuntu One token and select "Delete"21:39
duanedesignGo to https://one.ubuntu.com/account/machines/21:39
duanedesign Click on the checkbox next to your computer select 'Remove selected computer'21:39
duanedesignthen when you open Ubuntu One from the Me Menu it should prompt you to add your computer again21:40
puiutI did these steps and I added the computer again21:41
beunoanyone in here want to try out mobile phone contact sync?21:42
* duanedesign wishes his phone wasnt messed up.21:42
beunoduanedesign, do you use thunderbird?21:43
duanedesigni  use evoloution21:43
beunook, so you will have to fix your phone then  ;)21:43
duanedesignburn: the contact UI on the web looks nice21:45
beunoI'll assume I'm burn21:46
beunoso thank you  :)21:46
puiutit does not seem to synchronize though21:46
duanedesignuh ih21:46
beunoI just landed a branch to make editing/adding nicer21:46
puiutI added one file online and it does not show up on my computer21:46
duanedesignsoory b_urn tab fail21:46
beunoand merging!  https://one.ubuntu.com/contacts/merge/21:46
duanedesignpuiut: ok. you can try opening Ubuntu One preferences and 'disconnecting' then 'coonnecting'21:47
duanedesignburn: oh wow21:48
duanedesigni did it again21:49
duanedesignbeuno: that is nice!21:50
beunoduanedesign, :)21:50
statikbeuno, i may call you burn from now on anyway, it's easier for me to pronounce21:50
beunolet me know how the merging goes21:50
beunostatik, I'll wait for the guy to quit, takeover his nickname21:51
puiutit still does nothing21:53
puiutI selected also a folder to be synchronized; the folder appears on the webpage but no files are uploaded21:54
PaulGitbeuno: Sorry, I am ready to test if all is OK now!21:57
beunoPaulGit, go go go!21:57
beunodon't remember to delete and put21:58
PaulGitbeuno: I did that earlier.21:58
PaulGitIt's looking good.....21:58
beunoPaulGit, then fire away21:58
duanedesignpuiut: if you run the following command in a Terminal does the document it opens contain anything:   gedit  ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon-exceptions.log22:01
duanedesignif so you can paste it at http://paste.ubuntu.com22:02
PaulGitbeuno: Sync worked but no email addresses went across :(22:03
puiutno; the file is empty22:03
PaulGitbeuno: I can send you log from iPhone if you like?22:03
beunoPaulGit, that would be great22:04
beunoI think it's a known bug22:04
beunobut please do22:04
beunoeverything else look ok?22:04
PaulGitbeuno: Names, addresses, phone numbers look good. Even additional addresses etc22:05
beunoPaulGit, rock!22:05
beunoI wonder why emails don't sync well...22:05
beunolets try the log first22:06
beunoand then I may ask you to look in couchdb22:06
beunoif that's ok with you22:06
duanedesignpuiut: ok. looks look at:   gedit ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log22:06
PaulGitbeuno: I am just checking the log myself, it does not appear to contain email addresses!  I wonder if this is a iPhone client issue?22:07
puiutthis file is huge and growing22:07
beunoyou downloaded the funambol app, right?22:07
PaulGitbeuno: Yes22:07
duanedesignpuiut: could you copy and paste what you have at paste.ubuntu.com22:07
duanedesignthen after hitting the paste button, post the address here22:08
PaulGitbeuno: This is strange, no email addresses in the debug log at all.22:09
beunourbanape, jblount, around?22:09
beunoI'd like someone with an iphone to confirm what PaulGit is seeing22:09
beunoa quick google search doesn't turn up anything obvious22:09
puiutI did at http://paste.ubuntu.com/401410/22:09
PaulGitbeuno: Yesterday I tried using iPhone funambol client with my.funambol.com and I have just checked and it didn't get email addresses either.  Looks like a client issue to me.22:13
beunoPaulGit, aha!22:13
beunothat is super useful information22:13
beunoI wonder where we can report this bug22:13
PaulGitbeuno: Let me look through the app store reviews to see if somebody has made a similar observation....22:14
beunothanks PaulGit, it's great to know this early on22:15
