TimoJJI am looking for a good examples of use for Bzr in Web Site developing.  I read the many doc but so much!  I look for ideas of central server that holds Production and Development repositores. And then I am checking out at my laptop somewhere else for Development then pushing to Production at central again.00:34
TimoJJI am so much confused with to use branches or checkouts.  Good examples are nice!00:35
TimoJJCan you help if you have time?00:35
poolieTimoJJ: maybe http://beuno.com.ar/archives/8000:35
poolieor http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/BazaarUploadForWebDev00:36
TimoJJpoolie: I read the second before but it also added trees.  I dont know if or no to use trees in central server.  It was more advanced right then than me.  I am looking to the other reference now also.00:38
TimoJJpoolie: These is intersting but I start in the other direction.  WIth every thing first on the central server then to check out at remote.  Is this still good for me?00:40
poolieTimoJJ: is the central server an actual web server where you want to deploy your stuff, or just a place to hold your bzr branches?00:42
poolieigc, hi!00:42
igchi poolie!00:43
jribTimoJJ: http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/BazaarForWebDevs too00:44
TimoJJpoolie: It is both things.  On the Central server I think to have /path/DirA as the Master branch that will publish on web server to public.  Then I want to work developing only at a different branch or maybe chekcout that will publish on web server only to me privatly.00:45
TimoJJWhen I am happy with the private web project apparance then to push the changes to the Master branch again for the public to see.00:46
jamhi igc00:51
igchi jam! Back from leave now?00:51
jampoolie: I just sent you an email with some of the details about the 'denormalization' stuff I was talking about. It would be nice if you could give it a look over00:52
jamigc: technically back last week, but not particularly high-availability :)00:52
TimoJJjrib Thanks you also.  Yet the URL is for the laptop first then the server but I can make it back ways too.00:52
poolieTimoJJ: in that case you do need a tree on the server for the version exposed to the public00:54
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TimoJJpoolie: So it is not to expose to the public the Master branch but a checkout of it?  The checkout is in the tree then, yes?00:56
poolieso one setup you could have is00:59
pooliea repository on the server with all your branches00:59
pooliejam: o00:59
pooliejam: ok00:59
poolieand then a separate checkout of the production branch, with a cron job to update it every hour or so00:59
Pengjam: <301:05
PengLoggerhead currently supports pretty old versions of bzr. Back to 1.13, IIRC. I personally don't really mind dropping <2.0 in the next release, but I always run bleeding-edge stuff anyway.01:06
PengPlus, this is probably worth it anyway. :-\01:07
Pengbeuno: Noo, I'd be a terrible maintainer. jam touched the code last, let's make him do it. :P01:08
PengAnyway I was AFK...01:09
* Peng goes back to that01:09
lifelessPeng: so tht was a 'yes' then ?01:19
GungaDinHow long does bzr patch usually take to patch about 5  files?01:45
GungaDinsorry for the weird question... but for me it takes AGES!01:45
lifelessinstant, I'd expect01:46
lifelessunless the files are big (megabytes)01:46
lifelessor perhaps you have a lightweight checkout of a network branch or something01:46
GungaDinno, they're just regular txt files. nothing too big.01:47
Penglifeless: What did I just agree to?01:47
lifelessmaintaining loggerhead?01:52
GungaDinmy bzr on another machine doesn't recognize the command 'patch'01:57
GungaDinis it in bzrtools?01:57
pooliecould be, 'bzr help patch' will tell you01:57
GungaDinhow am I supposed to create the diff file to? if I want directory A to change into directory B?02:22
lifelesswhat do you mean02:28
* igc out for a few hours02:36
GungaDinI tried to create one with diff -crB but when I try to patch --dry-run I get an error saying it can't find the file to patch (and it exists!).. so I'm doing something wrong.02:47
