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BookmanI am having trouble with my desktop.  I don't seem to have any window borders or headers.  I cannot move a program window once opened02:17
BookmanOk, I've tried everything I can find.  I think removal time is here.  thanks.02:22
pteagueanybody know if there's a clipboard app for xfce?03:05
pteagueheh, i ask & then i find it03:05
Dracarii have an old copy of 7.04 Fiest Fawn where the TI PCI1620 Fix can be used. is it possible to intergrate teh fix into the the ISO?03:28
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ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:28
gotttoevening waxman :)08:29
gottto6.30pm here ...08:30
waxman9:30am here and I don't think my boss would accept the excuse "Somewhere on the world is evening, I call it a day!" :D08:32
_Techie_its 9:32pm here08:32
gottto_Techie_: you're west of me !08:33
_Techie_everyone is west of you08:34
_Techie_west is completely relative08:35
gotttoI'm in Aus08:35
_Techie_im east of you08:35
_Techie_south east to be precise08:35
gotttoon a round planet everyone is east and west of me ...08:35
gotttooops I had my directions mixed - pity about the cricket :)08:36
_Techie_couldnt give a shit about the cricket08:37
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emcxbuntuhi i'am stuck to get opencascade for hardy oflinepackage !-> someone can help me witch i do need? http://code.google.com/p/heekscad/wiki/InstallingOnUbuntu10:45
emcxbuntui got a hardy 8.04 rti kernel running10:46
gotttoIwhat's opencascade?10:47
emcxbuntuthe Computher has no internet connect i can not manage to get it work10:47
emcxbuntuthe hardware here to do so is Xbuntu eth->crossover to karmic eth ---- karmic wlan to the citycenter network inet10:49
gotttoIcan you open the network manager?10:49
emcxbuntuyes i tryd but i'am not good in reading english to get this work10:49
knome!de | emcxbuntu10:50
ubottuemcxbuntu: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.10:50
emcxbuntuif i enable eth on karmic then the ping from xbuntu goes thru but then i loos my inet wlan10:50
knomeemcxbuntu, i mean, if you want to try in german ;)10:50
emcxbuntuno it seams its a xbuntu -karmic problem i tried the german channel10:51
emcxbuntumaybe i did to mutch now for 3weeks10:51
gotttoIyou are trying to share the ethernet connection?10:52
emcxbuntubut not the eth the wlan10:52
gotttoIcan you ping the other comp?10:52
emcxbuntui live 25miles from the host provider10:52
emcxbuntuwith a air connect to the town hall10:52
gotttoIeg    ping
emcxbuntuok let me explane the system10:53
gotttoIifconfig   in terminal tells the ip address10:53
emcxbuntuther is a router in town that has ip DHCP 192.168.47.>10010:54
emcxbuntuthe wlan card of the karmic gets the 11610:54
emcxbuntuthe eth of the karmic i fixt to
emcxbuntuthe eth of the xbuntu i fixt to
emcxbuntubut if i enable via panel the eth of the karmic i loos my connect to the town router10:55
emcxbuntudo i have to use other ip  for the eth 192.168.not47.xx10:56
gotttoIyou might have only one eth number to use maybe10:56
emcxbuntuthere are 8 houses in town10:57
gotttoIbut what numbers do the others use?10:57
emcxbuntui'am not clear in understanding the routing of the eth to the wlan on the karmic10:57
emcxbuntuther is only dhcp larger then 100 i think10:58
emcxbuntuso what i think is better to use internal other numbers and then rout them over the the wlancard10:59
gotttoII think you need to ask the person that set the towns system up maybe10:59
emcxbuntuthats not the case10:59
emcxbuntucause i got 3 numbers for use but the xbuntu does not accept any wlancard i got -> 5 available here11:00
emcxbuntuall the packages are availble offliine for heekscad i got them already on the xbunt11:01
emcxbuntuhttp://code.google.com/p/heekscad/wiki/InstallingOnUbuntu but it says install opencascade first11:01
emcxbuntugotttoI: maybe you can have a look at the link and tell me witch package of them presentet  i schoud use11:02