duanedesignpuiut: could you try thids command in the Terminal:   u1sdtool --current-transfer22:20
=== teknico_away is now known as teknico
puiutCurrent uploads: 022:20
puiutCurrent downloads: 022:20
duanedesignok how about: u1sdtool -s22:21
duanedesignwhat is the State?22:22
PaulGitbeuno: This is strange, I added an email address to one of my contacts.  Did a resync and the client detected one contact change but did not send email data to server....will try other direction now!22:23
puiutState: QUEUE_MANAGER22:23
puiut    connection: With User With Network22:23
puiut    description: processing queues22:23
puiut    is_connected: True22:23
puiut    is_error: False22:23
puiut    is_online: True22:23
puiut    queues: WORKING_ON_BOTH22:23
beunoPaulGit, very strange!22:24
beunoanything on the app store reviews?22:24
duanedesignpuiut: ok could you please try this command:    find ~/.local/share/ubuntuone -name 'b718c62f-f974-41ea-8494-487219ae393a' -delete22:26
PaulGitbeuno: Interestingly the same in the other direction, I added an email to an exisiting contact change detected but no address sent back to phone!  Will try a new contact!22:26
beunoPaulGit, I think the other direction is a known bug22:27
beunobug #53295722:27
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: list index out of range (https://launchpad.net/bugs/532957)22:27
puiutduanedesign: I tried the command22:27
beunoit says evolution, but we probably aren't adding the needed fields from the web either22:28
duanedesignpuiut: other than that I think we should file a bug report for you. That is the best way to make sure you get attention. Tommorrow morning rye will be in and I can have him look at your logs.22:28
puiutduanedesign: Unfortunately nothing changed; what should I include in the bug report? The file I pasted already?22:30
puiutduanedesign: Thank you for all your help22:30
duanedesignpuiut: if you want i can open the report and then you can run a quick command from the terminal to attach some info22:31
PaulGitbeuno: OK, but I definately don't see any email addresses in the client debug log, so I am not yet convinced  it is a U1 issue! ;)22:32
puiutduanedesign: that would be great22:33
beunoPaulGit, that's both good and bad news for us  ;)22:33
PaulGitbeuno: Yes, especially as the problem is reproduce-able at my.funambol.com.   Is it worth me trying a thunderbird client?22:34
beunoPaulGit, it is!22:34
duanedesignpuiut: I made the report. I will continue to look at reports and see if i can better determine your issue. It looks like it may be an issue with slow reading of metadata. So if possible let it run for awhile. ok run this command: apport-collect -p ubuntuone-client 54839722:39
PaulGitbeuno: The link you sent me the other day for TB client doesn't seem to be valid, could you send me a TB 3.0 64bit link please?22:39
mkarnickihi there, ubuntuone devs!22:39
mkarnickii came for feedback :)22:39
beunoPaulGit, sure, https://mozilla-plugin.forge.funambol.org/files/documents/89/368/funambol-mozilla-sync-client-linux-20100129-64bit.xpi22:40
mkarnickii'm a student at polish-japanese institute of information technology22:40
duanedesignpuiut: in the morning i will have others look at your info and we will get to the bottom of this and mmake sure your U1 gets to working better22:40
PaulGitbeuno: ta, downloading...22:40
mkarnickiand intend to make Ubuntu One client for Android as google summer of code project22:40
mkarnickihow about that :) ?22:40
duanedesignmkarnicki: that would be great22:40
mkarnickiI've talked to Elliot and Joshua already22:40
duanedesignmkarnicki:  the GSOC is going to be awesome22:41
mkarnickii'm going through gsoc's docummentations (loads of them) and intend to22:41
mkarnickigo through ubuntu one client source22:41
mkarnickiduanedeign: i hope so! :)22:41
puiutduanedesign: Thank you very much for your help; do you need my landscape/ubuntuone email address to contact me?22:41
mkarnickiops 'duanedesign' sorry22:41