mwhudsonis the news_merge plugin bundled with bzr03:00
poolieyes, in 2.203:00
mwhudsoni guess we should be looking at upgrading lp to the 2.2 series03:01
bignoseI've branched from an upstream Git repository. can I generate changesets that, when upstream adds them to their repository, will be recognised by Bazaar as the same changes I made?03:24
lifelessthats 'round tripping', and no, its not supported for bzr-git yet.03:25
lifelesshowever, bzr handles duplicate changes pretty well, most of the time - so it may not matter.03:25
bignoseokay. is it supported for any of the foreign VCSen?03:29
bignosedo I require commit access to upstream's Subversion repository for successful round-trip changesets?03:32
bignoseor can I generate changesets that upstream can incorporate for themselves that will be round-trip changesets?03:32
NfNitLoopbignose: you'd need to be able to push your own changes for svn round-tripping.03:32
lifelesscommit access, for bzr-svn03:32
lifelessI suspect git round triping, when it happens, won't require that.03:33
pooliehello bignose, lifeless, NfNitLoop03:51
thumperI wish I could go `bzr merge -i :next some/file` in a pipeline03:52
NfNitLooppoolie: H'lo!03:53
bendjCan bzr-explorer initiate/open a bzr+ssh URL?  I can easily do it from cmd line, and then have explorer 'explore' the local store ... but simply not clear how/where to specify the bzr+ssh connection IN bzr-explorer GUI.  Is it right in front of my nose, and I'm missing it?03:59
poolieOpen/Location i think03:59
bendjpoolie Yup, thanks.  NOT in the 'get source from elsewhere' tab.  sigh.04:04
poolielifeless/jam: what do you think of https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/55139104:10
ubottuUbuntu bug 551391 in bzr "on MemoryError, log/report memory usage by type" [Low,Confirmed]04:10
lifelesspoolie: from the one liner it sounds interesting if it works04:11
lifelessthumper: try :next/some/file04:11
thumperlifeless: ah, thanks will try04:11
pooliemm, i think i don't have a good enough idea what data realistically helps04:11
lifelesspoolie: if it got a meliae dump we can figure out what matters later04:28
lifelessbut they are big04:29
poolieyes, and also we're not likely to have it in every case04:29
Pengjam: ping04:53
jamPeng: what's up?04:55
Pengjam: Hi. :D04:55
Pengjam: Wanted to ask you about Loggerhead, known_graph and statictuples.04:56
PengBasically, I run my statictuples branch on my server, I'd like to try merging known_graph, and I was wondering what I should do about the conflicts. :D04:57
PengI'm not sure if I had a more specific question formed when I pinged you. :P04:57
Pengjam: You wrote in a comment that you tried using StaticTuples in it. Do you still have the code? :D04:57
jamwell if you have a conflict, clearly you should revert to my code :)04:58
jamI didn't to ST everywhere, but certainly inside that func04:58
PengI had stuck compute_whole_history_data full of StaticTuples, and you rewrote the whole thing, so it conflicts everywhere. :D04:59
PengWell, not all of it, but...04:59
jamrev 409 has some ST stuff, I think, though that might have just been the timing comments05:00
jami can  redo it if you want05:01
PengIt doesn't have any code.05:01
jamit wasn't very hard05:01
* Peng shrugs.05:02
PengOn the one hand, I'm selfish and don't want to do work. On the other hand, I also feel that's immoral. :P05:02
PengAlso -- that "What about ghosts?" comment sounds ominous. Is it likely to explode?05:05
jamPeng: http://paste.ubuntu.com/406331/05:08
PengOh. Thank you. <305:09
jamI didn't explicitly test it, but the KGmerge_sort code knows how to handle ghosts05:09
jam*without* having to stirp them05:10
PengI just pushed it to https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mnordhoff/loggerhead/statictuples_and_known_graph fwiw05:21
PengTrying it out, it hasn't died yet. \o/05:27
spmPeng: is that a challenge for me to break it on you? no reason for asking.... >:)05:33
Pengspm: Go ahead. :)05:34
