bencrisfordhighvoltage: im working on packaging the latest scribus (bug 530820), im not assigning it to me, im just gonna see if i can manage to do it, which i probably wont be able to...17:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 530820 in scribus "[needs packaging] Scribus / stable for Lucid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53082017:49
bencrisforddo i set the maintainer as core-dev?  because it is in ubuntu main?17:49
LnsHey are there any instructions regarding manually copying a PPA's gpg key to the ltsp chroot? I want to make a wiki page on that18:15
alkisgLns: what about add-apt-repository ?18:37
alkisgThere are instructions on how to add a ppa on each ppa site...18:37
Lnsalkisg: well that's not in the default chroot install, i guess i could add that18:37
Lnsbut it'd be nice to not have to put it in there for a single ppa ;)18:38
alkisgLns, afaik it is, karmic++...18:38
Lnsnot in lucid for me...lemme verify18:38
alkisgHmmm o18:38
alkisgLns, sorry, you're right18:38
* alkisg has made a script for that purpose... http://ts.sch.gr/repo/add-ppa.sh18:39
Lnswanted to write a quick howto to add stgraber's ppa on the wiki since its used so much18:39
Lnsahh nice hehe18:39
alkisgIf you want, you can use that - I'm using it for instructions for greek schools:18:39
alkisgwget http://ts.sch.gr/repo/add-ppa.sh -O /tmp/add-ppa.sh18:39
alkisgsh /tmp/add-ppa.sh stgraber18:39
Lnswell it's about the same work to do that than to add add-apt-repository18:41
Lnscan you give me the line to import the gpg key?18:41
Lnsi can't find it in the script18:41
alkisgsudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys XXXXXX18:42
alkisgIt's on every ppa page, if you click on the instructions...18:42
Lnsoh. i clicked on wrong instructions i guess =/18:50
stgraberadd-apt-repository ppa:stgraber/ppa ?20:21
* Lns wonders how indicator-applet sucked up volume control22:02
bencrisford1lol Lns, what do you mean?22:06
bencrisford1it disappeared?22:06
Lnsbencrisford1: no, it inherited the volume properties applet into itself..so if you remove indicator-applet from the panel, there goes your volume control22:06
Lnsand no (that i can see) individual volume control applet from "Add to Panel" menu22:06
bencrisford1Lns: oh, i see, so you want volume with no email/bluetooth22:07
* Lns is starting to get really frustrated with the indicator/notification idea of shuttleworth's22:07
Lnsbencrisford1: I just don't want the stupid notifications, period22:07
Lnsi want to configure my panel the way i want it22:07
Lnsnot an all-or-nothing applet that is assumed to be the "next big thing" and for everyone to follow suit22:08
bencrisford1Lns: the current settings suit me, but id rather i had the option to go back to basics22:08
Lnsyou can't even dismiss the notifications, you have to wait for them to go away on their own22:08
bencrisford1and with pidgin for me, i get a notification and if i click it nothing happens :(22:08
Lnsit's intrusive when the design is supposed to eliminate being intrusive with notifications...total oxymoron22:09
Lnsi don't get the reasoning for it...of course i just started looking at it, hopefully there's a way to configure it22:09
bencrisford1who is responsible for notifications?22:09
bencrisford1what team22:10
bencrisford1is it desktop?22:10
bencrisford1well sabdfl stepped down as ceo in order to focus on design, i think we should write to him and ask him to design the old system again22:10
Lnsindicator-applet session is another one. Every time I click on my username or the little power-button icon, it goes back and forth between the two..they're so close together..yikes22:16
Lnshorrible design imho22:16
* bencrisford1 broke his panel fiddling about with indicators :'(22:21
* bencrisford1 wishes Lns had not got him playing about with it :(22:22
bencrisford1just kidding, is fixed ;)22:22
Lnsit's touchy!22:23
bencrisford1Lns: dont surpose you know how i can set maintainers name using dh-make?22:23
bencrisford1im doing -e for the email22:23
bencrisford1but its still setting the name to me22:23
Lnsno idea :)22:27
bencrisford1ill leave it till tommorrow then22:30
bencrisford1i have 2 weeks off after tommorrow :D22:30
Lnshehe, nice22:30
bencrisford1which means staying up late..  fixing bugs...  playing gnometris...22:30
bencrisford1anyway, night all22:31
LnsAnyone experience complete desktop lock-up when doing things like enabling remote desktop, and it says "Checking the connectivity of this machine" ? As in, you can't click on *anything*, including gnome menus, etc22:44
Lns(lucid beta1)22:45
Lnshmm, vino-server is pegging the cpu22:46
ubottuUbuntu bug 31037 in vino "Vino-server takes 90% of cpu when only listening for incoming connections" [High,Confirmed]22:48
LnsAnyone in front of a Lucid install that can verify this?22:51
* Lns fires up a VM install of lucid22:52
Lnshmm, seems to peg while checking whatever connectivity thingies it checks for..22:55
Lnsahh, seemingly fixed with this afternoon's updates23:18
Lnscrazy how quickly things change in beta23:18
=== alkisg1 is now known as alkisg

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