duanedesignpuiut: when you run that command it will attach your name to the report as a comment. We can contact you that way :)22:42
mkarnickii have found a tread on ubuntu forums, question and a bug report on lp - based on them22:42
mkarnickicommunity members would really like to see such app :)22:42
mkarnickii was hoping to collect some more ideas for the software here22:43
duanedesignmkarnicki: i just saw some tweets/dents from Dropbox users bragging about their Android client. So it would be cool to have one.22:43
duanedesignbeuno has beenworking on mobile Contact sync22:43
puiutduanedesign: I will have to run the command now because I will turn off the computer22:43
mkarnickiexactly. dropbox is rolling out android client, and i thought to myself.. hey.. why not ubuntu one also? :)22:43
duanedesignpuiut: thats fine22:43
duanedesignpuiut: i will also attach the pastebin you did22:44
mkarnickibueno: you've been working on mobile Contact sync? for Android also?22:44
beunomkarnicki, yes22:45
beunoin fact22:45
beunoit works right now22:45
beunoif you want to try it  :)22:45
mkarnickiwhooa! sure!22:45
puiutduanedesign: I received the following error: You are not the reporter or subscriber of this problem report, or the report is a duplicate or already closed.22:45
mkarnickibueno: how can i get it :) ??22:45
beunomkarnicki, so, the client is: http://code.google.com/p/funambol/22:45
mkarnickii mean.. is there a separate app..? ahh22:46
beunoyou can also get it in: http://www.appbrain.com/app/com.funambol.androidsync22:46
mkarnickii'll go and have a look22:46
beunomkarnicki, and to set it up: https://edge.one.ubuntu.com/phones/22:46
beunoandroid phones are not officially supported yet22:46
mkarnickithanks :)22:46
beunoso select any phone22:46
beunoto generate a user/pass22:46
beunothe host is:  http://syncml.one.ubuntu.com22:46
mkarnickithank you :)22:47
beunothis offer comes with a string attached, though22:47
mkarnickibueno: this chat is logged at irclogs.ubuntu.com (or something like that), right?22:47
beunomkarnicki, you need to give me feedback on how it went  :)22:47
beunomkarnicki, I think so22:47
mkarnickibueno: i couldn't et my irssi to save the logs22:47
mkarnickibueno: ok, thanks. i'll check out the links22:47
mkarnickibueno: sure thing ;)22:48
duanedesignpuiut: ok22:48
duanedesignpuiut: go to this address and add a comment to the report explaining if this was a User Designated Folder or a folder you placed in the Ubuntu One directory22:49
ubottuUbuntu bug 548397 in ubuntuone-client "[Lucid] Only folders upload no files" [Undecided,New]22:49
duanedesignthat will get your name on there :)22:49
mkarnickibueno: uu shoot. i can already see from the screenshot you're doing good and planning far. dont sync the files, leave it for my gsoc plz =D hahah22:49
beunomkarnicki, files are yours!22:50
beunonotes as well22:50
mkarnickibueno: thank you! ^ ^22:50
PaulGitbeuno:No email addresses in TB either....mmm, I wonder if there is something in the protocol that is telling either end to not send email addresses.22:51
beunoPaulGit, I guess that if they are not being sent in the first place, they won't propagate22:52
beunoare there any options to the funambol app?22:52
beunoor contacts setting on the iphone?22:52
PaulGitbeuno: But you would think if I enter a contact via the U1 web UI when I sync with TB it would send all the details.22:53
beunoPaulGit, no, we have a bug with adding data on the web ui I think22:53
beunoPaulGit, try adding an email in TB22:53
beunoand syncing22:53
mkarnickibueno: android 2.1 is rolling out for htc hero in a week. which file is fine for 1.5? v0.1.1 i guess?22:53
puiutduanedesign: all right then;22:54
beunothat *has* to work22:54
PaulGitBoth TB and iPhone have a setting called 'Remote name' which is set to card.22:54
beunomkarnicki, I wouldn't know  :)22:54
beunoPaulGit, that should be fine22:54
mkarnickibueno: i'll go for it then22:54
PaulGitbeuno: TB -> U1 email worked OK! :)22:55
beunoPaulGit, yay!22:55