PengIt's running on http://bzr.mattnordhoff.com/loggerhead/ too05:34
Penglifeless: See ya. :)05:38
Pengspm: BTW, the most important branch to break is lp:~jameinel/loggerhead/known_graph. The StaticTuple stuff probably isn't going to be merged any time soon anyway, so it doesn't matter as much.05:43
* spm has stepped into an alternate universe where users encourage bofhs to break their work. this is wrong. WRONG i tell you!!! it's like cows pointing out which part of their anatomy is tye best to eat!05:44
lifelessspm: oh, you saw that simpsons episode?05:45
spmlifeless: was thinking hitchhikers GTTG?05:45
PengHey, if you don't kick the tires now, it'll fall over when it eventually gets deployed to Launchpad/05:46
spmPeng 1, spm 005:46
bendjWhen creating a *shared* repo, containing multiple branches etc, is there just *one* .bzrignore file at the top level of the repo that applies to all contained branches?  or does/can each branch have its own .bzrignore?05:50
Peng.bzrignore is a branch thing.05:50
PengShared repos are simply a storage and performance optimization.05:50
bendjPeng Ah, so every branch gets a .bzrignore, if needed.  Do I need to include ".bzrignore" *IN* .bzrignore, or does it knwo to ignore itself?05:54
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* igc dinner09:20
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nlisgois there any way to get bzr to create a diff file that contains differences in binary files too?12:13
nlisgonot saying I'm going to use it, but is it possible?12:13
maxbThe diff format itself has no way of representing binary files12:19
PengAlthough there is git's extension.12:21
Pengnlisgo: Why? You can use "bzr send" to create a file that bundles revision data, including a diff for text files. (Binary files are just encoded in the base64 chunk at the end.)12:22
nlisgopeng: I'm working on a site that is versioned by svn. They didn't give me access to the repo but just provided me with the site files. I've versioned with bzr for my development and now want to create a patch file that can put everything in place for them12:25
nlisgopeng: can send create a patch file that can be applied using the patch command?12:25
Pengnlisgo: Probably, but mostly it's intended for bzr. Certainly nothing else supports the binary part.12:26
nlisgobzr diff allows me to create a batch file from revision 2 to the present version. How do I do this with a send file12:26
PengUm. Convince them to use bzr-svn? :D12:26
PengAlthough if *you* didn't use bzr-svn it would still be a huge pain.12:26
nlisgoI think for ease in this instance I'm going to give them a diff genrated patch file and then just zip up the image folder12:27
PengThat sounds like a good idea.12:27
nlisgojust wanted to ask the question12:27
nlisgobzr gets funny if file names contain a single quote12:27
PengI doubt it.12:28
PengCreating a file called ' works fine for me.12:29
nlisgoI tried to version a site the other day and it churned out an error when it reached so files that had been uploaded with single quotes in the filename12:29
nlisgowhen I tried to commit those files to the repo12:29
PengWhat kind of error?12:30
PengScratch that. What was the error message?12:30
PengPerhaps you weren't escaping shell args properly or something.12:30
PengOh... Is this on Windows?12:30
nlisgoon linux12:30
nlisgoi'll try and recreate the problem again because I just deleted the files because they weren't being used12:31
nlisgoi'll be back in a few minutes12:31
PengLinux should really be fine. Bazaar doesn't do anything to arguments and the kernel and file systems aren't stupid.12:31
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nlisgocouldn't recreate problem on my local machine but it might have been to do with the tree that is used when a bzr repo is initialised on the server12:38
nlisgoi'll try again later on the server12:39
nlisgothanks for your help peng12:39
Lo-lan-doG'day all12:49
Lo-lan-doIs there a working email-on-commit plugin that I can install on a remote server?12:53
