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TheMusoHrm. We have mysql on the disks. THat seems odd.22:19
ScottLheh, ya that does, doesn't it...i didn't even click to that22:57
ScottLreally bad feature creep? lol23:04
ScottLTheMuso, how would you check to see how it got on the disc?  is this a chance to rdepends?23:19
TheMusoScottL: Yeah rdepends for starters, and also looking at the disk build logs at http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive23:22
ScottLTheMuso, should we also be worried about the 'unkown ship packages' as well?23:39
TheMusoScottL: What do you mean exactly?23:40
ScottLin the .../ubuntustudio/lucid/daily-20100325.log there were several (tens, actually) that said 'unknown ship packages'23:46
ScottLshaketracker, tapiir for example23:47
ScottLTheMuso, ^^^ 23:48
ScottLcrap load of language packs also apparently23:48
ScottLour seeds have the tapiir package in them and they can't be found?  I'm guessing this is why this happens23:54

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