beunoPaulGit, it should end up on your iphone as well22:55
PaulGitbeuno: It did, but I also ended up with duplicate entries.22:57
beunoPaulGit, interesting, tell me more22:57
beunojust for that contact?  or many?22:57
PaulGitbeuno: Well I wiped everything and started from an empty contacts book.  Added one via web ui and one via TB.  When synced to iphone I ended up with 2 copies of each contact.22:58
beunoPaulGit, did this contact have both first and last name?22:58
jamestaitEvening all. :)22:59
PaulGitYes, both of them.22:59
beunoso there's a bug there22:59
beunoPaulGit, what's your username again?23:00
beunoPaulGit, also, does the web ui have them double now as well?23:00
mkarnickibueno: u sure picking any phone is fine? i can't find one from htc with android xD23:00
beunomkarnicki, yes, it's just for instructions and username generation23:01
mkarnickibueno: ok, thanks23:01
PaulGitbeuno: I did a device clean from iPhone client and a resync, now I have 2.23:01
beunoPaulGit, so no more dupes?23:02
PaulGitbeuno: Nope23:02
beunoPaulGit, ok, so try syncing tb again23:02
beunolets try to reproduce this  :)23:03
beunoI suspect that the lack of email addresses may be duping it, as it may think they are different contacts23:03
PaulGitbeuno: All appears OK after sync with TB23:03
beunoPaulGit, and sync iphone again?  :)23:04
mkarnickibueno: can i feel safe about not wiping my phone contacts when i click sync ;)?23:04
beunoif that works OK, you may want to bring in your contacts again (keep a backup), and try syncing all of em!23:04
beunomkarnicki, at this stage, I always recommend backing up23:04
beunomkarnicki, especially because it's an in-development app on the android  ;)23:05
mkarnickibueno: hmm.. i guess i should find some backup solution then23:05
PaulGitbeuno: Ahh, OK, I just added a contact to iPhone - synced.  Then synced TB, I then have duplicate contacts in TB.23:05
mkarnickibueno: sure :)23:05
beunomkarnicki, google contacts doesn't do it for the android?23:05
beunoPaulGit, aha!23:05
mkarnickibueno: it does ;) but i thought they would appear in the U1 cloud, wouldn't they?23:06
PaulGitbeuno: Interestingly both of them have the email address!23:06
beunoPaulGit, so the email address went fine from iphone to tb now?23:06
beunovds, you may be interested in the above  ^23:06
beunomkarnicki, yes, I meant using google contacts as a backup  ;)23:06
PaulGitbeuno: Yes, the only difference from before is that I totally wiped my iPhone contacts and started from an empty address book.23:07
* vds reads23:07
beunoPaulGit, so this is getting wierder!23:07
beunoweirder even23:07
beunonot that it's a word23:07
PaulGitbeuno: Weirderer :)23:07
PaulGitLet me try iPhone->U1->TB again to see if duplicate is reproducable.23:08
mkarnickibueno: yeah, i did that right now ^ ^ (google contacts backup)23:08
mkarnicki(through regular gmail)23:08
beunomkarnicki, great, so you're set totest!23:08
beunojamestait, hey hey23:08
beunodid you see my messages before?  ^^^^23:09
beunoalso, we're ready to test!23:09
vdsbeuno: I removed the emails from the twin view so23:10
mkarnickibueno: Exception: com.funambol.syncml.spds.SyncException: Authentication failed for: card23:10
vdsI don;t think that can be the problem23:10
mkarnickibueno: my SD card might be close to full.. may it be the matter?23:10
mkarnickii'll check my credentials also23:10
jamestaitHey beuno, yes, the contacts were from TB.23:10
vdsbut it would be great if we can reproduce the problem23:10
jamestaitI just killed both the U1 database and my local couch.23:10
PaulGitbeuno: Dupes are reproducible, will do again with debug loggin.23:11
beunovds, ^23:11
beunojamestait, ok, so that's why they are failing23:11
beunojamestait, you are adding empty addresses23:11
beunoyou shouldn't  :)23:11
jamestaitI caught aq's comment about empty MergeableLists.23:11
beunowe will make our code more resilient to it, but I'd suggest looking at the code to avoid it23:12
jamestaitSo basically, if the property's empty, just don't add it.23:12
jamestaitNo problem.23:12