Pengnlisgo: When pushing to a server, Bazaar doesn't create a working tree. It doesn't use any unusual characters at all.12:56
nlisgowell, if I see the problem again I'll come back with the error13:09
mgedminwaaaah! either bzr or launchpad is being nasty to me13:47
mgedmina while ago I did bzr branch lp:zodbbrowser13:47
mgedminnow I can't push back to launchpad13:47
mgedminbzr: ERROR: RemoteRepository(bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~zodbbrowser-dev/zodbbrowser/trunk/.bzr/)13:48
mgedminis not compatible with13:48
mgedmindifferent rich-root support13:48
mgedminsorry for the paste13:48
mgedminactually, this appears to be a bound branch (aka checkout), so turns out I don't need to push13:48
mgedminbut the error message is ... confusing, to say the least13:48
PengIt's a pretty straightforward error message, just not very...explanatory.13:49
mgedminwait, it's a lightweight checkout of a branch in my home directoryu13:49
mgedminI was following the instructions at http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/GitStyleBranches13:49
mgedminbazaar, you're not winning any friends this way13:49
mgedminwhat do I do now?13:50
Pengmgedmin: Either create a non-rich-root repo and redo your revisions somehow, or get lp:~zodbbrowser-dev/zodbbrowser/trunk to upgrade to a rich-root format.13:50
mgedminI hate people who go to a project's channel and say "you're crap, I'm switching to $ALTERNATIVE"13:52
mgedminbut now I deeply understand that urge13:52
PengOne day everyone will be on rich-root formats and this won't bite anyone anymore. Until then...yeah. :-\13:53
SamB_XPPeng: what, who's not on rich-root yet?13:55
SamB_XPI need to go byte them!13:55
PengSamB_XP: lp:~zodbbrowser-dev/zodbbrowser/trunk apparently13:55
SamB_XPzodbbrowser, switch, if you value your neck!13:55
mgedminI don't suppose mere mortals can upgrade repositories stored on launchpad?13:55
* mgedmin tries bzr upgrade lp:zodbbrowser13:56
mgedminwow, it's doing something13:56
mgedmin... very slowly ...13:56
SamB_XPsure they can, if they've write access13:56
Pengmgedmin: You're in ~zodbbrowser-dev?13:56
* mgedmin is13:56
SamB_XPbut it's probably smarter to just steal them, convert them, and then upload them again13:56
spivIsn't there a button in the web UI for upgrading now?13:57
SamB_XPoh, is there ?13:57
PengOh, right, I've heard something about that.13:57
SamB_XPwho would have delayed-computation (er, that is, thunk) it ?13:57
spivYeah, there is.  Well, a link rather than a button.  .../+upgrade13:58
SamB_XPhmm ... how come upgrade on a remote smart repo doesn't just ask the server end to do it ?13:59
PengThe developers are mean?13:59
spivSamB_XP: because no-one has written that yet13:59
mgedminbecause it's fun to have people wait at 10 kB/s13:59
SamB_XPspiv: good answer14:00
SamB_XPwell, I mean, tolerable14:00
spivSamB_XP: the most immediate problem is that there's not really any infrastructure for streaming progress info via the smart protocol yet14:00
mgedminthank you, Peng and SamB_XP!14:00
SamB_XPspiv: ah, that *would* be an issue14:01
mgedminI had no idea I could/had to upgrade repositories hosted on launchpad by myself14:01
spivSamB_XP: the current version of the protocol supports streaming info14:01
SamB_XPmgedmin: what'd I do ?14:01
mgedminSamB_XP, said "zodbbrowser, switch, if you value your neck!"14:01
spivSamB_XP: just no-one has taken the time to figure out what streaming progress should look like for bzrlib (although subunit is probably a good place to look for inspiration if you're interested...)14:01
mgedminwhich made me try 'bzr upgrade lp:zodbbrowser", which I trully expected to fail with "cannot do that remotely"14:01
SamB_XPthe thing is that bzr is perfectly happy to do remote filesystem access when the "smart" protocol is missing a piece of functionality14:02
spivAnd even some smart remote fetching, in this case, I think, but not as much as it could.14:03
spivI'm sure that we'll fix 'bzr upgrade' via smart server before the next major format bump, but at the same time we're also not planning a major format bump any time soon.14:04