emcxbuntudependencies 8.0411:03
gotttoIdid you choose the right package for 8.04 ? basics first11:04
emcxbuntuit seams i need this one libopencascade-foundation-6.3.011:05
emcxbuntuwher can i find these packages is there a search engine for packeges on hardy?11:06
gotttoIthere are alot of deps on http://www.opennovation.org/ubuntu/pool/main/o/opencascade/11:07
emcxbuntuthats exactly my problem11:07
emcxbuntui think i will not manage to install them offline11:08
emcxbuntutherfor i need to get the inet working on the xbuntu11:08
emcxbuntudid you manage to get a routing work for you?11:09
gotttoIall is fine here11:09
emcxbuntuyou do not need to routew!:D11:09
emcxbuntuwiki.ubuntuusers.de/Router here is an example but i do not how  this is usable for me11:13
gotttoII don't read deutsch...11:14
emcxbuntui try noe to use the ubuntu channel11:15
gotttoIk :)11:15
kaolbrecHi. I'm using xubuntu 9.10, with a radeon 4850. I also have two monitors. Xubuntu shows only one in display options. Can this be changed?11:57
kaolbrecgrandr doesn't help much. Keeps blathering about maximum screen size.12:05
kaolbrecBack to a gnome desktop I guess. Ho hum.12:06
oalWhen I start my computer it gets to the grub list thing, and eariler there has been a countdown there15:40
oalBut now there isn't and I have to press enter to continue15:40
oalIs there a way to automatically skip this?15:40
charlie-tcawhat version of xubuntu?15:40
oalIt's Xubuntu 9.10 32 bit by the way15:40
oalcharlie-tca: Xubuntu 9.1015:40
charlie-tcayou can go to /etc/default and edit grub15:40
oalHmm, exactly what do I need to change?15:41
oalCan't just press E on the grub screen and add a parameter or something?15:41
charlie-tcaJust remove the # in front of 'GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET...'15:42
charlie-tcaThat will stop the menu from showing up15:42
oalOk, thank you :)15:42
charlie-tcaIf you want to keep the menu, set the number after GRUB_TIMEOUT="5"15:42
charlie-tcano problem15:46
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Sachse_Siechtumwhen I plug my vinyl record player in my mic plug....I dont hear anything17:51
charlie-tcadid you turn mic "on" and turn the volume for it up?17:59
Sachse_Siechtumjust a moment18:05
Sachse_Siechtumthe meter shows there is input coming in...18:08
Sachse_Siechtumbut I dont hear anything18:08
Sachse_Siechtumoutput is fine18:08
charlie-tcadoes it work with a microphone plugged in?18:08
Sachse_Siechtumit works in XP18:09
Sachse_Siechtummaybe I need an app to activate it...18:12
Sachse_Siechtumsomehow I dont have no system sounds, which are mono, too18:21
Sachse_SiechtumI have no...18:21
faronUsing Xubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron.If I have more than one media player installed for Firefox,will those other media players interfere with the others ?18:58
Sachse_Siechtumfaron, no.....normally the media player you installed first will be used in firefox18:59
Sachse_Siechtumfaron, if you wanna change it, you can do it in "manage content plugins" in Firefox19:01
faronAh,okay.I've been confused...IF I did have several different players installed I have been under the impression that whateversite I went to would pick the media player to use...Is this the cse ? & thanks for replying19:02
faronI've been under the impression that having more than one player installed might possibly confuse things19:03
faronAnd,whatever site I went to might not know the best player to use19:04
faronI'm just soooooooooo confuseds by this whole issue !:-/19:05
faronAnd,how about this...instead of using Adobes flash player,is it possible to use  a different player to play flash videos ?19:08
ubottuAn open source flash replacement.  It is still beta software. For current status or for more info http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/19:08
Sysii've heard that swfdec is better, still it's not very good :/19:20
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nightrid3rhi, i need to do an offline install of xubuntu in french, how can this be done ?20:47