jamestaitDo you want to re-assign that bug to Hedera then? :)23:12
beunoPaulGit, do you have local replication of your contacts db?23:12
beunojamestait, no, I think we should not explode on any form of data23:13
PaulGitbeuno: Er um, how would I know?23:13
beunoPaulGit, ls .local/share/desktop-couch/23:13
beunosee if you have a contacts.db23:13
mkarnickibueno: retrieveing 60/406 and counting..23:14
mkarnickilooks scary, but somethings working :D23:14
beunomkarnicki, wooo23:14
PaulGitbeuno: I have a contacts.couch file23:14
beunoPaulGit, ah, right23:14
beunothat's it23:14
beunoPaulGit, you also have an html file, right?23:15
beunoopen that with firefox23:15
jamestaitw00t! Phone sync complete!23:15
beunojamestait, \o/23:15
beunowhat phone is that?23:15
jamestaitNokia E71.23:15
mkarnickibueno: now: Sending updated items 273/0 (waiting for something..)23:15
=== jdobrien is now known as webm0nk3y
beunomkarnicki, it sounds like you already had contacts23:15
PaulGitbeuno: Have opened HTML file with FF23:16
beunovds, I'm curious on PaulGit's dupes23:16
vdsbeuno: me too23:16
beunoPaulGit, so you should see the contacts DB23:16
beunowhich will contain your contacts23:16
mkarnickibueno: like.. on my phone? yeah :D but 0 contacts on ubuntu one account23:16
beunomkarnicki, it retrieved 406 contacts23:16
beunolet me know what those where  :)23:17
beunomaybe evolution?23:17
PaulGitbeuno, it shows 381 rows!23:17
mkarnickibueno: nice!! that's called hardcore testing, completed!23:17
mkarnickii can see my contacts in the ubuntu cloud \o/ !23:17
beunoPaulGit, aha, the replication mus be doing funky things23:18
beunoPaulGit, maybe that's why we get dupes23:18
beunoPaulGit, try deleting and putting online23:18
beunoand deleting locally23:18
beunoand trying aaaaall over again23:18
beunomkarnicki, wooooooo23:18
beunomkarnicki, let me know if they have all the data23:18
PaulGitOK, will do the delete again!23:18
beunomkarnicki, and, what email client you use23:19
beunowe can sync email clients as well  ;)23:19
beunoPaulGit, you rock dude23:19
mkarnickibueno: my evolution isn't even set up o_O i doubnt i had imported my contacts previously.. i think these where from my phone23:19
beunojamestait, do all contact seem complete?23:19
mkarnickibueno: yep, i'll go check them23:19
beunomkarnicki, you can sync any email client23:20
jamestaitbeuno: I'm still poking around like an excited child.23:20
beunothunderbird, OSX, outlook23:20
beunojamestait, :) :) :)23:20
mkarnickibueno: true, but i use internet browser, not a local client (so it must have been from my phone)23:20
beunomkarnicki, gotcha23:20
jamestaitbeuno: There are 235 in total, but the first dozen or so look fine.23:21
beunojamestait, awesome23:21
beunoyou know where to find me if anything breaks23:21
jamestaitYou are. :)23:21
jamestaitNotch another one up for the team.23:22
* beuno high-fives vds 23:22
mkarnickibueno: I tested on my girlfriend (lol), she's got pretty much complete data: phone, home phone, pager, addres1, email23:22
beunomkarnicki, fantastic news23:22
mkarnickibueno: but it doesn't have any custo fields like birthday or notes (but these are platform/google specific. so no worries, right?)23:23
beunomkarnicki, aha23:23
mkarnickithumbs up!23:23
beunoyes and no23:23
PaulGitbeuno: OK, all contacts wiped. Shall I try iPhone->U1->TB first?23:23
beunoPaulGit, locally and online?  if so, yes23:23
mkarnickii know there are some standards that contacts where designed at ubuntu one, right?23:23
PaulGitbeuno: Yes, everything is empty!23:24
beunomkarnicki, yes, the freedesktop spec23:24
beunoPaulGit, do it!23:24
mkarnickibueno: right23:24
beunomkarnicki, take a peak in .local/share/desktop-couch/23:24
mkarnickibueno: wait.. i should check on myself xD i've got much contact data in my own contact item23:24
mkarnickibueno: ok23:24
beunodo you have contacts.couch?23:24
beunoif you do, open the html file with firefox23:24
beunowe can inspect the couchdb source23:25