spivIt'd be very nice to fix, but there are plenty of other very nice to fix things I'd probably want to fix first.14:05
spive.g. commit to stacked branch14:05
mgedmincommit or push?14:06
spivOr support resuming interrupted fetches.  Although they are both probably a bit harder, but they'd also be more valuable I think.14:06
mgedmina friend was recently complaining that a trivial bugfix to a large repository took ages to bzr push to a new hosted branch14:06
spiv(especially now that LP has the 'upgrade' link in its UI)14:07
spivmgedmin: that's odd14:07
spivmgedmin: there aren't any major known issues there14:07
mgedminit could be a case of old repository formats14:08
mgedminschooltool is not a new project14:08
spivDefinitely worth upgrading to 2a14:10
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spiv(Also, I have a patch in review that helps one of the minor known issues with pushing via non-smart server: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~spiv/bzr/smarter-index-search)14:12
spivmgedmin: if poor performance persists after upgrading, please ask your friend to file a bug or post to the list about it.14:13
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PengHello, jelmer's evil twin. :D14:13
SamB_XPPeng: it looks like he just changed IP address or somesuch, nothing to be alarmed by!14:14
jelmerPeng: I thought jelmer was the evil one? :-P14:14
SamB_XPjelmer: aren't YOU jelmer?14:14
PengSamB_XP: That's what he wants you to think!14:15
Lo-lan-doIs dato still maintaining bzr-hookless-email?  I think I fixed it…14:21
jelmerLo-lan-do: I don't think he is14:22
Lo-lan-doWho should I send the merge request to then?14:23
jelmerLo-lan-do: Congratulations on becoming the new bzr-hookless-email maintainer!14:24
* jelmer runs14:25
* Lo-lan-do grumbles14:25
Lo-lan-doI guess I'll push to somewhere under pkg-bzr in Alioth :-)14:25
jelmerActually, I think LarstIQ was doing some maintainance work on it recently14:26
jelmernot sure what happened to that14:26
PengHe gave up so we wouldn't make him the new maintainer. :D14:26
SamB_XPPeng: you must be more careful not to remind people of that tradition before they are drafted!14:34
PengSamB_XP: I was already victimised today.14:35
vilamorning jam, ping me when you're here14:43
jammorning vila16:06
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Lo-lan-dobranch.revision_history() will only return a linear sequence of revisions, right?  Not a DAG?16:59
Lo-lan-do(Still working on bzr-hookless-email)16:59
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james_wLo-lan-do: I'm pretty sure17:00
Lo-lan-doOkay, thanks17:00
james_wit's the left-hand history, you need to use branch.repository.get_graph() to look at the DAG17:00
james_wbear in mind that computing revision_history() involves loading the whole graph and sorting it, so if you care about performance and aren't doing whole-graph things then using the Graph may be better17:01
james_wsorry, doesn't involve sorting, but does mean loading a potentially large chunk of the data17:02
Lo-lan-doI'm just trying to understand bzr-hookless-email's logic when dealing with new branches or disappearing tips due to merges.17:03
Lo-lan-doDealing with new branches is okay, I think.17:05
Lo-lan-doNow for merges, it might make sense to use the graph indeed.17:05
Lo-lan-doThere seems to be a graph.is_ancestor() method, which is good if it does what I hope it does and doesn't walk the left-hand only.17:06
GaLiLe0How does this work with or without Eclipse or VS? If there are merely plugins for these does it work without them?17:06
GaLiLe0In other words do you have to interface it with an IDE?17:07
GaLiLe0Or does it simply back up the files from the file system itself?17:07
Lo-lan-doGaLiLe0: What's "it"?17:07
* Lo-lan-do uses Bazaar without an IDE17:08
GaLiLe0bzr of course17:08
james_wLo-lan-do: it is full-history17:08
Lo-lan-dojames_w: Great.  Would you know of a method to find a common ancestor to two revisions?  I can search, but if you know it offhand that's easier :-)17:09
