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warawI have ub9.04 on my system now but was going to do a fresh install from dvd.  For some reason it refuses to boot.  However it does recognize the disk and offers to run the ubuntustudio install for me from there; will this work properly?03:02
warawrefuses to boot from the dvd, that is.03:05
holsteinwaraw: what are you trying to install?03:18
holsteina lucid daily?03:18
warawnope.  wanted to do a fresh install of koala.  burned the iso.03:19
holsteini would suggest trying a lucid daily03:19
holsteinits beta03:19
holsteinand weeks from final status03:20
holsteinand it will be supported for 5 years03:20
holsteinmaybe that will clear up for .iso issue as well03:20
warawwell I went ahead and proceded with the distrib upgrade; it is applying the changes now.  so hopefully it will boot/blossom into a proper u.s. install03:21
warawam still a newbie so forgive me if i'm not up to tackling dalies yet03:24
holsteingood luch03:24
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valkyrHow do I sort 2 packages that are broken. Update manager says they're trying to overwrite files provided by the packages they're meant to be upgrading.  I'm going round in circles now not finding any way to remove them (because that would cause a huge dependent package to be removed too which I certainly don't want), or otherwise force installation...09:54
astraljavavalkyr: Which packages are these, and what version of *buntu [Studio] are you using?09:57
valkyraudacious-plugins + audacious-plugins-extra on Karmic. They're from a 3rd party resository which updated a shed-load of other packages fine09:59
astraljavavalkyr: Without having a look at these properly, I'd say the packages are broken. Can you do an update on CLI, and pastebin the results?10:02
valkyris there any way to remove a package without remove any dependencies? It says ubuntustudio-audio will be removed if I remove them, which is a massive package that I need10:02
astraljavavalkyr: Only the meta-package will get removed, and it can be re-installed afterwards by all means.10:05
valkyrThe strange thing is though - it says that package will be removed even when I force to keep the original version10:05
valkyrof the audacious packages10:06
valkyrahh. I was wondering about that. I guess I can remove it no problem then.10:07
valkyrSorted. Removed and then installed the new version no problem.10:08
astraljavavalkyr: Glad you got it fixed.10:09
valkyrYeah. I think I'll report it to the repository maintainer10:11
astraljavavalkyr: I'm sure that would be appreciated.10:12
valkyrIt's a shame to have 1 rogue package spoiling an otherwise flawless collection :)10:12
astraljavaHappens to the best of 'em. :D10:14
joejcwhats the best way to record an entire band (vocals guitar bass and drums)?18:45
_dreamydoes anyone knows how i can find an equalizer for the whole system ?19:13
_dreamyi found something on synaptics but im not shure what it was19:13
_dreamyit was LDSPA something..19:13
valkyrare you using JACK?19:14
_dreamysometimes i use.. i got qjackctl19:15
_dreamybut i dont know if my mp3 player uses it19:15
_dreamyi use jack for my usb micro19:15
_dreamyvalkyr: id be glad with anything that could just equalize...19:16
_dreamyspecialy my mp319:16
valkyrwell there's jackEQ19:18
valkyrfind an mp3 player with jack support (most should have) and you're set19:19
_dreamyoh i get it.. i will only equalize app using jack..19:19
valkyrwell it's best using JACK because you can route the signal easily from one app to another19:20
valkyrload jackEQ + mp3 then connect mp3 to jackEQ and jackEQ to the main output19:20
valkyrwith qjackctl19:20
_dreamyvalkyr: ive been whaching those names for ages.. i noticed jack and alsa.. and oss i dont know mutch about those.. id love so mutch to  know if maybe one of those will bring me superior quality19:21
_dreamyit seems like theres an option to use on or another..19:22
BrazuckaHi there!19:22
_dreamyfor example, whould i start using jack to play mp3.. for the reazon that it could bring me more quality ?19:23
BrazuckaDoes anyone knows how to setup a Trust TB 4200 tablet on Ubuntu Studio?19:23
valkyrif you mean actual sound quality.... I doubt it. I can almost guarantee they'll all sound exactly the same - it's just the way they work and what they work with that's different19:23
_dreamyvalkyr: id like to ask this too... do u think that linux has superiour sound quality... generaly.. maybe for musicans?19:27
_dreamyim very glad with the way my mp3 sound, i got nothing to complain, specialy comparing with windows , but i just thought i could ask19:28
_dreamy* musicians19:29
_dreamymaybe its better or has good has the macs19:30
valkyragain, no... sound quality is down to your sound card mostly, and it'll sound almost identical on whatever platform you run it on, unless you happen to find an unusually badly implemented driver or something19:30
_dreamythat was nice info ;)19:31
_dreamyive been wondering for ages .. what the amount of Hz  do .. :S19:34
_dreamyi always choose the higher number19:35
valkyrthat's the number of "snapshots" per second. If you record at 44.1khz, then the recorder checks the signal 44,100 times a second and stores what it is.19:37
valkyrso it's kinda like like frame-rate on video19:38
valkyralso, it happens to relate to the highest frequency (pitch) that can be stored... which is the record Hz divided by 219:40
_dreamyam i ok with the Highes number ? it what i felt like choosing19:40
valkyrso recording at 44,100hz you can recording sounds up to 22,050hz19:41
valkyrwhich is a bit above what most people's ears go up to :)19:41
_dreamythe last i got "higher" its 192000019:42
valkyrif you can record higher then there's no reason not to19:43
_dreamyk i understand it..19:43
valkyrit'll take up about 5 times the disk space though19:43
_dreamyvalkyr: ty for mentionig about jackeq it looks awesome, do u think it could equalize or "pre equalize"  the sound coming form my usb micro ?20:07
valkyrfrom a recording input?20:20
_dreamyi think so , its a usb micro20:21
_dreamyconnectable to jack20:22
valkyrI don't know what a usb micro is, but you should be able to route inputs through JACKeq then out again20:23
valkyrI've not really tried that yet though.20:23
_dreamyok, my usb micro is a samson c01u, its a studio recoding podacasting micro.. that connect to the USB port instead of the sound card input20:24
valkyrshould be possible. does it show up in the audio tab in qjackctl?20:26
valkyrin the connections20:26
_dreamyyes indeed, and it can do realtime playblack ... instantly without any other software20:27
_dreamyi just have to press play to start the jack macnine20:28
_dreamyi mean the jack audio connection kit20:28
valkyrwell just connect the outputs/inputs through jackEQ20:29
_dreamyok ill try20:29
valkyrunless you mean to use that at the same time as your sound card, if you have a normal sound card too....20:29
valkyrthen I'm not sure20:29

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