charlie-tcaUse the daily or alternate cd, unplug the internet cable20:49
charlie-tcaboth cd's allow offline installations20:49
Myrtticharlie-tca: but the cd's don't include the french language packages20:50
* charlie-tca looks up20:50
nightrid3rand thats the problem :)20:50
charlie-tcaMyrtti is right, too20:50
charlie-tcaYou would have to localize the cd. or download the Ubuntu DVD, and use it. It should have the language packs on it. After installing, add xubuntu-desktop20:51
nightrid3ri need to reanimate an old pc and there is no internet connection, so i need to find a way to get french language from a cybercafe20:51
charlie-tcaYou should be able to from the Ubuntu DVD20:52
nightrid3rand xubuntu is on the dvd to ?20:52
charlie-tcaI don't remember for sure. But the xubuntu desktop pagkage is20:52
nightrid3rok i'll try that20:53
charlie-tcagood luck20:53
Myrttithere is another option20:53
Myrttiyou can use the live cd and launch synaptic20:53
Myrttipick the language packages, then use the function to create a download script20:54
Myrttisave the script to a usb memory stick you can take to the cybercafe - and use it do download the language packages20:54
Myrttior if the script doesn't work, then you can atleast use it as a list of packages you need to manually download and save to the usb disc20:55
Myrttiafter using the cd to install the actual system, you can then use the usb memory stick with the packages downloaded to it to install french language support20:55
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faronokay hopefully all are well today...been over at # ubuntu & people are trying to help but  :-( was hoping maybe someone over here would/might have more time to help.....trying to get vers 8.7 of gnash mozilla plugin already have vers 8.2 & that not working anybody ?22:30
Sysignash just isn't very good22:31
Sysihave you tried swfdec?22:31
faronwhen going to tools-add-ons & "find updates" in firefox...firefox takes me to ADOBES site & not gnashes22:32
faronnot lately22:32
faronI guess I could give that a try22:32
Sysisomeone said it's better22:32
faronI'm just trying to find a replacement for adob !!!!!22:33
faronI guess I could try that too darnit !22:33
Sysithere isn't very good one, if there was nobody would want adobe22:34
faronso frustrating.just got an old pc here & I'd like to get it sort of set up for my girl ya know ?22:34
Sysithese days you need dualcore for web-browsing ._.22:34
faronI had adobe working ALMOST perfectly on this sys once...just ALMOST22:35
faronand thanks again sysi22:35
knomefwiw, i've understood that you can get most of the popular flash sites working with non-adobe, but it's not really stable/solid.22:35
faronyou always try & that is so much appreciated in todays world22:35
knomeand that the free packages tend to break now and then when the sites renew their systems22:36
faronthat last part I know............22:36
David-Afaron: you might need add-ons NoScript and FlashBlock (or AdBlockPlus) on an OLD PC.22:36
David-AI do22:36
faronyeah I had that till vers 3.6 install of firefox22:37
faronfirefox said it didn't like noscript anymore22:37
faronif I have more than 1 plugin installed for firefox flash will firefox get confused ?22:38
faronalways been  kinda confused about that22:38
knomefaron, i think previously didn't, but now does.22:39
faronokay so when trying out new software/plugin I should disable the others huh ?22:39
knomefaron, yeah i suppose that couldn't hurt you either.22:40
faronI was soo happy when I just installed the 8.2 gnash & then went to my flash site [late,late show] it at least showed the pic but wouldn't play the vid22:41
faronthanks so much guys22:41
faronguys/gals ?:-D22:42
knomeguys i suppose22:47
Sysithere's no women in irc, everybody knows etc :b22:47
faronanybody explain to me why firefox not recognizing swfdec mozilla plugin I just installed from synaptic ?23:59

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