jelmerLo-lan-do: Graph.iter_ancestry() ?17:09
jelmerLo-lan-do: There's also Graph.find_common_ancestor() I think17:09
GaLiLe0Lo-lan: without the IDE how do you sync to your repository?17:09
james_wnot offhand, but I would expect something like jelmer suggests17:09
Lo-lan-doThanks j*17:10
Lo-lan-doGaLiLe0: With the Bazaar commands or the Gtk interface or whatever else17:10
GaLiLe0So the plugins are unnecessary. Is there an advantage to using the plugin?17:11
Lo-lan-doSome people don't like external tools, and they prefer doing everything from their IDE.17:13
GaLiLe0it works for source code. word documents etc?17:17
Lo-lan-doIt works for any kind of files, so yes.17:17
Lo-lan-doIt's more efficient on text files than binary files, though.17:18
GaLiLe0binary files like WORd docs?17:18
GaLiLe0do you like the Tortiose interface?17:21
Lo-lan-doI never tried it myself.17:22
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ejati got this error (server certificate verification failed. CAfile: /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt CRLfile: none)18:09
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CoffeeIVIf I have a source tree retrieved from launchpad with "bzr branch lp:whatever" , can I move that directory around and have it still work, or is it's full path hardcoded into itself somewhere ?19:07
Lo-lan-doYou can move it around19:08
Lo-lan-doI do that all the time :-)19:08
Lo-lan-doIt sometimes gets tricky when you have a local repository because sometimes the references are using relative paths, but for standalone branches it's not a problem.19:09
CoffeeIVThanks !19:10
james_whas anyone ever seen a tag not be sent on push?19:22
james_wcommit; tag; push; with the tag not being visible at the remote end after the push?19:22
james_whmm, it's not that19:28
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cody-somervilleWhats the easiest way to see if a branch is a decedent of some other branch?21:04
james_wcody-somerville: "bzr missing"?21:05
james_wbzr missing --mine-only should be empty21:05
james_werr, hang on, you want to know if they are related, or if they have diverged?21:05
cody-somervilleIf they are related21:06
james_wmerge --preview might tell you21:06
phinze_this should be simple, but i'm at a loss -> "find all commits by a given committer"21:09
* phinze_ needs bzr-search it seems?21:10
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* luks recommends bzr qlog if it doesn't have to be a command line21:10
cody-somervilleWhat branch format do I need to use to have interoperability with 1.13.1?21:18
cody-somerville(bzr version 1.13.1 that is)21:19
james_wI think the 1.9 are the most recent supported by 1.13.121:19
exsneed helü21:46
exsi have a repo with code. someone had downloaded this repo and changed it. how to merge them together?21:46
exsbut he downloaded without bzr21:46
awilkinsIf he downloaded the whole repository, that's still fine21:48
exshow to merge them together21:48
awilkinsHe will need to get the changes to you ; if you don't have common file system access or a shared server, he can send you a merge bundle21:48
exshe can zip them into a file21:48
exsthen send my the zip file21:48
exsand i want merge his code with my code21:49
awilkinsLook at `bzr send`21:49
exshow to do this?21:49
awilkinsEssentially you receive a file and you merge that21:49
awilkinsBazaar just knows what to do with them21:49
exsawilkins, can u try to explaim me how to solve the problem21:54
exsi trying to read the docu but Its difficult to understand21:54
awilkinsYour friend needs to do `bzr send <branch URL>` where the URL is the original branch that you want to merge with21:58
awilkinsHis email client will open (if properly configured), or you can dump it to a file21:59
awilkinsYou take the file and merge from that as if it was a branch21:59
IslandUsurperexs, it helps if your friend commits his changes first22:04
* awilkins had assumed this was true when it was said "changed (the repo)" but that's a fair point22:05