mkarnickibueno: not yet. ops.. my clund was off, turning on23:25
beunoand see if the fields are there23:25
beunowhile you guys rock, I'll go walk the dog23:25
mkarnickibueno: says my files are up to date, but i only have "couchdb.html  lernid.couch  management.couch  users.couch"23:26
mkarnickibueno: sure :)!23:26
mkarnickiin the mean time23:26
mkarnickiare there any android fans out there (here) :) ?23:26
mkarnickiany feature suggestions for ubuntu one android client?23:27
mkarnickii wanted to share my ideas, but as long as noones interested i'll keep them for myself :D23:27
PaulGitbeuno: No dupes this time!  Arrrgghgh!23:29
beunoPaulGit, so maybe it was local couch madness23:29
beuno(now, really, walking the dog)23:30
beunovds, ^23:30
PaulGitbeuno: Spoke too soon, second time got a dupe!23:30
vdsbeuno: good23:30
vdssounds more like couchdb doing strange things but it would be nice to have the logs23:31
PaulGitvds: Just sorting the logs out for you...23:32
vdsPaulGit: thanks a lot!23:32
PaulGitvds: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/401445/ - Log from TB client showing duplicate contacts being sent (Fred Bloggs).  I will clear down and try it all again to make sure I can reproduce it.23:35
mkarnickibueno: i still don't have contacts.couch file, but the sync seems to have gone fine. as for 406 items, i'm pretty impressed. if you need any further checks upon custom fields, let me know :)23:36
mkarnickibueno: ooops.. i got a java null pointer exception, but i don't think i'll be able to reproduce. i'm running the contact sync again, just to check.23:38
vdsPaulGit: thanks23:38
PaulGitvds: Just cleared everything out and, got a dupe first time.  Will send log link shortly.  Again this was iPhone->U1->TB23:39
mkarnickibueno: ooh.. that was a surprize. phone restarted. but i honestly doubnt it could have had anything to do with your app.23:40
PaulGitvds: Here is the latest log from TB client showing dupe contact http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/401447/23:41
vdsPaulGit: thanks I'll take a look tomorrow morning as first thing23:42
PaulGitvds: I have just done the reverse, added contact in TB, synced to U1 and then to iPhone.  Got a dupe on iPhone.  Would you like log from iPhone client too?23:43
PaulGitvds: iPhone client log showing dupe contact http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/401454/23:47
beunoPaulGit, could you file a bug with those logs?23:48
beunoso we can track this23:48
beunoassign it to vds   :)23:49
* beuno hides23:49
vdsahaha :)23:49
vdsthat would be great actually23:49
PaulGitvds, beuno: I will do, but will do it in the morning if you don't mind.  Rapidly approaching midnight and I need my beauty sleep.  What shall I file the bug against?23:50
vdsPaulGit: yep I'm going to go too, here is nearly one o'clock23:50
beunoPaulGit, ubuntuone-servers23:51
beunoand thank you  :)23:51
mkarnickivds: your at my timezone :)23:51
PaulGitbeuno: Will do, see you tomorrow! :) gnite.23:51
beunonight PaulGit!23:52
vdsmkarnicki: yup23:52
mkarnickii'm from Poland :) u?23:53
mkarnickii'll make another attempt then: anyone owns Android powered phone :)?23:54
beunomkarnicki, a lot of people are looking forward to your work23:55
beunothey also seem to be sleeping  :)23:55
mkarnickii thought there'd be more ubuntu one mobile enthusiasts, but it seems android isn't as popular as i thought..23:55
mkarnickibueno: you think so :) ?23:55
mkarnickibueno: that cheered me up! :)23:55
beunomkarnicki, yeah, this channel quiets down a lot at this time23:56
mkarnickibueno: i see :)23:56
beunotry again mid-day, people will jump on top of you23:56
beunoa lot of devs have androids23:56
mkarnickibueno: haha great! :) i'll try that then, thanks for advice23:56
mkarnickii'd like to share and exchange ideas, so yep. i'll try to catch them @mid-day23:57
mkarnickibueno: @ what GMT are you at?23:57
mkarnicki(so that i know what is mid-day :D)23:57
beunomkarnicki, I'm UTC+3 (Argentina)23:59

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