jdubgiven that upstart doesn't natively support kicking off a process as a particular uid/gid, is it still sane/recommended to use start-stop-daemon?03:04
jdubat least if you have that particular requirement03:05
ionsadmac: I don’t remember.03:08
ionjdub: How about su?03:08
jdubion: i do *not* want to run su in my init script :-)03:08
Keybukya know what I also want15:44
Keybukon the interactive "start this service y/n" boot thingy15:44
Keybukthe ability to start a shell, there and then, so you can see what state the machine is in right now15:44
Keybukthen, when you exit the shell, ask again whether to start the service15:44
sadmacKeybuk: did we kill logd because it SIGPIPEd all its clients when you killed it?16:38
sadmacKeybuk: one liner fix16:51
sadmacKeybuk: man sendmsg. search for MSG_NOSIGNAL16:51
Keybukyes, let's rewrite everything that writes to standard output to use sendmsg() instead of printf() and add that to it :p16:52
sadmacKeybuk: when I read it the first time it looked like it'd turn it off for subsequent calls.16:52
sadmacKeybuk: shit, yeah they mean for this call.16:54
sadmacI think...16:55
sadmacyeah, that's probably it16:55
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mbieblKeybuk: seen that: http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.suse.opensuse.devel/2623722:53

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