jpds /122:06
lifelessjpds: haha22:14
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cody-somervillehmm... running bzr add results in: bzr: ERROR: exceptions.AttributeError: children22:53
lifelesscody-somerville: bzr version?22:53
lifelessand the exact command line ?22:54
cody-somervillebzr add22:59
cody-somervillelifeless, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/406738/23:00
cody-somervilleI rmed a symlink and then copied over a directory with the same name.23:01
cody-somervilleremvoing the directory makes bzr add work23:01
cody-somervilleSeems to be bug #34155523:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 341555 in bzr "crash on "bzr add" -- changed symlink to actual directory" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34155523:03
cody-somervilleI'll reopen that for you.23:05
lifelesscody-somerville: 'bzr add', not 'bzr add path' ?23:08
cody-somervilleboth throw the exception23:08
lifelesscody-somerville: please don't reopen fix released bugs23:08
lifelessopen a new bug23:08
cody-somervilletoo late :(23:08
cody-somervilleI attached my crash report and everything.23:09
lifelessits almost certainly different, because we unit test things quite thoroughly23:09
cody-somervilleIt looks like maybe the bug just got closed because it was for
cody-somervillefyi, it works when if you replace the symlink with a file and not a directory23:11
lifelessI suspect if you run 'bzr st' first it will work too23:14
AfCoh dear23:17
AfCworthil ~/vcs/java-gnome/mainline $ bzr pull23:17
AfCUsing saved parent location: /home/andrew/src/java-gnome/mainline/23:17
AfCbzr: ERROR: No such file: u'/home/andrew/vcs/java-gnome/.bzr/repository/obsolete_packs/': [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/andrew/vcs/java-gnome/.bzr/repository/obsolete_packs/'23:17
cody-somervillelifeless, how wonderful. it does!23:18
exsi need help23:18
exsi executed bzr uncommit23:18
exsand he deleted all my new changes23:18
AfCa second `bzr pull` succeeds23:18
exscan i undo bzr uncommit?23:18
lifelessAfC: someone deleted that dir, make it by hand23:19
lifelessexs: yes, it will have printed instructions when you ran it23:19
lifelessexs: follow those instructions23:19
exsthese structions are away23:19
AfClifeless: fine. Perhaps bzr should just make such a directory on demand? Floating around here for a while now has been "yes it's ok to delete obselete_packs to save Gigs of disk space" so it'll be a common case23:20
exslifeless, did he saved something?23:21
mathrickhey guys, I just pushed a branch over sftp, and it created some files with 600 perms23:46
mathrick-rw-r--r-- 1 mathrick mathrick   35 2010-03-24 04:44 branch-format23:46
* mathrick can't read23:46
lifelessmathrick: that looks like 644 to me :P23:48
mathrickyes, I know23:48
lifelessAfC: making the directory is another round trip; we've only ever said its ok to delete the *contents* and then only if you have done sync.23:48
mathrickI was going off on a bzr: ERROR: Transport error: Server refuses to fulfill the request (403 Forbidden) for http://sei.meidokon.net/repo/thesis/report/.bzr/branch-format23:49
pooliegood morning23:49
mathrickthe client that gives that is 1.15.123:49
mathrickpoolie: good midnight :)23:49
mathricklifeless: so the error is completely bogus, but I can read it fine with 2.1, so I guess it's just "1.15.1 horribly broken when it encounters an unknown repo format"23:54
mathrick1.3 correctly barfs on unknown format, FWIW23:54
mwhudsonigc: now fix all the loggerhead bugs!!23:56
igcmwhudson: wow - that's service!23:56
igcI only applied for membership 30 seconds ago :-)23:56
mwhudsoni guess i saw the mail as it arrived by chance23:57
lifelessmathrick: interesting23:59
AfClifeless: right, but surely if the write failes you can check for the directory's existence and just mkdir the damn thing rather than failing back to the user23:59
lifelessAfC: we can try I guess, but error handling like that tends to go wrong IME23:59

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